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    The Paragon

    Been there. Just not in the same dimensions..
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    Westport Tuna 30 July

    This is sounding a lot like the A7 "King" season
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    Miss Manners Raises Her Ugly Head

    @Dash One So True! Maybe a good ol' Clorox vs Tin debate like old times eh Jay? I sure haven't stopped smartassing every post I can.. BTW! Have you checked your zincs lately? I hear welds CAN fail...
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    Welds broke on boat

    I wouldn't settle for anything less than another boat.
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    Welds broke on boat

    Yes but there were no modifications done to that boat.. LOL
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    Westport Tuna 30 July

    Inslee said Due to Covid-19 there will be no Tuna fishing off the WA coast
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    Found crab pot protocol

    I have been warned by WDFW once and that's all it took. I leave it alone.
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    WTB; 23-28' boat

    Don't listen to these guys! They're just spending your hard earned money. Get the boat you can afford. Then come back and post about how much fun you're having.. :Zombie_Ro
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    :hali_ruahahaha: nothing like that at all.. Sort of.
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    Barrracuda Spotted

    Didn't. We fished HARD for 3 days to land 1 keeper. We did have a great time staying out on Lopez though. Was there a Hewes Craft convention going on? At last count I had 9 that day. Great picture Geoff!
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    2019 parker 2120

    This may have been the funniest thread I ever read! Thanks everybody but especially @tdkguideservice You da man!
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    Gasp! A Area 7 Fish report!

    We Killed it July 3rd. All day rain and fish on every pass, but the 5th we stunk up the place with nearly a strike all day! Crazy start but keep chuggin! Great photos guys!
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    WP Slip available

    If I saw this a few weeks ago my summer plans would be completely different.
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    Don’t try this at home. Safety first

    How did you get the magnet up there??
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    Kicker comparison Prokicker vs. Yamaha

    I saved a bit of coin going to Oregon, but I don't mind a road trip. I did learn that some shops will give you better service if you bought it from them...
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    Kicker comparison Prokicker vs. Yamaha

    I have owned both and prefer the Yamaha. I really liked the straps on the merc that kept the motor straight when tilted up but I wasn't a fan of the integrated shifter throttle. I had a catastrophic failure occur, for some reason the engine got stuck in a high idle. When we twisted the handle it...
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    Great Fathers day weekend

    Nice work! I've been hearing good reports coming from Neah.
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    Road trip 2020

    Costco for booze in Cali
  19. Barracuda1

    best shrimp bait for a rookie?

    Agreed! All this mad scientist stuff is insane and time consuming. But! If you only have a 4hr window I totally get all the effort. The pellets alone will catch them and you can soak the pots longer.
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    Time for a Pot Puller

    Curios to hear about a disco bay issue as well. I got excellent customer support and I love the power and speed.
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    2X Scotty 1106B new in box

    Ya those are junk! If I didn't already have 3 and a supply of vagisil I'd ask for a better deal and take em off your hands.
  22. Barracuda1

    Etec’s toast....

    The "what's the better outboard" debate continues... Truth is they ALL have their very own pros and cons. What I got out of this article was: Glad I didn't recently buy an Etec and "market leader Mercury Marine" :D
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    2005 Cadillac SRX

    Not sure why I was expectin a hoopty!
  24. Barracuda1

    Chevy Wheels

    Sold to Mr. Coleman!
  25. Barracuda1

    Chevy Wheels

    Mark's first in line
  26. Barracuda1

    Chevy Wheels

    2500-HD Goodyear Wrangler LT267/70R 17 All lug nuts and caps. Located in Lynden. $400.00
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    Scupper Source

    So fking sick of the ping pong noise! I'll try em.
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    no black mouth fishing at all in much of Puget SOund in 2021

    If you guys would read the rules on the main page instead of jumping in the "reports section" (which should be dissolved IMHO) You would learn all kinds of interesting shit. The blackmouth closure is a bummer for sure..
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    Westport to anacortes 4/13

    Were you guys chucking corona bottles overboard??
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    N 95 masks

    Not even close!
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    Best video ever. Fuckers

    Rockstars! I love the return of the cigar dude!
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    Sunday Funday

    Pulled 4 bushes in the yard and went to the grocery store. Donning my N-95 and nitriles of course. I'm fucking sick of this shit! What a drag
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    Joining the 30' plus club (New NR 3100SXL build)

    I hope you get to fish! Looks good tho
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    Gotta love this place

    You gotta give it to them for creativity. Trying to keep your business alive and people employed is a good thing!
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    Fishing closure statewide

    This is nuts! I love to fish as much as anyone of you but the death toll is too real to deny. This thing is fucking scary. I'd rather stay home for a while than risk exposing my family to this shit. I got plenty of fish in my freezer and plenty of crap to do around the house. See you all when...
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    Loop prop

    $36.000 after you replace the 1'st set. :oops: Too soon? Sorry John. I've been couped up for days now. I gotta get out and do something productive
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    Holy crap.

    I get all my up to date news and statistical data right here. There are more know-it-all's on just about anything on BD! "Your source for news" Just don't mention weather!
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    Holy crap.

  39. Barracuda1

    LaPush closing..

    Canada is closed
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    Just thinking out loud

    This was better than fishing reports this morning.
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    OP Derby

    And there it is... Sorry John. That's more than a little bud. Bent Shafts with no engine damage? How certain is that?
  42. Barracuda1

    OP Derby

    There's got to be something to this story that's not being shared..
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    Corona Virus 🖕🏾

    Margarita Virus?
  44. Barracuda1

    Brutha needs some support

    Hang in there Larry!
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    SJI tour

    We trolled past you at Thompson/Parker. Your kids were having a great time hoopin and hollerin on the deck. Enjoy that age.
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    First time making pipes

    Your post would get better traction in the correct page. Try the main page.
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    Thursday 27th area 7

    Nice catch Andy congrats! Ease up on specifics tho let the newbs and trolls figure it out for themselves.. Patrick. Everyone knows that stinky ass shit doesn't work. LOL
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    Scotty #1091 Longarm Manual Downrigger w/ 60-Inch Telescopic Boom

    No ped mount. Sorry no ship too much hassle.
  49. Barracuda1

    Scotty #1091 Longarm Manual Downrigger w/ 60-Inch Telescopic Boom

    Used but in great shape. I kept this on my boat as a spare for years and definitely came in handy a few times. Spooled with Scotty Braid. 175.00
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    BC saltwater (MA121) license dealer?

    Can't you just purchase online??
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    Joining the 30' plus club (New NR 3100SXL build)

    Congrats! There's some sharkhide for sale in the classifieds.
  52. Barracuda1

    Downrigger Upgrade

    But hey! Maybe no one will jack em if they ain't Scotty's
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    Friday Harbor Salmon Classic 2020

    Insert volleyball scene here! LOL Good luck boys!
  54. Barracuda1

    Preparing for first trip to Neah/Seiku

    What is going on here?? It's like walking in on your buddy bangin your sister and offerin him a beer...
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    Rockfish Release Success!!! | Raymarine Screen Shots

    Very cool to see the result. The Seaqualizer is super easy to use.
  56. Barracuda1

    Fish death

    Well. When only get to retain 1 freakin salmon you might as well get the best product you can...
  57. Barracuda1

    Do you top shot?

    This was my thinking too. Thanks everyone for the info and opinions.
  58. Barracuda1

    Do you top shot?

    That's pretty much what I was thinking too. Thanks for the info
  59. Barracuda1

    Do you top shot?

    You're right. Not for salmon fishing. I only use mono for trolling
  60. Barracuda1

    Do you top shot?

    How much do you add. I was thinking about 20 yds of 40lb mono over 65lb braid.
  61. Barracuda1

    Do you top shot?

    Why and for what
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    Cannon Optimum Downriggers

    Keep your finger on the up button in A7 or you might as well just throw em overboard right away..
  63. Barracuda1

    Friday Harbor Classic Uber?

    There's a great ferry system in place... Just a suggestion
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    Only turn 40 once…

    This reads kinda funny.. I sounds like you booked a fishing trip to AK expecting to catch something other than Salmon, Halibut, Lingcod and Rockfish. LOL
  65. Barracuda1

    Shark Hide

    I said warrior John... You fall more into the "warlord" category. Plenty of bling bling tinny's on here. If I was closer I'd buy it.
  66. Barracuda1

    Only turn 40 once…

    I'll be in Sitka this year... Too much going on for CR. Next year
  67. Barracuda1

    Sportsman Show 2020

    Portland is much bigger and..... You can walk around with a beer!
  68. Barracuda1

    I got some grinding to do

    This sounds like Harbercraft/Kingfisher type issues! LOL Seriously though I followed the goats advise on this one.
  69. Barracuda1

    It’s cold out

  70. Barracuda1

    Sportsman Show 2020

    Seattle Friday Puyallup Saturday. We're making a weekend out of it. I'll most likely book for LaPaz but I got a second trip to look for. Maybe Costa Rica.... Unless a new boat is in the works that blows vacations away.
  71. Barracuda1

    Well shit....

    If you (need) to have it in the up position for clearance, bungee or ratchet strap the lower unit down towards the trailer. This should eliminate the bounce. I'm sure you can find a replacement bracket on Ebay. Good luck
  72. Barracuda1

    It was a great day, turned bad

    Icemelter.. LOL :hali_ruahahaha: You gotta be kidding me!! This is disgraceful! I've never heard of a fishing contest where winners don't get paid right away. This is why the entry fees are getting so high. With so much hype for the WTC on this board they better get to paying these guys. Make...
  73. Barracuda1

    Kingfisher 2528 Weekender/Destination search

    Way to squash dreams guys. :confused: I think he went running for the hills. I know you're trying to help a guy out though. Jim! You better seek out the ol' zinc thread on here if you're buying a thin boat. My .02
  74. Barracuda1

    Coldwater 35' Pilothouse Build

    Nice boat Barry!!
  75. Barracuda1

    New format bonus

    I like that it's still free but should be members only. LOL
  76. Barracuda1

    Transporting Cummins diesel

    This thread is funny
  77. Barracuda1

    Transporting Cummins diesel

    X2 on a towing company. Most reputable ones do this all the time.
  78. Barracuda1

    Trailer brakes?

    I only expect 4 seasons out of a complete brake system
  79. Barracuda1

    Document or Register??

    Another convert from tin! LOL Those Farrallon Boats are sweet. Congrats Kim!
  80. Barracuda1

    It is done

    I've always liked the lines on the Albin's Very classy ride. Congrats
  81. Barracuda1

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Your dog made me smile this morning. I feel like the elf..
  82. Barracuda1

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    To all you BD knuckleheads!
  83. Barracuda1

    Made an app

    Way to go guys..... Scared off another one. Geez! It's a good thing BD is not members only LOL
  84. Barracuda1


    Tickets are selling fast Mark! Good luck in this new venture. I can't wait to see it person.
  85. Barracuda1

    Sea Magazine (producers of the Fred Hall Shows) shutting down!

    I guess I shoulda hit the FH show last year...
  86. Barracuda1

    Heart attacks and bigger boats

    Agreed on the charter comments. Incidentally I know someone who just sold one for around 15, but it wasn't in the condition yours is.
  87. Barracuda1

    Wounded warrior services offered

    Gather a few like minded and get in touch with they can get things going for your group in an organized manner.
  88. Barracuda1

    For All You Desk Jockies

    Oh! Lighten up Francis.. LOL You have an awesome workshop there. I was banking on fishing in those years but I may have to find a different hobby..
  89. Barracuda1

    Yamaha CL7 display — worth it?

    Plus how cool is it to have another display! C'mon it's just money...
  90. Barracuda1

    Got her Bloody

    Cool boat! Congrats!
  91. Barracuda1

    42' defiance?

    Congrats Mark!
  92. Barracuda1

    Fishing the San Juan islands

    When you get up here there are endless resources for Intel for the asking. Just keep the specifics off the www and you'll be fine
  93. Barracuda1

    Fuel Tank Fabricators?

    Coastline X3
  94. Barracuda1

    Shark Hide

    Shocked none of the tin warriors haven't jumped on this yet. Great deal.
  95. Barracuda1

    WTB Halibut Harpoon

    Yeagers Bham cheap
  96. Barracuda1

    Kicker wouldn't start

    Sitting is the worst for these motors. Anti corrosion spray and lube is the best PM to ward off the bad juju.
  97. Barracuda1

    RIP Tunahore

    Sad news. Condolences to his family and friends
  98. Barracuda1


    I use a Masterbuilt strictly for fish and love it.
  99. Barracuda1

    Downrigger advice

    Unless a shop is gonna work on it same day (and maybe even then) I would strip it clean. Sorry you got jacked tho. As far as the DR's If I was buying new it would be the 2106's but that being said I love the simplicity and the durability I've enjoyed with my 1106's
  100. Barracuda1

    The perfect use ratio... 50%blowjobs 50%fishing

    Wow! That's a lot of ass kissing.. It is a nice ride tho.
  101. Barracuda1

    Best tool for the job?

    Must be winter. I don't trust that fucking groundhog as much as I do BD.
  102. Barracuda1

    Anyone have any RR Spikes they want to sell?

    I thought the stickers were factory standard on the Prius?
  103. Barracuda1

    Cannon Digi Troll 10 Downrigger issues

    Scotty. Sorry. I had to.
  104. Barracuda1

    Checkin in

    Welcome to Bellingham! Your just in time! Old poster but the message is still the same....
  105. Barracuda1

    Best 22-23' Walkaround Boat?

    I know someone selling a Robalo 2440 if you're interested I'll PM the info.
  106. Barracuda1

    In case you have't heard.. Coho rule change

    It is what it is... get out there and do what damage you can before it's all done
  107. Barracuda1

    In case you have't heard.. Coho rule change

    Yup! the October Coho were always the best
  108. Barracuda1

    In case you have't heard.. Coho rule change

    Limit reduced to 1 coho salmon daily in most Puget Sound marine areas Action: Reduces the daily limit for coho salmon to one. Effective date: Monday, Sept. 23, 2019. Species affected: Coho salmon. Locations: Marine areas 5 (Sekiu and Pillar Point), 6 (East Juan de Fuca Strait), 7 (San Juan...
  109. Barracuda1

    Chasing 2019’s summer!

    Looks like a pretty damn good summer to me! Well done Casey
  110. Barracuda1

    Weekday Fishing Buddy Needed - Free and you call dibs on the catch

    Just a suggestion on this whole 2 threads worth. Some of my best fishing buddies have been made this way. By inviting others on your boat you get a chance to meet new people and learn new strategies for targeting fish. Sometimes the techniques learned become an invaluable resource for you...
  111. Barracuda1

    Illwaco fishing

    Wow! It's gotten tame around here.. The only burns I've read have been boat bashing. WTF? These newbs post up for #'s without any bashing? Go figure it out like the rest of us you leeches!
  112. Barracuda1

    92.9 KISM 92 Days of Summer

    Good luck! I've tried several times but I can't listen often enough to play well
  113. Barracuda1

    It has happened!

    White Coho Killer? LOL
  114. Barracuda1

    Where is the hotspot for Silvers and Humpies in Area 10 & 11

    If you fill the bird feeder you'll get more birds...
  115. Barracuda1

    1106 or 2106 ???

    Have you heard about the tuna cord?? LOL
  116. Barracuda1

    2 Open seats Ilwaco tuna tomorrow

    Well? How'd you do?
  117. Barracuda1

    New state record catfish - Lake Terrel 37#

    Pretty awesome last cast.
  118. Barracuda1

    150HP Repower Advice

    I think all the 4 strokes are great my previous boat had a Yamaha and I loved it. I've heard of a couple Yammi's that ate shit this season. The only issue I've had with my Merc was a plugged fuel filter. I have just over 600 hrs. I really like how quiet the Honda's are though... Maintenance...
  119. Barracuda1

    Advice? Packing gear for away trips.

    I don't plan on bringing much gear but I do wan't to pack rods and reels. Thanks for the info guys
  120. Barracuda1

    OH FOR PETE'S SAKE............(keeping it family friendly)

    I have to agree with the crowd here. Some projects are better done at home. It makes you more familiar with your boat. If I took my boat to the shop every time I would of given this up years ago. But then again if I had disposable income I wouldn't even wash my boat.. LOL
  121. Barracuda1

    Where was this sumbitch...

    Nice catch Chris!
  122. Barracuda1

    4200/5200 out on ice.

    Awesome! Thanks for the tip.
  123. Barracuda1

    Race for the Blue 2019

    They probably filled them cans at the Lynden Safeway or Bham Costco...
  124. Barracuda1

    Advice? Packing gear for away trips.

    Any additional charges for checking a 7 foot tube?
  125. Barracuda1

    Can I borrow a kill bag?

    Where's your gambling spirit boys?! LOL
  126. Barracuda1

    Advice? Packing gear for away trips.

    Keep it coming, so far so good. I have looked at rod tubes and have access to one from a friend. I do plan on packing reels in luggage but no lures. I really enjoy the live bait stuff. I have used gear on some boats that has been cheap but functional. Hey! I'm no gear snob but some of this stuff...
  127. Barracuda1

    Advice? Packing gear for away trips.

    I want to fish my own gear on trips to Mexico, Costa Rica etc.. Anyone have (REAL) experience doing this? Any suggestions?
  128. Barracuda1

    Kill or no kill

    Kill it! and eat it.
  129. Barracuda1

    Rod Dog Arches in Anacortes

    Agreed! I almost pulled the trigger for my NR before I traded her in. Quality stuff
  130. Barracuda1

    Where is the video?

    I got a lefty I fish with. Totally doing this!
  131. Barracuda1

    First family tuna run

    From the title I was expecting to see the Trump's but I would of got a tweet first. LOL Seriously though great post. You can't beat a good family outing when the fish cooperate. Congrats!
  132. Barracuda1

    1st Salmon

    Very good!
  133. Barracuda1

    Westport fuel dock etiquette

    "Salmon Dudes"? Speciesism is a form of discrimination based on species. C'mon Larry it's 2019! LOLLOL Seriously though it's tough to keep your cool around people like that. Fortunately they are a tiny percent of the boating community.
  134. Barracuda1


    Not the plugs. I think they all work great. Just the resurrected 8 yr old thread. We have been experiencing technical issues on BD lately.. Good on you for using the resource tho!
  135. Barracuda1


    Are we being punked? Where's Ashton K?
  136. Barracuda1

    Seahawks vs. Broncos

    There you go! Good choice!
  137. Barracuda1

    A7 Pink salmon tips?

    LOL You could troll flashers and spoons with divers as well. Who knows you might get more than pinks that way.. A few pinks have been caught on the north end this last weekend. Good luck!
  138. Barracuda1


  139. Barracuda1

    Where and what to fish for?

    Do yourself a favor and PM @MarkColeman or PM @Walker Inc. and enjoy some world class fishing.
  140. Barracuda1

    For those who enjoy and Edge of Craftsmanship

    Nice pocket knife Benjamin.
  141. Barracuda1

    This is killin’ Me

    I'm wayyyyy cooler with mine!
  142. Barracuda1

    Sad day- loss of a family member

    That sucks Pete. That's gotta be a tough one for his family at such a young age. My condolences to you and yours.
  143. Barracuda1

    We pick up hitchhikers!

    Poor starving Lingcod...
  144. Barracuda1

    MA7 Happy 4th oh July !!!!

    Nice Job! This is the 1st fourth I've missed in a few years. Congrats.
  145. Barracuda1

    BISON COOLER 75 Quart Large Double Insulated $200.00

    Well. That didn't work out.... OK, how about the first person that actually wants to purchase this awesome box step up. In other words still for sale! Also. I will be travelling down to Tacoma from Lynden on 7/12 so arrangements for delivery that far can be made.
  146. Barracuda1

    Interesting Launching Technique - Crab Opener

    My personal fav is the douche that waits to get to the launch before loading his gear on the boat. Packing pots one by one from his truck to the boat. Idiots!!
  147. Barracuda1

    Fish not from the ocean

    Was that seriously his first post!? Oh! nice job richardp.
  148. Barracuda1

    I'm hearing rumors of a huge halibut

    Fish checker showed me the pic on Saturday. F'ing awesome! That must of been a tug-o-war for sure. Congrats on possibly a once in a lifetime fish!
  149. Barracuda1

    Florida refit

    Hell ya! Full canvas? heat? Nice ride.
  150. Barracuda1

    whats with all the dark colored shirts for sale

    Looks like OJ finally got his hand in it.
  151. Barracuda1

    I'm hearing rumors of a huge halibut

    Saw a pic of a 200# class today brought into Coronet
  152. Barracuda1

    Time for new tabs

    Crap!!!!! :shithappens: Thanks for the reminder..
  153. Barracuda1

    Proper report

    Sure! You catch fish. Now turn your phone 90 degree when shooting video. What are you new?? Just kidding. Looks like a great time!
  154. Barracuda1

    Coho 2018 video

    Love it! The view looks familiar! Sometimes I miss that NR. Crazy fishy boat. Congrats
  155. Barracuda1

    Salmon fishing technique

    You can't mean me and my homies...
  156. Barracuda1

    Proper report

    Is that a Yelloweye?? LOL Nice haul and "proper" report.
  157. Barracuda1

    Airmar P66 Transducer - $50

    This came off my Raymarine
  158. Barracuda1

    Airmar P66 Transducer - $50

    Used Airmar in great condition. BEST OFFER! Original box with all paperwork and hardware included. PN# E66054
  159. Barracuda1

    Anyone Fishing MA10?

    Would be no problem in, let's say.... A 17' Arima??
  160. Barracuda1

    Scotty downrigger parts help

    That is the #1 wear part. Report back if you sources em
  161. Barracuda1


    Way to get after it!
  162. Barracuda1

    BISON COOLER 75 Quart Large Double Insulated $200.00

    This is the Brute before they became Bison (Exact Same) Been used once or twice to chill beer pop etc. This is an incredible American Made cooler. ✅ PREMIUM COOLING: Pressure-injected 2" thick lid and insulated walls for maximum ice retention. Double-wall silicone gasket for tight seal keeps...
  163. Barracuda1

    I’ve heard of junk in the trunk.!!!!!!

    Crazy Chris Crane Co. "We Deliver"
  164. Barracuda1

    23’ north river

    Wow! Took almost a year to sell such a sweet ride? Crazy. Congrats and good luck
  165. Barracuda1

    Help Me Find Tax Loopholes

    Welcome to Washington now :shakin: an take it :indabutt: This is one of, if not the most taxed of all states. They don't call it the Evergreed State for nutin
  166. Barracuda1

    Spotter aircraft this season???

    Sounds like a "drinkin and thinkin" idea.
  167. Barracuda1

    F'ing chipmunk

    I can't believe I read all of this. I enjoyed the comments section on the A24 video!
  168. Barracuda1

    Post your boat's fillet / bait table setup

    I built this to be super sturdy and so I could remove it but I haven't had a reason to.. These pics are from when it was under construction. I added a spring stop and a a door catch
  169. Barracuda1

    Using decent devises while halibut or bottom fishing

    PUSSY!!! Just kidding. LOL It's your choice
  170. Barracuda1

    F'ing chipmunk

    Cats can be pretty amazing. I once responded to a call, this lady had a rat come out of her toilet, she had it trapped in a spare room. My buddy saw that she had a cat. We took that cat into the room and as soon as he put it down that fucker beelined right for the place where the rat was hiding...
  171. Barracuda1

    New to Pacific Northwest. Looking for tips, suggestions, & recommendations

    Great intro! and in the correct section! (It had to be said) 6-pack charters? or contact @Walker Inc. on here. Welcome! and don't be thin skinned...
  172. Barracuda1

    Using decent devises while halibut or bottom fishing

    Call it out! My wife snapped this one as I was opening the jaws of my Seaqualizer. Once it was released we never saw it again. These devices work great and easy!
  173. Barracuda1


    I don't normally do the "Venting" posts but WTF! August has always been my favorite month of the year for salmon fishing and now it's gone. Probably for good! Who knows? They could just decide this is the answer and it's gone forever. Sorry! just sitting here looking forward to the summer season...
  174. Barracuda1

    Has anyone seen this pic?

    Shit. I like rock fish as much as anyone but if it's orange, it's going back. I don't need that drama for a fish. Especially when they got a dock full of halibut.. Dumbasses!
  175. Barracuda1

    Squalicum Harbor Boat launch parking?

    It's my home launch. Get there EARLY. Many took off Friday..
  176. Barracuda1

    Pot hauler

    Disco Bay. On my second season and lovin it. I don't know what your season is like and it's tough to justify the investment for a 4hr season but if you get a lot of time it's worth it.
  177. Barracuda1

    Hali June 6th in MA2

    Yay! Might as well fish in a bucket at home... There's no halibut in the straights this late IMO. Sorry. I suppose I should be grateful to our DFW benefactors but we need the season to begin earlier not extended later. At least we have a chance right?
  178. Barracuda1

    Canada fishing trip up for grabs

    Shit! We're booked that weekend sorry. That's an expensive lesson. Cash up front and they would still be going..
  179. Barracuda1

    Who's looking for a new to them boat?

    Remember them trying to shoot the buoy? Too funny! LOL
  180. Barracuda1

    No floaters!

    The Seaqualizer is awesome! 85% chance of survival and super easy to use.
  181. Barracuda1

    Constant request for “My Location”

    @Nookie Hooker Where you at Chris?? LOL
  182. Barracuda1

    Let the shit show begin!

    Shrimp opener usually means some unusual behaviors and actions. Let's all be careful and of course respectful of others out there. Lets go kill some bugz!
  183. Barracuda1

    Time Travel

    Kinda funny. Makes me feel dumb tho
  184. Barracuda1

    North of falcon lawsuit

    I wonder if this is a good thing for sporties or not.
  185. Barracuda1

    Neah Bay Halibut 5/2

    You obviously don't know the rules here. I guess we'll have to take you at your word. LOL
  186. Barracuda1

    Didn’t see a halibut report so...

    Ya. I called it no go Wed night. Starting to feel it after those days. Not worth a fish IMO. Bummer about the lack of fish for the opener. I heard a rumor someone landed a 115# but that was unsubstantiated..
  187. Barracuda1

    Next Tow Rig?

    Haters. If you had a 12yd dump truck you would use it too. Where are all you Ford guys now?? LOL
  188. Barracuda1

    WDFG Fee/license increase

    I hope this thread doesn't get deleted. Increase fees will happen, and you will pay. Period! Don't get me wrong. I don't blame you. I will too. Someday though, I hope we ALL really do stand together and make a statement about the state of sport fishing in Washington. Until then I guess we will...
  189. Barracuda1

    Looking for a Marina Operator

    4-10's! That means more fishing time! I know a few guys who might be interested. I'll send em his way Casey.
  190. Barracuda1

    A couple of ladner shrimp pots for sale

    I didn't even see a price! Wow!
  191. Barracuda1

    Another why aluminum is superior to fiberglass thread...

    That was San Juan Island! Another reason not to fish in A7....
  192. Barracuda1

    Another why aluminum is superior to fiberglass thread...

    You didn't address galvanic corrosion. LOL
  193. Barracuda1

    Down to last 2 Q Cove. Now what?

    Gibbs eh! You can't fish for salmon anymore anyway..
  194. Barracuda1

    Electric or propane heat?

    Great timing Steve. This years project is to look at alternative heat for the ranch when the power goes out. Thanks for the tip!
  195. Barracuda1

    Electric or propane heat?

    In the "Lynden house" I have Nat gas forced air with no back up. Which sucks if the power goes out. I have no other house, so I'm screwed that way too.. LOL
  196. Barracuda1

    North of Falcon Updates

    Yeah right! You know there's no fish in 13...
  197. Barracuda1

    Mutiny bay Halibut

    3 post out! Do we get a prize? That's gotta be some kinda record right??
  198. Barracuda1

    Edmonds has one less fish eater.

    Somebody tell that whale to come south and bring his buddies. We have some whales that need training.
  199. Barracuda1

    North of Falcon Updates

    I'm not hearing anything positive for sporties.
  200. Barracuda1

    Mutiny bay Halibut

    LOL Yes! It keeps the sensitive bitches out...
  201. Barracuda1

    Mutiny bay Halibut

    Go to the main page, read the rules, and post this "General Discussion" question in the appropriate section. When you land that big flatty. Come back here and post.
  202. Barracuda1

    +1 for Shockwave seats... -1 for Verado... Literally!

    Only thing missing was a cigar.. :smoking33: Some of you remember
  203. Barracuda1

    Bottom fishing report...Westport

    I heard the weather hasn't been cooperating, but you seem to be rolling with the punches. Nice work ARSC
  204. Barracuda1

    Misguided commitment

  205. Barracuda1

    Customer Appreciation Day at LFS Bellingham

    LFS get's about 90% of my tackle and boating business. Even without Zach and Ernie. But I do miss BS'n with those guys at the store.
  206. Barracuda1

    Some Advice on antenna and placement

    4' is a waste of time and money. Get the 8'er
  207. Barracuda1

    Save yourself a halibut day...

    every two seasons
  208. Barracuda1

    Necro threads rising

    This is why posting reports doesn't matter. 6 mos. later? so what! LOL
  209. Barracuda1

    Fuel and road-use taxes?

    Pac Pride. Not so. Just fill out the credit app. Just don't tell our Canadian friends. It's the only gas station up here I don't have to wait for them to fill up a veh and several jerry cans. LOL Awesome! Simple enough since I only use the Pac Pride account for my boat fuel. Thanks all.
  210. Barracuda1

    Fuel and road-use taxes?

    I switched to commercial fueling for the boat only (no ethanol) so I can get a statement for the year. This was one of the reasons for the switch. I'll report back how this goes
  211. Barracuda1

    Fuel and road-use taxes?

    The link is helpful thanks!
  212. Barracuda1

    Fuel and road-use taxes?

    I know this was hashed out a few seasons back but, does anyone bother to claim this on their taxes? and is it worth the hassle?
  213. Barracuda1

    Friends inflatable

    Throw in a neon compass rose?
  214. Barracuda1

    Outboard input

    Yamaha. Only because my old yamaha was awesome.
  215. Barracuda1

    Again boat crash

    Here! Here! Unfortunate but a good reminder about complacency Casey. Most of start out cautious and then a few of us stray. This is a tragedy that could of been avoided. My thoughts are with the family.
  216. Barracuda1

    Raymarine/DJI Drone Tuna Tower

    Nice! You're halfway there.
  217. Barracuda1

    SRKW in SoCal

    And learn to eat only Salmon, specifically Chinook...
  218. Barracuda1

    Fess Up....I'm sure some can relate?

    Dumb! or drunk.. That is all.
  219. Barracuda1

    Winter into Spring...2019

    Awesome! but you sound ready to give up? It's not over yet..
  220. Barracuda1

    8lbs 9oz Fisher....

    Bring him out with you. I guarantee they won't ticket you when they see him. Congrats!
  221. Barracuda1

    Don’t be afraid to make that call

    Good reminder! and smart move. Thanks.
  222. Barracuda1

    OBX giant bluefin

    Very cool! That would be an awesome experience. Congrats!
  223. Barracuda1

    ...and it’s over.

    I hear ya! 2 blocks of Prawns, 10 lbs or so of YFT, 2 lbs of crab and about 1000 lbs of Salmon.. (sarcasm) really only about 50 but the white fish is gone!!
  224. Barracuda1

    Islander mr3 gold $325

    A friend of mine was gonna text you. GLWS
  225. Barracuda1

    Islander mr3 gold $325

    Gimme 10 min.
  226. Barracuda1


  227. Barracuda1

    First Timer: Eastern Bank Halibut

    Relax homie! This is the www! I suppose if you think you want every jack knob following you around cause you think you're a BFD then by all means post up your favorite color undies too. Jeez!
  228. Barracuda1

    First Timer: Eastern Bank Halibut

    John needs to pay BD for all the recommendations mentioned on here.. oh well. It keeps you off my spots.
  229. Barracuda1

    Area 7 Love

    Solid report! No oversell and pics to prove. Congrats. It's been hit n miss lately
  230. Barracuda1

    Just a tip

    I'm never buying anything from you. LOL
  231. Barracuda1

    Happy Saint Patrick's Day.

    Transducer change won't stop me!
  232. Barracuda1

    Defiance 220ex repower

    Thanks John! Now you got me thinking I really should just pull the trigger and go this season.. :)
  233. Barracuda1

    Defiance 220ex repower

    We're in the same boat! No pun intended... I would however like to expand my horizons a bit but weighing the benefit and cost is tough to do. For me, I know that a bigger boat is out. Besides, like you said it suits my needs.. Living this far from the coast tuna would be a once in a great while...
  234. Barracuda1

    Defiance 220ex repower

    Problem solved!
  235. Barracuda1

    Just a tip

    Good info thanks!
  236. Barracuda1


    Did he say 50 shades? LOL Now it's a party!
  237. Barracuda1

    A7 north salmon

    Nice one Dennis!
  238. Barracuda1

    St John's/St Thomas

    Maybe post/search here Seems to be a ton of info on far away locations.
  239. Barracuda1

    Calm salmon/halibut fishing spots?

    Wow! This place has changed... :gaygroup: No one gave the OP shit for posting this in the wrong section? You guys getting soft? :finger:
  240. Barracuda1

    Defiance 220ex repower

    4 grown men are 1 too many on this boat IMHO. I'd make room for as many ladies as I can but that 4th dude is just in the way for me.
  241. Barracuda1

    Splashed the North River 29

    Sweet ride congrats!
  242. Barracuda1

    Airmar P66 raymarine

    I just ordered one of these yesterday! :hali_parkutuli:
  243. Barracuda1

    COW Down in PV - Mexico!

    That's incredible! Congrats
  244. Barracuda1

    Just waiting and waiting

    You are both blessed to be near this facility. They are the absolute best at what they do. My wife spent a week there about 9 years ago. I'm glad to hear her procedure went well and your wife is recovering nicely. Congrats and good Luck Benjamin.
  245. Barracuda1

    Defiance 220ex repower

    This! The only real reason I would power up is for that flexibility. For 99% of what I do my 150 Merc is fine. I cruise around 28 mph with 3 on board and all the gear for Salmon, Shrimp, Crab etc. (Usually) in fair weather conditions. That being said I'm not doing these things in the ocean, and...
  246. Barracuda1

    Defiance 220ex repower

    Max it out! I will on my repower
  247. Barracuda1

    Friday Harbor Derby

    Cheers to you guys for giving it a go.
  248. Barracuda1

    Would you turn them in?

    This. Well said!
  249. Barracuda1

    Would you turn them in?
  250. Barracuda1

    Shimano Moiching reel drag upgrade

    Just tell them new style or old style. They got it straight with mine. I have both and they fit great!
  251. Barracuda1

    Friday Harbor classic

    And people ask me why I don't do these...
  252. Barracuda1

    Good Price on DR balls..

    Just a bad habit of getting rid of stuff that sits too long for my taste.
  253. Barracuda1

    Good Price on DR balls..

    I stopped hoarding lead last year because of the space it takes up. I haven't lost one in 2 seasons..
  254. Barracuda1

    How often do YOU replace your line?

    That's a great tip Matt. Thanks.
  255. Barracuda1

    Do you tow with Canvas on?

    I never pulled the canvas down on my north river. Did plenty of 70+. Ask the manufacturer.
  256. Barracuda1

    How often do YOU replace your line?

    Wow! Interesting difference in opinions. I didn't expect it. My regiment has been every 2 seasons depending on use of the specific reels. I will probably stick and stay. Thanks for the input guys. I prefer the stretch when a big king takes off to a straightened hook.
  257. Barracuda1

    How often do YOU replace your line?

    I hate posting this question cause my answer would simply be "whenever you feel like it" but I'm doing some reel maintenance and it could add up sooo. Whatcha got? Oh! I'm asking specifically about mono for my salmon rods. I don't care about braid for salmon fishing.
  258. Barracuda1

    Bunch of fishing gear

    Not worth chasing boys..
  259. Barracuda1

    Something odd about this article...

    Just think about all the mush-heads that believe everything they read in an article like that....
  260. Barracuda1

    Coho Killer RIP OFF

    Check these out as an option... I have a few and they hold up very well.
  261. Barracuda1

    Coasties get paid

    Ok. But wtf does that have to do with my statement?? I agree with everything you just stated! except for the part where you somehow extrapolated that I'm ignorant of the situation. Go back. Read it again and remember, you don't know me.
  262. Barracuda1

    Coasties get paid

    I think some of these retired fuckers with nothing better to do should get involved beyond just the chatter on a fishing forum. The truth is, you will NEVER and I mean NEVER, EVER convince someone on the other side that you're right. The division is real and very deep. I've had these...
  263. Barracuda1

    Has it finally begun?

    No, no, it was "yelloweye" that they have been targeting.... If we are to save our endangered species these fur bags have to go!!
  264. Barracuda1

    Has it finally begun?

    Oregon begins killing sea lions after relocation fails
  265. Barracuda1

    Thank you Walker inc.!

    What do mean Casey? Everyone knows you have an unusually large left hand and you are all of 8' tall. That fish can hardly fit in those tiny coolers behind you. LOL Good job getting out there and giving it a go.
  266. Barracuda1

    In-board boat goes boom during re-fuel

    Those people are lucky to be alive! This one was definitely not just fumes.
  267. Barracuda1


    She had a much better season than I did.
  268. Barracuda1


    Happy New Year! I hope you all have a great 19 with easy limits and as much fun as you can squish into the seasons we have. Cheers! :cheers:
  269. Barracuda1

    2018 Chevrolet Silverado 3500hd Duramax - LT and LTZ's - 12k miles

    You better not test drive Brian. Chevy is breaking all the rules lately.... You won't be able to resist!
  270. Barracuda1

    2018 Chevrolet Silverado 3500hd Duramax - LT and LTZ's - 12k miles

    Perhaps a BD'r is looking for a quality towing truck for the boat they just got for Christmas? Those look nice Blake!
  271. Barracuda1

    Merry Christmas Wa

    Thanks Brian! Merry Christmas to all! :cheers:
  272. Barracuda1

    Worst boat names

    I bet you hate Gargamel too.. LOL
  273. Barracuda1

    FREE. GMG Daniel Boone

    I'm pushing 10 yrs with my Masterbuilt. I have 2 other smokers but the MB smokes all the fish. Replaced 1 element early on.
  274. Barracuda1

    Alaska or BC for anniversary?

    We went to Quadra Is last year and had a great time. they pair up with, and put together a package deal. Or you can tow up and use their dock at no charge. We met them both at the Puyallup sportsmen show. Extremely friendly, hard...
  275. Barracuda1

    Boat Upgrade Options

    Farallon 25' Whaleback - $55000 On the CL
  276. Barracuda1

    Who's got the best marital advice?

    OMG! We need a fishing season! Great post Jim, you really got these guys to open up about feelings and such.. :Romantic_ 28 yrs next month. Women are all different so one piece of advice won't necessarily work on all.. My only advise to guys before they get married is to always speak your mind...
  277. Barracuda1

    Visiting a Foreign Country - Quick Question

    Yes! Well, at least last time I was in PV it was open.
  278. Barracuda1

    Visiting a Foreign Country - Quick Question

    Yes to open markets. Tons of fun to haggle down the prices with the locals
  279. Barracuda1

    Shimano Moiching reel drag upgrade

    Thanks for posting this Gabe. Been searching for replacements.
  280. Barracuda1

    Visiting a Foreign Country - Quick Question

    Caution with the Taxi's I guess the fare is more when you cross state lines cause they are not allowed to get fares outside their own service area. As Waterdog said the bus system is actually quite good and cheap as hell.
  281. Barracuda1

    Another d-BAG thief :-((

    Sucks Jim! I hope they find something for you
  282. Barracuda1

    Diesel heat

    Several coffee shops have exploded from propane heat... but hell! I'd try it.
  283. Barracuda1

    another dead furbag...

    That little dog is priceless!
  284. Barracuda1

    Osprey Northwind 22

    Is this the same one that was sold on here a few years back??
  285. Barracuda1

    Plumbing fitting needed

    You need this guy. LOL
  286. Barracuda1

    Recommendations, nuckle buster rod

    Can't go wrong with the Convergence if it's your first mooching rod. I know what they can handle..
  287. Barracuda1

    Checking in from Costa Rica

    CR is on my short list Mark. Soon
  288. Barracuda1

    Tahsis 2018 Dive trip

    Very cool! That was entertaining to watch. Thanks for sharing
  289. Barracuda1

    Be ready for road side repairs.

    Or at the very least make sure you have good roadside coverage and let someone else deal.. Glad you got er home safe Pete.
  290. Barracuda1

    Looking for a Grays Harbor Real estate agent

    I don't always look for real estate advise on a fishing forum, but when I do... I post it in the (Reports Only) section. Nice work!
  291. Barracuda1

    Anyone Know Anything About This Boat?

    I wonder what kind of horsepower it has... LOL
  292. Barracuda1

    DR Clips...

    Almost always.. Smelly Jelly anyone?? When I get one that slips I swap it out for another and keep fishing. Later I'll clean the pads with soapy water and alcohol prep pad. Or.. replace the pads like goat said.
  293. Barracuda1

    No longer a boat ho...............

    Congrats! Now bring back some awesome fishing pictures
  294. Barracuda1

    The Truth about Orcas, Seals and Chinook: A PSF Presentation

    Very interesting to watch. Thanks Casey for posting this one. As a fisherman I get asked a bunch of these questions so It's great info to know and share.
  295. Barracuda1

    We need your help Washington

    Don't forget the tin boat prima donna elitist on here too.bieber
  296. Barracuda1

    Happy Anniversary!!!

    I thought the same. Doesn't make sense to me, but if given the opportunity! I would blow shit up too. :food-smiley-014:
  297. Barracuda1

    Bleach Bottle Waxing

    I used the 3M stuff last season and liked it well enough. I may have to apply more than once a season though
  298. Barracuda1

    Happy Anniversary!!!

    Yup! I heard the moose story recently too. Crazy.
  299. Barracuda1

    We need your help Washington

    Hope that helps.
  300. Barracuda1

    BOLO Stolen Downriggers

    If there's a padlock... Safer than some fool with them hangin out on their boat.
  301. Barracuda1


    Thank you vets past, present and future
  302. Barracuda1

    A whale of a story...

    It's the part that reads "by all boats" that concerns me..
  303. Barracuda1

    A whale of a story...

    I could give two :shithappens:'s for whale watching boats myself. Just passing on an interesting story..
  304. Barracuda1

    A whale of a story...

    "undocumented" visitor whales?
  305. Barracuda1

    A whale of a story...

    I'm not really sure. Maybe they'll need ID's and passports?
  306. Barracuda1

    A whale of a story...

    OLYMPIA, Wash. — A state task force on critically-endangered orcas wants to temporarily suspend whale-watching boat tours focused on those whales. The group that advises Governor Jay Inslee voted to recommend a three- to five-year moratorium on viewing southern resident killer whales by all...
  307. Barracuda1

    Area 7 waters

    Dude! You certainly did the intro well to get a positive response from alot of the "in-the know" crowd up here. Well done! Now you just gotta keep your posts vague and suspect and your golden. Good luck!
  308. Barracuda1

    lots of new fishing gear

    Damn! I stay off for a couple of days and missed a fng hazing? Not to mention killer deals at WM? These things never happen! Welcome to the shit show buschcrawler. With ever dwindling fishing opportunities we tend to eat our own. BUT! If you can take a joke for what it is. You'll be just fine...
  309. Barracuda1

    Theft at Dagmars last night

    That sucks!
  310. Barracuda1

    Diesel heat

    Agreed! 100% I'm not sure I would install one on a 20' soft top boat is all. When I had my NR I was happy just to get the chill off on those cold black mouth mornings. Buddy worked well in that application for a fraction of one of these units. I'm really interested as well in the installation...
  311. Barracuda1

    Diesel heat

    Buddy heater and done
  312. Barracuda1

    Fuck yeah

    Chris, This post began as a tribute to a beautiful morning with a great picture of our national flag and somehow we got here...
  313. Barracuda1

    Fuck yeah

    Unfortunately, it's pretty tough for most not to these days.
  314. Barracuda1

    Fuck yeah

    1% American = A shit load more than anyone else! God bless America!
  315. Barracuda1

    Fuck yeah

  316. Barracuda1

    Medical ins question

    No Rod. They don't cover those pills.
  317. Barracuda1

    2007 22' Defiance $39,000

    I was just talking about that same thing to someone today..
  318. Barracuda1

    Boat Pictures

    It's a good habit
  319. Barracuda1

    Boat Pictures

    Your shop floor is cleaner than mine
  320. Barracuda1

    Need trailer brakes

    Maybe a good cleaning and a coat of paint in the off season would extend life? Who knows..
  321. Barracuda1

    Need trailer brakes

    The trailer is a 13 so I assume 5 yrs. The pads had separated from the steel
  322. Barracuda1

    2007 22' Defiance $39,000

    Are you posting on other outlets?
  323. Barracuda1

    Need trailer brakes

    The oil was a little dark but the bearings and races seemed fine with no evidence of water intrusion.
  324. Barracuda1

    Need trailer brakes

    This is the way I went today. Let's see how long they last..
  325. Barracuda1

    Boat Pictures

    Not sure what the next one will be..
  326. Barracuda1

    Need trailer brakes

    Yes. It's worth it. I converted a drum system a few yrs back and definitely helped to be able to rinse the brake components. On a separate but same topic. I talked to a trailer mechanic today who told me that the grease hubs are superior to the oil bath type because "with proper maintenance" the...
  327. Barracuda1

    Just dodged a bullet.

    Nice Coho Steve!!
  328. Barracuda1

    Need trailer brakes

    Pretty much all junk IMO. To drop that much coin on a brake system and only get 4-5 seasons...
  329. Barracuda1

    Need trailer brakes

    I'm actually in the same dilemma right now. I used the tie-down product in the past without regret but I'm interested in some opinions as well. Also interested in how many seasons these units are good for? My trailer is a 2013 so these got a solid 4-4.5 seasons. Does that seem right?
  330. Barracuda1

    Boat Pictures

  331. Barracuda1

    Just dodged a bullet.

    Wow! Lucky you were home
  332. Barracuda1

    Bottomfishing Help

    This reads more like a "General Discussion" thread and not so much a "Report Section" thread... FYI when fishing slows down we eat our own around here. That being said. Find structure find fish, rock piles pinnacles etc.. If you're looking for someone to give you their honey-hole on the www...
  333. Barracuda1

    New Rain-Gear Advice

    Pilot house and boat ho's... I'm always dry! On a serious note I like this thread I was just gonna start looking into some gear myself.
  334. Barracuda1

    Fat lady sang

    Skinny lady? There's always blackmouth season. I hope..
  335. Barracuda1

    Making memories

    That's so cool! Congrats to both of you.
  336. Barracuda1

    Christmas Gift, Need Help.

    Consider the state of our fishing opportunities before spending a dime. Just sayin
  337. Barracuda1

    Boat down today?

    Awful! Glad everyone is safe. Coulda been a tragedy in an instant without a buddy nearby.
  338. Barracuda1

    Had to put our little buddy down today

    Sucks. Won't be long for our second pet too.
  339. Barracuda1

    No Report Report

    Welcome Gene. I've said it before, the main page is confusing because most don't scroll past the ever enticing "saltwater reports" section to the general discussion section, but what do I know. :food-smiley-014:
  340. Barracuda1

    Puget Sound Coho Reports

    That'll never work
  341. Barracuda1

    Everett derby lodging

    asking for forgiveness is better than permission anyway..
  342. Barracuda1

    SOS......Can Anyone find the Xtaero Cigar video?

    Agreed! Thanks for reposting. That's a BD classic for sure.
  343. Barracuda1

    Unscientific Observation

    Lots of seals around. You want to find em? Catch a fish and play it slow. You'll find em.
  344. Barracuda1

    Busy busy summer

  345. Barracuda1

    MA7 Eagle Point for what it's worth

    So you're not observing the voluntary "no-go" zone either? I thought everyone was trying to help the whales? That's what I figured since there weren't many reports coming from that area.
  346. Barracuda1

    MA 7 Salmon Bank...

    So you didn't volunteer to "no-go" there? 100 boats you say? Hmm..
  347. Barracuda1

    My Wife! Your Wife?

    I'll answer the "your wife" in the title. She's 5'2" so fish look really big when she holds em up for a pic. LOL A Maryland native but love's salmon fishing and now prefers the 1:1 reels. If she's good she might get an Islander for Christmas.
  348. Barracuda1

    Merc 150 4 Stroke Issue

    Glad it was an easy fix for you. It doesn't take much debris with that filter. I change it on the annual maintenance and keep a spare on board.
  349. Barracuda1

    My Wife! Your Wife?

  350. Barracuda1

    Merc 150 4 Stroke Issue

    Yup. Change the filter under the cowling
  351. Barracuda1

    John McCain..

  352. Barracuda1

    Sure Sounds Slow for Albacore....

    18' Alumaweld Stryker. Why? You don't think it can be done?
  353. Barracuda1

    Whidbey Island Hot Spots?

    This thread rocks!! :rofl: I totally remember starting out fishing in WA now. I was like.. "HOW MUCH DID YOU SAY THAT LICENSE COST???"
  354. Barracuda1

    MA 13 Chinook?

    Well done! Things are popping in 13
  355. Barracuda1

    Area 7 2018

    Look for the armada of fishing boats not catching a damn thing and go wherever they are not you will have better luck... Seriously.
  356. Barracuda1

    Need advice, mooring aluminum boat in Everett short term

    X-3 on the trailer, but what do I know..
  357. Barracuda1

    New guy from the midwest.

    I read this whole thread ..:shake:
  358. Barracuda1

    Leftover Salmon Bowl

    Looks great Casey! I have a hard time tossing a good piece of fish out too. If I'm fishing the next day I'll whip up some salmon salad sandwich's with it. Hey! you can NEVER go wrong with some avocado though.. :drool:
  359. Barracuda1

    Finally got a State Record!

    Cool story. Thanks for sharing
  360. Barracuda1

    Atta bouy

    Be the report!
  361. Barracuda1

    Parker 2310 Walkaround For Sale

    Sounds like a helluva deal! GLWS
  362. Barracuda1

    Sons salmon

    And happy smiles?
  363. Barracuda1


    Congrats and well done Patrick and crew!
  364. Barracuda1

    Not sure can run 50 miles

    Spell check and a tuna charter is what you need. After you do that come back HERE with an awesome story and pictures to prove it. Cheers!
  365. Barracuda1

    Sons salmon

    C'mon dad! Be the guy making the report not asking for it. You're gonna have fun anyway. Yes there some fish around.. Good luck
  366. Barracuda1

    Spending the night offshore

    Even the wake could be a problem..
  367. Barracuda1

    How do i find best fishing product reviews?

    My spidey senses were ringing right away. But then again I don't trust anyone
  368. Barracuda1

    New place to drink in San Juan Islands

    Congrats on your new venture. Will there be a "brotherhood" rate? :D
  369. Barracuda1

    Freezing Crab meat

    X-2 pick n' vac
  370. Barracuda1

    EGR Delete

    Fords... LOL
  371. Barracuda1

    Skunked at Eagle Bluff

    Year of the dog..
  372. Barracuda1

    Downrigger control system

    Interesting but, some of the contours I fish can change from 300' to 45' in just a few seconds while trolling. This system could not avoid that situation in time. As stated, knowledge of the area you are fishing is the best tool in your box.
  373. Barracuda1

    Took home some $

    Well done Kevin and Jay. Missed you guys at Squalicum Harbor. Very nice fish indeed. Unfortunately mine had the appendage... Next time
  374. Barracuda1

    Tuna seat

    Now I'm just wondering why I didn't try this. Good luck boys!
  375. Barracuda1

    Rock fishing taken seriously

    I was wondering when these would show up on here
  376. Barracuda1

    Epic Neah Bay/Port Renfew Report! Pic Heavy

    Well done! Sometimes ya just gotta go where the fish are..
  377. Barracuda1

    Septic Installer Kitsap County

    You could probably do it yourself and have the County inspector sign it off. Just a thought.
  378. Barracuda1

    Canada-origin salmon transport

    Russian ass crabs?? LOL As far as this "clearance" They can go fuck themselves.
  379. Barracuda1


    Two hour run! That's persistence. Way to get after it Mark and crew. :appl:
  380. Barracuda1

    How desperate are you for crab ??

    As said, that puller could definitely pull the boat over if not careful. One year I saw 3 adults and 4 children in an aluminum jon boat leaving the marina. I was coming back from having turned around due to bad weather. It's scary watching people do stupid shit.
  381. Barracuda1

    Favorite P "fill in the blank" T junk food on board

    Salami and cheese, crackers and smoked salmon dip
  382. Barracuda1

    God Bless America......

    I feel stupid for reading this thread... Happy 4th of July everyone.. aka American Independence Day.
  383. Barracuda1


    Ohh! That kind of tranny..
  384. Barracuda1

    Even though u can’t see it

    You got all this crap coming for showing off your skills!
  385. Barracuda1

    Lapush 6/23

    Well done! That's a pile of meat! :appl:
  386. Barracuda1

    Salmon Poachers Caught with 80 Tons of Salmon

    Naw. This is the bitch slap section.:slap:
  387. Barracuda1

    Yamaha 250 trim seal leaking

    The problem will be the spanner required to remove the caps. They're usually on there really tight and the aluminum can get beat up without the right tool. There was a thread on here about it a few years back. If your lucky, someone here will lend you the tool.
  388. Barracuda1

    Anyone got a Kingfisher May be interested in this...

    You could buy a lot more used for the price..
  389. Barracuda1

    Anyone got a Kingfisher May be interested in this...

    Wow. There are a ton of unanswered questions there, from both sides of the issue.
  390. Barracuda1

    Was that you?

    BD Missed Connections??
  391. Barracuda1

    Anacortes boat launches

    Washington Park
  392. Barracuda1

    New Cutwater 302

    Sweet boat congrats!
  393. Barracuda1


    Keeps the bait dry. This is Washington. LOL She looks great Mark we expect reports soon
  394. Barracuda1


    :pee:on that!
  395. Barracuda1

    Huge June King off Westport what was I thinking ?

    Volkswagens and Toyotas.. The kings are gone but Washington is the same.. LOL
  396. Barracuda1

    Close call today...

    Wow! Did you leave the bait out or something?
  397. Barracuda1

    Who woulda thought???

    Don't show the proof!! Please!
  398. Barracuda1

    Fuel tank tits up

    Nothing from Seaswirl available?
  399. Barracuda1

    Fuel tank tits up

    Curious what your replacement will be? Poly?
  400. Barracuda1

    shrimping secrets (area 6 and 7 east/west)

    I've seen your boat out there a few times Pete. Congrats on the move.
  401. Barracuda1

    Somewhere in the straits

    Nice work! Jealous tho. I didn't even try the straits this season.
  402. Barracuda1

    shrimping secrets (area 6 and 7 east/west)

    Tom. Like most of who have been here a while know.. I'm more than willing to share all I know with anyone who asks. Just not gonna do it on the main page. PM me or most anyone here. Most are willing. My remarks were made regarding the tide situation. No one wants to lose that much gear...
  403. Barracuda1

    shrimping secrets (area 6 and 7 east/west)

    Huge tides? A-7? Not worth it. Period.. come back and tell me I'm wrong. Please.
  404. Barracuda1

    Washington v. United States

    Make sure to toss back those large Halibut that are within the slot or no slot... Sad times
  405. Barracuda1

    WDFW to buy Olsen's in Seiku

    I got another 18 days to wait up here. Go get em
  406. Barracuda1

    WDFW to buy Olsen's in Seiku

    Terry. You hitting the sauce again and resurrecting old threads? LOL
  407. Barracuda1

    Raging Cajun First go at the ocean. Success!

    So you don't hate it? Nice haul! Boat looks great
  408. Barracuda1

    HHHHHMMMMMM, what would you do?

    Congrats! Do whatever you want!
  409. Barracuda1


    Yea! Cause I'm out in the straights catching giant halibut on the regular right? There are tons of reasons why the fishery is in the state it is. The sport fisherman is not the problem here Jason. I'm so glad you get that warm fuzzy feeling looking at those photos of fish you released for the...
  410. Barracuda1


    Easy to judge. When it's not you. I definitely would of kept that trophy. The next one? Maybe not..
  411. Barracuda1


    Biggest I've seen posted on here in a while... very cool story. I knew there were large halibut in A13!
  412. Barracuda1

    Alcohol and boating

    I wonder if he's a member on here?
  413. Barracuda1

    Alcohol and boating

    That. Was.. AWESOME!!
  414. Barracuda1

    Alcohol and boating

    No stern straps? Maybe too drunk to put em on.. More info is needed on this one
  415. Barracuda1

    Happiness is a dry bilge!

    Your thread was the point of the comment Keith.. Keep your panties on guys. I feel for anyone having to go through these issues on new boats. I hope NR makes it all better.
  416. Barracuda1

    Happiness is a dry bilge!

    Just kidding. I couldn't resist myself. 20 gallons is and extra 150 lbs you don't need to be carrying around. something leaks
  417. Barracuda1

    Happiness is a dry bilge!

    That's what you get for buying a tin boat. Should'a bought a Defiance! :rofl:
  418. Barracuda1

    Anyone else see this article on lost crab pots?

    I've been crabbing since 06' and have lost 1 pot. I believe it was stolen .
  419. Barracuda1

    Need help- Oil tar shit on boat

    Pat. You're on the wrong thread again. Look for the (Defiance delivery day) and re-post.
  420. Barracuda1

    Stackable Ladner Shrimp Pots

    Stack-able is the way to go. Just ask any commercial shrimper... The quality of the Ladners far exceeds the savings from the knockoff. My.02
  421. Barracuda1

    Suspicious people of westport

    Kinda looks like the Patterson footage
  422. Barracuda1

    Need help- Oil tar shit on boat

    Ha ha! I was wondering who it would be.
  423. Barracuda1

    Halibut back up plan

    I just heard that same story. I sure hope we get some more days to try..
  424. Barracuda1

    Coonstripe Info

    Coonstripe are phenomenal eats.
  425. Barracuda1

    Fun stuff!

    C'mon! Call it out! WTF?
  426. Barracuda1

    Vacuum Sealer Options

    We carry a small k-cup coffee maker on trips cause we can't stand the coffee anywhere we go
  427. Barracuda1

    Vacuum Sealer Options

    I'm with Rod on this one. Cheap unit, light weight. You can repack with your high-end sealer at home. Save the baggage weight. Jus sayin
  428. Barracuda1

    A little Mudbug rpt

    Great shots Andy. :cheers: Wish I had as much time off as you guys get. You gonna start diving soon?
  429. Barracuda1

    San Juan island boating ban

    It's just not worth fishing anymore anyway. Areas south had waaay better action in 17'. Besides it will be completely closed next year. Mark these words. Not going isn't going to change anything at all.
  430. Barracuda1

    Halibut Mother's Day

    Good to see a post from you Dennis. Been a while. We'll done sir!
  431. Barracuda1

    Defiance Delivery Day

    I understand that Jeff, I also understand that things happen. I also understand that at the beginning of the thread the same folks congratulating the OP were some of the first to start "brand bashing". Do I care? Not really. I just wanted to point out the hipocrasy that can happen sometimes.
  432. Barracuda1

    Defiance Delivery Day

    That's the problem with brand bashing on the WWW. Everyone wants to pile on, lawyer up ect... Give them an honest chance before creating this kind of thread. I for one am glad that Bo and the team at Defiance are working hard to resolve this issue for you and your family. Good luck man.
  433. Barracuda1

    Defiance Delivery Day

    Sounds like they're trying to make it right. It can be frustrating. when I bought my boat it died going out of the marina. I put it on the trailer and hauled it back. Turned out to be just a fuel filter but I felt that regardless, I just bought the boat! They took care if it and sent me on my...
  434. Barracuda1

    Neah Bay, Boat Sunk

    Sad to read this. I agree the name sounds familiar to me. It sucks that every year we lose someone to fishing conditions outside of their capability. We have all taken chances we shouldn't. Sad reminder
  435. Barracuda1

    Anyone want to buy a 28 Throphy?

    Is that really a 28?
  436. Barracuda1

    Fishing Canadian water? See link and info

    Let this die.. The latest news just proves that it's not just a bunch of paranoia.. Do what you want just don't blah,blah, blah on here about it. And BTW... I'm not that cool 8-)
  437. Barracuda1

    San Juan island boating ban

    I hope they do! I will be empowered to give them this :finger:
  438. Barracuda1

    San Juan island boating ban

    It's just the beginning folks! Little by little till you can swallow the pill
  439. Barracuda1

    Humble thyself

    Wow! Let's run this fucker up to 100 pages. I had a tear in me eye but alas it was just the rain tonight.
  440. Barracuda1

    Big Balling The Shrimp

    Thanks to Discovery Channel "rail dumping" terminology LOL
  441. Barracuda1

    Fishing Canadian water? See link and info

    It's no real secret anyway.... Sport fishing in Canada is only a stop-gap, a very expensive one for some an impossible one for others.
  442. Barracuda1

    4 is enough...halibut annual bag limit.

    Or dishonest folks could claim they did.. The first question "I have heard if you get a reprint of your catch card you can't get halibut added to the second one too" needs to be answered first.. I agree Casey it's a @&ck'd up system
  443. Barracuda1

    Holy Crap- We lost one of our own

    What a tragedy. Sad indeed
  444. Barracuda1

    New Pot Puller

    Sooo. Are you gonna clue the rest of us in? What specifically did they say?? To say not buy because of a conversation YOU had with them is pretty vague. I just installed one of these and it's an absolute beast. The Might-T-Puller was a dead even choice too but I saved a 100 bucks at the LFS...
  445. Barracuda1

    This isn't good...

    Shitty! Sorry John
  446. Barracuda1

    Aluminum weird patterns

    I'll leave this one alone... ;)
  447. Barracuda1

    Barbless hooks for Hali?

    The ol' barb ticket. This has been hashed ALOT. Thread search is your friend Rod. Plus you wouldn't of had to admit that on here. I think it's a bunch of crap but it sure makes it easier to hi-grade, um! I mean release the chickens
  448. Barracuda1

    Need yamaha trim seal cap tool

    I thought mine were leaking but it turned out to be the seals between the reservoir and the housing. 4 little O-rings PITA! Damn that cap design!
  449. Barracuda1

    New Guy post BEWARE

    Nice catch Kevin. With all the grammar and spelling errors by fishermen we have a secret language of our own. My personal favorites.. "moter" and now. "Durby"
  450. Barracuda1

    Crosby durby 4-28-18

    What's an area 12? Some Sea Hawk fan club?LOL
  451. Barracuda1

    Defiance Delivery Day

    Congrats on the new ride! That's a good looking boat. There are no secret spots but if you see another Defiance on the water you can certainly reach out. Tight Lines!
  452. Barracuda1

    LFS Bellingham at Monroe Sportsman Show Starts Friday

    LFS has them for 99 this month while supply last.
  453. Barracuda1

    My New Tow Rig

    Sweet ride.
  454. Barracuda1

    Learning from my stupidity...if you want

    Corrosion Guard from Quicksilver is one. WD works really well if you do it often
  455. Barracuda1

    Learning from my stupidity...if you want

    Boats don't like to sit for long periods of time. Kinda like leaving the dog at home and it thrashes the place. Both expensive. I back troll a ton and dunk the yammi more than I should. No issues so far. (knock on wood)
  456. Barracuda1


    Mine can't sink on the trailer in my shop... Not a good day for that dude
  457. Barracuda1

    More Batteries??????

    Go big or go home!
  458. Barracuda1

    2016 Hewescraft Searunner 210 ET HT

    Congrats on the sale!
  459. Barracuda1

    Electrical Help Please?

    Thanks Bud @Fireball for the call and everyone else for all the great advise. The brotherhood is strong! I knew you guys couldn't resist this one.. Multiple reasons for me. #1 Batteries are in the house on the port side (shortest run) #2 My Defiance has a built in cooler/fish box on the SB...
  460. Barracuda1

    Did ok

    Good for you. Helping those in need is contagious. Well done!
  461. Barracuda1

    Electrical Help Please?

    This is where I'm at so far..
  462. Barracuda1

    Electrical Help Please?

    Installing my new Disco Bay puller today, could anyone chime in on how to install the breakers? The instructions were kinda vague and I don't have a ton of electrical experience. Pictures would be awesome if you got em. Thanks
  463. Barracuda1

    More Batteries??????

    This is a good question. I was wondering the same thing as I head out to pick up my new puller.
  464. Barracuda1

    Metal carport/Boat shed

    Mine is anchored to a slab. I would recommend at least a concrete curb under the walls to anchor to. I seen one upside down up here last year.
  465. Barracuda1

    Metal carport/Boat shed

    West Coast Metal Buildings
  466. Barracuda1

    BNIB Scotty 1106

    Well done! You probably came close to a free set of your own eh!
  467. Barracuda1

    Piker in Anacortes area

    Every time I read a post like this I lose several nights sleep, unlock and load all of my weapons. I guess I better put the coffee pot on now... This sucks! I hope you get some satisfaction.
  468. Barracuda1

    Am Can derby and another BD winner!

    Well done guys!
  469. Barracuda1

    Need one of these please

    Great response! Let me try.. Anybody got a spare 1106 lying around they want to give me. :D
  470. Barracuda1

    The Cowboys

    Get some sleep Larry
  471. Barracuda1

    Orcas kill their own!

    So do we...
  472. Barracuda1

    MA7 hunting

    Nice fish! Your about to catch more than that fish for wearing gloves for the pic tho. Just kidding. But seriously..
  473. Barracuda1

    Upholstery work

    Consider this first.. I took a ride out on one of the ARSC boats last season. Same long bench setup as you. They installed some grab straps that you would straddle near the edge of the cushion.(Think bucking bronco) They work great! Just a thought..
  474. Barracuda1

    Magnetic break away systems

    Spoken like a politician. :frehya2: I find the "standard" flashers easier for most to use. The truth is.. In my opinion, when the fish are over 20 lb. You feel em! no matter what flasher your using. I liked the QC patterns and didn't mind the design and logic but at the end of the day.. The...
  475. Barracuda1

    Detailed A7 Report

    :hali_ruahahaha: Damn!! That's some funny :shithappens:
  476. Barracuda1

    MA7 3/31

    Just to have a decent weather break is good enough
  477. Barracuda1

    Detailed A7 Report

    That's hard core. Looks like it paid off nicely tho :appl:
  478. Barracuda1

    Adulting Sucks

    Sooo you're coming here for advise?? Family and friends would know me better than anyone here.. Besides that, they would tell me to do what would make me happy anyway. Good luck
  479. Barracuda1

    They didn't get this one!

    I don't think they could revive that one Dave... Worth the photo op and I'd rather serve it up to the gulls than the those f'ing seals
  480. Barracuda1

    Aluminum Corrosion Help

    How many of these threads now? Don't get me wrong. I'm not bashing alloy hulls cause I loved my NR. But!!! It should be said that if you're gonna own an alloy boat you better be in the know. Listen to these guys that know about proper care and maintenance. If it's too much worry, alloy is not...
  481. Barracuda1

    Scotty Liquidation sale

    Thanks Gabe! I might have to go check this out. I bet it's gonna be a zoo
  482. Barracuda1

    No cell coverage in the San Juans April 12/13,

    How will I post up all of my A7 glory shots on the interwebz?? :rofl: Shit. I'm gonna take some vacation during this. No one will be able to reach me? Sounds good to me!
  483. Barracuda1

    New Guy post BEWARE

    Well done! There are no "wild" fish
  484. Barracuda1

    Detailed A7 Report

    chain lookin a little rusty Andy. ;)
  485. Barracuda1

    Anybody know this a$$hol3?

    Probably disgruntled over a citation for waking another boat...
  486. Barracuda1

    Need to be a Boat ho (this year)

    Just kidding Bud. Good luck with your search.
  487. Barracuda1

    Need to be a Boat ho (this year)

    I smell a trend forming here! You guy's are just holding out to see what the future of fishing in Washington really looks like. Smart! LOL
  488. Barracuda1

    Yamaha F115 Help

    Salt water boat? Tim covered it all pretty good. I would definitely spend on a new thermostat. I had the f115 on my last boat and it was bullet proof.
  489. Barracuda1

    Bye bye West San Juan Chinook Fisheries!

    Our Orcas are in touch with their feelings, wear skinny jeans and really tight button down shirts.
  490. Barracuda1

    Bye bye West San Juan Chinook Fisheries!

    I wonder what seal taste like? Chicken?
  491. Barracuda1

    MA4 Bottom Fishing Numbers

    Just another thin skinned tin boat prick who tried to :pee:on the electric fence.
  492. Barracuda1

    Whos got Patrick's Number

    The answer is Coors Lite! LOL
  493. Barracuda1

    Who had trouble at the launch ramp in Ilwaco?

    Takes me back to my tow truck operator days... Almost all of these kinds of recoveries involved a bunch of sidewalk supervisors telling you how to do what your getting paid to know. Boat ramp stupidity is my favorite
  494. Barracuda1

    My Shoes

    What? Just one? You gotta have a backup these days..
  495. Barracuda1

    New Orleans in Sept. Whatcha got?

    Awesome intel thanks
  496. Barracuda1

    New Orleans in Sept. Whatcha got?

    Thanks Phil. I'll check it out
  497. Barracuda1

    New Orleans in Sept. Whatcha got?

    Cobia would be awesome!
  498. Barracuda1

    New Orleans in Sept. Whatcha got?

    Unfortunately so far my research put the rigs slightly out of my budget for this trip... Unless I find a one hell of a deal. Also, there's only two of us and we would only be fishing one day.
  499. Barracuda1

    New Orleans in Sept. Whatcha got?

    I'm always on the lookout for either Frank! Looks like Red's, Sheephead maybe Black Drum on the menu.
  500. Barracuda1

    Rule Cartridge Bait Pump inserts

    I like that quote chico!
  501. Barracuda1

    New Orleans in Sept. Whatcha got?

    We're going down in Sept. I thought I might throw in a day of fishing. Anyone got any ideas?
  502. Barracuda1

    Rule Cartridge Bait Pump inserts

    I have the Rule as well..
  503. Barracuda1

    T-mobile coverage

    Verizon gets it done up here...
  504. Barracuda1

    T-mobile coverage

    There's no cell coverage in A7.
  505. Barracuda1

    Installing a davit puller

    Thanks Steve. I'll check it out too
  506. Barracuda1

    Installing a davit puller

    Thanks John. Big Ladners are on the list. I'm looking at the My-T-Pullers too. Just fed up with struggling with the light duty pullers to haul gear.
  507. Barracuda1

    Installing a davit puller

    Good stuff! Thanks guys
  508. Barracuda1

    Installing a davit puller

    Any advise on installation? Specifically the floor and gunnel mounts on a glass boat. I'm looking at the discovery bay puller. Thanks.
  509. Barracuda1


    They know how some people are.. If you put a big ass price tag on it, it must be a big deal
  510. Barracuda1

    Yami 9.9 Trolling speed control

    Believe me. Not by choice.
  511. Barracuda1

    Looking for boat rental/lease

    There is a report here somewhere.. :D
  512. Barracuda1

    Yami 9.9 Trolling speed control

    This sounds very interesting. Thanks Terry.
  513. Barracuda1

    Rugged Justice - Cougars

    I'm missing out. Gonna have to check it out
  514. Barracuda1

    Is this Craigslist??

    Call it Frank! I have had great experiences selling to fellow BD'rs but just because a person has a screen name and a few buddies on a forum doesn't give them cart blanc to shit on on another "member" I hear what others have said such as, things happen etc... This does not mean they can't let...
  515. Barracuda1

    what is the best gun safe?

    As old as this thread is. I thought we would have particle beam weapons, phasers, or just a "good ol' blaster" like Han Solo say's by now...o_O
  516. Barracuda1

    Been waiting on a Daiwa Tanacom electric reel deal?

    Great tip thanks for sharing!
  517. Barracuda1

    Value rods and reels

    X2! I have a few convergence rods Shimano 2000 GT's This combo has seen a lot of action and are completely bullet proof! Oh! and don't drive a fuckin Prius Eric! Keep a semblance of your manhood intact.
  518. Barracuda1

    Yami 9.9 Trolling speed control

    I have to admit, yes. To date I haven't had much issue because I usually go through fuel quickly and there is a lot of turnover.
  519. Barracuda1

    Yami 9.9 Trolling speed control

    Sounds like my next upgrade.
  520. Barracuda1

    Yami 9.9 Trolling speed control

    I just use the throttle grip goat, poor white trash and all.. play in the cable? I haven't explored that possibility. This is good info tho. I'll check back and report. Thanks
  521. Barracuda1

    Yami 9.9 Trolling speed control

    I don't have any accessories on the kicker. It starts and runs fine even at idle, the friction screw holds great. We set our troll speed and a second later it speeds up or slows down requiring constant adjustment. Annoying as F...! Thanks for the replies boys! Sounds like it needs a proper carb...
  522. Barracuda1

    Anyone fish the Islander Mooching Rod?

    Get a jacket and a hat too! LOL
  523. Barracuda1

    Reels Service/Repair

    BS! Call him out. :madfire: I don't have anything to do right now.
  524. Barracuda1

    Does the Yamaha T9.9 have power tilt problems?

    I've owned three. This last one had to have the tilt motor replaced twice. It seems there was a defect in the motor case that has been corrected. IMO Yami is the best for longevity hands down! I got the Y.E.S Extended service warrantee, Worth every penny.
  525. Barracuda1

    Yami 9.9 Trolling speed control

    I thought about that but this motor is under warranty. I'm not sure about tweeking on it myself. Maybe I'll just swap out filters and run the piss out of it. If that doesn't do it then just bite the bullet and take it in.
  526. Barracuda1

    Yami 9.9 Trolling speed control

    Having trouble hitting that "sweet spot" and maintaining it. This is not a new issue, It's been like this for some time. Just getting sick of constant adjusting of the throttle. The motor runs and starts great. What do you think? Fuel? Filter? Adjustment? Need some real advise not speculations...
  527. Barracuda1


    Nice boat congrats!
  528. Barracuda1

    What's biting in Seattle in May

    So far. but subject to change at any time..
  529. Barracuda1

    Down rigger and Columbia salmon gear

    That's a steal! If I didn't already have one for extra I would jump. I had a great day saved by having "Manuel" on the boat..
  530. Barracuda1

    Arima Transoms

    Arima Owners Group. Google it, tons of information
  531. Barracuda1

    2018 Starts with a bang

    @T2shortB Todd! we need a table cleaned over here! :D
  532. Barracuda1

    Islander tr3

    If your'e doin it right the line won't "creep" enough to matter.... Jus sayin ;). I have an islander and I love it but my Shimano moocher can bring one over the rail just as well for a 1/4 of the price. At the end of the day do style points matter that much??
  533. Barracuda1

    Here's a little gem from a few years ago.....

    I remember another dude with a cigar on here. You guys selling Xtaero boats! :rofl:
  534. Barracuda1

    Friday Harbor Classic - who's fishing?

    So I guess the fishing was kinda slow?
  535. Barracuda1

    Be Carefull Out There

    She was enamored by your boat and went into the light
  536. Barracuda1

    "Freshest" Fish Technique

    I tried that method. Cutting the gills removed more blood IMO.
  537. Barracuda1

    Maiden voyage.

    Well done! Love the Mercs
  538. Barracuda1

    Go ahead and laugh, then answer... Kite GoPro

    High aerial vantage shots are really cool for a sec or two as a teaser or to see the boat. IMHO Most want to see the action on deck or close enough to get into the action.
  539. Barracuda1

    Oregon long leader Fishery report 2/7

    Fantastic! It's great to see a REAL report in this section again. Well done sir!
  540. Barracuda1

    So disgusted

    The wind... IT BLOWS!
  541. Barracuda1


    BD put a Chevy ad on this LOL Nice truck I'll pass this on to a buddy that's looking. GLWS
  542. Barracuda1

    Friday Harbor Classic - who's fishing?

    I would go just to hang and BS with some of you guys I haven't met yet. Sounds like a good time. I hope you all stay safe and kill some fish!
  543. Barracuda1


    Congrats! It's a good feeling to have new power
  544. Barracuda1

    Westport has ..NO clams...

    Nice haul! That's a lot of strips and chowder.
  545. Barracuda1

    Go Eagles!

    Great game! Entertaining for sure
  546. Barracuda1

    Go Eagles!

    Cause I just can't watch the Pats take another one
  547. Barracuda1

    6 Robbles

    I'm fortunate to live near one. They have always been easy to work with and have a ton of inventory in stock.
  548. Barracuda1

    Extra screws with twins

    Just carry a spare boat and make sure it has twins.. I'm all for being prepared but how much crap do you really need to carry around? Most times issues can be avoided by inspections and diligent maintenance.
  549. Barracuda1

    Best deal on a kicker you've seen

    Tax free Portland
  550. Barracuda1

    33' North River for Sale

    Wow Jay. I could always spot you a mile out. GLWS bud.
  551. Barracuda1


    Ponch and John? :D
  552. Barracuda1

    iPad for year helm?

    I tried it and it plain sucked! Much happier with a dedicated display
  553. Barracuda1

    New recipe for your Albacore

    I took out some Salmon and Pompano as well and couldn't stop myself... The rolls were easy to make and tasted fantastic. Thanks for sharing.
  554. Barracuda1

    Crab pots

    Wow! Whole lot of crap over some over priced crab pots???. C'mon folks. Focus on our dwindling fishing opportunities. We got bigger fish to fry
  555. Barracuda1

    New recipe for your Albacore

    That looks awesome! Taking some out of the freezer now. It's not albacore but yellow fin will have to do..
  556. Barracuda1

    Halibut WTF

    Who do we need to fire now! :Beat_Them
  557. Barracuda1

    perch fishing

    Damn! Those look tasty Pete.
  558. Barracuda1

    boat show ticket

    Damn! You guys are cold! :food-smil
  559. Barracuda1

    King 5 interview on Director Unsworth

    Solid work Ron! Well done and well said. After reading this I don't believe we can do worse.
  560. Barracuda1

    Lowrance elite, raymarine dragonfly, hummingbird helix?

    I put the D-7 on last year and I like it. Great visibility in sunlight. (even though we don't get much)
  561. Barracuda1

    Unsworth is out.

    Great News! See Ya! :appl:
  562. Barracuda1

    Xtra Tuff vs Grunden Deck Bo

    Wow! We really need a fishing season. I gotta say boys. If the Kali contingent chimes in on this one.... You got it coming. LOL
  563. Barracuda1

    Who makes this boat?

    Shit. I'd fish one and make a hell of a cappuccino doin it too
  564. Barracuda1

    Who makes this boat?

    Pretty fancy tho!
  565. Barracuda1

    Islander MR2-LA Gold

    LA means large Arbor which is better (in my opinion )
  566. Barracuda1

    Islander MR2-LA Gold

    Yea, gotta delete it. The MR2 has a free spool lever with a clicker
  567. Barracuda1

    Do you leave the anchor in the cradle?

    Anchors are a maintenance item
  568. Barracuda1

    New Yamaha 9.9

    Why? Just askin. Is it cosmetic or is there some real concern?
  569. Barracuda1

    New Yamaha 9.9

    T9.9 unless you crazy.
  570. Barracuda1

    Shit Hole

    Geez! I'd rather post about A7 than read anymore from this shit hole post... Maybe we need a political subsection for you fanatics? With all the talk of extended closures for fishing opportunities in our state, I hope all of your passion extends beyond the latest white house tabloid.
  571. Barracuda1

    Bait tank photos

    Defiance install. It was on the boat when I purchased. I thought a bait tank would be in the way there, but I found that people are usually at the rail anyway. It doesn't seem to interfere with anything we got going on so my opinion is a permanent tank is a better option.
  572. Barracuda1

    Bait tank photos

    I don't think it's in the way at all. In fact it's always ready to hold my beer
  573. Barracuda1

    More stuff and more will be added rod holders and buoy holdera

    What size fenders will it hold and how much?
  574. Barracuda1

    Take your non-fishing politics out of my fun zone

    Threads get locked out for a reason though... Keep it relevant on here. "Those" opinions are best heard on your ballot. Just my .02
  575. Barracuda1

    Salmon for Soldiers needs skipper for Roche Derby

    Damn! Wish I was here that weekend. Sounds like a good time!
  576. Barracuda1

    Shit Hole

    Getting :supergay: in here....
  577. Barracuda1

    Shit Hole

    Be warned. This is not a good topic to debate here. Our country is severely divided and most have chosen their side. One thing I will say.... The media is the shit hole that creates the division. Carry on.
  578. Barracuda1

    PSA needs your help to save our salmon fisheries. Send Email to the commission!

    Done! This is insane. I really hope that a reasonable agreement is reached
  579. Barracuda1

    Kicker Bracket

    X-3, or the Goat whichever is closest..
  580. Barracuda1

    Fishing Canadian waters

    Figure it out. We piss each other off over sharing too much on the www. So let's piss off our neighbors north? Plenty of info to be found without hashing out the details to a bunch of lazy trolls.
  581. Barracuda1

    Plastic Scotty rod holders

    That's not annoying. That's an indicator you got it tight enough..:D
  582. Barracuda1

    Islander MR2-LA Gold

    Going on Ebay Tues.... Anyone??
  583. Barracuda1

    Resurrection Derby. Fishing?

    Side pot covers expenses and then some... Congrats! To the victors go the spoils. Well, I guess at least we don't get another 12 months of @Walker Inc. money shots... LOL
  584. Barracuda1

    Islander MR2-LA Gold

    New. Got one for Xmas. don't need this one. Spooled with 30 lb $400
  585. Barracuda1

    Stolen Kicker - 2015 Merc 9.9 Bigfoot XL shaft

    Maybe some douche bag blew up his own kicker and doesn't want to shell out for another..
  586. Barracuda1

    Resurrection Derby. Fishing?

    Good luck guys. Yet another I have to miss..
  587. Barracuda1

    Area 7 Advice

    Who needs a cooler? Water bottle froze this morning on the run out
  588. Barracuda1

    Rod/Reel Advise

    The noobs are never on the main page
  589. Barracuda1

    Propane outdoor cook top recommendations

    I wouldn't use the same burner for lead. I have one dedicated for that. Just my .02
  590. Barracuda1

    Area 7 Advice

    I wonder how long THIS season wIll last...
  591. Barracuda1

    Deck seating

    Gunnel seating. Anything else. Go find a park bench when you aren't fishing with me...
  592. Barracuda1

    Picked up the new boat last night!

    Checked out the rebuild thread. Incredible work. Dude knew what he was doin.
  593. Barracuda1

    Picked up the new boat last night!

    As stated. You won't regret the move. That is a beautiful boat. Congrats!
  594. Barracuda1

    Plastic Scotty rod holders

    They are actually pretty darn strong. They'll most likely bend before they break
  595. Barracuda1

    Tried to salute you. Everett

    Prob just described most on here Patrick! LOL
  596. Barracuda1

    Suzuki 9.9

    Last I heard. Shaky, rattling POS... but, I've never used one myself. A few of my friends have the Tohatsu's and they do well with them. I'm partial to my Yami 9.9
  597. Barracuda1

    eBay/Japan electric reels for buts

    Hey Rod! You have a thread going about auto pilot, right??? :rofl:
  598. Barracuda1

    Christmas Project!!!

    Now you can be cool and do this...
  599. Barracuda1

    2019 Chevy truck reveiled.

    I didn't bother reading all of this thread but, for you haters... I'd rather push or pull a Chevy than drive the rest. Yes! That means whatever POS you think is awesome that ain't "GOVMENT MOTORS" :beerbang: Merry Christmas bitches!
  600. Barracuda1

    Merry Christmas to Us

    Congrats and Merry Christmas to you and your wife
  601. Barracuda1

    To All the Washington Brotherhood

    Merry Christmas!
  602. Barracuda1

    aluminum boats and anchor lockers

    X-2 That's what rubber mats are for.. C'mon Tony. You sayin it's alright to whack the side of your very nice boat with the anchor?? This is what I use on both my tin boat and bleach bottle boat. Rinse and store the rode in the bag to dry out and rinse the chain after salt use...
  603. Barracuda1

    WTB Gloomis

    He's half way to enlightenment! At least he didn't post this in the saltwater section like every other noob does LOL
  604. Barracuda1

    Dupont Derailment

    A real tragedy close to home.
  605. Barracuda1

    12/15 crab run

    Bad ass guys! Kinda envious. I should do another run before it closes
  606. Barracuda1

    What's on your Tuna playlist?

    This a funny ass thread.. Sat music, classic rock and no rap newer than 2000
  607. Barracuda1

    Big one

    This is what we've been reduced to :frehya2:
  608. Barracuda1

    Mukilteo crabber missing; his boat was found at Hat Island

    Solo. A pfd is an absolute must have. I'm even considering the MOB kill switch. This is a tragedy for sure. My condolences to the family but another reality check for the rest of us
  609. Barracuda1

    Anyone Need Lead?

    Known to cause cancer in kali
  610. Barracuda1

    Bulk 45 and 22lr ammo

    Gotta jump fast boys!
  611. Barracuda1

    Southwest passengers are so friendly

    What crawled up her butt? Oh! She was caught smoking and freaked out.. Crazy azz biotch :eyepoppin
  612. Barracuda1

    Electric Trailer Winch Recommendation

    PUS! Jus sayin...:)
  613. Barracuda1

    Another aluminum option?

    The one you buy that you cannot afford, Will be someone else's..
  614. Barracuda1

    Costa Rica?

    Mark, Are you guys doin the sportsmen or boat shows
  615. Barracuda1

    Summer of 2018 Vancouver Island Tyee hunt suggestions

    Chris. 750ml is a 5th the cdn ones are a full litre. I know what you meant tho. I'm just a water geek.. BTW. We gotta party together soon. :720icon:
  616. Barracuda1

    Wireless MOB at Fisheries

    I saw these last year. Thanks for the reminder, it looks like a great idea
  617. Barracuda1

    Lowrance LMS 525 Sonar/GPS Combo

    I had that same one on my NR. Good unit, easy to navigate. Good price.
  618. Barracuda1

    Gentlemen...I owe someone an apology

    You might have to take him fishing since he sold his boat.
  619. Barracuda1

    Summer of 2018 Vancouver Island Tyee hunt suggestions

    What he said. Anytime you can get away with some friends on a trip like that would be enough for me. That said, I hope you get one, they are getting tough to find. Putting in some serious time helps though.
  620. Barracuda1

    Parker 2320 or North River 2500 OS?

    As long as the one you own is the best for you.. your golden
  621. Barracuda1

    Parker 2320 or North River 2500 OS?

    You should go with the one other people pick for you. LOL Just Kidding. I love these threads. LOL
  622. Barracuda1

    That'll buff right out!!

    Wow! There's another thread about using a kill switch lanyard. Maybe this is the "use your brain" thread.
  623. Barracuda1

    We got Crabs, Big Crabs, Lots of Crabs

    Not much better than a pot of hot dungies in the winter. Nice haul
  624. Barracuda1

    Thought I would share for a good laugh

    The worst part is they multiply and there will be more
  625. Barracuda1

    What if the Pilgrims shot a cougar instead of a turkey?

    :rockin::appl::appl:Thanks for sharing that bounty!
  626. Barracuda1

    What if the Pilgrims shot a cougar instead of a turkey?

    We'd all be eating pussy for Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving you Turkeys!!:finger::cheers::finger:
  627. Barracuda1

    Friends of yours?? OR
  628. Barracuda1

    Removing decals from a truck

    Heat gun then goof off for the glue residue
  629. Barracuda1

    My slip neighbors blog

    Internet stalkers usually are..
  630. Barracuda1

    Fuel Tank Fabricators

    Coastline X2
  631. Barracuda1

    Moving metal carport

    disassemble and reassemble. Safest bet
  632. Barracuda1

    Shop Build

    That's gonna be a nice shop Tom. I sleep better when the boat is inside and locked up. Don't sweat the naysayers I woulda jumped in there after my wallet too! :D Keep the pictures coming man It's great to read a thread that doesn't involve bashing other peoples boats, squidding or that Alice guy..
  633. Barracuda1

    Veterans - Sound Off....

    Thanks to all you Veterans!
  634. Barracuda1

    Blackmouth closing Monday

    :shithappens: what a bunch of..:shithappens:
  635. Barracuda1

    Northriver vs. Duckworth Offshore

    I love these threads.. :drunk
  636. Barracuda1

    Northriver vs. Duckworth Offshore

    Both nice boats. Congrats. Now, you gotta know that anyone worth taking advise from here looks at more than just the fishing reports section. Right? Plenty of build threads there with plenty of commentary on both brands. Use the search Luke...
  637. Barracuda1

    Looking for help on Marine Area 8-2

    Post count doesn't mean anything at all to anybody
  638. Barracuda1

    Looking for My Next Boat

    Congrats on selling the boat Terry.
  639. Barracuda1

    WTF ??

    That's just too funny LOL
  640. Barracuda1

    Looking for help on Marine Area 8-2

    That's a loaded question on the www, not to mention the "reports" section.
  641. Barracuda1

    Everett Blackmouth derby

    Like goat said, trailer to Everett. I will be present with good friends. See you then!
  642. Barracuda1

    “Biteme” signing in issues

    Welcome back Biteboy oops!, I mean Bellme Shit! I"ll just stick to Brian. LOL
  643. Barracuda1

    Wanted Defiance Admiral 250EX

    John, you might might want to save this so you don't need to type it all out again next time this gets hashed out again..
  644. Barracuda1

    “Biteme” signing in issues

    Bellboy, baitboy, towel boy and of course Waterboy....
  645. Barracuda1

    Wanted Defiance Admiral 250EX

    Each manufacturer have their pro's and cons. Alloy boats can melt in salt water, some boats use wood in construction which could lead to huge repairs with heavy machinery and such.... ;) So far the best advise I've read on here is to try the few your interested in and decide on your own. Guns...
  646. Barracuda1

    Another nice morning at Westpoint

    I love the family pic! Well done. Anyone that doesn't think Salmon fishing is not worth the effort can piss up a rope! Great family fun right there
  647. Barracuda1

    WDFW authorizes inport of Atlantic salmon eggs from Iceland

    "Fish of the future" like a buddy of mine likes to say... Those pens should be on land only
  648. Barracuda1

    Razor Clam Fritters

    Best post I've seen on here in a while. Looks great too :cheers:
  649. Barracuda1

    10/4 Wedensday tuna run

    Well done Patrick and crew. Looks like a great day out there too
  650. Barracuda1

    a VERY special bloody deck. USS Carl Vinson

    I bet that was a sight to behold. :eek2:
  651. Barracuda1


    Agreed! but you forgot... "If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor" LOL
  652. Barracuda1

    a VERY special bloody deck. USS Carl Vinson

    Amazing machines! I toured the Nimitz once a long time ago... It just blows me away that anyone would dare a confrontation with our military
  653. Barracuda1


    I can! People keep calling me Brad instead of Fred on the phone. (a joke but true) As a kid growing up in the south side of Chicago the people beating me up were never white Quan. I'm half hispanic and bilingual they used to call me the polak. That definitely has to do with my skin! Social...
  654. Barracuda1

    Hugh Hefner RIP

    He has 4 children. His daughter Christie posed for the magazine and went on to become chairman for a while. RIP Hugh
  655. Barracuda1

    Westport Tuna Final Attemp 9-24-17

    What? You mean you'll have to survive on Marlin, Ono and Mahi instead of Albacore? Poor guy.. ;) I didn't score any down there either this season. I'm really torn when it comes to towing down there. So simple to jump on a charter but I would like to experience it at least once on my own boat...
  656. Barracuda1

    Tailwalker Tuna, 24 Sept

    Those are some piggies! Nicely done
  657. Barracuda1

    No Albies..

    He's a great fisherman and host. They sure tested my spanish
  658. Barracuda1

    No Albies..

    Yup! Pretty much..
  659. Barracuda1

    No Albies..

    We tried for Albacore out of Westport a bit early in the season with no luck, so we changed locale. Lisa and I brought home 17 YFT, 14 Dodo's and a Pompano. We released that many more! It was a fantastic way to end the summer and a trip I won't soon forget.
  660. Barracuda1

    Johns River report 9-16

    Great pics! Red meat looks awesome
  661. Barracuda1

    No Yeti products for me

    C'mon Paul, don't hold back LOL
  662. Barracuda1

    Edmonds fishing on 9/17 is gonna be windy

    I thought this was the "Salt Water Fishing" reports section. WTF's all the weather reports about??
  663. Barracuda1

    Pursuit 2350 Rebuild

    Wow! Good luck man. Keep the pics coming. I love watching these big repairs go down. I don't think I have the skills to pull it off or try.
  664. Barracuda1

    No Yeti products for me

    Whoa! Thought I missed some thing new. But nope. .
  665. Barracuda1

    Westport Tuna

    Good work guys! Great pics too. I like the 9/11 sunrise shot
  666. Barracuda1

    Another Slaughter in the Big C

    Hell ya! McNaughty's and calm water. Looks like a blast man!
  667. Barracuda1

    Ash from rust spots

    Did anyone hear that? Me neither..... :idiot:
  668. Barracuda1

    Edmonds coho

    The year of lost fish continues
  669. Barracuda1

    Knee Replacement Time - Any Ortho Recommendations?

    Definitely one of the strangest requests on BD I've ever read.. My in-laws had this done and it changed their lives for the better. Good luck and I wish you a quick recovery.
  670. Barracuda1

    Late Report MA13 pic heavy

    That's awesome. Have never taken the time to jig for salmon myself, but it looks like fun. One of these days I'll give it a go.
  671. Barracuda1

    Boat stuff and fishing stuff

    Brenten, I'm interested in the reel. PM sent
  672. Barracuda1

    New to the forum

    Welcome Matt. (That sounds funny) Great boat and congrats. Sent you a PM
  673. Barracuda1

    Ready to roll

    Awesome! Flat brimmed hats are for DB's. Kid looks stoked
  674. Barracuda1

    "Fully Loaded" Rebuild and Upgrade!

    Bad ass build! You will be killing Atlantic Salmon very soon
  675. Barracuda1

    Be Careful of what you ask!

    Congrats Bud!
  676. Barracuda1

    I heard a rumor

    We'll take your word for it Terry.. The caption on your avatar just screams 16 lbr's all day long. LOL A-11 fish dominate my freezer this season.
  677. Barracuda1

    Scotty High Speed WTF

    For when those tuna aren't there when you expect them to be..
  678. Barracuda1

    Atlantic Salmon

    I'm also curious if anyone is eating these fish?
  679. Barracuda1

    Scotty High Speed WTF

    You beat me to it Goat. I haven't even had to change a belt in my 1106's
  680. Barracuda1

    Salmon for Soldiers roll call

    Nick and I had a great day with veteran brother's Joe and Mike. Like most, we got a shit ton of smalls a coho to weigh and the occasional nook. These guys we're really quick learners on running the gear and wanted to do as much as possible. We gave them full reign of the deck and they did well...
  681. Barracuda1

    Theft on Float 12

    What kind of lowlife does that? That's crazy
  682. Barracuda1

    Salmon for Soldiers roll call

    Fantastic day! Our two vet's are brothers. (I'll post pics later) These guys fit right in with my crew and had a blast. I'm really proud to have done this event and I'm looking forward to next year.
  683. Barracuda1

    A7 Atlantic Salmon open

    I wonder how the WDFW made out with the surge in saltwater licenses this week..LOL There are only Farmed Atlantic Salmon in A7
  684. Barracuda1

    Boat pricing?

    So I traded the Alka-Seltzer for the bottle it came in??