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  1. Crash

    Watch out GrubHub

    Have these little trolleys roaming downtown Mountain View 94040 Place your order online order at you fav eats, this little guy parks himself outside. Clerk comes out with food, lid pops open food goes in, lid goes down and off they go @ 4mph. Has like 22 cameras, lidar, radar, motion sensor...
  2. Crash

    Hospital Bed Camano Island

    Hey Guys, I am in SF bay area my Mom is on Camano Island - Utsalady Bay in failing health, I want to get her a hospital bed. Do any of you have a local referral ? Also needing assisted care help, tough dealing with this long distance. Much Thanks! Robert
  3. Crash

    Prescription Sunglasses Advice

    I use progressive lenses and just received a pair Maui Jim's and am not happy. The issue is the focal point is very small with lots of surrounding distortion. I realize with the wrapped frames distortion is unavoidable to some extent, they did remake the lenses but i notice little change. @ 5'+...
  4. Crash

    Stolen Boat Recovered

    So last Tuesday i am coming home from Sacramento after my mother in law's passing from a stroke a few days prior. I was just getting on the Benicia bridge and a message pops up from my fiend Pete saying my boat has been found via his Face Book posting he made when the boat went missing. As I am...
  5. Crash

    Corona personal grooming...

  6. Crash

    Stolen Boat 3.22 SF Bay Area

    Some POS stole my boat last night, please keep an eye open. Fricken hundreds of hours of work.... poof gone
  7. Crash

    Is my engine mounted too low - Livingston Warrior

    Wanting input if my prop is running too low in the water causing the engine to max around 5300 rpm. Livingston Warrior 16' 2004 Yamaha 90 - same performance issue with 3 or 4 blade stainless prop Over heats running wide open for more than a few minutes Jumps on plane and runs 26-28 knots no...
  8. Crash

    For Sale YETI YT35 NEW IN BOX

    Yeti YT35 White new in box $215 shipped pm with questions. Thanks for looking
  9. Crash

    Livingston Warrior Build - Complete

    I had been boatless for a few years and the itch came back, I wanted a driveway boat that i could fish the bay and fairweather big water days. I was thinking aluminum but started reading about Livingstons and how stable they were. Scoured the net looking for the right one and learned for a few...
  10. Crash

    Livingston Warrior Build

    Livingston Warrior build few months ago bought a few sheets of ply a bottle of Grey Goose and started this. Finished painting yesterday, installing dash today then wire, windows, rails and I will be back on the water.
  11. Crash

    When you have way toooo much $

    Visited my folks on Camano Island a few weeks back and saw this in the neighbors front yard. If you look to the top right you see a mooring ball they had put in costing a crap ton of $ shortly after a brand new 24 Grady shows up decked out with EVERYTHING you could rig a boat with and a dingy...
  12. Crash

    For Sale Calstar 770M/760m/Accurate 655

    I have for sale the following rods and reel. The rods I bought from a BD'r a ways back never fished, the reel has 3 or 4 boat rides, full load of 65 Seaguar braid, name is engraved front bar of reel spool spins like crazy GRFTR 700 M $145 + 35 ship GRFTR 760 M $145+35 ship Accurate 655 $165+15...
  13. Crash

    Cab Windows

    Building a cab for my Livingston, needing 2ea 23x18 and 2 ea 31x18 windows, what type of glass should I be using, is this a doable DIY ndy idea what I should be paying? any reply is much appreciated
  14. Crash

    4X4 Vans need info

    I am wanting to buy/order a chevy 3/4 ton utility van, I have contacted several dealers and all tell me special order only. Is this really the case I have to think states other than cali would have them in inventory, any info is much appreciated.
  15. Crash

    For Sale Accurate 655H single speed

    Awesome reel lightly fished but does show some rash, full load of Segar #65 braid, awesome free spool and drag service by Alan Tani. The reel does have my last name engraved on cross bar $220 shipped
  16. Crash

    SOLD Avet MJX5.8/1

    Well used Avet filled with Segar #65 braid shows normal wear and works great $120 shipped. Thanks for looking!
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    For Sale Trini 16 Gold Seagar Braid

    Trinidad 16 Gold reel loaded with 65# Seagar Braid, last serviced by Alan Tani. $235 insured UPS included lower 48
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    SOLD Calstar GFTR-760

    Never fished GFTR-760 extremely fresh condition, all rollers, I will carefully package no charge and ship on buyers dime using my companies discounted UPS rate. $220.00 paypal family-friends
  19. Crash

    Flouro aging

    Does fluoro top shot degrade over time if stored out of sunlight? have some Seagar that must be 8-10 years old... should i fish it or chuckit ?
  20. Crash

    Places to stay San Diego

    Coming down from NorCal with my skiff to fish 3 or 4 days looking for recommendations on motels that have good parking and ground level rooms ... any advice is much appreciated.
  21. Crash

    Fort Bragg longfins 7/5/2017

    8/5/2017 Got to the upper ramp 6am parking lot was almost plugged with trailers. Got my shit bundled and off the dock 6:30am. Set the plotter for 16/25 about 3 miles out hit thick fog which lifted a bit about 10 miles latter. Not a boat in sight as i set out trollers, water was flat with a bit...
  22. Crash

    Stupid Salmon

    Leisurely Gentlemans Launch 4:30 pm Thursday 7/28 after work ran out 6 miles in the Livingston to acres of hungry salmon. Dropped in a hering and 45 minutes latter ran back in to the ramp with a 10 and 18# salmon.Probably would have been done in half the time but blew a fuse on the down rigger...
  23. Crash

    Force 85 $900 B.O

    Force 85 outboard, I have put over 200 flawless hours on this engine without a single problem. Over all condition is great The engine comes with controls, prop and is on a pallet for shipping if needed. It weighs 265 pounds, 20" shaft other than that i do not have any additional information...
  24. Crash

    Livingston Warrior 25" shaft

    Working on a Livingston Warrior 16' skiff what if any issues are there running a 25" shaft vs a 20" shaft OB engine? Thanks
  25. Crash

    Livingston Cab.. help me find

    I know I saw a thread with Livingston cabs, I found the one with a cab for a 14" but i saw a thread that showed a cab for 16' warrior model. If any one can search and find it I would be most grateful. Thnaks Robert
  26. Crash

    Tony Reyes in May

    Looking for info on what to expect on a end of April- May or early June Tony Reyes trip I have had this on my buck list and feel the need to recharge a bit south of the border. Any issue traveling solo from border down to San Felipe, local or somewhat near by charters if I want to extend the...
  27. Crash

    NEW PRICE Penn Senator 113H

    I do not ever remember ever fishing it 9.5/10 condition -no box or clamp. $70.00 includes UPS shipping lower 48.
  28. Crash

    Tow my skiff to Cali

    Any one heading south next couple of weeks I could use some help. I bought a Livingston skiff that is in Everett and need to get it coming my way to the Bay Area.The trailer is in great shape and has new tires. If you can help it would be very much appreciated and of course I will help with...
  29. Crash

    Honda controll with cables

    Honda control box with 18' cables $150.00 will ship for $20
  30. Crash

    20' skipjack

    1974 20' skipjack, hardtop glass over ply with safety glass windows. Stay warm and dry, 6'2 headroom so you can stand while driving 2004 Volvo 5.0 engine and SX outdrive with aprox 400 hrs. Everything works and is in overall great condition. 2 batteries 2 bilge pumps wash down bait bag...
  31. Crash

    Skipjack 20' Hardtop

    1974 20' skipjack, hardtop glass over ply with safety glass windows. Stay warm and dry, 6'2 headroom so you can stand while driving 2004 Volvo 5.0 engine and SX outdrive with aprox 400 hrs. Everything works and is in overall great condition. 2 batteries 2 bilge pumps wash down bait bag...
  32. Crash

    Skipjack 20 Hardtop

    1974 20' skipjack, hardtop glass over ply with safety glass windows. Stay warm and dry, 6'2 headroom so you can stand while driving 2004 Volvo 5.0 engine and SX outdrive with aprox 400 hrs. Everything works and is in overall great condition. 2 batteries 2 bilge pumps wash down bait bag...
  33. Crash

    Traeger BBQ

    Any body have any experience with these Traeger pellet BBQ? They are at my Costco this week and seem like killer units. As usual there is a lot of love-hate post on BBQ sites regarding the quality has gone down now that they are built off shore...
  34. Crash

    Dead rise angle for skipjack 20

    I want to order a Airmar flush transducer, any body know what dead rise angle I should order? Thanks Robert
  35. Crash

    Ear buds issue

    Is it me being retarded or am I getting wrong ear buds ?? I have tried 3 or so pairs of ear buds and I always seem to have difficulty keeping them in. Any suggestions on MFG or style that seem to work better and fit well?? Any suggestions on standard Headset style to wear while fisihng...
  36. Crash

    Do you shit on your boat???

    Very interesting discussion while fishing with my boys this weekend.. do you or can you take a crap on your boat?? I for one have a very shy sphincter and can not shit in front of others, public restrooms or port ta potty's, it just ai't going to happen.... so some guys say they just hang...
  37. Crash

    Wahoo rig ?

    What do you look for in a rod and reel for Wahoo catching ?
  38. Crash

    Free Torium Reels

    I have 2 used Torium reels (boat rash but work perfectly) that i would like to give away. I really want them to go to a kid that probably cant afford a decent reel but has the salt fever. If anyone knows of 2 deserving KID's please pm me or send them my way Robert
  39. Crash


    this just came in a couple hours ago, the boys fishing outta Moss.. Santa Cruz are homing in on the larger models, swell is calming down , scum lines forming and the krill balls are HUGE... this healthy looking fish was caught by Tmac this morning, he runs a 6 pack and is always on the fish...
  40. Crash

    Norcal WSB update

    WSB have been going off in Monterrey Bay last or 4 weeks. lots of big 40 to 50# fish, these guys are literally 10 minute drive from the dock, dead squid, 190', 5 cranks off the bottom... so they tell me i have not got a chance to get out but thought you all would like to hear whats. here are few...
  41. Crash

    So I see this Big Ass boat..

    pulling into the Pillar Point Harbor in Halfmoon Bay -Northern Ca - Mavericks anyone recognize it , recently for sale , i met Robert and talkd for a couple minutes. Turns out he got a gig with his bad ass sled taking a documentary crew out to Mavericks to film some test footage. keep your...
  42. Crash

    We came, We fished, We meet cool people...

    Picked up Danny _ Nosympathy – Wednesday 2pm and pointed the truck, boat in tow South from our starting point of Palo Alto - Norcal-. We arrived at Shelter Island parking lot around 11pm got a few things squared away got a couple hours sleep an d launched around 5am. Picked up a scoop of deans...
  43. Crash

    free Garmin software

    Found a way to get Garmin Map Source for free and legit. Go here and down load garmin training center and install. Garmin: Training Center Updates & Downloads Then go here and down load and install Garmin Map Source Garmin | Mapping Programs It’s a breez and you can accuratly get...
  44. Crash

    GPS mapping software

    what software do you all use for mapping way points, figuring distance, uploading way points etc on your PC - I have a garmin gps thx
  45. Crash

    WTB TLD 20

    I am looking for 2ea TLD 20's, pm me if you have one or 2 for sale thx Robert
  46. Crash

    On board video camera & recorder equipment?

    Anyone had experience with camera and recording equipment so can you record while fighting fish? I fish solo a lot and it would be cool to be able record with a dash mounted cam - any advice is much appreciated Robert
  47. Crash

    Increase POWER and save up to 40% MPG on your Boat

    *** Increase POWER and save up to 40% MPG on your Boat ***
  48. Crash

    Sundays Tuna run - NorCal

    I had planed on running tuna 2 out of the 3 day Holiday weekend and with the cool solo trip last Friday I was very excited to be heading out again. Chris – aka Retriever- had contacted me and came along for the ride. We left HMB around 5:30 and decided just to troll the day and throw some iron...
  49. Crash

    NorCal Longfin

    No body wanted to join me so I ran solo today- friday- . Launched hmb 4:30 ish headed towards the Guide on flat calm water. About 10 miles east of the giuide there were 6 or so boats working a small area but I wanted to find my own fish. Kept running until I reached the top of the guide and not...
  50. Crash

    Big Sur Saturday

    Launched from Monterrey 6;30 Saturday, headed about 20 miles south on the flattest water on could imagen. Fished in shore 120 - 90' for a nice mix of assorted RF, slab blacks, huge olives 1 real nice Vermilion and a bunnch of just short lings. Started looking around for a better grade and ended...
  51. Crash

    Big Sur

    Launched from Cannery Row in Monterey Sunday around 7am. Ran South about 20 miles along the beautiful Carmel - Big Sur coast line with my Bud Scott, we both enjoyed near limits with a couple of assorted RF. Wind came up around noon and we headed back, on the trailer by 2pm. Pics of Cannery...
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  53. Crash


    KFC - Unthink what you thought about KFC you can print multiples
  54. Crash

    I CPAP do you?

    I have been a heavy snorer all my life, my wife would tell me I would stop breathing while sleeping and partially wake up while gasping for a breath. Last couple years i wake up everyday feeling like I was ridin hard and put away wet, never felt rested, low energy and lacking motivation and...
  55. Crash

    What a dipshit

    from norcal craigs list North River SeaHawk 20' Brand New from Auction - bid on wrong boat - $16500 (Sacramento) Reply to: [email protected] [Errors when replying to ads?] Date: 2009-04-27, 2:28PM PDT If you're thinking of owning a brand new North River...
  56. Crash

    Camano Island info

    My parents moved to Camano Island, does any one have info on what the fishing opportunities are up that way. I will be going up there in a couple months and want to know if it is worth hauling the Skipjack with me. Thanks!
  57. Crash


    Late report from Friday Launched around 10 ish from the SF free ramp and headed over to Paradise on some really nice water, warm sun and big smile. My GPS spent the entire day looking for satilites WTF?, put out the buckets, lowered the flaps and raised the OD and began the troll. A...
  58. Crash

    Black Pearl, comments??

    Black Pearl, Any comments on this boat/crew? coming down from Norcal for a convention and thought about jumping on this one before heading home. Black Pearl $199.00 Special...Rock Cod and Ling Cod Cape Colnett and Surrounding Areas...Limited Load 22...Foe reservations call Point Loma...
  59. Crash

    Got Glass

    The boat is really comming along. I had the windows installed today, laminated safety glass. I am very happy with the install and will have them tinted next week. I installed 2 thru hulls for seperate wash down and bait pumps,2 new bilge pumps, new LED running lights- man they are bright -white...
  60. Crash

    INTREPID 7/27 thru 8/1

    Intrepid 7/27 5 day . Anybody on this one, I am calling in my credit card to book, 17 passengers as of today, hope she fishes as good as she looks. What are the better stateroom #.
  61. Crash

    New Salmon Queen 6-18

    Got an invite from Capt Shim to bring my son and nephew out on the New Salmon Queen for the day. Got the boat at 6am loaded with about 20 passengers( over 2/3 rent roders) and headed across the bay to the receiver for 5 scoops of quality fin bait, absolutely beautiful morning in SF, light wind...
  62. Crash

    10' paintjob

    I finally got around to getting some paint put on the Skipjack project. I applied about $1600 +tax worth of Sterling LP primer, New Hatteras White paint and gallons of thinners catalyst, non skid additive and gloss reducers.... A Very Nice club member let me use his commercial account and i got...
  63. Crash

    Skippy 20 update

    Been hard finiding time to work the skippy but I have done a couple things to update. Finished all new wiring thru out the boat and got all the controls hooked up. The first time I went to start the engine i bought I nearly had a heart attack. Turn the key and NOTHING, no click no vrooom nada...
  64. Crash

    Cliffords knot

    Been checking this knot out for #80+ mono and am liking it a lot. I have not hung a fish on it but have pulled the shit out of it. Very quick to tie. Clifford's Knot The first knot I want to cover is one that Lefty Kreh and I learned many years ago from Clifford, a guide at Casa Mar in...
  65. Crash

    Skippy Repower Update

    I am finally making progress with the skipjack. The engine and outdrive are mounted, still need to install wiring harness, fluids and fresh water cooling. I am very happy with my decision on having the install done by lelands Marine, good guys! Next I will be building a enclosed wheelhouse and...
  66. Crash

    Norcal Albies 9-22-07

    Headed out under the Goldengate on the NSQ Monday 9/24 at 2am. Hit my reserved bunk put in the ear plugs and caught a few winks before waking to off colored confused sea at graylight, not a lot of swell, just jacked up with northern sweel and southerly wind. Light load with 3 deck crew and 5...
  67. Crash

    Big weekend

    Started off Friday installing BIG lettering on the NSQ Transom and bow. Not fancy but very large letters with drop shadows. I then got a BIG suprise and was clued into this CL add by a very cool guy from Bloodydecks, Eric aka Albiebac who has kept his eye out for a power package after...
  68. Crash

    Skippy Session 2

    Here are pics of the transom work compted the last couple of weeks. I removed the old OMC electric shift OD and was left with a opening 18.5" by 18.5" which had to be plugged in order to receive a modern out drive that is much smaller than original opening. I first took my electric sander...
  69. Crash

    skiff for sale

    New Price $3650.
  70. Crash

    Skippy session 1

    My bud Rick came by this afternoon with all and I mean ALL the right tools. He has every left handed power racheting byswivel with a sidways offset kinda tool known to man and a real nice crane for lifting heavy things. Suck up some refreshments and hook up the chain. Well after 10 minutes of...
  71. Crash

    My new project

    Brought home the new project this aftrenoon. 1974 20' fb Skipjack. Hull is very clean and the transom and stringers seem very solid and free of major rot. Pretty ancient v6 and the oldest outdrive i have ever seen and soon to be replaced. 60 gal fuel, real pump n flush head, fricken solid...
  72. Crash

    hardtop for skippy

    Just pulled the trigger on 20' open skipjack. Need some info an a hard top or enclosed wheel house. Any information is much apprecited!
  73. Crash

    My New Ride

    I sold my skipjack last year and could not stay boat less to long, I saw this one come up for sale on FSF and loved the lines and brought her home for a complete make over. Here is the results of about 10 weekends and many weekenights of work. I started by ripping out everything down to the...
  74. Crash

    Tony Reyes trips

    Have any of you fished the Tony Reyes or Baja Sportfishing mother ship / panga trips? I am thinking of going on one of them in a couple of weeks. I am from the bay area and do not want to drive all the way by my self. Are there any transportation options for me? Is there air service to San...
  75. Crash

    jump on this one

    Looks to me like a great deal
  76. Crash

    Check out my new stick

    Check out the fine rod I bought at the RFA dinner last month. It is a Seeker CBW809 blank in white, very limited edition I am told. Rated at 25# line weight but feels a little stouter. Any suggestions for a reel to go with this magic wand?
  77. Crash

    Gem in the rough

    Found this Gem in the Rough on the web site 16' Crestliner. The previous owner had started to convert it to a center consol and got busy with life etc. After selling my Skipjack a few months ago I was looking for project just like this to fish the San Francisco bay and...
  78. Crash

    Baja Sportfishing

    Any one deal with this outfit? Know anything about the boat and the trips they offer? I am thinking of going first part of june. I would like to try this type of trip and would like to hear some first hand reports.I spoke with Gustavo yesterday and he says the new boat is right on schedual...
  79. Crash

    Shogun 26th 5 day trip

    Any BDers on this 5 day trip? Where do you expect they will go? and what do you think they will catch. My guess is Cedros for YT thinking about going Robert
  80. Crash

    Skip N Work tuna

    Tony and I left the dock at 4:45am and off to Bubbas numbers we went 06 – 45 area, just short of the 601 area Found 58 – 59 degree water that was a little off color. Put out 2 meat lines and 4 trollers all with Mex flags- Franko style. No more than 10 minutes latter we have our first fish...
  81. Crash

    Dizzzzy Land

    Hey guys I need to come down for family fun filled long weekend. Never done the Disney land - Universal studio thing so i could use some advice. Any info on budget hotels or deals would be much apprecited. Hate to miss a weekend of Albie fishing up here but gots to keep the familia happy...
  82. Crash

    How much bait??

    I have just installed my first bait tank on my skipjack. A Kodiak that was donated to my boat, I think 27 gallons or so. How much bait will a tank like this hold? How much bait do 3-4 guys need for a day of albie fishing? If i come back from a trip with left over bait can I keep it in...
  83. Crash

    Thursdat Morning salmon

    Off the dock at 5;45 am this morning -ran 16 miles west - boxed first fish in 3 minutes and had 2 limits in 25 mminutes. Boxed 4 fish 16 -23 #s , farmed 3, sawed off 1 on the down riger. Ocean was very calm but very thick fog. Back to the car at 8:am - quick trip and a ton of fun fishing with...
  84. Crash

    HMB afternoon salmon

    Left the harbor at 2:00 this afternoon - arrived at yesterday’s #'s 41-19 and put them in for 3 limits for 4 fishermen. Farmed 3 fish and lost one in the prop - all fish 14-18#s Pulled the plug at 5;30 - on the way back in we ran over a ton of bait around 32-22 area that looked pretty...
  85. Crash

    HMB Salmon

    Dam what a great morning. Left dock at 6 with one of my employees. His first time on the water and first time fishing. Headed out to the fleet, put in a Fuji and a watermelon at 45' otw. No less than 10 minutes and we have hookup and with in 45 minutes our 2 limits. We were working on fish...
  86. Crash

    Used Volvo engine parts

    Hi All I am looking for a used power steering pump for a Volvo diesel. Any one have a lead on a dismateler in S.Cal. I can not seem to locate one up north Any info is much apreciated Robert [email protected]
  87. Crash

    Hot Tackle stores??

    I am from N.Cal and will be down next week to fish. I would like to visit 1 or 2 Well Stocked stores in San Diego. Shops close to the airport would be best . Any refferals would be much appreciated. Robert