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  1. BillyFun

    WTB WTB Mark Pack Works reel covers

    I'm looking for Mark Pack Works conventional reel covers. Specifically the blue ones with the black sides with no logos printed on them. I need 5M, 5L, 5 XL, 5XXL and 2 XXL for a spinning reel. Any ideas? I bought out the ones at Pacific Edge Tackle. Fisherman's Landing only has ones with...
  2. BillyFun

    WTB Mark Pack Reel Covers

    I'm looking for Mark Pack Works conventional reel covers. Specifically the blue ones with the black sides with no logos printed on them. I need 5M, 5L, 5 XL, 5XXL and 2 XXL for a spinning reel. Any ideas? I bought out the ones at Pacific Edge Tackle. Fisherman's Landing only has ones with...
  3. BillyFun

    For Sale Mustad Ringed Value Packs

    I;d like 2 value packs each of #4, 1/0, 3/0 and 40.
  4. BillyFun


    I'm interested in the 20a if its still available.
  5. BillyFun

    Wild Pig and Wild Turkey Recipes

    Any recipes out there? I have two pigs yielding about 90 pounds of meat (Boston butt, ribs, chops, loins, Bratwurst, and hot links) and 4 turkey breasts and 8 legs.
  6. BillyFun

    Jig Paint - white/glow

    Thanks for your help
  7. BillyFun

    Jig Paint - white/glow

    I'd like to paint at least 4 large jigs white glow. Can someone offer some paint suggestions that they've used and work well. I'm looking for durability and duration. Thanks in advance for your help.
  8. BillyFun

    Need Help Identifying A Jig

    Thanks everyone. Eric, from Eric's Tackle was able to Id the white jig (actually before I even put it on the counter). Since then, I've been able to find a couple. Thanks again.
  9. BillyFun

    Salas Super 6X

    Thanks everyone. What I was actually looking for was a Salas TNT. Thanks to Eric from Eric's Tackle in Ventura for the immediate Id (before I even put it on the counter). I've been able to track down a couple. Thanks again.
  10. BillyFun

    Need Jig ID Help

    And here you go, Salas TNT. Thanks for your help in ID.
  11. BillyFun

    Need Help Identifying A Jig

    Actually, Eric, from Eric's Tackle identified it as a Salas TNT. Thanks for your response.
  12. BillyFun

    Need Jig ID Help

    Ok, Its official. Its a Salas TNT lightweight. Now, the next question, I'm looking for 3-4 in good shape, preferably in the glow. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for your previous comments and pics, they were helpful. Respectfully, Bill
  13. BillyFun

    Long Range chunking for tuna

    Great info from an expert chunker. Thank you.
  14. BillyFun

    Need Jig ID Help

    Thanks for your responses. I've been away for a couple days. I'm pretty certain its a Salas jig and I think its a lightweight TNT. No letters are visible. I'll try to get some better dimensions tomorrow and add a couple more pics. Thanks again.
  15. BillyFun

    Need Jig ID Help

    I would like to id the middle jig. It is a lightweight jig and I think it was made by Salas. The one on the left is a PL68 and the one on the right is a 6X Jr. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  16. BillyFun

    Need Help Identifying A Jig

    There are no markings on the front or back.
  17. BillyFun

    Need Help Identifying A Jig

    I would like to id the middle jig. It is a lightweight jig and I think it was made by Salas. The one on the left is a PL68 and the one on the right is a 6X Jr. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  18. BillyFun

    Salas Super 6X

    Kub, Id appreciate that. Ive been trying for about a year with no luck. If you can come up with one, please let me know. Thanks and Merry Christmas
  19. BillyFun

    Salas Super 6X

    Are you willing to part with the one you have? Send me a PM to discuss if you are interested. Respectfully, Bill
  20. BillyFun

    Salas Super 6X

    Ok, has anyone heard of these jigs. Apparently they're no longer made. Where can I get one or two? Thanks
  21. BillyFun

    Knot Pullers for Spectra and Hooks - $20 - $30 (Models A and C Available)

    Matt, I'd like to order two more pair of the C model. Let me know the total and shipping. Thanks, Bill I gave mine to Kevin Osborne on the Intrepid. We also raffled two of the A models, per your approval, at the sponsor raffle on a recent 14 day trip. Several people borrowed them during...
  22. BillyFun

    Binoculars Leupold 10x50 Wind River NOS

    Im interested in a set. How can we do this?
  23. BillyFun

    The soda has popped

    Sorry to hear that Soda, Take care of yourself. Hope you're back at it soon.
  24. BillyFun


    Happy New Year Soda Pop and Mrs. Pop! Happy New Year to all the BD'ers!
  25. BillyFun

    Bazooka travel rod case? I need a new one..

    I have one I can sell. I'm in Santa Barbara. I also have two SKB travel cases that I can sell.
  26. BillyFun

    Rifle stock

    Boys gun stocks.
  27. BillyFun

    ATD12T Super for sale

    Bump on a great reel. I'd jump on this if I didn't already have two.
  28. BillyFun

    Tactical Gun Case

    Thats it for me Andre, I'm out. I hope you find a buyer, but apparently you don't want to sell the case.
  29. BillyFun

    Tactical Gun Case

    Andre, send me a PM. I'd like to buy it. Thanks, Bill
  30. BillyFun

    Tactical Gun Case

    Is it still available?
  31. BillyFun

    Im interested n your gun case. Please send details and some pics of inside and opposite side of...

    Im interested n your gun case. Please send details and some pics of inside and opposite side of case. Thanks, Bill. 214-608-7243
  32. BillyFun

    Tactical Gun Case

    If you're saying I can get a 43" shotgun inside it, I'll take it.Please send me a PM for details. Thanks, Bill
  33. BillyFun

    Intrepid Berutich 10-day...Anyone?

    Pat won't make it this year unfortunately. He just got married and bought a new house. 2016 for sure he said. Looking forward to fishing with you Mark.
  34. BillyFun

    Intrepid Berutich 10-day...Anyone?

    Jim - Dave's a stand up guy (pun intended) and a great fisherman. I've fished with him several years on Intrepid and Royal Star. I'll be on his 14 day on Intrepid in December. Good luck on your trip, but I don't think you'll need it. With Kevin at the wheel and Dave for a Chartermaster...
  35. BillyFun

    Acura MDX cCargo Area Cover and Audio Headphones

    We traded in our 2010 Acura MDX but still have the cargo area cover (black) and the headphones for the AV system. Anyone interested? Make a reasonable price. Ship on your dime from Santa Barbara.
  36. BillyFun

    Acura MDX cargo cover and Audio Headphones

    We traded in our 2010 Acura MDX but still have the cargo area cover (black) and the headphones for the AV system. Anyone interested? Make a reasonable price. Ship on your dime from Santa Barbara.
  37. BillyFun

    White Sea Bass

    If you're looking for a charter, try One Man Charters ( Brandon Howard. He works out of Dana Point usually. No one knows more about WSB and no one works harder. I just did a charter with him yesterday.
  38. BillyFun

    Colorado Results Are Out

    I'm hearing crickets . . .
  39. BillyFun

    ATF and the Administation back down on the M-855 ammo ban

    “ATF will not at this time seek to issue a final framework.” Key words "not at this time . . . "
  40. BillyFun

    WTB Canvas Lead Shot Bags (empty)?

    Good idea, thanks Johnny. I was trying to do it the easy and least expensive way with something already made (don't want to pay the sewing fee at the dry cleaners). I'm using them for rifle bags to to use at the range when I shoot.
  41. BillyFun

    Canvas Lead Shot Bags Or Coin Bags (empty)?

    Thanks for your reply Fishstomp, but unfortunately those won't work. What I'm trying to do is make some range bags for resting my rifle on at the bench. Thats why I only need a few. I'm filling them with crushed walnut shell tumbling medium to cut down on weight.
  42. BillyFun

    Canvas Lead Shot Bags Or Coin Bags (empty)?

    Anyone out there have any. I'm looking for 3-4. If not, how about canvas coin bags?
  43. BillyFun

    WTB Canvas Lead Shot Bags (empty)?

    Anyone out there have any. I'm looking for 3-4. If not, how about canvas coin bags?
  44. BillyFun

    Craftsman Compressor 25gal

    If its still available, I'm interested.
  45. BillyFun

    Canvas Lead Shot Bags (empty)?

    Does anyone have any empty canvas lead shot bags?
  46. BillyFun

    Soda Pop is a Hoot!

    Great guy and a great guy to fish with. Always positive, willing to share info and great sense of humor.
  47. BillyFun

    FOX Pro FX5 4 sale

    BUMP on a good deal and a great E-caller.
  48. BillyFun

    FREE 55 gallon metal barrels

    Any plastic ones available?
  49. BillyFun

    any custom 10/22 recommendations?

    whatever . . .
  50. BillyFun

    any custom 10/22 recommendations?

    You'll see the biggest difference for you buck with a new trigger and barrel. Depending on the barrel size, you may need to replace the stock. All can be accomplished by yoursel and will make it feel and shoot like a much better rifle. I used Tactical Solutions for the barrel and trigger...
  51. BillyFun

    any custom 10/22 recommendations?

    Tactical Solutions trigger, barrel, compensator, receiver, Hogue over molded stock, magazine quick release. My 10/22 is not a Ruger anymore.
  52. BillyFun

    Good dropper loop reel

    I have two Shimano TLD 30II with Tiburon frames, Tiburon offset handles and upgraded drags dedicated to dropper loop. Killer setup by Ken's Custom Reels in Oceanside. Never had a problem and use the heck out of them.
  53. BillyFun

    Probably not the correct forum, but...

    David - Sorry to hear about your losses. Wishing Ms Dixie a speedy and complete recovery. Prayers for Ms Dixie, you and your family. Respectfully, Bill
  54. BillyFun

    What is as fast as a Ferrari

    If you have a 1956 Chevy Cameo 4x4 I'd like to see a picture of something like that.
  55. BillyFun

    need a shower/tile guy?

    Walter - Art Stone - yes he does service OC. If you need cabinet work, call Mitchell Dean Collins Construction. Mitch and Walter work together often. Id be surprised if someone gave you a better pice. Mitchell Dean Collins President MDC Millworks Inc, MDC Construction Inc Ph. 714.894.6767...
  56. BillyFun

    need a shower/tile guy?

    Call Walter at Art Stone - (310) 200-0249. It doesn't get any better
  57. BillyFun

    Raider Question

    I've caught wahoo on bait, bombs, raiders, etc before. Sometimes I've gotten Raider strikes on wahoo before where the mylar tape is cut or gouged to the metal (I straight crank and don't lift the rod). Has anyone tried removing the mylar tape and gotten better results with Raiders? I've only...
  58. BillyFun

    Bnib DeWalt 3 amp orbit sander

    PM sent
  59. BillyFun

    Harley Davidson FXRG Leather Jacket and Liner - Size XXL

    Bump! This jacket is like new.
  60. BillyFun

    Harley Davidson FXRG Leather Jacket and Liner - Size XXL

    Used, but like new (worn less that 10x), black leather Harley Davidson FXRG jacket and liner, size XXL. No wear marks, butter soft leather with slash pockets and zippered vents. I no longer have the bike, so the jacket has to go. I'll throw in a HD wall clock. $300.00 firm (less than 1/2 price...
  61. BillyFun

    Harley Davidson FXRG Leather Jacket and Liner - Size XXL

    Used, but like new (worn less that 10x), black leather Harley Davidson FXRG jacket and liner, size XXL. No wear marks, butter soft leather with slash pockets and zippered vents. I no longer have the bike, so the jacket has to go. I'll throw in a HD wall clock. $300.00 firm (less than 1/2...
  62. BillyFun

    FOX Pro FX5 4 sale

    Great electronic call at a fair price. If I didn't already own one I'd give Jay a call.
  63. BillyFun

    granite installers

    Art Stone 3305 Sonoma Street Torrance, CA 90503 Tel: (310) 200-0249 Fax: (424) 731-7133 E-mail: [email protected] You won't find a better installation, craftsmanship or customer service.
  64. BillyFun

    Leupold RMR Red Dot/Green Dot

    Does anyone own one? What are your opinions? I'm considering getting one for a S&W M&P CORE pistol and/or putting it on a AR or Marlin 45/70.
  65. BillyFun

    Most Helpful

    Frank Matzuhara, Sacotuna, Sodapop.
  66. BillyFun

    Long Range gear guide

    I liked the article David. Looking forward to the next one.
  67. BillyFun

    1994 Jeep Wrangler

    Does the heater work?
  68. BillyFun

    1994 Jeep Wrangler

    Interior pics, A/C, how is it running?
  69. BillyFun

    Compact Carry .40

    HK USP 40 Compact or a Glock 23. Both great guns. Glock is striker fired, HK is single action on the first round.
  70. BillyFun

    Thinking of Buying a Kayak - Mirage Drive

    Thanks Bruce. Great info to compare.
  71. BillyFun

    Intrepid - 13 Day - Trip #22 - Nov 12-25, 2014 - 120 days out - Spots open

    Great trip, great bunch of guys. I'm in a couple of those pics along with my son Patrick. I'd be on that trip this year, but my son had some scheduling conflicts. If you can do it you won't be disappointed.
  72. BillyFun

    Confessing My Limitations...

    You tube has a video of almost everything you want to know, including assembly and disassembly, cleaning, etc.
  73. BillyFun

    Upland game brids

    Use pigeons. Good substitute, common practice and cheap. You can trap your own for nothing. All of my hunting dogs were initially trained on pigeons.
  74. BillyFun

    Thinking of Buying a Kayak - Mirage Drive

    Thanks Greg. Stila a long drive from Santa Barbara, but a lot closer than SD.
  75. BillyFun

    New toys for upcoming Cow season

    Now thats funny! I like it!
  76. BillyFun

    Thinking of Buying a Kayak - Mirage Drive

    Thanks everyone. I think I'll have to make a trip to SD. Will they let you take a demo ride?
  77. BillyFun

    Thinking of Buying a Kayak - Mirage Drive

    How about maintenance? Besides washing the mirage drive with fresh water, what other maintenance do you do on the drive and the kayak itself? How about storage? How do you store a Pro Angler? Hang it from the ceiling in the garage? Use a support stand or rack? I've got a Chevy Avalanche...
  78. BillyFun

    Thinking of Buying a Kayak - Mirage Drive

    Are the fins replaceable? Is it worth the upgrade?
  79. BillyFun

    Thinking of Buying a Kayak - Mirage Drive

    I'm thinking of buying a kayak and was wondering about Mirage Drives. What are the pros and cons and what kind of maintenance would I need to do on the unit after a day on the water (ocean)? Thanks Bill
  80. BillyFun

    2002 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic - 3,800 orig miles

    SOLD!!!! Good luck and ride safely Keith.
  81. BillyFun

    Meniscus tear sugery....

    Do what your doctor says. When you feel good a few days after surgery and push it thinking "I can do that" . . . don't. Stay on the recovery schedule the doc sets up.
  82. BillyFun

    2002 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic - 3,800 orig miles

    Sorry Keith. I sent three emails, they must not have gone through. call me at 214-608-7243.
  83. BillyFun


    Good advice. We'll bring them. Thanks for the quick response.
  84. BillyFun


    Are passports needed for a 3 day trip?
  85. BillyFun

    2002 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic - 3,800 orig miles

    Don't worry about the Texas license plate. The bike was bought in California and has a clean California title. I'll register the bike in Ca if you prefer before a sale.
  86. BillyFun

    2002 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic - 3,800 orig miles

    Here are some pics of the bike. Let me know if you have any questions.
  87. BillyFun

    2002 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic - 3,800 orig miles

    Rob - I sent the pics to you by 3 emails. I'm having trouble posting them on BDs.
  88. BillyFun

    2002 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic - 3,800 orig miles

    Thanks Matt. Much appreciated. It is a great bike.
  89. BillyFun

    Bobcat Caught Raiding Chicken Coop

    He's also a USMC Master Sergeant so it should be obvious I taught him everything he knows about shooting. He uses that same revolver to shoot water moccasins in the beaver pond behind his house. He takes the kids fishing there.
  90. BillyFun

    Bobcat Caught Raiding Chicken Coop

    North Texas about 35 minutes from downtown Dallas. He just got home from SWAT sniper training. My other son is a fireman and at one of the stations he works at they have daily visits from bobcats.
  91. BillyFun

    2002 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic - 3,800 orig miles

    SOLD!!!!!! Keith bought a great bike at a fair price. He'll ride it a lot more than I did. Ride safely. I have a 2002 HD Ultra Classic Law Enforcement Special Edition with three thousand eight hundred (3,800) original miles. HD Synthetic oil used always. Everything is Screaming Eagle 2...
  92. BillyFun

    Bobcat Caught Raiding Chicken Coop

    My son Michael caught this guy in the act yesterday raiding the chicken coop in his backyard. He fired one shot through the heart/lungs at 40+ yards with a 4" Ruger Single-Six .22 revolver. Robert Cat weighted in about 35-40 lbs and is resting peacefully at the taxidermist to be skinned and...
  93. BillyFun

    long range update.

    No offense meant, but that's not even close to a record. I was on the Royal Star Nov/Dec 10 day trip in 2005. We caught 57 YFT over 200 lbs and 1 over 300 lbs. I caught four of the 57 with the biggest at 256 lbs.
  94. BillyFun

    Any 3 Gun Shooters Out There?

    Thanks for the link semidude. It has given me a few options.
  95. BillyFun

    Any 3 Gun Shooters Out There?

    What are you guys using for an equipment belt / holster / shotgun shell holder, etc?
  96. BillyFun

    Matta - we just moved back to Santa Barbara from Texas. Do you do much local fishing? I live...

    Matta - we just moved back to Santa Barbara from Texas. Do you do much local fishing? I live on University between Patterson and San Marcos.
  97. BillyFun

    Ruger 22/45

    Thanks Tommy. That's actually one of the videos I've watched and it is pretty straight forward. That said, my 22/45 is VERY tight and requires a mallet to disassemble and reassemble. I love shooting the gun and I've been told it will loosen up over time, but for now its a PIA.
  98. BillyFun


    Mitchell Dean Collins Construction 714-894-6767. He did my house in Santa Barbara, Getty Museum in LA, and a lot of work for Tenet Healthcare. Give him a call. His prices are probably lower than you are getting and he does outstanding work.
  99. BillyFun

    Ruger 22/45

    I can do it, but its still a POA.
  100. BillyFun

    Ruger 22/45

    Is it me or is this pistol a real PIOA to clean and re-assemble?
  101. BillyFun

    Big Game Draws

    Nate - How hard is it to get a public land cow tag in New Mexico?
  102. BillyFun

    Site N Clean Gun Rest

    I have one and use it all thee time. Good price for someone . . .
  103. BillyFun

    Rod holder/carrier, wasn't sure where to post

    The item I think you're looking for is TOTE-M-POLE by VERCO Tooling. I bought three of them a few years ago at Fred Hall Long Beach Show. The address I have is 1215 Suite B Buena Vista, San Jacinto, Ca. 92583. Phone # 909-654-6388. I don't know if they're still in business and I haven't seen...
  104. BillyFun

    The stadium is "done", indefinitely . $60 million problem.

    A lot of clay soil in that area. Expansion and contraction probably caused the cracks. Common problem, but it shouldn't have happened.
  105. BillyFun

    Goleta Beach Closed

    Goleta Beach was closed today due to beach erosion> A lot os sand washed away.
  106. BillyFun

    Melting Edges (Removing Sharp Edges) On New SS Rifle

    Thanks for the info.
  107. BillyFun

    Melting Edges (Removing Sharp Edges) On New SS Rifle

    Im in the process of buying a new Marlin SBL 45/70. It has some sharp edges around the loading gate, lever, etc. What is the best way to melt the edges without making it look like a high school shop project? I'd like to do it myself rather than send it to a gunsmith in Montana or Alaska...
  108. BillyFun

    Favorite 100lb reel?

    ATD 30 in my opinion is the best. Great reel and if you get into something big it has the line capacity and the gears to land it. I agree with Fishordie and Sacotuna . . . get them factory or equivalent service after each LR trip. They get doused or hosed when you're not aware of it.
  109. BillyFun

    Bobcats in Santa Barbara

    My son had a bobcat go after the chickens in his yard yesterday also. There is a beaver pond behind his house with all kind of critters back there. He lives in Texas, next to Lake Lewisville. He's fed the coyotes and raccoons with his chickens before also.
  110. BillyFun

    Bobcats in Santa Barbara

    I left my house in a residential neighborhood in Santa Barbara about 10:00 a.m. this morning to take my son and his girlfriend to the airport. At the end of the street I saw a young bobcat walking on the sidewalk, turn and walk toward the creek behind my house. We have a dog park behind my...
  111. BillyFun

    2014 Spiral/Acid Rods Anyone???

    AkuHed has wrapped about 6-7 acid rods for me. My biggest is 256 on an acid wrapped rod (one of Jim's). He'll be rewrapping about 5 more for me this year.
  112. BillyFun

    Ruger 10/22 Action

    The receiver is the gun. Thats the part that is controlled and has to be transferred through an FFL.
  113. BillyFun


    Great reels at a great price from a stand-up/honest guy.
  114. BillyFun

    Hobie Mirage Drive Fishing Kayaks For Sale

    I have a Penn 16S and a 12T, both blueprinted by Cal with new JB Hollow Spectra along with some cash if you are willing to work a trade.
  115. BillyFun

    2002 Chevy 2500 HD 4x4 Duramax/Allison trans.

    Bump on a nice truck from a former Metro Gunfighter.
  116. BillyFun

    Az Elk Drawing App Open

    I just applied for Az elk and mule deer, Colorado elk and mule deer, NM elk (rifle,) mule deer (black powder), Ibex and oryx.
  117. BillyFun

    always check your purse for ammo before flying. .oops

    I lost a Cartier folding knife, like a little Swiss Army knife, to TSA a few years ago. It was a gift and it bothered me that they kept it. I also lost a Monte Blanc pen at a TSA search. They said they never saw it in the tray.
  118. BillyFun

    Browning BPS Hunter Shotgun question

    I bought my lefty son a youth model Browning BPS 20 ga when he was about 10. He loved the gun and still owned it to this day. He's 35 now and at 6-5 he's outgrown it but saving it for his son or daughter. Great gun, very reliable, well built. 20 ga was a good choice for him at the time...
  119. BillyFun

    They taste best barely legal

    Congratulations! Nice local deer on a COLD afternoon. Good friends need to be rewarded . . .
  120. BillyFun

    What's your favorite thing about long range?

    My favorite thing is fishing with my sons. I have a chance to be with them for 10-14 days at a time. I have a chance to appreciate the men that they have become.
  121. BillyFun

    Cabela's deal on a gun vise!!!

    Thanks. I ordered two yesterday for my sons.
  122. BillyFun

    WWII Jap Sub

    Captured by the US at the end of the war, it was examined, then scuttled by the US to prevent it from being examined by the Soviets. They had a right to examine it per the terms of the surrender treaty.
  123. BillyFun

    Final report.. Intrepid 13 day jackpot fish

    Great trip. I've never seen anyone hand off as many fish as you did. It was great fishing with you.
  124. BillyFun

    Underwater video of Wahoo I caught last week on the Intrepid

    Great video Bob. That was a close one with the shark. It was great fishing with you. Dave - Great fishing with you also. Bill
  125. BillyFun

    Excel Jacket

    PM received and reply sent. I have one other buyer after you if you change your mind.
  126. BillyFun

    Excel Jacket

    I have a like new, black, XL nylon jacket with polar fleece type liner. It has Fishermans Landing embroidered in a circle on the back with Excel in script embroidery in the center of the circle. Only worn once or twice. This jacket was purchased from the Excel a few years ago, but I never...
  127. BillyFun

    Hey Max..... what's you take on the USMC looking like girly men?

    You have to be kidding me. A week ago they didn't have the money to pay for funerals and now they want to pay at least 8 million dollars for new covers for dress uniforms. Look at the current deficit. Is this the best way to spend tax/defense dollars? You have to wonder what jackass thought...
  128. BillyFun

    Which pellet rifle?

    I prefer the RWS. Mine came with a 3x9 scope. Dead on accurate.
  129. BillyFun

    Time To Get Ready

    Let the line winding begin!
  130. BillyFun

    Thoughts on Ruger M77 .30-06

    I've got an early model M77 in .300 Win Mag. Very happy with the gun. The factory trigger is not like a target gun, but it has a clean break and is just fine for hunting. It has a thin barrel which heats up quickly, but if you let it cool between shots it stays accurate. In your case, it's...
  131. BillyFun

    First Public Land A Zone Buck.

    Congratulations! Hard work paid off. Nice shot on a nice deer.
  132. BillyFun

    9-13 Dove Shoot

    I'm glad I missed the crowd and all the associated crazies. If dove hunters didn't bring all the money it does to these small agricultural areas, everything would be posted no trespassing and no hunting. I make it a point to pick up my spent shells and trash. Spent shells tear up farm equipment.
  133. BillyFun

    9-13 Dove Shoot

    My first time California dove hunting in about 20 years. A high school friend and I went to Calexico on some private property. Plans changed and we had to leave, but we hunted surrounding grain fields and feed pens. Previous storms left a lot of standing water and mud in the area. Thousands...
  134. BillyFun

    I need a fence...

    Should you use a sealant like Thompson's Water Seal on new redwood fence?
  135. BillyFun


    Let me know if you change your mind. Bill
  136. BillyFun

    New Stalker strikes!

    Great story with the new bow, the bear and a successful hunt. Congratulations!
  137. BillyFun

    WTB - 18v Makita battery charger and battery

    Looking for a new or used in good condition, 18v Makita battery charger and battery for a good price. I'm in Santa Barbara shipping will probably be an issue. Done!
  138. BillyFun

    Driving Drowsy...close call.

    Feb 10, 1996 - My daughter and her boyfriend were driving back to Chino, Ca from a day at the San Diego Zoo. About 5:15 p.m. he fell asleep at the wheel, swerved into the emergency lane and hit the gravel, overcorrected and rolled his 1995 Toyota Tacoma at lease 5 times. He suffered a broken...
  139. BillyFun

    My adopted father. Thank you Vincent.

  140. BillyFun

    New Mexico results out

    Congratulations Nate. I missed out on deer and elk in NM this time. No Az elk either. Waiting for Az deer draw.
  141. BillyFun

    Utah Credit Cards being charged!

    Congratulations and good luck.
  142. BillyFun

    Patio Fireplace - Wood frame or concrete block?

    OK - I'm rebuilding my back patio and adding an outside wood/gas fireplace. I have the fireplace on and am getting ready to do the hearth and a seating area around it. The fireplace sits 17" finished height above the patio deck. Would it be better to frame the hearth and seating area with...
  143. BillyFun

    Exterior wood Fence / Stone and brick masonry

    I'm replacing a wood fence with three man gates and a vehicle gate in Santa Barbara. Also building a patio fireplace and need the masonry work (river rock and brick) done. Does anyone know a local contact for SB?
  144. BillyFun


    Great reel for a good price. I have one and I'm impressed with the power of this reel.
  145. BillyFun

    BD in Spanish

    I guess I can return my Rosetta Stone software.
  146. BillyFun

    BD in Spanish

    Thanks for the help. It's working now.
  147. BillyFun

    BD in Spanish

    Somehow my BD pages are now in Spanish. I cannot read Spanish. Can someone give me some directions to change it back to all English. Thanks, Bill
  148. BillyFun

    For Sale - BOSE 3-2-1 II Media Center

    BOSE 3-2-1 II Media Center includes head unit, center speaker, sub-woofer, lt and rt speaker (needs mounting base), set-up discs, remote. $200.00 plus shipping. Local pick-up preferred. SOLD! This system works great, but we've moved and bought different set-up. .
  149. BillyFun

    Boomer comes home

    Very nice. Always there with you.
  150. BillyFun

    4x4 Down

    Finally figured out the picture thing and added them to the original post. Please forgive the amateur editing. Pics added to orig post
  151. BillyFun

    Mark Pack "Long Ranger" Tackle Bag For Sale

    The pending offer fell through. Back on the marker for sale.
  152. BillyFun

    Mark Pack "Long Ranger" Tackle Bag For Sale

    The price is $130, but make me a reasonable offer. Shipping is on your end. I'll be in LA area a couple times over the next few weeks.
  153. BillyFun

    Mark Pack "Long Ranger" Tackle Bag For Sale

    Send me an email address and I'll send you all you want
  154. BillyFun

    Looking for a Tempur-Pedic (new) king size mattress and box spring.

    Does anyone have a contact for Tempur-Pedic mattress? Looking for a king size. I'm in Santa Barbara.
  155. BillyFun

    Mark Pack "Long Ranger" Tackle Bag For Sale

    Just moved to a much smaller house and we're hurting for space. I have a Mark Pack "Long Ranger" back in excellent condition for sale. It's blue with black trim. All zippers, carrying strap, handle and snaps are working and in excellent condition. Bag includes (6) Plano 3700 tackle trays and...
  156. BillyFun

    General Contractor

    Bleach. When you replace the drywall use XP, the purple stuff. Much better for prevention and inhibiting mold.
  157. BillyFun

    Gun safe

    This is an 850 lb (empty) 14 gun safe with 2 half shelves and two full shelves. Carpeted interior. Brown paint with 2 gold pinstripes on the door. 61"Hx30"WX26"D. S&G combo lock with lever handle. I put 23+ long guns in it, but that gets tight. This safe has been stored inside the house...
  158. BillyFun

    Gun safe

    Im moving back to Santa Barbara and need a bigger safe. I have a Browning ProSteel I'd like to sell in SB in mid March.
  159. BillyFun

    Killed a snow monster

    Congratulations! Very nice.
  160. BillyFun

    Intrepid New Capt.

    Congratulations to Bill and the Intrepid crew. Bill is an outstanding skipper, works his ass off and knows his stuff. I enjoyed fishing with him on a 14 day in December 2012. Don't mistake a calm, level headed skipper who doesn't pump sunshine for you for someone who has bad customer...
  161. BillyFun

    Channel 8 news Sportfishing a dying industry

    I wonder if that truck was stolen in the US?
  162. BillyFun

    Any Kitchen Countertop Experts?

    Thanks everyone. I appreciate the input. It's a lot more expertise than I have on the subject. Personally, I have no imagination when it comes to color. Not color blind, just imagination handicapped. along with concrete. The existing countertop is white tile. What can I say? Quartz...
  163. BillyFun

    Any Kitchen Countertop Experts?

    Thanks everyone. I appreciate the input. It's a lot more expertise than I have on the subject. Personally, I have no imagination when it comes to color. Not color blind, just imagination handicapped. along with concrete. The existing countertop is white tile. What can I say? Quartz was...
  164. BillyFun

    Any Kitchen Countertop Experts?

    Moving back to Ca and we're remodeling the kitchen. Any suggestions on what to use for countertops? Tile, marble, granite and quartz have been mentioned. What's the most durable? We're looking at white or a very light color to match white cabinets. Thanks, Bill
  165. BillyFun

    Model 11 Remington 12 ga Auto

    Does anyone have a Mode 11, 12 ga? I'm having trouble locating a replacement stock.
  166. BillyFun

    8yr old Son calls in first Yote

    Very cool! You're right, it doesn't get any better than hunting with your son.
  167. BillyFun

    14 Day Intrepid fishing with my Brother and Father!

    Great job on the videos Pat. Always a pleasure fishing with my sons. What could be better than watching both your sons catch cows and coming up #2 pounds short at #198 (actually pretty cool). There really was a great group on this trip. I agree with all your highlights, but want to add...
  168. BillyFun

    SKB Tackle Box Modifications

    Thanks Jim. I am considering the jig area mod. I'm sick of hearing jigs bang around when I'm driving around. It would also save on some of the chipped paint and nicks on my jigs.
  169. BillyFun

    SKB Tackle Box Modifications

    I'm looking for ideas to modify/personalize a large SKB box. I have skids on the bottom so I can open the front panel when its at a tackle station on the boats. Just looking for some new ideas. Pics would be very helpful. Thanks, Bill
  170. BillyFun

    Black Kitty

    Lester - I hope all is well for you and family. Maybe Patrick or I can give you a call later this week. In the meantime, Merry Christmas!
  171. BillyFun

    Hey, hey, boo-boo!

    Congrats! Nice bear.
  172. BillyFun

    Shopping for a .308

    I have three Remington 700s (.30-06 and .223) and they are all great guns. Lots of them around, easy to get parts/upgrades and easy to find a gunsmith. No experience with the SSG 04. I also have a Savage Model 14 in .308. It is worth a look at. Nice looking rifle, good finish, reasonably...
  173. BillyFun

    4x4 Down

    Thanks Nate. I'll try to get some pics up tomorrow. It wasn't a big deer, but it's a dead deer. On the equipment side, this is some of the stuff I used: Eberlestock x2 pack with the rifle scabbard. I didn't carry the rifle in it, but ended up caring a Primos standing bi-pod in it. The pack...
  174. BillyFun

    4x4 Down

    [Well I was drawn for a public land hunt in north west New Mexico (zone 2B) this year. The season went from 11-3 through 11-7. It was very warm and dry for this time of year and no weather to start the deer migration. Saturday there was not much going on with a couple dozen deer sighted...
  175. BillyFun

    Happy Birthday Marines

    From one former Marine to those who have served and continue to serve, both active and Marine Reserves, Happy 237th Birthday. A special thanks to my father, a former Marine and to my son, who served 10 years active and is now a M/Sgt in the Marine Corps Reserve. Another special thank you to...
  176. BillyFun

    sweet mako and GWS together photo

    You don't see any sea lions in that picture do you!
  177. BillyFun

    The stadium is done!! Holy heck!

    They are sold out every game and they sell season tickets years in advance. They seem to do better than the Chargers . . .
  178. BillyFun

    my new truck....

    I did the same thing in Bridgeport Ca a few years back. I had two friends with me and we hit a doe, one of several that tried to run in front of us. We took the deer to the warden's house. He said something to the effect of 'get that fucking deer out of here.' I asked him where to take it...
  179. BillyFun

    Shitty days do get shittier....

    Hang in there man. I'm sympathetic about all the shit happening at once. Especially sorry to hear about your buddy.
  180. BillyFun

    Shower and Bathroom Tile Question

    Thanks everyone for your quick response and expertise. I've gotten my answer and I'll be sealing the grout.
  181. BillyFun

    Shower and Bathroom Tile Question

    I'm installing new shower and bathroom tile in my house. When completed, should I seal the grout in the shower?
  182. BillyFun

    Come on clean up your act!!!

    The bacon shortage is coming to a head . . .
  183. BillyFun

    Float tube hooping?

    Let me see: taking a tube through the surf (in and out) at night; hauling around a hoop, not to mention chum with your legs dangling in the water; even with lights, there are a lot of dumb ass' out there and it's impossible to get out of their way, especially if you don't see them coming. I...
  184. BillyFun

    Beware of Annoying Street Mimes

    Not funny. That's lewd conduct and sexual battery. How would you react if one of those women was your wife or daughter, or you for that matter?
  185. BillyFun

    Accurate ATD 80w for $850

    Great price on a very nice reel. I just bought the other 80W from him.
  186. BillyFun

    Accurate ATD 50w $650

    I just bought an Accurate 80W from Curtis. Great guy to work with. The transaction and exchange went down fast and easy and was delivered exactly as discussed at a fair price. Very pleased at the condition of the reel. Exactly as described.
  187. BillyFun

    ATD 80w & 50W pkg deal $1600

    I bought 80W Curtis had for sale and just received the reel as described in the mail today. Good guy and very easy to make the deal with. Bill
  188. BillyFun

    What do you think he's going to be when he grows older?'

    He's your son-in-law and your dad . . . yikes! :rofl:
  189. BillyFun

    Dove Decoys?

    Ive never used them, but what do you think? Who uses them? Do they work or is it a waste of money? Stationary or rotating wings?
  190. BillyFun

    SKB Rod Tube

    That's a great price on a bulletproof rod case. I'd be on it, but I already own two of them.
  191. BillyFun

    Why I'm not hunting this year - Warning gross picture.

    Frank - I wish you good luck and a quick recovery. I had the same thing done after 8 knee surgeries. Your scar looks almost exactly the same. Do what the doctor says and do your PT. It hurts, but it gets better and you'll be glad you had it done. The only thing I can't do is run and kneel...
  192. BillyFun


    I don't have an answer to your question, but I do have a joke . . . Q: What do you call two skunks who perform 69 on each other? A: Odor eaters.
  193. BillyFun

    Ruger 10/22 Takedown

    They had a bunch of them at BassPro in Grapevine, Texas (Dallas).
  194. BillyFun

    Topless 50

    Jim - That's what happened in a nutshell. Stupidity let me put my thumb a little too close to the crossbar during the excitement. That RS trip was one of those to always remember. Great boat, great crew and great trip. As soon as I learned about the topless frames being available, I changed...
  195. BillyFun

    Topless 50

    Just got my 50 back from Accurate with a new topless frame and a new arbor. It is basically a new reel. Thanks to Ben and the fine people in the Service Department at Accurate. I also had a couple other ATDs upgraded to topless earlier this year. Very happy with the changes and the...
  196. BillyFun

    Best and strongest braid

    Listen to Jim. He knows his stuff. For what it's worth, my preference id JB Hollow.
  197. BillyFun

    Now i know how moon craters were made.....

    Doctors said it wasn't the fall that hurt him . . . it was the sudden stop. Acute deceleration syndrome!
  198. BillyFun

    Muzzle loader

    I have a T/C Endeavor. It's the first muzzleloader I've ever owner or fired so I have nothing to compare it to, but I am completely satisfied with it. Very accurate and fun to shoot. I bought mine at BassPro and fortunately they had someone there who shoots them a lot. He was very helpful...
  199. BillyFun

    Texas Rat snake

    Nice video Jared. I see these occasionally when hunting out here in Texas. They eat vermin, climb trees, they're big . . . what's not to like. We also see lots of cottonmouth and occasionally a copperhead.
  200. BillyFun

    Hunting Backpack - rifle daypack

    Thanks Nate. I appreciate your input and respect your opinion.
  201. BillyFun

    Hunting Backpack - rifle daypack

    I need some suggestions for a hunting daypack that holds a rifle that is easy to remove. The ones I'm considering are: Sitka Flash 20; Eberlestock X-1 and Cablea's Bow and Rifle Pack. Cost is not the issue. I need something quality that will last and that I can draw the rifle easily, one...
  202. BillyFun

    I see dead things

    Let's hear the specs on the Ruger 10-22s. Mine has a T/S receiver, barrel and compensator, Timiney trigger and a Hogue stock.
  203. BillyFun

    Scott Sherman!!!!!

    Congratulations! Finally a conservative and common sense. Hopefully, one man can make a difference and that will be an incentive for more good men to step up.
  204. BillyFun

    Reloading For Dummies

    Try taking an NRA Reloading Class
  205. BillyFun

    Utah draw

    Good luck Mark. What part of Utah is that?
  206. BillyFun

    New Mexico Mule Deer Drawing

    That's what I'm talking about!!! That's a nice looking deer.
  207. BillyFun

    New Mexico Mule Deer Drawing

    Nov 4-7. I'm hoping for some upper elevation snow to push the deer down. I think the area is about 5,000-6,500 ft. I haven't heard of CWD being an issue, but I'll check it out. Thanks.
  208. BillyFun

    New Mexico Mule Deer Drawing

    Thanks for the responses. The zone is just east (approx 50-75 mi) of the four corners area right next to Colorado. I've never hunted up there before. Sage flats, plateaus, oil/gas wells. According to a local I've talked to, apparently some big resident deer and Colorado migration animals.
  209. BillyFun

    New Mexico Mule Deer Drawing

    I just got word my mule deer application was drawn for Zone 2(b) in n/w New Mexico. Big deer area. Very excited. Does anyone have any experience in that area?
  210. BillyFun

    What is with this whole zombie fad?

    I think it's all really stupid as are the people who believe in it. Even the CDC used zombies as a way to get people to prepare for disasters. That said, I did enjoyed the movie Zombieland and the HBO series Walking Dead.
  211. BillyFun

    All in on Apple

    Does anyone use Quickbooks? Any trouble going from PC to Mac files?
  212. BillyFun

    All in on Apple

    Well, we took the plunge. Got rid of the PC and Blackberry and bought a iMac, New iPad and iPhone 4S. No regrets so far. Has anyone else made the change? Any issues or problems?
  213. BillyFun

    Garage Sale All Tackle

    Disappointed . . .
  214. BillyFun

    Garage Sale All Tackle

    Is the TLD 30II with the Tib fame and T-handle still available?
  215. BillyFun

    1983 CJ7 Restored

    Very nice Jeep. Thanks for your quick reply. Does any kind of full soft or hard top fit it with the roll bar? Does it have A/C or a heater?
  216. BillyFun

    Cleaning rust off a vented rib barrel.

    Very fine steel wool. DO NOT USE RUST REMOVER!
  217. BillyFun

    wtb decent scope for ruger 10/22

    I put a Bushnell red dot scope on my Tactical Solutions-Ruger 10/22. My son has the same and we really like them. You can change to 4 different reticles and ten intensity settings.
  218. BillyFun

    Penn 500 Rod Clamp (aftermarket)

    Looking for a Penn 500 aftermarket rod clamp in black. Prefer one that has a slot to hold a hook. Thanks, Bill
  219. BillyFun

    For Sale 1988 Ford F250 Super Cab 4x4

    Stupid question, but what is the mpg?
  220. BillyFun

    New USMC Master Sergeant

    My son was just selected for promotion to Master Sergeant in the Marine Corps Reserves. Ten years active duty and six years in the Reserves. I am a very proud father and a very proud American. Semper Fi!
  221. BillyFun

    which to get?

    I have an M1A National Match rifle. Scary accurate. I guess you know where my vote would be.
  222. BillyFun

    Epic Rant

    I'd like to tell this guy to "forget it."
  223. BillyFun


    I think the main problem with the ATD6 for big fish is line capasity. I've had to put an ATD6 over the side on a back-up rig. I have two that I use for 60 and 80# live bait, but once in a while you get something bigger.
  224. BillyFun

    Artic Gear Camo Clothes

    Maybe a little off topic but does anyone have any experience or comments on Artic Gear hunting clothes?
  225. BillyFun

    7 Marines stationed in San Diego killed in midair collision

    My most sincere thoughts and prayers to these men and their families.
  226. BillyFun

    Wyoming Elk and Western Applications

    I've applied for Elk and Deer in Arizona and New Mexeco along with Ibex and Oryx in New Mexico. I'll be trying for cow elk in Colorado if these don't get drawn. I've applied for several hunts/animals in Texas but haven't gotten drawn. Five years applying in Texas (at least 12 apps each year)...
  227. BillyFun

    ATD 50 Topless Frame Replacement

    Thanks Matt. I just spoke to Alli and it will be taken care of. You guys set the bar pretty high. Bill
  228. BillyFun

    ATD 50 Topless Frame Replacement

    Can you replace an ATD 50 frame with with a topless one? Thanks, Bill
  229. BillyFun

    Deer hunting, and a curious bear comes along.......

    I'm thinking that hunter had something to snack on up there in the stand.
  230. BillyFun

    Airboat rebuild the final chapter.....

    :appl:Very cool! That thing will take you places you may not want to go. That was a lot of time, money and hard work. I am very impressed.
  231. BillyFun

    .22 Supressors

    Supressors are not an issue in most states. Here in Texas, you see them all the time at gun shows. You can't touch, but they will show them to you. You can buy one and complete the application. They hold the supressor until the tax stamp is issued, then you can take possession. Pig hunters...
  232. BillyFun

    NRA Metallic Cartridge Reloading Class

    Yeah, I have a long way to go before I can break even on just the money I've spent at Dillon lately.
  233. BillyFun

    .22 Supressors Diameter) <!-- End Title --><!-- Begin Meta --><!-- End Meta --><!-- Begin Post Content --> The 10/22 compensator is a great addition to any Tactical Solutions threaded end 10/22® barrel. <form id="cartButtonForm_32" class="Cart66CartButton"...
  234. BillyFun

    Quick Hunt This Morning

    Congrats on the birds. Cool truck too!
  235. BillyFun

    POF415 Tactical Rifle

    FYI . . . they make frangible and home defense ammo for the .223. On that same note, I wouldn't recommend 00 buck for the shotgun. #4 or #6 shot at home defense range is devestating. Do some testing. Take dome drywall or other building material to a place where it's safe and permissable to...
  236. BillyFun

    .22 Supressors

    Hey Jim, I have a Tactical Solutions 10/22 (no Ruger parts). It has a fluted bull barrel thats threaded and I added a TS compensator. That should be legal, even in California. When I use .22 sub-sonic ammo it's only a little louder than an air rifle. Very accurate and knocks the snot...
  237. BillyFun

    POF415 Tactical Rifle

    I've used the POF415 and it is an outstanding rifle. You'd be hardpressed to find a better one and with the correct ammo, it can be used for home defense. If you are strictly looking for home defense, I agree with your Florida friends about the shotgun. Either one requires training and...
  238. BillyFun

    NRA Metallic Cartridge Reloading Class

    I just too the basic reloading class out in Bridgeport, Texas. Great class! I'm going to be spending more time in the garage and at the range.
  239. BillyFun

    Happy 236th Birthday Marines

    Happy Birthday my fellow Marines. Thank you for what you have done for this great country. Semper Fidelis!
  240. BillyFun

    Replace the Replacement

    Just got back from the doctor's office. I'll have to have my knee replacement removed and replaced with a new one. The old one is 16 years old and worn out. I've dislocated my knee three times in the last three weeks. This will make it surgery #9 on the same knee. Not looking forward to this.
  241. BillyFun

    New Mexico Elk

    Nice bull. Hard work paid off. Congratulations!
  242. BillyFun

    Urban coyote

    BassPro has at least three different types of traps and related equipment. I've been dealing with the coyote/racoon vs chicken dilema at my son's house. YouTube has video on setting the traps. Good luck, they're smart already. Don't educate them with a bad set.
  243. BillyFun

    Free credit report

    Here is the contact info: Credit bureaus Equifax 1-800-525-6285 <> Experian 1-888-397-3742 <> TransUnion 1-800-680-7289 Bill PS I hope to be back in SB by the middle of next year.
  244. BillyFun

    Interesting discussions on slaughtering fish (Ike Jime)

    The Royal Star has been doing that for a few years now. They have always been ahead of their time in fish management and customer service.
  245. BillyFun

    Quick Draw practice in close combat goes wrong.......

    I know a couple of policemen that this has happened to. They were very familiar with firearms, especially the one they were using at the time of their AD. It only takes one mistake for a tragedy to occur. Safety should always be the focus when training and you shouldn't train alone with live...
  246. BillyFun

    NASA warns of attack.......

    I wonder if these researchers have paid off their student loans?
  247. BillyFun

    San Deigo Fish Processor leaves a bad taste

    Take a look at who owns FP and who owns the Shogun. No suprise that they would offer a discount and/or contact the boat before it arrives at the dock. I don't have any problem with that. I'm a loyal 5 Star customer and will remain so if they stay competitive AND keep up the quality.
  248. BillyFun

    SKB Rocket Launchers Not Fitting

    Make sure you have them oriented the right way (try them both ways and switch them around). If that doesn't work, contact SKB. They stand by their product and will make sure it gets fixed up. Customer service at SKB is nothing short of outstanding.
  249. BillyFun

    Rollers V Rings

    Jim (aka Akuhed) has built all my spiral wrapped rods and done an exemplary job.
  250. BillyFun

    Rollers V Rings

    All American Roller Guides spiral roller guides. I've been using them for years. Smooth, cast as good as I can with rollers on a convential rod. I've caught 4 over 200 with spiral wrapped roller guides, including a 256 Lb.
  251. BillyFun


    I sent you a PM with my email address asking for pics. Thanks.
  252. BillyFun

    On the hunt for Willard but had some tragic bycatch today..

    I had the same thing happen with a baby cottontail and a stick trap next to my trash cans.
  253. BillyFun

    Accurate Reel Maintenance

    Wow! I wish you guys were around when my ATD 12 went for a swim last year.
  254. BillyFun

    which Bd'r was at Turners?

    In Texas he might pass as a goat roper . . . just saying.
  255. BillyFun

    Thomas R. Stipe 11/12/1915 - 3/29/2011

    Very sorry to hear of your loss. Please accept our thoughts and prayers for your dad, you and your family. Respectfully, Bill
  256. BillyFun

    obl funeral

    I hope they slipped a couple pork chops and emptied the feminine napkin dispensers on the ship into the shroud before he went over the side.
  257. BillyFun

    Siwash vs Treble Hook

    Jim doesn't say a lot, but when he does, it's worth listening to. IMHO he is right on the money about the siwash hooks also.
  258. BillyFun

    What kind of pans do you use?

    I use All Clad SS w/aluminum core. I also have a couple of their teflon frying pans. They are expensive, but they're the last ones you'll ever buy. As mentioned by Nate, not too much heat and use some oil.
  259. BillyFun

    Osama is DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    <DL><DT>Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning. <DD class=author>Sir Winston Churchill, Speech in November 1942 British politician (1874 - 1965) </DD></DL>
  260. BillyFun


    I'm not saying it's right, just saying I understand.
  261. BillyFun

    Update on Ben, guy who fell out of boat

    Thanks for the quick reply. I was just wondering if he was a vet.
  262. BillyFun

    Update on Ben, guy who fell out of boat

    Great story. Glad he is OK. Just curious, how did he lose his arm? No disrespect ment with the question.
  263. BillyFun

    that lady can take a punch.

    Watch the video . . . she's lucky she wasn't tased. It would be nice to see if there is any video before this one began, maybe a restaurant camera. It also looks like the dip shits taking the video were trying to incite the crowd. They sure weren't doing anything to lessen tensions.
  264. BillyFun

    Thompson/Center Encore Endeavor

    Jack - Thanks for the offer. I'll keep that in mind. Sean - Do you use the Triple 7 powder or pellets?
  265. BillyFun

    Thompson/Center Encore Endeavor

    I bought a new Thompson/Center Encore Endeavor yesterday from the new Cabelas store in Allen, Texas. I've never shot a muzzle loader before so I can't wait to give this a try. A bit of rain off and on today so I'll wait for a better day to shoot. Any muzzle loaders out there? For powder I...
  266. BillyFun

    Rattlesnake suprise!

    Shot a 44" cottonmouth yesterday in Little Elm, Texas at my son's house with a RSW .17 pellet rifle.
  267. BillyFun

    Suggestions please???

    Go to an indoor range that has rental guns, or go to Rahague's Shooting Fair and shoot the guns that you think might interest you. You'll get to handle and shoot the guns to see if you like them and feel comfortable to you. Any of those guns mentioned cost a few bucks. Go try it out before...
  268. BillyFun

    Hey guys, .30-06 or .308?

    I own 5 rifles in these calibers. .308 rifles will be a little lighter in weight (short action vs long action). That may be a consideration when you have to carry the rifle in rough country. .308 and 30-06 are basically the same in energy, trajectory and ballistics (minor differences). You...
  269. BillyFun

    To Build or To Order Complete

    Just my $.02 . . . I would avoid anything from Yankee Hill Machine or Cheaper Than Dirt. I bought a carbine length free floated forend and BUIS from Cheaper Than Dirt. When I went to install the forend the anti-rotation screws were missing. I drove back to Cheaper Thank Dirt, but they...
  270. BillyFun

    Trail Cams for catching thieves

    DeWalt makes a GPS tracking device that sends you an email, phone call or text message when the object is moved. You can track the location of the device on a laptop computer. You can also make the device ping at 120dbl on demand. That makes it hard for the susp to say I didn't steal anything...
  271. BillyFun

    A man with a voice gets a second chance in life.

    I hate to say I told you so . . . just sayin!
  272. BillyFun

    Tactical Solutions 10/22

    Marcelo - I hope your wife has a speedy and complete recovery. Prayers to your family. Very nice guns. What kind of glass do you have on them. I was looking at a Trijicon RM03 RMR sight, but I'm open to suggestions. I'm leaning toward the aluminum barrel for the weight savings when the can...
  273. BillyFun

    Tactical Solutions 10/22

    Thanks Tommy. I'll check out RC. Marc - I looked at Gemtec, Tactical Solutions and Yankee Hill supressors. They all look great. I'd like to look at SureFire also, but haven't had the chance. Harry - I did look at the Volquartsen SS receiver. They are a very high quality piece of...
  274. BillyFun

    Tactical Solutions 10/22

    I'm am building a Tactical Solutions 10/22 from scratch. I just bought the receiver (backordered). My plan is to add the heavy fluted barrel, trigger, mag release and a supressor. Haven't decided on a stock. Does anyone have any experience with a TS built gun? Any pointers or tips on any of...
  275. BillyFun

    A man with a voice gets a second chance in life.

    I don't mind giving someone a second chance, but this guy has had many, many chances. Drugs, alcohol, multiple children he hasn't supported, numerous jobs or opportunities lost . . . all choices he made. Now he gets offered several great jobs and a home. Good for him, but I'd rather see a...
  276. BillyFun

    New Year's Resolutions ?

    Patience! I'm going to work on my fucking patience . . .
  277. BillyFun

    What did Santa bring you?

    My first Grandson was born and named after me on Christmas Day. He is a healthy happy future fisherman/hunter and my daughter-in-law is doing fine also. My son is walking on air. I don't know what else I could hope for.
  278. BillyFun

    BX2 400n?

    That's a great reel. I think I would move that to my primary reel. If it were mine, I'd fill it with 60# Jerry Brown hollow spectra with loop to loop connections. Then I'd have several 10-15 foot 40# and 50# wind-ons in floro and mono ready to go. That would give you a lot of flexability...
  279. BillyFun

    Boating accident, OUCH!

    I wonder what the pitch was on that prop.
  280. BillyFun

    Roller Guide Cleaning/Maintenance

    How do you clean/maintain the roller guides on your rods?
  281. BillyFun


    Stupid hurts!
  282. BillyFun

    Cowboys fire Phillips

    It's as simple as ABC . . . Anybody But Cowboys
  283. BillyFun

    bullshit vehicle infraction

    I guess it comes down to: 1) Did you have a broken taillight? Yes. 2) Is that an infraction where you can get a ticket? Yes. 3) Did you get a ticket that makes your insurance go? No. 4) Is this going to cost you a lot of money? Not so much money as inconvenience to fix something that was wrong...
  284. BillyFun

    MNF NY Gmen vs Dallas

    We live by ABC rule . . . Anybody But Cowboys. I hate Cowboys and I unfortunately live here.
  285. BillyFun

    Think Before You Drink...

    Maybe it was his wife that chewed the toe off . . . then blamed it on the dog.
  286. BillyFun

    What's your caption for this picture?

    At least we're not as fucked up as the Cowboys . . .
  287. BillyFun

    OM Effin G

    A great example of great shooting, poor judgement and brass balls. Even with the best shooting situation this could end tragically with a flyer or a wad. Definately not worth it for a training exercise or a video.
  288. BillyFun

    Mermaid/Yellowtail Tattoo

    Some Garabaldi for color? Senorita fish or mackerel?
  289. BillyFun

    New Purchases

    Texas laws and mindset in California would be ideal . . . there'd be some changes made.
  290. BillyFun

    New Purchases

    I went to the new Cheaper Than Dirt store in McKinney, Texas last week to buy a few cleaning items. Wrong move! They had a Manager's Special going on at the time. I walked out with a new Romanian/AK47 clone and a S&W MP15 that I had no intention of ever buying. I cleaned them both up over...
  291. BillyFun

    Remington Nylon 77

    Early models did not have a serial number. Later models had a serial number on the barrel.
  292. BillyFun

    credit report

    I don't know if these are still current, but try these: Credit bureaus <FONT size=3><FONT face=Calibri>Equifax <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = " <> <o:p></o:p> Experian <o:p></o:p> 1-888-397-3742 <o:p></o:p>
  293. BillyFun

    what tires do you run on your hunting rigs....

    20" BFG All Terrain on my Avalanche. I've put BFG Aall Terrains on the past 5 vehicles I've owned and never had a problem.
  294. BillyFun

    Your name on Bloodydecks

    BillyFun was my nickname when I was a teenager. We lived in a house behind my uncle/cousin and there were three Bills' living between the two homes. Billy Fun is close to my first and last name.
  295. BillyFun

    UnionTrib editor is at it again

    I think we should spread the wealth. Whatever the day, we should all meet after the morning hunt at a central location and share our birds equally with less fortunate hunters or others who don't want to hunt or maybe don't shoot as well as us. Some of us just don't have enough birds . . .
  296. BillyFun

    In the hospital again...MRSA Part Deux

    Hang in there Chris.
  297. BillyFun


    Congrats to you and your wife on a nice fish. I hope you are back to work as soon as you'd like to be.
  298. BillyFun


    Mever had a problem with it. I have sleep issues and takle it occasionally. I use it on LR trips on the way back in, especially when it gets rough.
  299. BillyFun

    Gun Cleaning Chem?

    Hoppes #9 for cleaning, Bag Balm for lube.
  300. BillyFun

    got caught w/my pants down

    If it's a brand new reel why wouldn't they take care of it? Send in the reel with the purchase info and/or reg card. Accurate is known for backing their product and customer service. My experiences have always been good.
  301. BillyFun

    Micro Chipping Your pet

    They work great! I had a puppy chipped ten years ago. The dog was stolen about a week later. Two weeks ago I get a call from the pound . . .come in and pick up your dog. Now the dog barks and tries to bite me whenever I'm home. Seems nervous around the whole family. Must be the chip.
  302. BillyFun

    Anyone know anything about PA systems?

    I purchased this Bose system for a place I worked at. It's simple to set up and works great. Breakthrough original Delivers wide, even coverage onstage and throughout the room. L1® Model I single bass package For smaller-to-larger spaces with audiences of up to 500 Twenty-four small...
  303. BillyFun

    gun issues..

    I don't think that is a muzzleloading scope. I've heard muzzleloaders have a different recoil and some optics are designed for them specifically.
  304. BillyFun

    opinions please!

    I'm sure they'll have the the R25 at Raahague's. Not sure about the AR10.
  305. BillyFun

    rangefinder performance

    I have the Leupold RX IV and I'm not impressed. They're made in China if that's any indication. I also have a Leupold Sequoia spotting scope that I'm less than impressed with.
  306. BillyFun

    Raahauges Shooting Sports Fair

    I won a Benelli shotgun there two years ago from the NRA Raffle at the enterance. My kids have also won air rifles there in previous years. It's a fun show and you get to actually shoot the rifle, handgun, shotgun you've been thinking about before you buy it.
  307. BillyFun

    Difference Between a Marine Officer And an NCO

    Thanks Gunny!. Difference Between a Marine Officer And an NCO A young Marine officer was severely wounded in the head by a grenade, but the only <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> visible permanent injury was to both of his ears, which were...
  308. BillyFun


    Help!!! I'm caught in a box . . . with a beer.
  309. BillyFun

    Knee replacement

    I've had 8 knee operations on my left knee concluding in a total knee replacement 27 years ago. I wish they'd have done the knee replacement first. It was the best thing thay could have done. It is painful and takes rehab time, but do what the doctor and rehab tells you. After the rehab, I...
  310. BillyFun

    Back yard coons

    If they're getting picky, try a hot dog. Racoons, cats and foxs love them.
  311. BillyFun

    40 year sentence????

    CL is spot on. How quickly people forget . . . or at least the media forgets. They will not cover this story because of the new law passed in AZ and after all, this is May Day weekend. Notice that none of the violence taking place in these demos is being covered, but Tea Party people are...
  312. BillyFun

    Anyone have an HK USP Expert?

    I have a USP 40 Compact and a P7M8 in 9mm. I cannot say enough about HK. Both guns are extreamely reliable, well built and much more accurate than I can shoot. If you decide to get one, you won't regret it. I live in Texas so it would be a long trip to the range to meet you.
  313. BillyFun

    Devil Pups

    Devil Pups is a GREAT program if your child wants to go. I was an instructor at Devil Pups many years ago (34 to be exact). My older son wanted to go when he was of age and he had a blast. He did it for two years in a row. My younger son didn't want to go and we didn't force him.
  314. BillyFun

    Fox Pro Elect Call

    I bought a FoxPro call a while ago and finally got iit out to play with. I've used it twice in the last couple days in a half-ass way trying to call a coyote. No gun, just goofing off and playing with the call. I set it on a dying cottontail call and sat in the car about 100 ft away (I told...
  315. BillyFun


    I offered an ATD 12 filled w/80# JB and a 30 size handle in trade w/cash, but he turned me down because I wasn't local. When I told him I'd be at Fred Hall this week and asked for a serial number to run it by the folks at Accurate, he told me he thought he had it sold for his asking price in...
  316. BillyFun

    Fully loaded SKB longrange tackle box

    Dan - I sent you a PM. I'm in Frisco also and am very interested. Give me a call.
  317. BillyFun

    Toughest Duty

    Thanks for posting that. Difficult to read, but glad I did. I'm a third generation Marine, my son is the fourth.
  318. BillyFun

    Flight 1549 into the Hudson

    I hope this comes through. It's pretty good.
  319. BillyFun

    34th Wedding Anniversary

    Today is my 34th wedding anniversary. She's a good girl and I got lucky the first time around. We've been through a lot together including the loss of our daughter (passenger in a car accident) and my medical retirement from law enforcement. She lets me fish, hunt and shoot whenever I...
  320. BillyFun

    What huntin' gear did ya'll get/give?

    I gave a fire rated gun safe from Bass Pro (Browning & Red Head) to each of my two sons. I rcvd a Bass Pro gigt card.
  321. BillyFun

    What is Santa bringing you?

    I got a fire rated gun safe for each of my sons. Both made by Browning, but one has a Red Head brand.
  322. BillyFun

    Remington 798 Action

    You couldn't go wrong with either one, but I have to agree . . . if you're getting a new gun, Savage is kick-ass right out of the box. I have a 700 that is kick ass and I love shooting it, but I own two Savages'. You couldn't ask for a more acurate rifle out of the box and at that price line...
  323. BillyFun


    Works great on open sores and herpes outbreaks. They don't tell you that stuff at the doctor's office because they don't make any money off it. Hints like this will be in the new health care plan.
  324. BillyFun

    I just caught a break

    Misspelled words . . . could be Sneakee! Haven't heard from him in a while. I hope he&#8217;s ok and not being held hostage to write for these folks. Then again, it didn't mention killing anything.
  325. BillyFun

    Cosmoline Removal?

    Is that the original GI stock that you did? Great work! If you have some pointers on getting the cosmoline out I'd appreciate it. I don't think I could get mine to look anywhere near as nice as yours. Bill
  326. BillyFun

    Cosmoline Removal?

    Has anyone used mineral spirits? Will it dry out or hurt the wood?
  327. BillyFun

    Cosmoline Removal?

    I just rcvd a "Correct Grade" M-1 Garand. Any suggestions on removing the cosmoline from the wood? Thanks, Bill
  328. BillyFun

    Reloading items

    Does he or did he have small rifle primers, specifically Remington 7 1/2 primers. If not, does anyone know where I can get some? Send me a PM. Bill
  329. BillyFun

    Reel Spray?

    I try to keep a cover on them and spray them and the rods daily with SaltX.
  330. BillyFun

    ever wonder what would happen if you put a car airbag in a couch cusion?

    I wonder where they stole the airbag from??? Those things aren't cheap. Have you checked your dash lately?
  331. BillyFun

    Accurate B2X400

    Is anyone out there using one of these? Any reports? I just bought a red one for my son from Charkbait. It won't be here in Texas until Thursday. I'm thinking I should have bought one for myself also.
  332. BillyFun

    Dillion Reloaders

    I bought a Dillion 550 about 15 years ago from a friend that was desperate for money at the time. The unit was incomplete when I bought it and I didn't reload metalic at the time, so I just stuck it in a corner of the garage. I've been shooting more lately and I stumbled across the reloading...
  333. BillyFun

    M1 .30 carbine ammo, parts, etc.

    Try Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) CMP Home. They have M1 carbines, Garands, ammo for both, receivers, etc. Also surplus .22 rifles and ammo.
  334. BillyFun

    Pig Hunt

    Congratulations! Very nice. What kind of rifle were you using? Bill
  335. BillyFun

    Lucky Dad this Fathers Day!

    Congratulations! Outstanding Father's Day gift. Have a good one.
  336. BillyFun

    Two Broken Wrists

    Sorry to hear about the wrists. That had to hurt a lot. You really don't appreciate your body until something happens. Everything is truely connected. Do your rehab and get better soon. By the way, it could have been worse . . . it could have been me! Take care, Bill
  337. BillyFun

    Info on Trail Cameras needed.

    I have a Moultrie with an infared flash that I've used with limited sucess for residential construction theft. I've mounted them in a tree and I've also put them in a dummy electrical box, either in the garage or on the exterior. One problem you have is that you go back and you have decent...
  338. BillyFun

    rifle cases

    I haven't gotten a response. I'm still interested. Thanks, Bill
  339. BillyFun

    Rifle cases

    What size are they? What color? Thanks, Bill
  340. BillyFun

    Picture in need of a quote........

    And then the crossdresser showed his real feelings . . .
  341. BillyFun

    rifle cases

    I'll take it if it's still available. Bill
  342. BillyFun

    How Do You Highlight/Color-In Numbers, Letters. Logo On A Firearm?

    How do you highlight serial numbers, logos, control functions, etc pressed into the steel or aluminum on a firearm. You'd usually see it as white letters or numbers for the serial numbers, logo, etc green and red for safe and fire. I've heard of it or or seen it of it being done with crayons...
  343. BillyFun

    WTB .22lr auto/bolt or .17hmr auto/bolt or stainless revolver

    Take a look at the Savage 93 .17HMR. They have a laminated thumbhole stock version and Classic version with a wood stock. It comes with the AccuTrigger. Nice little gun. I haven't shot one yet but it's om my to do list. I haven't heard anything about the event yet, but Raahague's usually...
  344. BillyFun

    Any M1A users out there

    Chuck - Very nice! What kind of glaess do you have on it? Bill
  345. BillyFun

    Any M1A users out there

    Just to clear things up, it's an M1A Springfield, which is a civilian version of the M14 and both are 7.62mm. Both have always been 7.62. Mine is the National Match, so the tolerances are tighter, the iron sights are better, SS barrell, etc. I'm in Texas, so even though 7.62 ammo is...
  346. BillyFun

    Any M1A users out there

    Just bought an M1A SS National Match 7.62mm with all the rails, etc (tomorrow is my birthday). I haven't shot it yet. I'm looking for some comments on a scope for it. I'm thinking Leupold 4.5X14 Tactical. Any input? Are there any other M1A owners out there? Positive or negative comments...
  347. BillyFun

    Dogs and Snail Bait don't mix

    Brent, Glad to hear Cody is going to be ok. I hoping for 100% recovery for him. Scarey stuff! I had the same issue with fly bait and one of my Springers a few years ago. Not pretty! She survived, and although she was a great hunter and family dog, she was never the same. Very expensive...
  348. BillyFun

    Breaking in a new gun - Barrel break-in

    I've heard several variations on how and why to do this over the years, including that it's not necessary at all. There are some pretty knowledgeable shooters on this board. What your experience? Thanks, Bill
  349. BillyFun

    Any AR Owners Out There?

    Does anyone know who would make a quad rail for the forarm and also replacement iron sights to use w/o the carry handle?
  350. BillyFun

    Any AR Owners Out There?

    You can buy them over the counter with ammo at the same time and no wait if you have a concealed carry permit. If you have a Class III lic, you can buy fully auto and supressors over the counter also. I have no need for them, but they are available in Texas.
  351. BillyFun

    Any AR Owners Out There?

    My sons and I just bought new AR rifles. I got a Colt 6920 Law Enforce,emt with the removible carring handle and a Trijivon ACOG 4X scope. The buys biught 2 Bushmasters with the reail too. we just cleaned them yesterday and hopefully will shoot them this coming weekend. My next one will be a...
  352. BillyFun

    New Remington 700 VTR

    Just bought the 700 VTR in .223 today along with Harris bi-pods. I'll put a Leupold scope on it tomorrow and shoot it tomorrow afternoon. Looking forward to it. Also looking at a Savage 93 in .17HMR with the thumbhole stock at Cabelas. My safe is getting full with fun guns.
  353. BillyFun

    Headspace on Savage

    The ammo I was using was factory new Hornadaycustom 165 gs BTSP Interlock. I cycled a few more rounds from the opposite side of the box this morning and they worked. I coule close and lock down the bolt. I also cycled several rounds of Federal Premium with 165 gr Sierra Gameking BTSGameking...
  354. BillyFun

    Headspace on Savage

    I took my new .308 Savage 110 Euro Classic out yesterday for the first time at the range. The gun is scarey accurate. Much more accurate than I am. I did have a problem though. Using all new factory ammo, after the first two rounds, the gun sat for 2-3 minutes. I then fired 4 more rounds about...
  355. BillyFun

    Looking for a choc lab pup

    Call Pat Callahan at Gameland Kennels in Corona. I don't recall the number. I've bought 4 dogs from Pat and had him train 5 dogs for me. He is outstanding!
  356. BillyFun

    Cooler than a polar bears toe nail

    Pretty softball interview by the very liberal friendly Matt and NBC. JMHO.
  357. BillyFun

    Ultrasonic Cleaner

    I used the cleaner today with Hoppes and cleaned a .22 rifle, .22 revolver and a semi-auto 9mm. Worked great. Heater works well, but I think it causes solvent to evaporate faster and really adds to the fumes. I'll try it again on a couple more handguns and rifles on the weekend.
  358. BillyFun

    we're having a ice storm!

    I don't have any pics, but we're having the same ice storm you have here in Frisco, Tx. Cold and miserable outside. Ice and freezing rain everywhere . . . I miss Santa Barbara!
  359. BillyFun

    Ultrasonic Cleaner

    I just had a ultrasonic parts cleaner rebuilt and added a heater to it (thermostat controlled to 110 degrees). It's about a 4-5 quart cleaner. I plan to use it to clean handguns, etc. Does anyone have any suggestions on what kind of solvent to use. The default would be Hoppes I'm guessing...
  360. BillyFun

    Bow Hunting?

    Thanks for the input. I live out in Texas so I'll be looking around out this way. I like the idea of a place that lets you shoot a few bows. Thanks, Bill
  361. BillyFun

    spiral roller

    Nice rod. I like the wrap. I have 4 acid rods and love them because they work. Keep up the great work! Bill
  362. BillyFun

    Bow Hunting?

    I have a few bucks left over from Christmas and I'm getting interested in bow hunting. Never owned a bow before, except as a kid. Any ideas on equipment? I'm thinking compound bow. I'd like some flexibility as far as what it will be used for. Can I use the same bow to hunt rabbit, etc, and...
  363. BillyFun

    Good kennel in San diego, or...?

    Gameland Kennels in Corpna. Talk to Pat Callahan. I've bouhjt four dogs from him and he's trained 5 dogs for me. I refered several friends and thay have all be happy with the dogs and the training. Tell him Bill Dunn sent you.
  364. BillyFun

    Happy Birthday Marines

    233 years of pride and service. God Bless the Marine Corps! God Bless Marines, past, present and future.
  365. BillyFun

    New Rifle & New Scope

    I just bought a new Leupold 3.5X10x50 Illuminated Duplex scope and put it on my new Savage Model 14 in .308. I bought a box of Hornaday 165gr BTSP and a box of 165 gr Federal Gameking BTSP for sighting in. The illuminated reticle is pretty cool, at least so far. Very clear and crisp. I...
  366. BillyFun

    Scope Recommendations

    Any thoughts about the illuminated reticle in the Leupold?
  367. BillyFun

    Scope Recommendations

    Some great suggestions, beautiful guns and cool pics of dead critters. Thanks guys. I'm leaning to the Leupold VXII or III with the duplex reticle in 3x9. Does anyone have any ideas for factory loads to test it out with and get some groups? I'm thinking Hornaday but from there I'm open...
  368. BillyFun

    Scope Recommendations

    I plan on using the gun for deer and pigs out to 400/500 yards max. Mostly a field gun. Will do some plinking at the range.
  369. BillyFun

    Scope Recommendations

    I just purchased a new Savage Model 14 Euro Classic in .308. Can I get some recommendations for a variable scope. I was thinking of 3x9. The rifle will be used for mule deer and pigs. I was looking at Leupold, but gave heard some good things about Trijicon. Any comments or suggestions out...
  370. BillyFun

    Deer Cartridges... Finding a happy medium...

    Personally, I would use the KISS method and keep it simple. A lot of deer and bigger animals have been killed over the years with .25-06, .270, .30-06 and .308. If you can't kill a deer with a clean shot and one of these calibers you have a hell of an animal. You can find ammo in these...
  371. BillyFun

    PETA at it again

    If we all become vegetarians, that's the end of biofuel.
  372. BillyFun

    GPS Tracking Alarms

    I've been putting GPS tracking alarms in construction material, appliances and equipment lately. I've caught three assholes who stole our stuff and transported it to theif home of storage unit. Boy have they been suprised when I show up woth the police department and a search warrant. All...
  373. BillyFun

    View out the back of......

    Isn't it 5mph inside the harbor?
  374. BillyFun

    Has any one converted their conventional factory to a sprial rod?

    Here we go again . . . They work very well, but as anything, they're a personal choice. I own several acid wrapped rods along with the same rod wrapped conventionally. The difference is less wobble when you wind in on a big fish. Personal experience - I caught 4 from #217 to #254 along...
  375. BillyFun

    Police Chase

    Again, take a look at what I wrote. . . " Maybe I didn't hear it in the broadcast . . . what was he wanted for other than traffic? Evading and reckless (over 100 mph) yes, but the susp veh attempting to ram the police veh and officer was a bit of a stretch. In the video it looked like the susp...
  376. BillyFun

    Police Chase

    Where do YOU draw the line? Is it 5 or 10 mph over the speed limit that should end in a shooting. Where is your LEGAL justifcation for that shooting based on the video alone? By the way, read my response. "Maybe I didn't hear it in the broadcast . . . what was he wanted for other than...
  377. BillyFun

    Police Chase

    Maybe I didn't hear it in the broadcast . . . what was he wanted for other than traffic? Evading and reckless (over 100 mph) yes, but the susp veh attempting to ram the police veh and officer was a bit of a stretch. In the video it looked like the susp was trying to go arround the police veh...
  378. BillyFun

    Dog Trainers near San Diego???

    Pat Callahan at Gameland Kennels in Corona. Good guy. Trained 4 dogs for me and I bought 3 quality dogs from him.
  379. BillyFun

    Raahauges annual shooting & hunting sports fair!!

    I flew in on Thursday for some family issues. I went to the Shooting Fair on Suturday with some family members. Just got a call today informing me I won the NRA raffle for a Benelli Nova 12 ga. I have to make arrangements to have it shipped to Texas. Does anyone have a Nova. What do you...
  380. BillyFun

    Benelli M4

    Is it legal in Ca? Is this the "best" semi-auto tactical shotgun?
  381. BillyFun

    dam this guy is good yo

    One cold sore and he's nothin!
  382. BillyFun

    You gotta see this!!!

    That young boy is going to have a short, violent life. I don't care about him, but I do care about his future victims, intentional and unintentional.
  383. BillyFun

    4/26 Was A Great Day!

    Congratulations! You must be proud. Great memories there. That's what it's all about. Bill
  384. BillyFun

    Stupid Tip?????

    I thought about the fertilizer thing here in Texas, but it's a 1,200 mile drive back from SD after a 10 day. I don't think anythink would work in north Texas soil. Even if it did, the grapefruit hail size and tornados would destroy it. I live in Texas because . . .
  385. BillyFun

    I went to the gas station today...

    It was about as funny as a $5.00 fart . . .
  386. BillyFun

    Fun Gun - Ruger .22 cal Security Six

    I think I saw a Savage with a heavy varmit barrel in .17. I may go back to buy that along with the Marlin Guide Gun SS in .45-70.
  387. BillyFun


    More likely an improvised morter. Usually a short piece of pipe or mayme a sectionof an old rocker launcher. The tube was never ment to hold up to the pressure of a morther round. Usually a fire onnce and throw away type weapon.
  388. BillyFun

    Fun Gun - Ruger .22 cal Security Six

    I just bought a used one for $250.00 at the Cablea's in Ft Worth. It has a five digit ser number and is in very good condition. Not a collector gun or anything like that. I bought it as a shooter/plinker. I shoot my H&K and a Glock all the time for work. Just thought it would be fun to...
  389. BillyFun

    Caption competition here

    Did you catch that on worms? Where exactly are they at? Does your boat go out again today? Can ya catch those in this close? That's almost as big as the one I caught last year. Ya shoulda seen that one! And the deckhand kept yelling at me to follow my fish . . . It's big, but those...
  390. BillyFun

    Moving back to California

    Thanks for the info. I really appreciate all the knowledge on BD. I only have the one AR so it't isn't too big of a deal. I do have a couple .40 cal simi-auto pistols with 12 rd magazines. I guess I'll have to replace them with 10 rd mags. We have about two years to go before the move, but...
  391. BillyFun

    Moving back to California

    I live in Texas right now. We re thinking about moving back to California. I have an ar15 with the colapsing stock and som 20 & 30 round magazines. Will I be able to bring all that stuff with me. How about sending a gun to an out of state gunsmith. Do I need a FFL on both ends to do...
  392. BillyFun

    So.Texas pig

    Nice pig. Where are you located in Texas. I'm up in Frisco.
  393. BillyFun

    Botched IED Removal "BANG"

    Stupid hurts, at least for a second.
  394. BillyFun

    Size of Sato Crimps?

    Is Steve any relation to Gary Sato?
  395. BillyFun


    Go to the Shooting Fair at Raahague's. Many of the manufacturers will be there. For a few bucks you can shoot a bunch of different guns and get a feel for what gun and caliber you like. For potential lions, a .357 will work, but you have to hit them. If you are used to shooting a handgun, a...
  396. BillyFun

    As good as vacume packing

    You only use toilet water if you want blue fish . . . :imdumb:
  397. BillyFun

    Colorado Elk Hunt report.

    Congratulations on a nice hunt. I love the Meeker area and used to hunt there every year. You were smart to move when the weather came in. It can change pretty quickly up there. That mud is something else to deal with. Thanks for the great report! Bill
  398. BillyFun

    When the ground comes up to greet you

    Scary stuff! If you look close, there is a small white rock on the side of the road, right where the explosion takes place. That was possibly a reference/aiming point. It also looks like the device was buried next to the road, not under it. Lastly, it looks to me like the device was either...
  399. BillyFun

    Gulp Nightcrawlers

    Just curious . . . has anyone used Gulp nightcrawlers? I tried them this weekend at a lake here in north Texas. Couldn't get bit to save my life. :imdumb: Switched to real nightcrawlers and was getting bit one after the other (bass, crappie).
  400. BillyFun

    A nice touch on the Intrepid!

    I go on trips to fish, have fun and enjoy myself. If they do things on the boat to make it a more comfortable/enjoyable experience, ie. latte, free soda fountain, dvd and satelite tv in your room, adjustable ac in your room, etc, I'm all for it. Look at the trip costs . . . it's competetive...
  401. BillyFun

    what kind of fish is this

    It's a dead fish . . .
  402. BillyFun


    Check with Pat Callihan at Gameland Kennels in Norco. It's located on the property for Raahague's Phesant Club. I've bought 4 dogs from Pat and he also trained them. Good guy.
  403. BillyFun

    hung my stand today

    It's not the fall it's the sudden stop that hurts . . . tramatic decelleration syndrome.
  404. BillyFun

    A big deal to me

    Good man! Congratulations to you and to anyone else who can beat the disease. If fishing helps keep you sober, I wish you many years of happy days on the water. Congratulations to your family also. They got you back.
  405. BillyFun

    LaserMax or Crimsom Trace for Glock 23?

    Thanks Dave. I appreciate your response. Bill
  406. BillyFun

    Goodbye Juliana

    My heart and prayers go out to you and your family. I wish I had words that could ease your pain, but that cannot be done. We lost our daughter 11 years ago at the age of 19. God bless her, you and your family!
  407. BillyFun

    Youth .20ga.

    I's stay away from a .410. That is a gun for experts to shoot. Besides, it has a long shot string making it even more difficult to hit and kill a moving target. Browning used to make a very nice 20 ga youth model pump. I bought one for my son a few years back. He's 29 now and 6'6" so it...
  408. BillyFun

    HK USP 40 or Springfield XD .45 Tactical?

    USP 40 compact would be my first choice. Much more accurate than I can shoot, extreamly well made, safe an simple. Best choice for a home defense gun is a shotgun if you have the space to deploy it (harder to operate in confined space. That said, anyone who breaks into my house when I'm at...
  409. BillyFun

    LaserMax or Crimsom Trace for Glock 23?

    Does anyone have any experience with either orboth of these laser sights on the .40 Glock compact? Thanks, Bill
  410. BillyFun

    Back from Argentina - Silly Goose Hunting Report

    Congratulations on a great hunt! Just curious . . . what happens to the geese? Do the guides get them for their families? Can you bring any back? Thanks, Bill
  411. BillyFun

    Torsa 30?

    Matt, I have a Torsa 20 on a acid wrapped Calstar rod. I use #80 JB Line One Hollow Spectra and #60 BHP Tackle Floro wind-on. I used it for live bait and throwing wahoo jigs on my trip in December. On of the deckhands tried winding in a #30+ yellowtail on it and said the Torsa was like...
  412. BillyFun

    Customizing an SKB 7200 Tackle Box

    I just bought a new SKB 7200 tackle box. Any suggestions on customizing the interior/exterior? I have the rocket launchers and plan to add 1" skids on the bottom so I can open the front hatch when it's on the tackle rack on a LR boat. Your input and any photos of your box is appreciated. Bill
  413. BillyFun

    Tennis anyone...betcha can't play just once!

    That's a Dallas area phone number . . .
  414. BillyFun

    Youth Shotguns...?

    Browning used to make a very nice 20 ga. youth model auto loader. It ejected out the bottom also so it was nice for left handed shooters. I don't know if they still make it, but you may be able to find a used one out there for a decent price.
  415. BillyFun

    what do you guys wear in the surf

    Just a jock strap and a light coat of oil . . .
  416. BillyFun

    Training Labs

    Pat Callahan, Gameland Kennels in Norco. (951) 735-3251
  417. BillyFun


    Another thing to do is fish 3 and 5" Big Hammers in Green Grunion in the mornings after the runs. Nice way to pick up a few halibut. I sure miss Santa Barbara!
  418. BillyFun

    H&K USO40 Compact.

    You guys are a wealth of information. Very much appreciated. I shot a rental at the range and liked it a lot. The gun is more accurate than I can shoot. I own a P7M8 and that is the same way. I'm goingto give the compact model a try this weekend. Then it will be a toss up. Thanks, Bill
  419. BillyFun

    H&K USO40 Compact.

    Obviously I ment H&K USP40. I'm looking at buying one of these. Does anyone have any experience with this gun? How is reliability and accuracy? Your responses are appreciated. Bill
  420. BillyFun

    NC, 100lb Bat Ray, C & R, protesters

    I think they were jealous. Not many fisherman can land a ray like that from the surf. They need to stop hatin and start participatin . . . or shut the @#$% up and continue walking down the beach.
  421. BillyFun

    Dog trainers?

    Check out Pat Callahan at Gameland Kennels. He's trained 5 dogs for me over the years. I currently have an English born Black Lab. Steadied to wing and shot and steadied as a non-slip retreiver. Takes hand, verbal and whistle signals well. Actually a better dog than I deserve. Pat's...
  422. BillyFun

    Suggestions for Reel and Rod

    I recently purchased an Accurate ATD 6. I was thinking of using the reel for an 80# live bait rig with JB hollow spectra and a very short floro topshot. Is the reel up to the task, capasity and drag wise? Any sugestions for a rod? Thanks in advance for your input. Bill
  423. BillyFun

    Favorite firearms

    My go to work gun is a HK P7M8 9mm. Dead ass accurate, concealable and shoots much better than I do. I used that gun at Gunsite back in the 80s. Also have a 70 Series Govt Model that has some work done on it. Shotgun is a Browning Citori 12 ga. Rifle would have to be Ruger M77 in 300 in Mag.
  424. BillyFun


    ATD 30 and ATD 6 Grafighter 755XXH - Spiral Wrapped 9/0 Lip Latch for 26oz Catchy Tackle Spinner
  425. BillyFun

    Oh Shit!!!!

    It wasn't the fall that killed him . . . it was the sudden stop. Classic acute decceleration injuries.
  426. BillyFun

    Is this Guy a BDckr?

    I'd double tap that POS with a 9mm if he did that to my wife or daughter. That guy has a problem and should seek some professional help before he either gets shot or goes to prison.
  427. BillyFun

    Took Accurate in for service

    I've never had a problem with Accurate service. I send all my ATD reels in annually for service, cleaning and upgrades. Usually a quick turn around. I schedule service early in the year so it doesn't interfere with any big trips. I've been to the factory a couple of times also and they...
  428. BillyFun

    New Ho

    My son just got out in the begining of April. He was in for 10 years and was last stationed with HMX1, the President's Helicoptor Squardron. I did 4 years back in 70-74 with 1st Recon as an 8654 (Jump & Scuba Qual Recon). My orig MOS was 0341. I also did 3 yrs in the reserves with 3rd...
  429. BillyFun

    New Avatar

    I'll be headed to Waco to see the museum later this month. I hope to see your contribution there. Those were brave men. You should be very proud.:appl:
  430. BillyFun

    Hook choices

    My recent experience with EC2004 9/0 hooks was very positive. Everything that picked up a bait was hooked in the corner of the mouth. Previously, I used Super Mutu's and although I've never had a problem with them, I like the EC2004 hooks better. JMHO.
  431. BillyFun

    Kegerator Knowledge

    I knew this was the right place to ask this questions and get honest answers. Thanks for all your input. I definately have some things to explore. My daughter-in-law and her family are from England and Brits are in a class by themselves as far as beer drinkers go.
  432. BillyFun

    Kegerator Knowledge

    I may be in the market for a kegerator. You know, the small refrigerators that have a tapper and hold a keg of beer. How long will the beer keep in the kegerator once it's hooked up. Who make a good kegerator (no conversions). It will be kept in a 2nd floor game room. Before you make your...
  433. BillyFun

    Very Cool Site For Knots

    Fishing, boating, search & rescue, climbing, scouting, etc. Great site!