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  1. Vermonster

    San Diego fleet behind Catalina

    I've got a 3/4 day out of oceanside on Sunday. Looks like a rock fishing it is…
  2. Vermonster

    Its almost hunting season, time to wake up this forum

    Planning on the dove opener, then hopefully getting the new puppy out for her first duck hunt this fall. Should be fun!
  3. Vermonster

    San Diego Butts 8/9

    That's a nice Butt!!! LOL.....
  4. Vermonster

    Reds at 9 Mile Bank 8/9

    Nice trip, close to home, lots of good eats!
  5. Vermonster

    Aztec 7-30

    Awesome fishing! Congrats!
  6. Vermonster

    Mission Belle 7/30

    Very nice! Just paid for my work trip on the Belle in a couple months...…
  7. Vermonster

    Sea Alien ID!

    Could be...… And interestingly enough, referred to as a Flapjack Octopus, and one of Nemo's classmates was one in the movie...…. ;)
  8. Vermonster

    Blue Horizon??

    Looking to take out about 14-15 people from my son's baseball team for some fishing in about 2 weeks. We are up in north county, so Oceanside is right down the road. I have fished the Chubasco II many times out of there, and always enjoy it, but never fished the Blue Horizon. They currently...
  9. Vermonster

    Fish of a Lifetime - Deep Drop Success!

    That's awesome right there! Big congrats!
  10. Vermonster

    7/26/20. Failure. FAILURE. SUCCESS!! Success.

    Very nice fish! Congrats, way to stick with it!
  11. Vermonster

    7/28/2020 Team Tuna Sniper, Trip #9, BF #31YTD, no skunk yet

    Man..... Get a look at the taxman, mako or white???? Congrats, couple of nice ones!
  12. Vermonster

    Best day ever triple limits

    That's a great day! Congrats!
  13. Vermonster

    Need another Cooler 7/11

    Beauty of a red! Congrats!
  14. Vermonster

    7/8/20 BFT

    Great fish! Congrats!
  15. Vermonster

    New Lo An 1.5

    Couple of nice ones! Congrats!
  16. Vermonster

    Sushi places north county?

    Thanks. Looking for some location specific stuff, see if anyone has any ideas on nicer locations. I'll take a look at this.
  17. Vermonster

    Sushi places north county?

    Not sure if this is fishing related, food related, or nonsense anything board...... LOL. Just wondering, kid wants sushi for his 8th grade graduation tonight. Is there any place from Carlsbad up to Oceanside that is a nicer place, maybe near/overlooking the ocean, that isn't your normal strip...
  18. Vermonster

    5/31/2020 Super Cow

    Holy crap! Beauty, congrats!
  19. Vermonster

    Sportboat Grande confirms albacore rumors

    Fishing with the Professor and the late Sleuster back whenever they (Albies) were last here, we went exploring towards the Dumping Grounds in March. Trolled back towards San Diego, and when we hit the 390, we hit a little bump in temp from 59.5 to 60.5. Got a double hookup, landed one peanut...
  20. Vermonster

    Tukey hunting during covid?

    We went yesterday, took my thirteen-year-old. You couldn't be any more socially distance than that. And from what I saw at Iron Mountain and Mount Woodson on the way up towards Julian, nobody else was adhering to stay-at-home mandate. I've never seen those two parking areas so full as they were...
  21. Vermonster

    3M 5200 Marine Adhesive instore????

    Checked the depots nearby, none in stock. Didn't check Walmart. But I didn't realize West Marine was right along the 5, I can make that one on my way home. Thought it was over in Point Loma…….
  22. Vermonster

    3M 5200 Marine Adhesive instore????

    Ok, thanks folks.....
  23. Vermonster

    3M 5200 Marine Adhesive instore????

    Thanks. Little out of the way, but might have to take a run over there.
  24. Vermonster

    3M 5200 Marine Adhesive instore????

    Looking for a small 3oz tube of 3M 5200 marine sealant, and was hoping to get it today. ACE, Lowes, Home depot, all carry it, yet none say instore and all require it being shipped there, not to arrive for 3-4 days. Anyone know of anyplace that carries it in the store, and in the small tubes...
  25. Vermonster

    This should improve the hunting!

    Did you see the home camera video from someone's driveway in the northern part of the state a few weeks ago? Crazy......
  26. Vermonster

    A Tribute to Bloody Deckers that have left us.

    SrfDoc Wildcat Sluester Didn't know about Chris (Dos Locos)
  27. Vermonster

    Hunt Each Day Like Its Your Last

    Glad you got her out, looks like a good short hunt. Hopefully you can get a few more in before it's time......
  28. Vermonster

    Is it legal to sell ducks you hunted in California

    Not even legal to "trade" technically. Had a guy this summer offering tuna on one of my facebook groups in trade for fresh fruits and veggies. It's a no-no.....
  29. Vermonster

    Texas deer

    Very nice buck! Congrats!
  30. Vermonster

    Christmas Coues Deer

    Nice buck! Congrats!
  31. Vermonster

    Thank you Nevada

    Very nice! Congrats!
  32. Vermonster

    Montana Hunt Recap

    Very nice!! Congrats!
  33. Vermonster

    He's got it

    Very nice!
  34. Vermonster

    Memories with the Kid

    Very nice! Great memories!
  35. Vermonster

    10/9 a day for the books

    We all know that's a great day right there! Congrats!
  36. Vermonster

    Mission Belle tomorrow

    Headed out for a work charter tomorrow with 30 of us on the Mission Belle. They've had 3-4 great days in a row, which means the bite will shut down ti.orrow when I am there. So my advice, dont go tomorrow, I'm going to shut it down.......;) Seriously though, might have already jinxed it. Tore a...
  37. Vermonster

    Mission Belle tomorrow

    Headed out for a work charter tomorrow with 30 of us on the Mission Belle. They've had 3-4 great days in a row, which means the bite will shut down tomorrow when I am there. So my advice, dont go tomorrow, I'm going to shut it down.......;) Seriously though, might have already jinxed it. Tore a...
  38. Vermonster

    Liberty "Wounded Warrior" 3/4 day report October 1

    That's awesome! Congrats to all the guys and kudos for your volunteering......
  39. Vermonster

    Dove Wings?

    Ok, thanks. That's a drive for me, but I will let you know if I'm ever up there.
  40. Vermonster

    Son's first tuna

    Almost forgot what those look like... LOL
  41. Vermonster

    9/21 Sci finally got a couple kite fish

    2 beauties right there! Big congrats!
  42. Vermonster

    Multi-species limits

    Very nice trip! Congrats!
  43. Vermonster

    Son's first tuna

    Was able to get out on Saturday on the Grande. Wanted to get my son his first tuna, and the reports had been starting to build again. Got to the 425-ish around 8:30 or so with the fleet, and found the first school. Boils everywhere, people start hooking up. My son got hooked up to a decent...
  44. Vermonster

    9/20: Tick, Tick, Tick......

    Very nice!!!!! Sitting in the Galley of the Grande ready to take our 3 hour boat ride south, would love to even get 1 or 2 of those.....
  45. Vermonster

    Youth Rod/Fighting Belt near Escondido/San Marcos?

    Actually, was buying him some boots at Big 5, and found a basic one on the rack for $13.99. I had called and the kid earlier said they didn't have them, but the manager said they just started carrying them again. So all is good, he's all set. :)
  46. Vermonster

    Any SD area Hunters Safety classes?

    One on Camp Pendleton that is full, but you can get on the wait list, assuming it's not for only military. I found if there isn't too many people on the wait list, they'll just add the extras. Worth an email/call.
  47. Vermonster

    Any SD area Hunters Safety classes?

    Both my kids did Escondido Fish and Game. Also, Fallbrook has some classes. Let me look......
  48. Vermonster

    Youth Rod/Fighting Belt near Escondido/San Marcos?

    ...Delete, problem solved.
  49. Vermonster

    Grande 9/21

    Heading out tomorrow on the Grande for my son's first attempt at tuna with 50+ of my closest friends. Hope the weather and fishing are good........
  50. Vermonster

    Beginners Luck 9-19-19

    That's a nice looking yellow! Congrats to your buddy!
  51. Vermonster

    9/15 The Producer overnight

    I think the fish just pushed down south. Any clue whereabouts you went, give or take? The overnight boats are still getting decent numbers, just the full day boats are slowing down. I am fishing the Grande on Saturday on a full day, so hopefully they move back in today and tomorrow. Nice...
  52. Vermonster

    Tying Mono to Braid?

    Actually, it was over 2 years ago when I made this post...... ;) But funny enough, I am headed out Saturday, and my buddy is lending me his Torium with 65lb braid on it. I am going to have to tie it to some 30lb mono, so truly hilarious that this thread was brought up again, because I need to...
  53. Vermonster


    Hmmmmm....... Headed out on a full day on Saturday. Hope they move back in by then...... :(
  54. Vermonster

    Small smoker for beginners

    Picked up a used little Chief after a trip last fall where I limited on yft. Got it used for $20 off Offerup. Used it 6-7 times since then, easy, definately got my money's worth.
  55. Vermonster

    9/14 bluefin

    Very nice!!!!
  56. Vermonster

    For Sale Batting Cage $350

    Hmmmmm...... How small does the frame break down for transport? Also, what do you have for bats? Any drop 5 or BBCOR?
  57. Vermonster

    Last retrieve for Tia 9-12-19

    Very sorry to hear this, it's never an easy thing...... :(
  58. Vermonster

    Big Girls 9/13

    Wow, just wow!!!!
  59. Vermonster

    Sunday 9/15

    Very nice!!!! Congrats!
  60. Vermonster

    Grande 9-13

    Cool. Bringing 2 boys out on the Grande on Saturday for their first tuna trips, glad to hear they are good with the kids.
  61. Vermonster

    Salty met Elvis...epic day

    Awesome!!!! Big congrats!
  62. Vermonster

    Passport Required for 226/302 area?

    Ummmmmm.... Its less than an year old........ And as a 23 year LEO with one of those power tripping agencies, think my sources are pretty good.......;) But us bitches will just let you talk your smack, no biggie........;)
  63. Vermonster

    9/12 SCI Bluefin

    Some beauties right there Ali! Congrats!!!
  64. Vermonster

    Passport Required for 226/302 area?

    I like how it even specifically mentions fishing vessels...;)
  65. Vermonster

    Passport Required for 226/302 area?

    Yes Francis, it would be really embarrassing if you didn't know the law... Directly from CBP... "Any small pleasure vessel leaving a United States port into international or foreign waters, without a call at a foreign port, does not satisfy the foreign departure requirement. Therefore, certain...
  66. Vermonster

    Tribute 9/11, My son’s first tuna

    Very cool! He looks stoked! Taking my son out for his first tuna trip next Saturday, hoping to get into them too.......
  67. Vermonster

    Oceanside to Lower SCI Ridge out 45m ( BFT Tonnage)

    Awesome...... 8 more days and I will be out there trying to get my kid his first, just hoping all the tuna stick around...... ;)
  68. Vermonster

    T-Bird 9/8 Limits of YFT

    Looks like a great trip! Congrats!
  69. Vermonster

    9/8 Pac Dawn

    Very nice!!!!
  70. Vermonster

    Dove Wings?

    That would be great. I'm actually right on the edge of San Marcos, off Woodland Pkwy. Let me know when you can meet up.
  71. Vermonster

    Dove Wings?

    Just throwing it out there, but if anyone goes out for these last few days of the dove season, any chance you could save a couple of the wings for me when you are cleaning up the birds? I have a 5 month old lab that I would like to work on training, and would like some real wings. I work in...
  72. Vermonster

    Liberty tuna report Friday 9/6

    Nice! I'm deciding between that boat and two others for a full day in 2 weeks. Sounds like that's a good boat.
  73. Vermonster

    Full-day boat?

    I think that's also out of Seaforth where the San Diego is, correct? If so, none of their full-day boats are going on Saturday, I'll going on Sunday. I can't go on Sundays so unless they add one.
  74. Vermonster

    Full-day boat?

    Finally decided to take my 13 year old on his first ever tuna trip. Can't really go on an overnight so we will go on a full day, looking at the 21st, two weeks from today. There are three boats currently that have availability, all off of Point Loma. They are the Grande, the liberty, and the...
  75. Vermonster

    Yellowfin Tuna Fishing at It's Best (video)

    Nice! And way to help a bunch of people out!
  76. Vermonster

    A true gentleman

    Awesome! Good on him for throwing those out, and making your day......;)
  77. Vermonster

    Freight train Bluefin on the Thunderbird

    Glad you were 2 of the 9......;) Nice fish!
  78. Vermonster

    9-5-19 offshore fishing report El Sueno

    Going 2 weeks from tomorrow, hopefully this hot fishing keeps going. Congrats, nice day!
  79. Vermonster

    9/2 Limit BFT

    Very nice, congrats!
  80. Vermonster

    Broken record except we went south then north Tomahawk laborday

    Great trip!. I think I had a co-worker on that trip too...
  81. Vermonster

    Is this a sport boat?

    Wonder if all the passengers were sleeping below deck. 5 crew rescued first? Had to be something like that......
  82. Vermonster

    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    Looks like they leave out of Santa Barbara at 4 am each day. Would fit the timing, think it said the alert was about 5am...... :(
  83. Vermonster

    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    Hearing 30 something dead on one website, but also hearing its 30 something unaccounted for. Hopefully they're adrift and now the sun is up can be rescued.......
  84. Vermonster

    Is this a sport boat?

    I'm trying to find out the same. Have friends that are fishing today, sometimes go out of Dana Point. If it is a fishing boat, might have gone from further up like Newport or something. God, this is horrible. Now that the sun is up hopefully some of the 34 unaccounted for will be found...
  85. Vermonster

    Utah Elk hunt 2019

    Good luck Kurt!
  86. Vermonster

    Double Report 8/27 & 8/29

    Some quality fish! Congrats!
  87. Vermonster

    Liberty 8-28

    3 nice fish right there! Out of curiosity, I want to get my son on his first tuna this summer. Probably go in about two weeks. I can only go on weekends right now, and the Liberty is the only boat out there that appears to have open spots on weekends. Looks like it's about $20 more expensive...
  88. Vermonster

    Personal best YT - LJ 8/23

    That's a big gun for sure... Congrats!
  89. Vermonster

    Sluester....... Reminiscing

    Chargers still suck......;) Good to see you stop by JWalk, even if just to drop a line in this thread.....
  90. Vermonster

    Grunion run?

    Thanks everyone. I have a warden friend, says that hes seen them at Ponto. Might start there, and work our way south until we find some. Try Del Mar, La Jolla Shores, etc. Now my only concern is parking, usually ends at sunset.....
  91. Vermonster

    Grunion run?

    Tonight is the second night of the current grunion run. Never been to one, but want to bring my boys. So couple of questions..... -Best beaches? -Fishing during them, any good and any advice? -Most importantly, anyone go last night and see where they are running? Starts at 10:25 tonight, so...
  92. Vermonster

    Dodo day

    Very nice!!!!
  93. Vermonster

    The Legacy 9.......

    Hadn't seen anything posted here about it, but Mike's (Sluester) dog Nina had 9 puppies just a couple days after Mike unexpectedly passed away in early April. A few of us from here got some of the dogs, hopefully carrying on Mike's tradition of having great hunting dogs. One of my friends from...
  94. Vermonster

    8/10 MX Yellowtail Limits and Dorado South

    Looks like a great day! Congrats!
  95. Vermonster


    That is just unreal..... Great write-up!!! Great fish!!!!
  96. Vermonster

    1/2 day success with kids

    Some nice smiles, and good eating fish! Nice work!
  97. Vermonster

    Size matters

    Couple of nice ones there! Congrats!
  98. Vermonster

    PB BFT Sunday August 4

    Beauty of a fish! Big congrats to you and your Dad!
  99. Vermonster

    7/18 aztec overnight report

    Very nice! Looks like a great trip...
  100. Vermonster

    San Clemente 5-31-19 to 6-1-1

    Some really nice yellows there! Congrats!
  101. Vermonster

    Yellowtail Size Restriction

    Laughing at you guys calling out people who keep smaller yellows, calling them pathetic or other things. Look, some people don't get out nearly as much as they would like. A 24 inch fish still gives a couple of decent filets. Not to mention yellowtail are extremely plentiful, and grow at a...
  102. Vermonster

    Juvenile Great White

    Cute....Did you pet him?????? ;)
  103. Vermonster

    Creating New Memories with Bluefin

    Nice fish and nice write-up!
  104. Vermonster

    Liberty Bluefin Tuna 5/29

    I've yet to catch one that big, but just seeing things like this amaze me at the power they have. Those hooks are not easy to bend...… LOL
  105. Vermonster

    Cory update Thursday

    Praying all goes well Cory!
  106. Vermonster

    Pacific Queen - 1.5 day - 4/28-4/30 - Sunset Showdown

    Well you don't see that every day..... LOL Nice fish, great story!!!!
  107. Vermonster

    Video - Sculpin City + YT footage

    Sculpin and Sculpin, very nice.... ;)
  108. Vermonster

    Sluester....... Reminiscing

    I will throw your offer up on Facebook Brent. I'm sure somebody will help out.....
  109. Vermonster

    RIP Mike (Sluester)

    There are some photos on an old thread of his, where he is skinning a deer in the tree in his front yard. I told my boys about that as we drove up their street last night, and they just looked at me like :"You mean right here, in the middle of the neighborhood"????? :)
  110. Vermonster

    Sluester....... Reminiscing

    Stopped by and visited Trish and the kids last night. She wanted me to pass along that the house where they are having the party has a grill and a Traeger to use if you want to cook your stuff there. They also might have access to the ovens inside the house. Feel free to bring anything you...
  111. Vermonster

    California Steigercraft 31

    Nice boat and nice report!
  112. Vermonster

    Bluefin tuna CLOSE TO HOME! Private boat range

    Very nice! I just want to know what the recipe is for the middle food photo...… ;)
  113. Vermonster

    Sluester....... Reminiscing

    Pretty much most of my archery deer stands and all of the duck spots are because of him..... :(
  114. Vermonster

    Sluester....... Reminiscing

    Very sorry to hear that Chuck...... One of my best friends from High School, her father passed away 2 days after Christmas. Just didnt wake up one day......:(
  115. Vermonster

    PICS and REPORT: 4th Annual Kill-n-Grill Party, March 13, 2010

    I had also talked to him a couple times over the last month or two about that. We had to put our 14 year old lab down in November and I had bugged him to see if he was planning on having a litter this spring. Sure enough it was all going as planned. This is just so hard to believe...
  116. Vermonster

    Sluester....... Reminiscing

    Sitting here in shock this morning, decided to look through some old trips that Mike and I had taken. Found one in particular, that makes me feel how fast time flies, and how it sucks getting older. It's from the early days of BD, and contains a who's who of original members. 14 of the first...
  117. Vermonster

    RIP Mike (Sluester)

    I just sent a message to Trish, I can absolutely not believe this happened. So very shocking, as Kurt says I have no words...
  118. Vermonster

    PICS and REPORT: 4th Annual Kill-n-Grill Party, March 13, 2010

    Fuck, fuck, fuck....... we're just talking over the last couple weeks about a puppy... Fuck, fuck, fuck...
  119. Vermonster

    35.7 Homeguard

    That's ma bruiser! Congrats!
  120. Vermonster

    Youth turkey opener next weekend!

    Very nice Mark! We had gobblers responding both places we sat on Saturday, just couldn't get them to come in. Still fun though.
  121. Vermonster

    WTB WTB Turkey decoy(s)

    When do you need them for Kurt? I only get out a couple times a season, and you're welcome to borrow them if you can't find any to buy.
  122. Vermonster

    Youth turkey opener next weekend!

    Cool, good luck to the young ones. My 12 year old and I will be fighting it out on public land to get him a bird..... ;)
  123. Vermonster

    FREE Chest Freezer *****Free

    I have a chest freezer that I would like to give away. It was bought used from an original BD'er, Stan (Surfdoc) probably 10+ years ago. I cannot say if it will run for 1 more day or 10 more years, but it's currently keeping all my stuff frozen in the garage, so for now it works fine. Would use...
  124. Vermonster

    Oceanside 1-4-19 BFT

    Awesome, congrats. Listening to Let's Talk Hookup right now and they were talking about one out of Oceanside only a few miles out, probably yours... LOL. Also said there's been multiple others up and down the coast to the north just a few miles off the beach. Taking my boys out on a half-day out...
  125. Vermonster

    Not bad for D16.......except for 17 miles and the heat

    Congrats Mark, nice buck!
  126. Vermonster

    Fall Pig Hunt

    Great boar! Congrats!
  127. Vermonster

    2018 MT archery season!

    I'd say you had decent season......LOL
  128. Vermonster

    Otay mtn blm shooting

    I will check for sure tomorrow Nate if I remember......
  129. Vermonster

    2.75 Trip on New Lo-An / 10-10-18

    Heck of a trip! Ad the conditions look great! Congrats!
  130. Vermonster

    Got 'em good today 10/11

    Very nice! Look a tad bigger than footballs too!!
  131. Vermonster

    9 Mile bank and patty fish 10-8

    Nice report. We went last week, and it was actually only the smaller dines that got bit by the Yellowfin, maybe in the 4-5 inch range. I tried a really big one, and all he did was manage to swim around the other lines, never close to getting bit...... LOL
  132. Vermonster

    Bradon's First YFT! 10-06-18

    Love it! He's a happy kid right there!
  133. Vermonster

    Easy limit 10/9

    Very nice!!! Congrats on a great day!
  134. Vermonster

    Broke down but got a couple

    Well, in 2004, my Dad and I were with Don on the Irene Sea, and got 4 albies and 4 yellowfin on the same day. About 55 miles out towards the Airplane. Albies were good size, at 26/28/30/40 pounds, and the yft were footballs, as you can see. And where we caught each species wasn't very far...
  135. Vermonster

    N9 to 302 10/7 Good Fishing

    Looks like a great day! Congrats!
  136. Vermonster

    Liberty Full Day 10/3

    Very nice! We saw you guys out there fishing around us too. I was on the Mission Belle. We passed you one time when you guys were hooked up early. Glad you got into some bigger models, I think most of ours were in that 8 to 14 range with our biggest only going around 21 or 22 lb. Still a fun day...
  137. Vermonster

    302 Limits (10/3) Mission Belle

    Ended up not using any. I had an offer from Marcus to use his, but couldn't make it over there in time to grab them. Then wanted to buy one at Turner's, and they closed 15 minutes before I got there (At 7?????).....LOL
  138. Vermonster

    302 Limits (10/3) Mission Belle

    There was lots of life out there, only thing we didn't see was porpoise. There were 7-8 decent paddies, some holding fish. We picked away 1 and 2 at a time on random stops on scattered meter Marks and troll fish, but had those 2 good wide open stops. All the fish on stops were small live bait...
  139. Vermonster

    302 Limits (10/3) Mission Belle

    Not a huge raw fish guy, but could try it. The Mission Belle has an RSW tank, so it was below deck and cold most of the day......
  140. Vermonster

    302 Limits (10/3) Mission Belle

    Had our annual work charter trip yesterday (3rd). We tried the Mission Belle this year, and had a great time. Steve got us on the fish, with a stop early for 40ish fish, and our last stop of the day, for 50ish to close out our limits. He said we were all around the 302, and there were 4-5 other...
  141. Vermonster

    1 and only 1 Popper???

    Just replied to your message Marcus..... Thanks.
  142. Vermonster

    Colorado was good to us!

    Lots of good eats right there! Nice work Nate!
  143. Vermonster

    Yes, Colorado was good!

    Damn, that's a beauty!!! Great bull all around, congrats!
  144. Vermonster

    1 and only 1 Popper???

    All ready to go with those..... ;)
  145. Vermonster


    Damn, they munched on the porpoise???? That'd be interesting. Great fishing, nice report!
  146. Vermonster

    1 and only 1 Popper???

    Ok, I'll look into it. Bringing a 20, 30, and 40# setup...... Thanks.
  147. Vermonster

    1 and only 1 Popper???

    Well, the treat is the trip itself.... LOL Got this, plus 3 weeks to get a rifle for my kids deer season, plus other stuff. Gotta spread it around a bit..... ;)
  148. Vermonster

    1 and only 1 Popper???

    So, heading out Wednesday for a full day in hopes of yellowfin. I've read some of the reports, and seen that the poppers are working from time to time. I grew up fishing poppers and topwater stuff for bass and such, and loved that type of fishing, but haven't ever done it in saltwater...
  149. Vermonster

    Don't be that guy when fishing around sport boats!!!!

    Nice.....We're going on a day trip on the Mission Belle on Wednesday.....
  150. Vermonster

    Offshore Fishing in SD after a large hurricane swell

    I now understand the fact that warm water won't push up for the most part, but what about the swell forecast affect on overall fishing? Also, it says Tuesday/Wednesday will be cloudy with showers around. We have our full day trip Wednesday? Should it still be decent fishing, just not need to use...
  151. Vermonster

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    Awesome news Jason, hope it all works out!!!
  152. Vermonster

    Offshore Fishing in SD after a large hurricane swell

    I've got a full day next Wednesday the 3rd, so hoping it doesnt get too messed up....... :(
  153. Vermonster

    Bisquit without the Gravy !!

    Damn, and first cast at that! Awesome WSB!!!!
  154. Vermonster

    Lal's big Biscuit picture!

    Holy crap, that's a big'un!!!
  155. Vermonster

    Starter baitcaster combo?

    Ok, thanks. Let me look at a few of those..... Appreciate the replies.
  156. Vermonster

    Youth Rifle Combo?

    Hey Brent, let me look into that. Haven't heard of those before......
  157. Vermonster

    Oceanside Chabasco II

    Wow, great trip, lot of happy kids and Fisher people. That's my favorite boat by far, haven't fished them since they moved up to Oceanside though even though it's closer to me... LOL. I will have to jump on in the next couple weeks.
  158. Vermonster

    Starter baitcaster combo?

    My 12 year old is really getting the fishing bug, wanting to get out a lot, even with friends and not me......LOL. He likes inshore stuff a lot, and wants a good baitcaster. Something that maybe he can jig with in and around the piers and lagoon, as well as maybe take out for Calicos and Sand...
  159. Vermonster

    A Zone buck down

    Nice buck, congrats!
  160. Vermonster

    Deer camp 2018

    Just doing D-16, maybe run to Vermont for a weekend with Dad. My oldest will be hunting this year for first time out here, so D-16 will be fun....
  161. Vermonster

    Youth Rifle Combo?

    My kid is finally old enough for big game out here in CA, and looking for a smaller youth rifle for him to use. Seen a couple Remington combos, or the savage one that looks basic, but wondering what anyone else has used or has opinions on. Dont want to spend a ton, since he'll probably grow...
  162. Vermonster

    How big is this fish

    Damn, that's a biggie! COngrats!
  163. Vermonster

    Late report cow.

    Heck of a fish! Congrats!
  164. Vermonster

    New Lo-An Report Aug. 4-5th. 2 Day

    Some great fish, and the kid looks stoked! That's all that matters....... ;)
  165. Vermonster

    Big YFT

    Very nice!!!!
  166. Vermonster

    Pacific Queen- Redemption- I got 2 Cows and a jumbo!

    3 beauties right there! Big congrats! And that one photo, man, that water is glass......
  167. Vermonster

    Opah SW of 302

    Beauty of a fish! Congrats!!!
  168. Vermonster

    Liberty 3/4 offshore report. Bluefin!!!!!!

    Awesome fish! Love the photo with your boy! Congrats!
  169. Vermonster

    A-22 Buck

    Totally missed this Doug. That's a dandy!
  170. Vermonster

    4 Year Old GSP Needs New Home

    Hmmmmm......... Tempting......
  171. Vermonster

    Deer camp 2017

    That's a beauty right there!
  172. Vermonster

    Youth deer weekend in Vermont

    No joke...... LOL
  173. Vermonster

    Youth deer weekend in Vermont

    Well, the last couple months, my Dad Has Been Working Hard To prep his stand in Vermont to be able to hold 3 of us, as I planned on bringing my Son back there to hunt the youth weekend. Vermont is a great state to start, where the kids get 2 days on the weekend before the regular rifle season to...
  174. Vermonster

    Never sucks! Duck opener.

    Looks like a heck of an opener Mike!!!
  175. Vermonster

    Elk Hunt at Grizzly Island, Sept. 2017

    Great report! Looks like quite the experience!
  176. Vermonster

    Youth season in Vermont

    I'm the same way...... LOL Good luck, let us know how it goes.
  177. Vermonster

    Montana 6by wilderness bull

    Great looking bull! Congrats!
  178. Vermonster

    Elk hunt consolation prize

    That's a beauty of a buck! Congrats!
  179. Vermonster

    Youth season in Vermont

    Headed back to Vermont first weekend of November, to let my 11 year old do his first deer hunt. He'll get to go with my Dad, who has been diligently working to fix the stand for 3 people to sit in, cut shooting lanes, etc. He's got 2 cams set up, and has started seeing some nice activity...
  180. Vermonster

    First Texas Deer hunt

    That's a nice patch of land! Keep us updated on the progress!
  181. Vermonster

    New addition to the house

    Gorgeous buck!!!
  182. Vermonster

    Old glory 9/15 wide open thanks to O95

    Very nice, great teamwork right there!
  183. Vermonster

    Sunday Sibling Slay Day

    Heck of a day right there!!!
  184. Vermonster

    Epic Big Bluefin Tuna Battles - Sea Adventure 80 1.5 day Sept. 5, 2017

    That's just plain awesome!!! Great trip, even with 4 sets of photos....... ;)
  185. Vermonster

    Services for Arnie Fry aka Afry

    Aw man, good dude right there. Hooked me up with a good hunting spot on private land 10 plus years ago.......:(
  186. Vermonster

    5x4 D12 mount 2016

    Very nice buck!!!
  187. Vermonster

    Cool weather clothes for 11 year old?

    That's not a bad price on those. Maybe I will look into those. Thx.
  188. Vermonster

    LIMITS (60) Bluefin 90-160lb on the Ranger 85 1.5 day

    Can't say much more than that either...... LOL
  189. Vermonster

    Cool weather clothes for 11 year old?

    Figured I'd throw this out there just to see if anyone had any. Taking my 11 year old back to Vermont for his first deer hunt with grandpa. It's the first weekend of November, and it could be 80 or 20 degrees. I sort of have the warm gear covered, but looking for anyone that might have some...
  190. Vermonster

    Dove opener 2017 - tough day

    Glad you got out! I was stuck behind a desk today...... Sorry to hear about your Grandpa......
  191. Vermonster

    Pacific Star 8/20-8/23 2.5 day

    Very cool! Nice fish, and love the squid photo.....
  192. Vermonster

    The Skunk is off!!! Dorado in my backyard.

    Very nice!!!! Funny about the bull following the hen. When they were cleaning our fish yesterday almost every single hen had eggs......
  193. Vermonster

    Kelping turned Trolling - 8/15

    Love the report..... LOL
  194. Vermonster

    Ok Day yesterday

    Had a 3/4 day charter on the Chubasco 2 yesterday for work. Not everyone had passports, so plan was to keep outside the 12 mile line and fish the 425 and continue south. Found out first paddy at the 425, jumping dodos, trolled by with a double and stopped. Put about 12-14 on the boat...
  195. Vermonster

    Hunting out of season

    Probably lots. It's a huge state, and the Wardens, although they try their best, are stretched very thin.......
  196. Vermonster

    Sunday Funday - 8.13.17

    Too funny.... Nice fish!! Congrats, good trip!
  197. Vermonster

    Sunday, the 13..

    Wow, quality fish! Congrats!
  198. Vermonster

    Ali would be proud

    Nice batch of tuna!
  199. Vermonster

    Heading out Wednesday 8/16.....

    Kinda just realized this is a "private boater" planning section...... Think I'd have known that, being here since the beginning...... LOL
  200. Vermonster

    Heading out Wednesday 8/16.....

    ....... So everyone better stay home, because when the fishing is on fire, and I go out, it shuts down completely....... :( Seriously though, let's try this again. I only get out once or twice a year, in the middle of great bites, and it turns into "Should have been here yesterday"...
  201. Vermonster

    3/4 Day Family Trip

    Great report! Looks like you guys had fun!
  202. Vermonster

    8/13 Out to Lunch Dana

    Too funny..... Great Dodo!
  203. Vermonster

    8-13 dorado at the 181/182

    That fish is almost as pretty as your shorts...... ;) Nice fish!!!
  204. Vermonster

    Best Meat hunts on the cheap on the west coast?

    What age can they start in AZ? That's a heck of a deal.
  205. Vermonster

    2 day pacific dawn 8/8-8/9

    Nice! Sounds like a great trip!
  206. Vermonster

    8-10 On The San Diego

    Wow!!!! I am assuming you didn't do this already today (8-10) did you? Edit: Just looked at their counts, and I am guessing this was fishing 8/8..... 250 Yellows, a BFT which I think I see behind your smiling mug ;), and also 2 dorado, one of which I see there too. Epic trip!
  207. Vermonster

    My Son's first surf fish/halibut***

    Damn, that's even smaller than the one he caught..... Didn't think they could get much smaller..... ;)
  208. Vermonster

    Destin Sword

    Missed this post. Very nice, lots of good eats right there! Congrats!
  209. Vermonster

    My Son's first surf fish/halibut***

    Forgot to mention we were at South Ponto Beach, about an hour into the incoming tide from it's lowest.......
  210. Vermonster

    My Son's first surf fish/halibut***

    It is, isn't it????? :confused: Took my boys out for only the second time surf fishing. Didn't catch anything last time, and this time we only got 1. My son got this little guy off a sand crab. He's really stoked, to say the least, even if it was only about 5 inches long. Looks like a...
  211. Vermonster

    Good day but...

    Agreed, but if there is enough to get a decent filet, and you want to keep it, you shouldn't feel bad about it. There are plenty of other Doritos out there ready to keep the species going..... ;)
  212. Vermonster

    Good day but...

    No biggie. Dorado are the fastest growing fish in the ocean. Not hurting a thing by taking them. Congrats, fun day o catching!
  213. Vermonster

    Sons first dorado..and then some! Congrats, bunch of nice fish!
  214. Vermonster

    Oldest rifle you own

    Winchester Model 71 .348, I believe it was manufactured in 1942.......
  215. Vermonster

    A day of sharing and catching

    Nice to see cooperation out there! Nice work!
  216. Vermonster

    8/7 Oceanside

    Perfect size filets for the grill..... ;) Congrats, nice little shakedown!
  217. Vermonster

    277 Dorado and Yellowfin on 8/5

    Bloody boat, great smiles, and great fish! Big congrats, looks like you had fun!
  218. Vermonster

    New Lo An Report Aug 4-6

    Looks like a nice trip!
  219. Vermonster

    Tying Mono to Braid?

  220. Vermonster

    Tying Mono to Braid?

    I looked at the first page or 2 and couldn't find one, other than the Crimping Mono Leader below, but was wondering what the best method for tying mono to braid is. I am fishing next week, and am bringing a TLD 20 on a 30-50 Rod. I put on 300 yds of PowerPro 65lb Braid. Now I want to put a...
  221. Vermonster

    Found a Couple

    Very nice! Way to get them on a couple of fish!
  222. Vermonster

    8/5/17 at the 277

    That's a beauty! Congrats!
  223. Vermonster

    8/6 out of MB

    Very nice DoDo!!! Congrats!
  224. Vermonster

    Late report from Saturday

    That's a great photo! Congrats to the young man! Water looks relatively calm too......
  225. Vermonster

    Big YTs 8-4 Late Report Vid and Pics

    Some nice fish in there! Congrats!
  226. Vermonster

    8/5, 271# with Bight Sportfishing

    Beauty of a fish! Big Congrats!
  227. Vermonster

    Saturday 8/6 Hidden Bank

    Looks like a great day!
  228. Vermonster

    Coronado Island BFT limits 8/4

    LOL.... Love the sardines..... ;) Nice catching! Lots of good eats!
  229. Vermonster

    Oside 8-3 and 8-4

    Looks like a nice day, some good fish! Congrats!
  230. Vermonster

    Conditions at PV and Legal White Sea Bass

    Very nice! That WSB would make me happy too :)
  231. Vermonster

    Dorado 8/3

    Dodo, Butt, Kelp Bas..... heck of a variety right there! Congrats, looks like a couple of happy kids!
  232. Vermonster

    8/3 hidden area

    A lot of nice fish there! Congrats!
  233. Vermonster

    Mommas first DODO!!!

    Awesome, congrats on her first!
  234. Vermonster

    Go fishing!!

    Nice batch of fish! Congrats!
  235. Vermonster

    Hey doug , a report....

    That is a nice Dodo! Congrats!
  236. Vermonster

    Kelping - 8/2 (Quality > Quantity)

    A few nice fish there! Congrats!
  237. Vermonster

    Getting it Done on the Chunk

    Nice chunk of fish..... ;)
  238. Vermonster

    Mission bay tail/dodo hunt 8/1

    Couple of nice fish! Congrats!
  239. Vermonster

    Rpt.-Wed. 08-02-17 SCI, another big Bluefin on the Toronado!

    Congrats again Cory, another nice couple of fish!
  240. Vermonster

    So.......8 AM on Wednesday????

    Assuming I got mine....... I bought one at 8:01, and it charged my credit card....... :)
  241. Vermonster

    First time fishing on a kite Saturday

    What a way to be rewarded at the end of a hard day of work! Beauty, congrats!!
  242. Vermonster


    Very nice!
  243. Vermonster

    Limits in 1 hour

    Awesome, congrats!
  244. Vermonster

    Christening the New Gaff

    Looks like a great day! Congrats!
  245. Vermonster

    So.......8 AM on Wednesday????

    That's when I can try to grab a leftover restricted tag, if I already have a premium tag? August 2nd, at 8 AM?
  246. Vermonster

    LA Harbor - 7/29/17

    Looks like an awesome day with the kids! Congrats!
  247. Vermonster

    Report from the lower end of the Upper Nine Bank, 7/28

    Nice DoDo, and nice Marlin! Congrats to you both!
  248. Vermonster

    Overnight On The New Lo-An

    Nice trip! Looks like fun.....
  249. Vermonster

    131lbs Bluefin Tuna July 15th 43bank

    Beauty of a fish! And love the Mako photo...... Congrats!
  250. Vermonster

    TLD 20 Capabilities/Limits?

    OK, thanks. I'll do that. Father-in-law handed me a $50 Basspro gift card that he has no interest in using.... So I might as well put it to good use..... ;)
  251. Vermonster

    TLD 20 Capabilities/Limits?

    Ok, thanks guys. So, I will go with either 65 or 80 braid (Which???), and then maybe a 40# topshot??? Sound good??? And would Sufix, PowerPro, any of those lines suffice? This is strictly a "Just in case" setup, so not going to be overused......
  252. Vermonster

    TLD 20 Capabilities/Limits?

    I think I have what you are referring to as an "old" one...... It's the straight up lever drag TLD 20. Not 2 speed, no frills, that's it.....
  253. Vermonster

    TLD 20 Capabilities/Limits?

    Ok, thanks for that. So I'll have to stick with 40-60, and hope to only hook up with an 80 pounder or so....... ;)
  254. Vermonster

    Red Rooster 5-day report.

    Looks like an awesome trip! Congrats!
  255. Vermonster

    TLD 20 Capabilities/Limits?

    Quick, but dumb question. I have a simple, single speed TLD 20 that I have 40 pound mono on. I have only used it as a light troller in the past, and it works well. It's on a custom 5.5" rod, so pretty short and stiff. I am not sure what the rod is rated. Anyway, I'll be going on a full day...
  256. Vermonster

    Bluefin Tuna Research - Carcasses needed

    Really cool post. Lots of good info......
  257. Vermonster

    Pacific Queen Gets a #271

    That's a decent sized one..... ;)
  258. Vermonster

    Kelping - 7/23

    Very nice!!! 3 weeks from today till I get out...... ;)
  259. Vermonster

    Limit Style Kelp Paddy Fishing!

    That's a nice load of fish!!!
  260. Vermonster

    Surf Fishing Ponto?

    Good to know, as my son keeps bugging me to fish that side of the road. Now I can tell him it's illegal, stop his
  261. Vermonster

    Surf Fishing Ponto?

    Quick question, as I am headed out in about 2 hours. My kid really wants to surf fish, and I really have never done it here. I'm all rigged up, but wanted to know, is the whole area near south ponto beach in Carlsbad fishable? Not looking for if it's good or not, cause I've seen people there...
  262. Vermonster

    What a day.... 7/20

    Wow, that's a heck of a day!!!
  263. Vermonster


    Holy Cow, that's a nice one!!!! Congrats!
  264. Vermonster

    LA Harbor - 7/16/17 - On the Water Report

    Great fishing, great photos, great smile on your kid!!!
  265. Vermonster

    Coronado Yellowtail Surface Fishing

    Very nice! Good eats right there!
  266. Vermonster

    Island Tuna-and I dont mean Coranados!

    Since I don't like raw fish, I'd love to see how to do it that way. Sounds great......
  267. Vermonster


    Damn, those are a couple of big'uns!!!!
  268. Vermonster


    Yep.....well said....
  269. Vermonster

    Bluefin around the 43

    That's awesome! Congrats!
  270. Vermonster

    7/3. 9 mile bank 182

    Very nice Yellow, and love the swordie story! Bummer you couldn't get him to go!
  271. Vermonster

    2 fish in Oceanside 7/3

    Cool stuff! Congrats!
  272. Vermonster

    Took my oldest boy fishing

    Very nice!!! Good Job on getting him out and into the fish!
  273. Vermonster

    6/26/17 insane afternoon halibut bite

    Wow, a few nice fish there! Congrats!
  274. Vermonster

    Reds ? ....No, Yellows

    Very nice fish! Congrats!
  275. Vermonster

    La Jolla Thresher

    Good eats! Congrats!
  276. Vermonster

    Islas Coronado 6/15

    That's a nice one! Congrats!
  277. Vermonster

    WFO 1/2day Yellowtail Patty (small but fun) on the Dolphin

    Very cool! That's a nice way to break in the first timers and rental rods. Even though on the smaller side, still pull hard, and will have a decent amount of meat! Congrats!
  278. Vermonster

    Pig hunting 5/24-5/25

    Looks like a great place to spend a couple quality days with Dad.....:D
  279. Vermonster

    CA 2017 hunting draw results are in, what did you score?

    I got G-13, but I need a question answered. Since D-16 is not a premium, and is only a restricted, I can purchase that on top of my "premium" G-13, correct? If so, what date/time do I need to log on to quickly grab one?
  280. Vermonster

    Cow wrangling at 182

    Wow, that's a beauty! Congrats!!!!
  281. Vermonster


    Awesome stuff! Great trip with your mom!
  282. Vermonster

    Global Warming?????

    It turns out there was some sort of food expo at the fairgrounds about 15 miles away and they figure it was dumped from that. But obviously nobody knew what they were doing if they dumped a four foot long opah...
  283. Vermonster

    Global Warming?????

    They did end up figuring where it came from, but Imagine finding that washed ashore that far north, in freshwater..... :lol:
  284. Vermonster

    Global Warming?????

    Geez, don't know what else to think. From a police department about 20 minutes from where I grew up, northern VT, 20 minutes from Canada..... Sorry, it's facebook, so maybe you can't all view it...... Not an April 1st post is it?????
  285. Vermonster

    First D16 buck (late report)

    Nice buck! Congrats!
  286. Vermonster


    We saw about 20 hens, 3 jakes, and a huge gobbler the other day.....on private property..... :(
  287. Vermonster

    Wifee put the Boom on the ditch chickens

    A nice day of shooting right there! Congrats!
  288. Vermonster

    Turkey Youth Hunt

    Awesome!!!! Big congrats to Noah!!!
  289. Vermonster

    LA Chargers

    Some funny ones on here.....
  290. Vermonster

    Lucky B's ranch round 2!

    Very cool! Some nice bucks there! Congrats!
  291. Vermonster

    Coues Buck - Team Effort

    That's a great buck! Big congrats!
  292. Vermonster

    Best Holiday Season Ever

    Looks like good times Dee Dee!
  293. Vermonster

    Idaho Whitetails and WA Tags Notched

    Couple of nice animals! Congrats!
  294. Vermonster

    Texas Road Trip

    Very nice set of bucks!
  295. Vermonster

    Late season hunt in Colorado

    Holy crap, those are some great bucks! Congrats!
  296. Vermonster

    amazing texas whitetail hunt lucky b's ranch

    2 great bucks! Congrats!
  297. Vermonster

    Montana whitetail

    Couple of nice critters there! Congrats!
  298. Vermonster

    Remington 700 BDL 30-06

    Sent a reply. I'll get ahold of you later in the day when I get back from church.
  299. Vermonster

    Remington 700 BDL 30-06

    Thanks for the offer Mike, but looking for cash right now. If you can sell the rod and reel, then let me know...... ;)
  300. Vermonster

    Kaibab Youth Hunt

    Thanks. We've been talking by PM and he cleared that up.....
  301. Vermonster

    Remington 700 BDL 30-06

    I know...... LOL. But I get 2 for the price of 1 by selling this...... ;) I have a Remington 7600 in 30-06 that I can let the kid use.......
  302. Vermonster

    Remington 700 BDL 30-06

    Getting 2 new guns at the house, so need to let one go. It's been my primary hunting gun here on the west coast. It's a 700 BDL, with an after-market Bell & Carlson black synthetic sporting stock. The scope is a Bushnell 3x9 Trophy/Banner, which is better than the cheapos they add to the...
  303. Vermonster

    Kaibab Youth Hunt

    Ok, thanks for the info. He's already got hunters safety and been hunting for a year and a half, but would that be something he would still need to do to get the point?
  304. Vermonster

    Kaibab Youth Hunt

    Missed this report. Very cool Brent, great work!! Congrats to them both! I'd be interested in hearing about that youth hunt. My kid is 10 going on 11. Probably go to Vermont next fall for his first deer hunt, but want to look at other options. What's the age for big game in AZ, 12 like it is...
  305. Vermonster

    Have Bow, Will Travel.... AFRICA! 9/24-10/7

    Love the photos, heck of a trip!!!!
  306. Vermonster

    AO Buck

    Very nice!!!
  307. Vermonster

    Montana 20162016

    Nice buck! Congrats!
  308. Vermonster

    Wyoming Bull Elk(s)- Success- Late Report 10/14-10/21

    Damn, somehow I missed this one. Beautiful bulls, great photos and story!!! Congrats!
  309. Vermonster

    Grading/Valuing a gun?

    Ok, I'll check it out. Thanks........ :)
  310. Vermonster

    2016 Washington Mule Deer

    Nice Buck!!!
  311. Vermonster

    Westside little rag bull

    Great bull, congrats! And you know the moron did that on purpose..... I'd have left the ball sack hanging on the antenna...... ;)
  312. Vermonster

    Grading/Valuing a gun?

    Ray, thanks for the reply. Fortunately, I was able to sell another gun, and was able to keep this one. So, won't be needing to grade or sell this, just need to shoot a deer with it...... ;)
  313. Vermonster

    My Colorado buck 11/10/16

    Beauty, congrats!
  314. Vermonster

    My Colorado buck 11/10/16

    Beauty! Congrats!!!
  315. Vermonster

    Northern Nevada Bull Elk

    Very nice bull!!!
  316. Vermonster

    D16 Giant

    Awesome. Seen one close that, maybe just a couple inches less in width. That thing is monstrous for here though......
  317. Vermonster

    Wyoming Antelope, Elk and Pheasant

    Nice Jon, congrats!
  318. Vermonster

    Go CUBS.

    Ouch..... from, ESPN "Way too early Power Rankings for 2017"....... 30. San Diego Padres 2016 record: 68-94 Final ranking: No. 25 Imagine a team with Corey Kluber, Anthony Rizzo, Trea Turner, Joe Ross, Yasmani Grandal, Brad Brach, and Logan Forsythe. Now imagine the 2017 Padres.
  319. Vermonster

    Go CUBS.

    Anthony Rizzo catches the ball, and the San Diego Padres....... Oh, wait, they traded him..........
  320. Vermonster

    First buck

    Very nice! Congrats on your first!
  321. Vermonster

    Nothing like a holiday dinner with friends!

    It's actually really good, if done right...... ;)
  322. Vermonster


    Very nice Butt!!! ;)
  323. Vermonster

    Halloween tuna

    Very nice! Congrats!
  324. Vermonster

    Butcher near Escondido

    I hear the T&H is good, just a little pricier than most......
  325. Vermonster

    MeatEater is on Netflix

    Damn, just watched it for the first time this weekend after seeing this post..... My boys and I watched 8 or so episodes....... LOL Great show, love the video quality, their attitude about hunting, etc........
  326. Vermonster

    Daughter is still at it. 720 yrd.

    Very nice! What's she shooting anyway?
  327. Vermonster

    2016 Deer Camp for rifle D16

    Very cool! Congrats all the way around!!!
  328. Vermonster

    Grading/Valuing a gun?

    Ok, well, got someone to buy the 30-30, so I should be able to keep this one. Thanks all.......
  329. Vermonster

    Lucky Kids

    Very nice!!!
  330. Vermonster

    WY deer down

    Wow, couple of nice bucks! Congrats to you both!
  331. Vermonster

    More Grouse

    Very cool!
  332. Vermonster

    Dead quackers and their bigger cousins

    Nice batch of birds! Congrats!
  333. Vermonster

    The wedding ring buck.

    Beauty of a buck! Congrats!
  334. Vermonster

    Looks like red meat is back on the menu, Boys!

    Nice! Congrats, some good eating right there!
  335. Vermonster

    The jokes on me......

    Thanks, I am trying. I had to step away from the computer for a minute, it became a very scary scene........
  336. Vermonster

    Grading/Valuing a gun?

    I hear ya. Only got a couple of days to figure it out.
  337. Vermonster

    The jokes on me......

    I haven't read this section in a year, probably..,....... And as I do so now, I find myself laughing hysterically at many of Scott's jokes........ What the hell is happening?????
  338. Vermonster

    Finally caught a couple tuna

    Couple of nice fish! Congrats!
  339. Vermonster

    MeatEater is on Netflix

    I wonder if I can get that. I have access to Netflix, but I guess it's some sort of subscription where I can get series or something, but not feature flicks. Not sure, I'll give it a try. Never watch it......
  340. Vermonster

    Funky buck

    Hell yes Jim, I'd take that one any day!!!! Congrats, looks like quality time with the kiddo! Nice dead head too!
  341. Vermonster

    Grading/Valuing a gun?

    The photo at the top is a 308 I'd like to keep, but might need to sell. I have a separate 30-30 that I would like to dump if I could find a new home.......
  342. Vermonster

    Grading/Valuing a gun?

    Well, that was my plan, but he needs some $$$$, and like I said, unless I can dump the other one, I can't pony up the cash right now. If I can get someone to take the Marlin, then I can cover the difference. That photo was just a shot of the serial #, but it's pretty much the same condition...
  343. Vermonster

    Grading/Valuing a gun?

    Not too familiar with doing this, but looking at examples from the Blue Book, they talk about percentage of bluing left, and overall shape. This is a gun I would like to keep for myself, but in order to do so, would need to get a decent amount for another of mine (Marlin 336C in 30-30) and I...
  344. Vermonster

    Official Chargers Post

    Chargers will still end at 10-6......... Possibly 11-7.........
  345. Vermonster

    What??? No Patriots Thread??? Max? WTF Over.................

    Sorry for not showing up for the thread Harry, but with No Big Ben, didn't see much of a point..... ;)
  346. Vermonster

    AZ Youth Elk Hunt!

    That's just awesome!!! Huge congrats all the way around!
  347. Vermonster

    2016 Deer Camp for rifle D16

    Nate, you can't get 2 premium, but can get a premium and a restricted. I think that's how it works. Premium in the lottery, then be ready to pull the trigger on the restricted when the leftovers go on sale. D16 went back to restricted this year, not premium.....
  348. Vermonster

    D16 hunting this weekend

    I didn't get out this weekend, but will be out there next weekend.
  349. Vermonster

    2016 Deer Camp for rifle D16

    Very nice deer! Congrats!!!
  350. Vermonster

    My Daughter is at it again.

    Heck, even I could get a deer like that.....It doesn't have and lower legs........ ;) Very nice!!! Congrats to her!
  351. Vermonster

    Quail report 10/15

    Been there, done that. Tasted very good deep fried...... .;)
  352. Vermonster

    Lingcod personal best monster

    Well, that will make for a good taco or 2......or 3......or 4....... ;) That's a beauty! Congrats!
  353. Vermonster

    San Clement Island BFT in October

    Well that doesn't suck...... ;) Great trip, congrats!
  354. Vermonster

    Broncos vs Chockers

    I'd fire McCoy just simply for how he looked like a scared little girl that final drive. Squatting down, hiding his eyes with his hand on his head..... Geez, have some faith in your team, and grow a pair......
  355. Vermonster

    Larger Grade Ahi - 10/9

    Wow, great fish, looks like great weather......very nice!!!
  356. Vermonster

    2016 SoCal desert Buck

    Can't get over the difference in size one you get out of the local mountains. That thing is a beast! Congrats to your Dad, that's a beauty!
  357. Vermonster

    Oh Shit

    Should have gone for it on 4th down anyway. Down 3, on the road, Raiders hadn't stopped much all day, etc......
  358. Vermonster

    Northern ca duck opener

    Nice! Good looking Wood duck too!
  359. Vermonster

    Have Bow, Will Travel.... AFRICA! 9/24-10/7

    Awesome Ali! Can't wait!!!
  360. Vermonster

    Double on bucks

    Nice! Congrats!
  361. Vermonster

    Alaska Bucks, Bears and Butts Trip

    Sounds like a heck of a week! Congrats!
  362. Vermonster

    New lo an bluefin

    Very nice! Congrats!
  363. Vermonster

    Chargers the Worst 4th Quarter Team in NFL History

    Chargers have dropped 11 of 12, every single one by 7 points or less..... Geez...... On a side note, my Steelers look good...... ;)
  364. Vermonster

    Chargers the Worst 4th Quarter Team in NFL History

    Does the owner play receiver, running back, cornerback, etc.?????
  365. Vermonster

    Betcha can't eat just one.......

    Doesn't matter what time of day either, does it...... ;)
  366. Vermonster

    Betcha can't eat just one.......

    Made a batch of deer jerky the other night, brought a small bag to work. Just decided to have one piece......but damnit, I can't stop at one....... LOL Only 10 am and I going through the whole bag. Anyone else have that problem?????
  367. Vermonster

    any opener deer reports?

    Great buck!
  368. Vermonster

    The Chargers vs Taints thread...

    Hey Scott, still room on the Steeler's bandwagon....... ;)
  369. Vermonster

    Chargers the Worst 4th Quarter Team in NFL History

    Weddle wouldn't have stopped Gordon or Benjamin from Fumbling this week. Weddle didn't take his foot off the gas in the opener against KC. Only one he may have played a part in was the Hilton TD against Indy. If anything, injuries are their biggest problem now.......
  370. Vermonster

    Alpine Grouse Report

    Hunting for Partridge, as we call them back east, is my favorite! Looks great, wish I had some down here in SoCal!!! ;)
  371. Vermonster

    Hard work pays off!

    Awesome bull and story! Love the BD Salute at the end...... :D
  372. Vermonster

    Got my first deer

    He's bigger than my first bow kill (Zero so far ;) ). Big congrats on your first! You'll always remember it!
  373. Vermonster

    Got my first deer

    Nice buck! Congrats on your first!
  374. Vermonster

    Ok, more than just a deer

    Very nice bull! Congrats!
  375. Vermonster

    Big bull down and new screen names should be forthcoming!

    Beauty of a bull!~ Congrats!
  376. Vermonster

    Deer Down

    Nice buck! Congrats!
  377. Vermonster

    Day 1, Brown it's down! Elk over for me.

    Very nice! He'll be some good eating! Congrats!
  378. Vermonster

    Blue Fin on a Paddy Drift 9-17-2016

    That's pretty cool! Nice one!
  379. Vermonster

    A Little Road Trip

    Awesome photos, fish, trip, etc.! Congrats!!!!
  380. Vermonster


    Looks like an absolutely awesome trip! Congrats!
  381. Vermonster

    Big Juan

    Congrats to your buddy, that's a nice one!
  382. Vermonster

    Antelope in Wyoming

    Couple of nice ones! Congrats, looks like a blast!
  383. Vermonster

    Yukon Moose & Sheep - September 2016

    Couple of beautiful animals! Congrats!!!!
  384. Vermonster

    Dinosaurs do exist - New Mexico Elk 2016

    Don't know what all the excitement is.... you're just sitting a long way behind a 250 class bull to make it look bigger...... ;) Holy shit dude, that is an absolutely awesome bull!!!!! Loved the story (minus the man love :D ), loved the bull, love that it all came together for you...
  385. Vermonster

    Adventure Pass Required?????

    Can't confirm this, but I heard the Palomar District was not requiring/enforcing it, but Descanso district was......
  386. Vermonster

    Success in A16

    That's a beauty! Big congrats!
  387. Vermonster

    CONDOR 9/22 Yellowfin wuppin on 20lb rocker!!

    Nice report! Congrats on some good fish!
  388. Vermonster

    Mountain Goat, part two

    Awesome stuff! Beauty of a goat, huge congrats!
  389. Vermonster

    Grizzly Island Elk Hunt

    Sounds like a great hunt, even if she didn't take a shot!
  390. Vermonster

    Internet based home phone?

    Thanks guys. Might give it a try.
  391. Vermonster

    Internet based home phone?

    Currently have a bundle for phone/TV/Internet through Cox. They're really expensive (Sorry Kurt ;) ) in my mind. Looking into Direct TV. Only issue there, is the only available home phone provider in the bundle is Viasat, and it's internet based.. Wondering if anyone has them, or any other...
  392. Vermonster

    Big Pig Down - 7/16

    Wow, beauty of a boar! Congrats, 2 months later...... ;)
  393. Vermonster

    Chubasco2 9/9/16

    Nice trip, even tough I am 5 days late, just wanted to also give props to the Chubasco 2. Love taking my kid on it, great boat, crew, etc. Will hopefully be on it in the next month also......;)
  394. Vermonster

    182 on 9/12

    Damn, that's a haul of fish! Very nice!!!
  395. Vermonster

    Lead Shot......CDFW Fields...... Hot spots????

    Cool, I will hit you up after lunch Jeff. Thanks!
  396. Vermonster

    Lead Shot......CDFW Fields...... Hot spots????

    Thanks Mark. Maybe I'll just head north, start at a field along the canal, then field hop if all else fails, looking for a flight path. Just hope there are still birds flying after a full week......
  397. Vermonster

    Who in your life should have the combo to your gun safe ?

    My Dad in Vermont has mine, and I have his. That's it.......
  398. Vermonster

    Lead Shot......CDFW Fields...... Hot spots????

    Well, this year, with as busy as I am, and my Dad not being able to come out for the opener, I wasn't able to get out to hunt the opener, or scout for that matter. But, have a chance to run down with the 10 and 6 year olds tonight and hunt in the morning. So a couple quick questions....... 1...
  399. Vermonster

    Doves 9-3 and 9-4

    Good shooting!
  400. Vermonster

    Finally connected

    Beauty! Congrats!
  401. Vermonster

    Got one 8/3

    Beauty! Congrats!!!!
  402. Vermonster

    Chargers being pushed out?

    Sure, let's use $170 million on something else, like a library. Lots of people flocking here to see that, right???? Great return on your investment there.
  403. Vermonster

    Chargers being pushed out?

    Kurt's always been on the wrong side of this issue..... ;) I blame the whole debacle on the mayor and the hotelierres (Sp?). Every single other city with a complex like this has a higher tax on out of towners. Cost's us nothing, and it won't hurt tourism in the slightest. Nobody will cancel...
  404. Vermonster

    East end 7/31

    Nice batch of fish! Congrats!
  405. Vermonster

    Oside rocked !!

    Very nice! Congrats!
  406. Vermonster

    .308 for elk????

    I've got a .348 Winchester for those...... ;)
  407. Vermonster

    My first swordfish

    Yeah, what he said!!!!! LOL Awesome fish! Huge congrats, it'll be hard to top that one!!!
  408. Vermonster

    One the craziest days ever. Monday 6/27 report

    Wow, bummer on the loss, but must have been a heck of a fight!!!!
  409. Vermonster

    .308 for elk????

    I only want to change because I really like the natural wood look of the gun, and like hunting with lever actions. My east coast gun is a Marlin 30-30 lever action, hunted with it since I was 15. I have a chance to have the Model 88, or to continue using my synthetic stock 30-06 bolt action...
  410. Vermonster

    Was about Wahoo on kelps (but the thread has been jacked)

    Look, I'm not going to get in an internet argument with you. You mentioned prices have dropped "dramatically" for fuel. Using the standard comparison, which is basically one year on charts, I looked it up and called you on it. Then you said start of the year, and again, I looked it up and...
  411. Vermonster

    First Hawaiian Buck

    Very cool! Nice buck, congrats!
  412. Vermonster

    Was about Wahoo on kelps (but the thread has been jacked)

    I could give a shit about the fleet, other than it's part of the local economy, so I like to see it prosper. And to answer your question, which you don't seem to want to look up, gas at the beginning of the year, assuming you mean January of 2016???? It was exactly what it was today. So...
  413. Vermonster

    German Hunting Terrier puppies!

    Damn, they climb trees????? Scary stuff....... ;) Nice looking pups Mark. We probably will be looking, but not till next summer......
  414. Vermonster

    240.2lb Cow BFT Report (US Waters)

    Good golly, that's a biggie!!! Huge congrats!!!
  415. Vermonster

    Was about Wahoo on kelps (but the thread has been jacked)

    Ummmmmmm......... Last year at this exact time (June, 2015), average for a gallon of gas was $3.50 in San Diego. Today, it is $2.90. Marine is usually a tick higher....... And you say the price of gas has DRAMATICALLY decreased their prices?????? You must use some really good math........ BTW...
  416. Vermonster

    What a difference...

    Awesome, congrats!
  417. Vermonster

    Another jumbo bluefin. PB.

    I'd probably take ONLY that fish over 6.5 hours....... ;) Beauty, congrats!
  418. Vermonster

    One Stop Shop - 6/25

    Heck of a day! Congrats!
  419. Vermonster

    CA Big Game Draw Results

    That's pretty cool Ronson!
  420. Vermonster

    CA Big Game Draw Results

    That's what is good about the D16 tag, if you still get the itch to try archery, you get a couple weeks to do it with that tag.
  421. Vermonster

    Chargers want Downtown......

    Fully agree. And the idiot hotel guys that seem to think raising the tax 4% on visitors will make them flee in droves........ Unreal. People are not avoiding the other major cities just because of an extra $4.00............. It's the greedy Hoteliers that want to keep the extra profit for...
  422. Vermonster

    Humbled. Grateful. Appreciative. Personal Best bluefin, twice.

    Awesome stuff right there! Love the photos, especially the one of someone casting on the bow, with the foamers in the background...... Very cool!
  423. Vermonster

    CA Big Game Draw Results

  424. Vermonster

    CA Big Game Draw Results

    Very nice!!! Hope she gets a good meat cow!!! Struck out on Elk and Goodale buck, so it's D-16 again......
  425. Vermonster

    BFT Tuesday 6/15

    Beauties! Congrats!
  426. Vermonster

    RSA Bow and Rifle Hunt

    Very nice! Lots of good animals there!
  427. Vermonster

    Trophies only 6/8

    Holy crap..... Awesome fish, all of them!!!!
  428. Vermonster

    Insane BFT Tuna Fishing Today

    Hell of a fish! Congrats!
  429. Vermonster

    First BFT

    Congrats on your first!
  430. Vermonster

    Been a long wait

    Nice, congrats!
  431. Vermonster

    First trophy Bluefin this season...

    Nice fish Dave & Mike!!!!! Rene wants a little for the grill at work...... ;)
  432. Vermonster

    .308 for elk????

    Thanks everyone, that's what I wanted to hear..... ;)
  433. Vermonster

    .308 for elk????

    Wondering if any of you use a .308 for elk. I have always been an "economical hunter", in that I have my basic 30-06 that I use for deer, pig, and once for elk, and my Beretta pump shotgun that I use for ducks, turkeys, doves, etc. Well, my 30-06 is a black synthetic stock, but I have always...
  434. Vermonster

    New to hunting

    Welcome to the wonderful world of hunting!!! Lots of good advice here. Oh, and I may have a basic 30-06 package with a scope for sale soon...... ;)
  435. Vermonster

    Bluefin Bite Continues in epic fashion...( 5/27 and 5/29)

    Holy Moly, that's some great fishing! Nice work, and congrats!
  436. Vermonster

    Bluefin 371 5/29

    Very nice, congrats!
  437. Vermonster

    First Tom

    Very nice! Congrats!
  438. Vermonster

    Paso Pigs 5-14-16

    Nice pig! Congrats!
  439. Vermonster

    Spotting Scope

  440. Vermonster

    Tag Drawing, always confused.....

    Ok, that "can't apply for a restricted tag using second tag application" gets me each time. So that applies up until the August 2nd time, but at that point, it's all fair game?
  441. Vermonster

    Marlin 30-30 Lever Action Model .336

    Bump..... Still looking to sell this.......
  442. Vermonster

    Tag Drawing, always confused.....

    Since hunters went crazy, and drove A22 and D16 to premium tags a couple years ago, I haven't bothered to put in for both tags, just did the D16 and was happy with that. But with both being dropped to restricted instead of premium, that begs a question. Can you hold 2 restricted tags in a...
  443. Vermonster

    Only eight wild pigs left in San Diego County according to UT San Diego (so it must be true)

    So glad to see they could accurately count 8 pigs in 4,500+ square miles....... LOL
  444. Vermonster

    SHOGUN 1.5 Day Great Times!

    Very nice!!!! Congrats on a great trip!
  445. Vermonster

    Thanks to All

    Was wondering why one of my posts just got "liked", and then I noticed it was 13 years ago...... LOL
  446. Vermonster

    It's the balance of nature......

    Nah, don't worry about those wolves, they only take what they eat, part of the natural balance of nature........
  447. Vermonster

    My wife made an amazing discovery

    Nice! I also do some detecting, love the hobby!
  448. Vermonster

    Another pig on the ground 2/17

    Good looking pig! Congrats!
  449. Vermonster

    Got One!

    Very nice! Congrats!
  450. Vermonster

    Shed hunting yesterday! Antlers!

    Very cool!
  451. Vermonster

    Kill n Grill time

    I'm usually there at the beginning Mike, but can't get there till a couple hours in. Assuming some food will still be left, yes???
  452. Vermonster

    Wyoming Elk Hunt....Success!!

    Good eats right there! Congrats!
  453. Vermonster

    Recent home invasions

    Heard about at least 2. Up to 4 now???
  454. Vermonster


    Only reason you won........ :mad:
  455. Vermonster

    Kill n Grill time

    Hey, I already have dibs on mini venison sloppy joes....... :D
  456. Vermonster

    Kill n Grill time

    I am in......
  457. Vermonster

    Hey Vermy

    Sorry, been busy..... ;) Yeah, I find it funny Pacman still thinks Brown is faking it. Would arguably the best (Top 3 for sure) receiver sit out a playoff game, like he most likely do this weekend, just to fake it and get a win last week??? He was limp before hitting the ground......
  458. Vermonster

    Meet M.O.W. #39 Gato Gordo

    I'm in for that...... LOL What would qualify for OG though, member before 2005 or so????
  459. Vermonster

    Really Close Call

    Nice...... LOL
  460. Vermonster

    Alaskan Caribou hunt memento

    That's pretty cool.......
  461. Vermonster

    Meet M.O.W. #39 Gato Gordo

    Speaking of kicked out Dennis, does anyone have a copy of Jason's different Gaff avatars, like the "brown" trout, or the totally "hot" girl in the blue (or purple???) bikini that got him in trouble????? LOL And you're moving???? Who are you selling the Aluminator to?
  462. Vermonster

    Montana Elk-2015

    I'd for sure take that first or last day! Great bull, congrats! :cheers:
  463. Vermonster

    December 6th Dorado

    Crap, a DoDo in December!!! Big congrats!
  464. Vermonster

    first mearns quail

    Pretty birds, and tasty too. Congrats!
  465. Vermonster

    Bummed the seasons over.

    Can still hunt some stuff through January here.......Then it's turkey midway through March...... ;)
  466. Vermonster

    12/2 Full speed yfin 371

    It's funny, people used to get on others about taking a bunch of fish, and it was always about getting enough to can for the winter. Now, the fish are still here through the winter, can have fresh all year...... LOL Nice fish! Congrats!!!!
  467. Vermonster

    Holy shit it's finally over.

    Congrats, nice freezer filler!
  468. Vermonster

    Kids camo

    Didn't get a PM......??
  469. Vermonster

    Kids camo

    What Age (size) do you have, and what age (size) are you looking for?
  470. Vermonster

    Pig down!

    Nice pigs! Congrats
  471. Vermonster

    D14 buck

    Beauty of a buck Jim Congrats!
  472. Vermonster

    11/27 tuna

    Kids will be begging for it again next December, and you'll have to teach them this isn't normal...... LOL Looks like a blast was had by all! Congrats!
  473. Vermonster

    Tuna sandwiches for Cristmas 11/29/15

    Blue, yellow, green fin, who cares, it's a tuna in almost December...... LOL Very nice!!! Congrats!!!
  474. Vermonster

    Local one - Public oinker

    Awesome Kurt!
  475. Vermonster

    HUGE CA Governor tag buck taken!

    I know, right? Still a great buck. by any means. Like to see more photos......
  476. Vermonster

    Raahauge's Today Nov. 15th

    Very nice!
  477. Vermonster

    Fall Turkey?

    Anyone going out tomorrow? I find myself is the not very familiar position of actually already filling my deer tag, so I can actually focus on something else......LOL I'll be out on public land with the 9 year old. Good luck if anyone is out there!
  478. Vermonster

    Finally, a good Texas buck

    Wow Nate, that is a biggie! Huge congrats! !!!!
  479. Vermonster

    D-16 Buck, Just In Time

    Great buck Doug! Congrats!!!
  480. Vermonster

    First Wahoo!!! Solo and in November!

    A great ending to a great season! Congrats, a beauty of a fish!
  481. Vermonster

    First West Coast Buck......

    Ha, too funny..... Didn't catch that...... Fixed..... ;)
  482. Vermonster

    First West Coast Buck......

    It's funny, it was a sudden turnaround too. Could still barely walk last night, today, don't feel a thing. ;) Oh, and not sure Deno if it's the same one as the photo, but if not, it's his antler twin, even with the broken front......
  483. Vermonster


    No deer tracks in 10 years? That's tough. I would think you'd have a decent amount of them out in that area, especially if you border the Daley Ranch. But yes, lots of lions around too.
  484. Vermonster

    First West Coast Buck......

    Thanks everyone. My legs finally feel back to normal today...... LOL
  485. Vermonster

    First West Coast Buck......

    So Deno wanted to go with me, and he was giving me first shot since it was "my spot" , and I hadn't shot a buck here before. We left just before shooting light, and hiked an hour down into the canyon. Got set up around 6:30 about 100 yards above the camera on a hillside. We had about 180 degree...
  486. Vermonster

    tagged out!

    Nice Job Sammy! Congrats!
  487. Vermonster

    Every now and then a blind squirrel finds a nut or a Wahoo

    Kid looked stoked!!! Congrats to them, great fish!
  488. Vermonster

    D-16 got um 2015 Deer Camp

    Nice buck! Congrats guys!
  489. Vermonster

    Too soon?

    Gotta give credit where credit is due..... Broncs looked damn good.......
  490. Vermonster

    60 pound Catalina wahoo

    Holy Moly, that's a good one! Congrats!
  491. Vermonster

    10/26 upper nine

    Sure did a number on the lure..... Congrats, great fish!!!
  492. Vermonster

    10/27 Wahoo near the 14

    He thought he was having a nice Dodo snack, and you had to go and ruin it....... ;) Great fish! Congrats!
  493. Vermonster

    Marlin 30-30 Lever Action Model .336

    It's a Model 336, just not sure which variety. Will check later today. Here are a couple of photos.
  494. Vermonster

    D15 Buck

    Don't see many with this bigger upper forks out here. Very nice! Congrats!
  495. Vermonster

    Marlin 30-30 Lever Action Model .336

    Sorry, just got thos. Natural wood. I will snap some photos this evening.
  496. Vermonster

    SWORDFISH! 10/24

    Unreal! Huge congrats!!!
  497. Vermonster

    Game processing San Diego??

    That's what I heard too......
  498. Vermonster

    Solo Who?

    Nice fish! Congrats!
  499. Vermonster

    High ballers

    Well, before this site got so big, it was sort of a "family" in the sense that most people knew each other, and you could count on the opinion of other members in cases like this. If I was looking at a new reel, gun, etc., and a member had one for sale and told me it was near mint, I would...
  500. Vermonster

    D16 are you ready?

    Every single buck I have had on camera this summer, maybe 6-7 shooters, have not been seen on camera in 3 weeks or so....... So NO!!!! I am not ready for D16........ :(
  501. Vermonster

    Bear Down

    Nice bear!!! One of my favorite meats to make burger with, given the decent fat content. Nice and juicy.... ;) Oh, and first deer I ever shot, 20 years old, got the same wonderful beauty mark you got. Broke the nose too...... LOL Congrats!
  502. Vermonster

    10/20 Catalina Wahoo!

    Great fish, great food, and great family! Very nice!
  503. Vermonster

    WAHOOOOOOO!! 10/21!!!

    Very nice! Congrats!
  504. Vermonster

    Too soon?

    Are you really stirring the pot Kurt? You of all people should know your Donko's are the worst undefeated team, possibly in the last couple of decades...... If they had played someone other than the Raiders, Browns, etc., they'd have lost probably 3 games already. ;)
  505. Vermonster

    D15 #2

    Nice! Congrats!
  506. Vermonster

    D15 tagged out

    Nice, congrats!
  507. Vermonster

    Father Daughter Hunt

    Awesome Brent!! Big congrats to you both!
  508. Vermonster


    Yep, I remember this too from a couple years ago. Cool photo, but not recent, and not here..... This is a better photo in the story below though. Not sure I would have been standing there...... LOL
  509. Vermonster

    Marlin 30-30 Lever Action Model .336

    Just throwing this out to see what the interest would be. Gun is in very nice shape, with the exception of 1 tiny blemish on the front sight, which could easily be dealt with. See them online anywhere from mid 400's to low 500's. Hoping to get $400 O.B.O.. Will get photos when I get a chance.
  510. Vermonster

    Great day with double the excitement!! Hoo + black

    Nice fish! Even better dinner photo..... ;)
  511. Vermonster

    wahoo off the domes 10/16

    Awesome fish! Congrats!
  512. Vermonster

    2 wahoo day North 9

    Nice work! Congrats!
  513. Vermonster

    #2 wahoo in the bag

    Sorry about the leg, great fish though!
  514. Vermonster

    Double Wahoo Long Beach

    Unreal!! Big congrats!
  515. Vermonster

    Wahoo on 209

    Fat fish! Congrats!
  516. Vermonster

    filled my tag

    Very nice! That'll eat well for the next few months! Congrats!
  517. Vermonster

    Whoo Late / Short Report

    Both are beauties!!! Congrats on each!!! ;)
  518. Vermonster

    Osborn Tuna and Catalina Wahoo

    I was thinking the same thing! Plus the other mark don't line up! Awesome fishing! Congrats!
  519. Vermonster

    Solo run 10/13...What was I thinking!

    Great report! Nice Hoo! Congrats!
  520. Vermonster

    Whales, YFT and Wahoo Weekend 10-10,11

    Nice Mark! Don't know what's better, the Hoo or the Humpbacks! Very cool!!!!
  521. Vermonster

    State record marlin today

    Whoa, huge fish!!! Congrats, catch of a lifetime!!!!
  522. Vermonster


    Best way to clean them right there, maybe minus the barefeet....... ;) Nice birds!
  523. Vermonster

    Guess WHOO just scored #2!!!

    Unreal! Big congrats! Cool Marlin photos too!
  524. Vermonster

    This guy stole my lingcod bait!

    Thief! I think you should eat him as punishment!!!!
  525. Vermonster


    Nice! But, we want to see pics!!!! ;)
  526. Vermonster

    49.7 lbs OF PURE US WATERS STOKE!!!!!

    Funny these guys calling Mike out talking about "Back when I joined", and other shit like that..... Better check your join date, as Mike joined prior to you, was one of the originals, so piss off....... Hell, I can talk shit to him though, since I joined a whole 1 day prior.........LOL Awesome...
  527. Vermonster

    70 lb. Wahoo

    Nice, congrats!
  528. Vermonster


    Yup...... That's about the extent of it......LOL
  529. Vermonster

    FHL deer hunt

    Beauty of a buck! Congrats to your boy!
  530. Vermonster

    Thursday Solo Wahoo

    Very nice! Congrats!!!
  531. Vermonster

    Hoo's your daddy!

    Beauty of a fish! Congrats!!!!
  532. Vermonster

    Solo Wahoo 10/3/15

    Nice fish, congrats!!!!
  533. Vermonster

    Tuesday Morning Wahoo

    Very cool! Why leave for Cabo when you guys are catching Hoos, tuna, Dodos, and Marlin here?????? LOL
  534. Vermonster

    Even little girl got lobster!

    That's a framer photo for sure! Congrats on a great night!
  535. Vermonster

    Archery Elk opener Colorado Report - Rocking R Ranch

    Sounds like a heck of a trip guys!!!
  536. Vermonster

    Son's turkey mount......

    Finally got around a few weeks ago to mounting my son's turkey he got this spring. It was my first try, just bought a Mountain Mike's Kit from Bass Pro. I think it came out pretty decent. Ended up at 21 lbs, 10 1/4" beard, and 1 1/4" spurs........
  537. Vermonster

    Alaska Moose Hunting with Pops

    Excellent. Almost more tender than any local deer here too, which I think is because the cuts of meat you get are much bigger than a deer, so you have more room to cut off the sinew/tendons/connective tissue and get a chunk of nothing but wonderful tasting meat........ ;)
  538. Vermonster

    Alaska Moose Hunting with Pops

    Wow, great bulls, beautiful photos!!! Big congrats to you and your Dad!
  539. Vermonster


    Very nice! Congrats!
  540. Vermonster

    Double Hoos near the coronados 9/28/15

    Aside from the "more skin" comment LOL, not sure what there would be to say that's negative...... Awesome report! Huge congrats!
  541. Vermonster

    Trail cam pix

    Nice, good luck!
  542. Vermonster

    Saturday 26th Wahoo N9mile

    Wow, another great one! Congrats!
  543. Vermonster

    DP Wahoo

    Nice fish! Congrats!
  544. Vermonster

    A skinny that wasn't so...

    Unreal Ron! Big congrats!
  545. Vermonster

    Epic Season

    Very nice!!!! What a day! Congrats!
  546. Vermonster

    1 out of 2

    That's one heck of a fish! Congrats!
  547. Vermonster

    No Gaff Wahoo

    Nice!!!! Congrats!!!!
  548. Vermonster

    500lbs MAKO WITH A OPAH !!

    Holy crap, that's not something you see every day..... ;) Congrats, nice one!
  549. Vermonster

    Wahoo west of last jolla

    Awesome! congrats!!!
  550. Vermonster

    It's good to be king

    Huge congrats Carl! Beauty of a fish!!!!
  551. Vermonster

    Wahoo at the 9

    Just keeps getting better! Congrats!
  552. Vermonster

    My Son's First Tuna - Dana Point 9/27

    Awesome! Congrats, very cool!
  553. Vermonster

    Loggerhead Sea Turtle Sightings

    Ok, so the alternative is that you don't report them, they believe there are way less than are actually out there, and decide to put them on the Endangered list of something like that, and make all possible areas they could be off limits........ Huh, good logic.......
  554. Vermonster

    Magic paddy 9-23-15

    5 ounders or 50 pounders, they all taste good...... ;) Congrats, great day of catching!!!
  555. Vermonster

    Breaking in the new gaff!

    Agreed it's grey, and like I said, I would find out first....... ;)
  556. Vermonster

    Breaking in the new gaff!

    That's my take on it too. Of course I would find out for sure before doing it, but I lean towards it being legal.
  557. Vermonster

    Breaking in the new gaff!

    No, the key words are "Assist or TAKE". So you can't use a gaff to TAKE one that is undersized, but where does it say you can't TAKE one that is OVER the minimum size????? I am not saying it's 100% legal, but I am also saying that it's also not shown to be ILLEGAL. I would need more...
  558. Vermonster

    The Cheater vs The Rapist

    Harry, he did cheat. The league just didn't show enough proof or follow the proper proceedures...... That's what the judge ruled on, not Tom Brady's innocence..... LOL Go ahead and keep thinking whatever you want though...... ;)
  559. Vermonster

    The Cheater vs The Rapist

    But that's kind of the point Harry, why cheat, when you don't need to? It's plain Ego, nothing more..... Take Bonds as an example, or Clemens. Nothing was "Proven", they were not found "guilty", but everyone knows they did it, just like Brady. Bonds was a 5 tool player, an almost certain Hall...
  560. Vermonster

    Got one!

    Awesome Dan! Might not be the biggest, but a great looking deer, and don't worry about the buck fever........ If you didn't get excited from time to time, what's the reason for getting out there, right???? ;)
  561. Vermonster

    Father & Daughter Double Wahoo at the 14!

    Holy crap, that is just double awesome!!!!!! Huge congrats!!!!! Front page story!!!! LOL LOL LOL
  562. Vermonster

    Breaking in the new gaff!

    As the regs state..... So, the way I read that, why would they mention to "assist in landing or to take", if it wasn't legal at all. To me, if you can't use a gaff to assist or take a fish under the minimum size, then you can use on to assist or take a fish OVER the minimum size. If Gaff's...
  563. Vermonster

    Wahoo 9-22

    Beauty of a fish! Congrats!!!!
  564. Vermonster

    Dana Wahoo 9-22-2015

    Awesome! Big congrats!
  565. Vermonster

    'Hoos yer daddy. Solo. upper nine Wed 9-24

    Phenomenal catch! And, solo to boot! Congrats!
  566. Vermonster

    FINBOMB catches 662.2lb Blue Marlin

    And this guy will probably never top this catch in his life, may never kill another one, and taking this one fish will have no effect on the overall environment. If 50 people a week were taking these fish out of the ocean, I'd feel differently. Let the guys have their glory, and their good...
  567. Vermonster

    9/19 Wahoo

    Awesome! Congrats!
  568. Vermonster

    Wahoo on the 226

    Great fish! Huge congrats!
  569. Vermonster

    Alaska adventure 2015

    Awesome Nate! Congrats!
  570. Vermonster

    A-22 success!

    Nice Sammy, congrats once again!!!
  571. Vermonster

    09/19 Oceanside Wahoo

    Absolutely awesome!!!!!! Love your Dad with the BD Salute...... LOL Huge congrats!
  572. Vermonster

    Osborn Bank on the Black Pearl - Limits BFT

    Very nice! Congrats on a good day!
  573. Vermonster

    Sat 9/12, 267, 209, 14 mile YFT

    Very nice day of fishing! Congrats!
  574. Vermonster

    9/12 WAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

    Holy crap!!!! Absolutely awesome!!!!!! Front page material right there!!!! Huge congrats!!!!
  575. Vermonster

    Son's First Deer 9/5

    Sweet! Big congrats!
  576. Vermonster

    Short Bill Spearfish

    Very cool! Heard they taste great!
  577. Vermonster

    Rpt.-09-03-15 The Ducky Roars Again!

    Nice trip as usual Cory! Don't hear about you getting skunked too often, so twice in a row must have been killing you...... LOL
  578. Vermonster

    Dead Predator Picture Thread!!!

    Very nice!! Can't imagine what kind of a rush he got being 20 yards from that guy, with only a stick and string in his hand...... ;)
  579. Vermonster

    It's only September, correct???

    Seems a little early to have his nose in certain places....... LOL
  580. Vermonster

    Puppy contest help

    Cute pup, and one ugly bird....... LOL
  581. Vermonster

    Dead Predator Picture Thread!!!

    Well, I guess that qualifies as a dead predator.......LOL Nice bear! Any story? His first with a bow, or with any weapon, or what? Congrats to him!!!!
  582. Vermonster

    Stone Sheep - Northern British Columbia

    Awesome animal! Congrats!!!
  583. Vermonster

    Dove opener 2015

    The ones in our 20 or so we shot that had feed looked more like oats, from what I could tell.
  584. Vermonster

    opening weekend success

    Very nice! Congrats!!!
  585. Vermonster

    8-27 371 yfin and dodo's

    Great fish! Very nice!!!
  586. Vermonster

    Where did all the tuna go?????

    200 Bonito on a half day am boat today.......;)
  587. Vermonster

    Where did all the tuna go?????

    They didn't just up and leave. Bad days happen......
  588. Vermonster

    Full Flotilla post from 8-25

    Excellent day! Congrats!
  589. Vermonster

    Bunch o' DODO's

    Should tried to bring him in the boat..... ;)
  590. Vermonster

    Can you count to four?

    No, just trying to see if this one gets deleted too like my last one..... ;)
  591. Vermonster

    Andy of Mayberry...

  592. Vermonster

    Can you count to four?

    Try this counting thing again....... ;)
  593. Vermonster

    Super Bowl Winner Predictions Contest February 7, 2016

    I e betting on my own team, I jinx them, but since nobody has picked them, I will say the Steelers......
  594. Vermonster


    I'll have you know, Ben was never even charged........... ;)
  595. Vermonster


    Ugh..... why don't we just pick up Ray Rice also while Bell serves his suspension.......
  596. Vermonster

    Best obituary...ever

  597. Vermonster

    Holy crap......

    I think the skippys have been in the count the last week or so. Not in those numbers, but they've been out there.
  598. Vermonster

    Holy crap......

    Looking at the photo, yes, maybe some 8-10 pounders, but some still pushing 20ish. Regardless, to get that on a 3/4 day is unreal......
  599. Vermonster

    Limits of YFT west of the Upper 9

    Very nice! Good day of fishing, congrats!
  600. Vermonster


    And that ain't no small one either! Very nice!!!!
  601. Vermonster

    Holy crap......

    Actually, didn't even think of that. What's it cost for a nice tuna or Dodo these days, maybe $5? Even if 75% of the guys wanted theirs fileted, that's $1500+++ spent on filets.......
  602. Vermonster

    Started a flotilla today!

    Wow, awesome day! Congrats!
  603. Vermonster

    Holy crap......

    Didn't see it posted........ Sorry if it was already...... Oh, and sorry, credit to SDfish for using their info...... ;)
  604. Vermonster

    R.I.P J-Tap

    Crap, what happened? Don't check this section often...... :(
  605. Vermonster

    8/22 Oceanside yft and dorado kids trip

    That's awesome! Hoping to get my 9 yo on his first before the summer's over!
  606. Vermonster

    Sunday 8/23 5 mi inside of the 209

    Very nice! Some good eats right there!
  607. Vermonster

    Bloody mess on the 267!!!! 8-23-15

    Lots of nice fish! Congrats!
  608. Vermonster

    Commander overnight

    Very nice! Congrats!
  609. Vermonster

    They want the CHUNK!

    Very nice! That fish gorged itself on the chunks. Think he was stealing them from the whole school......LOL
  610. Vermonster

    8/24 DP- Little man Big fish vol. 10

    Great report! Looks like one happy little guy!