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  1. mrfish11

    Where are the Area 4 hali reports n pics?

    Westport was pretty slow. As of 415pm I had not had a single bite in an area that I usually have pretty consistent action. Maybe it will turn around this week.
  2. mrfish11

    Open Seat 8/13 Hali

    I'm screwed then. Edit....but now that I think about it, I think I only puke on metal boats. :) Felt great all day in the Parkaa in those confused thursday seas.
  3. mrfish11

    WTB Mens Mountain Bike

    Hey guys, Anyone have a mens mountain bike laying around that they want to sell. I need one for hunting. PM me with what ya got. Thanks, Brian
  4. mrfish11

    Tuna town campsite for tonight

    If that old mans shorts got any shorter, you may be able to see his balls hangin out. @ draggin balls @dragonballs
  5. mrfish11

    Westport hali 2020

    It's open thursdays and sundays only starting aug 13 (and it was open aug 6).
  6. mrfish11

    Westport hali 2020

    You better check the regulations cause there is no open season tomorrow for hali out of grays harbor.
  7. mrfish11

    26' Olympic XLC w/ Suzuki 250 & 9.9 Armstrong bracket

    Count me in for trading fishing seats for time hunting your property Dave. I am definitely game for this kinda deal. I'll pm you my number, let's talk.
  8. mrfish11

    26' Olympic XLC w/ Suzuki 250 & 9.9 Armstrong bracket

    @Cut-Throat you got yourself one hell of a deal. That boat is awesome for everything PNW. @Sockeye71 Dave, so I know your moving to Idaho but are you completely giving up the whole PNW fishing gig? I know you "gave away" :) all your gear and sold your boat. I just dont know how a guy who...
  9. mrfish11

    Anyone have a Boat trailer

    It's a race. @Fish_on! Was gonna buy it too Might want to send ben a pm john, he went and looked at it and said it is A LOT of work.
  10. mrfish11

    Sept king in July?

    Agree, 13, is as dead of a shithole as it gets. See you guys in wp!
  11. mrfish11

    Free bottom half Shimano Convergence

    These sound like rock solid rods. :)
  12. mrfish11

    Halibut in the straits again?

    Yes it's open, look at the announcement from a few days ago. They had to open sekui thurs, fri, Saturdays; the same days as MA 3 and 4 so people can land their hali in a legal port that is also open to hali fishing on the same days. Us wp guys got fuct because on fri and sat we cant go fish ma...
  13. mrfish11

    Hey y’all

    Agree with fuel n filters. That little cylindrical one on the face of the motor caused me grief once.
  14. mrfish11

    WP kids business opportunity

    Yep, end of 16 is where I often hang out too. It's a shitty situation out there. We bitched and they brought out the pressure washer one year.
  15. mrfish11

    WP kids business opportunity

    "And that's where all the seagulls of the pacific go to shit".... I love this one. Made me laugh my ass off!
  16. mrfish11

    Westport 7-29

    They will turn back on. This happens all the time. Patience young grasshoppers. Cross your fingers you head west on a "biting" day ( and know what your doing), that's all you can do.
  17. mrfish11

    Salmon Days left area 2 ??

    When is MA 2 going to 7 days a week Dave. Let's do this!!!!!!
  18. mrfish11

    Westport Tuna Thursday 7-30

    Fill those tanks and get ready for a hell of a run.
  19. mrfish11

    Westport Tuna Thursday 7-30

    I'll be headed sw Saturday
  20. mrfish11

    Flashers FS

    Flashers sold to @ttcustomz
  21. mrfish11

    WTB; 23-28' boat

    Scratch the Striper my dad had for sold in 6 hrs.
  22. mrfish11

    Flashers FS

    Yes, they are yours. No reply from the clark dude so they are yours. I am at the beach and can ship em out to you on Monday when I get back. PM me your contact info and I will do the same. Thanks.
  23. mrfish11

    WTB; 23-28' boat

    He will get 1 day of use and one of us will be towing him in the other 5 times.
  24. mrfish11

    BD Decals?

    Save me one of those bottom ones vance. I will bring you wood. Hint hint
  25. mrfish11

    WTB; 23-28' boat

    How has this not sold? This is such a great setup for the price. You cant get shit for 30k now days.
  26. mrfish11

    Looking for new boat trailer

    "You" is definitely not the right word.
  27. mrfish11

    Looking for new boat trailer

    I just bought a new trailer from Dave @Happy Daze it is awesome. I should have pulled the trigger and bought it years ago.
  28. mrfish11

    Flashers FS

    Hey @clarktar you didnt reply to my PM or this message on this post. Do you want the flashers or not?
  29. mrfish11

    WTB; 23-28' boat

    I heard "kinda" just ain't the right word. ;)
  30. mrfish11

    WTB; 23-28' boat

    My dads getting ready to sell a 21ft Striper with a 175 yami main and 9.9 yami kicker....but it's still out of the 15k price range.
  31. mrfish11

    Flashers FS

    I didn't forget about you.
  32. mrfish11

    Flashers FS

    PM response sent to @clarktar for the lot of flashers listed above. @fishing fanatic I will send you a pm, I may have some of what your looking for.
  33. mrfish11

    Flashers FS

  34. mrfish11

    It’s official. TUNA TOWN IS SET UP

    Next time I'm in town I'll swing some by.
  35. mrfish11

    More stuff....................................

    You never sent me any info on the fenders.
  36. mrfish11

    boaters safety card replacement

    I have been asked for mine multiple times. Generally during every inspection I get asked.
  37. mrfish11

    Tuna updates for Westport -2020

    Good work. Those numbers sound familiar.
  38. mrfish11

    Flashers FS

    $90 now, just so I can sell one of his flashers before he gets his hands on it.
  39. mrfish11

    Flashers FS

    Its gay like you.
  40. mrfish11

    Anniversary salmon fishing

    The ol' saltwater beaver!!!!
  41. mrfish11

    Etiquette of selling a boat

    It was research specific to this boat that couldnt necessarily be done PRIOR to the deal.
  42. mrfish11

    Anniversary salmon fishing

    I like the sounds of this.....
  43. mrfish11

    Etiquette of selling a boat

    My buddy was the one wanting to buy Kim's boat. Neither Kim nor my buddy are bad guys at all, or meant to screw over either party in any way. My buddy had certain things he was doing (and rightfully needed to do) A LOT of research on before he felt confident pulling the trigger. I dont know...
  44. mrfish11

    Anniversary salmon fishing

    Congrats to you love birds but how was the fishin? :p:boobies:
  45. mrfish11

    Flashers FS

    I just flat out have too many flashers. Time to get rid of some duplicates. All are used (some need new tape/stickers), except the 4 q-coves that are brand new in package with pins. I acquired some of these for a good deal, so I will sell to a BD bro for a good deal. How about $100 takes them...
  46. mrfish11

    New SST & Chloro Charts 7/14/2020

    I'd still puke at 2 knots. It must be quite a bit different at the bouys than what NOAA is showing. ....and I hope your typing this from your boomer phone 60 miles out and are going to text me a report tonight when you get back in!!
  47. mrfish11

    New SST & Chloro Charts 7/14/2020

    Theres no tuna in WA. It all looks good. Let the wind machine die so the tuna can too!!!!!
  48. mrfish11

    Deposit down on an Allied Boats Aluminum Catamaran

    Is that me puking in the cabin of Mike's boat again? @Chasin' Tail
  49. mrfish11

    Sekiu fishing sloooow

    The kings were early, your 2 weeks late to the party.
  50. mrfish11

    Neah Bay Coho

    XTRA LIKE!!!!!
  51. mrfish11

    Neah Bay Coho

    Fuuuucccck ENCOUNTERS!!!!! I ALWAYS hook ONLY the fish that are in my fish box. ZERO extras. I am dead set that telling them any more only negatively affects us. Until I feel like we arent getting the shaft for simply telling the truth, I've never released an extra fish in my life.
  52. mrfish11

    WTB; 23-28' boat

    Hes right you know!
  53. mrfish11

    WTB; 23-28' boat

    I dont want to rain on your parade but 15k for a boat in the 23 to 28 class, that actually runs, may be tough to come by. I will keep my eyes peeled and if I see anything I'll let you know. Good luck and have fun searching.
  54. mrfish11

    WP trailer parking

    It will be fine. Just park it and throw a lock on it.
  55. mrfish11

    Good Lawd. I gotta rebuild some troll reels

    In case you missed it.... @Rougarou
  56. mrfish11

    It’s T-T-T-Tuna Time!

    I go back and forth from one side to the other....throw some bait, run to the other side and puke so the wind doesn't carry it into Mike's face....move back, hook up and repeat. Sounds and looks like an angry caged gorilla.
  57. mrfish11

    It’s T-T-T-Tuna Time!

    It is a loooong ways. 65 ish miles from the tips. We trolled out to 70 miles or so....
  58. mrfish11


    I have a quite a few new qcoves in the package. I can probably get rid of a few if someone needs them. PM me for details. Variety of colors.
  59. mrfish11

    It’s T-T-T-Tuna Time!

    You write that like it is unexpected or something..... I CANNOT go back to back 3am mornings on 2 hrs of sleep. And my equilibrium does not do well in a bean bag. I need the captains seat and I am good to go. #8 Fuuuuck, I'm getting too old for this shit.... until this Thursday I guess.....
  60. mrfish11

    It’s T-T-T-Tuna Time!

    You write that like it is unexpected or something.....
  61. mrfish11

    It’s a beautiful morning

    Nice fish norm. What style of hair gel do you use?
  62. mrfish11

    It’s T-T-T-Tuna Time!

    Eye knew it was gonna be a good day!!!!
  63. mrfish11

    Kelli Ann. Anacortes to Westport

    Today was a good day in wp....hint hint....
  64. mrfish11

    north river eye candy

    I always thought it was for once your wife found out how much you spent on better be in pursuit of some new pussy.
  65. mrfish11

    Kelli Ann. Anacortes to Westport

    Meet us in the canyon tomorrow Vance. Were gonna be working it south of you a couple clicks.
  66. mrfish11

    Thanks For Nothing!

    I agree with everything you said Travis. The only part I stumbled on was "scamdemic". I thought you were the: hunker down and obey Jay or were all gonna die guy, just a few months ago?
  67. mrfish11

    No complaints

    He must have not read your post. Doesnt get much clearer than 50x22.
  68. mrfish11

    RIP fishguidebrian Brian Oldfield

    I have fished side by side with Brian in a certain river many times. Usually just our two boats.....that always made it great!!! RIP Brian
  69. mrfish11

    Tuna scouting

    Good looking out Patrick. Mike and I are thinking about burning some fuel later this week.
  70. mrfish11

    Smith house Westport party cancelled

    August is going to be a very busy month this year. Looking forward to it!
  71. mrfish11

    Shrimping area 6

    My theory in situations like this is that a few checkers/wardens checked the wrong boat(s) (wrong boats = a few guys who really know what they are doing, with lots of people on board and lots of limits). I've seen this happen before and no matter how far fetched, still believe its true...
  72. mrfish11

    Transport company

    72 hrs? Isnt it like 18 hrs each way to LA? Take a buddy, turn n burn it. I almost did it to Encinitas but got waaaay to good of a deal through uship. And yes, that osprey is unreal. You better secure that baby FAST!
  73. mrfish11

    Scaley/Flaky rust on torsion axle load arms?

    Six robblees....but my god they are outrageous.
  74. mrfish11


    WOW! That's a machine! Amazing work Mark.
  75. mrfish11

    26' Olympic XLC w/ Suzuki 250 & 9.9 Armstrong bracket

    Docked next to Dave at wp last year. It's a fishy boat for sure. GLWS!
  76. mrfish11

    New fishing opportunities begin!

    That boat looks incredibly badass Gspot
  77. mrfish11

    Bottomfish scouting help

    Most guys dont "research and then go find" the ling spots out of wp. They are given numbers from their buddies or see other guys fishing and roll up on a spot. Thats just the reality of how it usually works. The spots are generally pretty small and not shown on most charts like you said...
  78. mrfish11

    A10 - Week of 6/15

    Never fished there in my life. Went this morning for the first time. Had a double on in under 30 seconds. Double digits. E Z P Z.
  79. mrfish11

    Shrimping area 6

    We saw you guys the other day out at Eastern Norm.
  80. mrfish11

    A10 - Week of 6/15

    I've just heard quite the opposite. I'll confirm tomorrow.
  81. mrfish11

    A10 - Week of 6/15

    Is this an April Fools post?
  82. mrfish11


    Hey mark did that 30 gallons completely fill the tanks? Do you think you'll be able to make it to the S Jetty and back? :boobies: 😝 Badass looking machine!!!
  83. mrfish11

    Bloodydecks gear review

    If you knew Jodie, you would be suprised he still has his hand. :)
  84. mrfish11

    Bloodydecks gear review

    If you knew Jodie, you would be suprised he still has his hand. :)
  85. mrfish11

    The Paragon

    You know my preference!
  86. mrfish11

    Water is getting warmer.

    Lots of big SDiego tuna boats in wp recently. Do they know something we dont? Looking at the charts that looks really close to being connected. This is the best news I've seen in a while.
  87. mrfish11

    The Paragon

    Farallon's are badass. A 28 is gonna be a BIG boat. My buddy wants to know when your Duck is going up for sale. He may be interested.
  88. mrfish11

    Area 4 OPEN

    With that news is there any chance we can get wdfw to move up the hali dates then Dave? I'm not liking the Aug. dates at all.
  89. mrfish11

    Clean out Make Offer

    Maybe no one is interested in it because of the stories it has "already told". 😝
  90. mrfish11


    Definitely personal.
  91. mrfish11

    Wa Permit Hunts

    Nothing for this guy!
  92. mrfish11

    I got railed in ballard

    @dragonballs. What did you do now to deserve two dudes butt tappin'.
  93. mrfish11

    best shrimp bait for a rookie?

    Take that advice to the bank.
  94. mrfish11

    Sthil Weed Wacker

    Worked great, thanks Chris!
  95. mrfish11

    Canal shrimpers beware

    Same group that wont let us fish a river with a state hatchery feeding it.
  96. mrfish11

    Westport is open for bottom fish

    Good eye big dude E. Did you see who left the floaters? Call em out or "we" will continue to get blamed and thus become the sex addicts as eli refers too.
  97. mrfish11

    Canal shrimpers beware

    Tell that to 90% of the population in WA State over the age of ancient. "We" are not the problem here.
  98. mrfish11

    Westport is open for bottom fish

    Nice job, but you gave away your spot in the first pic. :)
  99. mrfish11

    Canal shrimpers beware

    Hahaha. They really F'd us again!!!!! Moderator turned off comments. I wonder why? Unfukinbelievable!
  100. mrfish11

    Deepwater ling

    Nice job Paul. That's actually what I really heard most people saying today.
  101. mrfish11

    WTB Kill Bags -

    We know how to fill er up, that's for sure!
  102. mrfish11

    WTB Kill Bags -

    Ben's tryin to steal your bags Eli. Eli are you thinking about tuna or what?
  103. mrfish11

    Sthil Weed Wacker

    I need to wak some weeds. PM sent.
  104. mrfish11

    Shipping a fishing rod

    Just cut it in half.
  105. mrfish11

    10lbs or count to 80?

    Who has the cords to .26lb shrimp? I accept pm's.
  106. mrfish11

    Bunch of Tuna Gear

    Mods....or whoever deleted my post. It was a joke. Hes my buddy. Chill out.
  107. mrfish11

    Anybody seen these halibut days starting June 18th?

    Nah, I'm ready to go. How bout we open it up tomorrow like it should be.
  108. mrfish11

    South Sound Reel Repair

    @Redzwulf is a badass. I recommend him to all my buddy's for their reel repairs. Havent heard 1 negative thing yet.
  109. mrfish11

    South Sound Reel Repair

    That's awesome!
  110. mrfish11

    Etec’s toast....

  111. mrfish11

    Mixed bag-tuna gear

    Price lowered to $50. Will ship for $55.
  112. mrfish11

    Mercury Enertia stainless 3 blade prop RH

    I believe mark is in long beach, WA. He runs his operation out of Ilwaco.
  113. mrfish11

    Mixed bag-tuna gear

    Continuing to thin the herd. How about $50 for everything pictured? Majority of it is used. 1 each Yo-zuri trolling rabbit float. 2 each mexi flags. 1 each mexi feather. 1 each blue jet head. 5 each tuna doubles (have some rust but work fine for troll). The black live bait hooks are mustad...
  114. mrfish11

    White starboard

    Thanks, but I need 1/4" to match the rest. I can order a small piece off ebay if I need to.
  115. mrfish11

    MA1-3 Open for Bottomfish

    The ol butt broom.
  116. mrfish11

    MA1-3 Open for Bottomfish

    Your welcome
  117. mrfish11

    White starboard

    PM sent
  118. mrfish11

    White starboard

    Olympia. I can come get it in Lakewood Chris.
  119. mrfish11

    White starboard

    Anyone have a small scrap of 5"x7" x1/4" thick piece of white starboard laying around? I dont make it up north much to the plastic shops....especially during their business hours. We can talk about some trade options I have available. PM me. Thanks.
  120. mrfish11

    New style transom lights

    Just dont wear your inflatable butt plug on the boat if you happen to fall in the water.
  121. mrfish11

    2020 Shrimp season

    @Happy Daze what do the couple of dates that are in parentheses mean?
  122. mrfish11

    Animal cage/crate

    You gotta be shittin me!
  123. mrfish11

    Animal cage/crate

    Will @Fish_on! fit in this if I put it on the back deck of my boat?
  124. mrfish11

    Possible Good Price on Avets

    Where you finding an sxj for 144 bux benji? Seems like a great deal to me.
  125. mrfish11

    Sekiu halibut opening

    Hopefully all the inslee fans and corona freaks took lots of pics of the ramp today to show how well us fisherman are following the guidelines and not "crowding the ramps and spreading the disease".
  126. mrfish11

    Can anyone identify this transducer

    Pretty sure I have the same one that came with my boat. I'll get a model number off it tomorrow. I could not find a way to connect mine to my axiom. Dont think they make a cable to make the two compatible. Would love to find the right cable and give it a try cause my rv100 loses bottom at...
  127. mrfish11

    29 Almar Walk-Around Rebuild

    Your boat looks like a tuna killing machine. Congrats!
  128. mrfish11

    Tanacom 750's with 80# J-Braid 8 plait $479.99

    Oh shit Pat, this must be getting serious if you have to get the ok before you buy a reel. ;)
  129. mrfish11

    New style transom lights

    Do you sell these through Metabo?
  130. mrfish11

    Liberty Fatboy Gunsafe

    I live kinda close to mike and would help someone load it if I am available.
  131. mrfish11

    Sekiu halibut opening

    Its officially GO TIME!
  132. mrfish11

    Neah Bay Closure Extended to 6/30/2020

    Laurence hit the nail on the head. This fishing closure is just absolute bullshit. No one is convincing me one bit that a backed up launch or fishing parking area is half as bad as the shit going on in town right now. I cant even fathom how people can buy into this horse shit, unless I...
  133. mrfish11

    My Covid Clean-out

    Now that is some funny shit right there.. :)
  134. mrfish11

    Neah Bay Closure Extended to 6/30/2020

    I dont give 2 shits if the tribes stay closed. WDFW needs to grow some balls and open the rest of fishing no matter what they decide to do. Behind closed doors I'm pretty sure WDFW gets on their knees and asks the tribes for permission to speak.
  135. mrfish11

    Raymarine EV-1 Sensor core

    I dont think mine is not working correctly, anyone have one laying around that they want to get rid of or that I could borrow to see if that's my issue?
  136. mrfish11

    Boat overhang on trailer

    Fyi I blew a bearing yesterday......but my lights work....sort of.
  137. mrfish11

    Boat overhang on trailer

    Appears he might me looking for a kicker.
  138. mrfish11

    Allright, which one of you was it?

    Good thing he has his fenders out!
  139. mrfish11

    2020 halibut

    Yes got hobuck cancellation for mid may today via email.
  140. mrfish11

    2020 Shrimp season

    Statements like this probably dont help either. Remember many people look at these posts.
  141. mrfish11

    2020 Shrimp season

    I thought it was all about the local communities not wanting to open.... Oh and our outstanding comanagers.
  142. mrfish11

    Let the games begin

    What are we looking at in that bottom pic? @TwoTapPat jizz rag and a toe nail?
  143. mrfish11

    Why did I think I could launch my boat?

    Finally something good to hear!!!! Thanks for sharing the info.
  144. mrfish11

    New Qcove flashers, Tica, Lamiglas, Scotty bases, rod holders, DR Balls, circle hooks, Goldstar

    I will take the q coves. Will he ship em. ....looks like I'm 30 seconds late.
  145. mrfish11

    2020 halibut

    I want to fish hali NOW, not wait until Aug. Not enough time in the day to do those crazy multi combo trips....and waaaay to many miles to run. I like it all seperate.
  146. mrfish11

    Raymarine Element 9 RV

    Tony, PM question was if this unit would network with my axiom 9 so I could use it as a second gps/sonar on the back deck. After research, I think it's a standalone unit that will not network with my axiom, correct?
  147. mrfish11

    Free stuff pick up in Lynnwood

    We were just messin with you bud!
  148. mrfish11

    Free stuff pick up in Lynnwood

    And I need the riding lawn mower.
  149. mrfish11

    2020 halibut

    Oh god this is starting to make as much sense as when you punched your "sturgin" on a Walmart receipt and had to explain that one to the gamie.
  150. mrfish11

    Columbia R to open

    I want to go with someone that is good enough to get 1 for everyone onboard.
  151. mrfish11

    2020 halibut

    I'm pretty sure they would all have a different document number
  152. mrfish11

    2020 halibut

    It will open, trust me.
  153. mrfish11

    Outdoor Activity Requirements and Recommendations for Washington and Alaska

    Just go fish. Your buddy your fishing with originally lived alone but decided to move in with you for moral support at the start of the covid pandemic because he was becoming overly stressed with the poor decisions that his governor was making. Let them prove it. They will most likely laugh...
  154. mrfish11


  155. mrfish11

    Let the games begin

    Boat is looking good guys!
  156. mrfish11

    6 man life raft

    I dont have one.
  157. mrfish11

    No holds barred opinion

    Hey inslee get your shit together, you cant even hold a press conference on time. Were 16 minutes late and it's still not on.....YOU ARE WORTHLESS Not holds barred opinion. Just in case anyone was unclear on my feelings.
  158. mrfish11

    6 man life raft

    Hahaha..."And if it all works out..." I would throw you an offer if it were in a soft case and I could throw it up in the bow.
  159. mrfish11

    No holds barred opinion

    You better plan to leave here at midnight.
  160. mrfish11

    No holds barred opinion

    The only guarantee I can make at this point is that he says something stupid!!!
  161. mrfish11

    Washington Permit hunts

    That is a toad.
  162. mrfish11

    Getting the boat set up...

    If you go with "Whisky Ginger" just make sure you grab another "e" while your at the store. Congrats on the new boat!
  163. mrfish11

    No holds barred opinion

    You mean kind of like that Seattle Times bullshit article prior to the outdoor recreation press conference yesterday that said boat launches only on may 5th followed by fishing at a later date. Seattle bullshit fake news Times.
  164. mrfish11

    Keep on the look out..... get that gear loaded

    Halibut is CLOSED! Gay.
  165. mrfish11

    Gov just announced opening of fishing!

    It's all driven by the Tribes and Charters.
  166. mrfish11

    Gov just announced opening of fishing!

    See you all on the banks. This is gonna be a shit show!!!!
  167. mrfish11

    Keep on the look out..... get that gear loaded

    We sure do too. Is it from a reliable source because everything I see looks like an ultimate letdown in the press right now.
  168. mrfish11

    Lake Washington Protest

    Haha posted at same time @TimeZoned
  169. mrfish11

    Lake Washington Protest

    Found em... VP Designs. $5
  170. mrfish11

    Lake Washington Protest

    Where do I get one of those fuck inslee stickers
  171. mrfish11

    But yet we cant fish....

    Of course it's a tribal pot, that's why they stayed silent about who's it was. If that was a red and white bouy the title of the article would have been, "Sportfishermans overfishing of precious resources causes floating oil container marker buoy to tangle around poor endangered whales left eye...
  172. mrfish11

    But yet we cant fish....

    Took the pic late...that's only half the total number of people.
  173. mrfish11

    But yet we cant fish....

    Un fuk n believe able
  174. mrfish11

    But yet we cant fish....

  175. mrfish11

    Let the games begin

    Yep I also want to know what type So the foam and cutting pad are on a mechanical buffer and the buffing pad is done by hand, correct?
  176. mrfish11

    Need a number

    Yakima...but it just needs to start with a phone call. I dont know the specifics but know he just needs someone to answer a few questions to start.
  177. mrfish11

    Need a number

    Friend of the family needs to talk to someone about a Mercruiser Bravo 3 repair. Who has the number of a reputable shop or person who works on these? Thanks.
  178. mrfish11

    First kill of the season

  179. mrfish11

    Premium Beef/Pork Sale week #4

    Thanks @Roll the Bones and @wdlfbio for the last minute bacon order. Ben and I just finished sealing it all up. Hell of a deal.
  180. mrfish11

    GO TO Olympia Protest Sunday 4-19 @ 1:00 PM

    Is there a SUPER DUPER LIKE button?
  181. mrfish11

    GO TO Olympia Protest Sunday 4-19 @ 1:00 PM

    Was there another press conference today or are you referring to last nights? WDFW Susewind needs to grow some balls and open fishing. Inslee is a joke and even Susewind knows it.
  182. mrfish11

    Unemployed, furloughed, got your hours cut?

    One sentence just wiped out 98% of the BD clan. :)
  183. mrfish11

    Buy American!

    Agree, it was a dumb post to try and get him goin. @G-Spot stayed calm....nice job john. :)
  184. mrfish11

    Cinco de Mayo Fish Tacos?

    I heard City of Lakewood opened their launches yesterday.
  185. mrfish11

    Cinco de Mayo Fish Tacos?

    Oh yes, fully agree with the above, NO WAY we are butt fishing on May 4. I was thinking they would likely open pikeminnow, carp and squawfish only within your county residence on the 4th. Stinko de mayo carp tacos, here I come!! Thanks WDFW!!!!
  186. mrfish11

    Cinco de Mayo Fish Tacos?

    I heard only the guys who already have a butt license get to fish. J/K....but wdfw may not be. It would be their style to make a rule like that. And to answer your question, we better be fishing on May 4th.
  187. mrfish11

    Give us all your $$$$$

  188. mrfish11

    Give us all your $$$$$

    This should have been titled, "You cant do shit, but we still want to take your money!" WDFW NEWS RELEASE Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 1111 Washington St. SE, Olympia, WA 98501 April 20, 2020 Contact: Wildlife Program, 360-902-2515 Sam Montgomery...
  189. mrfish11

    GO TO Olympia Protest Sunday 4-19 @ 1:00 PM

    It doesn't get much better than this! :)
  190. mrfish11

    Axiom cartography

    Navionics Platinum plus 912. The lighthouse shit sucks that comes with it.
  191. mrfish11

    Anything on Halibut yet?

    Parks were closed last weekend. Then they opened them this weekend to give it a try. Cant even give fishing a try though. It's way to dangerous and kills people daily dont ya know.....this shit just blows my mind.
  192. mrfish11

    GO TO Olympia Protest Sunday 4-19 @ 1:00 PM

    Agree, but some are way to stupid to realize this.
  193. mrfish11

    Anything on Halibut yet?

    And..... We are fucked!
  194. mrfish11

    Anything on Halibut yet?

    That is close to the most annoying thing I've ever heard!
  195. mrfish11

    Another great perspective on the government bailouts.

    Might want to disinfect his car before someone else gets it. He lost some serious fluid in that video.
  196. mrfish11

    2020 Shrimp season

    At least they have a short season....only april to sept. Our fisheries are a joke!
  197. mrfish11

    Montana results are out

    We drew but dont shoot bucks under 210"....just ask @Fish_on!
  198. mrfish11

    WTB Tanacom 750

    YO @RUNNOFT You got any tackle direct coupons for this parkkkaaaa brother???
  199. mrfish11

    Sorry boys had to go with out you

    Did it taste like garbage?
  200. mrfish11

    Anything on Halibut yet?

  201. mrfish11

    Sage 12’ and islander MR3

    Pics may help a little
  202. mrfish11

    Monday fun day

    Cant wait, looking forward to it!!!
  203. mrfish11

    Monday fun day

    Are you still tired? ;)
  204. mrfish11

    Monday fun day

    How much did you drink before you typed this mess Patty?
  205. mrfish11

    Monday fun day

    Hopefully you got some fishing in on your way north. Fuck em, this no fishing thing is a complete joke!!!
  206. mrfish11

    What can we do?

    Let's just hope Jay gets the fuck out of our state sooner than later.
  207. mrfish11

    ONP Goat Removal Project

  208. mrfish11

    Halibut season

    No issues here.
  209. mrfish11

    ONP Goat Removal Project

    Why couldnt they just issue hunters more special draw conflict goat permits?
  210. mrfish11

    RIP blackmouth fishing

    The tribe put new heaters in their boats.
  211. mrfish11

    Went fishing today in the north end

    Shouldnt this be in the saltwater reports section. What are you, new? :)
  212. mrfish11

    More new applicants for crew

    Yes, send them pics Pattty!!!!!!!
  213. mrfish11

    Fishing closure statewide

    Makahs are may 15.
  214. mrfish11

    Fishing closure statewide

    Does anyone have a spare mask I can borrow?
  215. mrfish11

    Imagine rolling in this...

    Probably the same CG guy who boarded me and stated he was happy to see my halibut were are legal length out at 56 sq last year.
  216. mrfish11

    Pop ups....

    The World on Fire ad at the bottom of my screen is driving me crazy. Wont go away.
  217. mrfish11

    Whomp there it is

    Rode hard and put away wet.
  218. mrfish11

    lamiglas customer service is awesome!

    Yep, it's called the Fast Track warranty. Used it today.
  219. mrfish11

    Fishing closure statewide

    Must be nice to have a little common sense.
  220. mrfish11


    I'd settle for a perch right now.
  221. mrfish11

    Interviewing new crew for 2020

    Left or right? Dont take the easy out and say both. :)
  222. mrfish11

    Best Braid for Tuna

    Correction: last year they were 4 to 30 lb albies. ;)
  223. mrfish11

    FREE COVID Cleanout stuff

    I see some good stuff in that first box. Generous!!!!
  224. mrfish11

    2 EA scotty's

  225. mrfish11

    Jack Pole

    That was a good deal and someone is gonna have some fun with this baby come summer time.
  226. mrfish11


    We less than a month away from not being able to catch those beauties!
  227. mrfish11

    Pursuit Refit

    Send me a video and I'll let you know what it looks like compared to my 4.2L.
  228. mrfish11

    Covid19 TUNA

    I see you got a new salmon net? No gold handle this time? WTF :boobies: I told you I would have bought that one. Still looking for a gold handled beauty at a garage sale or something....
  229. mrfish11

    Pursuit Refit

    I have a 250 4.2L OS. The stream is not that strong on mine either....looks similar to your pic. My kicker T9.9 HT is much much stronger.
  230. mrfish11

    Fishing closure statewide

    I'm trying to figure out if MA 7 talk or CV talk pisses him off more. :D
  231. mrfish11

    Fishing closure statewide

  232. mrfish11

    Port of Everett Boat Launch Closed

    Please note a wdfw reply I saw today....
  233. mrfish11

    Whomp there it is

  234. mrfish11

    Port of Everett Boat Launch Closed

    Un fuk n believe able
  235. mrfish11

    Westport boat launch closed

    This is dumb. You have a better chance of catching the virus in their bathroom than backing your boat down the ramp. Common sense says you lock the shitters and leave the ramp open....but that's not how we do stuff here in WA.
  236. mrfish11

    Whomp there it is

    That's his daughter!
  237. mrfish11

    COVID-19 Facts & Real Experience

    Get better soon! Where did you get tested? Was it hard to convince them to test you?
  238. mrfish11

    In a raymarine bind

    Nope, I dont have one, sorry. I was thinking you had to be describing a different cord.....Never heard of one not coming with a power cord.
  239. mrfish11

    In a raymarine bind

    It didnt come with a power cord? Post a pic of what you need.
  240. mrfish11

    Freakin’ outstanding

    Told ya benji.....
  241. mrfish11

    New bait stop platform

    That thing has to be named "DEATH WISH"
  242. mrfish11

    Truck electrical work near Oly?

    I got it fixed with a work around. Thanks though.
  243. mrfish11

    New bait stop platform

    On one leg?
  244. mrfish11

    ISO of New or Lightly Used Fishing Gear.

    Are your first 3 sentences supposed to end with a question mark? Or are they statements? I'm confused.
  245. mrfish11

    What’s the score got the op derby

    Buddy I puked as bad as the day we tuna fished. It was a rough son of a bitch out in front of PA on Saturday.
  246. mrfish11

    What’s the score got the op derby

    That was my fix. Worked great. Cost me about 75 cents.
  247. mrfish11

    What’s the score got the op derby

    Some kind of internal control module
  248. mrfish11

    What’s the score got the op derby

    I took it in. Quote was $2733.05. Let's just say my light problem is still not fixed. :p
  249. mrfish11

    What’s the score got the op derby

    I won $500 mystery fish prize!!!!!:D:beerbang:
  250. mrfish11

    Any intel for Tanacom in japan

    I'm telling you guys, @Redzwulf is the real deal when it comes to reel maintenance. Just do it!
  251. mrfish11

    Truck electrical work near Oly?

    Yes. Its definitely the truck. But the trailer needs help too. I am "that guy".
  252. mrfish11

    OP Derby

    I'm in!
  253. mrfish11

    Truck electrical work near Oly?

    Anyone got any good recommendations? My wiring for my trailer lights on my truck is messed up and needs to be looked at. Thanks, Brian
  254. mrfish11

    WTB 23-27 foot pilothouse or express boat

    Says it's a modified v but sure looks like a deep v to me.
  255. mrfish11

    Scotty Striker Rod Holders and Extensions

    I'll take the scotty rod holders and extensions. I'm sure we can meet up in oly matt. Brian
  256. mrfish11

    First time making pipes

    I've never had one of these fail or pullout yet. I tie 1 to 2 ft of tuna cord straight to the downrigger eye. Works perfect.
  257. mrfish11

    For all you Grady Pricks

    Go cougs!
  258. mrfish11

    Brutha needs some support

    Larry is a great guy and a true Parkaaa brother! I hope you get well soon Larry!
  259. mrfish11

    Just thinking out loud

    That one is awesome xtshitkawabunga!!!!!
  260. mrfish11

    Ship a boat NC to WA?

    What kind of shit bags do stuff like this to people. I would have been very nervous being that guy, knowing he was going to have to meet you face to face with the boat looking like that. I bet @G-Spot would not have been quite as nice to the guy as you were. Lol! :) Sorry this turned out so...
  261. mrfish11

    Westport marina notices

    They better be, for the 10000000$ a month they plan on charging this year!
  262. mrfish11

    Ship a boat NC to WA?

    Agree, I looked into this and that's what they told me too.
  263. mrfish11

    Ship a boat NC to WA?

    I was trying the fly down, rent a truck/uhaul/(some dam thing with 4 wheels to get my boat home) and tow it back myself. I looked all around and couldn't find one company that would rent a truck to tow it with. Most didnt even have a tow package and the ones who did had some clause about not...
  264. mrfish11

    Ship a boat NC to WA?

    Paul @Genie Aye helped answer my questions when I used uship, I would definitely take him up on helping you research the bidders. I was talking him step by step through the bids I was getting. He helped me a bunch!
  265. mrfish11

    Ship a boat NC to WA?

    I used uship from southern CA. Had good luck with lots of bidders competing with each other and slowly driving the price down. Once I had 3 or 4 fairly low bidders, i just started asking a lot of questions to try and figure out which seemed trustworthy. Ended up getting a guy to drop it in...
  266. mrfish11

    Tanacom Reel Cleaning

    I recently recieved three tanacoms back from cleaning and drag washer service by @Redzwulf . He is a great guy to work with. Very good communication from initial shipping through them arriving back on my doorstep. Reels look like new and the turn around time was awesome. If you need your...
  267. mrfish11

    Westport WA Home with Boat/Gear Pole Barn for Sale

    Great looking place Bob! Dont forget, my offer still stands if you change your mind. :p
  268. mrfish11

    Westport WA Home with Boat/Gear Pole Barn for Sale

    What's the price Bob? Trade ya for the 2 Scotty booms I have listed in the classifieds?
  269. mrfish11

    Scotty booms

    @carrie's bait boy
  270. mrfish11

    Scotty booms

    2 EA standard length scotty booms. Pick up in olympia. Trade me for something cool or just come get them. Dust and cob webs is also free.
  271. mrfish11

    Avet HX single speed silver RH reel 200.00

    Anything but ben.... I usually use benji, but I like beny haw haw.
  272. mrfish11


    And no, @RUNNOFT , your not one of the 2 people I was thinking of. :D
  273. mrfish11


    I'm thinking they fucked up so bad it's not gonna matter what they tell us now and they know that. So they figure it's best to hide it with generalities until it all blows over. If they tell all I have a feeling everyone except 2 people on here are going to be pissed in the end.
  274. mrfish11

    Washington Tuna Classic Update

    Can't say it any better than this!
  275. mrfish11

    Washington Tuna Classic Update

    You mean the page that has $0 in donations so far???? We should all do the right thing and donate another $500 each to get this fish processed. :rofl::smoking33:barf
  276. mrfish11

    The Lobster Guy

    That's gotta be crazy when the mailman picks up the box and hears something scratching around inside it!
  277. mrfish11

    Washington Tuna Classic Update

    Uhhh ohhhh, i think you may want to verify this statement.
  278. mrfish11

    Washington Tuna Classic Update

    So, if there was no money in the first place to pay out the pelagic (since they couldnt get the insurance policy), is MO planning to refund every team their $100? Seems like they were collecting money in hope's no one would catch a pelagic. If that's indeed the case, that sure seems like...
  279. mrfish11


    Get paid yet? How bout that public notification about what is taking so long?
  280. mrfish11

    Preparing for first trip to Neah/Seiku

    Go to the deep water and fish big pipes. You will find the big lings your looking for!
  281. mrfish11


    BINGO!!!! ......and yet there are still guys on here trying to back them up.....what a joke!
  282. mrfish11


    I'm confused, I entered in $600 worth of tournament entries last year and they took that money straight out of my bank account. Why arent they paying you with my $600. My $600 = $600 I guarantee it! Maybe they will pay you interest? :finger:
  283. mrfish11


    So, is it safe to say you wont be signing up again this year Travis? I bet there will be a few open spots if you happen to change your mind. :rofl:
  284. mrfish11

    Only turn 40 once…

    Havent been there but I'm with capt decent on this one....I'm getting sick of this damn rain and would probably do Costa Rica too.
  285. mrfish11


    Error in your formula, corrected as follows: ($9,350-$9,350 x$0 x infinity)÷ forgot to split the winnings with your 4 team mates!!!!!
  286. mrfish11


    So far, your WA Lamborghini is worth the same amount as my kids foot scooter! :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  287. mrfish11

    Looking for a new port for rockfish/lings/butts etc..

    If the sw corner is one of your secret coords, I'm sorry for giving away your honey hole.
  288. mrfish11

    Looking for a new port for rockfish/lings/butts etc..

    The sw corner of the c closure area, offshore about 30 miles between la push and neah. Look in the regs and you will see the coordinates of the closure area (its shaped like a big c). Go to the numbers that are given for the sw corner of that closure, you will see 200 of your closest friends...
  289. mrfish11

    Looking for a new port for rockfish/lings/butts etc..

    You wont have much problem getting your halibut at the corner as long as conditions allow you to get out there. Many years our halibut seasons in WA can mean fairly rough seas. If you go to either la push or neah on a hali date, there wont be a shortage of people or boats on the most well...
  290. mrfish11

    Looking for a new port for rockfish/lings/butts etc..

    Sounds like you need to head for la push and neah bay from your description. Lots of rocky structure with no bars to really speak of. Both great ports for excellent scenery and awesome fishing!
  291. mrfish11

    Stainless Steel Work Table

    That is a SWEET table....but I'm way too late to the game.
  292. mrfish11


    Do you have any more pics Trav? I still dont beleive you based off of these pictures. :p:Smoke_Emoticon::boobies:
  293. mrfish11


    Did you guys get paid?
  294. mrfish11

    Shall call it “THE INSTIGATOR”

    She shouldnt be dissappointed with those kind of stats!!!!!🤪
  295. mrfish11

    It was a great day, turned bad

    I clearly hit a nerve with Goat by saying the exact same thing that 90% of people on this thread have been saying over and over. Wish when he talks shit about me there was at least a little bit of truth to it. Last time I checked, we all get to have an opinion.
  296. mrfish11

    It was a great day, turned bad

    Agree with you Mike, I not buying one bit of these BS excuses from anyone.
  297. mrfish11

    It was a great day, turned bad

    Thats unfortunate Trav. I guess my 4th place finish was as good as 1st, or as your bft? Haha. This is absolute bullshit. It is so much fun doing an offshore tourney in WA but this one is clearly turning to shit. I see myself giving the ilwaco tourney a shot in 2020.
  298. mrfish11

    2320 transom bracket - worth the money?

    Come up north and we can show you guys some shit weather. There's pretty much zero Parkers without brackets that I know of that fish offshore up here. Bracket all the comparison.
  299. mrfish11

    Kingfisher 2528 Weekender/Destination search

    That's got to chap you north rivers guys asses...someone who's going from NR to Kingfisher...:p8-) Just get whatever you like most. They will all do the job.
  300. mrfish11

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    No pics load for me either. Wtf. And no I dont like this format.
  301. mrfish11

    Salmon/ling jig reel

    Fyi. Reeling lefty is wrong. :p
  302. mrfish11

    BOLO stolen kicker in west Bremerton

    Is that a mistletoe or a camel toe? Either way, I'm in!
  303. mrfish11

    It's elf on the shelf time

    Dog on a hog?
  304. mrfish11

    Something wicked this way comes

    Im assuming you can fit one of those totes you earned on the back deck jason? Badass ride!!!
  305. mrfish11

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas Mike. You are an absolute top notch dude!!! My wish is that I'm already stopped on another school and all i do is call you on 68 and give you the "we are good to go buddy, see you at the dock".
  306. mrfish11

    Yamaha vs Honda

    Where is the SUPER LIKE button!!!!
  307. mrfish11

    Yamaha vs Honda

    What the fuckkkkk, hold on a second i being referred to as one of the 4 fat dudes described above???? :D:D:D
  308. mrfish11

    Yamaha vs Honda

    Yes, all the time.
  309. mrfish11

    Yamaha vs Honda

    Mikes 27 NR absolutely hauls ass with twin 200s.
  310. mrfish11

    Yamaha vs Honda

    Yamaha because they never let me down.
  311. mrfish11

    1991 Rebuilt Alumweld 19ft Boat

    Sweet boat mike. Youll sell it fast. Text me about this big bad tuna killer.
  312. mrfish11

    Reel Service

    Pm sent @Redzwulf
  313. mrfish11

    Reel Service

    No mean to hi jack. Who does tanacoms? Does alan tani? Shimanos are pretty easy to do your own by you tube videos.
  314. mrfish11

    Here's your sign...

    Ill take the sign over those two grounchy assholes that used to work there.
  315. mrfish11

    Missouri Breaks Mule deer hunt/Gumbo mud bog

    Nice bucks Steve. We were there about the same time but you stayed about 2 extra days it looks like...when it got good n goopy.
  316. mrfish11

    Boot Dressing

    Thats what i use too.
  317. mrfish11

    For All You Desk Jockies

    And no strippers
  318. mrfish11

    Something wicked this way comes

    You know you have a badass boat when theres rod holders in the shitter!
  319. mrfish11

    New ride

    Sweet ride. Congrats! Dont crash my baitsop. :-)
  320. mrfish11

    oh Damn!

    Trav, Vance is right, you are a homo.
  321. mrfish11

    Large corporations are doing this and it will affect our future of fishing

    Would you like those breasts original or extra crispy sir?
  322. mrfish11

    Just fun

    They are just flat out gettin down!
  323. mrfish11

    Halibut gear thoughts

    NEVER EVER go wherever i go without a tanacom.
  324. mrfish11

    Boot Dryer's, What's Good & What's Not

    Peet heat. The propane one is a must if you hunt backcountry.
  325. mrfish11

    Halibut 2020 Revised

    Thanks Dave and Heather. Did the yearly limit get increased any?
  326. mrfish11

    2019 Lake Sammamish Perch-A-Thon Results

    A perch will stay alive in saltwater?
  327. mrfish11

    42' defiance?

    Uh oh, here we go....
  328. mrfish11

    Downrigger advice

    Sounds like you may be able to just buy your downriggers back from one of the guys who works at that not so high class shop. pretty sure he will only have 1106s for sale though.
  329. mrfish11


    Masterbuilt. Dirt cheap and works amazing.
  330. mrfish11

    This is going on my next cat...

    I could have used this....quite a few times....ask @Chasin' Tail
  331. mrfish11

    It's winter

    Im only 45 minutes away you know.
  332. mrfish11

    Saltwater Pimp gear, not just for fishing anymore.

    Damn nice buck Steve!!!
  333. mrfish11

    WTB-Cannon Magnum 10 STX-TS

    Cabelas. Lmfao!!!!
  334. mrfish11

    It’s gonna be a long Winter...

    Fall salmon, hunting, winter steelheading, crabbing, will be here before we know it. And my buddy got 22 on saturday out of wp with no bait and only 2 guys fishin'..........
  335. mrfish11

    Muzzy Bull down !!

    Nice bull Allen!
  336. mrfish11

    Open tuna seat on Friday October 11th

    Those damn seals saved the last few unblown blood vessels in my eye lids.
  337. mrfish11

    Who is going? Westport tuna this Saturday

    Get use to it big boy.
  338. mrfish11

    Who is going? Westport tuna this Saturday

    Im pretty sure you could have heard me puking at the Corners.
  339. mrfish11

    Tuna Thursday

    Amazing fish. I love that aqua blue stripe down its back.
  340. mrfish11

    Long hunt for the Albies

    Anytime someone references strip clubs and fishing in the same sentence, heck yeah its a compliment!
  341. mrfish11

    Long hunt for the Albies

    Lmfao...i zoomed in and now see thats a keyboard. It looked like a stage with neon lights to me. And with your crazy stories i just figured you may be a kastermaster strip club kinda guy!!!!
  342. mrfish11

    Long hunt for the Albies

    Cant get em everytime. But you gave her hell at least!!!! 1 question. Are you at a titty bar taking a picture of that kast master?
  343. mrfish11

    Ice Tote

    I have a near new full tote you can borrow if you want. I am in Olympia.
  344. mrfish11


    Lookin good Pat! Congrats on the fast turn around.
  345. mrfish11

    Tuna Tuesday?

    Got it, my mistake, i thought you were responding to the 47.30 question.
  346. mrfish11

    Tuna Tuesday?

    You noticed the 47 part in Erics post right?.....not 46.
  347. mrfish11

    Covered Boat/RV Storage In WP Available

    "They will be gone, chop chop".....just like your kicker will be. Haha jk
  348. mrfish11

    Wp chovies

    I bet if i could get my hands on that super secret channel i would be able to catch one. "God damn westport sport boat fleet."
  349. mrfish11

    Wp chovies

    I caught one last year but it was a long run to Oregon waters.
  350. mrfish11

    Tuna Tuesday?

    Duh, he was probably on the phone with me. :-)
  351. mrfish11

    Tuna Tuesday?

    X2 on what everyone has said above. Patrick will answer my calls day or night and has assisted me with boat questions many times. Hes a good guy. Have you ever met him or talked to him or are you just having a bad day?
  352. mrfish11

    swim baits

    Put some crazy glue between the rubber and the jig head, that helps lengthen their lifespan a little bit too.
  353. mrfish11

    Tuna Tuesday?

    I dont think he likes you Patrick. :D
  354. mrfish11

    Tuna Tuesday?

    Dont tempt us. @Fish_on!
  355. mrfish11

    Tuna Tuesday?

    9/4 and 9/ missed it too.
  356. mrfish11

    Tuna Tuesday?

    You must be looking at the LOOOOOONG term forecast! :D
  357. mrfish11

    Powerpro Maxcuatro vs Powerpro Super 8 Slick

    Youtube john collins knot. Been using it for a few years. Awesome. Looks same as alberto to me.
  358. mrfish11

    Powerpro Maxcuatro vs Powerpro Super 8 Slick

    I have used super slick lots. It is top notch. Have never used cuatro.
  359. mrfish11

    Digging Razors In The Dark Question

    You are smokin crack if you think carrying around a lantern is better than diesels CAT light.
  360. mrfish11

    Pursuit of Tuna!

    Thats how ya' do it boys!!!! Nice job!
  361. mrfish11

    9/20 tuna report. WFO off CR/WP.

    Good job GREG E. Sounds like you really put a hurtin' on em!
  362. mrfish11

    9/20 tuna report. WFO off CR/WP.

    And already being consumed!
  363. mrfish11

    Whose the Expert in Ice Slurries?

    X2 on snapping the head like goat master says. Thats what i do too. You cant fit way more fish than leaving them whole and 0 damage to the loins.
  364. mrfish11

    Boat porn Mavrik Marine

    Such a sweet boat.
  365. mrfish11

    Small boat builder recommendations?

    Never listen to a geotech engineer.
  366. mrfish11

    Open Seats Tuna this Saturday

    Windfinder astoria canyon buoy
  367. mrfish11

    Small boat builder recommendations?

    Did we all get hooked in the tail with a 16/0 treble hook? Im starting to think so.
  368. mrfish11

    Small boat builder recommendations?

    My advice, but it probably makes no sense. 1. Make a good life choice. 2. Take one of those $100k+ jobs. 3. Save a little money. 4. Buy a boat thats a little safer and more capable than the one you have for the offshore fishing you like to do. 5. Fish all you want.
  369. mrfish11

    Open Seats Tuna this Saturday

    Liar, liar pants on fire. See you on the grounds.
  370. mrfish11

    Small boat builder recommendations?

    From barely have enough gas money to fish and cant afford to replace a broken rod to full blown boat modifications in a matter of days?????? Did you win the lotto?
  371. mrfish11

    2014 26’ North River Offshore

    Ok, whats the total height? Will this thing fit in my shop height wise?
  372. mrfish11

    Togiak pushing fish

    Awesome job Mike!
  373. mrfish11

    3rd Tuna Run

    North has been great to me this year and south has been great to me this year. It doesnt get any better than this.
  374. mrfish11

    Last seen shopping at the Shopping Kart in Westport

    I dont think those bananas are anything to worry about. They are clearly headed to much deeper, darker and moister places than the hull of someones boat.
  375. mrfish11

    WTB Yami 9.9 HT prop

    @Fish_on! and I dinged one pretty good. Anyone got a good used or new one they want to part with? Thanks, Brian
  376. mrfish11

    Weekday Fishing Buddy Needed - Elliott Bay Marina

    My boat catches so many fish the last thing im worried about is who gets what. We just hope to have enough coolers, kill bags and to totes to put all our fish in. :D
  377. mrfish11

    Live bait

    If the scooper didnt, you can bet all of us in line would. :D
  378. mrfish11

    Seattle to LA and back

    @Fish_on! should go out with you in the stabi. He can show you how to knit one hell of a sweater.
  379. mrfish11

    Labor Day love

    Good job Vance!. Way to slay em. Mikey owes me a burrito and no i dont eat large Italian Sausages.
  380. mrfish11

    SlapShot - WP to Everett - Open seat

    Thanks for clearing that up L.
  381. mrfish11

    SlapShot - WP to Everett - Open seat

    There are no albies in that neck of the woods!
  382. mrfish11

    Tuna Sunday:)

    Bump up to a 1/0 bait hook. Chovys swim fine and you get a lil xtra umph with your hook.
  383. mrfish11

    Is it worth it to book a Tuna trip this year?

    I agree with everything except the tens of thousands part. "Tens" should be replaced with "hundreds".
  384. mrfish11

    Tuna Sunday:)

  385. mrfish11

    Tuna Sunday:)

    Monday is the day tuna will die. See you out there.
  386. mrfish11

    Bait Stop Etiquette

    Nothing pisses me off more that when im stopped and a boat continues to circle me. I dont give a shit how far or close you are....if your circling, your too close. Go find your own fish.
  387. mrfish11

    tuna fishing video august 19 2019

    Why was carrie the only one hooking fish? :D:jig:
  388. mrfish11

    Tuna Saturday out of WP

    That makes me tired just thinking about it! Go get em! :D
  389. mrfish11

    Ilwaco fuel

    If its like his last exotic, we dont want to see it.
  390. mrfish11

    X Rap Hook Change

    Leave em stock...they fish way better.
  391. mrfish11

    Tre-Fin Sport Jackpole

    @Cohoho was first in line and it is sold to him. Thanks.
  392. mrfish11

    Westport exotic. Not pelagic

    My god thats disgusting.
  393. mrfish11

    MA-11 King

    Nice fish, nice boat, not so sure on the sweater though.
  394. mrfish11

    First Tuna Trip a BUST!

    Ouch, that doesn't sound good.
  395. mrfish11

    Ilwaco fuel

    The fuel on the water at ilwaco is ETHANOL?????????
  396. mrfish11

    Tre-Fin Sport Jackpole

    Like new 8' Tre-fin Sport Jackpole with 2EA 7' 150lb flurocarbon leaders and 2EA 4/0 Owner Gorilla hooks. This whole setup is right around $400 after tax at Englunds I believe. I will take $300. Pickup in Olympia. Thanks, Brian
  397. mrfish11

    Roof rod rack

    Looks like you got some happy fisherman there Rod. Awesome job. And yes, you definitely need more rod holders up top.
  398. mrfish11

    Ilwaco fuel

    So I fished salmon saturday and decided to not fill her full for the drive down to save a little weight. (She was about 80 gal down). Fished salmon Saturday then got to the fuel dock to fill her full for the tuna run yesterday. BIG MISTAKE! Started pumping, glanced over at my pump to check...
  399. mrfish11

    WP fuel

    I beleive there is a non ethanol pump down by grayland about 15 miles south near the razor clam beach but someone from around there needs to verify this. Have driven by in the past and seen the sign for non eth but its been a while. No clue on their hours either. Its the one little store on...
  400. mrfish11

    Any salmon reports for Westport this weekend?

    Its crazy that the salmon are so far. Its rare to say this but, thats exactly twice as far as i went today before I was on my first patch of tuna jumpers!
  401. mrfish11

    Tuna run 08/18

    I am running from ilwaco on sunday.
  402. mrfish11

    WTC RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks. Appreciate the response.
  403. mrfish11

    WTC RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Im in. How about in two weeks? Can you make it happen labor day weekend if i fly down.
  404. mrfish11

    WTC RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Didnt say it was, didnt need a dick response Garrett like i explained above, but you clearly handled that. Just wanted to understand.
  405. mrfish11

    WTC RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes, way too early.
  406. mrfish11

    WTC RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here is an honest question Scott, not being an ass, so dont take it the wrong way. With a $450 entry fee, how come the top 3 payouts are so small. I understand lots goes to charity and there is a significant amount to organization/making the event happen, but man it just seems to me the...
  407. mrfish11

    WTC RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How about a most fish per person side pot? Level the playing field for the teams of 2! :D
  408. mrfish11

    2019 PNW Lake Pacific Big Fish & Exotic Pics

    That's somebodys daughter!!!! :D:shake::beerbang::bath:
  409. mrfish11

    Race for the Blue 2019

    Hey canadian guy, is it legal to use live bait in this tournament? I assume you guys dont have bait pens up there? What if i find a way to get bait, is it legal?
  410. mrfish11

    2019 PNW Lake Pacific Big Fish & Exotic Pics

    Fu*k the tuna, I need more caffeine!
  411. mrfish11

    Race for the Blue 2019

    Me, im in on splitting the entrance fee. @Fish_on! has money too but his old lady would say no.
  412. mrfish11

    Race for the Blue 2019

    Whenever one of my buddies with a "big" boat wants in on this, IM IN! Im ready to go show those Canadians how its done. @Chasin' Tail
  413. mrfish11

    Kill or no kill

    I would definitely give him a free ride back to Westport.
  414. mrfish11

    Westport tuna run....8/9-8/10

    Nice to meet you Dave. Good job killin tuna.
  415. mrfish11

    WTC RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Agree, marlin, sail, sword, all things cool that we never wouod expect to hook. Just in case...
  416. mrfish11

    WTC RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2 Parkaaaaas in the top 10. Fuck yeah Larry!!!!!!
  417. mrfish11

    WTC RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well, I did my best. Short story is I only had 1 crew member show up on tournament morning, so I fished the tourney with only 1 other guy. We put 26 fish on the boat, two of which were the largest in the tournament 28.08 and 27.69 (or something close to that) but we were only entered in the...
  418. mrfish11

    Kill bag, reliable 30x60

    I want one. PM on the way.
  419. mrfish11

    Norm and Carrie’s preWTC EXTRAVANGANZA

    I keep hitting the "like" button over and over but i guess you can only do it once. :D Simply awesome!
  420. mrfish11

    Ice management on Tuna trips

    Whatever you did, it worked. Let me be the first to thank you.
  421. mrfish11

    2nd fish on SlapShot was a marlin

    At first glance i thought one of Norm's pubes fell on the chartplotter.
  422. mrfish11

    Ice management on Tuna trips

    I would fill everything 3/4 full on the boat so you leave some space for the fish or you will likely be dumping some ice to make room for your fish. We cut heads and tails too to maximize the number we can fit when the fishings good. If your making slurry, you may want to fill one cooler to...
  423. mrfish11

    Tuna WP 8/6

    Hell ya! Go Cougs!
  424. mrfish11

    Tuna Tuesday

    Eaaaasy, eaaaaaasy there rod. Its tournament week you know. Nice job Rod.
  425. mrfish11


    I caught 1 in was at the corners....i left from wp. There are no tuna in WA
  426. mrfish11

    Fish ID needed!

    Delicious, give it a try. Taste like chicken. :rofl:
  427. mrfish11

    Quick WP tuna report 7/31

    Nice job, love the blood in the second pic. Looks greasy.
  428. mrfish11

    Norm and Carrie’s preWTC EXTRAVANGANZA

    I say you let @TwoTapPat and @Marlin Mike watch the kids!!!!!
  429. mrfish11

    Norm and Carrie’s preWTC EXTRAVANGANZA

    Sweet, ill grab them when i get in town.
  430. mrfish11

    Norm and Carrie’s preWTC EXTRAVANGANZA

    I say @RUNNOFT brings the stuffed goat cheese bacon wrapped dates....that sounds like a gay kali dish that would fit that gay kali boy just perfectly!
  431. mrfish11

    Look who we saw at tuna town

    Lol funny shit Todd!!! Im not judging. Westport 9 right there. @Fish_on! would......sober.
  432. mrfish11

    Bananas were on board.

    Fuck logs. I hit one a few trips ago also and it scares the shit out of you. Luckily i had no damage. I wish you the best but have no info on a lead. If you need tools or stuff, im only an hour away in olympia and you can use whatever you need.
  433. mrfish11

    Cabelas Dry Plus Camo

    Will do Vance.
  434. mrfish11

    Fishing gear

    He drives a Ford. The whole truck is a garbage can!
  435. mrfish11

    Fishing gear

    I know your benji, benjamin, benjammin', benjithy....anything but ben. What you think, im new or something???? I was referring to the Ben @Fish_on! whos giving me shit....its going in his garbage can, or maybe the back of his truck.:p
  436. mrfish11

    Fishing gear

    And fyi, i plan to wear my crocks while im standing on the podium on the 10th pussies!
  437. mrfish11

    Fishing gear

    But what about that rock solid vacuum sealer. :D Ok price drop to $50 for the fiahing gear. I know someone fishes B2's. And im throwing that damn vacuum sealer away today. That pos is pissing me off and taking up too much space. The sealer is free if someone wants it. Going in Bens...
  438. mrfish11

    Cabelas Dry Plus Camo

    Bump. Someone needs some camo for cheap.
  439. mrfish11

    Fishing gear

    Bump, $74.50 now.....OBO. Help me clean out my gear hording collection. :D
  440. mrfish11

    Good Times on the High Seas

    Looks like a sweet ride. Good job Ryan.
  441. mrfish11

    Quick tuna report. 7/25

    I think most would agree pretty lean is a good term to describe this year so far...unless you fished that one magic monday. Im 0 fer 2 trips covering well over 300 miles so far.
  442. mrfish11

    FS: Aluminum “cedar” plugs

    Bring those filters to wtc weekend too please
  443. mrfish11

    Somewhere far north WA

    Nice fish. Go cougs!
  444. mrfish11

    Fishing gear

    Ur draggin whatever captain tells you to drag. #8
  445. mrfish11

    Fishing gear

    You just keep drinkin
  446. mrfish11

    FS - Racor S3213 (x2) and M-Y Wedge (x2)

    Ok. If everything is there ill take em. Oly or wp, either way is good with me. I dont need them immediately. Let me know whats easiest for you. Or if your headed to mikes soon, you could drop them there too. Im sure he will fork up 30 for me and i can pay him back when i grab em.
  447. mrfish11

    FS - Racor S3213 (x2) and M-Y Wedge (x2)

    Are all the gaskets there for the filters? I see one large black and one small black gasket missing? If you have all the gaskets and they are in new condition ill take em laurence. Can meet you in wp. I dont want them if gaskets are missing.
  448. mrfish11

    When is it Ok to repeat the F-word over and over ?

    This one wins, without question.
  449. mrfish11

    Cabelas Dry Plus Camo

    Very lightly used cabelas dry plus Seclusion 3D camo. Coat and pants. $50 for all of it. Size L. Pick up in olympia or ship at buyers expense.
  450. mrfish11

    Fishing gear

    That there is a pink poka dotted Minnie Mouse car. Yep and those are crocs with white socks....thats how i roll. And yes, i thought the gear would be gone by now...should have lumped it together with the radio flyer horse!
  451. mrfish11

    Kids Radio Flyer Horse

    Sold to liltrouble.
  452. mrfish11

    Fishing gear

    $75 for all this gear. Pick up in olympia. Or ship at buyers expense but it wont be cheap...theres a lot of lead. Some b2 squids are weighted, some are not. Sweeten the deal....Foodsaver plus some accessories included for free. All i did was plug it in and it still turns on and sounds like...
  453. mrfish11

    Kids Radio Flyer Horse

    My kids loved it but out grew it. Looks like they are about $150 ish on ebay. How bout $50? Perfect toy to help them get used to crossing the bar on those rough seasick possible days. Pick up in olympia. Brian
  454. mrfish11

    Boat storage for sale, comes with free house

    Sweet house Laurence. I was kind of thinking we were about to watch a porno with your music choice though.
  455. mrfish11

    Just need albacore

    You will be very tempted to stop short. Nicest looking tuna water i have ever seen out there. If this damn video would post, I'd show yah.
  456. mrfish11

    Scotty Striker rod holders, extensions, flush mounts

    Problem is i only need the rod holders, not everyting else too.
  457. mrfish11

    For those who enjoy and Edge of Craftsmanship

    What about saran wrap and freezer paper?
  458. mrfish11

    NEW UFP Hub-Rotor 6 lug

    Lol! Lol! Lol! Did it just feel like a good time for a BUMP? Do you have a full set of brakes, 2 axles, an actuator and a truck tire without a screw in it to go along with this? If so, im in!!!!!
  459. mrfish11

    Some tackle up for sale

    Everything except the pole for $100 plus shipping? If so, i cant turn that deal down. Ill take it.
  460. mrfish11

    Helm Chair Upgrade

    Ordered one. Gonna give it a try, they look nice.
  461. mrfish11

    Norm you need this for slap shot

    This guys about to drop his chips. :p
  462. mrfish11

    Neah Bay for newbies

    Im guessing he meant "coho only".
  463. mrfish11

    Tuna Rods Reels Tackle for sale

    I see absolutely no where that you quoted 2000 for all of it. I must be missing it.
  464. mrfish11

    Need some knowledge.........

    So you were "THAT GUY". :D
  465. mrfish11

    All Quiet on the Albacore Front.......?

    Yes, last i heard there is live bait at ilwaco.
  466. mrfish11

    All Quiet on the Albacore Front.......?

    Tuna at the Acropolis!!!! I like how you think!!!
  467. mrfish11

    Tuna Rods Reels Tackle for sale

    Why are there no prices on anything?
  468. mrfish11

    Wanted: Kids Bibs

    Maybe @T2shortB has a pair he is getting rid of????
  469. mrfish11

    Helm Chair Upgrade

    This is good to know. I see a 30 percent off coupon on their website. Where did you find the 40 percent off coupon?
  470. mrfish11

    Helm Chair Upgrade

    What brand of seat, what website did you order it from, whats the coupon code and what colors do they make? Thanks.
  471. mrfish11

    Interesting Launching Technique - Crab Opener

    Yes, i agree with what your sayin, and have seen exactly as described. I can assure you that we are the exception.
  472. mrfish11

    Interesting Launching Technique - Crab Opener

    X2. This is exactly what i do. I wish more used this method to not clog shit up.
  473. mrfish11

    Yamaha F175XA /2.8L Lower Unit 0 hrs

    Hell with the motor, it a yami, it will run forever. Lets see this new boat already!!!!
  474. mrfish11

    Who is the Raymarine go to?

    Call Patrick, hes the man with Raymarine! I call him and he can usually walk me though it on the phone. Or Mike Surdyk..... Spelling?????
  475. mrfish11


    Oh they did....but without the results we were all hoping for. Cmon tuners, swim northeast.
  476. mrfish11

    BD is going down the wrong hole.

    This spam shit is really pissing me off. Ive been getting it a lot.
  477. mrfish11

    whats with all the dark colored shirts for sale

    Fits like my underwear.
  478. mrfish11

    Turn Key 2320 Parker extended cabin

    If you want an absolute bad ass fishing platform at a reasonable price, the Parker is hard to beat! It is a big boat for its size. You will not be dissappointed if you buy this one, its been well taken care of. The two things i like most is the massive deck space and large fuel tank that...
  479. mrfish11

    Porta porty

    Ive used an empty herring tray before. And Mikes swim step.
  480. mrfish11

    Black Cod recipe?

    I deep fried it last night and it was amazing.
  481. mrfish11

    Looking to buy a boat

    Well thats a given.
  482. mrfish11

    Looking to buy a boat

    The 27 nr os is a dead sexy beast. Get the 200s fo sho. Do what @Chasin' Tail did and you cant go wrong.
  483. mrfish11

    Coyote Jerky Recipe

    No offense, but there is no way in hell i would ever eat a coyote.
  484. mrfish11

    New HALI DAYS!!!

    I will do my part to smash some quota.
  485. mrfish11

    Westport opening day salmon 6/22/19

    Great job! Damn nice fish.
  486. mrfish11

    Open seats opening weekend salmon @ WP 6/22 & 6/23

    Full disclosure: That is NOT a WP king but it was caught today and it will be absolutely delicous. I am sworn to secrecy on the location. If MA7 was open, I'd tell you i caught it there. :D
  487. mrfish11

    Piggy Lingcod

    Those are secret rockfish i bet.
  488. mrfish11

    Open seats opening weekend salmon @ WP 6/22 & 6/23

    Besides stating the obvious....
  489. mrfish11

    Open seats opening weekend salmon @ WP 6/22 & 6/23

    Nice offering. What's the report from the commercial guys? Anyone heard anything good?
  490. mrfish11

    Make it stop

    Im out. But Saturday is a go. They need to open ma2 on Saturday
  491. mrfish11

    More halibut days in MA3/4

    I can say im happy to see they are giving us some extra days and not just faking some numbers and closing it down. Seems like were getting quite a bit of opportunity in 3/4 this year. Wish we had a little more in 2.
  492. mrfish11

    Scotty downrigger parts help

    I called scotty directly today and they are mailing me one....but it may be 7 days he said.
  493. mrfish11

    Scotty downrigger parts help

    The counter or the retainer clip. I see the whole counter but no clip?
  494. mrfish11

    Make it stop

  495. mrfish11

    Make it stop

    Dammit its not looking good. GIVE US ANOTHER DAY!
  496. mrfish11

    Scotty downrigger parts help

    So i tore my riggers apart to clean them and noticed one tiny part corroded and broke off. Does anyone know where i can find the teeny tiny keeper ring that goes on the side of the line counter. If you havent seen it before, you probably didnt even know one went there. Watching the cleaning...
  497. mrfish11


    Hot diggity dog. Im ready!
  498. mrfish11

    Bad news for WTC

    Those only catch mackeral! :D
  499. mrfish11

    Parker Sea Dek

    Whats the approximate price to do just the inside and bolster pads on a 2013 2320 Kevin. Just looking for an approximate. Pm me if you want. Thanks. Brian
  500. mrfish11

    Washington Permit hunts

    Nuthin' for me or wife. BD guys are unlucky this year. More time for sept and oct tuna.
  501. mrfish11

    Fishing raft frame

    For sale is my river raft frame. Bought it planning to set it on a new Aire Super Puma but @Fish_on! bought a new raft and frame so I dont need this frame anymore. In good shape. You can see dimensions below in the pics. This is a 2 piece frame (attaches together with straps). Needs ice...
  502. mrfish11

    Downrigger question - braid or wire?

    I run the x strong wire, just never tried braid before. I think ive lost 1 ball ever and it was in a crab pot line at wp. Hooked quite a few pot lines but only ever lost one ball. I never catch fish so i have no theory on which catches more.
  503. mrfish11

    2019-2020 WDFW Regs Are Out

    I see a lot of things I like compared to the last few years.
  504. mrfish11

    Upload error

    Ok thanks. So its not just me.
  505. mrfish11

    Upload error

    Is anyone else getting this error (see below in quotes) every time they try to upload a pic? Never gotten it before. I just want to send a dang pic. "The uploaded file is too large for the server to process"
  506. mrfish11

    6/6/2019 Westport Hali

    I like that action boss!
  507. mrfish11

    Tuna (live bait) rod recommendation

    Whats the thrasher model under $200? I want one.
  508. mrfish11

    Twin G2 300HP ETECs - 460hrs

    Did you mean how much for just the boat if you unattach them?:-) Absolutely awesome boat.
  509. mrfish11

    60 x 80 Milgard Slider

    Correction: free to plunking shack ONLY if we can have access to it.
  510. mrfish11

    questions for engaged experts: Struggling with 4-halibut annual limit

    If this guy has only caught 1 halibut in 8 years of fishing he clearly has NO CLUE about the details of our fisheries and is not the one we want helping to set our seasons/restrictions.
  511. mrfish11

    Tr1 help

    I see why you picked that boat name. :D
  512. mrfish11

    New to Pacific Northwest. Looking for tips, suggestions, & recommendations

    Go tuna fishing with Patrick Walker or Mark Coleman. Once you buy a $150k boat after that trip and see me stopped more than 40 mi offshore, please turn and troll the other way. Thats all you need to know. Welcome to the PNW!
  513. mrfish11

    F'ing chipmunk

    This is better than the deadliest catch!
  514. mrfish11

    For Sale Ex Condition 2016 24 foot Northriver Seahawk

    Just drove by it I'm pretty sure coming back from Hood Canal. Looks real nice!
  515. mrfish11

    F'ing chipmunk

    @Fish_on! tell us a story. Did you have an issue with something in your walls and in your truck? Lol!
  516. mrfish11

    Whirlpool Beer/Garage Fridge

    For the love of god just give the squirrel master a break and let him have your shitty old frig!
  517. mrfish11

    F'ing chipmunk

    I hope he's not strong enough to carry away your kicker!!!
  518. mrfish11

    Using decent devises while halibut or bottom fishing

    That anal fin is a dead give away. Yelloweye!
  519. mrfish11

    Using decent devises while halibut or bottom fishing

  520. mrfish11

    5-25 and 5-26 Neah Bay Halibut, Lings and Rock Fish

    Nice job! I wanna see a 20lb cabby pic!
  521. mrfish11

    Locally made 30" or so crab pots

    Those heavy blue ones i bought from you a few years ago fish really good. Especially the 4 doors one.
  522. mrfish11

    Locally made 30" or so crab pots

    Did you look a few posts above. I just told him your pots dont catch shit. I doubt he wants to buy them.
  523. mrfish11

    Whirlpool Beer/Garage Fridge

    Thats cause you dont want him curing the eggs. I cure the eggs. :rofl:
  524. mrfish11

    Locally made 30" or so crab pots

    @Fish_on! has these pots and they fish like shit. Just warning you, so you dont waste your money. Just our opinion though.
  525. mrfish11

    Whirlpool Beer/Garage Fridge

    If I buy the boat will you throw in the frig for free? Regards, Mary and Hank
  526. mrfish11

    Parker Pouches (super convenient)

    I like that idea for extra space. I may have to get one from you soon. What type of seat is that is your parker? Looks nice. Im looking for a new seat.
  527. mrfish11

    Halibut fisherman numbers on first two days?

    I dont fish the straits, but check out this Ad thats coming up on my phone below your post. Now thats a biggun! Hahaha correction: You posted that pic. I assumed it was just another ad popping up! Nice post!
  528. mrfish11

    Who is fishing in Westport Friday?

    They better not take a damn ounce off our quota tomorrow in wp.
  529. mrfish11

    Has anyone seen this pic?

    Set em straight Patrick! They are dipshits.
  530. mrfish11

    Who is fishing in Westport Friday?

    I just call it La Push.
  531. mrfish11

    Who is fishing in Westport Friday?

    It definitely wouldn't be a secret if i was talking about that spot.
  532. mrfish11

    Who is fishing in Westport Friday?

    I guarantee they will still take at least 2000 lbs from the quota for all the ones that are caught off the boardwalk pier by the bank anglers!!!! :rofl:
  533. mrfish11

    Who is fishing in Westport Friday?

    No, but the secret spot up north is!
  534. mrfish11

    Who is fishing in Westport Friday?

    There is NO way I'm fishing fridays conditions. Not even considering a "well maybe we will stick our nose out and have a looksie". Anyone heard if the charters have cancelled yet? This forecast is way worse than day 2 when lots cancelled. See you on Sunday!
  535. mrfish11

    Area 51 on the seawolf

    What big one? :frehya2: Nice fish!:cheers:
  536. mrfish11

    Pyramid Anchors

    2 EA driftboat pyramid anchors for sale. Dont need these 2 extra anchors. The bigger one has 3 marks so im pretty sure its a 30lb and the smaller one is either a 20lb or 25lb. I'll weigh em if someone wants to know exactly. How bout $55 for the big one and $45 for the smaller one. Here...
  537. mrfish11

    2 legit 2 quit

    Thats gotta be the gayest looking boat ive ever seen in my life.
  538. mrfish11

    oops! fuzzy math, honest mistake or ???

    I heard the parkaaah boys know how to catch em! :finger::beerbang::goldfish:
  539. mrfish11

    Honda 150hp parts

    Wow! Now thats one hell of a good deal!
  540. mrfish11

    Wanted- crawl space cleaners, Olympia

    X2 F#@* Large Hairy Spiders!
  541. mrfish11

    Electric Reel choices

    We run 2 EA Diawa 750s and 2 EA 1000s. All have been great. Second season of use with no problems so far.
  542. mrfish11

    Open seat lapuss

    PARKAAH KOOL, or north river cool???? Hahaha I've never personally met Kurt, but I've also never heard one bad thing about him. Give him a go, I'm sure you guys will have a blast! I may see you out there Tex. I'll get in touch if I'm headed N.
  543. mrfish11

    Open seat lapuss

    Are you looking to get in the tickle tourney kurt or you want a ride in la puss? :rofl:
  544. mrfish11


    I got one question. Did the gps cords get erased or is it fully loaded. If so, i want that gps. :D
  545. mrfish11

    Maui Jim’s peahi

    Why is everyone selling their sunglasses? These look sweet!!!. I just have a cheap pair of as in 160, not the 250 to 300 range like the mj's.
  546. mrfish11

    WPS fish hold

    Done deal. You want me to ship it at your cost or what. Im in wp quite a bit through the summer too if that works better.
  547. mrfish11

    WPS fish hold

    I have this WPS fish hold insert i bought from another guy on here. Ended up not needing it. I think i paid $25. So how bout that. Inside dimensions are about 38Lx18Wx9H. Handle on each side. All the dust on it is free.
  548. mrfish11

    Misc boat stuff and Volvo penta parts

    I have that blower, its great.
  549. mrfish11

    2001 18ft Super Vee

    Lmfao. I'll fill you in!
  550. mrfish11

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    Is this the ad everyone gets to see when we post something about midget strippers? If so, im in!
  551. mrfish11

    Who's looking for a new to them boat?

    Do you think the cabins of those crab boats smell like cig smoke? :D
  552. mrfish11

    Almar in CA

    Cool, that boat is IMPRESSIVE!!!!
  553. mrfish11

    Almar in CA

    Speaking of that. Do you know who owns that solid silver one in la push on the same dock i talked to you? Holy moly, that thing is a machine!
  554. mrfish11

    Almar in CA

    He wanted 80k and ben had him down to 65k when he decided it was a no go.
  555. mrfish11

    Canary retention limits.

    Heather just called me back. We can keep 7.
  556. mrfish11

    Who’s the prop guru? Need lower planing speed.

    I hear you can get some pretty good stern lift if you center punch a set of crab pot bouys on full plane. Hahahaha sorry Matt, I couldnt resist. :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  557. mrfish11

    Canary retention limits.

    I see nothing that makes me think its 2. I just called Heather. Ill let you guys know what she says when she calls me back.
  558. mrfish11

    Canary retention limits.

    Please post the apr 25 doc swede.
  559. mrfish11

    Canary retention limits.

    Emergency Rule posted March 1, 2019.
  560. mrfish11

    Canary retention limits.

    You can have 7 canarys.
  561. mrfish11

    Impeller Rubber

    How the hell are you gonna change an impellor onboard?
  562. mrfish11

    Impeller Rubber

    X2 without question.
  563. mrfish11

    Rogue Jet

    Anyone have any experience with a Rogue Jet? My bud is looking at the Yukon or Coastal 20'. Tell us your positves and negatives. Thanks.
  564. mrfish11

    No floaters!

    They were probably just a bunch of pissed off pussies cause they wernt catching any fish! Fuk em!
  565. mrfish11

    No floaters!

    I agree with the black edges. Another simple way to tell is the shape of the shitter fin. A canary is much more pointed and a yelloweye is rounded. Once you've seen both fins, it is simple to tell the difference.
  566. mrfish11

    No floaters!

    I have fished deepwater 3 days so far and have seen next to no floaters. This is a huge improvement based on what i have seen in previous years. I think people are using their descenders and it is clearly working. When wdfw checked me that was one of the first things they asked to see. Good...
  567. mrfish11

    Halibut fisherman numbers on first two days?

    I saw a checker at La Push Saturday but I wasnt checked.
  568. mrfish11

    Halibut fisherman numbers on first two days?

    And Eli is spot on. It was NOT the normal steady fishing. Very few got limits, lots got 1 and lots got skunked.
  569. mrfish11

    Halibut fisherman numbers on first two days?

    On Sunday: Charters stayed in at wp and there were 4 trailers in the parking lot when I drove by the launch parking area mid-day. Not many people fished at all at wp sunday...even though it ended up being pretty calm wind.
  570. mrfish11

    Area 3-4 20 Fathom Depth Restriction

    First time for me too. They were definitely USCG and not WDFW. They were in the big battleship boat circling the grounds all day long and they had 4 guys in a zodiac boarding boats and doing safety checks.
  571. mrfish11

    Area 3-4 20 Fathom Depth Restriction

    Sounds similar to opening day when i was boarded by the USCG and he measured my 4 butts and told me good thing they were all 32 inches cause that was a new rule as of two weeks ago. So full of shit.
  572. mrfish11

    Area 3-4 20 Fathom Depth Restriction

    You were right and they were wrong. Latest emergency rule change says open until june 1. Emergency rule changes take precedence over the hard copy rules.
  573. mrfish11

    New Tanacom 1000 cheap THIS IS A SCAM

    I ordered a cheap tanacom from ebay last year and it was a scam.....but i got my money back.
  574. mrfish11

    Wierd looking tuna

    I cant believe you stole my team name burrito king.
  575. mrfish11

    Coastie Bruthas come through again!

    Nicely done Gooch. You are definitely one of the good guy!
  576. mrfish11

    Lost winch handle WP ramp

    Thanks Jeff. I will get it on the trailer with a cresent and buy one when i get home. Figured it was worth a shot on here.
  577. mrfish11

    Lost winch handle WP ramp

    Trade you a wench for 2 bean burritos with xtra onions?
  578. mrfish11

    Lost winch handle WP ramp

    Ass, grass or cash......winch handles aint free!
  579. mrfish11

    Lost winch handle WP ramp

    My winch handle fell off on the ramp at wp today. If you found it and I could get it back, that would be great.
  580. mrfish11

    First time!

    You only need to hold 5.
  581. mrfish11

    Trailer brakes help needed

    Thank you for the offer stephen. Thats really generous. I think im going to go brand new though.
  582. mrfish11

    Fill an ice tote in Everett area???

    Thank you Jake, I will check it out.
  583. mrfish11

    Montana draw results out

    A guy at my work is 8 fer 8 and nevers buys the point. Now thats lucky!
  584. mrfish11

    Montana draw results out

    Does the bonus point help your odds for the current year you are applying for or only for the following year if you do not draw? I am 2 fer 2 and have never bought the bonus point.
  585. mrfish11

    WDFG Fee/license increase

    Is it May 2nd yet?
  586. mrfish11

    Trailer brakes help needed

    Fuk 112, can they at least throw in a puke bucket for $925?
  587. mrfish11

    Trailer brakes help needed

    Does anyone have this setup on their trailer and can speak to its effectiveness and how long it has held up? I need a full new brake set...the whole meal deal. I have tie-down engineering now so anything is considered an upgrade. I have had nothing but problems with tde.
  588. mrfish11

    For Sale Actisense: NMEA0183/NMEA2000

    Actisense NGW-1 STNG NMEA0183 - NMEA2000 Dont need this anymore on my boat. $100. Buyer pays shipping. Can do paypal.
  589. mrfish11

    Actisense NMEA0183/NMEA2000

    Send it back jason. $100 is a great deal.
  590. mrfish11

    Actisense NMEA0183/NMEA2000

    Actisense NGW-1 STNG NMEA0183/NMEA2000 Do not need this anymore on my boat. How about $100.
  591. mrfish11

    Montana draw results out

    Me and Ben drew! We're in!
  592. mrfish11

    Fill an ice tote in Everett area???

    Who knows of a good place down south near olympia? Looking to fill this new tote of mine.
  593. mrfish11

    For Sale Simrad Autopilot Smartstick

    Bump. Still have this. $175 OBO
  594. mrfish11

    For Sale High Speed Abyss Jigs

    Williamson High Speed Abyss Jigs 10.5 ounce/300g 3EA Blue 2EA Pink 2EA Green 2EA Black How about $75 for the 9 jigs. I think they are about $10 to $15 EA normally. Will ship if buyer pays shipping. Thanks!
  595. mrfish11

    Twwwooooo weeks!!!!!!!

    I cant wait!
  596. mrfish11

    North of Falcon Updates

    Oh I agree with you paul, dont get me wrong. I love lots of fish and i hate pinnepeds...and it appears CCA believes the complete opposite.
  597. mrfish11

    North of Falcon Updates

    How can someone (an organization...CCA) who apparently loves to fish, and is apparently all for sportfishing, say no to hatcheries (more fish) and no to pinniped control (more fish)?
  598. mrfish11

    North of Falcon Updates

    Now were talkin'!
  599. mrfish11

    North of Falcon Updates

    Or MA 7!
  600. mrfish11

    Almar in CA

    I'd buy the Raider, shiny new. Lmfao!
  601. mrfish11

    Edmonds has one less fish eater.

    It that a wild chinook salmon?
  602. mrfish11

    Almar in CA

    So how much do you guys think this boat is worth as it sits? Port motor that has a fuel issue, pitting around the trim tabs as shown (bob needs to buff your bottom) and understanding it has verados...... barf The rest of the boat appears to be in great shape and it has a new trailer. Time for...
  603. mrfish11

    Highway 101 closure

    Hes right you know.
  604. mrfish11

    WP ice

    I cant wait to try out my tote. I'm done with 6 ice chests in the truck.
  605. mrfish11

    Highway 101 closure

    Agree. Never again. I puked 4 times from being car sick before i even made it to sekui.
  606. mrfish11

    ***** RIP ******* know you want more than one. Three for the boat in the morning.
  607. mrfish11

    ***** RIP *******

    Try a cheesy gordita crunch Mr. balls. We will call it even for the net.
  608. mrfish11

    Lead melt April 13th info

    Stop talking about those damn hotdogs, your making Eric hungry. :boobies:
  609. mrfish11

    Last effort to get rid of these before the dump

    Ill be in wp may 1-5 at the usual place. Bring that baby down and we will ceremonially gift it to Vance. Ill bring the gold rattle can and glitter!
  610. mrfish11

    Couple Saws and a Hammer Drill

    I just cant beleive he has stood to be called Ben this long!!! :finger::eyepoppin:madfire:
  611. mrfish11

    Last effort to get rid of these before the dump

    I know i still owe @dragonballs a net like that. But it needs to have a gold handle! :p
  612. mrfish11

    Multi season tags

  613. mrfish11

    Boat Survey CA

    Hes a 7 ft tall giant. He can make it work! :D
  614. mrfish11

    Blanked on Springer Hunt, Big C

    Where did you fish Mike?
  615. mrfish11

    Save yourself a halibut day...

    Thermostat was replaced recently and I keep a spare on the boat. They love to stick at bad times.
  616. mrfish11

    Save yourself a halibut day...

    You must run a merc?:D
  617. mrfish11

    Save yourself a halibut day...

    Nope, I just hook the hose up. But i did put the muffs on to start and heat up the motor before an oil change and didnt know then that i needed to also tape up the lower water intakes...but i only ran it a few minutes. Maybe that did it? That was a long time ago though and i figured if that...
  618. mrfish11

    Save yourself a halibut day...

    And another thing to check....both my drain hoses were cracked. I am simply posting this cause it may not be something you would notice if you suck your oil out instead of taking off the side panel and removing the oil plug to drain it. Hope this helps someone out.
  619. mrfish11

    Save yourself a halibut day...

    The guy I bought the boat from said he changed it just before I bought it....and I have 915 hrs 250 hrs on that one I'm guessing. That was the only fin with any damage. How long do they usually last? Figured i would change mine every 200 hrs or so.
  620. mrfish11

    Save yourself a halibut day...

    ...and check those impellors. I'm pretty sure i just saved myself either a butt or tuna day and a long ride back in on the kicker.
  621. mrfish11

    Full totes available

    The 35cf will make a sweet hot tub! Its BIG!
  622. mrfish11

    Charter next week: Neah vs Westport?

    Look at the weather too. I think i saw swells building to 17ft at wp this weekend.
  623. mrfish11

    Full totes available

    Thanks Jason! These totes are badass, top quality. If your on the fence about buying one, dont be, they are a great deal. Just picked mine up.
  624. mrfish11

    Full totes available

    I got the 2501. No more waiting in that damn line.
  625. mrfish11

    Bad news for WTC

    Is it on Aug 10 this year? The dates on the website dont look like they have been updated throughout the page, except at the top where it say Aug 5 to 10th 2019.
  626. mrfish11

    Lead melt April 13th info

  627. mrfish11

    Gene Coulon Ramp

    It sure was nice out there today.
  628. mrfish11

    2012 Jayco Camper Trailer

    I may have been in if only it would have included an oil pump. :D
  629. mrfish11

    2012 Jayco Camper Trailer

    @Marlin Mike + @TwoTapPat
  630. mrfish11

    More leading melting shit and jigs etc

    Thought you said youd seperate?
  631. mrfish11

    More leading melting shit and jigs etc

    I want the 2 and 3 lb ball mold please. How much
  632. mrfish11

    24’ allied

    Have you had the talk with steph yet? You need a bigger truck.
  633. mrfish11

    Star board near Oly

    Raised lid for my bait tank so i can store stuff. Its a blue water 2 cell tank.
  634. mrfish11

    Star board near Oly

    Anyone know of a place near Olympia that sells star board? I know of the few companys in Seattle but was hoping not to drive up there. Thanks.
  635. mrfish11

    Walk Around Wooldridge - one word - AWESOME!

    That thing is a MACHINE!
  636. mrfish11

    School Me on Moorage

    How bout f the sound in june and july and go straight from la push to wp for the whole summer?
  637. mrfish11

    2018 12-14’ EZ-Loader Trailer & 10’ Jon

    Trade a borrowed lead pot for the stop sign??? Will throw in 2 spoons to sweeten the deal. :-)
  638. mrfish11

    Happy Saint Patrick's Day.

    Headed to the beach. Seems like a good day to dig some clams. Happy St Pattys Day Patty!
  639. mrfish11

    Pipe jigs available

    Lol...yea benji are those yours?:jig:
  640. mrfish11

    New BD Diamond Jig stickers

    Those are my 2 favorites.
  641. mrfish11

    New Boat, new Initiation tradition!!!!

    Half of the old fuckers on this site probably sport those beauties already!
  642. mrfish11

    3200+ sqft House with 22x52 shop close to Seattle

    I've seen this house, it is really nice! Great location and sweet shop. Good luck bud, it will sell fast!
  643. mrfish11

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    Looked like i gueased right from that other thread. Congrats norm n carrie! Should be a fish catcher alright.
  644. mrfish11

    Ugly Bayliner fab shop CLOSED!!

    Mike is chasin tail like laurance said.
  645. mrfish11

    COW Down in PV - Mexico!

    Bad ass Mike! You deserve an awesome fish like that!
  646. mrfish11

    Stopped by ACI today

    This post makes me think we may be seeing a kitty cat tied up in Norms spot in the near future?
  647. mrfish11

    Ugly Bayliner fab shop CLOSED!!

    Dang Steve, you know i was eyeballing mikes kill bag/rod rack for my parka. Wish you the best on your new gig and look forward to fishing with you again this year!
  648. mrfish11

    Duckworth crapper

    Dammit. I just ate those steamer clams and got the water from the wp ramp. :drool:barf:D
  649. mrfish11

    WTB: Pipe Jigs

    I can probably help you guys out. When you need em by?
  650. mrfish11

    Looking for a 16'-19' welded aluminum boat

    Does this setup come with a gill net Dave??? :frehya2::D:D:D
  651. mrfish11


    That looks pretty damn nice Vance. Are you going to allow me to park my shitty camper next to that? :p
  652. mrfish11

    Do you tow with Canvas on?

    On my last boat (Striper) I removed it every time before i towed. It stayed mint. One of the nicest things about having a pilothouse now is never having to do that again.
  653. mrfish11

    Halibut Rod holder for Scotty mounts

    $421 rod holder. Holy sheep shit!
  654. mrfish11

    Damn it ...who gave two tap the keys to the boat

    Looks like the race to the tip of the sj on wtc day.
  655. mrfish11

    Boat Upgrade Options

    .....and i know someone who wants his 300.
  656. mrfish11

    Replacement flares??

    So can 1 of these be used as a USCG approved alternate to a pack of flares? If so, im all over this since the damn flares expire so often and cost so much. I have lots of extra expired flares as well. Dont forget to mark them "training" if you keep them onboard once expired.....per Westport USCG.
  657. mrfish11

    Worst Shot Ever..

    I assumed you could have figured out something wasnt right a lil sooner???? 17 different deer is a lot of missin in 1 day :eek::D
  658. mrfish11

    2018 Chevrolet Silverado 3500hd Duramax - LT and LTZ's - 12k miles

    My buddy Chris should be calling you soon Blake.
  659. mrfish11

    Tanacom 750

    Dammit dont give away our secrets! :D That hercules is junk it snaps off with the weight of the lead.
  660. mrfish11

    Merry Christmas Wa

    Haha im watching it right now. Shitters full Clark!
  661. mrfish11

    New tires OEM Ram 2500/3500

    Dammit. I have 17 inch rims. Wont work....great deal for someone.
  662. mrfish11

    New tires OEM Ram 2500/3500

    Gooch, Let me make sure these will fit my 06 ram 2500. If they will i will take em and would like to be first in line.
  663. mrfish11

    WTB: Rocna Anchor

    I found you one.
  664. mrfish11

    It's elf on the shelf time

    I was there. I wasnt expecting it. EMP when it opened in Seattle i believe.
  665. mrfish11

    Boat Upgrade Options

    He is probably referring to his NR thats for sale.
  666. mrfish11

    Wall Art - concealed PewPew American Flag

    Damn Mike, you always have cool stuff for sale!
  667. mrfish11

    What 2320 Parker?

    Pm eli, ledbed, he knows all about this valve.
  668. mrfish11

    What’s your porn name

    Dick Stroker may get you a lot of unwanted business.
  669. mrfish11

    What’s your porn name

    Happy birthday dirty milker! Im Tasty Tickler.
  670. mrfish11

    Westport crab

    Nice haul, its getting to be that time of the year!
  671. mrfish11

    Warm Under Garments

    Kuiu. I used it all except first lite. Kuiu is best by far.
  672. mrfish11

    Who's got the best marital advice?

    Dont sweat the petty and dont pet the sweaty. 9 years in June.
  673. mrfish11

    Boat Sinks

    This is definitely a great winter thread.
  674. mrfish11

    Boat Sinks

    Didnt someone on here just buy one of those recently?
  675. mrfish11

    My 2018 Montana Whitetail

  676. mrfish11

    Alberta Deer

    Thats a damn good mule deer buck!
  677. mrfish11

    Osprey Northwind 22

    Just curious, whats the tank size and avg mpg loaded down?
  678. mrfish11

    Best cleaner and stain remover for bleach bottles?

    OH NO! Did you find the oil spot?
  679. mrfish11

    No longer a boat ho...............

    Congrats on the new boat!
  680. mrfish11

    If you guys are missing the tuna and good weather

    Badass Trav! Im in next year for sho. Ill bring the hammock!
  681. mrfish11

    'Digital' open house w/ WDFW director, 11/28.

    Its a start and better than nothing. At least he's trying to reach out and listen to everyone. Im going into this 'glass half full'!
  682. mrfish11

    Going to Try This Next Halibut Season

    Absolute bullshit. Makes me sick what they get away with.
  683. mrfish11

    Deep water life vest

    Seems like a pretty good deal if anyone needs one. West marine. Just got an email about it. 1 day only.
  684. mrfish11

    Need plumber in Lacey

    My buddys dad owns M&M plumbing. 360-491-9422
  685. mrfish11

    Night clamming tips

    Yep, this guy knows what hes doin!
  686. mrfish11

    Night clamming tips

    These things are AMAZING!
  687. mrfish11

    2 dog crates and 2 150-165 quart coolers

    I could probably find a use for that top cooler mike. Wanna add it to my crab trap pile. I just gotta find a way to get it. ...and i still have that free sturgeon reel for ya.
  688. mrfish11

    E-TEC Jet. 90/65

    You in good enough shape to take a ride in the Willies yet?
  689. mrfish11

    Need trailer brakes

    I have surge. Clean my boat and trailer religiously after every trip. I got about 3 trips from oly the wp before those piece of shit tde calipers froze up and i had to rip off all the brakes on the side of the road on the way to neah bay.
  690. mrfish11

    Need trailer brakes

    Tie down engineering stuff is absolute junk. Stay away from it. Dont ask me how i know.
  691. mrfish11

    Lance Camper SOLD

    This is a real nice camper. If it was a little smaller i would have bought it from you already. I have one about the same length.
  692. mrfish11

    9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    A more important question than who was right and who was wrong in this situation is.... can we get the cords to the 1-2 spot on his chartplotter? :D:D:D
  693. mrfish11

    Halibut season setting meeting

    They control everything in WA. I just had to go ask if it was alright if i went to take a shit.
  694. mrfish11

    Deck Boot Reviews

  695. mrfish11

    Cost of New Outboards?

    I have never had 1 problem with the power on my willie driftboat. Have you considered that option. :D
  696. mrfish11

    Cleaning Out

    Ryan, You've shipped to me before. Ill make it easy with paypal again and pay shipping of course. Brian
  697. mrfish11

    Cleaning Out

    I will take the salmon tackle (spoons n stuff). Will you ship to oly. Ill pay shipping.
  698. mrfish11

    Mushroom Thread

    Take a nibble and if you see any of the following within an hour, discontinue use. :ele: :turkey pig:
  699. mrfish11

    Anybody running for Tuna this week?

    Well you posted, so that must mean your alive? How many are left out of the 120?:p