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  1. wahoochaser2003

    WANTED Penn 9/0 aftermarket handle

    I just finished converting my Penn 9/0 with Accurate frame and sideplates but I am looking for something a bit larger than the Accurate handle. I know Tiburon makes a nice one but does anyone know of any other manufacturers of larger handles for this reel? Thanks in advance!
  2. wahoochaser2003

    Lovin' it in Los Barriles!

    The wind finally laid down and the sun came out so we took the panga out last Saturday. Got bait right in front of the hotel and ran out 3 to 5 miles towards La Ribera and started bottom fishing. Nothing doing on four different stops but on the next one we nailed a nice striped marlin about...
  3. wahoochaser2003

    La Ribera, tails and stripers?

    Word is that they are catching marlin and yellowtail right out off of La Ribera. Would appreciate any report. Thanks!
  4. wahoochaser2003

    Muertos Bay or Ceralvo Island Yellowtail?

    Just looking for a recent report on the yellowtail fishing up north by La Paz. We arrive next Monday and are more than willing to motor up there from The East Cape. Also wondering about the live bait up there?? Thanks!
  5. wahoochaser2003

    Penn/Accurate question.

    I have an American made Penn 6/0 114hlw with a full Accurate conversion. I broke the click tongue for the clicker. I ordered a replacement from Penn but when it arrived it was much thicker and larger than the one that came with the conversion. It won't work. I know Accurate stopped making these...
  6. wahoochaser2003

    La Paz, not so good

    First off, if you want to jump on me for posting this, be my guest. I'm a big boy, I can handle it. I fucking love Mexico. I have Baja tattooed on my body. La Paz has been my favorite city in Mexico for 20 years. I am heartbroken. Two cartels are fighting for control in La Paz and there have...
  7. wahoochaser2003

    Shootout in Los Barriles

    Automatic weapons fire kills 3 in Los Barriles. Bad news for a small town. It appears to be a turf war over drug sales. I never thought it would get to this down here. Sad story.
  8. wahoochaser2003

    East Cape Monster

    Just heard about a 720 lb. monster marlin caught in the last few days off of La Ribera. Amazing!
  9. wahoochaser2003

    East Cape Blue

    Friend of mine caught a Blue Marlin yesterday, weighed in at 335 lbs. Also, Oscar on El Borracho caught a blue earlier in the week estimated to go 400 lbs. Things seem to be heating up!
  10. wahoochaser2003

    Tuna at The East Cape

    Just got word this morning that the tuna showed yesterday. Saw a photo of a 65 pounder. The Palmas was scheduled to send out eight boats this morning but because of the tuna, they sent out eighteen! Great for the economy. Better go get you sum of that!
  11. wahoochaser2003

    Looking For An East Cape Fishing Report

    Anyone out there been fishing The East Cape lately? We are arriving on the 8th of April and we were wondering if the yellowtail have shown up yet in Palmas Bay. We don't really want to run up to Ceralvo but we will if that's the only place they are showing. Thanks for any info!
  12. wahoochaser2003

    East Cape Dorado Kickin' Out!

    My Amigo, who is a panga captain at The Palmas, fished yesterday for ten dorado and is out again today. No pic's and not sure if they were peanuts or what but I will try and post more info as I get it. No word on the yellowtail yet.
  13. wahoochaser2003

    East Cape Dorado

    The SOC is still kickin' out the fish, you just have to dodge the wind. My amigo went out yesterday and caught 12 dorado and one striped marlin, out from La Ribera. Ballyhoo was the bait of choice.
  14. wahoochaser2003

    East Cape Still Kicking Out!!

    My friend and partner took our panga, "Miss Camila" fishing on Wednesday. He got on the water late due to a battery issue, trolled for four hours between The Palmas and Buena Vista for eleven dorado, all between 15 and 30 pounds. He is going again next week, weather permitting. I will try and...
  15. wahoochaser2003


    I am looking to buy this rig and wondered if anyone here has owned this make or one like it. It was made in Florida. It has a 1986 OMC 115 horse motor. The boat is clean and she fires right up. 20 ft. by 7.6 ft. Comes with a new tandem axle trailer for $3500.00. I would appreciate any info...
  16. wahoochaser2003

    East Cape Fish Report

    I spent some time on the dock at the Palmas yesterday and here is what was happening. The dorado seem to be getting larger, many fish in the 20 to 30 lb. class, as apposed to the dinks of late. One 42 pound dorado and more wahoo than what has been showing as of lately. The dorado are everywhere...
  17. wahoochaser2003

    Highway 5Rancho Chapala to Gonzaga Bay Road Conditions ????

    Has anyone traveled Highway 5 from Rancho Chapala to Gonzaga since the last storms? We are heading north soon and are looking for a heads up. Much thanks. The East Cape has been wonderful! Fishing has been outstanding!
  18. wahoochaser2003

    East Cape Fishing

    Went fishing yesterday, the tuna are right off of La Ribera. Caught 7 tuna, all footballs and 2 dorado, around 15 lbs. Another great day on the water in Baja!
  19. wahoochaser2003

    East Cape Fishing!

    The fishing continues to be outstanding down here. Went out on my panga yesterday for half a day, caught 3 dorado over by the lighthouse. Biggest was around 30 Several boats near us also had success with marlin, sails and dorado. Last weekend the local tournament was won with a 242 pound...
  20. wahoochaser2003

    Dorado Shootout

    128 boats, the second largest, 100k jackpot money, the most ever. I will post as I see it as it comes down. Right now I am having problems uploading photos. Update 4:00 pm 53 lb. Dorado disqualified, had 4 bonito and a squid in his belly. 46 lb. biggest as of now. I still can't upload photos...
  21. wahoochaser2003

    Gozaga to Highway one

    The road from Gonzaga to Coco's is in fantastic shape, best I have ever seen it. The road from Coco's to highway one, approximately eleven miles is for shit. I found it amazing how it just turned bad right after Cocos. Don't get me wrong, it is very, very passable, just real slow going. We were...
  22. wahoochaser2003

    Highway 5 to Chapala pulling a boat ?

    We are planning on crossing Mexicali early next Saturday morning, spending our first night in Gonzaga. Will we be ok from Gonzaga to Chapala towing our boat. I have done this with a boat in the past but not sure about the current road conditions. We have 4x4, we do air down and we are in no...
  23. wahoochaser2003

    61 lb. East Cape Dorado??

    I got word yesterday of a big bull dorado caught out of Los Barriles, a couple days ago. I was hoping someone would have some info or photos! Thanks!
  24. wahoochaser2003

    1986 20.5 Tean Baja Terminator rebuild

    I bought this boat 2 years ago and she ended up in the street first time out. The insurance company totaled her, paid me off and I have been rebuilding her for the last 20 months. Everything that was worn, used or suspect was torn out and thrown away. Everything! I fish The East Cape and I...
  25. wahoochaser2003

    Mexico Insurance??

    Is there one Mexican Auto/Boat insurance company that sticks out from the others or are they all basically about the same? You So. Cal boys always seem to have the scoop on this shit. Will be towing my panga to southern Baja next month. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  26. wahoochaser2003

    T.I.P. Question??

    Ok, so I have my Temporary Import Permit and we are trailering my panga down to Southern Baja next month and my plan is to use her while I am there for months at a time and then store her in Los Barriles when I am back in the states visiting periodically. Is this a problem? Is it legal to leave...
  27. wahoochaser2003

    East Cape Tails??

    I just got an email from my friend at the hotel in L.B. and he says the weather has been great all week and lots of boats fishing for yellowtail and pargo. So where's all the killer posts from you East Cape guys? I will be there in April for 2 months but I need a yellowtail fix today.
  28. wahoochaser2003

    Bait tank question

    My rear console bait tank is not over 40 gal. I have a new 750 gph pump. Will I also need an aerator? The boat will be used exclusively on The East Cape. I recently read that they were having trouble keeping bait alive there, in the heat of the summer, and I want to avoid this problem. Thanks!
  29. wahoochaser2003

    Which gps/fishfinder for me?

    I am just finishing the rebuild of my 20.5', 1986 Team Baja Terminator panga and I am not sure which gps/fishfinder will best suit my needs. Money does matter but will not kill the deal for me. This boat will be used exclusively on The East Cape. The fishfinder is not as important as the gps/...
  30. wahoochaser2003

    Precision Outriggers

    Looking to buy a set of Precision ouriggers. I need the kind that mount flat on the gunnel. !2' to !4' with all hardware. Charkbait has them for around $650 but I wanted to try here first. I would also be willing to look at any other set ups you guys might have for sale as long as they aren't...
  31. wahoochaser2003

    Outriggers from Australia

    I found some great outriggers for my panga, sweet $$, from Escapintackle in Australia. Under $400.00,thirteen feet, two piece fiberglass. Perfect for my needs. Only problem is they won't sell them to us yanks. Everything else on the website is available to purchase and have shipped to the USA...
  32. wahoochaser2003


    I have a 22' panga that I am rebuilding here in Denver. I have no experience in this. There are very few options here, regarding qualified people, I have no help, not a lot of money, and I basically have had to trust someone. He assured me he could make the repairs to the outside of the hull and...
  33. wahoochaser2003

    La Ribera, Stolen Pangas Again

    6 or 7 pangas, stolen off the beach a few nights ago in La Ribera. Pulled the motors and scuttled the boats or set them adrift. 2 shrimpers in the Bay of Palms the same night. One left in a big hurry. Must just be a coincidence, huh?
  34. wahoochaser2003

    Los Barriles, 3/23 thru 3/28

    Just got back from the East Cape,fishing six days in a row. had 4 days of rough water then 2 where it laid down. Here is my take. Day 1 We went north, out by the 88 spot pitched to eight marlin, none hungry, trolled all day, one short dorado strike. Zip, nadda, zero. My first time skunked...
  35. wahoochaser2003

    What's the Word?

    Heading down to the East Cape next week. Looking for some info on the yellowtail bite off of La Ribera. Thanks!
  36. wahoochaser2003

    scared to death in Baja

    Not sure if this has ever happened to anyone else but it scared the living shit out of my wife and myself. We crossed at Mexicali last Monday morning for a quick trip down to Gonzaga, decided to camp by the old stone ruins where the highway ends south of Peurtocitos. Great place, beautiful...
  37. wahoochaser2003

    Need some info

    I am driving a friends truck from Denver to the East Cape and he is flying in and we are driving back. Aside from the obivous, is there anything special,notary release,or anything that I need to help me get through the border and past all the checkpoints? I want to make this as smoothe as...
  38. wahoochaser2003

    accurate/tiburon frame for Penn 501

    I am looking for a two Accurate or Tiburon frames for a penn 501 jigmaster. New or used. Any color. Pm me. Thanks
  39. wahoochaser2003


  40. wahoochaser2003

    Penn or Accurate "99" spool

    I am looking to buy a used spool for a Penn "99" sized jigmaster. This is the smaller size than the 500, usually reffered to as the albacore special. Must be able to ship to Denver. Thanks!!
  41. wahoochaser2003

    Trailered Baja to Los Barriles and back through Gonzaga

    Just got back from a fantastic experience taking a trailer to Los Barriles to help a friend in need. What a great trip we had, no trouble whatsoever. No flats,wrecks or trouble with any bad guys. It went very smooth. On the way back up we stopped in Gonzaga to leave my best friends ashes in his...
  42. wahoochaser2003

    Trailering Baja, need advice

    Hey guys, We are pulling a 21 trailer down to Los Barriles sometime in the next couple weeks. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. This will be my third baja road trip and we are traveling with my good friend Juan from Los Barriles so there shouldn't be any problems but...
  43. wahoochaser2003

    Blue Marlin Blues

    Just got back from the East Cape and got skunked at my attempt to catch my first blue. Couldn't raise a billfish to save my soul. Tuna and Dorado were plentiful and we had a fantastic time. We both caught our biggest ever Yellowfin. I caught two that both weighed 75 lbs. one of them on a...
  44. wahoochaser2003

    East Cape Blue Marlin fishing

    Hey fellas, we are heading down to the East Cape on Thursday, any help on lure choice and SIZE for blue marlin fishing would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!