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  1. muledeer07

    How does Penn rate there line rating on there rods? In Mono or Braid

    For example the Rampage 3080c76 its rated 30-80lb, Braid or Mono guys. Also anyone have any suggestions on rods. I'm looking for some thing 7' 6" to 8' thats rated to 80lb MONO. For this years big bluefin. I'm pairing it with a Fathom 40n 2speed. Thanks for the help guys.
  2. muledeer07

    I need longer reel clamp screws for a25n

    Are these even available. The stocks screws are too short to mount my cork puppy on my rod I just need a longer screw. Help please
  3. muledeer07

    Old Glory Overnight 8-6

    Saturday report on the old glory. Fishing was SLOW to say the least, 30mph winds 6-8 swells all mixed up, not good. Especially with 36 mostly first timers on the boat. I got a Dodo on a colt sniper early and then at the end of the evening a yellowfin on a shimano orca popper. Bait was good, 4-6"...
  4. muledeer07

    Quantum Cabo 60 ptse (Drag loosens on itself) Brand new reel

    Had no idea how to word this but hopefully somebody will recognize this issue and it will be an easy fix. Probably something simple I should have caught myself, but for the life of me I can't figure this out. Just bought the reel, took it out this last weekend running and gunning for shy...
  5. muledeer07

    I have a carbon drag washer question

    I guess this is relative to all reels, I understand all the carbon fiber drag washers get greased with a liberal amount, but I haven't seen it mentioned yet. Does the the bottom washer underneath the gear housing also get greased or does that washer not need it. And if I did grease it would that...
  6. muledeer07

    Daiwa Sealine X30 & X20SHA drag issues

    Well I finally broke down and bought some of the smooth drag carbon tech washers for both reels. I used the Alan Tani tutorial (perfectly illustrated I might add) to take the reels apart service them and install the washers with Cal grease exactly as specified. Everything went back together...
  7. muledeer07

    Pacific Queen Carnage

    Since it's a little late but I don't see any other reports for them I'll throw this in. Fished on the queen 8/30 Drew was on fire we had 34 people and you would of never knew it. Hit the pens first off for 24 BF then motored west, hit the first paddy picked up some nice dodo's and a few more...