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    Simrad v. Raymarine?

    All good options. Go play with them in a store and see what interface u like best... simrad was simple for me. I’m not very tech savvy.
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    And... yet another skipjack rebuild. Help needed

    Beast of a nor-cal bluefin! Fly-line? Sinker rig? Do tell ....
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    Braid line for jig reel.

    I like seagur threadlock...
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    Buddy boat sat 8-8

    Plan to work 226-302 area sat. Anyone going out want to share info while on the h20?
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    Battery Charger questions

    Not sure if the link worked but I have this for 2 group 27’s. I run just like u j where I usually charge prior to trips
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    33’ Pilot house build

  7. SD2600

    3 Day Local Bluefin Gear

    U have killer set ups. Do u have anything to throw iron, popper, stick baits? Let us know how u do. I’m excited and I’m not on your trip! Planned to hit Aztec on a 2 day but wifey just went under the knife. Good luck!
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    Proper tipping

    These topics are always interesting... it seems entertainment involves tipping.... why does our society deem this? As it was explained to me a “tip” means “to insure prompt service” I have know idea how true this is or not as it predates anyone who can actually prove it’s true meaning. However...
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    anyone making Mac's around the Mission Bay Jetty or close by lately ?

    Haven’t tried outside the jetty this season but I have made about 12-15 quick pieces just around the corner from the bait barge prior to leaving the bay....
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    3 day wrap up

    Gotta bust us some pics. Thanx for the trip and report
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    Hole in Fuel Tank 1987 Cabo216

    I don’t have a dog in this fight.... owning this boat for as long as you have holds weight... just listen to those above. Especially treyscool as I hope u fish this boat or many others for double your current boat ownership
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    What masks are the smart skippers & deckhands wearing?

    Interesting response .... the internet is an open place for bullshit... if you are referring to diplomas and what not meaning u actually earned something then I’m done with conversation. Life experience and time in grade make anyone in any trade worth their salt... I don’t mean to pick an...
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    What masks are the smart skippers & deckhands wearing?

    Zero..... and I don’t plan to either..your comment suggest that you have a long list of diplomas and certificates after your name when you send emails.. but if you Or anyone wants to believe that masks will save u as well as being 6 feet apart....follow as u please. I guess Darwin must of...
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    What masks are the smart skippers & deckhands wearing?

    Required to appease the ignorant.... they will not protect you or anyone else... good luck. Hope you slay them
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    What masks are the smart skippers & deckhands wearing?

    If u need a mask that will protect you or anyone else. Just stay home... it’s simple
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    Reading Birds Offshore: when are they over tuna?

    No absolute here.. the birds aren’t looking for tuna. They are looking for bait.. they could be keyed on bait without any tuna pressuring them... our local water has a ton of bait. But in the same breath predator fish like tuna push bait to the surface and the birds go nuts.... I’m no pro but...
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    Set Free

    Interesting comparison. Covid vs war deaths... I wonder how many of our great soldiers died during war time from something with zero relationship to the war itself... covid sure likes to consume any stat it can to bolster its #s...
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    Tuna 7/16

    Always on em! Solid
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    Mako 254 rebuild

  20. SD2600

    Transom Transducer mounting Help

    My 3:1 lines up with a bunk as well... just make sure u or anyone else doesn’t which your boat up further that it sits and it shouldn’t be a problem
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    Volvo Penta 5.7L with XDP outdrive

    Without question. Look At above posts... easiest part is removing the drive...
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    July 9th 10th & 11th

    Ran to the knoll.... pulled a respectable yellow tail off a paddy. Saw a fare amount of tuna in the 50-70 lb range. Couldn’t get them to go. Water 68ish and blue. Inside near the western edge of the 302 saw more life. Smaller tuna. No takers. Water was 69-70 and green. Hope this helps. Go get...
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    July 9th 10th & 11th

    I’ll be out tomorrow. I’ll post any intel
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    Volvo Penta risers and manifolds

    I’ve dug deep into the forums on this. My engine 5.7 gsi. Throttle body... I’ve ran Sierra and volvo. Strictly salt. No closed cooling. Religiously flush with fresh water as well as vinegar .... and to be honest neither stands out as the best... both have shitty paint that will rust after...
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    Her First Catch!

    FRAME THAT PIC! So rad!!!!!!
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    Go9 b175h help

    Not exactly sure what I did but I got chirp to work! Now I just need to get back on the water and see if it helps me find them! I’ll report any findings
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    Go9 b175h help

    Yes it recognizes it. When I try to switch to chirp it says I need to enable forward scan. Or something to that affect. I need to figure out how to do that so it can run in chirp...
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    Go9 b175h help

    But if anyone would like to share their settings for this or a similar setup I would luv to learn from your experience
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    Swim platform mounted 30 gallon bait tank?

    I’m not familiar with your layout. But running plumbing shouldn’t be a problem. I ran my tank plumbing on top of my fuel tank. Through the bilge and out the port side.. it’s always a lil intimidating drilling holes in your boat but 4200-5200 is no joke... if u plan to have your bilge pump handle...
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    Go9 b175h help

    My guess was thermocline... thanks for the boost in confidence.... I guess I need to get back on the h20 and mark some fish!
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    Go9 b175h help

    No joke with my post. The dark red was reading as if I hand bottom around 100’. Miles of it so my guess is no fish... I have a go7 with a total scan and that reading was blank.. any pointers for settings would be appreciated. On a different trip this was what I was seeing
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    Go9 b175h help

    So I installed a go9 with a b175h. Offshore I go today. 182 corner 43 and down the line. I’m not getting any clear pics. Perhaps my settings are off? Here is a pic. Any thoughts?
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    Everyone Loves A Long Rod (4K Video)

    Silly! Great vid! Luv the music choice too! Solid work men. I’ll be out tomorrow hope to have half the adventure...
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    Nomad DTX minnow and Nomad Madscad trolling leader question

    I don’t have any experience trolling with said rigs. But I would imagin it’s similar to fly line... u will prolly get bit with 20lb but your fun factor will be short lived... typically my trollers are rigged with 80 floro... let us know what works for u. Good luck... edit: local waters
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    Lost and found SCI

    Pic of the retrieved rig or it didn’t happen.... great right up thanx! Give it a wipe down and put it back to work. Can’t wait to the next report where it gets em!
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    Looking to Install Trailer Side Bunks. How Thick Should the Lumber Be?

    I guess it depends on your boat. I used 2x. When I refinished mine a few years ago
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    Evo 3 Water Temp question...

    I’m not able to answer your q but I’m interested in the responses you receive... I just installed a go9 with a b175h. No temp on my screen. I have been reading it may be due to what update I have from simrad... my system isn’t linked but perhaps it may be a fix for both of us...
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    Strange sonar marks offshore near 371

    What are your settings? Gain, ping, tvg? No clue as to what it was...
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    Sunday 14 & tues 16th 2020

    Sunday....well as much as I wanted to head down to hidden I don’t think my boat has the range... so Sunday I covered about 112 miles... 226,302,37,425, and some laps on the 9.... all paddys were dry. Played with some dolphin and birds... no luck. Seas were snotty but we did our best... tues...
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    Retrofitting a rectangular livewell to make it oval? Other tips for keeping bait alive?

    At least 30 gal for a scoop... round is perfered for that baits circular travel.. a pump that fills is roughly 7 minutes ... cliff notes. This topic can get deep
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    Buy or borrow hole saw?

    ducer is in. Hope to test on Sunday. If anyone need a 3-3/4” I have one in my tool box
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    Tuna grounds sun 6/14

    Headed south this sun prolly 0500 out of mb. Anyone looking to share info on the water
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    TotalScan transducer placement and opinion

    Hard to tell from the pics but are you getting clean water in front of the boat? Any strakes that may cause interference.. looks like u may have one just port of your ducer.. also I found the opposite of the above to help my situation. Using a level I had the bottom of my boat basically...
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    Bad idea fighting these bigger bluefin on lighter line

    I’m also interested in how the avet faired...
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    Where are the larger Mackeral?

    I too have never fished la area ... off the la janelle ... silver strand in oxnard bout 20 years ago. I would catch 20” +.... my lure of choice was a semi diamond shaped piece of aluminum. 1/4 thick. Offset holes. Literally every 3rd cast.... when tide was right checker boards luved it too...
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    Simrad go9 good deal?

    The go9 is great. I have a 7 and a 9... the ducer leaves a lot to be desired...My 7 is paired with the structure scan transome mount ducer. In the process of pairing my 9 with a aírame b175
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    Salt-Away Shelf Life

    That it is. About a 3 on a ph scale.. I imagine your use is to flush your motor... flush with vinegar. Let it set rinse with water which is 7 on the ph scale... save $$$ vs salt away and u don’t have to worry about any expiration dates... highly debated topic..... don’t let marketing get in the...
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    Salt-Away Shelf Life

    Use vinegar. Much cheaper.... no clue on shelf life...
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    5/28 BFT Biters

    Keep killing! Stoked for u.
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    Blood on the deck 5/29/20

    Solid!!! I’m also curious as to your motor troubles......anything I can learn to be more heads up on the water the better...
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    Need to upgrade

    I have had zero issuse with my go series
  52. SD2600

    Need to upgrade

    Transome mounts leave a ton to be desired.... spend the loot on a thru Hull... you won’t be disappointed.... Airmar b175hw
  53. SD2600

    Need to upgrade

    I have a go7 and I’m in the process of adding a go9.... I like them what transducer to u have? Or will you be looking to add one as well
  54. SD2600

    Simrad Go series transducer.

    Airmar b175hw.... it is a 1000 watt ducer... go series say they are a 600watt mfd... there is an thread on tht where a guy states he has tested the go9 and it puts out somewhere between 600-1000.. he states the go9 will work well..... I just picked up my above ducer and waiting to install....
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    Buy or borrow hole saw?

    I spent about $11 on the net... went to 2 depots and 1 Lowe’s... nothing in stock in the size I need... hence the post...
  56. SD2600

    Buy or borrow hole saw?

    So with the current situation my 3-3/4 hole saw I ordered for my new ducer install will be delayed... does anyone in sd have one? Rent? Beer? Buy? I’m sure I can wait buttttt who wouldn’t want to install their new ducer sooner than later? Let me know guys
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    Black Widow Avets and Weapons of Pelagic Destruction

    Dope! Are you adding a star drag???
  58. SD2600

    My newest Jig Stick by United Composites

    So what was the surprise? Did santa bring it to u? What makes it “super limited” does it have a run # ? Like 1 of 10??? Hope it kills for u. I luv top h20 action!
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    52.5x52.5x80/800 Big ones bit today

    Bait, kite, jig? Awesome!!!!
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    Early Report 5-10-2020 Out of Newport

    I’ve adjusted the height honestly more times than I think I have fished. No sweet spot for me.. under ~10 I’m good. For my $ I’m adding a thru-hull with a go9. Thinking b175hw
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    Early Report 5-10-2020 Out of Newport

    Those are good marks with that ducer.. I have the same and I’m always tweaking settings. I found wiring with setting in the bay help. When looking for peligics ping set high and scroll x3 works well.
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    Passport Purgatory

    Middle finger to cv-19 and all things related!
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    SeaDek for Coming Pads

    I did the same on my boat... I believe they sell it by the sheet. They used a lazer in my boat to get exact measurements.. they made some custom pads for my anchor chain and antenna out of the remaining material from the sheets I bought... had mine for 3 seasons. So far I luv it
  64. SD2600

    Limits BFT 4/29 US Waters

    Ok a lil late to comment but I hope it has worth... I’m not sure how to quote “pezgallo’s” post but after reading.. some “sweat” that was passed on to me I believe has worth.. as I’m sure with any true trade or craft the knowledge, skill, and ability to duplicate the perfection can only be...
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    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    A buddy of mine that works offshore sent me this as I don’t have social media
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    Another Filet Knife thread

    Hey poppa. U interested in getting rid of your bubba’s ? I use them and like em. Pm me
  67. SD2600

    Techno Stabi w/o Tower - Worth It?

    Easy part = yes they are worth it. Hard part = finding someone to sell em to you cheap... if u find someone buy two and hook me up!
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    For Sale Go5 XSE

    If it was a 7 I’d take it.. to small for my needs... free bump glws
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    Trailer advice (bunk supports)

    Like plj said. But better than nothing
  70. SD2600

    Trailer advice (bunk supports)

    Home Depot sells a cold galvanized spray paint.
  71. SD2600

    Someone Tried the Dana Landing Launch Ramp Yesterday

    I hope they didn’t get fined...I hope they slayed em. I’m of the belief that this whole thing is a joke! Let’s all go fish!
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    Trailer advice (bunk supports)

    Pressure treated.... get it at any Home Depot or Lowe’s.
  73. SD2600

    Davis Bahia Outboard Conversion

    Any more updates? Luv the thread
  74. SD2600

    Oxidation Removed from Navy Hull

    Looks great... on a scale of course ness. Where is mg’s #49 compared to the #91 u used?
  75. SD2600

    Boat cover failure

    Mike thanx for the info. I’m the last person that wants to Go to small claims court over $500... more hassle than what it’s worth. I believe in doing the right thing for the right reason... if I can share their Lack of customer service so others take their business elsewhere cool if not life...
  76. SD2600

    Boat cover failure

    So I purchased a cover form eevelle,Trident series back in 2017. A little over a year later it failed at the seam where the velcro opens for my antenna. Their warranty’s are good for 5 years from date of purchase.. for the cost of shipping about $20, it was replaced... the replacement cover has...
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    Invader V197 Rebuild to Fishing Dream Boat

    Kick ass! Why to stay strong when faced with adversity! I hope u slay them when you get to dunk it for the first time... don’t forget to post your pics when u get em
  78. SD2600

    Where to stash a boat?

    What are you having repaired? Does the boat have to come off?
  79. SD2600

    1968 Luhrs 25’ project

    Looking great! Keep the pics comin. Kudos to your boy
  80. SD2600

    Best Day Ever...

    U have my vote for post of the year!! Thanks for sharing
  81. SD2600

    CV-19 Government Relief checks.

    agree but will have to wait till Vegas opens back up ...just what I have heard..
  82. SD2600

    I want to add a 2nd gas tank

    I have no info but perhaps posting pics may help with ideas...
  83. SD2600

    Anyone using a Totalscan fairing block?

    so is the ducer screwed to the block? 5200? Is the block mounted to the hull the same? As far and the cord what was used to fill the hole threw the hull? Thanx for the feedback
  84. SD2600

    Anyone using a Totalscan fairing block?

    hard to tell from the pic. Can you describe how it is mounted?
  85. SD2600

    What is the best long range tackle box?

    just my opinion but pm defeats the purpose of a forum
  86. SD2600

    Brand new Sierra exhaust manifold failures

    A buddy of mine did this on a new motor that had a failed manifold to riser gasket... I can’t remember but I think he squirted atf in the cylinder.. rotated the motor by hand.. fired it for a min or two and repeated the process maybe 10 times.. he also changed the oil.. his compression was good...
  87. SD2600

    Brand new Sierra exhaust manifold failures

    do you have any pics of the intrusion? I agree tearing down the engine may be costly but knowing you have a new motor is worth it when offshore.. What have u done so far? With limited hrs on the motor it might be worth squirting atf in the affected cylinders and firing the motor.. just a thought
  88. SD2600

    Brand new Sierra exhaust manifold failures

    Horrible... keep us posted if Sierra sends u a new set
  89. SD2600

    1st time making pipes

    Sooooo redicoulous! What’s next a cedar plug to catch tuna????? Can’t wait to see pics of your fish!!!
  90. SD2600

    Fred hall star drag

    agree... wouldn’t want anyone to spill a corona .....
  91. SD2600

    Loreto Yellowtail + Restaurant report

    Pics didn’t show up? I’m jeleous !!
  92. SD2600

    Fred hall star drag

    So has anyone got their mitts on one? Initial thoughts?
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    Shamrock 5.7 closed cooling upgrade

    Looks great. What was tour cost?
  94. SD2600

    Advice Please On Replacing All Electronics 2005

    this is the guy to listen to
  95. SD2600

    Icom M604 VHF

  96. SD2600

    Any news on the stardrag

    For those of you who will be purchasing.. what rod do u plan to pair it with? I’m eyeballing the mxj
  97. SD2600

    I care about your health

    1.25 million die each year from traffic additional 20-50 million are seriously injured or disabled... most affected age group 15-44.... just a stat to compare to and not overreact....
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    SOLD 1991 F-250 4x4 XLT Lariat

    Pending sale
  99. SD2600

    WTB Food Grade Vacuum sealer

    Search “food saver v2244” has a lil over 5k reviews on amazon
  100. SD2600

    WTB Food Grade Vacuum sealer

    it was a meant to be a link to amazon to the food saver I have. Srry....
  101. SD2600

    WTB Food Grade Vacuum sealer

    I have been using this for a few years.. works well on chicken, steaks, ground beef, and fish.. I buy the bags in rolls and cut to size.. I don’t store for long periods of time. Maybe 6 months tops .. maybe when I hit the lotto I’ll upgrade to a chamber style
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    SOLD 1991 F-250 4x4 XLT Lariat

    Still for sale
  103. SD2600

    SOLD 1991 F-250 4x4 XLT Lariat

    might very well be. Come take a look if u like it it’s yours
  104. SD2600

    SOLD 1991 F-250 4x4 XLT Lariat

    Delete. Missing quote
  105. SD2600

    SOLD 1991 F-250 4x4 XLT Lariat

    I believe it has a 5.8. 200 hp 310 ft-lbs of torque edit. It has a 460
  106. SD2600

    SOLD 1991 F-250 4x4 XLT Lariat

    My uncle passed away and I have to sell his very clean 1991 F250 4x4 XLT Lariat to pay for services. This truck is registered in Washington until Sept of this year. It has 109K on the odometer. I just put brand new tires on her and she runs and drives as expected. Power doors and windows all...
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    Job Opportunity at Avet

    Does said position come with insight on stardrags??? Sounds like a fun to bad it’s not in sd
  108. SD2600

    SOLD 1923 Model T C-Cab

    My Uncle passed away and I have to sell his 1923 Model T C-Cab. I put a new battery, spark plugs, and rebuilt the Carb. Other than that I don't know much about it. No Title $9000.00 obo Dustin 805-798-1151 SOLD
  109. SD2600

    For Sale Cutting board and misc

    'Spanish for where r u located.... the new format sucks doesn’t show where people reside... or at least I can’t figure it out
  110. SD2600

    2 Drifts 4 Baits and 2 Fish

    Great post! That 60 is the Prius of the pacific! I’m jeleous!
  111. SD2600

    Restoring a neglected Pacific Trailer

    U are one the right track... tires in my opinion are good for 3-4 years... after that u are in for a predictable surprise... might as well be pissed when u pay the bill on your terms rather than in the side of the road.. based on your pics... rotors are smoked.. calipers hard to tell.. do u...
  112. SD2600

    Bait Tank Recommendation Needed

    Great advice above... post some pics of what your workin with... tons of wisdom here to help u out
  113. SD2600

    Patriot reels

  114. SD2600

    Patriot reels

  115. SD2600


    I’m in! Sf 31 kc 17
  116. SD2600

    Volvo Penta Gimbal Transom Plate Help

    I don’t have an answer for your question. But u might try posting on Under the vp section. Very knowledgeable guys that reply promptly.. good luck
  117. SD2600

    Is this BD Today?

    The way I see it.. speak your mind.. if it gets deleted.. oh well.. generally likes minds tend to stick together for shelter.. feeble minds like to tell everyone how it was barefoot up hill in the snow both ways.... but open mind tend to learn from the like...
  118. SD2600

    Don’t Buy RTIC Coolers

    So is it for sale?
  119. SD2600

    Poly fuel tank parts

    here is the mock up. still need to get some longer bolts. hopefully this will hold.
  120. SD2600

    FREE 3 reels, tackle bag and line

    Luv that slsh!!!! I’ve had 2 sl30sh’s since is was a kid! Good on u for pushing it forward... if someone picks it up and lives in sd I’ll go through it and install carbon drags!
  121. SD2600

    Poly fuel tank parts

    Grunts outstanding info. Thanx.. I think I will go the same route as u.. prolly go get some 3/8 aluminum plate. Moller pick up with anti siphon. Prolly make a plug and fitting for the bulkhead as well.. again thanx for the info and pics!!!!!!
  122. SD2600

    Poly fuel tank parts

    Sending unit is good to go but I would like to replace the pickup and addition port...
  123. SD2600

    Poly fuel tank parts

    here are the corroded parts im trying to replace
  124. SD2600

    Poly fuel tank parts

    Thanx guys I’ll post pics tomorrow
  125. SD2600

    Poly fuel tank parts

    Hard to explain. I’ll snap some pics tomorrow
  126. SD2600

    Poly fuel tank parts

    I’m looking to replace all the gaskets and ports on my 134 gal skyline industries tank. Any idea where I can source these parts? I imagine I can get the sending unit gasket at Napa but the others I’m stumped
  127. SD2600

    New Complete Electronics Package

    I believe the hole size is 3-7/8... my guess is it will fit
  128. SD2600

    Why so many used reels of same brands getting sold off here?

    Or because some folks read way to many forms and don’t actually “do” what it is they read about.. they spend a wheel borrow full of loot then realize it’s not what they think and they would rather just continue to read....
  129. SD2600

    WTB Used racor water separator

    thanx for the reply I ended up buying a cheap version on amazon that should accomplish what I need
  130. SD2600

    For Sale 5.7 Volvo Penta & DPE Outdrive

    How is this not sold??? Great deal
  131. SD2600

    SOLD Igloo cooler and party buckets

    Decent price on the party buckets...glws
  132. SD2600

    Just got my new Avet - love it...

    Looks clean. Let us know what your first catch is
  133. SD2600

    SOLD AVET LX 6/3 G1 PRICE DROP - 165

    Does it come with reel bag and clamp?
  134. SD2600

    Anthony’s shoe repair fixed my kill bags!

    Better get another sticker for your bait tank, sounds like he did you right! Luv good service
  135. SD2600

    WTB Used racor water separator

    If no used filters. How about the mainifold
  136. SD2600

    WTB Used racor water separator

    Looking for a used racor if anyone has one laying around. Looking to polish my gas tank and want to build a separate filtration system.. let me know what you have.. thanks
  137. SD2600

    Thermostat replacement mid job questions

    Vinegar is your friend... I’m not familiar with your motor but I would plug the intake where water comes in and fill it with vinegar. Let it sit a few days then flush with a hose.... after each use flush with vinegar and it will keep salt deposits down google vinegar vs saltaway. Tons of...
  138. SD2600

    Clamps for mounting led lights

    Limited on space.. the current light has a built in mount... looking to add the 7” in the space between rod holders..... maybe this will work???
  139. SD2600

    Clamps for mounting led lights

    im looking to add 2, 7” spot/flood lights to Brighten up my deck... what’s everyone using for clamps? Pics would be great.
  140. SD2600

    Talica 20ii vs Makaira 16sea

    All the above are great... go to a local tackle shop.. put your hands on em and decide what u like... then when the next thread comes up u can chime in and let others know on your findings... all of them will crank on big fish... don’t forget to post pics of what u get
  141. SD2600

    12/1/19 WO YT Bite on pattys

    Was itching for a report... hopefully the next bit a weather doesn’t turn it up to bad.....
  142. SD2600

    1970 Skipjack Open

    Looks great... if I may ask.. what was the material cost for your top plate? IMO. Metal fab is an art and material isn’t free... just my guess ..u came away happy and not “hosed”... keep up the solid work, can’t wait to see u splash it
  143. SD2600

    Older boat transom max weight

    Are you able to move any weight forward? Like battery’s? Only way to know would be to add weight and put your boat in the drink... do u know anyone that wants to go for a ride that weight 100lbs? Know any weight lifters that can loan u some iron? Do u have trim tabs to help counter the heavy rear?
  144. SD2600

    Small bait tank design

    Here is the basic design. The way you route your plumbing intake and discharge will depend if you want a thru-hull or not. Keep in mind that if you choose not to have your intake come via a thru Hull your pump needs to be strong enough for the head pressure and the place where u draw the h20...
  145. SD2600

    WFO 11-18-19 done by 9 am

    Way to go! I herd u call the #’s... there was a ton of fish in that area
  146. SD2600

    Monday 11-18

    I didn’t tie in with west or matanza but I herd they got after it......
  147. SD2600

    Monday 11-18

    I had a lil motor trouble with my hp fuel pump.. on the h20 swap and was only delayed an hr.. grabbed a scoop and shot to the 226... no life.. found a few paddy’s that had rat yellows.. fun catch and release... moved around and herd tons of radio traffic all over 226-302 área.... brand new bait...
  148. SD2600

    Monday 11-18

    Sounds good west!
  149. SD2600

    Tuna Fishing Monday 11-18

    Boriqua. Plan to launch about 0530 from mission bay
  150. SD2600

    Tuna Fishing Monday 11-18

    I’ll be out tomorrow as well... I’ll be on 72
  151. SD2600

    Monday 11-18

    Anyone heading out Monday the 18th.. a buddy and I will be out.. always looking to buddy boat to share intell and hopefully find the ones that wanna chew
  152. SD2600

    November Hail Mary Cow BFT 4K Video!

    So cool! Dig the Napster gank too!!!! But your drinkin wine coolers.... come on........ congrats fellas Edit. Would luv a pic of the flesh dressed
  153. SD2600

    Quality Yellowfin 10/5

    As mentioned above solid work.. and those toads are thick 35ers.. would luv to see the cut
  154. SD2600

    SOLD please delete thank you...

    Thanx. Interested but still researching...
  155. SD2600

    SOLD please delete thank you...

    What controller did u use on the other panel?
  156. SD2600


  157. SD2600

    What makes a Good Safety Speech?

    I explain prior to leaving the dock. How the radio and dsc works, fire extinguisher location and use, power shut off location, life vest/ring location, safety flair/air horn location and how to stop/start the boat... depth of info is dependent on who is on the boat...
  158. SD2600

    2005 Mako 171 Bait Tank

    Think of 260lb guy or gal if your into that sort of thing... always sitting at the helm your boat will be affected but it’s worth it for good bait in my opinion....
  159. SD2600

    2005 Mako 171 Bait Tank

    Have you timed how long it takes to fill? Around 8 min seems to be the ideal #... with that 1100 a valve may need to be added to gate the flow
  160. SD2600

    Getting Bait Early

    2 batts are good.... next thing to know is do u have an acr? How is your bait pumped wired? I think a typical group 27 deep cycle will have at least 85 amp hrs... plenty of juice for a few hrs if just the bait pump is running. But most likely other things will be running too... the more you know...
  161. SD2600

    Getting Bait Early

    What type of batt set up do u have? And what bait pump....amp draw/batt size will determine how long you can run without charging and still be able to start your engine
  162. SD2600

    Wheel Bearing Blues

    I disagree with the comment about keeping the bearingbuddy caps on.. water will sit in between the void and cause it’s corrosive problems... with no skirt on the bb a simple squirt when washing the boat keeps them clean
  163. SD2600

    Reel decisions for a longer trip....

    Tell your friend if he’s switching gears, I have a friend that might be interested in his jx raps....
  164. SD2600

    Saturday 08/17/2019 @ the 226/302 and Beyond

    The simple fact you have shared your incident here shows your character and the lack there of for the captain.... life is about doing the right thing for the right reasons... sounds like your choice of not firing your engines for the sake of the “bite” for everyone was done for the right...
  165. SD2600

    Yellowfin Tuna Limit's Again for four on the new boat (video)

    Cory... I among many enjoy your vids... but I hope you and your brothers have big walls as days like this deserve a pic.... be proud!
  166. SD2600

    2006 Yamaha F250 thermostats

    Send a pic of the amount of space. I have a mig and could help u out
  167. SD2600

    Trailer Bunk Wood in San Diego

    My bunks are pressure treated.. can you explain the negative of the chemicals?
  168. SD2600

    Taking over on Amato Rebuild 23

    Kick ass! How’s it handle?
  169. SD2600

    Kill em' all big and small

    Blame hardcore, for single handedly destroying the fish population on a global scale!! Great vid! Keep em coming!
  170. SD2600

    Fishing shirt wrinkled, please help

    If u find out the trick let me know... my balls have been wrinkled for years.......
  171. SD2600

    Yellowtail migration north from Mexico

    No wisdom to add but interested in the topic... my guess is yes there r sum that migrate... probably the smaller ones looking to set up shop... just like us.. we roam around looking for what works for us then grow roots...
  172. SD2600

    Stepping up in class (6 pack?)

    Look at sauer-fish... solid operation
  173. SD2600

    26' Wilson

    No clue.... but tons of potential.... if someone picks it up hopefully they will post their project on here
  174. SD2600

    Which tow rig for 11,000lbs, up to $25,000

    My opinion. Go diesel.. I currently have an 11 6.7... luv it.. luv it even more that it is deleted!
  175. SD2600

    Toed trailer tire

    When it comes to trailer tires your basically screwed either way.... nobody likes forking over the loot to replace them...... but the way I look at it is, u can be mad that u replaced them at your leisure every 3-5 years and that is that.... or you can be mad when u replace them on your way to...
  176. SD2600

    Which tow rig for 11,000lbs, up to $25,000

    What is your mileage. Towing vs hwy?
  177. SD2600

    6/28 Tuna Report and Analysis of Pelagic Catches vs. Moon Phase

    Very interesting. Thankyou. Pretty much 100% accurate since those fish have already been caught. Now to find the magic 8 ball that can predict the fish that are still out there......
  178. SD2600

    Three species hidden bank 6/17

    I’m still thinking the wood from the plug had to be sawn from jacks bean stalk..... Awesome day thanks for the info!
  179. SD2600

    My 21 Fiberform build

    Exciting! Can’t wait for updates...
  180. SD2600

    Need a Pro, anu\yone know one?

    Pics of ducer location? Transom thru Hull? Have I checked the connection to your hds?
  181. SD2600

    Three species hidden bank 6/17

    Enough of the launch time.. tell us more about your magic wood? Did u have a crazy distance u were trolling that helped the bft have to take a bite? Solid day. Congrats!
  182. SD2600

    Taking over on Amato Rebuild 23

    So exciting! Awesome job can’t wait
  183. SD2600

    2.5 day trip advice

    I’d say go on either.. the key to any good trip is in your mind... enjoy every aspect ... from gear set up prior to.... loading.. meeting people.. fishing... catching if your fortunate.. take some pics to share your experience ... good luck hope u get em
  184. SD2600

    Starter Question

    Most likely u will have to remove the riser/manifold.. new gaskets for those are a good idea.. then u should have room to get to the starter
  185. SD2600

    LX 6/3 service and rod recommendations

    I’m far from a pro but google Allen Tanni ... it should give u plenty of confidence.... as for set up, spectra of your choice as backing... just remember the heavier the backing the harder your bait works at distance... match that with a short floro leader... I like fg knot and give em...
  186. SD2600

    MMSI does not give GPS numbers to USCG-Help!

    For what it’s worth, I have purchased Icom radios in the past that we’re “out of service” right out of the box... I’ve herd good things about them but standard horizons have treated me well since...
  187. SD2600

    Penta 7.4 gi harnessPenta needed

    Check iboats forum.. tons of info, they prolly will be able to get the schematic
  188. SD2600

    Penta 7.4 gi harnessPenta needed

    Not familiar with your set up... carb or MEFI? Ever thought of making your own?
  189. SD2600

    B175HW and... what head unit?

    Simrad has great units what kind of mount/space do you have avail
  190. SD2600

    For Sale RADON Signature 22' --- 2013

    Burning 3.3 gph at 25 knots this boat is no stranger to the offshore islands and banks From above..
  191. SD2600

    Bait pump recommendation

    I have a surflo bait sentry.. 800... May not work for your space needs... I carry a spare for eazy swap out on the h2o
  192. SD2600

    Garmin 1042 and 5.7 Engine Sensors

    Does your motor have a mefi?
  193. SD2600

    Mercruiser MPI troubleshooting tool? Diacom?

    What does your data connector look like... this works for me
  194. SD2600


  195. SD2600

    Who carries these on their boat?

    Peroxide is a gimmick..... anyone who wrenches has probably blasted some brake cleaner to stop bleeding... probably not the best thing but your able to finish any job with bleeding out
  196. SD2600

    Who carries these on their boat?

    So.... how many of you carry brake cleaner... to stop any bleeding? I recommend berrymans.
  197. SD2600

    Tested for high Mercury

    This post reminds me of the saying... “i’d rather be a liver than have one”. Pm me and I’ll come pick up all of your tuna... j/k
  198. SD2600

    Took the grandson on his first half day

    Nice work grandpa! I hope you got a pic of u guys together so he can look at it in 25 years and say to his wife “see it my grandpas fault.” :)
  199. SD2600

    Problems at the pump

    Check out Tons of info and guys with wealths of knowledge if u can’t find an answer here
  200. SD2600

    Problems at the pump

    Yes.. it could possibly be an injector... I recently went through a similar problem... during my trouble shooting I swapped 3 hp pumps... digging a little further I found a bad injector.... once the injector was swapped my pump stopped whining and held psi per spec... I’m not saying this is your...
  201. SD2600

    Problems at the pump

    I’m assuming you a throttle body.... similar to mid 90’s gm pick ups... when u remove the spark arrester u should be able to see 2 injectors.... the both should spray at the same time... if they don’t u can trouble shoot by swapping the electrical connector on top and see if it changes...
  202. SD2600

    Problems at the pump

    We’re u able to watch your injectors spray while it happened?
  203. SD2600

    35.7 Homeguard

    Great post... thanks for sharing
  204. SD2600

    Upgrading my electronics

    Paul give us a lil more info about what u have. Make model... pics are cool too...
  205. SD2600

    Cable grommet

    Are you looking for asthetics or weather resistance?
  206. SD2600

    braid to hardware connection. What knot?

    Yes I double it, 6-8 wraps... wet and snug slowly
  207. SD2600

    braid to hardware connection. What knot?

    Sd jam for me... but with any knot the one you tie well and have confidence in = a good one
  208. SD2600

    6.7L Ford Diesel - Tow Vehicle

    Gotta luv the ford/chevy banter... both make good stuff... I have an 2011 6.7... I really like it. Only problem has been the def heater.. covered by ford. Be diligent on oil changes and fuel filters and they will stack up miles... 7.3 is a really solid platform. Can’t match the power or torque...
  209. SD2600

    Alternator Amperage I/O

    Looks great...
  210. SD2600

    Alternator Amperage I/O

    Any pics before and after if your teardown?
  211. SD2600

    For Sale 24' Radon with twin outboards

    Burn numbers? Luv randons...
  212. SD2600

    SOLD Lowrance Link-5 VHF Radio $75

    Bryan did u buy them new? Or better q. Do U know if more than one mmsi # has been registered?
  213. SD2600

    1970 Skipjack Open

    Solid work.. as for the so cal fuel q... max it out. Having to little fuel is like leaving the dock with a half charged batt and no pfd’s
  214. SD2600

    Polarized sunglasses fishing

    No fans of blue-blockers huh.... interesting
  215. SD2600

    Farallon 25 rebuild

    I really like the space behind the tank.. makes following Fish a lil easier.... whats your target species? Ghosts at the islands? Killer build
  216. SD2600

    5.7 gsi pwtr possible overheat gremlin

    Alright guys, pulled the drive.... the only h20 coming out of the hose now is from the small drain hole on the plastic fitting.... this leaves me to believe that the air is coming through the pivot housing and drive... lower case b shaped gasket. # 35 ... this was not replaced new when I did the...
  217. SD2600

    5.7 gsi pwtr possible overheat gremlin

    ok. i taped off the inlet holes on the outdrive. I removed the hose that goes from the power steering cooler to the thru transom fitting. I inserted my garden hose and dribbled H20 until it was almost full. I then jumped down to inspect the connections on the outdrive as per lou's instructions...
  218. SD2600

    5.7 gsi pwtr possible overheat gremlin

    has anyone applied any type of sealant on the inside of three hoses to aid in air tight connections?
  219. SD2600

    5.7 gsi pwtr possible overheat gremlin

    We’re u referring to the gaskets between the exhaust manifold and riser?
  220. SD2600

    5.7 gsi pwtr possible overheat gremlin

    Yes raw water cooled.... only cooler I have is a power steering cooler.. it is clean as a whistle...
  221. SD2600

    5.7 gsi pwtr possible overheat gremlin

    Thanx for the reply... I’ll look into them
  222. SD2600

    5.7 gsi pwtr possible overheat gremlin

    So last year i repowered. 5.7 psi pwtr. I was unable to make any trips as i have been chasing an overheat per my gauge. Things I've done. I have replaced every hose. New Thermostat. sea water pump. New threw transom fitting. new outdrive hoses. VP sx-M. New seals in the lower. I installed...
  223. SD2600

    Yamaha f300 500 hour service has a great forum.. ask q’s there. Guys r knowledgeable and helpful
  224. SD2600

    First fishing for 2019

    My bad didn’t watch the vid... mola’s in my experience shut down any bite activity.. but I’ve never hopped in to see if anything was hanging.. nice yt!
  225. SD2600

    First fishing for 2019

    What grade yt in the school?
  226. SD2600

    FREE Side guides for boat trailer old big cooler

    Is the Webber grill top up for grabs?
  227. SD2600

    Embarrassing question but, how do you spool a baitcaster with braided line?

    I wrap my spool with cloth tape. About 2 full wraps. I tie with a San Diego jam knot. I leave the tag end long enough to reach the side of the spool just before it contours.. I slowly and tightly winde my braid so it lays on the tag end.. then fill your spool to desired length.. I’m sure there...
  228. SD2600

    Philometroide Seriolae Worn in Yellowtail and Whiteseabass (video)

    Interesting. Has anyone found parasites in their yellow tails?
  229. SD2600

    Shift control serviced, not that bad.

    What type of lube did u use on the cables?
  230. SD2600

    Suggestions for lures for So Cal

    It does to the fisherman buying it.... you would be surprised at what will get hit one day and then not the next.... a plain cedar plug gets mashed without any fancy color
  231. SD2600

    Simrad GO7 XSE Settings

    Croaker would u mind sharing a few pics of how you have your ducet mounted?
  232. SD2600

    For Sale Please delete , im beating a dead horse lol

    3 pages of your bumps... might wanna try another forum.. perhaps one dedicated to sand toys
  233. SD2600

    Best level wind reel for 9 year

    I agree with this... explain to him that mistakes and failure is ok because it happens to everyone.. then let him help in the selection process
  234. SD2600

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    Great news!
  235. SD2600

    Meet Maverick.......

    Must of been hard to let go... thanx for the thread
  236. SD2600

    Auto Charging Relay Q&A

    I use this prior to each trip.... leaving the dock with low batts is no diff than leaving without fuel in the tank..... blue seas acr is a game changer well worth the investment
  237. SD2600

    Meet Maverick.......

    Any updates?
  238. SD2600

    Boat covers suggestions

    I bought from national covers.. they r based in Carlsbad ca... I think I went with a trident.... a few years ago it failed at the stitching from rain... they replaced it all I had to pay was shipping... not a 100% custom fit but I’m happy with it
  239. SD2600

    SOLD 2001 Scout Abaco 280 Express

    X2 on the great ad and very nice boat..
  240. SD2600

    Boat moved fron San Diego to Newport

    Just wanted to ask when u needed it moved? I’m free most weekdays . I might be able to help u out. I have an 2011 f250 that yanks my 26’ SEASWIRL with ease... Dustin 805 798 1151
  241. SD2600

    Local Engine Guy

    Hard to comment as I know nothing about your motor, but unless a rebuild is actually needed I think the $$$$ would be better spent on fuel and bait.. have u checked compression?
  242. SD2600

    For Sale 28 Chris Craft

    18’ seas.....??? That’s redicoulous .. nice boat though glws
  243. SD2600

    Local Engine Guy

    What engine?
  244. SD2600

    Tipping - oh so awkward a topic! An offer to collate comments anonymously .

    Spill the beans... what is an average income? If you can’t provide valid info your argument/opinion goes out the window.
  245. SD2600

    SOLD 1987 Cabo 216 w/ 2017 Yamaha F150

    Listing is expired. Can u repost?
  246. SD2600

    Tipping - oh so awkward a topic! An offer to collate comments anonymously .

    What would Mr. Pink tip???? Tip based on service not principle...Kinda like every kid getting a trophy... if they put in the work and you have the ability to show appreciation do so.
  247. SD2600

    What's a hot bait?

    Jon great q... as I don’t have an solution there are great axe chops to the never ending tree above..... remember when u suck which we all do try to take something else away from your experience... if your sole mission is to kill u will lose.. life is meant to be enjoyed not disappointed for...
  248. SD2600

    Reel box’s

    Keeping the boxes lends itself to being a hoarder... if they don’t have a use for you toss em in the blue bin
  249. SD2600

    Taking over on Amato Rebuild 23

    Bitchen platform! Can’t wait to see your progress.
  250. SD2600

    Battery maintenance feedback....what's your method?

    I don’t own this but it seems like it might be a good option. I use a plug in model from this company and it maintains both group 27’s in my boat nicely
  251. SD2600

    Radio issues

    So might be best to return the unit.. for about $200 u can get the gx1700.. has dsc and internal gps.. solid radio imo.. or drop some coin and become a radio geek like others have mentioned above
  252. SD2600

    Radio issues

    Might just be a faulty radio. I installed a brand new icom and it didn’t work.. returned it and put in a standard horizon gx1700 and it fired up no issues at all...
  253. SD2600

    10/18 9 mile and 182

    Thanks for the report and the positive outlook.. .. u are bound for better luck with the fish and and more enjoyable moments with your boat...
  254. SD2600

    For Sale 2008 Parker 2120 SC 50K W/ Trailer

    Fuel capacity and burn numbers? Nice boat
  255. SD2600

    Trolling tips?

    Troll speed about 7-7.5 kt... careful with diving jigs as they will fly out of the h20 and can injure anything in their path.. cedar plug in natural or purple seem to get bit..
  256. SD2600

    Need a Ride to Fishermans Landing

    Agree.... never be afraid to ask for help. But my father always told me to do my best to follow the definition of unselfishness... which he constantly reminded me that you never make yourself comfortable at someone else’s expense... Op if I was in your neck of the woods I’d luv to give u a ride...
  257. SD2600

    RP 10/2-12 Finale

    Thank you for the informative description of your trip... it takes time and effort to share your passion and it’s appreciated.
  258. SD2600

    Looking for I/O mechanic in San Diego

    What are you looking to have done?
  259. SD2600

    Multi use rod and reel question

    Buy used.. many great deals to be had... avet sx paired with a calstar 970
  260. SD2600

    Easy limit 10/9

    Cody it’s time to consider changing your name... perhaps something like “consistent killer”. As always awesome job
  261. SD2600

    10ft. Jig Stick what would you recommend?

    Explain why you suggest staying away from Phenix? I have a axis 1009 hj.. super fun for launching iron....
  262. SD2600

    Two spots open on my boat out of Mission Bay tomorrow

    Might have better luck if u post in offshore trip planning. I’d luv to go but shoulder surgery says diff.. good luck if u make it out
  263. SD2600

    For Sale 2017 Defiance 220 Admiral For sale

    What was the reasoning of “why” that you were told?
  264. SD2600

    My First Self-Customized Flat Fall

    Loc.. u are out of control! I luv it. Thankyou for sharing...
  265. SD2600

    Fishing out of Mission Bay?

    9 is always worth a look
  266. SD2600

    Rigging the ultimate flat fall

    I have the exact rig for sale... except mine comes with powerbait and salmon eggs on the treble hooks... 101% cow killer! Thanx for the laugh jay
  267. SD2600

    Oceanside single paddy / late report 8/4/2006

    Awesome! Hope everyone is still wetting their lines!
  268. SD2600

    Purse Seiners Suck

    Sounds like James has it all figured out... any q’s ask him...
  269. SD2600

    Purse Seiners Suck

    Don’t get me wrong bob, I’m after the kill as well but if it’s your sole focus you miss out in all of the other great aspects that the sport has to offer... I’m sure everyone has a story or two that has nothing to do with the kill that they are fond of, and those memories should be cherished as...
  270. SD2600

    Purse Seiners Suck

    Chris, don’t hate em, they are making a living. Bummer that it shuts down the bite for the lil guys like us. There are plenty of fish out there we just have to work a lil harder to find them... or win the lotto so you can employ your own spotter plane! Remember the journey and time on the...
  271. SD2600

    9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    Hey Ross glad u put your neighbor and his boy on some fish. Hope they enjoyed their time on the water
  272. SD2600

    SOLD Pacific Edge 30 gallon fiberglass bait tank

    Killer tank someone will be happy.. glws
  273. SD2600

    SOLD 2002 Volkswagen Passat 85K

    Very clean... mpg?
  274. SD2600

    Replacing one and adding a second battery

    Google blue seas add a battery... the switch and acr are a must. Well worth the $$
  275. SD2600

    Fishing with a pregnant wife...

    If she’s game.. keep fishin... but listen to her and her dr... remember 40 weeks is game time.. usually the first kid is close to the date.. additional kids come early... but there is no fish in the world that can compare to the birth of a child... it truely is a better feeling than any high in...
  276. SD2600

    18-22 deadrise

    I believe this it truely something u have to experience... and one trip with the particular seas on that trial will not give u your $ worth... we all read forums with tons of knowledge at our finger tips but one man’s experience and his way of writing it in text for all of us to interpret in my...
  277. SD2600

    Simrad GO9XSE - Please help with Sonar

    Did you install your transducer yourself? look forward on your hull of your ducer. there should be a clear path, meaning no strakes to cause turbulence of water and air before it hits your ducer... When i installed mine i had to spend a few trips adjusting it up and down to find the sweet...
  278. SD2600

    302 area 7/28

    Thanx for the info guys. Debating searching that area or heading towards the corner on tuesday
  279. SD2600

    Starter set up

    Buy used, plenty of great stuff with out the full price tag... once he gets his feet wet he can go nuts from there... I still fish my daiwa sl30sh that I got in the early 90’s. Only recently upgraded to carbon drags...
  280. SD2600

    2000 5.7 gsi pewter help

    My spec calls for 30lbs +-
  281. SD2600

    So Cal Skiff Life Fishing Videos

    Tell us more about what your looking to get out of achieving your goal? I’m not savvy to how this all works.. I still have a vcr
  282. SD2600

    2000 5.7 gsi pewter help

    Must of just been a gremlin.. fires right up now.... thanx for the input guys
  283. SD2600

    Submarines, navy warships, sea shepard, Comedy fishing video 6-21-2018

    Sound like u tooknthat guys advise and got on em! Nice work
  284. SD2600

    2000 5.7 gsi pewter help

    Any ideas on why mine randomly starting doin this.. fresh rebuild maybe 2 hrs in it... no codes
  285. SD2600

    2000 5.7 gsi pewter help

    What’s weird is every time I fired the motor at the shop on the dyno it light up with just a key bump.. gonna try to fish Tuesday so I’ll see how she does
  286. SD2600

    2000 5.7 gsi pewter help

    Yes it cranks but just doesn’t want to go. Drop it in neutral with maybe 1/4 throttle and it fires right up
  287. SD2600

    2000 5.7 gsi pewter help

    also if anyone else needs to source the connectors for the J terminals. obd diagnostics had them, and bob is awesome to work with as i have dealt with him twice testing my mefi3
  288. SD2600

    2000 5.7 gsi pewter help

    Ok I think we have it licked, as it turns out my dash tach calc was way off. We went off the computer and what we thoughts was 3300 rpm was it hitting the rev limiter at about 5100...,. Sometimes the simple things r overlooked..... I took it out in the bay and the first key Crank didn’t want to...
  289. SD2600

    2000 5.7 gsi pewter help

    Currently runnin on the dyno, fuel pressure is constant at 28 psi. It’s not throwing any codes. When we rev it to 3300 rpm the injectors momentarily stop firing and it hiccups for a split second.. it will not take throttle past 3300 with out the hiccup... any thoughts?
  290. SD2600

    2000 5.7 gsi pewter help

    it has a low pressure lift pump and a high pressure pump. the high pressure is brand new but does make more noise than desired. i guess its worth testing again. but i believe it had 30 psi
  291. SD2600

    2000 5.7 gsi pewter help

    Yes it’s a 3 wire... I’m going to try and get the mech to bring his comp and launch on wed to get some real time data. Prior to my last launch he ran the boat intermittently on the dyno with no codes...any idea what the j-terminal is called or where and how I get run three new wires to run to...
  292. SD2600

    2000 5.7 gsi pewter help

    Hey guys i need some help with my 2000 5.7 gsi pwtr. I just had a repower done. new long block and my motor has yet to run right. currently it is throwing a code 22 tps low voltage. the tps is brand new. i checked for continuity from the tps sensor to the J-2 terminals. with the key on the...
  293. SD2600

    Newbie needs the pros assistance

    A, since no one has chimes in I’ll give it a hoot. 1. I’m not familiar with your tank but I’d guess it does not need to be drilled, hook up a drain hose and fill it from your garden hose and I imagine it will drain.... 2. Based on your pic u have a flush bottom to your tank.. might be better...
  294. SD2600

    Tuna Fishing Baby- 7/13

    Can’t wait for the vids!
  295. SD2600

    Fishing/weather Sunday?

    Also not sure how anal u r or if u have kids or if u wanna sell your boat in the future, but if u start a journal it will help remind u what you forgot from your last trip and many trips ago. It also serves as a cool log for your kids... if u have em, dads adventures will be rad... or a Rock...
  296. SD2600

    Fishing/weather Sunday?

    Check the “windy” app not bad.. pair that with the Bouy links from Then if u pass the breakers and don’t like it, don’t bite off more than your willing to chew... Similar to what I was told when I got my license... only drive as fast as your willing to crash Good luck
  297. SD2600

    7/9 181-182 corner 43 La Jolla back to Dana Point

    For he who doesn’t go doesn’t know... For he that doesn’t do Can only speak of others point of view Your outlook of a safe trip to venture again is my aspiration. Solid trip!
  298. SD2600

    NOAA SURVEY Don't Get Screwed!

    If you don’t want the $2 bucks I’ll take it.. that goes for anyone else who doesn’t want the tainted loot!
  299. SD2600

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    Any updates? Hope things are turning the corner for u and your family
  300. SD2600

    43 / San Clemente 7/2 -7/4

    With that checker board the quote should be “king me!” Great report and it sounds like a fun trip!
  301. SD2600

    Sea Adventure 80 2.5 Day Smoked my Baja Special

    Solid report! Happy 4th. This post is the definition of the adventure most of us live for! Thankyou for sharing your lessons
  302. SD2600


    I’m not positive but I believe there is a converter.. try googling nema 0183 to 2000
  303. SD2600

    182 and 43 7/1/17

    Solid effort. ... remember the journey is often times better than the reward....
  304. SD2600

    New battery or dual batteries???

    Not sure but if u sodder your connections then heat shrink, coat exposed connections with corrosion block your cables will last quite some time. Always a good idea to inspect connections from time to time.. Nothing last forever... I have made cables for a buddy’s boat that so far has been...
  305. SD2600

    New battery or dual batteries???

    Go to u tube.. type blue seas acr.. your questions will be answered... blue seas add a battery kit.. best $100 u can spend.. as for batt cables go to Napa, buy the appropriate gauge per the blue seas instructions and your good to go
  306. SD2600

    Mid August I get $5k to buy a boat...

    Do u have a place to store it? Might limit your length.. r u mechanically inclined? Much cheaper to do your own work and in some cases better... good luck on your search
  307. SD2600

    Fathers day on the Freedom

    Frazier. Great post, u r brave to be open about your failure.. guess what .. we all suck.. but I have found in my short life that the token that we strive to achieve may it be a fish, a car, a house, a career, really isn’t as shiny once it sits in your pocket for a bit... but yet we will tell...
  308. SD2600

    Bluefin What We Saw 6/15/18

    Luv it keep charging.. great vid!
  309. SD2600

    Saturday 6/17 226 302 371 got one

    Yes! Great report. Hopefully the memory of the less than cordial boat disappeared once u guys went tight.. way to bag one!
  310. SD2600

    SOLD SOLD** Brand New in Box Daiwa Sealine SL30SH $75

    Bump for a fun reel. I’ve fished mine since the mid 90’s... only recently upgraded the drag.. glws
  311. SD2600

    6/12 Adrift on the west end of Cat with a dead battery

    As others have mentioned look to add a blue seas acr. simple install and worth every penny
  312. SD2600

    SOLD 36 gallon bait tank.

    Post the video please
  313. SD2600

    Bait Tank Mods

    An 800 should fill it no problem in 7 min. My guess is u might have to gate it down a hair with a ball valve as mentioned above... I have an 800 on this tank and it fills it in the desired time..
  314. SD2600

    SOLD Load Rite roller trailer in San Diego

    Hey dan. I’m not in the market for a trailer but to help your sale what length is it? Rating? How old are the tires? Glws
  315. SD2600

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    Subscribed.. praying for a positive outcome
  316. SD2600

    SOLD 17" Xd rims w\ 35" toyo ATs stored indoors

    Thanx for the reply Dave.
  317. SD2600

    Now that's something you don't see everyday...

    That is a story to tell! Any chance u got a pic of your buddy after u pulled him aboard? A nameless pic of course....
  318. SD2600

    SOLD 17" Xd rims w\ 35" toyo ATs stored indoors

    What’s the date code? And letter rating?
  319. SD2600

    185 on the Kite

    Awesome! Hope u and your buddies crushed some molsens!
  320. SD2600

    That's my' boat...

    Very nice.. triple axle, what does that thing weight?
  321. SD2600

    For Sale DAVIS EXPLORER, 26' Shafted Drive - Full Walkaround

    100% killer.. dream boat! Where is it located?
  322. SD2600

    SOLD Simrad Radar Dome with Processor and Mount

    Thanx Brian my system is nmea 2k. Glws and look forward to your updates on maverick
  323. SD2600

    Bait pump.

    What size tank? Could get away with a bait sentry for bout $100
  324. SD2600

    Sd are general contractor recommendations

    Thanx Nate. Have u used them?
  325. SD2600

    SOLD Simrad Radar Dome with Processor and Mount

    Any more pics of the processor? What cables r included to interface or needed with existing systems? Is it nmea 183?
  326. SD2600

    Sd are general contractor recommendations

    hey guys I’m looking for some recommendations for generals for a remodel on my house in San Diego. Looking to add covered parking for the boat, kitchen remodel, and possibility addition above garage... please share good and bad experiences. Thanx Title should read sd area, not sure how to edit
  327. SD2600

    30# socal set up

    Watt, it’s my opinion to not over think gear to much, I’m sure others will disagree... what r your goals for this 30lb set up? Do you have other gear to pair with it? If u back with spectra it’s easy and with practice relatively quick to tie on different size floro.. u tube fg knot. If your not...
  328. SD2600

    Opinions on Thresher boats

    Brandon, thanks for the post look forward to your future posts.. and porn!
  329. SD2600

    Tribute - 5/7 Report

    Thanx for the write up. What size yt and tuna?
  330. SD2600

    SOLD Brand New OEM Volvo Penta Propeller

    Solid prop and solid seller. Thanx sean, look forward to meetin up on the water
  331. SD2600

    Why does a potential buyer drive 300 miles just to low ball?

    So share your story... or shut your pipe
  332. SD2600

    Why does a potential buyer drive 300 miles just to low ball?

    Sounds like you have a story to tell.... vent we’re here for u
  333. SD2600

    For Sale 1999 Sea Pro 190cc reduced to $9000

    Bill what’s the fuel capacity and approx range?
  334. SD2600

    Blue seas acr q

    hey guys, your thoughts on using 4guage to connect my 2 group 27’s to an acr? I believe my alt is 65 amp...
  335. SD2600

    For Sale 1995 27' Proline $21,000

    Brian, post some more info and pics. Motor, out drive, deck. Things like motor hrs, electronic info, transducer, bait and Bildge pumps Might help intice any potential buyers Glws
  336. SD2600


    Good report thanx for the info on your setup
  337. SD2600

    WTB Avet jacket

    So 15k in reels and they wouldn’t throw in an $80 jacket huh..... u still have all the reels?
  338. SD2600

    Meet Maverick.......

    Fragile... it’s italian Raplhy would be proud! Keep smiling , your ride will be worth it.
  339. SD2600

    Meet Maverick.......

    Great thread! Keep pushing, transom looks great! Keep us posted... hard work and hard times are always rewarded when your able to look back and smile at adversity
  340. SD2600

    For Sale 2007 Striper 2601 Pilothouse

    Looks like a solid platform. Glws
  341. SD2600

    For Sale 2007 Striper 2601 Pilothouse

    Any more to the story as to why she sat so long?
  342. SD2600

    SOLD AVET LX on Seeker Black Steel G-660-H 6'

    Greek responded first so it’s only right to give him 1st crack ... but if it falls through dan I live in sd. San Carlos. Lake Murray Cowles mtn area.. where in sd u located? I have cash in hand
  343. SD2600

    SOLD AVET LX on Seeker Black Steel G-660-H 6'

    If it’s a combo I’m game 8057981151
  344. SD2600

    For Sale $175 Avet G2 MXJ RH Blue

    Looks rough...... especially for only being used twice... not trying to be negative but at first glance u would be lucky to get 150 in that shape... give it a flush with fresh h20 and wipe it down with a microfiber... a lil corsionblock goes a long way.... my ol man used to say “every time we...
  345. SD2600

    For Sale Defiance....Not mine

    Thanks, guess I need to add a few links.. I’m running about 14’ for my 26...
  346. SD2600

    For Sale Defiance....Not mine

    How much chain do u need? Honest question...
  347. SD2600

    SOLD John Lucero Rob Roskopp re-issue's

    Pic of the top? I’m in luv I had this deck with bombers in college and it got ganked....
  348. SD2600

    SOLD John Lucero Rob Roskopp re-issue's

    How much for the Roskopp shipped to sd? 92119
  349. SD2600

    For Sale Pacific Edge 90 gal split tank

    Pics of the bottom and the hook ups? Measurements? Thanks
  350. SD2600

    TRADE Seeking boat partner.

    More pics please, as well as details on where the slip is and your ave maint cost
  351. SD2600

    For Sale Sold Boat Misc Boat Stuff for sale, Bilge cleaner, salt away, windlass, hoop nets, Promar Gaff, etc

    Hey Dom, your risers and manifolds will not fit my application, but to better help your sale can u post a pic or two of the mating surfaces? Those areas are importantant for buyers.. thanx
  352. SD2600

    SOLD Carolina Classic 25 Express Diesel

    Fuel capacity? And burn numbers?.. sweet rig!
  353. SD2600

    SOLD JX Raptor in Silver (Delete) Non raptor.... if your flexible
  354. SD2600

    For Sale Avet MXL MC Gold $160

    What didn’t you like about it?
  355. SD2600

    Icom M604 VHF

    Still Avail...
  356. SD2600

    WTB. Calstar or seeker

    looking for a stick to pair with my avet sx... fishing 20lb floro... what do u guys have for sale? PM please
  357. SD2600

    Icom M604 VHF

    $250.00 boxed and ready to go
  358. SD2600

    Icom M604 VHF

  359. SD2600

    Icom M604 VHF

    Less tax... $275 anyone
  360. SD2600

    Icom M604 VHF

    Good point..... price reduced $275...
  361. SD2600

    Icom M604 VHF

    I have received a few offers for $250 and $200, am i crazy for thinking this radio is a deal at $300? or should I have be less forthcoming and listed it for 2.1 mil and bartered down to 3......
  362. SD2600

    Icom M604 VHF

  363. SD2600

    Icom M604 VHF

    San Carlos. Off lake Murray...
  364. SD2600

    Icom M604 VHF

    Hey guys, I have an ICOM M604 for sale. I bought this unit off another member who used it for less then one season, to up grade my system but It will not work for my application. Great radio hopefully someone can put it to use. Comes with radio, gamble mount, mic, power cord, about 4' NMEA 183...
  365. SD2600

    Volvo Penta 5.7 GXI Motor For Sale - 320 HP

    What boat is it currently in? Fuel consumption? Any wiggle room on the price?
  366. SD2600

    12-19.... close but no cigar

    Flares were about 2 years old.. I tried 3 to no avail
  367. SD2600

    12-19.... close but no cigar

    Going to check out an Icom 604 from another member on the 26th....
  368. SD2600

    12-19.... close but no cigar

    No trolling on the way home.. my mind was focused on my radio issue and trying to think of I had another option to rig the rotor.... even if the mcguyver rotor got me back to the harbor entering the channel and getting the boat on the trailer would of been interesting
  369. SD2600

    12-19.... close but no cigar

    Rotor and cap were oem from volvo penta store...
  370. SD2600

    12-19.... close but no cigar

    Standard Horizon GX1700W Standard Explorer GPS VHF Marine Radio Any opinions on this?
  371. SD2600

    12-19.... close but no cigar

    Thanx for the positive reply’s...I will most likely be looking into a new radio. What r u guys running? Pros cons? I have always been pretty anal on my boat maintence. That rotor had about 60 miles on it and failed... I’m all about carrying spare parts but there is also a breaking point where u...
  372. SD2600

    12-19.... close but no cigar

    With the little wind and current there was we actually were creeping back to port... might of taken till next xmas but that was worth laughing about while we were idle
  373. SD2600

    12-19.... close but no cigar

    The search for Bluefin Tuna at the 60 mile Bank, Staring McGuyver and a lil old Boy Scout. So my mom and stepdad made a some what surprise trip out to visit this week. Stepdad wanted to fish so of course I start checking the weather and the reports. Looks like the tuna have been going bonkers...
  374. SD2600

    Simrad go7 help

    I have had mine for a season.. 8-10 kt and mine falls out. I have yet to adjust it as every time out I want to fish and fear the wrong adjustment might be a complete bummer for the trip.. I’ll try and adjust it up a bit before the next trip and hope for the best
  375. SD2600

    Simrad go7 help

    Any updates? Pics of ducer install/ location? I have a go7 with total scan and I’m always looking to fine tune
  376. SD2600

    The thrill of victory.... And the agony of defeat.. My jumbo blue fin story

    How did the 43 look? Bird activity? Breezing bait? Water temp? Marks? They were there earlier in the season.... thanx for the report
  377. SD2600

    Condor 1.5 Day 11/24-26

    Outstanding!. great write up. Might wanna frame that pic of you and your old man...
  378. SD2600

    11/24 at the 43

    Mike thanx for sharing, sounds like you and your boy gave em a solid go... maybe next time your boy can sling a 10lb sinker and go for the ko!!! Next time u guys will make em pay!
  379. SD2600

    11/24 at the 43

    Srry for the strike out... water temp? Did u guys kill your motor while in the mix of crashing birds? How was the bait at mb?
  380. SD2600

    SC basin bouy and pts SE of there Sat 11/18

    Solid report, great effort. Thanx for sharing
  381. SD2600

    11/14 O95 BITINGGG

    Rad! Great write up thanks for sharing! So Cal in November .... luv it
  382. SD2600

    Live Bait Invention -- Thoughts?

    How has this worked for your bait? And how do u have it configured in your system?
  383. SD2600

    Live Bait Invention -- Thoughts?

    Rick, can u update us on how well your bait has been doing since u have been using your evolving system? The gentleman who said shitty bait is just that, shitty bait. Put what many of us deal with on our crap shoot, pullin up to the barge... my personnel luck hasn’t been very good this season...
  384. SD2600

    New to SCI look for info

    thanks brett, doesn't look like it in the cards this season. I'm prolly going to head south tomorrow for one last shot at some yft.
  385. SD2600

    The knuckle and Hidden Bank 09/17/17

    I’m think of a similar route tomorrow.
  386. SD2600

    The knuckle and Hidden Bank 09/17/17

    Looked like great temp breaks there... bummer
  387. SD2600

    10/14 - 475 area YF Limits

    How was the ride down with that big 300 Pushin ya?
  388. SD2600

    New to SCI look for info

    bob thanx for the reply delany, thanks for the #'s,,,,, if i find my way to the center of the island i will be sure to pm you on what i find
  389. SD2600

    New to SCI look for info

    thanks for the advice bob... i was more looking for #'s for high spots much like common area's like the 9, 182, 181, 43.. if you have the latest intel thats great if u wanna share. also I'm looking for any safety considerations pb'rs might have for the trek
  390. SD2600

    Ocean Odyssey 1.5 -- All Alone Out There

    100 miles south? you guys were deep!
  391. SD2600

    New to SCI look for info

    hey fellas, so i have never taken my rig to SCI, but I'm looking to close my season with a bang... possibly trying to head to sci wed or thursday. does any one have any #'s that they can share that might put me in a good area? an info would be greatly appreciated.. thanx
  392. SD2600

    TOADSTOADSONLY! Would you quit your job to go chase Trophy Bluefin?

    Hang those pics on the wall at your next job... and don’t forget to keep applying for new jobs in case the bite gets hot and u have to bail! Great post thanx
  393. SD2600

    Understanding Drag on reels

    Derby has great info, but each angler has their own way of doing things..... you ask for info in your post and he tells you to search for it... old school way of teaching no doubt... but it holds merit ... take advice that is given, try it and try it again. note what works and keep doing it, all...
  394. SD2600

    Full moon.......notta problem!

    Great report! Trips like that make the season!
  395. SD2600

    Giddy up ponies....

    Nice work men.. what is the first pic?
  396. SD2600

    Decent size Yellowfin

    Looks like ice to me... why to get em guys!
  397. SD2600

    Diawa sl30sh problem

    Well I just tore into my other reel.. super clean.. lubed and aligned all the parts and she is working! That is until I catch some more imaginary fish in the garage... here r some pics... thanks for the input fellas...
  398. SD2600

    Diawa sl30sh problem

    So I was playing make believe catching quality dodo's and yt's with the 30 I tore down last night.. all was well.. then out of nowhere it stopped going into gear again... other than some dried grease the insides looked really good...does the spring tention have anything to do with it going into...
  399. SD2600

    Diawa sl30sh problem

    Cheech thanks for the reply.. I pulled everything apart and cleaned... wasn't to bad inside... lubed up moving parts.. hopefully this works.. I ordered some carbon drags but they r on back order... :( One more reel to go through. I found this link on another post.. might be helpful for...
  400. SD2600

    Diawa sl30sh problem

    hey guys I have 2 sl30sh reels and both of them r haveing trouble going from free spool to in gear... anyone know what the culprit of this problem is? Springs? Thanks for any input
  401. SD2600

    9-23 302 area

    Dan-o glad u tied into em.... tuna tuna tuna on your next venture!
  402. SD2600

    9/19 - Limits for 3

    Billa I think u need to check your perspective... looking from Canada "aka nor cal" everything looks smaller... great catch guys! Keep em bent.
  403. SD2600

    Anyone headed south tomorrow

    with all the positive reports of the southbound traffic lately I'm going point the compass downward tomorrow. Just wondering if anyone else was planning on doing the same if so hit me up on 72 and hopefully we can partake in some of the fun
  404. SD2600

    O95 9/15 - Limits of YFT - home run in the bottom of the 9th!

    Sounds like a great day dispite what negativity yellowfish26 says..... stoked for u guy!
  405. SD2600

    They went stupid 9-12-17

    Bloody murder....... REDRUM!
  406. SD2600

    9/5 Ass kicking and a half and a PB

    Awesome! Were you guys at the 43?
  407. SD2600

    2006 Parker 2520 xl

    what is the reason you are selling? always a question people ask... solid looking boat
  408. SD2600

    Heading out tomorrow

    Well.... how was your trip?
  409. SD2600

    Follow Up-Friday-Saturday, August 25, 26 Cortez Bank

    I often dream about loading up and making the push to Cortez... however I don't think my 134 gal would do much except touch it and return.. giant blues in the sack or not u made the venture. Don't forget to long that memory as something most will never do.. thank you for sharing. I envy the journey
  410. SD2600

    Tomorrow intel??

    Also the weather calls for patchy drizzle in the am...
  411. SD2600

    Tomorrow intel??

    I'm not one for the private message as i believe info isnt power .. it's all about what u make of it.. but if I were headed out tomorrow it looks like there is a good temp break at the 181 and at the 43... also seems there might be a break in cloro in those spots as well... hope u find em and...
  412. SD2600

    "THE CORNER" bait market

    I saw breezing bait, and a ton of it. Casey, I think we got a lil close on our way out, just read your post killer fuel milage! Chuck great description, the water conditions were perfect yesterday am to spot tuna freezers, however I we saw was bait. thanks for the input
  413. SD2600

    "THE CORNER" bait market

    Bait sticks had 60/30, 60/20 2/0 circles.. threw flat falls, surface and candy bar irons, trolled feathers and cedar plugs.. bait from mb was small dines and a few macs.. maybe Thursday I should try salmon eggs and power bait..
  414. SD2600

    "THE CORNER" bait market

    went out today 7-18. Ran through the 182 with life starting to show.. a few birds, paddys, and the occasional mark.. no one was home.. made my way to the corner and appearently all the breezers in the pacific where there. If bill gates threw a nickle at each bait ball, his arm would fall off...
  415. SD2600

    For sale...Seat...Anchor...Pole Holders...Pump...ect

    Do you still have the ss rod holders?
  416. SD2600

    Best fishfinder/gps combo for under 500

    Break the bank a lil and grab a simrad go7 with total scan ducer.. bout 750 with a rebate.. solid unit for the price
  417. SD2600

    Bait Tank not working (electrical) / re-hosing needed

    Conner , have u found someone to help u? If not call or text me. I just redid my tank pump thru hull and drain for my tank.. dustin 805 798 1151
  418. SD2600

    Dana Pt. to 209, 277, 279 (267) Thurs/22nd

    Long haul for nadda, I hope u enjoyed your time today.. I'll be heading out sat for the first trip of the year. No matter the outcome the journey makes the reward what it is.. thanks for posting
  419. SD2600

    Skip.....Skip.....Boom! - 182 Area - Weds 6/14

    That's serious tackle.. congrats!
  420. SD2600

    If you had 1000 to spend on a FF/transducer.....

    dudley, have you got a chance to use your go7? what do u like dislike?
  421. SD2600

    Live Bait Invention -- Thoughts?

    Rick, there will always be people who don't agree with anything you do or don't do. The fact that you are into a hobby and trying to customize your setup to gain greater fulfillment is awesome... weather you sell or just pass on your knowledge is up to you. I for one can appreciate ones failures...
  422. SD2600

    Live Bait Invention -- Thoughts?

    So... any updates?
  423. SD2600

    WTB: Fillet Board

    Amazon, i used an old board to make the plug
  424. SD2600

    WTB: Fillet Board

    I just made this one to sit on my bait tank, measures 30 x 18..1/2" thick..cost about $27 bucks
  425. SD2600

    5/3/17 North 9

    Great post.. thanx for info: tight lines are close ....
  426. SD2600

    SOLD: Fiberglass Bait Tank 30 Gallons $300

    Long shot but is the tank still avail?
  427. SD2600

    I need a bait tank...

    Cobia still have that tank? Pics dimensions
  428. SD2600

    I need a bait tank...

    Can't wait to see it, please post dimensions as well. Thanx
  429. SD2600

    I need a bait tank...

    alright, I have been looking for a bait tank for some time I hope to find one before the season gets in full swing. Does anyone in the so cal area have something? I'm looking in the 30-40 gal range.. as with anyone hopefully the price doesn't break the bank.. let me know .. thanks
  430. SD2600

    WTB used fiberglass baittank

    Strike team. Do u have pics and dimensions of your tank? I'm interested Dustin 8057981151
  431. SD2600

    Misc forsale

    I can pick up the bait tank Monday if it's avail text me 805 798 1151
  432. SD2600

    Misc forsale

    Still have the bait tank?