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  1. Marlin Mike

    Atta bouy

    So with another weekend around the corner. Whos gonna go for a off shore run for some long fins? Give it the atta bouy try
  2. Marlin Mike


    Tuna fishing has been rough for some guys. It's amazing what they will do for some numbas
  3. Marlin Mike


    Tuna fishing has been rough for some guys. It's amazing what they will do for some numbers
  4. Marlin Mike


    just curious where everyones going for the hali kick off. chime in say where your going, who your going with and crew.
  5. Marlin Mike

    Lessons learned in tuna town

    well it's raining and fall is here. so I thought I would share a few things I learned this year so everyone can learn from my experience this year. Always wake DB up a half hour before he sets his alarm for before a trip. NEVER leave your spare boots in site of others If Patrick Walker...
  6. Marlin Mike

    Sum fun chit

    We put a crew together for a sunday run. DB,MM, Benjamin, two top tap, our buddy rich, and my oldest son. Nick AKA (TURBO)..... which is where it all began. ,left the dock 5.30 hit the bait dock and on out way. Ran about 2 hours dropped em in at had a single. With 4 more on the long soak...
  7. Marlin Mike

    Carl spotted in kona

    Not sure why you didnt come over and say hi. But who paid your way here. Is that what tsa left you in your carry on
  8. Marlin Mike

    Quichsticks name change

    I am currently in kona with db and quicksticks. After 2 days of bill fishing brain has 3 spears. Also known as chuckers. Quicksticks new name is CHUCKA and so it written and so it shall be.
  9. Marlin Mike

    theres a new tommy in town

    I found this new guy in town. He took us out to try the new pizza joint in town. and it is now written in bd blood his name is . TOMMY and he wears his new style of crocs. Be sure to say hi to him when you see him around.
  10. Marlin Mike

    westport long term camping

    just to give a shout out. If anyone needs some spots for 3 months American sunset might be able to help. I had reservations. Then we made other plans and they never cancelled our res. So we have cancelled now as of wed nite. So if your looking, dont wait and check it out.
  11. Marlin Mike

    ketchican charter

    looking for any help on hali charters good or bad. Just put your.03 in
  12. Marlin Mike

    10 things I learned during tuna season

    Alright since it's been so slow around here. I thought we could all share a few things we learned during our Tuna season. 1. First of all ALWAYS lock your bike up while in tuna town especially when you have a gel seat. 2. PIP {phone in pocket} when going to marina. 3. Never forget your...
  13. Marlin Mike

    summer catch

    just a heads up guys. Don't forget to report your summer crab catch. It's easy as long as you have your license in your possession and only takes a few minutes.
  14. Marlin Mike

    gregs customs rods

    Gregs the man once again. After making the first Tuna run a couple of weeks ago. You guessed it another tatered guide on a rod. No problem I said give it to me. On the way home I drop it off at Greg's in Lake Stevens. He took a quick look and says when do you need it. Well if the weathers good...
  15. Marlin Mike

    free tickets

    just thought I would through it out there I have 2 front row seats available for the Saturday night performance of team center. Charlie is holding the tickets so contact him for the seats first cum first served
  16. Marlin Mike

    TT gives another tuna talk

    hey everyone TT is giving another Tuna Talk at Cabelas in smokeypoint today at 2. If ya got nothing goin on today go up and learn some chit.:finger:
  17. Marlin Mike


    I understand some guys are starting to pour lead for the upcoming season. I was just wondering if you found some new ways to make it more productive or some new secrets. go ahead and share your stories and pics if you have them. Thanks in advance for your help.
  18. Marlin Mike

    Tickets still available for Team Center cut

    I know its hard to believe, but I have been talkin to Team Center Cut about tickets for future performances. He said the dates are getting booked up fast and to hurry and get your tickets in advance. RTB has been super busy with his new job and boat maintanice. He will be posting later today...
  19. Marlin Mike

    The "Sleepy Charleston"

    Late last summer I was invited to go salmon fishing by Roll The Bones, a Grady White Captain. He said we would "slay the salmon" and it was no problem getting our limits. Well after fishing half a day, with no success, Charlie pulls the plug and says we are going in. Disappointed, I didn't...
  20. Marlin Mike


    is there any love out there?
  21. Marlin Mike


    just puttin it out there. If anyone from the northend is goin down to westport in the next week or so hit me up. I had a rod fixed for fellow BDer, and would like to get it to him asap. thanks in advance. mm out
  22. Marlin Mike

    Tow, Tow, Tow, Tow, Your Boat

    After spending this weekend of fishing. I think we spent more time towing, than fishing. So my questions are as follows' What is your backup plan if you find yourself off shore with dead motors? what kind of tools and spare parts do you have on board? Do you have the ability to use...
  23. Marlin Mike

    La Push side pot

    2012 LA PUSH SIDE POT RULES: 1. $50 to buy in each open day per boat. Get in either one or both. Entries will only be taken for Thurs on Wed and Thurs morning. Entries for Sat will be taken on Fri and Sat Morn. If you wait until the last minute to sign up, you might miss me (I'm going...
  24. Marlin Mike

    WTB canning jars

    I am looking for a GOOD deal on canning jars, Looking for WIDE mouth 16 oz jars cases would be preferred but they gotta be wide mouth
  25. Marlin Mike

    WTC Sign Ups.....Roll Call

    while at the boat show WTC was signing up teams. I was just curious as to how many of you beaaaches signed up your teams...
  26. Marlin Mike

    Dragonballs signature

    Hey Dragonballs whats the deal with your signature ? It seems you have a beef. Do tell. just wondering
  27. Marlin Mike


    Thanks Bo for providing a big money tournament to do Northwest. Due to weather the tourny was canceled. But that didn't stop many of us from gathering and having a good time. Pacific Addition and crew thanks for the invite over to the man cave it was great meeting you guys and sharing stories...
  28. Marlin Mike

    A few more added to the secret club

    I just thought that it was my duty to let everyone know that there are a few more members to the I REALLY DIDN't DO THAT club remember the guy that brought the leopard skin pillow to the docks. Or the guy with the crocs, and we cant forget the guy wearing water sock shoes. Well I am proud...
  29. Marlin Mike


    Is there a way to limit acess to the site for the people who LURK? I mean really the site is free and some of these guys just get on here and have nothing to contribute, but are more than happy to gather intell with nothin in return. It seems that at any given time there are one and a half...
  30. Marlin Mike

    wheres tommy?

    :finger::finger:You would think think if Neb had won last night :rofl::rofl::rofl:that would have made a post. So where is Tommy hiding? maybe the soundview tring to drink the shame away? MM:finger::finger:
  31. Marlin Mike

    trading in the crocs

    I am posting for our good friend Bigger Fish is in need of a little help. If anyone has an old pair of xtra tuffs laying around that they aren't using could you PLEASE help a brudda out and donate them to Bigger Fish. He so desperately wants to become a advanced TUNA SLAYER, but is currently...
  32. Marlin Mike

    freshwater longfins? 4/20/10

    Well the morning started off slow. I had overslept, after looking at my alarm i realized what had happened. I set it for 3pm instead of 3am. So I shake off the dumbass mistake and head for the dock. I jump in an Alaska Craft and set off to the hole. I set out and put out my two rods since I...
  33. Marlin Mike

    Lake Goodwin 5/30

    I am spending the weekend up at the Lake with my In -laws and Family. After about 1 day of visiting me and Tony {BONJDODO] decicided It was time to . Leave the women and family behind and hit the water. It drizzled most of today but we were able to get our limits trolling Red Weddingrings with...
  34. Marlin Mike

    Another pilothouse for 2010?

    I heard through the grapevine that after Johns project. There could possiblily be another pilothouse running this year except it might be on 28ft glass boat. Can,t tell you who it is but we will see if he shows some pics for us. oops hope i didn' let the cat out of the bag...
  35. Marlin Mike


    Well last night was our last night for rod building. Of course it looks like we all have to put a litttle more time of our own, to put finishing touches on them. We all had a good time and it was a great way to spend a few evenings screwing around to kill the winter boredom. If anyone wants to...
  36. Marlin Mike


    I was just wondering if anyone had the balls to go out this weekend and get any tuna. mm
  37. Marlin Mike

    Cabo fishing report

    First I would like to thank Renegade Mike for making this trip for memories that will last a lifetime.Secondly I would like to thank Gricelda's Smokehouse for the execelent job they did in processing our fish for our trip home I had been planning this trip over springbreak for a couple of...
  38. Marlin Mike

    I,m outta here

    Well with the shitty weather upon us here, I have my trip booked and heading down south for a week in Cabo. I can't wait to hit a week of 70,s to 80's weather and blue water. I 'm fishing three days with a fellow bdr brother in Cabo, with a chance to maybe go after some swordfish. I'm taking the...
  39. Marlin Mike

    sticker spotted

    I was driving the highway last week and i look up and I spotted my first bloodydeck sticker tha was on rig that I didn,t know. How cool ! I know we are fairly new on here but to see the word get out is damn cool. I think these get togethers that we have are a great idea to meet new people who...
  40. Marlin Mike

    Lucky mikee new name and update

    hey all you guys Ive beendown n out for the summer due to some serious medical reasons, but am mending pretty well. I missed the whole season this year but looking forward to the next season or even making one last run before the boat the comes out of water. It was great to meet a bunch of new...
  41. Marlin Mike

    new member

    I just found out about this site from a good friend can't wait to hit the blue water again. Hopefully we'll see you guys out there and introduce you to the darkside. mike