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  1. eric harner

    Nomad Madshad & BFT / YFT

    Has anyone had any luck using the Madshad 115 or 150's on BFT or YFT this season ? I have both and haven't fished them yet any actual experienced input would be appreciated as I have 3.5 day coming up next and want to give them a try. Thanks guys....
  2. eric harner

    Tribute a couple of questions..

    I have a 3.5 day trip coming up on the Tribute in Oct having never fish this boat I have a couple of question ... so how's the food & tackle storage and anything you may want to add... Thanks..:hali_olutta:
  3. eric harner

    10-10-19 10 years on Bloodydecks What has changed

    So almost 10 years ago I signed up to become a member her on Bloodydecks. I thought it might be fun to have some old timers chime in and talk about the changes here on BD. both good & bad. One thing I do know it's not nearly as rough as it was when I signed up. But if I have ever asked a...
  4. eric harner

    Blackwater Fluoro out of business?

    Is Blackwater still in business? I tried to order some and the supplier said the web site is down & the phone number has been disconnected. If this has been posted in the past I missed it. :p: Thanks'
  5. eric harner

    Full Moon Fever & BFT

    Ok so here we go into a full moon after last month's full moon slaughter fest "in April wow" I'm keep an eye on the fish counts. I can't make it out due to work schedule so I get to live vicariously through the fishing reports ...can you relate. Good luck out there !! :jig:
  6. eric harner

    Thoughts on the Excalibur

    I've never fished the Excalibur looking for information food , bunks or state rooms, Captain crew ,is it a fish killer etc.. Looks like a nice rig. Thanks in advance for your replies..:jig:
  7. eric harner

    Pacific Queen long rod storage

    Haven't fished the pac queen in a while , I've got a 9ft jig Rod is there long rod storage on the boat ? :jig:
  8. eric harner

    General Info on the Independence

    I'm booking a 10 day trip on the Indy for 2019 . Just wanted some general info as this will be my first time fishing on her food, crew , state rooms ect... Thank You Guys
  9. eric harner

    Best Split ring pliers

    Got a cheep set of split ring pliers they suck . Having said that i'm looking for a Good set what do you guys suggest. Thank you..:jig:
  10. eric harner

    Royal Polaris General Info.

    Looking at booking a limited load 10 day on the RP next year . As I have not fished her before I'd like some general info on the food , tackle storage, crew etc.. Thank you in advance guys :jig:
  11. eric harner

    Wahoo moving in 13 days to go

    The Excel killed 97 of the toothy critters at the rocks on the 5th. 13 days to go boys Phoenix Rods Open . :jig:
  12. eric harner

    First String Input

    So I suddenly have next week off & I booked a 2 day trip on the First String ( Limited Load) I've never fished this boat . Just want some input on the boat , captain ,crew ... Thanks
  13. eric harner

    UC Wahoo 50-80 Reviews

    Just picked up a GUSA Wahoo 50-80 lb super stoked I'll be using it on an up coming 10 day latter this summer. I have a GFGR 875-H that's been my go to for years so with all the reviews I've read about the UC rods figured it was time to put one to the test. Question how do the two rods compare ...
  14. eric harner

    Axis HAX 909 30-80 thoughts

    I picked up this rod going to put a JX 2 on it I'll use for top iron . I thought I would also use it on wahoo throwing bombs . Figure YT no problem but wahoo ? Thoughts or actual experience . Info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :jig:
  15. eric harner

    Need some help

    I have a deck hand rod that I need to wrap with some more cord to make the diameter larger to fit my reel . Question is where do you buy the cord ? Thank you in advance guys !
  16. eric harner

    UC RCP-70XH-C For 50lb rig

    I'm looking to add a good 50lb rig to my line up. I'm going to match the rod with a HX2 . I'm looking at the United Comp. RCP 70XH -C it's rated at 50-100 is this too much rod for this application ? Should I go with the RCP70HP-C rated at 50-80 ? I'm looking at something comparable to a GFGR...
  17. eric harner

    Older Penn 30VSW Max Drag

    I have a older Penn 30-VSW That was a gift from my brother I can't find much info on the drag settings . I'm sending it to Cal's for a tune up . I'll be using as my 80lb rig matched with a GFGR 770XH should be perfect match. Question is if I want to bump it up to a 100lb rig will the reel handle...
  18. eric harner

    Phoenix black diamond Axis HAX 909 30/80 Reviews

    Im adding to my top iron / wahoo rigs my eye is on the rod mentioned above I'll pair it with an Avet HXJ Raptor. I'm looking for comments from those of you how have hands on experience with this Rod . Thank you guys. :jig::jig::jig:
  19. eric harner

    1st trip on the Excell ..things to know

    Just booked the 10 day Phoenix Rod open 2017 trip. I have never been on the Excell but from what I here it's a 1st class operation . Yup I'm stoked... Any pointers I should know about the ship would be much appreciated.
  20. eric harner

    Favorite big bluefin iron

    :jig::jig:Going out next week on a 3 day if we should run across some big BFT I would like to know what is your Favorite iron to use to bring them in. The gear I have.......
  21. eric harner

    Sliding Egg Sinker Rig

    Been reading post about using a sliding sinker rig for YT. I throw iron 90% of the time & fly line when I get tired I have never used an egg sinker. So question is how do you rig a sliding sinker set up ?:o Thanks guys....:jig::jig::jig:
  22. eric harner

    Home made rod rack completed

    Just completed my new rod rack. Pretty simple to make cost about $60 compared to the $280 cost for a similar rack holding 8 rods I like my 11 rod way better..
  23. eric harner

    Calcutta tackle bags opinions

    I'm thinking about buying a Calcutta 3600 for shorter range trips . I have a long range bag love it but it is big And storage on the smaller boats can be crowded. I also have a smaller bag that top loads the Plano boxes that I usually take on shorter trip but I don't like digging through the top...
  24. eric harner

    Mint blue MX

    Mint old MX not a scratch on it . Brand new izor 60lb braid just put it on . I have never really used this reel much. Went through it in November 10/10. Sold
  25. eric harner

    GFGR butt cap replacement

    I have factory warped gfgr 700 's that need butt caps . I don't know what size to order can you guys help me out. Thank you in advance :)
  26. eric harner

    Bass Jigs what to use

    So I usually target big fish . What jigs do you guys use to target bass ? Pics would be cool. Thanks guys.
  27. eric harner

    Pacific Voyager Questions

    I have been invited to do a 3 day charter on Pac Voyager. I've never fished this boat as I do most of my fishing on the long range fleet . Most of the guys will be newbies what the heck it's all good. How is the tackle storage ? For those of you who have fished this boat what do you think ??
  28. eric harner

    Muzzle Loader Az 6-A Scout Trip

    We spent Saturday scouting up at 6-A Bull Elk tags. Weather was 40-70 still pretty warm our hunt starts Nov. 14 still plenty of time to cool down/snow. It is rifle Cow right now saw a Hanger heard 4 shots during the day. Saw MEGA fresh tracks every where didn't see anything walking around all...
  29. eric harner

    Arizona Opener

    Steady flight from dawn to 8:00 am mostly morning dove . Had my limit by 7:00 am shot another limit for my hunting partners who were not on target LOL . Day two more of the same. Lots of birds this year. Looks like we will be getting some rain over the next day or two we will give it a try on...
  30. eric harner

    Full choke or Mod for dove

    Been using my wingmaster for 25 years on dove it has a full choke. Picked up a Stoger last rear for Duck hunting it came with different chokes .... Been thinking about using a mod choke for dove ...What do you think ?
  31. eric harner

    Got drawn Black Powder Elk 6A Arizona

    Got the results last night Got drawn 6A !!!! World record area here in Arizona. Can not wait.
  32. eric harner

    Thinking about booking 2015 Team Hoo trip on Excel

    Talked with Jason yesterday he said I can't go wrong . I have never fished the Excell any input would be appreciated. The Hoo team sound like a good group of guys to fish with as I travel alone that's always good news. Thanks'
  33. eric harner

    Royal Polaris

    All, I'm thinking about booking a 10 day on the RP next year . I need some input on the boat. I have heard good things about it . Thanks'
  34. eric harner

    Five Star

    Putting together the budget for my 8 day don't like to carry to much cash , dose Five Star accept an ATM card for payment ? Tried calling no answer . Thanks in advance :jig:
  35. eric harner

    Why all the bitching

    So I spend time on BD reading The New Post , Chit Chat etc .. The one thing I don't understand is" Why All The Bitching" Some of the complaint's I've read here are some what called for I guess . Seems like most of them should & could be handled man to man not in cyber space. These arm chair...
  36. eric harner

    Cow BFT & Circle Hooks Question

    With all the reports of cow BFT being caught I'm seeing that circle hooks are what we should be using . Guess I'm a bit old school as I'm a "J" Hook guy ( like setting the hook ) I'm on an 8 day coming up in Oct and want to be prepared . Question is what size circle hooks should I use on my...
  37. eric harner

    City Boys 1st Dove Hunt Joke

    So these two guys from the city go on there 1st Dove hunt . They had been planning this trip for months , bought new shot guns & even a dog. On opening day they didn't do too well only 2 or three birds when suddenly out in the distance they see a FLOCK of birds coming in low. When the birds got...
  38. eric harner

    Question Pro Gear 541 Gears

    Good Morning fellow BD'ers .. Question is where can I order 3:25/1 for my Pro Gear 541 ? Thanks in advance for your input.:hali_olutta:
  39. eric harner

    Bob Sands Knot

    Recently I learned to tie the Bob Sands knot (Spectra to Mono ) . I like the fact that it's pretty easy to tie , but I don't really know to what pound test I can take it to with out failing 60-80-100 or more? I really need some input on this as I have an 8 day coming up and i'd like to have...
  40. eric harner

    Rod for JX Raptor

    Just picked up a JX Raptor. Will be using it for bait fishing down south on my next 8 day trip. I have a 700m I was thinking about matching it with but not sure. Will have 65lb JB with a top shot of 40 or 50 depending on the bite. I do have 2ea HX reels matched with 700h's. What do you guys...
  41. eric harner

    Pen, Okuma, Old Avet JX Blue

    **SOLD** Need to get rid of some stuff.. If you live in Arizona I'm in the N/W Valley. come and get it. If not the prices include shipping . #1; NIB Okuma Titus Gold TG 50 11 Price SOLD #2; Pen 113 H With new T-150's / Cal Grease , New Turbin Frame, 8/10 Works like new. SOLD...
  42. eric harner

    NIB Okuma Titus Gold TG 50 11 Price?

    So I have a NIB TG 50 2sp no line what is it worth ? I would like to sell it at a fair price.
  43. eric harner

    How Many Pounds

    To All, Going on my 1st long range trip next week 7 days on the Q-105. Can't wait !!!:gaygroup: My question is aprox how many lbs of fish will a 120 qt ice chest hold? Keeping in mind I will have to load up on ice for the trip back to Arizona. I own 3 of these chest now figured I would have 5...
  44. eric harner

    Whos Going Q-105 Trip #28

    Well I'm up here in Flagstaff Az. on an AT&T project, it's cold & windy chance of snow tomorow. Just started day dreaming about my 1st long range trip we set out Sat.Sept. 3rd & return Sat Sept 10th. Got to tell you I can hardly wait. Grew up in Lakeside started fishing salt water with my dad...
  45. eric harner

    avet HX 2 speed rod match

    Just picked up a new HX/2 I will be using on my 1st 8day long range trip in Sept. on the Q-105. This will be my 50lb rig for yoyo / jigging. I'm thinking GF700h or hx.:hali_olutta::_shopping
  46. eric harner

    Pro Gear HT-100 Drag Size

    What size H-T 100 drags for Pro Gear 541, Also wet or dry ?
  47. eric harner

    Any Salt Water Fishing Clubs In Arizona??

    Hey Guys are there any salt water fishing clubs in Arizona?:starwarskid5:
  48. eric harner

    custom classes in Phoenix Az

    I'm a S.D. native been in the desert too long. Dose anybody know anyone in Phx. who teaches custom rod building? Have always wanted to do my own customs.Thx