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    For Sale 97 Alblemarle 27SFX Express REDUCED

    This is a fantastic ride, it has been super well maintained and fishes very well with tons of open deck space for the size. Got it bloody lots of times. Someone is getting a hell of a deal at this price..
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    For Sale 1987 33 Crystaliner - Repowered and Fully Restored

    Wow. Beautiful. How is this not sold..
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    For Sale Stringari 20

    I hate to be a pain in the ass, but what's the OAL from outdrive to trailer tongue, and width on the trailer? I've got only so much space in the driveway corner.. Great looking rig.
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    For Sale 31’ Jersey twin diesel

    Looks to be the perfect budget SCI rig!
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    Any reports from today?

    Yeah, it was pretty bumpy out there, I happen to be aboard a 90' yacht, but was thinking to myself I wouldn't want to be in my skiff out there.. The little purple jet head was the hot ticket on the troll. Had a couple doubles and a triple on a cedar and a mex flag feather out there.
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    Any reports from today?

    Hit the 425 after a late start with a good showing of sport boats and a few PB's, got a small yft right off the bat on the flyline and another lost, then nothing. Saw a couple bent rods, but not many. The fleet moved on and we trolled towards the 302 and picked up several good sized skipjack...
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    Damn good smoked as well..
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    FREE Old Metal Leaning Post/Seats

    Damn, that's badass! And it has a gun rack!! Good luck with it.
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    For Sale HDS 8

    Is this model nmea compatible? Thanks!
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    Sign of things to Come?

    Just wanted to report a welcome sight on the south 9 yesterday, a good sized marlin cruising along. In March. Threw a couple of macs his way, but never could get in front of him before he sank out. Beautiful conditions and 60 degree water on the outside, 56 degrees coming out of the bay...
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    SOLD Shamrock 20

    What kind of performance do you get out of her? Top speed, mileage, cruise, if you have any numbers. Curious about the shaft drive. Thanks.
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    Whistler Bonito

    Timing belt gear on the top of the crank had worked itself loose and pushed up into the housing. Still dialing in a new to me honda BF90. Not a hard fix, got a used gear and housing on ebay for $50, and another $100 for new timing belt and odds and ends while I'm there.. How else is the kid...
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    Whistler Bonito

    Thanks guys, parts are ordered and back on the water shortly. I'm telling ya, I was skeptical on the bonito, but it turned out fantastic! Try it you'll like it!
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    Whistler Bonito

    Little late of a report, but went out monday to the whistler and back up towards Point Loma on the outside of the kelp looking for bonito or skippies for my 11 year old. Made a stop on puddling bait and soaked a couple of baits, engine was acting up so I shut it down while I dicked with it...
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    SOLD Stainless Swing back seat

    Does the seat tilt up or is it fixed? Thanks.
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    Unlimited skipjack solo YFT 9-10

    We were out yesterday as well, conditions were ideal. Same thing, more skippies than you could catch, with yft mixed in but much more picky than the skippies. Slow start, but found a pair of paddies with 4 molas on one that came to check out the boat. As soon as they left, the skipjack just...
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    Bradon's First YFT! 10-06-18

    Good job. Took my 11 year old with me on 'the guys' trip to LA Bay earlier this year, I think he grew up several years in a week. Now he's driving the boat, puling nets and asking when he can go fishing again.. Set the hook early.
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    Broke down but got a couple

    Very interesting.....
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    Risking passenger safety for yellowfin

    There's professional, and there's not professional. I hesitated posting in this, but that's some bullshit.
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    For Sale 2004 TROPHY CC 150 YAMAHA

    Saw you guys in LA bay in June, super nice rig, I wish the timing was better, I'd jump on this!
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    Alright day

    Got it. Planning same run-ish wed. Thanks for the report.
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    Effects of Hurricane Bud in Midriff/BOLA San Francisquito area

    The red tide was thick last week, but once you got south around the corner towards Playa San Rafael, it cleared up. Was still thick around Animas however. Could have some interesting swells heading up from the south..
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    Murder in Bay of LA

    Just returned from there last night. We arrived last saturday, apparently the night it happened. Stayed at Guillermos, and heard nothing about it until a couple days later. There were a few cops cars rolling around and a military patrol cruising the road, but nothing out of the ordinary. We...
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    This Cabrilla was all over it!

    Love it. Was the bay still red tided out?
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    bola 5/27 & 28

    Good to know, I think I'll throw in a few more surface irons..
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    bola 5/27 & 28

    Thanks for the report. Heading down saturday with a crew and my 11 year old on his first trip.
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    Single or Tandem axle trailer?

    The only argument I can think of is: single axle + blown tire = Super F-ed. Dual axle + blown tire = extra trip time.
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    Golden Reef #'s / Puertocitos

    Forgot about the slimey part.. Also, if the tide bottoms out or close to it, you definitely wouldn't want to get the trailer tires down over the drop off of the ramp, if it's still the same, there was about a foot and a half drop from the concrete to the sand.
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    Mex 5 Road Conditions?

    Right on Capt. Juan. I'm taking my 11 year old dude on his first Mex trip with the guys, so I'm just checking the basics. See you there.
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    Golden Reef #'s / Puertocitos

    Last summer on a TR mothership trip, the wind kicked up the day we returned, we weren't that far down from San Felipe, and we had to head back into probably 40+ knot winds and 12'+ swell. Water was soaking the third story top deck. Would not have wanted to be in any boat smaller than the 110'...
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    Mex 5 Road Conditions?

    Nice, not too worried about the road, just going that way for a change of scenery from Mex 1. Got a group of us staying at Guillermos, see you in the morning bait making flotilla!
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    Mex 5 Road Conditions?

    Thanks for the update! Tight lines.
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    Mex 5 Road Conditions?

    Heading down to LA Bay June 2-7, just wondering if anyone has driven all the way through to Mex 1 lately on Mex 5 and can pass along the conditions and how far the paving has progressed. Been a while since I was there, the road was almost complete to Rancho Grande. Have they made much more...
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    Best Baja Truck/Camper and Boat Rig

    I noticed nobody mentioned it, but for really remote spots, particularly if you're solo, it's tough to beat a kayak. Obviously it has it's limitations, but you're on the water pretty easy anywhere you can get your truck close to the shore..
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    Blackman 20

    Thank you! Is that to the trailer tongue or bow rail?
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    2004 Custom Pilothouse SOLD

    That is super bad ass.
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    Blackman 20

    Not to be a pain in the ass, but I'm very curious what the overall length and beam is? You mentioned the trailer tongue extends? Thanks!
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    1966 Bertram 20 Bahia Mar repower

    Wow. I just found this, and a new lust. She makes a Skipjack 20 look kinda like a 5.. Amazing job. And the 31... damn.
  39. Ib1

    June 14, 2017

    Thanks for the report.
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    ***Sold***2007 Defiance Yellowtail $21,500

    I've drooled over one of these since I saw one in the parking lot of a short lived Defiance dealer in Chula several years back. Very cool, glws..
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    Blackman 20 Center Console

    This is awesome, if I could swing it, I would.
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    4/18 43 and Corner Run

    Next time. That's what keeps us going.. Hope the dope helps somebody find em.
  43. Ib1

    4/18 43 and Corner Run

    Yeah, it was fun to play 'how much did it weigh??..' while we trolled on. I've got no experience with large tuna, but it sure didn't feel anything like the 40# bft I've caught before. It was pretty much doing whatever it wanted on that big gold reel.
  44. Ib1

    4/18 43 and Corner Run

    Little late, but three of us took a spin out to the 43 area to give Gary's (T's time) beauty of a new to him, 28 Albemarle a shake down run, and to be honest a shake down run for ourselves. A stiff wind was already going when I opened the garage door for a 4am pickup, but thankfully once we got...
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    Sold, Thanks BD and Members Price Reduction for Clean 1986 Skipjack 24 FlyBridge

    Beat me to it.. I've fished the past 5 seasons on this boat, and it's ready to go hit them right now..
  46. Ib1

    Sold, Thanks BD and Members Price Reduction for Clean 1986 Skipjack 24 FlyBridge

    Bump for a killer Skippy that's ready for the season.
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    1987 Stringari for sale $12,500

    Now that's nice.
  48. Ib1

    Sold, Thanks BD and Members Price Reduction for Clean 1986 Skipjack 24 FlyBridge

    This boat catches fish.. Sad to see her go, but the new one is beautiful..
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    63 foot sport fisher Invicta charter goes down

    Anybody on board recognize this hat? Washed up north IB..
  50. Ib1

    Possible Invicta Casualty. Anyone Know this Hat?

    Anybody know the owner of this? Found just north of IB, thought they might like it back..
  51. Ib1

    63 foot sport fisher Invicta charter goes down

    If anyone on the trip wanted to find their number, there were quite a few along the sand, with a little looking, they probably could. North end of IB..
  52. Ib1

    63 foot sport fisher Invicta charter goes down

    Looks like everyone's fish tickets are washed up all over the tide line in IB this morning..
  53. Ib1

    63 foot sport fisher Invicta charter goes down

    Just read this on the news, didn't mention the under the influence at that time, but that would explain it.. Glad everyone is safe.
  54. Ib1

    Tony Reyes.

    Awesome. Heading down for a limited load trip with the boys next month, thanks for the report!
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    Need 1" Railing Section Bent?

    Can't say enough good about Dave and the crew down at APS Marine in National City. Hooked me up with just what I was looking for. I thought small jobs would be beneath them, as I've always seen sick Navy and professional rigs in their yard, but Dave treated me right for my little skiff side...
  56. Ib1

    Gonzaga Bay night? fishing

    Exactly... I saw one nearly that big down on Playa San Rafael. About 20 yards off the port of my leaking 10' zodiac with a p.o.s. old motor, between us and the beach. That fucker owned that stretch of coast, you could see his wake for a mile in the calm water, just cruising about 50 yards...
  57. Ib1

    Gonzaga Bay night? fishing

    Seriously. What he said. The thought of paddling the kayak out there at night never, ever, crossed my mind.. By evening, I'm lucky to find my lost rum and coke.. That whole scenario just gives me visions of Capt. Quint singing "Farewell and away.."
  58. Ib1

    Nados 8/1

    We hit the islands friday, got two right off the bat with the first couple of baits about 7 am-ish, then, nothing for the next several hours of trying all around the islands. Lots of boats, and it looked the same for others. Hit and miss..
  59. Ib1

    Puertecitos to Gonzaga Bay

    Back in the day a buddy and I used to launch a 15' aluminum out of Puertocitos and run down the the islands. If it's glassy, it's super cool, but as said, watch the horizon, and hug the coast. 3-4' waves, 4' apart are a real threat. Casting into the rock piles under the cliffs is great fun on...
  60. Ib1

    26 Seaswirl....sinking near 9 mile bank currently 10:35 am

    Just replaced the plastic thru hulls with stainless on my ride, one of the old ones just snapped off when I tried to get the hose off.. Old plastic is no bueno.. A nerf ball is a great idea.
  61. Ib1

    26 Seaswirl....sinking near 9 mile bank currently 10:35 am

    Scary shit right there. Hope all are ok.
  62. Ib1

    Need 1" Railing Section Bent?

    Thanks guys, I'm pretty much with you plj46, I envision it buckling before it got the degree angle. I don't actually need a hard 45, I'm looking to bridge the engine well across the transom, and I have 45 degree rail footings, so it can be a radius bend, which would be preferable anyway...
  63. Ib1

    Need 1" Railing Section Bent?

    Yeah, I read about filling the tube with sand, I was going to try that if I attempt it myself. Not scared of trying it, but I'd still hate to ruin a good piece of tubing with a bad first try..
  64. Ib1

    Need 1" Railing Section Bent?

    Thanks for the ideas guys. The first place I actually checked was a muffler shop, but after doing a little web research, most folks said to stay away if you wanted the stainless to still look good after the bend. They were even a little hesitant, as they said stainless had a tendency to...
  65. Ib1

    Need 1" Railing Section Bent?

    Yeah, Chingon was going to be my last resort.. lol. I've gotten a quote or two from him for small stuff over the years. Hit and miss on 'yeah that sounds reasonable' or 'ouch!.. I've got a 3/4" conduit bender, and that did cross my mind, but I need a 1". A sandcar guy down here in the...
  66. Ib1

    Need 1" Railing Section Bent?

    Not sure that this is the place for this question, but I'm in need of somebody in SD (or someone that ships..) that does tubing bending, and hoping not to be reamed for it. I got a quote for $80 that I thought was a little high. I just need two 45 degree bends in a 5' piece of stainless...
  67. Ib1

    Was the North Was A Bust for Wednesday?

    We made the run from MB, not a lot of boat traffic, perfect conditions to glass (had gyros), there just didn't seem to be any action other than a few dense schools of porpoise obviously working bait hard under bird schools. A few whales around, but no signs of fish for us. Saw one grande paddy...
  68. Ib1

    187 FISH is gone forever!

    I didn't know the boat at all, but it was painful to see it going down the road in that condition. After seeing the damage first hand, I was just relieved that no one was injured, cuz it sure looked like it could have easily killed someone(s).
  69. Ib1

    187 FISH is gone forever!

    I was kind of under the impression that the 'pop' blew the hatches open, and subsequently fire was coming out.. Perhaps the fuel vapor was already present, and the ignition spark ignited it all. If this is the case, the blower might have saved the day..?
  70. Ib1

    187 FISH is gone forever!

    Wow, very scary. Glad no one was hurt, a buddy and I drove by the ramp just after, while the lot was packed with emergency crews, then I had the sad sight of seeing it towed down the strand.. Sorry for your loss.
  71. Ib1

    BFT Taped out at 270lbs.

    WTF!!!!.... Wow!
  72. Ib1

    Hundred pounders on Pacific Queen!

    Ohhh yeahhh...!!!
  73. Ib1

    Same Day report 5/13

    Thanks for the report.
  74. Ib1

    Off the market! 1970 20' skipjack fb project $300 with trailer and pink slip

    I just saw an old timer pulling a 20 Skippy flybridge down the road the other day, and it confirmed what I've always thought, what a bad ass little machine. I had a 20 cuddy for a few years, and it was super cool, but I always like the fly. Nice project. Good luck.
  75. Ib1

    18 ' Bayrunner w/ yamaha 40hp 4 stroke

    How is this still for sale? Don't any young guys pitch in on a 'go to baja boat' like this any more??
  76. Ib1

    Thursday Solo Wahoo

    Ffffffffffffffff Yeah!!!!!!! Nicely done!
  77. Ib1

    Dana - 08.20.2015 + Hammerhead

    They are thick as thieves out there right now. On thursday we had a pair of 9-10 footers constantly circling close and at one point there were 4 large hammerheads roaming the immediate area. Close enough I reached over the side and grabbed one by the dorsal for the hell of it. Bastards got 2...
  78. Ib1

    8/20 Yft troll on the 9 from SD

    Buckaroo, there was no bait at SD, Mission or Oceanside at any of the receivers early morning thursday. NO bait. We got lucky and the SD receiver got filled around 5am, we waited for an hour and got a good scoop, but the guys were hunting for your bait for Mission bay all morning off IB...
  79. Ib1

    Only 8 miles out

    Have to love 'inshore' offshore reports!
  80. Ib1

    Slayed em Again (NW 9 MI)

    Great to hear it! Thanks for the report.
  81. Ib1

    Grand Slam 8/10

    Wow. Super Cool, Congrats. And good on you for the release!
  82. Ib1

    Sauerfish YT and Dodo limits.... And a Whale Shark...???

    Super cool.. Had one 2' under my kayak in Gonzaga, really cool, then that realization that there is a big freaking critter under my 13' ride, and nobody knows where I am..
  83. Ib1

    YFT chewed the paint off the boat and a few nice dorado.

    Wow. So when does this qualify as Inshore Fishing!?! Love it!
  84. Ib1

    Yellowtail, something big and tuna all over.....

    Marlin on the canyon. That's freaking awesome. We saw a guy on the Excel have one on his line and putting on a show about 2 weeks ago in the middle grounds. Small, but still a marlin..
  85. Ib1

    Fish report

    Was busy bitching, forgot the fishing.. Similar area on wed., a little further out about 15-18 straight off sunset cliffs, but we saw fish breaking on the 9 on the way in. Lots of fish in the water, had 3 paddies with dodos under the boat, swimming around the chunk, the dine, and everything...
  86. Ib1

    Fish report

    Had a similar experience on wed. Dude in a large trawler type ride is headed straight for us at speed as we were shut down fishing a paddy. Got to the point of yelling and waving arms as we thought he might be on autopilot or something. When he finally see us and turns, he stops and parks...
  87. Ib1

    7/24/15 Do Do's Yes Tuna No

    Nice job. We came across at least 3 paddies with schools of dodo's on wednesday, they would swim right under the boat, right up to our chunk presentation, right around the dine on the end of the line...
  88. Ib1

    Tuesday 7-21 9 miles due west of PL

    1 BF out of 3 trips lately myself, great job. Hoping to hit em tomorrow!
  89. Ib1

    7/1 9 mile, corner, nados..

    We were out there with you working the 9 up and down. Not much going on, birds were scattered and moving, porpoises were around, but not very energetic, just sort of milling around trolled through, around, long soaked, etc. for nada. Found two or three dry paddies, but that was it for us...
  90. Ib1

    4 - Y Fin 6-30

    Nice one! Headed out tomorrow to try again, thanks for the timely report!
  91. Ib1

    6/14 26 miles west of SD

    Excellent. Thanks for the report.
  92. Ib1

    Upper nine 6-8-15

    Good thinking on the stomach check. Nicely done.
  93. Ib1

    6-1-15 Dana Point Swordfish

    WOW!!! Nicely Done!
  94. Ib1

    6-2 Upper 9 and 182

    Thanks for the report, next time!
  95. Ib1

    Here is what the tuna were feeding on.

    Long soak and lots of line hooked to a candy sized mac worked for me last week on a 'small' 35 pounder. Hoping to find the larger models next week..
  96. Ib1

    Here is what the tuna were feeding on.

    They were washing up on the beach in IB this morning. We saw a bunch of them flipping around the surface on friday out on the 9. Thought the same about a little crawdad gulp or something..
  97. Ib1

    Big Bluefin and a little yellow bird

    Nice try on the beasts. I bet that little yellow dude had just flown a hell of a long way..
  98. Ib1

    5-29 north east 9 Big BFT

    Similar story, went out with Gary (T's-Time) on his Skipjack, worked the 9 from the border northward trolling looking for birds and foamers. Finally ran into them around 12 miles out of La Jolla, but really frustrating fishing. A couple of birds working, then a flash of breaking fish, and they...
  99. Ib1

    22' Seaway Pilothouse

    Hubba hubba. That is one fine looking vessel. Nicely done. Now if I could only buy it... Good luck with the sale, someone is going to be stoked.
  100. Ib1

    8/20 Lightning Dance at the 302

    I forgot to mention the 9' hammerhead that was doing it'd damnedest to try and figure out how to climb our swimstep to get at the kill bag. Close enough that I tried to grab it's dorsal a couple times just reaching over the side. Circled us for probably half an hour. I don't know what you...
  101. Ib1

    8/20 Lightning Dance at the 302

    We were out there with you, pretty sure it was you I heard over the radio. Have to say the storm moved on us pretty quick. We were watching the lightning from a few miles away, thought not too close, kinda crazy,but no worries, then had a couple bolts hit the water close enough to not be able...
  102. Ib1

    Limits YFT 8/19

    Thanks for the report. See if we can do it tomorrow..
  103. Ib1

    Tern, Tern, Tern 8-12

    Sweeeet! Nice job. Heading out tomorrow, hopefully get my 7 year old on his first real fish.. Should be fun, one way or another!
  104. Ib1

    Big BFT North 9

    Sweeet! Thanks for the report. Got a load of yft in the freezer, but it would be nice to get some bft to top it off!
  105. Ib1

    The Canyon to the 425

    Excellent! Nicely done.
  106. Ib1

    First Dorado bite at BoLA

    Standard straight shank J hook, not the bass rig hooks.
  107. Ib1

    First Dorado bite at BoLA

    I'll second the line/hook recommendation. I lost three as well on ringed circles. The fish swallowed the bait, had one line cut off, and two pull free without hooking. Went to J hooks and was able to set the hook at the lip better. Fished 40# spectra on the Lexa and 40# mono on the Saltist.
  108. Ib1

    First Dorado bite at BoLA

    Don't think I'll be making the JC Classic this year, I picked the BoLA trip to blow my fishing wad, but I'm sure it will be a time. Good Luck and safe travels.
  109. Ib1

    First Dorado bite at BoLA

    Thanks Ali. We threw the mixed baits and slow trolled them. We did troll feathers through the area on the way home, but no takers. Really wished we had a tank full of macs at that point, but it was weird weather and conditions all the way around, we were stoked for the 10 in the box we...
  110. Ib1

    First Dorado bite at BoLA

    Bait was the issue for sure. I think we scrounged up one mac in 3 days of trying. Had to make do with a mix of little grunts, tiny yellowtail and various other small critters. Even stuck a lizardfish in the tank. I think we had maybe 20 baits on the best day. Should be pretty hot on the...
  111. Ib1

    WFO Dorado at Bola

    Glad you guys got on it. We were the group that was next to you at Guillermos. Nice to meet you all.
  112. Ib1

    First Dorado bite at BoLA

    Just got back yesterday from fishing 2-4 with Igor. First two days were tough, tuesday weather was blowing hard, but not worse than we've seen before, managed to scratch a few yellows to 20# and a good haul of various grouper, bass, cabrilla to fill the cooler. Wednesday it was obvious...
  113. Ib1

    BOLA 6/20-27

    Love that kind of fishing as well. We've got at least one day planned for that this week. Guess I'll take out some lead torpedos to make room for an extra rapala or two..
  114. Ib1

    BOLA 6/20-27

    Sweet, thanks for the report. What did you troll for the grouper?
  115. Ib1

    Any reports of dorado near BoLA yet?

    Hey Marco, thanks, got a smaller group this year, not the official JC this time (those guys are doing SQ in Aug.), but still have 12 or 13 rolling/flying in. Looks like I'll need to add some more iron, I had planned for dropper loop rigs like usual, but if there's no bait, looks like we'll have...
  116. Ib1

    Any reports of dorado near BoLA yet?

    Interesting.. The warm water does seem to roll around the east side of La Guardia.. Thanks for the input.
  117. Ib1

    Bola report 6/25-27

    Nice. What did you get the grouper on?
  118. Ib1

    Bola report 6/25-27

    Thanks for the report, not good news on the bait, I guess I'll add some more iron to the tackle bag.
  119. Ib1

    Any reports of dorado near BoLA yet?

    Heading down tuesday for a few days fishing with Igor, anyone hear of dorado making an appearance yet within range of LA Bay boats? If so, any recommendations for lures to throw in the bag? Thanks!
  120. Ib1

    Surf fishing tips/advice needed

    Have to second the plastics and kroc advise. Plastics definitely work but they come back looking like swiss cheese after a cast or two, if they come back at all. Everything likes a croc. Get some with some weight to them so you can get a good cast outside. Bring a backpack full of cold ones...
  121. Ib1

    YT in Bahia De Los Angeles still biting

    Very nice. Heading down tuesday, can't wait!
  122. Ib1

    80 or 100lb for BOLA

    Heading down July 1, fishing 2-4 with Igor, what would you guys recommend throwing in the tackle bag in case the dodos have made an appearance? Mirror-lure, pink and white feather??
  123. Ib1

    BOLA YFT/Marlin

    Think it was two years back in june, we saw at least 3 or 4 marlin (striped I think, probably #70-100) while we were fishing the LA Bay zone, all of them were south around the corner of Las Animas. Tried to bait a couple of them at fairly close range, but couldn't get any biters. Cool to...
  124. Ib1

    BoLA Reports?

    Couple Sabikis, couple packs of ringed circle hooks, and a dozen torpedos 8-16 oz's. Add a few irons in, and you're set.
  125. Ib1

    BoLA Reports?

    Sweet, thanks for the detailed report! Can't wait!
  126. Ib1

    BoLA Reports?

    Heading down on the 1st of July for a few days fishing with Igor, anybody have any recent reports? Thanks in advance.
  127. Ib1

    Rifle Build Gun Porn

    Outstanding. That bedding system is a thing of beauty, very impressive.
  128. Ib1

    San Diego Turkey Down

    Very nice. I'm seriously jealous of yard hunting. Good on ya.
  129. Ib1

    2 Hour+ Battle?? Result??

    LOL.. Tough crowd. Must be BD..
  130. Ib1

    2 Hour+ Battle?? Result??

    Was out doing the BFT hunt yesterday on Gary's (TsTime) Skipjack for a long troll around the 425 and back up the line, and heard the chatter on the radio of a mystery fish on #25 line that they had on the hook for over 2 hours when last heard. Anybody have a report on what that beast was? Just...
  131. Ib1

    1984 Blackman BillFisher 23'

    That, is awesome. Good luck with the sale. Someone is going to be stoked.
  132. Ib1


    Fantastic, consider me Jealous!
  133. Ib1

    7 Days until BOLA

    Leaving Monday!! Woohoo!
  134. Ib1

    From the Coronado Islands to Point Loma 2013

    Nicely done. I live a few blocks away and I've driven by and seen you guys filleting out front a couple times last week. I've been very jealous. Impressed, but jealous. lol.. Nice stable of boats, if you see somebody rubbernecking at your boats while cruising by in a white landcruiser...
  135. Ib1

    SkipJack 20' open restoration

    Outstanding work! This makes me miss my 20 Open. Fantastic vessel, enjoy.
  136. Ib1

    BOLA/Islands South Boating Safety Questions

    Take a good look at the map of the coast and interior, there are not many access points. If you need to make it ashore and need assistance, roads are few and far between in that stretch. Most likely any help will need to come from the water. Might be a good idea to introduce yourself to a...
  137. Ib1

    BOLA 5/15-5/18 Wind Wind and more Wind...

    x4 That's not windy, that's beautiful! Heading down in a few weeks..
  138. Ib1

    Tackle Recomendations for BOLA in June

    Sounds great, hope to see you guys. We'll give a shout out during the morning bait making cluster and see if we can sort out who's who! Safe travels.
  139. Ib1

    Tackle Recomendations for BOLA in June

    Hey mfrancis, Mark if I'm not mistaken, we'll be at Guillermos for the better part of the week, 17-23 fishing with the regular cast of characters. There's a group of us, most of em are BD'ers or lurkers. Stop on by for a cold one, I think we've been down the past three years about the same...
  140. Ib1

    Crawdads near the Coronados

    Back when I was a kid during the massive '83 El Nino, the marina in Long Beach was filled with red pelagic crabs. Hopefully signs of a coming epic season..
  141. Ib1

    Tackle Recomendations for BOLA in June

    50# rigs for sure. Just to throw it out there, make sure to bring a light bass rod-ish setup, just in case you're stuck on shore for some reason (wind, hangover, etc..) and make the time to hop in the truck and go explore and shore fish. Fill a backpack with beer and light tackle and have fun..
  142. Ib1

    Can't let you guys have all the flatfish fun...

    That's good chit right there. Nicely done.
  143. Ib1

    Tecate Police Corruption

    Got pulled over on the long hill full of stop signs last june for an "illegal lane change" which was complete BS, by sargent Tomas Santos and his partner. Full frisk and truck search for a pocketknife.. Next time we'll be making the loop around the area on the toll road toward Mexicali, and...
  144. Ib1

    1992 Invader for sale

    Bump. As mentioned, this is a badass inshore machine. AND it fits in a driveway. Mine is the same model and holds 49 gallons of fuel and has an approx. 250 qt. fish hold in deck with a 7' beam. It's 17'3" long!! Not sure where I saw it, but somewhere in my research I want to say the trailer...
  145. Ib1

    Blackman 23 Outerbanks

    In my humble Gilligan opinion, that is the coolest rig ever. Can't wait to see it bright and polished. Good on ya.
  146. Ib1

    1992 Invader for sale

    Sweet rig. I've got a 1990, minus the t-top. For anybody interested, this is a super dry ride, and very stable. 7' beam and deep, in just a 17 footer. Perfect inshore machine. Good luck with sale.
  147. Ib1


    It's been many a year, but I used to have a blast launching out of Puertocitos with a 15' aluminum with a 30 honda. If you've got the range, the Encantadas were good for grouper and corvina down the coast, and even if you get blown out by the wind, lock the boat up and head down in the truck to...
  148. Ib1

    big knockers 19' starcraft 88hp motor

    Never met the man, but there's a couple of IB guys I know that would think that's a good plan. Good on ya.
  149. Ib1

    Best way to get to TJ Airport

    The crossing from TJ is easy as well, cabs are waiting right when you walk through the border, $15-20 to the airport. Coming back the taxi drops you pretty much at the end of the line to cross back over.
  150. Ib1

    K&M Tuna-Dodo-Yellowtail-White Seabass!!

    That second set of guys is a pretty grim looking group.. I'll make it next time gents. :hali_olutta:
  151. Ib1


    Just for reference, Igor the guide in the photo, who is a hell of a guy, is a very big dude. The guy has no neck and hands like bear paws. Eric holding the fish must be a serious large guy. Epic catch.
  152. Ib1

    Border crossing

    Just passing it on FYI, came back through Tecate in June from BoLA, and got pulled over on the downhill toward the border, the one with stop signs every block, for an "illegal lane change" by local cops. Obviously they've never seen anyone drive there. Long story short, $100 later we were on...
  153. Ib1

    302 and Limits

    Nice job. Thanks for posting with that.
  154. Ib1

    New Bow Rail from Chingon.

    Very nice. Chingon indeed, that dude built a badass aluminum boat for himself.
  155. Ib1

    BOLA rookie; PB Yellow...55lbs]I got the opportunity to head down to Bahia De L.A. T.

    HOG! Fished that reef with Igor two weeks ago. 30 pounders were kicking our ass, but that bad boy must have been a battle. Congrats. X2 on Igor being the best captain around.
  156. Ib1

    BOLA 6/16-6/22

    Sorry we missed you, we must have been on one of the many ice runs. Seems the ice truck was late and it was in short supply all over town for a few days while we were there. Hope you hit it as good as we did. We'll try again next year. :hali_olutta:
  157. Ib1

    Question for those of you who fly out of TJ

    You might want to check out of LAX. Long drive, but the flights are generally a lot cheaper than from SD. Maybe not as low as out of TJ, but worth the tank of gas.
  158. Ib1

    Question for those of you who fly out of TJ

    Everything is pretty smooth from SD-to TJ airport, and easy getting to the border. It's just the wait at the border than can be a pain. That said, I'm going with the 2 and 5 year olds, wife and mom in law that route to La Paz in march.. The wheelchair may be a hassle, but not undoable.
  159. Ib1

    LA Bay (Guillermos Pangas)

    Igor is the man. I doubt you'll get him, he said he was booked until Aug., but he's got some good guys in the mix. Martin and Alberto are both cool cats and willing to work for the fish. Just got back from fishing with them for 4 days.
  160. Ib1

    BOLA 6/16-6/22

    Pretty much our thought as well Ali.. After the intial WTF!? moment, I just kept thinking 'Are you f-ing clowns shitting me?? You're pulling this crap, STILL??' Another baja story in the books.
  161. Ib1

    BOLA 6/16-6/22

    I'll back Gary up with the fishin evidence. Just so you guys know, two of our other compadres have been snagged at the same spot on the hill down to the Border turn.. F-ing Tecate cops.. :finger: On the bright side, the wait was 3 cars at the border.. :hali_olutta:
  162. Ib1

    BOLA 6/16-6/22

    The 'negotiation' was 'we're fucking broke, and we need at least $25 in gas to get home.' They must have thought it was a pretty sad shakedown when they saw the whole $22 I had in my wallet. $100 slipped into the clipboard through the window, and we were 'released' at the border line. Got my...
  163. Ib1

    Heading to BOLA tomorrow

    We'll have a caravan of 3 vehicles a day behind you, leaving saturday. TJ Immigration opens at 6am. Drive safe.
  164. Ib1

    Bloody Decks Convention in BOLA ....

    Hooray Phil!! Winning first AND second in the jackpot last year has not been forgotten however. It's on..
  165. Ib1

    Bloody Decks Convention in BOLA ....

    I'm sure a large contingent of our group will be there. There's many BDers in the mix.
  166. Ib1

    Bloody Decks Convention in BOLA ....

    How about monday? We've got some stragglers coming in on sunday.. Guillermos Palapa?? :hali_olutta::hali_olutta::hali_olutta:
  167. Ib1

    Anyone gonna be in BOLA 6/16-6/24?

    Bob, Come on by, won't be hard to find us. And we have been known to have a beer or ten under the palapa.. Looks like it's gonna be a full BD crowd! Can't wait!
  168. Ib1

    Anyone gonna be in BOLA 6/16-6/24?

    Guillermos is gonna be ugly for a week.. 6am crossing Bajadog, see you there. Flying burritos.. pfft..
  169. Ib1

    Bola advice

    I can tell you that there's a group of nearly 30 mofos driving or flying down between the 16th and 24th, and we have at least 5 boats reserved for most of those days. We've got Igor booked most of the time. It might be tough to find an available boat during that time. Discover Baja will hook...
  170. Ib1

    Typical Baja Trip?

    It's a terrible, awful, crappy place. No fun at all. Tell all your friends, nothing to see or do down there.. :hali_olutta:
  171. Ib1

    Typical Baja Trip?

    That's really a club I am reluctant to join.. :hali_olutta:
  172. Ib1

    Typical Baja Trip?

    Sounds about right. Haven't had the boat sink, but did have my console part ways with the hull on the road to Puerticitos. Much better road nowadays.
  173. Ib1

    Bahia De Los Angeles Memorial Wknd

    Nice pics, definitely got me itchy to head down in two weeks. Looks like the bite is on!
  174. Ib1

    Invader is ready for the season

    Nicely done. She was made for LA Bay. We'll probably pass you on the road heading north on the 23th. Safe travels. :hali_olutta:
  175. Ib1

    Reloading help needed please...

    Not saying they won't shoot accurately, but at 1800 fps, from what I've seen of the barnes bullets, they lack the speed to open fully, they only open the petals a fraction, leaving a well formed bullet, other than a slightly flattened tip. Now at 2900+, the petals beel back quite a bit...
  176. Ib1

    BOLA Report May 18-21

    Tecate crossing for the return X2. That sounds like a baja trip. Headed that way in a couple weeks, thanks for the report.
  177. Ib1

    Reloading help needed please...

    One thought, (only academic, as I don't have any personal experience with them as a novice reloader) but perhaps those loses are from relatively low speed loadings or long range, the barnes bullets seem to need pretty good speed to open, but also seem to have the penetration to just keep going...
  178. Ib1

    Bahia de los Angeles June 2-3

    Immigration is supposed to be open at 6am at TJ. The office has been closed when I've crossed to head to the airport at 5:30 in la manana, so no use in goin early. You should be good to go at 7am, pretty much our plan next month as well.
  179. Ib1

    1990 25' C-Hawk Sport Cabin (pilot house) (reduced $26,000))

    That is an awesome rig. Someone will be stoked.
  180. Ib1

    Bahia de los Angeles June 2-3

    Got a large bunch of drunks heading down on the 17th and occupying Gillermos (and overflow spots) for the week. You've got a good shot at quality fish, we slayed it last year fishing with Igor about the same time on the wsb and yellows. JP fish was 39# yellow. 2nd was a 29 wsb. F-ing Phil...
  181. Ib1

    K&M SCORE!!!

    Better there than half a leg higher.. Nice score on the waves.
  182. Ib1

    Baja Trip Recommendations

    If you're just going down to get your feet wet in baja, x2 on Gonzaga. Easy days drive from LA, beautiful beach, road is great until the last dozen miles of so, probably hot, but early june might not be too bad. Alfonsinas is a cool spot to stay, fishing is not the best, but still fun. Great...
  183. Ib1

    17' Invader $5000 o.b.o

    Very sorry to hear that bro. I've got the same model boat, I believe you've got a 183, and I just want to let potential buyers out there know, this is a very stable and dry ride. I love mine. It's a lot of boat for the size, and a perfect inshore machine. Good luck.
  184. Ib1

    Gonzaga Bay Cinco de Mayo

    That's a lot of ceviche... :hali_olutta:
  185. Ib1

    Gonzaga Bay Cinco de Mayo

    Epic. Thanks for the report. Had the good fortune to kayak and swim with a whale shark in the bay last October. Nice grade of fish you got there. We saw lots of feeding schools of good sized sierra, but tough to catch up to them on the yak.
  186. Ib1

    SWYC bottomfishing tournament...Capt. Diamond Dave Hansen is THE MAN!

    Ok, after that pic with the deck covered, now you're just rubbing it in. Way to get it guys. Had the opportunity to fish with Gary(T's time) on his Skipjack, and had a great time. First time fishing a tourney, but the cause was good, and so was the vibe. If you haven't fished the SWYC...
  187. Ib1

    Yellow tail

    Already paid..
  188. Ib1

    Rockpile Yellows 4-28-12

    Way to go for it! Thanks for the report.
  189. Ib1

    Going to BOLA 5-18 to 5-21

    Heading down a month later, give us a good report.. :hali_olutta:
  190. Ib1

    '89 Grady White *PRICE REDUCTION*

    This really is a sick ride. I've fished it lots of times, and the only reason I'm not pissed Gary's selling it, is that he got an even nicer ride. Totally turn key for the season.
  191. Ib1

    20 foot+ great white shark La Jolla

    Those folks that swim the cove dressed in their best seal immitation wetsuits are crazy...
  192. Ib1

    '89 Grady White *PRICE REDUCTION*

    Now those are better pictures. :hali_olutta:
  193. Ib1

    Key West 19 Center Console....come get it!

    Just walked past this rig this morning when I was walking back and forth to WM from the ramp before launching (they need to open before 9am). Very cool little sled. Someone will be stoked.
  194. Ib1

    Invader 15ft ???'s

    The 183 rides really dry, as has been mentioned. Best ride of a small boat that I've owned or gone out on. Can't say I've seen a 15' though.
  195. Ib1

    Bayrunner Baja

    That says Baja all over it.. Good luck with the sale, it's a sweet little ride.
  196. Ib1

    '89 Grady White *PRICE REDUCTION*

    Can vouch that Gary has treated this boat right. Spent many an hour on it, and it's definitely a solid fishing machine. Lots of boat for a 20'.
  197. Ib1

    Jose Wejebe of Spanish Fly Dies!!!

    Now that sucks. That dude knew how to make it look easy, and seemed like one of those tv guys you'd actually want to have a beer with. Shame.
  198. Ib1

    Las Animas in June

    Just to throw out there, it's been quite a while since I've been to Animas, but if you're planning on camping there, the mosquitoes were f-ing terrrible. And I've been to some pretty bad spots for skeeters, but that place is high on the list. Lots of mangroves (or mangrove type plants) along...
  199. Ib1

    FOR SALE 1984 Trophy $5000.00 760-519 3059

    Never mind, saw it in your bio.
  200. Ib1

    FOR SALE 1984 Trophy $5000.00 760-519 3059

    Cool design. What's the length on that bad boy?
  201. Ib1

    Gonzaga Bay

    Brett, If you see a group of three kayaks (and a zodiac) out fishing, that'll be us. Swing by for a BD'er cerveza! Staying at Alfonsinas. Headin down thurs-sun. Can't Wait!!
  202. Ib1

    Gonzaga Bay

    Frozen squid eh??.. Well shit, that totally throws off the tackle packing I just did.. Oh well, another excuse to go through it again in the garage over a couple beers tomorrow..
  203. Ib1

    17 foot design-build

    That, is awesome. I love it. More pics!
  204. Ib1

    Brand New Defiance Yellowtail Special with Yamaha 4-stroke OB and trailer....

    I think that is definitely one of the coolest little rigs going. I can't understand why more makers don't see the market for SoCal anglers for this style boat. Fits in the driveway, easily towable, good mileage and keeps you dry. What's not to love.
  205. Ib1

    Indian 8/16-17th

    Ron, let me give you a little lime to rub in with the salt.. That's not a nice thing to tell those of us that were chumming over the rail. :hali_olutta: Next time.
  206. Ib1

    Indian 8/16-17th

    X3 on the shitty weather, and great crew. They kept the spirit up even in a tough bite. Went 0-2 myself, but it was a good group to fish with. Thanks again Bob for the 976Bite goody bags. Ready to go again. Keep those BD specials coming Captain Chris!
  207. Ib1


    Let's kill some fish Tony!
  208. Ib1


    Headin out tomorrow night on the BD Special! Can't wait! Hope you guys restock the beer!
  209. Ib1

    24' Invader Needs Work $4700 Super Clean Boat!

    Killer deal for someone with some skills. Good luck, she looks great, I bet she's a real dry ride.
  210. Ib1

    A Morning in the Rocks

    What he said! :hali_olutta:
  211. Ib1

    Stringari 20 rebuild

    Outstanding! That is some inspiring work. She looks great!
  212. Ib1


    It's boat maintenance weather.. Been wanting to get out as well, but down here in IB the wind has been hard and steady for days. Whitecaps early and all day. Hot, humid and windy.. WTF???
  213. Ib1

    "Journeyman" Off Shore below Colnett Limits of YFT & handfull of tails 7.28,29.2011

    Nice ride! That pic of the transom full of fish is epic.
  214. Ib1

    Dominator 7/22-7/24 report 51 BFT, 12 YFT

    Sounds like an epic trip. Any idea as to roughly where you guys were/ how far out??
  215. Ib1

    sunday 7-10-11. 182, 43, 302, 371, 425

    Thanks for giving it a try and letting us know. Next time.
  216. Ib1


    Good on ya for giving it a shot. Next time!
  217. Ib1

    Pt. Loma July 7th

    Glad to hear we weren't the only ones with slow pickins. They did indeed appear to be firecrackers of the yellow type. Unless they were cudas doing a damn good immitation.. Always good to get out Gary.
  218. Ib1

    The 31 Bertram Build

    How's she coming along??
  219. Ib1

    26 Radon Rebuild

    FIRST Boat! AND FIRST Build!?! You Sir, Definitely have ambition! Sweet! Keep the pics coming.
  220. Ib1

    26 Radon Rebuild

    You sir, have ambition. Can't wait to see some pics. Good luck, in the positive way.
  221. Ib1

    going to BOLA in a week and need a good pangero.

    Fished a couple weeks back with Igor (Guillermos son). Super cool cat, nice clean super panga, had a great 3 days of filling the coolers. Don't have the number, but I'm sure he can be contacted from Guillermos hotel and restaraunt, which is right down on the water by the southern launch ramps...
  222. Ib1

    My Bad Tempered Bull Story

    Epic! That is definitely on my list of To-Do's in life. Congrats! Nice rifle by the way.
  223. Ib1

    BOLA 6-9-2011 JC Classic

    Well, it's going to be tough to beat that trip. Couldn't ask for a better group of guys. Well, except for that damn Phillip, it ain't right to win both first and second in the JP. You're #1 Phil.. :finger:. Can't have a baja trip without a little roadside repair, just lucky I had the spare...
  224. Ib1

    San Quintin K&M

    Kelly, Sounds great, and don't worry, the trip has turned into a yearly, The JC Classic, spreading more of the same old boys ashes at spots around baja he fished, not another loss. Thanks though. See ya next wednesday! -Matt
  225. Ib1

    BoLA Reports??

    Good stuff Frank, thanks for the info. :hali_olutta:
  226. Ib1

    San Quintin K&M

    Hey Kelly, don't know if you remember us or not, but I was with the group of guys that fished with you last year about this time and spread our buddys ashes at the dock before we headed out. The gang is heading down to BoLA next wednesday to spread some more, and stopping at the Old Mill on the...
  227. Ib1

    BoLA Reports??

    Thanks for the report Jesse. Headed down next wednesday, can't wait.
  228. Ib1


    That sir, is a cool picture of your ride.
  229. Ib1

    heading to BOLA

    Good luck Steve, hope ya kill em. :jig:
  230. Ib1

    Almost ready for Africa!

    Beauty of a rig. Have a blast. Literally.
  231. Ib1

    BoLA Reports??

    Allen, We've got a few of Guillermos pangas lined up for the crew. Thanks Ed. I've towed a boat down in the past, but I think the only thing I'll drag down to baja any more would be the kayak on top of the rig. One less thing to hassle about.. Mike, good to hear on the yellers. Any other...
  232. Ib1

    BoLA Reports??

    Ahhh, thanks Steve. Just what I wanted to hear. :hali_olutta: Good luck!
  233. Ib1

    BoLA Reports??

    I can't stand it any more. Headed to LA Bay June 8-14 with a motley crew, and haven't heard any reports lately. I've tried to be patient, but if anybody has some recent dirt, please dish a little.. :jig:
  234. Ib1

    Erick 14-19 May

    Great pics. Pinche wind. Thanks for the report though, gotta love the Cortez..
  235. Ib1

    Old Mill Bar Open??

    What?! This is serious shit. Lives depend on it.. Er, I mean Livers.. :hali_olutta:
  236. Ib1

    Old Mill Bar Open??

    "That hours. Start talking days and then we are on the "Baja" board" :drunk:drunk:drunk Let's put it this way, we were down spreading a friends ashes, and the second day of fishing with Kelly, the wind kept us off the water. We were putting in Baja drinkin... :hali_olutta:<!--...
  237. Ib1

    Old Mill Bar Open??

    I'll just say a dozen drunk mofos pouring into the restaraunt right in the middle of the sunday evening dressed up dinner crowd, drowning out the musician :nopity:, probably isn't the best time.. Paprika crab claws were damn good though. :hali_olutta::hali_olutta:
  238. Ib1

    Old Mill Bar Open??

    Going to be staying at the Mill on the way to and from BoLA in a couple weeks! Got a crew of about 15 invading. Can't wait.. Not sure if they'll let us back in Jardines.. :drunk:720icon:
  239. Ib1

    Where to Shoot ?

    I know the request was for a free spot, but if you're out in that vicinity anyway, and want to save yourself the bandito issue, the South Bay R&G Club is a pretty cool range for $20. 300 yard rifle range, which I believe is the longest other than Pala locally, and a pistol range. Weekdays it's...
  240. Ib1

    Old Mill Bar Open??

    Negro Modelo on DRAFT?! AND good cheap food! Oh lordy, it's gonna hurt driving to LA Bay the next morning.. :hali_olutta: :hali_olutta: :hali_olutta: :hali_olutta: Can't wait!
  241. Ib1

    Way Inshore-Curisoty Question?

    If you're gonna target hali's over those, definitely keep your eyes open for corbina.. Can't say for sure they're hitting em, but they do seem to go hand in hand, or sand and sand as it were..
  242. Ib1

    Old Mill Bar Open??

    Thanks guys, just what I wanted to hear. Tight lines.
  243. Ib1

    Old Mill Bar Open??

    Anyone know if the restaraunt/bar at the Old Mill ever reopened yet?? Looked close to opening this time last year, but ya know how that goes.. :hali_olutta:
  244. Ib1

    One crazy night (with a little bit of fishin) CDM/NPH

    Used to keep my Skippy in NPH, and that place does seem to attract the most puckered assholes. If those bastards had their way, they would have guard towers and attack dogs keeping all the riff raff off "their" coast. Already have a good start with the concertina wire along the south coast...
  245. Ib1

    Way Inshore-Curisoty Question?

    Donax clams. Way back when, the real locals used to boil em up by the hundreds, as you can see, that wouldn't make much. Find em in archaeological sites all over the county. Tis a good sign that the beach is somewhat healthy though, common in the low tide zones down here in IB and the Strand.
  246. Ib1


    Have to say I was totally stoked with the grab rails Justin made for me, fast, high quality, who could ask for more. I even just gave him the dimensions via email, and had it within 2 weeks from the east coast to San Diego. His price was several hundred bucks cheaper than a local fabricator...
  247. Ib1

    Headed to LA BAY may 25th-June 1st

    Looking forward to the report. Just going through my tackle for heading down with Gary June 9th-14th. Big yellows, big yellows, big yellows...
  248. Ib1

    SD Bay 05/7/11 Bassing

    I think I fished just about every spot, but that one, in the upper bay wednesday for not much. Nice job.
  249. Ib1

    puertocitos gps

    Don't have the numbers, but watch the wind going out there, gets pretty ugly real fast in those waters.. Good luck though, always fun going to Puerticitos.
  250. Ib1

    SD Sportfish "SWEET TERESA" report 4/22/11 3 Personal Bests Day

    Wow, now that is killing it.. Impressive, congrats.
  251. Ib1

    Mexican Navy and a nados fishing report

    What we consider a fishing spot, has for a couple hundred years, been considered a smuggling spot by the authorities, ever since it was the Spanish boarding ships.. Small boat tucking in tight to the islands mixing with other small boats, is going to draw attention..
  252. Ib1

    Mexican Navy and a nados fishing report

    One thing jumped out at me from your post. You mentioned being tight up in the island. I got chased down by Homeland Security one time after doing just the same, fishing tight up in the island, there were a couple other pangas around, and then I headed straight for the IB kelp. Happened to...
  253. Ib1

    Anybody have experience with this outfitter?

    If anybody is in need of taking their hunter safety course, the dude that runs this place gives the course, and was way cool. Half the morning was spent cruising his property checking out the pigs and him talking hunting points. Way better than a classroom. Not sure I'd call it a "real" hunt...
  254. Ib1

    [4/10] A shitty start to the day...

    That had to be the worst sound his wallet's ever heard..
  255. Ib1

    1990 OMC Binnacle Cover

    Sean, Hmmm, not sure how to ship you a 6 pack of Ballast Point Big Eye IPA, but I sure would buy ya one. Tell ya what, have you got a Paypal account? I can send you the shipping cost and enough for a good 6 pack for the binnacle. Deal? I really appreciate it, I just busted mine up more when I...
  256. Ib1

    1990 OMC Binnacle Cover

    Sean, Here's my original, is this what you've got? If so, what are you looking to get for it? Thanks, -Matt
  257. Ib1

    1990 OMC Binnacle Cover

    Thanks for the replys guys, sorry haven't been on for a couple days. Sean, I'll get a pick up in a bit, thanks that would be epic if you've got one. Mike, Thought about a new (to me) ebay one, but I've already replaced the ignition, and it works fine, the covers just got the corners busted...
  258. Ib1

    Side guides for trailer

    Pacific Trailer x3. I think they've got free shipping on their online store. Got new trailer springs shipped for $0 last month.
  259. Ib1

    Bay of LA yellows. Old report last July.

    Going in June as well, just the sort of thing I needed to start sorting out tackle..
  260. Ib1

    1990 OMC Binnacle Cover

    If anybody out there has a 1990 vintage OMC/Johnson single binnacle cover (has the key and cut-off holes) that isn't cracked to hell, and they want it out of their garage, I'm looking to add a finishing touch to my rig. Can add pics if neccessary. Thanks, -Matt
  261. Ib1

    Rockpile Sun 4/10

    Thanks for the report. Sounds like any day now..
  262. Ib1

    FS: 22' Panga

    That is a cooool machine. Good luck, someone will be stoked.
  263. Ib1

    1999 18.5 Stringari skiff

    Oh that's nice..
  264. Ib1

    Fishing on the Premier 3-3

    I like his technique with the ninja eyeball death grip..
  265. Ib1

    Went fishing 02 April 11

    Thanks for making up my mind. The bay it is..
  266. Ib1

    Pimp my Panga

    Outstanding! Well done sir.
  267. Ib1

    Check out these teeth!

    Damn, I knew I should have done one more drift today. Beautiful day on the bay, but you could see the fog rolling at the top of the point. Nice goat!
  268. Ib1

    1988 Invader gas tank question

    Hmm, I just took another look at your dimensions, they look a bit long for the tank I've got, mine's a deep V. Maybe they changed the layout.
  269. Ib1

    1988 Invader gas tank question

    Johnny, My '90 Invader 183 has a 49 gallon tank under the console. You can probably get more than 35 in there.
  270. Ib1

    New paint for the skippy

    Does the heart good to see an old Skippy coming back to life. Had a 20 open myself for a while, epic socal boat, good luck with her.
  271. Ib1

    lets check out your invader

    Thanks for the info Steve. Justin at Leaning Posts has some really nice t-top designs, might add one to my rig down the line. I have to say, the seat-storage box is pretty nice for storage of pfd's etc., as you're right, besides holding fish and an anchor, there's not much in the way of...
  272. Ib1

    lets check out your invader

    Very nice rig. I like the dual captains chair setup. How do you guys with the t-top find that it rides?? Any cons?
  273. Ib1

    lets check out your invader

    Steve, I discovered yesterday that if you've posted them elsewhere on the site, for some reason you can't post em twice. ?.. I just resized em in photoshop and renamed them, seemed to work. Troubleshooting.. Looking forward to seeing the fleet.
  274. Ib1

    lets check out your invader

    Yes sir, she needs some red to go with that white and blue..
  275. Ib1

    lets check out your invader

    Couple more. Just got the quarter rails on the caps from Justin at Leaning Posts. He's advertising here on BD, quality work for a good price. Saved me a couple hundred bucks from a local fabricator.
  276. Ib1

    lets check out your invader

    Thanks Junyy. Told you she was going to a good home. I've got a couple more pics on one of Leaning Posts links. Guess you can't post pics twice?
  277. Ib1

    lets check out your invader

    Hmm, not uploading right now.
  278. Ib1

    lets check out your invader

    Couple more..
  279. Ib1

    lets check out your invader

    Greetings all, Thought I'd finally post up some pics of my Invader. Picked her up a couple months back and I was going to wait until she was finally finished too get some pics up, but ya know how that goes.. 1990 Fisherman 183 Lots of elbow grease, cash, time etc. to get her to shine...
  280. Ib1

    Tsunami Damage in Cat Harbor March 11, 2011

    Wow. Brave or crazy, I'm not sure. Cool vid though, thanks.
  281. Ib1

    Otto made me get this..

    Don't kids make a great excuse to buy a boat! Just used the 'think of all the days the boys will be out of the house all day' theory to sell it to the wife. Agreed, 18' is the perfect SD boat. Congrats.
  282. Ib1

    center console windsheild

    I just got a replacement made for my 18 CC, down here in SD, but I was able to bring in the old cracked one for them to copy. San Diego Plastics, ran me about $185, with all the attachment holes drilled. Real nice job.
  283. Ib1

    Screw Hole Fix??

    Sounds good, thanks for the tips. Nice Skippy by the way, I had one that I was sad to see go.
  284. Ib1

    Screw Hole Fix??

    Mike, Interesting technique with the syringe. Did you just cut off the tip so you could apply the epoxy as a slug all at one time?
  285. Ib1

    Screw Hole Fix??

    Mark, Very generous of you, I might just take you up on that. I'm not sure when I'm going to get to it, I'll be doin double dad duty for the next several weeks and I've got the whole can of boat worms opened up right now. Thanks again for the info, that's just what I was looking for.
  286. Ib1

    Screw Hole Fix??

    Thanks James.
  287. Ib1

    Screw Hole Fix??

    Good advice there on the epoxy. I was thinking the same on the puttys not quite getting that thorough, seeped-in seal to the wood transom core. Any suggestion on epoxy brand?? I do have a white gelcoat. Thanks guys.
  288. Ib1

    Screw Hole Fix??

    I've got the eternal PO problem, lots of extra screw holes on the transom and elsewhere on my Invader. Suggestions on fixes?? I've seen the back and forth between 5200 and Marine-Tex. I've got a connection that is a good surfboard ding repair guy, and can get fiberglass mix resin done, what's...
  289. Ib1

    7mm mauser ammo

    Can you ship it? Will pay shipping.
  290. Ib1

    Bait Tank Cheap

    I'll bump ya Gary. lol...
  291. Ib1

    not affiliated, just passing along Invader Sharkman 18'8"

    X2 to what Catalino said about the cover and t-top. Sheeit! that's a nice cover, it'll last you a good long time. I thought I scored with the nearly new $250 one that came with mine. I'm bummed some idiot PO pulled the Invader sticker and water line stripes off mine way back when. Think I...
  292. Ib1

    Looking for 28"-ish Stantion/Grab Rail

    Hey guys, I'm hoping one of you has a pair of stantion or grab rails stashed in the garage gathering dust and getting in the way that you're wanting out of your life. I'm looking for something in the 28" long and 6" high range to use on the rear quarter of my Invader 183. 7/8" stainless /...
  293. Ib1

    not affiliated, just passing along Invader Sharkman 18'8"

    Brandon, Thanks for the offer, I appreciate it. Unfortunately, I'm well versed with the buying power of the internet, the UPS dude knows our names here. Why go to West Marine, when Pacific trailer can send you the springs and hardware for your exact trailer. And for free shipping!! This is...
  294. Ib1

    not affiliated, just passing along Invader Sharkman 18'8"

    Yup, I've only had it a week and I'm already gettin an earfull for how much time I'm spending with her.. lol.. My excuse is that I have to make it safe for our two boys. They are too young to fish yet, but hey..
  295. Ib1

    not affiliated, just passing along Invader Sharkman 18'8"

    NICE!! I've got the blue stripe model myself. I'm missing a couple things, like the seat back, but damn close. Any idea what the hole-fitting to the side of the cup holders(fucking nice feature) is?? I've got a hole drilled there in the console, but I figured it was where the numbnuts who...
  296. Ib1

    not affiliated, just passing along Invader Sharkman 18'8"

    Mike (HBFisherman), Craigslist. Some deals to be had.
  297. Ib1

    not affiliated, just passing along Invader Sharkman 18'8"

    Success!! Keep em coming. She's a beautiful rig.
  298. Ib1

    not affiliated, just passing along Invader Sharkman 18'8"

    Sounds good to me. I'll get some pics on the 'Show me' thread as soon as I've got her back together. Tight lines.
  299. Ib1

    not affiliated, just passing along Invader Sharkman 18'8"

    Wish I could help ya on the pics, I'm a newbie to it too. I'll get some pics together soon, you and Kathmandu have em so spit shiney I don't want her to look bad, lol. I've got the console propped up on it's side right now drying out while I try to find someone with a 4' long, 2" wide arm to...
  300. Ib1

    not affiliated, just passing along Invader Sharkman 18'8"

    Please do get those pics larger, I'm dying to see them without my nose on the screen. lol...
  301. Ib1

    not affiliated, just passing along Invader Sharkman 18'8"

    That's interesting info there. Too bad they went under, the boats really are a super fishing layout. Unfortunately, the market is what it is right now, and I agree with Chris, probably not going to get what it's worth. I just picked mine up for a steal, after watching the price drop for...
  302. Ib1

    not affiliated, just passing along Invader Sharkman 18'8"

    Hey Catalino, That is one clean Reefrunner you've got, I was drolling over the pics in the "Lets' check your Invader" post. Very nice. Anyone have any links to info on Invader Boats, I can't seem to find squat other than on BD. Seems they changed the Fisherman 183 into the Reefrunner around...
  303. Ib1

    not affiliated, just passing along Invader Sharkman 18'8"

    In my humble opinion, she's about the perfect SD boat to fish hard with two guys or take a couple kids out. Small enough to fit in a corner of the driveway, but with the feel of a bigger boat. Hope to see you out there when I get mine dialed in. Fuel line is toast, and of course they made it...
  304. Ib1

    not affiliated, just passing along Invader Sharkman 18'8"

    Super clean. You definitely scored. Is the t-top factory issue for the Sharkman or aftermarket? Looks to be the exact same layout as a Fisherman 183, minus the top. Bad ass. I just checked the fuel tank on mine, and she'll hold 49 gallons. In an 18' boat. Hell yes. Don't worry Junyy...
  305. Ib1

    17' boston whaler montauk with pictures $3,800

    Smoking deal, I'm surprised there isn't burning rubber smoke in someone's driveway as they haul ass to grab this.
  306. Ib1

    Kayak Fishing from Aliso Beach to Dana Harbor

    Cool pics. Concertina wire?! Sheesh..
  307. Ib1

    not affiliated, just passing along Invader Sharkman 18'8"

    Pics please. Just grabbed a Fisherman 183 myself and am in the process of gettin her purdy. Epic layout for a small boat. Huge fish hold.
  308. Ib1

    South 9 on 2-9-11

    Better than working. Can't go wrong with a deckfull of rockfish. Sure beats the sand dab fest we've been hitting the past couple outings. And it looks like you've hooked another fisherman! Good job.