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  1. dwr@c

    San Diego County shutting down at midnight?

    Now what are the wanting to do ??
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    Goodbye & Thank You

    I try to ignore and stay out fishing !! Best of luck !!!
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    Reliable kill bag stitching

    Bleach is a great deodorizer.
  4. dwr@c

    Reliable kill bag stitching

    If you clean the bag with any bleach the stitching is history.
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    Sportboat fishing when it’s windy

    Stay Home !!! Lol.
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    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    It’s all just a hoax, remember. Ignore the precautions !
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    RP Report

    Amazing that much tuna hanging around a ball !!!
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    Strange sonar marks offshore near 371

    Hopefully you now know better than to post something like that on this site.
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    Excel 2.5 Day Teport

    There will be no 6 ft of distancing.
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    Waterproof or Water Repellent Shorts

    I like those Columbia brand shorts. I think they’re called backcast III shorts. I cut out the inside liner. Don’t hang below my knees. Hate shorts that go below my knees. Very fast dry. On sale at Kolls. $ 22.49.
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    Pacific Queen 5/29

    Thousands protesting shoulder to shoulder together seems to be ok and approved. 20 guys want to go fishing together and it’s too dangerous ?
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    How much anchor rode?

    50 to around 180 feet
  13. dwr@c

    How much anchor rode?

    If you’re going to anchor up at SCI expect to lose anchor,chain and a good length of rode as well. The 9 and runway areas are brutal ! 22 lb Bruce and 30 ft of chain always held. Sometimes too well !! This was on a Farallon 28.
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    San Diego full day boats $200

    With your own boat it only costs a few thousand $ per fishing trip. At least mine does and I fish a lot.
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    Rule Tournament Series Bronze as Washdown Pump

    I have that 70 psi hotshot as well. 6 gal per minute. I haven’t found anything better. I think it has more pressure than my house. I haven’t had any below desk leak issues. I think it has a 3 year warrantee too. Bought mine from Hodges Marine website.
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    Fisherman landing update!!!!!

    Nobody is going anywhere with continued case counts well over 2,000 per day.
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    Long Range Reopening Plan

    Almost 2,400 new virus cases today in Calif. Not too swift for cramming people into tight quarters.
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    Fisherman landing update!!!!!

    Interesting considering virus cases continue to rise with no end in sight.
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    Sportboats are to Remain at dock

    No surprise the trips are not allowed to run with a couple thousand new virus cases per day in Calif with no end in sight. This will be going on for quite a while unfortunately.
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    Go checkout

    At least 159 new San Diego County cases today. Number 3 in the state for infection. Looks like it will be quite a while before anything opens up.
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    Acceptable sport boat scenario

    San Diego County has the 3rd highest positive cases in the state.
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    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    The State Parks have been closed for weeks. He’s going to reclose them ?
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    For Sale 1984 Farallon 25

    I guess I gave my 25 away 2 years ago. I sold it for 43k with a Yanmar 315. 1400 hours. GLWS Should go fast
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    Fishing Future on Sportfishing Boats

    This virus won’t be around forever. I hope
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    I just couldn’t take it anymore

    Looks like a dangerous day at sea ! Lol.
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    Shut Down of 2020 Fishing Season?

    About 2,000 new cases in Calif today and yesterday. Hope it goes away soon !
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    Shut Down of 2020 Fishing Season?

    They’re not going to waste tests on people that want to go out fishing.
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    Shut Down of 2020 Fishing Season?

    You can test negative today. Positive next week
  29. dwr@c

    What does "recovery" look like for the sporties?

    There is no recovery here yet. The daily new cases continue to rise just about everywhere around here.
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    Fished CI 4/15

    Safest place you could have been.
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    NorCal 6/8 pack charter

    Volvo D6 350hp with duoprop. 1983 model which has been totally rebuilt. Have a slip but it’s not in the water all the time.
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    Boat Ramps open and usuable

    Since they’re about ready to open the state up, all the ramps should be open very soon.
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    Westport to anacortes 4/13

    Who would have ever thought going out for a boat ride or fishing would cause such a ruckus ! It’s getting rediculous.
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    The day is fast approaching...

    You could have a negative test this week and in 2 or 3 weeks test positive and come down the the virus.
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    Someone Tried the Dana Landing Launch Ramp Yesterday

    Who would have ever thought that going out fishing would cause such a ruckus ! Don’t these cops have anything better to do ? This is all getting rediculous now. Put the mask on and go for it.
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    Tax & License Refunds

    I wouldn’t have a problem at all finding an area to fish running out of Newport.
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    CDFW wants to CLOSE fishing- Make your voice HEARD

    Floating around out on the ocean is one of the few safe havens left. I’ve been out several times. Couldn’t be any safer out there.
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    Say goodbye to fishing

    Yep you’re right. They will shut it all down ocean included and once they do it’ll probably be closed for the rest of this year.
  39. dwr@c

    Say goodbye to fishing

    Specific areas within the state. Can’t imagine it would include the entire ocean
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    CDFW wants to CLOSE fishing- Make your voice HEARD

    Specific areas. Not the entire state ?
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    San Diego Bay shutting down

    Offshore for the day is one of the few safe havens
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    A Virus Nightmare

    And fishing is an issue ?
  43. dwr@c

    A Virus Nightmare

    Here’s one for the books. My friends wife disembarked off a cruise ship in San Diego on Monday morning. It was suppose to disembark in Chile but fortunately for them they said no way. This was a 2 week cruise which turned into almost 5 weeks. On Tuesday she received a call from the health...
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    Save our rights to feed or families!

    Isn’t this for the Coast Guard to decide. Not the local yokels.
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    Support long range fishing now

    First long range trip was in 1975. On board ever since. Nothing like it in the world !!!
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    Just a little more bad news

    Not a safe place to be anyway for a while. Just asking for trouble like the cruise ship situation. Help would be a long time coming.
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    I found my dream boat!

    Nice. Except for all that crap hanging off the stern.
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    Long Range shutdown?

    What a mess if just one person would become ill on the trip. No thanks
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    Avalon Closed Until Atleast May 31.

    I knew it was closed but didn’t know it was closed for that length of time.
  50. dwr@c

    Avalon Closed Until Atleast May 31.

    I read this on the JD Tackle website. No transit. No moorings.
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    DP - 03.28.20 - Got out

    Looks like a safe haven out there. Great place to be currently !!!
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    Fishing is now prohibited 3/25/20

    Newport Dunes ramp is still open.
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    Orange County's Launch Ramp Status

    Rediculous closing ramps. Totally safe offshore
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    Long Range shutdown?

    Unfortunately there will probably be many more cancellations for a while.
  55. dwr@c

    How many of you cancelling LR trips?

    Ouch. Lots of deposits to return !!
  56. dwr@c

    Long Range shutdown?

    OMG. Count me out !!! 😬
  57. dwr@c

    Long Range shutdown?

    Going would be just asking for trouble. Who would want to cram into an airplane as well.
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    Port of Everett Boat Launch Closed

    Where could you be any safer than out on the water ?
  59. dwr@c

    Long Range shutdown?

    No. Of course this isn’t going to just disappear in 2 weeks like magic. This social distancing could very well go on for months. There could be a Qualifier 105 situation times who knows how many ! Lots of shoestring budgets out there
  60. dwr@c


    If their own families are in jeopardy, family you will not be to them.
  61. dwr@c


    Wise to hang onto your own money for the time being. You might need it for your own family.
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    Fishing is now cancelled

    The news says we’re ALL going to catch the virus. Might as well go out with rod in hand !!!🎣
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    Fishing is now cancelled

    I passed by a CG patrol boat twice today running the boat for a while. They waved as we passed next to each other. The ocean isn’t closed. It’s a safe haven !!
  64. dwr@c

    Social distancing at its best

    Where could you be any safer than offshore. Great place to hang out !!
  65. dwr@c

    Official LA County Letter RE: COVID Closures

    Section 13. Line B. We’re off to the fishing grounds !!
  66. dwr@c

    Snapped Antenna Help

    Since you are an antenna breaker, better to snap the mount than the antenna ????
  67. dwr@c

    Time To Buy A Boat ?

    If you want to buy a boat now might be a great time to buy one !
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    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    I don’t believe anything China says. Like magic the virus is totally gone from there. Not even one case.
  69. dwr@c

    Diesel Prices

    Wait !!
  70. dwr@c

    Coronavirus Impact On Financial Markets

    It will all go back up. Plus !!!!
  71. dwr@c

    Trip cancellation 3/18

    So some miracle will end all these shutdowns nationally by April first ? Let’s hope so !
  72. dwr@c

    The San Diego has stopped Fishing till the end of March.....

    What happens April 1. Virus is gone. Everything back to normal ?
  73. dwr@c

    Long Range shutdown?

    Most of the long range trips don’t start until after the 2 week shutdown. Everything will be fine after that.
  74. dwr@c

    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    Everything is shutting down for 2 weeks. After that something magical will occur and the virus will be gone.
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    For Sale 2016 28' force made in hawaii commercial built sportfishing boat

    I’m sure it will sell fast to one of those demanding photos.
  76. dwr@c

    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    In LA County 1 person out of 10 million people has died so far. Just keep an eye on things. And don’t drive anymore because you have a much greater chance of dying in your car.
  77. dwr@c

    Carolina Classic 25 for SF Bay and NorCal coast?

    24 degrees. Very tipsy. My Farallon on the North Coast blasts thru pretty much anything up there.
  78. dwr@c

    SOLD 2002 Hydrasports 23WA with Trailer (located in Orange County, CA)

    Looks spotless and extremely well taken care of !!! Nice to see a boat presented like this.
  79. dwr@c

    Furuno FCV-585 Replacement

    New 588 ? Mine works great. Buy all my stuff from the gps store. Usually over night delivery and no tax.
  80. dwr@c

    SCI Night stay

    Seal Cove is a nice little spot tucked way in the back. There used to be a couple mooring buoys there. Not too good in a Southerly tho.
  81. dwr@c

    Boat “Road Tax”

    I use red diesel.
  82. dwr@c

    Boat Independence New Engines

    My computerized Volvo D6 is a pain in the neck. The computer will shut the engine down randomly at the worst possible time to check for faults. Other electronic issues pop up as well. High maintenance and very expensive to service and repair. 10 to 20k is not uncommon for repairs and service.
  83. dwr@c

    Cow cod regulations

    The deeper water is open but I don’t think you can keep any cowcod. Need to keep a decender device at the ready in that deep water. Send them back down.
  84. dwr@c

    Two Mantis Shrimp in a Week

    Back in the early 80s we caught a bunch of them in Santa Monica Bay drifting for halibut with anchovies.
  85. dwr@c

    Newbie here and need some advice.

    I like Talica 12s and Trinidad 20s. Works for me on 7 and 8 day trips. Matched up to Calstar and Phenix Rods. Tranx 500 with 8ft Rod is fun to fish with. You can always change out top shots too for stronger or lighter mono as needed.
  86. dwr@c

    For Sale 3 Phenix and 1 Calstar Rods

    Calstar 700L. $ 175 PSW 809H. 225. Sold SMX 711MH. 150 PSW700H. 225 All rods are in like new condition. Very little use. Open to reasonable offers. Dave. Please text. 951-415-1127 Thank You.
  87. dwr@c

    Furuno 1st Watch Wireless Radar or Garmin GMR18 HD +

    The iPad or iPhone screen would be fine for a back up but not for the primary screen. I wouldn’t trust wireless.
  88. dwr@c

    Furuno 1st Watch Wireless Radar or Garmin GMR18 HD +

    You probably won’t find anything but Furuno gear on commercial and sport boats. They only use the best and most reliable. My Furuno gear is flawless.
  89. dwr@c

    Catalina back to Long Beach at night

    Watch out for big wakes from ships which are difficult to see as well.
  90. dwr@c

    WTB Davis 22' or Farallon 23

    Ok. They haven’t marked it as sold so far.
  91. dwr@c

    WTB Davis 22' or Farallon 23

    There is a 23 Farallon on the web site. Just went up for sale a coupe days ago.
  92. dwr@c

    Advice Please On Replacing All Electronics 2005

    Furuno. Nothing but on my boat. Never will be anything else on it.
  93. dwr@c

    WTB 2520 Parker want to buy

    The boat market appears to be very soft. Unfortunately sometimes your first offer is the best when it comes to selling a boat.
  94. dwr@c

    Signs of bluefin

    I guess I miss calculated. I thought it was 804,687.257 pounds. I stand corrected. Yeah a couple big ones do add up quickly!!
  95. dwr@c

    Signs of bluefin

    About 800,000 pounds. It’s amazing there’s any of those tuna left. And we can keep 2. Lol. Wonder how many pounds other countries take.
  96. dwr@c

    Mantis shrimp, not much else 2/17

    They’ll take a finger or toe off too. Nasty little devils.
  97. dwr@c

    Rock Fishing Set up??

    Trevala with the low gear Tranx 400 and power handle works nice. I only use Jigs. I have one of the Shimano lucanus jig specials for deeper
  98. dwr@c

    Scrombroid Food Poisoning?

    How do people not get sick from the rotten looking fish in the supermarkets. I can smell it as soon as I walk in the door. Nothing I would want to eat !
  99. dwr@c

    3M 5200 Marine Adhesive instore????

    Any boat shop nearby should have it.
  100. dwr@c

    Got Caught trespassing to fish what’s next?

    What a waste of time. Should have just asked you to leave. And ignore the morons on this site. You know which ones they are.
  101. dwr@c

    Cory And His Wife Update

    What a relief for you !!!
  102. dwr@c

    Cory And His Wife Update

    I just heard from Cory. Sheryl is now breathing on her own. No more breathing tube. Alert and has recognition. Hopefully the worst is behind both of them. More prayers will certainly help !
  103. dwr@c

    Rockfish Artificials and Rigs

    I got to the point I was mainly using an Okuma squish jig. And a Jax jig in the deeper water. The colt sniper always did well too shallower and the yellowtail would grab the colt as well. This was fishing the west end of SCI. .
  104. dwr@c

    Going to Fred Hall show LB from Idaho, bringing boat, any tips would be appreciated. Thx

    Maybe check before towing your boat such a long distance. You never know here. It could be 90 degrees outside or a nasty cold front moving thru. Or anything in between. 😬
  105. dwr@c

    Bait Tank Recommendation Needed

    Don’t place anything on that engine cover !!! You might need it opened up quickly in an emergency.
  106. dwr@c

    Prayer request 02-01-20

    Praying for her full recovery Cory Worked for you !!
  107. dwr@c

    Range needed for San Clemente Tuna?

    I hold 200. Burn 60 on an SCI trip. Don’t go again until I top off. Just being on the safe side and no worries about not having enough fuel.
  108. dwr@c

    Hooping in SD Bay - DOGS!!!

    With sea lions damaging your hoops so aggressively, doesn’t all that action scare the lobster away ? I’m surprised you are able to catch any
  109. dwr@c

    Kayak fishing the outer breakwall at Marina Del Rey last Sunday

    Fished that many times back in the early 80s with live herring. There’s another one out there called roller coaster. As I remember it’s outside and to the north a bit. Not very far tho. We used to fish another one called Jim Thomas rock. It was north off towards the pier in about 60 ft of...
  110. dwr@c

    Colonet Lings on Swimbaits

    Here’s 2 on an okuma squish.
  111. dwr@c

    Colonet Lings on Swimbaits They work great. Very durable.
  112. dwr@c

    Brown Bait

    Back in the 80s we bought brown bait off a small bait boat called Scotty in Santa Monica bay. He would scoop it right out of the water while his nets were still in. He would fill our tank and we would fish the BKR area with it. Never seen bass come up and crash like that since. Unbelievable...
  113. dwr@c

    Triggerfish limit?

    I didn’t know they were that good to eat ?
  114. dwr@c

    On the water Excel 16 day fishing report

    Yuck ! Bring on the cookies and cake !
  115. dwr@c

    Almar takes its first salt bath... in gale

    Good Lord ! How do you fish with all that crap hanging off the stern ! Lol.
  116. dwr@c

    Shooting Sealions? NOT COOL!

    Can’t hardly get a bait in the water at SCI anymore.
  117. dwr@c

    Shooting Sealions? NOT COOL!

    Help Wanted !
  118. dwr@c

    New Complete Electronics Package

    For some reason you won’t find anything but Furuno on the Long Range/Sportboats. Same on mine.
  119. dwr@c

    Merry Christmas

    Happy Holidays From The North Coast
  120. dwr@c

    Best hand held vhf?

    No problems with my $ 120 standard. Works fine
  121. dwr@c

    Anyone want to go hooping?

    Wow. All this garbage just to find a decent fishing friend. How much more pathetic can it get.
  122. dwr@c

    5X Truline

    I’ve never had an issue with my 7s. That’s the length I normally use. Very comfortable for me.
  123. dwr@c

    5X Truline

    I bought a 5x mid 70s. Used it long range fishing for years with a 4/0 yellowtail special. Caught tons of yellowtail with it. Yellowfin tuna. Caught a 90 lb Black Sea bass on it. Used it for mainly flylining Mack’s. It was pretty much my go to outfit. I loved fishing with it.
  124. dwr@c

    Can you park car & boat trailer at shelter island launch ramp overnight?

    Too bad you need to do all this to be safe.
  125. dwr@c

    For Sale 26' Radon project

    You could really use another one to fix up !!
  126. dwr@c

    Unheard of
  127. dwr@c

    For Sale Costa Del Mar sunglasses

    Great sunglasses. I just bought a pair at Nordstrom’s Rack online. Couple bucks less.
  128. dwr@c

    For Sale Miscellaneous Rods Cheap

    $40 to 50 each ? Or make an offer. Good kids rods. Dave. 951-415-1127 Older Sabre Rods. Pacific Sticks. All in nice condition.
  129. dwr@c

    SOLD Penn Reels Including Four 501’s. Make Reasonable Offers

    All Sold in one lot. Thank You for the many messages and offers !
  130. dwr@c

    SOLD Penn Reels Including Four 501’s. Make Reasonable Offers

    Don’t worry so much about what other folks are doing ! Lol.
  131. dwr@c

    SOLD Penn Reels Including Four 501’s. Make Reasonable Offers

    Included. 6/0. 4/0 Broadbill special with Newell parts. 3/0. Open to offers Don’t know what they are worth. Dave. 951-415-1127.
  132. dwr@c

    SOLD Two Shimano Teramar 80m Rods

    Great Shape. $ 80 each. Dave 951-415-1127.
  133. dwr@c

    Yellowfin Invasion!!!! 8/16

    It’s really a shame ! And we’re the ones who do all the damage to the fisheries.
  134. dwr@c

    Recommended stand alone fish finder?

    Can’t beat Furuno !
  135. dwr@c

    Yellowfin Invasion!!!! 8/16

    Hopefully they don’t cross the border. Seiners will wipe them out overnight.
  136. dwr@c

    Monster Bluefin on the 3/4 day yesterday

    They were in the right place at the right time. Luck !
  137. dwr@c

    For Sale Savage Gear Squish Jigs

    I’ll buy them. I sent you a pm.
  138. dwr@c

    F150 3.5 v6 Ecoboost e/ 13,500 towing - realistic capacity?

    It rides pretty nice on an asphalt freeway. Concrete can be pretty rough. Overall there is no comparison between my previous Ford 350 and the Dodge. Dodge rides much better
  139. dwr@c

    F150 3.5 v6 Ecoboost e/ 13,500 towing - realistic capacity?

    Dodge 3500 diesel. Don’t even know 7 tons is behind me. No problem on the ramp at low tide either.
  140. dwr@c

    Brand new Mexicat stolen right after delivery

    Really nice looking boat !
  141. dwr@c

    Bait Tank as Fish Hold?

    Some bait tanks when used to store fish can be hard to clean and smell soon after.
  142. dwr@c

    Rpt.-Wed-06-26-19 Cleared to play on the Ducky!

    Just super ! Cory !!! And you look great !! Glad you’re back out on the water. I didn’t think you’d be away for too long. Ducky looks great as well. Nice remodel job Lal.
  143. dwr@c

    For Sale 1988 25' Farallon pilot house walk round

    It’s amazing people can’t read !!! Lol.
  144. dwr@c

    Call Ron. His number is in the ad.

    Call Ron. His number is in the ad.
  145. dwr@c

    For Sale Avet. Daiwa. Shimano. Reels For Sale

    Daiwa Sealine Tournament SLT50 dual drag like new. $200 AvetHX5/2 Very good condition. Some rash. 500 yards 80 braid. $ 350 Shimano Tyrnos 10 2 speed. $ 125. Call or Text. Ron. 949-933-0444
  146. dwr@c

    SCI 6/9/19

    Too bad there weren’t critics years ago to try and save the sand bass and baracuda fishing we once had along the coast. Now a fantastic day is a whitefish and sculpin bite.
  147. dwr@c

    SCI 6/9/19

    Someone should tell that to the sport boat fleet who kill thousands of those tiny 3lb yellowtail per year. What a waste !
  148. dwr@c

    2510 parker dv diesel vs. true world marine 242 diesel

    I wouldn’t have anything but a diesel. Flush deck and not a bunch of crap hanging 6 feet off the back of my boat. 2.5 mpg with a12,000 lb or so boat.
  149. dwr@c

    Mystery through hull in Radon project

    When that plastic grocery bag wraps around your outdrive the thru hull takes over the job of cooling your engine. I have that set up on my boat. It’s definitely an engine saver.
  150. dwr@c

    Farallon boats deadrise

    You have too many boats !!! Lol.
  151. dwr@c

    Farallon boats deadrise

    Mine has a great downswell ride. Straight as can be on the auto pilot.
  152. dwr@c

    Farallon boats deadrise

    260 gallons of diesel below the pilot house deck helps a bit. Uphill in 20 knots of wind at 15 knots is comfortable.
  153. dwr@c

    Cory update Thursday

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery Cory !!
  154. dwr@c

    Prayers For Tunaslam Cory

    Please send prayers and best wishes to Cory for his pending heart surgery. See you on the water soon !
  155. dwr@c

    Auto pilot questions

    Go with Furuno !!!
  156. dwr@c

    Rpt.-Wed. 04-03-19 Thunderbird Cod Fest.

    Sorry Cory. I miss my SCI ! You’ll have to give my new zone a try on the new Farallon !
  157. dwr@c

    27' Farallon re-power: D6 vs Yanmar?

    Yeah these are quite the skiff at almost 7 tons.
  158. dwr@c

    27' Farallon re-power: D6 vs Yanmar?

    Glad I’m not the only one with horror stories You can expect 20k repair bills in a few years. Just replaced the heat exchanger an almost 7k part alone.
  159. dwr@c

    Whale Entanglement

    Since the State lost the lawsuit filed by The Center For Bio Diversity the Dungeness Crab season is being forced to shut down on April 15. Don’t know if this is for the entire NorCal coast or just a section. No indication as to when of if the crab fishery will open back up. The lawsuit was over...
  160. dwr@c

    For Sale Two Teramar Rods and One Graftech Rod

    Both Teramar Rods are 80M. $ 80 each. Graftech rod is 80H which has never been used. $ 60. Dave. 951-415-1127. Text.
  161. dwr@c

    Box Canyon - 3.16 - Mini Rockfish

    Unfortunately that’s about all that’s left ?
  162. dwr@c

    I'm Bitter DP 03.16.19

    My solution. Sold the boat here. Bought another Farallon. Now fish the Lost Coast of NorCal. Already had a house up there as well. Loads of coastal fish. No boat traffic. No freeway traffic.
  163. dwr@c

    SOLD Hooks Galore !!

    Any offers on the remaining hooks ?
  164. dwr@c

    SOLD Hooks Galore !!

    The ones on the white towel have been sold.
  165. dwr@c

    SOLD Hooks Galore !!

    J Hooks. Circle hooks. Ring hooks. All sizes. Half Price. Open to offers on all of them or part of them. Dave. 951-415-1127. Text.
  166. dwr@c

    SOLD Box Of Rapalas.

    Over 20 lures in the lot. Open to offers
  167. dwr@c

    For Sale 2006 Farallon Walkaround

    Great Boat !! If someone is that interested in the boat they will come out. Look and get all the details in person. It’s a beauty ! GLWS !! My 25 sold in a couple of days. A bunch of details were unnecessary.
  168. dwr@c

    SOLD Rockfish/Rockcod Jigs. Jax Jigs

    $ 8 box. Perfect !! Thanks Cesar !
  169. dwr@c

    SOLD Box Of Rapalas.

    They will fit into a $14 flat rate box. USPS.
  170. dwr@c

    SOLD Rockfish/Rockcod Jigs. Jax Jigs

    Most of them are 6 oz. I think the larger are 10oz. $ 1.50 each Dave. 951-415-1127. Text.
  171. dwr@c

    SOLD Tuna and Marlin Jigs

    Tuna Jigs. $ 4 each. Most are new never used The pouch contains 9 Jigs. Marlin Jigs. ? $$. Offers. Dave. 951-415-1127 Text.
  172. dwr@c

    SOLD Box Of Rapalas.

    $ 50 for all of them. Open to Offers. Text. Dave. 951-415-1127
  173. dwr@c

    SOLD Surface and Heavy Jigs

    Most of them are brand new. $ 4 each. Dave. 951-415-1127. To text.
  174. dwr@c

    SOLD Box of Lucanus Jigs

    Box of Lucanus with xtra hooks and skirts. $ 100. Dave. 951-415-1127.
  175. dwr@c

    I need a piece of plastic

    Paragon Plastics in Santa Ana has pieces of all sizes.
  176. dwr@c

    SOLD Wonder Winder Offshore Line Spooler.

    Don’t know what’s it worth. The last one sold for $ 550. Looks like new. If interested please make offer. Dave. 951-415-1127. Text.
  177. dwr@c

    For Sale Six Baitwrap Jigs.

    I guess no one likes these ?
  178. dwr@c

    For Sale Six Baitwrap Jigs.

    New. Never used. $ 60.00. Text. 951-415-1127. Dave. 4 Heavy. Right ones are lite.
  179. dwr@c

    SOLD Tady and Salas Jigs.

    Bunch of various jigs. $ 4 each. Also have some poppers. Weights. Hooks. Too much to list. Dave. 951-415-1127. Text
  180. dwr@c

    SOLD Two Teramar Rods and Talica 8 2 speed.

    Newell’s are sold 80h and both 80 mh are sold.
  181. dwr@c

    SOLD Two Teramar Rods and Talica 8 2 speed.

    2 Teramar 80m. $ 85 each Talica 8 2 speed. With 50lb Power Pro. Pretty much like new Rods in great shape. 951-415-1127. Text #. Dave
  182. dwr@c

    SOLD Shimano Tranx 500HG. $ 435

    Reel serviced by Shimano. Not used since. Like new condition. 65 lb Izor braid underneath 40lb Izorline XXX mono. $ 435. Have Phonix Black Diamond 809 rod with reel seat available if interested. Dave. 951-415-1127. Text
  183. dwr@c

    SOLD Gold TN 20

    Not sure how to edit the title
  184. dwr@c

    SOLD Gold TN 20

    Has 65 lb power pro on it. Not used since service by Shimano. Great condition. $ 225. Dave 951-415-1127. Text. SOLD.
  185. dwr@c

    For Sale Project boat - 2 brand new Volvo D4s - Not mine $65K

    Looks like it would be an expensive nightmare to finish off.
  186. dwr@c

    For Sale Project boat - 2 brand new Volvo D4s - Not mine $65K

    It is an Owens Brigantine 33 feet from the 1960’s. Nice fishing boat !
  187. dwr@c

    What's the best ff/chartplotter for under $1000

    Furuno is the best. Can’t beat their electronics.
  188. dwr@c

    Non-Skid Decks

    Looks nice. I have 600 spots I could bring with us !!!
  189. dwr@c

    What's the best ff/chartplotter for under $1000

    I use a 94sv for my plotter. A Furuno 588 with 1kw transducer
  190. dwr@c

    Retirement move to socal

    I moved my boat and all fishing the opposite direction to the Lost Coast from SoCal. Slip 200 a month instead of 1,000. No traffic to deal with. Hardly any other boats out fishing. Fishing is great. I love it here compared to all the hustle and hassle down there.
  191. dwr@c

    Non-Skid Decks

    I used Interdeck 2 years ago on fishing deck and pilot house deck. It stains easily. Real have to scrub it. Chips badly. Wears off as well. I need to apply another coat of something. Not sure what to use.
  192. dwr@c

    For Sale Bertram 20 Bahia Mar -Price Reduced - 15k

    Like I Said. Who cares. Beautiful looking boat. GLWS !!!
  193. dwr@c

    For Sale Bertram 20 Bahia Mar -Price Reduced - 15k

    Who cares if it’s the first post. Get over it.
  194. dwr@c

    Rad wife! New boat given the go ahead.

    No. I don’t hardly even know the Farallon is behind my truck. Very easy towing
  195. dwr@c

    WTF!! Dana Point Trailer Parking Lot Mess

    Let’s hope so ! You just never know what to expect anymore.
  196. dwr@c

    Cleaning an onboard engine

    Yes. I bought it at West Marine. It’s about $ 20 a can. I suppose wd40 would be ok as well.
  197. dwr@c

    WTF!! Dana Point Trailer Parking Lot Mess

    Sounds like the powers at be would like to see the ramp totally go away one of these days.
  198. dwr@c

    Boat insurance recommendation

    Time for me to shop around !
  199. dwr@c

    Cleaning an onboard engine

    I lightly spray my D6 with fresh water. Not too much tho. I stuff a hand towel where I don’t want any moisture to get into. Then spray the engine with Boeshield T9. I wipe the engine getting in all the nooks and crannies. Then spray it again with Boeshield. I do this every 2 or 3 months on a...
  200. dwr@c

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    I never bought the 32. Didn’t want to spend 300 k on it. I just had these pictures from when I was considering buying the 32. I just stuck with the 28s and traded in the outdrives every few years.
  201. dwr@c

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    Here’s a couple shots of the 32 inboard.
  202. dwr@c

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    Been there. Done that 4 times
  203. dwr@c

    Boat insurance recommendation

    I have Boat US. Seems fine
  204. dwr@c

    Rad wife! New boat given the go ahead.

    Hi John. Don’t forget you also need to drive with lights on and the permit within arms reach Incase CHP would happen to pull you over. LOL !
  205. dwr@c

    Rad wife! New boat given the go ahead.

    Gotta have the banners in Calif over 8 1/2 and the permit.
  206. dwr@c

    Rad wife! New boat given the go ahead.

    My 28 ft Farallon needs a permit to tow. Wide load signs front and back. Have a slip but still tow it around for maintenance. Beam is 9’8”. I believe over 10 needs a pilot car. Not sure about that tho. The over 8 1/2 beam is sort of a pain to deal with.
  207. dwr@c

    Farallon 25 rebuild

    Awesome boat !
  208. dwr@c

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    I would rather have a diesel inboard Cummins in my 28.
  209. dwr@c

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    I hope so. My new one has 150 hours on it.
  210. dwr@c

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    It’s just part of fishing and owning a boat.
  211. dwr@c

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    Totally rebuilt with D6 Volvo. Engine parts and maintenance ridiculously expensive Great flush deck
  212. dwr@c

    Show me your blackman boat

    This puts a Blackman to shame in heavy seas. I know I had one
  213. dwr@c

    WTF!! Dana Point Trailer Parking Lot Mess

    Bought a home in a great Humboldt County neighborhood. Moved the boat from my $30 a ft per month 30 ft slip in Newport to a 40 ft $5.50 a ft per month slip on Humboldt Bay. No traffic. No crowds. Fantastic local fishing. Most days only a handful of boats out fishing. Don’t miss the fishing and...
  214. dwr@c

    For Sale Old School Lowrance X16

    Have Lowrance paper graph that’s been sitting in the garage. Don’t know if it’s worth anything. X16 with 6 rolls of paper Dave. 951-415-1127
  215. dwr@c

    For Sale Transom Mount Swim Ladder

    Windline 2 step swim ladder. $50 Dave. 951-415-1127
  216. dwr@c

    For Sale Fortress fx 16 Anchor

    Never used. $ 85.00. Dave 951-415-1127
  217. dwr@c

    For Sale Shimano Trinidad 40Narrow

    Got 500 for mine recently. Hang in there. Ignore the morons !!!
  218. dwr@c

    For Sale Bait Tank About 50gal

    About 50 gal. Includes hand well and cutting board/cover. $ 50. Dave. 951-415-1127
  219. dwr@c

    For Sale Raider Wahoo Lures

    Have 11 Raiders. Most of them new $ 75 Dave 951-415-1127
  220. dwr@c

    For Sale 28 Farallon Walkaround 2006

    Sorry. It is sold. Have another 28 but that one isn’t for sale.
  221. dwr@c

    For Sale Shimano Gold TN 20

    Xlint Cond. Has only caught a handful of fish. Spooled with 65 lb powerpro $ 285. Dave 951-415-1127
  222. dwr@c

    For Sale Trinidad 40 N

    They are a beautiful reel ! It’s just been sitting around. I prefer my Tac12’s.
  223. dwr@c

    For Sale Trinidad 40 N

    I guess !! All you can do is sit back and laugh at such pathetic folks. The reel is suppose to be picked up in the morning.
  224. dwr@c

    For Sale Trinidad 40 N

    And out come the morons.
  225. dwr@c

    For Sale Trinidad 40 N

    Brand new but I guess a bit to high in price ?
  226. dwr@c

    For Sale Trinidad 40 N

    Brand new in box. Never used . Has clamp and paperwork. Spooled with 65lb braid. Don’t remember which brand. Asking $ 650 Dave. 951-415-1127
  227. dwr@c

    For Sale 28 Farallon Walkaround 2006

    I don’t have a trailer and will take that into consideration Has 2 bunks and porty potty. Standing headroom
  228. dwr@c

    For Sale 28 Farallon Walkaround 2006

    No. I need it for my other Farallon !!!!
  229. dwr@c

    For Sale 28 Farallon Walkaround 2006

    I always fish 60 miles out. And at SCI so I like everything perfect for offshore
  230. dwr@c

    For Sale 28 Farallon Walkaround 2006

    Just thought I would start over with a new drive. Got a good trade in on the other one.
  231. dwr@c

    For Sale Talica 8 and 12

    No. I have more stuff than I know what to do with. Lol.
  232. dwr@c

    For Sale Talica 8 and 12

    Both 2 speeds. Tac 8 has 50 powerpro. Tac 12 has 80. Don’t remember what brand of braid. Tac 8 $ 400. Tac 12 $ 425. Both xlint cond. Couple scratches here and there. Dave. 951-415-1127
  233. dwr@c

    For Sale 28 Farallon Walkaround 2006

    Volvo D6 310hp diesel 675 hours. Duo prop outdrive 225 hours. Furuno electronics. 80gal bait tank. 200 fuel. Huge fish hold. Lofrans windlass. 24kt Cruise @ 2.5 mpg. Xlint Cond. Asking 98k. Dave 951-415-1127 SOLD.
  234. dwr@c

    Hi I have a Tac 8 and 12 I would like to sell. Neither have had much use. They both have...

    Hi I have a Tac 8 and 12 I would like to sell. Neither have had much use. They both have power pro on them. A few minor scratches here and there. Dave. [email protected]
  235. dwr@c

    For Sale Parting out Skipjack 28 (1975)

    7k for everything sounds like a great buy !
  236. dwr@c

    Rpt.-03-20-18 SCI Rockfish Bonanza!

    Had a great time ! Nice day ! Nice fishing ! Love my new little Tranx 300 !
  237. dwr@c

    For Sale Pursuit 2470cc for sale

    Keep trying. Ignore the nuts !
  238. dwr@c

    For Sale 26' North River 130kOBO

    I like my 14,000 lbs when it gets rough. Don’t enjoy pounding.
  239. dwr@c

    For Sale 26' North River 130kOBO

    Wow. Almost as much as my Farallon which weighs 10 times more.
  240. dwr@c

    Hi I was just wondering if your boat came with the seat cabinet combo behind the pilot chair...

    Hi I was just wondering if your boat came with the seat cabinet combo behind the pilot chair Or if it’s after market. I’m looking for a unit like that. Nice boat !!! Dave
  241. dwr@c

    Rpt.-12-19-17 SCI Lings, Reds, Coppers w/Pic's.

    I had a great time ! Can't wait to do it all again ! I lose so many fish using those snipers I think due to the small hooks.
  242. dwr@c

    Rpt.-12-13-17 SCI Reds and Whites.

    I go to SCI because I don't want to fish by anyone else or see another boat all day I burn 50 gal of diesel. No big deal at all. That island is a true paradise !! Some days the fish are big and straight reds. Some days not. All in a day of fishing !
  243. dwr@c

    Rpt.-Thur.-10-26-17 SCI Tails!

    The hook was buried deep and really tight. They worked at it for quite a while trying to get the hook out.
  244. dwr@c

    Rpt.-10-12-17-Thur. SCI Fool's Gold.

    The 7 seals following us around sure didn't help any either ! Next time !!
  245. dwr@c


    Are you sure this is no bueno info or fake news ??
  246. dwr@c


    Apparently they will be in a day early. Repair and head out again. It's a boat. They break. You fix. And keep on fishing.
  247. dwr@c


    Shogun returning on one engine ?
  248. dwr@c

    Where are all the good deals on Parkers?

    Apparently they are not over priced here as they all seem to sell quickly. There's a lot of junk offered for sale on the East Coast.
  249. dwr@c

    Wanted - Farallon 2800 Whaleback or 26-29ft Radon - preferably dual outboard

    Being the owner of 2 28 Farallons currently, they are the finest fishing boat out there. Wait for a farallon unless you want the shit beat out of you on Davis. Yes I had one of those for 6 months which I couldn't wait to get rid of. That 28 for sale is a beautiful boat at a great price.
  250. dwr@c

    Farallon 2600 Walk Around Pilot House 26' Diesel D4-260 Volvo

    My 28 has about the same speed and fuel economy. These boats are just the best !
  251. dwr@c

    27 Foot Farallon Whale Back 350 Horse Volvo Diesel

    Used Farallons usually sell pretty fast
  252. dwr@c

    27 Foot Farallon Whale Back 350 Horse Volvo Diesel

    Yeah. I have a 28 walkaround slipped in Newport since 06. Bought it new. There is nothing like them in this size range. I've owned a lot of boats. The Farallons are just the best in heavy seas. No need to head in. Just keep fishing.
  253. dwr@c

    27 Foot Farallon Whale Back 350 Horse Volvo Diesel

    Yes ! I now have 3 farallons and my 25 needs a new home
  254. dwr@c

    Rpt.-Wed.-12-28-16 Last chance Rockfish at SCI in 2016!

    Your welcome Cory. Had a great time in beautiful weather !!! Can't wait to head out again.
  255. dwr@c

    Rpt.-Thur.-12-15-16 SCI Reds, Coppers and More!

    Your welcome Cory. It was a great day at sea !!!!
  256. dwr@c

    Farallon 25 rebuild

    Here's another re-store job on a 25.
  257. dwr@c

    Newell and Diawa reels

    Both 332 SOLD. Thanks Jim.
  258. dwr@c

    Newell and Diawa reels

    One. S229-5. Newell Reel. $. 185.00 One. SL20SH. Diawa Reel. $ 75.00 These reels are in brand new condition. Don't think they have ever been used. From estate. More rods and reels coming Dave 951-415-1127
  259. dwr@c

    Rpt-04-20-16 SCI Tails, Reds and other Critters!

    With all these directions it's a wonder we make it there and back without getting lost !
  260. dwr@c

    Rpt-04-20-16 SCI Tails, Reds and other Critters!

    Your welcome Cory. I had a great time. Beautiful day out there. The new engine ran great !! Dave
  261. dwr@c

    Rpt.-Thur. 03-17-16 SCI Rockfish and a big Tail.

    Yeah. Without membership towing could have been a few grand. We sure had xlint service from vessel assist. I'm really surprised this happened as both the engine and out drive were removed from the boat for a full service in January
  262. dwr@c

    Rpt.-Thur. 03-17-16 SCI Rockfish and a big Tail.

    Your welcome Cory. Sorry about the long ride home. In 10 years running this boat that is the first failure and tow in. Lucky to have Vessel Asist. They sure got to us quick. We should be back up and running Monday afternoon !!
  263. dwr@c

    Saltiga 30 for sale. $ 199

    Mechanically perfect. Has some rash. Includes 330 yards of 65lb power pro. $ 199. Call Ron at 949-933-0444 SOLD
  264. dwr@c

    Three Saltiga 30's for sale

    Two Saltiga 30 with 65lb power pro. One Saltiga 30T with 80lb power pro. Xlint mechanical. Reels have some rash. Asking $219 each. Please call Ron at 949-933-0444.
  265. dwr@c

    Calcutta 250. $100

    Calcutta 250 in like new condition. Only used a couple times. $ 100. Dave. 951-415-1127. SOLD
  266. dwr@c

    Trinidad 12 Gold

    Selling a Trinidad 12 with with brand new 65lb braid. Reel has never been used. Not a mark on it. SOLD. Dave 951-415-1127
  267. dwr@c

    Its official I selling my boat. 2007 Parker 2510 XLD

    More moron responses. Good luck with your sale
  268. dwr@c

    The 150 was fun today

    Maybe all that braid will do some damage to their running gear.
  269. dwr@c


    2 is great ! Don't need 10 yellowtail per person either.
  270. dwr@c

    fish finder recommendations

    Forget all that other crap. Go Furuno.
  271. dwr@c

    SOLD SOLD SOLD 2007 Farallon Boat 2800 Walkabout

    Nice boat !! The volvos are a pain in the ass. First hand knowledge !!!
  272. dwr@c

    2 Day on the Legend

    Fisherman are there own worst enemy. Too stupid to have enough sense to release those tiny yellows and let them grow up.
  273. dwr@c

    WTB Faralllon or other diesel straight shaft.

    I was looking to buy this one. I even spent 500 for a survey. It has a lot of electrical issues among other things.
  274. dwr@c

    1986 25' Farallon Whaleback For Sale

    Surprised it's not sold already
  275. dwr@c

    Pig YFT today

    Too bad the seiners are now scooping them all up. What a crime
  276. dwr@c

    Trolling through the 150...

    I don't stop til I get to SCI !!!
  277. dwr@c

    Talica 12 Excellent Condition

    Jesus Christ get a life !!!!!
  278. dwr@c

    Farallon 25

    It's an awesome boat. And no out drive to screw around with.
  279. dwr@c

    Farallon 25

    1989 25' Farallon. 2006 Yanmar diesel. 1300 hours. 19knots at 3 mpg. Trolling valve. Floscan. Trim tabs with indicator. 2009 Pacific trailer with recent tires,brakes, bearings and coupler. JRC radar. Raytheon AP with wireless remote. Furuno chart plotter , sounder and gps. 2 VHF radios. Deck...
  280. dwr@c

    WTB Farallon

    I've decided to move up to a 28
  281. dwr@c

    Tuefin Blunas are Gay as Fuck in January!!!!! THUNDERBIRD 1.5 report

    We catch a few. The seiners keep thousands and thousands of them. Nice catch !!
  282. dwr@c

    Try ebay. Reel handles. I've bought several there. Dave

    Try ebay. Reel handles. I've bought several there. Dave
  283. dwr@c

    Opinions on fuel surcharge or not

    I'm glad you confirmed what I pay for fuel.
  284. dwr@c

    Opinions on fuel surcharge or not

    The JD Tackle website in Newport reports the fuel price in Newport every few days.
  285. dwr@c

    Opinions on fuel surcharge or not

    It was last week for diesel. Could be less this week.
  286. dwr@c

    Opinions on fuel surcharge or not

    I paid $ 2.56 per gallon recently in Newport. Put on 130 gallons.
  287. dwr@c

    Any questions about my Farallon please feel free to contact me. It is the Best boat I have ever...

    Any questions about my Farallon please feel free to contact me. It is the Best boat I have ever had. Dave. [email protected]
  288. dwr@c

    Wtb 28' Farallon or similar diesel

    Volvo D-6 with their out drive. About 800 hours and the out drive is worn out. My 3rd one has about 800 hours on it. This month the drive is going to be rebuilt. The second one actually shot parts out thru the side wall of the drive. Somehow I was still able to slowly make it back to...
  289. dwr@c

    Wtb 28' Farallon or similar diesel

    Yeah. And I think the out drives are more like 12k now. I'm on my 3rd out drive. Luckily they were all under warrantee. No more warrantee now tho.
  290. dwr@c

    Wtb 28' Farallon or similar diesel

    3,000 hrs is just broken in on that engine
  291. dwr@c

    My 06 Farallon 28 with the D-6 has 2600 hrs on it. Runs and performs like new Just a bit of...

    My 06 Farallon 28 with the D-6 has 2600 hrs on it. Runs and performs like new Just a bit of maintanence keeps them going. I've heard of D-6's with 22,000 on them and still going strong.
  292. dwr@c

    Rpt.-Wed.-11-26-14 SCI Lings, Reds and Coppers!

    Your welcome Cory ! Had a great time. Saturday looks great again !
  293. dwr@c

    Rpt.-Sat.-11-08-14 SCI Reds on the chew!

    Your welcome Cory. We'll get out again soon. Sure didn't have the conditions I was expecting !
  294. dwr@c

    Rpt.-Wed.-10-29-14 SCI Limits of Reds and Critters!

    Yes. They are green spotted rockfish we catch out in the deeper water Also refered to as boscos.
  295. dwr@c

    WTB Farallon

    This is it. Docked at Woodley Island Marina in Eureka.
  296. dwr@c

    1994 20' 'Don Blackman FishMachine Express I/O in San Diego

    Still looks nice and clean. Don built it for me back in 1994.
  297. dwr@c

    WTB Farallon

    I just picked up a 25 yesterday with a recent re power with a 315 Yanmar diesel. The decks and fuel tanks have been replaced. It's loaded with newer electronics. Everything on the boat has been recently upgraded and replaced
  298. dwr@c

    YFT until Paddy Crashers 8/30

    I I run out 40 or 50 miles before I stop. No problems out there !!!
  299. dwr@c

    Spirit of Adventure 7-day report

    Wish I would have been there !!!
  300. dwr@c

    Paddy Poaching

    I just don't stop til I get to the Butterfly Bank. The googans usually don't make it out that far.
  301. dwr@c

    25.5 Sailfish Diesel PRICE DROP Again!!!

    Looks like you should clean it up before listing it.
  302. dwr@c

    Hi. I'm interested in a 25. Is it diesel ? Have a trailer ? Dave. [email protected]

    Hi. I'm interested in a 25. Is it diesel ? Have a trailer ? Dave. [email protected]
  303. dwr@c

    Parker 2520

    Forget the Blackman Way too tipsy !! Parker's are great. But my Farallon probably weighs twice as much. It will slam through any weather around here
  304. dwr@c


    I had a 26 Billfisher inboard. Couldn't wait to get rid of it. I had to hang on when I drove it. Way to tipsy for me. My 28 Farallon is so stable. 4 guys on the same side of the boat and it hardly pitches.
  305. dwr@c

    Freelance Newport 3/4 day advice?

    Sorry. But I would rather just stay home !!!
  306. dwr@c

    Catalina Lings - 3/23

    Beautiful looking fish. Need to try that method at Clemente. Come back out with me Jonathon !!!
  307. dwr@c

    Rpt-Wed.-03-19-14 Repeat Performance at SCI, almost?

    Your welcome Cory. Once again I had a great time ! Can't wait to get out there again.
  308. dwr@c

    Rpt.-Sat.-03-15-14 Reds at SCI!

    Your welcome !! We'll do it again soon.
  309. dwr@c

    Question about INDY WIFI

    Not all of us dig ditches for a living.
  310. dwr@c

    Where has the etiquette gone?

    I don't stop my boat until we get to San Clemente Island. Usually no one to deal with out there.
  311. dwr@c

    Intrepid gets WIFI

    As with any business,you either keep up with the competition or your not a competitor any longer.
  312. dwr@c

    Talica 8II

    I'll take it !!
  313. dwr@c

    BNIB Talica 12 2 speed for Trinidad 16a or 16na

    Thanks Jerry. Will put it to good use !!
  314. dwr@c

    Newell,Shimano,Daiwa Reels

    Newell R 332-5 Sold Shimano TLD 15 star $75 Daiwa 30TH $130 This one has a small dent on top. The reels have had very little use and pretty much look like new. Dave 951-415-1127
  315. dwr@c

    Whats up at Alijos?

    Check out the Intrepid report from a few days ago.
  316. dwr@c

    Phoenix Rods ?

    I bought a 700h to use with a talica 12 40 lb. Also a 700xh to use with a talica 12 50lb. I used these last week on the Excel 8 day trip. WOW what nice rods ! Yesterday I bought a 700xxh for a talica 20. I want more. Really nice rods is all I can say !
  317. dwr@c

    On the water report. Excel 07/10-07/18 team Whoo 8 day

    The weather has been awesome. Warm and flat !
  318. dwr@c

    Shimano Terez Rod

    7 ft. dark green 70Mh 40 to 80 lb braided line Very little use looks brand new $160 Dave 951-415-1127
  319. dwr@c

    Lets see what trips people are going on for the 2012-2013 season

    Excel July 10 8 day Sept 17. 8 day And 2 more undecided
  320. dwr@c

    Toriums and Terez

    The 20 is to be picked up tomorrow
  321. dwr@c

    Toriums and Terez

    Torium 20 with 65 braid. Some scratches and rash. $100 Torium 16. No line. Some scratches and rash. $75 Terez 7 ft. MH Dark Green color. Used a couple of times. $175 Reels were serviced by Shimano and have not been used since. Dave 951-415-1127 cell
  322. dwr@c

    Rpt-Sun.-San Clemente Island Lings and Reds

    Your welcome Cory ! Can`t wait to give it another try.
  323. dwr@c

    28 Farallon 2006

    Ok. You're more than welcome to join in ! Dave
  324. dwr@c

    28 Farallon 2006

    Yeah. There is nothing else out there worth buying than a Farallon as you know. The 32 will be great. Thanks
  325. dwr@c

    28 Farallon 2006

    If you are interested and a serious buyer you can come to Newport for a sea trial and examine the boat in the water. Please feel free to call me on my cell and discuss the boat. Go to for even more info. I don`t care about the photo needs of looky-loos. Those who are really...
  326. dwr@c

    28 Farallon 2006

    Volvo D-6 diesel. 2100 hrs,fully maintained and looks like new. Walk around pilot house. Two bunks and toilet below. All furuno electronics. 80 gal. offshore bait tank. Excellent Condition. Will email pics. $109,000. Dave 951-415-1127
  327. dwr@c

    Rpt-Wed-01-11-12 Great Local Bass'n!

    Nice bass fishing there Lal and Cory !
  328. dwr@c

    Shimano Terez rods

    Last season I caught 2 60lb tuna on the 70H with no problem whatsoever. I also have the 70 Xh and use it for yoyo fishing and flylining. The XH will have no problem at all catching 80lb tuna. I do love those Terez rods but am just disappointed with rust stains underneath the wraps. I use a...
  329. dwr@c

    Shimano Terez rods

    My guides are all starting to rust on my 4 Terez rods. I keep them nice and clean. I'm not sold on them . I don't think they are worth anywhere near what they are selling them for. They sure are light weight. Very comfortable to fish with tho. They seem strong. I use them on 8 day trips.
  330. dwr@c

    Shimano rod and reels

    Terez dark green 70mh new condition $185.00 Torium 16 with 65lb Izor braid $100.00 Torium 20 with no line $100.00 TLD Star 15/30 with 65lb powerpro $90.00 Reels were just serviced at Shimano and all in good condition. Call Dave at 951-415-1127
  331. dwr@c

    Shimano Terez Rod

    7 ft Medium Heavy. TZC-70MH-EG 40-80 braided line. Dark Green color. Asking $210. Please call the cell phone if interested 951-415-1127 Dave. Am in Chino Hills
  332. dwr@c

    Rpt.-Thur.-03-31-11 SCI-Great weather and Awesome fishing!

    You`re welcome Cory,had a great time. Ready to go again!
  333. dwr@c

    Rpt. Wed. 08-11-10 SCI Calicos

    Hi Tom, Yep we have had some really great bass fishing but now the sea lions are so aggresive you can barely get a bait out. Now they kill the bass when you release them. Lately I have been putting the boat almost on top of the rocks to try and get away from the seals and so the bass can get...
  334. dwr@c

    Trinidad 12

    Very little use in Xlint.Cond. $275 Dave 951-415-1127
  335. dwr@c

    Shimano Reels

    Trinidad 12 $285.00 Torium 14 $125.00 Both reels are in xlint. cond. with lite use. Dave 951-415-1127 cell
  336. dwr@c

    Calstar Rods

    Calstar GX-8 Custom Wrap. X-wrap handle. $160 Calstar 800-XL Custom Wrap. X-wrap handle. $150 Red and blue wraps. Very little use on both rods. Dave 951-415-1127 800-XL SOLD GX SOLD
  337. dwr@c

    Calstar GF 800XL or 800XLH

    800xl with x-wrap handle. Very little use. Xlint.cond. Custom wrap. $160
  338. dwr@c

    Fishing Report Friday Aug. 14

    We caught everything on sardines. Had great bait from the barge in Newport.
  339. dwr@c

    Fishing Report Friday Aug. 14

    Fishing Offshore Friday Four of us headed offshore today from Newport in nice flat calm seas with just a very slight breeze. Stopped on a couple dry patties but finally found one and hooked a nice dorado which broke the line. A couple minutes later we hooked a nice long but skinney yellow...