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    Oceanside Tackle Shops

    Thanks for the info. I’ll check them out.
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    Oceanside Tackle Shops

    New to the area and looking for some well-stocked tackle shops in Oceanside area. Thanks in advance.
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    SOLD Tranx 400HG

    Interested in selling it?
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    For Sale Cushman collectors out there?

    Any pictures?
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    SOLD Chest Freezer - 7 Cubic Foot

    7 cubic foot Haier chest freezer. Works great. Moving. Need to sell. $80. La Verne
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    If the 700MH doesn't pan out, I am interested.
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    SOLD Factory 770xh-325.00 price drop

    Was looking for something to fish 60-80. Probably too much rod for that.
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    SOLD Factory 770xh-325.00 price drop

    What reel were you using on this?
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    Christmas 2018, what fishing related gifts are you asking for?

    I want an official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle!
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    For Sale Misc. Rods and Reels for sale

    What color is the Avet?
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    For Sale New tackle bag $40

    What size are the boxes?
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    WTB Calstar 765

    PM sent
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    For Sale Brand New Calstar 700H rods

    If you run across any 765Ms, shoot me a PM Thanks
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    WTB Calstar 765

    Still looking...
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    WTB Calstar 765

    Looking for a 765M factory wrap, no roller guides. Post here or PM if you have one to sell. Thanks in advance.
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    Need Rod Advice for HX Raptor

    Thanks for all the responses.
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    Need Rod Advice for HX Raptor

    Thanks for the quick replies. I am replacing my Sabre glass rods and Newell reels with some newer technology. I now have 2 Avet/Calstar combos, an MXJ-G2/700M to fish 30#, and a JX6/4-G2/700H to fish 40#, maybe 50? at times.
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    Need Rod Advice for HX Raptor

    I have an HX Raptor and need a rod to fish both live bait and light trolling. Fish mainly local So Cal and Baja. I am really trying to keep the rod shorter than 7 feet, and have been looking at Cal Star Grafighters. Is a 765XH too much rod? Any suggestions? Thanks
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    For Sale Penn reels, Calstar rods

    I would like to see pictures of the rods as well. Thanks.
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    WTB Kencor Sierra special

    I've got a 7', 2 piece PAC 73 I'd like to sell. Used it twice. Shoot me a text if you are interested. Mike 909-260-8280
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    SKB tackle box 7200

    Do you still have this for sale?