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  1. Salmon King

    Where are the area 9 and 10 pictures

    @KaiChung, welcome to our crazy chinook management process! The quota is usually use it or lose it. There have been years where they close it down due to lower than expected returns. It doesn’t seem that is the case this year as fish are getting through, they just are a bit late and not feeding...
  2. Salmon King

    stolen fishing gear, Westport

    “These telemarketers are going to kill me!”
  3. Salmon King

    Where are the area 9 and 10 pictures

    I am with Eli here. What is going on?!? Sharing x marks the spot intel on the internet... especially on a slow year, you may be inviting all of your internet friends to fish your spot! Nobody owns the ocean or the fish, but it never hurts to let the hordes search around. Everyone knows the...
  4. Salmon King

    Found crab pot protocol

    If I find an obvious floater I pull it and call the number. Almost all always come to get it eventually. I reached one guy and he said he would come get it. Never showed or responded again. Until the next year just right before the opener! He came and got it June 30th. No charge for storing it...
  5. Salmon King

    Help out a brotha? Chinook fishing

    see Bill’s avatar for proper wake technique.:D There is some really good advice in this thread. One more that I might add is more a theory I hold to: stay out of the crowd. Having 50 sets of flashers spinning and dr balls hitting the bottom will spook the fish. I find I hook up more often when...
  6. Salmon King

    Where are the area 9 and 10 pictures

    Seeing that a few people reported rockfish bycatch (which is good imo showing an increase in numbers), does everyone have a descender on board? I saw in the refs they are required in the sound now? Pretty easy to use as you already have your downriggers set up. Let’s show we can fish with...
  7. Salmon King

    Where are the area 9 and 10 pictures

    Creel reports have 53 fished checked for A9... from 543 people checked. Looks like checker effort was down as there were less interviews conducted than the last few years. Hopefully they won’t say that the A9 quota is now 89% consumed...
  8. Salmon King

    Neah Bay Coho

    If I catch a shaker, then I report it. Sometimes that shaker just follows the boat around getting caught over and over. I’ve never caught two shakers.
  9. Salmon King

    Where are the area 9 and 10 pictures

    Possession for 5 hours netted us a chunky local coho. I saw two Blackmouth sized fish netted. it was busy out there as @bdrlgion said. I few times we were full stop waiting for traffic to clear. Found the bait away from the crowds and marked what looked like coho sized fish feeding. Some of the...
  10. Salmon King

    2019 parker 2120

    Seemed like a good deal. Definitely not fished hard based on the lack of junk in that shop. To buy a boat and then sell it a year later because your interests changes. Ouch. I hope RV’ing lasts a little longer.
  11. Salmon King

    Monday Morning Bubble

    I don’t keep a salmon with a messed up little adipose as it is just not worth potentially arguing something that is so subjective. however, this is a bubble fish. You can keep fins in the bubble. Kurt is up to speed with the regs. 👍
  12. Salmon King

    Minus Tide - Everett & The Crab Opener

    It never fails to amaze me how many guys just head to the launch and go for it regardless of tides. Here is a dude launching during a -2+ at Mukilteo. Good times!
  13. Salmon King


    Vote out Bezos this fall! :p:lol
  14. Salmon King

    Buying A New Chest Freezer Question

    Boxes. I just have a food saver sealer and too much handling causes seals to fail. The Costco cereal boxes or shoe boxes work great.
  15. Salmon King

    Opener at Westport

    Nice looking fish!
  16. Salmon King

    Great Fathers day weekend

    That is a cooler full of quality eats right there! Two of the best!
  17. Salmon King

    Area 4 OPEN

    True dat. Leave the poor little dink coho alone.
  18. Salmon King

    Area 4 OPEN

    Its a bummer, but I respect their decision. Good for them. I wonder if La Push will follow suit. Anyway, A4 quota should last a while as many wont be able to reach it.
  19. Salmon King

    10lbs or count to 80?

    I always interpreted as 80 spots and 10lbs for any other species. You won’t hit 10# anyway. I pop heads at sea, and a 1oz tail is a big prawn.
  20. Salmon King

    barbecue / smoker Feed back

    I had a Traeger. The quality was good and it worked fine for its intended use (smoker/oven). A good friend got a Yoder. Much better direct heat. He used it as his primary grill while I always had a gas grill in addition to the pellet grill.
  21. Salmon King

    WTB: Kayaks

    Looking to buy a couple used kayaks. Not looking for anything fancy, just some toys for the kids to play with at the beach. Any scratched up old sit in top or Walmart type is fine. Also looking for two stand up paddle boards (not inflatable). I know this is a longer shot, but let me know if you...
  22. Salmon King

    Lings missed me

    Perfect eating size. Fish tacos!
  23. Salmon King

    Etec’s toast....

    Seems like many of the guys running them got them for free. They had to have a lot of overhead costs weighing them down.
  24. Salmon King

    Here we go Week #5, Friday only Premium Protein

    Those burgers are good. I vac packed mine in smaller stacks so they make for a quick dinner on the Weber. I would definitely do a restock. I know that the supply chain upstream is getting pinched, but can’t we at least buy out the aging room?
  25. Salmon King

    29 Almar Walk-Around Rebuild

    Looks fantastic. Great power package to give you years of trouble free trips.
  26. Salmon King

    Sekiu halibut opening

    There are A LOT of open days so I hope that guys don’t feel they all need to rush out on day one. It would actually be great to show WDFW that more open days don’t mean more pressure. We all still have 4 punches. Stay safe everyone.
  27. Salmon King

    Another BBQ 4 sale

    I’d take it if I were closer. Anyone making a trip toward the north side?
  28. Salmon King

    Gov. Inslee Fucks Small Business Again

    I don’t know if contact tracing will work in the US. Too much of the population is wary of the government possibly tracking them or they are just a wise guy. If there was on outbreak, tracers would be looking to get in touch with a bunch of people named I.P. Freely and Harry Johnson.
  29. Salmon King

    Let the games begin

    That’s got to be the cleanest boat at Dagmars. They are going to kick you out for violating the mildew green color requirement!
  30. Salmon King

    Tanacom 750 sale

    A shot of braid as well. Nice! But “in store purchases only”? What is Conner trying to pull? 😝
  31. Salmon King

    2020 Shrimp season

    The 16th would be great, but PS spot shrimping is such a s*** show that I don’t see any chance it will open while we are in phase 1. The crowds are unbelievable even when it isn’t the only thing to do in the whole state.
  32. Salmon King

    Shilshole Boat Ramp Unintentional Law Breakers

    Let them know that you will stop paying as part of the “cancel rent” movement. City councilmember Sawant should support this. Then just use the launch all year without paying because you Have been “affected”.
  33. Salmon King

    WTB Half Tote

    While a half tote on the deck harms the ascetics of the bert, the functionality is worth it. The deck should be big enough to walk around it and it serves as a great table for working on gear in the heat of battle. A rack on each side for tools and rods helps even more. They hold a lot of tuna too.
  34. Salmon King

    Boat overhang on trailer

    Pull off the 200s and hang 350s back there. That should balance it out.
  35. Salmon King

    Why did I think I could launch my boat?

    Sounds a lot like POE when they shut down all but a few of the lanes to encourage distancing.
  36. Salmon King

    2020 halibut

    Are you guys trying to print off halibut online? I think you need to get it in person.
  37. Salmon King

    Gov just announced opening of fishing!

    I hear that the 2020 pink salmon opener is still on? As well as the big lake Stevens chinook fishery?
  38. Salmon King

    Getting the boat set up...

    So you not only coordinated the shit down, you also crashed the oil market so those 2 strokes will be cheap to run! I use the Mustang MIT automatics as my boat PFDs. They are ok and the price is right. The kids used to have the Childrens Mustang type II, but they are also bigger now and I have...
  39. Salmon King

    Real Estate Attorney Needed Lynnwood

    When you pencil it out, remember that you would likely still need to pay the buyers RE agent, so the savings isn’t as big. I’m sure most selling agents would be willing to negotiate right now.
  40. Salmon King

    Premium Beef/Pork Sale week #4

    I think I might need a refresh as well. I think I missed out only buying one case of steaks.
  41. Salmon King

    Petition to Impeach the Chi-Comms from Olympia

    Petitions can work. For instance, they got $30 car tabs on the ballot and they passed! ...oh wait.
  42. Salmon King

    Premium Beef/Pork Sale week #4

    the aged stuff is super good. This one even was frozen then thawed. 128° in the sous vide and then a minute or two on the skillet. I may blow through my pile faster than expected.
  43. Salmon King

    '20 shake down

    You caught a tuna on lake washi. Nice!
  44. Salmon King

    Washington is the only state

    If the concern is the Risk to fish checkers, then we volunteer to do our own oversight and enforcement. If any sport fisherman is found breaking the rules, he will need to go to sport fisherman court run by sport fisherman. This is acceptable for other user groups to police themselves, why not us?
  45. Salmon King

    Cinco de Mayo Fish Tacos?

    WA is doing very well, especially given this is where the first case was discovered. Many health care professionals are getting hours cut or laid off, including my sister. At the very least we need to get hospitals back open fully and performing “non-essential” procedures. We have the capacity...
  46. Salmon King

    Cinco de Mayo Fish Tacos?

    Open fishing the day we are supposed to end lockdown? Of course not! WDFW is involved here. :(
  47. Salmon King

    Buy American!

    I hear that if you buy 100 shares they throw in a MAX that you can drive around.
  48. Salmon King

    Ran outta Fish today...

    Tough times as people are eating their stash of crab bait. :D:D I’m out of shrimp, lingcod, halibut, rockfish, nook, coho. I have less than 5 lbs of tuna left. Fishing better open soon!
  49. Salmon King

    GO TO Olympia Protest Sunday 4-19 @ 1:00 PM

    Anyway, back to the protests... I agree with the message, but the optics are tough.We (fishermen/women) are fighting as much of a PR battle as anything. Our gov will sway toward the popular opinion. Right now the popular opinion seems to be that the tribes care for the earth/all nature and...
  50. Salmon King

    GO TO Olympia Protest Sunday 4-19 @ 1:00 PM

    So if the hospitals are empty, would that mean that the lock down was effective? asking for a friend. On a serious note, now we seen to have blunted the initial spike, we have a tough road ahead to ease off and not screw it up. Fishing seems safe enough, but I do see how the travel that we do...
  51. Salmon King

    1998 Bounty 293 Pilothouse – Kraken

    @FishPimpII looks like this could be the one for you! looks clean and well cared for.
  52. Salmon King

    Beef, Pork Blowout sale #3

    Two 15 lb cases. All uniform and center cut. No weird shaped or thin slices. Killer deal to given what pork bellies run for... Eli, that beer was excellent. I’ll need to look to you for recommendations in the future. Screw wine. 😋
  53. Salmon King

    Beef, Pork Blowout sale #3

    rim to rim medium rare. The aged sirloins might be the most tender steaks I’ve had. really awesome quality. The bacon gets broken into tomorrow.
  54. Salmon King

    Cheapest fuel?

    Well, crude is down below $0.35 a gallon. The lockdown and virus fears are keeping the demand down, but there are a few countries out there also trying to kill the American oil patch. Jokes on them. We will pump them dry first. :) I hope fuel is this cheap when fishing starts to get rolling again.
  55. Salmon King

    Kids John Deere

    Too bad they don’t work for real. I’d love to buy my kids something so they could mow the lawn for me.
  56. Salmon King

    What can we do?

    The tribes are the sportie’s competitor and they always have the upper hand. Some of the tribes do Somewhat support sport fishing as it is important to their economies. Others (especially ones with casinos) see no need to get along and would rather there be no sport fishing at all. while we...
  57. Salmon King

    Beef, Pork Blowout sale #3

    @kenzmad do you do Venmo? We could get you the money before you have to pay. @sgwill122 Steve, I can drop yours off at your house. It’s on the way back. @ledbed6b where are you? I think I might be near you if you want me to meet you up or drop something off.
  58. Salmon King

    Beef, Pork Blowout sale #3

    I’m in for some stuff. I heard on the panic news that a meat shortage is coming. That’s enough to get me in! @kenzmad, I’ll come down to Kent to meet you if you don’t mind carrying a little extra. I’ll make the run from Kent up to Mukilteo if anyone wants to meet up around there.
  59. Salmon King

    Beef, Pork Blowout sale #3

    Can you post the PDF? The Facebook link isn’t working for me.
  60. Salmon King

    Since you have time

    looks awesome BabyJ. Recipe?
  61. Salmon King

    RIP blackmouth fishing

    Here’s an idea... emergency hatcheries. Set up fish traps in the most impacted rivers, like the stilly. Catch EVERY returning adult and rear them in new hatcheries that have reliable backup generators. Cull some of the seals and invasive sea lions to protect the fingerlings as they head for the...
  62. Salmon King

    Newport Meat PNW Inventory blowout Part II

    What day are you going down? I might be able to head down to Kent to meet you up. I’m in Mukilteo, so could probably make the last part of the run to Steve and Eli.
  63. Salmon King

    Am I getting screwed?

    How many buyers are there for an 86 engine? I’d counter with 500 and settle at 400. I don’t think it was giving you a lot of value and he can put it to good use.
  64. Salmon King

    Fishing closure statewide

    And let’s not forget the HUGELY destructive organizations that claim to protect wild fish but find themselves by suing the state to shut down hatcheries. They are a big part of why the pie is shrinking every year and the fighting gets worse. Wild fish... genetically specific populations that...
  65. Salmon King

    Since you have time

    For the pork shoulder, you can also start it on the smoker for an hour or two before throwing it in the sous vide. Pork butt is one of those things that need to be cooked to a higher temp and there is a lot of forgiveness, so a sous vide isn’t really needed. I usually dry brine for 1-2 days...
  66. Salmon King

    West Coast Unity - could be forced upon us?

    I spend a lot of time in Cali for work. Many of my coworkers live there. There are beautiful spots, but I’ll take a hard pass on living there. Do any Cali guys come to WA to fish? It seems that the guys I know book Alaska trips. I’ve never run into any CA guys who have come up just to fish...
  67. Salmon King

    Imagine rolling in this...

    Run hand lines at the waterline. Nobody would think you were fishing in this! It’s a way to beat the closure.
  68. Salmon King

    Fishing closure statewide

    I think we can count on May being shot. Hopefully we can get it back in June, but that would be out of character for WDFW. Something tells me that fishing will be one of the last things to turn back on as it is considered only “recreational”. I just have a hard time seeing anyone (WDFW, the...
  69. Salmon King

    Dungeness Crab, area 11

    What are they going to do with the crab?!? The casinos are closed. Restaurants can’t take it. Ship it to China? Good luck finding a buyer. Yet they will still go out and harvest a bunch of crab and sell them for pennies a pound. What a waste.
  70. Salmon King

    Best offer. 40 ocean yacht sportfish

    Stable salary, ha ha ha ha ha. Hang in there Vance, but we will be out fishing again soon. If anything, this (hopefully short) downturn has pushed fuel prices down!
  71. Salmon King

    Fishing closure statewide

    WA seems to be doing well with cases, given how other states are doing. Hospitals are doing ok, knock on wood. Is the lock down working? Is it too much? Are we creating more damage with the lockdown? The answer is... don’t live in New York City.
  72. Salmon King

    Sunday Funday

    Maybe the 40 rods up in the holders tipped them off?
  73. Salmon King

    Fishing closure statewide

    Boating isn’t banned but don’t give them ideas. The key is that activities that create newsworthy crowds will get shut down. Crowds at the beach? Parks are closed. Dog park parking lot full? Closed. Just keep it on the DL and you we should be fine. I’ve got my outdoor spots and activities...
  74. Salmon King

    Since you have time

    I looked it up on the website... that box is a steal for what’s in it given where it is coming from. That steak is last meal level epic. Don’t overcook it!!
  75. Salmon King

    COVID-19 Facts & Real Experience

    Like I said, I hope I’m wrong. I’d love to be wrong in this case.
  76. Salmon King

    I want to trust the government, really

    Rod, be honest. You never wanted to trust the government. We live in Washington!! Lol.
  77. Salmon King

    COVID-19 Facts & Real Experience

    Here is how it adds up: 10,000 people in Cali have it. 237 have died. (A few more kicked it in the past few hours). More of the 10k will die, but let’s say they all recover for this calculation. Unchecked, the bug will hit 60-80% of the population. 40M in Cali equals 24M to 32M sick in Cali...
  78. Salmon King

    BOSE Surround

    That’s a trip for me. Don’t hold it for me but I’ll take it off your hands next time I am that way if it doesn’t sell.
  79. Salmon King


    A good friend’s catch... and current state record. Pretty easy to hook, harder to land (especially on 30# test), and even harder to kill!! Bleeding, bat, screwdriver. Thing was still kicking an hour later. Nasty, smelly shark. I don’t think we would keep another one.
  80. Salmon King

    Seafood Sale Potential? Need feedback.

    I’d like to see prices. Love me some octopus! Grouped and snapper too. For me it isn’t that I don’t want rock/halibut/salmon/spots... it’s because I ate them all already!
  81. Salmon King

    BOSE Surround

    I’d use that. Where are you?
  82. Salmon King

    Since you have time

    I think the raw is tri tip and the cooked is double thick strip. Just did a sirloin roast this week for 20 hours at 133°. The girls ate about a pound and a half each.
  83. Salmon King

    Since you have time

    I just ate a ton of tuna for dinner and I’m hungry for steak now. Thanks Travis.
  84. Salmon King

    Since you have time

    Sous vide will change your life. I’ve got a Joule and I use it 2-3 times a week. Pork loin at 139° and then shaved thin with a cream sauce is a family favorite... and $1.89/lb at Costco. Always wanted to try the dry age thing.
  85. Salmon King

    Premium Beef Sale

    Lawrence, how far north are you? I’d love a box of the 6oz burgers but I’m all the way up in Mukilteo.
  86. Salmon King


    Sashimi maybe. The meat contains an enzyme activated by heat that tenderizes the meat to mush as you cook it. I guess that halibut have the prized fin meat as well. A business acquaintance insisted I try “halibut fin” at a trendy sushi joint in LA. $12 for 2 pcs. i didn’t have the heart to tell...
  87. Salmon King

    Fish stories

    Cool stories. While we all have had epic recent experiences I’m sure, sometimes it’s those early experiences that are seared the deepest. One of my earliest fishing memories was with my grandfather. He had a sailboat in Muskegon Lake in Michigan. He Moored it in a slip that was just a man made...
  88. Salmon King

    Fishing closure statewide

    WA is starting to flatten out, and this is mostly due to the school closings and workplaces that could send people to work from home. It should flatten out further once these more restrictive measures are a week or two old. Even if you don’t agree with it or think it’s blown out of proportion...
  89. Salmon King

    Pursuit Refit

    Glad to hear that you got to run it a bit. Clean machine! I think that you will get a lot of use out of that in local waters. I can foresee some o’dark thirty weekday solo king runs this summer.
  90. Salmon King

    Fishing closure statewide

    Guys, China had it the worst and they seem to have brought it under control. Their lockdown didn’t allow you to leave your house and it went on for more than two months. They would have had 5-10M deaths if they let it spread around the country. I don’t think that the US (or most of the...
  91. Salmon King

    All state launches close today

    SOP for using the Westport public bathrooms: hold your breath, don’t touch ANYTHING, take a whiz on the wall, exit without touching sink. Coronavirus may be one of the less threatening things one could catch in those restrooms.
  92. Salmon King

    COVID-19 Facts & Real Experience

    Power through Swanny. Rest and focus on recovery, I’m sure you’re almost there. Tough that the fam has it too. Hopefully they will have an easier time through it. If there is a bright side, it’s that you will probably be immune now!
  93. Salmon King

    Port of Everett Boat Launch Closed

    You mean it’s free and open at night?
  94. Salmon King

    Free- (4) Hankook Studded Snow Tires

    $400. I’ll deliver them for you. ;)
  95. Salmon King

    Corona Virus 🖕🏾

    John, I was actually replying to koopla not you. I hope that this all is a huge overreaction and I hold out hope that the mortality figures of 1% are way high. I know it’s going to mess up a lot of people’s lives including mine (aerospace is not looking strong in the future). It’s a good time...
  96. Salmon King

    Corona Virus 🖕🏾

    Yeah, and more people die driving in cars than BASE jumping, so BASE jumping is safer? Covid-19 has killed less people than the flu because such a small population has caught COVID. C’mon man, the “more people die from the flu” talking point was retired a while back. It’s a good time to work...
  97. Salmon King

    Holy crap.

    The death rate is all over the map, but in general it is lower than other virus pandemics like SARS. The total mortality rate in the US is actually encouraging to me, except for that care facility where basically everyone died. Now we have to see if there is anything left when we emerge from...
  98. Salmon King

    Neah Bay CLOSED

    Can’t blame them. It will be tough for them though as this is coming up on prime time to make money off fishing seasons.
  99. Salmon King

    Whirlpool Kirkland Signature Fridge/Freezer.... $FREE

    Dibs! I could pick it up today if it isn’t spoken for.
  100. Salmon King

    First time making pipes

    Very cute! Like Patrick said, they may not be heavy enough. Although little pipes have their place such as the rockpile at La Push. One other thought, others please weigh in: the hooks you have are good for lings. For halibut, go a bit smaller, like 10/0. I’ve broken too many big mustads off on...
  101. Salmon King

    Boat Land

    Dagmars does dry stack and storage/“Moorage” on the hard. They launch and retrieve, but the facility is so far up a no wake zone that it is a deal killer for me. It seems that it’s a place for boats to go die. If you could get access and someone to give you contact details for the owners, many...
  102. Salmon King

    BC saltwater (MA121) license dealer?

    There are day trips available? Sweet!
  103. Salmon King

    MA7 north 2/21

    Piggie! What did that weigh?
  104. Salmon King

    Downrigger Upgrade

    Those look shiny. But just buy a Scotty 1106 and be set for life.
  105. Salmon King

    Preparing for first trip to Neah/Seiku

    bait catches rockfish. 3# pipes and 12/0 trebles. Keep em straight up and down! (This was 43)
  106. Salmon King

    Preparing for first trip to Neah/Seiku

    If you really want to chase the big Lings, they are way out. One popular spot is past SW corner to “The Prairie”. Go and prospect around. It’s a big area to explore. fish naked 2-3# pipes. hop on with @lingcod todd for his deep water ling trip. You will learn so much. It will be the best money...
  107. Salmon King

    Forecast accuracy

    Nice work getting out. The pods of sea lions aren’t completely a bad thing as they are likely following herring or other bait in. There aren’t any big runs going on so they likely aren’t chasing salmon (except for the ones you hooked).
  108. Salmon King

    Munson Sportfish, walk around 55', lower and upper helm QUAD Yamaha 425s

    Not so obvious to us outboard/aluminum worshiping washigoogans. Not enough range? Gas power? Fill us in on the downsides.
  109. Salmon King

    Kingfisher 2528 Weekender/Destination search

    You really need to ride the boat out in the ocean on a semi sloppy day. An average day in the Puget Sound isn’t a SEA trial. Look used. Norm’s boat is dialed in (10s of thousands to add to the sticker for any new boat) and was really fairly priced. I would consider it myself if I were in the...
  110. Salmon King

    6 months

    Take it out of the vac pack, wrap in paper towels, then thaw in a cold part of the fridge. after 24 hours or so, I take it out and trim off the 1/8” surface (gets all of the blood vessels that were under the skin and removes anything that tastes like a freezer). Cube or steak it while...
  111. Salmon King

    Blackmouth fishing MA10

    X10 regarding bouncing the bottom. Who needs a depth counter anyway! Just let it out until it hits then hit the retrieve for a second. Hard to catch Legal BM suspended.
  112. Salmon King

    Neah Bay

    fishing from Neah Bay all the way to past La Push has taken a huge downturn. You can’t even catch a rockfish these days, let alone a decent salmon or halibut. Best stay away.
  113. Salmon King

    Solid wood futon

    I’ve got the mattress if anyone needs it. It’s about 4 years old and in a cover, perfect shape (internal spring type). It’s in Mukilteo but you could grab Larry’s frame and do a free futon road trip.
  114. Salmon King

    Halibut 2020 Revised

    I thought that you checked tides on your phone while on the bar to figure out why it is so rough? I like the way they are scheduling. I’d rather have more days scheduled even if the later ones risk cancellation. It alleviates some of the derby mentality for sure. Can’t wait for it!
  115. Salmon King

    Commercials Overcaught their quotas.

    The best news here is the report on abundance. I’m not too surprised that the resource is still resilient given how many crabs live in the Possession Sound. The conditions are ideal (soft bottom, no otters) and we feed the smalls A LOT! now if can go dump more baby crab food out there.
  116. Salmon King

    Halibut gear thoughts

    Why not winch them in? I still find that holding the rod helps so you can drop the tip and ease off the power when the fish fights back. Makes for less broken hooks and lost fish. I guess you can still crank them in if you want.
  117. Salmon King

    MA9 crabbing?

    Shipwreck in 50-100’. Spread the pots out at first. Once you don’t some then lots of bait and soak overnight. I’ve always caught many crabs there, but more softies than other spots.
  118. Salmon King


    This. MC puts too much drag on a weak bait IMHo. Just use your hand to help regulate the line as you feed it out. Once I see the line pick up speed, a soft brush on the spool tells me if the chovie is running away from a shark or is inside a descending tuna.
  119. Salmon King


    It’s the “trade the crab for cash” ceremony.
  120. Salmon King

    UFP Axle Parts

    I’ll take it if you can wait until later this week (in LA until Wed night. I’m in Muk and work in Lynnwood. let me know when you are up at the boat and I can run up there and meet you.
  121. Salmon King

    Open tuna seat on Friday October 11th

    “Reel Rinky-dink”
  122. Salmon King

    Final 2019 WP tuna report

    Excellent report on a successful “last trip”. You put a hurt on the tuna this year for sure. Good work getting on fish consistently. Given your way with going WFO in the late afternoon, you should consider sleeping in and leaving the dock after 12. For some reason “Lady Karen” looks just...
  123. Salmon King

    Who is going? Westport tuna this Saturday

    Goat talking about weather?!?!? Hell just froze over. Hope everyone finds them tomorrow. It’s been quite a year.
  124. Salmon King

    Crabbing open again in 4,5,6,7,8,9

    About time. I have a freezer full of bait to unload.
  125. Salmon King

    Free boat chit

    Free stuff and delivery! The brotherhood is strong.
  126. Salmon King

    WP live bait - the real scoop

    Those last little chovies need to be taken offshore and released (some wearing a small owner).
  127. Salmon King

    Emergency rules 1 coho

    The “Ima get paid” ceremony.
  128. Salmon King

    Wp chovies

    Best try to call them. Last weekend they limited the sporties to two scoops and said that they weren’t fishing anchovies any more this year.
  129. Salmon King

    Trip to Leavenworth for October fest.

    I love Leavenworth, just not the town itself. Awesome area to play in the mountains. The town is a good stop for a bite on the way home. I enjoy having a beer, but don’t enjoy crowds of drunk tourists.
  130. Salmon King

    Small boat builder recommendations?

    Multiple boats man. Nobody goes golfing with one club or only owns only one pair of skis.
  131. Salmon King

    Small boat builder recommendations?

    You’re back. If you can take the criticism as constructive and the barbs as friendly ribbing, you’ll do ok. Your “fat cat” has more issues than being ugly. Have you ever fished albacore effectively with live bait? It’s a team effort. There are usually 1-2 guys working their tails off gaffing...
  132. Salmon King

    Westpoint report - week of 9/16

    Ghost opportunity. It makes it seem like there is opportunity to when there isn’t a snowball’s chance of catching. It’s like 4 fish limits in the hood canal and Puget Sound halibut.
  133. Salmon King

    9/19 area 10 report

    PS coho has been slow slow slow. A friend (good fisherman) went 0 for 0 yesterday. A few fish were caught, but mostly local dink coho. Counts in the rivers are right where they were last year and they are showing up on the finder. They are lockjawed most days.
  134. Salmon King

    Small boat builder recommendations?

    Lol! Actually we are mostly assholes. Most of these guys would give the shirt off their back to someone in need, but this forum is pretty much the opposite of a self esteem support group.
  135. Salmon King

    Small boat builder recommendations?

    Everyone on here who runs awesome boats worked very hard to get where they are. They put in the hours for the man and earned the money that now enables us to play. We all started with humble means (I am there with the humble boat at the moment) and worked up slowly. Gotta pay to play.
  136. Salmon King

    Small boat builder recommendations?

    There is a nice Almar in the classifieds that is WAY cheaper than anything you could build. Time aside, look at the cost of the materials, tools, rigging, motors, electronics. Of course it would cost a lot more to run than your Stabi. Mo money, mo problems...
  137. Salmon King

    Whose the Expert in Ice Slurries?

    Also note that those stiff loins are WRAPPED IN PAPER TOWELS! Never rinse the loins. Just wrap and bag then pack in ice or the back of the fridge. A few years back I was on Darrell’s charter and he was cutting the fish back at the dock. I grabbed my bag and wrapped them all in paper towels...
  138. Salmon King

    Open seats for a fun bottom fish charter

    Holy cow, are there any lingcod left out there?!? Great grade, even for deep water. Did you upgrade much?
  139. Salmon King

    Interesting story

    He said it took 30 minutes to retrieve the line. Talk about a PITA to do a bait check. 2600’. There must be some serious weight on that rig to get close to bottom.
  140. Salmon King

    Westport Tuna 9-13-19 Piggies

    Mark brought Meri to work to celebrate their anniversary? There is a dedicated charter captain right there. Way to go. Looks like you crushed them out there.
  141. Salmon King

    Trolling squid for salmon

    It looks just like a needle fish’s hootchie.
  142. Salmon King

    Trolling squid for salmon

    A hootchie simulates a bait fish, not a squid. The flasher provides some noise/action to get the fish looking and then the hootchie comes along looking like an injured herring/candlefish/etc.
  143. Salmon King

    2002 Rampage

    That’s a lot of boat for 100k! GLWS. Hope you can find a buyer who can put it to good use.
  144. Salmon King

    Just another shit show

    Wow, nice grade!
  145. Salmon King

    Free Crab bait

    Still have it if anyone wants it.
  146. Salmon King

    Kiddo Mustang PFDs

    Two kids mustang type II. Free or a 6-pack of IPA. Keep those kiddos floating. Everett near the Boeing widebody plant.
  147. Salmon King

    Free Crab bait

    I’ve got about 50-60 lbs of salmon frames and bellies. Sealed in freezer bags and no burn. It’s from July/August. I’d like to get rid of it Friday if possible. It would be great if someone could take it all. Located in Everett near the Boeing widebody plant.
  148. Salmon King

    Brisket, where do you get yours?

    Costco. They usually sell prime at the store in my hood. 2.99/lb. it is the full cut that includes the fatty hump.
  149. Salmon King

    Selling Tuna

    It is illegal to sell sport caught fish. Don’t try to skirt around it. The last thing we need is another dude selling fish out of the back of a truck. Too many of those types already. Talk to someone who fishes albacore commercially for some intel on how “easy” it is. There are a few guys on...
  150. Salmon King

    Ice failure

    If it was, then we wouldn’t worry about the ice melting. :D
  151. Salmon King

    Ice failure

    Well, I probably incorrectly stated it but I’m a business major not a scientist. My point was that the energy (or lack there of) of the whole thing doesn’t change when you ice it. But the water in the slurry is colder for sure. To the OP, it is likely that saltwater got into the fish hold...
  152. Salmon King

    Ice failure

  153. Salmon King

    Ice failure

    Ummm, adding salt to ice doesn’t do anything to the temperature. It lowers the freezing point, which allows it to be liquid at the same temperature that it had been frozen before salting. A salty slush can be 20° and liquid. Being liquid, it transfers heat away from the tuna much faster, leading...
  154. Salmon King

    Speeding Boat Crashes into Another Near Edmonds, Injuring 3

    8:40pm. An hour after sunset. This was very preventable on both sides.
  155. Salmon King

    Edmond's Coho Derby

    Just show up to weigh your fish. They don’t care where you launched or where you caught it. I know some guys who run out of another port and then drove to Edmonds with the fish. I’m interested to see how this derby goes. It is typically early to get big hos, but PS kings and humpies were...
  156. Salmon King

    Tuna bleeding done wrong

    Hit both gills with a sharp knife and then bleed head down in the barrel. It seems that head down does a much better job as they bleed out and the heart weakens. It seems that the Merinos method simulates a double loin gaff in every fish. Yuck!
  157. Salmon King

    First Time Tuna

    Sorry to hear you need to sell your current boat to get a bigger boat. Way to get them! You not only found your own fish, it sounds like you had better trolling action than most.
  158. Salmon King

    SlapShot - WP to Everett - Open seat

    Technically, @OMEGA has landed tuna out of Everett. I hope the run goes well. Should be an awesome cruise. Let me know if you need anything up at POE as I’m close by.
  159. Salmon King

    It has happened!

    There are no Marlin in Washington.
  160. Salmon King

    WP moorage sat/sun night this week?

    White glove inspection... I don’t want to know how you are paying for the slip!!
  161. Salmon King

    Garibaldi OTC report

    Nice work finding some fish at OTC. Looks like you had yet another adventure. They guys on this board are more than generous and helpful and have your safety in mind, even if you don’t realize it yet. I understand the money thing and making it work with what you have, but try to think of the...
  162. Salmon King

    Late summer shrimping

    Oh man, I’m going to get some shrimp out of the freezer now. Looks awesome.
  163. Salmon King

    1106 or 2106 ???

    I’ve used both. I have 1106s. They work great and are bulletproof, but I fish 10 and 12lb balls. It is annoying how slow they are fishing 12 lb balls 175’+, but I’m rarely that deep. The 2106 are good. The digital counter is a waste (keep it simple!) and adds a negative reliability factor as...
  164. Salmon King

    Entering Westport Boat Basin and Overtaken

    Definitely a hungry whale burrito. As a guide with paying customers, you can’t do that sort of damage in the cabin without risking lost customers, lost tips, bad google reviews from the survivors. He had a legit medical/bio emergency.
  165. Salmon King

    2019 PNW Lake Pacific Big Fish & Exotic Pics

    It looks like a full plate of sashimi to me!
  166. Salmon King

    Meanwhile in the over sound...

    Just over 7# on my food scale cleaned. Not a monster but bigger than humpies in years past in the salt. About 25% are 5# or more. Super fun on a trout rod.
  167. Salmon King

    Meanwhile in the over sound...

    Should say “Puget Sound”... I haven’t fished the ocean for salmon this year but I understand it has been more of a run to find them. I have made more than a few trips in the Puget Sound and it’s good to see that despite reduced seasons, the fish are there. Kings were good, local silvers were...
  168. Salmon King

    150HP Repower Advice

    Get another zuk 140. If you felt underpowered before consider the zuk 175. BUT, before you do this go launch your boat and stack 100+ lbs of weights in the back at the motor. You might not like the way it sits and rides. A small boost in HP will be easily negated by a dragging stern.
  169. Salmon King

    The Baitstop

    Hmmm, good idea. I like the idea of spiked sashimi back at the cleaning table.
  170. Salmon King

    4 Day 575nm Longfin Trip

    Nice work! We were behind you when you rolled out of Everett Saturday AM. We were the little boat that you walked away from at 35knts. That thing flies!
  171. Salmon King

    Good Tuna day

    Looks like a great day. Good of you to take the daughter’s BF out. I plan to do the same when my daughters reach dating age. It seems like a good way to get to know them better. They also get to see how easily you can dispose of carcs/bodies.
  172. Salmon King

    25ft thunderjet Alexis

    Are you looking new? Just like Mark said, be picky with your power if you can. Remember that while Verados (and Evinrudes) are cheaper, they also have much less resale value.
  173. Salmon King

    OH FOR PETE'S SAKE............(keeping it family friendly)

    A manual plus YouTube. Then tear into it. Unless you are the “open checkbook” type of guy, owning a boat will require some mechanic skills. The good thing is that an older boat will also teach you to be handy through practice if you are willing to try it. Cost aside, DIY will mean much more...
  174. Salmon King


    Oh, it’s on out there. Chunky pinks and trout rods rigged with 8lb. Too much fun. Lots of screaming and running around today. The girls were pretty into it as well
  175. Salmon King

    Taking a Buddy WP Friday

    Kingston should be ok if you get there early on a Friday. MA10 is producing kings on the west side. If you get bored of that, there are swarms of pinks and little coho to pull on. It’s not tuna, but it should be action filled fishing.
  176. Salmon King

    Kill or no kill

    Pictures and then release into the smoker/grill/freezer.
  177. Salmon King

    WP Tuna Sunday

    Oh yeah, straight black boots won’t to. Add some leopard print and they are ok. I’m not sure if you can tell but she likes patterns!
  178. Salmon King

    WP Tuna Sunday

    We ran an electric in our spread two weeks ago as we thought that one of our crew would need it to land a fish. Turns out she didn’t have any trouble pumping a little albacore or three to the boat so we benched the electric. You can clear lines faster by hand. First tuna before she hits double...
  179. Salmon King

    First family tuna run

    Really cool that you got the family on a tuna bite! Nothing quite like seeing the kids play a real fish. Looks like you have some crew for future trips!
  180. Salmon King

    WTB: your old washer/dryer

    Thanks again Norm. This is a great help.
  181. Salmon King

    WTB: your old washer/dryer

    I’ll take them off of ya for sure and get to fixing the washer. I could swing by later tonight if that works. Thanks Norm! PM me if that works.
  182. Salmon King

    WTB: your old washer/dryer

    I might take you up on that Allen! I don’t know when I will be in Westport next. Anyone want some gas or beer money for throwing these in the back of your truck heading back from Westport?
  183. Salmon King

    Westport Tuna Advice for August 8-10

    Certainly look like he is enjoying it!
  184. Salmon King

    Bloody Beaches: 2014 salt beach thread

    Yay, pinks! I missed them. Been 4 years.
  185. Salmon King

    Big Baits for Westport silvers

    That’s a great silver! The smalls have been plentiful so far this year, so I’m excited to see some bigger models starting to show.
  186. Salmon King

    Area 9 Reopening Tuesday 8/6 for Four More Days

    I like whoever is counting the fish. I’ll be out Wednesday with my mom who is visiting from MI and has never caught a salmon.
  187. Salmon King

    Too Much Tuna

    You do realize that selling or bartering recreational caught fish is a major criminal offense?
  188. Salmon King

    Its on. Tuna died out of the CR today. Great fishing.

    60hp on a tuna run. Now that’s badass and frugal at the same time! BFT/YFT/Albert... check the fins. BFT = no long fins, YFT = long fins near the tail, albacore = long wings. Markings aren’t as obvious to me. I’d too would be interested if they fish differently kinda like salmon species do...
  189. Salmon King

    Truck tires for a steal in Everett!

    Got a set a Nitto Terra Grapplers in LT325/65R18. They are used with the tread more than half gone. I got them used from someone who was upgrading wheels and was going to use them as they were one size larger than my current tires. However, a looming move means I need to get rid of them. They...
  190. Salmon King

    Area 9/10 Opener

    Sunday was dead. Too many boats. We did pull in a floating cooler (no beers inside) and snagged a flasher, rod, and Penn reel off the bottom. No fish except wild hos.
  191. Salmon King

    Uh oh !! That might leave a mark !

    At least he had the decency to wreck in the right lane on a stretch that is two lanes. I hate it when people are inconsiderate enough to block the whole road when they wreck. @Odin7 couldnt agree more. Good reminder to take the extra few moments to do a double check or get a quick coffee...
  192. Salmon King

    WTB: your old washer/dryer

    @sueno thanks for the offer, but that’s a little higher end than I am looking for. And shipping might be steep. @twolabz that might work. I wish you were closer (not across the ferry). I’ll see if I can do anything local and let you know soon. Anybody with an old washer that they need to...
  193. Salmon King

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    Oh wow. That’s a beast. Where do you sign up for joyrides? :D
  194. Salmon King

    WTB: your old washer/dryer

    Looks like I’ll need an electric washer and dryer in the next few weeks. They don’t need to be matched or pretty, just working. I actually have a preference for the old top loader washers as they waste more water and work better. Anybody have an extra set? Want to upgrade your current ones and...
  195. Salmon King

    Area 9/10 Opener

    WDFW has created a derby. It’s crazy out there. One a positive note, there are King’s in the water. Returns should crush the estimates based on my on the water research. Also, the fish are mature. We only have caught one blackmouth.
  196. Salmon King

    Area 9/10 Opener

    We fished in some crowded areas close to home, but the AM bite was long and steady. Picked up three and then three resident hos. Didn’t limit the crabs though. No fins at all. Weather was fantastic and for Puget sound, the fishing was as well. Best moment of the day was my wife’s expression...
  197. Salmon King

    Costco Chamber Sealer

    If it works, great. If not, return it. It’s costco after all!
  198. Salmon King

    Area 10 opener

    I was up in A9. Fish are here and the pressure is high. We will all be headed to 10 in a few days.
  199. Salmon King

    FWIW 8-2 Crabbing

    Or keeping the softies.
  200. Salmon King

    Yamaha T8

    Lol! Just because there was still a lock on it? SOLD
  201. Salmon King

    Yamaha question?

    The 100 for the injector cleaning is spot on. I used Dr Injector. I had them run a before and after to see what flow improvements had been made. The VST is just a lot of work if your handy plus random filters and stuff. It doesn’t really add up until you get to the fuel pumps.
  202. Salmon King

    Yamaha question?

    Yep, injectors or VST. Or fuel supply. Check fuel supply: does the bulb remain hard? Pull off the cowling and watch it run. Does the fuel filter/separator under the cowling get air ingress? Then go get your injectors cleaned and tested. Finally, go tear into your VST, clean it out and new...
  203. Salmon King

    Tuna are here!!

    If this isn’t the strongest marketing post I’ve ever seen, I don’t know what is. All y’all go fish tuna this weekend and stay the heck away from MA9. (jealous)
  204. Salmon King

    free natural gas dryer

    Nope. Guess I don’t have gas at the laundry in the house I had thought it would go in. Thanks for the great offer.
  205. Salmon King

    free natural gas dryer

    Dibs! I might need that. I’ll know this afternoon for sure.
  206. Salmon King

    First Summer Chinook of the season

    That’s a football! Should be TASTY
  207. Salmon King

    Somewhere far north WA

    Nice fish! Do yourself a favor and get that little one into a pfd. I’ve got an infant vest and kiddie mustang vest I’ll give you if he could use it.
  208. Salmon King

    Yamaha T8

    Selling an unstolen Yamaha T-8, pull start/manual trim, long shaft. Has less than 10 hours on it. Works great, starts great. I’ve owned it for years, but I don’t use it. I replaced the impeller about an hour ago and has fresh oil and lube. Garage kept except one summer on the boat in moorage...
  209. Salmon King

    Boat storage - MUK or north side

    It appears that I will be making a local move but this means losing my huge level driveway and adjacent rv pad. No more parking the boat at my house. Does anybody have intel or pointers on Mukilteo or POE area storage? Any recommendations? What sort of rates should I consider fair? It’s just...
  210. Salmon King

    Bloody Piers

    Looks like your Deception pic is from last year based on the smokeset.
  211. Salmon King

    Bedding Hardware

    It seems like the screw holes are the only spot for water ingress, unless I am imagining this wrong. If you do seal the entire rail, just make sure there are no gaps or bubbles to create an area to pool. 3m 5200 is great stuff. Easy to work with and you will only need to do it once.
  212. Salmon King

    FWIW 8-2 Crabbing

    Aw shaddup man! Lol. I’ve seen you out there near Everett. That cutwater really goes!
  213. Salmon King

    Nothing to get excited about here...

    Because we can actually use barbs! It is nice that they fight hard when pulled on but just sit around when you release pressure.
  214. Salmon King

    FWIW 8-2 Crabbing

    Did some crabbing over the past two days in 8-2 near Everett with 1000 of my closest friends. The good news: lighter pressure than usual at the normal spots. The crabs will eat anything (freezer burned frames, whitefish, a 4 year old pink salmon, etc) Lots of crabs and lots of big males...
  215. Salmon King

    Place to crash at Westport

    The rest stop right before you turn toward Westport is a quiet place to crash for the night. Bathroom and coffee the next morning at the Westport grocery and deli/shell.
  216. Salmon King


    Yep, felt it. Really short.
  217. Salmon King

    Steak Knife Blades - smooth or saw-edged ? Why ? Thoughts...

    Smooth. Keep em razor sharp. I run mine through a progressive water wheel sharpener (minosharp for global knives) before a use. Full disclosure, I cook steaks thick for sharing and then shave them off on a cutting board with my Global chefs knife and serve family style. My kids are still...
  218. Salmon King

    More shrimps

    The plural of shrimp is not shrimps. Geez. It’s shrimpies.
  219. Salmon King

    Need some knowledge.........

    Lol! I see that all the time around Everett Marina. You’ve moved up since then!
  220. Salmon King

    Alaskan Motel Westport

    Whatever I need to do to get a ride to the tuna grounds. Gives new meaning to the term “ho”.
  221. Salmon King

    Westport salmon 7/9

    Good sized hos. They are getting fatter.
  222. Salmon King

    Pro-Troll Prochip 8" Flasher Lure Kit @ Costco

    Not really that good of a deal for 8”. Of course Costco would have a multipack.
  223. Salmon King

    Gold Avet LX (RH reel)

    Do the fish not like gold? Asking for a friend.
  224. Salmon King

    Wanted: Kids Bibs

    If @yellowlab doesnt take them I will.
  225. Salmon King

    All Quiet on the Albacore Front.......?

    Most years the tuna have showed up by now, but not all years. Some years they might not show at all. Ask the Cali guys. Check out All Rivers and Saltwater Charters Facebook page. They will post pics of they find them.
  226. Salmon King

    Alaskan Motel Westport

    The rest stop just before you turn off to Westport is free. The dinette bed in a duck is pretty comfy. Just saying.
  227. Salmon King

    Interesting Launching Technique - Crab Opener

    Seems like the time spent getting the front hitch set up could have been spent in an empty parking lot learning to back the boat. Maybe he can’t turn his head. I dunno.
  228. Salmon King

    looking for deckhand

    I saw your boat up in the Puget sound before you took delivery. Beautiful craft. Nice to see a Lindell put to good use.
  229. Salmon King

    MA7 Happy 4th oh July !!!!

    That’s a certified hatchery hog! Seems like the grade is up this year. Good sign.
  230. Salmon King

    Tuna need your help...

    That YFT in the video had some good sized bite marks! Our tuna would look like that if blues had real teeth.
  231. Salmon King

    WANTED: 115-150 hp

    I almost bought that boat a few years back. What power does it have now? Should be a sweet setup. Probably want at least the 150. Fun!
  232. Salmon King

    Box of fiberglass matting, tape, rollers

    Next in line if Allen doesn’t want it.
  233. Salmon King

    WTB ASAP Chest Freezer

    Costco has a 7.0 for 169 I think. I run two smaller freezers instead of one large. Definitely time to replace your current one.
  234. Salmon King

    Neah Anhile....

    Quite a haul Steve! Good to see you got the boys out.
  235. Salmon King

    Black Cod recipe?

    What’s wrong with breaded and fried? Mmmm.
  236. Salmon King

    Two coolers, Bike and a downrigger

    Do you happen to know the size of the bike frame? It’s usually a cm measurement. Or a measurement from ground to the horizontal top tube would do it.
  237. Salmon King

    Westport Accomodations.......

    Westport inn is clean and comfortable.
  238. Salmon King

    Yamaha 9.9 high thrust SOLD

    I tend to agree with Patrick. Modern motors can take more hours than any of us average folk can ever put on them until they die of old age. (I’d rather have a 3 year old motor with 2000 hours than a 15 year old motor with 400) You might also find a 25 on the back humming at 5000 rpm gets to be...
  239. Salmon King

    Boat Buying Advice 195 Tiderunner w/ 115 Yammie 2-Stroke

    Hold out for the right boat. It is worth it to spend a bit more up front and not have major repairs or time off the water immediately after purchase.
  240. Salmon King

    New HALI DAYS!!!

    Go get em! Use up this quota or else it will hurt us next year at the negotiating table! Do we get extra punches along with the extra days? I’m not sure how many punches I have... I think I lost my card. :p
  241. Salmon King

    Westport opening day salmon 6/22/19

    Wow, fantastic grade of fish. I hope this bodes well for the weeks to come.
  242. Salmon King

    Open seats opening weekend salmon @ WP 6/22 & 6/23

    Go get em. Let us know how you do.
  243. Salmon King

    Piggy Lingcod

    I know where you caught those rockfish... in the water! Nice work!
  244. Salmon King

    Albacore dip

    Uh, popping a chovie’s eyeball and tossing him in the water to circle endlessly while impaling his brother and letting him swim down to his certain death... not exactly protecting the defenseless anchovies. :)
  245. Salmon King

    Need help.please. Wa to SoCal

    What’s the total weight? Under 200?
  246. Salmon King

    Boat Buying Advice 195 Tiderunner w/ 115 Yammie 2-Stroke

    How old is that motor? Are you good with rebuilding and cleaning carbs? Hours don’t mean as much as age. I would assume that you are getting a deal given the age. You can expect some little things that aren’t quite right. As ling as it is safe and reliable and you like the deal, run it like...
  247. Salmon King

    Albacore dip

    Mmm, sounds great. I have all of the ingredients except for the Albacore. :( Should have planned better or fished more last year!
  248. Salmon King

    Crab Bait.

    You can always catch crabs in Everett.
  249. Salmon King

    Albacore dip

    “fell below 2017 landings and below the 20-year average in 2018“ 20 year dip? No, fell below the 20 year average. As a matter of fact, probably 10 of the last 20 years were below the average.
  250. Salmon King

    2012 Tohatsu 8hp 4 stoke short shaft tiller outboard

    I know a guy with a Merc 8 (2016 or something like that) in long shaft and needs a short. Interested in a trade?
  251. Salmon King

    Freezer free

    Sent you a PM.
  252. Salmon King

    Rich Passage

    And shut up about NB. LOL In all seriousness, the fish on the coast are in better shape, but not free from pollution, specifically heavy metals. Bigger/older fish are worse which is why I specialize in catching little fish.
  253. Salmon King

    Freezer free

    10 years about. Wouldn’t it freeze your beer?o_O
  254. Salmon King

    More halibut days in MA3/4

    Trap all the sea otters for about 50 years. Then fish for dungies. You’ll get a bunch.
  255. Salmon King

    Freezer free

    You can have the popsicles too.
  256. Salmon King

    Freezer free

    Need to give up one of my chest freezers. It works, but doesn’t get that cold. (Zero at the bottom but teens to 20 at the top) I wouldn’t trust it to keep fish and game optimal for a long time, but it works fine as a bait freezer. It’s clean. It has no cool stickers though. A six pack or two...
  257. Salmon King


    Looks like a nice mixed bag of sizes for early season. Maybe the hogs that showed up early last year will make an appearance.
  258. Salmon King

    One time at band camp 2011

    Oh man, I can’t wait for Charlie to show up.
  259. Salmon King

    Lake WA perch question

    a question for the experienced... How early is advisable for lake wa perch? I’ve heard that they get better as the water warms in the summer. I don’t know if June would be early as the water is still cold. I haven’t targeted perch since I was a kid in the Midwest and it was a fall deal there.
  260. Salmon King

    Looking for a Navy recruiter

    Camouflaged underwear... lol
  261. Salmon King

    Looking for a Navy recruiter

    Getting back on track here... while I don’t have any contacts for a recruiter I do believe that the military (all branches) offers a great path for our youth. I work in aerospace manufacturing, and when we have multiple applicants for a job that have similar qualifications, we lean strongly...
  262. Salmon King

    6/6/2019 Westport Hali

    The gaff was ready... nobody else was! Heck of a fish!
  263. Salmon King

    Tuna (live bait) rod recommendation

    Nobody else fishes an ugly stick or wilderness?
  264. Salmon King

    BD missed connections

    Does anyone know a BD member who runs a Defiance San Juan (extended cab) and lives in Mukilteo? I think he toes with a white F350. Looking to get in contact with him. I would try Craigslist, but that didn’t work out well last time.
  265. Salmon King

    Help Me Find Tax Loopholes

    Fixed head can get it counted as a second residence. You can deduct interest on the loan if you have one. However, unless you have a large note it doesn’t amount to a ton. If you use the vehicle for a business, you can deduct depreciation. However, like was mentioned prior, this may attract...
  266. Salmon King

    Twin G2 300HP ETECs - 460hrs

    How much if you leave the boat attached to them? :D Glws
  267. Salmon King

    F'ing chipmunk

    Lol! It would be hilarious to set a descender to 150’ and clip him in. Reminds me of a story about a sick hamster, a pond, and ravenous bluegill.
  268. Salmon King

    questions for engaged experts: Struggling with 4-halibut annual limit

    Just because he sucks at fishing doesn’t mean that we all should suffer! I like the idea of a longer season, but WDFW doesn’t seem likely to leave it open past June and any leftovers will hurt quota share prospects in the future.
  269. Salmon King

    Anyone looking for a fun charter?

    Drinking rum from a bottle while shooting guns at sea... arrr! A pirate’s life for me!
  270. Salmon King

    F'ing chipmunk

    I hope you released him underwater. Otherwise he will be back tonight.
  271. Salmon King

    Spotter aircraft this season???

    Cool idea, but running an aircraft out there would be expensive. It is much cheaper just to chase @Walker Inc. On a serious note, I don’t like the optics of having an aircraft assist to hunt tuna. There are plenty of Charlies that swing by, but the public doesn’t know that. I think it could...
  272. Salmon King

    Who will be on the north coast?

    Eric, it looks like your plan to fish electric reels is working out!
  273. Salmon King

    Will these make my Boats ass look Phat?

    Those Suzuki’s are super solid motors and light to boot. You are going to be really happy with the upgrade. Zukes are on my shortlist if I were to need an outboard
  274. Salmon King

    5-25 and 5-26 Neah Bay Halibut, Lings and Rock Fish

    I hear that cab doesn’t freeze well. I’ve never tried it as I eat them fresh. Very tasty, kinda tastes like a blue Ling.
  275. Salmon King


    Cool story Mark. When are you going HUNTING?!
  276. Salmon King

    VanStaal Fighting Chair

    Based on pricing that I’ve seen for their 4 oz pliers, this chair is worth about $6.3M.
  277. Salmon King

    Using decent devises while halibut or bottom fishing

    Doh! Make sure you check my “canaries” before they go in the box. I would have eaten that and gone to jail!
  278. Salmon King

    Using decent devises while halibut or bottom fishing

    Ummm, that’s a really nice canary. You can keep those.
  279. Salmon King

    Enertia Eco's on heavy alum monohull w/ F300s?

    Solo? Won’t it be like a 10 minute walk to the stern when a rod goes off? Ummm, if you really want to save fuel I’ll trade you my boat. ;) In all seriousness, it looks like you are getting a sweet ride built. I haven’t personally seen the pilothouse, just ridden on Patrick’s and poked around...
  280. Salmon King

    Using decent devises while halibut or bottom fishing

    Shame em! Post it up. What a waste. We JUST started getting some opportunity back to keep rockfish offshore and dummies like this will blow it. Make the deckhand work for his wages for crying out loud.
  281. Salmon King

    New to Pacific Northwest. Looking for tips, suggestions, & recommendations

    It looks like from your profile pic that you already have fishes in the PNW. Nice coho! Shore fishing is a bit harder, but this is a good year for it (pinks are coming in August).
  282. Salmon King

    VanStaal Titanium Pliers

    I had no idea $300+ pliers existed! I didn’t see these last time I was at Walmart shopping for gear.
  283. Salmon King

    Halibut fisherman numbers on first two days?

    Open ocean but it isn’t a guarantee. Weather keeps you on the beach some days and other days you just can’t get a decent bite. That said, I’ve stopped fishing for halibut in the sound and now just fish the ocean. My family eats halibut now.
  284. Salmon King

    Locally made 30" or so crab pots

    Danielson and a brick! They fill fast and aren’t worth anything so they don’t get stolen!
  285. Salmon King

    Who is fishing in Westport Friday?

    It would get you across the bar in a 30 and under restriction, but not sure Id be very successful bottomfishing trying to find bottom while drifting along at 8 knts.
  286. Salmon King

    Westport Butts, and Giant Lings

    I love gaffing things, so I like the rule change.
  287. Salmon King

    So Cal going to Everret

    Only if he returns it full! Check out the maps on for spots. Bear in mind that the halibut move out of the sound in the spring. The closer you get to the straight and then ocean, the better your chances. Fish bait, be patient, have fun!
  288. Salmon King

    So Cal going to Everret

    What’s your range? At a minimum you’ll need to run out around to the west side of Whidbey island.
  289. Salmon King

    Area 51 on the seawolf

    Doh! You posted a pic of a lingcod with the background showing. It’s CLEARLY in the Pacific Ocean. Now there will be a crowd! :D Nice work on the multicolored grab bag!
  290. Salmon King

    2 legit 2 quit

    Not sure if i would want to ride a section of dock doing 70mph.
  291. Salmon King

    Tactical Strike heading to the Hali holes

    Very cool Norm. Great to see TS put to work for some vets. See you out there Allen and I hope you get your boat back in working order soon!
  292. Salmon King


    Sooo tempting...
  293. Salmon King

    Salmon Bellies for halibut bait

    @Fungunnin could I drop by this Tuesday afternoon? I’ll be good for 10-15 lbs of bellies if you have them.
  294. Salmon King

    La Push roll call

    Anybody up for surfing?
  295. Salmon King

    Let the shit show begin!

    Agreed about less pressure. Mostly less pressure for shrimp climbing into my pots! We pulled more zeros than ever before. The grade was extra with only a few smalls where we were.
  296. Salmon King

    La Push roll call

    The fam is staying at the beach. Do you have a cabin again this year?
  297. Salmon King

    Remote house security

    It sounds like you came out better than you could have, but I’m sure that the peace of mind will be hard to restore. Just a thought, while WiFi cameras would be nice, it would be too late for you or LEO to get there to intervene. Maybe deterrent is what you need... window alarms, motion...
  298. Salmon King

    Canary retention limits.

    Original rules said 2. Emergency rules say 7. I’m keeping 7. Wait, I like black rockfish better.
  299. Salmon King

    No floaters!

    12/12! That was fun.
  300. Salmon King

    BSA spotting scope

    I’m all over that unless it has sold already. I work in Lynnwood, so pick up should be easy.
  301. Salmon King

    Shrimpin ain’t easy

    The normal spot wasn’t hot for us, but we found em eventually. The first pull was an uno, and an egg laden female so she went back. Blanked! After freaking out for a minute about spot shrimp going extinct things picked up with the next pot. The 7 and 9 yo can now run the puller, count the...
  302. Salmon King


    Now the thread about the Duckworth and the “rouge wave” makes sense!
  303. Salmon King

    Anyone have Neah/La Push Cabin May 17/18th?

    Nice Butt Chris! Is that this year?
  304. Salmon King

    Open seat for Halibut out of Lapush this Thursday

    Ceviche? Is that an open invite?:)
  305. Salmon King

    LaPush opener/report

    It is best to have several sources for forecasts. Check them until you find one that is favorable.
  306. Salmon King

    Hali and ling gear to use

    Super generous offer there Norm. I hope you are healing up quick. Follow the doctors orders and you’ll be back out in no time.
  307. Salmon King

    23 ft Duckworth Sinks Near Desception Pass 5/2/19 One Fatality

    I don’t understand how it was called in by a boat that witnessed the capsizing, and then they called off the search after not finding any debris? Where was this other boat? Did they just leave the scene and continue on their day having done their duty by calling it in? Why didn’t the authorities...
  308. Salmon King

    Ocean hali/ling report

    Sustainable fishery right there! They do it for stone crabs in the SE. You just need to make sure that you don’t kill the octopus in front of a crown of Seattlites at a beachfront park. We don’t know a ton about the pac giant octopus, but they grow super fast and have a short life cycle. I...
  309. Salmon King

    Ocean hali/ling report

    Did you keep it? I love octopus. Sous vide then quick char in the grill, salt and pesto... oh man.
  310. Salmon King

    Didn’t see a halibut report so...

    Puget Sound halibut is a slow game. 1 fish per 10 rods is a good day. I stopped trying a number of years ago. I think most have migrated out by May. The straights hold fish, but many are scooped up by the long liners. It makes me wonder if there are any other “fisheries” in other places that...
  311. Salmon King

    Coastie Bruthas come through again!

    Glad everything came out ok and nobody even got wet. How far out did the CG 42’ run?
  312. Salmon King

    Coastie Bruthas come through again!

    6 adults and 4 kids. Yikes! And none of them could figure out how to clamp the hose? If it was in a tight bilge you could send the smallest child down there to fix it. With the right seating arrangement, you can run 6+ adults on a 33’ish. Heck, Charters run 6 anglers plus 2 crew on a 29...
  313. Salmon King

    The Fleet Just Got Bigger

    Beautiful boat and nice to see a Bertram in WA used for its intended purpose. The Cali guys must be drooling. BTW, it looks just as good as the 2019 model at the boat show. Classic design
  314. Salmon King

    Fill an ice tote in Everett area???

    Best I’ve come up with is 20 lb bags at Winco. I think they are 1.49 ea, so less than $20 for a 200lb half tote. It is cube, but bottom fish don’t seem to mind.
  315. Salmon King

    Fishing out of Ilwalco

    I thought that too before I went offshore from WA the first time. Take some meds just in case!
  316. Salmon King

    Bottom fishing report...Westport

    Nice work Mark. Looks like some happy customers there.
  317. Salmon King

    Down to last 2 Q Cove. Now what?

    Hey Curt, I have one (purple dragon) q-cove that I’ll give ya. I just don’t use it as it is too much hassle. Maybe see you in Westport this summer?
  318. Salmon King

    Mutiny bay Halibut

    “Our waters”? He owns waters?
  319. Salmon King

    North of Falcon Updates

    3500 for MA9? That won’t last two days. Why will this be more limited than in the past few years? Abundance isn’t really down. These are hatchery fish!!!!
  320. Salmon King

    +1 for Shockwave seats... -1 for Verado... Literally!

    Used low hour Verado for sale...
  321. Salmon King

    Boat Survey CA

    Whatcha getting?
  322. Salmon King

    For those running Sportfish cruisers to the tuna grounds

    What are the primary reasons for the upgrade? Your current ride has a ton of fishable space, so I doubt you could beat that unless you go full WA pilothouse you wont get more fishing space. I have not ridden in the ocean in a larger Fountain, but I would assume that the weight and dead rise...
  323. Salmon King

    WTB: Pelt or fur rug

    Doing some home decor to finish off a room and wanted a throw or smaller rug/pelt toss in front of the fireplace mantle. Was looking at ‘yote pelts but might want something a bit larger. Not looking for a head mount or anything, just an alternative to the typical sheepskin everyone else has...
  324. Salmon King

    New earrings for your significant other !!

    Need a pair! Those are awesome, but I doubt my wife would understand.
  325. Salmon King

    Testing the waters

    I think you’ll get plenty of interest as this forum is frequented by gear whores. Are you moving? Getting out of the sport? Just downsizing and upgrading? Go any lever drags? :)
  326. Salmon King

    Charter next week: Neah vs Westport?

    Nope. No fish in La Push. I wouldn’t bother. :rolleyes:
  327. Salmon King

    FREE Boat Buying Scam

    Selling stuff online, especially bigger ticket items, attracts tons of scammers. The last car I sold was on and about 2/3 of the contacts were scammers.
  328. Salmon King

    Charter next week: Neah vs Westport?

    I don’t think anyone is fishing the ocean this weekend. Weather looks good by midweek next week.
  329. Salmon King

    Charter next week: Neah vs Westport?

    X2 You’ll raise enough Lings on a trip with him to last you a while. He also runs electrics all around.
  330. Salmon King

    Fuel and road-use taxes?

    Is PAC pride e-free?
  331. Salmon King

    Raymarine/DJI Drone Tuna Tower

    I think you mean sugar momma, but it depends on how badly you want the money.
  332. Salmon King

    Outboard input

    Newer Zukes are a good value. I’m partial to the Yamaha 4 banger platform, especially if you would have twins. A pair of 150s might lack some grunt but will be easy on the fuel budget most days.
  333. Salmon King

    Friends inflatable

    Wait, there is legit stuff on offerup? I thought it was exclusively for stolen items.
  334. Salmon King

    What is this animal

  335. Salmon King

    LaPush Friday

    This www post has been viewed 20,000 times... Looks like a good day, just be careful about inviting everybody over.
  336. Salmon King

    Area 10 Shrimp

    Talked to someone who works for WDFW... 8-2 is open the 11th and 15th. I would assume 10 would be the open on the 11th too.
  337. Salmon King

    Painting a Hull?

    That thing was just as fugly when it was brand new. Wow.
  338. Salmon King

    LA push is good

    The bar is usually not too bad, but be aware of the tidal phase and the swell direction. A ssw swell is tough. A west swell will slap you broadside. Allen, what happens if you turn right before James I? I bet it leads to a super secret squirrel lingcod hole, doesn’t it? :p:
  339. Salmon King

    Bob Double Stroller

    Just don’t forget to set the brake or the little one goes cruising solo through the Costco parking lot...
  340. Salmon King

    Painting a Hull?

    That thing will fit right in at Dagmar’s, or just move to my neighborhood and park it on your front yard!
  341. Salmon King

    Painting a Hull?

    What type of hull? Pics? :D:D
  342. Salmon King

    ...and it’s over.

    It would detract from the fishing experience if I didn’t like to eat what I harvest. I don’t know about others, but the satisfaction of stacking a load of vac pacs into the freezer adds to satisfaction I get from fishing. At least you like canned! Can you do raw? Tuna is a tough one to cook as...
  343. Salmon King

    ...and it’s over.

    The kids love fish, so we burn through it 5 days a week when we have the variety, 2-3lbs a meal. Plus the fact that I suck at catching fish...
  344. Salmon King

    ...and it’s over.

    The last blocks of tuna made it to the dinner table tonight. The halibut, lingcod, rockfish, and spit prawns are a distant memory. The salmon was savored until a few weeks ago. Who else can’t wait until May?!?
  345. Salmon King

    Road grime removal

    So I am still working on the removal, spent one afternoon and got half of it done. The Goof off didn’t do much at all, even after a soak. The WD-40 did start to dissolve it after a few minute soak, so 3-4 applications and a bit of elbow grease and it came off. It is oil based and decomposes into...
  346. Salmon King

    8-2 eats

    8lbs is a fine blackmouth. That’s a lot of salmon poke!!
  347. Salmon King

    New boat logo ideas

    I want a t-shirt with that on it.
  348. Salmon King

    First Timer: Eastern Bank Halibut

    You have a great boat for that area as long as you watch the weather (careful, it changes drastically through the day). You will have plenty of boats nearby. If you run into trouble you can always step onto the boats fishing either side of you. Look up a herring hotdog. Be patient. Good luck!
  349. Salmon King


    This. The tribes are not only pumping out fish from their hatchery, they are more immune to BS WFC lawsuits that might shut a government hatchery down. For a while when the WFC was gaining power I thought that it would come to the point where only tribal hatcheries and making fish.
  350. Salmon King

    new weapon for wtc participants

    I just find it curious that you know what works and what doesn’t.... ;)
  351. Salmon King

    new weapon for wtc participants

    Patrick, you need to wrap the coke up better than that before you stash it away.
  352. Salmon King

    Just a tip

    You’ll get the bill for carpool lanes and toll bridges too.
  353. Salmon King

    Grady White Marlin 28 with 4 stroke Power

    Apparently it doesn’t work. o_O
  354. Salmon King

    Who Has Fish Pics From Before Digital? I do..

    Apparently mustaches and mullets make everyone look young and skinny.
  355. Salmon King

    FYI new NR OS. Layout

    That open bow looks like it holds a lot more than a cubic yard of water. I would want some massive drain slots on that. I’ve seen plenty of green water rolling over the bow of similar sized boats while going over the Westport bar, especially when liaded with ice and fuel on the way out. It...
  356. Salmon King

    WTB Snow Skis

    Are you just picking up the sport or just buying your own gear? PM me if you need any advice on what might work best. Good time to buy skis right now.
  357. Salmon King

    Road grime removal

    Made in Texas by Americans. :D Can’t pull a real boat though. :(
  358. Salmon King

    Road grime removal

    Thanks Benjamin! I’ll grab some goop off this weekend and do some spot tests and report back. The whole thing is a bit strange. I’m used to picking up tar here and there in the summer. I only had it on the highway since the last wash and no chip seal roads. Temps have been super cold and no...
  359. Salmon King

    Road grime removal

    After a recent trip up 542, I washed the truck but found that some of the grime was stuck fast. It is hard and barely chips off with a fingernail, and when it does it smears like tar. Normal turtle wax car wash soap and a sponge doesn’t do a thing. I would think it was tar, but that isn’t...
  360. Salmon King

    What is this I found on beach

    It appears to be a fish jaw with large teeth.
  361. Salmon King

    3200+ sqft House with 22x52 shop close to Seattle

    That’ll sell quick. Looks like a killer deal.
  362. Salmon King

    Calm salmon/halibut fishing spots?

    Wait, you want to trailer your boat on the San Juans ferry? No ferry needed, just launch at WA park and head out in your boat.
  363. Salmon King

    Everett Blackmouth Derby??

    This derby is out of my home port, so I should fish it but never have. It looks like a blast. Reports have been slow locally. I hope it picks up soon as I just hit the bottom of my frozen salmon last week!
  364. Salmon King

    Croonquist Commission application request for support

    Of course tribal and commercial influence is largely responsible for keeping WA hatcheries going, since all of the rec license fees go to the general fund where they pay for ST3...
  365. Salmon King

    Croonquist Commission application request for support

    Like many here, I too prefer wild salmon. I not only enjoy the flavor, but also the process of catching, filet, preserving, and cooking. That said, much of the “benefits” of wild salmon were promoted by the commercial fishing industry after they were severely threatened by fish farming. Now...
  366. Salmon King

    Any word on shrimp dates?

    What areas? I think we can count on May 4th being the opener for most areas.
  367. Salmon King

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    Wow. When is the expected delivery?
  368. Salmon King

    Stopped by ACI today

    No wonder aluminum sheet is going up in price, these guys are using at all up! Beasts.
  369. Salmon King

    Just waiting and waiting

    Prayers sent up for her for a smooth surgery and quick recovery.
  370. Salmon King

    Calm salmon/halibut fishing spots? spills the beans on most any Puget Sound spot. On clear days, the morning is calm and the wind blows from the N in the afternoon. Be back by 1 and you likely won’t get wet. What time frame? Should be some pinks running if they didn’t go extinct. Have fun.
  371. Salmon King

    Duckworth crapper

    Wait, someone took a dump in a head on a boat at the boat show? Lol!!!
  372. Salmon King

    Truck Questions

    An inexpensive way to keep your gear/flooring/etc dry until you put a cap on her!
  373. Salmon King

    Truck Questions

    Looks great. You scored an incredible deal.
  374. Salmon King

    Another moving to Washington thread

    Oh boy. Might need to add a few hobbies. Western WA has all of those things, just a crush of people participating. The skiing/fishing/hunting would be pretty darn good if you cut the numbers by 90%. It would be like Montana.
  375. Salmon King

    Winter fish part 2

    I’ve been in the far northwest corner of the island chain this week. The swell and wind have been strong, especially from the NE. There was a swell/blow on 2/10 strong enough to bring down 100yo trees and destroy several beach houses. Did you get to keep any of the ahi?
  376. Salmon King

    It Never Snows In Port Angeles!

    Pow day! Good temps to keep that snow light. I wish this happened more often.
  377. Salmon King

    Back in the Day

    I think a limited season for SRC would not have a negative impact. They are a fast reproducing fish (unlike rockfish). But how would we limit the season? Look at spot shrimp in the central and s Puget Sound. It’s down to one or two days and it’s madness. The intention to limit the season...
  378. Salmon King

    New reel for Alaska Salmon fishing, cant decide!

    Level wind just makes it easy to keep your line stacked straight. No need to have it to troll. I’m with Jeff (@FishPimpII)... consider a knuckle buster and a light rod!
  379. Salmon King

    Tuna Forecast

    US politicians have so many well intentioned but horrible ideas that involve mass transit using trains.
  380. Salmon King

    Tuna Forecast

    They might be here now. @MarkColeman Time to fire up one of the fleet of Guadalupes to go nail the first 2019 tuna!
  381. Salmon King

    Tuna Forecast

    Are you referring to the polar air mass that shifted south over the US for a few days? Or the week of Fraser River E flow over the PNW? The longer trends show mostly continued warming for ST. First sportcaught swordfish in 2019? :D
  382. Salmon King

    Back in the Day

    Kelp beds/reefs/corals are decimated by commie fishing (bottom dragging). The damage is unreal and it wipes out the rookeries, not to mention the wasted bycatch. All this so we can have 3.99/lb whitefish filets rotting on ice at the grocery store.
  383. Salmon King

    Seattle Party Boats?

    No party boats out of Seattle and really no decent fishing. You can probably buy a day trip on a 6-pack for blackmouth (immature local salmon) for a few more weeks until the season closes. Limit is one fish. They run 3-5 lbs usually. Most trips don’t limit the boat.
  384. Salmon King

    Back in the Day

    I don’t believe you! PM me the coords to prove it! :D
  385. Salmon King

    Turkey fryer/crab cooker

    Good deal right there. Can’t even get the pot for that. Eric firesaling a crab cooker is a sad testament to the state of crabbing in the south sound. :(
  386. Salmon King

    Solid Oak Flooring

    It isn’t marked as utility, and all but the opened box are sealed up. There is quite a bit of grain/color variation, which is probably the “Natural” part. It is finished, not raw. Here is a pic of the assembled product...
  387. Salmon King

    Solid Oak Flooring

    I bought this flooring a little while back intending to redo my kitchen and dining area. However, it looks like I might move soon so I am going a cheaper route with vinyl. This is real 3/4” solid oak hardwood, not the cheap “engineered” Home Depot stuff. It is nail down, NOT floating. There are...
  388. Salmon King

    Tie downs optional?

    Saw this a little while back in Everett getting back on I-5. Fortunately that little 1/2 ton would never stop the trailer fast enough to slide the boat forward.
  389. Salmon King

    Looking For Advise On Dealing With Insurance Company

    So the truck driver hit you? Does your neck hurt? Might want to see a doctor and let that beverage company know.
  390. Salmon King

    What the ?

    The truck identifies as a SRW.
  391. Salmon King

    Anyone missing 2100 series Scotty DR?

    Everett... 100% sure it’s stolen.
  392. Salmon King

    Bunch of fishing gear

    They usually are harder to run off than that. We didn’t even need to get goatram involved.
  393. Salmon King

    Something odd about this article...

    “...more than 3.5 times as many newborn and older whales died during even years — 61, versus 17 in odd years.” So pinks (who come in on odd years) are bad for Orcas? I would want to check the credentials of these federally funded “researchers”... Anyway, even if there is a correlation it is...
  394. Salmon King

    Washington Tuna Classic Registration to open on.........

    Very disturbing that Swede just happens to have that gif on his device to upload.
  395. Salmon King

    Shared Moorage Westport

    Just leave the boat there and I’ll pay all of the moorage fee. It will always be gassed up and clean. Don’t pay any attention to the hours meter. :D
  396. Salmon King

    Thank you Walker inc.!

    LOL! Six coolers all over the deck and the air temp is 41°. Nice work everyone.
  397. Salmon King

    Avet MC vs non MC

    I have always wondered if the MC is a good thing. For a live bait reel, it seems like it would be more resistance against the chovie (or whatever bait you’ve pinned on). I don’t thing I have a balanced opinion as I usually am only using an Avet for live bait.
  398. Salmon King

    Westport Yellowtail

    Any of the six pack guys would do you well. The boats all have good gear that will be matched for the target fish. Albies here are not large (15-25, sometimes just over 30) but they are fun on lighter gear. Multiple hookups and the mayhem that ensues is what really makes the fishery. Might...
  399. Salmon King

    Japan Resumes Whaling

    We raise so many cows for beef that they are destroying the planet (maybe we need to eat more?) but eating a horse is horrifying. If it is a matter of intelligence, then consider that most pigs are much more intelligent then the ugly little kick dogs that we consider as family members. If it...
  400. Salmon King

    2018 Chevrolet Silverado 3500hd Duramax - LT and LTZ's - 12k miles

    Makes sense. Volume buyers get a nice discount when they purchase so they don’t rake much of a hit for initial depreciation. I know that car rental companies thrive on that initial discount, and then flood the market with year old well maintained cars for the CPO market. However, those are...
  401. Salmon King

    2018 Chevrolet Silverado 3500hd Duramax - LT and LTZ's - 12k miles

    Those look like nice rigs. A question for Blake as he is in the field... What drives someone to trade in a one year old truck after riding out the steepest part of the depreciation curve? Are these trucks that were employee benefits for the dealer? Or people who need to have the latest model...
  402. Salmon King

    Tanacom 750

    750 is all you need. The 1000 is very large.
  403. Salmon King

    Best X-mas gift ever

    Why did they make it upside down?
  404. Salmon King

    Edmonds or Everett

    I stick out of my 24’ because I trim up my OB on a bracket (20’6” to transom, bracket and trimmed motor add about 5’). There are a ton of boats hanging out over the slip so I just try to be shorter than them. You should be fine in a 32’. In the S vs N (now called the central marina) debate...
  405. Salmon King

    2000 Chevy 2500 HD 4x4

    Good deal on a rig for someone. Congrats on selling the boat Mark!
  406. Salmon King

    Edmonds or Everett

    Better get on the waiting list for Everett. Better shrimp and crab closer to Everett. The salmon have been closer to Edmonds the past few years, and now the Snohomish is limiting Everett’s Local salmon options. We have young kids and we find ourselves at Jetty Island (right across the the...
  407. Salmon King

    Westport Yellowtail

    For yellowtail out of WA? Now is as good as any other time. Flights to San Diego are not too bad right now.
  408. Salmon King

    Boat Upgrade Options

    I’ll bet you could get that for much less. F250 stolen? Oookaaaay, I believe that. :rolleyes:
  409. Salmon King

    Sporty but Fishable

    “So would this be doable in an open bow 21’ boat with no self bailing deck? I have no ocean experience but want to go out.”
  410. Salmon King

    Sad day for BC Coastal communities

    How many sea lions washed up in the sound? A dozen? And look at the outcry. Imagine if we removed 45k sea lions? On the other hand, they just wiped goats out of the olympics because they were not historically native. All they were causing was erosion and beating up the occasional backpacker...
  411. Salmon King

    I know I'd been scared

    I don’t think that an orca has ever killed a human in the wild. Looks like someone is trying hard to be the first!
  412. Salmon King

    Anyone tow “heavy” with a Suburban?

    With the proper skills and time, a Duraburb would probably put you money ahead as a well done conversion might be worth more than the components and rig to drop it into. New suburbans are ridiculously priced. The dealers lop 20k off and make you feel like you stole it even though they relived...
  413. Salmon King

    Halibut 2019

    Dumb question here: Can you keep a canary caught out in deep water on a day open for deep water fishing (lingcod or halibut). I have always understood that the rockfish depth restriction still applies and you can’t have any rockfish aboard if you are fishing deep. It is great news that the...
  414. Salmon King

    12-1 Blackmouth

    9’ rods might be fine in a smaller boat. At 10’6”, the fish doesn’t even get close to the boat. Makes it hard to net, especially by yourself. I run an 8’6” lightweight graphite rod and can see shakers fine.
  415. Salmon King

    Anyone tow “heavy” with a Suburban?

    I believe that is a conversion and not OEM. “Duraburbs” are also pricey!
  416. Salmon King

    Boat Upgrade Options

    I would fix this before you buy another boat.
  417. Salmon King

    12-1 Blackmouth

    Pearl White plug. I’ve probably caught more blackmouth on the deeper side rather than the shallow side of “the zone”, but if life is present there will probably be predators!
  418. Salmon King

    Boat Upgrade Options

    So you have been fishing from a boat for two years? Just a thought, but you might want to wait a little while to see where you settle as far as fisheries you want to pursue. It would also give you time to pay down or pay off your current boat. Hate to say it, but you are going to end up...
  419. Salmon King

    Good news for tunaholics

    Most shelf life guidelines are to 1) cover food companies’ butts from legal liability and 2) make you throw it away and buy more. Canned food lasts far more than a year.
  420. Salmon King

    12-1 Blackmouth

    @YellowJet Keep at it and you will find them. If you find bait and larger shakers, you might want to try a few more passes with a plug. Also, don’t worry too much about finding a trolling path (it sounds like you are looking for a long bench at the right depth). Just look for bait, fishy...
  421. Salmon King

    What is your Lingcod Setup?

    Fish em deep with a 3lb pipe and electric reel. (Not in CA)
  422. Salmon King

    8-2 Fishies

    WTG Curt! Good to hear that there is some bait in Possession Sound right now. Did a slingshot get any use?
  423. Salmon King

    Another d-BAG thief :-((

    Sorry for your loss. Maybe it’s because I live in Everett, but everything comes off the boat when it is at the house. Kicker, down riggers, head units, rods, PDFs... anything that could be pried off and would fit in a tweaker’s 1998 civic gets stored inside.
  424. Salmon King

    Boat Sinks

    Oh man, where to start. I was curious why someone would make such a fancy website to smear a boat manufacturer then saw that the owner of a brand new 400k boat was UNINSURED! Warranty would cover anything that went wrong!?!? What a moron. We all know a guy who could flip and salvage that boat...:D
  425. Salmon King

    RIP Starboard Yami!

    Self healing motor? So it didn’t turn at all on the water? Great news anyway. Hope that you can diagnose what caused the temp spike and get back on the water without a repower.
  426. Salmon King

    Westport charter questions

    I would assume the processing ban is to counter the fur bag problem. I am surprised that nobody sets up totes to collect carcs. Seems like potentially thousands of pounds of crab bait material going to waste.
  427. Salmon King

    Warm Under Garments

    Hand and toe warmers! It is amazing what a bit of heat on the extremities will do.
  428. Salmon King


    Octopus? How big? I’d love to get into a few of those. Sous vide for a while to make em tender then a quick char on the grill, sprinkle with salt and olive oil... oh man.
  429. Salmon King


    I wish PS bottomfish were less wormy. Good crab bait though.
  430. Salmon King

    Increase in aluminum boat prices

    Ummm, the point of a tariff is to make the domestic source more competitive so they will make the sale instead of the import. If the material costs rise by a straight 15% because they pay the tariff, then it means they still had to purchase foreign. That means the tariff didn’t work.... OR the...
  431. Salmon King

    Mushroom Thread

    Dang Allen, you eat a lot of shrooms! I would like to try mushroom hunting, but I don’t know what I am doing and would be nervous that I would either kill someone or make my family high. Ever have a bad experience with a missed identification?
  432. Salmon King

    9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    A general calculation won’t detail the stress concentration points. The stress at the joint at the top of where the bracket meets the boat experiences a tremendous concentration of force, especially when you have a couple g’s of downward force on the motor. Just my contribution to the effort...
  433. Salmon King

    Heading to Wyoming

    Unreal scenery. What a beautiful place. Good luck on the next hunt!
  434. Salmon King

    Fuck yeah

    The US may have its issues, but it is the best danged country to live in on this planet.
  435. Salmon King

    Fuck yeah

    I would have to argue that many more contribute than just those who are serving currently: vets, LEO, civilian contractors, those employed at companies providing defense services and systems... shoot, even those of us who just dutifully pay our taxes.
  436. Salmon King

    Raising the trailer tongue

    Get EOH and lift the truck. Don’t just do half:)
  437. Salmon King

    WTB Avet reel

    You don’t want to spend much money yet you want to try to get into tuna fishing?!? Uh oh. Chris’s setups would be perfect for starting out. Throw them on some ugly sticks and go!
  438. Salmon King

    Orca task force help

    We need to hire this guy...
  439. Salmon King

    Garage sale.

    What cu ft on the large chest freezer? I might want that.
  440. Salmon King

    2007 22' Defiance $39,000

    Hang in there. This time of year is tougher to sell a boat. That is a great deal. GLWS.
  441. Salmon King

    Boat Pictures

    I thought most washi guys on here had a boat... turns out they all have multiples. I have some catching up to do.
  442. Salmon King

    Just dodged a bullet.

    Was the smoked fish ok?
  443. Salmon King

    Oxe Diesel Outboard Demo Boat

    Ease of maintenance? Seems like the engine oil/gear oil 1-2 times a year is already pretty easy. Beats rebuilding a carb.
  444. Salmon King

    Bottomfishing Help

    Sorry, that last post was completely uncalled for. It was supposed to say: Nice report noob!!!!:finger::finger::finger:
  445. Salmon King

    Bottomfishing Help

    Are you flexible on where you launch? La Push and Neah have excellent spots and are really cool places to launch from (not that Westport isn’t a world class destination itself). Rockfish are a run N from Westport. Look for rocks and like Laurance said, they move around so if you are not...
  446. Salmon King

    grinding burger

    I can help. I’ll trade you Costco ground beef for the venison. That way you can eat good ol feedlot cow and won’t need to eat that nasty deer. :p:
  447. Salmon King

    E-15 Yipee!

    Some lobbyist is getting a good bonus this year. The economics of ethanol don’t play out yet. Once oil gets more scarce and prices go up ethanol and E-85 will make sense. Right now it only drives up prices for food and beef.
  448. Salmon King

    Everett marina fire.

    AAA is across the marina on the south side. It was the end of the central G dock. Omega is right nearby.
  449. Salmon King

    New Rain-Gear Advice

    I have Carhartt PVC bibs, keeps me dry. I have the jacket too, but I hardly ever use it as it doesn’t breathe and gets hot. I find myself in heavy PVC bibs and a lighter breathable jacket and that works well. The bibs take a beating and are soaked in blood. Any breathable material would be...
  450. Salmon King

    BOLO Stolen Downriggers

    Yikes! Your behind the limited access gates too, right? I always take mine off. I wonder if it was tweakers in a dinghy again. Need to go down to the boat and make sure everything is still there.
  451. Salmon King

    Feds Determine West Coast Salmon Fisheries a Disaster

    I had a salmon trip that was a disaster this year. I should get paid! What makes this even worse isn’t just the dollars that are being sunk into a welfare project. We are using taxpayer dollars to prop up players in an industry that can’t sustain themselves. If the fishing is bad and you can’t...
  452. Salmon King

    So, who’s going to pull the trigger on this???

    When we were 5 years old we told a potty joke and everyone laughed. Neuron paths in the brain were created and cemented. And here we are.
  453. Salmon King

    9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    John and Kerry, Welcome to BD. I appreciate that both of you piped in and gave your two cents. I think you guys did good work to salvage the boat and clean up a potential hazard. A few of us will bust chops for sport, and some are much better than others at it. Don’t take the bait. You did...
  454. Salmon King

    So, who’s going to pull the trigger on this???

    They figured you can just run home if you need to take a dump and then head back to the grounds.
  455. Salmon King

    Everett Derby Roll Call

    People don’t use VHF much in this part of the sound. Cell coverage is good so communication is easy to keep private. I’ll be monitoring 68, or PM me on here!
  456. Salmon King

    Zufish Tuna run 9/15

    What a downer Laurence! Im sure it was a swordfish.
  457. Salmon King

    Anyone have a slip available in Everett for 9/20 - 9/24?

    Everett PROTECTING itself from degenerates? I think you’ve got it backwards. Let me know if you need anything up this way Norm. See you this weekend!
  458. Salmon King

    Everett Derby Roll Call

    I’ll be fishing with my A team of boat drivers and fish boppers. You better watch out! (Especially if the 9 yo is at the helm while trolling) See you up there!
  459. Salmon King

    Boat down today?

  460. Salmon King

    Boat down today?

    Buddy boats are not just for finding fish together! Glad the crew is safe.
  461. Salmon King

    Coho help for a so cal BD’er

    You can use two single point hooks for salmon, make sure the barbs are pinched. It comes in handy when fishing a whole herring.
  462. Salmon King

    Everett derby lodging

    Will you be launching each day or getting guest moorage and parking nearby? Be warned that POE now doesn’t let trailers in any parking lot except for the 10th st launch. If you have just your topper you should be fine in any of the marina lots. The bathrooms do lock at night but are open...
  463. Salmon King

    Overnight Tuna Float

    Peanut fest! Looks fun though.
  464. Salmon King

    Best place to buy trailer springs?

    12’ hi laker? Can’t you just toss that in the back of the truck? Doesn’t need a trailer.
  465. Salmon King

    Edmonds Coho Derby is Back! This Saturday Sept 8

    It won’t help. Everything will still seem small to you.
  466. Salmon King

    Overnight Tuna Float

    I think that part of the fun overnight would be to ATTRACT sharks to the flotilla? Soak some heads with a large j hook? Just clean me up before dawn.
  467. Salmon King

    Guess what fish

    100% starry flounder. The diamond shape and striped fins are a dead giveaway. Pretty strange you caught that trolling way up in the water column.
  468. Salmon King

    Guess what fish

    A seal.
  469. Salmon King

    Super late open seat area 10 salmon

    See you out there tomorrow Ryan.
  470. Salmon King

    Speaking of Tuna

    40+ fish and you pick this one to pose with. Baby killer. Nice work!!
  471. Salmon King

    Might just be time to quit this damn state!

    The huge job/economy surge and the associated population growth have definitely put a damper on the livability of some parts of our state. This is especially true in the I-5 corridor. I’ve been here 14+ years and I have experienced big changes in what I’m able to do anymore because of cost or...
  472. Salmon King

    John McCain..

    Agree or not with his politics, he stood by his own convictions even if some of them were not popular with his party. We need more independent thinkers like him in government. RIP senator McCain. Thank you for your service to our country.
  473. Salmon King

    boat survey?

    I too am curious about this topic. What value does a survey seem like a good idea? I bought my current boat without a survey, but it was lower value and I could climb around it. I found some things afterward that maybe would have had me reconsider, but it turned out to be a fantastic boat...
  474. Salmon King

    Fillet Table Suggestions

    Plastic Costco table. Use pvc on the feet to give it a few inches of height (should up past your belly button just below rib cage). This is great if you want to clean fish at the dock. Just bring along the table in the truck. I’ve seen some guys make the table a half inch higher in the front...
  475. Salmon King

    Puget Sound Ho's

    WTG. Looks like you caught them all. Nothing left here, move along. :D
  476. Salmon King

    Whidbey Island Hot Spots?

    If it makes you feel any better, halibut inside the Puget Sound is a joke now. On the opener there was one fish caught for each 10-11 people fishing. Most fish kept were small. Look at a map with ocean bottom contours. Find a public access beach with a good drop off, especially off a point...
  477. Salmon King

    Hood Canal shrimp fishery to open for two more days

    I’ve tried shrimp eggs before, but it is a pain in the butt to crack all those little egg shells. :rolleyes: Is there a time of year that they typically breed and carry eggs? It seems that we usually get a 1-2 egg carriers per limit in May.
  478. Salmon King

    Freezer alarms - It's that time of year...

    I put a large box of popsicles on top. Then the freezer gets checked twice a day when I get a popsicle.
  479. Salmon King

    Area 9 and 8-2 this weekend Aug 18 & 19

    It’s a little early for coho. I can verify they are there, but it will pick up in a few weeks. A few ocean fish have hit the deck so far, and the size has been very good for August. Looking forward to 12+ #ers in a month!
  480. Salmon King

    San Juan island boating ban

    There are real journalists, but they have to work for editors. It isn’t smart to piss off super powerful, cash rich local companies that are also your advertisers.
  481. Salmon King

    Scotty Line Puller Model 2500 New

    A trip through the alcohol section at Costco would end up costing way more than the potential savings.
  482. Salmon King

    8/15 Longfin from SCI

    Hey! Leave our charlies alone! WTG!
  483. Salmon King

    New guy from the midwest.

    Welcome Nick. The Great Lakes do have good fishing. Between the species available, rate of catching, and the wide open seasons, sometimes I think that the Great Lakes have better fishing than Washington. My patents have a house on Lake MI (between Muskegon/Grand haven). I grew up there (mmm...
  484. Salmon King

    Some Canadian Porn

    :eek: Makes all of us feel that nailing 1 or 2 “summer blackmouth” in the PS isn’t so special...
  485. Salmon King

    CR 8/9-11 tuna report. Excellent fishing right now.

    How is the size of these schools that are showing up? It was nice to have the 25-30# tanks early, but they have been hard to catch in significant numbers to this point.
  486. Salmon King

    Leftover Salmon Bowl

    What is leftover salmon?
  487. Salmon King

    Finally got a State Record!

    It was great that you actually grabbed the rod and landed that beast. You almost always hand off the rod to one of you guests. The record couldn’t have gone to a more selfless angler. Well done.
  488. Salmon King

    My Daughter sets New Record!

    Love it. Looks like fun times hunting with the kids.
  489. Salmon King

    Post WTC tuna reports

    Rumor has it that one of us (not me) caught and certified a 62 #er the other weekend...
  490. Salmon King

    Westport Tuna Thursday

    Ugly Duck? What happened to the Hawaiian Tropic??
  491. Salmon King

    Sound the Alarm for Orcas

    Increased hatcheries would be good. Seal relocation (to seal heaven) would be good. Paying off commercial interests (and maybe tribal?) to give back a share would be good. If we had any of those things I’d probably be willing to give up fishing in certain zones and be happy. Regarding the...
  492. Salmon King

    Parker 2310 Walkaround For Sale

    Wow, what a steal. I’ve riden with Kamen and this is a fishy boat. Has a ton of range and is well kept. Hope everything is ok. GLWS.
  493. Salmon King


    Nice work Patrick, slaying some more pigs. Sea Shepherd May start following and harassing you if you keep this up. :lux:
  494. Salmon King

    Not sure can run 50 miles

    Remember that getting to the “tuna grounds” isn’t nearly half the trip. Once you get to the “tuna grounds”, you realize there is no life there and the water is still cool. So you run another 5-10 miles to blue warm water. Then you troll 3-5 hours at 4-6 knts. Then you run 8 miles to radio...
  495. Salmon King

    Paint my Yamaha?

    Put a BD sticker over it. Any automotive body shop could do it, but by the time they match the paint and apply clear coat you’ll be in a few hundred.
  496. Salmon King

    Smoking Fourstroke Kicker - Should I buy?

    Unless it is free, run away. It’s leaking oil past the pistons into the cylinders. It will grenade eventually.
  497. Salmon King

    Sons salmon

    Ditto on just going to go with your kid! A10 is open and people are finding kings on the west side. I’ve gotten a few local coho and one ocean ho so far. Water has been really nice as well. Throw a crab trap, troll around, can’t be a bad day.
  498. Salmon King

    Yamaha help needed

    How much water? Milky gray all the way through or just at the bottom. 90% sure it is the thermostat. Are you using marine grade oil? (FC-W) It has a rust inhibitor that will counteract the result of a bit of water in there. Change the t-stat and give it an oil change. You should be down an...
  499. Salmon King

    Tuna Run Tuesday 7/31

    Bummer! I heard that tuna were boiling off the GH buoy today. Hope your truck issue is fixed easily.
  500. Salmon King

    18’ Tiderunner Boat

    Seaworthy? Or Puget Sound worthy?
  501. Salmon King

    How do i find best fishing product reviews?

    Female user on BD... yep, that’s not a real profile.
  502. Salmon King

    Tuna slow start but big finish

    Nice work. Many would have headed to the barn before that. But I know you do like to run the bar in the dark. Did the last stop come off a troll conversion or was it jumper/blind?
  503. Salmon King

    Boston Whaler 17’

    Cool skiff. Love the evening lighting in the pics. You have some photography skills.
  504. Salmon King

    Wednesday shake the cobwebs out run....

    I don’t see any tuna... just piggies. Nice work!
  505. Salmon King

    Why Trailer Tiedown Straps Or Cables Can Be Important To Most

    Notice anything missing? Not that his little truck could stop it fast enough. Some things you see...
  506. Salmon King

    A9 reopens for 4 days.

    @Nosecrets why are you mocking the size of the only fish I can catch? :D I’ll give WDFW a kudos on this one. They revised some of the early estimates and come up with a decision in less than a month. On another note, has anyone noticed that there have been no postings of kings going through...
  507. Salmon King

    Freezing Crab meat

    The milk works. So does the vac packer. Just drain the milk well after you thaw.
  508. Salmon King

    Skunked at Eagle Bluff

    Never let your cable get below 45° for kings. Speed over ground doesn’t matter as much.
  509. Salmon King

    Dinghy, crab pot, rope and chain

    I call next in line after Ryan for the inflatable!
  510. Salmon King

    Coho Colors?

    White squid with an ace high fly inside. Tie a double hook with big hooks. Coho short strike so trail the rear hook behind the hootchie a bit. Strip of salted herring inside. Then troll it super fast. Trolling fast ensures that if a 5# fish can actually catch up and bite the lure, the line...
  511. Salmon King

    Well That Was Fast; A9 Closes 7/23

    Well, FWIW here’s some math... The quota for A9 is 5587. That works out to be one fish for every 680 people in the greater Seattle area. Even if 1% fish the salt (I’ll bet it’s far more), that’s a fish for every 7. Add out of town folks and it gets worse. Alaska/BC take, seals, nets, closed...
  512. Salmon King

    Well That Was Fast; A9 Closes 7/23

    The 4000 blackmouth taken at MCB should not count toward the quota.
  513. Salmon King

    Downrigger control system

    Messing with your downriggers is part of the fun of salmon fishing. I also like to keep the line tension tight enough that they pop off when you adjust the downrigger depth. It gives me something to do while I don’t catch salmon.
  514. Salmon King

    Neah was.... "good"

    Wow, if that was “good” I would hate to see “great”
  515. Salmon King

    Tuna seat

    I’m a noob too! Take me!
  516. Salmon King

    Epic Neah Bay/Port Renfew Report! Pic Heavy

    Solid work! Money pic of the old man in the skiff with a tyee. He represents all of our aspirations for when we are white beards.
  517. Salmon King

    Where to Buy Pipe Jigs

    Disclaimer: I have NO N Vancouver Island experience, but understand that bottom fishing can be good in shallow, providing good opportunity regardless of the weather.
  518. Salmon King

    Where to Buy Pipe Jigs

    Take some pipes, but don’t plan to use them unless you are out DEEP. Pipes are killer out in the 500+ black water fishery. The lack of light down there have the big Hali and lings trained to attack motion and small electrical currents created by the prey’s muscles. Pipes mimic the current and...
  519. Salmon King

    Another boat electrical question

    You don’t need to plug it in if you use it regularly. If you do need to plug it in, you actually need new batteries. Everett is probably hot in places. Not as many rusted commies, but a whole lot of pleasure wrecks plugged in to shore power. Also, the water ranges from full salt to brackish...
  520. Salmon King

    Halibut season, huge Lings, and a State Record Arrowtooth Flounder

    Great write up Rick! You had some quality results on the white meat this year. Way to put that new motor to work!
  521. Salmon King

    Area 10 Dungeness

    Based on the line “coiled” on the deck, we can figure out that Josh is crabbing 600’ down... No crab in A8. Move along...
  522. Salmon King

    The day has arrived!

    Thank you for your service! Were you headed out of Everett this AM? Looked like your silver streak. If you ever need anything up on this end give me a holler.
  523. Salmon King

    Anyone got a Kingfisher May be interested in this...

    Are you saying that if you felt strongly about something that you would be vocal? No way! Just giving you crap John:D
  524. Salmon King

    Highway looks wide open

    Do it Curt!
  525. Salmon King

    Saltist 50 for lings/halis and tuna?

    Tuna/halibut reel? Like Eric said, Penn 113h for halibut. And tuna trolling. Get an Avet SX for live bait tuna. Any non-level wind reel might work for tuna, but a big reel gets in the way. Wait, are you trying to just have one reel? That’s silly. Get multiple styles and make sure you have...
  526. Salmon King

    WTB Crab Pots/Traps

    Yep, buy the cheap Danielsons. You can get them with a buoy, line, and passable bait bag for under $40 at Johns Sporting Goods and other spots. They get rusty, but mine have lasted for years.
  527. Salmon King

    Radio silence being observed

    Geez, I would have thought you would be out of avatar purgatory by now.
  528. Salmon King

    Advice for driving with a camper?

    Looks really nice, Eric. Do you have room for the kids in there or is it mostly for just you and the wife? You are putting that RAM to work. Good job.
  529. Salmon King

    Someone forgot to shave!

    Looks like after a month at the Everutt marina in summer!
  530. Salmon King

    Lapush 6/23

    That’s a lot of fish to cut. Jealous.
  531. Salmon King

    Ocean Soup A3

    Nice work Curt! And captain Steve!
  532. Salmon King

    This won’t end well.

    Offshore wind is money. They provide great structure for fish, especially juveniles. There is a huge wind farm just off Amsterdam. There are always boats fishing the bases. But sand and gravel mining? Yeah, les strip away beaches and ocean bottom so a politically connected company can get...
  533. Salmon King

    LaPush 6-21 and 6-23

    Sounds like a good time. Trailering the Tactical Strike up there? Good luck on the black cod. Seems like there could be some just past the drop off near SW corner in the 800-1000 region, but I dunno. Hope you aren’t packing electrics!
  534. Salmon King

    Learning to read tide charts

    Wow. The funny thing is how many boats are stuck. Most these guys look like they planned to fish. Do they not pay attention to the tides to at least know where to fish?
  535. Salmon King


    Nice looking rig. Go find some tuners!! Good luck with the commercial venture.
  536. Salmon King

    Skagit Sockeye?

    There is the small problem that the nets will only be out for two days during the peak migration. Yet another year of record “forecast” just so they can justify more netting. Forecast is 35k+? I am guessing about 10-14k make it to the trap (where most will not be transferred).
  537. Salmon King

    1 seat. LaPush. Saturday the 16th

    Wow, good deal right there.
  538. Salmon King

    WDFW Crabbing dates SCREWED US ALL AGAIN -

    This is from the guys who extend a season because the quota isn’t met, and the quota shortfall is due to a population collapse. Not surprised.
  539. Salmon King

    HMMM...Looking like kicker thieves

    Door to door salesman or tweaker... have the 9mm ready! Just kidding, don’t kill anyone. Pull those kickers and put them inside! I take mine off first thing as soon as the boat gets home. Lives on a stand in the garage.
  540. Salmon King

    Quileute Hotel room question

    I’m not sure about the deck, but there is a plug on the back of the unit (facing where you park). I had a freezer in my truck bed plugged in there the other weekend. A 50’ extension cord would guarantee that you had power to the front porch. Think about a way to lock it. There are a lot of...
  541. Salmon King

    285/75R16 Tires For Sale

    Do you have offset aftermarket rims? These tires are a lot taller than the stock 02 tundra. Here is the solution: buy the tires, lift the truck until they fit.
  542. Salmon King

    La Push 6/9

    Really nice grade! Way to get it done. The shadow in the pic suggests it was sunny when you took the pic. Now we know that it wasn’t taken at La Push!
  543. Salmon King

    Alcohol and boating

    No straps, racing another car off the line... on a corner! What an idiot. Remember who really pays if “insurance pays” for his loss. If you are the captain of the boat or the driver of the rig, the safety of those aboard and THOSE AROUND YOU are your responsibility. This guy is a master...
  544. Salmon King

    Braid for tuna

    Bunch of 50lb braid, then a mono top shot (30lb). I’ve used fluoro, but can’t seem to tell much difference in getting bit. WA tuna seem hungry when you find em. A unique color on each reel makes it easy to untangle the inevitable sweaters.
  545. Salmon King

    Meanwhile out in A3...

    @Griddles I have fished Puget Sound lings for a few years and have not hooked any keepers. I don’t try much any more. Also, there is a slot where you can’t keep anything above a certain size. This ling was caught somewhere between La Push and Japan. It is not a super secret spot as you can...
  546. Salmon King

    Sekiu newbie for Hali

    Sunshine on the WA coast and a 50+ butt? Don’t get used it! WTG!
  547. Salmon King

    Stackable Ladner Shrimp Pots

    I can’t really compare as I’ve only used the stackable and the squares. My preference is the Ladners by far. Holds shrimp really well, and they fill plenty quick. My theory is that they also sit more securely on the bottom (hoop vs a rigid mesh floor) so the pot doesn’t move and the shrimp like...
  548. Salmon King

    Great Starter Boat - Does it All

    Solid platform right there for someone. GLWS! By the way, what did you get?
  549. Salmon King

    Meanwhile out in A3...

    43 lbs live weight. Naked pipe jig.
  550. Salmon King

    Stand up fighting harness / plate

    Would I get laughed at wearing this when I do battle with a 15lb albacore?
  551. Salmon King

    La Push Memorial Day

    No fish in La Push. Closed bar as well. Worst weather. Bad fuel. Best stay away.
  552. Salmon King

    Speaking of tossing cheeks..

    Look up “halibut fin” that they serve at sushi restaurant. Collar meat is yummy. When I filet any sized salmon, I leave the collar attached to the filet. That’s always my piece when I chop up the filet and grill it.
  553. Salmon King

    Question for Techie people

    Sharing photos privately at work. Hmmmmm. :rolleyes: Dropbox or google drive. Google drive has good organization but it is harder to scroll through multiple photos.
  554. Salmon King

    Trolling Motors on Big Boats

    Define “West Coast” when you say a lack of kicker motors. Up in WA/OR, the only time a boat doesn’t have a kicker is after it is stolen. Up here it is just how we troll for salmon (endless hours at 2-3 knots). They are handy for backing into the wind and staying on a spot even w/o anchor...
  555. Salmon King

    WTBorrow/Rent flatbed trailer

    The Brotherhood is strong!
  556. Salmon King

    Neah Bay, Boat Sunk

    Nope, the “custom” part makes it worse than a TJ. I wasn’t out in the ocean on Friday. My boat is VERY not safe in the big blue in rough water (no self bailing, not enough power). She stays in the sound. TJ is a good boat, but the open bow and lower entry would concern me personally (and no self...
  557. Salmon King

    Neah Bay, Boat Sunk

    I am not an experienced ocean captain, but Friday’s forecast would have made me stay home if I had your boat. It sounds like you played it safe while you were out there, and fortunately the wind wave didn’t pick up as much as forecast. I am probably on the conservative side for sure. Be safe out...
  558. Salmon King

    Anyone want to buy a 28 Throphy?

    Didn’t hear the captain say anything about lines (or ropes) under the boat, just a call that they were taking on water. Seems like lines under the boat would be pretty common on a shrimp day!
  559. Salmon King

    Anyone want to buy a 28 Throphy?

    Didn’t hear the captain say anything about lines (or ropes) under the boat, just a call that they were taking on water. Seems like lines under the boat would be pretty common on a shrimp day!
  560. Salmon King

    Defiance Delivery Day

    Sounds like Defiance is trying to work with you, but can’t get it right. Based on some of the items you mentioned (pay for the hotel, gift cards, etc), the customer service could be way worse. The fluid won’t hurt the fiberglass if it dripped into the hull. You should like you have a leak...
  561. Salmon King

    Anyone want to buy a 28 Throphy?

    Ok, I heard their Mayday on Wednesday. The initial call of taking on water to when they beached was only a few minutes. They abandoned ship almost immediately as the waves threatened to roll them in the beach. By the looks of the top, it did some rolling. Heads up thinking by the captain/crew...
  562. Salmon King

    Anyone want to buy a 28 Throphy?

    Ouch. Anyone know the backstory?
  563. Salmon King

    Possession Bar Ling

    Nice! Catching a ling in A9 takes some work.
  564. Salmon King

    Sad Reminder

    An update says it was two guys in a 12 or 14’ aluminum boat. PFDs were on, but you don’t last too long in that cold water. Too small of boat to handle a deteriorating day. RIP. Thoughts and prayers for those they left behind.
  565. Salmon King


    Weather should be fine. The tides will su€% @$$.
  566. Salmon King

    Big Balling The Shrimp

    Love that your 8yo daughter pitches in. It’s the best. My 8 yo daughter is the same way. The two of us got all of pots dropped in 12 minutes this AM, myself feeding line, her running the helm backtrolling and marking the electronics. A little issue with knowing which is her left and right...
  567. Salmon King

    Big Balling The Shrimp

    But if a struggle out there. Several pulls with 2-3. Tide and wind made it interesting. More people out today than in years prior. Everett is overrun.
  568. Salmon King

    NOAA word of the day

    Def: “Takes a really long time to pee.”
  569. Salmon King

    Is it possible to return electornics after they are installed?

    Post up the findings/results when completed. I’m sure we would all benefit from knowing what the issue was so we can include it in our own troubleshooting list for the future. Also, I have limited experience with Harbor Marine’s install quality, but it seems like sometimes some of their staff...
  570. Salmon King

    Wasnt quick but it worked!

    That’s both ends of the slot for sure. Nice work. Water looks rough. How much beer did you go through?
  571. Salmon King

    Ling and Current question

    How did it go?
  572. Salmon King


    Nice catch! Nice fish too!
  573. Salmon King

    5 Min. before closing!

    Holy cow Curt! Nice springer!!
  574. Salmon King

    Ling and Current question

    Given that Lings are already open in the ocean, I would say Curt would probably be in a rocky island laden area in the north PS. As far as PS advice, I’ve got nothing. Try around slack tide and call it quits when you can’t get the lines vertical anymore?
  575. Salmon King

    Holy Crap- We lost one of our own

    Shoot. Too early to leave. RIP. Giving my kids and extra hug tonight.
  576. Salmon King

    Barbless hooks for Hali?

    Just take a small pair of needle nose pliers a give the barb on that 8/0 a squeeze. There! It is clear that I tried to squeeze it down!
  577. Salmon King

    Some extra gear, most for free if you can use it

    I’ll take the Scotty plugs, lock, and spreader.
  578. Salmon King

    Where to go near Bellevue for F350 radiator leak?

    Seems like everything is done via Twitter these days...
  579. Salmon King

    Cleaning my garage, free stuff and more...

    I don’t think that someone who goes by “Tuna Gregg” would be caught trout fishing. I see some nice bobbers in there:D
  580. Salmon King

    Where to go near Bellevue for F350 radiator leak?

    Good to try with the stealership to see if they cut a deal. Otherwise, consider doing the repair yourself. It is super easy and you don’t have to be too mechanically inclined to do it. A high quality radiator is 100-200 bucks, much less than the 700 to 1000 you will pay someone to do it.
  581. Salmon King

    Defiance Delivery Day

    Great looking ride. You will have a ton of fun in that thing. The wide open access to the cuddy is something you will really like. We have the same thing and it makes a great spot for the kids to hang out on flat water, or open up that front window and take a nap at the dock. Anybody want to...
  582. Salmon King

    Way to go Hollywood!

    Based on the quality of the filets, I would say that worms eat flounder.
  583. Salmon King

    Electrical Help Please?

    An electrician for wiring a pot puller? Oh, I see your location. Do you also take you vehicles and boat into the dealership to change the oil? Sorry, just giving you crap:). To the OP, remember to keep the run as short as possible. If it is too long you may need to reduce the ga (thicker...
  584. Salmon King

    RIP Patrick

    Always enjoyed reading about his outdoor initiation at the hands of “Rancid Crabtree”. RIP
  585. Salmon King

    Not Fishing: Does anyone here fab table legs/benches?

    Small beer bar? Where? I can hold down one of the benches.
  586. Salmon King

    Wife's shopping list

    Chest freezer! Stays colder! The only drawback is access when searching for something, but who are we kidding? It’s all tuna anyway.
  587. Salmon King

    2018 ocean fisheries

    Here’s an idea... Don’t try to decrease the public’s love for seals/sea lions... feed it. Start pushing for seal watching tours where seal watching boats chase them around dawn to dusk. Deploy a fleet of “research” vessels to run them down, collect blood samples, attach trackers, analyze...
  588. Salmon King

    Puget sound salmon season

    A13 is the place to be! Wide open! Summer could be worse. Coho is more open than I would have expected. Isn’t this year when the warm blob coho are coming back?
  589. Salmon King

    New boat cogitation......

    You seem to want a boat that does it all... doesn’t really exist but your definition of “does it all” is narrow enough that you might find something close. But not a CC bay boat! Wind chop = a wet ride. There is a lot of wind chop in the sound, especially on the nicest days of summer. Plus it...
  590. Salmon King

    West Port is Wide Open!

    Now that’s a pile of fish to clean! Excellent work.
  591. Salmon King

    Shrimp Days Looks bleak

    The ocean is open year round!
  592. Salmon King

    Adulting Sucks

    “I don’t need two boats.” Your actually don’t NEED one boat. Are they both paid for? If yes, then all you have in the cash locked up in the asset and not interest. Are they far along the depreciation curve? Probably, so it really doesn’t cost you too much to ride out the depreciation...
  593. Salmon King

    Boat Storage La Push

    Call Three Rivers. They have a very accessible gated lot a and are just up the road. They seemed like good people based on a brief interaction.
  594. Salmon King


    My favorite local brewery sells most full barrels for $195 plus the keg deposit. Would be good to know what’s in it to see if it is worth $100.
  595. Salmon King

    Tuna Predictions...

    Cool ocean over the winter will mean a later start. The lack of a defined “break” last year may have spread the food out more and made the tuna harder to find. The cooler, soon to be plankton rich water off the coast right now is good for tuna food. We just need a few big schools of chovies to...
  596. Salmon King

    Ma9 sun 25th

    Way to get out on a nice day. Got to exercise those motors.
  597. Salmon King

    Did WDFW slip in a 4 Fish Butt Limit?

    Not true. You can’t actually get drunk on Coors.
  598. Salmon King

    Ragin Cajun on steroids. Coming soon!!!!!!

    Nice king... whoah, that’s a coho!!
  599. Salmon King

    new to washington area what can i catch

    Check out the “six pack” charters that run out of Westport. May is bottomfish (Lingcod and rockfish) and a few days of halibut but Hali days will already be booked up. June starts with bottomfish and should transition to salmon if much of a season opens up. July includes tuna. You can look...
  600. Salmon King

    MA4 Bottom Fishing Numbers

    This is more than just a joke. I have many spots because I took old timers out on my boat and they showed me some honey holes. Beep beep beep... forever saved in the GPS!
  601. Salmon King

    Yamaha F115 Help

    How did it sit? Outside? In storage? If it was indoors (or better yet, slightly heated in winter) it may be a-okay. It needs its oils changed, so swap them out and take a look. Milky? Run away! Pull the plugs. Any corrosion? Pull the lower, change the impeller. Start it up. Does it turn...
  602. Salmon King

    Worth a look. Click link, smoking deal

    Yep, would need a repower soon, and will take 500-600hp to push the boat. That would need to be factored. But still, that’s a lot of boat for the money.
  603. Salmon King

    Last minute open seats for Lings and Bass + Raymarine give-a-way this Sunday, March 18th

    Sunday’s forecast... 5ft swell @ 14. 5kt wind. This is run for Tuna weather! Thinking about how to make this work...
  604. Salmon King

    6 9

    At least you moved once. If there is no life, good to keep going. Posession can be a desert at times. Your boat is permanently in the shop? I thought you were buying new one?
  605. Salmon King

    MA4 Bottom Fishing Numbers

    Nice report:rolleyes:
  606. Salmon King

    Grays harbor county , nice?

    ? What aspect in particular was appealing? Everett has everything that plagues a big city (congestion, crime, drugs, taxes, high priced housing) in a smaller package. We really overachieve for our size! The gritty marina area is appealing to me, but moorage is high for what you get, fishing...
  607. Salmon King

    Did Aliens land in WP

    This is really amazing! Not that there was a flash and explosion, but that something Larry said at 2am was actually corroborated by other parties. :p:
  608. Salmon King

    My Shoes

    Enough money in your “boat specific account”... oh yeah, you are fine. Go for it!! I have a boat specific account too, it just doesn’t have any money on it. :D Also, opportunities will become more limited but there is still great fishing to be had of you know when and where. Also, IMHO resale...
  609. Salmon King

    My Shoes

    Ben, You are 25 and “financially stable”. Does this mean steady job? Or a really good paying job? Good growth opportunities? Also, are you renting or buying your home? Are you maxing your 401k? Not just the employer match, but maxing the IRS allowable contribution. Do you have any other...
  610. Salmon King

    Shoutout to the geek giant

    Nice! Fish with a misshaped head and missing an eye... looks like one of the kids had clubbing duty!
  611. Salmon King

    MA13 3/3/18

    But you were fishing today and many of us were not. You win!
  612. Salmon King

    Stand up paddle board mounting ideas

    Bungees? Might want to look into installing some crossbars and put an automotive type SUP/surfboard mount on the crossbars. Lots of options there. Keep in mind that the long, heavy SUP will exert a lot of force on any mount when the boat in pounding the waves.
  613. Salmon King

    Penn Senator vs Abu Garcia Ambassebeur 5001c

    If your looking to save money, here is an option: While you can get by with two for salmon, it is nice to have three setups on board. I find it easier to run identical reels, so I have a bunch of these. Super easy to maintain and pretty much idiot proof. The stock handle is a little small...
  614. Salmon King

    Twin Suzuki 200’s

    @NoLDR does this mean you will take me out? :) Don’t tell the Washi guys, but I actually spent quite a bit of time in LA. I have an office there and do 15-20 trips a year. Given it is all work I have limited experience offshore down there. Last time I was out a few years ago there was...
  615. Salmon King

    Twin Suzuki 200’s

    By the time you load up the boat with typical WA fishermen and all of their cold weather gear, the boat is really heavy (400lbs of ice and 200gl of fuel might add to the weight). 4 blade gives you the bite needed to get up on plane and climb swells. If we could fish in flip flops and board...
  616. Salmon King


    Twin 150s? That’ll scoot. Congrats on a nice ride!
  617. Salmon King

    Cataracts Surgery, What Do You Know About It?

    BD seems like a really risky place to look for medical advice.
  618. Salmon King

    2018 Starts with a bang

    Age kills, not just hours. I think I would rather have a two year old motor with 1000 hours than a 15 year old motor with 150 hours. Congrats on the new motor, even better that insurance covered it.
  619. Salmon King

    Go ahead and laugh, then answer... Kite GoPro

    Regarding the 300’ to 500’ feet of line to the kite, this might not add much height to the kite. It will only move the kite further away which will actually reduce the angle of the line relative to the water. Having the kite attached to a rod/reel is a great idea. This is pretty fun...
  620. Salmon King

    Maiden voyage.

    Proven fishy boat! Nice work and congrats.
  621. Salmon King

    Yamaha responds to supply shortage of large outboards

    The situation regarding their marine products is “fluid”. Har har. Japanese humor:p::p::p:
  622. Salmon King

    Go Eagles!

    Commentators: “Tom Brady this... ....Tom Brady that... ...Tom Brady....” strip sack! Way to go Eagles!
  623. Salmon King

    Mule tape question.

    Leaded line is cheap enough. If he wants to save money on shrimp, buy them at Costco.
  624. Salmon King

    Portable gas tank - 6 gallon

    I might take it off your hands, but am out of town for the next week. I’ll PM you when I am back but don’t feel like you need to save it for me.
  625. Salmon King

    A7 Atlantic Salmon open

    Along the lines of “wild is better than farmed”, the negative aspects of farmed fish are not proven. It is possible that the antibiotics and feed impart things into the flesh with negative health consequences. Conversely, almost all wild fish have elevated levels of heavy metals in their flesh...
  626. Salmon King

    A7 Atlantic Salmon open

    Well written George. Here is something to think about (accuracy may be questionable as this is based on a few things I’ve read): Back a number of years ago small scale commercial fishing was almost bankrupted by fish farming. Fish farming was so much cheaper that the fishermen couldn’t...
  627. Salmon King

    Boat Show Purchase Thunder Jet

    Get the 350. It’s just money.
  628. Salmon King

    Crab pots

    What? Where?
  629. Salmon King

    Boat show thoughts/recap

    Was excited to see a Skagit Orca (they dusted off the old molds?). However, they went “high end” with the interior and pricing. It was cramped and cluttered. Not even a good fit for two people camping, so I am not sure what they were aiming to do. How big is the Ranger tug segment anyway? I...
  630. Salmon King

    boat show ticket

    Anybody have extra ticketes for tomorrow? :DI’ll see you guys there. I’ll be talking to the sales guy trying to negotiate a yacht into my price range.
  631. Salmon King

    PSA needs your help to save our salmon fisheries. Send Email to the commission!

    I that most of us agree that Ron would be ideal for the job. Ron, would you do it? It seems like we could send a bunch of letters of support/recommendation to the commission to get that ball rolling. We have representation from sport, commercial, and charter on this board that would all back...
  632. Salmon King

    2001 22' Arima Sea Legend For Sale

    That thing is loaded! Great setup for fishing or camping. Have you fished tuna in this boat before? While not quite the deep v to slice a heavy wind chop, the boat is more than capable on a nice day (even a not nice day). Bigger is always better though:). GLWS!
  633. Salmon King

    Boat Show - Inquiring Minds want to know

    I guess it depends on the usage. I don’t think many guys opt for hp just to go fast. Usually ocean (even sound) conditions limit speed, not hp. I think the hp is much more useful when growling up the back of a swell with a belly full of ice and fuel with 4 overweight fishermen on board. If you...
  634. Salmon King

    Who makes this boat?

    Where is the rest of the Sargo?
  635. Salmon King

    Pretty long odds

    Yay for the white plug! An old timer that I fish the PS with taught me about plugs. I would be cycling my spoons and coho killers, adding scent/skirts and always playing with the depth to run through the bait balls. I would get lots of action, mostly shakers. He would drag a white plug all...
  636. Salmon King

    perch fishing

    Equipment needed: Lawn chair Small hooks Leaf worms Barbie pole Beer Sit in the lawn chair and drink the beer. Give the tackle to your kid and they will figure it out!
  637. Salmon King

    WTC registration opened today

    A spinner should count for the pelagic pot, right? I’m spoiling up a raptor with 100lb!
  638. Salmon King

    Fictional Fishin Friday

    Too funny! I’m LOL about complaining that batteries not including installation. Nailed it!
  639. Salmon King

    Yamaha corrosion

    I’ll check again. I seem to remember that rule from quite a few years back when I first moored there. There is all sorts of craziness on display in the marina as people try to save their motor but still trim them down (wrap it in a black plastic bag, one guy has his kicker’s lower in a 5 gallon...
  640. Salmon King

    Yamaha corrosion

    Or they were a “rule follower” who complied with the leave-motors-trimmed-down rule that some marinas have. Where I moor (POE) they tell you to leave the motors trimmed down in the water. I always forget to trim them back down after I flush and rinse them!
  641. Salmon King

    NEW BD members post a hello here

    Welcome. See you out in A9 next week!
  642. Salmon King

    Neah Bay halibut moorage

    Pretty sure the La Push bar will be closed all month. Better to try elsewhere! :D
  643. Salmon King

    Looking for King Advice

    LOL! @lingcod todd, your works fine, but it appears that your got hacked and is now redirected to another site. Also, maybe think about changing your URL to something like: It seems clearer. :D
  644. Salmon King

    Looking for King Advice

    If you really want kings, AK or BC are where you want to go. There are decent kings that come through WA, but our seasons are becoming very restrictive. A decent day of fishing means hitting a keeper fish every few hours. Skunks are pretty common, even the norm through most of the year...
  645. Salmon King

    Christmas present finally arrived!!!

    That’s a disturbing mental image, Curt. Ouch.
  646. Salmon King

    Surveyor recommendations

    Good catch Kamen, I missed his location. That run would require a LOT of fuel capacity:p:
  647. Salmon King

    Surveyor recommendations

    You will get a really good boat for that coin. Easy to shoot north of that, but also some great options just over 100k. What type of fishing? Tuna ever? Run to Canada? Also, what does family boating mean to you? For me, a family day usually involves crabbing and/or fishing but shorter time...
  648. Salmon King

    Surveyor recommendations

    Hmmm. A surveyor would usually be useful when buying a higher value used boat. They can help assess the condition of the hull, wiring, mechanical, engines to a point. If you are buying new, none of these things will be a concern. Or warranty would take care of it. A surveyor won’t give you...
  649. Salmon King

    eBay/Japan electric reels for buts

    I too enjoy the effort of fishing deep with human powered gear... love my broomstick and old Penn 113 with a big handle. However, as I’ve learned from @mtotemeier , it isn’t just for conveinience, it is so people who couldn’t bottom fish otherwise can participate and land the fish “by...
  650. Salmon King

    Combat fishing in Africa

    Just look into how traditionally raised talapia are fed...:eek:
  651. Salmon King

    Porcupines and dogs

    Could be true. As a kid growing up in Michigan, we would camp in the northern part of the state where porcupines were everywhere. We would stay at a cabin that had a fenced in enclosure for your car. It was to protect from porcupines chewing on the undersides of your car (getting at the road...
  652. Salmon King

    aluminum boats and anchor lockers

    Aww, c’mon. We have the truck brand debate going again on another thread. We should debate tin vs plastic! We don’t have any fishing reports to read. I need to go get the crab gear out...
  653. Salmon King

    2019 Chevy truck reveiled.

    Yep, fully agree. They compete well with F-150/Chevy and Dodge 1500, even have some advantages in towing/hauling within its class depending on the configuration. Toyota doesn’t have anything to compete with one ton trucks, which are really required if you have a camper or a 10k+ boat. I don’t...
  654. Salmon King

    Smoke salmon dip

    Mmmm, smoked cheese. I may need to do that over the next few days... To the OP, I agree with keep it simple. Just enough cream cheese to hold it together. I usually throw a handful of chopped herbs from the garden. Another fun alternative is to mix some heavy cream into a log of goat cheese...
  655. Salmon King

    2019 Chevy truck reveiled.

    Looks good... until you take away the lift and put the steelies/Highway tires and plastic front air dam back on. Ford, Chevy, Dodge... I’ll stick to the truck that was designed in the US, engine manufactured in the US, chassis and final assembly in the US:
  656. Salmon King

    Tandem trailer for sale

    Shoot, the parts alone for discs, new axles, springs, lights are almost 2k. Good alternative to upgrading your own trailer. I have a similar vintage pacific dual axle. They are good trailers. Great deal for someone out there. GLWS.
  657. Salmon King

    Slow TV Salmon fishing

    Most of my salmon trips would be candidate for Slow TV.
  658. Salmon King

    Seattle Fishing Charter

    Lol! On the other hand, spot tails might be the only ones fishing PS Chinook in the future... years after it closed.
  659. Salmon King

    2006 22' ARIMA SEA LEGEND

    Looks like the typical 4 generation family running out of Everett on a shrimp day. Just need a bunch of kids in type IV waterskiing PFDs "helping" feed line into a gas puller...
  660. Salmon King

    feral swine webinar in January

    Hugely destructive animals, and dangerous when encountered as well. A bunch of quality meat makes them a great animal to hunt, but I don't think we want to spread them to new environments just so we can harvest them. If we need more game, a few WA elk/moose/bison hatcheries would be great.
  661. Salmon King

    Winter Boredom - Looking at Boat Porn

    I'd take your old Duckworth off your hands to help you out:D. I think you are going to have trouble pushing a big boat with I/O without using them up regularly. So the options would be shaft or a lrow of outboards. Lindell has a triple OB option that would blow away the Roamer.
  662. Salmon King

    Removing decals from a truck

    Looking good. Now just slap a lift kit and wheels on there and that truck will sell for a premium!
  663. Salmon King

    Not that it matters...

    Yep, 18 miles X 2... 36 miles for one 22" fish. I almost always run from Everett and that run to Edmonds was getting a little old. Especially as you run over piles of bait, birds, and rolling fish on your way to where you can legally deploy gear. :( I hope all of these little guys grow up soon.
  664. Salmon King

    That'll buff right out!!

    "...and the is where baby boats com from."
  665. Salmon King

    Wallis Heater

    "Whizzer Boat Rerks"
  666. Salmon King

    Northriver vs. Duckworth Offshore

    Something you will want to consider is the depreciation on the boat. While a 28 Duck or NR is a lot more coin (purchase price) than a new Raider or Kingfisher, they depreciate a lot slower (percentage and gross). So even though you have more cash tied up in the boat, your COST is the same or...
  667. Salmon King

    Why you don’t cross a bar in a flats boat

    I think that their butts were so firmly clenched to the seat cushions that you could hang the boat upside down and they wouldn't move. Yikes!
  668. Salmon King


    Great deal on a fish killing machine. GLWS.
  669. Salmon King

    Why you don’t cross a bar in a flats boat

    Yep, my PFDs are on the boat, but the kid's PFDs are in the car. Based on how they stumble around it is only a matter of time before they trip off the end of the dock.
  670. Salmon King

    Another Handle Retired

    Sounds great. Let us know what the cooler name will be. :D Changing handles is hard on this board. You need to let people know so they can connect the new handle to the person, but you KNOW everyone is going to give you crap!
  671. Salmon King

    Trick or Treat?

    That hook nose is a HOG. Looks fun!
  672. Salmon King

    Keep the Shakers Down

    Plugs, get down to the bottom. Move if they are thick and bait isn't in the area. Good reminder Tom. Remember that shaker encounters do count as encounters, so they will shorten the season. Sometimes I think I catch the same shaker multiple times through the day...
  673. Salmon King

    Looking for My Next Boat These represent the two ends of the DIY metal boat fabrication skill spectrum.
  674. Salmon King

    Anybody catching any chums yet?

    Check the WDFW creek reports. They are in.
  675. Salmon King

    Everett Blackmouth derby

    It's going to be one of those days where my wife closes the pilot house door and I knock on the window if I get a fish on.
  676. Salmon King

    Looking for help on Marine Area 8-2

    Not much in 8-2 in the winter. Probably want to run up to 7 and fish there. :p:
  677. Salmon King

    Kodak's Last Trip

    Been working and traveling a lot Marcus? Don't give up yet, still a chance for flat water and deep water lings (just have to put the halibut back :() and rocks. Or blackmouth is right off your doorstep. Hope to see you on the water soon. Great report Greg. That was such a beautiful day. No tuna...
  678. Salmon King

    Everett Blackmouth derby

    I would just launch in Everett on Sunday. It will be a late night by the time you get back, but so much easier. The possession sound is full of debris this time of year. Also some pretty severe tides that weekend. It's not a good run in the dark. Or just don't worry about hitting the ceremony...
  679. Salmon King

    Everett Blackmouth derby

    I might be fishing it with my normal crew. Due to crew preferences and time constraints, blackmouth for us is a pretty causal endevor. I would probably drag a team down.
  680. Salmon King

    Salmon charter for Puget Sound?

    In the Puget Sound, immature king salmon called blackmouth are the primary target. Around Seattle the daily limit is one fish, although the limit is two if you go south. This fishery is tricky, so limits are rare. They range into the low teens, but more typically 5-8 lbs. If "worth shipping...
  681. Salmon King

    Minimum age for tuna fishing

    It all depends on the kid. My 8 yo has been halibut fishing on the big blue since 6, including some snotty days and longer runs (40ish). She loves it and is upset when she doesn't go. My younger daughter isn't nearly ready at 5. I don't even take her out on the sound if there is much wind...
  682. Salmon King

    WTS: 6 - Avet SX/SXJ 5.3 Blue/Silver Reels

    I would probably take one of the RHs if we can figure out logistics. I don't get south of Seattle too often this time of year. Any ideas? I live and work in the Everett/Lynnhood area.