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  1. Capt.C.Delany

    FREE Furuno GPS Navigator and Garmin Echo 550c

    Looking to help someone out that is budget strapped. I believe both units work. GPS has antenna and the Garmin has a transducer. A donation of Crown Royal Regal Apple is encouraged but not required. located in south OC and work in Huntington. PM me for contact info.
  2. Capt.C.Delany

    SOLD Stainless 4-Rod Holder

    Never used, bought on Amazon for like $40 then went in another direction. Was planning on putting this on my bait tank. $20 Located in south OC and work in Huntington. PM for contact info.
  3. Capt.C.Delany

    SOLD Rochester Quadrajet

    I literally know nothing about this carb. Never ran it or tested it. I got before I got my 1409. The previous owner said it was rebuilt, but in full transparency I have no idea. It looks clean and all linkages are loose and seem to work good. $50 Located in south OC and work in Huntington. PM...
  4. Capt.C.Delany

    For Sale Edelbrock 1409 carb

    Edelbrock 1409. Needs rebuild, drilled and tapped for PCV valve. Electric chock turns but is pretty stiff. I am sure it would probably be an easy fix for someone that knows what they are doing. I bought a new one instead of messing with it. $75 Located in south OC and work in Huntington. PM...
  5. Capt.C.Delany

    For Sale Scuba stuff

    Cleaning out the garage and have some old scuba stuff, hasn’t been touched in 10 years. Aqua lung calypso octo with Insight Computer. (It worked when it was stored but have no way to test it) 3xl Aqua lung aqua flex 5mil full suit Mares Travel BCD, size xl, Would like to get $200 for...
  6. Capt.C.Delany

    SOLD 9 Hoop Nets

    Don’t let the season sneak up on you. Cleaning out the garage and want to make some room. 7 Promar conical nets 2 collapsible volcano nets Not in the best of shape but they are still super fishable. I think each one has rope and a buoy but not 100% positive. $100 Located in south OC and work...
  7. Capt.C.Delany

    SOLD 300’ of 1/2” 3-strand

    I upgraded to 8 plait and now have 300’ of 1/2” 3-strand sitting in my garage taking up space. Not sure how old it is but still in decent shape. (Little stiff on the first 50’ from use but should loosen up, maybe soak it in a bin with fabric softener?) Has an eye spliced into on the end. A...
  8. Capt.C.Delany

    Lightning Detail

    Wanted to pass along to the BD Community that I used Paul / Lightning Detail to dial in the boat for the season. Man I couldn't be more impressed with him. In the past I have always done all my waxing however this year I can't, I am just way to busy with work. After getting a couple of good...
  9. Capt.C.Delany

    To funny not to share...

    Edit: I messed up the title, should have been "To funny not to share..." So I am sitting here on a Wednesday chuckling to myself about something that happened at the launch ramp on Saturday in Huntington, figured I would share. So we pull the boat out about 4 and make our way over to the wash...
  10. Capt.C.Delany

    Ocean Institute’s tall ship Pilgrim Sank
  11. Capt.C.Delany

    What size anchor rope? 24 Skipjack

    Hey All, Beating around the idea of getting new ground tackle this off season. Not sure what size 3-strand I have but I have 300' of it + 25' of chain. I am thinking of switching over to 8-plait for the storage factor of it. I do not have a windlass and cannot imagine I will be putting one...
  12. Capt.C.Delany

    FREE PSA: Free Radar Arch on CL in HB

    No affiliation.
  13. Capt.C.Delany

    Anyone fish the new Cavalla yet?

    I saw the thread talking about it hitting the market, just wondering if anyone has had a chance to go pull on something with it? How does it stack up to the Metaloid or Andros?
  14. Capt.C.Delany

    Today is a good day... "Great white sharks attacking sea lions at increased rate off Southern Califo

    This morning I saw this and it put me in a good mood. I don't know if I can copy and paste the whole article (copyright and whatnot) but there was one thing that stood out and made me scream "does it even matter? this is fantastic either way you look at it!" “I’m not really sure if this means...
  15. Capt.C.Delany

    Skipjack Batteries

    Hey guys, So I am finally converting over to dual 6 volt Trojans for my house bank as my house battery finally shit the bed. The batteries fit perfectly in between the stringers where the original battery was. My question is: I need to build a new "shelf" to accommodate these. The original...
  16. Capt.C.Delany

    Did Someone Call for Rockets Red Glare?

    So I was going to do a post with all the funny redneck 4th of July celebration pictures, you know the guy with the firework shooting out of his ass, the guy with the American flag shaved into his back hair and the list could go on and on but I started thinking, what allows us to have such...
  17. Capt.C.Delany

    Where to install autopilot compass on Skipjack 24

    As the title says, trying to find a place to mount the Simrad Precision 9 Compass in my Skipjack. I was going to mount it up under my dash but am rethinking that idea because of the "Tippy Skippy" effect, especially when my fatass is up there. Then I thought about putting it down in one of the...
  18. Capt.C.Delany

    Converting AQ280 to Hydraulic Steering

    Ok fella's need some help here. I am in the process of buying the stuff to switch over the old rack and pinion to hydraulic steering for my AQ280 outdrive in my Skipjack. The outdrive is non-power assisted and I have confirmed with Seastar that I need either the HC5328 or the balanced HC5330...
  19. Capt.C.Delany

    Whenever you think you have a bad day at the launch ramp...

    Think of this... So sad, looks like an awesome boat, hopefully no major damage was sustained. I will point out the really awesome thing is boaters and fisherman helping other boaters and fisherman in their times of need. This is another reason I keep a 2000 GPH pump with 20' leads with...
  20. Capt.C.Delany

    Today is a good day... Poacher is killed by elephant and eaten by lions

    Saw this in the register.
  21. Capt.C.Delany

    Gotta Love California and Prop 65

    So I just had my motor pulled because my oil pan rusted through, I thought, great, there is an upside, it will allow me to paint the bilge where the motor is at... So I go online and look at West Marines inventory for Interlux BilgeKote in white, I see the Long Beach store has 12 quart sizes in...
  22. Capt.C.Delany

    Today is a good day... Biologists: Killing hungry sea lions

    Looks like they finally got it right. However they don't need to pay these biologists big bucks, I know lots of people who would volunteer. Wonder if Sea Lion Ugg boots will become a thing...
  23. Capt.C.Delany

    So Sculpin are Open now?

    I went to DFG's website to check out the regulations just for shits. One interesting note looks like ... and I could be reading it wrong or there could be a supplement/addendum but sculpin are open year round now. (California Scorpion Fish).. I found this here...
  24. Capt.C.Delany

    Fishing on Drugs?

  25. Capt.C.Delany

    For Sale Found this Trolling Craigslist No affiliation, just saw it and thought I would pass it along.
  26. Capt.C.Delany

    You ever have a video brighten your day?

    I know this is old, however it is the first time I have seen it. I was just sitting here at work and saw it on the side of the screen and thought oh damn that looks like something I have to see... Needless the say, I have a smile on my face now.
  27. Capt.C.Delany

    For Sale Apparently the Thunderbird is for sale for $249k?
  28. Capt.C.Delany

    PSA Okuma Tesoro 10 & 12 on Amazon

    Just a PSA that the Okuma Tesoro's that are currently listed on Amazon for $189 & $172 are not Tesoro's. The title says they are, the picture is of a Tesoro and the specs refer to a TSR-10 or 12, however the product description lists a CW-454D. I spoke to the 3rd party seller before I ordered...
  29. Capt.C.Delany

    For Sale Crystaliner Project On CL I would feel bad if I didn't pass this along... no affiliation.
  30. Capt.C.Delany

    FREE Offshore Tank of CL

    Figured I would pass this along.... No affiliation, I saw it and thought I would pass it along. (Didn't know what prefix to use either, they should have a PSA or FYI one)
  31. Capt.C.Delany

    Home Depot Fishing Cart?

    When I was a kid I made a trailer for my bicycle out of some POS cart my mom had with a "hitch" from some bent conduit, it had rod holders and a place to store a bucket and tackle box and I would terrorize Dana Point and Newport. Apparently I could have just got this...
  32. Capt.C.Delany

    Okuma Cedros 10s (CSD-10s)

    Ok fella's, you know you have a bad tackle addiction when you are buying crap that has been discontinued years ago out of Australia, what can I say, I love the Okuma Cedros. So I just got a brand new CSD-10 in the mail today. It is new but did not come with a box or the clamp, I found the part...
  33. Capt.C.Delany

    FREE PSA - Defender is Having Its Warehouse Sale

    Up to 20% off. Sorry if this is in wrong section. Just trying to pass on the information.
  34. Capt.C.Delany

    What antifreeze are you running in your AQ?

    I figured while I am doing all my maintenance I would also freshen up the cooling system (FWC) since I have no idea when the previous owner did it. All I know is the coolant that is in there is red... I cannot find anything definitive on which coolant to use. The motor is an AQ260. (GM 350 5.7...
  35. Capt.C.Delany

    Dianne Feinstein and Ethanol

    So, this is just a random post/rant, I apologize if its in the wrong area. I recently signed the petition BoatU.S. had to eliminate the use of ethanol in gasoline. I got a random form letter / email from Dianne Feinstein in response. Now let me start by saying that I have a strong disdain for...
  36. Capt.C.Delany

    Remember That Boat Someone Posted Pictures of Flipped on the Freeway?

    I couldn't find the thread but remember seeing someone posting a picture of what I believe was a picture of this boat flipped over on the freeway. Should be a reminder to take care of that trailer... everything is riding on it...
  37. Capt.C.Delany

    Need Help Before I Pull Out What Little Hair I Have Left.

    Ok, so long story long. I have a 1978 Skipjack 24. Been doing tons of work to it, basically completely re-wired a couple months back, new gauges, everything, last year had the motor pulled by Ray at Outdrive Exchange and replaced the PDS bearing etc etc. Just trying to make this thing bullet...
  38. Capt.C.Delany

    Garmin GPSMap 441 $175

    Upgrading the electronics on my boat and have the following: A Garmin Echo 500c with transducer for sale. I also have an extension for the transducer cable. This unit was working when pulled from boat last week. I am asking $175 I also have a GPSMap 441 with antenna for sale. I am asking $175...
  39. Capt.C.Delany

    Garmin Echo 550c w/ Transducer $175

    Upgrading the electronics on my boat and have the following: A Garmin Echo 500c with transducer for sale. I also have an extension for the transducer cable. This unit was working when pulled from boat last week. I am asking $175 I also have a GPSMap 441 with antenna for sale. I am asking $175...
  40. Capt.C.Delany

    SCAM SCAM SCAM!!! 24 Skipjack in Huntington Harbor

    So as I am sure most all of us do, I am sitting here browsing Craigslist to see what was posted today and what do I see, apparently MY BOAT IS FOR SALE.... A guy posted an ad titled "# Immaculate 1979 Skipjack 24 Flybridge # - $30000 (Huntington Harbor)" The first picture (with the Pelican...
  41. Capt.C.Delany

    Exhaust Manifold Ingenuity

    I just pulled my exhaust manifolds off by myself because I didn't want to wait for my buddy to come over and help me. Anyway, I am a big dude and don't contort or fit into cramped spaces so I knew it would be difficult to loosen the bolts while holding up the manifold so I don't break off my...
  42. Capt.C.Delany

    ID this motor

    Hey guys, This may be a lame question but I figured I would ask. So while doing my yearly maintenance for the first time on this new to me boat, I could not for the life of me figure out what motor this was. Obviously an early Volvo AQ but I could not find a tag anywhere. The boat is a 1978...
  43. Capt.C.Delany

    Routing Transom Mount Transducer...

    Gents... So as some of you know from my previous questions I just picked up a Simrad Go9. I know I am going to catch flack and everyone is going to tell me you need to buy the b175h/m blah blah, So, unless you are going to buy it for me I am pretty much stuck with the transom mount transducer...
  44. Capt.C.Delany

    Simrad Go9 Radar Chart Overlay

    OK, I am hoping one of the techies here will be able to clarify this for me. Last weekend I purchased the Go9 with the 3g radar package that was on sale at West Marine. I have had my eye on it for a while, so in the mean time while waiting for it to go on sale I did research on it, went to WM a...
  45. Capt.C.Delany

    Uniden MC535 $25

    Cleaning out my garage and found this old VHF, I have no idea if it works and I am to lazy to test it. If you want to put forth the effort to test it before you buy it I am more than happy to let you try it out. (at my house of course) It would make a good back up or spare for someone. If you...
  46. Capt.C.Delany

    Rain in southern California... This is why I love NOAA

    So I just started researching some stuff about sea surface temperature patterns and how the different El Nino conditions stack up against each other from recent years to the one in the late 90's and back into the 80's. I then stumbled upon this gem published by NOAA. I'm thinking the new acronym...
  47. Capt.C.Delany

    Calculating and Sizing Bridge Wiring

    Hey guys, I am getting ready to start going through the boats electrical system and am trying to be prepared as possible and not wing anything. I am making a spreadsheet to calculate what size wire I am going to need to power the the fly bridge bus bar. All the AMPS on the continuous load side...
  48. Capt.C.Delany

    WTB Teak Ladder Rungs for Skippy 24

    Hey guys, welp my fatass broke one of the teak ladder rungs on the ladder that goes to flybridge on my 24' Skippy. Anyone have some laying round that they want to get rid of or know of a good replacement?
  49. Capt.C.Delany

    Skipjack Gunwale Vinyl

    Hey Guys, I had a question I am hoping someone here can help me out with. I have a '78 Skipjack 24 Flybridge and I am slowly working on some projects and was wondering if anyone knew how to replace the vinyl that goes under the gunwale? The previous owner had removed the vinyl from there as well...
  50. Capt.C.Delany

    Dana Point to Oceanside 5-7 Miles Off Beach

    Left Dana Point at 6 am with a hefty scoop and a half of sardines. Didn't want to make macks so pointed it out towards the 209. Found a paddy about 5 miles out of the harbor. Had about a dozen or so rat dodo's up chasing bait about 20 or 30 yards off the paddy. Set up on it twice for two long...