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  1. nodrama

    Weekend Mahi and Shibi

    Congrats on nice fish!!!
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    Lol sorry 18,000 obo

    Lol sorry 18,000 obo
  3. nodrama

    18,000 boo Twin Honda 40's four stroke about 1200hours I think a got to check the old hour meter...

    18,000 boo Twin Honda 40's four stroke about 1200hours I think a got to check the old hour meter and the new one. it runs great. all repair work done by Craig, he's the honda guy lol
  4. nodrama

    18,000 obo

    18,000 obo
  5. nodrama

    No prob yeah that is a shame cause its a great boat. I really don't want to sell mine but I...

    No prob yeah that is a shame cause its a great boat. I really don't want to sell mine but I bought a bigger boat
  6. nodrama

    17 foot Current Line

    I don't think they will make the 17 currentline any time soon. yes its a great boat and funny you should bring it up cause I am going to sell mine cause a just bought a bigger boat :) If you want a currentline message me and I can send some pics. Will put it on Craig's list soon
  7. nodrama

    Allan Sato's Gaji Lures Opae Ula

    That's some awesome opae's!!! Already killing some fish with these bad boys!
  8. nodrama

    5-27-13 (2) 80 pounders Waianae

    Way to go on the rescue!!! Like you said hope everyone would be looking out for everyone out there!!!
  9. nodrama

    5/31/13 Monkey is off my back

    Way to go Nick!!! Nice fish!!'
  10. nodrama

    Waianae 2 June

    Chuck you'll get um next time. At least you getting the strikes.
  11. nodrama


    Jason & Crew, good going one a nice fish!!!
  12. nodrama

    New beginning's

    Good going on a nice Ahi!!! Makes it even better on a new boat and your lure!!! Congrats again to you and Loren!!!
  13. nodrama

    4-28 shake down.

    Good going on the shake down!!! Now you can get out there this season and buss um up!!!
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    Very nice boat!!! Looks awesome!!!
  15. nodrama

    ate Reports Slow but Steady

    Good going!!! Nice catch
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    Good going on the Mahis and Akus!!!
  17. nodrama

    Banks Report 4/28

    Nice OnoOno
  18. nodrama

    First trip to the banks!!

    Nice mahis! Good going
  19. nodrama

    Late Banks Report

    Way to go!!!Nice!!!
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    Way to go!!! Nice catch!!!
  21. nodrama

    shes 2 for 2!

    Nice Video!!! Good going on the donkey!!!
  22. nodrama


    Pat and Robert good going on a short day. Good eats for sure!!!
  23. nodrama

    Mr. Mele

    Wow sorry to hear. May he rest in peace.
  24. nodrama

    3/21 Kaneohe

    Good going on a nice catch!!!
  25. nodrama

    Mahi saves the day!

    Good going on your Mahi. Great to have your lucky charm on the boat. Great job again for sticking it out.
  26. nodrama

    haleiwa 3/21

    Way to go on the fish!!!Sorry to hear about your uncle!!!
  27. nodrama

    Blue Marlin and Ono - 3-23-'13

    Way to go Mike and crew!!!
  28. nodrama

    3/20 Gaji Strikes Again

    Good going on getting rid of the monkey!!! Now you can go get more :)
  29. nodrama

    Good start to the year!

    Nice Ono!!!
  30. nodrama

    Waianae 3-23-13

    Steve and Crew, Good going on a nice load of Mahis!!!
  31. nodrama

    New Gaji Lures

    Awesome set of lures right there!!! Good luck with them!!!
  32. nodrama

    Waianae Mahi Mahi 1/23/13

  33. nodrama

    1-21-13 MLK Day in Waianae

    Congrats on a great trip!!!
  34. nodrama


    Nice catch!!! Good going!
  35. nodrama

    9" 7.5 oz. Cracked Mirror Bullet! By Gaji Lures

    Sweet awesome head brah!!!
  36. nodrama

    Santa comes early!

    Nice one Brian and crew!!! Good going on a very nice fish and way to go on killing that gorilla!!!
  37. nodrama

    New Years Sash!

    Good going on a awesome catch!!!
  38. nodrama

    12-22-12 Glad the Mayan's were wrong...

    Pat and Crew, nice fish!!!
  39. nodrama

    x bouy

    Good going on some nice fish!
  40. nodrama


    Nice!!! Good going on a nice fish and helping another boater in trouble!!!
  41. nodrama

    Last Ahis of the Year

    Great job on a very nice catch!!! Good going to the boyh of you!!!
  42. nodrama

    My Gaji "Cage"

    Sweet lure!!!
  43. nodrama

    Gaji "Shell Fushion"

    Those are some bad @SS lure heads!!!
  44. nodrama

    Hi Kai - 11/23/2012

    Good going on some nice Mahis
  45. nodrama

    Turkey of the Sea 11/22/2012

    Good going on a nice fish! Congrats!!!
  46. nodrama

    Monkey off The Back

    Congrats on a nice fish!!! Glad to hear the monkey off your back!!!
  47. nodrama

    Finally back on the water - 12-2-'12

    Nice fish Mike!!! Congrats
  48. nodrama

    "FUSION" By Gaji Lures

    Allan just awesome man!!! Love the new and creative stuff you putting out brah!!! Killers for sure!!!You making it really hard to stay dry and work brah lol!!! Thanks again for all the different looks! HOT
  49. nodrama

    "FUSION" Shell sheets with Glass on 9" Flat Face "PUSHER" By Gaji Lures

    I like that thought Allan!!! :) all drooling now lol
  50. nodrama

    Kaneohe 11-21

    Nice, good going Randay awesome catch
  51. nodrama

    Happy Thanksgiving from the Stan

    Happy thanksgiving to you too!!! Thank you for serving our country!!! Be safe, hurry back and fish hard!!!
  52. nodrama

    Turkey Day Run

    Kekoa, nice catch right there!!! Way to stick it out!!!
  53. nodrama

    Got Mahi !

    Nice catch Brian!!! Good going!!!
  54. nodrama

    lure making

    Looking good for just fooling around!!! Keep up the good work!!!
  55. nodrama

    "CRACKED MIRROR" Scoops! By Gaji Lures!

    Wow Allan those are hot, and will just take cracks out there!!!
  56. nodrama

    Gaji REAL Malolo Fish Heads

    Just awesome work right there!!!
  57. nodrama

    First time Bottom Fishing

    Awesome catch right there!!!
  58. nodrama

    Gaji Fushion/Flasher "Again"

    That there my friend is one bad @SS Ono killer!!! I also think more than just Ono's going attack that Bro!!! Great job again, glad to see a bunch of different stuff out of Gaji Lures!!! Keep up the awesome work with product and design!!!
  59. nodrama

    "FUSION" With 1st Phase Dichroic Glass. By Gaji Lures

    Wow Bruddah Allan (Gaji Lures), you da man. Just totally AWESOME brah!!! Looks like another great product from Gaji Lures. Look out fish you guys going get it out there!!! Keep up with all of your fresh ideas my friend!!! Looks like another great fish killer you designed again!!! Can't wait to...
  60. nodrama

    Gaji "REAL" Ice

    Just awesome!!! Those are hot!!! Fish killers for sure!!! Great job Allan (Gaji Lures)! Thanks for the great work!!!
  61. nodrama

    A School of 7" and 9" "REAL" Sardine Heads! By Gaji Lures

    Allan those slant face real fish heads look awesome Bro!!! Fish killers for sure!!!
  62. nodrama

    Gaji 9" Black Berry "Real" Fish head

    That will go off out there!!! Nice choice of skirts!!! Just another great job by Allan of Gaji Lures!!! Awesome job brah!!!
  63. nodrama

    Introducing "CAGE!!!" By Gaji Lures

    Awesome Allan another first for Gaji Lures!!! Just awesome how you come up with new and not just same old same old, if you know what I mean LOL!!! Congrats on another great looking lure head that will catch a lot of fish in the ocean!!!
  64. nodrama

    7.10.12 Ahi off the ski

    Just awesome!!! Bad ass video!!! Good going
  65. nodrama

    Mahalo all

    Nice!!! Great job!!!
  66. nodrama

    First marlin for Krystana C

    Jimmy good going on the marlin!!!
  67. nodrama

    UPDATE and 070512

    Nice to see you back on the water Pat. Good going on your Ahi!!!
  68. nodrama


    Nice fish and vid!!! Always great to put the yellow guy on the deck!!!
  69. nodrama

    Waianae 7/9

    Really nice fish you guys got, Congrats!!!
  70. nodrama


    Nice fish!!! Sorry about the first one but at least you stayed with it and landed a toad!!!
  71. nodrama

    Who said no more fish?

    Really nice catch!!! Good going!!!
  72. nodrama

    Waianae 6/30/12

    Awesome catch!!! Great job on a very nice fish!!! Congrats:)
  73. nodrama

    "Black Berry" KOA Bound! By Gaji Lures

    What can I say brah, just awesome and I now for a fact that this pic doesn't do your photo any justice my friend!!! Killer as always bro!!! All the fish going think that it's one funny looking Aku hahahaha ( crossbreed Aku and Ika ) hahaha only thing going get two hooks stuck in them when they...
  74. nodrama

    Short Trip 6/25/12

    Kekoa, mean brah getting the Ahi and getting the girlfriend to enjoy fishing on the boat!!! Awesome brah!!! Good going to the both of you congrats!!!
  75. nodrama

    A School of 7" and 9" "REAL" Sardine Heads! By Gaji Lures

    Wow Allan mean brah!!! But if you guys out there really want a treat, you need to see one of these heads in person!!! The craftsmanship, colors, and the weight of these lure heads is off the hook!!! That's why they taking cracks out there cause the fish don't even know that's it's a lure lol...
  76. nodrama

    Lucky lucky

    Good going nice fish!!!
  77. nodrama

    Blind squirrel found a nut

    Wow!!! Nice fish!!!
  78. nodrama

    New to forum, AHI FERVER team178

    Wow!!! Whatever you guys doing don't stop. You guys got it dialed in!!! Looks and sounds like you guys were pumped up all weekend!!! Congrats again on a great weekend!!!
  79. nodrama

    7" Hawaiian Ika

    Nick that Ika head is awesome!!!
  80. nodrama

    Gay Bob For The Fever 2012

    That's one awesome lure brah!!! Nice!!!
  81. nodrama

    morris lure strikes again @ Ahi Fever

    Good going Justin and Crew!!! Great job!!!!
  82. nodrama

    Bloody Deck Ahi Fever

    Good job!!! Nice fish!!!!
  83. nodrama

    Waianae - 6/13/22012 Mercy bite!

    Nice going!!! Russ you going get your Ahi!!!
  84. nodrama

    Otaru slaying!!! (Kaneohe 6-16-2012)

    Good going guys!!! Nice to have met you at the harbor this pass weekend!!!
  85. nodrama

    Lure Candy

    Wow!!! Nice lures!!!
  86. nodrama

    "REAL" Fish Head, Nice Ahi! By Gaji Lures

    Just awesome work there my friend!!! Even tricking the fish out there brah!!! Great job and keep up the great work!!!
  87. nodrama

    "REAL" Fish Head in the long 7! By Gaji Lures

    Bruddah Allan that there is one hot head!!! The fish going be all over that one there!!! Awesome job again!!!
  88. nodrama

    In appreciation to Bloody Decks. By Gaji Lures

    Wow Allan hot set of lures you put out there!!!The guy with the biggest heart!!! Mahalo to the Gaji Lure Ohana and best wishes!!!
  89. nodrama

    Kona 6-9-12

    Nice fish!!!
  90. nodrama

    6-10-12 Battles at Kaneohe! (sorry late report)

    Good going to you and Capt. Don and crew!!! Nice haul you guys did!!! Congrats!!!
  91. nodrama

    Windward Side 6-11

    Nice going on the mix bag of fish!!! Awesome looking lures too!!!
  92. nodrama

    Lucky Kamehameha day

    Good going Darren!!! Tell Scott congrats on a nice fish. Glad you guys got your fish!!!
  93. nodrama

    Another day in paradise ahi and mahi

    Good going!!!
  94. nodrama

    Tails we win!

    Way to go Brain, nice fish, lots of smoked marlin there.
  95. nodrama

    Waianae 6/8/12

    Good going!!! Nice Ahi!!!
  96. nodrama

    late report: waianae june 6 ahi

    Congrats on a nice fish!!!
  97. nodrama

    1st Trip This Year to Waianae - 1st Ahi

    Good going nice fish!!!
  98. nodrama

    I feel my temp rising

    Ron and Crew, nice job on the two Ahi's looks like a good fun day!!! Congrats again!!!
  99. nodrama

    Gaji Lure Co.

    Sorry Brian I wasn't tring to cut in line brah!!! But those heads going do some damage out there!!! Bruddah Allan got some mean skills!!!
  100. nodrama

    A set going to Balboa Island California! By Gaji Lures

    Lol that's why all the people that fish with your lures come back for more!!! If they work then what can I say Bro!!! That says it all!!!lol PS all the big time guys don't even act like they big time cause the fishing community all know who they are and we know some new and upcoming guys...
  101. nodrama

    A set going to Balboa Island California! By Gaji Lures

    Brah Allan those are very Hot, meanest lures out by far!!! Keep up the awesome work brah!!! Keep on killing it. Hanging with the BIG BOYS not just wanting too or pretending too HAHAHAHAHA!!!
  102. nodrama

    finally some action!

    Nice catch!!!
  103. nodrama

    Gaji Lure Co.

    Totally awesome brah!!! I need a couple of the top lure heads in reverse!!! IT'S HOT HOT HOT!!!
  104. nodrama

    east side 5/14

    Good going!!!!
  105. nodrama

    Recent Catch Updates

    Great catches!!! Good going!
  106. nodrama


    Pat you the man brah!!! Great job on the awesome fish!!!
  107. nodrama

    Candy Canes in Summer! By Gaji Lures

    Hey Allan, it's all good man call it whatever you want. Main thing is that they put blood on the deck and fish in the box LOL!!!
  108. nodrama

    Mothersday run/2012 update.

    Kekoa nice catches!!! Way to go on helping a boater in need!!! Nice trailer too.
  109. nodrama

    Waianae 5.05.12

    Jimmy nice going on some fish. At least you got to go fishing!!! Good going again.
  110. nodrama

    Lures and interview on K-5 Television News! By Gaji Lures

    Wow awesome brah!!! Congrats on a great job and awesome lures!!!
  111. nodrama

    Headed to Kona! By Gaji lures

    Awesome brah!!! Still got the magic touch!!!
  112. nodrama

    Waianae 5/9/12

    Congrats on a fine trip out!!! Good going Brian on the help!
  113. nodrama

    Banks 4/27, West side 4/22

    Nice going on your catches!!!
  114. nodrama

    Waianae 5/4/2012

    Nice job on your fish!!!
  115. nodrama

    mahi action

    Congrats on a great day of fishing!!! Sorry to hear about the hand. But way to stick it out!
  116. nodrama

    FBS-Full Body Squid in the 565 version. By Gaji Lures

    Hey Allan now that's what I'm talking about!!! Build it and they will end up in da cooler hahaha!!! MEAN bruddah, awesome as usual, you and Capt. G are a great team! Keep up the awesome work!!!
  117. nodrama

    "GOT SHIBI?" By Gaji Lures!

    Wow awesome Allan!!! Those FBS's are mean!!! Good going on an awesome catch brah!!!
  118. nodrama

    7" "OPELU" Scoop Face, dressed and ready to dance! By Gaji Lures

    Hot hot hot!!! Very nice, go get um wet and kill some fish!!!
  119. nodrama

    Fishing Waianae 4/21/12

    Good going, better than no fish!!!
  120. nodrama

    Spearfish and Ono - 4-22

    Nice catch and video!!! Good going
  121. nodrama

    ono waianae

    Nice Ono!!! Thanks for the video! Good going.
  122. nodrama

    4/14- 4/15 Good Fun

    Nick and Capt. Nice going on an awesome weekend!!! Nick nice pics brah!!!
  123. nodrama


    Chris, thank man. Pupule, thank you, yes we did hang in there but not without some really bad words LOL
  124. nodrama


  125. nodrama

    Mixed Bag on Windward side.

    Nice! Good going on your fish.
  126. nodrama

    Banks Mahi

    Nice catch Jeff! Very nice haul!
  127. nodrama

    Waianae 4/14/12

    Steve and crew nice job on all your fish!!! Sounds like a fun day for sure. Congrats again.
  128. nodrama

    Gaji Bubblegums

    wow Jimmy wish i knew you was out there i would have called you to tell you where we were. We took some cracks from the fish that day but at least we caught some. Next time you'll get um.
  129. nodrama


    Got to the waianae boat harbor at 530am set up and got the boat in the water. Looked like a tourny out there so many boats. Went out to S and made my pass and outrigger takes off but unbuttons. Head to the point loaded boats so we went outside of the boats and took a double,both fish come off...
  130. nodrama

    WAIANAE 2/14/12

    Nice way to go!!! Great job on a solo trip
  131. nodrama

    MOLOKAI 4/14

    Capt. Don great catch. As always you find the fish, awesome brah!!!
  132. nodrama

    Hi Kai- Solo run to the Banks - 04/13/12

    Russ good going on the solo trip. Nice catch
  133. nodrama

    April 14th Waikiki Mahi

    Awesome short trip. Good going
  134. nodrama

    waianae mahis

    Good going Jus10, thanks for the report!
  135. nodrama

    kaneohe 4/13 great fishing

    Good job on a great catch!!!
  136. nodrama

    wainae mahi 4/11/12

    Nice going!!! Thanks for the report!
  137. nodrama

    4-11-12 VIDEO

    Way to go Nick, that video was Sick man totally awesome!!! Awesome underwater shots and good going on a great catch!!! Until next time, tight lines and screaming ratchets!!!
  138. nodrama

    solo trip Waianae 4-10-12

    Way to go Randy!!! Good grinds for sure, good going again and tight lines!!!
  139. nodrama

    Gaji Bubblegums

    Jimmy, nice lures you got there!!! Now get out and catch them fish!!! Good luck and tight lines!!!
  140. nodrama

    everything eats GAJI'S

    Nice Brian!!! The Gaji's are killing it out there!!!
  141. nodrama

    4-1-2012 Mahi Action

    Good going Nick!!! Nice mahis for sure, can't wait for the video. Also thats some sweet underwater shots!!!
  142. nodrama

    Waikiki Saturday April 7

    Nice, way to go!!!
  143. nodrama

    Waianae 4/6/12

    Sounds like a fun day! Good going on all your fish!!!
  144. nodrama

    More Jets

    Nice work!!! Looking good
  145. nodrama

    Happy Easter

    Hey Happy Easterto you too!!! Have a good one and stay safe!!!
  146. nodrama

    Gaji Fusion has arrived

    Hey Allan this fusion thing is going off the hook man!!! I need to order some of these, they are all very nice!!! Great work Gaji Lures!!!
  147. nodrama

    OK Marlin Magic Bubblers!

  148. nodrama

    Coggin Silver and Gold!!!

    Hot looking lure!!!
  149. nodrama

    Get the scoop from Gaji Lures!!

    Wow awesome Brah!!! Looks like killers to me!!!
  150. nodrama

    Improved 7'' Gaji Blueberry Cheesecake!

    WOW HOT as hell!!! Looks mean!!!
  151. nodrama

    Gaji 9" "FUSION" Flasher!!

    Wow mean looking lures!!! Like to see it after it gots smashed by all the fish you going catch!!!
  152. nodrama

    Gaji's are suited and ready for action

    Good going Brah and nice set!!!
  153. nodrama


    Awesome job Brian that's one fat Ono, and one very nice lure!!! HOT!!!
  154. nodrama

    A bunch of 7's! By Gaji Lures

    Hey Allan that's a VERY HOT set you made there!!! Great job! Does that come in all the sizes?
  155. nodrama

    Waianae 4/6/12

    Nice going on your fish. Thanks for the report!!!
  156. nodrama

    all smiles

    Nice fish Brian!!! Good going and nice to hear the boat and crew still got it :) !!!
  157. nodrama

    Hi Kai - Honolulu side of the Banks

    Russel and Crew, nice catch, happy for you that you got to go out and catch fish!!!
  158. nodrama

    11" BAIT HAS LIFE!!!!

    Awesome, mean!!! How can I buy some!!!
  159. nodrama

    full body bait in da works

    NICE!!! Looks good to me!
  160. nodrama

    Where did Gaji Lure Threads Go?

    Sorry to here about all the drama Allan!!! Maybe they afraid or jealous that you get so many post. But hey if the lure head works then you going get more business right? Keep up the awesome work and great lure heads!!!
  161. nodrama

    4-1-2012 HH bouy

    Thank Randy
  162. nodrama

    Sunday April 1 Banks Report

    Good going on your mahi's
  163. nodrama

    Palm Sunday

    Pat and Crew great job on your fish to bad on the Ahi, next time I'm sure you'll get um!!! Until then tight lines my friend!!!
  164. nodrama

    2 for Pops

    Good going!!!
  165. nodrama

    Kaneohe 4/1

    Nice catch!!!
  166. nodrama

    Re-Posted Gaji 9" Flashers WITH WINGS!

    Wow Allan they look AWESOME!!! Love the wings man!!!
  167. nodrama

    9 inch gaybob and black blue

    Nice work you did there!!!
  168. nodrama

    Gaji Flasher gets trashed by Wahoo

    Capt. Tom, good going on your catch!!! And yes Gaji Lures make some awesome lure heads!!!
  169. nodrama

    Fish for the Birthday boy!

    Jeff good going on your Mahi's and taking a new friend fishing! Have a good one!!!
  170. nodrama

    7" Gaji "GOOD KARMA" Lure!!

    Awesome bro!!! Nice skirts. Fish better watch out good Karma whith that head!!! Go get um!!!
  171. nodrama

    Kaneohe Report... 3/31...

    At least you guys got back safely!!! Great driving Capt.
  172. nodrama

    Half the monkey off the back!

    Good going on the Aku's to bad on the fish head!!! Next time you'll get um!!!
  173. nodrama

    Hawaii Kai 3/30

    Nice fish!!!
  174. nodrama

    South Side Mahi's

    Good going on your mahi's. To bad on the engine trouble, hope you get it fixed soon!
  175. nodrama

    Kaneohe 3/2/12

    Awesome guys, nice catch!!! And hot lures for sure!!!
  176. nodrama

    new line up for spring

    Good luck with the new arsenal!!!
  177. nodrama

    Sunday School - 2-26-2012

    Good going, nice fish!!!
  178. nodrama

    2-25-2012 Koolina Report

    Awesome video Nick. That was classic!!!
  179. nodrama

    KANEOHE 2/25

    Capt Don and Crew, great job on all your fish! Capt. Hope you get better soon.
  180. nodrama

    Kona Grander - Linda Sue III

    Awesome, just awesome!!! Congrats to Capt. and Crew!
  181. nodrama

    Aloha from Afghanistan

    Congrats on a nice boat and thanks again for what you do so we can sleep good at night and still go fishing!
  182. nodrama

    Troy's Mahi (2/14/12)

    Good going on a nice size Mahi congrats again.
  183. nodrama

    1st and 2nd trip of 2012

    Walt glad to see you back at catching fish! To you and the crew great way to start the season!
  184. nodrama

    2/14/12, Nice bull mahi to start the trolling season

    Good going Bob nice Mahi's!
  185. nodrama


    Nice job! Good going!
  186. nodrama

    1st trip of the year

    Garrett and crew nice going on the fish. Better then 0 for 8!!!
  187. nodrama

    Waianae 2/10/12

    Nice catch, good going.
  188. nodrama

    in da boat!!!!

    Good going!
  189. nodrama


    Awesome job you guys did! Great first trolling catch. Now you got the fever like the rest of us! Good luck on your next outings.
  190. nodrama

    First trip of 2012

    Brandon, good going nice fish you caught there.
  191. nodrama


    Pat and Nerlie, nice going on the shibi's, sounds like you guys had a fun 2 days of fishing. Congrats again!
  192. nodrama

    waianae 2/4

    Good going on your catch
  193. nodrama

    Waianae 2/04/12 and more.

    WOW, awesome pics and nice catches! Your dad has the biggest smile, that's totally awesome!!!
  194. nodrama

    Good Sat. morning on the Windward side

    Matt, good going on all your fish.
  195. nodrama

    2-4-2012 Good bye 2012 Monkey w/VIDEO

    Capt, Nick, and Crew, awesome catch and congrats on getting the monkey off the back early!!!
  196. nodrama


    Nice fish! Awesome smiles!!!!
  197. nodrama

    Hawaii Kai 1/20/12

    Nice shibi's and mahi. Good going.
  198. nodrama

    33' kamicraft ready to do some damage

    Capt Don very awesome boat you got there. Great catches for you and the crew in 2012!!!
  199. nodrama


    Capt. Pat another great catch for you. Keep on killin it out there. Great job again. Hope I can make some time to get back out and catch some fish soon. Anyways greate job again.
  200. nodrama

    Found net, lost all my ice

    Nice. Awesome job guys!
  201. nodrama

    Kaneohe 1/21/12

    Nice catch, good going.
  202. nodrama

    waianae 1/15

    Maybe next time. At least you got the strikes.
  203. nodrama

    Mixed Bag

    Congrats on a very good start for 2012. Keep it up.
  204. nodrama

    Kaneohe 1/12/12 MM & U.

    Good going on some nice fish.
  205. nodrama

    fishing report LL 01JAN12

    Andy and crew, way to start the new year. Good going.
  206. nodrama

    looking for new years fish

    Thanks Pat, I had to work hard cause the bouy was packed but Kobe is a real trooper. Congrats again on your awesome double Ahi day.
  207. nodrama

    looking for new years fish

    Thanks Brian, mission accomplished! It was packed. I think some of them stayed overnight. They crazy if they did it was COLD.
  208. nodrama

    Kaneohe 12/31

    nice fish. have a good and safe one.
  209. nodrama

    looking for new years fish

    Kobe you killed it out there. Way to go. Hope you can come out more congrats again. Hope you dreaming about fishing.
  210. nodrama

    2 Mahi to end the year

    Mike and crew, great way to end the year with a couple of nice fish. Happy New Year
  211. nodrama

    AHI 12-30-11

    Great job Jimmy and crew. Nice way to end the year. Happy New Year with a lot of ratchets screaming in the up coming year.
  212. nodrama

    When the stars align...

    Awesome job on a pair of nice Ahi's. You guys are killing it out there, good going and Happy New Year!
  213. nodrama

    another 2011 buoy battle

    Great job guys. Way to go on a very rough day. Awesome catch.
  214. nodrama

    Ono and Shibi -- Dec. 23

    Good going!
  215. nodrama

    Kaneohe Report... 12/23...

    Way to stick it out. Good going on all your fish.
  216. nodrama

    12/16 When in rome-N

    Good going guys. Way to go after the fish.
  217. nodrama

    Hawaii kai/ T buoy

    Good going on all your fish.
  218. nodrama

    12/14 buoy action

    Good going on your catch.
  219. nodrama

    Great day fishing

    Nice job on the shibi's. Must have been a fun day.
  220. nodrama

    Waianae 12/4

    Courtland, Nice hebi, good grinds for sure. Good going.
  221. nodrama

    KANEOHE 12/06

    Capt Don and Crew, That there is some awesome rumbling. Good going on some bloody decks.
  222. nodrama

    Following the Kaneohe Rainbow 12/7

    Justin and crew, Good job on a great catch, way to go.
  223. nodrama

    KANEOHE 12/9 ROUND 3

    Stoney and Paul, Great job on the maiden voyage. Sounds like you'er now a Jedi like your teacher. The boat looks great. Good going again and many more bloody decks in the future.
  224. nodrama

    Kaneohe 12/4/11 Great time!!

    Good going on all your fish.
  225. nodrama

    Triple otaru on Gaji's

    Brian Nice fish bro, good going.
  226. nodrama

    kaneohe: right place right time

    Randay and crew, good day on the water. Congrats on all your fish.
  227. nodrama

    Kaneohe Battle

    Capt Bart and Crew, great job on all your fish, must have been a very memorable day for sure.
  228. nodrama

    KANEOHE 12/03

    Capt Don and Crew, Glad to hear you guys still rumbling on the windward side. Very nice catch for sure. Good going and keep rumbling.
  229. nodrama

    11-13-11 Couldn't close the deal...

    Pat and Nerlie sorry to hear about the lost fishes. Next time you'll get um. Thought I saw you on the outside I was on the inside with the 10 other boats, no takers for us in the puka heads. Thanks for the report.
  230. nodrama


    Pat and Crew nice blue and nice pic of the lure. Love the BMF on the head.
  231. nodrama

    Mahi on the 12' Makai Video

    Shaun and crew, Nice mahi and thanks for the great video.
  232. nodrama

    103011 Halalu and beyong...

    Capt. Nerlie and Pat great job on the nice ahis glad to hear you guys still killin it out there good job again tight lines.
  233. nodrama


    Pat great job on the Ahi to bad on the lost ahi's glad to hear you still catching fish.great job again.
  234. nodrama

    trip over to Molokai

    nice catch, good going.
  235. nodrama

    Mahi Molokai 10-10

    good going nice mahi you got there.
  236. nodrama

    waianae still get fish!

    Good going on the mahi's. Even better that your girl loves it, her smile says it all!
  237. nodrama

    Ahi's westside

    Pupule, thanks yes my partner and I will always remember that day. Best day on that boat for me too. Still dreaming about it.
  238. nodrama

    10/3 marlin

    Good going and thanks for the report. Nice to have friend that will go out of their way for you to help when needed, props to them.
  239. nodrama

    Kaneohe Marlin

    Scott and Crew nice marlin and great video. Good going.
  240. nodrama

    Ahi's westside

    Thanks everyone on the very kind words. Good luck and tight lines with reels screaming.
  241. nodrama

    first marlin

    congrats on your first but not last marlin. good going.
  242. nodrama

    Ahi Triples!

    Kaisha Congrats on your fish it was an awesome day (1 to remember)
  243. nodrama

    Ahi's westside

    Hi BD'ers sorry for the late report and a lot of things to do with the fish boat and most important Family duties. Thanks Lois for the post of pics and taking the pics. My friend Tim asked to go fishing along time ago but i had to get my house ready for my new baby. call him and told him if he...
  244. nodrama

    KANEOHE 8/28

    Capt. Don and Crew nice job on the mix bag of fish. Awesome job gang!!!!!!
  245. nodrama

    Thanks to an awesome crew!!

    Good going on all your fish and congrats to you and crew on the first place marlin. Yes it does help to have a good crew. Great job again.
  246. nodrama


    Congrats on your first but now last Ahi. Now with da fever got to get number two and so on. Great job again.
  247. nodrama

    Spearfish, Ahi, Lost Marlin - 8-20-'11

    Mike and Gary, Great day on the water. Nice fish for sure. Good going.
  248. nodrama

    KANEOHE 8/10

    Capt. Don and Stoney, Good going on your fish. Way to go get um in da rough water.
  249. nodrama

    Waianae 13 August

    Chuck, Good going on your fish. Nice Ahi for sure, good going again and tight lines.
  250. nodrama

    Waianae 8/6 n b4

    Way to go on your marlin and ono's. Good luck in school.
  251. nodrama

    Hello from the Maggie Joe

    Awesome video, thanks for sharing.
  252. nodrama

    7-23-2011 Lucky Catch

    Nick and Crew, sorry to hear about your last trip, I would have a bad taste in my mouth too (major bad dreams). Good going on the ahi, and thanks for the report.
  253. nodrama

    HH ahi

    Congrats on your ahi. Good going. Water must have been smoking up there?
  254. nodrama

    Strike Two!

    Jimmy to bad on the miss strikes. Next time you'll stick um. At least you got the strikes.
  255. nodrama

    Waianae 7/8/11 Mercy... and then more mercy

    Randy, nothing wrong with the mercy ono and to get the second one at the end of day just made the day more sweet. Good going on a great catch.
  256. nodrama

    7/3/11 Kaneohe Side

    JD and crew good going on some fat Otaru's. Hope that leg problem isn't to bad. Good going again.
  257. nodrama

    Waianae 7-4-11

    Good going on your fish.
  258. nodrama

    Otaru's Galore

    Good going on your fish, to bad on that missed ahi. Good going again.
  259. nodrama

    Waianae 7/5

    Freddie, Randall and crew, Great job on the fish. Next time he'll get that screamer. The smile on Freddie's face says it all. Congrats again.
  260. nodrama

    Ahi with video! 6/29/11!!

    Great job on the solo ahi and video. AWESOME.
  261. nodrama

    waianae Sat 7/2

    Garrett and crew good going on your fish.
  262. nodrama

    Kaneohe 2 JUL and the Magic Man

    Good going on your fish.
  263. nodrama

    06/30/2011 - Victory at Sea!!!!!!!!

    Russell and Crew Great job on your ahi and getting that big gorilla off your back. Nice to have friends out there to keep you going.Again great job on your fish.
  264. nodrama


    Scott, good job on the ono and aku. Sorry to here about the two guys at the harbor, but next time you'll get um. Thanks for the report.
  265. nodrama

    getting rid of those rusty hooks!!!

    Nice going, good job on the mahi"s.
  266. nodrama

    part 1 north shore 6/12

    Garret nice going on the marlin. Looks like the top is working well for you. Good going again and thanks for the report.
  267. nodrama

    Hawaii Kai 6/13/11

    Kekoa and crew nice going on all the fish. Marlin brine looks good. Thanks for the report. Keep on killin it.
  268. nodrama

    Victor - 06/02/2011

    Good going and thanks for the report. Keep on killin it.
  269. nodrama

    Late start at Waianae!

    Glad to hear no one got hurt and the boat is ok, could have been worse. Well go get um next time.
  270. nodrama

    Seas was bad but....

    WOW good going guys.
  271. nodrama

    Got a new ride

    Awesome new ride you got there. Now you're ready to get in on the action, go get um. Best of luck to you and crew.
  272. nodrama

    Weekend Recap

    Kekoa and Crew, Great job on your first but not last Ahi for the year. Half day and the drinking now thats a good day.
  273. nodrama

    5-30-2011 Good times good fish w/Video

    Nick and Crew Great job on a big pig. Awesome vid. Great job again.
  274. nodrama

    Waianae- 5/30/2011

    Russ thanks for the report next time you'll get um. at least you got to go fishing and be on the water.
  275. nodrama

    luckey charms

    Brian and Crew, Nice job on the ono's. Great to see that you caught fish with your family way to go.
  276. nodrama

    Victor gives up some fish

    Good going on the aku and shibi's Looks like your boy had a great time. Good times and great grinds.
  277. nodrama

    Waianae Memorial Day

    Jimmy and Crew Nice mahi and lure. Thanks for the report, and good call on the leader woman. Hope i can get out there soon. The itch is bad need to get wet hahaha. Again good going.
  278. nodrama

    Late post waianae 5/14, 5/20

    Spencer and Crew Good going on your mix bag of fish. You'll get your ahi soon. Congrats again.
  279. nodrama

    No love

    Jus10, Thanks for the report. Yea its slow right now but hopefully it will get better, but thats what keeps us keep going back. Still waiting for ours one too.
  280. nodrama

    Shakin' it up on the shake down

    Pat and Crew, Nice going on that Ahi. No need to shake her down she's already ready to rock and roll.
  281. nodrama

    Waianae 5/20/2011

    Nice fish, good going.
  282. nodrama

    Banks 5/19

    Capt. Jerry and crew, Even if it was a slow day you guys still got to go fishing. sorry it was slow but next time you'll get um. Good going on the mahi. Better than white wash.
  283. nodrama

    Eastside Report 5/16/11

    Nice mix bag of fish. Good going again. Tight lines
  284. nodrama

    Haul Out...

    Pat nice going on the early morning ono, that one fat ono.
  285. nodrama

    Haleiwa 5-14

    Kipi Kai Glad to hear that people are willing to help. Spending the day fishing with your family must have been great. Great catch and good grinds.
  286. nodrama

    Fishing report 5.15.11

    JBoy nice Ahi. good going on your catch.
  287. nodrama

    Fishin with my cuz

    Thanks to everyone for the kind words. Kobe has been checking this sight out and is very grateful for the all of your encouragement. He also said to say thanks.
  288. nodrama

    5-14-2011 Found the Duck pile with Video

    Nice fish Nick good thing you got um or your dad wouldn,t let you hear the end of it (lol) Again nice going on getting the monkey off your back.
  289. nodrama

    5/15/11 Waianae

    Nice going on the double mahi's to bad on your first double. Awesome for a short day.
  290. nodrama

    Fishin with my cuz

    My cousin call and asked if he could come fishing with me. (he's been waiting since Jan, I think last time he fished with us) Told him lets go but only will be him and I. Left Waianae at about 5 went to the right found some fish at CO but the porpoise were killing us kept on takeing the fish...
  291. nodrama

    5-14-11 Late start + fish = winner!

    Congrats on the stripey and kawakawa.
  292. nodrama

    Bomboy Fishing the Ledge - 125lb Ahi

    Congrats on the Ahi hope he has more screamers.
  293. nodrama

    1st Ahi 2011, WBFC May Tourny Results

    Walt and crew, Good going on your catch (Ahi) thanks for giving all of us the fever. lol
  294. nodrama

    Waianae 5/14

    Nice going an the Ahi. Your friend will remember this trip forever.
  295. nodrama

    Hawaii Kai - April 26

    Jerry and crew Good going on your mahis. Late start and came in early thats the way.
  296. nodrama

    waianae 4/26

    Spencer and crew Great job on your catch. Very nice ono you guys caught.
  297. nodrama

    - Easter Weekend

    Good job on the ono and shibis.
  298. nodrama

    Easter Weekend

    Pat and Nerlie, Great job on the Ono and AHI. Now you done it gave all of us the fever. Thanks for the report and great pics.
  299. nodrama

    Haleiwa 4-17-11

    MULTIPLES, now thats a good feeling. Great job on your catch.
  300. nodrama

    Banks Run 4/17/11

    Kekoa, Great job on a good catch. Plus late start and no line at the wash down, now thats a great day.
  301. nodrama

    Late start/short trip -04/18/2011

    Russ and Norm, Good job on your guys fish. Must be nice to go to your spot and catch fish, Norm must be happy. Again great job on a short day.
  302. nodrama

    4-16-2011 Waianae Report

    Great catch Nick, your dads friend must have been very happy to have caught all that fish on his first trip. Great job on all your guys fish.
  303. nodrama

    da aku killa eastside 4/17/11

    Good going on all of your fish your brother must have had a great time with the spinner.
  304. nodrama

    4-17-11 Creating a monster...

    Pat & Nerlie, Great job on targeting the fish. That must have been a awesome day. Better yet you got Nerlie hooked, (she already drained one of your biggest reels hahaha) Again good going on all you fish.
  305. nodrama

    Late post 2/20 Eastside donkey!

    Nice fish, good going.
  306. nodrama

    Waianae 19 & 21st FEB

    Walter and Crew, Great job on the shibis. maybe next time on the donkey.
  307. nodrama


    Good going Pat nice fish. Very nice pic too.
  308. nodrama

    "V" Producing

    Great job on all the fish.
  309. nodrama

    Waianae 2/19/11

    Jimmy and Crew, Nice job on the fish. Looks like it was a very fun day and lots of good grinds.
  310. nodrama

    2-19 Some Shibi's and Mahi's w/Video

    Nick and Crew, nice catch and awesome video.
  311. nodrama

    custom fish box?

    Plas tech see Ben
  312. nodrama

    Waianae feb 14

    Justin and Crew, great job on the fish. To bad on the miss screamer.
  313. nodrama

    Portlock/Kahala 2/16/11

    Nice and on the inside good going.
  314. nodrama

    2-13-2011 Waianae Yellowfin

    Nice fish. good going.
  315. nodrama


    Good going Pat and crew. nice stripeys.
  316. nodrama

    Good start 1/30/11

    Garrett and Crew, great job on the fish.
  317. nodrama

    1-22-2011 Found some fish w/Video

    Hey Nick, Nice video good going on your guys fish.
  318. nodrama


    Good going Pat, nice fish.
  319. nodrama

    Penguin Banks 1/15

    good going on the mahi and barracuda.
  320. nodrama

    Spearing - Three In One Shot!

    Congrats on your new family. Great triple you got there.
  321. nodrama

    Kona: mahimahi & shibi on fly & wife's first marlin!

    Mingo, Congrats on all your guys fish. must have been a great day with wonderful stories to remember. Good going again and tight line and many hookups.
  322. nodrama

    1-8-2011 town

    Thanks everyone for the kind words. My cousin is very hooked on fishing now. ( thats all he talks about) Also thanks to Capt. Rick for taking us fishing and showing Kobe a great time. We are truly grateful. To Pat, Rick said to tell you hi. He talks very highly of you, and again thanks for the...
  323. nodrama

    1/8/11 Town Mahimahi

    Steve, nice mahi you guys caught. The water in town was way better then at Waianae thats for sure. good going again.
  324. nodrama

    Bluefin tuna video insane

    Thats just insane.
  325. nodrama

    1-8-2011 town

    Thanks guys I was trying to put it on the Hawaii fishing reports. I think I did. Well anyways thanks again Tight line and many hookups to everyone.
  326. nodrama

    1-8-2011 town

    Got to take my little cousin fishing for the day. (2nd time ever) We were going to launch from Hawaii Kai but I spoke to a friend (Rick) and he told me to jump on with them cause it might be rough cause of the west wind and surf. I jumped on that one quick so that my little cousin could get to...
  327. nodrama

    1-8-2011 town

    Got to take my little cousin fishing for the day. ( 2nd time ever) We were going to launch from Hawaii Kai but I spoke to a friend (Rick) and he told me to jump on with them cause it might be alittle rough cause of the west winds and surf, I jumped on that one quick so that my little cousin...
  328. nodrama

    1-8-2011 town

    Got to take my little cousin fishing for the day. ( 2nd time ever) We were going to launch from Hawaii Kai but I spoke to a friend (Rick) and he told me to jump on with them cause it might be alittle rough cause of the west winds and surf, I jumped on that one quick so that my little cousin...
  329. nodrama

    Rough Day in Waianae 1/8/2011

    Good going
  330. nodrama

    Haleiwa 2 January

    Capt. Chuck, good going on your fish (nice one). Great way to start the year. May you get many more hookups.
  331. nodrama

    Penguin Banks on 1/1/11

    Jerry, good going on your mahi,that must have been a good fight, too bad on the glass ball though.
  332. nodrama

    1-2-11 Mixed Bag and good ones...

    Pat and Crew, Great way to start the year congrats on the fish and most important the ahi. (nice) May you have many more to come. Good going again.
  333. nodrama


    Meeean, good going on the double Ahi. congrats again and Happy New Year.
  334. nodrama


    Great fish, good going. Have a Happy New Year
  335. nodrama

    New Years Shibi.....

    Congrats on your shibi. Have a Happy New Year.
  336. nodrama

    kaneohe 12/23

    Meeean way to go, AWSOME. Happy Holidays to you Family and crew.
  337. nodrama

    Missed Marlin

    Brian at least you took a strike. better luck next time.
  338. nodrama


    Grander, butter luck next time, at least you got to be on the water Happy Holidays.
  339. nodrama

    kaneohe 12/22 early x-mas present

    Good going nice fish. merry christmas
  340. nodrama

    KANEOHE 12/23 HANA HOU!!!!!!

    Capt. Don and crew, Nice fish Happy Holidays.
  341. nodrama

    Late report 12/16/2010 4 banger with video

    good going Nick, nice fish to bad on the 2 lost fish but the vid. was mean. congradz again, happy holidays.
  342. nodrama

    MM 12/18

    Good going on the shibis Glen and crew nice to know that there are people out there that go out of their way to help others out. ( Capt. Don you da man) Merry christmas and happy holidays.
  343. nodrama


    Good going Pat and crew on a very nice christmas fish. congrats again happy holidays.
  344. nodrama

    kanohe 12/13

    good going, nice fish.
  345. nodrama

    Waianae 12/17

    good going, nice fish.
  346. nodrama

    Waianae 5 & 12 December

    Good going on your fish Capt. Walt and crew.
  347. nodrama

    Makaha Mahi Mahi

    good going
  348. nodrama

    11-20-2010 Weke Ula Action

    Good going on the bottom fishing, nice catch.
  349. nodrama

    shmall kine

    good going nice fish
  350. nodrama

    I'm stoked

    Good going Ben. Congradtz
  351. nodrama


    Nice fish, good going Capt. and young crew
  352. nodrama

    nice one's!

    good going Capt.
  353. nodrama

    Saturday 10/30 Kaneohe

    Randy and Crew, Nice going on the shibi
  354. nodrama

    Waianae 31 OCT

    Walt and crew, Nice going on the Mahi, to bad on the Marlin maybe next time. Thanks for the report.
  355. nodrama


    Way to go Pat and crew, thanks for the report and giving us guys some hope. Good going again.
  356. nodrama

    Super Sunday

    nice catch way to killum :2gunsfiring_v1:
  357. nodrama

    130 lb. ulua from beach!!

    MEEEEAN!!!!!!!! Good going, first fish and 130lbs wow.
  358. nodrama

    Waianae 12 Sep 2010

    good going on a nice fish congratz.
  359. nodrama

    9/11 & 9/4

    good going Pat, nice fish on both trips.
  360. nodrama

    Beginners Luck

    wow nice report to bad on the lost fish, but a very memorable ride and good going on the papio and uku.
  361. nodrama

    First Solo and First Donkey!!!!!!!

    congratz Brian, nice fish and solo! awsome dude
  362. nodrama

    Fishing report

    good going on the mix bag and only on 2 poles great job.
  363. nodrama

    west side report 8-28-10

    sorry to hear that the fishing was slow, but now you can regroup and kill it next trip.
  364. nodrama

    waianae report 8-22-10

    Thanks alot everyone hope everyone has great days on the water. tight lines and good hookups.:hali_olutta:
  365. nodrama

    kaneohe report 8/25

    good going CaptDon, thanks for the report.
  366. nodrama

    Waianae 8-26-2010

    good going on that fish, and thanks for the report.
  367. nodrama

    Waianae 8/26/10

    good going on that fish. Thanks for the report.
  368. nodrama

    Sponson for my boat. Any recommendations?

    Ben at Plas Tech probly can help you out
  369. nodrama

    waianae report 8-22-10

    Left the harbor dark, got out to the 1500 and set lines ran up toward KoOlina and found some birds. Couldn't stay long as the wind picked up fast and I had a friend that never been trolling before. Turned the boat down sea and worked back in. About half and hour later center goes off and sort...
  370. nodrama


    Good going on the big catch, great write up congrats again.
  371. nodrama

    Waianae 8/21/10

    Hey Scott thanks for the report and good going on getting your bro hooked up, now he's ready for the next one.
  372. nodrama

    8-22-2010 Giant Bird Pile, Otaru and Mahi Mahi With Video

    good going Nick nice fish, think we saw you out there we took a triple in the pile but lost all three. Saw some AHI's jumping out of the water.
  373. nodrama

    First Marlin

    Good going Brandon and Crew, nice first marlin with many more to come. Now go get the yellow guy and get rid of the fever.
  374. nodrama

    Waianae 8/20/10

    Good going Mike, Congradz on a nice fish. Sorry about the broken rod though.
  375. nodrama


    Blue Samon, plumb, orange\yellow\white worked for us. good luck
  376. nodrama

    Waianae flotilla

    Nice catch Kekoa, 2 bad on the lost Marlin and lure, but nice save on the Ahi in the end congrats again oh yea and nice bull to start the day.
  377. nodrama

    Aug.17 2010

    Well we went to Waianae, left the harbor at 430am headed to the 1500. Set lines at 530am got first aku at 550am (18lbs),second aku at about 600am (22lbs), Set lines again and third strike Hanapaa Chad tells me this is the one (Ahi). cleared lines and fight is on. 1 hour later fish is on the side...
  378. nodrama

    8-15-2010 Koolina Tadpole with Video

    great catch and nice vid. good going
  379. nodrama

    waianae 8/9

  380. nodrama

    waianae 8/9

    Wow meen, on the inside good for you and crew. been checking out this sight getting all J. Hope one day I will be able to post some good scoops for all of you. Congrats again.