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  1. dixonrick

    Text Jeremy at 310-971-5061 for all info concerning reservations and scheduling.

    Text Jeremy at 310-971-5061 for all info concerning reservations and scheduling.
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    Call us at 951-567-4128 for more info.

    Call us at 951-567-4128 for more info.
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    Team Dixon Fishing Guide service using this boat. Specializing in the LB harbor and breakwall!!

    Team Dixon Fishing Guide service using this boat. Specializing in the LB harbor and breakwall!!
  4. dixonrick

    White Seabass chewing

    Holy cow!! Way to go!!
  5. dixonrick

    White Seabass chewing

    Holy crap!! Way to go!!
  6. dixonrick

    Izor's and Bolsa Chica 6-25

    Your post is as honest as it gets. Thanks for that and hope to C U out there!
  7. dixonrick

    6/25/17 Horseshoe & 150

    Nice report! C U out there soon!
  8. dixonrick

    Future Halibut Derby Champion

    Enjoy these times Ken as time really does fly by. Your photo really shows how proud you are and how happy your daughter is!! Brings back some awesome memories of my now 19 year old, and only daughter Taylor. Thanks for the post!
  9. dixonrick

    Very Old Calcutta Rod for sale

    I have had an old bamboo, calcutta rod for over 50+ years. It was very old when I bought it from a neighbor when I was about 11 years old. Since I am not a serious antique fishing buff, I thought that I should try to sell it to someone that could really appreciate it. I am not getting any...
  10. dixonrick

    MinnKota Riptide 50LB Transom Mount

    This is the tilt model, made for salt water. It has a 42" shaft and measures about 52" from top to the bottom of the skeg on the motor. Easy, twist grip speed control that also tilts. This would be great for a Kayak, aluminum boat, sailboat, and ? Honestly, used less than 5 times. A great...
  11. dixonrick

    Nursery fishing along PV

    Teach a man to fish and he will feed himself forever. Great job to help a new guy to catch the fever, as my father instilled in me, and my brothers many moons ago. Way to go!!
  12. dixonrick

    Rpt.-WFO Local Bass'n!

    Amazing!! So Cal salt, and fresh water bassin' has been what keeps me sane!! You guys rock!!
  13. dixonrick

    74.2lb So Cal White Sea Bass--Still Can't Believe It!

    Absolutely fantastic!!! You are now the famous "yac" guy that caught the fricken huge 74+ WSB at a location that shall now be nameless!!! Congratulations, you deserve it!!!
  14. dixonrick

    On the water (slip) halibut report

    That's what I'm talkin about!! Nice catches!!
  15. dixonrick

    150 12-9-15

    Thanks for the report. Had some health issues, but am looking forward to getting (trying for) YT out there again. Always fun on the water. Jealous!! Merry Christmas!
  16. dixonrick

    Sunday 10/11/15 Long beach area....

    Love the hammerhead photo, but I really like the picture of your son slaying them!! Teach them young and they will continue on!!!
  17. dixonrick

    Long Beach Long & Skinny

    Great fish!!! On my last 10 day trip a couple of years ago we had to travel 400-500 miles south in Mexican waters to get them!!! Holy smokes!!
  18. dixonrick

    PALOS VERDES WSB 10-12-15

    God bless the USA for allowing us to do what we do!!! Good catch!!
  19. dixonrick

    Long Beach HOOOOOOO!!!!

    Holy Crap!!!! El Nino wahoo!!!! GREAT CATCH!!!
  20. dixonrick

    Patty "Hoping" Dana Point Saturday 9-19

    I am as jealous as all get out!!! Every time we have taken our new boat out (4 times, purchased in August) the ocean around H Shoe and beyond, was a washing machine!! I am happy for you to share these times with your kids!!!
  21. dixonrick

    Just Another Sunday in Paradise

    Great day on the water with your family, and catching fish is the bonus!!
  22. dixonrick

    Father & Daughter Double Wahoo at the 14!

    Fantastic!!!! This is the season that our children's children will be passing down !!!!! Great catch!!!
  23. dixonrick

    Labor Day Slug

    That is a heck of a fish!!! Good job!!
  24. dixonrick

    New Boat Mojo

    This year is one for the books and I believe we will be experiencing this for a few months more!! Way to go!! Is your new rig a Parker? Just guessing.
  25. dixonrick

    Labor Day 1/2 day yellowtail

    Great post...way to share, I'm sure you brightened a few people's face's as well.
  26. dixonrick


    You are definitely a "Bloody decker"!! Nice report
  27. dixonrick

    Crappy Labor Day Weekend for me!

    I always tell my kids, "it can always be worse" when it comes to anything that they encounter in life. However, I'm like you. I would have said "screw this" after the trailer blew up. But guess what? You look like the hero when at the end of the day, you guide your crew to a couple of yellows to...
  28. dixonrick

    Right place - Right time (09.04.15)

    Your time will come....good things happen to good people....tight lines brother!!!
  29. dixonrick

    9/2 on the 150 Spot

    You're report is great! Well thought out and honest!! Way to go!!
  30. dixonrick

    Horseshoe yellows 8/31/15

    Nice bloody decks!! Good job!
  31. dixonrick

    Triton 9012015

    That is a really nice yellow!! Great report.
  32. dixonrick

    105 spot report bones and more bones

    In our younger days with my father and uncle's (I am sixty), my brothers and I would catch bonito until our arms fell off. We would only keep a few and bleed them out immediately. We would fillet them and cut out the dark meat. My dad would then deep fry them in a beer batter, (more beer than...
  33. dixonrick

    105 8/24

    Great report...go get 'em!!
  34. dixonrick

    14 to the shoe, lots of the 4 Bs, 8/26

    Great report and really nice combo of our local fish!!
  35. dixonrick

    SHOE SLUG 8-26

    Those yellows are choice!! Great job!
  36. dixonrick

    GO NORTH! Fish report 8/27/15

    Thanks for the solid report. We can't win 'em all.
  37. dixonrick

    Slow day turned out good in the LBC on the Shoe

    Persistence is the name of the game. The yellows are all over the place out there. I am a fan of slow trolling as well, then throw some chunks, and hope they come to the boat!! Great catch!
  38. dixonrick

    New Personal Best on Local Yellows/ Sport Boat Vs PBers?

    Yep! I still cannot believe that after 50 or so years of fishing in the ocean and freshwater, people can still act this way over a 30 second delay. As far as I am concerned, Nacho made the call, we had been waiting at least 30 minutes, and we followed his instructions.
  39. dixonrick

    Limits of YFT west of the Upper 9

    I thank you for being an awesome fisherman as well as a person we can all learn from. Good job!! Screw the non-believer.
  40. dixonrick

    8/23 Yellowtail at the 105...

    The picture says it all. Good catch!!
  41. dixonrick

    Fishing in a barrel. It's called the 105. LBC

    Fantastic day! You guys were doing what the fish asked for!!!!Great report!!
  42. dixonrick

    New Personal Best on Local Yellows/ Sport Boat Vs PBers?

    Great job! Similar instance happened at Nachos for us. We had patiently waited 1/2 hour for bait as we had arrived just after one of the sport fishers got there. As the sport boat left, Nacho motioned to us to go around on the other side. We had been next to Nacho, talking and joking with him...
  43. dixonrick

    8/18/15 Bumping - 8/19/15 Chunking - 2 Days on the water with the kids!!

    Mike you are a great dad! Even when the fishing is bad, they will remember these times. You pulled it off anyway and they got to go tubing as well!! I am 60 years young and totally remember the first time with every one of my children. Thank God only one of them, Michael, now 27 years old, got...
  44. dixonrick

    August 16 Horseshoe yellows on macks

    Congrats on the new bait tank! Those are nice yellows!
  45. dixonrick

    150/shoe yt + stomach contents ID

    These fricken fish will eat anything! Good job!
  46. dixonrick

    Dodos on the Slide! 8-16-15

    I don't understand either why boats think all the available fish live inside the patty. We have located patties exactly like you did. We first troll around the area, making a nice slick on top while throwing one bait at a time. Most landing boat do the same thing. 9 times out of ten our boat...
  47. dixonrick

    The 105 mafia style

    Holy crap! Those are big yellows, great job!
  48. dixonrick

    Long Beach Yellows

    Very good score on these grade yellows!
  49. dixonrick

    Does this party boat look too close? 8-15-2015

    I know it sucks, but you will never win an argument with a sport boat. It has happened to me this year at the bait barge (Nachos) involving another sport fisher (nameless). They think they own the ocean and the right to bump you out of an argument free rotation, to get bait. However, I think...
  50. dixonrick

    8/14 long beach near limit

    Great yellows and looks like a couple nice calicos too!!
  51. dixonrick

    Horseshoe yellows Fri 8/14

    That why they call this bloodydecks! Nice job!
  52. dixonrick

    Lbs jurel 8-14

    Cough cough...I think you gave me the yellowtail know the cure! Congratulations!
  53. dixonrick

    EPIC Half-Day Horseshoe Yellows!

    I have been fishing for 55 years (I am 60) and have never seen yellowtail scores on the 'shoe this high, this close. I am happy for you that you decided to go!!Great job!!!
  54. dixonrick

    Horseshoe 8-09

    You are sharing are great moment with your of a memory that you and your son will not forget!
  55. dixonrick

    Horseshoe 8/9/15

    Great the dock photo!
  56. dixonrick

    Late report 8/4

    The smiling faces tell it all!
  57. dixonrick

    Slow windy day on the Horseshoe

    We also experienced the same results as many others o 8/5. Launched at Davies, waited for bait about 1/2 hour at Nachos, (everyone in line were very professional and there were no problems). However, the calm conditions inside was soon turning windy just before we baited up. As we headed for...
  58. dixonrick

    **2001 Bay Champ 21FT Low Hrs**

    I had a 2006 BayChamp 22 that I was forced to sell late last year due to divorce. I am still crying because that is the best combo-boat that I have every had. I have had several bass boats and 3 different center consoles and with a 200hp Merc w/direct inj. this boat performed great. It is great...
  59. dixonrick

    ***SOLD***Long Range rods, reels, and tackle.

    Sorry, all sold last night. Thanks Rick
  60. dixonrick

    ***SOLD***Long Range rods, reels, and tackle.

    I would like to sell the equipment as a whole package.
  61. dixonrick

    ***SOLD***Long Range rods, reels, and tackle.

    Selling lots of "long range" reels,rods, tackle, ect. Avet Pro30EX30 2sp (silver), Shimano TLD20 2 sp,Accurate Boss665H, Shinmano Trinidad 50 Wide, Penn 114H,Penn 113HN Baja Spec., Penn 10LD Formula, (5) Seeker Rods, models..BC665H 6 1/2', BSC6470 John Grabowski-7', SC665H 6 1/2',SC670 7', A660H...
  62. dixonrick

    Dramamine alternative?

    I use the trop. patch that goes behind the ear. Need a Dr. prescription, but it really works. Several multi-day trips out of San Diego and some really crappy weather sometimes, and not one trip over the rail to chum!
  63. dixonrick

    Camping, where to fish also?

    Try Lake Skinner in Temecula.Nice campground. Shore and rental boat fishing. Camp store as well.
  64. dixonrick

    Dvl report

    My favorite lake for sure!!
  65. dixonrick

    Freshwater Fishing In Ventura County !

    I also recommend Casitas, Piru, and Castaic as well.
  66. dixonrick


    I have a couple..they may not have the best cosmetics, but they catch fish.
  67. dixonrick

    Sometimes its not about the catching

    Have to hang up the offshore stuff due to health. Can't wait for the next sunrise on Diamond Valley Lake.
  68. dixonrick

    Super seeker 6480h or calstar 90j

    I like both, have both, but prefer Seekers.
  69. dixonrick

    What's Your Favorite Rock Cod Weight?

    Torpedo weights for 100-300 depending on current. Deep water requires 2-5 lbs depending on current. Your weights are fine.
  70. dixonrick

    Avet Pro EX30 2sp

  71. dixonrick


    The last 10 day trip that I took was on the Indy. Jeff was the skipper and Paul was on the boat as well. They are true professionals. Jeff did his absolute best to put us on the fish. Paul introduced himself to everyone and helped out everywhere. The food was topnotch. I have been on 6 different...
  72. dixonrick

    Avet Pro EX30 2sp

    Due to health reasons, I will be parting with the above reel, plus several others, rods ext. Anyone have an idea what this reel is worth in great condition. Used one 10 trip with less than 3 hours service on it.