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  1. Icantswim

    2320 Parker

    Very clean work... I hope I have such a generous friend like you when I buy my boat.
  2. Icantswim

    Puerto Vallarta! November 16-20, 2019

    Awesome trip. Thanks for sharing
  3. Icantswim

    SOLD Reels

    Ill take the tern if your willing to ship to San Jose ca.
  4. Icantswim

    looking for two anglers on the Marlas for 3 1/2 trip

    What is the cost? How much do the hotels cost a night near by?
  5. Icantswim

    How much is the cost for the dec 3-/12 day with the Osuna brother?

    How much is the cost for the dec 3-/12 day with the Osuna brother?
  6. Icantswim


    Awesome trip! Thanks for sharing
  7. Icantswim

    Very Sad. Becarfule out there.

    My condolences to Ryan and his family....
  8. Icantswim

    Another connection

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing
  9. Icantswim

    Sad news about the Chief Sportfishing boat

    Chief will be missed. Caught my cow on her and met a lot of good people. RIP Chief
  10. Icantswim

    10/1 371It

    Awesome report! Thanks for sharing
  11. Icantswim

    For Sale 2000 Davis Rock Harbor 25 ft long cabin

    Labor Day bump for a sweet boat!
  12. Icantswim

    For Sale 18’ Lund 150hp Mercury 4 Stroke

    So glad it sold. Was rolling around in bed last night trying to figure out how to tow her home lol. Great sled
  13. Icantswim

    Went Fishing PV last week

    Thank you for sharing an honest review.
  14. Icantswim

    Fort Bragg 9/16

  15. Icantswim

    Pleas Pray for my best friend

    Prayers sent. ...
  16. Icantswim

    Opah SW of 302

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing
  17. Icantswim

    Prayers appreciated

    Prayers to you and your family......
  18. Icantswim

    Truline QR6XXH 6'9" 50-120lb.

    Nice job! Thanks for sharing
  19. Icantswim

    1968 Chevrolet Camaro

    Nice whip! GLWS
  20. Icantswim

    the tsutaoka charter on the marla IV, january 2018

    Awesome report as always. Thanks for sharing. Glad to see you back on the water.
  21. Icantswim

    Lamiglas, first try at Tiger wrap

    Looks awesome! Thanks for sharing.
  22. Icantswim

    The Largest Bluefin Tuna Ever Caught on Spinning Gear

    What a beast! Thanks for sharing.. Big ups for releasing it!
  23. Icantswim

    16' Complete rebuild w/ Coosa

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing
  24. Icantswim

    Halloween Striper Report: Monster Mash!!

    Very very nice! Thanks for posting
  25. Icantswim

    United Composites CX76 Centaur for Fran

    Very nice work as always!!
  26. Icantswim

    Captain jumps in water to save bluefin tuna

    Wow that was amazing! Thanks for sharing
  27. Icantswim

    Shimano Trevala

    Very nice
  28. Icantswim

    Heavy Metal Rail Rod

  29. Icantswim

    Olive Tree.....

    Berry Berry Nice!
  30. Icantswim

    "Sold" Please delete Blackman Outerbanks

    Gorgeous! I can see myself spending more on her than my currentn gf....
  31. Icantswim


    Free bump on bad ass boat
  32. Icantswim

    Repaying the debt 05132017

    What great report! Thanks for sharing
  33. Icantswim

    Am I Crazy? Tranx 500 Best Yo-Yo & Rockfish Reel EVER?!?!

    I have and it been amazing! Looking to buy another one soon.
  34. Icantswim

    Rod Building Class

    Is there anybody in the Bay Area willing to teach me how to build rods?
  35. Icantswim

    Rainshadow RCLB80L

    Very nice work as always!
  36. Icantswim

    a few from this week

    Berry berry nice!
  37. Icantswim

    Slow Pitch/Mechanical Jigging Trip

    I'm with rockhopper. Plenty of rockfish up her. Let's go for yellow tail!
  38. Icantswim

    $190 average Charger ticket price

    I'll trade you 49er tickets if you promise to stand during the national anthem?
  39. Icantswim

    A few from this week

    Berry berry nice!
  40. Icantswim

    Shimano Tranx or abu garcia...?

    Get the Tranx. I fished with the 500 at the farralon islands and pulled some big lings with ease.
  41. Icantswim


    Super cool video! Thanks for sharing.
  42. Icantswim

    "Redneck Rodeo" 7-Day Aboard the Royal Star

    Awesome video! Thanks for sharing
  43. Icantswim

    saltwater sportsmen's show 2017 - salem, oregon

    Looks like fun! Thanks for posting.
  44. Icantswim

    You know when your wife loves you !!!

    Does she have a sister!? J/k Happy Birthday
  45. Icantswim

    Straggler iron restorations

    Very nice work!
  46. Icantswim

    jig box thought i share

    Good looking set up!
  47. Icantswim

    AA 14 Day Report

    Awesome report! Thanks for sharing
  48. Icantswim

    Rainshadow RCLB80M

    Berry berry Nice!
  49. Icantswim


  50. Icantswim

    Slow Pitch/Mechanical Jigging Trip

    I am also interested. Let me know when and where..
  51. Icantswim

    the new ling cod king - hmb 5/10/2016

    Nice fish! Jigging for them in shallow water is so much fun.
  52. Icantswim

    HUGE Florida February CATCH

    Great report! Thanks for sharing
  53. Icantswim

    25 bertram total restoration

    So pretty! I hope my lotto numbers hit!
  54. Icantswim

    Guys, take care of yourself

    Will schedule a check up tommrrow. Sorry for your loss...
  55. Icantswim


  56. Icantswim

    Rainshadow RCLB70XL

    Very very nice!
  57. Icantswim

    Fucking finally

  58. Icantswim

    1/13-1/14 SPB

    Thanks for the report. Those diamond backs look good!
  59. Icantswim

    UC US65H for my Uncle in Conn.

    Super clean!
  60. Icantswim

    United Composites US85XF

    Bad ass stick! Wouldn't be surprised if you could trade it for season tickets.:-)
  61. Icantswim

    Took Me 20 years To Catch One | MONSTER GRASS CARP

    Great catch! Better release. They taste like [email protected]
  62. Icantswim

    Shimano Tranx 300

    Not impressed
  63. Icantswim

    Murdered Out Raptor

    She is Shinier than knight rider!
  64. Icantswim

    Rosarito Pemex Depot Riot Police

    Thanks for the report. Im delaying my trip til things cool down.
  65. Icantswim

    UC CP70XH

    Very very nice!
  66. Icantswim


    Thanks for the report. Was about to head south.
  67. Icantswim

    1986 29 Blackfin $14000

    Berry berry nice! Glws
  68. Icantswim

    Shimano vs Avet

    Shimano all day! Much better quality
  69. Icantswim

    Pilot 111 Thailand

    Awesome report!
  70. Icantswim

    1st rod leaving the nest

    Beautiful work?
  71. Icantswim

    Thank You Darin Dohi of 310 Rodworks

    Awesome Darin!
  72. Icantswim

    Pulled the trigger today