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    mid size tuna casting reel?

    tranx 500
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    Boating etiquette

    oh and turn your headlights off at the ramp so the next guy can see as he backs down.
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    For Sale 2014 Defiance 29 Pilot House for Sale

    are you trying to figure out if this is the one that was belly up in MB channel?
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    Fishing License clarification question.

    and you have to be "floating or swimming in the water" cant spear from a boat or land.
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    For Sale Okuma Azores z55-s BNIB spinning reel

    Located in North County SD but willing to ship. These are $120 at tackle direct. $80 OBO.
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    For Sale Prop 13.75" x 19p Yamaha SS

    Used Black painted stainless M19 Yamaha factory propeller from a F150. Use but Good condition, no dings. I went down to a 17. $150 obo I have pics but need to upload them, so message me for now. Pickup in North County San Diego.
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    For Sale Prop 13.75" x 19p Yamaha SS

    Used Black painted stainless M19 Yamaha factory propeller from a F150. Use but Good condition, no dings. I went down to a 17. $150 obo I have pics but need to upload them, so message me for now. Pickup in North County San Diego.
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    Pacific Queen 3 day 8-16-19

    Nicely done. So how does it work on a 3 day when you fish in MX and US waters when it comes to limits?
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    Hook and Hand

    Hooking is the fun part. After that its just work and worry. Hand it off and go hook another. Share the stoke
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    I’m concerned

    I predict that we will see commercial fishing go the way of market hunting
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    For Sale Boston whaler outrage-12,900

    Consider trade for HJ's/BJ's plus cash on my end?
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    For Sale Reliable Kill Bag 48x28

    Sold U b in good condition. 2 years old. Holds about 200lb of typical grade fish and ice. Seams sealed with 5200. $150obo. San Marcos or Poway pickup
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    Re rigging stick baits

    try 2/0 treble vmc
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    I have a never used "Tigress 15' Fiberglass Telescoping Outrigger System" black and gold. San Diego. Message me if interested.
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    Need fishing info for Cancun, Mex. Please

    Check out
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    For Sale Trolling Rods, Cheap. San Diego

    Selling a pair of all roller trolling rods. Aluminum gimbal and real seat, slick butt, EVA foregrip. Good condition. Rods are guide sets are decent quality. One is 6' 30-50lb, the other is 5'6" 50-80lb. $100obo for the pair. Poway or San Marcos. .
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    Corrosion Inhibitors

    boeshield fan here
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    Backing for my 50 lb braid

    back it with 50lb mono. problem solved.
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    new rockfish regs start march 1st.

    did they actually publish a map with a curve?
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    Fish unique to southern California?

    when 2 places touch its hard to have unique species without a wall.
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    Pros of a lower gear ratio

    Small spool dia. effectively lowering the final drive which is all that matter.
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    Pros of a lower gear ratio

    inches per crank is more important. With out spool diameter ratio is not telling the whole story.
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    Tern gear ratios

    turn the handle and count the spool rotations is pretty fast
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    San Diego Bay Killer Night Lobstering 11/17

    28 lobsters for 3 guys is a great night. Congrats.
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    Fastest boat in the fleet?

    Mad Max is up there for fastest charter boat.
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    For Sale White Seabass Print, San Diego

    Amadeo Abachar limited edition #1 of 3. 6’ print, life size 60lb WSB. $2000
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    WTB Yamaha Prop 15x17 3 blade or 15x15 4 Blade San Diego

    I need a new prop for a F150 (same as V6 props) Yamaha, also open to Merc props since they are the same splined shaft. Stainless prefered but open to aluminum if priced right.
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    WTB:22-25ft Boston Whaler Outrage

    The original poster sold his boat and quit fishing.
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    Mex fishing permit question for BOLA Children that are under the ages of 10 are exempt from needing to have a license.
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    Mex fishing permit question for BOLA *Fishing License - The cost of a fishing license is 395 Mexican Pesos per day. That is approximately $20.00 USD, depending on the exchange rate that day. In order for us to secure your fishing license, we will need to know the names of each passenger, so...
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    Mex fishing permit question for BOLA

    Interesting that they posted this. I know its not coming from conapesca but did they just fabricate this info? DO I NEED A FISHING LICENSE IN BAJA? Yes, except for a couple of exceptions. If you're going out on a charter or aboard a private boat...
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    WTB Calibogie/Powerskiff 15

    If its overpriced why dont you swoop up one of the cheaper ones on the market. What boat do you have now?
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    where is Carnosa? I thought i knew all the islands...
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    WTB Calibogie/Powerskiff 15

    Ryan its been a few years, ran it a bit with the old motor before the refresh. Time to go back to a boat that can fish 4+. My plan is to keep it through the summer and have something bigger by next summer. We need to get out and buddy boat offshore, stop launching out of oside...
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    WTB Calibogie/Powerskiff 15

    I am planning to upgrade this fall or winter but would sell sooner for the right price, not sure what that is. Message me if you are very serious. Boat is in Poway. 1986 hull (CCM vin), DF60A, 100hrs (just did 100hr service and impeller), no feedback helm installed with motor, 17 gallons of...
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    Setting Proper Drag Pressure with Spring Scale

    depends. as you get deep in the spool the drag and leverage changes big time. I would go 25% on any lever drag at strike since you can always add pressure
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    5/30 La jolla

    How many minutes did it take to fill the tank? Did you have to mess with the valve at all?
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    WTB 21 Parker cc

    SE is the mod V
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    13' Hobie skiff

    Well I can tell you its a calibogie not a Hobie. I had one in a 15, You can fit the metal 5gal outboard cans in those aft storage boxes to free up some deck space. Go narrow if you get a new console. If I recall the rigging tube come up under the seat, not exactly where you would want your...
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    Any recent BOLA report?

    Mexican GT's in the late summer. Gigante Toros.
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    How much line a 150# bluefin will take for the first run

    Ive noticed fish including BFT taking me to the same spot on my line/spool multiple times during a fight. The only thing i can think of is that there is a thermocline that they dont want to swim through. Anyone notice this?
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    Liberty 3/4 offshore report. Bluefin!!!!!!

    Very nice. Did you guys find any tuna up top crashing bait? I dont exactly have the Libertys sonar capability...
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    First Custom Pilot House on a 177 Tahiti Skiff

    Good looking house. Im guessing you didnt pop a mold off it?
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    Shelter Island launch ramp update pictures

    Whats the name of the construction company that was awarded this contract?
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    California Ammo Laws 2018 - No more private ammo sales

    Are components (bullets, brass, powder, primers) still OK for private sale here?
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    Xtratuf Pelagic Dorado sz 13

    I can do paypal thats just means $70 to spend on more gear
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    Xtratuf Pelagic Dorado sz 13

    SOLD Stand out at Fred Hall this year in your new boots. Brand new. size 13. $70 cash. San Marcos.
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    Sea Ox 230 Cuddy Fishing Boat

    "2.4-3.2 gph at 22-24 knots" not bad for a 2 stroke...
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    what not to do 9-14 181-43-9

    Offshore we are fishing federal water/laws anyway. I think you only need a license to bring the fish back into CA.
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    what not to do 9-14 181-43-9

    I wish i could get an "america license", similar to mexicos federal license. having to buy them for each state blow.
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    Hollow Braid Line

    you can tie it
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    are there rules for Seiners?

    I wonder if commercial fishing will go the way of market hunting.
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    16' skiff projects

    these look like calibogies, not hobies.
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    Ebay Question

    you will get updates that you can turn off, seller does not know who you are but know how many people are watching the item.
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    Tigress Outrigger Kit, 15' $150 OBO

    its not a photo of what i actually have but it is what i actually have... does that make sense? You will only get 2 outriggers and they will be black, bases are identical as is the rigging kit.
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    Tigress Outrigger Kit, 15' $150 OBO

    I decided to go with outrodders. Everything is brand new, never installed. Nothing fancy, they can mount to the ttop of you have a plate or bolt one on. Tigress 15' telescopic outriggers...
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    When to use hollow braid?

    when you want to use a wind on or have a smoother smaller spectra to mono connection. I like hollow
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    Rotary Helm and 13' cable

    Come get in in Poway, used but still works.
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    Blank recommendations hea

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    Options beyond a head boat and a 6 pack?

    PV 3 day trips
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    MERCURY VERADO 250 help needed

    there is one belt for the alternator and blower
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    MERCURY VERADO 250 help needed

    is the blower working? check the belt
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    Accurate Contact

    The flats are without doubt machined. The wiffle knob is the accurate knob.
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    Accurate Contact

    Anyone have a contact at Accurate besides, Kristin Hicks <[email protected] and Marcella? Long story short I sent in a reel for service and to fix a bent handle, they serviced the reel but the handle shaft is still bent. Twice they have sent parts but they are the wrong size. The...
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    I am beyond pissed!!!!!

    i have had it happen to me when i flood a heavy coat of cp. now i just dab it in a few spots to "tack" it then come back in a half hour and finish it
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    1990 Chaparral 234 Fisherman, 2006 Merc 383 MPI - $18,700.00

    Has this ever been tented for termites?
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    Boat ID????

    better boat shots.. thinking cdory
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    Guide ID help

    I need 2 of the size 16. I could also do a 16 and a 12. Thanks for taking a look.
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    Guide ID help $17.50 each and need to replace 2 of them. sounds expensive for a crap guide. Now i am considering replacing it with something else even if it doesn't match perfectly...
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    Guide ID help

    I need to replace a guide on a seeker black steel G6465H. Not sure of the make or model, nothing stamped on the guide. See pics below. Thank you
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    Service/support contact for Savage side of Okuma

    Anyone know who to ask for? No mention of savage baits in the okuma directory.
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    Correct Propeller Size...

    that zuke probably has a really low ratio lower unit. with small hp boats load makes a huge difference. look at some yamaha performance reports for that motor and see what prop they run
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    Correct Propeller Size...

    you probably need a 12 pitch
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    Side console to center console

    consider weight too. all the fuel, bait and cooler in the back half could be an issue,
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    Bait Bag Info/recommendations. Taking my boat to Cali in Sept

    try west marine. I would do 2 of the small ones, one on each side to balance out the boat.
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    Drag or no drag. What's the correct way to slow troll mackerel?

    thumb on the spool is half the fun
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    Trade a trip

    good trade
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    Aftermarket outboard lower end at one point I think honda sourced merc lower units. not sure when/if that stopped.
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    In line hooks for 1.5-3oz poppers

    mustad makes an inline too.
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    Ella Mae gets her BFT @ the 43

    well done Art. now go get one in the yak
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    Well, there it is, the zero logic gun bill list has passed

    That sucks. does it depend on build config or a stripped lower now and assault weapon.
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    Well, there it is, the zero logic gun bill list has passed

    Bills the governor signed will: — Require an ID and background check to purchase ammunition and create a new state database of ammunition owners — Ban possession of ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 bullets. — Restrict the loaning of guns without background checks to close family...
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    Rods for Penn Fathom 40N

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    RCKJB 508-500 question

    About a year ago I bought a lot of 7 rainshadow blanks off ebay that included a knife jigging blank. Slowly I have been wrapping them. Question is what to do with this knife jigging blank. I don't knife jig. I was thinking of using it as a dropper loop rod just to see this thing bend...
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    BFT Taped out at 270lbs.

    301 tape numbers are low in my experience
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    Wtb kill bag. Preferably reliable 28x48

    Just seeing if anyone has one they want to get rid of before I buy a new one San Diego area
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    Anyone Using Swimbaits for Small Tuna, Albies, ETC.?

    yep they work great.
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    Phenix abyss

    pm sent
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    dying sea of cortez

    imagine what it was like before the dams on the colorado...
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    What Reel Would You Use For This Application

    it depends on how you are going to be hooking for these 150-200lb tuna... what species of tuna? bait, kite, troll, chunk, popper, jig, small boat, anchored boat, water depth, water clarity? so many more variables than the size of the fish.
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    Best gas trolling motor?

    you can prop any size motor down to do 1mph. If you are not getting on plane a 2hp motor will push you almost as fast as an 8hp. my guess is you will need about 10hp min to plane that boat.
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    Top Gun on the Bluefin

    No he didn't.
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    San Diego Charter

    Pinnacle Sportfishing Pennicale sportfishing with an I Its funny to see what words are censored. I believe pennicale runs a 4 pax
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    Defiance Admiral 250 EX Opinions

    Where did i say they are dangerous? I have been on them on land and seen many, not sure why you would doubt that. I feel that boat design makes a difference in all sea conditions. some boats will surf, some broach.
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    Defiance Admiral 250 EX Opinions

    This was the 29 so maybe the 25 is ok. No secret, this is why they quit selling them in SD and started selling them to the guys in Washington. What facts do you want?
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    Defiance Admiral 250 EX Opinions

    they flip over, at least one did, one time
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    WTB Bait Tank Fitting 3/4" Rule 90

    The ones at SDMX are tapered pipe thread so its hard to get it tight and have it at the proper angle... Fishbones I think that will work. There is some inconsistency in the pdf. Sending PM.
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    WTB Bait Tank Fitting 3/4" Rule 90

    Awesome let me know if you find it.
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    WTB Bait Tank Fitting 3/4" Rule 90

    I am installing a Rule Tournament 500GPH bait pump that I had laying around (800 GPH is also 3/4). It comes with a Straight and a 90* fitting, the 90 went MIA. Any one out there have the 90 degree fitting. If so I would like to buy it or trade for a sixer. San Diego area. The fitting is...
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    penn torque 25n bolts
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    17' SurfSki

    I have been on some big cats in the gom with lots of HP. The big Twin Vee's, freemans and 31 ameracat will seriously run 25knts or 40+knts in "pretty much any conditions" we have here in so cal. Its not magic. its 600-1kHP, trimmed to raise the bow, sharp entry, hull packing massive amounts...
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    Looking for a Graftech GOF70XH SD area

    Anyone have one laying around?
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    1999 Kencraft Challenger 215 CC

    What is the difference?
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    Help me set up 114h's for local trolling

    fill it with straight 50LB mono
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    WTB geenough 17'

    the tahiti offshore 177 surf sled has a 77" beam.
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    WTB geenough 17'
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    donkey on rods needs help bad.

    Why is braided line spec'ed differently than mono. I understand the stretch differences but 80-200lb is so wide for a 50-60lb mono rod. Wi What if it was rated at the force necessary for 50% load, the force where the rod shuts off. The rod doesn't know what string is on it.
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    nice boat. Please post pictures of the 60Lber
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    WTB Bait Tank 17-25 gallons

    Still looking for the right tank
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    Stainless vs Aluminum prop performance

    So the prop that allows you engine to spin at higher rpm is more efficient?
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    Stainless vs Aluminum prop performance

    pitch and cup equal why would you gain RPM with SS. Should AL blade flex allow motor to rev out more than SS?
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    WTB Bait Tank 17-25 gallons

    Opening up my search to the kodiak pf-14 or maybe even the aqua world 13.
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    WTB 8' VHF antenna

    I am in a similar boat. If anyone has one for same message me. SD area
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    WTB Bait Tank 17-25 gallons

    I would prefer a PE tank plumbed to drain directly overboard. Aquaworld or Kodiak or similar preferred. San Diego or South OC.
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    A Black Day for Hunters

    what kind of sicko burdens a wild animal with a GPS collar. Did they just call it over and put its collar on? no they shot it with a dart, took the anal temperature then put a collar on. Sounds like animal abuse to me.
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    Best Way To Use My Whaler As a Ski Boat? Clip on to where the trailer tie down straps are.
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    2002 19' Baja Bayrunner

    location and engine hours would help.
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    What new PENN west-coast stuff would you like to see?

    You must fish on party boats.
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    I would guess san Gabriel valley
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    Need something fast w/ 4 stroke

    I sold a 22' twin vee with 2x115 to fat cat years ago. Spent a few days on a 29' twin vee with 300hp yammies. The 29 is amazing
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    Need something fast w/ 4 stroke

    26 twin vee CC with 2x175hp
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    The little Mercedes that could....

    "Properly equipped, an ML can tow up to 7,200 pounds"
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    Newell C338-5

    This reel has very little use, no back but the screws are there. $150obo in San Diego. Will ship for $160
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    Evinrude E-TEC G2 feed back

    any word if they are going to make a G2 3 or 4 banger?
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    All around Baitcasting reel???

    Get your calcutta fixed and get a bigger reel for wsb, YT, tuna and dorado.
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    *SOLD * SOLD * Bait Tank 90 Gallons Split Like New

    I don't think it has a built in light, but it would be easy enough to install one. Tank is in Poway if you want to take a look
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    Reels FS

    Pm on the Tranx
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    Phase Separation..Ethanol....Important Read

    I wish stations would post the ethanol content of the fuel. I remember they used to be a sicker if it contained MTBE
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    *SOLD * SOLD * Bait Tank 90 Gallons Split Like New

    This was a used tank the was professionally refinished. Matterhorn white awlgrip outside and white gelcoat inside. Professionally painted. Tank includes custom made starboard lids that were really well made. I do not have a photo. Deminsions are 40"x24" aprox 34" off the deck. owner...
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    1998 WorldCat 266 SC $35,000

    so what did you sell it for and how much of that went to the broker. I only ask because I just sold my 266sc to a guy that looked at your boat... PM would be fine.
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    Boat trolling question

    new prop, 8" of pitch should do it
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    16' Bayrunner power options

    Boat 3 has a 2006 25hp 2 stroke, tiller - around 500lbs total (385#, 115#)
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    $25 - Frigidaire Upright Freezer - Works Great!

    What a stand up guy.
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    Blown anti reverse in a new Boss 600 DPX2 Dawg!!!

    Yes. Had this been a technical review of the reels fault that would be helpful to the bd community. Good story about the talicas bro.
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    Blown anti reverse in a new Boss 600 DPX2 Dawg!!!

    send it back to accurate. Call them 951-479-0909. No need to air your dissatisfaction, I am sure they will take care of it.
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    Snow Play Garbage (sad)

    The ones that go swimming with their jeans on?
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    Noob questions. getting started what/where to buy

    Cmepen. Good to know. Hopefully I can make a class soon.
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    Noob questions. getting started what/where to buy

    Looking to get started by repairing some rods I have with broken guides, eventually/hopefully making 1-2 rods per year there after. Any reason I shouldn't get the items below from mudhole (CRB hand wrapper and 18rpm dryer? I am open to suggestions. Planning on buying guides, thread...
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    Toro tamer 50lb hollow 1000 meters

    Make me an offer, $192 on amazon. I can ship on your dime. Pick up san diego, poway, san marcos. It's good stuff I was able to splice in a section on some reels I has solid on so I have an extra spool. Really liking the splice through the guides.
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    World Cat 266sc twin Hondas $35K

    About 29-30 knts. If I get out this weekend I will take some more accurate numbers.
  141. C


    You already put 50hrs on those f150's?
  142. C

    What new PENN west-coast stuff would you like to see?

    a penn "Tranx" or lexa 400, with a clicker. I have sargus which I dont even see on the website. Does penn even make a low profile reel anymore? I feel like the frame could be designed to get the spool closer to the blank on all of the models. Specifically the FTH25ld2 and trq25n
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    Buying a 17 Montauk need help!!

    motor alone not worth 10k, still a good deal. Jump on it or send me a link...
  144. C

    Buying a 17 Montauk need help!!

    Well if it has paint, its not original. Could be a good deal with the fresh motor.
  145. C

    World Cat 266sc twin Hondas $35K

    The trailer is ready. I may even be able to meet you half way... Especially if you bring me a 14' Livingston, no shortage in WA.
  146. C

    World Cat 266sc twin Hondas $35K

    Bump, corrected year on trailer.
  147. C

    World Cat 266sc twin Hondas $35K

    Added pics. Not show is a chemical toilet Porta potty. It mounts in the port sponson.
  148. C

    Newell P332-F San Diego

    Bump 175 shipped obo
  149. C

    Metaloid 5 ii

    New, in box with clamp. $200 obo, will ship on your dime. PayPal or cash.
  150. C

    Reels for sale

    I will take the andros.
  151. C

    Newell P332-F San Diego

    I purchased this reel new. Drags are upgraded to carbontex or ht100's (can't remember) either way drag is smooth. Clean reel, 9/10 only because some of the writing is warn. with box. See photos. $185 obo will ship. Feel free to fill out the warranty card.
  152. C

    Advice needed on boat

    If you can find any of the above clean with low hours for less than 5K you should buy it. If you find a Clean 16 radon for less tan 5K please send me link
  153. C

    Advice needed on boat

    Any 17-20' center console with a running 2 stroke. Go buy the one with the cleanest motor and trailer you can find.
  154. C

    Advice needed on boat

    with out a budget this post is worthless
  155. C

    World Cat 266sc twin Hondas $35K

    Yep tower folds back. 16 gph 24 knots, most trips are 1.5 - 2 nautical miles per gallon. Trolling speeds are about 2.5gph. Boat does have flowscan.
  156. C

    Hollow splice diameter difference

    Good info. I will use 2:1 mono od to braid od as my baseline. Thanks
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    World Cat 266sc twin Hondas $35K

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Motors have aprox 590hrs. Run flawlessly. 1999 BF130, SS props l 2010 Aluminum trailer, sea hawk, new tires 2014. Full issenglas enclosure, including back. Canvas for all 3 sides for storage Spotting hoop. 2010 Seahawk Aluminum trailer, double axel, new tires...
  158. C

    Hollow splice diameter difference

    When splicing hollow braid to mono what are the limitations. I understand that at some point you cant fit thick mono into thinner hollow but what are the limits on the other end. If you wanted to put 20lb mono into 80 or 130lb hollow braid will it work. (extreme example)
  159. C

    17 Montauk

    Eric, if you're etec is nema 2000 get something that supports that. I have a simrad nss7/8. Super easy to use and you can add ap, sonic hub , radar, more screens... Lowrance is pretty much the same thing in a different package. The cheapie transom transducer dual freq (83, 200 I think) is...
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    12 Days of Christmas Give Away -DAY 11- Accurate Fury

    barefoot bar, paradise island mission bay
  161. C

    Solid vrs. Hollow

    Exactly. I have solid now. would like as low of drag (no hangups in the guides), closest to 100% strength connection I can have without tossing the solid and filling with hollow.
  162. C

    Where to take cheap Mini-Vacation with wife???

    Ensenada, Popotla, erendria, San Q...
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    seeker pinhead??

    If you want an all glass rod they are fine, not fancy.
  164. C

    Solid vrs. Hollow

    anyone do solid to hollow then spliced to mono/floro? Can this be done? I guess the solid to hollow reverse fingertrap splice would be the tough one...
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    Okuma Metaloid Single and Two Speed Reels

    I just received a metaloid 5ii. Noticeable handle bind at about 12lbs (maybe even less) The drag cam is very steep, I assume this is how they are able to maintain freespool at high preload. with strike set at 10lbs you have freespool with the lever aprox halfway between free and strike...
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    Braid vs mono line rating

    What's up with rods that are rated for 50-80 mono or 130 - 200 braid for example? The braid rating is always way higher. Is it just me or is this retarded? All I can think is A slight difference in guide friction and major difference in stretch as well as diameter. Non of this should make a...
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    Penn Torque 25 Star Black trq25b

    Bump for price drop $295
  168. C

    Penn Torque 25 Star Black trq25b

    Above buyer never got back to me. Bump
  169. C

    Seeker Stealth (MGC) 8020-8CT

    Also for sale. $130.
  170. C

    Penn Torque 25 Star Black trq25b

    Brand new. For sale $275 obo. Just like the gold ones just black. Can ship or FTF in San Diego. Pic next to newell 332 for size comparison.
  171. C

    Surface Iron Reel to match a 90j

    newell 332
  172. C

    This will definitely hurt the jerky business...

    Yep. Mystery cut and paste. Oops and the coyote thing is bs. You should be able to make any legal hunting fishing activity competitive.
  173. C

    This will definitely hurt the jerky business...

    If you self identify do you get to use the other gender locker room? Field hockey tryouts will be interesting.
  174. C

    New Panga from Ensenada, Mexico

    You should flip the rod over and reel backwards...
  175. C

    Daiwa sl50 accuframe narrow

    I have had this reel on the shelf for a long time and never use it. Anyone know anything about it? Looks like upgraded frame and narrow spool. Gearing is still 6:1 as far as I can tell. Other than the stock handle it feels good and tight with a great free spool.
  176. C

    Torque 25 Star

    Yeah I wish it was the 25n. Anyone want to trade? May just make it a bait reel or sell it.
  177. C

    Torque 25 Star

    Is anyone using the TRQ25 "wide" on a Jigstick. Sounds like they cast with the best of them. Thinking about putting one on my 90j and replacing my P-332 Newell. Thoughts...
  178. C

    Seeker Stealth (MGC) 8020-8CT

    Bigfish, I am good on the long rods right now. Really looking for something in the 7' range. thanks
  179. C

    Seeker Stealth (MGC) 8020-8CT

    Yep. But not on a scale until I got home...
  180. C

    Seeker Stealth (MGC) 8020-8CT

    Its a little lighter than I wanted after getting it home and pulling on it. Really a great 20 lb stick not the 25 I was hoping for. Deck hand style 8' cork grip. $130 san diego. consider trade this for a comparable 30lb+ stick or 700H. Maybe even another rod, what do you have?
  181. C

    Drag spec question

    When a manufacturer says X reel has 20 lbs of drag with free spool... or max drag 31lbs. how/where is it measured? Directly off the reel, full spool? After you load up a 10' jig stick? Some "standard" 6' rod? Empty spool? Random marketing number...
  182. C

    Anyone running Toyo AT II tires on their truck?

    check out the new BFG AT KO2.
  183. C

    Cheap Tree Stand: New in the Box

    The model is a Big Game boss lite. Could be good of a second location or on public land where you may not want to leave a nice stand. $90 on amazon. BD Price of $50obo. Located in San Marcos.
  184. C

    Help me pick a Center Console

    29' twin vee with 2x300hp should work. How much do you want to spend?
  185. C

    Looking for a 29 or 32 foot Blackfin flybridge

    I know of a BF 33 that could be for sale...
  186. C

    F#@%!!! Bull Shit Lobster Citation!!!

    You are required to carry a 3.25" gauge. So if you plan on having your 3.27" trophy bug gauge you may want to carry a regular one too...
  187. C

    WTB Speargun and related spear fishing gear

    Spearfishing is gay, I hear golf is a nice
  188. C

    Moving a hydrohoist

    put an outboard on it
  189. C

    New Panga from Ensenada, Mexico

    your outboard is missing it's tshirt.
  190. C

    9/22 499 area

    Thank for the report. Did you work the "cold" side of the 499?
  191. C

    OK, who was clingling to their flipped skiff?

    I didn't know Defiance makes a Skiff...
  192. C

    I know most of you hate divers but....

    Can you back that up with a reference. Unless the law has changed you are not required to fly a flag (Alpha or Diver flag) in CA.
  193. C

    Check your Death Bolt

    this was not in a cat but it was a twin engine boat. No tie rod 2 cables.
  194. C

    Check your Death Bolt

    Where did you get this from? in my experience the motor stays straight and pushes the boat.
  195. C

    Corvina and sand bass in oside

    I bet the spotty isn't 14"... Nice barred corvina.
  196. C

    Just for Livingston lovers

    More info about the pilothouse with twins please...
  197. C

    Help me understand this weather report please

    yep thats rough. I doubt your fishing out west. You should look at weather reports in the area 100 miles south of SD
  198. C

    Towing Boat to Cabo

    Run down the mainland and put it in at Topolabampo. The toll road on the mainland side is nice and wide.
  199. C

    Spreader Bar Recommendations

    Rick is the man, I like the short 9" (i think) composite bars rigged with 7 or 10 6" bulb squid.
  200. C

    Slip in San Diego?

    check out marina village in mission bay.
  201. C

    New Diesel Truck

    I get 20MPG towing, empty on the highway I have to siphon fuel out of the tank or it will overflow...
  202. C

    Alternative 4 Stroke Oil?

    I use t6 in my truck, car and Honda outboards.
  203. C


    "Fish may not be filleted aboard the vessel from which it was caught" I normally hop on 72 and put out a call that I am looking to trade fish. Then we raft up, swap fish, fillet, drink beer and everyone is happy.
  204. C

    Ever get Busted?

    Put 200HP stickers on the 250's and delete this thread in case anything ever happens...
  205. C

    Tuna bachelor party help!!

    Jaco, CR. Best place for splitfin tuna
  206. C

    Taco Cart Catering Recomendation

    I am looking for someone to cater a party for about 50 people in San Marcos. Any recommendations? Good alpastor is a big plus.
  207. C

    FS Penn sargus baitcaster CHEAP

    what happened to the PM? Conversation sent...
  208. C

    honda 10 hp outboard

    Killer price on this Gem.
  209. C

    Looking for a varmint ar upper, need input!

    Super cool would be a WSSM upper
  210. C

    The New Boat Catches

    More boat pics please. What hull is that?
  211. C

    National Forest Gates Locked?

    Are they enforcing adventure passes?
  212. C

    URGENT - Lobster Season in Jeopardy!!!

    What would it cost the commercial operations if the buoys fell off or got cut by your prop? Sure ghost traps kill bugs but not as many as actively worked traps.
  213. C

    Please Watch Out When Fishing The Long Beach/Los Angeles Break Wall

    Because there are no kelp beds there.
  214. C

    80% lower anodizing ?

    call Olympic coatings in Escondido. I don't think they anodize but should be able to recommend someone.
  215. C

    80% lower anodizing ?

    wait until its 100% before you anodize it.
  216. C

    Blackfin or Phoenix help!

    which ever one does not have volvos.
  217. C

    Speed comfort level running with radar...

    don't go any faster than the speed you are willing to hit something at.
  218. C

    2000 Wellcraft 180 FIsherman CC

    I have fished on this boat many times. Seats are on the tank and slide forward and back to allow easier access to the bait. The tank holds a full scoop. Really nice dry ride for an 18'er. The trolling motor make it a great bass boat.
  219. C

    producer overn Fuckin ass clown skipper on producerwhat happened tighter last weekend

    I wonder if he has electronics on the boat... Scanning sonar can tell you more than your choive.
  220. C

    Do not buy a Infinity car.

    overpriced Nissan...
  221. C

    F150 Towing??

    How is your truck rated to tow 13,500 LBS with a 5k LB hitch? You for got to read (or comprehend) the *when properly equipped.
  222. C

    F150 Towing??

    But you feel comfortable beating on your truck hard enough to break the factory hitch. Make up your mind
  223. C

    F150 Towing??

    IMO you will be fine with with the factory hitch and that boat. Should be close to 5K lbs
  224. C

    WTB G-Chart for Older Garmin 225

    I bought a new to me World Cat that came with a Garmin 225. Its a decent little color GPS that will get the job done for now if only I could find a SoCal/Baja G-Chart card for it. Garmin stopped selling them in '04. Does anyone have one one they would sell? Or know where to get one?
  225. C

    Trailering to Baja

    The only time I got a TIP was for the mainland, never got one for baja or been asked for one. GL with the 9'6" beam
  226. C

    Looking for a smoker

    get the amazen pellet smoker. I can load it up, light it shut the door and not have to open the door or be home for 10+hrs. This is in a masterbuilt 30" electric smoker. Even with the smoker not plugged in it will stay at 150 when its 75 degrees out.
  227. C

    Cheap/Shitty Trolling Rods San Diego

    I am looking for at least 2 trolling rods on the cheap. Do you have a rod that you bought a Big5 because it was on sale but never use, the one that kind of sucks and you don't trust. 40-50LB class 6' non roller rods would be ideal. I am going to pair them with some old senators and take...
  228. C

    Dusting off the winter dust

    Nice Fish. next time there will be 6 boats on your spot...
  229. C

    Gear ratio for yo-yo

    It depends on how fast you want to turn the handle. 5:1 or higher is preferred
  230. C

    Twin outboards?

    albies 2, never trolled for salmon
  231. C

    Looking for a Roofer....

    Do you not use electricity at night?
  232. C

    Parker 1801 Center Console....$13,500.

    Is this the same Rob Sanford?
  233. C

    Fart killing underwear??? Share your fart with anyone...
  234. C

    Boston Whaler Dauntless 15 for Sale

    nice rig, where does your bait tank drain?
  235. C

    Boat In BIG surf

    Looks fun to me.
  236. C

    Microwave for 1000w generator

    Just put in a NTC for a $1
  237. C

    TIP OF THE WEEK - Sportboat Etiquette

    Mods can you please move this to the appropriate area. This is not a fishing report. Classifieds may be a better place.
  238. C

    Elk poaching officers arrested

    next time hit it with the patrol car...
  239. C

    can you fish surfboard kayak in PB MLPA area

    not in N. PB or S. LJ your ok in OB though
  240. C

    Bank Robber

    the lawyer was black...
  241. C

    Kauai fishing

    capt J deep sea kauai
  242. C

    VHF "play back"

    16 works too...
  243. C

    Ar magazines?

    pmags are great. Some of the mags out there suck, there is a difference.
  244. C

    Govt Gun Buy Back Atricle

    So you can steal guns and sell them to the government. Awesome. If someone wants to lower the number of guns so bad they should step up buy guns on the free market with their own cash and destroy them.
  245. C

    Govt Gun Buy Back Atricle
  246. C

    Looking for abalone veneer

    Let me know if you want an ab shell to try and make your own. Not sure how they get it thin enough to be flexible.
  247. C

    Which truck do you prefer?

    the 2011+ ford 250/350 6.7 diesels are rad
  248. C

    X-RAP for Xmas

    I like the Xrap 20. Any normal bait color works.
  249. C

    Want a Parker pilothouse?...CHEEEAP??...Here ya go...

    you should post the HP of the motor. Unless its under powered...
  250. C


    Large inflatable exercise ball, holding the kid and bouncing on it was one of the only things that worked.
  251. C

    1999 Skagit Orca 27XLC

    is this it?
  252. C

    Yamaha purchase help

    how about san felipe?
  253. C

    Live Bait Well

    you need one that draws the water straight from the ocean.
  254. C

    SoCal Deer... what distance

    You need to shoot exactly 206-214 yards. Get a bolt gun, for the price of a 6.8 upper you can have a decent bolt rifle.
  255. C

    Hammerhead Proteus Spear gun

    I highly recommend more gun than a 90cm for Nayarit.
  256. C

    PENN presents the BD Pumpkin Carving Contest - Ends on Halloween

    Not sure if this falls under fishing or hunting
  257. C

    To many Haters...

    No one liked you here anyway.
  258. C

    Gun Recommendations

    checkout mako spearguns. best bang for your buck out there
  259. C

    Install bait tank of 1988 17' Bayliner Trophy go transom mount.
  260. C

    Good areas for new Loster Hooper

    yeah, only need to paddle 3 miles
  261. C

    Best fuel economy

    on plane. when you look at the MPG curves they start really good below 1K rpm then dip until you get on plane then normally get the best MPG 20-25mph then it starts to fall off again. Quickest speed possible without getting up on plane should be the worst economy. here is a moderately heavy...
  262. C

    using an MXJ 6/4 for heavier line

    adjust the knob to have 9lbs at full. the drag at strike will depend on the cam.
  263. C

    Its Time Tip of the week

    Dave, this was posted in the REPORTS section. Maybe one of the mods can move it for you.
  264. C

    1999 Twin Vee Catamaran 22' CC $19K. San Diego

    What is the performance like with the 70's? How many RPM's is your 25mph cruise?
  265. C

    Can you get back across the Border with just a CA drivers license now?

    Have him walk through while you wait in line in your truck. I bet you he beats you across the boarder without a passport.
  266. C

    AR question.

    sorry I cant read good.
  267. C

    AR question.

    it will need to be CA compliant. so if it has evil features you can not have a removable magazine.
  268. C

    Chinese Spectra. Anybody know about quality?

    I bought some fake ebay power pro. It looks nice but sucks, brakes at half the rated strength.
  269. C

    2 1/2 Day Big Game 90 Huge Dodo.

    Thats a much better pic, the 1st one did not do it justice.
  270. C

    2 1/2 Day Big Game 90 Huge Dodo.

    nice report. Post a pic of the 50lb Dorado.
  271. C

    Kayak launch and lodging in San Quintin 9/15

    I would throw your kayak on a panga and have them drop you off. lots of wind, current and long distances to paddle. PM aguachico I have seen him 20 miles offshore in a yak.
  272. C

    New WSB Regulation

    No that is the new lobster reg, not WSB
  273. C

    Lobster Season

    Extra points of 2.75" bug on the spear is berried.
  274. C

    Lobster Season

    You must have been talking to a PETA member undercover as a DFG agent.
  275. C

    Lobster Season

    Its only closed to SCUBA divers, freedivers can still take them and even use a pole spear this year. Min size has been reduced from 3.25" to 2.75".
  276. C

    Quick question on the law

    "Fish caught under a sportfishing license may not be filletted aboard the vessel from which it was caught" Does that mean you can trade fish with another boat then fillet them, or if your diving and not in a boat you can fillet it when you return to the boat?
  277. C

    want to buy longboard

    or drop 100lbs and get a short board.
  278. C

    1995 14' Livingston 25hp

    Boat has been sold.
  279. C

    can u spearfish?

    Not true. cover your spear tip to and from the water and your fine.
  280. C

    1995 14' Livingston 25hp

    I will only take payments if you let me deliver it to asucion or la bocanna ;)
  281. C

    1995 14' Livingston 25hp

    Back to Page 1.
  282. C

    1995 14' Livingston 25hp

    Bump for length on trailer and proof that you can tow it with a 4 banger to places in baja.
  283. C

    1995 14' Livingston 25hp

    This boat was stolen on December 1st from the new owner. Please PM me if you see it. Not too many livingstons out there with green gel coat. I bought a bigger boat and can't store 2. The boat and motor are both 1995 with very low hours. This boat was purchased last year in...
  284. C

    N 9

    did you catch any cow cod in 450' of water?
  285. C

    Help!? Fish rotting in bottom of boat

    I hope it was 12"
  286. C

    BUSHNELL 5MP Trophy Cam Trail Camera by Webyshops

    Or save $5 and get the newer 8MP from Amazon ( Your Great Prices are not that great and although your a sponsor your "deals" are pretty much just spam...
  287. C

    LEUPOLD VX-6 2-12x42 Rifle Scope by Open Box

    wow 4% off for open box. Is the domain taken?
  288. C

    newell 220 graphite or aluminum spool?

    the lighter spool
  289. C

    BURRIS Signature Select 4-16x44 Riflescope by Webyshops.Open Box

    thats almost a 4% discount. someone should jump on that.
  290. C

    Does one side of your boat produce better than the other?

    When trolling most of my strikes have came from the back side of the boat where the jigs are.
  291. C

    Stolen Boston Whaler Montauk

    Bad news is its stripped. The sheriffs picked it up the other day, boat was dumped in lakeside. Sorry about your loss, thief's suck.
  292. C

    Anyone using cast nets for bait?

    they work great but are not allowed in So Cal.
  293. C

    How to cast a mile...

    They should just walk closer to the water and they would not have to cast as far.
  294. C

    San Clemente Is

    Most of us can't go on the island.
  295. C

    What do you think of this CC for sale?

    I would pass, for $3500 you could find a cleaner boat
  296. C

    Prop Puller San Diego

    thanks Dennis
  297. C

    Prop Puller San Diego

    Does anyone have a prop puller in the san diego area that I could borrow? The props are 3 blade 24" dia on a 1.75" I believe. The boat is out of the water for a repower. Will compensate with a case beer of your choice. Option 2 is to build one of these:
  298. C

    Coos Bay and Tillamook TUNA!!!

    I recommend you start your own thread and don't bump a thread from 2009.
  299. C

    Twins with a kicker?

    I assume it would depend on how fast you want to troll. On 1 motor you will have a hard time trolling slower than 3knts or faster than 12knots depending on your HP, Hull, Weight, prop, sea state...
  300. C

    Tired of Not Catching Lobsters?

    Thanks for the report. The section you posted in is Inshore and Islands Fishing Reports Southern California but you already know that.
  301. C

    New 14' Livingston... What hp should I go with?

    cant wait to see pictures of it.
  302. C

    Savage axis .223

    i have it in 270. shoots great, trigger is heavy and not adjustable
  303. C

    New 14' Livingston... What hp should I go with?

    tohatsu/mercury 4 stroke EFI 30HP I have done all my homework. I just need my 25hp merc to wear out.
  304. C

    New 14' Livingston... What hp should I go with?

    I have a 25hp 2 stroke on mine. With a light load its perfect, 3 guys+bait, gear, bait (13 gal) extra fuel... it will not get on plane.
  305. C

    Riffe # 5 and more

    pm sent, call me
  306. C

    Marlin out of San Diego?

    check out JD's tournament coverage. Poor fishing for marlin.
  307. C

    GOING TO BOLA !!!!!!!

    I am headed there tomorrow. If you see a little 14' livingston thats us, come say hi.
  308. C

    Question on limits

    Call the DFG, odds are they will never show. Have you ever called cal tip? The few times I have I have left a message.
  309. C

    Kodiak bait tank cracks

    tanks are hdpe, fittings are probably pvc
  310. C

    Suzuki Outboard Shaft Length?

    15 short 20 long 25 extra long I think someone make a 30" now
  311. C

    8/17 Tuna Trip for Dan Hernandez TV program

    do you get free Cajun red line, eagle claw hooks and dipping sauce?
  312. C

    Pac Voyager 3 day report 8/8-10

    Best report all "season"
  313. C

    scanning for bottom objects

    Try the eagle cuda 300
  314. C

    Baja Gas Prices 7/25/2011

    I am just doing my part to stop gringoinflation. I see no benefit to anglers by raving about how great and safe mexico is on a public forum. If you a business owner in mexico then its a different story. Camisetta, I have never fished on a long range boat, although I have fished right next to...
  315. C

    Baja Gas Prices 7/25/2011

    Baja is dangerous and pemex is mostly water.
  316. C

    Trailering large boats??

    What I really meant was MEX 1.
  317. C

    Trailering large boats??

    When you say all over the place does that include HWY 1?
  318. C

    Full Freezer!

    you need a bigger freezer
  319. C

    Guerrero Negro launch ramp

    Not kidding. A tiderunner sounds like a bay boat. I would not take it to cedros.
  320. C

    Guerrero Negro launch ramp

    How big of a boat are you trying to launch?
  321. C

    Coming back to us towing a boat

    You can take a trailer through tecate.
  322. C

    Need to refinish my JBL woody (mahogany wood)

    or slap on some teak oil from HD/lowes and call it good.
  323. C

    Engine has no

  324. C

    Catch and Release on Long Range Boats?

    yes you may C&R any fish you want. Just let the deckhand know as they get gaff happy at times.
  325. C

    Make Sharkfin Soup?

    I was not expecting to supplement my viagra intake with sharkfin soup. I thought the fin had some flavor or the cartilage added some viscosity to the soup. I might just make some soup and toss the fin on top for looks.
  326. C

    Make Sharkfin Soup?

    Well it turns out I have been wasteful all these years. I have been eating the shark meat and throwing away the fins. I think its kind of ironic that so many people think that eating sharkfin soup is wrong, throwing the fins away should be worse. Most of the recipes I have found call for...
  327. C

    Defiance 29

    However there are boats that are designed to flood and not sink and will self right.
  328. C

    Defiance 29

    This one rides a little low in the water.
  329. C

    casting avets??

    MX = wider MXJ
  330. C

    trolling motor

    ouch, you can get a new one for a c-note
  331. C

    Trolling Motor

    Still looking for one in SD
  332. C

    Trolling Motor

    The cheaper the better. Its going to go on a little jon boat for use in a pond. Preferably in San Diego area. Thanks
  333. C

    How to get the Best Fuel Efficiency!

    He may be a sponsor but a prop guard is not going to improve your economy
  334. C

    How to get the Best Fuel Efficiency!

    Thanks for the SPAM
  335. C

    Scupper Question

    The base screws into the hull, the part that traps the ball gets rotated 90* to lock on.
  336. C

    How do I determine trolling lure location in my spread?

    What are you trolling for and where?
  337. C

    Scupper Question

    You should just put a scupper over the holes. They make them in a bunch of sizes and shapes. If you plug them do you have another way for water to drain off the deck?
  338. C

    Scupper Question

    scuppers are supposed to be 1 way. try the Flo max scuppers
  339. C


    50:1 will be richer than 35:1. Does that make sense. Carb jets care about volume, the more oil in you gas the less gas trough the jet same amount of air = leaner. 50:1 sounds right, make sure your running the right plug.
  340. C

    Where to for White Seabass this season????

    You know you don't have to catch the fish to have a mount. They just make a mold and throw the fish away. Just call up the place and say that you want a mount for a 60lb WSB, they probably have a mold already. Done.
  341. C

    Cow tuna question

    Yes you run the risk of loosing it with a tighter drag, the flip side is the longer you have the fish hooked the bigger the hole gets in its face and the easier it is to loose as time goes on.
  342. C

    Towing in the Carpool Lane

    From CA DMV Towing Vehicles, Buses, or Large Trucks When you tow a vehicle or trailer, or drive a bus or three or more axle truck, you must drive in the right hand lane or in a lane specially marked for slower vehicles. If no lanes are marked and there are four lanes or more in your direction...
  343. C

    Towing in the Carpool Lane

    I would always assume I would get a ticket if I did it. The Norte Americano bus that runs from TJ to LA and Riverside always uses the carpool lane on both the 15 and 5. Correct me if I am wrong but a tag axle on a bus makes it 3 or more axles and the need to be in the right lanes doing 55...
  344. C

    baby rio grande turkeys

    Looks like these chicks would be a year old by now.
  345. C

    Info for SQ

    Jardines is always good, just not so close to the boat ramp. Other choice is the old mill
  346. C

    Transducer mounting

    I think you will be fine
  347. C

    Q-105 8-DAY SKIFF

    Thats a lot of expensive gear to go bass fishing
  348. C

    Supercross Champ James Stewart Arrested...

    I dont think he was impersonating a police officer. Maybe, he just had some flashing light on his truck, who cares.
  349. C

    Ohhh yea working nights all next week

    What bow are you selling?
  350. C

    Turkey opener- good luck!!

    Saturday morning should be interesting in the CNF. Lots of birds and lots of people.
  351. C

    Boat Ho List

    Name: Chad Age: 29 Boat-Just Sold a Twin Vee Days Available: Weekends and weekdays when the bites on Experiance: I have fished my Twin Vee from Mag Bay to Catalina, offshore and inshore, I also spearfish, helpful on paddies when the fish are picky. I will tow your boat to Baja with my crewcab...
  352. C

    13 Illegal Immigrants Arrested in California Wearing U.S. Marine Uniforms Read more:

    We should of continued to lie and immediately flew them to Libya where they would be told to parachute out of the plane. If it was my country this would be a way more fun way to waste tax dollars.
  353. C

    22' TWIN VEE 2005 CC

    I used to have one of those. Miss it already.
  354. C

    2000 blaster

  355. C

    planning a trip

    That is all you need to fish bait
  356. C

    Diesel $4.18

    $100 is lucky, I paid $149 to fill up
  357. C

    Bin Laden Liquer Store Video Game

    29500 pts
  358. C

    Wooden spoon trick

    We always use metal spoons, great trick.
  359. C

    A question for you gun experts.

    FJM=Great Movie
  360. C

    Would this boat work in SOCAL water?

    I would rather add oil to the oil tant than change oil any day.
  361. C

    Utah propose m1911 as official state gun!!!

    What is the state gun of CA? BB? Air Soft? Fingers in the shape of a gun?
  362. C

    Albacore Trolling Rigs?

    I have the 8" bars from rick rigged up with hollow squids. They have produced well.
  363. C

    "Best" Resin

    If you heat it just dont do it too much, just enough to lower the viscosity. you will not need as much catalyst if its warm. I use a UV catalyst gives you unlimited working time
  364. C

    "Best" Resin

    I have never heard of Polyester Epoxy. Normaly you would use polyester resin or Epoxy. I know 249A is clear but you need to add some wax/surfacing agent. For bubbles try hooking it up to your vacuum or heating the resin
  365. C

    Mag Bay to Cabo Video

    I always wondered how those trucks got to the north side of the estero in Bahia Santa Maria, no I know.
  366. C

    Crabbing in Socal?

    Why can't you hoop in the dark?
  367. C

    post pics of your boat

    Do you call your bow/spray shield/ increased freeboard thing a sponson?
  368. C

    RV dual battery setup

    You can charge them both in parallel all the time. Lead Acid batteries are not that picky.
  369. C

    Pin Holes

    I would use 5200 and aluminum pop rivets. Put 1 plate on each side of the infected area (make sure its larger than the area) drill through and seal and rivet. Not the prettiest but that method has worked well for me.
  370. C

    hollow or solid for albacore

    straight mono would work too.
  371. C

    55G Barrels (Cheap)

    It would depend on the density of the Person. At 200 LBS they are probably fat and would float. Try adding a bag of cement.
  372. C

    Magbay help

    Its only 150 Miles via water form LB to the Thetis. Thats the way I want to do it one of these times.
  373. C

    What is the best trailerable offshore boat? This one is tough to beat. 8'6" Beam
  374. C

    WANTED - 10 or 15 HP OUTBOARD...

    I Have a 15hp Merc tiller Short Shaft. Good Shape.
  375. C

    12/5 Irvine Hat-Trick

    How do you farm raise a Steelhead? Release them as fry and hope they come back in a few years form the ocean then catch them and stock them?
  376. C

    12/5 Irvine Hat-Trick

    That's what I was wondering, how do you catch a steelhead in a lake with a dam and no ladder?
  377. C


    I thought that was a Fupa.
  378. C

    Spare bait Pump

    ]I recommend a MC4 connector. It is a standard in the solar industry, has an o-ring on each end, and seems to be very water resistant. The connectors only mate one way so you cant connect it backwards and have your bait pump spin backwards (ask me how I know). Once you install it the first...
  379. C

    Aluminum Boats

    CAT Maxweld
  380. C

    BAMF Boats now offering "Bare bones boats"

    185 gallons of Diesel should get the job done. Thanks for letting us dream
  381. C

    BAMF Boats now offering "Bare bones boats"

    Is there an option for the 250 gallon tank per specs on your website?
  382. C

    Game camera thief.... Great idea!!!

    Pardon my ignorance but is there any regulation associated with putting up tree stands and trail cameras on public land? If I left a $200 camera and $200 piece of furniture anwwhere I would expect it to be gone if I cam back a few days later.
  383. C

    bullshit vehicle infraction

    You should post his name and badge number.
  384. C

    Scampis in the bays

    Fish stopped biting scampi's in the 90's, they only eat swimbaits and single curly tail grubs now.
  385. C

    Aluminum Boats

    Armstrong Marine, Inc.
  386. C

    Towing weight of a 24' Outrage

    you could get by with a 1/2 ton v8. Depends where you tow and what you consider acceptable. 24' whaler loaded is about 6k lbs
  387. C

    2000-2003 Ford F-350 DIESEL

    4wd or 2wd? Auto trans or Manual?
  388. C

    Flushing my boat Motor

    6am is worse than Midnight
  389. C

    Costa Rica! Where? When? How Much?

    Be sure to stop at the beetle bar on your way.
  390. C

    Costa Rica! Where? When? How Much?

    If your bringing the wife I would do the Quepos Manual Antonio thing.
  391. C


    I like 25% when not using a leader
  392. C

    Launched my dads 25' BAMFalon project (Pic heavy)

    Sweet boat. Any pics of the cockpit?
  393. C

    Local 10/12/10 Big Bugs

    Exactly, pull the net up to the boat. Release a 3.26" bug now in possession of 6, replace with 5 lber. I think thats legal.
  394. C


    I have ventured. Inshore and offshore fishing can be really good.
  395. C

    Outboard vs inboard

  396. C


    Define "best" surfbreak.
  397. C

    2001 F250 Diesel 4x4

    My guess is San Juanico
  398. C

    how a conservationist/animal rights activist/vegan responds to a rude dfg

    I would not file your gauge. The law says 3.25", guys diving for abalone have been sited for having a gauge over 7".
  399. C

    Wahoo Techniques

    Don't rule out live bait
  400. C

    Which Raptor for Hoos??

    Its a 6.3 ratio 39" per crank, you would be fine. Just turn the handle.
  401. C

    Which Raptor for Hoos??

    even an SX raptor would get the job done.
  402. C

    2 great Charger endzone tickets for sale

    $130 each, ouch. No wonder they dont sell out. The loosing record does not help either.
  403. C


    First-If they capsize in the Mission bay channel the boat will float.
  404. C

    175 Bucks for a Day & 1/2 San Diego

    That nice of you to let a new guy use your gear to catch a marlin.
  405. C

    lobster limits

    On a multi day you have to be away from port 12hrs each day.
  406. C

    Advice on towing a waverunner

    Long rope and you could pull it on plane no problem.
  407. C

    Distance from The Ridge to San Diego?

    or a 15hr drive and 3 hr boat ride.
  408. C

    Good times in La Bocana

    Derek, looks fun. Not typical for September. I hope things turn on offshore, Good luck next month.
  409. C

    Snagging is crazy on the Newport Beach pier

    Just call it flossing and try to snag them in the mouth.
  410. C

    Weekend weather small craft warning for 9/18-9/19

    Should keep the crowd down, drifting in 15-20 kt wind is not fun. I am thinking about going anyways.
  411. C

    Filleting Tuna Offshore - whats the problem?

    Not that hard. Caught in Mexico no fillet Caught in US Fillet OKAY with 1" Skin Catching some on one country some in another is a grey area, we normally just say we caught them all in mexico.
  412. C

    Big Hammer Baits

    Thank you for the report.
  413. C

    yellowtail in late august/early september?

    Just keep driving south, there are a lot more YT in Baja
  414. C

    Baja Trip

    Mexico is dangerous
  415. C

    Whos ready to kill some birds??

    I could still miss.
  416. C

    QUESTION on the life of outboards

    2000 hrs
  417. C

    Where to retire?

  418. C

    Ton of corvina... or 25

    Tuna and Corvina look very different. Look again.
  419. C

    Looking to get a speargun and reel...

    For shore diving the 53" is fine as long as the hip load extension is not part of the 53". Not sure how JBL measures there guns.
  420. C

    Ton of corvina... or 25

    That sucks.
  421. C

    Killing Motor during bait stops

    So are you saying you don't think you can restart your motors? or that the motor at idle is attracts fish or entices them to bite?
  422. C

    Killing Motor during bait stops

    I shut mine down every bait stop (unless its nasty weather). If you dont trust your gear you should not be out in the ocean.
  423. C

    Number Sharing on the Tuna Grounds

    Share general areas not numbers, or a heading and distance. Chances are people will find their own fish and the parking lot will spread out a bit more.
  424. C

    Panga/Boat in Herradura Beach, CR

    There are a few of them, I would just go talk to them on the beach the afternoon before you want to go fish. That way you can see the boat and meet the capitan.
  425. C

    Repower question/need new props

    Just dont over prop in an attempt to lower cruise rpm's.
  426. C

    Power Catamaran's

    Twin Vee can compete with the price of most Mono hulls. Not the quality fit and finish of a GB or WC but if you want a great ride and a ton of deck space you cant beat a cat. The only thing I would consider over a cat would have a diesel.
  427. C

    Mag Bay Outfitters

    Fished the Thetis area last week, 3 days offshore for 4 dorado. It sucked. October should be much better. Bring Marauders...
  428. C

    Bucket list

    its only money...
  429. C

    licence to operate a boat!

    So True. I would hate to stand in a line and pay money to renew my boat license. Boats are easy to drive any way.
  430. C

    Bringing fish from Baja with no ice chest...

    I have carried on Abalone so why not.
  431. C

    Water Temp On The Ridge 6-26

    I have been watching the water temps for the Ridge on terrafin. It looks like the water temps have dropped 5-10 degrees in the last 4 days. The water temp on the Thetis went form 69-70 to 63 in a few days. Not good for me as I am headed there in a couple days. Could this be light clouds or...
  432. C

    New Ford Diesel Ultra Low Sulfur?

    Pemex diesel is ultra low sulfur. (at least that what it says on the pump) How complicated was it to put the 6.4 in your '04 truck. or do you mean you have a 6.0 diesel?
  433. C


    since the water is in the mid 50's my guess is slow fishing.
  434. C

    Adding to the fleet, what do you think??

    did you tow it with a 4runner? is the trip axle for show or does it weigh 7000lbs+?
  435. C

    Question - YFT migration

    I have never caught them in water less than 68deg
  436. C


    So does that mean they are not off mag bay anymore? Its a hard area to get a fish report for this time of year.
  437. C

    Update on Mulege

    Good to hear the roads are good. They get better every year. 9'6" is too wide to for pleasure for me. my 8'6" beam provides all the ass pucker I need.
  438. C

    first boat..

    I would spend 3-4k on the boat and another 1-2k setting it up the way you want it.
  439. C

    Which catamaran?

    I have a Twin Vee. Higher freeboard and more storage would be nice, other than that it kicks ass for a 22' boat.
  440. C

    22' Twin Vee Center Console

    I have twin 115 on mine and would not want any less with 4 guys, bait, ice, gas cans.... my fuel burn is about 2.5 mpg average with evinrude ficht DI 2 strokes.
  441. C


    So do you want to go to south america or PV/Panama which are not in South America. I recommend Panama, the beer is cheaper.
  442. C

    Lost Riffe

    Which do you want back? the fish or the Gun?
  443. C

    Fishing for Crab deeper than 100'

    Sig Hansen fishes deep on the northwestern and so should you!
  444. C

    Wash Down Pump

    You can try flushing your pump with fresh water.
  445. C

    7-1-2010, La Jolla, Nados report

    Good to know the squid are still there. Thanks
  446. C

    Solo Tuna Pattern - Bob Franko method or not?

    Leave your boat in gear, (best w/ auto pilot) Leave all the rods in the rodholders and take 10 cranks on one then go to the next, repeat until you have all the tuna in the boat. Bump up the speed drop your lures back and repeat. Once your trolling with your gear out you can bleed/store the...
  447. C


    Why so long? are you planning on double rigging them?
  448. C

    City council booze ban?

    San Diego takes aim at &#39;Floatopia&#39; parties -
  449. C

    City council booze ban?

    That would suck. California sucks. What ever happened to letting people do what they want and holding them responsible if they fuck up.
  450. C

    MEX. Fish Lic.

    Every one on the boat must have one regardless of age.
  451. C

    What's a good boat to start off with?

    14' Gregor or westcoaster with a tiller steer.
  452. C

    The patch or the pill?

    depo provera is a shot and it will help with yacking in the morning.
  453. C

    Barefoot Bar / Paradise Point needs your help!

    Do they have the WSB on the menu yet?
  454. C

    Barefoot Bar / Paradise Point needs your help!

    Best "Koi" pond ever. Did the WSB make it?
  455. C

    can a guy get a birth or an end tie in in Point Loma ?

    Sounds like your looking for Marina Coral.
  456. C

    Visa Requirements

    The hours in GN are like 8am to 4PM, as long as you drive through early AM or late you are fine.
  457. C

    ULSD in Ensenada/Maneadero?

    there is a sign on all the pumps that says something about ultra low sulfer diesel, I can't imagine the marina having a different blend.
  458. C

    Squidco deals

    Does anyone know the store hours?
  459. C

    Charkbait opening store in San Diego!!!!!!!!!

    Parking at the new Charkbait will suck too. Location is good.
  460. C


    Do they go well with Beer?
  461. C

    Mt. Whitney Spots Availble

    Bump, another couple flaked.
  462. C

    Hook Prefences

    Demons are great for rockfish. I would not use them on real fish because of the small gap. Like said above you need to go up a few sizes.
  463. C

    megabait help

    Great size and pattern for YT and Dorado.
  464. C

    megabait help

    Note: This is not my wrinkled hand
  465. C

    going out for fathers day need help!

    I would go south and chase tuna. But it looks like you are already planning on going out of oside and catching a bunch of calicos so have fun.
  466. C

    What is Best Way To Test Drag Setting?

    You can do it your self is your scale has a stop that shows you what the max was.
  467. C

    Newell 235-5

    I think that clicking is the anti reverse dogs, so not easily.
  468. C

    A Little info please

    Gulp camo sand worm is a popular choice.
  469. C

    what do you guy's think about twin vee boats ?

    Big difference between the 20' and the 22'. The 20' normally has a single outboard and lower freeboard than the already low 22'er. The boat is made to be simple and cheap. I like mine. One downside is fuel capacity the 22' only holds 80 gallons but lots of deck space for gas cans. The real...
  470. C

    Mt. Whitney Spots Availble

    Its 22 miles up and back with about 5000 vertical feet. Its defiantly a long day of hiking/walking, our group last year of 3 Guys and 2 Girls took 6.5-7 hours up and about 5 coming down. It is the highest peak in the contiguous US and as a result some people get altitude sickness and cant...
  471. C

    Mt. Whitney Spots Availble

    I reserved a bunch of permits to climb Mt Whitney, Sunday July 11th. 5 people flaked so we have spots available. I plan on going up on Friday night, Fish Saturday and Hike on Sunday. The permits cost $15 and it allows you 24 hours to get your ass up and back. I did it last year and its great...
  472. C

    Ringed hook VS Hook tied with perfection loop

    I have tested the Surgeons loop to be stronger than the perfection loop.
  473. C

    Basking Shark Sightings/ Tagging Project

    Word is that there is one in popotla.
  474. C

    Do you shit on your boat???

    The real question is who has used the wash down as a Bidet?
  475. C

    Fuel in san quintin

    I guess Kelly is now in the fuel business. I will bring you some fuel from San Diego, good excuse to plan a fishing trip. How much do you need?
  476. C

    23 pound yellowtail at anacapa island

    Nice yellow for your son, could be the first at Anacapa I know they have been caught at Cat and SCI so not the first of the channel islands.
  477. C

    2000 115 Evinrude Ficht Green 2 Stroke

    I have 2. Not a bad motor. For the price you cant beat it. Minor problems but since I have twins I expect twice the problems.
  478. C

    Maserati owner collected welfare benefits

    Did some name research, turns out Tangela is not only just a common name given to childeren of Pokeman enthusiasts. Tangela | Name Meaning & Origin | Girl Name Tangela | Baby Names World "Miscellaneous Info for Tangela Categories: African American Names"
  479. C

    Maserati owner collected welfare benefits

    I googled Tangela, its a Pokeman. Are we not allowed to be racist against cartoon caracters on this board?
  480. C

    Want to Buddy Boat to Guadalupe?

    The Lupe is only 160 miles from SQ. Its doable.
  481. C

    San Quintin

    I would put in at the point. Saves a 10 mile paddle.
  482. C

    kern river

    are they stocking it this year?
  483. C

    Problems with towing in Mexican Waters

    Get a kicker or better yet twins.
  484. C

    Kayak Tournment Mag Bay

    Making Roballo sport only would be great for that area as well as the mainland.
  485. C

    Puerto Rosarito...?

    If you have the cash you can get anything done in mexico. What about the Port in Colonet?
  486. C

    IB Surf Fishing Tournament. Sign up Here!

    Sorry I can't make it, I will be in Nor Cal Ab Diving.
  487. C

    IB Surf Fishing Tournament. Sign up Here!

    biggest bean Biggest Perch Biggest other/butt
  488. C

    Just got back from........Epic!!!!

    Nice pics Kelly , How was the road? I ended up in SQ cold and windy, plenty of size.
  489. C

    Best way in to Scorp

    I want to go, but its too much driving for a weekend. I would take the road from san ignacio. The road sucks but its the fastest.
  490. C

    TJ flats location?

    west of TJ
  491. C

    48.74,25.50,HALIBUT IN SQ.

    Nice Butts. What is the water temp?
  492. C

    K&M San Quintin Baja

    I plan on heading down this weekend but I do not want to surf in 51 degree water. Anything below 57 I go numb.
  493. C

    san martin island , any action lately ?

    Ouch 54 Degree water. Do you think the mouth of the bay is the same temp? If I remember correctly the boca is in the 50 even during the summer.
  494. C

    Makos, seals & sealions

    I tried that once with a Mako and it went ape shit. How about a bang sitck with some ketamine to help it relax for the ride home.
  495. C

    Makos, seals & sealions

    If we do catch a big mako what is the best way to tie it along side the boat for proper release in either La Jolla or the Bait Barge?
  496. C

    HT100's vs Carbontex

    They are such similar washers its not worth changing. If you have cals stick with it, if you have shimano grease that works too.
  497. C

    Gas station accidently fills unleaded pump tank with diesel.....OOPS!!!

    "Thrifty gas station" You get what you pay for.
  498. C

    B.S.B. comeback

    How do they taste?
  499. C

    Size Limits: California Vs. Mexico

    If your going to keep 1 or 5 your better off keeping the little ones. I think the Mexican regs are much more responsible and easier to understand. What I hate is 10 sandbass and 10 12" calico. 5 of any fish 10 total 1 Dodo count as 5 fish Easy.
  500. C

    Remove rust stains?

    Star-Brite RUST REMOVER It really works.
  501. C

    Is pre season hooping legal?

    Just carry a 4" gauge and your GTG
  502. C

    setting drag avet lx 6.0

    what is the strike to full ratio? If you set strike to 10 lbs what would the full be? Do they have different cams available?
  503. C

    Tourist Visa

    Stamps are not cool, your passport fills up. You need to fit 10 years of stamps and visas in the limited amount of space provided and if you send your passport to get more page you have to pay or wait or both. The only time I have needed the Visa (tourist Card) is when flying or when leaving...
  504. C

    33' Ameracat vid

    Not my boat, wish it was. Except for the cheesy music. Home
  505. C

    Switching hooks on Megabait style jigs

    Or just bend it closed and leave it. You should be find up to 40/50lb
  506. C

    Want to buy 2 new trolling set ups.

    +1 for SLD 20/30, you can get them for about $200 bucks.
  507. C

    Small boat advice

    This could be the first time everyone has agreed on BD
  508. C

    Adding Steering to an Outboard

    I would tiller steer a 15 gregor just to keep it simple. If you want to add steering and controls it will cost you $500-1000 to have someone put them in. now if you could find them used and put them in yourself (which is easy) it may be worth it.
  509. C

    Small boat advice

    I recommend welded Aluminum, check out duro boat
  510. C

    Fishing spots in OB

    OB is a great place to surf fish.
  511. C

    Should offshore drilling be banned to prevent damage to fisheries?

    I just want to be able to fish/dive the rigs. Please put some off san diego.
  512. C

    El Nino????

    One day trip from where? I have caught them on 1/2 day trips :)
  513. C

    Where is the best place to fish in Mexico?

    If you want Marlin go fish the ridge in the Fall. A lot more work than PV but great.
  514. C

    Snap on tools worth the money?

    Why is that ridiculous? If you have an account with a "franchisee" you get great service if not they tell you to suck it?
  515. C

    Snap on tools worth the money?

    snap on warranty sucks. My Tech-2 torq wrench broke and they said $80 to repair, only a 1 year warranty. Craftsman is the best value
  516. C

    desperately seeking VP#21450768

    I would think you could have one made out of aluminum easily.
  517. C

    X-RAP MAG or Yo-Zuri HYDRO MAG

    Which do you prefer in your offshore trolling spread? I have caught a lot of fish on the X-RAPS (20's and 30's) But they crack and fill with water and then run like shit. Not as many fish on the Hydro Mag but I have not fished them as much although they seem more durable. Any thoughts?
  518. C

    Boating to catalina

    You need more gas. Expect 2 MPG on a good day in your boat.
  519. C

    24 lb. Ulua ate my chrome squid lure...

    Nice Fish, Why the gloves?
  520. C

    El Nino????

    El Nino is warmer (1-2 deg.) than normal surface water temps at the equator in the Eastern Pacific. It usually makes the local water warmer also, the idea is warmer water brings more exotics. Dont plan on catching wahoo on the 302, but we could see a longer YFT, Dorado, Marlin seasons.
  521. C


    True Story
  522. C

    Just bought a 90 Sea Ox 250C Diesel outboard
  523. C

    Just bought a 90 Sea Ox 250C

    What would you know about SeaOx:)
  524. C

    Rocket Fish

    I would have sold it.
  525. C

    How long is the boat ride from SD to Cedros?

    275NM. 24 hrs at 11.5 knots
  526. C

    Punta Baja launch ramp

    If you want comfort level I would avoid Baja altogether, I recommend South Shores.
  527. C

    Eastside 4/17

    Whats a Hagi?
  528. C

    Has anyone surf fished in herradura?

    Fished it once form the beach for nada, or maybe a jack but no Pez Gallo. They are there if you work for um.
  529. C

    Bait Boat on the sand in HB

    How many illegals jumped off and ran for it?
  530. C

    Punta Baja launch ramp

    I think you would be fine launching there. Closest spot to launch for sac reef. Have fun.
  531. C


    someone's gonna get a nice motor.
  532. C

    High Altitude

    Water does not compress. You want less pitch since you will be making less power. Unless your over 7k I would not worry about it. Otherwise reprop with an inch or 2 less bite. You could get a verado, the blower would be nice at altitude, I wounder if you can change the pulley on it?
  533. C

    Catch Albacore and Bluefin when they're on Micro-Bait

    when your trolling small baits like this do yo troll faster/slower tighter to the boat? I have had some success with these and sumo m10's but only tight to the boat on the slower side 6mphish. What do you guys think?
  534. C


    I would have bought it for $750 a few months ago. Oh well ended up with a merc.
  535. C


    1-200ft of water, in the sand by a rock.
  536. C

    Trail Cam.... Weird Question

    You might want to buy a 3rd to monitor the first 2 you bought, and a 4th to check on those 3...
  537. C

    Was it a rumble or staged ?

    Deadliest Catch is gay, all drama no crab. You might as well watch the Bachelor, at least there are hot girls on that show.
  538. C

    Fishing San Diego-Mexico waters

    Are there any boats stopping fisherman to/from the fishing grounds at entrance of San Diego Harbor to inspect boats? TO, NO. FROM SOMETIMES, BUT RARE Do we need to check in every time at the Customs office after each trip? ONLY IF YOU GOON LAND Are there any Mexican patrol boats stopping...
  539. C

    CONAPESCA San Diego

    I find the Mexican sport fishing regs more conservative and I can read and understand them. SPORTFISHING REGULATIONS MEXICAN SPORTFISHING REGULATIONS When operating a boat that carries fishing equipment in Mexican waters, it is necessary to hold a valid fishing license for everybody aboard...
  540. C

    Good Reason To NOT Swim In Northern Australia

    I think this is it
  541. C

    Favorite Fishing Line 20#-50#

    ande backcountry
  542. C

    will yellows be wide open any time soon again in ensenada????

    Would that be the elusive Yellow Tail Tuna? People talk about them and I have still never caught one.
  543. C

    Avalon fish and spear paddy trip - Sept '10

    Why don't you just hop in the boat and troll around up to 20 knots and look for paddies. The internet will not help you find one.
  544. C


    How many do you need? Whats your idea?
  545. C

    spectra thickness

    pro power makes a 5lb. Probably the thinnest spectra out there. If your looking for capacity back it down to 30-50lb. 50lb spectra is about 12lb mono
  546. C

    Yamaha 300 hp-HPDI-2 strokes , 2005

    Opti's have a "better" reputation lots of them on the market.
  547. C


    Out of San Diego by Water or Trailer? How far can we go? How many gas cans can we carry?
  548. C

    Another Sign that

    Working at a brewery and not drinking is like working at a strip club and not getting a lap dance :)
  549. C

    afternoon bite for us

    Nice job, great weather
  550. C

    Overnight Boat Storage in Ensenada?

    Marina Coral has some dry storage, it you launch there they might let you keep the boat there gratis.
  551. C

    Can someone explain action and power of blanks?

    Slower is more parabolic, faster is more exponential. I would not worry so much about power. Pick the line weight you intend to fish or more accurately the amount of drag you intend on using. remember that you loose leverage the further from you hands to where the line exits the rod.
  552. C

    Is it safe in mexico?

    Mexico is never safe, if your smart you can make it safer. If you want to be safe you should get rid of your boat and just stay home.
  553. C

    Pumkin colored Swordfish flesh

    That was probably farm raised swordfish with color added :)
  554. C

    Weight Making Advice

    sounds like a good idea to me. Are your hands steady enough to pour 3 lbs of lead into a 0.75" hole? Is a Tres Eckes table a dos equis table that someone has filmed porn on?
  555. C

    Need Advice on Trailering Extra Wide

    I would recommend not taking it to Mexico. Lots of guys tow 9'6" boats like the parker 25 with no permits and no hassle. I would not go much wider than that. 32 foot is huge, get a slip. 28 x 9.5' is manageable. Your truck is fine.
  556. C

    Center Console: Parker, Boston Whaler Outrage, Triumphs

    Catamaran "cough cough"
  557. C


    I think you should name it: GRAY LIGHT
  558. C

    Make a Boat Line

    So did you catch any fish?
  559. C


    Wow, I hardly ever carry a net. I bet most guys don't. We just shake a fish at the boat if you are going to let it go. Wouldn't netting it a and bringing it into the boat count as possession? Think Black Sea Bass. I think its much safer for the fish to lean your ass over the boat and remove...
  560. C

    Advice on Pilot House Purchase

    Dual will always be worse than single of the same HP. Getting a diesel in 18" of water will not happen, I also would not take a parker 25 with twins in that shallow of water if it would even float with the motors all the way up. According to the parker site the 2520 drafts 15" once you outfit...
  561. C


    So you saying you have to carry a net to be fishing in So Cal? How do they know if you are fishing for halibut? Link to the regs would be nice.
  562. C

    Trailer sandblasting

    Tow it to Gordons well and drive to glamis and back along sand highway with the wheels and suspension off until its clean. It will polish the rims on your truck too.
  563. C

    Swimbaits 4 Tuna

    I guess it comes down to how much drag you set not how big the tuna are. Big hammer and Lead Masters make a heavy gauge tuna hook leadhead that should hold up to 20 lbs of drag.
  564. C

    Wahoo - One Lure?

    Petrolero Marauder
  565. C

    A Little Clamming Advice Please...

    No it was an Asian fireman if there is such a thing.
  566. C

    Paint my Campershell

    I have a 8' fiberglass campershell on my truck and am finally thinking about getting it painted to match my truck. Truck is Ford Dark Stone, not in a hurry and would consider pulling the window my self and sanding it down. I would even wait until some one is shooting that same color if it...
  567. C

    What pilots should say on every flight

    The Flight attendant would have a .22
  568. C

    A Rod Built For One Fish

  569. C

    Live Well

    Then don't fucking touch it!!!
  570. C

    Old school commercial tuna fishing video

    I could even get bit on that stop.
  571. C

    Which Outboards for a 25 Radon

    yes counter rotating is the way to go, suzuki 115 or 140 and Etec. Both good motors
  572. C

    Grandpa and the IRS

    But you have to pay taxes on gambling earnings...
  573. C

    Range Extension

    Shadburk How do you get the fuel out of the drum? Hand pump (sounds slow) or 12v pump. I am thinking it could be easier than 10, 5 gallon jugs.
  574. C

    Bob Sands & Avet promo!

    Bob Sands Fishing Tackle Bob Sands Fishing Tackle
  575. C

    live shrimp

    looks like Goat bait to me.
  576. C

    28' Cabo Express 275 Express

    so whats the beam?
  577. C

    low tide BS

    get a lighter boat, 13k is a lot. how wide are your tires? My old truck going from 265/70/17 to 35x12.50 made a huge difference. Cary a tow strap easier than sand bags and you are already pushing your GVCWR. there is always someone around the ramp that can help.
  578. C

    what riffe speargun should I keep

    Can't beat that, throw your guns up for sale over on spearboard. Riffes hold their value well. Good Luck.
  579. C

    what riffe speargun should I keep

    So who gets the dog? Guessing she already has it since you are putting your guns on its bed.
  580. C

    Finally getting a belly hoop

    14' in the states, any idea for down south. We have had to lift many lines over my boat now with just a t-top.
  581. C

    pros and cons of catamaran

    Check out Ameracat It looks like a 26' twin Vee hull with improved construction and more freeboard. I think a Americat with a Pacific Pilot house would be a tough combo to beat. Home
  582. C

    pros and cons of catamaran

    I have a 22' twin vee. Pros: Speed in choppy conditions Lots of deck space Good Ride Good Economy for twins Shallow draft Cons: Only 80 gal of fuel low freeboard Occasional Sneeze (better than pounding I guess) Seems sensitive over loading, you can tell a huge difference from 2 guys no bait...
  583. C

    BD Sighting Walter Anderson Nursery

    Was the wife hot?
  584. C

    Bringing sofa's, beds and gear to La Paz

    Anyone else have trouble getting their trailer through tecate?
  585. C

    The best Towing vehicle? Truck? Diesel? SUV?

    Anything full size with a V-8 will tow your boat 50 miles. Just get whatever you want. You don't NEED a diesel or even 4wd for the ramps in San Diego or OC even at low tide.
  586. C

    Quick question...

    Bench Fisherman What 100 year old black are you talking about? You should learn more about fish before you talk shit looks like a grouper to me but I bet Jim chimes in to tell us what it is. Can you fire a 12ga shell out of a flare gun?
  587. C

    Seeking advice for a new enclosure

    I used clear vinyl from walmart $10 on my t top lasts a year.
  588. C

    Whats this?

    I thought it was a pocket pussy, you could put that under your hat.
  589. C

    Early Easter Egg Hunt??

    Truly Gross Sea Turtle Egg Harvest Photos, Mexico
  590. C

    Hand painted Uni Goop Vans

    I know, I pay $90 per pound for Tuna and at least $100 bucks a lobster.
  591. C

    Hand painted Uni Goop Vans

    Sweet shoes, can you tag up some xtratuffs? $200 is $6.90 an hour.
  592. C

    39 Beer Runs

    They ordered MGD right.
  593. C

    San Diego end of March....

    March is slow offshore as in Zero. You could target some White Sea bass locally or at catalina or drive 5 hours south and rent a boat out of San Quintin, for some yellow tail fishing. The only party boat worth while would be a Colenet trip, mostly bottom fishing.
  594. C

    Best Overall Pilothouse

    River Player What is that, who makes it?
  595. C


    Drinking is the urine is better than just puring it on the sting site. Let me know how it goes.
  596. C

    any Deer hunters want a REAL challenge?

    What about H&L deer, mount a fighting chair in the bed of your truck.
  597. C

    diesel vs gas

    Check out the Yanmar diesel and outdrive combo.
  598. C

    Dispose of old fuel

    This is how they do it in Mississippi How do I properly recycle/dispose of old gasoline? Allow the old gasoline to evaporate in a well ventilated area such as the backyard until all the fuel is gone. Mix very small quantities of old gasoline with the regular gasoline and slowly burn it off in a...
  599. C

    startin out Below is what is needed in general for decent gear Mask $60 Snorkel $20 Wetsuit $300 Fins $120 Mako gun $200 Floatline $75 If money is not a factor please buy me a Wong Hybrid. Thanks, PS " means inch and ' means foot. a 25" boat is small, you should...
  600. C

    So. Cal -> Loreto

    Fly from TJ, Volaris airlines. If you would NOT consider driving maybe Baja is not for you. I find the drive to Loreto quite enjoyable.
  601. C

    Irvine Stocks some Wipers........

    So do Wipers breed? or are they sterile like so many other hybrids?
  602. C

    Irvine Stocks some Wipers........

    Is it a White Bass/Striper hybrid?
  603. C


    Nice waves Kelly
  604. C


    Don't give anyone on the board any ideas. :ashamed:
  605. C

    2002 2301 w/a SEASWIRL STRIPER TWIN 115 4 STROKES

    Is the hard top with glass/ open back pilot a factory option? I like it.
  606. C

    Water Temp...

    Don't call it warm until you spend 3 hours in it.
  607. C

    got my first boat!!!!!

    Looks like a Winner.
  608. C

    Commercial lobster gear washing ashore...

    Have they been know to beach there boat and come ashore to kick your ass? Or do they run 20 miles at 12knots pull there boat out jump in there truck and drive a half hour to where you were and hope you are still there.
  609. C

    If you fish and don't hava yacht...

    Yeah but can it fit on a Coors. The can is taller and a smaller dia.
  610. C

    OK All You Quasi-Attorneys and Know-It-Alls

    Getting unemployment is easy. Too Easy.
  611. C


    46" long my guess is 46lbs.
  612. C


    $1.25 PP
  613. C

    Rafting the SD River

    Has anyone ever ran the San Diego from Lakeside to OB? Tomorrow Afternoon should be a mess in mission valley. Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service: San Diego: San Diego River at Fashion Valley
  614. C

    Board Quivers

    To me an epoxy board is EPS (expanded poly styrene) and epoxy resin not polyester as it eats eps (could also be extruded) A Surftech is a "compsand" board layered up with pvc/glass/epoxy over an eps core. Lots of ways to make a board.
  615. C

    newell reels=

    I think the 1st number x 10 is the recommended line weight, 2nd x10 is the capacity. 220 = 200yds 20lb 338 = 380yds 30lb
  616. C

    Guess the Costa Rica spot

    that could be any beach break in Guanacaste
  617. C

    not really a joke

    "The police report states that Tran refused to comply with officers' instructions to remain in the vehicle, assumed a fighting stance, punched and kicked a police officer twice in the groin." Classic, got to love little Saigon
  618. C

    Lobster question

    So what are the rules, I know you have to keep the lobster whole until preparing for immediate consumption. I looked on the dfg site but could not find the rules. Can you go to PLS and buy 8 lobsters? Do you need a report card to posses them or just a receipt.
  619. C

    Whats your best bottom fishing setup?

    That would be way to nice to bottom fish. I guess it would work.
  620. C

    Lobster question

    So as long as you have a legal carpices you can cook the tail meat? How many times can you reuse a carpice? or better yet keep a limit of frozen carpices and have an all you can eat buffet.
  621. C

    SOLD! 25' Fiberglass Starcraft Expedition w/ Trailer

    Sweet boat, just add bait tank and go fish.
  622. C

    My Robalo R240

    I like the grab rail on the t-top
  623. C

    Lobster Bait - YFT Bellies, YFT, etc (Hillcrest SD)

    Nothing is "Free" in that part of town
  624. C

    Great Bite!

    I agree
  625. C

    Hook Line and Sinker

    Thats too bad. Try to support your local tackle shops because you cant order something on the internet and choose 15 minute shipping. I cant tell you how many times I had to grab something last minute at Dana or HLS
  626. C

    Rpt Weds. 1-13-10 Las Salinas Critters!

    Nice report. Whats the number for the border report?
  627. C

    Drug/Gun Divining Rod?

    What the hell are the black r/c car looking remote controls that have a collapsible antenna sticking off the top at a 90 deg angle parallel to the ground? The Marineros walk by the cars at the checkpoints and sometimes the antenna moves in the direction of the car/truck. I think they are just...
  628. C

    Ask a question of Baja Expert Panel at ISE

    What the hell are the black r/c car looking remote controls that have a collapsible antenna sticking off the top at a 90 deg angle? The Marinarios walk by the cars at the checkpoints and sometimes the antenna moves in the direction of the car. WTF, I think they are just trying to trip out the...
  629. C

    La Bocana for the Holidays

    Derek, Nice catches.
  630. C

    50# spectra?

  631. C


    have fun... I still have scars. I wish I was going.
  632. C

    Thanks to armando Photophix

    Where is your left hand in that picture? Might explain the look on the dogs face.
  633. C

    Old Mill

    I think the correct answer is "Kind Of"
  634. C

    2010 license cost

    Make sure you get your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th rod stamp for when you are trolling solo. Well if you have 2 guys on the boat you only need your 2nd, 3rd and maybe a 4th depending on how many you troll.
  635. C

    World Record Tuna on a polespear

    Pole spear with a float line and slip tip. Great travel rig.
  636. C

    San Ignacio Lagoon

    About 11-14 hours. depending on how fast you drive and if your towing. The roads are fine. Are you going to fish?
  637. C

    01 F350 4x4 Diesel

    If its the truck in the pic why did you put a 05 clip on it?
  638. C

    Red light camera got me

    There is nothing wrong with running reds as long as you dont hit anyone right. No harm no foul. I hired Mr. Ticket for $100 for a $450 red light infraction I was accused of in Del Mar in August. After delaying the hearing I finally had my court date today or yesterday I should hear how it...
  639. C

    San Quintin Winter Special K&M

    I was down there over summer with a group of guys, I recommended they fish with K&M but they went cheap and 10 guys on 3 boats caught only bottom fish. Kelly ran 2 of his boats the necessary distance to right water and had limits of Yellowfin with Dorado and Yellows. Luckily I have my own boat...
  640. C

    New PC soon.

    Mac's are for lesbians that drive Subaru's and rich people. My laptop was $500 and is fine.
  641. C

    OT Smog checks on Diesels

    Fuck this state. The one of the reasons I bought my truck was so I did not have to smog it. Who wants to trade a 05' for a 97'
  642. C

    La Bocana, BCS

    Nice Jurel. Joaquin and Juanchi have skills. I bet they have caught more YT than anyone else on this board.
  643. C

    Gregor 13 foot skiff

    So I picked up the boat. Its for sale in the Classifieds for $20, just kidding. Rob thanks for the boat I cant get out on it.
  644. C

    Gregor 13 foot skiff

    I will grab it on my way home form work 4:30 can you wait until then? I live in Crown Point. I will even show up with 6 pack of cold beer.
  645. C

    Please Someone Sell Me One Like This

    Just get a lobster style game bag and a bucket. Cut the bottom out of the bucket and use some zip-ties to keep the plastic ring (bucket) near the top opening of the bag hang over boat and fill with tuna. lobster game bag - Google Product Search
  646. C

    i will get some stick for this one

    Europe is not a continent, Eurasia is a continent. Haven't you heard of the Euro. Europe, 1 Currency 1 Country.
  647. C

    Mass to Horsepower Ratio

    Classic Whaler: Boston Whaler: Reference: Crouch's Speed Calculator Remember this is in flat water, with ideal prop. Seems pretty close though.
  648. C

    How heavy can house be???

    Thats actually a nice house.
  649. C

    Best set of pics ive seen for a Nordhavn 75eyf.....

    I will sit in the SPA until its time to throw iron. Just yell at me. Check out the details.
  650. C

    Punta Mita Lobster

    Lobsters are for commercial take only. I have herd that the Tropical bugs will not go into traps which is why they dive for them, probably a hooka setup 5-40ft.
  651. C


    motor about 50k miles had the turbo, bedplate gasket twice, egr cooler, ficm) the tranny is perfect.
  652. C

    Surf fishing Manzanilla?

    Fish the rivermouths. Use heavy line.