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    CPX application question...

    So, I'm re finishing a blank and not applying my CPX with a brush, rather I am using a 2x2 pad of cotton t shirt material and swiping from butt to a couple swift motions. This is giving more of a satin, slightly glossy finish vs. the super glossy finish of factory rods. I actually like...
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    Looking for pics of wrapped blues/greens

    I know thread wraps change when epoxy is applied. Looking for some wraps some of you have done in Gudebrod 272 Blue Dun, 638 Teal, 355 Chartruese....and any of the Fuji blueish greens. Thanks
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    overnight bunk gear

    Hopefully going to get my doctors release this Monday to be able to return to fishing. Trying to go as light as possible on my near future trips, are you guys who use the sleeping bag liner...are you guys finding it is warm enough at night? How about a pillow? Inflatable good enough...
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    Fuji bmnag vs. bmnog...differences?

    Any real difference between the 2? The bmnog are a little cheaper, but money isn't the issue. One is the concept O ring and one is alconite. Concept O ring touts a more robust deep pressed ring more resistant to cracking or popping out? Just wondering the performance/build/longevity is better...
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    ISO a pro to re-glass a blank..San Diego

    I have a stripped blank that I need to re glass with either permagloss or CPX. No weekend warriors. Someone that has good experience doing this and making a nice final product. Willing to pay for someone with solid experience in San Diego. PM or text me. Thanks 760-535-7013
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    Calstar bt90j specs

    Recieved and old Calstar today that is labled bt90j 25-40#. Wrapped in 1994 by Yo's. There is no label on the butt but that rating doesn't correspond to a 90j. Rod is 9'. Butt is 1.12 and tip appears to be a 9. Maybe a mislabeled 690j? Definately feels more 30# than 40#. Can't find anything...
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    Easiest way to sand an old blank

    Just picked up an old rod from a buddy that is in need of some serious rehab. All gu guides need to come off and it needs to be sanded and re finished the old clear coat is peeling off and the blank is very dull. I don't mind doing it just not sure the easiest way. I do not have any wrapping...
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    Newell 332/338 mono capacity

    Anyone know offhand approximately what a 332 & 338 hold for 40# Izor xxx? Thx
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    Who like a cut Calstar 540?

    So, I'm just bored off my ass recovering from surgery and got to thinking about jigsticks...again..."sigh*'s a sickness. Anyway, I've never fished a Calstar 540 cut or full length. How does it pull/feel casting and fighting? As I make my way through the jigstick minefield I'm starting to...
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    Any Calstar dealers here?

    Longshot here.....Any Calstar dealers here amongst us? PM or text me.....760-535-7013 Thanks
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    Bearing upgrade for Newells?

    Is there any real benefit for Newells to either ceramic or SS bearings.....other than your old ones are shot needing replacement? Mine seem ok, just wondering. What would be a better upgrade...ceramic or SS and are they all the same off fleabay? Thanks
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    SB and baby ulua?

    Whats the differences in the 2?
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    WTB Kencor fiberglass jigstick....

    Seeing if anyone has a nice condition Kencor fiberglass jigstick/blank. BPOS model. Needing a re-wrap is ok as long as the blank is clean. I have a couple of the graphite twist/zebra twist GPOS models but interested in the black fiberglass models. Thanks. Text ok...760-535-7013
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    For Sale Cousins f690j

    Used 1 time Custom Cousins f690j. Blacked out wraps with Fuji K guides. Deckhand with corktape and original Cousins logo. Has minor blemish from the builder. The 1st guide got a bit heavy on the epoxy and has a couple drips. Purely cosmetic. Definitely fixable as my builder has told me. Shave it...
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    25/30# bait set up...

    Gonna do a full day this weekend and want your suggesstions on what rod to pair with which rod. I really don't like throwing bait at all and would rather throw the jig but sometimes you need to get one in the freezer. These are the rods and reels I have available...whatcha think.. Rods...
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    Sea Watch or Excalibur full day.....San Diego

    Looking to do a full day this Sunday on either the Excalibur out of H&M or the Sea Watch out of Seaforth. Never been on either one. Any comments? Thanks
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    Tern 500....super noisy

    Just bought a used Tern 500...and holy $hit is it noisy. My 400 is nowhere near this grumbly when turning the handle. Who is the San Diego rep and can anything be done? Thanks
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    Gunsmoke boat guides

    Are the unbraced gunsmoke color boat guides still available? Seems Pacbay makes them but not in every size. On my rod it goes 24 20 18 16 14 12 10 10 9 9 8/tip The PacBay aren't available in the 18, 14, and 9...the bright chrome boat guides are though. How would you modify my guide train to...
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    Factory wrap vs. Custom wrap

    Okay so this is just an observation so nobody get their panties in a wad... but I noticed a lot of guys when they're looking for rods in the WTB ads that they are very adamant about factory build only. is it because you want to have a whole series beginning to end and have them all look the...
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    SOLD .Avet mxj 5.8

    For sale or trade a pretty much mint silver avet mxj. Took this on a trade but I'm not an Avet guy or a lever drag guy. I would rate this at 9.5/10 condition. Braid filled to the top with either 50 or 65#. I'm not sure. Will trade for a Newell g332 in same condition...or sell for $165. Would...
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    SOLD Okuma Makaira mk-c 801 mh 15-30

    Brand new..never used. Makaira MK-C 801mh 15-30.Going a different direction. Located in Ramona. Text ok. 760-535-7013 $100
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    1/32" cork tape?

    Anyone here ever use the 1/32" cork tape? I have a couple fatter butt rods that I'd like to slim down a little that have 1/16" + shrink wrap.. I have the non flock right on the blank on a couple of them but it still seems a bit slick compared to the feeling of cork. How does it hold up and does...
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    For Sale Boiling Tuna trigger clamp

    Brand new never used. I bought a reel and the guy I bought it from threw this in for free. Center to center of mounting hole is 1.5". No screws or washers. Text ok. 760-535-7013 $23 shipped
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    Newell drag help...

    So this is why I don't do my own maintanence and upgrades. This being a Newell...I must be a dumb [email protected] just got done putting in my new Bryan Young 5+1 drag kit. Seems very easy..followed a Youtube tutorial, and the diagram on the back of the bag. Everything came apart and went back...
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    Need to test some gear....

    I've aquired a few new jigsticks over the winter and I want to go down to the bay somewhere here in San Diego and get the feel for them with different jigs. Anyone know if I can head down to Quivera Basin or Spanish Landing to throw some practice jigs? Thanks
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    SOLD New Kencor 800HC 15-30#

    Not totally sure how I feel about this rod yet as far as keeping it. Seeing if there is any interest for sale or possible trades. This rod was pretty ragged when I got it but I stripped all the guides off as well as the butt wrap and had it re-wrapped by (Len) Skrilla. Rear grip was also...
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    Newell 332 + Bryan Young drags...

    Not sure what my g220f, g332f, and g338f have inside for drags. I want to replace and was wondering if the BY 5+1 drag kit is worth the price of admission? Anything else need to be changed along with the BY drags for optimum performance? Are there other options..I think I heard about a 4 drag...
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    Single hook surface iron?

    So, this last year going out on my 1/2, full day and overnighters, sometimes we would get into WFO bites of Cuda and Bonito. As much fun as those are to catch when the others won't play, I don't keep them and try my best to bounce them and not let a deckie gaff them so I can release them. Let's...
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    Group/Hands on hand-gun instruction...

    So, the world is definately tilted on it's ear right now. After my 25 years of owning firearms...and my wife wanting absolutely nothing to do with them, not even hold an unloaded one, she calmly suggested that maybe after this whole thing the world is going thru and things start to open, she...
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    Shrink wrap right on the blank??

    Anybody here a fan of doing x wrap right to the blank? No corktape...just shrinkwrap. I have a couple rods that are a little fat in the butt and want to take some bulk out for comfort reasons. Any harm in this? I would of course put some cushion right under the reel as to not damage the blank by...
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    Tern 500n for iron

    Anyone throw surface iron on a 500n? Thoughts? Experiences? Regular 500 better? Thanks
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    WTB Tern 500 4.7

    Anyone got an extra nice condition Tern 500 4.7 that they want to unload for less than what a new one Preferably w/ braid. Have stuff to trade. Text ok. Located in Ramona. 760-535-7013
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    Upgraded whiffle ball style handle for Newells...

    I made a post a while ago regarding swapping the stock handles on my 332 and 338 for the whiffle ball style ones for sale on a certain website. The consensus was that they were not well recieved and were called knuckle busters...I don't see how that is the case..can someone explain why guys...
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    SOLD Seeker Black Steel g6480.

    Selling off my Seekers....Up for grabs is an excellent condition Seeker black steel g6480. Bought it and never used it. Very clean blank and guides. Only a couple getting small scuffs on the blank and a few scratches on 1 guide are all I can see on this. 1st pic. Still very glossy. May trade for...
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    SOLD Custom Rainshadow RCJB 84h..more pics..Pending again....

    Mint, used only a couple times here is a Rainshadow rcjb84h. This is a 40# rod. Alps double locking reel seat, Alps guides...absolutely stunning build here folks. $300 or possible trade Located in Ramona .text ok..760-535-7013
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    WTB .Calstar 800m.

    WTB or trade for a super clean Calstar 800m. I like customs. Here's what I have to trade: Mint OC Seeker Black Steel g6480. Deckhand.Red/blue wraps Mint Custom Rainshadow rcjb 84h. Alps double locking reel seat. Alps guides. Built by Skrilla (Len) LB Seeker Black Steel 530. Used but great...
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    WTB Kencor 8' jigsticks

    Seeing if anyone has any Kencor 8' or 9' jigsticks they want to get rid of. Must be very clean and not trashed. Not looking to fix or rebuild unless it's really cheap. Have stuff to trade... Mint Seeker Black Steel 6480, Mint Custom Rainshadow rcjb 84, New Custom Varmac 40-80, Mint Avet mxj...
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    Kencor jigstick question...

    In the 8 and 9' Kencor jigsticks made a few years ago, there was one that was a green kind-of barber pole blank and a grey barber pole blank. Which is which regarding fiberglass, composite or graphite..thanks
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    SOLD Or trade...Seeker 530 Black Classic

    Up for sale is a factory wrapped Seeker 530 Black Classic. Label says 9' but it measures out at 8'6". Has not been cut from tip or butt. Rod has some scuffs and scratches mostly near the butt wrap..I would assume from hanging jigs from the reel. There's a little but of scuffs going up the blank...
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    [email protected] POP-UPS....

    Can anyone tell me how to get rid of the god damn pop up that keeps showing up every time I X it out at the bottom of the page??...Tried the opt out but it says not convienient. Anyone else getting the same thing?
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    Interior door installer

    Hey guys, Anyone here in San Diego that is an expert interior door installer? I have 7 doors in my house I want to replace. Doors will be pre hung, hollow core style from home depot. Here's the tricky house is metal stud framed and I'm not sure if there is wood blocking in the door...
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    2 more from Master Skrilla...

    These 2 rods come with a story I won't get into but I've been waiting for these for over 8 months...patience pays off. Thanks again Len for coming through with're the best. Yellow one is a Cousins 90j and the white one is a Kencor 9' 20-40#.
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    Does Calstar actually make a 6490?

    It seems to be unclear to me if Calstar makes a 6490? Anyone know or have one...maybe to sell? Thanks
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    WTB Makaira 20-40#

    Seeing if anyone has a nice condition Makaira c-801h 20-40# rod laying around collecting dust. Deckhand or reel seat ok. Must be really clean. Possible trades are Sealine 40, and new Lew's speed spool bass reel. Thanks. Text ok...760-535-7013
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    SOLD Accurate Valliant bv-600/2

    Up for grabs is an almost mint Accurate bv-600/2 reel. Never used by me. Used only couple times from the guy before me. Bought to chase bigger bluefin but realized I have no interest in chasing big fish. Filled about 7/8 full with 65# braid. $450..located in Ramona. Text ok. 760-535-7013 This...
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    SOLD New Custom Varmac 7' 40-80

    Brand new custom 7' Varmac VCBG6-7 40-80 rod. Alps black double locking reel seat,. Alps hxn guides, slim hypalon handle. This is not a rail rod unless you put the cold shrink over the foregrip. This is a meat stick. I would not hesitate to fish 50-60# on this. Built by Steve Tamiyama (8 week...
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    Torque 25 uses

    What would you use a torque 25 for not the 25n but the 25 thanks
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    SOLD Seeker Black Steel 6490 Finbomb Edition

    Up for consideration is a mint Seeker Black Steel G6490 made for the guy's at Finbomb. Not sure how many were ever made. Barely used...very minty. No rust, no scratches or bad guides. I'm going to say it's rare because now a days all the Seekers seem to be rare in some form or another...
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    Smooth/Non x wrap in San Diego...

    Where do you guys get your smooth...non x wrap in San Diego? I need a couple/3 feet and the Batson website won't let me order. I need 40mm if someone has some to sell. Preferrably in North County....thanks. 760-535-7013
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    Shimano Chronarch service in SD...

    I got about 10 old school pearl Chronarchs that need different levels of service...drags, cleaned or bearings. Anyone in SD that can handle this for reasonable fee? Let me know...thanks.
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    Possible help need to raise motor 1 hole???

    Hey guys, I might to be getting back into bass fishing after a 3 year hiatus. I put on a new prop a few years ago and really think I might need to raise the motor 1 hole for best performance. Anyone here experienced in this that might be able to do this correctly on the side for a reasonable...
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    SOLD . Newell 322

    Looking to sell or trade the following. all are excellent condition. Good drags. Newell 322 no letter. Kind of a Frankenstein reel as I was told. Accurate frame and Tiburon spool. Mint condition. Spooled with 30# Izor XXX. Clamp included. $235 May trade for Newell 332 P or G series in...
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    I need a pic...LB Seeker... blue & white wraps

    Anyone have a nice clear pic of the old school Seeker baby blue and white wraps you could text me? Thanks 760-535-7013
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    Alps K guides

    Who likes and uses the Alps/Fuji K guides for jigsticks? Any particular reason...sorry, dumb question. Just wanna know why you guys like 'em. Thanks
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    For Sale Springfield Arms XD9

    Anyone interested in a mint condition XD9 Compact? Couple years old...Maybe 300 rounds thru it. Not really sure if I want to keep it. Don't really shoot it too much.I like my .357 better.Bought at Turners. Has Hogue grip, box, 2 magazines and lock. $350
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    SOLD 8'6" Conolon blank...raw

    Was going to wrap this but decided not to. New, raw, virgin blank. Feels like a 25# blank. $60...way less than I paid Text ok...760-535-7013
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    2004 Yamaha 175 hpdi

    Trying to find some general a 2004 Yamaha 175 hpdi a good motor and does it get decent mpg? Asking for a friend looking for a boat...thanks
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    Dumb question...Valianmt 600 2 speed duty?

    What would be a good application for a Valiant 600 2 speed reel? Thanks...dumb question I know.
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    Cousins f530 anf f690j differences...

    Anyone know what the different characteristics are between the Cousins f530 and f690j? They're both fiberglass and 20-30# rating. Thanks.
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    For Sale Custom RCJB 84 Rainshadow,

    Consolidating my for sale ads into one post...All gear is extremely well taken care of and in at least very good to mint to never used condition. I dont beat my gear up. Rainshadow Rods: Rcjb 84h..Custom wrapped, mint condition, alps double locking reel seat...$250 I have more pics of...
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    For Sale NIB Maverick XR40 bbq themometer

    NIB never used Maverick XR40 bbq thermometer. Opened for pics and to put batteries in to make sure it works. I looked online and these cost about $70-80. Sell $50 comes with case. Text ok.760-535-7013 Located in Ramona
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    Mudhole cork tape

    What's the consensus on the quality of the Mud Hole cork tape? I have some rods that have cord and x-rap I want to change the cork just looking for something quality. They claim on their website and YouTube that it is far superior because of the cloth backing. Just looking for anybody that...
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    Stardrag for 25# bait?

    What stardrag do you guy like for 25# flylining bait? Newell 220/229 Sealine 20 Seagate 20 Torium 14/16 Okuma Cortez 5
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    Next Turners sale?

    Anybody have the inside scoop on when Turner's might have their California Tri Helix rods on sale next thanks
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    Info on this line of Sabre

    Does anybody have any basic info on line ratings and the quality workmanship on this line of Sabre blanks? Chinese made junk or USA made junk I handled one in the shop and they look pretty good for a fiberglass blank . Sorry for the blurry pic thanks
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    SOLD Seeker bsc

    Up for grabs is a mint Seeker bsc6480. Classic series e glass. I think it's been fished maybe 1 time by previous owner. Absolutely minty. Selling because I just like my other 6480's better. Located in Ramona...text ok..760-535-7013 $175
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    For Sale Sealine 40ha

    Up for grabs is a nice Sealine 40hv...4.9 gears. Usual boat rash. Has 65# white Izor braid with about 80 yards of 40# topshot. Drags are good and reel works 10 mechanically. $110...text ok. 760-535-7013 Located in Ramona
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    Counter-balance a jigstick?

    Hey guys, Just wondering if some of you try and counter-balance your jigsticks a little bit? Coming from a bass backround, trying to add weight to the butt definately helps in some situations. I've noticed that some of my jigsticks are noticably more tip heavy than others and others balance...
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    Rod wrapping box suggestions...

    I know I am about to open a can of worms I cant shut...anyone have a tutorial/plans for a functional wrapping box and thread carriage/tensioner? Need some ideas of what works and what doesn't in its simplest form. I am pretty good at building and have access to a woodshop. Would love to see what...
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    Caivo jigs explanation

    Can anyone explain the differences (size/action) in the Caivo jigs? I know there are 4 sizes but not sure which are the consistant producers. Thanks
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    TRADE My Rods and/or reels for a jigstick build....

    Hey guys... I've tried this before with not much success but I'm going to try again. I need another jigstick built. It's been an expensive summer and I bought alot of gear...some/alot I didn't need. Looking to trade some gear that I've doubled up on for a jigstick build. Must be a regular...
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    Little help..favor?

    Hey fellas, If anyone knows wrapper Timmyd in Temecula could you please pm me or text? Thanks 760-535-7013
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    Leaving your fish on the boat? Giving away your catch?

    Just curious how many guys here leave/give a significant portion of their catch to the boat or someone else? I do most times. Sometimes I limit out and maybe take 1 or 2 yellowtail/yellowfin and give the rest to the crew or others. My buddy and I went out 2 weeks ago and he got a 125# bluefin...
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    WTB Seeker bsc 270h-8 or 6490

    Just seeing if anyone has an excellent/near new condition Seeker BSC 270h-8 or stuff to trade. 760-535-7013
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    TRADE for a Calstar 270-8h

    Looking for a Calstar GG or DHS 270-8h in really clean condition. Have stuff to trade. Trade options: Daiwa Sealine (3)... low and hi gearing Mint Torium 16hg Graftech rods..20-30# and 30-40# Rainshadow older Torium 30 Newell 322 w/ Tib frame and aluminum spool. Mint Let me...
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    TRADE for a Newell 220/229/332

    Hey all, seeing whats available in the Newell 220/229/332 market. Looking for really clean condition/upgraded in P,G or no letter and willing to trade for other gear. Trade options: Daiwa Sealine 4... low and hi gearing Mint Torium 16hg Graftech rods..20-30# and 30-40# Rainshadow
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    Cousins CLB 80L

    Hey guys I'm looking for a 25 lb maybe 30 lb bait stick. Can anybody with experience tell me what the action on this Cousins CLB 80L is going to be? Since I obviously can't handle one now because they're out of business. I have a Cousins f90j jig stick and f6480 and I like the action on...
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    WTB 25-30#...8' bait stick.

    Hey guys I'm looking for 8' 25-30# bait stick. I like Customs but factory wrapped is okay if it's the right one. I'm looking mainly a Calstar and Seeker 270 -8h.. something along those lines. Possibly an 8.5'. Would like to stay under $200 but anything's possible. I have things to trade as...
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    Calstar 690j and Seeker 530?

    Anyone with experience tell me what the characteristics and differences between the 2? This is for all glass models. Thanks
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    20-30# bait stick...

    I know I know I should probably search for this but I'm too lazy right now. So anyway I hate throwing bait that's the short answer I'd rather throw Jigs and whatnot but seems like a lot of these fish are being caught on bait so I least want to have a bait stick available. What can do 20 to 30...
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    For Sale Rainshadow Rcjb96h & Rcjb84h

    I have an addiction to fishing gear and I bought way too much shit over the summer. It's starting to overlap a little bit. All items are mint condition or brand new, never used. Rainshadow RCJB96h 30-60. Deckhand. Same one you can get from Charkbait. New, never seen water. Silver wraps. $240...
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    Applying blank finish for a noob?

    Hey guys, I may be picking up a couple raw Conolon jigstick blanks. Is there a simple, low cost way to apply this glossy blank coating without getting streaks and brushmarks? Will saturating a 3x3 sponge, cutting a slit and drawing it thru do the job? Thanks
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    Another masterpiece...

    Here is another work of art from Master Skrilla.... he's built a bunch for me and they just keep getting better and better every time. Thanks buddy I'm sure they'll be more coming your way shortly. and yes I know it looks like a calstar rod and that's exactly what I wanted even the same old...
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    Cousins spec sheet...

    Hey guys, Does anyone have a spec sheet on the deckhand blanks Cousins used to make their 9' jigsticks? Like the Model, tip size/ dia. and butt dia and action? Thanks text ok. 760-535-7013
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    Cousins spec sheets?

    Hey guys, Does anyone have a spec sheet on the deckhand blanks Cousins used to make their 9' jigsticks? Like the Model, tip size/ dia. and butt dia and action? Thanks text ok. 760-535-7013
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    SOLD Seeker black steel 6480 Custom

    Don't really need to sell but I just aquired a Seeker 6485 that I'm liking a little better. If it sells great, if biggie. I'll put it back in the rack. Custom wrap, boat guides...super clean, Deckhand with corktape. Has name on rod...not mine... but covered with a decal. Never fished by...
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    SOLD Sealine 30

    Just acquired this and realized that I don't want it. I never fished it doesn't appear to be anything wrong with it drag seems good. Has clamp. Has braid backing about 3/4 full. Looks like its 50# braid. Located in Ramona. $75 Text ok 760-535-7013
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    For Sale Brand new Rainshadow RCJB96H

    2 brand new rods. Reel has been mounted, but never fished. These are the factory built rods from Charkbait. Deckhand wrap w/ non-x flock and silver wraps and Alps guides. These are mint condition. Would like to sell as a pair. Pic only shows the XH, but have decided to let them both go. They...
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    SOLD Folding loading ramps

    I go these a little while back when I bought my riding mower...never used them. Steel construction. 7' long, 10" wide unfolded. 5' when folded up. Located in San Diego Ramona area $100
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    For Sale 2003 Starcraft pop up trailer...PICS UP...

    Up for sale is a 2003 Starcraft pop-up tent trailer. Works great very clean just don't use it anymore. Serious only as it takes a little bit to get this thing opened up. Has front storage compartment, toilet, 10 gallons freshwater, AC, heater, water heater, fridge, 5 gal propane, gas stove, room...
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    Calstar 530 and Seeker 530 differences

    Anyone whos' had both care to explain the differences of the 2? The taper specs aren't even close to the same so they have to fish differently. Seeker tip-9...butt .975 Calstar tip-9...butt...1.25 Thanks
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    SOLD FOUND!!! Calstar btg6480

    Looking for this blank...who's got one
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    Who uses a 500 for 40# surface iron?

    Took my Tern 400 out today to the bay to get familiar with it. Seems nice so far but I'll use it for 30# duty. Any you guys use the 500 for 40# surface iron and how do you like it compared to say a Sealine 40 or Newell 332/338? Thanks
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    SOLD Torium 30

    Bought a rod and reel combo...wanted the rod and dont need this Torium 30. Appears to be in good shape. A little bit of rash but still real nice. Might need to be cleaned. I would call it about 7.5-8/10 cosmetic. Located in Ramona. Text ok..760-535-7013 $115
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    Tern 400x ok for 40#?

    Is the Tern 400 ok for 40# on a jigstick or is it better suited for 30# duty?
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    Any decent 35# mono out there?

    Sometimes I want a little more than 30# on my lighter set ups. Any decent 35# line around?
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    Tern 400 as a 40# jig reel?

    Anyone use a Tern 400 with braid and a 75 yd, 40# topshot? Is it better as a 30# reel? Thanks
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    Single hook/treble hook surface iron...

    Do single hook surface iron swim any different than their treble counterparts? I like to release fish that I don't intend to keep like barracuda and bonita (assuming I can bounce them before the deckies grab the gaff) but the treble just tears them up in the mouth area and creates alot of...
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    WTB Kencor, Cousins blanks

    Seeing in anyone has Kencor Magnagraf or Cousins blanks they want to unload. 8-9'. 20-60# Thanks, text ok...760-535-7013
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    Is this zseeler blank?

    Dammit....supposed to say a Seeker blank......Anyone seen a Seeker blank that was labeled like this? I looked up the butt and saw nothing
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    Calstar green??

    Anyone know what color thread wrap Calstar uses on their glass jigsticks?
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    D8 and 6480 differences

    Hey fellas I get confused with the d8 and the 6480 monikers on these rods. I've been told that they're very similar but they're very different can anybody explain with the differences. And theres a Calstar BCS 6480, a Calstar BT6480 and all the confusion with the WTS line Seeker has. Does the...
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    Forecast or Pacbay chrome guides?

    Any difference in price, looks, quality. durability or hardness in regards to the Alps/Forecast chrome boat guides and the standard Pacbay chrome boat guides? the un-braced version. Thanks
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    Hours on an engine...

    Gonna make this short..asking for a friend. Is 4200 hrs alot for twin diesels on an 1985 boat? Thanks
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    SOLD Cardiff 300a

    Mint...used 1x. $90 Located in Ramona. Text ok...760-535-7013
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    Caivo jigs

    Hey guys, I want to get a few Caivo jigs to try out but know nothing about the sizes and the website leaves a bit to be desired. With that being said, I like to throw JRI 3/7, Tady 45, Candybar112, Salas baby 5x, Tady C, J-pot, 7x, 7x lite....if I was going to get a couple sizes, which ones...
  107. A

    WTB Sealine 30

    Looking for a really clean Sealine 30, preferably cleaned, not trashed with new(er) drags if it's an older model. Maybe something to trade on my end...thanks Text ok..760-535-7013
  108. A

    SOLD 3 black Cumaras

    I have 3 original black Cumaras in near mint condition. 2 casting, 1 spinning. CUS-72m 6-12#..1/8-3/8 oz CUC-72m 6-12#...1/4-1/2 oz CUC68m 6-12#14-1/2 oz. $165 each or all 3 for $475. Located in Ramona...north county San Diego. Text ok. 760-535-7013
  109. A

    For Sale Anyone looking for bass gear??

    Hey fellas, Got alot of bass gear...don't really bass fish too much anymore. Looking to move some gear. Too much to list. PM me and let me know what you're looking for and I'll check my inventory. Rods: Cumara black casting/spinning Powell max casting GBlanks custom casting Dobyns swimbait...
  110. A

    Are all Sealine 30 6.1 gear ratio...

    Trying to find out if all Sealine 30 were all made with 6.1 gear ratio? Did they ever make a lower 4.6 like the 40?
  111. A

    Small yellowtail decals?

    Hey guys, Where can I get those small yellowtail or tuna decals you guys put on rods? I bought a rod from a member here and it has his name on it. Removing it from under the glass would cause too much damage to the rod...I think. Only needs to be about 1/2" x 1.5"...thanks
  112. A

    Longer sleeve nuts?

    Anyone know where to get longer sleeve nuts for a Fathom 25n? I have a couple fat butt rods that the factory sleeve nuts just wont catch the studs...only need like 1/8" longer...1/4" would be better. Thanks
  113. A

    Newell 332...biggest drag stack...

    Whats the biggest drag stack you can effectively do on a 332? I know the 322 really isn't a 40# reel...but can be modded to be so..I have a g322f. Thanks
  114. A

    Best boat guides..

    Hey all, with regards to boat guides, what brand seems to hold up the best? I realize rinsing with water is best preventative maintenance but is there any benefit to using these or is it the " old school" factor? Weight difference vs. Alps/fuji? Braced or unbraced better? Thanks
  115. A

    WTB Seeker SJ90f

    Looking for a Seeker or text me if you have one for sale. Rod or blank. Thanks 760-535-7013
  116. A

    FREE Possible scammers....

    So, I have a WTB thread about Cousins sj90f. Within the past 4 days I've had 2 people PM me about having one to sell. Both these people had 0 posts, 0 messages, 0 trophy points etc...and had just registered...absolutely zero activity except for pm'ing me. One guy gave me the email addy of his...
  117. A

    Fuji bmnag and bhnng

    Been doing some reading here.(lord help Deciding on guides for my next couple rods I'm going to have built. Both will be 40# jigsticks. I usually go with Alps xn but wanted these rods to be a little more lower profile...even if it is minimal. So, that being said is there any reason...
  118. A

    Looking for color inspiration....

    Hey folks, I'm looking to have another couple rods built. Looking for some kinda old school, classic color combos that look good and pop. I like black/white...but what to add to liven it up? Marbling and dragonscale and superhero themed rods are cool...but not me. Simple is good and alot of...
  119. A

    Jigslingers only??

    Hey guys, This is a new forum for me. I just recently became aware of this sub-forum. Just curious if there are any boat owners here that regularly go out with "ho's" and just throw jigs? I really don't enjoy soaking bait. Any body doing any good recently? The cattle boats sure aren't. Thanks
  120. A

    WTB Cousins SJ90f blank

    Hey guys Just seeing if anyone is sitting on a Cousins SJ 90f blank they want to unload Thanks...text ok..760-535-7013
  121. A

    WTS 7x question

    I just took a nice WTS 7x on a trade. I know nothing about these rods except that alot of folks like them they seem to be getting harder to find. Anyway, the specs say 9' 30-50# CT...the rod actually measures out at 8'9". Does not look like a tip has been repaired and the butt has a silicone...
  122. A

    TRADE My bass gear for your rod wrapping

    Hey fellas, Just seeing if any of the better rod wrappers here would be willing to trade some of my bass gear for wrapping a couple rods. I've got a decent collection of very well kept Shimano Chronarch's, Cores, Scorpion, Curados, Cardiff and a few Lews reels along with nice mix of mostly...
  123. A

    Cousins jigstick blank...question

    Is this the blank that is used for the finished product shown in the pics?
  124. A

    Wiffle ball handle for Newell's

    Any idea where to get wiffle balls for for Newells? Thanks Edit...actually saw some on ebay...are they legit? And fit with no probs?
  125. A

    Anyone fish the Legend or Old Glory?

    I have fished the Old Glory once...and it was the last time I will. I don't like to fish bait, I like to throw iron. If anyone has fished the Old Glory you've undoubtedly noticed the absolutely miserable bow area if you're a jigslinger as well as the overhang that runs up both sides of the boat...
  126. A

    Braid on a Newell

    So I got to Newell 338 it needed some line and I wanted to have braid with a Top Shot for throwing iron. The guy at Turner's wasn't too keen on putting braid on a graphite spool says I'm taking a chance of it popping which I understand but as long as you're not pulling the snot out of it should...
  127. A

    Cousins 6480 and F90J....questions

    Just acquired these 2 rods and was curious of you guys that have you feel the 6480 and F90J are a 30 or 40#? Thanks
  128. A

    Atwood Butt cord

    Is the Atwood 1/16" kinda the standard for butt cord? Thanks
  129. A

    For Sale Simms breathable waders

    Great set of used Simms breathable stockingfoot waders. Sold my float tube and haven't used them in quite a few years. Still work great, never repaired and don't leak a drop. Size is Large King. I am 5'11" and 235#. $100 Located in Ramona,Ca. Text for pics. My pos computer has a problem w/...
  130. A

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Anyone see on the news in SD that the Pacifica out of Seaforth ran aground on Mission Beach? Wooops...Looks like they overshot the entrance to the harbor by about a 1/2 mile north. Coming back from a 1.5 day trip. Stay tuned...we shall see the details.
  131. A

    Tuna cord size?

    I normally use cold shrink under my reels for cushion on my deckhand rods. Want to try something else. I always have 1/16" cork tape w/ x wrap under that. What size tuna cord do you guys like for protection...the Atwood 1/16" or other tarred seine cord? Thanks
  132. A

    For Sale Weber Jumbo Joe w/ Cajun Bandit ring...

    Great little charcoal smoker w/ a cajun bandit extension ring. Weber Jumbo Joe is 18" diameter. Text for pic. Located in San Diego. 760-535-7013
  133. A

    Newell 322 help

    Hey guys so I just got a new to me Newell 322 and I want to use it on my 30lb jig stick. But it won't fit any of my 30-pound deckhand grips. The little half moon shape on the Reelfoot it's just too narrow to go around any of my rods. The sides start to dig in before it bottoms out on the rod...
  134. A

    WTB Kencor 9' jigstick

    Checking to see if anyone has a Kencor 9' 30# or 40# jigstick they want to unload? Must be clean and not trashed. Possible trade for other jigstick. Thanks....San Diego area but can travel a little bit if needed. Text ok...760-535-7013
  135. A

    Help...I'm becoming a jigstick whore...

    What is it about jigsticks that keeps us searching for the next one? They're like crack..I swear. My wife is starting to catch on as the rod holder in the garage is getting fuller every month and I'm getting a few more tomorrow. Yikes.. I can't But in all seriousness, I enjoy the...
  136. A

    SOLD Custom 8' Varmac G-lite 2 ...20-40#

    I have a custom wrapped 8' Varmac g-lite2 20-40# rod for sale. Wrapped by Steve Tomiyama on this site. (8 week wonder) Beautiful wrap, thin hypalon grip and reel seat. Perfect 25-30 bait or colt sniper rod. Used 3x. Located in Ramona,Ca. $170
  137. A

    For Sale Dobyns 795 SB and Cardiff 300a

    Both used 1x. $300 for the combo. Pics available, my Chromebook wont upload them...text for pics 760-535-7013
  138. A

    Seeker g6490 blank?

    Does anyone know if the cjbf 90m is the blank used in the g6490 jigstick? Thanks
  139. A

    Pray for Jim today....

    Just a reminder that our buddy Jim is going in for a procedure today to fix a bad ticker. If you could...take a moment to think positive thoughts for a succsessful surgery and a speedy recovery. Take Care Jim...get well soon. Alin
  140. A

    WTB or trade for Seeker 90m

    Went and tugged on a Seeker 90m blank and IT tugged at my I liked the action and weight and seemed it would be a solid 40# jigstick. Just seeing what you guys have. Built rod or blank ok. Must be clean and not trashed. Possible items for trade: Custom Varmac 8' 25-30# rod built by...
  141. A

    Seeker CJBF 90m...who's got ome?

    Howdy guys and gals, Went down to the local Landing today and pulled on some blanks of course I go straight for the calstar but a Seeker cjbf90m caught my attention and I pulled on it and it felt real nice. Just curious who here has one of these and uses it on a regular basis and can compare it...
  142. A

    Calstar 6480....Batson comparable??

    I'm curious what blank in the Batson rainshadow series would be comparable to a calstar 6480. How about a 270 - 8 h? Thanks
  143. A

    It's JUST another $20....sheesh...

    Anyone else notice all the landings here in SD are now charging $175 for a full day and now calling a Limited Load 49?? That's a sneaky way to grab another $20 during the week from everyone when there's usually not a full load of 60 on the Liberty or Grande or San Diego. The counts suck right...
  144. A

    Can Newells fish a higher line rating?

    I took a G338f in a trade...I know a 338 is a 30# reel but seems a bit big. So, can a 338 fish 40# and a 229 fish 30# assuming both have a braid backer and a 80 yd top shot of corresponding 30 or 40? As long a 338 can do 13# of drag and a 229..10# of drag it's all good right? Thanks
  145. A

    SOLD Fresh Conolon 8' re-wrap ..PICS

    Hey guys...I took a fresh 8' Conolon 20-30# re-wrap in on a trade and it's a rod I'm not intending to use. Thanks for looking. Located in Ramona. Text ok...760-535-7013 $175??
  146. A

    Trade: Conolon for your wrapping skills

    Hi guys, I took a fresh Conolon re wrap in on a trade and it's a rod I'm never going to use. Was wondering if any of the San Diego wrappers might be interested in it as a trade/partial . I need a new jigstick wrapped. Let me know if this might interest you. Rod is a Conolon 8' 20-30# jigstick...
  147. A

    Tuna King rod...

    There's a guy near me that has a few old rods for sale. He sent me a pic of this one is this worth anything? He only wants $10 for it. Thanks
  148. A

    Simple Black and white wraps?

    Anyone have any cool black and white wraps? Thanks
  149. A

    New to me Newell

    Just took a Newell G338F in a trade...can someone tell if this is a good one for 30-40# iron? Seems the 332 is the popular favorite. Is the 332 narrower in the spool? Thanks
  150. A

    Cutting a CUI to 9'

    So, I'm going to have a 9' factory CUI blank wrapped soon. It feels like a 30# rod. I'm anticipating liking it very much. Love the bend and as far as I know there isnt a 40# version unless you cut a 10' down in the tip/butt. I don't want 10'...I'm comfortable with 9'. Anyone know what the...
  151. A

    San Diego full day boats...

    Hey guys, So, I have a question for the you guys down here in San Diego that fish the full day boats regularly to the San Diego, Mission Belle, Liberty and Grande. My buddy and I only fish the Grande and Liberty full day boats for the only reason that they have the bunks below. It...
  152. A

    Color suggestions...olive green and?

    What other colors look classic and not to flashy with olive green on a black blank? Bronze? Maroon?White and black? Looking for suggestions for my new blank. if you got them.
  153. A

    CUI F1 090 blank

    Hey guys, Was just at one of the landings here in town...pulling on some rods when I found a CUI F1-090 blank that felt really nice and light. The tag didn't show the ratings but it felt like a 30# rod. I've seen them mentioned on here but never paid much attention. Are these decent jigstick...
  154. A

    WTB Feeler:...Calstar 540

    Just curious if someone has a Calstar 540 9' kicking around they might be looking to get rid of.. Thanks 760-535-7013
  155. A

    Seeker G6490 25-50

    Just curious if a Seeker G6490 -9 CT is considered a decent jigstick or not. Thanks
  156. A

    Day at the docks...

    Never been to Day at the docks....what to expect if I go. Thanks
  157. A

    Rainshadow RCJB106h vs. Calstar BTG 690j

    Can anyone who has experience with Calstar BTG 690j and Rainshadow RCJB106h describe differences between the 2 ...preferred line size, jig size, action, action/feel while fighting fish? Thanks
  158. A

    For Sale Bomber polarized Ahi Bombs

    Hey guys, I ordered a couple styles of Bomber polarized glasses online since I didn't have anywhere to check them out locally. This pair didn't fit my face so they are for sale. Brand new, still with tags...only tried on. Sell for what they cost me. $43 shipped. I can take Paypal...text is ok...
  159. A

    Bomber polarized glasses

    Anyone have the Bomber polarized sunglasses? The look nice and a couple of the models look like they fit a wider face like mine. (Ahi, Pipe)Cant seem to find them anywhere here. Hows the quality? Thanks
  160. A

    Anyone have a Kia Soul?

    Been looking at these...if you have one, how do you like it? And most important....can you fit a 9' jigstick in from the back? Thanks
  161. A

    4.9 or 6.1 ratio for jig reel...

    Just curious what ratio you guys like for throwing jigs (45, 112, 7X, JRI 3,7 etc,,,) 4.9 or 6.1 in the Sealine 40 reel.
  162. A

    Calstar btg 690j....30 or 40#

    Hey guys, For the folks that have the Calstar btg you feel its more of a 30 or 40# stick? I have one custom built and have a hard time deciding on where it excels at....Specs on it are 20-50. Thanks...
  163. A

    Valiant 500 or 600 for yo-yo

    Hey gang, Is the Valiant 500/2 or 600/2 better for 50-60# bait and yo-yo. I like to fish as small a reel as possible but still get the job done. Either reel would have 65 or 80# braid and a 80- 100 ft top shot...thanks
  164. A

    Sealine...old vs new handles....

    Is there much if any difference with the older Sealines with the counter balance handle or the newer style handle? Any benefit of one over the other? Seems the older Sealines are lower gear ratio as well. 4.9 ratio good for surface jigs? Thanks
  165. A

    Applying Winn Grip...

    Do I need to clean the x wrap with anything before I install it on my jig stick? Does it need anything under it or is the adhesive good enough? Thanks
  166. A

    WTB Daiwa Sealine 40

    Looking for another newer model super clean Sealine 40...preferably with 50-65# braid on it. 9/10 condition or better. let me know what you have. 760-535-7013
  167. A

    TRADE or For sale...Redbox charcoal smoker

    I have a Redbox smoker designed by Mark Lambert of SSOMD. Used about 1 year. Maybe 20 cooks on it. Excellent condition. Works great just want something bigger. Can do 2 pork shoulders or 3 racks of baby backs if cut in half. Nice and portable at 75#.
  168. A

    Daiwa Sealine vs. old

    Can anybody explain the differences between the "slosh" series and the current series of Sealine being made? The older slosh series seem to have a pretty good the Newells. Is it just nostalgia? Thanks
  169. A

    Sealine 40 handle/knob upgrade?

    What do you guys like for a Sealine 40 handle or knob upgrade? Thanks
  170. A

    Rod to do 40 50 and 60

    Hey guys is there a ride out there that is as comfortable doing 40 as it is 60? I know every rod has a sweet spot and every Rod has a range but is it possible for a rod to do it all three powers? I'm trying to avoid having four rods only getting stronger by 10 pound increments. I'd like to have...
  171. A

    WTB 40-60 yo-yo rod

    Hey guys , just starting to poke around a little bit and maybe look for a yo-yo rod in the 40 to 60 lb test range. I already have a rain shadow RCJB 84 h. May be looking to go on the next power higher 50 -60 pound range. I like the rain shadow series and the Calstar, possibly a Seeker in the a 7...
  172. A

    2 speed for yo-yo reel?

    Is a 2speed better for yo-yo? Hi speed for retrieve and low for winding in the fish? Looking at the Penn 40ld2 for braid backer and switching out 40-60# top shots dependent on need..thanks
  173. A

    Rainshadow rcjb 84h....yo-yo rod?

    Would a Rainshadow rcjb 84h be a decent yo-yo rod? What reel would you put on it for 40-50#? Thanks.
  174. A

    SOLD Redbox reverse flow cabinet smoker..PICS for rod wrapping

    For sale is a lightly used Redbox reverse flow cabinet charcoal smoker. Bought it straight from SSOMD about a year ago and have maybe 15 cooks on it. Works great and is super damage/scratches/dents. New $400...sell $275 Text for...
  175. A

    For Sale 2003 Starcraft pop up trailer

    Just seeing if there is any interest in a 2003 Starcraft pop up trailer. Forget a few of the specs but has 2 pop out beds, queen and full, front storage area, AC, heater, toilet, water heater, sink, stove, outside shower, battery, 20# propane bottle, and more. Needs battery. Works great....just...
  176. A

    Feeler: class A driving jobs

    So, I'm debating leaving my current job and getting my Class A/B licence and getting into the business of hauling dirt, gravel, asphalt, mulch..etc... basically a 10 wheel dump truck. I know it's going to be an uphill battle but does anyone have any advice or hook ups for someone just getting...
  177. A

    Need light weight driveway gate fabricated in Ramona.....

    I'm looking to have a light weight the ones sold at Tractor Supply, fabricated for my driveway. It needs to be 16'x5' and driveway has a left to right down-hill pitch of 4-5 degrees. An 18' Tractor Supply gate could possibly be modified to accomodate the downhill pitch.??? Doesn't...
  178. A

    Electrical question...powering a remote ceiling fan

    So, I want to power a remote controlled ceiling fan in my great room and run MC wire thru the attic to an existing light switch or duplex outlet in one of spare bedrooms not being used. It needs to be constant power and the remote will control light and fan functions. I found a duplex outlet...
  179. A

    Is there a misc. discussion forum?

    Got some questions for any sparkys out there........
  180. A

    Round ball handles more comfortable?

    So does anyone here like the aftermarket round ball type of handle better vs. the elongated egg shape that comes on the Toriums and Penn fathom reels? Is it more comfortable? Less sliiping/fumbling even when wet? I kinda dig the fancy metal anodized ones I see like on some of the Accurate...
  181. A

    Anyone here got their class B license?

    Just curious if anyone here has their class B license. Thinking about going down and taking the classes at United Truck School in San Diego. Anybody here have an experience with them? I haven't called them yet but I'm curious what the cost is
  182. A

    Tesoro 10 mounting holes?

    Does anyone know the inside distance between the mounting holes on the reel seat of the Tesoro 10? Thanks...
  183. A

    For Sale Simms breathable waders.

    Great, used pair of Simms breathable stockingfoot waders. Size is Large Stout. I am 5'11" and 240 lbs. and they fit good. Never repaired and no leaks. Dont float tube anymore so these need to go. Cost about $300 new. Sell for $150obo...thanks...760-535-7013
  184. A

    I'm in love....with my new Calstar...

    I got to take my newly built Calstar BTG690j out on a half day today to get a feel for it and all I can say is... Wow...this rod is an absolute DREAM to fish with. Now I understand why Calstar is so highly regarded. excellent balance and perfect tip for launching jigs with my Torium 16. I was...
  185. A

    For Sale High end home audio....

    Anyone interested in some high end home audio? Barely used, not even broken in. MINT condition on everything. Harman Kardon Citation 4 ch. USA made amp, Dynaudio monitor speakers and a center channel? Around $ 3200 worth new...sell for $1500
  186. A

    SOLD Masterbuilt 30 electric smoker

    Used but great condition Masterbuilt digital 30 electric smoker. Works perfect. $75 Located in Ramona. Text for pics. 760-535-7013
  187. A

    Any thoughts on the Maxel Hybrid 25?

    Looks like a nice reel. Anyone have any thoughts on the 25? Thanks
  188. A

    For Sale 7'6" Proteus MHF 15-30#, Okuma cz10csPENDING

    Up for sale is a near mint Proteus 7'6" MHF 15-30#. Used a handfull of times. Maybe a couple fish caught on it. Almost new condition. $135. Also a near new condition Okuma cz 10cs reel. 1/2 full of 50# braid and 1/2 full topshot of 40# izor XXX. $100 Located in Ramona. Text for pics...760-535-7013
  189. A

    Smaller profile 2-3 oz jig ?

    Went out on a 1/2 day on the Premier yesterday... Started throwing jigs. I was getting thumped constantly but no hook ups. The bonitos we small so I figured the jig I was using was a little big. Started with a Sales 7x jr. Went to a Tady C which seemed perfect size but my 30# jigstick wouldn't...
  190. A

    For Sale A few Bass rods

    All rods are baitcasters Quantum Smoke 7'4" heavy micro guides...$75 Quantum Smoke 7' mh micro guides...$75 Cumara cuc 72m 6-12#...original black blank...$150 Cumara 6'8" 6-12#...original black blank...$150 Gblanks custom 7' 8-15# med....$80 All rods in excellent condition. No junk here. All...
  191. A

    Yellowtail colered wraps??

    Just bought a jig stick blank I'm going to have wrapped and wanted the wraps in "yellowtail" Yellow/gold, silver, and blue/green. I'm having trouble trying to visualize the combo being which color for base wrap and then the 2 color over wraps...Anyone have yellowtail colored wraps...
  192. A

    TRADE 12g for 20g

    I have a 12g Mossberg 88, mint, never fired, home defense gun that my FIL gave me but would like have a 20g with 18-20" barrel so my wife can use it if needed. Possible straight up purchase if not wanting to trade. Located in Ramona...760-535-7013
  193. A

    TRADE Avet SXg2

    Looking to possibly trade my mint Avet SXg2 Neptunes Heart color for a 690j. Reel has been on about 10 boat rides and actually used probably 4 times. Reel is 90% full of white 50# izor braid and 50' top shot of 30#. Whatcha got ....760-535-7013
  194. A

    For Sale Old school pearl Chronarch ch100a

    Hey guys, this is just a feeler...... I don't bass fish as much as I used to and I have a bunch of these Chronarch CH100a pearl reels. The first and in my opinion the best Chronarch. I have about 10 of these. All are 8/10 or better. Any interest? These are getting hard to find. $150 each??
  195. A

    Rant for the day...

    This is my #1 pet peeve here regarding the classified section. Rant ON: You post something for sale in the for sale section and leave your number for texting purposes. Me: blah, blah, blah for sale...text for pics. Guy Texting: "Hey, can I get some pics of ______ please." Me: "Sure, Here ya go"...
  196. A

    Sealine 20 or Fathom 12 for 25#

    What do you guys like better for 25# bait? Sealine or Fathom? I like the Sealine price thats for sure.
  197. A

    For Sale Progear V22, Avet SXG2, Okuma

    I have a barely used ProGear V 22 in silver for sale. Very little use, excellent condition. I believe it has 40 lb braid and 25 lb Top Shot of Izor line XXX.SOLD I also have an Avet sxG2 single speed in Neptune's heart color. Has 50lb braid and a short 30 lb topshot. Barely Used just a couple...
  198. A

    12 or 15 Fathom better for 25#

    Looking to get rid of my Progear V22 and get either a 12 or 15 Fathom for 25# bait. Whats your experience? Thanks
  199. A

    Jacked up Fathom 25n....

    So, somehow yesterday, as I was launching a 4oz jig with my 25n Fathom I knocked the reel into gear mid flight now of coarse its grinding and making noise. I figure its a bent shaft or gear. Any help on who here or in San Diego I can take this to? Thanks
  200. A

    Where to send 25n?

    So, somehow yesterday, as I was launching a 4oz jig with my 25n Fathom I knocked the reel into gear mid flight now of coarse its grinding and making noise. Any help on who here or in San Diego I can take this to? Thanks
  201. A

    For Sale Proteus, Okuma

    I have a very lightly used Proteus 7'6" 15-30# rod with reel seat. Used a couple of times. As new...$140 Also I have an Okuma 10cs. Only used for 2 trips. Half-full of 50# braid and 40# 100yd topshot. As new $130 Located in Ramona Text for pics...760-535-7013
  202. A

    Do all Progear "click'??

    I have a V22 and it clicks when you wind it in. It's kind of annoying. Do they all do this?
  203. A

    Okuma Cedros 8s??

    Anyone have a Cedros 8s that can comment on the performance, servicing etc...? Can I use it for 30# duty with braid backing? There's one for sale in the classified that I'm interested in. Thanks
  204. A

    Fishing backpack...for sporties?

    Can anyone recommend a good size backpack for going on the sport boats? I like to travel light with my gear..only 2-3 small boxes for jigs and hooks/sinkers, room for an extra dry shirt and a few snacks. I don't like to have a backpack and a tackle box. Thanks
  205. A

    50# jig reel

    Hey guys...what are you guys liking for a 50# jig reel for a 9' rod? I have a Penn 25n that I fish 40# on. Can I fish 50# on it? I hooked up today on a sportie on a BIG Yellowtail...over 35# and my drag screamed and it peeled half my 40# line with 13# of drag....and I lost it at the gaff...
  206. A

    PCH 801h 20-50

    Hey guys, Thinking of picking up a PCH801 20-50 for my 25# rod. Anyone who has one, do you feel it fishes the lower or upper line rating better? Will be pairing it with a Progear V22 and 25# XXX. Thanks.
  207. A

    SOLD Proteus, Turners Tri-Helix, Okuma, Daiwa

    Howdy folks, Couple items for sale...possible trade: Proteus 7'6" 15-30# rod. Reel seat. Excellent condition. $140 Turners Tri-Helix 9' jig stick. 25-60#. Deckhand style. Excellent condition.SOLD Turners Tri-Helix 8". 15-40#. Reel seat. Tiny rust spot on 1 or 2 guides. Great condition. SOLD...
  208. A

    Next rod in the quiver??...60-80#

    Hey all, So, I want to know what you all think my next set up should be. Here's what I have currently: 20-25# bait~Progear V22 paired with Proteus 15-30# rod. 30# bait~ Avet SX G2 paired with Graftech 30-40#rod 40# bait~ Rainshadow rcjb84h paired with Penn 25n star drag 40# jig~ OC 940Hale...
  209. A

    Moving reel handle to last hole??

    Anyone move the reel handle to the farthest hole out on the metal part of the handle? The reel handle doesn't normally come in that position, but it is an option so it must do something for just wondering if any of you utilize it and does it help? I'm speaking specifically of...
  210. A

    Penn Fathom I get it.

    Went on the LIberty today, did ok with 4 YT. 2 on bait and 2 on iron. I was throwing iron on my Okuma Cortez 10 last trip but decided to try my Fathom 25n on my jigstick today.....holy schmoly... what a difference that reel makes. Soooooo, much better reel. Gained at least another 50-60'
  211. A

    TRADE 7'6" Proteus 15-30.....

    Looking to maybe trade my mint Proteus 7'6" 15-30 for a different 25# rod. Whatcha got?? Thanks 760-535-7013
  212. A

    For Sale Daiwa Proteus 15-30

    Used but excellent condition Daiwa Proteus 7'6" 15-30 rod. Located in Ramona...$120 Text is fine 760-535-7013
  213. A

    goto/default jig colors??

    Gonna pick up a few jri jigs here locally. Probably 1 or 2 each of a 1,3 4 and 7. Since I'm only buying 1 maybe 2 of each what's the go to default color to buy? I know action matters more than color but all have a color on Not looking to pack 40 jigs on a 3/4 or overnite trip.
  214. A

    Turners Tri-Helix guides

    Any idea what guides Turners uses on their line of Tri-Helix rods? I believe they are fuji but not sure of model. Thanks
  215. A

    Jigstick rod/reel physics...

    So, tell me guys, With regard to getting the most out of your cast on your jigstick, does mounting the reel higher or lower on your rod give you the edge and is it a heavier or a lighter reel that gives the whip/launch and trajectory? I have a penn Fathom25n and an Okuma cs10 and cant figure out...
  216. A

    For Sale Vans and Aftco shirts...2XL

    This is just a feeler to see if anyone is interested. I have 3 VANS shirts and 2 AFTCO shirts that don't fit me right. All 5 shirts are 2xl and were worn once and washed. After they were washed they didn't fit right and now feel like a 1.5XL...not a 2XL. I am 5'11" and 240#, 38x30 pant...
  217. A

    WTB OC 940 Jigstick

    Been reading here a little bit about the OC rods...especially the performance of the inexpensive 940 jigstick and 80j and I'm interested in trying one out if anyone here has one they want to get rid of. San Diego/Temecula/Murrietta area. Possible items to trade. Thanks Text is fine 760-535-7013
  218. A

    WTB UC 900 monster/85 S.I.C

    I know this is a longshot because these are very popular...but Im in the market for a 900 Monster or the 85 S.I.C offered by I like that 85 sic but they wont ship it. Maybe somebody's headed down this way could bring it to for a fee of course. That would be...
  219. A

    tuna cord under too.

    Tried doing a you tube search...want to try and get some cushion/bite under my reel on a deckhand rod. Any help...
  220. A

    Calstar gfdh850m jig rod?

    Is the Gfdh850m or 850h considered a jig rod? Thanks
  221. A

    For Sale Calstar 800m custom wrap

    SOLD.....Used but excellent condition custom wrapped Calstar 800m. I acquired this but never used it. Deckhand style. Located in San Diego..(Ramona) shipping 760-535-7013
  222. A

    For Sale Turners Californian Tri-Helix 9'

    For sale is a Turners Californian Tri-Helix 9' 25-60# jig stick. Used 1 time on a 3/4 day boat. Never caught a fish. Located in San Diego $150 760-535-7013
  223. A

    Need different jigstick...

    Went out yesterday with a new jigstick and it just didn't work out. Too much tip for smaller/lighter jigs. (Tady C etc..) Bigger/heavier jigs we better but not optimal. (starman 122, Tady 45 etc..) I've wanted to try or test out a Calstar GG690j but no dice. Trying to do some reading up here...
  224. A

    Better 20-25# reel?

    Whats the consensus of whats a better 20-25# reel...Saltist 20 or Progear Violator V22? Have both...only fished the Saltist 20 star drag. Took the V22 on a trade. Looking to get rid of one of them. Thanks
  225. A

    WTB Okuma Cortez 10cz

    Just seeing if someone has an clean Okuma Cortez 10 they want to unload before I buy one at Charkbait. Thanks 760-535-7013
  226. A

    How big of fish on 40# set up?

    I have a 40# set up with a Penn 25n star as my reel. What size fish can I realistically expect to land on this?
  227. A

    1.25 shrink tube??

    Where do you guys get your 1.25-1.5" shrink tubing for under your deckhand reels? Anyone got a 4" piece they want to sell? Thanks
  228. A

    Cork puppy...trigger or no??

    I'm gonna be trying a deckhand style rod this year as my jig stick. I was hoping to get some insight as to if the trigger style cork puppy was better than the regular one for throwing jigs. Thanks
  229. A

    For Sale Bass rods San Diego

    All rods are baitcasters and 1 spin. Quantum Smoke 7'4" heavy micro guides...$75 Quantum Smoke 7' mh micro guides...$75 Cumara cuc 72m 6-12#...original black blank...$150 Cumara 6'8" 6-12#...original black blank...$150 Quantum Kayak Rod 7'6" 12-25# Hypalon handle...$60 Gblanks custom 7' 8-15#...
  230. A

    Whatever happened to the VW diesel scandal??

    Can you even buy a VW diesel that hasn't been modified (ie: choked down) anymore after the emissions scandal? I'd like to get one but the diesel MPG advantage is moot if it's been dicked with and the mileage increase is a wash vs. the gas models if they've be modified. Thanks
  231. A

    Bass rods for sale...

    Got some bass rods that need a new home. Just have too many. If something here tickles your fancy let me know and I'll give you the info on what I have. Too lazy too get all the info right now. 2-Quantum Smoke micro guide baitcasting...$75 each 2-Shimano Cumara baitcasting 1-6'8" and...
  232. A

    Any Graftech users?

    Just curious if any of you guys use and like the new Graftech rods Turners is peddling. I seems they are upgraded from a few years ago when they were having guide issues. I'm looking for a solid 40# rod that won't break the bank and I liked what I saw/felt with the Graftech. It was 7'8" 40-50#...
  233. A

    Proper rod length for 40# line

    Hey guys, Just picked up a Penn Fathom 25n for 40# line. It seems to be the heavier the line the shorter the rod needs to be. My 20-25# is 8'. My 30# is 7'6' so what should a 40# rod be? Somewhere between 7'6" and 6'6"? Looking at maybe a Proteus, Okuma or Graftech. Also, the reel I got has 65#...
  234. A

    Gifted a 12 ga shotgun...

    I was given a Mossberg Maverick 500 12 ga. shotgun from my FIL who didn't want it anymore. It is registered to him but do I need to change it to my registration? Last I knew it wasn't needed...thanks
  235. A

    What to use under reel for deckhand rod...

    Picked up a new jig stick a bit ago. Being a deckhand style its x-wrap over cork. I see alot of photos here with rods that have a 4" patch of black "something" that looks like a cushion. What exactly do you guys use to give a bit of cushion to avoid crushing the blank? Thanks
  236. A

    Newell 332....better for for 30# or 40#

    Never fished the Newell 332 but trying to decide which rod to put it on. Either my Proteus 7'6" 30-40 or Calstar 800m for live bait. Reel has 40# braid and room for top shot. Thanks
  237. A

    Better jigstick....for beginner

    A well known member here has a few jigsticks for sale. Looking to get one of them and want opinions for my application. The jigs I throw are mostly Tady 45, Tady C, Starman112...basically the light to medium jigs. This will be paired with a Newell 332 and 30#...(haven't thrown 40# yet) and 30#...
  238. A

    Which "3" series Newell for jigstick

    Which of the 3 series Newell are the better ones for jigsticks? Narrow vs standard spool width. Thanks
  239. A

    Recomendation for guides...

    if I was going to have a custom-built jig stick 9 footer what would be good guides to put on it without breaking the bank thanks
  240. A

    Custom build for less than a factory wrap??

    I'm looking at buying/building a jig stick. Something along the lines of a Calstar gg690j. A factory wrap for that Calstar is about $285 or so. Is it realistic to think I can have a custom build for appx. the same price? Nothing fancy. Good guides, and x-wrap over cork tape. Only difference...
  241. A

    Cutting 6" off the butt of a rod??

    Is it completely sacreligious to cut 6" off an already built deckhand rod and putting the butt cap back on? Im finfing alot of 9' jigsticks but don't want one that long. 8.5 max. Sorry this is a stupid question... On a side note...any 8.5 jigsticks you can recommend? Thanks
  242. A

    Anyone here a home inspector??

    Looking for info on becoming a home inspector....PM me if you have any info on how to break into this field. IE: classes/courses etc... Thanks
  243. A

    Overnight boats..San Diego

    Looking to do an overnight out of San Diego this week and was wondering if any one here can offer any insight on the boats I'm looking bunks, crew, fishing space, comfort...whatever insight you have thanks. Boats I'm considering: Mustang New Lo An Prowler Legend
  244. A

    Educate me on Newells.....

    Been debating on trying a Newell as a 30-40# iron reel. Current reel (Okuma Cortez 5 fishing 30#) does decent casting wise and fish fighting. Gear ratio is 6.1. I've noticed as I retrieve I have to be able to see the jig so I can see what it's doing and adjust if the jig is spinning and not...
  245. A

    Found a new love...

    Hey all, Been getting into the saltwater/sport boat scene lately. Been on 5..3/4 day boats within the last 2.5 months. Normally a rabid bass fisherman for the past 30 years but getting bored with that so been hopping on the local 3/4 day boats. I've been throwing live bait like 95% of the...
  246. A

    WTS/WTT: Avet MXJ single speed silver

    Mint condition, used 1 time. Silver Avet MXJ single speed. Filled with 50# white Izorline. San Diego area. $180 Thanks 760-535-7013
  247. A

    Home audio/ HT equipment

    I have a few pieces of decent mid-level audio/HT gear for sale. All equipment is quite a few years old but has less than 50 hours use. Bought the equipment and sold my house, moved a few times since and really don't have anywhere to set it up. Been sitting in a closet in factory boxes...
  248. A

    Okuma Cortez 5 30-40# reel??

    I know there's many options for a 30-40# reel but the Cortez 5 fits my hands better than a Fathom 25n or a Saltist 30-35. Any real reviews with folks that have them here? Thanks
  249. A

    Okuma Cortez 5 as a 30-40# reel??

    I know there's many options for a 30-40# reel but the Cortez 5 fits my hands better than a Fathom 25n or a Saltist 30-35. Any real reviews with folks that have them here? Thanks
  250. A

    UC 800 mag, mega or monster..

    Went and pulled on a few rods today. Looking for a solid 25-30 rod for YT, YFT and BFT. Pulled on a 800 Monster and it felt good for a 40# bait stick. 30# seemed light. I also pulled on a Mag 15-30 and it felt a bit light. There was no Mega to pull on to compare with. I know UC is the golden...
  251. A

    Setting drag on Avet sx...

    Sorry again for all the newb questions but when setting the drag on an Avet SX if I'm using 25# and I want to set it to 8# of drag. I setting that at strike position or at full position? Thanks
  252. A

    Calstar 6485...good for bait and jig?

    Hey fellas, What's your opinions on a Calstar 6485? Got to handle one today (20-40) and it felt pretty good and light with a nice tip. Looking for something to toss 30# bait and possibly light jigs. It's a deckhand wrap and I like that if I find it too long for bait tossing I can cut the butt...
  253. A

    Saltist 25#...possibly 30#?

    I really am a fan of a reel as small as possible but still getting the job done. I currently have a Saltist 20 w/ 20# Izorline XXX but was wondering if it can effectively fish 25 or even 30# with the drag being 15#? 1/3rd of 30# line is 10# of drag. Obviously I would do some 40# braid with a...
  254. A

    Better rod for 20-25#...800xlh or 800l

    Having trouble deciding on a rod for 20-25# duties. Having never fished Calstars...only handled them in the store, which would be better suited for the 20-25# line class? The XLH is significantly more...don't know why. About $80 more. Maybe the GG 270-8h...Currently have a Phenix Abyss 807 but...
  255. A

    X-flock or Cold shrink??

    I have a Phenix Abyss..and although I like the rod, I'm not a huge fan of the cork tape. What's the consensus of using X-flock or this new cold shrink? Does one work better than the other? If I choose the x-flock are there diffent sizes and you choose the closest to your butt diameter? Thanks...
  256. A

    No memory #20-#25 line??

    Hey all, I'm normally a bass fisherman but I'm getting into saltwater fishing here. I'm putting together a #20 outfit and want to run straight 20# line. I am a believer in Izorline XXX for my bass fishing duties but use relatively small pound test. I know the heavier the line the more memory it...
  257. A

    65# braid on an SX??

    Just getting into salt fishing. Been a bass fisherman for over 35 years. I'm looking at my first live bait set up and have decided on either an SX or SX 2 speed. Should 65# braid be ok? 80#?? I don't really want to go small for fear of the line digging in and easier to tie knots if both lines...
  258. A

    Remington Wingmaster 870 20ga. shotgun

    I was given this Remington Wingmaster about 10 years ago. It's been used very little but I've never even shot it. Just been sitting in my closet. I dont hunt either. It's in super nice condition. A little wear (nicks) near the reciever and ejector port. Nice checkered walnut butt stock and...
  259. A

    New Gblanks baitcasting rod

    I have a new (well..fished 1 time for 1 hr.) Gblanks bass casting rod. The rod is built on a Rainshadow RX7 IMB843 Mag Bass blank. 7' MH ex-fast 10-17 line 1/4-3/4oz. 9+tip ringlock lowprofile guides with black guide wraps w/silver accent. Split-cork handle with a Fuji skeleton reel seat. Can be...
  260. A

    Cork filler?

    What brand of cork filler do the pro's on here like to use? I need to fill some pitted handles?
  261. A

    Black guides?

    Anybody use black guides on their rods? Seems like you could get a pretty sick looking stealth build with black/dark grey wraps, black guides and black reel seat on a black Rainshadow blank. I'd like to see some pics if anyone had some.
  262. A

    San Diego area rod builders...

    Sorry, didn't know where to look on this site if there is a list of rod builders in my area. I'd like to find a local builder to make me a couple saltwater sticks. send me a PM or email if you're local to SD or surrounding area. [email protected] thanks
  263. A

    Rainshadow livebait/jig blanks

    Does anyone here have experience in fishing any of the Rainshadow blanks, maybe more specifically the RX6 Composite Live Bait RCLB80L blank. I'm thinking this looks like a real decent rod for throwing 'dines to Yellow Fin Tuna, Yellowtail and Albies. It's the E-glass blank with a graphite butt...
  264. A

    Rainshadow blanks??

    Does anyone here have experience in fishing any of the Rainshadow blanks, maybe more specifically the RX6 Composite Live Bait RCLB80L blank. I'm thinking this looks like a real decent rod for throwing 'dines to YFT, YT and Albies. It's the E-glass blank with a graphite butt section for the power...
  265. A

    7' livebait rod for an 8'

    I have a Turners Californian 7' HDG Series Model CA-H270C 12-30# Live bait rod. Honey color blank with black and blue wraps. Hypalon grips. Used on only 1 trip. MINT condition. You would not be able to tell this rod from a new one in the rack. Nothing wrong with the rod except I'm looking for an...
  266. A

    Better rod for live bait? glass or graphite?

    Is E glass or graphite composite better for a 7'-8' 20-35 lbs live bait stick for yellowfin/tail and albies? I have a Turners Californian 7' right now and it seems OK, I maybe want something a tad longer. Thanks
  267. A

    Yellowtail/albie/WSB live bait rig

    I'm just getting into saltwater fishing here. I've been a few times on over niters and 1.5 day trips. I always either rent or borrow gear so I'm looking to get a live bait rig just to get started. I've looked at some gear and I like the Daiwa sealine 30 and Seeker/Turner Californian type stuff...