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  1. Crash

    Ride Sharing / Boat Ho List

    Name: Robert Young aka Crash Location: SF Bay Area 94040 Availability: Looking to fly down for 2-4 days at a time Contact Info: 650-224-2742 Smoke/Drink?: cigarettes no - weed and alcohol = responsibly- I can take it or leave it either way NP. References: Cuda, Corb, Mark rip, Mikey I fish...
  2. Crash

    Watch out GrubHub

    Ali send a few and will do my best, pm sent
  3. Crash

    Watch out GrubHub

    Have these little trolleys roaming downtown Mountain View 94040 Place your order online order at you fav eats, this little guy parks himself outside. Clerk comes out with food, lid pops open food goes in, lid goes down and off they go @ 4mph. Has like 22 cameras, lidar, radar, motion sensor...
  4. Crash

    Stolen Boat Recovered

  5. Crash

    United Healthcare Pop Up

    Pretty simple, click on one of the add's every visit when you do a few penny's fall in to BD's lap so you have something to look at when you login in 17 times a day. Very few Free Things is life bring value like BD. Maybe 2 versions of BD free with pop ups or paid prescription with none which...
  6. Crash

    Stolen Boat Recovered

    Can not thank you guys enough for all the comments and PM's regarding the boat. I have decided to sell the hull. I will take offers up to this coming Thursday, PM questions as needed. I am in the Bay Area and willing to drive a few hours or possibly all the way to SD if some can fish me for a...
  7. Crash

    Hospital Bed Camano Island

    On it - Thanks Mark
  8. Crash

    !#%!#*!! Tweakers

    I feel your pain and am sorry for the loss, hopefully you will be buttoned back up good as new in no time.
  9. Crash

    Hospital Bed Camano Island

    Hey Guys, I am in SF bay area my Mom is on Camano Island - Utsalady Bay in failing health, I want to get her a hospital bed. Do any of you have a local referral ? Also needing assisted care help, tough dealing with this long distance. Much Thanks! Robert
  10. Crash

    1st choice for yo-yo reel

    Narrow 40 picked up HXJ5/2 80# Braid Bombs and YoYo tons more drag than Trinidads
  11. Crash

    Prescription Sunglasses Advice

    Thanks so much that was the info i was looking for, and yes Maui lenses is incredible, better be for $1100
  12. Crash

    Prescription Sunglasses Advice

    I use progressive lenses and just received a pair Maui Jim's and am not happy. The issue is the focal point is very small with lots of surrounding distortion. I realize with the wrapped frames distortion is unavoidable to some extent, they did remake the lenses but i notice little change. @ 5'+...
  13. Crash

    Stolen Boat Recovered

    A78ewizard I appoligize I can't see you name . your message is so thoughtfull. I am so grateful for your generous offer. I am a giver not a taker, it would be so out of character to ask others for money. I truely appreciat all of you for your replys life is pretty tuff right now but this too...
  14. Crash

    Stolen Boat Recovered

    So last Tuesday i am coming home from Sacramento after my mother in law's passing from a stroke a few days prior. I was just getting on the Benicia bridge and a message pops up from my fiend Pete saying my boat has been found via his Face Book posting he made when the boat went missing. As I am...
  15. Crash

    Unicorn fish???????

    GFGX8 with a topless calcutta 400 30#braid gone over by alan tani all time fav.
  16. Crash

    More new applicants for crew

    Remember the days of Splitfin
  17. Crash

    Stolen Boat San Diego

    @Soccerfella so stoked for you and your friend!
  18. Crash

    Pop ups....

    I’ve been avoiding the site - I know that might make some of you happy! 😂 There is a God ;-)
  19. Crash

    Corona personal grooming...

  20. Crash

    Stolen Boat San Diego

    250+ hours on the build, fishers her maybe 10 times... some POS stole my dream last week. I really feel for your friend just fucking heart breaking
  21. Crash

    For Sale Calstar grafighter 800xh...

    Do you have a tune to ship ?
  22. Crash

    15.5 Livingston

    I spent about 250+ hours building it last year, fished it maybe 10 times. Some POS shit stole it 2 weeks.. they stole my fucking dream.
  23. Crash

    15.5 Livingston

    Here is my build last year
  24. Crash

    Stolen Boat 3.22 SF Bay Area

    Some POS stole my boat last night, please keep an eye open. Fricken hundreds of hours of work.... poof gone
  25. Crash

    One and a half that got away

    How come the guy standing so far back ?..
  26. Crash

    Is my engine mounted too low - Livingston Warrior

    My thought on over heating is there is too much drag from the leg being to far into the water? No?
  27. Crash

    Is my engine mounted too low - Livingston Warrior

    Wanting input if my prop is running too low in the water causing the engine to max around 5300 rpm. Livingston Warrior 16' 2004 Yamaha 90 - same performance issue with 3 or 4 blade stainless prop Over heats running wide open for more than a few minutes Jumps on plane and runs 26-28 knots no...
  28. Crash


    If possible I will take 2 of Brads Raiders @$50 ea... they have good JuJu pm payment link please
  29. Crash

    2004 Yamaha 90HP 2 Stroke Motor FS/FT
  30. Crash

    2004 Yamaha 90HP 2 Stroke Motor FS/FT

    I own it now awesome deal on a bullet proof engine
  31. Crash

    My year in review 2019

    You had a killer year my friend, thanks for posting.
  32. Crash

    SOLD See new post :)

    Jan Please confirm you received my order an payment 12/16 thanks! Robert
  33. Crash

    Finally got my Swordfish ⚔️

    Tenacity always wins... super stoked for yu!
  34. Crash

    SOLD See new post :)

    Just sent PP and email
  35. Crash

    Reel Service

    Alan Tani The reel doctor you can thank me latter
  36. Crash

    WTB Trinidad gold

    I am looking to purchase 40 narrow as well please pm if you have one to let go. Robert
  37. Crash

    Red Rooster, Nov. 2019 Accurate 11/8 day video

    Brad is spot on, you cradel your sardine and present it with care like a Christmas gift. The stomping shit is no matter species non professional and mean spirited at best.
  38. Crash

    Half moon bay at Christmas

    really think out the kid thing as well, boulder hoping down the jetty is far harder than one might think. Not the best time to be watching 3 kids, carry gear and try to fish. Not to be buzz kill just want to make certain you have a great time.
  39. Crash

    Half moon bay at Christmas

    Check swell, wind and tides the water can get down right nasty on the jetty.
  40. Crash

    365 Day Fishing license

    Not a big deal but it Jan 2nd and u r good right
  41. Crash

    A Tribute to Bloody Deckers that have left us.

    I had the privilege of fishing with Mark on BD charter, along with Big Ron, Mikey, Corb... memories were made.Mrk was so generous with his time helping me rig and what not.
  42. Crash

    For Sale Price drop $300 Roddy super 88

    curious to know what this means "does have pipe like most of the roddys have"
  43. Crash

    Who knows what this logo is?

    I totally made that up
  44. Crash

    Old Man and the Sea fishing, we'll sort of!

    Hope Ali goes not see this... Just saying
  45. Crash

    Who knows what this logo is?

    That's The Evil Eye 2 brand
  46. Crash

    Flying fish

    Wow that's a super nice offer
  47. Crash

    November Catalina Tuna

    Steller ... so envious
  48. Crash

    Long hunt for the Albies

    Nice work Andre great adventure for sure.
  49. Crash

    SOLD Lobster Hoops

    super nice gesture some one is stoked!
  50. Crash

    SF Bay Butts

    Nice work Nice fish Great day with your son
  51. Crash

    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    Austin, this did not even cross my mind... could there really be such evil ... I pray not I’m not saying this was the case but what if someone on board spread something out and lit the fire.
  52. Crash

    Which International for SF Bay King Salmon?

    [QUOTE="tunanorth, post: 4905556, member: 9038"", trolling with a sinker release and a 2-3 pound cannonball can be very stressful on the tackle. Not so much the salmon, but grinding the sinker back in time after time dictates a more robust frame and gearing system. Why is cranking a 2 lb ball...
  53. Crash

    Pretty cool pic!

    Nature is AMAZING
  54. Crash

    For Sale YETI YT35 NEW IN BOX

    Yeti YT35 White new in box $215 shipped pm with questions. Thanks for looking
  55. Crash

    Livingston Warrior Build
  56. Crash

    Livingston Warrior Build - Complete

    I had been boatless for a few years and the itch came back, I wanted a driveway boat that i could fish the bay and fairweather big water days. I was thinking aluminum but started reading about Livingstons and how stable they were. Scoured the net looking for the right one and learned for a few...
  57. Crash

    Livingston Warrior Build

    Electronics, lights and rails done time to dip this girl and see how she handles.
  58. Crash

    Worlds Largest Center Console - Estrella 65

    was that 148 GPH burn?
  59. Crash

    Pacific Queen 1.5 ay returning 6/11

    Hope your surgery goes well !
  60. Crash

    Livingston Warrior Build

    Rails and rocket launcher in, air ride pedestal with batteries in box and 1k transducer installed of all goes well will be getting her wet next weekend Attached Images
  61. Crash

    Livingston Warrior Build

    Windows in so stoked the boat is really starting to look like what I set out to do
  62. Crash

    Advice on Guadalupe boats, tackle, time

    #1 about Lupe... Pull hard and reel fast
  63. Crash

    Livingston Warrior Build

    Kinda hard proportioning a stand up wheelhouse on a 16' boat, 6'1 headroom and as wide as my 20" skipjack. Wiring complete, 2ea under deck 12 gallon fuel tanks and BH175 1kw thru hull transducer installed, windows this week and Sam is working on rails. This boat is going to be blast.
  64. Crash

    Livingston Warrior Build

    Full build post coming when complete
  65. Crash

    Livingston Warrior Build

    Riged for tuna... ever see a 16' sled with a half tote kill box
  66. Crash

    When you have way toooo much $

  67. Crash

    Livingston Warrior Build

    Livingston Warrior build few months ago bought a few sheets of ply a bottle of Grey Goose and started this. Finished painting yesterday, installing dash today then wire, windows, rails and I will be back on the water.
  68. Crash

    When you have way toooo much $

    Don’t judge a book by its cover that is their weekend house and it is the bees knees inside. The owner was CFO Costco
  69. Crash

    When you have way toooo much $

    Visited my folks on Camano Island a few weeks back and saw this in the neighbors front yard. If you look to the top right you see a mooring ball they had put in costing a crap ton of $ shortly after a brand new 24 Grady shows up decked out with EVERYTHING you could rig a boat with and a dingy...
  70. Crash

    WTB How to Read Your Color Sounder

    Nuke Dawg when you are done with it I will buy it from you if possible.
  71. Crash

    Employment Oppurtunity Okuma Fishing Tackle CSR Supervisor

    BTW I am in the SF Bay Area min wage is $15.00 here so yeah my numbers are probably larger than in you area. Best of luck with your staffing I know it has become a total nightmare for my company the last 3 or 4 years.I am paying easily 30% more to staff a person compared to 18 months ago.
  72. Crash

    Employment Oppurtunity Okuma Fishing Tackle CSR Supervisor

    Wow you expect that level of performance and responsibilities for $24 an hour.... you may not have noticed but McDonalds is paying $19 to flip burgers. When you pay peanuts you get monkeys
  73. Crash

    Grandpas Old Stuff

    Did Grandpa come home with fish often ??? if so they must be the shizzle!
  74. Crash


    SIZZLN Stick for sure !
  75. Crash

    For Sale Calstar 770M/760m/Accurate 655

    I have for sale the following rods and reel. The rods I bought from a BD'r a ways back never fished, the reel has 3 or 4 boat rides, full load of 65 Seaguar braid, name is engraved front bar of reel spool spins like crazy GRFTR 700 M $145 + 35 ship GRFTR 760 M $145+35 ship Accurate 655 $165+15...
  76. Crash

    1st boat project- Skipjack 20

    Hey Al Look under my profile and you can see my skippy 20 rebuild, doing a 16' Livingston right now
  77. Crash

    GMG V's Traeger

    I have the GMG the Pizza Oven insert is legit, coocks a p[ie in 2-3 min just like takeout brick oven pie. Surprisingly well built in stainless, thick cooking stone only $129...
  78. Crash

    Cab Windows

    Hey Frank I think you will be impressed this project is cumming along very nicely, bare hull up refurb ;-)
  79. Crash

    Cab Windows

    Building a cab for my Livingston, needing 2ea 23x18 and 2 ea 31x18 windows, what type of glass should I be using, is this a doable DIY ndy idea what I should be paying? any reply is much appreciated
  80. Crash

    4X4 Vans need info

    I am wanting to buy/order a chevy 3/4 ton utility van, I have contacted several dealers and all tell me special order only. Is this really the case I have to think states other than cali would have them in inventory, any info is much appreciated.
  81. Crash

    For Sale Accurate 655H single speed

    new price - $200 shipped
  82. Crash

    For Sale Accurate 655H single speed

    Awesome reel lightly fished but does show some rash, full load of Segar #65 braid, awesome free spool and drag service by Alan Tani. The reel does have my last name engraved on cross bar $220 shipped
  83. Crash

    SOLD Avet MJX5.8/1

    Well used Avet filled with Segar #65 braid shows normal wear and works great $120 shipped. Thanks for looking!
  84. Crash

    9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    Was the Tolly sold to Dan and named the Ghetto Booty?
  85. Crash

    Guadalupe Tips

    They are owner light wire circles size 3, those eagle claw 118 are the bomb super strong stealth size
  86. Crash

    Guadalupe Tips

    Just got back on the Supreme as always those who can cast small baits the best hooks up the most, wire circles get bit but no bueno when it comes to pulling, the hook on right was an Eagle Claw do know the style info.
  87. Crash

    RP Next Week...yeah baby!

    There used to be a guy on the RP who played a mean hand of poker.... I think his name was Billy ;-)
  88. Crash

    SOLD Calstar GFTR-760

    New Price $190
  89. Crash

    Fishing a river mouth for Trevally

    EPIC... so awsome thanks for sharing!
  90. Crash

    For Sale Trini 16 Gold Seagar Braid

    Trinidad 16 Gold reel loaded with 65# Seagar Braid, last serviced by Alan Tani. $235 insured UPS included lower 48
  91. Crash

    SOLD Calstar GFTR-760

    Never fished GFTR-760 extremely fresh condition, all rollers, I will carefully package no charge and ship on buyers dime using my companies discounted UPS rate. $220.00 paypal family-friends
  92. Crash

    Hello I would go $400 on the 600N reel. Robert

    Hello I would go $400 on the 600N reel. Robert
  93. Crash

    Flouro aging

    Kevin you have no idea how true that comment is, getting my priorities straight and getting back on the water
  94. Crash

    Flouro aging

    Does fluoro top shot degrade over time if stored out of sunlight? have some Seagar that must be 8-10 years old... should i fish it or chuckit ?
  95. Crash

    Still want Guadalupe this fall?

    Does that mean they can start fishing there as of now, on a 7 day sept 8th so stoked, have never fished the Supreme.
  96. Crash

    New 2018 Parker 2320 Build

    Life is Good... enjoy!
  97. Crash

    HMB tuna run

    If the weather is right I will run out to Pioneer in my skiff
  98. Crash

    Help/ Advice for Salmon

    the fish have been on top 15-35', stay away from jellyfish, any speed under 4 mph works... stick at it you will catch fish
  99. Crash

    New Cutwater 302

    Why is the lower leg on the engines i different color? super nice boat!!!
  100. Crash


    Thanks Nick
  101. Crash


    Mark, why is there a roof over the bait tank
  102. Crash

    American Red Snapper 50 miles outside of Clearwater

    Thts some good eats right there! nice fish
  103. Crash

    Boat drives up in Newport....nobody onboard.

    Pretty blind without my eye glasses, always concerned if i end up in the salt i could not see what button to push on PLB, radio or mini flare in PFD pocket. Fishngin NorCal cold rough water i assume the shock and more than likely body injury could easily keep you foggy headed as your boat powers...
  104. Crash

    22'/23' foot backyard build V Hull Dory

    That so amazing and cool to do this with your dad in your backyard super stoked for you guys!
  105. Crash

    FS- Shimano Curado 201 DPV

    love this rod for fishing plastic
  106. Crash

    First Custom Pilot House on a 177 Tahiti Skiff

    awesome project, do you have any other elevations of the pilot house drawing
  107. Crash

    Bodega Crab still slow

    Are you hanging bait or just using jars?
  108. Crash

    New Salmon Queen advice

    First come tags the spot on rail - bring your own food - they used to have gunny sacks for crab and there is a guy at the landing that will boil them for you for a few bucks - rod holders over the cab - your tackle box should nit be larger than a shoes box its only rock fish - you will have 10...
  109. Crash

    Tiara pursuit 2550

    Awesome boat, great price if its well taken care of
  110. Crash

    Eastern Fields Papua New Guinea With Salty Water Tackle

    Epic shit right there.... fn amazing fishing
  111. Crash

    Dungeness Crab Season Opener and Tips

    Do note if the swell and wind are up there is a bar that breaks at Pillar Point harbor, if you have not launched please be carefull and on point a few boats get F'd up every year
  112. Crash

    Dungeness Crab Season Opener and Tips

    First 3- 4 weeks you are good just about anywhere until the commercial guys start putting a large hole in the population. the moving to 200 - 250 is probably a better area although some guys will kill it in 50-80 as well. Pretty much the first 2weeks of sport only and the following 2 weeks into...
  113. Crash

    Dungeness Crab Season Opener and Tips

    I suggest you launch out of Half Moon Bay IMO it is the best area for the opener, easy to get to many areas with abundant crawlers and lots of rock fishing spots close by. Crabs do not like rotten bait, early season just about any oily/fatty bait works, As the bio mass of crab gets thinned out...
  114. Crash

    Places to stay San Diego

    Coming down from NorCal with my skiff to fish 3 or 4 days looking for recommendations on motels that have good parking and ground level rooms ... any advice is much appreciated.
  115. Crash

    Livingston 14 Sea worthy ?

    I have a 16 warrior and am so impressed with this hull, have been 30 miles off shore and never felt unsafe
  116. Crash

    Fort Bragg longfins 7/5/2017

    8/5/2017 Thanks Tim
  117. Crash

    Fly fishing report at Cedros Island, Baja California.

    Tell me about your rigging, sinking line, what kind of files Sounds like a blast
  118. Crash

    Fort Bragg longfins 7/5/2017

    8/5/2017 Got to the upper ramp 6am parking lot was almost plugged with trailers. Got my shit bundled and off the dock 6:30am. Set the plotter for 16/25 about 3 miles out hit thick fog which lifted a bit about 10 miles latter. Not a boat in sight as i set out trollers, water was flat with a bit...
  119. Crash

    Stupid Salmon

    Leisurely Gentlemans Launch 4:30 pm Thursday 7/28 after work ran out 6 miles in the Livingston to acres of hungry salmon. Dropped in a hering and 45 minutes latter ran back in to the ramp with a 10 and 18# salmon.Probably would have been done in half the time but blew a fuse on the down rigger...
  120. Crash

    Force 85 $900 B.O

    Force 85 outboard, I have put over 200 flawless hours on this engine without a single problem. Over all condition is great The engine comes with controls, prop and is on a pallet for shipping if needed. It weighs 265 pounds, 20" shaft other than that i do not have any additional information...
  121. Crash

    Hey Kelly Ring me tomorrow about the engine Robert 650-224-2742

    Hey Kelly Ring me tomorrow about the engine Robert 650-224-2742
  122. Crash

    Livingston Warrior 25" shaft

    Working on a Livingston Warrior 16' skiff what if any issues are there running a 25" shaft vs a 20" shaft OB engine? Thanks
  123. Crash

    Livingston Cab.. help me find

    looks whats for sale
  124. Crash

    Livingston Cab.. help me find

    Hey Capt Eric that's the plan looking for inspiration for the layout itching to start another boat project - Thanks Cloud chaser that's the one, wondering if the second boat from end of thread is 16' wish there were a few more pics Thanks Guys!!
  125. Crash

    Livingston Cab.. help me find

    I know I saw a thread with Livingston cabs, I found the one with a cab for a 14" but i saw a thread that showed a cab for 16' warrior model. If any one can search and find it I would be most grateful. Thnaks Robert
  126. Crash

    Tony Reyes in May

    Looking for info on what to expect on a end of April- May or early June Tony Reyes trip I have had this on my buck list and feel the need to recharge a bit south of the border. Any issue traveling solo from border down to San Felipe, local or somewhat near by charters if I want to extend the...
  127. Crash

    The Journey

    That's funny shit
  128. Crash

    Gear up for sale/trade!

    I will take all 8 jigs
  129. Crash

    NEW PRICE Penn Senator 113H

  130. Crash

    NEW PRICE Penn Senator 113H

  131. Crash

    NEW PRICE Penn Senator 113H

    I do not ever remember ever fishing it 9.5/10 condition -no box or clamp. $70.00 includes UPS shipping lower 48.
  132. Crash

    Albacore vs Yellowtail

    X2 Mark, Cuda and Corb those boys were the shit for sure
  133. Crash

    Tahiti Offshore SurfSkiff 177

    Please post more pictures, who are the distributors on west coast.
  134. Crash

    Wide Open Video – Bluewater Fly Fishing

    EPIC shit right there !!!
  135. Crash

    22' Seaway Pilothouse

    Please post pics of deck, holds and cabin... is the engine inside the cabin?
  136. Crash

    Western Australia, Wild yet beautiful

    Marc, I have so enjoyed your post, reports and pictures.. please keep them coming! Robert
  137. Crash

    20 Ft Wilson

    I should have been more specific in my question. If converting to a bracket will the transom need to be braced or strengthened.
  138. Crash

    20 Ft Wilson

    Anyone have info on converting this boat to a bracket?
  139. Crash

    19th anniversary. Dinner ideas. Looking for wow factor. Update! Not good. Private dinning room upstairs with your own waiter meal, drinks, service period
  140. Crash

    Red Rooster spent all morning making bait at Cedros

    That's crazzy shit right there... love old school stories
  141. Crash

    Tow my skiff to Cali

    Any one heading south next couple of weeks I could use some help. I bought a Livingston skiff that is in Everett and need to get it coming my way to the Bay Area.The trailer is in great shape and has new tires. If you can help it would be very much appreciated and of course I will help with...
  142. Crash

    Salmon (update- steelhead) in Mountain View! - Stevens Creek

    I live in mountain view not far from that location, I am mystified how there was ever enough water at any time this rainless winter no less the last few days for that fish to have swam to that location. But I guess stranger things have happened
  143. Crash

    Our New Boat: 31 Tiara Open

    Twin Volvo Diesel ?
  144. Crash


    Tommy, My parents live on Camano Island, they said you could walk over to Whidbey Island on all the Indian crab floats last week. They are pulling a lot of females and soft shells today. Man you guys have it rough down here cali we have like 7 month season, everyday 10 carb limit.
  145. Crash

    REDEMPTION! Tuna Report 6/27/2013

    Oh heck yes... really nice pair of fish.. congrats!!!!
  146. Crash

    1998 silver streak pilot house 21'

    Jason, Very cool boat, how much does it weigh?
  147. Crash

    Looking for a smoker

    I bought this a few months ago .: Daniel Boone Pellet Grill/Smoker BBQ :. Green Mountain Grills I am really happy with it, amazing pork low and slow, Best burgers I have ever had, poultry is super moist, kick it up to 450 and make yourself some outstanding pizza. Tri tips are awesome. Load it...
  148. Crash

    5/10 Maiden Voyage

    Excellent report... great times... really like to see you and your crew wearing auto inflate PFD with flashing beacon in that small of a boat, especially at night. Wishing ou many hours of fun with your new boat!
  149. Crash

    Honda controll with cables

    Honda control box with 18' cables $150.00 will ship for $20
  150. Crash

    Wicked Ahi

    Thats Man shit right there.. nice work Brutha
  151. Crash

    26' Radon repower & new electronics

    Your boat is Bad Ass!
  152. Crash

    What a day!!!!

    GO BIG RED... Stanford pulls of another huge WIN !!
  153. Crash

    20' skipjack

    Hope you are ready for full time pinhead Scott.
  154. Crash

    20' skipjack

    Price them right and they are SOLD
  155. Crash

    20' skipjack

    1974 20' skipjack, hardtop glass over ply with safety glass windows. Stay warm and dry, 6'2 headroom so you can stand while driving 2004 Volvo 5.0 engine and SX outdrive with aprox 400 hrs. Everything works and is in overall great condition. 2 batteries 2 bilge pumps wash down bait bag...
  156. Crash

    Skipjack 20' Hardtop

    1974 20' skipjack, hardtop glass over ply with safety glass windows. Stay warm and dry, 6'2 headroom so you can stand while driving 2004 Volvo 5.0 engine and SX outdrive with aprox 400 hrs. Everything works and is in overall great condition. 2 batteries 2 bilge pumps wash down bait bag...
  157. Crash

    Skipjack 20 Hardtop

    1974 20' skipjack, hardtop glass over ply with safety glass windows. Stay warm and dry, 6'2 headroom so you can stand while driving 2004 Volvo 5.0 engine and SX outdrive with aprox 400 hrs. Everything works and is in overall great condition. 2 batteries 2 bilge pumps wash down bait bag...
  158. Crash

    Traeger BBQ

    Any body have any experience with these Traeger pellet BBQ? They are at my Costco this week and seem like killer units. As usual there is a lot of love-hate post on BBQ sites regarding the quality has gone down now that they are built off shore...
  159. Crash

    New years eve's eve Party with Ed's Jigs

    Hey Mikeeee I was out at the Farallon Islands today with my boys for the last day of Cod Killing 2011. I used a Black and White Ed's jig with a skirt and slayed the Olives and Reds.. 180' of water, damn 500' is like work . Will post a pic latter.. Hope all is well with you and your family...
  160. Crash

    Father and Sons - Panama Sport Fishing Lodge

    The last picture of the 3 of you is really nice. Your dad looks extremely proud to be with his grown up boys. Life is very short enjoy every minute you can with him. all the best for your dad's health in 2012.... nice fish
  161. Crash

    The new ride

    you should be able to get $500 plus for that outdrive on EBAY. guys are always looking for part for them. I got $700 for the one off my skippy
  162. Crash

    Long Range Skiffs for Cows

    Better more efficient rods ,reels line and top shots would be my thought... also seems it would take a lot of work off the crew messing with loading and unloading skiffs
  163. Crash

    All American Pressure Cooker

    I will take it if ken does not
  164. Crash

    Tribute to "Rock" Psycho Clown

    that made me smile
  165. Crash


    .. and your a salesman Jon, may want to brush up on your approach.. damn drag the guy thru the shrubs on his post.. you probably would have done better with a PM.. BTW i have ya beat by $200.00 and still no acceptance....$2700 is fair $2300 is great.. you don't need no stink-en warranty with...
  166. Crash

    AA 5 day 7/26 thru 7/31

    LeeAnn kicks ass.. girl rocks the rail.. good stuff right there!
  167. Crash

    Huli Cat 7/22, 23 rockish mackeral sanddabs

    Hey Tommy, glade you found your pots ... you here of any word on tuna.. water is starting to look good
  168. Crash

    Top shots on trolling rods for albies

    I measure my top shots @ 45' 60' 75' and have them on dedicated rods in dedicated positions.My troll rods are Ugly sticks with TLD 20, yellow 65#braid, 80# mono, each 2 rods are color coded as set with tape. So when I deploy my spread all I need to do is let line out until you see yellow line/...
  169. Crash


    Nice boat, hope to fish with you soon Jason. I can do week days if you need to fill some spots once they get a bit closer.
  170. Crash


    70 miles for 14 hr charter... thats a lot of travel time.. hope you find them closer to home... good luck Jason! how much you charging??
  171. Crash

    San Quintin YT Fireworks after the 4th

    very nice fish.. love fishing YT!
  172. Crash

    Monterey Salmon

    nice pink!
  173. Crash

    Monterey Rockfish!

    nice load of fish tacos .. glade you got out and got you some.. nice fishing!
  174. Crash

    Vagabond Reviews

    if you want to catch quality fish on the cheap look no farther.. btw they just caught the World Record YFT
  175. Crash

    Hey Nor Cal - Is Anyone Fishing

    it has been so blown out, butts are in the bay along with a few WSB up to #40.. a few #30 halis came off the southern shoals beginning of last week but the tides have been horrible since then. I delivered a order to Tom of the Huli Cat out of Pillar Point yesterday, he has been doing OK with...
  176. Crash

    I had hoped for the whole enchilada

    so how much time does this checking in process take away from rail time including traveling inshore and back out to the fishing grounds
  177. Crash

    Bloodydecks and the Intrepid June 12-17, 2011

    how many spots are booked so far?
  178. Crash


    I screen print Tee shirts and our inks have some of the same resigns as PVC. Ink prices have sky rocketed along with Cotton prices on my Blank shirts. We can no longer absorb raw material price increases and are passing them on.... every one thinks a blank shirt still cost $1.00.. and the...
  179. Crash

    Scupper Question

    you are going to have issues with junk.. pieces of bait, line, leaves getting stuck in the flap.. the ping balls are best but still leave a bit to be desired... i have the ping pong balls, I hate water on my deck so i use plugs when drifting and pull them to wash down the bloody deck while...
  180. Crash

    BD Wears High Heels!!

    so the my gal wants crown molding... i get lots of molding this and molding that adds but what is with the Big Black C add?????
  181. Crash

    Lowrance HDS........7 or 8?

    whos got the best price, i am looking to buy one
  182. Crash

    Cannon Uni-Troll 10 Downriggers

    i will go $250 for the pair LMK Crash
  183. Crash


    800#....and where did you get this report?? I don't think there is a boat in the bay with gear big enough to work a 800# fish... but what do I know guys out of Moss got fish today, biggest i saw was 20# lots of 10 -14# fish and all had multiple shakers... 80 -120 feet .. wind came up after...
  184. Crash

    Tips to catch a Cabazon??

    WORD small fillet, hard to cut... how ever the do have a damn good head shake
  185. Crash

    Getting Bit by Brandon Hayward

    just ordered mine
  186. Crash

    Dead rise angle for skipjack 20

    I want to order a Airmar flush transducer, any body know what dead rise angle I should order? Thanks Robert
  187. Crash

    Garmin 740s & 18" Garmin Radar

    I am ready to buy, new in box? valid warranty? [email protected]
  188. Crash

    The Manzanar Fishing Club documentary film

    amazing story, i really enjoyed watching, I will be showing it my family this evening as this is a very important time in our history. When and were will the full length film be shown?
  189. Crash


    now thats worth watching.... amazing
  190. Crash

    Candlestick park

    TimmyD tell the truth you don't fish,just a poser...... you just have boat to impress the girls and piss of the wife.... what up brutha, hope all is well
  191. Crash

    Tuna fillet color ????

    Frozen = brown..ish
  192. Crash


    I bought a Cedros 10 - #40 string - for my 8 day last October and it was the shit, I can cast it well, drag is robust and the reel feels super nice in the hand. With the free pliers it was more than a great value.
  193. Crash

    Furuno navnet GD1900C GPS CHART PLOTTER

    $900 - lmk have cash in hand
  194. Crash

    16 day sundry items

    Tenga ... just sayin
  195. Crash


    Nice work Ron! now can you go fishing?
  196. Crash

    DECISIONS, DECISIONS....Salmon Nets, Scales

    thanks for the gaff info.. in CA you can gaff salmon but must have net on board
  197. Crash

    DECISIONS, DECISIONS....Salmon Nets, Scales

    man up and use a gaff , they do work on salmon. lots more sporty and take up way less space and dont knock scales off so your fish pictures look nice. why do you need such a accurate scale? bragging rights on who has the Big fish of the day?? 2 speeds, roller rods and JB hollow are for fish...
  198. Crash

    Ear buds issue

    Thanks doug -- lease post link if you find it thx Crash
  199. Crash

    Ear buds issue

    Is it me being retarded or am I getting wrong ear buds ?? I have tried 3 or so pairs of ear buds and I always seem to have difficulty keeping them in. Any suggestions on MFG or style that seem to work better and fit well?? Any suggestions on standard Headset style to wear while fisihng...
  200. Crash

    Worldwide Fish Mounts "Original" ARTWORK

    Mark no hate here, the mounts Rocky makes are spectacular it is the airbrush design that is not my style, did you get a design on yours ?? Rocky I should have listened to Mom.. if you cant say anything nice keep you fucking mouth shut... sorry for the off remark... but I do like really like...
  201. Crash

    Shogun 7 Day 10/17-25!!

    fucking stow away, thats the 1st one I have heard of..... happy you got some quality fish, i really like fishing with bruce
  202. Crash

    Royal Polaris Schedule from 1984

    damn how long has Scotty been with frank? she is on the [email protected] of page. Looks like gaps in schedule , did the boat not run as many days as they do now?
  203. Crash

    Worldwide Fish Mounts "Original" ARTWORK

    not feeling it .... cept maybe the turtle shell
  204. Crash

    Big Sur Rockcod

    Grande Rojo for sure.. nothing like fishing sur especially when you have a flat water Very nice fish!
  205. Crash

    Uni Butter vs ProCure

    so were does a guy buy unibutter.. can use it has hair gel to???
  206. Crash

    CAN IT BE DONE??? (part 2)

    X2 clean battery connections - good fuel filter - vessel assist...suntan lotion for the kid... moms get kinda upset when the kid comes back beet red.. memory maker right there
  207. Crash

    La Push and Grays Harbor 10-2 and 10-3

    Oh hell yes on the saltypitbulls, 41# is Alaska shit
  208. Crash


    maybe he needs a bigger insurance policy
  209. Crash

    Happy birthday Crash

    Thanks Pumpkin... U just made my day....
  210. Crash

    First ocean boat, any advice?

    i big ass dose of common sense keeps most safe and the 21 rule.. wind speed plus swell over 21 stay home until you get 100 or more hours on the boat. be safe and have a ton o fun
  211. Crash

    I blew up one of my outdrives.

    oHH hell yes way to fix the problem
  212. Crash

    Waianae 8/26/10

    nice fishing, best days are work days, just feels better
  213. Crash

    Hot Keg still good?

    that's funny
  214. Crash

    Killing Motor during bait stops

    sorry if my comment comes harsh... just so much shit can happen in the salt why chance it, I am up in Norcal, bobbing around in nasty shit trying to start an engine or fix sumthin really sucks - LR boats don't shut down and they hold the school as good as any boat - fish bite when and where...
  215. Crash

    Killing Motor during bait stops

    ... this one has much to learn from the darkside
  216. Crash

    Calcutta 400S with calstar 700xl TRADE/MAKE AN Offer

    awesome combo --caught many species on that set up....50#YFT
  217. Crash

    Cedros weeklong madness part II

    wow what a trip.. congrtas on the rather LARGE forkies
  218. Crash


  219. Crash

    Epic Techno Jeep.

    Very cool, Very creative..
  220. Crash

    Catalina report with "Pretty" pictures

    MAN shit right there I tell ya
  221. Crash

    Dusty and dirty

    thanks for putin up the pics... love to see stuff like this... post more as the boat finishes
  222. Crash

    26' Pursuit

    Economy must be getting better.... up the price... wtf??
  223. Crash

    6/28/2010 - point sur washing machine report

    Man those girls sure grow up quick, nice fish Alan
  224. Crash

    Kite Fishing Safety

    a few years back an old feller got went into the rail head first in a harness on a kite fish... think they had to staple the wound shut and almost had to call a helicopter
  225. Crash

    Do you shit on your boat???

    Mike I am in Norcal, could never jump in 52 degree water and be relaxed enough to crap - i have done the backawayfromtheturd stroke in a lake or 2 and yes they do like to play follow the leader
  226. Crash

    Do you shit on your boat???

    Very interesting discussion while fishing with my boys this weekend.. do you or can you take a crap on your boat?? I for one have a very shy sphincter and can not shit in front of others, public restrooms or port ta potty's, it just ai't going to happen.... so some guys say they just hang...
  227. Crash


    no it is coming out --- she passed from bed sores
  228. Crash

    Stripers in Monterey

    Nice work Clinton did you graduate this year? Get ah old of me when the long fins show down your way.
  229. Crash

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    Here is my 20', I built the wheelhouse
  230. Crash

    1st ANNUAL Saltydawg Rods 8 day trip

    OOhhh man this is going to be good, startin to get itchy to go, just finished tiling the kitchen back splash for the wife, all my shit is ready including my deck chair...
  231. Crash

    Okuma reels

    I just bought a Okuma Cedros for my up coming 8 day, the reel is amazing and looks to be a outstanding value @ $400 with a killer pair of pliers included. If it fishes half as good as it looks the reel will be a killer.
  232. Crash

    1st ANNUAL Saltydawg Rods 8 day trip

    so i cant bring my folding chair...are slankets allowed
  233. Crash

    Tow My Boat

    you are very welcome
  234. Crash

    1st ANNUAL Saltydawg Rods 8 day trip

    any recommendations on what kind of folding deck chair I should bring
  235. Crash

    Tow My Boat

    $1.38 per mile to cover fuel food - 2.5 days lodging 2 nights insurance rider.. you do want the trip insured?? wear on tow vehicle and i would assume the boat will be on the trailer properly when tow arrives and that you will be waiting when tow shoes up I dont know, but good luck getting...
  236. Crash

    New EPA regutations for contractors.........

    times are changing.. for everyone and every business.. either spend your time complaining oh pore me or get with the program, learn the rules and comply.... i have fricken t shirt business, you can bath safely in my inks and cleaners they are so eco friendly, yet you should see the hoops I have...
  237. Crash

    NEW FURUNO 585 with transducer

    is that a 1000 watt transducer?
  238. Crash

    1st ANNUAL Saltydawg Rods 8 day trip

    my mom tried that line with me when i was FAT kid... now the wife tells me your FAT but you have one BIG BONE
  239. Crash

    need guacamole recipe

    Toasted Columbo soft roll -- slather with Mayo --- sliced Turkey--- hand full crisp Bacon---salt/pepper- large chunks Avocado -- some lettuce --- oohhmannn-- it's a heart attack sami with all the fricken fat but so worth it
  240. Crash

    Truline D8's and more

    I have one and fish the shit out of it, great for throwing iron or vert jigging ....
  241. Crash

    desperately seeking VP#21450768

    marine parts express.. back east Helmuts- norcal Volpar- norcal hope you find the part soon
  242. Crash

    Like New Shimano Trinidad 40N (Narrow)

    r u the seller?? and the purpose of your post is??? maybe he does not like you... maybe i would offer him more.....
  243. Crash


    have a GRAET day brutha...
  244. Crash

    Wahoo rig ?

  245. Crash

    Wahoo rig ?

    What do you look for in a rod and reel for Wahoo catching ?
  246. Crash

    Furuno GP 31 GPS

    i will go $125
  247. Crash


    T shirt farmer California Screen Printing | Embroidery | Corporate Promotional Items ....when i grow up I want to be Ali and have a cush web site job, fish all day and bang strange all night
  248. Crash

    Welcome - Baja Pirates

    .. i have not fished these guys but have few friends that have every year for the past 3 or 4 and are always pleased with the service and fishing.. they also have donated trips to my local club FSF as raffle prizes.. give them a shot at your biz if you visit there area
  249. Crash

    Wide Open Deal

    do not get the crack thing but will kick in $20 more for shipping
  250. Crash

    Wide Open Deal

    $350 for both to my door- lmk Robert
  251. Crash

    YT are here to play!

    last time I checked rain don't bother fish.. but you already knew that
  252. Crash

    1st ANNUAL Saltydawg Rods 8 day trip

    operor vos vere teneo quam ut piscis piscis vel r vos iustus expers ut bunk per george
  253. Crash

    Free Torium Reels

    baseballboy - I sent you a pm for your addy, very cool to be watching over your friend. His reel will ship tomorrow..
  254. Crash

    Free Torium Reels

    reel shipped today, hope you get a smile or two fishing with your boys. I will try to dig up 2 more reels for the other 2 boys if you need them, LMK. Robert
  255. Crash


    Hey there Doug, soquel hole was hit or miss today, some guys had limits by 10am and some just could not get r done... most guys are dragin there balls in the mudd... meaning 220'+ of down rigger wire... a few guys are getting them up top of the krill balls purple hazze on a glow dodger
  256. Crash

    Free Torium Reels

    your reading my mind brother.. BIG Thxs.. will send info to you Monday
  257. Crash

    Free Torium Reels

    Jeremy a bit much reel for your 4 year old but i also have a Abu bait caster that will work fine for him, please pm me your addy and i will get it headed your way
  258. Crash

    Free Torium Reels

    I have 2 used Torium reels (boat rash but work perfectly) that i would like to give away. I really want them to go to a kid that probably cant afford a decent reel but has the salt fever. If anyone knows of 2 deserving KID's please pm me or send them my way Robert
  259. Crash


    this just came in a couple hours ago, the boys fishing outta Moss.. Santa Cruz are homing in on the larger models, swell is calming down , scum lines forming and the krill balls are HUGE... this healthy looking fish was caught by Tmac this morning, he runs a 6 pack and is always on the fish...
  260. Crash

    Skippy Outboard Bracket

    Sean post up some pics of your project
  261. Crash

    Skippy Outboard Bracket

    big trim tabs to compensate for porpoising with the weight being so far aft.. heavy knee brace to stringers... you will have 1 cool boat for sure
  262. Crash

    Great Whites in Southern California

    The ferocious great white sharks of Northern California spend their time devouring sea lions, traveling, mating and, occasionally, touring San Francisco Bay, but they never socialize with sharks from other regions, according to a Stanford University-led study released Tuesday. The magnificent...
  263. Crash


    Justin your RS site is really cool... nice work!
  264. Crash

    Rubber landing net for salmon?

    I use a gaff - way more fun
  265. Crash

    SALMON SEASON TO OPEN APRIL 3-30th 2 fish limit... HOLLY SHIZZZZ!!!!

    Nice work Jason... were the fish caught at 200'.. sounds like not much outta SF but Bodega did well..
  266. Crash

    Fishing Pargo w Butterfly Jigs

    Jim dont have never fished Pargo but have done my share of jigging...300' is deep and you can get down but probably need 8oz jigs or heavier depending on current... I would highly suggest spectra line of you are all ready not using it, it gets down a lot better than mono and you can read the...
  267. Crash

    SALMON SEASON TO OPEN APRIL 3-30th 2 fish limit... HOLLY SHIZZZZ!!!!

    reports are coming in from Moss and Santa Cruz. this afternoon. limit style fishing of 10 - 15# Salmon -- lots of smiles
  268. Crash

    accurates boss magnum

    Jose if you do not get your price I would go $240 on the 870
  269. Crash

    SALMON SEASON TO OPEN APRIL 3-30th 2 fish limit... HOLLY SHIZZZZ!!!!

    here is On the scene report from a couple hours ago ""Took the dogs for a walk to the beach and it was very nice. Slight wind and 4 foot swells every 8 seconds. An occasional 6 footer would come through. Saw a couple boats out and a small skiff running full speed with out any problems. Hope it...
  270. Crash

    SALMON SEASON TO OPEN APRIL 3-30th 2 fish limit... HOLLY SHIZZZZ!!!!

    that forecast has been tamed down and the folks that are at Moss for the Big Bash this afternoon are reporting fairly nice conditions... popular thought up here is salmon are suffering from loss of habitat more than any other factor.. give them the right place to spawn and all is good....
  271. Crash

    1st ANNUAL Saltydawg Rods 8 day trip

    skiffs? are those used for making bait??
  272. Crash

    Seeker Black Steel G660H

    Ok $27.65 ?? you pay shipping and paypal
  273. Crash


    I am more than likely cumming down for the 3 day next week, they still do not have 20 to make it a go. Looks like all have good things to say, hope the trip is a GO!
  274. Crash

    AKC Male Rottweiler in Tact,looking for good Bitch

    nice looking animal right there
  275. Crash

    San Diego this weekend, who should I charter?

    Hey there Chris, right down the street from you. i am probably heading down to San Diego next Wednesday to fish the Islander for a 3 day trip - thursday thru sunday. Most likely no Tuna but very good chance for some YellowTail. price is right $495 including food, never fished the boat but have...
  276. Crash

    Poll on pullers

    i unplug my electric and throw it up front, cant do that with gas and it weighs like 3 times more ... all the above units sure beat pulling by hand
  277. Crash

    Poll on pullers

    steve if you put it up for sale lmk i probably have a buyer for you
  278. Crash

    Poll on pullers

    I know Ace has kick ass service but down my way we run our strings in 200' - 300' of water and my rounds weight 25# empty. We refer to Ace Line Hauler ($500) as the Ace Line Assitant as you have to help her along and is pretty damn slow if you faultless. I use the E-Z Pull ($800)from the folks...
  279. Crash

    Flo-Scan 5532

    I will take it - pm sent
  280. Crash

    Best pose for a Fishing picture.

    .. it's more how you accessorize... your yellow shirt layered under the white tee just sets the mood for the entire pic and plays off the yellow in the finns just kiddn.. very nice fish I suck at posing with fish
  281. Crash

    Spectra Sportfishing Upcoming Open Party Trips

    serve up the dates so i can send you some $$ Billy ... i will bring down 2 or 3 Norcal guys with me -
  282. Crash

    Spectra Sportfishing Upcoming Open Party Trips

    will you be doing any 2 or 3 day runs?
  283. Crash

    Spectra Sportfishing Upcoming Open Party Trips

    bad ass sled, I will fish with you soon..
  284. Crash

    25' skipjack flybridge (enclosed)

    Shawn he asked for comments, no way trying to rain on his parade
  285. Crash

    25' skipjack flybridge (enclosed)

    your not seeing the big pic brutha, makes absolutely no diff who has what for sale, it's what you can get for yours in the time frame you want/need to sale it... if you had a qualified offer then the comps might come into play, but you are still trying to find an offer just my thought--hope...
  286. Crash

    25' skipjack flybridge (enclosed)

    thats xactly why you have to make firm stand ---- sell for what it will bring or look at it in your drive way stupid economy... or something like that
  287. Crash

    25' skipjack flybridge (enclosed)

    on a good day with the wind at your back... the market for selling toys is BRUTAL right now.
  288. Crash

    25' skipjack flybridge (enclosed)

    you gotta decide if you want to look at it or sale pretty much dictates what the price will be... lower the price $500 per week until it sells... sold 2 boats that way.. hope you find a buyer soon
  289. Crash

    Point Loma Mexico horrible experience

    please pass this guy a Tampon
  290. Crash

    Looking for Business Card Printing

    Google is your friend, printing i so fricken cheap and fast these days
  291. Crash


    19 bumps might be a clue.... hope you get your price
  292. Crash

    ok all you west coasters....

    DAN1 those hammered jigs top left of your pic, r they killers??? look like good eats to me
  293. Crash

    1st ANNUAL Saltydawg Rods 8 day trip

    does that mean you where having an Inner monologue.... talking to yourself.....again
  294. Crash

    Raymarine C70 vs Furuno 1724 Cnt

    FURUNO..... noth'n more need be said
  295. Crash

    future captain of paradise lodge

    the force is strong in this one.....
  296. Crash

    1st ANNUAL Saltydawg Rods 8 day trip

    ... swag design has started, my art gal is roughing up comps today.... T's , Visors and maybe some Hoodies.... there may even be a couple Embroidered jackets for the raffle... gave her these pics for inspiration for the design Bill, need list of shirt sizes by mid May
  297. Crash

    what is the best engine tempature?

    i have freshwater cooling and show a constant 160 temp
  298. Crash

    Spectra Sportfishing First Open Party Trip Leaving Mon Night to Cat!

    nice layout.... maybe match the font on the stern of the boat on the tee
  299. Crash

    Tower up!

    Bad ass sled right there... congrats
  300. Crash

    Accurate B2-665H

    just received the reel - very nice , Thanks Brad
  301. Crash

    installing a B-164 transducer

    consult airmar, no place to guess what to do gaskets.. take your time
  302. Crash

    Need hos to fish Nados tomorrow

    been there once - meth labs and horse turds mae up the major part of the area 50 miles due east of san diego is my best guess
  303. Crash

    Boat Mods

    as long as your not hitting your head standing up it is GOLDEN... very nice lines
  304. Crash

    Rod Rack in Hayard SALE

    I was in the 1st day of the sale, dropped $500 after my 25% discount, very sorry to see another longtime husband and wife small biz go under, kinda surprised his son does not take over
  305. Crash


    just bought a brand new never used custom 760 M all roller aftco seat for $200 from a BD'r may want to think about the price
  306. Crash

    Bob Franko Method

    I carry 1 set mex flag and 1 set black/purple and 1 set archer bars not a fan of franko but do fish this method - 15 count min after 1st hookup
  307. Crash

    Accurate 665N

    LMK Steve
  308. Crash

    Accurate 665N

    I will take 1 - narrow and maybe 1 other robert 650-224-2742
  309. Crash

    Furuno FCV-1100L fish finder

    I am interested - how old is the unit
  310. Crash

    Lk Union Restaurants

    The Canlis , on the hill over lake union just found the receipt from my 40th Bday, private dining room upstairs, $200 Cab, Wagwu-sp? steak-- $750+tip for the 2 of us. you will not leave hungry but you will leave broke .. oh yeh that was before 9/11 and the dot com bust - now days...
  311. Crash

    Pilothouse on a NorthRiver Seahawk

    ""Still cheaper than selling and buying a different boat, I would not have had this much fun. "" Congrats on starting and finishing a 1 off project. i did the same on my skipjack and it eneded up being more Work, more $ and took more time than I planned but enjoyed evry minute and the Proud...
  312. Crash

    Avet Reel and Pole

    archi Registered User Name: john jones Vessel: 26' parker, "[email protected]" 26' parker and you don't fish?
  313. Crash

    Full set of Trinidads

    i would like the 40
  314. Crash

    1st ANNUAL Saltydawg Rods 8 day trip you think we will be making bait ?
  315. Crash

    1st ANNUAL Saltydawg Rods 8 day trip

    [QUO That's pretty much it... Oh and don't talk to me before 10 AM. words of wisdom right there
  316. Crash

    Lil Ceez Tattoo Progress

    I have seen few RF tats and yor work is SICK. Makes me want to get 1 please keep posting progress
  317. Crash

    1st ANNUAL Saltydawg Rods 8 day trip

    Damn brother get over it.... you were looking especially gay that day....I remember ending my trip with #30 tunas and laughing like hell at the all the Gayness . . how did your trip end ??? you were rooming with Cuda.. right??
  318. Crash

    1st ANNUAL Saltydawg Rods 8 day trip

    ""Cedros for 2 days, and then some homosexuality offshore. Am I remembering that correctly?"" 2006 there was major Homo activity - last day of the trip - Royal Star,had a EPIC Yt fishing @ Cedros on the lee side the day before - we go off shore the last day - troll and troll until the Homos...
  319. Crash


    $1000 MAX - IMO you would be very happy with a grand and probably be willing to take $500 - do you know how expensive it is to junkyard a boat. I hope you get a buyer at your price
  320. Crash

    Norcal WSB update

    No ElNino, this fishery has been here for many years, the fish in the Monterrey area - cannery row- are large and hungry - find bait you will find fish. How ever the fish 20 miles farther up the coast - santa cruz- has WSB boiling off the cement ship but they will not bite, most of the fish out...
  321. Crash

    Norcal WSB update

    Just to be CLEAR I did not catch these fish just sharing the info
  322. Crash

    Norcal WSB update

    these guys down in Santa Cruz and Monterrey are pretty damn tight lipped - this fishery has always been here just no one talks about it. We also have had many wsb caught at the Golden Gate Bridge as well as the Alameda rock wall across the bay
  323. Crash

    Norcal WSB update

    WSB have been going off in Monterrey Bay last or 4 weeks. lots of big 40 to 50# fish, these guys are literally 10 minute drive from the dock, dead squid, 190', 5 cranks off the bottom... so they tell me i have not got a chance to get out but thought you all would like to hear whats. here are few...
  324. Crash

    1st ANNUAL Saltydawg Rods 8 day trip

    mornin pumpkin. panties in a bunch or is just a red day..... Thanks for setting me straight....just throw'n some shit and we all know Ron needs no Security guard
  325. Crash

    Jesus takes a ride on the Intrepid

    next time you see Jesus, asking him about the OB engine on the RP skiff that fell off and turned into an anchor last year - Frank was running the trip and he was not to happy about it, Roy was laughing his ass off... I have fished with Jesus 2 times and he is a very pleasant person.
  326. Crash

    1st ANNUAL Saltydawg Rods 8 day trip

    OK now Rvee now your R picking on my Bitch... Cuda can fart harder than you can pull on a fish brutha... I really have to put up with this guy's bullshit for 8 days, looks like there will be some much needed bitch slaps on this trip - yeh A.R.V i never met you buy I know your kind...
  327. Crash

    SOLD! 25' Fiberglass Starcraft Expedition w/ Trailer

    $19,000 have cash will travel
  328. Crash

    Solar House

    contact SolarCity, they are and have been leading the pack in solar for home and biz
  329. Crash

    So I see this Big Ass boat..

    mavericks was not goiong off but there was enough swell to get your attention where it hits the reef
  330. Crash

    So I see this Big Ass boat..

  331. Crash

    So I see this Big Ass boat..

    pulling into the Pillar Point Harbor in Halfmoon Bay -Northern Ca - Mavericks anyone recognize it , recently for sale , i met Robert and talkd for a couple minutes. Turns out he got a gig with his bad ass sled taking a documentary crew out to Mavericks to film some test footage. keep your...
  332. Crash

    Issue cooking crabs

    No No NOOOOOO crab die really fast after harvesting unless kept in a slammer with lots of recirculating water. Next time cook them right up or Clean them and cook next day. Crab build up toxins really fast as they die. The black stuff is a membrane that turns black after 12 hours or so, will...
  333. Crash


    goggles and a wetsuit Bruda, da cab onda 14' be not da kine
  334. Crash

    262 Skipjack

    why the change? tired of crawling up stairs to drive?
  335. Crash

    Tandem Family surfing at San-O

    That is really cool
  336. Crash

    1st ANNUAL Saltydawg Rods 8 day trip

    California Screen Printing | Embroidery | Corporate Promotional Items add my company as a sponsor, cant have to much swag
  337. Crash

    1st ANNUAL Saltydawg Rods 8 day trip

    Just called in my deposit for your trip Bill, sending down a rod for re wrap. see ya in June
  338. Crash

    Humbolt Squid

    Taste like crap no matter what, we use them for crab bait up here
  339. Crash

    Bob Barker's a Sea Shepherd....

    the guy up in the crows nest on the whaling ship got quite a ride
  340. Crash

    Tunas showed up in full force

    EPIC day of fishing, I have never seen a bait ball follow a moving boat, this pic is very cool
  341. Crash

    As requested "The Menu" rework

    are you happy with the engine? 225hp?
  342. Crash

    Can I get a favor?

    48 positive replies in less than 16 hours, lot of BD love for you David.
  343. Crash

    How heavy can house be???

    Thats funny shit.... QUOTE=LTBOLTMAN;1570307]now I know how these came to be...
  344. Crash

    Roland GX24 and Phoenix STX-16 Heat Press

    Jorge looking for a new cutter, offer you 1k for the cutter, do not need the rest of the stuff thx Robert
  345. Crash

    Santa Rosalia 9/27 thru 9/28 with pic

    excellent fishing and a nice $ bonus to boot!
  346. Crash

    Sony Marine Sound System

    Teenisgirl if you posted some hot pics of your self it might help although you probably have fuzzyballs
  347. Crash


    No fricken way can I cast my 655N any way near as well as my Trini 30, but the drags are increadable
  348. Crash

    Crab season on the North Coast

    it's just wind and water...... going to run over the hill to HMB and see how it looks friday afternoon, sucks we only have a week until the commercial guys show and run htrough our strings of pots.
  349. Crash

    Buying a 20' Skippy. What to look for

    post up the pics brutha..... once you go skippy you never look back....
  350. Crash

    Domain Name for sale

    Skip why you change the avatar, you melting under the pressure already
  351. Crash

    Buying a 20' Skippy. What to look for

    IMO - no dis skippo if there are issues with stringers it will be where they are bonded to the transom and maybe 24" forward of that point and yes you will have to cut some glass to expose them, my 20 has a fiberglass pan -kinda hard to explain, will post a pic. Don't cut out the fish hold...
  352. Crash

    RP dope

    Billy's a blast, Roy is funny, laughs at his own jokes, the head at the the stern backs up and floods the back 2 staterooms, 2 stern rooms have 3 bunks extra storage - dont piss off Eddie, you will get the evil eye - Big D is just plain cool - no matter which room and where your gear is stowed...
  353. Crash

    Buying a 20' Skippy. What to look for

    got 42 knots in the bay - glass water to fast for me in this boat -kruz @ 28 knots all day long 2.8 - 3 mpg average 50 gallons i am pretty sure ,, have 2ea 13 gallon deck tanks for tuna, strap them up top when they are empty I usually run out of day before i run out of fuel
  354. Crash

    Buying a 20' Skippy. What to look for

    take your time there is always a better deal around the corner, Good luck, happy to answer any questions you may have. robert
  355. Crash

    Buying a 20' Skippy. What to look for

    Travis take a look at my post on my skippy 20 rebuild, they are a fantastic boat IMO - do some research before you go the bracket route
  356. Crash

    Removal of transducer w/5200 on threads

    Unless you are going to sell the used ducer I would just leave it in and mount the new one in another location
  357. Crash

    Pilot house designs

    Here is the one I built
  358. Crash

    Old School Albacore Squid pole fishing PICS

    Very Very cool, give anything to jack pole some Tuna commercial style
  359. Crash

    Swim Step for 8 ft Beam Boat

    with brackets?
  360. Crash

    Vagabond 5.5 day Adventure

    Very nice report Sheki and good fishing to boot! you are never gonna stop thinking about LR fishing
  361. Crash

    Portrait Tattoo

    Makes me want to get a tat... very nice work
  362. Crash

    Know a GOOD stringer when ya see one?

    the 2 years 69 & 79 have different shaped hulls
  363. Crash

    Know a GOOD stringer when ya see one?

    No not from under but from inside engine compartment -yes to plugging/patch
  364. Crash

    Know a GOOD stringer when ya see one?

    take a core sample of the stringers within 9" or so of the transom,1/8 drill , if the wood is light and and looks like wood chips all OK if it comes out dark and crumbly like dust you may want to take a deeper look
  365. Crash

    dec 26th 5 dayers

    Done 2 of them, meet, both had OK weather and both had 2 days of WFO YT fishing - great value for your hard earned $
  366. Crash

    2nd Annual Hurricane Bank Classic 2009

    it's all good Alex, hope you have a killer trip, fight big fish and come home smiling Crash
  367. Crash

    2nd Annual Hurricane Bank Classic 2009

    the nice digs and Excellent food on the "Otherboat" is worth a $1000. especially on a 15 day trip - 15 nights in a quite comfy berth, sat TV in the room and 45 QUALITY meals divided by a grand. no brainer
  368. Crash

    rocket launchers fabrication

    JurassicCarp.Com Stainless Steel Fishing Rod Holders this guys product rocks
  369. Crash

    We came, We fished, We meet cool people...

    Picked up Danny _ Nosympathy – Wednesday 2pm and pointed the truck, boat in tow South from our starting point of Palo Alto - Norcal-. We arrived at Shelter Island parking lot around 11pm got a few things squared away got a couple hours sleep an d launched around 5am. Picked up a scoop of deans...
  370. Crash

    Where to buy ICE.....

    Do they open early???
  371. Crash

    43ish 9-2

    nice fishing men!
  372. Crash

    Skipjack 20' history questions

    Here is my 78 20 open, my son and I fishing butts outside the Golden Gate. I re powered with a Vulva SX package, carburetor, 225 Hp. It tops out at 44 knots on the delta / glass flat water with the wheel house. i cant say enough about the boat, taken it 60+ miles off shore, have 2 deck tanks and...
  373. Crash

    Skipjack 20 factory sales brochure

    Randy can Ihave a high res file of the skipy 20 open pages - i have a 20 and want ti verify some specs but cant read the one you posted thanks
  374. Crash

    Refrig fixer? small units

    Ron I just put one of these in my kitchen, now the kids dont have to stand there with the door open to see what we have -
  375. Crash

    Where is mom at?

    Shark Attack Reported Near Carlsbad | NBC San Diego shark hits her three times and does not break the skin??? WTF
  376. Crash

    WA (WP) Tuna died in large numbers - 40, 3.5hrs

    nice catching right there...
  377. Crash

    Rpt 2 Day Extravaganza-8-29-30-Exotic Grand Slam

    man what a fricken fish killen sled that is - excellent trip
  378. Crash

    Trip Slide show

    really nice pics, all of them, nice work!
  379. Crash

    28' Skipjack Parts

    Ben I am interested in some items, lmk if you start parting her out - I am in Palo Alto
  380. Crash


    Congrats and sleep well tonight !
  381. Crash

    free Garmin software

    Found a way to get Garmin Map Source for free and legit. Go here and down load garmin training center and install. Garmin: Training Center Updates & Downloads Then go here and down load and install Garmin Map Source Garmin | Mapping Programs It’s a breez and you can accuratly get...
  382. Crash

    Hawaii Kai 8/26

    small kine better than no kind - nice fishin
  383. Crash

    8/22 Golden Tilefish Underwater Video!

    Scott I apologize if I was haten on your post, I should keep an open mind, just seems crazy retrieving that fish on that rig. It makes perfect sense for deep dropping swordies best of luck Robert
  384. Crash

    8/22 Golden Tilefish Underwater Video!

    nuthin beats winching up baby fish with an electric rig you dont even hold yourself, that's just plain...... your a guide and you did not check the drag.. what gives brutha?? guess you do things different on the E coast nice looking fish....
  385. Crash

    Goldeneye 2000 rockcod trip

    Tino are those areas locked in as no take or is it up for vote?
  386. Crash

    GPS mapping software

    what software do you all use for mapping way points, figuring distance, uploading way points etc on your PC - I have a garmin gps thx
  387. Crash

    WTB TLD 20

    I am looking for 2ea TLD 20's, pm me if you have one or 2 for sale thx Robert
  388. Crash


    dig the colors , very nice work right there!
  389. Crash

    Aux fuel tank setup.

    Mr Ballzy what are you thinkin with that get up?? I have a 20' skippy, ran a hose from a 3 way valve to the battery box, open cover get hose, connect to 1 or 2 13 gallon deck tanks. when empty bunge cord them to the roof and bam you just picked up 50+ miles in range and wont blow your ass up to...
  390. Crash

    Pacific queen anyone

    when cowboy was the cook he was always getting shocked on the oven, IMO boat is a bit corky and high off the water, very fishy boat very fish captain, just don't drop too soon on the slide, bill dont like that
  391. Crash

    Got a few Coronado Yellows (8/4).

    for real??? I have cooked up that crap 13 ways to sunday beat it, soaked it massaged it and it always taste like piss. The calamari you get in a restaurant is another species.
  392. Crash

    On board video camera & recorder equipment?

    Anyone had experience with camera and recording equipment so can you record while fighting fish? I fish solo a lot and it would be cool to be able record with a dash mounted cam - any advice is much appreciated Robert
  393. Crash

    work was fun today!(pic heavy)

    You want Big Juggs, check out Ben's album, he is leaving for china to rebuild a one of these huge ship engines
  394. Crash

    Damn it got good long range

    Nice fish Ron, happy you got your bad ass out to have some fun
  395. Crash

    Tips on being a good deckhand

    Work hard, be curtious, fun and attentive. No body shot gaffs and you will good to go
  396. Crash

    big swell?

    you need to look at 2 things, swell and interval, 6' swell at 12 seconds is a lot different from 6' swell every 7 seconds, anytime the swell and interval is very close the water will probably be unfriendly
  397. Crash

    Cape cod 7/19 - The DAY

    Awesome experience, very nice fish. in the last pic, 1st post, with the stick bait is the split ring separating ???
  398. Crash

    HMB Albies

    I like blood .... what can I say
  399. Crash

    HMB Albies

    Thanks for putting up the post Clint, have been slammed at work. Clint is a great Hitchhiker and we all had a great day on the water. To add to tgis post went out saturday - 2 days ago and the water was JACKED up 8 by 8, we got 2 fish in 2ominutes and turned for home. we will fish again and...
  400. Crash

    first trip on new boat

    very nice fish, good job on the limits for all
  401. Crash

    Why don't we hear about Big Eye Tuna?

    Thanks for posting that Dan, very good examples and i now have to go catch one
  402. Crash

    Why don't we hear about Big Eye Tuna?

    How do you ID a Big Eye?
  403. Crash

    Increase POWER and save up to 40% MPG on your Boat

    *** Increase POWER and save up to 40% MPG on your Boat ***
  404. Crash

    Sundays Tuna run - NorCal

    I had planed on running tuna 2 out of the 3 day Holiday weekend and with the cool solo trip last Friday I was very excited to be heading out again. Chris – aka Retriever- had contacted me and came along for the ride. We left HMB around 5:30 and decided just to troll the day and throw some iron...
  405. Crash

    NorCal Longfin

    No body wanted to join me so I ran solo today- friday- . Launched hmb 4:30 ish headed towards the Guide on flat calm water. About 10 miles east of the giuide there were 6 or so boats working a small area but I wanted to find my own fish. Kept running until I reached the top of the guide and not...
  406. Crash

    HMB Running 7/3

    any live bait in HMB Justin? I am probably launching from santa cruz good luck
  407. Crash

    La Push with the Salmonator

    Very nice fish!
  408. Crash

    Early Albacore

    was the WSB snagged?
  409. Crash

    Fathometer FURUNO FCV 582

    Chris I think Chuck may be traveling this week
  410. Crash

    Big Sur Saturday

    Launched from Monterrey 6;30 Saturday, headed about 20 miles south on the flattest water on could imagen. Fished in shore 120 - 90' for a nice mix of assorted RF, slab blacks, huge olives 1 real nice Vermilion and a bunnch of just short lings. Started looking around for a better grade and ended...
  411. Crash


    The Berkeley reciever and Dyno in SF have pinner fin bait, Bocci should have some soon as well., sometimes I am embaressed to say I am from Norcal, you guys down south have the live 24/7 all year long and we are lucky to get minature live bait for $35 half scoop for 5months
  412. Crash

    Neah Bay Report 5-21-2009

    that's the shit right there, vacuum pack on your own boat, very nice!
  413. Crash

    Neah Bay Report 5-21-2009

    Todd what is this piece of equipment? Damn nice fish to boot!
  414. Crash

    I got alotta shit! or do I?

    5 day = 30# 40# 2 ea 65# and a long rod for iron 1 shoebox of tackle 2 pairs of shorts 8 tee shirts 5 sets socks and choonies sandels and deck boots. 1 towel small bag of personals hygene and you are good to go.
  415. Crash

    from bimini to hard top

    Build one yourself, you can order one from Faralon, from what I have heard takes for ever and are around 6K + here is my 20' skippy with hard top I just built myself and the other was my 24' that had the Faralon built hardtop
  416. Crash

    Big Sur

    any of you local ever tried to make bait in the Monterey area?
  417. Crash

    Big Sur

    Clinton we will fish soon, pm me the days you can fish.
  418. Crash

    Big Sur

    Launched from Cannery Row in Monterey Sunday around 7am. Ran South about 20 miles along the beautiful Carmel - Big Sur coast line with my Bud Scott, we both enjoyed near limits with a couple of assorted RF. Wind came up around noon and we headed back, on the trailer by 2pm. Pics of Cannery...
  419. Crash


    Joe is fun , Enrique is cool, the food... not so much
  420. Crash

    Thanks to the Good People of Washington State

    Mike what John said is spot on. He haid never heard my name before I pmd him last week. in a matter of 2 hours he responded with a warm open offer to take my step dad shrimping , he went so far as to offer multiple days when he would be availible and from what I hear they have spoken and will be...
  421. Crash

    Volvo Penta 225 D Gasser

    I had my electric fuel pump go bad, the engine would idle but not run under a load.
  422. Crash

    There will be a sport salmon season

    this Rebound guy must be related to that POS kid from Santa Cruz that got the boot from the site a week or so ago. Guess boinkin donkeys and sheep on the ranch must get to a guy after a while
  423. Crash


    the site probably getting hammered with traffic
  424. Crash


    Tyra and Oprah are the shit brutha, besides i got to take care of my friend Cuda.
  425. Crash


  426. Crash


    KFC - Unthink what you thought about KFC you can print multiples
  427. Crash

    I CPAP do you?

    what did you not like about Bipap?
  428. Crash

    I CPAP do you?

    snoring and apnea are two different things, apnea is when the throat collapse and you do not breath.
  429. Crash

    I CPAP do you?

    i was 37 times and HOUR- 259 times in 7 hours- and there were peps in my group that even higher marks than me
  430. Crash

    I CPAP do you?

    Frank well Kaiser being Kaiser they do not do the wire u up to 40 electrode thing at their facility. I took a 1hr class and was sent home with a small computer pack that had 2 elastic bands that go around your stomach and chest. A small hose that barely goes up your nostrils and a oxygen...
  431. Crash

    I CPAP do you?

    I have been a heavy snorer all my life, my wife would tell me I would stop breathing while sleeping and partially wake up while gasping for a breath. Last couple years i wake up everyday feeling like I was ridin hard and put away wet, never felt rested, low energy and lacking motivation and...
  432. Crash

    Heads Up

    if you have any thing i writing call your credit card company and dispute the charges
  433. Crash

    Making your own irons???

    Eric is the fucking Zar of home made tackle making, the guy is absolutly off the scale with all the tackle he makes, and is a damn nice guy to boot. if you have any questions he is always eager to help.
  434. Crash

    Anyone Recognize this Reel?

    ask Alan Tani
  435. Crash

    4/24 Halibut report (pics)

    3 kids, 3 big smiles and 3 PFDs that's the way to roll.
  436. Crash

    Dissenting view on swine

    good comment Mark, I would not have thought about that possibly happening.
  437. Crash

    What a dipshit

    from norcal craigs list North River SeaHawk 20' Brand New from Auction - bid on wrong boat - $16500 (Sacramento) Reply to: [email protected] [Errors when replying to ads?] Date: 2009-04-27, 2:28PM PDT If you're thinking of owning a brand new North River...
  438. Crash


    Happy Birthday Ron from your friend the Farmer
  439. Crash

    The project begins

    you cant beat the AD41 engine, very simple, very reliable 200HP and lots O torque
  440. Crash


    FCV 1100 is the shit! Travis I bet more like $4500+ with transducers and installation
  441. Crash

    Big 500 lb Thressher off Miami 4/17/2009

    looks Gay and Dangerous to me
  442. Crash

    Sad day at the Saltydawg house

    It hurts bad but time does heal and this to shall pass. Good thoughts are with you Bill
  443. Crash

    Can I survive on this?

    anytime you are ready LMK
  444. Crash

    Camano Island info

    My parents moved to Camano Island, does any one have info on what the fishing opportunities are up that way. I will be going up there in a couple months and want to know if it is worth hauling the Skipjack with me. Thanks!
  445. Crash

    Build a LR Tackle Box

    Be 1st in line to board
  446. Crash

    Can I survive on this?

    Bryan I live in Mountain View, Don't go buying a bunch of Heavy stuff you will not use all the time. I will loan you heavy gear, contact me if you like.
  447. Crash

    Build a LR Tackle Box

    Ask Cuda for a picture of the Coffin tackle box he has. It only takes 2 people to move it, the box holds 200 jigs, 195 heavy's and 5 surface, Ron likes to YoYo.
  448. Crash

    Trim Tabs Electric or Hydraulic?

    I went from Bennet to lenco , they both are great. They both work great although I fell I can make finer adjustments with the Lencos. I could not imagine having a boat with out trim tabs.
  449. Crash

    5 minutes 40 seconds of freespool!!!!!

    I was at Alan's house picking up a reel last week, he drops some of this magic sauce on the bearings of my Torium. The spool just spins and spins....
  450. Crash

    Flashers for Hali

    I was single handed and the 8' stick with 8' of leader,weight,dodger etc I was not paying attention to where I stuck him I just wanted blood on the boat. Why do halis strip so many baits w/o getting firmly hooked. Thanks for the info you put up! Robert
  451. Crash

    Flashers for Hali

    Hey Rick Here is my 1st bounce balling butt, took it last week in SF Bay. Took a bit to figure out what I was doing but I think I have it down now. That gaff shot went right thru
  452. Crash

    White Shark attack

    This is the nob flaming back at the guy that just saved his ass - UNFUCKINGBELEAVABLE "Ray, Why did you go ahead and posted this stupid thread about me? I said I was sorry and the gun was expensive. I left you there because I didn't know what to do when I saw the shark. I thought it was...
  453. Crash

    White Shark attack

    I just chit my pants reading it...
  454. Crash

    24' Skipjack Custom...what do you think??

    I had a 79 24' skipjack open with Farallon wheel house, Volvo AD41 diesel and i am fricken sorry I ever sold it. Got well over 3 mpg and drove like a tank, I always felt safe in that boat in crappy seas. They had to shoe horn the engine in which makes for a bit of a challenge when reparing...
  455. Crash

    I'm offering free employment services, help finding work etc

    How very cool of you guys, Thanks!
  456. Crash

    Butts in Pardise

    Nice work Ed hope we have another season like last year.
  457. Crash


    Late report from Friday Launched around 10 ish from the SF free ramp and headed over to Paradise on some really nice water, warm sun and big smile. My GPS spent the entire day looking for satilites WTF?, put out the buckets, lowered the flaps and raised the OD and began the troll. A...
  458. Crash

    Harnell finished

    Way cool Bill, cant not wait till i pick it up Friday
  459. Crash

    Crash's Harnell

    Wow Bill, that is amazing work I can not wait to see it ! What took you so long, you have had the rod for almost 4 days now - LOL Very cool of you Ron, Big Thanks to you brutha
  460. Crash

    Who makes websites?

    James is building my site as well James M. RobbinsCEO 26035 Acero, Suite 100, Mission Viejo, CA 92691 Click the image to open in full size. Phone 800.516.0812 email [email protected] web
  461. Crash

    Replacing Trebles on Jigs

    can you braze split rings?
  462. Crash

    boat wiring

    go to the boat junkyard and pull a wiring harness from a boat large than yours. You can then re group the bundles to suit your needs. I was very surprised how much I spent on switches, connectors etc when I rebuilt my skippy. Soldered connections and liquid tape are your friend, wire nuts are...
  463. Crash

    Site design

    Paul James -Brand the Web- and his staff are building my biz a wicked site right now, remeber to budget for SEO very important. Dont make the mistakes I made, hire a professional not a Craig list wana be.
  464. Crash

    norcal open party tips?

    Tom on the Hulicat is your man. He has pretty much devloped the sport humbolt fishing up here. IMO it is like winding in a 5 gallon bucket from 1200' of water. No matter how you clean it , cook it or eat it, it all taste crap.
  465. Crash

    1.5 day trip on Constitution

    IMO Joe has the same issue as the black pearl - i was on the 2 day last month and could not eat the food, a couple regulars brought there own grubb- Jos is a realy jolly guy, the crew was good and we caught some really nice rock fish, but the cook -UUGGGGG
  466. Crash

    Riding bulls or watchin super bowl

    Sneeke ..... is that a cow or a bull??
  467. Crash

    Free at last Free at last!!!!

    Congrats Ron !
  468. Crash

    Scuppers drain into bilge. any alternative?

    had the same issue on my 20' skippy, I built a 3" high curb made from starboard around the 3 sides of the engine cover opening sealed with silicon and screws. Installed the scuppers with ping pong balls and the problem is no longer a problem.
  469. Crash

    black pearl 2 day

    That is all good he is making the apparent much need change but how could he have overseen this issue? it's only a 65' boat, does he not eat the food his cook own cook prepares?
  470. Crash

    black pearl 2 day

    big.... so tell me again how great the boat and crew are and how unimportant chow is
  471. Crash

    black pearl 2 day

    Spot on Jay there is Never an excuse for poor customer service, shit at my company we carry the boxs to the customers car and send hand written thank you letters. it only takes alittle extra effort to make sure all are happy campers.
  472. Crash

    Help me out! Swimbait set up

    nice option I also have used Aboooo Garcia reels, for swim baits, they will not perform or hold up anywhere near the calcutta but for they work!
  473. Crash

    Help me out! Swimbait set up

    Calcutta topless 400 and a clastar Gx8 with cork grip - or seeker inshore 808
  474. Crash

    calcutta 200 vs 400

    craig no disrespect but you get what you pay for, I spool mine with 50# braid and pull like a mothr fu_-r on that reel .I had Alan Tani go thru it and put mega drags ini it so I can put wood to the albies. Also i dont take care for my reels well and treat them as tools of the trade not like...
  475. Crash

    calcutta 200 vs 400

    pm with a price for the 200 please
  476. Crash

    calcutta 200 vs 400

    IMO the 40o topless is the most versatile reel I own, I fish 4oz gih heads with swim baits, flyline bait for albies and even caught this 40+ YFT with it
  477. Crash

    Avet rods- WARNING!!!!!!!!!!

  478. Crash

    To Carry (Concealed Weapon) or Not?

    This was from an actual posting on Craigs List – To the Guy Who Mugged Me (Downtown, San Francisco) I was the asian guy with the Black Burberry jacket that you demanded. I handed it over shortly after you pulled the knife on me and my girlfriend. You also asked for my girlfriend's...
  479. Crash

    black pearl 2 day

    Thanks for the info- I almost did that trip with you
  480. Crash

    rewiring the last thing

    next time try these - get them at OSH for $5- put one on each wire as you cut them - Google is your friend, you can find the info to put it back if you search abit
  481. Crash

    An old photo of the Q105 I found a while back

    I love looking at old pics,, keep on posting them. It would be very cool to have a gallery with these old pictures from all you guys.
  482. Crash

    Where I been Hidin so far this Year

    Very Cool.. Thanks for sharing
  483. Crash

    Problems with yo yoing...

    your on Crob, and yes I am serious, just have to sign the cudda / no pastrami no chicken wing clause and dont you get sea sick?
  484. Crash

    4th Annual Thom Hultgen Memorial 8 day

    George wants to know if we will be making bait on the trip?
  485. Crash

    Problems with yo yoing...

    Crash, Im looking for an invite this year to drive north, buddy. :D Mikey I want to haul my skippy down your way as soon as some longfin show and leave it parked at SOMEBODYS house. They need to be able to tow the boat, pick me up at the SD airport thursday nights, and fish like a stone...
  486. Crash


    if you want frozen BFt i have it for 3.00 a pound... My dog likes it THATSFUNNYSHIT
  487. Crash

    Problems with yo yoing...

    spin vs kick action It was spalined to me by Brad B(zzzzz) and Wahoodad on my first LR trip years ago. Surface Iron needs kick to replicate a teasing strike action of injured bait on surface, slow slightly varied retrieve speed. YoYO is like someone throwing a baseball at your face, you...
  488. Crash

    Problems with yo yoing...

    hey ther Mikey.. I was always told that there was no thing as too fast of a retrive. How far or how many cranks do you boys go befor letting the jig back down? I crank like hell for a 10 count
  489. Crash

    Black Pearl, comments??

    the fish dont care if it is raining brutha.
  490. Crash

    Black Pearl, comments??

    Black Pearl, Any comments on this boat/crew? coming down from Norcal for a convention and thought about jumping on this one before heading home. Black Pearl $199.00 Special...Rock Cod and Ling Cod Cape Colnett and Surrounding Areas...Limited Load 22...Foe reservations call Point Loma...
  491. Crash

    Boat hardtop question

    I am really happy with the wheelhouse, the only negative, drifts fast on windy days. If you have any ? feel free to pm me
  492. Crash

    times are tough

    I have a couple Toriums you can borrow, send me a pm
  493. Crash

    Panama Carnage - Paradise Fishing Lodge

    speechless, absolutely amazing fishing and pics...
  494. Crash

    My Ultralight Planer Boards

    is the metal release clip quality stainless?
  495. Crash

    2 1/2 dayer on the Constitution...

    I went on this 2 day trip. I usually ride the larger boats for more days, so i would imagine this is your typical 1 or 2 day boat down your way. For $295 I had no expectations except the chance to be at peace on the water for 48 hours, fish would be a plus. I drove from the Bay Area just for...
  496. Crash


    78 hull - I am 6' tall and can stand up inside w/o hitting my head - yet i will post s few more pics, glass over wood and a lot of Gray Goose
  497. Crash


    here is the wheelhouse I made for my 20' - I love it
  498. Crash

    A gallon of gas for less than a buck?

    IMO there is a scale to the economy of the oil industry or an large MFG company. they have spent so much in drilling, storage and a new fleet of supertankers etc that they must keep the Big Oil Machine moving. OPEC memebers were laughung at us HARD at $100+ a barrel and were happily...
  499. Crash

    What is your favorite color Jighead

    below 60' or so of water color makes no differance because of the light spectrum and I am not certain it makes a differance in shallow either IMO it's all about the action of the lure
  500. Crash

    PV Nov 9th - 15th. Pic heavy.

    Nice fish and good times, congrats!
  501. Crash

    More on "Code Groups", direct from Tim Ekstrom

  502. Crash

    What a deal a free trip on the Intrepid

    Might not agree with you on this on brutha.. IMO this new economy we are experianceing will bring back alot of goodies to keep biz going. Remember free checking, it will be back along with other traffic builiding offers. How much do you think it actualy cost the boat outa pocket? not much...
  503. Crash

    Fishing in Mag Bay

    that Big Hatteras must have small cooler judging by the pic
  504. Crash

    inshore swimbait rods

    WORD GX8
  505. Crash

    Look what we found in Monterey Bay!

    Steve you are spot on IMO - Joe have you tased them? 9 out of 10 guys will tell you it taste like crap no matter how you cook it. Humbolt Is Not the same stuff you get in a dinner place
  506. Crash

    22.5ft Complete restoration...

    Very Very Cool Big Congrats!
  507. Crash

    Outfitting my new ride... Straits + Halibut?

    include the following the list above. Trust your gut instincts, if you think the water is to rough, to windy to anything that makes you question launching, DONT DO IT. Long story short, i was going to launch solo out of Halfmoon Bay -Norcal- this last sunday. the water just looked to...
  508. Crash


    so how much did you end up spending? Looks really nice!
  509. Crash

    I am sooo depressed. :(

    This to shall pass !
  510. Crash

    Boat for sale....

    there is always a better deal right around the corner. In this economy never worry about lossing out on a GREAT deal, there are lots of them, you just got to be patiant. good luck on the selling and buying !
  511. Crash

    23' Seahawk

    What happens when you take a wave over the bow? how does the water drain? does it go into a sump and then pumped out? seems an open bow would be problems in rough ocean water. Good luck witht he new boat, she sure is nice to look at !
  512. Crash

    Tuna fishing with the girls 8/12

    Those girls are fricken ammazzing!!! they hunkered down in the tin can and made a great day of it, very happy for you and great report!
  513. Crash

    Happy B-Day G Spot.....

  514. Crash

    Skipjack 28... pimped and done!

    Very nice work right there brutha.. I hope she is a very fishy boat for you.
  515. Crash

    Buying a boat

    Any other advice on things that I might have over looked would be greatly appreaciated. Thanks You may have over looked the hundreds of threads regarding fixxing thousands of dollars on boat repair and maintenance .we all dump a fair amount into our boats and the ocean is a very...
  516. Crash

    Got Glass

    Frank can the expasion tank be mounted in any area and is the height of exchanger vs height of expansion tank import?
  517. Crash

    Northern California Alby's

    Shim is your man and don't plan on being back to the dock at any particular time you don't stop fishing until Shim stops fishing. usually leave emerryvill around 1am and return 10 pm.
  518. Crash

    Got Glass

    The boat is really comming along. I had the windows installed today, laminated safety glass. I am very happy with the install and will have them tinted next week. I installed 2 thru hulls for seperate wash down and bait pumps,2 new bilge pumps, new LED running lights- man they are bright -white...
  519. Crash

    INTREPID 7/27 thru 8/1

    Intrepid 7/27 5 day . Anybody on this one, I am calling in my credit card to book, 17 passengers as of today, hope she fishes as good as she looks. What are the better stateroom #.
  520. Crash

    Marking Fish?????

    You said you bought 2 units, are you using them at the same time on the same boat? if so you maybe getting mixed return signals back to the transducer
  521. Crash

    Careful where you pull that trailer

    low bid like Mikey said u gets what you pay for!
  522. Crash

    7/12 209 YT Beasts !

    VERY nice fish there brutha!
  523. Crash

    Apply gel coat to large area?

    Looks doable to me.. sand box - primer -sand-primer-sand- spotting putty sand- get a qt of gel coat - roll on and tip with a $15 or so brush - get reducer for gel coat, thin 10 %, it will be bumpy when dry - wet sand 100 up to 320 grit - apply second coat - wet sand up to 1500 grit - buff and...
  524. Crash

    Shimano Triton Mark III S

    Paging Dr Tani send Alan Tani a pm, he is the man for reels
  525. Crash

    My first YFT

    you are a changed man forever, all you will think about is Tuna
  526. Crash

    Long range shots

    Dude thats funny shit
  527. Crash

    Albacore, but not many

    Nice work, I love the blood!
  528. Crash

    New Salmon Queen 6-18

    Shim is the man up here, while most boats were back at the dock by 3pm we were still fishing at 6
  529. Crash

    Tony Reyes june 8-13

    Excellent post
  530. Crash

    New Salmon Queen 6-18

    Got an invite from Capt Shim to bring my son and nephew out on the New Salmon Queen for the day. Got the boat at 6am loaded with about 20 passengers( over 2/3 rent roders) and headed across the bay to the receiver for 5 scoops of quality fin bait, absolutely beautiful morning in SF, light wind...
  531. Crash

    Two days with Andy (Crackerjack)

    well done Chuck - good to see you had another excellent Alaskan adventure
  532. Crash

    Thom Hultgen Memorial 2008 - updated roster, news, things that need to be done.....

    He will then get on the boat eat his cookies and milk, then go to sleep for the next 24 hours
  533. Crash

    Check out the new ride...47mpg

    does it a revrese gear?
  534. Crash

    saturday 31/5/2008

    Very cool , tell us more on about your fishing grounds etc..
  535. Crash

    Anatomy of a Custom Homemade Bait Tank

    Chuck built the entire boat from bare hull up, his glass work is the shit!
  536. Crash

    10' paintjob

    I finally got around to getting some paint put on the Skipjack project. I applied about $1600 +tax worth of Sterling LP primer, New Hatteras White paint and gallons of thinners catalyst, non skid additive and gloss reducers.... A Very Nice club member let me use his commercial account and i got...
  537. Crash

    How's the economy affecting everyone elses buisness

    I am a t shirt farmer as well, our 1st qtr was OK and the second is kicking ass!
  538. Crash

    Shogun Mothers Day

    is that a 10' jig stick Bruce handed off to your gal?
  539. Crash

    Purchased some new Safety Equipment Team Hanna

    Where did you buy the gear and did you get a good price????
  540. Crash

    two dyslexics

    put the bong down, you have had tooo much....
  541. Crash

    whats your favorite long range boat?

    David I have ridin the RP on a 3 a 5 and a 10 day,. the 3 and 5 had Roy at the wheel, very fishy but his personality grinds on me, a bit too cocky and he laughs at his own jokes a little too hard. Billy is one of my favorites, laid back, funny and has a pretty consistent attitude. God help...
  542. Crash

    Thom Hultgen Memorial 2008 - updated roster, news, things that need to be done.....

    you got the harnezee ready for me brother? I am bring my own reel this time with proper line that wont BREAK all the time, thus causing me to farm fish. note to self - restring any gear borrowed from cuda btw - i proudly display my Farmer Award
  543. Crash

    Corky and Jaydog

    you coming up?
  544. Crash

    skipjack re-power

    I had a 24 with a 41 dp in it. The boat squated a bit with the additional weight. The impleller was a bitch to replace as there was minimal room after the engine was shoe horned in. You will have a most awesome boat when your done. I got around 2.5 to 3 mpg and I loved the sound of the diesel...
  545. Crash

    Thom Hultgen Memorial 2008 - updated roster, news, things that need to be done.....

    How many days do we have to go Mikey? I did not know Florida Mike was on the trip, Cool
  546. Crash

    Skippy 20 update

    Jimm - i got pics someware but it is pretty straight forward. I will try to post when I get back to the office, just cut the bitch down the center and the rest will fall into place. Look at the pic of the engine and you can see how much wider the dog house is, you can also see where i am filling...
  547. Crash

    Shogun Baja Freezer Special - Mar 31

    whos driving bruce or Norm?
  548. Crash

    Got ripped off on ebay

    Marcus I think you are hosed because of the amount of time from recipt to complaint
  549. Crash

    Got ripped off on ebay

    Brutha it took me many, many years to start thinking this way. I used to get so worked up over the morals and ethics of these type situations, it just aint worth the stress and gray hair....
  550. Crash

    Got ripped off on ebay

    Save your self hours of being pissed of, go buy the 09 carb NEW and put the 06 carb on CL for $150. Life is too short to dick with guys like this - karma will be visiting the ebay seller in due time and in the big pic $200 lost is a tank of gas, I know $ are hard to come by but your time is...
  551. Crash

    Skippy 20 update

    David your boat is looking pretty sharp!
  552. Crash

    Skippy 20 update

    Been hard finiding time to work the skippy but I have done a couple things to update. Finished all new wiring thru out the boat and got all the controls hooked up. The first time I went to start the engine i bought I nearly had a heart attack. Turn the key and NOTHING, no click no vrooom nada...
  553. Crash

    dog's at the fred hall show

    WORD - this is funny shit
  554. Crash


    Mikey didnt you nail a huge WSB on that trip off the salt mines?
  555. Crash


    If Randy is at the helm dont expect a chat fest, the guy is a stone cold fish killing MoFo who will put you on what ever the ocean is willing to give up. Ask Randy about the WFO yellows right and i mean right of the beach back side of Cedros last june. The entire boat was hooked on 20- 30# fish...
  556. Crash

    coming down to socal

    The kid can yank on YT - thats him in the corner rail laying on the wood to a forkie - he nevers hut up but fished as hard as anyone. Cuda remember this trip, besides Cedros last year on the Star this was one of the best YT bits I have ever been on, it was so rought hat most passengers were...
  557. Crash

    Shout out for Ecco shoes

    Eccos=Happy Feet Most well made, well fitted dress shoe will be comfy but be prepared to spend $300+
  558. Crash

    Rod for salmon trolling

    If you are using down riggers a Seeker GT808 or Calstar GX8 are awsome rods,and IMO are great live bait sticks as well. If you are dragging lead balls w/o down rigger use a Uglystick. The lure you are decribing is probably a watermelon Apex and is a Salmon KILLER, make sure you rerig them as...
  559. Crash

    Harnell Auction

    Outsanding work men!
  560. Crash

    Harnell Auction

    Hey Frank Be home by 4:55 this afternoon
  561. Crash

    Harnell Auction

    Ahhh now I see Franks profile Job: Pissing off the person at a time! FRANK!!!!!!!!!Dont you know I am trying to rebuild a boat, doing the 8 day in june and now i got to go toe to toe with you on this NUTHINBUTLUVBRUTHA
  562. Crash

    Harnell Auction

    Hey there Eric Crash is here, thinkin how much do I really want to piss of the wife. My dad was Marine in the 50's Fox Hill Korea, it really messsed his mind up bad so this auction / fishing event is pretty important to me. How much would a guy have to spend to get it wrapped? BTW my...
  563. Crash

    Harnell Auction

    $300 it's going to be a long weekend
  564. Crash

    Harnell Auction

  565. Crash

    Harnell Auction

  566. Crash

    Harnell Auction

    Y eh thats what the wife says
  567. Crash

    Harnell Auction

    GETOUTOFMYWAYBILL $200.00 opps -it aint 5pm yet- guess just got a little excited
  568. Crash

    Help on ideas!!! Marines looking to charter...

    I will be donating 50 screen printed tee shirts for all the fisherman and crew with a simple BD - Marine logo of some kind screened on them. Karl or Bob please send me shirt sizes and a address to ship them to. Robert 650-224-2742 [email protected]
  569. Crash

    Need information on solar for residential

    This is one of my customers . i do not know if they sevice SoCal
  570. Crash

    Yosemite info?

    I am not a fan of tours at all but this last summer we took the 2 hr valley floor tour and it was great, tons of great info,views and the price was cheap. Everyone left smiling
  571. Crash


    Picked up this engine and OD and am almost done installing my 20' skippy, should haul ass. Got the package from a wrecked boat owner who had no insurance 50 hrs on meter, looks brand f new for less than 4k.Will be installing fresh water cooling next wee, keep your eyes open there are deals to be...
  572. Crash

    Half Moon Bay Question

    Fishing is pretty nonexistent on the coats right now,a couple of guys have been harvesting mussels at low tide on rocks right below the radar towers and they are good eating for sure. bring a spinning rod and stick a mussel on, you are sure to catch something.This area is very accessible and if...
  573. Crash

    CABZILLA!!!!!! Look at this monster!

    worst fish to cut , there rib cage has thick ribs - there is like no meat on them bastards like a ling, they eat crustations so the meat is pretty tasty and that fish is no more than #15 IMO
  574. Crash

    tuna and dorado fillet thread

    thats Edward ScissorHands shit right there -AMAZING he has all his fingers
  575. Crash

    Show your ride!

    How hard are these yaks on your back? What is the best set up for back support and comfort?
  576. Crash

    OK, I want an iPhone......

    2 YEAR CONTRACT = $2400 = OUCH -Thats a 6 day with tip = i think my P.O.S Nokia and my nano look better all the time.
  577. Crash

    best 12-15lb outfit for a long soak

    Calstar GX8 with a topless Calcutta 400, #30 spectra #20 flouro top shot 1/0 ringed flyliner.
  578. Crash

    best 12-15lb outfit for a long soak

    Have never fished on Dennis's boat but I know he has a stellar reputation up here and the nicest looking cattle boat in the harbor.Pence aka Aquahero3 decked for him before going commercial. I beleave it was 2001 they were catching #100+ YFT out of Santa Cruz in the Monterey trench but that was...
  579. Crash

    Cliffords knot

    Ron Very cool, another one I could even tie Thanks
  580. Crash

    Check out what came in the mail today!!

    Very Nice
  581. Crash

    OK, I want an iPhone......

    2 year contract - fuck that nonsense- thats loke $1500 - 2k, they should give you the bitch for that much $
  582. Crash

    best 12-15lb outfit for a long soak

    Not sure why butI have never seen a Newell reel up here in Norcal either on a rod or in a tackle store. I dont even think Ihave seen one in Alan Tanis garage - but then again I have never seen a BFT up here either
  583. Crash

    OK, I want an iPhone......

    Whats is the monthly service fee?
  584. Crash

    Cliffords knot

    "Personally I find the San Diego (or double San Diego) knot very easy to tie and remember. I say this as a person that has to relearn all other knots every year when I start to get ready to fish off shore." Double SD knot IMO and as from my experience if not tied perfect will fail pretty...
  585. Crash

    Cliffords knot

    I thought Bruce liked the Perfection knot, ends up with a loop acting like a ringed hook, but is a little more cumbersome to tie which is why the Clifford looked so good to me.
  586. Crash

    Cliffords knot

    Jim I struggle with the heavy mono as well, thats why I thought this was cool knot, practise tieing it, 3 times and you know it, even a Bumbletard like me can do this one. Now if one of the LR gurus can speak up and tell me if this knot has enough balls to hold a #150+ tuna.
  587. Crash

    Cliffords knot

    MIKEY - wasup brutha?? hope all is well. I am really looking foward to fishing with all you guys this June. I still think about that fricken monster WSB you got last year.
  588. Crash

    Cliffords knot

    Because i like to know some old school shit like tieing a proper knot. All my #65 + gear is hollow with crimps and Ilove it. But I do not have back up rigs(yet) and if I get in a hot bite and need to get another hook on my line it would be cool to know how to do it properly and quickly. If this...
  589. Crash

    Cliffords knot

    Been checking this knot out for #80+ mono and am liking it a lot. I have not hung a fish on it but have pulled the shit out of it. Very quick to tie. Clifford's Knot The first knot I want to cover is one that Lefty Kreh and I learned many years ago from Clifford, a guide at Casa Mar in...
  590. Crash

    Oh god.......there back.

    tasted like urine smells. WORD I dont care if you soaked them in milk, battered in cornmeal or what ever they tasted like CRAP and from what I can see we all could fish them year round ano even make a dent in the population.
  591. Crash


    ...and more expensive than mono and not needed for trolling IMO
  592. Crash

    Pacific Queen

    My first LR was on the PQ with Wahoodad and Brad B, 3 day freezer special and a great way to get started on LR fishing. IMO the only thing about the boat is that the deck is a mile high off the water, not really a problem. Bill fishes hard and kinda of reminds me of Randy on the RS, does not say...
  593. Crash

    Grady White Overnighter 20 - Opinions?

    May want to take a look at a 20' Skipjack, I am rebuilding 1 right now and am very impressed with the hull, the amount of deck space and the killer fish hold in the forward part of the deck. I have been told with the 225hp Volvo package I put in it she will get some pretty impressive milage. I...
  594. Crash

    Skippy Repower Update

    I am finally making progress with the skipjack. The engine and outdrive are mounted, still need to install wiring harness, fluids and fresh water cooling. I am very happy with my decision on having the install done by lelands Marine, good guys! Next I will be building a enclosed wheelhouse and...
  595. Crash

    Pat Cavanaugh 1st Buck

    Thanks Stan - My Bad, is Pat as fishy as Bill?
  596. Crash

    Pat Cavanaugh 1st Buck

    FYI : Pacific Queen is the boat
  597. Crash

    New to NoCal

    Hello Joe I am pretty experianced fishing and crabbing out of Pillar point Harbor, Moss Beach. We have a nice Halibut fishery in the bay. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Robert
  598. Crash

    Norcal Albies 9-22-07

    I was scared the littlefuck would get a jig in him but he moved faster than the fish.
  599. Crash

    Any Final words?

    No worries Penny, BajaBev and JL will watch out for you and will get you dialed in on the routine. Have a tonOfun Pence I am very happy you are going Long Range, fishing will never be the same.
  600. Crash

    Norcal Albies 9-22-07

    Headed out under the Goldengate on the NSQ Monday 9/24 at 2am. Hit my reserved bunk put in the ear plugs and caught a few winks before waking to off colored confused sea at graylight, not a lot of swell, just jacked up with northern sweel and southerly wind. Light load with 3 deck crew and 5...
  601. Crash


    If they could keep a fucking commitment to run a trip would be a good thing. I pulled so many strings to get on the 22nd trip after Corky said Judy would not cancel the trip, and what do you know I get a call last week telling me the trip is canceled. IMO if you want a nice relaxing week -tied...
  602. Crash

    40 for 4 On The Ms. Mackey 9-8-07

    The boat fits right in the new driveway real good Mark, hope you are enjoying the new digs Looks like you has great time with your boys, I did not even see you take that picture of us on Lee's boat. Best day of Norcal Albi fishing I have had in 3 years.
  603. Crash

    08/24/07 Skipjack rebuild project transom opening repair
  604. Crash

    SD fish processors

    Sarah at 5 Star has always kicked ass for me. IMO they cut fish and portion well and the vacum pack is the shit. Since I usually am driving back to Norcal I ask for Rush service and Sarah does her best to get me on the road with my cut fish in short order. People do business with people they...
  605. Crash

    YFT...Capt. Josh style. w/pix

    Thats Funny Shit YFT...Capt. Josh style. w/pix
  606. Crash

    What does "farmed" mean?

    No ask me - i got the officl "FARMING MOTHERFUCKER" award on the georges charter last month.
  607. Crash

    news on the Intrepid?????? fish counts????

    The stair case instead of ladder going to the top deck is the shit! Bait tank is the Dope! the elctronics are amazing and room #7 is the one to have, larger and the flat screen is mounted in a better location. I got the tour below deck, engines were still hot/warm from being run the night befor...
  608. Crash

    2008 Thom Hultgen Memorial - Red Rooster III - June 19-27, 2008

    IN I fricken would not miss next year after this years trip! Everyone in the group was way cool
  609. Crash

    I broke my boat...need mechanic now!!

    How much coin do you need for the OD?
  610. Crash

    New Boat! New electronics? Recommendations?

    Furuno FCV 1100 - you will never need another sounder WORD Garmin gps - very easy tio set up and use, buttons and screen dialogue make sense. I had the Furuno 7000 on my last boat and it was a pretty damn nice unit as well.
  611. Crash

    Where is Mike Burns of World Famous fish processing?

    I heard Mike is the Black Sheep because he does not pay the $.25 per pound commision the landing- Big Frank - Don't know if this is true but sounds pretty real. I can not imagine the processors not paying some kind of kick back seeing how much coin is invovled,8 day trip, 32 passengers @#400 ea...
  612. Crash

    Where is Mike Burns of World Famous fish processing?

    I have used all 3 and went back 5 Star on my recent 8 day last month. I ask for express service as I am driving back the the Bay Area and want get going ASAP. I had 500+ # processed and was on the road by 9:30 am and sometimes if you ask really nice they will give a discount. The place is...
  613. Crash

    I have been Inspired project Skippy

    Put the OMC OD on Ebay - I got $750 for mine. d.
  614. Crash

    "A" series shimano calcutta 400 rebuild

    you dont need no stinkin level wind, get the topless 400 and you will never have that problem again:food-smiley-014:
  615. Crash

    Los Angeles Silk Screeners?

    Oh no you are not:shake: i screener /embroider/sticker monkey as well for 25 years All Premium Promotional Products
  616. Crash

    Looking For Skipjack.....Project Boat!

    here is the link to my skippy transom update OMC Electric shift, the opening is 18.5" by 18.5"0- bought 20 hrs and $400 to plug and gelcoat transom - 2 - 3K for a profesional to cut hole and mount engine...
  617. Crash

    Salmon fishing

    We are off to a slow Salmon season up north. very few if any fish out at Dux (outside the goldengate) and a few small fish out of Halfmoon Bay. Most fish are comming out of Moss and they are gettin some large fish, lots in the upper 20 to mid 30 pound range. At Moss they fish very deep on the...
  618. Crash

    Skippy Session 2

    Mike I was really wanting to go bracket but after a fair amount of research i found the following. You get what you pay for and Armstrong is the best route IMO, you are looking at min of $1500 by time you pay freight etc.Betwen 3 bracket MFG I could not get a single referance or example of...
  619. Crash

    Skippy Session 2

    Jarrod I hear what you are saying but I spent many hours and a bottle of Grey Goose anylizing befor I started. The plug is laminated with cloth in between each layer including the bonded backer board on th inside of transom and with the 5 layers of overlapeed 28oz cloth on the outside I am...
  620. Crash

    1st rod build in 4 years

    Thats the Shizzy right there
  621. Crash

    Big weekend

    Eric you are right I must have pulled over 4 times to check it out on the way home.
  622. Crash

    Big weekend

    Started off Friday installing BIG lettering on the NSQ Transom and bow. Not fancy but very large letters with drop shadows. I then got a BIG suprise and was clued into this CL add by a very cool guy from Bloodydecks, Eric aka Albiebac who has kept his eye out for a power package after...
  623. Crash

    Skippy Session 2

    Here are pics of the transom work compted the last couple of weeks. I removed the old OMC electric shift OD and was left with a opening 18.5" by 18.5" which had to be plugged in order to receive a modern out drive that is much smaller than original opening. I first took my electric sander...
  624. Crash


    Dr Tani calling Dr Tani. Send the reel up the Alan Tani and he will fix her up brand new - CudaKiller just got a reel back from alan and was very happy with the work and the price..
  625. Crash


    Just went and got mine today $150+ with 3-4 week rush service -as said befor the view from the dock sucks! why mess around, go get one
  626. Crash

    Skippy session 1

    Good eyes Ole - Harold at Davis boats has been my cutomer for years. I own a screenprint / embroidery company and produce Davis Boats T shirts and Hats.
  627. Crash

    My new project

    Pacific Pilot house is a nice product but very $$$$ The problem with the bracket is when towing the boat you put a lot of unengineered stress on the transom
  628. Crash

    skiff for sale

    New Price $3650.
  629. Crash

    Skippy session 1

    It an amazing boat to work on I had a 24 with a AD41 diesel and had a hell of time getting work done. This boat is like working on a old tractor, everything is right there with tons of space.
  630. Crash

    Skippy session 1

    checked it out, 130 hp, not enough power IMO. Thanks for the info!
  631. Crash

    Skippy session 1

    My bud Rick came by this afternoon with all and I mean ALL the right tools. He has every left handed power racheting byswivel with a sidways offset kinda tool known to man and a real nice crane for lifting heavy things. Suck up some refreshments and hook up the chain. Well after 10 minutes of...
  632. Crash

    My new project

    Opps - I knew that - late and few to many cocktails. I have time patiance and enough contacts to be dangerous. I am thinking 9months and i will have a pretty sharp boat. Yas that is 1 large hole
  633. Crash

    My new project

    Brought home the new project this aftrenoon. 1974 20' fb Skipjack. Hull is very clean and the transom and stringers seem very solid and free of major rot. Pretty ancient v6 and the oldest outdrive i have ever seen and soon to be replaced. 60 gal fuel, real pump n flush head, fricken solid...
  634. Crash

    What Kinda Boat is This?

  635. Crash

    Skipjack OMC problems

    I had a 79 24' witha VolvoAD41 diesel. The engine was awsome bu the weight definatly made the boat squat in the stern. It became an issue with water running in the scuppers, behind the engine dog house and of course in the bilge. Had 4 guys fishing salmon out the Golden gate, I look over and see...
  636. Crash

    Intrepid 10 Day BD Charter - 12/4/2007 thru 12/14/2007?

    IN - lmk when to send dep - Cuda probably will bailout after I outfish him on the Star in june
  637. Crash

    skipjack pilothouse...what do you guys think?

    I had a 24 shippy with the Farallon wheel house and it was the shit. Just a few inches to short so i knocked the head on the ceiling occasionaly -OUCH>> So I am purchasing a 20' open and contacted Farallon and yes they can still build me a wheel house for the 20'. No quote yet but will post...
  638. Crash

    TADY rod blanks

    Called Loomis looking for info and they no nothing about a 10' stick.
  639. Crash

    Who's the guy??

    I cannot find the web site but it is Pacific ...something, I am sure someone has the info. Be prepared for stickershock, i think they start around $6000. The same company makes the floating bait recievers for your slip, name just wont come to mind - getting old
  640. Crash

    hardtop for skippy

    Just pulled the trigger on 20' open skipjack. Need some info an a hard top or enclosed wheel house. Any information is much apprecited!
  641. Crash

    Any new Avets abound?

    Bought my first Avet last week - SX 2 speed and the reel is very nice. I fished Albies sat and monday the reel performed perfect. It deffinatly improved the distance of my bait cast.I love how small and light it is.
  642. Crash

    BD Midriff Trip next year...

    In - tell me when to send the $$$
  643. Crash

    seized steering

    I had the same issue last year. The tube on the engine that recieves the end of the steering cable is probably packed with dry crumbly salt stuff. It will pack so hard you can not move the steering wheel. I had to take a hammer and a piece of wood and drive the cable end out of the tube to clean...
  644. Crash

    My New Ride

    Thanks guys . Ordering BD stickers for her today !
  645. Crash

    My New Ride

    I sold my skipjack last year and could not stay boat less to long, I saw this one come up for sale on FSF and loved the lines and brought her home for a complete make over. Here is the results of about 10 weekends and many weekenights of work. I started by ripping out everything down to the...
  646. Crash

    What about the Pacific Queen???

    I have fished the boat 4 times - good captain , works to find fish but can be a bit bitchy - OK crew - good grub - the deck is hi off the water and the boat is a little corky in big swell. I have been happy with every trip. Good Luck ! Robert
  647. Crash

    Some more Surf Photos 56k warning

    Thats the shit there! very nice pics
  648. Crash

    Fools long story! 442# threshar

    Fricken great report and catch !
  649. Crash

    Tony Reyes trips

    Have any of you fished the Tony Reyes or Baja Sportfishing mother ship / panga trips? I am thinking of going on one of them in a couple of weeks. I am from the bay area and do not want to drive all the way by my self. Are there any transportation options for me? Is there air service to San...
  650. Crash

    Check out my new stick

    Kyle Get a clue Bro:rofl: You must just have Rod Envy :rofl:
  651. Crash

    jump on this one

    Looks to me like a great deal
  652. Crash

    Check out my new stick

    pictures help
  653. Crash

    Check out my new stick

    Check out the fine rod I bought at the RFA dinner last month. It is a Seeker CBW809 blank in white, very limited edition I am told. Rated at 25# line weight but feels a little stouter. Any suggestions for a reel to go with this magic wand?
  654. Crash

    The anticipation

    Just got my confirmation from Scotty for a 10 day on the RP October 24th in the mail today- Now I have many hours of anticipation and gear fondeling for the next 6 months.
  655. Crash

    ^%@!%^* Computers ^%@!%^*

    Stewart you just made me smile - Thnaks!
  656. Crash

    ^%@!%^* Computers ^%@!%^*

    Just spent 4 hours to find out that my network hub failed. nothing like 9 employess siitning around and cant do crap with out there compuetrs because a $90 part failed Welcome to my Hell
  657. Crash

    Gem in the rough

    Ed - I think that unit wouldlook nice but i am doing everything possible to kepp weight as low as possible in the boat. Jon - That foam loks like money for this project , Thanks! Dos Locos - as soonas I saw the lines and tha railing i knew this was good project. Thnaks Robert
  658. Crash

    Pismo Beach, CA - BSP

    DFG rember Percassasin has a Commercial Perch License so he can keep as many has he fels like - gunz
  659. Crash

    Gem in the rough

    Found this Gem in the Rough on the web site 16' Crestliner. The previous owner had started to convert it to a center consol and got busy with life etc. After selling my Skipjack a few months ago I was looking for project just like this to fish the San Francisco bay and...
  660. Crash

    This is just wrong...

    It's not about sport it is about money
  661. Crash


    was Josh the front or the back?????????
  662. Crash

    Baja Sportfishing

    Any one deal with this outfit? Know anything about the boat and the trips they offer? I am thinking of going first part of june. I would like to try this type of trip and would like to hear some first hand reports.I spoke with Gustavo yesterday and he says the new boat is right on schedual...
  663. Crash

    Do you wanna see a hot sauce enema????

    Brad that was fricken FUNNY SHIT
  664. Crash

    got a new toy!

    I had dinner with Alan last week and man is he One Proud Papa with his new ride. BTW that us a NEW truck that he bought to pull his New boat and all of it's New electronics.
  665. Crash

    Sis and bro asking 4 help

    Just dropped $50.00 into paypal from the "NorCal" bloodydeckers - this shit breaks my heart
  666. Crash

    Ready to Fish? Shogun Schedule 2006

    Hey Shelly What dates are you fishing? I had a ton-O-fun on the Gun in Decmeber and think I need to come down and represent the NorCal Bloody Deckers (yes we do exist) Watch out Cuda, I am arm wrestling you for the Gold Tady Bro!! LMK I need to book some trips! Robert
  667. Crash

    Pyramid Lake next spring!

    Looks like a Tuna Tower to me
  668. Crash

    Pyramid Lake next spring!

    If your taking your own boat be well advised of the extreme winds that come up in the spring and summer afternoons. They can take a completly calm lake and turn it into steep 3' sweels that have swamped many boats over the years.The fishery ther can be pretty damn awsome.
  669. Crash

    5 Day Shogun Report 12/31/05

    Ron Nice fishing with you on this trip.Man that weather was something else. Here are a couple of pics Robert
  670. Crash

    12/26 LR departure roll call

    I am on the Gun the 26th. I think they have opening still.
  671. Crash

    Shogun 26th 5 day trip

    Any BDers on this 5 day trip? Where do you expect they will go? and what do you think they will catch. My guess is Cedros for YT thinking about going Robert
  672. Crash

    Team "Un Reel" 301lb Tuna video

    Very cool flick. Looks like an incredable trip.
  673. Crash

    Skip N Work tuna

    Tony and I left the dock at 4:45am and off to Bubbas numbers we went 06 – 45 area, just short of the 601 area Found 58 – 59 degree water that was a little off color. Put out 2 meat lines and 4 trollers all with Mex flags- Franko style. No more than 10 minutes latter we have our first fish...
  674. Crash

    Dizzzzy Land

    Hey guys I need to come down for family fun filled long weekend. Never done the Disney land - Universal studio thing so i could use some advice. Any info on budget hotels or deals would be much apprecited. Hate to miss a weekend of Albie fishing up here but gots to keep the familia happy...
  675. Crash

    Where To Install Bait Tank on Skippy 24 OPEN?

    Unreel I am rebuilding my skippys hatch covers -any idea where to get the aluminum t moulding tha goes around the edges?? I have one that is broke into 4 parts Thanks Robert
  676. Crash

    How much bait??

    I have just installed my first bait tank on my skipjack. A Kodiak that was donated to my boat, I think 27 gallons or so. How much bait will a tank like this hold? How much bait do 3-4 guys need for a day of albie fishing? If i come back from a trip with left over bait can I keep it in...
  677. Crash

    Where To Install Bait Tank on Skippy 24 OPEN?

    Jeff I am going thru the same issue right now on my skippy. I choose to install close to the engine cover. I am making a new ceneter hatch cover so i can bore 2 holes for the inlet and outlet hoses to run under the deck. I now need to install a outlet thru hull fitting on the transom for the...
  678. Crash

    Thursdat Morning salmon

    Off the dock at 5;45 am this morning -ran 16 miles west - boxed first fish in 3 minutes and had 2 limits in 25 mminutes. Boxed 4 fish 16 -23 #s , farmed 3, sawed off 1 on the down riger. Ocean was very calm but very thick fog. Back to the car at 8:am - quick trip and a ton of fun fishing with...
  679. Crash

    HMB afternoon salmon

    Left the harbor at 2:00 this afternoon - arrived at yesterday’s #'s 41-19 and put them in for 3 limits for 4 fishermen. Farmed 3 fish and lost one in the prop - all fish 14-18#s Pulled the plug at 5;30 - on the way back in we ran over a ton of bait around 32-22 area that looked pretty...
  680. Crash

    HMB Salmon

    Yeh F work - thats why I named my boat Skip N Work - 24' Skipjack
  681. Crash

    HMB Salmon

    Dam what a great morning. Left dock at 6 with one of my employees. His first time on the water and first time fishing. Headed out to the fleet, put in a Fuji and a watermelon at 45' otw. No less than 10 minutes and we have hookup and with in 45 minutes our 2 limits. We were working on fish...