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  1. wahoochaser2003

    Not cool

    How could anybody be so foolish to put such bad juju on his own fuckin ride? Man you talk about bad karma, this fuckstick will end up with just what he deserves!
  2. wahoochaser2003

    Taking Reels To Cabo

    Been putting all my reals in my luggage ever since 1999. Never, ever had an issue. Fifty trips!
  3. wahoochaser2003

    Increased crime in Baja?

    I have been going to Baja for twenty five years, drove it four times, delivering a van, a boat and a trailer to the truest best friend I have ever had. I agree, the Mexican people, as a whole, are some of the sweetest folks I ever met. Drove it once with my wife, just to show her one of the...
  4. wahoochaser2003

    Cabo or East Cape

    I also have a panga in Los Barriles, and a truck and spend many months each year on The East Cape. We do also shore fish and if you get some good advise and get up before the dawn, you will absolutely love it. As far as having a place to wet your whistle after dark, that is not an issue, there...
  5. wahoochaser2003

    WANTED Penn 9/0 aftermarket handle

    I just finished converting my Penn 9/0 with Accurate frame and sideplates but I am looking for something a bit larger than the Accurate handle. I know Tiburon makes a nice one but does anyone know of any other manufacturers of larger handles for this reel? Thanks in advance!
  6. wahoochaser2003

    East Cape/Las Barriles Oct 29 report

    I am quite satisfied with the bite the last few years, but then, I'm down there quite often, for months at a time. I get to choose when to fish. This last years bite was fantastic. We never got skunked!
  7. wahoochaser2003

    Need Help...Favorite Baja Places

    Try the mountain town of Mission San Javier, up the hill from Loreto. Very nice drive and lots of great stuff to explore.
  8. wahoochaser2003

    Topwater Yellowfin - 9/2

    Ya really know how to make a Colorado guy dream of a day fishing in So Cal ! Great report my friend.
  9. wahoochaser2003

    Scorpion Sportfishing feat. El Regalo East Cape Sportfishing Report - July 15, 2017

    Great news, I will be there on the 29th. Save some for ",Miss Camila"
  10. wahoochaser2003

    East Cape On or Off

    The East Cape bite can turn around in a heartbeat. It isn't always wfo but if you just try and follow the fleet, no telling what you might catch! I always try and get to the dock when the boats come in, the day before I'm going out and find out where the fish are being caught. Seems to work ok...
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    7 to 1 gears? Wow! Where can I get a set of these?
  12. wahoochaser2003

    Cabo/ East Cape Surf Fishing Report?

    No gas whatsoever in Los Barriles, as of noon today.
  13. wahoochaser2003


    String 'em up by their privates!
  14. wahoochaser2003


    Sure hope this keeps happening!
  15. wahoochaser2003


    Sure hope this keeps happening!
  16. wahoochaser2003

    Variety at the East Cape Oct 9,10, 11 & 14

    Just got here yesterday. Putting the panga in the water on Thursday. Thanks for the great report. Can't wait to get into some of them hoo's
  17. wahoochaser2003


    Disgusting, as usual when it comes to Mexico's rape of the ocean!
  18. wahoochaser2003

    bait and food???

    All of the previous advice is spot on. Having 30 plus trips to The East Cape in the last 19 years, I would only add one thing. I always seem to have the best trips when I leave my expectations at home. I just let it flow as it comes and enjoy. No expectations means no let down. I used to set...
  19. wahoochaser2003

    Dorado Shootout...largest turnout ever

    "Miss Camila" is coming for you guys next year. You best be ready!
  20. wahoochaser2003

    New to me Crystaliner - Beyond Stoked!

    Perfect ride for Catalina. I'm jealous!
  21. wahoochaser2003

    WGO Gonzaga Triggerfish and Wind

    What a fantastic post! I have spent many wonderful times at Gonzaga and have several life long memories of that place. You have been truly blessed to have these memories with your son. Your a very lucky man!
  22. wahoochaser2003

    Best Panga Palmas De Cortez

    Posted this yesterday but it vanished. You can't go wrong with either Chuy or Diego. They are both extremely fishy and don't mind staying out late to go the extra mile to catch fish. I have fished them both, many times and that is what I would tell you. Fish them both for variety, you won't be...
  23. wahoochaser2003

    Rude Baby or Rude Baby II

    I have personally fished many times with both captains. Chuy's panga is 26 ft. Diego's is 23ft. Diego captains for me on my panga whenever possible. Both of these guys are top notch, very, very fishy, and they both will go the extra mile to put fish in the boat. I would advise you to fish them...
  24. wahoochaser2003

    Is East Cape Dead Again?

    Was there for the month of May. Best start to a better year than we have had in the last 3 or 4 years. Wahoo are off the hook, best year anyone can ever remember. The Tuna have been here for a while, just hard to find, usually a 2 hour boat ride. Every week a Yellowfin over or near 100 lbs...
  25. wahoochaser2003

    East Cape Bite Me report - May 29 and 30

    There have been plenty of ballyhoo all month, and live bait, right in front of the Palmas dock. $2.00 each.
  26. wahoochaser2003

    87.5lb. Wahoo landed in East Cape!

    It's not going to get any better than this. Really enjoyed this month on the East Cape! Special thanks to Anibal, great job your doing. First class in every way!
  27. wahoochaser2003

    East Cape Bite Me report - May 29 and 30

    Hey, thanks again for that wahoo you shared with my wife and me at the Bayview, it was fantastic! You So. Cal. guys should hurry down here and get some of this.
  28. wahoochaser2003

    Best Boat to fish In East Cape?

    There were dorado fifty feet off the dock in front of The Palmas on Thursday chasing bit fish and we threw to six different marlin on the way in to dock, this afternoon tailing 300 yards off the shore in front of the hotel. Go figure that one out. Just not hungry! I personally think it is going...
  29. wahoochaser2003

    East Cape Fishing From Palmas De Cortez

    Very nice start to the season. See you next week for a month! Can't wait to get some!
  30. wahoochaser2003

    Lovin' it in Los Barriles!

    Rude girl is a cruiser, captain is Pepe Verdusco, he is Diego's father. Super fisherman!
  31. wahoochaser2003

    Lovin' it in Los Barriles!

    I should have given thanks to Diego, my captain for the day. This guy is so fishy, he lives to fish and has all his life. He is one of the " Rude Baby " panga captains at the Palmas and I guarantee he will give you 100% Give him a try and you won,t be disappointed!
  32. wahoochaser2003

    Lovin' it in Los Barriles!

    Hey Mikie, I still feel bad, two years trying and no luck hooking up. I sure hope to be there in September but nothing finalized yet. I will let you know as soon as I know for sure.
  33. wahoochaser2003

    Lovin' it in Los Barriles!

    The wind finally laid down and the sun came out so we took the panga out last Saturday. Got bait right in front of the hotel and ran out 3 to 5 miles towards La Ribera and started bottom fishing. Nothing doing on four different stops but on the next one we nailed a nice striped marlin about...
  34. wahoochaser2003

    East Cape Panga?

    Both Rude Baby 1 and 2 and the Siboney are all available at the Playa. All are first rate captains and pangas. The Siboney is older but Juan Carlos is very, very fishy, as are Diego and Chuy!
  35. wahoochaser2003

    La Ribera, tails and stripers?

    Word is that they are catching marlin and yellowtail right out off of La Ribera. Would appreciate any report. Thanks!
  36. wahoochaser2003

    Wtb jigmaster frame

    Or you can find one on ebay!
  37. wahoochaser2003

    Missing charter boat out of Cabo

    Word around The East Cape is that these boys were drinking, the weather was terrible, they never should have left. They supposedly hit a rock close to shore and broke in half. Sad story.
  38. wahoochaser2003


    Thanks, I'm in!
  39. wahoochaser2003

    Largest Tuna on a 113HN

    Landed an eighty pound YFT on a penn 500 jig master magnum on thirty pound.
  40. wahoochaser2003

    Los Barriles in November

    Just got back from 3 months in Los Barriles. No problems whatsoever!
  41. wahoochaser2003

    Win A Free Pair Of Sunglasses-Costa

    I'm in and thanks!
  42. wahoochaser2003

    wahoo tri-fecta 9/26

    Who needs Baja Sur when you got this going on. Fantastic fishing!
  43. wahoochaser2003

    Unvarnished East Bay Report

    There have been dorado all week, right out in front of the Palmas, all around the buoys and boats. go figure? They were all small, nothing over fifteen pounds but they are there if you search for them. We had issues with our panga all week but still managed to score a half dozen on two...
  44. wahoochaser2003


    49 lb. dorado hit the Palmas dock yesterday, along with some tuna and wahoo. It's not over yet fellas!
  45. wahoochaser2003


    The truck is also for sale for 25k U.S. Some deal, eh?
  46. wahoochaser2003


    Eleven dorado were caught several days ago, right out in front of the hotel, in the afternoon. Most of them would have won the truck! Go figure.
  47. wahoochaser2003

    Too excited in E. Cape . . .

    Super report! I'll be there in 2 weeks for 3 months. Can't wait to slam some of those toads!
  48. wahoochaser2003

    Baja this Saturday ? Think twice ! "Cane" comin !

    Stop it Burt! We are spending July, August, and September on The East Cape and we don't need no stinkin' hurricanes!
  49. wahoochaser2003

    Gonzaga trip report

    Great report. I love Gonzaga!
  50. wahoochaser2003

    loreto report

    Looks like some fantastic fishing!
  51. wahoochaser2003

    East Cape

    Just got back from nine days, nothing much to tell. A few tuna and dorado but you must travel 35 miles south to get 'em. Overall it appears to be a terrible spring for fishing but with few or no lines in the water it's really hard to tell. The Palmas was deserted. Go figure?
  52. wahoochaser2003

    Pimp my Panga

    Man I sure hope you sold this bitchin panga cause I just saw where they busted one identical to this one in San Diego a few days ago with 1650 lbs. of weed on board., it is hard to miss. From the photo it has to be the same boat with the custom fold down tower. Sure as hell hope it wasn't you my...
  53. wahoochaser2003

    Muertos Bay or Ceralvo Island Yellowtail?

    Just looking for a recent report on the yellowtail fishing up north by La Paz. We arrive next Monday and are more than willing to motor up there from The East Cape. Also wondering about the live bait up there?? Thanks!
  54. wahoochaser2003

    Safe handling of Billfish

    Just talked to a friend who has been a captain at The Palmas for over ten years. He says he does see a dead marlin from time to time but his overall consensus is that the marlin population on The East Cape hasn't changed much since he started fishing. He also mentioned that at least 25% of his...
  55. wahoochaser2003

    Safe handling of Billfish

    In seventeen years of fishing The East Cape, I have never seen, or heard of a dead marlin floating in the water, or washed ashore A dead marlin, floating in the water would almost surely draw dorado, just like everything else floating does. Seems as though someone would have heard of this...
  56. wahoochaser2003

    Friends of Bill W.

    Friends of Bill meet regularly on The East Cape. Check out
  57. wahoochaser2003

    Rancho Lenoero

    The yellows have shown in March but you may have to go seek them out up north. It's usually a little different each year. I have caught dorado, marlin, sailfish, tuna,most bottom feeders and yellows in March over the years. Some days are flat, some too rough to go out. I have heard of yellows at...
  58. wahoochaser2003

    2/21 San quintin with Kelly k&m

    What a fantastic way of life you are showing your children, while creating some of the best memories available on our planet! Congratulations!
  59. wahoochaser2003

    Penn/Accurate question.

    Hey thanks, I will try this and get back to you.
  60. wahoochaser2003

    1991 toyota pickup

    What weight line does it use?
  61. wahoochaser2003

    Penn/Accurate question.

    I have an American made Penn 6/0 114hlw with a full Accurate conversion. I broke the click tongue for the clicker. I ordered a replacement from Penn but when it arrived it was much thicker and larger than the one that came with the conversion. It won't work. I know Accurate stopped making these...
  62. wahoochaser2003

    even more large, strange looking rockfish! Jan 02, 2015 South 9 mile bank

    Very nice tails Mikey. I hope to get into some of these in March/April down on The East Cape. This may be our year to hook up and fish my panga. I quite possibly may be there a lot this year. Great report.
  63. wahoochaser2003

    Another trip fun 1 again. Rr3 to cedros and San Martin...

    I still dream of fishing with my Father and he's been gone 40 years. Thanks Dad!
  64. wahoochaser2003

    FISHING REPORT - Mag Bay, November 28

    Thanks for the report. Photos are exceptional!
  65. wahoochaser2003

    "SOLD" !!!! For Sale: 2003 29' Amato (Marlin)

    Hey Don, Check out Baja Sur Craigslist. Some boys in Ensenada are showing photos of your panga and offering it for 19k. Wtf?
  66. wahoochaser2003

    La Paz, not so good

    I'm not even going to post todays news from La Paz. Go check it out for yourself. Never been to Temecula
  67. wahoochaser2003

    La Paz, not so good

    We wish we were on The East Cape right now and we would be were if not for a freak 80 million dollar hail storm that hit Denver September 29th. It looks like it will be March before we get back down. We were lucky with hurricane Odiele, our panga made it through unscathed.
  68. wahoochaser2003

    La Paz, not so good This is in Spanish.
  69. wahoochaser2003

    La Paz, not so good

    First off, if you want to jump on me for posting this, be my guest. I'm a big boy, I can handle it. I fucking love Mexico. I have Baja tattooed on my body. La Paz has been my favorite city in Mexico for 20 years. I am heartbroken. Two cartels are fighting for control in La Paz and there have...
  70. wahoochaser2003

    WTS/WTT Gold Accuplates 4/0 size

    I am a buyer on the accurate sideplates. Pm me and I can papal you straight away.
  71. wahoochaser2003

    Shimano Baitrunner 6000D and AccuPlates Reel

    Pm me on the accurate/penn reel. I am a buyer!
  72. wahoochaser2003

    25ft Mako Center Console - "Island Girl"

    I drool on this boat every day. I can't afford it but please, somebody buy this beauty so I can finally forget her!
  73. wahoochaser2003

    WTB: Tiburon or Accurate 4/0 Narrow Spool

    Pm Gaffs Down, here on BD.His name is Randy. If anyone on here has it, it will be him. Honest and trustworthy!
  74. wahoochaser2003

    Penn 6/0 114H with Accurate frame $80 Shipped

    WTF? I have never had an issue buying reels here but I have had some problems closing deals lately. I can't seem to figure out how to PM people so it makes it hard to make contact. He may show back up, as if nothing had happened, but now he has made you leery. Good luck !
  75. wahoochaser2003

    Any outboard motor heads here? got a question

    Hey Burt! I had the same problem on my panga with my 100 horse Johnson last year down on The East Cape.. Turned out it was the starter. replaced it and all was good. Maybe you can find one in the area? Good luck!
  76. wahoochaser2003

    Penn 6/0 114H with Accurate frame $80 Shipped

    I must be slipping or working too hard. I missed this one!
  77. wahoochaser2003

    FS: Shimano TN20A, Baitrunner 6000D, AccuPlates

    I am a buyer on the acuplated penn reel for $100.00 plus shipping. Pm me
  78. wahoochaser2003

    La Paz to Cabo drive

    There is a bridge out between The East Cape and San Jose so no way to get through yet.
  79. wahoochaser2003

    F'n Odile....damn hurricanes....

    No, and no from what I hear.
  80. wahoochaser2003

    Heading to East Cape Monday 9/22 - 9/27

    It appears as though La Paz was hit directly and the airport is closed. I believe the port is also closed so not really any way to get out of there.
  81. wahoochaser2003

    Shootout in Los Barriles

    Automatic weapons fire kills 3 in Los Barriles. Bad news for a small town. It appears to be a turf war over drug sales. I never thought it would get to this down here. Sad story.
  82. wahoochaser2003


    That mystery fish appears to me to be a Mexican Lookdown. We see them all the time snorkeling on The East Cape. What do you think?
  83. wahoochaser2003

    San Quintin - Awesome

    Great report! So jealous of you So. Cal. guys. Wish I was able to get down there and get some of that.
  84. wahoochaser2003


    Am I missing something here? I can't seem to buy this reel. I think I need some help as I haven't been able to establish any contact with the seller. This is the second time I've lost a reel this way. WTF?
  85. wahoochaser2003


    Ready to purchase, please contact me. Thanks!
  86. wahoochaser2003

    East Cape Report 6/30 - 7/5

    Excellent report. Thank you!
  87. wahoochaser2003

    East Cape Monster

    Whoops, guess I'm a little late on this one, my bad! Great article.
  88. wahoochaser2003

    East Cape Monster

    Just heard about a 720 lb. monster marlin caught in the last few days off of La Ribera. Amazing!
  89. wahoochaser2003

    Reels: All the Accurates have sold....thank you for your interest

    You have my email address, please email me so we can get this done.
  90. wahoochaser2003

    Reels: All the Accurates have sold....thank you for your interest

    I am still a buyer on the yellowtail special. I haven't heard back from you for several weeks. Is it still for sale?
  91. wahoochaser2003

    Reels: All the Accurates have sold....thank you for your interest

    I am a buyer on the Accurate/Penn yellowtail special if the deal falls through. Straight away ready!
  92. wahoochaser2003

    R.I.P. Tony Gwynn

    Very sad , he was one of my favorites. R I P AMIGO You were one of the greats!
  93. wahoochaser2003


    Great solo job on the marlin. I have never been put to that test, thankfully!
  94. wahoochaser2003

    East Cape Blue

    Friend of mine caught a Blue Marlin yesterday, weighed in at 335 lbs. Also, Oscar on El Borracho caught a blue earlier in the week estimated to go 400 lbs. Things seem to be heating up!
  95. wahoochaser2003

    For Sale 1989/2005 29' Crystaliner - $70k OBO

    Where were you when I had a million dollars? Awesome boat.
  96. wahoochaser2003

    Gonzaga Bay

    I always wish I was there Burt!
  97. wahoochaser2003

    Tuna at The East Cape

    Just got word this morning that the tuna showed yesterday. Saw a photo of a 65 pounder. The Palmas was scheduled to send out eight boats this morning but because of the tuna, they sent out eighteen! Great for the economy. Better go get you sum of that!
  98. wahoochaser2003

    Mexico Fishing trip opportunty anglers needed( with boat even better)

    Spot on bobrehfus, meeting others to fish new areas is about as cool as it can get. I can always learn from new experiences and if I weren't stuck here in Colorado I would jump at the chance. Never met Derek but have read his posts for years and would fish with him in a heartbeat! You only go...
  99. wahoochaser2003

    Intro & Questions on Punta Colorada

    Good luck with that. They can't keep the boats in the water at the two hotels they have open, they would have to be foolish, and they aren't, to try and get people to fill up a third. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the chances of Punta Colorado opening anytime soon are nothing more...
  100. wahoochaser2003

    East Cape Report?

    As of lately, the fishing is poor at best. My panga was skunked on Wednesday along with most of the other boats out of Palmas. Bait is very hard to get. Here's hoping it picks up.
  101. wahoochaser2003


    Thanks for the great report!
  102. wahoochaser2003

    Looking For An East Cape Fishing Report

    Thanks Bill. It looks like Ceralvo for the yellows then but it's only a long boat ride. Can't wait to get my butt in Baja.
  103. wahoochaser2003

    Looking For An East Cape Fishing Report

    Anyone out there been fishing The East Cape lately? We are arriving on the 8th of April and we were wondering if the yellowtail have shown up yet in Palmas Bay. We don't really want to run up to Ceralvo but we will if that's the only place they are showing. Thanks for any info!
  104. wahoochaser2003

    Cabo vs. San Jose Del Cabo vs. East Cape?

    Hands down, The East Cape. You will love the panga prices and your kids will love the experience!
  105. wahoochaser2003

    Penn and other stuff

    I am a buyer for both the 112 and the 501 if you can ship to Denver!
  106. wahoochaser2003

    East Cape Dorado Kickin' Out!

    Update. Yesterday was another great day for dorado on the East Cape. My amigo ended up with several in the #25 range. Nice fish!
  107. wahoochaser2003

    East Cape Dorado Kickin' Out!

    My Amigo, who is a panga captain at The Palmas, fished yesterday for ten dorado and is out again today. No pic's and not sure if they were peanuts or what but I will try and post more info as I get it. No word on the yellowtail yet.
  108. wahoochaser2003

    Accurate 6/0

    I am a buyer on this reel for $160.00 if you can ship it to Colorado. Let me know. Thanks!
  109. wahoochaser2003

    It all started when Joe Namath botched the coin toss

    Payton "Ducks" Manning is his new name!
  110. wahoochaser2003

    Props to Seattle

    Payton "Ducks" Manning!
  111. wahoochaser2003

    Hey Denver! 2 outta 3 aint bad??

    Payton "Ducks" Manning is his new name here in Colorado!
  112. wahoochaser2003

    Punta Abreojos, Campo Rene, La Bocana Fishing report

    You convinced me. La Bocana is now on my list! Thanks!
  113. wahoochaser2003

    New Panga from Ensenada, Mexico

    More pic's and what are your plans?
  114. wahoochaser2003

    San Quintin Jan 18,19,20 2014

    Great report. I'm jealous, it snowed 4 inches here last night.
  115. wahoochaser2003

    Super "Bowl"

    The "Reefer Bowl" I heard the two mayors are betting a bag of weed!
  116. wahoochaser2003

    Old School style get's 'er done at the East Cape - Jan 18

    Chuey is a personal friend of mine. He is a fantastic captain and as nice a guy as you would ever want to meet. He is very fishy , giving it all up to put fish in the box. Great report!
  117. wahoochaser2003

    Official New England Patriots Beatdown of the Denver Broncos Thread

    Broncos goin kick sum ass today. Goin open that can of wupass on new england!
  118. wahoochaser2003

    Omaha! Hurry, Hurry!

    Broncos 35 patriots 24 Go Broncos! This is our year!
  119. wahoochaser2003

    Caption this photo.....

    But please fellas, save some for Brady!
  120. wahoochaser2003

    Official New England Patriots Beatdown of the Denver Broncos Thread

    Pete Carroll, Reggie Bush, USC ? Hello......... what would you call this?
  121. wahoochaser2003

    bwah ahahahahahahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Yes, Go Donkeys!!:rofl::2gunsfiring_v1::rofl::rofl::2gunsfiring_v1:
  122. wahoochaser2003

    Official New England Patriots Beatdown of the Denver Broncos Thread

    Nobody,..........................nobody likes a friggin cheater. Belechick is a cheater! Fuck the patriots!:2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1:
  123. wahoochaser2003

    Official New England Patriots Beatdown of the Denver Broncos Thread

  124. wahoochaser2003

    Official New England Patriots Beatdown of the Denver Broncos Thread

    Pete Carroll and "The Hoodie" are both cheaters. Payton Manning is a class act, on and off the field. That being said, we will have our hands full next Sunday but New England can be beaten. We were very, very lucky Phillip Rivers didn't have five more minutes on the clock. I love his gameness...
  125. wahoochaser2003

    Happy Sunday Everyone.

    You so. cal. boys will be crying the blues before the sun goes down!
  126. wahoochaser2003

    Bronco fans........?

    I tend to take Baja anytime I can get it!
  127. wahoochaser2003

    Denver sports radio 104.3

    It doesn't matter where you go now, in Colorado, you will find people stoned out of their minds. Is it any different in So Cal.? That was my only point.
  128. wahoochaser2003

    Bronco fans........?

    If it makes you feel any better, I'm in Colorado. Do you need a ticket for the game? I have one left, north end zone, fourth row, $450.00. This should be a great game no matter what the outcome. I will be in Baja for the yellowtail bite in March/April if you want to come down and fish. Let me...
  129. wahoochaser2003

    Bronco fans........?

    Broncos roll over rivers and move on towards the Super Bowl. Maybe next year will be your turn.
  130. wahoochaser2003

    Denver sports radio 104.3

    Not all of us, only most of us. Don't try and act as if everyone who wants to isn't already stoned in So. Cal. anyways as that shit won't float.
  131. wahoochaser2003

    The Super Official Chargers Playoff Thread...

    Don't be offensive, just tell me about the fuckin bolo tie!
  132. wahoochaser2003

    The Super Official Chargers Playoff Thread...

    Bolo tie about says it all , don't it, and yes, I'm from Colorado. But really the bolo tie thing makes a bold statement for phil, don't you think? He looks real sweet!
  133. wahoochaser2003

    The Super Official Chargers Playoff Thread...

    Broncos going to whip some charger ASS on Sunday! phillip rivers ain't no Payton Manning by a stretch! Better luck next year.
  134. wahoochaser2003

    East Cape Dorado

    The SOC is still kickin' out the fish, you just have to dodge the wind. My amigo went out yesterday and caught 12 dorado and one striped marlin, out from La Ribera. Ballyhoo was the bait of choice.
  135. wahoochaser2003

    Santa Rosalia Info

    When you got 'em by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow. Hopefully those boys were humbled and learn from the experience. Humility, is often a hard pill to swallow. I would have loved to have been there. Heh Heh
  136. wahoochaser2003

    East Cape Still Kicking Out!!

    My friend and partner took our panga, "Miss Camila" fishing on Wednesday. He got on the water late due to a battery issue, trolled for four hours between The Palmas and Buena Vista for eleven dorado, all between 15 and 30 pounds. He is going again next week, weather permitting. I will try and...
  137. wahoochaser2003

    Wtb: penn baja special

    There is a very nice Baja Special for sale on ebay right now. It has custom sideplates. A very nice reel.
  138. wahoochaser2003


    I am looking to buy this rig and wondered if anyone here has owned this make or one like it. It was made in Florida. It has a 1986 OMC 115 horse motor. The boat is clean and she fires right up. 20 ft. by 7.6 ft. Comes with a new tandem axle trailer for $3500.00. I would appreciate any info...
  139. wahoochaser2003

    East Cape Fish Report

    I spent some time on the dock at the Palmas yesterday and here is what was happening. The dorado seem to be getting larger, many fish in the 20 to 30 lb. class, as apposed to the dinks of late. One 42 pound dorado and more wahoo than what has been showing as of lately. The dorado are everywhere...
  140. wahoochaser2003

    Highway 5Rancho Chapala to Gonzaga Bay Road Conditions ????

    Has anyone traveled Highway 5 from Rancho Chapala to Gonzaga since the last storms? We are heading north soon and are looking for a heads up. Much thanks. The East Cape has been wonderful! Fishing has been outstanding!
  141. wahoochaser2003

    East Cape Fishing

    Went fishing yesterday, the tuna are right off of La Ribera. Caught 7 tuna, all footballs and 2 dorado, around 15 lbs. Another great day on the water in Baja!
  142. wahoochaser2003

    East Cape Fishing!

    FAT CAT <dl class="userstats"><dt>Name</dt><dd>Bill Burkett</dd><dt>Boat</dt><dd>22' Twin-Vee Catamaran POLE CAT</dd><dt>Occupation</dt><dd>not me!</dd><dt>Location</dt><dd>Baja Sur, MX</dd><dt>Posts</dt><dd>4,690</dd><dt>Images</dt><dd>68</dd></dl> I think Pepe's fish was a marlin...
  143. wahoochaser2003

    East Cape Fishing!

    The fishing continues to be outstanding down here. Went out on my panga yesterday for half a day, caught 3 dorado over by the lighthouse. Biggest was around 30 Several boats near us also had success with marlin, sails and dorado. Last weekend the local tournament was won with a 242 pound...
  144. wahoochaser2003

    1986 20.5 Tean Baja Terminator rebuild

    The rods and the antenna do not obstruct the bimini top when it is opened.
  145. wahoochaser2003

    18' Team Baja Terminator Rebuild

    Nice boat! Check out my rebuild of my 20.5 terminator, located below. I have been fishing her on The East Cape since the end of June. Very happy with her. I'm positive you will love yours. Good luck!
  146. wahoochaser2003

    1986 20.5 Tean Baja Terminator rebuild

    She handles the East Cape waters very well. The fishing has been fantastic the last two months. Life is great!
  147. wahoochaser2003

    Gonzaga Bay...Rancho grande ?guarded gates

    I know not why but when we stopped there end of June there was for sure a gate and a guard. This was only on Alphonsina's side though.
  148. wahoochaser2003

    east cape tuna?

    Punta Colorado resort/ hotel is closed, has been for a couple years. Almost any East Cape boat will fish Los Frailes. They go out daily over 40 miles in every direction.
  149. wahoochaser2003

    Dorado Shootout

    Yeppper, sure was!
  150. wahoochaser2003

    Dorado Shootout

    I wasn't there, but.... "Any verbal or physical abuse or threats from entrants toward Tournament Staff is cause for a team's disqualification." Looks like "screeming bloody murder" for long periods of time would have gotten the guy DQ'd as well. Sounds like he MAY have acted like a...
  151. wahoochaser2003

    Dorado Shootout

    Not sure but the Extractor, out of Phoenix Arizona was the boat that I saw get dq'd with the 53 pounder One of the largest sportfishers in the tournament. When they told the guy, he didn't really say squat, just got on his boat and bugged out. The ironic thing is, he would have one it all if he...
  152. wahoochaser2003

    Dorado Shootout

    128 boats, the second largest, 100k jackpot money, the most ever. I will post as I see it as it comes down. Right now I am having problems uploading photos. Update 4:00 pm 53 lb. Dorado disqualified, had 4 bonito and a squid in his belly. 46 lb. biggest as of now. I still can't upload photos...
  153. wahoochaser2003

    Leaving for east cape tomorrow. Any new reports?

    there was an 189 lb. tuna that hit the palmas dock yesterday
  154. wahoochaser2003

    East Cape - Looking for reports - leaving Friday

    The Marlin are thick, 20 miles out, the tuna are out 30 to 40 with many, many footballs with a few toads mixed in. I saw 2 yesterday in the 35 to 40 range. One was landed a few days ago said to go 220. Saw one last week on the Playa Del Sol dock over a hundred. The dorado all seem to be caught...
  155. wahoochaser2003

    Gonzaga....10 weeks...WHEW !

    Hey Burt, It was nice to see you, even if it was for just a few minutes. Oh well. I was dead tired from the road and had my mind on sleep and an early departure. Someday, I'll stop by and stay for a while. Thanks for the tip on the palapa, it worked out perfect. The road was fine until...
  156. wahoochaser2003

    1986 20.5 Tean Baja Terminator rebuild

    Yes we did use nonskid on the deck and it works great. I hope to be fishing here on The East Cape in a couple days and will post when I do. The tuna arrived last week and both tuna and dorado are showing big, big bulls in the forties and many tuna over 150. A fantastic time to be in Baja!
  157. wahoochaser2003

    Gozaga to Highway one

    The road from Gonzaga to Coco's is in fantastic shape, best I have ever seen it. The road from Coco's to highway one, approximately eleven miles is for shit. I found it amazing how it just turned bad right after Cocos. Don't get me wrong, it is very, very passable, just real slow going. We were...
  158. wahoochaser2003

    Highway 5 to Chapala pulling a boat ?

    Not true, plenty of SAND bass available!
  159. wahoochaser2003

    Highway 5 to Chapala pulling a boat ?

    We are planning on crossing Mexicali early next Saturday morning, spending our first night in Gonzaga. Will we be ok from Gonzaga to Chapala towing our boat. I have done this with a boat in the past but not sure about the current road conditions. We have 4x4, we do air down and we are in no...
  160. wahoochaser2003


    Pm sent, Very nice photos!
  161. wahoochaser2003

    61 lb. East Cape Dorado??

    I did see a photo of this fish on The Palmas fish report and it looked every bit of 61lbs.! Looks as though it's picking up down there as some wahoo are showing.
  162. wahoochaser2003

    Baja Pirates of La Paz - Fishing Report

    Ditto what Marcortez said, I'm with you on that!
  163. wahoochaser2003

    61 lb. East Cape Dorado??

    I got word yesterday of a big bull dorado caught out of Los Barriles, a couple days ago. I was hoping someone would have some info or photos! Thanks!
  164. wahoochaser2003

    1986 20.5 Tean Baja Terminator rebuild

    I bought this boat 2 years ago and she ended up in the street first time out. The insurance company totaled her, paid me off and I have been rebuilding her for the last 20 months. Everything that was worn, used or suspect was torn out and thrown away. Everything! I fish The East Cape and I...
  165. wahoochaser2003

    Just what we needed...

    Greed, pure and simple. String 'em all up!
  166. wahoochaser2003

    Gonzaga for awhile !

    We will be towing our panga down to the East Cape via Mexicali, crossing on June 29th, or the 30th, spending the first night in Gonzaga near Burt's place. Looking to hook up with someone to caravan with. Thanks!
  167. wahoochaser2003

    Rest in Peace Pescador Amigo

    I'm sure my life would have been better had I known this man. I can feel the pride in your friendship as I read your post. He will be surely missed by all who knew him.
  168. wahoochaser2003

    Mexico Insurance??

    Is there one Mexican Auto/Boat insurance company that sticks out from the others or are they all basically about the same? You So. Cal boys always seem to have the scoop on this shit. Will be towing my panga to southern Baja next month. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  169. wahoochaser2003

    1973 Starcraft Chiefton

    I love that 70's look!
  170. wahoochaser2003


    Paid mordida twice, once in La Paz,2002, once in San Jose Del Cabo in 2006, both to traffic cops. I plan on retiring in Baja next year. I have never had a place that grabbed ahold of me and made me feel this way, ever. The only thing that ever made me feel like this was a woman who is now my...
  171. wahoochaser2003


    BOOOOOOOO.................... that club picture is fucked!
  172. wahoochaser2003

    1988 18 foot Baja Team Terminatior CC

    I have a 22 ft. Team Baja panga that I just spent 18 months rebuilding and other than being a little tippy like many pangas, I love it. I would sure like to hear from anyone with any info on these Team Baja boats, good or bad. I have a hard time finding out much about them other than they were...
  173. wahoochaser2003

    Cerralvo Island

    Why don't you guys put in in L.B. and motor up to Cerralvo and make bait? Just wondering? Thanks!
  174. wahoochaser2003

    T.I.P. Question??

    I have family there, so I'm thinking storage shouldn't be a problem. At least it's way down on the list of shit I'm concerned about right now! My big issue is to try and not miss the yellowtail bite this spring. It looks like it is going to be epic.
  175. wahoochaser2003

    T.I.P. Question??

    Yes, and no problems, came in the mail 5 days later!
  176. wahoochaser2003

    T.I.P. Question??

    Ok, so I have my Temporary Import Permit and we are trailering my panga down to Southern Baja next month and my plan is to use her while I am there for months at a time and then store her in Los Barriles when I am back in the states visiting periodically. Is this a problem? Is it legal to leave...
  177. wahoochaser2003

    Biggest fish on a Penn Jigmaster 500/501

    Many 150 lb. striped marlin on an Accurate/Penn 500 and an 80 lb. YFT on a jigmaster 500 magnum.
  178. wahoochaser2003

    what trout is this?

    Absolutely not a cutbow, at least it sure doesn't look like the ones we used to catch down at Willow Beach twenty years ago.
  179. wahoochaser2003

    East Cape Tails??

    Now that's what I'm talkin about!
  180. wahoochaser2003

    East Cape Tails??

    I just got an email from my friend at the hotel in L.B. and he says the weather has been great all week and lots of boats fishing for yellowtail and pargo. So where's all the killer posts from you East Cape guys? I will be there in April for 2 months but I need a yellowtail fix today.
  181. wahoochaser2003

    Dear penn

    Guy on ebay had a slug of them, sold them ALL for $349.00 each. Sick! He has had one left that he listed 6 or 8 months ago. It was still there yesterday but who in their right mind gonna spend that kind of dough for it? If you go and post on rod & reels here, that your looking for one, you may...
  182. wahoochaser2003

    Bait tank question

  183. wahoochaser2003

    Bait tank question

    My rear console bait tank is not over 40 gal. I have a new 750 gph pump. Will I also need an aerator? The boat will be used exclusively on The East Cape. I recently read that they were having trouble keeping bait alive there, in the heat of the summer, and I want to avoid this problem. Thanks!
  184. wahoochaser2003

    Gonzaga Bay...anybody coming down in Jan. ? I got "stuck" here ! ?

    About 15 years ago, I had a friend who tore up his trailer down at Gonzaga and did not have the funds to get it fixed. He was in one hell of a tough spot. The first I heard about it was when I got a call from this dude in So Cal who had just flown back from Gonzaga with this story about my...
  185. wahoochaser2003

    A late Canadian's report.

    I have found, that by having absolutely no expectations when I go to Baja, I am never let down. I can't imagine how impossible it would be to have a positive experience if I were to expect that things were going to go exactly according to my plans. That is the greatest thing about Baja. Let it...
  186. wahoochaser2003

    accurate magnum

    $250.00 and up on ebay, no problem.
  187. wahoochaser2003

    A late Canadian's report.

    Meham387, go fuck yourself.............. do it today. Do us all a favor, go take a flying fuck at a rolling dough nut! It appears to me that you guys got it all backwards. Isn't it supposed to be all about the client? Shame on you Renegade Mike. Ripping that rod out of his hand made...
  188. wahoochaser2003

    Accurate 99 MAG Spool

    I use Accurate/Penn reels exculsively. I have a friend in So Cal, just might have one if anyone does. His name is Randy. Email him at [email protected] He probably has one of the largest stashes of accurate/penn components on the west coast. You will not find a nicer person in all your travels!
  189. wahoochaser2003

    Baja Surf Fishing Adventure Video......

    The only thing missing was the popcorn! Great job.
  190. wahoochaser2003

    Gill netters back at Gonzaga Bay

    What a sad, sad story. I really think it may spell disaster for Gonzaga. They just can't grasp and understand what they are destroying. They will, when it's too late. Makes me feel helpless, I hate it.
  191. wahoochaser2003


    Lotta guys here, me included, would give up just about anything for another chance to fish with their Dads. Mine has been gone 40 years. What a great experience for you. Your a lucky man for sure!
  192. wahoochaser2003

    Which gps/fishfinder for me?

    I am just finishing the rebuild of my 20.5', 1986 Team Baja Terminator panga and I am not sure which gps/fishfinder will best suit my needs. Money does matter but will not kill the deal for me. This boat will be used exclusively on The East Cape. The fishfinder is not as important as the gps/...
  193. wahoochaser2003

    Super Pangas - Where to Buy?

    Orange county craigslist has a 26' super panga diesel with an asking price of 45k Claims to have 75k in the boat.
  194. wahoochaser2003

    Super Pangas - Where to Buy?

    Go to Craigslist, Orange County/LA/ San Diego and sort out the bullshit and there have been several in the last month, some gas, some diesel.
  195. wahoochaser2003

    What team? Loyal fans only.

    Broncos, for 40 years but I do like the fishing alot better in SoCal!
  196. wahoochaser2003

    Thank You San Diego!

    Yes, Thank You Phillip Rivers,You sure do suck, BIG TIME!!
  197. wahoochaser2003

    Asuncion Yellowtail get bigger every week

    Ultimate Catch, Stan's (Surfdoc) spirit is around the "surf" and that is why you guys are catching fish form shore. The fish are near the shore because they are morning the loss of their buddy Surfdoc!!! Amen brother, you are spot on!
  198. wahoochaser2003


    Broncos by 21. DJ Williams is back after doin his time for being a fuck an our defense will give Rivers fits. Were going as nobody in Denver wants to miss a chance to see Phillip Rivers make a fool of himself. Seems as though he's got it down to a science now. :rofl::2gunsfiring_v1: Broncos 38...
  199. wahoochaser2003

    Norv cares.........

    He does need an extention, a cock extention!~ We gonna whip some bolt ass dis weekend:2gunsfiring_v1::rofl:
  200. wahoochaser2003

    Saluki & Tues agree Chargers are #1

    LMAO, thankfully many miles away from you psycho's I think I love you guys!~
  201. wahoochaser2003

    Saluki & Tues agree Chargers are #1

    We jus luv yer hole teem here in denver, specshuly phillip rivers. C u nex weekend
  202. wahoochaser2003

    Precision Outriggers

    Bought a set of outriggers from this guy and I have to tell you I have never had a better buying experience. He should be known as "Honest John" Thanks again!
  203. wahoochaser2003

    We lost one of the good ones today... RIP SurfDoc aka Stan Stutzka

    It's pretty obvious by the number of posts, that the world will be a little bit sadder now that your friend has gone. He would be proud.
  204. wahoochaser2003

    What kind of Penn reels do you have?

    I have a penn 140 squidder, full accurate conversion, a 145 magnum, full accurate conversion, a jigmaster 501,full accurate conversion a jigmaster "99", full accurate conversion, a "99" magnum, full accurate conversion, a 500, full accurate, a 500 magnum, full accurate, a 3/0 wide, full...
  205. wahoochaser2003

    What is an 6/0 Accuplate reel worth

    Depending on condition, it could go for $150.00/$200.00 on ebay.
  206. wahoochaser2003

    Precision Outriggers

    Looking to buy a set of Precision ouriggers. I need the kind that mount flat on the gunnel. !2' to !4' with all hardware. Charkbait has them for around $650 but I wanted to try here first. I would also be willing to look at any other set ups you guys might have for sale as long as they aren't...
  207. wahoochaser2003

    Outriggers from Australia

    I wanted two piece outriggers, like the ones from Australia, but one piece will work just fine for my needs. The price difference is probably a wash anyway. I won't be needing them until we get to the East Cape. Buy them at Charkbait, throw them in the back of the boat and install them in Los...
  208. wahoochaser2003

    Outriggers from Australia

    Found them, thanks only to you guys here on Bloodydecks. Precision Marine in Orange County makes them and it appears as though Charkbait has them! Again, much thanks.
  209. wahoochaser2003

    Outriggers from Australia

    They are made by Henderson Australia.
  210. wahoochaser2003

    Outriggers from Australia

    The website is I can't clip and paste it for some reason. The only ones I can find here in the USA are the telescopic type which I don't want, or they want thousands for them here. Maybe I'm not looking in the right place?? They have 2 sets on their website, both made by...
  211. wahoochaser2003

    Outriggers from Australia

    I found some great outriggers for my panga, sweet $$, from Escapintackle in Australia. Under $400.00,thirteen feet, two piece fiberglass. Perfect for my needs. Only problem is they won't sell them to us yanks. Everything else on the website is available to purchase and have shipped to the USA...
  212. wahoochaser2003

    Crew lost my fish - what is fair?

    As a business owner for 33 years, one bad word is worse than 50 good ones. If you do a first rate job, they may tell someone. If you do a bad job, they will tell everyone! Whoever is responsible for this should be bending over backwards to make you happy. The squeaky wheel does get oiled...
  213. wahoochaser2003

    Clean the Playa and get a Fishing rod!

    A perfect trade. Keep up the great work!
  214. wahoochaser2003

    Authorities near Punta Arena STRIKE BACK!

    Fantastic! Lets hope this leads to more arrests and they get the whole gang and they get what they truly deserve!
  215. wahoochaser2003


    As was stated the last time this happened, the Mexican Navy had a boat in the area when they were called, but showed up 3 hours later by truck??? Many things could be done by the government, but who the fuck wants to argue with men with guns at night? Scary shit for sure. That being said...
  216. wahoochaser2003

    Lend me your ear.... a San Quintin Tale with a WSB twist

    Thanks for the excellent story/report. Great times!
  217. wahoochaser2003

    New reports-east cape

    Yeah, but there is a new Gentlemans Club up on the highway. It's called the Dancing Dolfin or something like that. Not unlike Anthony's in Ensenada.
  218. wahoochaser2003

    Accurate magnum parts

    Pm sent on 4/0 mag kit.
  219. wahoochaser2003

    Reel Viking in Cabo

    What those last two guys said is spot on for me! Just my two cents.
  220. wahoochaser2003

    Los Barriles: July 15-21

    I NEVER have any expectations when I'm down there, and since I've adopted that attitude six or seven tears ago, I've never had a bad trip. I do wonder a little about the fishing habits and locations your guide took you to, My captain would have been ALL over the East Cape looking for fish. He...
  221. wahoochaser2003

    Accuplate jigmaster conversion

    I am not a buyer at that price. Thanks!
  222. wahoochaser2003

    Boats / motors stolen from Boca del Alamo

    Since 2007, the cartels have laundered upwards of one trillion dollars, THROUGH AMERICAN BANKS, and if you were to look at the cartel as a sovereign country, investing in America, the cartel invests more in the United States than Switzerland, than Japan, and more than the United Kingdom. They...
  223. wahoochaser2003

    Pimp my Panga

    We are all waiting to hear from you, Don. Good, bad or ugly we need to hear what's up with your sweet ride.
  224. wahoochaser2003

    east cape la ribera trip

    I DOVE off of the TOP of that waterfall in May of 2003, at 53 years old. I have been diving all my life and this was sketchy. There wasn't much over 8' of water to land in. My 13 year old son jumped. My good friend Leo, the bartender at the Playa, took us there for a picnic. The best of times!
  225. wahoochaser2003

    Siboney Captain Juan Carlos Contact info

    Works for the Van Wormers, you can hook him up through either hotel, Palmas or Playa. Nice man. I have been fishing with him for 14 years. Excellent Captain and fisherman but ALL BUSINESS. Good Luck!
  226. wahoochaser2003

    Pimp my Panga

    It's just another hurdle that you will overcome. Your tenacity and skills won't let you down now. Good luck!
  227. wahoochaser2003

    Gonzaga Bay ROOSTER Sighting !

    If there is one there is more, go gettim Burt!!
  228. wahoochaser2003

    Pimp my Panga

  229. wahoochaser2003

    Gonzaga Bay.....BUMMER !

    I would trade a day with no motor in Gonzaga for a day workin my ass off in Colorado any damn day! I'm coming through there this summer Burt, but not for a couple months. Let me know if you need parts then. Good luck to you.
  230. wahoochaser2003

    Anchor,Irons,Gaff, Bait nets

    I'll take the gaff for $20.00 and pay for the shipping to Denver. Pm me.
  231. wahoochaser2003

    S P O T

  232. wahoochaser2003

    East Cape shore fishing

    Am I the only poor bastard here who can't afford $110.00 lures? WTF, over! How's about some lures that the rest of the world can buy.
  233. wahoochaser2003

    Pimp my Panga

    Amazing, Thank you!
  234. wahoochaser2003

    Surf fishing with Hotel Buena Vista

    Fantastic video. It looks like your right over in front of the lighthouse. Can't wait to try it next month. Thanks!
  235. wahoochaser2003

    East Cape Newbie- What to do?

    If I were you, I would go with Felipe Valdez at Buenavista. After watching his video on catching a 20# plus yellowtail from the shore, there is no one I would rather learn the East Cape region from and it sounds like he really wants your business. Don't see how you can go wrong here. You just...
  236. wahoochaser2003

    East Cape Newbie- What to do?

    Be patient and do your homework online, there are lots of different hotels and pangas on the East cape. It sounds like you guys might be real happy at Van Wormers "Playa Del Sol", or next door at "Verdugos". They both have pangas for under $300.00 a day plus bait and tip but the are only 23' to...
  237. wahoochaser2003

    Shore fishing East Cape

    Made my day! Thank you!
  238. wahoochaser2003


    I have a 22' panga that I am rebuilding here in Denver. I have no experience in this. There are very few options here, regarding qualified people, I have no help, not a lot of money, and I basically have had to trust someone. He assured me he could make the repairs to the outside of the hull and...
  239. wahoochaser2003

    We caught lots of fish in Cabo!!!! (many pics)

    I have to admit, on our very first trip to Baja, in the late ninties, we fished out of San Jose Del Cabo, and the exact same thing happened to our roosters. We were newbies and didn't know any better. Made me sick when I found out later what the normal process is. Great post, I love Jack...
  240. wahoochaser2003

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    This woman is a keeper! Ya have to love that fire she has. YOU GO GIRL!!
  241. wahoochaser2003

    set of accuratized penn reels

    Walkerman, Thank you, done deal!
  242. wahoochaser2003

    set of accuratized penn reels

    Pm sent, I am a buyer, straight away, for $500.00
  243. wahoochaser2003

    La Ribera, Stolen Pangas Again

    6 or 7 pangas, stolen off the beach a few nights ago in La Ribera. Pulled the motors and scuttled the boats or set them adrift. 2 shrimpers in the Bay of Palms the same night. One left in a big hurry. Must just be a coincidence, huh?
  244. wahoochaser2003

    accuframe penns

    Pm sent on gold jigmaster
  245. wahoochaser2003

    Wind at Los Barriles in March

    I have fished on the East Cape in late March for the last eight years. We usually fish the same boat, a super panga, every year. You will be able to get all the fishing you want. There are usually plenty of Yellowtail that time of year. You will most likely have the Playa Del Sol to yourselves...
  246. wahoochaser2003

    Fuel Mizer Baja Skiff

    Very nice project, keep up the great work!
  247. wahoochaser2003

    Gun battle in Cabo

    I hate to burst your bubble, Pescador Paul, but alcohol (occaisional beer/saki) is one of the oldest drugs known to mankind.
  248. wahoochaser2003

    It happens again.. stolen boats East Cape

    No, I'm not dense, I got you all figured out moneybags. They see you coming a mile away down in Mexico. Hell. I bet even the folks up here see YOU coming. It's kind of funny how a jerk like you can know so much about a place he hasn't been in 16 years, isn't it? I think that $100.00 in and...
  249. wahoochaser2003

    It happens again.. stolen boats East Cape

    What does size matter pal? It doesn't.You got your big flashy pimped out rig an I got my humble panga. So what? They got a name for you rich bastards down there. The locals call you folks "cream" Attitude matters, that's all. The East Cape will survive, with or without guys like you or guys...
  250. wahoochaser2003

    It happens again.. stolen boats East Cape

    I will do my very best to spend enough of my own money, as often as I can, everywhere I can, all over the East Cape, to make up for any money that Biggest T is not bringing down there. I am a believer in Los Barriles, 100% I love the people there more than the world class fishing. I will never...
  251. wahoochaser2003

    Palmas de Cortez: Need help to select boat

    Maria II is a Playa boat but Martin and Alleondro are one of the best crews at either hotel. They will go early, stay late and bust their asses for you. They are upbeat, speak english and If you are lucky enough to fish with them, you will be glad you did. I have fished with them a couple dozen...
  252. wahoochaser2003

    Thanks - Chris

    Absolutely that is the way The Smoke House does business. It has always been that way. Tons of other great folks in L.B. also, locals and americanos.
  253. wahoochaser2003

    East Cape 7-11--7-16 DODO's

    I just love the photo of your grandson with the Jack Cravelle. We all know what it took for him to boat that beauty. Thanks for the report and the pic's
  254. wahoochaser2003

    East Cape 7-11--7-16 DODO's

    What boat were you on? Great report, pic's please!
  255. wahoochaser2003

    The boat "Erik" capsizes, one dead, others missing

    I, living in Colorado, need all the info I can get on this tragic accident. Please keep it up. To the guy who is whinning, pm me if you need some prozac, I have plenty.
  256. wahoochaser2003

    16ft Aluminum Outriggers

    I'm not a buyer but I wish I was so I could involve myself in this fiasco. Life is just great here on Bloodydecks!!
  257. wahoochaser2003

    Roosters at the Ranch(with pics)

    Great report! I fish with both my boys.How big was the panga and how much did it cost per day? Thanks!
  258. wahoochaser2003

    East Cape Report - Palmas de Cortez

    I agree totally with marvista man! It beats the dog shit out of trout fishing Colorado.
  259. wahoochaser2003

    Boston Whaler for a Pre '67 VW Bus or Truck

    Papa Fernandez Village down at Gonzaga Bay has a pre, I think, 65 bus ans a single cab pick up but they are both rough. I have pic's if you would like them, pm me. Sweet boat!
  260. wahoochaser2003

    Gonzaga Bay....GOT BEER ??????

    And how does he know to stop at your place Burt? lmao
  261. wahoochaser2003

    Penn 50SII, TLD30II, 4/0 YT spl Frame

    Pm sent on tiburon frame, spool and gears
  262. wahoochaser2003

    FS: 22' Panga

    Pm and email sent
  263. wahoochaser2003

    Accurate 4/0 MAG and YTS

    This looks to be a true 4/0 magnum. If it is, I will give you $250.00 straight away for it. I will need you to ship it to Denver. Tell me a little more about it, does it have 6/0 guts? Thanks, Steve Spencer
  264. wahoochaser2003

    Fishdope Hat

    thirty nine
  265. wahoochaser2003

    Los Barriles, 3/23 thru 3/28

    Thank you Spike, maybe with this photo I can redeem myself! Ha HaHa
  266. wahoochaser2003

    Los Barriles, 3/23 thru 3/28

    If you mean Baja Papas, the restuarant is open but I had to call the smokehouse to come to the dock. Not enough boats in the water. YES SPIKE, the wahoo photo does make me look short. Big fish have a tendancy to do that. I'm 5'9'
  267. wahoochaser2003

    Are boats still disapearing from their moorings at Los Barriles?

    The boat that I fished on, The Rude Baby II, Captain Chuey, has a chip and or chips in it. They still pulled it every night and parked it right in front of the Palmas sign where they weigh the fish. They aren't taking any chances.They are super pissed. The thieves better hope the policia get...
  268. wahoochaser2003

    Los Barriles, 3/23 thru 3/28

    Just got back from the East Cape,fishing six days in a row. had 4 days of rough water then 2 where it laid down. Here is my take. Day 1 We went north, out by the 88 spot pitched to eight marlin, none hungry, trolled all day, one short dorado strike. Zip, nadda, zero. My first time skunked...
  269. wahoochaser2003

    Penn 4/0 W/ accurate YTS

    Great deal, if I was in the area
  270. wahoochaser2003

    Dinner for 8

    Since I'm coming down in three days and my friend and myself are only staying for a week, I was wondering how many beers at Tio Pablos it would cost me for a look at that "secret spot"?
  271. wahoochaser2003

    Pangas around Alfonsinas (Gonazaga).

    You be sure an keep a watch out for them whirly birds! HAHAHA lmao
  272. wahoochaser2003

    Going to Rancho Leanaro

    Captn' Howdy and mswifty are spot on!!!
  273. wahoochaser2003

    Pangas around Alfonsinas (Gonazaga).

    Bert, I was going to pm this gentleman this morning to get in touch with you. What's up?
  274. wahoochaser2003

    What's the Word?

    Smoke12 posted last week about the yellowtail by La Ribera. I read that recent Los Meurtos report, guess we'll have to go up there if that's where the bite is. Thanks!
  275. wahoochaser2003

    What's the Word?

    Heading down to the East Cape next week. Looking for some info on the yellowtail bite off of La Ribera. Thanks!
  276. wahoochaser2003

    Fishing Advice/Report for 3/5

    Gordo Banks Pangas out of San Jose is a great operation, you can't go wrong with them. The only yellowtail that I've heard of recently came from the East Cape. Good Luck!
  277. wahoochaser2003

    Going to Rancho Leanaro

    Almost everybody here on Bloodydecks are great people. Some of us spell better than others but who gives a shit. Every once in a while you just have to remember that it doesn't take all kinds, we just got all kinds of people in this world. I have been to the East Cape many dozens of times. I've...
  278. wahoochaser2003

    Need Tips on Gonzaga Bay

    I drove down to Gonzaga in early December and the road was rough but very passible. This was shortly after the "Baja 1000" and it was torn up pretty good.We were driving an old 94 Toyota van. As long as your not in a hurry you should be ok. Good luck!
  279. wahoochaser2003

    Penn Reel's

    That may not work, shine em up!
  280. wahoochaser2003

    Adios Rancho Buena Vista

    Check out and make up your own mind about the current condition of Baja and all of Mexico.
  281. wahoochaser2003

    Anyone heard from CALCOfshr?

    I have done 10 deals with Chuck in the last 3- 4 years. He has always been straight up and honest. He is a good guy. I doubt very, very, much that Chuck would ever burn you. I really don't think it's in his DNA. I would say be patient, us fisherman are honest people.
  282. wahoochaser2003

    Please Help

    Things WILL get better for you. You have done much for our friends in L.B. Hang in there bro. Better times are just ahead!
  283. wahoochaser2003

    Reel Parts

    pm sent on gold 4/0 with newell spool
  284. wahoochaser2003

    happy ho ho's ! from baja ! gonzaga bay

    Very, very creative, Burt. Are you getting bored yet?
  285. wahoochaser2003

    Gonzaga Bay-San Diego ? weather report

    Hey Burt, Yer dog is a very lucky dog!!
  286. wahoochaser2003

    scared to death in Baja

    Not sure if this has ever happened to anyone else but it scared the living shit out of my wife and myself. We crossed at Mexicali last Monday morning for a quick trip down to Gonzaga, decided to camp by the old stone ruins where the highway ends south of Peurtocitos. Great place, beautiful...
  287. wahoochaser2003

    Scat Cat Pt. Aransas Tx 10/28-30-10

    Great stuff. What kind of spinning reels are those? What is the bite like as of 11/20? I can't get the website for the charter, it just comes up white? I would come down from Colorado next week for a bite like this! Thanks
  288. wahoochaser2003

    Need some info

    We drove it north from Highway 1 at Laguna Chapala last November, no problem, 2006 Toyota Tundra 4x4 crew cab. The road was even better north of Gonzaga.
  289. wahoochaser2003

    Need some info

    We won't be leaving Denver until the 20th so we hope to miss most of the race folks. The plan is to get to Gonzaga and stay there a couple days then head south to the Bay of Conception for another day and then on to the East Cape. We are not in a hurry. Thanks for the input.
  290. wahoochaser2003

    Need some info

    I am driving a friends truck from Denver to the East Cape and he is flying in and we are driving back. Aside from the obivous, is there anything special,notary release,or anything that I need to help me get through the border and past all the checkpoints? I want to make this as smoothe as...
  291. wahoochaser2003

    tib,accurate,newell,squidder,penn 113h ,newell 99, 332

    Will you sell the red 500 frame without the spools and if so, how much? Thanks!
  292. wahoochaser2003

    East Cape Smokehouse.....

    It seems to change from trip to trip although we always use the same crew and boat and they are on the water every day and are tuned in to what is exceptable. They certainly don't want any problems with the authorities so it's sometimes yes, sometimes no. It can't hurt to ask. Anyway you look at...
  293. wahoochaser2003

    East Cape Smokehouse.....

    I have never had an issue with the smoke house folks and I have been using them for over 12 years. All you have to do is go talk to Beto, he makes things happen around there. He will make sure your catch is taken care of, from the boat to the airport. If you meet him once, you have a friend for...
  294. wahoochaser2003


    pm sent again, he must have gone fishin!
  295. wahoochaser2003

    gotta pound some nails !

    Great photo, you got a true friend there!
  296. wahoochaser2003

    Bringing HOme Fish From East Cape?

    East Cape Smokehouse is the best. Great people, see Beto. " THE BUCKS FLY IN PARIDISE " Take half as many clothes and twice as much money as you think you will need. It has never failed me before. Bring a $100.00 in ones for tip money.
  297. wahoochaser2003

    Another Mass Boat Theft in Los Barilles

    Very disheartening. I have been looking for a boat for the East Cape. Probably won't go that route now. They must be hooked up with the mainland as I can't see any locals stealing a boat from Cha Cha. Makes me sick.
  298. wahoochaser2003

    Palmas de Cortez - the good, the bad and the ugly

    I would never let anyone touch my fish except Beto, who runs the smokehouse for Chris Moyers. These folks are the best ever of honest people and produce the very best smoked tuna on the face of the earth. The yellowtail is even better. I have been a faithful customer for 11 years and have never...
  299. wahoochaser2003

    Palmas de Cortez - the good, the bad and the ugly

    I have a friend who ferries folks to and from the airport in San Jose, to the Palmas and he rarely gets less than a $100.00.
  300. wahoochaser2003

    accurate/tiburon frame for Penn 501

    Thanks for the info.I prefer a used frame. I'm trying to put a reel together on the cheap.
  301. wahoochaser2003

    accurate/tiburon frame for Penn 501

    I am looking for a two Accurate or Tiburon frames for a penn 501 jigmaster. New or used. Any color. Pm me. Thanks
  302. wahoochaser2003

    driving to Baja Sur

    Alot depends on the vehicle. I would never miss Gonzaga if I had a good 4 x 4
  303. wahoochaser2003

    Tuna Lures v Bait & Tackle

    Cedar plugs and small hootchies are my favorites when I troll the East Cape. Best color hootchies for me are purple, pink, and blue. I like both the plain cedar plug and I hand paint others like a Dorado. They seam to work best for me. It's a real kick when yellowfin choose one you painted over...
  304. wahoochaser2003

    Cat WSB limits w/my daughter

    I'm speechless, you are a great father!
  305. wahoochaser2003

    cleaning out misc. reels

    I'm a lookin Chuck!
  306. wahoochaser2003

    penn 500 stuff

    Ebay is a great place to find what your looking for.
  307. wahoochaser2003

    Pro Gear power handle

    You the man, Chuck!!
  308. wahoochaser2003


    pm sent on accurate 4/0 conversions.
  309. wahoochaser2003

    Tiburon,Accurate YTS

    Done deal. Thanks again!
  310. wahoochaser2003

    Tiburon,Accurate YTS

    Absolutly a 140 squidder, I am a buyer for $130.00 shipped, I don't need the line.
  311. wahoochaser2003

    Tiburon,Accurate YTS

    Looks like a 140 squidder to me.
  312. wahoochaser2003

    internet in Los Barilles

    Palmas has wireless internet for sure
  313. wahoochaser2003

    east cape rooster 5-7-10

    That is a very good question, shame on him!
  314. wahoochaser2003

    Here's the pics

    I vote for Mickey Rooney. lmao
  315. wahoochaser2003

    best cruisers at palmas de cortez

    Juan Carlos , great skipper, super panga, Siboney. Martin and Allehondro Maria !!,Martin, Miss petunia Tony and David, the Rosa. All Playa Del Sol boats. All will work their butts off for you. All lifelong East Cape fishermen.
  316. wahoochaser2003

    Accurate conversion 4/0,Avet,Daiwa

    pm sent again on accurate penn 4/0
  317. wahoochaser2003

    Accurate conversion 4/0,Avet,Daiwa

    Pm sent on penn/accurate conversion.
  318. wahoochaser2003

    Las Arenas hotel?

    It's been called "the smugglers hotel" for years and years. As of a few months ago, it had a 6' chain link fence around it and 2 dudes in a motorhome that appeared to be living in it there and guarding the gate. Me, I just look, it no my business what other folk do, especially in Baja.Sweet...
  319. wahoochaser2003

    penn accurate squidder

    Pm sent on squodder
  320. wahoochaser2003

    East Cape-Lures

    El Capo knows what he is talking about for sure. Listen to him.
  321. wahoochaser2003

    PENN 4/0 113HLW w/ anodized spool==$65

    I might not spell so good but while you were whackin on me with your lies, I was able to buy a REEL 5 minutes ago here and put in another offer on another. Your the only one who lost out here pal. Please don't bother me anymore as I'm tired of you and won't be responding to any more of yer...
  322. wahoochaser2003

    Tiburon Frames, sideplates, spools.

    pm sent on squidder sideplates
  323. wahoochaser2003

    Penn "99" Albacore Specials

    pm sent on Accurate "99"
  324. wahoochaser2003

    PENN 4/0 113HLW w/ anodized spool==$65

    I'm afraid you are mistaken my friend. Maybe a couple too many cervazas, eh? If you had done what you said, the friggin real would already be in Denver. Life is way too short for B.S. like this. There are way alot of real nice folks to deal with here on Bloodydecks. I hope you catch a ton of...
  325. wahoochaser2003

    PENN 4/0 113HLW w/ anodized spool==$65

    I did thanks. To be totally honest with you, I offered this gentleman $75.00 for the reel shipped to Denver, he said $80.00 and I said how about $85.00. That's about as nice as I can be. This reel has been all over here on Bloodydecks and craigslist for the last several weeks.. Sumthin Stinks...
  326. wahoochaser2003

    PENN 4/0 113HLW w/ anodized spool==$65

    i tried to buy this reel from you 2 weeks ago for $85.00. What's up wit dat?
  327. wahoochaser2003

    4.1 gears for Penn 113h

    charkbait used to have newells
  328. wahoochaser2003

    Los Barriles next week

    I'm stoked that you liked, Martin and Allehondro and the Maria II. They are one of the best crews at the Playa. They are always my first choice but are not often available because they are so popular. I've fished with them 12 - 15 times and have never been skunked. We took second place in a...
  329. wahoochaser2003


    I'm goin down to Baja in 3 weeks or I probably would bite on these beautiful reels. Chuck, the Calicofisher would love these two!
  330. wahoochaser2003

    Los Barriles next week

  331. wahoochaser2003

    Accurate Plates Or Information

  332. wahoochaser2003


  333. wahoochaser2003

    Penn 501 with Accurate sides/Tiburon frame/Pro gear handle

    jus a little 2 high 4 me at $140.00. come down 2 $120.00 an i'll b a buyer
  334. wahoochaser2003

    Tiburon & Accuframes

    thank you, thank you very much
  335. wahoochaser2003

    Tiburon & Accuframes

    U know i love u chuck and yes, u r very right and honest sir. i love those reels and will always feel indebted to you for selling them 2 me. chuck forgot more about ocean fishing and ocean gear than i will ever know! but i am learning more every trip i take and i'm goin 2 the East Cape next...
  336. wahoochaser2003

    Two Accurate fishing reels like new 60 & 40 matching pair

    and a narrow jigmasterat that, at least a "99" or maybe even a 501. real pretty stuff
  337. wahoochaser2003

    Two Accurate fishing reels like new 60 & 40 matching pair

  338. wahoochaser2003

    Tiburon & Accuframes

    i hate 2 tell u but, trust me ,i know,chuck is slow as an old hound dog
  339. wahoochaser2003

    Drug/Gun Divining Rod?

    Went all the way down Baja an back in November, inspected 8 to 10 times and we were never wanded? must be something new. I just heard yesterday that the way they caught that drug lord 2 days ago down by La Paz was by voice recognition by listening to phone calls and zeroing in to certain voices...
  340. wahoochaser2003


    See Ya!!!
  341. wahoochaser2003

    Day Trip To East Cape

    The road from Los Planes hooks back up with Highway 1 at San Antonio
  342. wahoochaser2003

    Day Trip To East Cape

    The way to get to Los Barriles quicker now is to go through Los Planes. It is the same road that goes to Meurtos Bay and Puenta Arena . It is paved all the way now. The turn off to L.B. is right before you get to Los Planes on the edge of town. It takes a bunch of time and stress off the drive...
  343. wahoochaser2003

    Old School

    pm sent merry christmas!!
  344. wahoochaser2003

    Penn or Accurate "99" spool

    I am looking to buy a used spool for a Penn "99" sized jigmaster. This is the smaller size than the 500, usually reffered to as the albacore special. Must be able to ship to Denver. Thanks!!
  345. wahoochaser2003

    East Cape reports/conditions?

    Roughest boat ride I ever had was coming back from Los Frailes
  346. wahoochaser2003

    Trailered Baja to Los Barriles and back through Gonzaga

    Just got back from a fantastic experience taking a trailer to Los Barriles to help a friend in need. What a great trip we had, no trouble whatsoever. No flats,wrecks or trouble with any bad guys. It went very smooth. On the way back up we stopped in Gonzaga to leave my best friends ashes in his...
  347. wahoochaser2003

    Trailering Baja, need advice

    Your advice was just what I was looking for. Thanks a million!
  348. wahoochaser2003

    Trailering Baja, need advice

    Eldiablo is obviously a douchebag. but thanks to all the rest of you guys! SLS
  349. wahoochaser2003

    Trailering Baja, need advice

    Hey guys, We are pulling a 21 trailer down to Los Barriles sometime in the next couple weeks. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. This will be my third baja road trip and we are traveling with my good friend Juan from Los Barriles so there shouldn't be any problems but...
  350. wahoochaser2003

    sale or trade..Penn 4/0 Accurate Conversion YT Special Narrow

    Hey what color is this conversion and will you ship to Denver? Thanks, Steve Spencer
  351. wahoochaser2003

    Accuplates squidders(collectors items) and Super Seekers

    Still interested in that squidder magnum, lets make a deal.
  352. wahoochaser2003

    Blue Marlin Blues

    The tuna were all caught on live bait.We would find the porpise and it seemed like the dorado were always the first to start the bite. I even caught a dodo while trolling for wahoo with a dorado colored marauder. Once the dods hit and the bigger fish were found we would pitch 10 inch mackeral...
  353. wahoochaser2003

    Blue Marlin Blues

    Just got back from the East Cape and got skunked at my attempt to catch my first blue. Couldn't raise a billfish to save my soul. Tuna and Dorado were plentiful and we had a fantastic time. We both caught our biggest ever Yellowfin. I caught two that both weighed 75 lbs. one of them on a...
  354. wahoochaser2003

    First trip to Los Barilles-Any pointers?

    Not only is the smokehouse open and running but Chris has opened a sweet open air bar this year that is attracting alot of folks in the evening hours for a burger and a beer. One of, if not the best restaurant in Los Barriles is 1/2 block north of the smokehouse on the opposite side of the...
  355. wahoochaser2003

    East Cape Blue Marlin fishing

    Hey fellas, we are heading down to the East Cape on Thursday, any help on lure choice and SIZE for blue marlin fishing would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  356. wahoochaser2003


    Me too an am I ever stoked. What cha think fellas, big lure or small lure for blue marlin?
  357. wahoochaser2003

    Little Baja advice needed

    go to for many homes for rent on the East Cape
  358. wahoochaser2003

    East Cape - what's the latest?

    I will also be on the East Cape when you are there. There is a tournament in La Ribera on the 14th. You might want to think about checking it out. I think it's a $100.00 entry with first place paying $2000.00 I can tell you from experience, when you get those guys down there in a tournament...
  359. wahoochaser2003

    Need help! Flying to Cabo...Reels ?

    They did this to me right after 911 but they have since decided to let us carry them on with line. That was 2-3 years ago, haven't had a problem since. Denver to Cabo only though!
  360. wahoochaser2003

    First trip to Los Barilles-Any pointers?

    Do yourself a favor and let The East Cape Smokehouse clean and vacumn seal your catch. The tuna are finally showing up in numbers and they smoke the best tuna you've ever seen. They will pick up your catch at the dock and have it ready for you on the day of your departure. I've used them for...
  361. wahoochaser2003

    Van Womrer Boats

    I'm listing the boats but I rate them by the crews.Maria 2, top notch, Miss Petunia, the same, Rosa, first rate.Rude Boy and Rude Girl,great crews.For a panga, the Siboney and or the Rude Baby. I have fished down there 20 times in the last 12 years and these are my favorites. We won $2000.00 for...
  362. wahoochaser2003

    Accuplates Reel Converted Penn

  363. wahoochaser2003

    Accuplates Reel Converted Penn

  364. wahoochaser2003


  365. wahoochaser2003


    Can't seem to get you by pm or email so call me at 303-881-2750 if you want to sell all ten of those reels.
  366. wahoochaser2003

    Need Opinions Please! Van Wormer Resorts or The Ranch?

  367. wahoochaser2003

    Power Handle Grip

  368. wahoochaser2003

    Power Handle Grip

  369. wahoochaser2003

    REELS FROM $85-$300

    I will buy the 3/0 accurate conversion if it is still available. E-mail me at [email protected] or call me at 303-881-2750. Thanks, Steve
  370. wahoochaser2003

    Gonzaga Bay / Mulege

    what is the road like from Purticitos to Gonzaga ? I've heard it is paved. Thanks!
  371. wahoochaser2003

    *****TRAVEL ALERT******

    We are planning a trip to Gonzaga Bay late this summer. Can anyone give me any info on the state of the road from Purticitos south? I have heard that it is finally paved? Although we have been up and down the length of Baja several times,we are not planning any night driving and will take extra...
  372. wahoochaser2003

    Rods and Reels

    I will give you $100.00 for the black accurate jigmaster if you ship it to Denver. Is it a 99? Thanks, SLS
  373. wahoochaser2003

    Jvariance 4/0 solid frame build question.

    Can you tell me what kind of a kit this is and where I can see it online? Thanks
  374. wahoochaser2003

    Penn 113H - Gear Upgrage

    Newell makes a set of 4 to 1 gears for the penn 113. Accurate used to make them but no more. If you can find the accurate gears, they are much better. I think charkbait in huntington beach still has some. I bought a set there in Jan.