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  1. MJB

    Who in SD does cheap Ffl transfers?
  2. MJB

    Caught a bandit ! What to do ?

    They eat real good.....just get those stink glands off
  3. MJB

    Donald Trump, Jr. Gets Permit After Killing Game Animal

    How much was the tag? Jim Shockey does the same type of hunts.....they spend a lot of money that goes back to the animal they hunt. These hunts are few and far between, heavily regulated and a chance for biologist to learn from the harvested animal.
  4. MJB

    Donald Trump, Jr. Gets Permit After Killing Game Animal

    Could you find a more bias article?
  5. MJB

    Learning the hard way

    It's been a bad year for deer this year.....the weather change is coming and should improve for the last week.
  6. MJB

    Solo buck down.

    Nice one! I don't drag......debone him put him in the pack walk out
  7. MJB

    Watch the Rail at the Lupe

    Tax man is getting out of hand!
  8. MJB

    Baja hunting permit regs......I'm pissed

    We need to write letters AGAIN........the new General in Mexicali is being more difficult than the last one.....hard to believe We need to tell them the crossing times won't work, 8-1pm 4 days.....we actually work & spend money in Baja. The restrictions on 100 rounds per gun, per 90 days...
  9. MJB

    Sluester....... Reminiscing

    Opening day A22 was my yearly reunion with him for many is that day......miss ya Mike!
  10. MJB

    Killing Skunks...Talk to ‘em like a prom date

    I had one as a pet growing up......I don't mind the smell. My dogs kill them when found out in the field. Just let them roll in loose dry dirt, the oil attaches to the dirt and the smell is not as bad.
  11. MJB

    Jake's event for the youth

    30 spots left! Great for first timers......I work the shotgun station and every kid shoots even if it's in my shoulder.
  12. MJB

    Jake's event for the youth

    From the organizer Hi all, Today is the 1st day of sign-ups (June 1st)….I'll start taking calls at 6:00 am (760-803-4868)....The first 105 kids are in....After that, I'll take alternates. There is no cost for the youths, but there is a $10.00 fee for all adults....That includes t-shirts for...
  13. MJB

    First Shotgun Advice

    SBE 1, 2 or 3 or SV I also like the Browning Maxus
  14. MJB

    Is .308 enough for most hunting?

    270 w 3x9x40 308 is too slow for the copper we must shoot imo
  15. MJB

    Sluester....... Reminiscing

    I'll miss him on Mt. Laguna for the archery deer opener! RIP
  16. MJB

    6.5 CM Rifle Debate

    It's much flatter shooter than the 270. I get great results with the tsx, great expansion pedals breakoff II loose about 30-40% and the best accuracy....all 3 rounds touching. I have shot the ttsx it's good but not as accurate down range. I'm look for the yotes I encounter out to 800yds and...
  17. MJB

    6.5 CM Rifle Debate

    Nate, the TSX out of my 270 does just fine......but this caliber has more distance and flatter
  18. MJB

    6.5 CM Rifle Debate

    Anybody look at the 6.5-300 wby? I'm seriously looking at this caliber for enough speed at long distance to get the copper to expand.
  19. MJB


    MR for me
  20. MJB

    Best hunting rifle/caliber

    I'm in the 270 camp as well But I'm looking at the 6.5-300 wby for the 500yd with copper loads.
  21. MJB

    Youth turkey opener next weekend!

    21lbs 7 13/16" beard 1" & 15/16" spurs
  22. MJB

    Youth turkey opener next weekend!

    Great hunt surrounded by 20 long beards all weekend. Saturday they were decoy shy but Sunday we put it together. The Hooks mouth call and the switchblade box call worked for me!
  23. MJB

    Youth turkey opener next weekend!

    And sight in your Turkey load, gun & choke. People forget it's more like rifle hunting. If you change anything...,sight in AGAIN!
  24. MJB

    Youth turkey opener next weekend!

    Guiding next weekend for two youth hunters on some good property. With our normal rain total it will seem like the good ol'e days Practice your calling!
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  26. MJB


    Dennis when you breeding?
  27. MJB

    Need family camping ideas for Spring Break

    With this rain and your going in March? The painted desert is a natural wonder.....every color in the book blooms once every 10yrs in March and its 75-80 all day/night. I like PS, great hiking trails, you know where the BH sheep are to glass, shooting is great, you also have the tram & the...
  28. MJB

    Duck Steel Good for Turkey?

    Stay away from steel.....suck it up and buy the turkey loads you can reach out to 70yds with a tight choke. It really makes a difference. The best I've seen was a hand loaded TSS #9 shot. Supper tight pattern! Hope to get Kurt to help load up a few rounds before the season.
  29. MJB

    What Can I Do About a Hawk Eating Its Lunch in My Yard?

    Who killed your McNuggets? The falcon rules the sky!
  30. MJB

    A great hunter passed away......

    Cal too? Fuck!
  31. MJB

    A great hunter passed away......

    Paul Conner, passed away Sunday after he had a brain hemorrhage on Thursday. Paul was on the board of the SD chapter of the NWTF forever and a hunter safety instructor. He will be missed by all. If you went to any of the spring turkey tune ups or hunted Lake Sutherland you meet him. He ran...
  32. MJB

    Worst Shot Ever..

    I haven't had buck fever in a long time But I did see a buddy miss two chip shots due to a loose scope mount. This year another buddy didn't adjust his eye relief from bench shooting and missed 3 but got 1 that he hobbled.
  33. MJB

    Fat girl for Christmas

    Good luck!
  34. MJB

    BLM is open to shooting in San Diego

    Thanks Mike for all your help! I'm not a paper puncher but I'm glad you got this back on track for us all. Good luck finding a turkey this year Mike it's been tuff down here. Hopefully someone will step up with some private land and take you out. If I get out this year I'll let you know.
  35. MJB

    Legal mag lock devices for ARs

    Governor Newscum will be changing the playing field once again........
  36. MJB

    BLM is open to shooting in San Diego

    So it's open due to some dedicated people that cleaned up the sites......thanks Mike! Let's keep it clean so we don't loose it all together.
  37. MJB

    Any updates on the Prowler ?

    I think it's a Stern and bow half.....
  38. MJB

    The Drought Is Over

  39. MJB

    La Jolla 12/21/2018

    The rig does help or you gotta let them swallow it. I've also had luck on pulling the bait at the very beginning of the bite then they slam it.
  40. MJB

    Any updates on the Prowler ?

    Which half to buy.....
  41. MJB

    Any updates on the Prowler ?

  42. MJB

    Went rokfishing off L J Need a fish ID

    You guys are mean Did it taste good in butter?
  43. MJB

    Entry hunting rifle

    Used in .270 I like Win Mod 70 featherweight made in the 1980's
  44. MJB

    best Trout water you've ever fished?

    Duke's Creek in North GA Only open on Wednesday 15 people max per half day. Some really good wild stock C&R no Barb ect....
  45. MJB

    Trying to Hunt Wild Pig

    I know where they are but it's an 8hr moonscape ride with 2 tire min. Not worth it!
  46. MJB

    Deer camp 2018

    Miguel put a 3x2 down today.....I think that makes 8
  47. MJB

    Not bad for D16.......except for 17 miles and the heat

    Thanks guys I use a 270 mod 70 3x9x40 Ziess conquest with the 130 SST factory loads. I'll be going back to my handloads 130 TSX
  48. MJB

    Not bad for D16.......except for 17 miles and the heat

    3 days in the heat filtering water, eating MH and carrying everything on my back....came home with this guy after a Sunday 6am shot 355yds one lung, then he stopped at 300 and was not going down. Put another in him heart shot and he ran down hill crashed and produced a 20' dust cloud. Let him...
  49. MJB

    Otay mtn blm shooting

    Calguns will know what's open but I'm sure all of SD is closed until we get some rain. Imperial is open
  50. MJB

    Socal butcher to cut & wrapped elk?

    Thanks for the heads up Keep them coming I'm calling......elk is just too big and expensive to do it wrong.
  51. MJB

    Socal butcher to cut & wrapped elk?

    I have 3 cow elk I need cut & wrapped from an AZ hunt this weekend. Any recommendations?
  52. MJB

    Shark attack in Encinitas

    Doesn't sound good
  53. MJB

    Shark attack in Encinitas

  54. MJB

    Scallops with little crabs inside

    They dont eat their host they just get to the food first
  55. MJB

    Deer camp 2018

    Highlights... Lots of good deer this weekend One buck had velvet on at first light then 10 minutes later his antlers we're first in SD. We saw Wiley Coyote's grandson.....LUCKY BASTARD Treestand didn't find a home.....too busy having fun among friends! Had a great time with...
  56. MJB

    Blood trailing dogs

    Hell I do it for free if I'm around.....not to be a dick......just wanted to let the cheap skates know.......but I'm busy so I'm not around much. I love blood tracking big game with my jagds...Zoe is too old now but damn she did well until around 8 she would loose them in the dry heat. Now at...
  57. MJB

    Might just be time to quit this damn state!

    Good to see a fighting attitude!!!
  58. MJB

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    This is back? What is weed for 200.00, Alex!
  59. MJB

    Red rooster III rescues panga

  60. MJB

    Paddy Poaching - DP

    This will be fun.....
  61. MJB

    Deer camp 2018

    So what's for dinner? Carlo is going and maybe Miguel. Kevin a Roman should stop by after they shoot doves.
  62. MJB

    They're out there! Any day now!

    Love' paddy damnit!
  63. MJB

    Vagabond Got Um

    My buddy waa on the 85 his was 199.8 so close but yet so far away from his cow.
  64. MJB

    Submarines, navy warships, sea shepard, Comedy fishing video 6-21-2018

    That first song sucked! Took away from the vid What the fuck was on that guy's head?
  65. MJB

    Looking for stories of Great White Sharks being fished in California still

    Good luck! I have much respect for whities......had one messing with our boat once that I won't ever forget.
  66. MJB

    Ramp Monsters

    Too many bull sharks to even think about swimming ever.....I bet the night time fishing is even better
  67. MJB

    Fishing the Condor

    Tons of reviews if you look I love the boat and the way it drifts
  68. MJB

    Coyote Roundup

    What a smart ass^^^^
  69. MJB

    Mexicali bird hunters contact your UMA's

    Friday is the meeting between the F&g and state officials So let them know the ammo restrictions of 100 rounds per gun per 3 months is BS & you can only cross Wednesday-saturday 8-12 is BS This BS limits how much we all come down and SPEND!
  70. MJB

    Something to do while I wait for elk season....

    Are you using dogs to flush the rabbits? There's a few on here in the past that were/are falconer's Been on many hunts with sight hounds, flushers & falconer's all on the same track.....good times Each animal is key in the chase
  71. MJB

    Now that's something you don't see everyday...

    Fuck the seals or lions double tap will bring fear into dogs hate them, they bay them like crazy and know not to get in the water In the 80's you approach a bouy they were gone before closing on 100yds
  72. MJB

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    Your still kicking? Good to hear keep it up! I want to see more of those dead duck retrieves
  73. MJB

    Transmission Work Needed

    A & B Trucking on Commercial in Bario Logan. Fast cheap and they do a good job. 619-234-5171
  74. MJB

    Anybody going to the DFW area this month?

    I need a 25lbs male Jagd delivered before the holiday. Slick is housebroken, loves people and he's 12 so he' not full of piss and vinegar. I have a kennel, lead, bowls and toys so he's good to go.
  75. MJB

    Stainless Fabrication

    Try these guys not cheap but they do a good job just tell them how clean you want it (grinding)
  76. MJB

    Need a dog moved from So.Cal to North TX

    Slick is a good dog he's 12 so he's slowed down a little plus he's fat.
  77. MJB

    Kodiak Spring Bear 2018

    Nice head size
  78. MJB

    free range axis gone wild these last 2 weekends

    Good eats! Congrats
  79. MJB

    Feral chickens

    I had a guy shoot a 2klbs prize bull thinking it was a pig.....that guy
  80. MJB

    Marijuana on LR boats guys are falling for this? How many threads over the years are the same bs.....give me story!!!! Where's the I get sea sickness
  81. MJB

    For Sale Support Carl

    Yep thing you know he'll have a GF......who will wear the pants of course
  82. MJB

    Orcas kill their own!

    Poppa gotta eat.....veal please......and tell the little lady over there she doesn't need a babysitter anymore Your either dinner or the diner in nature.... sometimes your both
  83. MJB

    White Seabass hatchery a failure

    They have no clue what the numbers should's mother nature It's helping more than hurting so keep at it!
  84. MJB

    New Lo-An bigger grade on day and a half

    Cook the head and eat it Brains eyes and head the hook
  85. MJB

    For Sale Support Carl

    Go buy a gun from our favorite guy....Carl who's working at Turner's in El Cajon Don't forget to ask about the reach around discount.....
  86. MJB


    Fail.....where's the Tits!
  87. MJB

    Firearm recoil

    Pussy should of got an auto........ Remember your part of AARP now......get a limb saver and suck it up old man.......
  88. MJB

    GSP puppies

    Bo Brett Merrick is the owner 2 left....males Last one is bo hes one of the best GSP I've seen and I've seen a lot in the NAVHDA world & hunting all over the world.
  89. MJB

    GSP puppies

    3 left Chuck
  90. MJB

    GSP puppies

    All males....
  91. MJB

    GSP puppies

    Four left......
  92. MJB

    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

    80 million hunters will stop almost anything..... Some in here must live on a deserted island to think we have a civil society.....far from it......go hangout on Commercial St. after'll change your mind.
  93. MJB

    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

  94. MJB

    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

    He was a Cop so he had training Follow the sound it comes from the gun barrel People are running away from the shooter plus he knows how to use his gun.
  95. MJB

    One bad ass Jagdterrier

    Zorro was back at it yesterday morning keeping the hills safe in the OC...... this time he got a hole in his ear to remember the alpha male by......RIP coyote.....
  96. MJB

    GSP puppies

  97. MJB

    GSP puppies

    Runt gone
  98. MJB

    GSP puppies

    You must hunt to get one of my buddies dogs.
  99. MJB

    GSP puppies

    The male is 60 female 40
  100. MJB

    GSP puppies

    My buddy has several pups available they are papered he owns the parents. I hunt with his dogs both great hunters one or both are VC in NAVHDA. Anyways they are available he's in Temecula. Pm for his number they are 1k
  101. MJB

    RIP Molly

    Sorry to hear this Chuck
  102. MJB


    Had a great hunt last Saturday. Didn't get down until mid morning had limits for the three of us in 2hrs.
  103. MJB

    quick earthquake or tremor....around 4 pm anyone else feel it ?

    Rumble on the slider.....all three dogs sleeping..... useless
  104. MJB

    So I guess Global Warming is Officially Political?

    Volcanoes & the sun rule our climate not humans.....if we can ever get nuclear fusion working........
  105. MJB

    Cabelas bull shit mailer, total lie

    Thank God I have friends in AZ And dream on Jason, I don't see one local retailer accepting online ammo.
  106. MJB

    Deer camp 2017

    I just heard pale face is going down tomorrow
  107. MJB

    Deer camp 2017

    I'm not going back to that spot.....ones enough Hitting the bottom last weekend counting on you Roger to help us both
  108. MJB

    Deer camp 2017

    He's got two buddies..... blackie & old pale face that are still living.....for awhile
  109. MJB

    Deer camp 2017

    One more for the 17 season Thx Kurt for the haul out..... So I owe you 1/2 s deer hauling!
  110. MJB

    Kuiu is in San Diego 10/26-28

    For you Kuiu fans the mobile showroom will be here...
  111. MJB

    Deer camp 2017

    Zola may bite you next time...... rodent.......if rodents had teeth that big they'd be hunting us....
  112. MJB

    Deer camp 2017

    So funny Zola standing guard over that deer in camp making sure it didn't move. And that deer sure felt heavy dragging it! Damn dogs! Good times Kurt!
  113. MJB

    Greedy SOBs

    WTF....That makes no sense typo I'm sure
  114. MJB

    Deer camp 2017

    Great shot placement! But no blood to track had to get the dogs up high with the thermals then bam Zola struck it. Look at the exit wound not much blood and she went down quickly DEAD!
  115. MJB

    Condor or Producer?

    They love the newbies.....some of the best luck happens to newbies! Condor +1
  116. MJB

    2017 Mexican Hunting Regs

    Don't sign up yet......your money talks big time in MX The boarder time crossing & the ammo is my feels like Cali laws to me!!!!! Cross just like we did before......if not.....9pm-midnight W-F
  117. MJB

    New Boat to help sluster when he gets stuck

    Why not a spray on? Their's some crazy industrial stuff out there I forgot your over budget all ready! Looks good but way too big! Wait till the wife see's it.....
  118. MJB

    One bad ass Jagdterrier

    2 more yotes with the sign of Zorro in the OC.....3 more to go.....
  119. MJB

    One bad ass Jagdterrier

    Well last week it happend again 5 yotes this time......story this weekend
  120. MJB

    So are the SD pig trappers done?

    I heard a rumor that one was riding up a closed road in SD county the other day in an area that has a good boar.....I guess another agency has some money to spend on a single smart boar that will never be caught
  121. MJB

    One bad ass Jagdterrier

    If we had 40-50lbs yotes the lions would be thinner..... These dogs are gritty, quick, smart.....I mean hunting dog smart where after a certain age they watch once and get it. Their teeth are the size of a 50lbs dog and their jaw opens so big at 5wks they can carry a tennis ball around. Some...
  122. MJB

    The story of here (Bloody Decks)

    Carl started it.....then Ali gave him a rim job and Carl sold it.....Carl is easy by the way....
  123. MJB

    6moth old female Jagdterrier available

    She's already gone
  124. MJB

    What am I missing?

    ^^^^ what he said
  125. MJB

    New to reloading.....

    HOW did I get dragged into this?
  126. MJB

    There Here....

    They never really left......
  127. MJB

    First D16 buck (late report)

    Cat backstrap is the bomb..... Congrats on your first, hope more will fallow!
  128. MJB

    Worst salmon season in eight years projected in California

    Cycles.....all about the cycles We have been through this before
  129. MJB

    6moth old female Jagdterrier available

    Nobody needs a versital hunting or ranch dog? That's also a lap dog with lots of personality
  130. MJB

    6moth old female Jagdterrier available

    They love kids & people and get along with other dogs if you socialize and you have to be the pack leader.
  131. MJB

    6moth old female Jagdterrier available

    This female (on the right) is 6 months old and needs a hunter that hunts. She's been on a few pigs but hasn't put it all together yet. Great with kids & other dogs She comes with papers & all shots $450 If this dog was a male I'd own it, the breeding is that good & she's damn cute! I use mine...
  132. MJB

    California MPA Meetings Upcoming

    Billy, we need you there you have the experience of dealing with these asses and know their angles.
  133. MJB

    Unreal Outdoor Photo

    Now I know why the bears were in this tree......damn road hunters
  134. MJB

    Arizona Javelina

  135. MJB

    Nipple Clamp-Funny

    BS without pictures!
  136. MJB

    Toyota repair in San Diego...

    Best truck repair I've found is A&B Trucking
  137. MJB

    Last day of the season

    I respect goose hunters.......the amount of gear & time you spend :cheers:
  138. MJB

    Drying out wet wood?

    Yep Time for a new one
  139. MJB


    Yep not this year or the next.......2020 is my bet Let's see what bait and temps look like that's what counts
  140. MJB


    Which one is Carl
  141. MJB

    San Diego Jr. Pheasant hunt 2/12

    Yeah, guided him for those birds Looking good Steve!
  142. MJB

    San Diego Jr. Pheasant hunt 2/12

    Mike, wish I had gotten there earlier so we could talk. Steve, never saw ya Great weather, great flyers, & the kids were priceless. Pics to follow....... The marines helped and was great to see them shoot some birds.
  143. MJB

    20,000 posts

    You weight how much........20,000?
  144. MJB

    San Diego Jr. Pheasant hunt 2/12

    I'll be there with the Z dogs helping the youths get two pheasants. If your going stop by and say hi. I'm usually in field 5 just ask when you get to the field where the little black terriers are located. I just hope it doesn't rain on us!
  145. MJB

    Hunter safety course

    Call Paul Conner or email his wife [email protected] Paul tel:760-685-2216 Tell him Mark baker passed on his info
  146. MJB

    Commander Insurance Fraud Guilty Pleas

    Talk to Rick on the O95 about the San Diego landings and their prices He would love to be down here but the markup is out of control. As for the two sinking their vessel......well they won't be doing that again
  147. MJB

    AZ archery deer camp report 2017

    Lots of miles on those boots!
  148. MJB

    Coues Buck - Team Effort

    Well done......AZ has filled your freezer this year that's for sure!
  149. MJB

    The Closer for Mexicali Pheasants

    The season ends in two weeks for pheasants. A little late for this year but next fall hit me up
  150. MJB

    Need a pool cleaner in Clairmont Mesa

    Love you too Carl bieber
  151. MJB

    Need a pool cleaner in Clairmont Mesa

    my neighbor has a 40' lap pool she needs a good pool guy it's green right now And no she's not hot
  152. MJB

    2 yr old Choc Lab...not eating...goin South fast...???

    Good luck Always hard on the owner
  153. MJB

    Camping with Grizzlies and Wolves What Gun?

    I'd be more worried about Bigfoot......
  154. MJB

    Camping with Grizzlies and Wolves What Gun?

    Bring a dog they will let you know when something is up. A good fixed blade knife is a must on your hip. What ever you do don't run never turn your back.......unless your wearing a backpack for them to chew on.
  155. MJB

    AZ Youth Elk Hunt!

    Well done
  156. MJB

    Quail report 10/15

    That's a big rattler
  157. MJB

    Hunting in Kauai - Recommendations please!

    I got my license before I left for Maui emailed them my HS and had my license in the mail in a week and a half. One less thing to worry about. Have fun!
  158. MJB

    Quail & chukar opener 10/15

    Good luck! Remember chukar is steel
  159. MJB

    Broncos vs Chockers

    McCoy almost screwed up again by calling time out on the onside kick
  160. MJB

    Broncos vs Chockers

    Gotta love autocorrect & the new iSO 10
  161. MJB

    Broncos vs Chockers

    I think it's measure C And of course it will.....
  162. MJB

    Broncos vs Chockers

    They did.....every coach but McCoy is new this year
  163. MJB

    Broncos vs Chockers

    Well is this McCoy's last game as coach? Or will he pull out a win with Kubiak out and their loss to the Falcons last week. Knowing our luck McCoy will win and then tank the rest of the year
  164. MJB

    Deer Hunting ?

    You'd be surprised were deer live and packing out your animal is just part of the game......luckily the average hunter has no clue......
  165. MJB

    Chargers the Worst 4th Quarter Team in NFL History

    Rivers doesn't help either
  166. MJB

    WFO Yellowfin on the Condor

    If they eat the fish who cares
  167. MJB

    Dinosaurs do exist - New Mexico Elk 2016

    Great bull!
  168. MJB

    Wyoming antelope trip tomorrow

    Good luck! What ya using this hunt?
  169. MJB

    Carl is a Flake...

    Tying knots
  170. MJB

    Saturday 24th sign the Petitions to fight the gun bills LAST DAY!

    Its getting down to crunch time so get off your ass and sign the petitions to stop the last batch of gun bills. If you can't make it go here for a location near you
  171. MJB

    Carl is a Flake...

    No basil for him!
  172. MJB

    Chargers will win today...

    They'll win the first half........
  173. MJB

    Lobster ?

    Yeah....yeah it's Carl's fault bieber
  174. MJB

    Hard work pays off!

    Great bull and story!
  175. MJB

    Ok, more than just a deer

    When's dinner!
  176. MJB

    We still know how to "fuck sum shit up"

    Wow I forgot what albacore looked like.... Well done!
  177. MJB

    Chefs suck...

    Their goes the stadium......Chokers
  178. MJB

    Lead Shot......CDFW Fields...... Hot spots????

    Heber feed lot is closed Those fields are okay with lead, only Wister, Finney Rainer & sonny Bono are non lead. Good luck
  179. MJB

    Another reason to hate Carl...

    Had that happen last trip on a BFT never got it to color
  180. MJB

    Commercial 18awg stainless steel table

    Still around?
  181. MJB

    What's near Bremerton

    Squid? That sucks...I don't even fish that here when it's here.......any fly fishing? Thanks on the electrical help. Rights? My bad what do you expect from Cali
  182. MJB

    What's near Bremerton

    I have a meeting on the 7th and was thinking about spending a few days up there. Anything bitting? Also if anybody knows a comercial electric contractor I need a quote for a 200amp panel and other lines off that panel for the naval shipyard. I have a walk through for the bid that's why I'm up...
  183. MJB

    Is the wind ever gonna stop or lighten up?

    Sorry wrong section I was going to post our catch but the owner of the boat said hell no
  184. MJB

    Is the wind ever gonna stop or lighten up?

    Never seen it this bad during the summer......thank god for those bean bag chairs
  185. MJB

    UA caves to SJW.....

    They would be the same......did you watch the video?
  186. MJB

    UA caves to SJW.....

    Same could happen with a bullet
  187. MJB

    UA caves to SJW..... Glad I don't own any Time will tell, but following a petition, Under Armour dumped their sponsored huntress, Sarah Bowmar mere days after her husband legally harvested a bear in Canada...
  188. MJB

    Jagdterrier female pup available

    Yep it's a rare breed only been around since the 50's in Europe and the 70's here in the US. I had to fly my bitch back there to breed with an import from Europe. So far it's well worth it at 3 1/2 months the pups are all ready smarter than most dogs at 6-9 months and most have the fetch down...
  189. MJB

    New Rangefinder

    50-100yds id say that's as good as it can get....heart or liver shots seems to send them running a long was off eventhough they're dead on their feet. Now when the lungs are hit they don't seem to go as far. Good luck hope she gets one close to the road
  190. MJB

    The Season That Never Was?

    The 43 is working the last few days with sonar marks leading to a plunker bite of big bft & big YFT mixed in with them. Toss lots of bait, drift and they have been hanging all day if you get it right. I just hopes this hangs till next month when I can get out for a few days.
  191. MJB

    New Rangefinder

    Lots of cows & spikes coming out of that area this year for the youth hunters. Check TOF both hunters will fill you in on the area and all the procedures. Just ask for help good group of guys over there. Don't shoot anything if stacked with copper......behind the shoulder is where you want to...
  192. MJB

    Deer season opens 9/3 San Diego

    The AO (Archery-Only) tag allows hunting with archery equip- ment only during the archery and general seasons in A, B, or D zones buck only with a AO or D16 tag archery season 9/3-9/25 AO for D16 General 10/22-11/20 Sure wish they would put this info on the mile long deer tag
  193. MJB

    Jagdterrier female pup available

    You name it we hunt it from sheds, birds, yotes, pigs, Bears to blood tracking. No males out here but a few males should hit the ground any day back in KY. Let me know
  194. MJB

    New Rangefinder

    Older ones usally hang in the back of the herd usally with a sway back and low belly.....grand ma is always good or a youngin he'll take the first one that gives you a shot. If you kill the herd cow the others will stick around if you have two tags
  195. MJB

    New Rangefinder

    I use the further distance to see where I could stalk to get with in my range. Once you get out there you'll find more uses for the longer distance. Good luck on your elk hunt!
  196. MJB

    Repeal the latest gun laws

    This is a tricky one if they reach the 360k by Aug 29 then it's on this year's ballot which is not the best choice....if they get all of them by 9/29 then it will go on the 2017 or 2018 and it stops the signed laws from going into effect untill after the vote. I know we will reach the number...
  197. MJB

    Mt. Lion kill in campground

    It's gotten worse up there over the last few years
  198. MJB

    Mt. Lion kill in campground

    there's a half eaten doe in Burnt Ranchita careful up there
  199. MJB

    Jagdterrier female pup available

    Harley 16" 18lbs Zorro 19" 28lbs
  200. MJB


    Did you check Billy? He's a trickster
  201. MJB


    Haha Anybody need Carl's #bieber Did you check your dirty clothes?
  202. MJB


    He has a smartass phone that why it's hidding from him.... Good luck
  203. MJB

    Bowtech Help, strings popped off

    Bruce won't be there for awhile he's in UT trying to knock down a 200"
  204. MJB

    Jagdterrier female pup available

    Jagdterrier pup available female born 7/18 Papers, shots, dewormed, dewclaws & tails cut. 800 Location Tehachapi
  205. MJB

    Leftover deer tags TODAY

    You missed out
  206. MJB


    Are you sure? His genes and the bigfoots you have up there......not a good cross.....never hunt
  207. MJB

    Flying the Kite on 8-10-16

    Billy are you cheating on Carl while he's gone? Good fish!
  208. MJB


    They let you drive????
  209. MJB

    Deer season opens 9/3 San Diego

    It's just around the corner and unfortunately it's on the holiday weekend AGAIN! I'll skip the opener until Sunday afternoon so many people it's crazy Good luck!
  210. MJB

    preserving a bear hide

    Good luck Roger!
  211. MJB

    6th Annual Kids Military Fishing Trip...

    I'm free if you need the help
  212. MJB

    Traveling to Washi ?'s

    Good luck Carl!
  213. MJB

    Leftover deer tags TODAY

    No one is saying that......good luck!
  214. MJB

    Leftover deer tags TODAY

    Buck only
  215. MJB

    Be a Fisherman, or Just Look Like One!

    Will he teach you how to stress out over the little stuff?
  216. MJB

    Pig hunting in San Diego

    They are out there but very few and they are scattered
  217. MJB

    Leftover deer tags TODAY

    GET ON IT they will be gone soon Good luck
  218. MJB

    Seiners Unbelievably Suck! Exotics was Great

    Well said Lets work together and do the right thing while beating down the lefties....the F&W state commission is all left and they want us gone!
  219. MJB

    San Diego Freedom Rally 7/30

  220. MJB

    San Diego Freedom Rally 7/30

    See ya guys down there! Hopefully we will have the petition to sign. It will stop the new laws from going into effect until we get this on the ballot next year and have a vote. Bring a lunch and some chairs
  221. MJB

    Here come the parking meters, Shelter Island

    Fund public Art.....what a joke
  222. MJB

    Crystal Pier Kid's Fishing Derby 2016

    I had a great time cutting bait with Mikey......and the cheese cake was soooo good Thanks for letting me help! Very good kids......
  223. MJB


    You ask and you shall receive SAN DIEGO So we are going to gather on the steps of the County Administration Building on Friday July 29, 2016 at 10:30 AM to hold a press conference. We will have representatives from various groups, organizations, and businesses that are committed to our fight...
  224. MJB

    Islander 1.5d 7/19-21

    That's a good day Dad!
  225. MJB

    Oceanside 7/22. Big Bluefin

    That's a fight you won't forget Well done
  226. MJB

    CONDOR Trifecta Yellowfin, YT, Dorado 7/19

    How do three people get in endless tangles with just 12 fisherman on the 90'er Must be love
  227. MJB

    CONDOR Trifecta Yellowfin, YT, Dorado 7/19

    Glad to see Marmaduke hunting the fish.......
  228. MJB

    Harpoon for local BFT giants

    Carl, they only do it when your around.....wash up buddy
  229. MJB

    Sierras guide service

    X2 guide on private land 3000-3500 guarantee X9A 2 days every week maybe
  230. MJB

    Question; 300 Blackout, '06, .308

  231. MJB

    Big Pig Down - 7/16

    Good job
  232. MJB

    Swarovski Binocs Help??

    HD El really hard to the dark you still can see as if it's low light....that's when good glass pays big.....
  233. MJB

    Good Ford Diesel Mechanic San Diego

    A B trucking ask for Drew it's not NC (619) 234-5171
  234. MJB

    6 1/2 Hour Heartbreak

    Sorry to hear. I would just crank the drag down at a certain point if it breaks no biggie
  235. MJB

    Want your voice to be heard.....

    Sign up and help......this should be a well organized effort bringing several orgs together for the fight
  236. MJB

    Well, there it is, the zero logic gun bill list has passed

    ^^^^ Yep I like crackerbieber
  237. MJB

    Well, there it is, the zero logic gun bill list has passed

    Lets no talk about this after the season of making more laws is over......but yes
  238. MJB

    Be Warned.....They're coming for your chance at BFT

    Might just have to book a trip with Buzz and thank him for fighting for us
  239. MJB

    Be Warned.....They're coming for your chance at BFT

    I swear if all the hunting & fishing forums shutdown we wouldn't hear a peep......
  240. MJB

    Here we go again now Palm Springs is gun grabbing

    The City Council & the PD are now at it.... no shooting, recreational or otherwise, would be allowed without written permission of the police chief, except for law enforcement officers firing for practice
  241. MJB

    What today really means....4th of July

    God bless that man! Brings a tear to my eyes...... It deffently shows we must stand for our freedoms......if nothing to show their misery was not in vein!
  242. MJB

    What today really means....4th of July

    Have you ever wondered what happened to the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence ? Five signers were captured by the British as traitors, and tortured before they died. Twelve had their homes ransacked and burned. Two lost their sons serving in the Revolutionary Army; another had...
  243. MJB

    Well, there it is, the zero logic gun bill list has passed

    Here's a win for us.......i can't believe it had to go to a judge......the lies, corruption, and deceit is amazing from the Dems in Sac The First Amendment lawsuit was filed against Attorney General Kamala Harris in late May by the Firearms Policy Coalition and two filmmakers who want to use...
  244. MJB

    Well, there it is, the zero logic gun bill list has passed

    Mild talk.....what ever that means It's a sticky I think
  245. MJB

    Well, there it is, the zero logic gun bill list has passed

    My hope is we defeat SFA then what will "the will of the people mean"
  246. MJB


    A small shark following the frogman....gulf of MX?
  247. MJB

    Tough day 209 to 181 7/1... Then stuff got real BADDDD

    Now your phone? Damn dude go shake the voodoo off....
  248. MJB

    Well, there it is, the zero logic gun bill list has passed

    Haha we already have a work around on the bb ban FUCK YOU Levine & Ting can't fix STUPID CAN YOU Time for a drink
  249. MJB

    Tough day 209 to 181 7/1... Then stuff got real BADDDD

    Your neighbor is a dick...... Sorry for your loss
  250. MJB

    Well, there it is, the zero logic gun bill list has passed

    I'm looking forward to breaking more laws...... All have several loop holes so be patient for the law to work in our favor.....finally the left has gone off the deep end and is trying everything, these bills were pushed through back door channels "illegal" because they knew the people would...
  251. MJB

    Time to call/email Brown 12 new gun bans

    Fingers crossed that we don't get fucked with our pants on
  252. MJB

    German Hunting Terrier puppies!

    Thanks Another litter should be on the ground at the end of July......thank god they are not mine to deal with but it is my bloodline on the sire's side.
  253. MJB

    German Hunting Terrier puppies!

    Both are sold
  254. MJB

    German Hunting Terrier puppies!

    Yep They are smarter than a 5th graderbieber
  255. MJB

    German Hunting Terrier puppies!

    They make a great boat dog after you teach they not to jump in the water after a gull.....
  256. MJB

    .308 for elk????

    Before the fancy big calibers & bullets hunters would hit the brown bear in the shoulders to stop it then follow up quickly with the kill shot. I'd feel better with the lever action over any other in that situation.
  257. MJB

    German Hunting Terrier puppies!

    No she treed a squirrel.....but they will climb a tree if they can
  258. MJB

    German Hunting Terrier puppies!

    I have two males left 7weeks today red & green. They know the command no & out pee & poop on the grass if I get them out of the box when they wake up. If you put them in before they poop the let you know they need out. Tails, dewclaws, shots, wormed, microchipped & papers Only hunters or...
  259. MJB

    Time to call/email Brown 12 new gun bans 12 new laws that won't do anything but make you and me a their are lots of bad wording in these bills so let's not post how they are wrong or make no sense. They have in the past made stronger laws because we have...
  260. MJB

    Best 6 pack charter out of SD?

    Hooks & Anchors Mike Roman (858) 525-1945
  261. MJB

    Bachelor party six pack

    Last week [email protected] Capt. Mike Roman
  262. MJB

    1st trip on the Excell ..things to know

    Hope you like poker.....
  263. MJB

    Guns are too easy to buy....for some people

    Yep he's a fool
  264. MJB

    Free conference room table out of the BD office in SD

    Oh please Carl you soiled that table with both of them at the same time.. U da man!
  265. MJB

    Yellow Legged Frog Survey

    Just put some dog shit in it
  266. MJB

    You dirty gun owners

    Im going to mail him a bar of soap
  267. MJB

    You dirty gun owners

    Frankly I feel we need to tar & feather this ignorant POS California state Senator Isadore Hall called gun owners "crazy, vicious and heartless". He doubled down and said if you were a gun owner you were responsible for the attack in Orlando and had "a dirty, filthy mouth that needs to be...
  268. MJB

    Wife has Cancer. . . . . This won't be a short read with pics!

    Keep your chin up..... Good luck to all!
  269. MJB

    New to hunting

    Real wood is not the best choice for hunting. Hunting is hard on everything including your rifle. I Like used guns lots on gun broker & a few other sites. But your big gear choice should be good binos with low light transmission. Can't shoot them if you can't find very...
  270. MJB

    Homeowner Reply to Oregon DFW Request

    This is the same frog that has shutdown trout stockings in Cali......
  271. MJB

    Well there you go, San Diego is screwed

    It's been ruled you can't open carry & now you can't CCW unless the sheriff is shall what does the right to bear arms mean? So who gives them the right to impose reasonable regulations on the Bill of Rights?
  272. MJB

    Well there you go, San Diego is screwed

    Not a to the SCOTUS to define "bear arms" This will be good either give us our guns or try, just try to take them and blood will be shed before it's over
  273. MJB

    Make up my Mind

    For hunting your shooting 1-2 rounds muzzle break is a double edge sword..........people tend to flinch more on the sound and blast then flinching on the recoil. I won't hunt with anyone who has a MB just too damn loud
  274. MJB

    .308 for elk????

    Copper sucks I've been shooting it for over 10yrs on Tejon lead has more options for bullets and it stays in the animal and looses 30% of the bullet weight that spreads a big wound channel. Copper is so hard it just passes through and has a smaller wound channel unless you hit bone or the...
  275. MJB

    .308 for elk????

    Lead will be outlawed after 2019 in Cali and copper & lead are hard to get the same poi. So lead for out of state hunts and copper for Cali hunts.
  276. MJB

    .308 for elk????

    I always like a little more power for elk a lot of shots are well over 250yds. With the lead ban coming I'd set the 308 for nonlead and the 06 for lead elk.
  277. MJB


    Nice bft Time to get some revenge lost a big one last year on a bad gaff
  278. MJB

    Carl is a dick

    About time he got the skunk offbieber
  279. MJB

    Losing irons during cast

    When you cast make sure no knots go through the guides. Plus what everyone else said
  280. MJB

    San Luis vs Mexicali East for crossing

    If you have the FMM they will stamp your FMM and off you go......I don't know if they do the FMM at the east entry I know they do at Mexicali. Just park before the boarder walk over get your FMM then hit east 10minute ride away.
  281. MJB

    San Luis vs Mexicali East for crossing

    on the east just hit the declare line far right stop under the canopy and they get you out PDQ. It's a straight shot
  282. MJB

    Been a long wait

  283. MJB

    "oh my gawd, its a baby fuckin whale!"

    Sounds like Billy.......
  284. MJB

    Is this the proper way to nose hook a bait?

    This is why you carry bolt cutters
  285. MJB

    Nobody is trying to take your guns....SURE

    She's gotta funny left face twitch.....
  286. MJB

    I got rammed in the ass....

    Glad your good! At least you got to pull your pants down:rofl: before impact.....
  287. MJB

    Nobody is trying to take your guns....SURE

  288. MJB

    Dana Mako

  289. MJB

    Stopped by Mexican Navy at Rockpile

    No wonder you miss half the jokes It would be great if you could do that at the shop!
  290. MJB

    Question about San Diego Fishing

    More trips will pop up most boats haven't got their full schedule online yet.... Good luck
  291. MJB

    Megabait, Coltsniper, or ?

    It's a running joke on here.......some dumbass PAID writer said yellowtail tuna We all know they are a Jack not a tuna
  292. MJB

    The board is smoking fast today

    ^^^^ No doubt!
  293. MJB

    Megabait, Coltsniper, or ?

    I have good luck on the mega baits for YT tuna. Go with a single hook ditch the trebles
  294. MJB

    Under Armour Giving Away CoolSwitch Apparel

  295. MJB

    Torium 16 Questions

    Remember it's like Chevy or Ford at some point Take a stand! And sell later if it SUCKED
  296. MJB

    Reel for 3/4 to 1.5 day trips?

    What happened to the Torium?
  297. MJB

    The Maximus

  298. MJB

    Seasickness question????

    I wondered how long until the "weed" suggestion came up.......where's that thread on the LR about weed that was funny
  299. MJB

    Jagd Puppies!

    6 new hunters will hit the field later this year
  300. MJB

    Seasickness question????

    Learn to dance with the boat.....
  301. MJB

    F&G Commission hired a new Executive Director

    She's a treehugger
  302. MJB

    Governor Appoints New F&G Commissioners

    Not looking good.....
  303. MJB

    Traveling to Washi ?'s

    You guys be good to our Carl he's a special kid......hopefully he likes it up there then he's all yoursbieber
  304. MJB

    seal killed and raped......sounds crazy right?

    Sick little fuckers
  305. MJB

    Reel for 3/4 to 1.5 day trips?

    20-30 would be my choice for a first reel. Something small that you can cast all day long kinda like the rig you want for fishing the slide You want 2-3 setups 20 30 40
  306. MJB

    Tuna eats Seagull

    As with petrels, in West European fishing communities it was thought unlucky to kill a gull; and, as with petrels, some said they embodied the souls of fishermen and sailors, especially those who had drowned. Read more:
  307. MJB

    Tuna eats Seagull

    I'd spit it out too......
  308. MJB

    What makes a good seat whore/crew member?

    U joking? Not sure?
  309. MJB

    What makes a good seat whore/crew member?

    Most of this is common sense.......WTF people...... Now I know why nobody ask me
  310. MJB

    I need some newspapers for the pups

    Well less than a week away and I need your papers.....thanks Kurt for your help here's one sheet and I need about 10 layers I'll pick up in SD area
  311. MJB

    Euros in the IV....

    Well it's about a month early.......lots of corn, melon & dried wheat fields that need too be harvested to be a good shoot. Even found a few sunflower fields......June should have lots of euros around in the fields not in the crappy feed lots. Lots of Mallards, WW, morning and...
  312. MJB

    Euros in the IV....

    anybody been lately? Hope I can find a melon or corn field that's been harvested.....I can't stand shooting in the feed lots
  313. MJB

    Winchester Model 94

    Well? Pics & year? I love my pre64 94 in 32 win spl
  314. MJB

    Winchester Model 94
  315. MJB


    No worries even the tree huggers can't tell the difference
  316. MJB

    democrats at it again

    The latest is Newsome & De Leon are bitching about which way is better to take our freedoms away fucking assholes!
  317. MJB

    Muther F%cker! Now Prince is dead

    Don't put those two in the same sentence.......she jumped the shark when he/she did porn....eeeeewww RIP Prince
  318. MJB

    Only eight wild pigs left in San Diego County according to UT San Diego (so it must be true)

    What? Carl, eat a snickers you get ugly when your hungry......
  319. MJB

    Only eight wild pigs left in San Diego County according to UT San Diego (so it must be true)

    so how much did they spend of our taxes on the 150 pigs in 4 years?
  320. MJB

    Taking our freedoms away and making us criminals all in one vote

    Send this buffoon an email or twitter and thank him for voting to take our rights away and making us criminals.......all in one vote Dear Mr. OUTDOORSMAN, Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on the Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational...
  321. MJB

    Condor this weekend?

    They are only going 50 miles offshore and leaving at 9pm you should be able to make it.....only 2 on Sunday's trip and good weather predicted Bring it on!
  322. MJB

    Bluefin/YFin , when to bait/wait versus run and gun

    Don't get run over out there sounds like a mad house
  323. MJB

    Condor this weekend?

    Anybody going? Scott said both overnight trips are a go......trying to go on Sunday's trip Can't beat the light load Bring on the gray bite under the boat!
  324. MJB

    Is this IGFA certified?

    It's metrics by the waybieber
  325. MJB

    Is this IGFA certified?

    Where's his scale to weight them? Hhhhmmm
  326. MJB

    Is this IGFA certified?

    Where's his scale to weight them? Hhhhmmm
  327. MJB

    Thought this was a good place for this!!!

  328. MJB

    San Diego Sport Fishing Fleet

    What? No Seaforth love?
  329. MJB

    Enough is enough!

    I see that upgrade Carl did worked real well.......damn electricians
  330. MJB

    Fish of a lifetime for the Local Knowledge team.

    Way to get it done! 25lbs of drag lol
  331. MJB

    "Prolonged El Nino" or New Normal?

    Who knows.....its Mother Nature your guess is as good as any
  332. MJB

    First overnight trip on the Excel, what to bring?

    A few lessons in here...... Headlamp Plastic cup for your drink after the first day
  333. MJB


    I remember..... 1.He'll drink all your sodas but will leave you his shitty energy drinks 2. He'll give all your spots up in a heartbeat if she has tits 3. He hogs the corner every time while farting to keep you away.
  334. MJB

    Eclipse or Prowler

    On the prowler the heads can be tricky in ruff seas bunks are 3 high so get a middle one. I did catch my biggest albie 43# On the Eclipse the middle row of bunks suck and it has real food not just burgers but you pay for it:) I did have a fish mix up once but they corrected it with a YFT...
  335. MJB


    Ahhhh......I'm thinking........give me a day or two
  336. MJB

    Sheriffs Assn opposes Newsom Initiative

    San Berdo Sheriff is on target!
  337. MJB


  338. MJB

    Need a dog moved from So.Cal to North TX

    Yep Hope to see how he does
  339. MJB

    Need to get rid of smell in bilge

    Bleach is a sanitizer not a cleaner. It will kill 90% of everything but it won't clean the material out of the tank so the stink will come back. Get some PBW it's a cleaner at any home brew beer making store. While your there get a bottle brush to make sure you get any leftover bait pieces in...
  340. MJB

    Leland Yee's new home in Texas

    I thought he was going to the Bakersfield prison?
  341. MJB

    It's the balance of nature......

  342. MJB

    was there any doubt in your mind?

    Yep not good just as bad as ruby ridge
  343. MJB

    SD Turkey

    It's tuff this year but BLM land is your friend.
  344. MJB

    Got One!

    Only 4 turkeys taken this year......congrats to your son! I was out with two great kids/parents no luck on the birds for us. But it's always nice to hunt the preserve for two days and work the call for the kids.
  345. MJB

    Akc rottweiller male pups

    Big Sire damn that's a lot of poop Great looking pups so much fun until they start running around and getting into trouble. Good luck
  346. MJB

    Sheriffs Assn opposes Newsom Initiative

    BREAKING NEWS! The California State Sheriffs Association formally opposes Lt. Gov. Newsom's gun control initiative. The letter reads, in part: "On behalf of the California State Sheriffs’ Association (CSSA) we wish to inform you of our opposition to “The Safety for All Act of 2016” ballot...
  347. MJB

    I need some newspapers for the pups

    SSSSHHHHHH that's my last resort......had to do that one year and I got busted by a lady....don't want to do that again even her little 4yr old called me a thief
  348. MJB

    I need some newspapers for the pups

    Have you seen how thin the paper is these days it would take 4 months to have enough......and yeah I'm cheap when it comes to paper just so the dogs can shit on it
  349. MJB

    I need some newspapers for the pups

    Anyone have newspapers that I can have for my litter of pups due early May? I'll pick up San Diego area Thanks!
  350. MJB

    Jagdterriers pups

    My pups from the last litter are true artist..... Pretzel anyone?
  351. MJB

    Jagdterriers pups

    Keep up the good work on the TV show that's much more important. Plus I love see your duck retrieval videos they're funny as hell!
  352. MJB

    Jagdterriers pups

    Nate when you get old the dog will be more help for you:) Good luck with the kids my brother had dog issues and did the shot treatment I don't think it helped but a good diet and regular washing of the dog did the most good for him. Now he has 7 indoor dogs so maybe it helped.....who knows...
  353. MJB

    Jagdterriers pups

    Chuck & Irv Call me when you can
  354. MJB

    Jagdterriers pups

    You know they hunt EVERYTHING They have web feet great swimmers, family dog with a great personality
  355. MJB

    Jagdterriers pups

    A little dog porn Pups hit the ground in April Taking deposits
  356. MJB

    Need a dog moved from So.Cal to North TX

    Not now it's 360 just flew one out today Sure is Good luck Dave
  357. MJB

    Nooner with Carl

    A mooner with Carl catching butts........ bieber
  358. MJB

    NRA in California

    For those that say the NRA has given up on California this is from yesterday's CRPA dinner: NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris Cox delivers the keynote address, including a commitment to continue to fight California's absurd gun laws. Cox also announced that NRA-ILA is now keeping all funds...
  359. MJB

    Should I take my kids to FH show?

    Very kid friendly weekends are very crowded. Their's a trout pond for the kids to fish they will love it
  360. MJB

    Chargers want Downtown......

    They want that hotel tax which is public funds to pay for the stadium which is private project.......good luck in LA Spanos
  361. MJB

    Rod suggestions for Trini16a?

    Another vote for Super Seaker No back pain and yet can cast anything
  362. MJB

    50# bluefin tuna on Pacific Queen at Colonett

    And so it begins.......
  363. MJB

    Local Seahorses ?

    I've seen them while diving
  364. MJB

    Jagdterriers pups

    Have my bitch Zola knocked up and looking to see who needs a pup ready in June for pick up. I'll post some pictures of Zola tomorrow Here's the sire AS
  365. MJB

    CONDOR Feb 26th to Colonet for big Yellows!

    Marmaduke is coming back in April sometime now that he has his Capt licence once again It will be good to fish with him again
  366. MJB

    Best Tackle for Punta Colonet

    It can be deep in some spots and strong current so 400yds of line and 1-3lbs of weight if the current is strong. Otherwise you'll never get down where the Reds & lings are hiding. As for yoyoing for yellows heavy jigs can help to get down as was stated above Good luck
  367. MJB

    Another pig on the ground 2/17

    I heard their booked........right?
  368. MJB

    Killed the BUGS

    Where's Carl? He'll straight this out......bieber
  369. MJB

    Chargers want Downtown......

    No tailgating is why he wants it it's all about the money as usual....12 dollar beers and $12 burgers
  370. MJB

    Chargers want Downtown......

    FUCK THEM! I'm so over them......I will vote hell no on the ballot measure
  371. MJB

    Fish amounts

    So you guys are done bitching? Well go crap on the lobster limit thread it needs some life:indabutt: bieber
  372. MJB

    Another Law Proposed by the Ca. Legislature

    Keep poking the bear
  373. MJB

    Fish amounts

    It's Carl's fault he started it......
  374. MJB

    Fish amounts

    Are the fish bitting yet????
  375. MJB

    3/4 day SD YT bite

    Don't forget your worked for me on the PV in January 11 YT for the day
  376. MJB

    Kill n Grill time

    So what's on the menu besides turd guzzlers?
  377. MJB

    Your "Go to" Cow Tuna Hooks and why?

    Trokar super sharp, three sides, hook sets with less pressure, hard to pull the hook even in slack line but DAMN you need to cash in some stocks to buy them....
  378. MJB

    what's the best diawa for throwing surface iron?

    Love my Grand Waves......
  379. MJB

    Another pig on the ground 2/17

    That's a good one!
  380. MJB

    source in san diego for aluminum tubing?

    Industrial Metal Supply they should have
  381. MJB

    Whats this right here ??

    Wow......first date?
  382. MJB

    Favorite vertical jigging for yellowtail ?

    Megabait for me and swap out the treble hooks to singles Less snags on the bottom and less chance to pull the hook has been my experience
  383. MJB

    Supreme Court Scalia dead after bird hunting trip

    Both parties have their hands deep into our pockets.....their money train is in danger with the uprising of Trump & Sanders As for freedoms lost under Obummer just look at Obummer care.....not to mention all of the EO's......the way he's using the EPA.....ect
  384. MJB

    Supreme Court Scalia dead after bird hunting trip

    ^^^^**i guess you don't mind loosing more of your freedoms
  385. MJB

    Hornady Copper Ammo in 270win

    That's pretty scary
  386. MJB

    Recent home invasions

    Their's a statement I want on my property to scare people......I will haunt you for the rest of your miserable life!
  387. MJB

    Recent home invasions

    Sounds about right but you don't want him to sue you so dead is better inside the house
  388. MJB

    Hornady Copper Ammo in 270win

    James, until you find a factory load just get one box at a time but buy more than one brand, weight or manufacture. It's always good to find more than one that works in your gun. Sad part by the time you find one that works you'll have spent enough to justify reloading..... Some one should...
  389. MJB

    Recent home invasions

    Love those big lugs kinda grew up with next door neighbor had one.
  390. MJB

    Lost wire hair pointer

    Update? I'll see a lot of NAVHDA members tomorrow.....when I have a litter of pups I as the breeder put a chip in them in front of the buyer. I also keep the number incase the dog gets resold or If they never register the chip
  391. MJB

    Recent home invasions

    Not quite true.....your life has to be in danger.....just cause someone breaks in your house you still can't's a very fine line.....a charge at you even if he has no weapon I'd shoot If it does happen completely unload on the intruder and make sure he's dead. Then call your lawyer...
  392. MJB

    Solar City Experience?

    They are not the cheapest if your going to buy the system but competitive if you lease
  393. MJB

    San Diego Junior Pheasant Hunt 2/13

    Anybody going? I'll be there running the dogs in the fields for the pheasant hunt.......look for my Jagds and say hi Mark
  394. MJB

    Recent home invasions

    The PD was flying all night long over Clairmont Mesa.....lock your doors and have your guns ready for a double tap.....
  395. MJB

    Yellow bling

    So the youth that I mentor got this bird what does the yellow band mean? I looked it up and it said yellow is central Canadian Arctic but the other band says 2011 anchorage was it caught twice?
  396. MJB

    284 Winchester.......brass unavailable!!
  397. MJB

    Another big seabass

    Can't beat that!
  398. MJB

    Oh where art thou albacore?

    Not this year but maybe next
  399. MJB

    Barrel Brake in?

    I've used these on savage 111 & mod 70 used guns and it did bring tighter groups
  400. MJB

    Ready for second set!? rod advice?

    Id go with another 20-40 setup you'll use that more often......then on your third rig go heavy with a 2 speed
  401. MJB

    Urgent help needed for Carl...

    Talked to him last night grumpy of course and yes his machine is dead........and he didn't turn on the internet part of his smart phone so he has no clue about this Call him or better yet text him he loves that!
  402. MJB

    California F&G news

    Or they pass on it and let it go.....then the bear gets smarter and also learns to stay away from man & dogs....the campers & backpackers appreciate it.....keep an open mind until you've done can take many hunts to years to take a mature animal not to mention the miles and altitude you...
  403. MJB

    California F&G news

    Oh boy lots of drama on the way....... I won't touch the dog bear lion thing but until you experience and understand why it's done you should keep an open mind
  404. MJB

    Fishing Etiquette

  405. MJB

    Cabelas polar cap coolers

    How many have you gone through......any repairs, cracks or warped lids? That's why I went to the yeti id have three coolers and everyone of them had some problem. I don't like it when gear fails especially when I'm counting on it in the middle of no man's land.....I like Coleman I think the old...
  406. MJB

    Cabelas polar cap coolers

    You buy these coolers when you need one that will last it's not all about ice retention......that brand looks to have a lot of wasted space with the side handle & angle compared to the yeti...... I have the yeti 85 and love it.....any bigger and the weight and width becomes an issue to move empty
  407. MJB

    anyone have any issues with fish and game

    Good luck Kurt
  408. MJB

    #21 Wide and heavy, finally

    That will work..... So story on how it went down?
  409. MJB

    Cleaning up the garage

    Depends on how many ex wives he has.....
  410. MJB

    anyone have any issues with fish and game

    One guy down here named Fleet did a lot worse than just it does happen and we had one of the worse of the worse. I sure hope his kid is cut from a different cloth. His son is a fish cop and wants to get transferred down here so we shall see.
  411. MJB

    Oside Saturday 23rd

    When the waves are right the mouth of that harbor is one of the worse for big crossing breakers. It's a little hairy the first time that's for sure! Nice YT
  412. MJB

    Even LA doesn't want the Chargers

    What a dick......yea it's the Raiders
  413. MJB

    Wyoming Elk Hunt....Success!!

    Heard this before about frog lube Love those SST bullets.....congrats!
  414. MJB

    anyone have any issues with fish and game

    Info overload........BOOM
  415. MJB

    Bend it comes again...!

    No money? That's what happens when you bite the hand that feeds you money......dumbasses
  416. MJB

    The Saga Of The Broken Hand

    he must get paid by the screw........
  417. MJB

    anyone have any issues with fish and game

    ???? Good luck in court
  418. MJB

    Talk is Chargers to LA and Raiders to San Diego!

    Spanos has Goldman Sachs backing him so money is not that big of an issue....Spanos would be stupid not to move to in the best stadium in the country or a second rate brainer it's a business out to make money!
  419. MJB

    F&G - fishing without a license:

    I hear ya what makes that spot so hot for every LE fed, state and local are all over that ramp.....
  420. MJB

    3/4 day on the Pacific Voyager

    Father and son sack......
  421. MJB

    3/4 day on the Pacific Voyager

    We stopped on bigger models they just didn't want to can't catch fish from the couch even little ones...... Megabait in blue & silver worked great for me.....most were caught on iron some on bait. The bite was over after lunch but I bet the sundowner was a hot bite
  422. MJB

    3/4 day on the Pacific Voyager

    It was fun....
  423. MJB

    1-6 wister area Bloodyducks Club

    That was so last year.......damn coons! You guys need a dog for the mud
  424. MJB

    fish and game damaged my boat

    Squeaky wheel gets the grease......keep the pressure on them they will give in on the boat damage once you become a PITA Fighting that ticket will be costly.....if you can get to the DA they should give you a disturbing the peace. It doesn't matter to them if your guilty or not they just want...
  425. MJB

    Chargers and Raiders got hosed!

    Dean is going to Inglewood if Goldman Sachs can make it work.......he'd be stupid not to with all the NFL crap that will be in the new complex. He may be second fiddle to the Rams but he will be in the best stadium in the country.
  426. MJB

    2015 Deer, Solo backpack hunt.

    Now that's a bloody pack!
  427. MJB


    I won $8....spent $10 Still a looser
  428. MJB

    Retrieving Game After Shoot Time

    Shoot time......that was the worse answer ever wonder people get confused then get a ticket If it's after shoot time you can't shoot PERIOD but you still need to make an effort to retrieve the game otherwise you may be subject to wanton waste. This is why I have a dog
  429. MJB

    Kill n Grill time

    20th works for me
  430. MJB

    Chargers and Raiders got hosed!

    The millionaire got beat out by the billionaire.........LOL This will be very interesting to watch unfold could be better than the games they played last year
  431. MJB

    Chargers and Raiders got hosed!

    100 million for the stadium from the NFL......tight wads
  432. MJB

    The lead ban for 7/1/2016.......oh yeah

    Looks like steel for everything but BG for me Phase 2 – Effective July 1, 2016, nonlead shot will be required when taking upland game birds with a shotgun, except for dove, quail, snipe, and any game birds taken on licensed game bird clubs. In addition, nonlead shot will be required when using...
  433. MJB

    The Closer for Mexicali Pheasants

    Its only 450 for permits along with a quail & pheasant tag then it's 50 a day plus tip. More than one hunter is all I can say
  434. MJB

    The Closer for Mexicali Pheasants

    Saturday wasn't bad either with 19 roosters
  435. MJB

    The Closer for Mexicali Pheasants

    Pushing or blocking I just had one of those days of just being lucky. We worked one dog at a time in the small ditch as the birds were holding tight in the tules, bamboo & tumble weeds all day long. A few of the bigger ditches with cover on both sides we tossed two dogs in to work and never...
  436. MJB

    The Closer for Mexicali Pheasants

    I didn't want to go this past weekend but my buddy talked me into it.......glad he did one of my best pheasant hunts ever and on Sunday the very last day. The Jagds were on fire and the wounds on their faces proves they may of had a better time than me. It was a mess the mud is typical IV or...
  437. MJB

    Deer gun suggestion

    06 worked great on the bull elk in my avatar took a SST 180gr at 410yds.......he did the elk stagger and was down one shot in the heart qtr. away. the bullet was just under the hide opposite front shoulder with 2/3 of is weight retained. You couldn't pay me to shoot Rem corelok Holding your...
  438. MJB

    Executive Action On Gun Control

    I know plenty of law abiding gun owners that won't buy an AR because of all the stupid laws around that gun. They don't keep up with every little new restriction placed on those guns so they steer away just to be safe & legal.......that's why people jump up and scream every time this comes up...
  439. MJB

    Mobile guys what you think?

    Join date is missing
  440. MJB

    Savage 110 project

    Looks too nice for the field
  441. MJB

    Wounded buck in Laguna

    That's not good
  442. MJB

    Chargers Fine Weddle, Such Douchebags

    Not a surprise they don't like him
  443. MJB

    Roosters holding tight in the IV

    Jagd terriers No fishing this time around......
  444. MJB

    Roosters holding tight in the IV

    The birds are still there but boy are they holding tight!
  445. MJB

    Montana Elk-2015

    Nice hunt
  446. MJB

    Dolphins vs Chargers........... shit vs crap

    Don't worry Rivers will fuck it up.....and then he'll cry about it
  447. MJB

    Someone school me on sewer pipes

    It cost my neighbor 5k new pipe to the street plus tie in to city pipe Good luck
  448. MJB

    Brawley Dmv hunting trip

    Nice hunt!
  449. MJB

    Bummed the seasons over.

    Nice......I've heard of the airlines messing with sights before
  450. MJB

    I don't get it

    Fixed it for ya......
  451. MJB


    steady bronco boy.......they didn't look that great of the worse games to watch after the first half
  452. MJB

    Have you seen this? Divers beware too funny!

    I miss the south many jokes I don't know where to start.....
  453. MJB


    Very cool trip report!
  454. MJB

    Rogue Waves

    In gun talk?
  455. MJB


    He's back in his panties for this game 34-9
  456. MJB

    Get It Checked!

    The flushing is a pita but the filling of your intestine full of CO2 is uncomfortable. I didn't get knocked out completely maybe next time I should. Have a buddy that lost part of his intestine right next to his rectum. It took a few years before he could shit like a normal human. Get it done!
  457. MJB

    11/25 2nd season dove IV report

    That's what they look like when they hit the water......damn ugly kinda like you and me
  458. MJB

    New Varmint Rifle

    204 such a hot load and with little recoil you can keep your target in your scope after the shot.......yet 350-400yrds 3" drop dead yotes or 6mm or 26 for 600yds
  459. MJB

    Holy shit it's finally over.

    Nice buck! Looks cold from down here
  460. MJB

    11/25 2nd season dove IV report

    Once you find the spot it's game on! I've got a spot of cut Sudan that's held a great shoot since it opened
  461. MJB

    Not a deer or elk but you may like this

    I've eaten roo never liked it
  462. MJB

    Oh my

    We're 1st draft pick at least we're winning something
  463. MJB

    Ok I'm finally ready to start hunting ducks

    You must miss a lot....... Good luck!
  464. MJB

    Last weekend's birds

    I don't do ducks only in Baja......but we did jump a spoony The dogs always have more fun than I do......after a weekend hunt they sleep for two days.....lucky bitches
  465. MJB


    Saw 1 spoony last weekend
  466. MJB

    The Chargettes suck so bad...

    I'd ditch the GM first give the coach one more year At least they are number one in sometime........1st draft pick 2016
  467. MJB

    The Chargettes suck so bad...

    So how could it get worse.....
  468. MJB

    German Shorthair

    I'll second NAVHDA
  469. MJB

    Last weekend's birds

    Great weather, and lots of birds!
  470. MJB

    Local one - Public oinker

    Welcome to the club!
  471. MJB

    illegal to shoot or capture pigeons........WTF

    Hunting with terriers is a lot of fun
  472. MJB

    HUGE CA Governor tag buck taken!

    That's a keeper! I like the angle it gets everyone in the picture......can you pick out the hunter?
  473. MJB

    illegal to shoot or capture pigeons........WTF

    Well they all agree now that it's legal. The LT. & sac town are all on the same page......
  474. MJB

    Hunters in the United States

    PENNSYLVANIA HAS THE LARGEST AMOUNT OF HUNTERS Interesting slant on things... AMERICA'S HUNTERS Pretty Amazing! A blogger added up the deer license sales in just a handful of states and arrived at a striking conclusion: There were over 600,000 hunters this season in the state of Wisconsin...
  475. MJB

    Doves 2nd season

    Don't forget your mojo dove.....
  476. MJB

    Finally, a good Texas buck

    That's a good one alright!
  477. MJB

    First West Coast Buck......

    good job!
  478. MJB

    illegal to shoot or capture pigeons........WTF

    Another flip flop by the DFW......and really a year.....more free gaffing BS Email I am thrilled that someone has asked the question. Rock dove (domestic pigeon) do not have a specific statute/regulation for take. As you know the hunting/fishing laws are written in the fashion that it is...
  479. MJB

    Elk Hunting from an outsiders perspective

    That's a good laugh
  480. MJB

    BLUEFIN TUNA OK again in Mexican Waters! Good news!

    Don't hold your breath for next spring/summer
  481. MJB

    We're doomed

    How many studies have been disproven over and over again then they flip flop back and back again. Let's face it we don't know only time will tell and even then we might not be able to change it or have any effect on it.
  482. MJB

    tagged out!

    Nice way to finish your season! Congrats guys! Cramps that's not good
  483. MJB

    Scope removal for storage ARGUMENT...

    Really? Her ex must have worked for a gun range or ammo company so you can waste more money....
  484. MJB

    I agree...

    Couldn't find anything current that tells a new tale????
  485. MJB

    What would you have done?

    And your still friends? F that
  486. MJB

    We're doomed

    Can't even predict the current weather patterns what makes me think they can for the end of the century.......LOL
  487. MJB

    Too soon?

    Nope......I just hope things go so bad they have on where to play next year and bankrupt the Spanos forcing them to sell......I know its a dream What I don't get why the NFL did not just give LA an expansion team.......why close three markets and try to get one market to support three...
  488. MJB

    D-16 got um 2015 Deer Camp

    Back at deer camp Saturday Rodger, Miguel & me talking shit enjoying a cold one
  489. MJB

    D-16 got um 2015 Deer Camp

    Good shooting Roger tough to hit them when they are bulldogging you at 410yds across canyon. I got your 100 pennies by the way Good luck guys this weekend hope those does are ready by then Thanks again Rodger for helping Kevin & Roman they said thanks & congrats on the buck
  490. MJB

    Pacific Voyager- 1 Blue Marlin... And a call to DFG.

    I get this all the time in regards to hunting. Hell look at 2A rights it's no better no matter what LE organization. The one problem with changing the wording it opens it up to all types of changes and we usually lose. Too many people on the other side just want to stop your rights because...
  491. MJB

    Pacific Voyager- 1 Blue Marlin... And a call to DFG.

    More laws really? Every new law takes another freedom thanks!
  492. MJB

    The DFG Has Spoken, It's Time For A Change

    A lawyer wanting more laws and regulations...go are not on my side trying to take away more freedoms. It's one fish.....why not get new laws for all the people that catch fish put them in their freezer only to toss them next year.....catch what you can eat law???? We need a big...
  493. MJB

    A few last deer handleing question?

    If you bring it in deboned it's cheaper. I have in the past used canned beer on the bottom of the cooler to keep the meat from pluging the drain hole and it helps to keep the meat out of the water. I've had a deer die and not find it until the next morning with no issues but if its 90 out it...
  494. MJB

    Wife has Cancer. . . . . This won't be a short read with pics!

    Sounds like y'all are on top of it Good luck and keep your head up!
  495. MJB

    How Long Before The Feds Are Knocking On His Door.......?

    It so bad down here we have flow charts to make sure your sad
  496. MJB

    Local outlet for camo clothing?

    The boots do come in wide sizes but they are not in stock has to come from Corp. Slim fast.......some of those backpacking meals will do even better. If you CAN get it down it doesn't last long in you!
  497. MJB

    Wister area 10/16/15

    Don't forget to lock the door to the trailer:)
  498. MJB

    Bear Down

    Ouch Drag 2 miles your crazy.....nice bear watch out for worms
  499. MJB

    D16 are you ready?

    Don't pass up on the first day what you'd shoot on the last day......been there done that
  500. MJB

    Horn Porn

  501. MJB

    Game processing San Diego??

    Debone the meat to save some money Bisher meats in Ramona does wild game but I hear it's not cheap......I heard they did a local deer for 250 I don't know if it was whole or how much sausage was made My last elk the guy that bought Jim's charged me 30% more than a year ago. Ouch!
  502. MJB

    Local outlet for camo clothing?

    Not all the REI staff is that bad I know two of them that when I walk in they ask where I hunting. Both are dudes that fish but don't hunt. Pink camo will work just like blaze orange.
  503. MJB

    D16 are you ready?

    I'm all set to kill another baby forky.....and hike the fucker out 3 miles down hill!
  504. MJB

    Local outlet for camo clothing?

    Maybe you should change your location so they don't think your in LA......Dicks SA Or hit REI and get tan gear doesn't have to be camo
  505. MJB

    Game processing San Diego??

    It's gotten expensive all of a sudden down here....couple hundred per animal and that's with very little sausage I do my own if I don't have time after the kill I freeze quarters and when I have time break one qtr down at a time.
  506. MJB

    Packer Fans are Gay...

    Soooo gay
  507. MJB

    Too soon?

    Him & the GM need to go
  508. MJB

    Father Daughter Hunt

    No doubt.....
  509. MJB

    More gun law crap

    Gavin with shrimp boy who's going to jail over trafficking guns Such a great guy
  510. MJB

    More gun law crap

    when is the asteroid hitting us.......not soon enough Here's a start
  511. MJB

    Father Daughter Hunt

    Nice Brent! Can't believe HS cheer is so up tight for one missed game.
  512. MJB

    filled my tag

  513. MJB

    Hunting Backpack

    Chill bro I wasn't attacking you or the packs just pointing out the weight is not worth mentioning when empty. My cc holds up to 5900 if I need it and I'm sure with some dry sacks I've carried more. It's around 8lbs so it's right in there as the rest. I've never had an issue with the CC and...
  514. MJB

    Anything happening this evening in San Diego?????

    RB? Maybe a blocking fullback but both RB are good but if the line can't block not much running will happen Coach & GM should go and while your at it make Spanos sell the team....
  515. MJB

    Hunting Backpack

    Watch the video See if you agree
  516. MJB

    Anything happening this evening in San Diego?????

    We have no Off line and our D is very week....defense wins games and penalties don't help
  517. MJB

    Pesky deer

    A little pre rut action Nice!
  518. MJB

    Hunting Backpack

    A pound heavier.....I'm keeping it Here's a video that does a okay comparison but no real world feel on your back comfort/weight wise I forgot how much I paid ouch that hurt
  519. MJB

    Holy shit Carl has stepped up to the 21st century

    How do you guys work your TV or computer.......the iPhone is much easier
  520. MJB

    Hunting Backpack

    Heavy? Like what's the difference under 5lbs? After hauling my camp, 3 gallons of water in 3 miles up hill for D16 scouting it wasn't fun......if it's over 5lbs I may swap it out. One thing I do have to say their packs are indestructible mine has been in some ruff spots for over 7 years and...
  521. MJB

    F me here we go again. Oregon shooting

    It won't be long before we have school shooting now.......way to go moonbeam Let's hope this goes somewhere...... "When mass shootings occur in areas where politicians have created easily accessible pools...
  522. MJB

    FHL deer hunt

    Nice buck and he looks like a young buck.....hope he got to breed a few does before the shot....looks like he's in rut, big neck, facial scent glands dripping I bet those tarsals were black and stinky
  523. MJB

    Bird dog training costs

    Or the poor mans DK well at least that's where it started...... I love the Germans when it comes to dog breeds they really put out some amazing breeds
  524. MJB

    Any d11 hunters?

    Gotta love LA......
  525. MJB

    Bird dog training costs

    For kids in one spot.....
  526. MJB

    Lost all my fish, freezer down !!!!

    I'd call the plumber to get rid of the stink...... I check mine every day just to be safe light on good to go
  527. MJB

    Holy shit Carl has stepped up to the 21st century

    He will never leave home...... Just saw him use his smartphone with no problem when Bubba called........MANGINA at its best!
  528. MJB

    Holy shit Carl has stepped up to the 21st century

    Your mangina is showing Carl......if you can work the F&W software you can handle a smartass phone
  529. MJB

    Holy shit Carl has stepped up to the 21st century

    Nice to see your texting works......
  530. MJB

    Should I get a kayak?

    Up your insurance and make me your beneficiary.......come on dude are you serious.....can't swim who wasn't learned how to swim in this day and age I call trolling
  531. MJB

    Holy shit Carl has stepped up to the 21st century

    He got a smartphone and he's actually texting....WOW WELCOME TO THE 21st century dude! Text the hell out of him he needs a little love......
  532. MJB

    Bird dog training costs

    Now that's the way to do it keep them close! Next weekend quail opens A DK is not a GSP as I've been told by the so cal DK NAVDA GUYS Haha
  533. MJB

    Condor Overnight 9/3 - 9/4

    Jeeeeze......grumpy, let me know when your going so I can stay away from your attitude
  534. MJB

    After fish dies, can you still bleed it, or make it taste better?

    You don't gain that much by bleeding as you do with keeping it cold. Wrap it in paper towels to soak the blood up after you clean them
  535. MJB

    Thank god for penalties

    Thanks Cleveland!
  536. MJB

    Rivers plays better when he's mad !!!

    He's such a goofball
  537. MJB

    Cleaning lobster?

    No cleaning until you cook them.....due to regs When you do just slide a knife along the carapas and gently pull. I cut the bottom of the tail along both sides of the hard shell then pull the poop trail out
  538. MJB

    F me here we go again. Oregon shooting

    Gun free zones & crazies bad combo....
  539. MJB

    When you hunt alone, and you F up....and you are in Africa. Oh shit.

    Was this a Barnes copper bullet?
  540. MJB

    How Long Before The Feds Are Knocking On His Door.......?

    That sheriff is an ass with his comments
  541. MJB

    Alaska Moose Hunting with Pops

    Both are really nice Bulls! Congrats
  542. MJB

    Bird dog training costs

    Or the GSP guys that insist their dogs need to range 100 + yds to find the birds.....that's when I block and get my limit in one field.....they learn quick
  543. MJB

    Cheap 70 Caliber

    Been there done that
  544. MJB

    Boating banned on Irvine Lake

    More lawyers protecting stupid people and their stupid don't know how to swim and your not wearing pfd then you fall overboard & sink in a lake.......Darwinism at its best
  545. MJB

    First Deleted Post Then Blocked?

    If it always seems to be YOU.......maybe take the hint Just saying
  546. MJB

    Let's go Chargers, let's go...

    You sound like Rivers......
  547. MJB

    White worms in Tuna

  548. MJB

    Bird dog training costs

    Sometimes it's the dog handler that really needs the training......
  549. MJB

    Let's go Chargers, let's go...

    Rivers sucks!
  550. MJB

    Opener report (non-kill)

    Hope for weather!
  551. MJB

    Dove hunting Laguna MT

    Euros are open and rabbits
  552. MJB

    Questions for those who have a 7mm Rem Mag

    This reminds me of that guy that was shooting his buddies 270 with no problem and then went and bought a 300 winmag......... I have shot my 30-06 at elk for over 30 years never ever had one run off even on marginal shots 180gr bullet that stays in the animal is a killer all visual downed elk...
  553. MJB

    Got one!

    Buck fever will go away once you get a few more under your belt.......unless you start rushing a shot then all bets are off Congrats!
  554. MJB

    A22 and D16 Season Dates for 2015

    It's always been one week.....I call it ticket week:) I don't understand why dfw can't put it on the tags......
  555. MJB

    New Era Deer Hunting

    You never know until you put your hands on it....
  556. MJB

    Why keep such small fish

    Yep size limits are good then theirs no issues......except fishing sucks and the Captain can't find fish worth keeping......
  557. MJB

    662.2 pound blue marlin captured off San Diego

    Nice fish Any action shots?
  558. MJB

    Dove hunting Laguna MT

    For dove hit the IV lots of birds and lots of land where you can shoot them.
  559. MJB

    MLPA Violation - Penalties?

    It would be nice if you could load them into your GPS with audible warnings......... Like was said before it's all about the money from tickets......
  560. MJB

    So what happened to the storm?

    AZ got it......move east in a hurry and missed us
  561. MJB

    When you hunt alone, and you F up....and you are in Africa. Oh shit.

    Sure is a fishing site........ Good article on handguns vs rifles for putting down bears
  562. MJB

    Got one!

    Nice buck! I though you didn't like the taste of deer?
  563. MJB

    Bears title hopes dashed

    We are in a QB low in the NFL.....I can't find one that's worth a damn
  564. MJB


    Longer than your memory
  565. MJB

    A-22 success!

    Nice buck!
  566. MJB

    Nailed this Bruin this week in Montana

    Good looking bear!
  567. MJB

    Extinction of the yellowtail tuna

    See what you guys started......
  568. MJB


    Rivers usual
  569. MJB


    That was a fumble he was tucking that in not throwing the ball Chargers got lucky on the other fumble......look like his knee was down but no whistle.....
  570. MJB

    40-60 rod

    I second the super seeker best rod around for your back while pulling on deep fish all day
  571. MJB

    Got shitter problems

    Your fleshligh?
  572. MJB

    Well, fuck me.

    Good luck I've broken my fibula twice neither was much fun after a few years you be a 100%. It does take more time when you get older.......building the flexabillity and muscle strength is the hardest part
  573. MJB

    We won a battle....Not the War

    What did you think the foreign investors were going to do? They couldn't resale the properties so it was all about the rental money.
  574. MJB

    First bear

    Nice! Lots of bears up there
  575. MJB

    shot across the bow
  576. MJB

    Want to shoot pigeons in the IV? Call TODAY!

    It died in committee this time around
  577. MJB

    Sunrise Hwy...

    No good for doves
  578. MJB

    When you hunt alone, and you F up....and you are in Africa. Oh shit.

    He's lucky to be alive those spears are deadly no matter where they hit
  579. MJB

    Want to shoot pigeons in the IV? Call TODAY!

    AB 665 (Frazier) would help prevent cities, counties and park districts from adopting ordinances and other regulations which ban or interfere with hunting, fishing and depredation control activities. It passed the Senate and was looking good, but the HUMANE SOCIETY and others are now trying...
  580. MJB

    Urgent AB665 need calls today

    AB 665 (Frazier) would help prevent cities, counties and park districts from adopting ordinances and other regulations which ban or interfere with hunting, fishing and depredation control activities. Remember the pier fishing issue in Manhattan Bch this would stop them from voting to end...
  581. MJB

    Deer opener..

    Don't mess with her Jack & dove!
  582. MJB

    The Cheater vs The Rapist

  583. MJB

    Deer opener..

    Sounds like I broke 4 more rules...jeeez I started out in 72 then we moved next to Kurt. Just text me next time my phone goes in & out up there and Internet is worse
  584. MJB

    Deer opener..

    I never hunt the opener and this year I should have waited until Sunday many people with the holiday it was crazy. Did get checked by the warden all good no deer by Sunday AM according to him. Three in my party two missed branch deflect & deer turned before arrow got...
  585. MJB

    A22 opening weekend who's going?

    Windy jumped a good buck putting a lock on the tree stand A ton of people...... Someone is ready for some hunting/tracking
  586. MJB

    A22 opening weekend who's going?

    I got my camping spot at Burnt Rancheria camp ground # 72 Stop by and say hey......and if you need to track a deer I'll have Zoe in camp she hasn't lost one yet:) Mark See ya there and good luck!
  587. MJB


    Better look it up again it does state 50 yds from the road. It's not in the F&W code it's in the penal code under shooting
  588. MJB


    He was unfairly treated........WOW his lawyer will have season tickets for sure
  589. MJB

    More doves

    Nice when they are near camp
  590. MJB

    Dove opener 2015

    Here you go.....tell them politely to leave you alone got this off the ca DF&w website. Shooting barnyard pigeons? Question: What is the law when it comes to shooting common or barnyard pigeons? After discussing this with a number of friends and hunters, no one seems to have a definitive...
  591. MJB


    The business Costco had two sizes and they both were 100$ cheaper than the web site. They have a lot of options that are really nice But I have a 85qt yeti so I'm set for the most part. I still have a few igloos but they have cracks broken lids warpped lids missing plugs you name it but they...
  592. MJB

    Dove opener 2015

    Wardens were writing tickets for pigeons in the IV......they should of been writing tickets for too close to the road, too close to a building and shooting over the road.......I saw lots of those while looking for birds at first light
  593. MJB

    Dove opener 2015

    Easy limits for us.......damn was it muggy
  594. MJB


  595. MJB


    Glen so how hot are the girls..... I mean the dove:) I'll be down by heber in the IV should be good
  596. MJB

    RA to take Standard Capacity Ban to Supreme Court Their's hope!
  597. MJB

    Scouting the Valley 8-30-15

    Good luck! I'm going in blind but know where they should be.....
  598. MJB

    Advice on circle hooks

    Don't set the hook like a j hook like was said before let the fish hook himself
  599. MJB

    Just an FYI... High Radiation 1 mile out @ Del Mar...

    The whales are during off due to the blob of Red Sea bacteria and so is everything else that eats plankton or the fish that eat plankton. Didn't Al Gore start the funding of that group to prove he invented the Internet......
  600. MJB

    Bird dog training costs

    So you get her trained when do you have time to hunt? You still have to have her on birds..... I trained my jagds on my own when I had time 10-15 a few days a week then joined a Uma in Baja and it all fell together spent less than 3k for the entire season got to hunt wild birds all day long...
  601. MJB

    CONDOR 208 Yellowfin to 65+ Bloodbath Massacre 8/25

    ^^^^^ You two just need to kiss and make up......or go fishing together
  602. MJB

    Please Don't Drive Through the Kelp!!!

    Jeeze so sound like Marcus when he's wining about shorts and empty pots.......divers don't stalk hoop nets and we don't go into any one's pots...remember we have like 10' of visibility so sometimes we don't see things until we are on top of them......the last few seasons have...
  603. MJB

    Condor, Grande, or Eclipse 1.5 day?

    Condor or Eclipse +1 for the food on the eclipse but they ding ya for 50 bucks for the meal plan both good boats
  604. MJB

    Imagine that rain

    ???? My locals said clouds but no rain yet I doubt it with 30-50%......but when has the weatherman been right?
  605. MJB

    Wolf Pack Confirmed In California

    Here we go's all about a balance but most including project yote huggers don't get it........ranchers will do like they have for years SSS The timber wolf is much bigger look it up and yes they kill for fun and don't finish the animal that's why the grizzlies would all eat...
  606. MJB

    Can I borrow your wife.........?????

    Youth 20 pump let me know 805/52
  607. MJB

    Chargettes are leaving...finally.

    None of my money will be spent on anything chargers.....I don't blame the players I blame the greedy owners
  608. MJB

    Chargettes are leaving...finally.

    Well when Rivers gets injured this year at least we have a good backup in Sorenson...Clemens is a waste......and the rookie kicker Lambo earned his keep as the old guys just keep getting Injured
  609. MJB

    "check engine light"

    Carl is right If you do it yourself read the code then reset and see which ones pop up as the computer reset. For it to reset you'll need to drive 50-150 miles which is a pain. Trouble shooting this stuff can be multiple issues that's why they look to see which ones in which order pop up. Or...
  610. MJB

    Condor 1.5 Day Report 8/20

    Over priced for for the condor I don't feel sorry for Scott that's what you get when you haven't been on the boat for two months
  611. MJB

    Anyone have info on this? (fishing "accident")

    I'm surprised the Prowler hasn't lost anyone overboard those heads are way too high and close to the rail
  612. MJB

    First archery buck

    Good job!
  613. MJB

    City of long Beach incident 8/19 @ 1415

    Just stop at his bow and dump your fish blood and scraps from your filets...... Then let him move and do it again.....and don't forget the BD salute!
  614. MJB

    Yesterday 8/16/15 on the Maximus

    It was yesterday's bad
  615. MJB

    Yesterday 8/16/15 on the Maximus

    what about that wahoo that got hooked?
  616. MJB

    Thieves should be dealt with severely

    A thief is a thief I was just pointing out that some have other agendas.....and the treehuggers think they are the last word in morality so we all should follow More proof we need a disaster to wake people up
  617. MJB

    Condor tries a new tactic

    I thought it was commin sense not to wash the blood off on a plunker bite until you move...... nice report glad Mike is getting it done he sure has matured over the years
  618. MJB

    5th annual SCH Oscar Canon Wounded Warrior Duck Hunt at Campo De Cazadores

    I'm buy duck stamps this year it's been over 20years for me, just to help out this year also brining my dogs and both Benellis for these guys...... Great job Bill
  619. MJB

    SB-350: All boats will be on sale

    26, you should have watched the video.......Coleman said the same thing as your Duke study......jeeeeez
  620. MJB

    SB-350: All boats will be on sale

    ^^^^^^ That's proof??? Real science right there.... Here is what I tend to believe
  621. MJB

    SB-350: All boats will be on sale

    Oil has big money this won't's all about who has the most money to pay for votes If we could get money out of elections we would see better laws coming down the pipe.
  622. MJB

    Thieves should be dealt with severely

    Could be a never know
  623. MJB

    Chargettes are leaving...finally.

    Rivers gets a 4 yr deal 60mil guaranteed.......I think Rivers sucks just tossing money out the door 13 years in the NFL guess who's going to get injured.....
  624. MJB

    Where are the tree-huggers?

    They are at Del Mar protesting the 4 dead horses from this year.......or at La Jolla hassling divers
  625. MJB

    Getting ready.....

    Was on the hill yesterday saw a good acorn crop and lots of campers. Lots of young deer tracks and of course a lion track near the fire house. Not much yote scat some fox and bobcat......things seem pretty normal up there this year you can tell the rain last month was pretty good in the washes...
  626. MJB

    Knife help question

    Maybe maybe not....a few years back a guy took a ball point pen and jabed a lion in the face while the lion had a hold of his head.
  627. MJB


    That thing is ugly
  628. MJB

    What say you........

    Melanistic Mt. Lion The head is shaped like a lion not a cat and you can see the tawny colors underneath. The tail is moving and the picture is blurred so hard to tell from the tail......get a better camera haha Did you find tracks Or any scat? Can't miss lion shit
  629. MJB

    Chargettes are leaving...finally.

    It's Carl's fault!!!! Either way
  630. MJB

    Chargettes are leaving...finally.

    So all three teams bid for LA......kiss my ass Chargers I hope no one goes to the games. I would hit 2-3 games.....this year no way in HELL liars don't get my money..... LA doesn't want losers especially three. I see in two years all of them will be going down the drain only the Rams have money...
  631. MJB

    WTB Youth Bolt Action .243

    Call these guys
  632. MJB

    Fish Hard!!! La Niña predicted for 2016

    Since when do you trust the weather man???? We shall see.......I heard the other day this will be here next year
  633. MJB

    Time for hunters and Fisherman to stop patronizing Delta airlines

    Get ready to eat some crow.........might want some salt with that bird all you lion lovers..... Stand by getting a link And the dentist is gonna be a lot richer after his lawyers get done
  634. MJB

    Warrior Kids Trip 2015 - Pics by Nunya

    Nice job! And way to be a sport Carl!
  635. MJB

    Sherm on 7/39 now!

    Good LA can have another looser
  636. MJB

    Western WY muley tags

    For water filter And if you get the camelback attachments you can pump right through the mouth valve so you don't have to open the bladder or your pack. As for elevation sheep hunters get the Bayer heart asprin and...
  637. MJB

    A little good news...

    Good job!
  638. MJB

    Fluorocarbon ..... Just the Facts.

    Good info Fluorcarbon is harder to tie your knots so take your time and check it twice if it doesn't look right retie. What about shelf life of both?
  639. MJB

    20lb or 30lb test?

    30 & 40 with 20-40 FC
  640. MJB

    Caught this on 50lb rig!!!!!

    Teledyne makes some of the components not the rig.
  641. MJB

    Question on catching yellowfin

    Reels have been covered as for Fluorcarbon I recommend it 20-40. Rods I'm a super seeker fan 7-8' 20-40 line rating your back will thank you.
  642. MJB

    Question on catching yellowfin

    Reels have been covered as for Fluorcarbon I recommend it 20-40. Rods I'm a super seeker fan 7-8' 20-40 line rating your back will thank you.
  643. MJB

    Is 100yds off the port side enough room or......

    100 is a little close no need to hug them it's a big ocean.
  644. MJB

    BD is acting up

    What do you expect for FREEEEEEEE peace out you one uppers!
  645. MJB

    Help on choosing a good 300 winchester magnum rifle!

    Hey don't pick on my favorite bullet for deer & elk the SST but that's in 30-06 and 270 no fancy mag calibers.......
  646. MJB

    Knife help question

    Camp EDC knife or skin & gutting? I'm a havalon guy for skin & gutting but camp knife I like a good 6" straight blade.....if a lion or bear gets a hold of you the straight blade is the way to go.....folding is much safer for the most part
  647. MJB

    Bobcat trapping banned statewide

    More than anything this should bring too light this matter of a regulatory commission overruling the elected officials..... The Next State Scandal: California Fish and Game Commission...
  648. MJB

    Condor staff

    Scott hasn't been on the boat much this year?
  649. MJB

    Time for hunters and Fisherman to stop patronizing Delta airlines

    I was talking about the old and yes their are plenty of trophy animals to sustain this in some areas........they also help rid the villagers of animals that destroy crops and their villages. Ever see Shockeys Uncharted? It may open your eyes.....he goes in and films in remote villages all over...
  650. MJB

    Time for hunters and Fisherman to stop patronizing Delta airlines

    Harvesting the old..... As animals get old their teeth get worn down to the gums and end up starving to death. That's one of the main reasons we kill them it's much more humane to die by a hunter than waste away by starvation or die off in the winter Another reason if you kill all of the young...
  651. MJB

    Time for hunters and Fisherman to stop patronizing Delta airlines

    Mike, careful our new duck hunting F&W commissioner said, before he voted for the bobcat ban that he only kills what he eats......hope he chokes on a coot
  652. MJB

    Bobcat trapping banned statewide

    Flip flop flip flop.........this has nothing to do with the lion though it was brought up several times before the vote today by the public..... Baylis voted for state wide ban......of course he's not on our side Kellogg voted for a study Jacqueilne voted for a study Williams....the new guy...
  653. MJB

    Time for hunters and Fisherman to stop patronizing Delta airlines

    Oh please explain hunters love to read this logic by non hunters comparing hunting and fishing
  654. MJB


  655. MJB

    Shitty Counts For a Banner Season..

    Yup not the year for good numbers of tuna.......YET
  656. MJB

    Yeti Tundra 160 NEW! in unopened box

    At 54lbs empty do you have a Sherpa to go with it? I love my 85qt yeti.........
  657. MJB

    Time for hunters and Fisherman to stop patronizing Delta airlines

    I can tell you have never hunted nor do you understand the history of Africans. Look up some of your points so you can have the correct info for your arguments. Remember we were hunters and gatherers for longer than farmers or shoppers. When you release a cow that has fought for its life you...
  658. MJB

    Time for hunters and Fisherman to stop patronizing Delta airlines

    No blasting........then we should outlaw fishing for trophy cows too how much fish can you eat? Your killing the breeders.....ect.... We should all stick together and don't limit anyone's right to do something legal as long as science and the population can support it.......just because it's...
  659. MJB

    Time for hunters and Fisherman to stop patronizing Delta airlines

    Delta doesn't even fly into Africa......what a joke
  660. MJB

    Condor staff

    Not a fan of Billy or his food but the rest have been great to fish with and they call me friend. Hope things turn on solid like last year for them
  661. MJB

    Nature lovers to target fisherman?

    We all must support each other.....wait for the true story not what the media reports....stand behind science & not emotion. And remember we pay to protect wildlife not the lefties/antis or common man for the most part. Remember the song dirty laundry? It's all about the shock and awe My...
  662. MJB

    Need boots recommendation......Again....Saloman Suck!

    REVIEW Lowa Tricam II GTX Hiking Boot Great boot! Great tread, fit and comfort.....with the right additions Hiked 15 miles this past week up, down and STEEP side hilling. First boot that doesn't come loose until multi hills after 7 hours of hiking. Not once was I walking on the side of my...
  663. MJB

    RIP Sally the sardine

    I just got home and feel real bad I mistakenly stepped on Sally the sardine while she jumped out of the water and onto the dock.......I didn't see her tag in time but Carl the crab freed it up for me. Thanks Carl RIP SALLY
  664. MJB

    Freezing fish questions

    Just eat it and next time dry with paper towel plastic wrap and vac seal or just vac as soon as you can.....never use water or it will be nasty. Always defrost in fridge cut when just bendable. If the outside is bad cut a thin layer off on all sides then eat. The cut off pieces...
  665. MJB


    Get your ammo now 5 a box at Wally World
  666. MJB

    Non-lead Shot

    Wally World has dove loads for 5 bucks a box now
  667. MJB

    leftover deer tags

    Wow that's damn fast!
  668. MJB

    Wanted: Two young studs

    I'd start at 3am for the bite or near sunset had one on at dusk but lost it at the gaff
  669. MJB

    Local break ins 805/52 area

    Just got home from Tejon and my neighbors truck got broken into and another neighbor got on video of 4 guys casing the street around dogs were home and going crazy around that time. Only second hand reports so far, but the cops said they have been working down the 805 from...
  670. MJB

    WTB Female Lab

    Try the retriever clubs
  671. MJB

    Smoking Section on Sport Boats

    :deadhorseMy gawd how much weed do you need on a trip? 1-2 puffs and your done.......just bring some edibles and no one has to handle a contact buzz.......and more room at the rail for the rest of us while your eating the galley dry Peace out :smoking33: