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  1. GregE

    Where are the Area 4 hali reports n pics?

    Nice family day JohnR :) Good pics too Big lings Danny- were you solo?
  2. GregE

    Ilwaco tuna 8/1-8/3. Great to decent fishing.

    Interesting. Looks like tuna cord. Do you have a release clip for the clone line?
  3. GregE

    Ilwaco tuna 8/1-8/3. Great to decent fishing.

    "orange splashy thing' bird teaser?
  4. GregE

    Costco Vacuum sealer Discussion ??

    Follow up: Judy had checked the fuse and replaced it. Once we opened the top found a wire loose from the spade connector on the power switch. Replaced the connector and installed- still no power. Checked the power cord continuity- good. Tech support asked several times about the fuse- I...
  5. GregE

    Costco Vacuum sealer Discussion ??

    Well.............. I would but I'm not sure who Thom is or how to reach him Link me up or ID him please
  6. GregE

    Westport hali 2020

    WOW!! I was watching the trees blow today and feeling bad for anybody on the ocean........ But, sun, nice size Halis and pretty smooth water. Goodonya!!
  7. GregE

    Costco Vacuum sealer Discussion ??

    Finally found the Search--- how long has it been under the FORUMS tab?? The VacMaster 215 is the one we have- very sturdy but won't power up. Finally had the tech rep talk me through opening the top and found a loose wire on the...
  8. GregE

    Costco Vacuum sealer Discussion ??

    Hmmm, can't edit the title or delete and start over :(
  9. GregE

    Costco Vacuum sealer Discussion ??

    Judy is looking at vacuum sealers- actually one arrived recently but it's not working so getting ready to ship 80# back to VacMaster......... She saw the ones in Costco - and I told her there were some problems discussed last year on that model. Not having any luck searching. Anybody have a...
  10. GregE

    Garmin Radar Warranty Replacement

    Here ya go
  11. GregE

    Electric Hunting Bike Rental

    Remember if you're going on a road restricted to motor vehicles- E bikes are included. Wish they weren't
  12. GregE

    Garmin Radar Warranty Replacement

    Project K5? Greg, you of all people know the rule about pictures! Matt, I should have written Judy's K5 Blazer Chalet project that hasn't moved in 10 years. They only made them for 1.5 years. You see more of the little Toyota Chalet campers. I'll find some pics
  13. GregE

    Ilwaco tuna 8/1-8/3. Great to decent fishing.

    Getting the Boat put back together-again. Hope to see you on the water soon.
  14. GregE

    Garmin Radar Warranty Replacement

    Flip is only used to get under the 11' bay opening- if the project K5 ever leaves the bay... New Garmin cable ordered and used. My marine electrician installer cautioned that generic cables won't work- Garmin has reversed two wires that make it necessary to buy proprietary cable Good...
  15. GregE

    Garmin Radar Warranty Replacement

    Flip is only used for getting into the shop ( travel and storage it's up) If the 'project K5 ever leaves the bay. Original install was done by Marine electrician Tim in Olympia. System worked great last year. He did tell me Garmin RG45 wiring has two pin locations reversed from 'all others'...
  16. GregE

    Garmin Radar Warranty Replacement

    This year I have been struggling with my Garmin Fantom 18 and on the advice of their support section after going thru a bunch of checks ordered a new data cord. It came yesterday and I plugged it in just running thru the window to the radome- Nada. Called Garmin this AM and after reviewing...
  17. GregE

    Sharks need to eat

    ba Dum, ba Dum :)
  18. GregE

    8/1-8/2 Tuna and salmon report

    There ya go!! That's as close to a great weekend report as I've seen lately :) Did you find them on troll or spot and slide in?
  19. GregE

    We can tell you where the tuna

    Those are some fine accommodations :) Did you have lunch on the Lido deck?
  20. GregE

    8/1 Westport Tuna Attempt

    Was hoping for good news..... :(
  21. GregE

    First Tuna run of the seaon

    Hope you read the other side of the compass....... Good luck- hoping you find some!!
  22. GregE

    First Tuna run of the seaon

    The Daiwa rod in the water looked like you were running a high/ low on the port side. I see the Flatfall jig now.
  23. GregE

    First Tuna run of the seaon

    Wow. Glad you found some. Interesting rod spread arrangment ( and knuckle busters too ) Got some close ups of how you spread with that?
  24. GregE

    Tuna Safari

    Wish you well - looking forward to some great reports!!
  25. GregE

    Westport Tuna 30 July

    Welcome back Andy
  26. GregE

    Hey y’all

    Nice boat!! Hope to see you on the TUNA grounds soon.
  27. GregE

    Westport Tuna 30 July

    Waaaay too far for me. But I'll enjoy reading about the success of others. Nice Avatar of the new boat Kim!!
  28. GregE

    Neah bay 7-25/7-26

    and maybe a BIGGER Boat :) ba Dum, ba Dum No long arm on that one- Nice!!
  29. GregE

    Westport 7-29

    Great sat shots. That helps Thanks
  30. GregE

    Westport Tuna 30 July

    Laurence- 47 Not 46..... ? 252 - total is 300?? Is there a cross feed? all that can't be on one side
  31. GregE

    Westport Tuna Thursday 7-30

    ........ Packing a bunch of a new style swimsuits I designed and poured up ...... Sure hope that's an auto spell glitch. Show us your swimbaits- I'll pass on the other ;) Looks like Playboy too is after salmon
  32. GregE

    Westport Tuna Thursday 7-30

    Hmmmmmmm priority shipment cable may be here Fri.....
  33. GregE

    7/25 Westport Tuna

    Lots of canyon structure there. Hoping for closer yet...... Area 2 would be nice :)
  34. GregE

    Westport Tuna Thursday 7-30

    Wishin...... Waiting for a new kicker steering cable to arrive..... Yep, it's That guy
  35. GregE

    Alright I peeked

    With larger flood/ ebb tide exchanges I avoid the middle 1/3 that's the max flow. LeRoy's Ramblings explains bar crossing considerations well.
  36. GregE

    7/23 CR tuna report. WFO. It is on.

    Drag a few a little farther N wouldja? ;)
  37. GregE

    Salmon Trip WP Thursday 23

    TMH, that's a much better picture than my handout I got at PSA. We did catch a couple Quillbacks on Mark's charter a couple weeks ago but Yellow Tail were the primary bottom catch. Got some BIG salmon catching tips??? ;)
  38. GregE

    Salmon Trip WP Thursday 23

    They say confession is good for the soul......... I talked to buddy Mooch, who had fished Weds, while driving to WP with buddy Mike- he reported the bar was rough and most of the way out to the 200' area- said he got a nice one We launched Weds night and after setting up gear slept in the...
  39. GregE

    Salmon Days left area 2 ??

    and that's No rumor ;)
  40. GregE

    Tuna updates for Westport -2020

    Yep. But that's a good thing. Hoping for that close soon, too
  41. GregE

    Deposit down on an Allied Boats Aluminum Catamaran

    So many choices- but you have time.... Enjoy the journey!!
  42. GregE

    Salmon Days left area 2 ??

    I should have checked to make sure my edit went thru. Got it this time........
  43. GregE

    Salmon Days left area 2 ??

    Point taken- I reacted to a post on BDs that caught me by surprise. I should not have done the same. Redacted and rewritten......
  44. GregE

    Salmon Days left area 2 ?? Area 2 Report only goes to Jul 12 with 8% coho and 6% king caught....
  45. GregE

    Salmon Days left area 2 ??

    Hmmmmm I did an edit and deleted the rumor but .... doing it again. I'm trying to schedule some trips for friends and family next month and wondering how long the season may last. Any insight? G
  46. GregE

    Westport July 10, 11 and 12

    TMH that call saved the day- I'd already turned around after encountering 'pillow waves' by bouy 8 with no discernable pattern and whitecaps as far as I could see. Thanks again!! Finally got the name added Hope it helps ;)
  47. GregE

    Deposit down on an Allied Boats Aluminum Catamaran

    Thanks for the info, diagrams and taking us along on the great build journey!!
  48. GregE

    Westport July 10, 11 and 12

    After months of fiddling, designing and redoing we had Kodak 'close enough' to take family fishing out of Westport. This was the first trip with the truck camper and Arima SL 22 so we anticipated some backing down the ramp challenges. Judy's daughter married a Wyoming cowboy and this would be...
  49. GregE

    Sekiu Fishing was good.

    Finally figured out the rainbow pic is upside down Nice family time Eric- cherish those days
  50. GregE

    Westport Accommodations

    Yikes, hope you have compression seats
  51. GregE

    Beautiful morning turned in awesome weekend

    We saw SlapShot Saturday- hard to miss her. You stopped near us while we untangled from a derelict crab pot line - thanks for checking on us. But we didn't get a lot of fish and No donuts either...... :(
  52. GregE

    It’s T-T-T-Tuna Time!

    Getting older isn't for sissies............
  53. GregE

    It’s T-T-T-Tuna Time!

    Nice report Mike. Were you able to get Sat temp/ choro ?? Just got home from a 3 day WP trip..... and you caught more than we did- unless you count sand dabs ;)
  54. GregE

    Need Tanecom 750 Power Cord

    Boat limits of Ling and Rockfish. The 42' Integrity with suspension seats for all is great. I had a chance to learn some about reading bottom info on the huge 16" Raymarine MFDs. Still a couple projects for Mark to finish up on the boat. Power outlets is one of them so we left the Tanecom in...
  55. GregE

    Sand Dabs Area 2 ??

    Bingo, thanks for the info!! Some of that is repeated in the Area fishing section that I kept looking at for the rest of the info.
  56. GregE

    Sand Dabs Area 2 ??

    I spent some time reading the new Regs and can't find that limitation. Don't doubt it's there but I like to see it first hand. Location??
  57. GregE

    Sand Dabs Area 2 ??

    Jaws: Term I've heard for the jetties- from an aerial view they could be. Thanks Mike. Yes, on no salmon area 2 Fri Sat. Planning to bottom fish Fri then head S of the line Sat
  58. GregE

    Sand Dabs Area 2 ??

    I have a son in law coming from Wyoming for his first Ocean trip on Kodak from Westport Friday. He's a Tough cowboy, but prairies don't have waves..... so I'm trying to make it a shorter trip. Hoping to get him on some lings and salmon on the first trip in our boat this year ( loooong story )...
  59. GregE

    Need Tanecom 750 Power Cord

    Thanks Curt. The brotherhood remains strong!! I spent 2 hours looking yesterday and found the cord in 10 minutes just now. Putting your situation on BDs apparently gives the sought object a reason to quit hiding... ;)
  60. GregE

    ARSC is Bloody!

    Well howdy....... Going out with Mark Saturday for lings....... Maybe we can do a combo Eric, which AIS ap are you using?
  61. GregE

    Need Tanecom 750 Power Cord

    Found the cord....... Will delete this when I find out how Judy's shoulder surgeries didn't help her strength so I got a Tanecom 750 for her which works great. ( she lets me borrow it :) ) We had some work done on the boat and unloaded stuff- and I can't find the power cord. I have a spare...
  62. GregE

    Fishing on Integrity Sat. Camper stay?

    We are going for deep water lings Saturday on the newly refurbished 42. This is our third day scheduled, weather last week and completion timing postponed the other two. My back and Judy's shoulders and hip are looking forward to the suspension seats and larger ride. Fishing on the 4th- not...
  63. GregE

    Don’t try this at home. Safety first

    I'd share the load on that magnet- pulling on one end seems iffy What the load rating??
  64. GregE

    Scaley/Flaky rust on torsion axle load arms?

    If you need help with this - Ernie's does good work. 360 456 6100
  65. GregE

    Area 4 Report

    Great report, nice pics!! Comfortable napping spot envy 340 NM-- Where are you berthed?
  66. GregE

    Shrimping area 6

    Great Pic of the Shot on plane!!
  67. GregE

    The Paragon

    Slurry/ bleeder = 1/2 round office bin. Easy to fish around
  68. GregE

    Throwable PFD group buy

    I've been looking at these- which usually means $$ Sent him an email Found the link in your post Doh
  69. GregE

    The Paragon

    Pretty lines molded in that one!! Available for deck duty, line holder or ??
  70. GregE

    Area 4 OPEN

    Posted the whole announcement. Sad
  71. GregE

    Area 4 open June 20, but ......

    June 12, 2020 Contact: Region 6, 360-249-4628 Public Affairs contact: Ben Anderson Saltwater recreational fishing to reopen in Marine Area 4; ocean salmon fishing dates and proposed halibut seasons announced OLYMPIA – The waters where the Pacific Ocean meets the Strait of Juan de Fuca will...
  72. GregE

    Twanoh State Park? (Shrimping yesterday)

    the Twanoh Park guys always keep things orginized. A buddy said there was going to be a minus tide at launch time yesterday and they have closed the ramp in previous years. I don't have the seats in the 22 yet so didn't verify that. Anybody need some ballast? ;)
  73. GregE


    Wow, who knew when we scheduled for June 20 we might be on the inaugural fishing trip?!?!? Looking forward to riding in those suspension seats and getting some deep ling blood in the fish box. We wouldn't dare drip on the deck.... ;)
  74. GregE

    Back up Camera ??

    Too old and getting tired of hopping out multiple time trying to hook up the boat- especially with the camper on the truck. Looking for an after market set up and figured someone on here has some good recommendations or warnings. Got any info to share? :) G
  75. GregE

    Canada going to be iffy this year

    FishTech1- Link doesn't work.... We had not planned a trip to QC this year but friends are scheduled
  76. GregE

    Joining the 30' plus club (New NR 3100SXL build)

    Wowser-- should be ready for Salmon and TUNA :)
  77. GregE

    2020 Shrimp season

    Guessing they are tentative dates for lower than forecast catch numbers
  78. GregE

    Chasing sanity - dabs, greenlings, and lingcod

    What a great fishing platform!! Nice pics too! What general area??
  79. GregE

    29 Almar Walk-Around Rebuild

    Impressive!! What's the plan for her Allan?
  80. GregE

    Sekiu halibut opening

    Good thing my boat seats are still out - my project list ran longer than I thought
  81. GregE

    Hospital Bed Camano Island

    impressive responses- but not surprising :)
  82. GregE

    8 YFT's on the hook up all at once!

    Wow!! Where is OBX?
  83. GregE

    Ace line hauler Great Customer Service

    Also got quick, friendly service from them. Good folks!!
  84. GregE

    Area 13 May The 5th Be With you!

    Nice pictures, thanks for sharing
  85. GregE

    Columbia R to open

    And I just took the boat to Smart Custom Canvas in Sequim yesterday....... and still working on setting up the seat boxes when it comes back.
  86. GregE

    Columbia R to open

    WDFW NEWS RELEASE Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 1111 Washington St. SE, Olympia, WA 98501 May 1, 2020 Contact: Fish Program, 360-902-2700 Media inquiries: Ben Anderson, 360-902-0045 Columbia River scheduled to open for spring Chinook on select days beginning...
  87. GregE

    Coldwater 35' Pilothouse Build

    I've been enjoying checking on the build progress. Hope it starts up again soon
  88. GregE

    Seat Dampening Needed Ideas Please

    Measuring thrice....... 6” block to size Air Wave suspension. SAS seat has no arms but has side bolsters. Temptress seat leans back more and still has clearance problems with rear seat Last pic with Centric seats back to back solves the clearance issue. Judy like the SAS seat with the build...
  89. GregE

    Seat Dampening Needed Ideas Please

    Hey TinManiac you may need to change your screen name :) That's kind of where I'm going. Reversed the box and took some measurements, Still to high for the Shock Wave S5 ( 7.9" ) without cutting the box down. May be low enough for the Air Wave base ( 6" )...
  90. GregE

    Seat Dampening Needed Ideas Please

    The hinge is on the front Matt. Opens the long way. I've got one loose- going to finish taking the seats loose and trying position options.
  91. GregE

    Seat Dampening Needed Ideas Please

    Mike- yep- T12 is the first vertebrae able to bend so it is suffering. Looking at things on the floor I make a decision whether I really need it :) JOhn, I will be looking at a way to raise that port wheel- thanks for your thoughts. Initially I'll reverse the box to lower the seat 3" and...
  92. GregE

    Seat Dampening Needed Ideas Please

    We rarely go over 20 with any kind of waves. Arimas are not wave cutters and at times 10-12 is called for and it will still be on plane. The issue is the 'sneaker' that doesn't get spotted to come off the gas in time couple with 75 y/o bones that would like to get a few more years chasing TUNA.
  93. GregE

    Big 50

    Another April baby. Wish I could remember back that far...... Hope your day wasn't confining too much ;)
  94. GregE

    Seat Dampening Needed Ideas Please

    Working on the Arima 22 soon to be name Kodak (II) in hopes we'll get to use it.... Old helicopter back is not my friend. My lumbar spine has been fused ribs to hips, makes it tough picking a chovie off the deck and really gets tough slapping off a steep wave. So I'm trying to come up with a...
  95. GregE

    Mo Tools, Mo Powa, Mo Betta.

    Hmmm did I miss a tool discussion?
  96. GregE

    Clam Days Mar 20-23

  97. GregE

    Truck electrical work near Oly?

    glad you got it. If anybody else is looking for wiring, hitch, axle, bearing help Ernie's is great!! Lots of personal experience with them 360 456 6100. Check the map- you can't turn directly off 101
  98. GregE


    Kim bail on AK. I'd sign up to fish- those seats are just what my old back needs
  99. GregE

    Clam Days Mar 20-23

    OLYMPIA – Razor clam diggers can round up their shovels, clam guns and tubes for a four-day dig beginning March 20. Razor clamming at MocrocksCameron Lefler State shellfish managers with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) approved a dig on evening low tides after recent...
  100. GregE

    Joining the 30' plus club (New NR 3100SXL build)

    Fun Read!! Unlike most posters I don't have any suggestions to help you spend more $$.
  101. GregE

    Approved March Clam Days

    MARCH March 6, Friday, 4:11 pm, -0.2 feet; Long Beach, Twin Harbors, Mocrocks March 7, Saturday, 4:59 pm, -0.7 feet; Long Beach, Twin Harbors, Copalis March 8, Sunday, 6:43 pm, -1.0 feet; Long Beach, Twin Harbors, Mocrocks March 9, Monday, 7:25 pm, -1.0 feet; Long Beach, Twin Harbors, Copalis...
  102. GregE

    Chillin in PV!

    Nice pics. Also curious why they cleared the fishing area? Just eh boat you were on or everybody? Inquiring minds.....
  103. GregE

    New Premier Charter

    No Open seat pricing listed- only the $3K whole boat .
  104. GregE

    26 osprey repower

    Wow, you may need some ballast up front. We sat rear low with the Suzi 300- when we got 4 guys in the back fighting tuna the rear scuppers were near the water line. With water in the fish boxes and bilge they were under. Good luck with the deck hatch search. I wished many times the heavy...
  105. GregE

    Only turn 40 once…

    counting down to June 2021 That's a looong wait Anticipation...... :)
  106. GregE

    One Day SMELT Feb 14

    Want to impress your sweetie for Valentines?? One-day smelt opening announced for Cowlitz River OLYMPIA – Fishery managers with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) approved a limited-opening recreational smelt fishery for Friday, Feb. 14. A portion of the Cowlitz River will...
  107. GregE

    Electronics @ boat show

    Wow, I got a headache just reading all this...
  108. GregE

    KiwiGrip Deck Paint Project

    Goat, he did PM me. He is in Africa and redoing an Osprey inboard to offshore bracket as well as replacing a section of deck.
  109. GregE

    Ice-fish capacity

    If I can't ice them down properly after the slurry can- we stop fishing.. Been there with lots of left over ice too. The Arima 22's much smaller deck is a mobility challenge
  110. GregE

    In memory of grandpa

    Good job, great memory!!
  111. GregE

    Neah Bay Moorage

    I booked the third week May 12-19 this morning about 1030. Guessing there may be more openings. Tide exchange Thurs- Sat week two- Yikes
  112. GregE

    ELK Quest

    I did get out a couple days. Rode/ pushed the bike up a logging road open to hunting but no motors. 4.5 mile marker at the ridge top with numerous side trips and some steep slopes. Found One recent ELK track. Trip down required peddling in only two spots.
  113. GregE

    Tackle/ fishing organization in shop

    Yep, that's tough on gelcoat
  114. GregE

    Neah Bay Moorage
  115. GregE

    Tackle/ fishing organization in shop

    Sure wish I'd put 12' doors on mine...
  116. GregE

    Thoughts on re-gifting

    Another method.......
  117. GregE

    ELK Quest

    Mike, Sugar Shack went to another home- Judy wanted a N/S bed. This one's about 500# more too ( wish we'd kept yours ) Thanks folks, I've got a couple days left in late archer W WA but no hunting partner. Got to be able to properly take care of one...... and my lower back is fused so...
  118. GregE

    Halibut 2020 Revised

    Thanks guys, simpler is good. :)
  119. GregE

    Halibut 2020 Revised

    Anybody else color challenged? Neah Bay is N Coast? Area 2 is S Coast?
  120. GregE


    Sign me up Mark. My old bones will appreciate the suspension seats!! G
  121. GregE

    ELK Quest

    Bump Thanks for reading. I sure was Prepared and confident this trip- but never saw an ELK in two weeks. Grandson and Shane saw two herds but on private land. Trying to figure out what/ where for late archery in WA G
  122. GregE

    Happy 49th Oregon!

    HOw do you convince your insurance "A whale hit my car!!" ??
  123. GregE

    ELK Quest

    The desert hides lots of hollows and pockets that shield vegetation and animals. We saw hundreds of pronghorn and deer and 30+ moose- the challenge was finding Wapiti. Judy and I found a likely spot at last light and I had Stew drive me there early the next morning The moose...
  124. GregE

    ELK Quest

    Here ya go...... Judy's grandson Stewart went with us to help and hopefully learn a few hunting skills. Driving 1120 miles each way w 3 drivers helps though real 'rest' isn't obtained. We spent a day in Big Piney/ Marbleton at 6800' before moving to camp at 8600' the afternoon before rifle...
  125. GregE

    Kicker wouldn't start

    My issues have been the neutral sensor. It wouldn't turn over with starter or pull rope until I bumped it around to seat properly.
  126. GregE

    ELK Quest

    EJ, true dat I'm having trouble moving pics. Bear with me......
  127. GregE

    ELK Quest

    Hmmm, do you read the last chapter first?? :)
  128. GregE

    Team Rinky Dink!

    I remember when you brought the first Coldwater to the BD gathering at the Tides in Gig Harbor. Impressive then and now!!
  129. GregE

    ELK Quest

    Home safely yesterday. 20 hour drive fighting gusty head winds even with three drivers still wears you out. Story and pics soon- Lots of unpacking and cleaning to do..... -3 Monday Am in W Wyoming while we were packing- balmy 31 Tuesday morning in Shelton.
  130. GregE

    Commercials Overcaught their quotas.

    That is a well written letter!! Thanks for being proactive. Let us know if you get a response G
  131. GregE

    Coast Guard Escort

    350 or 250 Suzis? either way I bet that thing scoots I was looking for the counter rotater and see they're twin props :)
  132. GregE

    Muzzy Bull down !!

    Leaving tomorrow for Wyoming rifle ELK. This will ( hopefully ) be the first big game animal I've taken with a firearm since 1974. All archery since then
  133. GregE

    ELK Quest

    EJ, agree- except when you trip over 'stuff' This will be trip #5 to Wyoming for this rig towing 2 ATVs for 3 of them. 1128 miles usually straight through with some doze rest stops- Good thing she's a night nurse and takes the dark shift. This will ( hopefully ) be the first big game animal...
  134. GregE

    ELK Quest

    Oh yeah. If I ever get out of here. Convincing my fishing/ hunting partner that all that "we might need that" stuff is too much..... But, I'm glad she is into my outdoor interests. :)
  135. GregE

    ELK Quest

    Hunting with Heroes Wyoming is sponsoring my ELK tag again this year. Heard a rumor one might want a ride in my truck....... Got some good practice in yesterday shooting from a variety of positions after tweaking my 200 yard zero Hit 4 of 4 at 285 yards on a 8" steel plate gong. 3 in a 4 "...
  136. GregE

    Final 2019 WP tuna report

    Nice report and pics Stephan!! When you ran out of bait you could have tied Thap on and trolled him :) That guy can find fish!!
  137. GregE

    Westport tuna 10-5-19

    I'm glad it worked out for you Mike- That's a good trip and sorry I couldn't be # 4. Sand Eels have been in my tackle box 2 years- I should have tried them. Sure will next season. Mark, nice boat- many of us worried about your solo adventures. Robyn- wELKome aboard! :)
  138. GregE

    Who is going? Westport tuna this Saturday

    Well, I just got back from PDX and didn't see any tuna...... College reunion rather than Chasin Albi.. Waiting on the reports and pictures...... on the Saltwater side :)
  139. GregE

    Long hunt for the Albies

    maybe cause your keyboard has stripper colored lights? Now, how would he know that?!? We've been saving our unused chovies for a while, the good ones go on cookie sheets to IF ( not quick ;) ) Others go into chum chunk bags or the crab/ shrimp bait stash.
  140. GregE

    Tuna Thursday

    Wow, just wow!!!
  141. GregE

    Great to see you guys

    It was fun following your adventures out of Westport. I miss hearing Cyndi on the radio saying "Fishing Luhrs ....... " We have a couple of her pictures It's still difficult to read your 'here' as 'there'. Happy the recovery continues for Mexico Beach and wish you continued success!! G
  142. GregE

    Long hunt for the Albies

    I like detailed fishing reports---- that one qualifies :)
  143. GregE

    Tuna Westport 10/01

    Looking forward to the full report and pictures! :) Sent you a conversation
  144. GregE

    10/2 CR tuna. Damn good. Plugged.

    So, did you find any Blue Fin?
  145. GregE

    Transducer for Westport?

    Screen name change Jake?
  146. GregE

    Good SST & Chloro Charts 9/28/19

    Sittin and wishin Bring on the trip reports and pics
  147. GregE


    Need to put that on a plaque for the wife ;) Love the kid pics!!
  148. GregE


    That's so cool. Nice the way it all came together- helps to work with great folks!! :)
  149. GregE

    WP live bait - the real scoop

    Really?!?! Man I've got so many things going on...
  150. GregE

    Boat porn Mavrik Marine

    That could show up in my Christmas stocking. Just make sure you keeo the seam up the back straight ;)
  151. GregE

    Tuna Tuesday?

    Looking forward to some TUNA reports and pictures. Glad to see some humor show up - enough drama already
  152. GregE

    swim baits

    Naw Ken, 3 trips this year keep me in the novice group. The well organized stuff came with the Arima 22. Most of that is available for someone looking to stock up as I already have 12+ X raps, and a wide selection of troll and jig gear. Maybe Laurence will make an offer ;)
  153. GregE

    swim baits

    Mike, I can spot you some- we're done for this year. Big Hammers, several others brands and some sand eels and I have Lots of clones and cedar plugs ELK are calling
  154. GregE

    Westport Boat Basin?

    Lots of folks fishing there last week. Don't know about the coho....
  155. GregE

    All Quiet on the Albacore Front.......?

    Mine is a little different Ken. I had to add a pick up the flush input for the wash down on the Osprey or the pump wouldn't draw while on plane. On the Arima I added a pickup on the back of the transom that extends down about 1/4". It will partially fill the tank on plane without the pump...
  156. GregE

    Pursuit of Tuna!

    "just “Swoosh” over the waves!! .." How nice that would be!! Mark has a peanut :) Glad somebody got that old reprobate out ;)
  157. GregE

    Ran today

    Looks like a fun crew- if I could see them!! I heard some of those names on the VHF but couldn't get an answer to my calls until after 2 PM
  158. GregE

    9/20 tuna report. WFO off CR/WP.

    We had three on board and brought home 15- we didn't need more than that so spent the last couple hours trolling NE hoping we didn't catch anymore ;) Got to the dock a little past hi slack so that should have been near 5:30. I've missed seeing you out there this year Chuck. The Arima is a...
  159. GregE

    9/20 tuna report. WFO off CR/WP.

    We started going W 33 miles per 2nd person recommendation and ended up chasing jumpers near the edge of Grays Canyon and got right on top of them- the dolphins that is..... After trolling around in the blue 61 degree water with no luck we ran south and finally got a troll hook west of the 125...
  160. GregE

    9/20 tuna report. WFO off CR/WP.

    Stephen, nice to talk with you and your dad while we waiting to load the Arima skip top. No name on her yet- but soon. G
  161. GregE

    9/20 tuna report. WFO off CR/WP.

    How far is way far N Mike? I think some WP folks were pretty far S, but I never got past the :42
  162. GregE

    Share Ice Friday 4 PM ??

    Still hopeful......
  163. GregE

    Open Seats Tuna this Saturday

    Getting the Dodge 1 T back in the AM. Looking forward to another TUNA trip. :)
  164. GregE

    Share Ice Friday 4 PM ??

    Looks like our schedule has Tuna chasing Sat now. Again looking for someone who can share a tote of ice from WP Seafood about 4 PM Friday. 1/2 tote was almost too much last trip. Kodak Arima 22 skip top PM or text 360 791 4517 Greg
  165. GregE

    Open Seats Tuna this Saturday

    Hmmmm, lots of jobs to do ....... But TUNA are calling!! Looks like Saturday for us. Kodak Arima. SW or ?? :)
  166. GregE

    Garibaldi OTC report

    No, he ran a much less stable boat than you and many of us offered to share a spot. He hasn't been on BDs much lately but has fished with Blackelk this season on Mike's Osprey 24.
  167. GregE

    Open Seats Tuna this Saturday

    I haven't seen that source Paul. What's it called? We're hoping Friday looks reasonable. Sure would be nice to find some at 33 miles.... or less :) PSA Ocean meeting Saturday @ 18:30 folks G
  168. GregE

    Garibaldi OTC report

    More on a theme... I'm a retired helicopter pilot and early in my training I learned the phrase "There are Bold pilots and Old pilots, But there are No Old, Bold pilots" Lots of caring comments expressed here- as we did for Solo Mark Reed.
  169. GregE

    Chasing 2019’s summer!

    Great family pics!!! :) G
  170. GregE

    Westport Tuna 9-13-19 Piggies

    Nice. Good pictures too Mark always seems to do a nice photo set up with clean fish.
  171. GregE

    Coldwater 35' Pilothouse Build

    Fun read and impressive build. :)
  172. GregE

    Ice in Ilwaco

    3.50 or 4.50$ a bucket... which it waaay to much for tuna IMO Just Tuna?!?!
  173. GregE

    Heading out WP

    Hmmm, short report, no pics. These are not the droids you're looking for... ;) Glad you found them
  174. GregE

    Hit the Jackpot in Quepos, Costa Rica

    Super report, Pics and lady!!
  175. GregE

    CR tuna 9/7. Awesome.

    I hope it last a LOT longer :) How far N did you go Mike?
  176. GregE

    Just another shit show

    Wow!! Envious of the size and Flat water.....
  177. GregE

    It's official this time... ShortRound is heading east!

    I'm glad we had some time to talk at meetings and even a TUNA trip- good times and you have a big heart!! Keep bowhunting - you'll have more opportunities in the SE, just a lot smaller critters. This retired military life has possibilities I'm still figuring out after 33 years. ;) Stay...
  178. GregE

    A little piece of bloodline...

    I'm allergic to those and hornets...... Got stung twice last month- 2 times each. Thankfully only mild reactions so didn't need to use my bee kit. Lots of folks are allergic- few carry an Ana Kit. Sure would be stupid to die when you could have treated it.
  179. GregE

    Tuna Run Friday

    It was close to 5 but Nobody else was at the take out to see me power slide within 2" of the trailer stop- except the fish check lady... and she didn't seem impressed--- but D was. Of course he likes to chase TUNA with me ;)
  180. GregE

    Tuna Run Friday

    Yep. Thought parking in a dark canyon between huge commercial boats was a good idea. But one had a bright deck light on all night .... Mr D knows TUNA. It's nice having someone who can bend and lift :)
  181. GregE

    Tuna Run Friday

    What a week, Had to replace the brake assembly on the boat trailer, My 1 T Dodge has a camper on it that is at the RV shop for repairs, Buddies Dodge has issues, and Tides didn't want to cooperate earlier in the week. So with great forecasts for Friday buddy Mike brought his Tahoe over to...
  182. GregE

    Heading out WP

    We ended past the 00 / 00 straight out Landed 13. Temp didn't get over 62 and stayed cool until the X.
  183. GregE

    TUNA NUMBERS for Sat 9-20-08

    Nothing has touched one on a fast crank or jigging action. Sure wish I'd know that could have same some tired arms I did catch a blue shark on a swim bait......
  184. GregE

    TUNA NUMBERS for Sat 9-20-08

    I took the BIG hook........... :0
  185. GregE

    TUNA NUMBERS for Sat 9-20-08

    Thanks for the share!! 50 miles is loong run for the Arima- hope we run across some fat hungry ones on the way Friday ;)
  186. GregE

    Fire then fizzle then dead. WP tuna 9/2

    Good luck on the ELK Erik!! Be patient and follow thru
  187. GregE

    Thursday PM Ice Share WP ??

    Still hoping to share- hate to waste 1/2 tote but we have little room 360 791 4517
  188. GregE

    Fire then fizzle then dead. WP tuna 9/2

    thanks guys, good reminders. Heading over tomorrow to ice up and launch for Friday. I'll watch for you Tye
  189. GregE

    No Bait Tank Yet ??

    Yep, that's a problem though we are only fishing 3 I was going to move the tank forward and reroute the overflow thru the deck scupper but that restricts moving the kill bags and cooler- not much dance floor on the Arima with the storage box seats.
  190. GregE

    No Bait Tank Yet ??

    Yes and yes though we have put two in there. Overcrowding will/ has increase(ed) bait loss Tank worked well last week- hope to use it again Friday
  191. GregE

    WP Tuna

    NO angles............ But it does happen. BIG chomp wow
  192. GregE

    Labor Day love

    OOoooohh you guys have me all sweaty!! Friday is a long way off. How big ## are the hogs Vance? Seems the early N report fish were mid teen size - I'm watching both directions and getting all worked up. :)
  193. GregE

    Tuna bleeding done wrong

    The catcher sure messed up the loins. Glad Merinos put out a correction
  194. GregE

    Ice at west port

    Looking for Ice share Thursday PM Good infor above
  195. GregE

    Thursday PM Ice Share WP ??

    I can't get out until Friday ( who set three appts this week ?!?!? ) We usually go over the afternoon before to pick up ice at WP Seafood but the smaller Arima will barely handle a 1/2 tote. Anybody with similar schedule want to share a tote about 4:30? G
  196. GregE

    First Time Tuna

    X2 The worm has turned for you now..... ;) G
  197. GregE

    First Time Tuna

    A BIG congratulations and WELKome to the dark side. I've been looking at that warm water bubble N of Grays Canyon but can't get out until Friday. What is another summer Chin kwikfish downer ?
  198. GregE

    CR Bar crossing Mon 9/2

    Max ebb ( and flood ) occurs during the middle 1/3 of the tidal exchange period. The greater the difference between hi and lo tide- the faster the exchange will be. Over 3 kts and I'm avoiding it. The first and last third will be slower. Look up LeRoy's Meanderings and read the crossing the...
  199. GregE

    9-1 tuna

    OK, gotta ask-- What is that??
  200. GregE

    I Lost August

    That pic makes my skin crawl...... No way to avoid idiots
  201. GregE

    CR 8/30 WFO tuna fishing.

    Argggghhh Boat trailer is in for repair and won't be ready until Tuesday..... And the dentist has me that day SAve me a few ;)
  202. GregE

    8/25 Westport Express Tuna

    Huge dance floor- envious. :) Nice trip report, thanks.
  203. GregE

    8/25 Ilawco Tuna

    Nice sized fish and Great first TUNA run!!
  204. GregE

    Garibaldi OTC report

    Glad it worked out for you - Patience and Persistence pay off. Thanks for the report and pictures
  205. GregE

    The Baitstop

    You guys are just too calm... :)
  206. GregE

    Tuna Sunday:)

    Man it's been two years since we had a Tuna on deck.. I feel like a rookie after last Saturday's Skunk. I felt bad for my Vet buddy who lost his wife 10 days ago. That trip was my effort to distract him from the sorrow for a while. It did, but could have been better. G
  207. GregE

    SlapShot’s Saturday tuna run

    Actually you just left a bait stop- only a couple rods out. ;)
  208. GregE

    SlapShot’s Saturday tuna run

    She's BIG on the water too and passed us about 7 am like she wasn't breathing hard. This was taken about 1 and zoomed in. Click for the large view
  209. GregE

    Westport tuna 8-24

    Sure looks like our Osprey we sold- new style floor panel and transom doors Well done. How do you ice all those?
  210. GregE

    Mayhem WFO Tuna

    Heard the call about the jackpole, sure wish we'd picked up the 'come on down' info. We only hooked one on a troll and one Big one on bait and both broke lines. Brought the skunk home and Lots of ice. So sorry about the injury. Hope the reconstruction and healing goes well. Tuna Trip plus...
  211. GregE

    The Baitstop

    We carry some old flat tip screwdrivers to spike them. Works great and less hazard to those fishing.
  212. GregE

    X Rap Hook Change

    Correct Swede, red 5/0 Gami to try. TUNA hooks coming tomorrow Thanks for the comments
  213. GregE

    Tuna Off The Hook

    Nice fish!! But how could you tell the jumper was on a pee break?!?!
  214. GregE

    How to fix X-Rap, Rapala plugs, fix hooks, run true

    Thanks for the bump- Fisherman have many opinions- surprised? and thanks for the Trible smile
  215. GregE

    X Rap Hook Change

    Trebles can be a hazard and tough to remove when things are hopping. I modified a couple X Raps to see if less is better. Whatcha think? G
  216. GregE

    Tuna Saturday out of WP

    You're counting on Genie Aye for that Eric ?!?!? Hope he's on the radio- don't need a boat name for that voice :)
  217. GregE

    Tuna Saturday out of WP

    Stephen We are taking the Arima 22 Kodak II out Saturday and the buyer of Osprey Kodak ( don't know new boat name ) is also. 68 or ?? PM your phone # and email please. Radar added- need to update pic
  218. GregE

    Greg Eastman [email protected] 360 791 4517 c Hope to find some albies Saturday. We haven't...

    Greg Eastman [email protected] 360 791 4517 c Hope to find some albies Saturday. We haven't been out for TUNA in nearly two years
  219. GregE

    Tuna Off The Hook

    This was Tuesday? What kind of seas did you encounter? My crew was cautious about the afternoon forecast so we backed out- We're waaay slower than Mark's express boats
  220. GregE

    8-18 CR Tuna

    Nice fish, boat and report!! I've not launched at Ilwaco but am thinking about doing it Saturday. Where can you ice up? Bait source?
  221. GregE

    I Need Ice Tuesday- Share??

    Marinos has good salt flake ice- not sure what time they open... 9-6 doesn't help for a 6 am launch thanks for the offer- we have lots of coolers a half tote and not much room. Looks like the NOAA SCA is going to shut us down for Tuesday
  222. GregE

    2 - 4 - 21 went the bait stops

    Yep, need some washdown help. Look to be mid teens, any bigger ones? Great report- even from memory. Heading out Tuesday- hopefully without the sloppy run out
  223. GregE

    I Need Ice Tuesday- Share??

    I don't have room on the Arima 22 for a a half tote- let alone the 800# I took on Kodak. Hoping to find someone to share a tote that morning at Westport Seafood or ?? . I need a large cooler and two kill bags partially filled and hate to not have a plan in place PM works or call 360 506 9312...
  224. GregE

    WP 8/18 Tuna

    Thanks for the report. Keep Dad on board :) Didn't see how far out you went....... We are looking at Tuesday
  225. GregE

    Taking a Buddy WP Friday

    We backed off WP until maybe Tuesday and had to move some appliances today. Going to check the bait tank system on Hood Canal Saturday and hopefully find some salmon who'd like a ride in the boat.
  226. GregE

    Tuna run 08/18

    Looking at Tuesday. Just hope they are still around....
  227. GregE

    Shark week out of Ilwaco with a side of tuna

    Nurse sharks can be bigger than blues
  228. GregE

    Taking a Buddy WP Friday

    UgH SCAs into Sat. May try MOnday- just hope this blow doesn't move the fish out. I missed the one week close in two years ago 'by thaaaat much' I haven't researched S Sound and Kingston parking is reported bad. Any hints for tomorrow?
  229. GregE

    Taking a Buddy WP Friday

    Thanks guys. I'll let others know what we find- when we go. I'd checked the tides but will look again. I'll need about 15 gallons of shave ice -115 cooler and one kill bag. Not the tote I'm used to getting. Hope to split a load with someone. Lost my phone with all my contact #s for ice...
  230. GregE

    Westport Tuna 8/11-12/19

    BTW, Kim H and FinFinn helped crew. Nice to have some experience on board.
  231. GregE

    Westport Tuna 8/11-12/19

    Happy for your success and details. 7 years ago I went out on the Gold Rush with Kevin and learned from that experience enough to try it on our boat the following week. Didn't have a good water pick up for my home made tank so bait didn't last but managed to boat 9 including one triple on...
  232. GregE

    Taking a Buddy WP Friday

    I met Hank in 1985 when I was stationed at Ft Lewis. He invited me to join him in his Grandpa's home built wooden 12' boat for sea run cuts along the Kitsap Peninsula. We flogged a lot of water since then and he and Patty have been dear friends with my late wife and now with Judy. Hank hasn't...
  233. GregE

    Taking a Buddy WP Friday

    watch this space - trip report to follow- can't find a delete Posted to WA Fishing before I got called a rookie G
  234. GregE

    Westport salmon 8/12

    Amen to both comments. Thanks for the smile.
  235. GregE

    Tuna Tuesday

    43/24 good fishing Hmm, are those reversed?? Northing first... If not - that's close!! Looks like a hammerhead Eric. 1300' rise, wow
  236. GregE

    Westport tuna run....8/9-8/10

    Judy says "Pond water" Nice close up pics, thanks!!
  237. GregE

    No Bait Tank Yet ??

    Arima 21 from Oly caught 36 last week ( my deck count ). That's too many for me- space and carking wise
  238. GregE

    First family tuna run

    NICE!! And glassy smooth too
  239. GregE

    Overnight tuna

    Agree with that... Rafting out is fun in sail boats. Our first tuna trip in 2011 was a charter out of Ilwaco that left at 0200. Ended up near Guide Canyon ( learned later ). OK, back to the OP's question........ :) thought I'd posted this.
  240. GregE

    Initial Tuna run

    Good on you and your crew!! Why wouldn't you trailer from Tacoma to Westport?
  241. GregE

    Overnight tuna

    Why? They are in close compared to previous years
  242. GregE

    Tons of tuna

    Those rods sure bend deeply.. What size Tuna? the ones I could see weren't huge
  243. GregE

    26 osprey repower

    I don't remember if our thru hull is 15 or 20 offset, but the location is the same. Sure like those FG hatches. 1" Starboard is Heavy I added the SS washers to the bracket mount. Osprey used aluminum and when I put the 300 Suzi on they just didn't look strong enough. Probably were but err on...
  244. GregE

    Westport salmon report

    read the reporting/ posting grids sticky- linked N ( lat )is always first when both lat / long are given
  245. GregE

    Neah Bay Chinook Closure: No Problem

    Thanks guys, I can be slow, but careful ;)
  246. GregE

    Neah Bay Chinook Closure: No Problem

    Hard to beat a Palomar- but you'd need a big loop to go around the plug. I'm converting my trebles to siwash- what size? I have several. Don't want to slow the action Richard- 'Just for Butts' doesn't clarify. Need to buy tag in person just for butts or ??
  247. GregE

    Neah Bay Chinook Closure: No Problem

    Nice big King and great pic!! Did they drop the requirement that you have to buy your Canadian license for those areas in person? ( adjacent to Swift Sure? ) Other areas you can get on line when I checked last year.
  248. GregE

    Taking some vets for wtc

    Give them a big HOOAH from me. :)
  249. GregE

    No Bait Tank Yet ??

    Steve, I have friends with a 21 that have put over 20 on board. The Sea Legend 22 is quite a bit heavier and could handle more - but I'm finicky about proper icing and care. The most I had on Kodak was 26 and that's with 5 fishing. Figure 3, maybe 4 on the SL. I'll have to use the half round...
  250. GregE

    Good luck to all at WTC this year!

    TX in August?!?! Good grief Mike
  251. GregE

    Taking some vets for wtc

    Good on ya Rod!! Wish I could help
  252. GregE

    No Bait Tank Yet ??

    Got the cedar cut- raises the tank 8". I'll need to mount it securely. The bigger challenge is removing the old screen/ intake. It is glued in ( I hope it's not 5200 ) and then mounting the pump in the sump hold. Any tips for loosening glue without messing up gel coat?
  253. GregE

    2 Chinook at Westport Aug 10

    WDFW FISHING RULE CHANGE Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091 August 7, 2019 Westport anglers may retain two Chinook as part of salmon daily limit beginning Saturday, Aug. 10 Action: Anglers may retain up to two...
  254. GregE

    No Bait Tank Yet ??

    Vance, you want butter on that? I agree the 300 isn't sufficient- but the 800 I have is. It fills the 22 gal / 209 # tank in about 5 minutes and worked well- even when I forget the dip net. The tank pump draws from the group 27 house maintained by the ACR. No swim step on the Arimas...
  255. GregE

    No Bait Tank Yet ??

    'Tis a long story. We had an Arima Sea Legend and let it go to Dutch Harbor AK. Ended up with the Osprey 26 and an Arima 19 for short trips- until SWMBH found the skip top. Both the 19 and Osprey have new homes and I need some time to get this one set up. Added fresh electronics including...
  256. GregE

    No Bait Tank Yet ??

    Talk about bad timing- just got back from a 5 day trip for a wedding in Wyoming Sold Kodak last week Haven't figured out the plumbing to connect the bait tank in the Arima 22 (soon to be Kodak II ) The honey do list and WA Tuna Classic are going to keep me off the water for a while. Tuna are...
  257. GregE

    Westport Tuna Sat. Sun.

    Please post a pic of the irons- may have to expand my inventory. Did you use live bait also?
  258. GregE

    Its on. Tuna died out of the CR today. Great fishing.

    Would love to Tim But I’m reading this in Wyoming. :(
  259. GregE

    Area 9 open for Chinook Jul 31 - Aug 3

    July 30, 2019 Chinook salmon retention to reopen in Marine Area 9 Action: Reopens Marine Area 9 (Admiralty Inlet) will to hatchery Chinook retention. Effective dates: Wednesday, July 31 through Saturday, Aug. 3, 2019. Species affected: Hatchery Chinook salmon. Location: Marine Area 9...
  260. GregE

    Good Times on the High Seas

    Very nice all around- except the ice..... Great pics!! Like your fish TV :)
  261. GregE

    Osprey 26 w Suzuki 300 for sale

    Yep. Closed the deal today- she's going to a good home. Watch for KODAK II
  262. GregE

    Loaded the boat.

    Vance, Darrel, Mark and many other Captains are great about sharing info!! Applause!!!
  263. GregE

    7/26 tuna report

    Looks like you did go west. Thanks for the intel!!
  264. GregE

    Tuna 24/7/19

    Good deal, but I'm having trouble seeing pictures..... ;) G
  265. GregE

    Bait Tank Pump without a Scoop?

    Mine was corrected with one like Genie Aye posted
  266. GregE


    We hoped it would happen soon.. Love the three boat group shot!!!
  267. GregE

    The Brotherhood is stong

    WELKome to the Bois de Arc fellowship. Know your effective range, aim thru the follow thru, don't peek.
  268. GregE

    Osprey 26 w Suzuki 300 for sale

    George/ Odin7 We'll have a ceremony to purge the fish spooks as well as the name removal :)
  269. GregE

    Deck Repair Help

    Left him a message Ryan thanks. Bo, I know the way..... Your guys did a nice job on the tree/ gunnel encounter. Not this boat BTW
  270. GregE

    Osprey 26 w Suzuki 300 for sale

    I've been waffling for a while Tim- should have posted this last spring but have been reluctant to. Finally realized we aren't getting younger .... miaf- wrong! Contigency- always have a plan B
  271. GregE

    Osprey 26 w Suzuki 300 for sale

    Thanks for looking. The buyer seems serious, we are working details. Eric, I mentioned to a guy that I was considering selling and he informed a friend that was looking for a larger, family friendly boat.... Here's one of my TUNA trips that discusses some performance #s...
  272. GregE

    Osprey 26 w Suzuki 300 for sale

    I've been dragging feet but it's time to find a a buyer that will use this set up more than I have. 2004 Osprey 26 Long Cabin with factory off shore bracket Suzuki (2011? ) 300 with 484 hours Suzuki 14 kicker on hydraulic lift Shorelander aluminum rail trailer tandem with power winch Furuno...
  273. GregE

    Deck Repair Help

    Part of the deck over the fuel tank in front of the door is spongy- the fiber glass isn't bonded to the teak plywood from water around the access ports. I'm getting an estimate from Puget Marina in Oly, and was wondering if there is another shop or person in S Sound area I should check with...
  274. GregE

    West of the 126...Eh

    That's really kind Erik. :) Critter Cove and all of Nootka Sound is a special place. Hope to get back up there.
  275. GregE

    Sekiu Neah Inaugural Trip

    Fun read- and yes those mussels look huge
  276. GregE

    Westport 7/16

    Take good notes Eric- we are hoping to make it out soon May be in the Arima 22
  277. GregE

    All Quiet on the Albacore Front.......?

    X 2 That report needs a Heading/ Source
  278. GregE

    Neahbay Successful

    Buddy bailed out Sat due to heavy fog. I'm hoping to get back out of NB for some Kings are they getting smaller? Mid teens last weekend. We stopped counting whales there were so many 8 days ago.
  279. GregE

    First time for everything

    That's cold
  280. GregE

    Westport salmon 7/5, 7/6

    There ya go, thanks Paul. I was going to call for some intel hoping to take a neighbor out but my kicker isn't starting
  281. GregE

    Radar/gps/sonar combo

    Bought the Garmin 1242 XSV last year and added a Garmin 18 Fatom. Nice interface with radar overlay of the plotter chart so you don't need to split the screen for the radar. Just wish I had another $500 to get the touch screen but that went to 12" vs 10. Talk to Gil. He told me the XD isn't...
  282. GregE

    Neah Hali...

    Fresh bait anywhere up there? Oh yeah and whales all over between the trawlers. Some places it was surface to bottom bait ball
  283. GregE

    Neah Bay 27-30 June

    Had some last minute delays getting up to Neah Bay and lost a side curtain on the way. Always something. Got the boat launched at last light and we were boat # 5 in a 70 ' slip on A dock. A helpful boater caught the bow so we could make a 90 turn in a tight space with boats on either side...
  284. GregE

    Lost Side Curtain Hwy 3

    Yep noticed flapping just S of Poulsbo on Hwy 3 and the side curtain From our skip top Arima departed earlier. Maybe I 5 from Olympia Hwy 16 across Narrows.... Blue canvas trim Greg ever hopeful Will be on A 8 dock in Neah Bay thru Sunday with the blue tarp on starboard side ;)
  285. GregE

    Lift in Westport?

    Must be that gravelly voice..... You can always tell Paul on the radio- just can't tell him much ;)
  286. GregE

    Marine areas 1-10 to open for halibut fishing Friday, June 28

    Hard to keep up with all the changes..... g WDFW FISHING RULE CHANGE Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091 June 24, 2019 Marine areas 1-10 to open for halibut fishing Friday, June 28 Action: In addition to days...
  287. GregE

    Nothing to get excited about here...

    Yep, that's how we Older folks roll....... :) Of course sometimes that means we miss the 6 day window of opporTUNAty.
  288. GregE

    pretty cool. Check this out if you use electric reels

    Good idea DB, thanks Others : Pictures please....... or -- you know...... ;)
  289. GregE

    More halibut days in MA3/4

    Well Howdy. I was looking for an opportunity
  290. GregE

    PSA Ocean Meetings?

  291. GregE


    Double Hot Diggity- but I have a Lot to get ready- I was expecting Late July. Mark is so good about sharing info and scouting .... :) G
  292. GregE

    One time at band camp 2011

    Hard to miss Todd in the video.
  293. GregE

    Ocean Salmon opens June 22

    Looking forward to finding some salmon- we didn't do much last year. Recreational salmon fishing opens June 22 in Washington’s ocean waters OLYMPIA – Sport anglers will have the opportunity to reel in salmon off the Washington coast starting Saturday, June 22. That’s when all four marine...
  294. GregE

    PSA Ocean Meetings?

    Wondering too ?? Maybe we got voted out Rick...
  295. GregE

    Piggy Lingcod

    GregE said: ↑ Wowser!!! How deep was it? All the way at the bottom... I Shoulda known better......... ;)
  296. GregE

    Piggy Lingcod

    Wowser!!! How deep was it?
  297. GregE

    Self guided boat rental in Sitka?

    Eric, how long will you have in Sitka? The cruise we just got back from has limited time in port. Love your opptimism but don't don't your plan will work. 15 years ago I was able to book a 1/2 day charter trip in Ketchican since we had a 8 hour shore time. You may have better luck arranging...
  298. GregE

    Downrigger question - braid or wire?

    If you change from wire to braid replace the rollers on the end of your boom - wire grooves in the plastic will fray braid. ( Scotty experience )
  299. GregE

    Mondo Condo shrimp pot

    I met the CA EZ Pull company at the Portland Sportsman's show Got a Garmin Radar $300 under list. I have their contact info someplace if needed. G
  300. GregE

    WA License $$ Donation for Vets

    I'm not disabled to that level. thanks for the thought- I found the info in last year's regs
  301. GregE

    WA License $$ Donation for Vets

    Good to see that others have this available. Being waaay over 65 and with a VA disability rating- my savings were $65 but yes, every little bit helps :) Gate keys......??? ;)
  302. GregE

    WA License $$ Donation for Vets

    Getting old isn't great but every now and then........ I went to Verle's to get my 2019/ 20 License and was greatly surprised when it showed $0.0 for my fishing and hunting licenses and tags. Endorsements were charged but Wow!! They had not seen this before either but I am disabled and...
  303. GregE

    Bottom fishing report...Westport

    Mark is always helpful to others and willing to assist with fish reports. I'm glad to count him among our fishing friends.
  304. GregE

    Drowning explained

    I watched a off duty soldier dive off a fishing pier on a Ft Hood Texas lake. He swam a bit then turned his face toward his buddies - and sank. I threw a life ring and the buddies dove after him. Too late Keep this going- I'm sharing on some other web sites.
  305. GregE

    Papagayo Bay, Costa Rica

    Very nice, great family pics too!!? Costa Rica is on my wish list. got some info on your charter?
  306. GregE

    Early June salmon Seward or ??

    Previous returns are not guaranteed this time......... or words to that effect :) Got that.... I'm wondering who has some experience there, charter recommendations etc
  307. GregE

    Early June salmon Seward or ??

    Judy has been after me to cruise to AK and we are finalizing plans for a one way cruise with a day or two for fishing before flying back. Standard Vancouver BC inland passage route stops Ketchican, Juneau Skagway etc My last cruise about 15 years ago I had a 1/2 salmon trip in Ketchican- good...
  308. GregE

    Stopped by ACI today

    We'd call that an Aluminum Shadow if that were an airplane
  309. GregE

    Clam Digging

    Twin Harbors was jammed with people at 4:30. Most were gone by 5:30 when we left with 2 limits G Large shows- this was silver dollar sized ( remember those?? )
  310. GregE

    A great afternoon on the beach

    WEnt S of WEstport Mon afternoon. Limits for 2 in about an hour, A few big ones but lots of 4" -
  311. GregE

    Clam Digging

    The Hat must have scared them off Eric
  312. GregE

    Clam Digging

    WE didn't make it over today - In laws facing a medical challenge Maybe Monday to Twin Harbors. Any reports?
  313. GregE

    Clam Digging

    Taking my granddaughter and hubby over Sun afternoon. Hoping we can find some shows. May have to build a pounder tonight
  314. GregE

    Navionics question

    That's quite a canyon Jasper!!
  315. GregE

    Westport clamming Feb 2-3

    Canceled our trip this time. Planning to be there the next low tide- probably Sat or Sun. Bringing the granddaughter's family to help them learn what a show looks like
  316. GregE

    Winter fishing....

    Sorry you'll miss the Manta dive. I did that about 15 years ago and it is a great experience. I had one tap my head at the bottom of the loop it was making in the krill- the reason you can't have snorkel tubes. If you go make sure you have enough ballast - I had to hold a rock to keep on...
  317. GregE

    Sad day in Newport OR.

    Yep ( legal for Licensed vessels it said ) As they were licensed they could cross. More important is ' should' they
  318. GregE

    Sad day in Newport OR.

    Night crossing a closed bar due to rough seas ( legal for Licensed vessels it said ) Local knowledge shortage?? Old ( not bold ) pilot saying I try to apply to every day life " 'tis better to be on the ground wishing you were flying than in the air wishing you were on the ground"
  319. GregE

    Westport Yellowtail

    Read up on Albacore tuna. Seem to remember them looking like this....
  320. GregE

    Halibut 2019

    Wow, they sure priced out those who just can come up 3 or 4 days during the month. G
  321. GregE


    Nice BTs. Looks like a solid stand set up Good luck guys. Whats the black line?
  322. GregE

    Heading to Wyoming

    Heading back for antlerless season Nov 1-12. Was planning to leave tomorrow but it's been 64 degrees at 7000'.......... Elk in the high desert sage are tough to spot so hoping for some snow- a little is due next Mon / tue so leaving Fri may work. Photo from last October
  323. GregE

    Night clamming tips

    Sorry BB, I was moving some things today and thought I'd take a pic while it was out... As we pilots often say: High speed, Low drag and last a Long time
  324. GregE

    Heading to Wyoming

    I related to the old, gray and crooked tree..... We packed up while the first rain since July poured with hail.... and witnessed a rainbow below us. We are planning to go back for the Nov 1- 12 antlerless season- no TUNA this year so I better bring back an ELK for the freezer.. :) Have I...
  325. GregE

    Heading to Wyoming

    Strangely this year the early rifle for Mule deer is open on top of my hunt. I saw three bowhunters and several hundred gun hunters ( most driving around ) in 10 days. Shane took me about 25 miles N but the area we wanted to hunt was blocked off by the FS folks for ' potential fire danger'. We...
  326. GregE

    Heading to Wyoming

    OK here's some details and pictures Shane helped set up camp then we took the ATVs out for an orientation tour and to check for critter sign. At 9000' there is no O2 so we took it slow. At 73 being able to ride near a hunting area before using boot leather is a big plus. The next day I took...
  327. GregE

    Heading to Wyoming

    Hmmm, late report starting with the trip back 21 hours driving home. We put a lot of miles on wheels and boots- Saw 25 + deer, 4 moose, dozens of pronghorn, 4 grouse, 30 bluebirds, lots of hawks..... and one ELK for a very short time. Hope to try again Here's the comment my sponsor/ guide...
  328. GregE

    Night clamming tips

    Here's a better pic of the Tomato cage light holder. Works better with a light and upright
  329. GregE

    Deep water life vest

    Fully agree with Lawrence!! We have the D ring models and clip on when going out on the out board bracket to clear lines out of the prop etc,
  330. GregE

    Medical ins question

    I like his response..... just lost everything in my my email in box.....
  331. GregE

    Night clamming tips

    The lantern stand is a wire tomato cage copied from friend Al's. bend the wire ends in a U to fit and fasten with large hose clamp Looking for shows from a low angle helps
  332. GregE

    Interesting day on the water, kind of wish I had a scale...

    That was a fun read and great pics!! :)
  333. GregE

    10/13 or 10/14 Tuna Trip who’s going?

    Thanks for the interesting report- and way to stay after 'em!!
  334. GregE

    2007 1-ton dodge dually 6.7L diesel

    Can't tell what's on the front bumper.... ? Looks interesting. If the truck buyer doesn't want the canopy- keep me on the list for it please '07 Dodge 3500 Greg
  335. GregE

    10/13 or 10/14 Tuna Trip who’s going?

    I was really hoping someone had a few tied up :(
  336. GregE

    Heading to Wyoming

    Still sorting and packing this AM but will be on the road about noon arriving at Big Piney WY tomorrow for some ELK. May not have access to the web thru the end of the month- so you folks play nice - and save some TUNA for us. 11 years ago I asked if she could skin ELK and she said, "I can...
  337. GregE

    Bowhunting in WY this year

    Silly sideways pics..... Hunt story and pics to follow next month-- ( but you knew that )
  338. GregE

    Bowhunting in WY this year

    Why does ELK season overlap some of the best Salmon and TUNA ??? The area in Wyoming for our ELK hunt allows ATV on many roads. WE had planned to use a toy hauler trailer for one and the pickup bed for the other along with coolers etc. Plan B, use our 5 x 12 cargo trailer for both. Measuring...
  339. GregE

    Where did the tuna go!???

    Were they BIG mackerel ?? ;)
  340. GregE

    Headed out sat for Albacore

    HOpe you all do well- watching for some reports. I'm still a couple weeks away from being able to take KODAK out........
  341. GregE

    Quality elk tag drawn!

    Pretty High already. Nice 6
  342. GregE

    MA 13 Chinook?

    Good first report- well done fishing too!! G
  343. GregE

    Sure Sounds Slow for Albacore....

    Listen to Ken Look up Tommy Donlin on FB Not sure what's going on around Depot Bay.. Are the whales still there?
  344. GregE

    MA 2x(6+10)-29

    7 ? Nice looking fish and crab!
  345. GregE

    Best place to buy Trailer Brakes?

    Mike, check with Ernies W Oly. 360 485 7069
  346. GregE

    ilwaco albacore 8-11

    Yes we do!! Nice pic too :)
  347. GregE

    Finally got a State Record!

    Well written Marcus!!
  348. GregE

    Atta bouy

    MM- are you leading the pack or the cheering section? ;)
  349. GregE

    My Daughter sets New Record!

    Good plan, well researched and executed! Nice pics too :)
  350. GregE

    Mayday during WTC/DCC. Anyone know how it ended up?

    You're a helpful man Ken. Glad to know ya :)
  351. GregE

    Parker 2310 Walkaround For Sale

    Well done ad, great pics!!
  352. GregE

    Post WTC tuna reports

    thanks for the #s. I'm staying hopeful...... but not loaded up yet. These old bones need some closer action.
  353. GregE

    Quality elk tag drawn!

    Looking forward to a hunt report and pictures!! :)
  354. GregE


    Hmmm, I spent 20 years in the Army so am used to poor food- so I could probably survive testing your recipe results....... ;) Looks interesting. I'd ask how it works on salmon- but knowing your aversion.....
  355. GregE

    Westport Tuna 7/30

    Please deposit another .25c I'll be ready in a couple weeks Chuck, save a couple for us. :)
  356. GregE

    Anybody heading to Westport Friday

    Both kids are fishing the WTC with me this year, can't wait. How cool is that?!?!
  357. GregE

    Second run and same tuna numbers

    What a splendid mess!! Looks like hand lines.......
  358. GregE

    Northern Tuna

    That's true dedication :)
  359. GregE

    Loan a couple 65-80# vertical jig/popper rigs?

    True that Steve. Looking forward to a popper/ jig report.
  360. GregE

    Tuna slow start but big finish

    Yea!! What time did you get back to WP?
  361. GregE

    Neah 2018, Round 2 with kids!

    Very enjoyable pics, Thanks!! G
  362. GregE

    Bowhunting in WY this year

    Hunting near Bridger Wilderness on State Forest lands. This is what that part of Wyoming looks like in October. I do love the golden quakies
  363. GregE

    Bowhunting in WY this year

    I'm not shooting too much too soon. Building up muscles and not messing up form by shooting a few arrows every day or two. I shot Friday AM and they were level at 50 yards but 6 " right. That evening I moved the sight and then shot three at 50- Golf ball size group. :) I'll not mess with the...
  364. GregE

    First albacore run

    Good deal!! always appreciate good reports!!
  365. GregE

    EGR Delete

    Replace or delete?
  366. GregE

    Bowhunting in WY this year

    Thank you. Not sure when you served but those of my era say " Welcome Home"
  367. GregE

    First Salmon...

    great family time pics!!
  368. GregE

    Bait tank drain question

    Shouildn't the overflow go over the transom or through a scupper.?
  369. GregE

    PSA Ocean Anglers July 21 meeting

    It shows the May meeting with Kevin
  370. GregE

    PSA Ocean Anglers July 21 meeting

    On line Pay pal renewal works. Web page needs updating......
  371. GregE

    Bowhunting in WY this year

    Wyoming Game and Fish regs came. Plans are still up in the air but the do list is growing. Shooting and hiking each day is paying off but lots more conditioning is needed. Learned that lesson 20 years ago in Colorado at 9000' NO air up there Anybody else getting ready?
  372. GregE

    Salmon sucks so how far are the tuna.

    Puget Sound Anglers Ocean Chapter meeting is this Saturday. Topic is FF but you can bet a lot of Tuna discussions will be going on too. Worth the trip to meet lots of anglers like your self = Network
  373. GregE

    Neah was.... "good"

    Amen to that!! Great pictures!! Good setup with the epirb on the PFD. which model is that?
  374. GregE

    Finally, my time of the year starts Sunday

    Save a space for me on the ADA boat ;)
  375. GregE

    Bowhunting in WY this year

    WA ELK season usually starts Sep 8 but I've been approved to hunt with Hunting with Heroes in Wyoming this year. Vets and active duty with VA approved disabilities of 50% or more. That's great for me as I do well getting one down- but need Lots of help getting one out...
  376. GregE


    Maybe its an Union meeting....
  377. GregE

    Fell off the wagon today and chased the dragon

    thanks for the update Steve. Are shapes a separate story?? :) Beautiful day, tons of sea life, or “shapes” and greasy smooth water.
  378. GregE

    Fell off the wagon today and chased the dragon

    OK, now I'm tracking------- thanks. As one who has L1- S1 fused ( ribs to hips ) take care of that back.
  379. GregE

    Fell off the wagon today and chased the dragon

    OK, I'm confused......... I thought Mike had a NR. Was Steve there too? BaD backs are such a pain.....
  380. GregE

    Its on. Tuna died out of the CR today.

    Link to Mark's report..
  381. GregE

    MA2 salmon opener - yawn

    wow!! Smooth water too :)
  382. GregE

    God Bless America......

    Naaah, wrong post this one: Now Lets Go tuna fishing and quit pussy footing around :)
  383. GregE

    God Bless America......

    Hey.......... read his first line again :)
  384. GregE

    Fish report, dont remember what area...

    Made in BC ( Gold River ? ) The owners of Critter Cove on Nootka Sound make them
  385. GregE

    Finally, my time of the year starts Sunday

    Well, post it up for us folks who don't have it....... maybe a little preview :)
  386. GregE

    Lapush 6/23

    OK, TonyG...;) 2nd, smaller dogfish double.,
  387. GregE

    Advice for driving with a camper?

    Practice backing in a BIG parking lot. You can't see the boat start to turn behind the camper unless you have real wide mirrors and maybe some flags out from the boat to keep in view
  388. GregE

    Lapush 6/23

    Wow, sure beats my dogfish double.... :)
  389. GregE

    Raging Cajun First go at the ocean. Success!

    Tighten the friction control on the throttle quadrant. My first trip with wireless I bumped the throttle full on while turning near the dock---- don't be that guy.
  390. GregE

    CQ Thursday, Good, Bad and Ugly

    I was planning on having the Osprey 26 Long Cabin offshore bracket and 300 Suzi ....on the market by now. Still have a couple projects to complete. but....... :)
  391. GregE

    CQ Thursday, Good, Bad and Ugly

    EJ- sage words!! Chuck, nope. still too many boats in the yard. Kodak is looking better each time I take the 22 out in chop...... ... and those were the small dogfish... ;)
  392. GregE

    CQ Thursday, Good, Bad and Ugly

    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly That which doesn't kill us makes us stronger/ smarter .... I had to take 49 yo son Jeff in for dental surgery Weds at 750 so made arrangements for buddy Mike to meet me at 1 to load his stuff then head to CQ to launch then meet buddy Rocky. That was the...
  393. GregE

    Looking for Neah Bay Lodging Needy Brother Round 2 July 5-8.

    Nice efforts in information and opportunity sharing!!
  394. GregE

    CQ Thursday ??

    Sorry didn't see your post until just now at home Chris We should have gone to NB, CQ was rough , and had to back down to the westerlies most of the day and 10-12 mph was about the best we could do coming back. Caught 10 dog fish including Two doubles.... rah!
  395. GregE

    CQ Thursday ??

    Pat, Steve, Jeff and Mark and earlier posters- thank you. Our friend Rocky has a place at Coho Estates and knows that Clallam Bay area well so we'll probably end up there. Kibitzing with friends is fun too. But I may head W toward the calmer forecast. I'll be using Kodak though we are...
  396. GregE

    CQ Thursday ??

    Wow, SCA for eastern straits for tomorrow and 20-30 winds Thurs Go W of Clallam bay it gets a Whole lot better. Were meeting a buddy at Sekiu- but ------- may be convinced to go out of NB. How's the dock space...
  397. GregE


    I like that bow line- bet she cuts nicely. I hope you get a chance to relax a bit on your quest- lots of long days went into your prep- she does look great. Hope to see you on the water when they get into normal range for us more restricted boaters- Hope we don't need SSB to talk with you. :)
  398. GregE

    Somewhere in the straits

    Clean boat, clean fish. Way to go!!
  399. GregE

    CQ Thursday ??

    Planning to take the Arima 22 to Seiku Wednesday afternoon to chase some 'buts and bottom fish Thursday- assuming they haven't closed that day already. Anybody else heading that way? Wondering about the highway situation along Crescent Lk, launch at Van Rippers and Olsons, Helpful hints or...
  400. GregE

    Mail Box Theft

    Thanks folks. Kim, An axe?!?!? gonna bust a door open or ??? Steve, dead end private road makes for easy pickins. Several mail box and break ins have happened. Tweakers next door doesn't help. Had my 16 ' Crestliner taken from my 600' drive way by a friend of the neighbors several years ago...
  401. GregE

    Mail Box Theft

    Thanks for the ideas. Retired so my 'work address' is real close :) My trail cameras cover the 600 ' drive- I'll move one closer to the mailbox. I've been thinking about signs- that is an idea worth pursuing. I know Law Enforcement does little about this type of theft. Kickers don't qualify...
  402. GregE

    Mail Box Theft

    I was expecting three packages Monday and I checked at 12:15 and envelopes and catalogs were there but no boxes. About 2 I checked Amazon USPS tracking showed they were left in the mailbox at 11:36. About 4 a neighbor that lives a couple miles away drove up with one box that he found in the...
  403. GregE

    Neah Bay 5/27

    WE have some well read and knowledgeable folks on here. With all the confusion on the regs from them how is Joe Snuffy going to know what's what?!?!
  404. GregE

    Suspicious people of westport

    Isn't this disparaging the people of Westport?
  405. GregE

    Sekiu newbie for Hali

    Stormin Norman I like it. Nice pictures too. G
  406. GregE

    Shrimpn South Canal

    Crackerbox Joe took a couple pictures. First was as the fog was almost burned through.. Nice one of our Arima SR 19 :)
  407. GregE

    How many axles need brakes on a triple axle trailer?

    Chris, check the regs.... when I brought a tandem trailer with brakes on one axle from CA, I had to put brakes on both to meet WA requirements I've never looked up triple axles....
  408. GregE

    Shrimpn South Canal

    I was in our 19' Arima- talked with several other boaters- missed you guys :) Getting this one ready to sell. 2nd pic a couple years ago.
  409. GregE

    Shrimpn South Canal

    We couldn't see 100' in that stuff. Glad we had the radar- seeing wakes but not the boat that passed you is spooky. Most boat were traveling safely and we had all eyes and ears involved. It was spectacular when it finally burned off and there were boats and pot buoys all around.
  410. GregE

    Big Balling The Shrimp

    Wow Thap, Nice looking Spots!!
  411. GregE

    Did ok

    Nice Arima. Did you have a tow line already set up?
  412. GregE

    RIP Patrick

    My favorite story in A Fine And Pleasant Misery is My First Deer ( and welcome to it) His stage performance is worth watching.
  413. GregE

    No more rigging the boat in the rain

    X 2 Front Hitch.. Even with backing experience that's a tight corner
  414. GregE

    MA7 hunting

    I like that!! Thanks for sharing
  415. GregE

    WP bottomfish 3/29/18

    That made my day!! Nice :)
  416. GregE clams.....

    Rats, missed that opening. Next: Tentative razor clam digs in March and April: April 19, Thursday, 9:46 a.m.; -0.9 feet; Mocrocks April 20, Friday, 10:37 a.m.; -0.7 feet; Mocrocks April 21, Saturday, 11:34 a.m.; -0.4 feet; Long Beach, Twin Harbors, Mocrocks (digging hours will be extended to...
  417. GregE

    Grays harbor county , nice?

    We were trying for a cottage with BIG pole barn in Westport - didn't work out but this Realtor is worth contacting. Several; BDs have used his agency Mike Coverdale Windermere Real Estate/Westport, Inc. ‌(360) 581-3399‌
  418. GregE

    Which ACR unit?

    Reminds me- I need to renew my ACR + registration
  419. GregE

    Deep southend report

    Chuck, last line: Released to fight another day.
  420. GregE

    Reels Service/Repair

  421. GregE

    WSDOT oversized permit questions

    WOW!! That gave me a headache... Still, looking forward to your selection progress :)
  422. GregE

    Cataracts Surgery, What Do You Know About It?

    This is on the way home with a driver. Some bruising and swelling shows up later. Not much discomfort. It was upright when I started.......
  423. GregE

    Cataracts Surgery, What Do You Know About It?

    Cataracts, not talking Glaucoma
  424. GregE

    Cataracts Surgery, What Do You Know About It?

    Had one eye done two years ago with the implant lens procedure, the other is getting closer to needing it. Noticeably brighter without the clouding. Far distance is better than 20/ 20. Still need readers. Web site info Olympia office for me but branches many other places.
  425. GregE

    Arima Transoms

    There are Two groups This is the most active/ helpful
  426. GregE

    Maiden voyage.

    Nice pictures, beautiful area.
  427. GregE

    Arima Transoms

    Yes, but they are deeply wrapped with fiberglass and stout. I had/ have 6 Arimas. Well made and durable Hope you talked to Don or Belinda- they have been with Arima since it started
  428. GregE

    Razor Clams Jan 28 - Feb 3

    Next dig dates January 24, 2018 Contact: Dan Ayres, (360) 249-4628 WDFW approves 7 days of razor clam digging OLYMPIA – Seven days of razor clam digging will get underway beginning Sunday, Jan. 28, on various coastal beaches. State shellfish managers with the Washington Department of Fish...
  429. GregE

    Pretty long odds

    OK, size, style ?? You know that's the only one that will work.... :)
  430. GregE

    Pretty long odds

    OK, Stephen inquiring minds .....
  431. GregE

    Los Suenos, Costa Rica Report 12/10

    Great report and pics. Also on my bucket list so appreciate all the info. Did you contact the boat there?
  432. GregE

    New Years clam diggin

    CBB, gotta love that!! :)
  433. GregE

    Porcupines and dogs

    My Lab/ mastiff mix got in to them FOUR times... $ 300 one trip with 65 in Hootch and a few in we did the next two but then had them near the eye so back to the vet Bailey got stuck once and let Uncle Hootch protect her after that
  434. GregE

    Wireless MOB at Fisheries

    Looks like another option to help with overboard boaters.
  435. GregE

    Costa Rica?

    Very impressive photos. I've always been interested in Costa Rica- Maybe we can work up an old folks package :) G
  436. GregE

    Another tragic example - wear a PFD.

    Keep posting these Laurence- we all need to be reminded
  437. GregE

    Mushroom Thread

    The book should be here Monday...... YOu guys got me thinking Shrooms :)
  438. GregE

    Fresh meat

    Great cooler set up!! An you guys take good care of the game from what I could see G
  439. GregE

    Shop Build

    Wish I'd put a 14' door in mine- measure twice,, but didn't have Kodak then. that's a serious piling hole!!
  440. GregE

    MOOSE Hunt

    True confession EJ. It was overcast while they were at Jackson Hole. Judy found a stock photo to send me...... and told me after i'd posted it.
  441. GregE

    It’s over.....

    Hmmm ????
  442. GregE

    Youth success! ( And the WDFW Damage folks nailed it)

    That is So great!! Happy for him and good on you putting family first
  443. GregE

    2017 Elk Season West/East

    Steep pack out!! Glad you had some strong help.....
  444. GregE

    A Seawolf is born 33'X 10.6" build thread

    Alright- more pictures. :) What's the splash forecast?
  445. GregE

    When Thigh Gap Isnt Enough...

    OK, I have extensive helicopter pilot experience and have landed on small boat platforms numerous times including some at night to a flashlight. Not my bird but this is the type of platform needed. Let's talk. G
  446. GregE

    USCG Boarding at Sekiu

    If there is a firearm on board they will ask for it and secure it during the inspection. Standard protect the inspector procedure. We got boarded twice in the same day out of Neah Bay several years ago. Different crews as the trainees asked some check the box questions that made no sense ie...
  447. GregE

    SeaSport Tuna

    No TUNA trips in that nice set up Matt?!? That's just wrong.... Let me know if you need some ballast with gear :)
  448. GregE

    MOOSE Hunt

    Cut and wrap assembly line.About 300 #s done in 7 hours. Almost needed another freezer.
  449. GregE

    Final Westport boat ride

    I'll share the sunrise and sunset pics from Kodak's trip that day. We only used 101.4 gallons ( we're lightweights :( ) My buddy's roll their eyes when I take time to get pictures- but I do it anyway Mike took the sunset shot while I was driving- under duress ;)
  450. GregE

    10/4 Wedensday tuna run

    Wow, epic trip!! At some point I was able to hear you on VHF from 46 50; 125 30 area......??
  451. GregE

    MOOSE Hunt

    they should be in the Boise area They took a side trip of 15 miles to Jackson Hole to view the Grand Tetons. Wish I'd been there
  452. GregE

    MOOSE Hunt

    Packing for the trip home
  453. GregE

    Kodak's Last Trip

    It's a remote searchlight. I managed to get some "good job" comments sliding into the dock :) 5 knots of wind and smooth water helped ;) Radar was nice to have- it looked like shoreline fog from a distance but it was clear at water level and just some moderate chop crossing the bar by the...
  454. GregE

    Kodak's Last Trip

    Hunting and fishing buddy MikeC came Tuesday AM and we worked hard to fix a few things, new Wema fuel level probe and pick up probe. Adjustments to the DFF box ... to be ready for a Wednesday TUNA trip. Buddy Danan brought a Dodge pick up to tow us over as my truck is in Wyoming getting ready...
  455. GregE

    MOOSE Hunt

    We got back to the WP launch ramp at last light. Everybody made it home but one encountered a herd of elk crossing hwy 101that needed braking to avoid. Judy and Kim are finishing up getting the over 400# of boned out MOOSE meat ready for the trip home. Good thing I sent both 165 and a 110 qt...
  456. GregE

    MOOSE Hunt

    This area is into racks- Front of the General Store The ladies are on their own DH, I'm going TUNA fishing tomorrow but have to use a borrowed truck..... You can see how huge that thing is when it's hanging, no ground shrinkage there. Rack is 40" wide but tall, front forks are 20"
  457. GregE

    MOOSE Hunt

    Hmmm, did ya spot the bull at the left past the pond? He was hanging around a cute cow- which often gets you in trouble. Kim is sighted in for 300 yards but the bull is at 900 yards, a fur piece for an '06. So Shane took Kim around the far right to a gully where they were able to work up 60...
  458. GregE

    MOOSE Hunt

    More pictures of the high valley. There's a moose out there...... Fall and Winter come early this high.... ( "You've come far Pilgrim..." Bear Claw Chris Lapp to Jeremiah Johnson) Sunrise Opening morning Snowing on the Bridger Wilderness mountains along the Continental Divide. Not sure why...
  459. GregE

    TUNA Trip Weds??

    Pat, pass my greetings to a fellow helicopter pilot. :) We'll watch for you. Working on replacing the fuel probe and some other touch up jobs- help is coming over this morning so we can do an early ice up and launch early Weds.
  460. GregE

    TUNA Trip Weds??

    My crew wants to catch some albies and I'm coordinating with Sea Sport Chuck for Excaliber to buddy with Kodak. Looking at Weds After the SCAs expire how long until the bait and tuna settle down? We don't need another looooooong boat ride ( he says optimistically ;) ) Ice and bait still...
  461. GregE

    3 September Albie Trips

    thorough report, thanks Chuck. Still hoping for a window this week
  462. GregE

    MOOSE Hunt

    The high desert valley they're in isn't as colorful as the scenic route getting there. Cattle country Kim with tag doner Rick (seated) and guide Shawn
  463. GregE

    MOOSE Hunt

    Targhee Natl Forest, E Idaho. SW of Grand Teton Judy and Kim arrived at Big Piney WY about 3 pm, 18 hours to travel 1000 miles. The Big Cummins Turbo got 21.3 MPG :) They will be hunting tomorrow on private land the organization arranged access to.
  464. GregE

    MOOSE Hunt

    OK, it's in Wyoming but wife and daughter are from W WA.... ;) I think the Fishing w Vets/ Warriors supporters will appreciate this. Judy and daughter Kim left Friday eve for Wyoming near Bridger Wilderness and the continental Divide for a Moose hunt. The ride share she was going to use has...
  465. GregE

    Killer Coastwatch Charts 9-27-2017

    Leaves are scattering all over here this evening. Roll your windows up.. Hoping for next week as I'm committed for Sunday and Saturday may be a bit jammed.
  466. GregE

    WP Cold Water Tuna 9/27

    Wowser, that sounds encouraging- Way to GO!! Hoping for mid week next- PM enroute
  467. GregE

    New bait tank

    L2, good point on the chovie surprise found 2 weeks later That could double as a spa tub :)
  468. GregE

    9/29 2-pax Tuna

    Glad you got out and tried. Wow, Fly rod? Got some pictures?? Glad to see they are closer- keep pushing them this way :)
  469. GregE

    Tuna 9/23

    I missed this one.......... Nice pictures!!
  470. GregE

    Hit and miss tuna trip.

    Reads like Miss and HIT :) That's a boat load!!
  471. GregE

    Coastwatch Friday 9-22-2017 Charts

    Outstanding, thanks Ken!! Hope the TUNA read the chart and move this way
  472. GregE


    Smoooth water. Sorry I wasn't out there. Kool Aid - still doing good things for others G And what's with these fake Subject lines????
  473. GregE

    No Albies..

    Hey, Ya played me... Nice catch and pics!! riding on the FAT boat too
  474. GregE

    Single diving bird last Saturday, Lesson for everyone!

    This is more like the ones I remember Longer beak and split tail Forsters Tern
  475. GregE

    Single diving bird last Saturday, Lesson for everyone!

    Me too, with the split tail... They do hover low over the water and look for activity These have a solid dark gray head, maybe just the males- no fork tail on him either
  476. GregE

    Single diving bird last Saturday, Lesson for everyone!

    PIG indeed!! What you want are the skinny pointy winged, pointy beaks ones, "tuna fairies". anybody have the correct name for these?? Tern?
  477. GregE

    Kodak's First Trip of 2017

    Good catch- the throttle is wireless. NMEA for the guage
  478. GregE

    Kodak's First Trip of 2017

    Rats, Pat. I only have a few pictures of Kodak from other boats. If anybody has some I'd sure like to see them. No salutes please Josh, the Suzuki 300 is wireless and the engine gauge/ computer was acting up. I was hearing everything thru cautious ears not having good input so informed some...
  479. GregE

    Kodak's First Trip of 2017

    Ooops, I missed that typo Robodad :( Chuck, I need to get some systems fixed - engine computer and battery minder are the biggest problems. Hope it won't be too long before we can buddy boat with you.
  480. GregE

    Kodak's First Trip of 2017

    After many hours of repairing/ expanding the deck for the boss things finally came together to make a trip for TUNA on Saturday Sep 17. I contacted some of my usual crew and one new guy that had impressed me with his fishing ability. We made the trip SW aiming at 30 20 to start and spotted some...
  481. GregE

    The spoils from Saturday

    The LumaCat looked good on the water. WE pulled up within viewing range in the afternoon but you left shortly after. The last two pictures/ videos aren't showing for me.
  482. GregE

    Beautiful Boat

    Great picture series!! It does look good Ken - CPT O wrote about it ... I debated for a very long time on engine choices, but selected the Evinrudes. I love Yamahas but was told the 350hp will need premium gas, and its not available at the dock in WP. I felt like the evinrudes had a weight...
  483. GregE

    Dodged the one.

    We anxiously watched with concern for you and others in that reqion. Glad you are doing better
  484. GregE

    Saturday TUNA Run ??

    We'll be on float 19 NN Friday after icing up and launching Looking for some of these.......
  485. GregE

    Saturday TUNA Run ??

    That's what I'm hoping for. Temp chart shows 62.8 at the 125....... :) Looks like a fun group heading out, we'll be in touch. G
  486. GregE

    Saturday TUNA Run ??

    Prepping boat and gear to take Kodak our for TUNA Saturday. Looking for a few boat names to listen for out on the big blue.... Who else is heading out? G
  487. GregE

    Westport Tuna 9/8

    Any hits on the spreader bar?
  488. GregE

    Tuna Map, 9/10 Coastwatch

    Good shot, thanks. I'm scouting for later this week......
  489. GregE

    Croziercraft maiden fish haul 9/10-11

    Great looking setup. WTG Mark. I really like seeing boats in action.
  490. GregE


    There ya go, another nice report and pictures!!! Hope to finish home projects this week and get after some TUNA soon. Kodak has been sitting too long....
  491. GregE

    W WA Deer

    I concentrate on getting an ELK for the freezer- really like ELK. ELK season opened Saturday ( deer Sep 1 ) and I'm not going after ELK...... Yet Several factors, It's Hot and I sweat a Lot, Deck remodel continues and the builder is coming back tomorrow to finish up, Judy has some hip and wrist...
  492. GregE

    Westport Tuna

    Impressive. No long arming those pigs
  493. GregE

    Interesting tuna area

    That would take a lot of Jerry cans
  494. GregE

    Westport Big Fish!

    That is a great fish and nice picture. Post the weight and details for us here please.
  495. GregE

    Swiftsure (9/2-9/4 )

    Nice!! Interesting comparison to the yellow tail.
  496. GregE

    Westport Tuna 9-2 and 9-3

    Thanks, still learning...... :)
  497. GregE

    Westport Tuna 9-2 and 9-3

    STeve, what's a halibut clip? Many of my setups are also braid to short 4-6 ' leader
  498. GregE

    Westport Tuna 9-2 and 9-3

    Nice sashimi display cuts
  499. GregE

    Westport 4 sept

    Well done!!. Thanks for the follow up, Pictures and encouragement to get out there!! G
  500. GregE

    Westport 4 sept

    Thanks for the quick note Watching for the details and Pictures :) G
  501. GregE

    Ilwaco tuna 8-30

    Go get em Rod. Take good notes for us Couch fishers G
  502. GregE

    Tuna Maps - Aug 26 Coastwatch

    Thank You I always appreciate folks taking time to share good shots with us.
  503. GregE

    TUNA Gear Upgrade Needed ??

    My buddy;s son-in-law thumbed a nice Daiwa,- burned so bad he let go- Lamiglass and reel are in deep water I brief the newbies and have them watch some tuna dance videos but they seem to learn the hard way.
  504. GregE

    TUNA Gear Upgrade Needed ??

    I took a neighbor out for his first TUNA trip a couple years ago. Dave crackered the first three bait stop hits setting the hook. I kept after him to count 5 and stop setting the hook- finally threatened time out and tying hooks for 15 minutes. He caught on. Sadly he died last December. He...
  505. GregE

    MA13 8/25

    There ya go!! What bait / lures ? wELKome back to the boating world.
  506. GregE

    TUNA Gear Upgrade Needed ??

    Wow! Looking at the size of TUNA caught lately I'm concerned my terminal gear may not be sturdy enough. Poles, reels and 65# braid will be fine but I have 30# leader and # 4 ringed live bait hooks ( with a few 40# leaders tied up) Beef it up or ....??
  507. GregE

    8/25 Lumacat report

    Another nearly smooth water day. My timing is going to be a challenge with remodel projects but....... Looks like I need to tie up some heavier leaders :) G
  508. GregE

    8/23 WP Tuna is what's 4 Dinner

    Nice write up Mike. Got a weight for that pig? Tell that Steve guy to shape up or walk the plank.... If it wasn't him, walk him anyway ;)
  509. GregE

    Buoy 10 Report

    Chuck, they closed areas 1 & 2 last Tuesday. I'm with you on the TUNA trek need- haven't even tried yet. And Bowhunting season opens next week....... Aiming for mid Sep for Albies though- stay in touch.
  510. GregE

    Buoy 10 Report

    Thanks to the many who offered intel and encouragement. The main point I took away is timing is key- be there, be ready. The 9' tide exchange made for some ripping flows. Coupled with a strong west wind it didn't take much heading change to really get pushed sideways. WE had wrapped lines (...
  511. GregE

    Buoy 10 Info ??

    Link to the Saltwater report section
  512. GregE

    Buoy 10 Report

    I had not fished buoy 10 in nearly 30 years and wanted to learn about this unique fishery where salt flooding tides collided with the mighty Columbia. We got a message from Hydroman Jim about fishing with him at buoy 10 this week and quickly arranged to meet him Thurs AM at the Chinook marina...
  513. GregE

    Buoy 10 Info ??

    Went out of Chinook with Hydroman Jim in his 27' Thunder Jet. Fished near the Astoria bridge. Three of us brought 5 home. Pics and details tomorrow- I'm going to bed
  514. GregE

    Buoy 10 Info ??

    thanks folks. I appreciate the info- was hoping things had gotten better G Will report on this trip- hopefully with some fishy pics
  515. GregE

    Buoy 10 Info ??

    A buddy has invited us to fish out of Chinook with him Thursday. He's been out once this year and I haven't fished the Columbia in 30 years..... Low tide is around 9, high about 4 PM I've been reading reports but not a lot of CR info. Any tips on gear, bait etc. ? G
  516. GregE

    Open tuna boat

    Sure hope things work out for everybody.
  517. GregE

    There are a few there

    Pretty fish too :)
  518. GregE

    Ilwaco tuna 8-18

    Appreciate the pictures and report. That one is chunky :)
  519. GregE

    Westport tuna 8/18

    Love the Mojo Cedar stick
  520. GregE

    PSA Ocean Meeting ??

    OK. thanks Paul
  521. GregE

    PSA Ocean Meeting ??

    Hmm guess not
  522. GregE

    PSA Ocean Meeting ??

    I have it on my calendar for today, Aug 19 but haven't seen any posts about it. Did I get it wrong?
  523. GregE

    August 15 2017 SST & Chloro Charts

    Thanks for the shots. Dodge Cummins Turbo went out on me so I can't haul Kodak. If the flush doesn't solve it $4200 just for a replacement....... Anybody need some ballast?
  524. GregE

    Seen a ghost?

    WELKome home
  525. GregE

    Washington Tuna Classic 2017 in pictures

    You did well big guy!!
  526. GregE

    My greatest day as a captain.

    Good job all around and a timely reminder for us lucky boat owners.
  527. GregE

    First WTC Experience

    Nice writeup!! Wish we had some pictures..........
  528. GregE

    Shout out to you Gingers in MA10,11

    Very nice!! I want to be like Mike :)
  529. GregE

    WTC Weekend 2017

    Very good write up Laurence- good intel too. Congratulations to your crew. Wish you'd drag some of those about 40 miles closer...... these old bones aren't up for 80 miles and 30+ speeds- though the water did look reasonable Saturday ;) G
  530. GregE

    A good day in MA11

    Wow, they sure are round..... How long is your fish box?
  531. GregE

    Westport report -

    Thanks. Seems like the salmon are back in close- That's good since the TUNA aren't. :(
  532. GregE

    Westport Report from Sat/Sun

    There ya go- nice report except for pictures. ;)
  533. GregE

    Big Thanks and Congrats to Winners

    That will fish
  534. GregE

    Albie Heaven

    Typo or code ?? Maybe we'll get some a recent intel after the WTC today
  535. GregE

    Westport 8-10 with Murray

    Very nice fish and smiles too!!! G
  536. GregE

    Little evening bite action

    Sure wish i could see them....... What area were you in? Gear, depth...? Inquiring minds
  537. GregE

    Tuna Hats

    Yes, and also when painted or stenciled on aircraft
  538. GregE

    WTB: 2 Electric Scotty Downriggers

    Thanks Peddler- Joe is on the Arimaowners site also
  539. GregE

    Westport in 772 Nautical Miles

    Fun read- thanks for posting
  540. GregE

    Tuna Hats

    Nope. The Blue field is always in the upper left.- vertical or horizontal
  541. GregE

    8/6 tuna report, WP

    Yep. I keep hoping someone will figure this out for us La Z boy fishers :)
  542. GregE

    Tuna report

    Tough season so far...... Nice big fish though
  543. GregE

    Almost sank me boat

    Interesting process- hope I never need it 4 stroke
  544. GregE


    Flexibility- gotta love it. :)
  545. GregE

    Westport tuna 7/29 11 pigs

    Good job having the parts and smarts to repair your boat on the water. X2 What kind of relay was it?
  546. GregE

    Westport kings.

    Wow, you had those dialed in. I'm sure you're not the only one to limit Sunday, but I sure didn't see any nets flying
  547. GregE

    Yellowtail out of Ilwaco!

    Happy looking crew. Nice photos too
  548. GregE

    Salmon are in at Westport

    I have a couple 1 and 2 sizes I've used for trout and steelhead, What size/ length did you use?
  549. GregE

    Salmon are in at Westport

    Mazu, is that the hammered Canadian Wonder Trolling Spoon or the Les Davis version?
  550. GregE

    Westport Salmon 7/29

    Great picture and smile!! Thanks for the info. :) Heading over Sun
  551. GregE

    Any Kings in Westport

    Kodak 2 is heading over in the AM. Watch for the Arima hardtop and say howdy
  552. GregE

    Any Kings in Westport

    Wow Chris!! Did you get a weight on that. lure, depth.... Taking our Arima 19 out in the AM
  553. GregE

    Any Kings in Westport

    glad you posted those Chuck. Hope to see Excaliber out there this year Postponed our Sat salmon trip until tomorrow.
  554. GregE

    Vance and Mikey....the Ambiguously Gay Duo

    Very nice ride. Now, how does affect the TUNA Regulations?!?!?! ;)
  555. GregE

    Any Kings in Westport

    Thanks Pat, appreciate the insight
  556. GregE

    Let's help Kevin and Cindy out with a little BD love

    Let's keep this going. Good folks missed by many.
  557. GregE

    Any Kings in Westport

    Hoping to make it over Thursday between rough days. Anybody else?
  558. GregE

    4 Open Seats on 8/20 with All Rivers

    That is a nice TUNA. 30# + ? Mark wouldn't long arm a fish ;)
  559. GregE

    Bucket List Trip

    Nice!! Fun read too. G
  560. GregE

    PSA Ocean Anglers JULY 22nd meeting

    It was a great presentation. Laurence wasn't there so Bandaid and I left before the raffle so others would have a chance :)
  561. GregE

    Good things are still happening!

    OK, now what did I win?? ;) Must be another deserving Greg...
  562. GregE

    15 July tuna run on the Lumacat

    Congrats Laurence- This thread selected as the BDs Fishing Report of the Week!!
  563. GregE

    Tuna trip

    Pat seemed quiet at the PSA Ocean meeting last night- you folks must have worn him out. :)
  564. GregE

    Zero Hero's

    Thanks, we are looking at mid week taking a buddy and a couple newbies. I was wondering about the afternoon bite that seems to start around 3
  565. GregE

    Pig's out there

    X 2 with Laurence!! WTG
  566. GregE

    WP TUNA 7/19

    Wow!! Erase the (or Not) and post some pics!!! :)
  567. GregE

    15 July tuna run on the Lumacat

    Now that's how to get it done!!! Nice fishing trip also........ ;) ACI chose well
  568. GregE

    July 17 Tuna Map

    Good Job!! Bookmarking this
  569. GregE

    Neah / Swiftsure 7/14-15

    Good explanation, thanks. Lots of fish to process. Whale shot on plotter- Wow!!
  570. GregE

    Tuna saturday

    Great report Stephen, wish we could have been out there!! Floater gaff ;) Salmon nets work well, just make sure you have the handle vertical when you lift Charlie out of the water.
  571. GregE

    7-15-17 Tuna

    OK, 100 miles +/- on 32.5 gallons = 3 mpg. 48 gal main (and reserve on board ) leaves your 1/3 reserve rule just right. Well done!!!
  572. GregE

    7-15-17 Tuna

    Way to GO James!! :) Tell em what your fuel burn was and watch the big boys go green.
  573. GregE


    Way to go Ken!! What were you dragging and which ones worked best? Inquiring minds......
  574. GregE

    Raymarine installation in process

    Interesting beveled hole. Can't tell where it is or how it was made. ??
  575. GregE

    Open seat for Salmon tomorrow @ westport

    Good luck out there Todd. Pictures!!!!
  576. GregE

    Area 13 salmon keep dying!

    Good for you!! Nice pictures too
  577. GregE

    Tuna Charter

    What a mess............ Keep em close till I can get there
  578. GregE

    Westport Washington tuna questions from a newbie

    If Mark still has a seat open for Saturday- Get on it!! Puget Sound Anglers Ocean Chapter meeting on the 22nd. It's a Tuna seminar. Good Folks , good info and good contacts for future questions. See you...
  579. GregE

    Anyone else eyeballing a Saturday tuna run?

    We have commitments this weekend but will be watching for your reports and Pictures!! :) and , thanks for the buoy report source- gonna look that one up. What does the Premium service cost?
  580. GregE

    July 10 "Tuna Map" SW Washington

    I have my start point picked out..... ;)
  581. GregE

    Newbie to Puget Sound Salmon fishing.

    congratulations on the HI fish!! I can read the ASL shaka for those. :) I have a Scotty Depth Power with 30" fixed boom, used it once on my small boat. $300. Also Penn manual that needs a base mount that I'll add for free. Message me if those will help.
  582. GregE

    Financing for Older Boats?

    Yep. Heloc at 4-5% Think through the payment plan- don't want to jeopardize you r house
  583. GregE

    Westport Combo Trip 7/8 & 7/9

    Chunky fish. -10 points for the finger in the frame ;)
  584. GregE

    Raymarines New Axiom Pro

    Did the Axiom require a DFF box? We are looking for a new Chirp setup G
  585. GregE

    Westport 7/7 and 7/8

    Nice info and great pictures. How come only the ladies are smiling?
  586. GregE

    Two open seats for Ucluelet August 9th~12th

    Back rubs........ hmmm how's that work? That's on my short list too. got room for a couple? Let's talk :) This time may not work but info is always appreciated. Buddy is motoring up with a friend from Gig Harbor in his 28' GW Sailfish- missed that opportunity....
  587. GregE

    Westport launch this morning 5:30 AM

    Great that is was resolved already. Kudos to your insurer. Share them with us?
  588. GregE

    No fish in A7

    Love seeing the family having fun fishing. Beautiful day too. :)
  589. GregE

    Lumacat's 1st tuna run

    Fun to read of these TUNA expeditions and your set up really looks great and fishy. I'm still not ready but figure to be on the chase before the 25th
  590. GregE

    Westport launch this morning 5:30 AM

    Good grief!! Just read this ........ So glad you are safe and like Steve- we are hoping to learn from your experience.
  591. GregE

    WTF???? NOAA Buoy 46100 51/58

    Got it. should be helpful for water temp calibration Station 46100 - OOI Westport Offshore Station owned and maintained by Ocean Observatories Initiative Buoy 46.851 N 124.972 W
  592. GregE

    July 5 "Tuna Map"

    Here's why rain pants are needed. Not my TUNA pic- but nice blue water from a couple years ago.
  593. GregE

    Just saying hi from the 47 10 x 125 17

    Cell booster???? Now I need to look up another item. How does it help with reception? G
  594. GregE

    Newbie in Westport

    I Phone, I Pad only. But I'm thinking about swapping my Android
  595. GregE

    Secret's out

    Wow. :) Tomorrow's bi line too.
  596. GregE

    Possible seat or two Sunday

    Family reunion in OR Saturday But for future opportunities, I'm 1.5 hours from WP when you need rail ballast. :)
  597. GregE

    July 5 "Tuna Map"

    Good summation- passing this on to my fishing buddies. I'm still learning..... Two additional comments, gray areas are blocked by clouds/ fog and can be a challenge to find daily reports- multi day averages can give general info but not the sharp breaks discussed above. Mid- late day water...
  598. GregE

    Rough opening weekend at Westport

    Nice pictures- keep the stories coming...
  599. GregE


    The flat tip has a better chance of breaking the spinal cord IMO. I like your grinding skills but don't have a problem getting enough penetration with my cast off screwdrivers.
  600. GregE


    Flat tip Lollipop?? Thanks again for all you do for the WP fishers!!
  601. GregE

    Boat tabs ?

    Speaking of tabs- got mine renewed today- State Jacked up the price again....
  602. GregE

    Cape Disappointment Sinking

    We took our first TUNA trip on the Pacific Dream 6 years ago. Nice crew - glad to see them doing this rescue.
  603. GregE

    Neah Bay Weekend

    Fur read and pics, thanks. We need to get out there
  604. GregE

    Neah Bay-be!

    Good for you all. Thanks for sharing G
  605. GregE

    Saving the Clockwork VI

    Wow. Quite a series of projects. Red rod holders- that's unique. :)
  606. GregE

    Post Up Some Pics Of Your Fish Cleaning Tables

    Steve, Ugly Bayliner built the sturdy transom rail. The cleaner tray is very useful
  607. GregE

    New Electronics ???

    Wish I'd gotten Chirp....
  608. GregE

    New Electronics ???

    Good comments so far, thanks. Posting pictures of other women on your boat is certainly living dangerously. Stephen proper concern but check the date of that picture....... This is all pending. ;)
  609. GregE

    Picked up the new boat

    fun pics too!!
  610. GregE

    New Electronics ???

    Short version- I may be setting up a different boat for off shore. It has older/ '05 FF/ plotter x 2 and no radar. I see several folks setting up with Raymarine. Looking for digital radar and 10 or 12 " MFD with chirp and suggestions to help find something within 2- 4K budget. Suggestions...
  611. GregE

    Good Luck Westport Brothers

    Yep, one of the first voices I learned on the VHF was Cindi answering multiple calls- then came Genieaye
  612. GregE

    Electric Reel for Salmon??

    $700 for a Seaborg 500 ........ $571 on EBay I'm looking at the Leobritz 400 but it's in Japanese
  613. GregE

    Electric Reel for Salmon??

    Yep, looking for something smaller- any recommendations?? ;)
  614. GregE

    Electric Reel for Salmon??

    Wow, that 750 is Bigger than I remembered. Should work but wishin I had gotten a smaller one for her
  615. GregE


    Always good intell, Thanks again Mark!!
  616. GregE

    Electric Reel for Salmon??

    thanks for the input. I've got one coming- just hoping we have a salmon season for her to use it
  617. GregE

    Novice Tuna Help

    Been there a couple times- ;) the small cooler goes in the cuddy once the ice is out. Chilling the catch is my priority. The half round bleed bucket is great and moving the spare poles to the launcher helps get around the bait barrel. No engine cover hump ( but the floor cover blocks putting...
  618. GregE

    Pelican Alaska

    Great!! Nice pics- keep em coming.
  619. GregE

    Novice Tuna Help

    Aww just go for it- the fish gear retailers need the sales....
  620. GregE

    Novice Tuna Help

    30-50# Ugly Sticks do the job quite well. I'd love to run Seeker or Thrasher rods but .... my assortment includes some jig rods
  621. GregE

    Electric Reel for Salmon??

    Bandaid had shoulder surgery ( both) and wrist problems. She has been reluctant to fish off shore- reeling larger fish. Lots of folks use the Daiwa electrics for Hali and bottom fish so I am considering using on for salmon so she can participate. Any thoughts, legal issues...
  622. GregE

    Spare Tanacom 750 cord?

    What are cords selling for. EBay has them for $84. The light ones for smaller reels are $40
  623. GregE

    The turd is almost polished

    Impressive start on a Big project. Keep nibbling at it The seats look functional- what else can you get by with to get the running parts going?
  624. GregE

    There on the way!!!

    No responses ......?!?!? Inquiring minds........
  625. GregE

    TailWalker Halibut Season at a Glance

    Looks like you got it dialed in!! :)
  626. GregE

    PSA Ocean Anglers June 17th meeting

    Bump up reminder..........
  627. GregE

    There she goes...

    The Luma Cat is going to FL-- Am I reading this right? Ah man...... I wanted to see her on the Tuna grounds
  628. GregE

    PSA Ocean Anglers June 17th meeting

    Thanks Ken, got them all on the calendar :)
  629. GregE

    PSA Ocean Anglers June 17th meeting

    On the Calendar Paul.....
  630. GregE

    La Push Hero Trips

    WTG Marcus, keep it up. We're hoping to support Veteran's Fishing and other groups this year. Who do you coordinate with?
  631. GregE

    Well, I bought a Duckworth...

    Are you going to paint the stripe Wasabi green??? ;)
  632. GregE

    Patrick Walker - Speaks on Tuna

    Hoping to make it. What's CCA up to these days?
  633. GregE

    A Seawolf is born 33'X 10.6" build thread

    Fun read, nice pictures!! Very clean work!
  634. GregE

    WTB -- Yamaha Prop

    Tacoma Prop does good work- but not cheaply. I put a 4 blade stainless on my Yami 115- better hole shot, lost a bit on the top end. Fine with me
  635. GregE

    Nuts to butts

    Love your picture background too. Well done!!
  636. GregE

    Westport Halibut

    NIce job Mike!!
  637. GregE

    Wp test run

    Nice smooth wake too........... Looking forward to being on the water with you next month.
  638. GregE

    PSA Ocean Anglers May 20th

    Ducker, yes, you can do on-line registration/ renewal thru the web page.
  639. GregE

    Neah Bay- I like Big Butts

    We went back up Weds and after gassing up the boat headed out to find some bottom fish. Dodging rocks and kelp was key as we found black rockfish there and after catching a few larger ones we released the small ones. We kept 12, Bandaid caught the first few but I managed to catch up and got...
  640. GregE

    Day#2, Big butts, lings, and bass!

    Nice picture series!!
  641. GregE

    Neah Bay Halibut Opener

    Fish cleaned up nicely. great pic!!
  642. GregE

    Neah Bay- I like Big Butts

    Tom, I knew Neah Bay would be jammed and I can sleep two in the Arima Sea Ranger V berth. So $$ towing, running and docking played a role. Sharing a moorage with 4 other boats is 'interesting'. First time I felt a tail rope was needed- worked great!!
  643. GregE

    Neah Bay- I like Big Butts

    Starting out Sat morning- along with lots of others The required Sunrise pic We saw several rainbows including this one past Tatoosh Island Saturday was a real Washing Machine out past Tatoosh Island. Buddy Mike was on the wheel and did pretty well in his biggest water...
  644. GregE

    Neah Bay- I like Big Butts

    We launched the Arima Wednesday and prepped gear for the Halibut opener Thursday. We spent the next morning on the 'Garbage Dump" but had no luck so we headed further out. Mike caught a Pacific Cod and nice Ling Cod - no pics, sorry. I hooked a fish and after cranking him up about 1/4 of the...
  645. GregE

    Shrimp "Date" announced for Area 10, 11

    Buddy just emailed me. I'm looking for the announcement to confirm and post a link Hey a whole 5 days to adjust plans.......... :shrug9: He phoned one of the WDFW managers - web site still not updated.
  646. GregE

    Bottom fish descender

    Ron, he has two- and the basket is not going down with the fish...... I appreciate the efforts PSA is making to get these descenders, fish ID charts and education out to the charters and sporties
  647. GregE

    Bottom fish descender

    I'm with you Geoff not much room in the 19 Arima. I have a Seaqulizer thanks to the Ocean/ PSA chapter raffle, 8# ball and Para cord so well set up like you. :) I do have an extra Shelton Descender for someone who needs one. Slip B 26 in Neah Bay Weds -
  648. GregE

    West Marine fishing tackle in Olympia

    Nice to briefly talk with you yesterday. You seemed busy on the computer. I was wondering where I'd seen you before...
  649. GregE

    Be careful out there, 2 fisherpeople dead

    8- 10 is Celsius but still too cold to last long
  650. GregE

    Neah Bay Power ??

    I'm in B- 26 and Big Salmon said there was 50 amp power on the dock. I have 30 amp shore power cables but no 50 amp adapter and I just need 15 amp- regular extension cord stuff. Anybody know if there are regular exterior wall outlets on B dock? Just need to power a light and tickle charger.....
  651. GregE

    Be safe out there and have fun

    It's not an issue of having the stuff, it's 'Where did I put it?? ' First trips are always a shake down ;)
  652. GregE

    Neah Bay Clam Bake 6 pm ish Friday May 5

    Sleeping on the boat but will be meeting some folks at the Cape so will stop by. B 26 for the Arima 19 hardtop
  653. GregE

    Neah Bay Roll call

    WEds thru Sun and WEds Thurs the next week Kodak is staying home- I'll be the Arima SR 19 hard top. Berth B 26 The Radome was off
  654. GregE

    2017 Area 10/11/13 Spot Prawn Season

    I still can't find anything on 11 How can people plan???????????
  655. GregE

    MA12 was a bust

    Nice day to be on the water- always a good thing!! Were the Olympics in view where you were?
  656. GregE

    Swing Tongue- How Heavy a Load?

    Well, planning is for real now - our offer was accepted. Cohasset area S of Westport city limits. Little cabin. BIG shed. :)20 X 34, 13' door
  657. GregE

    Swing Tongue- How Heavy a Load?

    Andy, very helpful pics- that's how I was sketching my thoughts. considered moving the bow stanchion forward a bit but tongue weight and axle balance is important- looking for a chart to help plan.
  658. GregE

    Swing Tongue- How Heavy a Load?

    Thanks for the assist Mike. See you on the 22nd PSA meeting? Planning to bump out 6 ' on half - of the back wall- if the sale goes thru.
  659. GregE

    Swing Tongue- How Heavy a Load?

    It was upright when I posted it....... even deleted and tried again
  660. GregE

    Swing Tongue- How Heavy a Load?

    Shorelander said they have made one for such a heavy set up but it is Not recommended.. Thanks for the input- it was a long shot at best. working on plans to extend a portion of the back wall
  661. GregE

    Swing Tongue- How Heavy a Load?

    I've been watching for a storage shed for Kodak nearer Westport. I'm looking at a completed 34 x 20 boat shed that has a 13' door and is 33' 10 door to back wall-- but the boat is 36' 5" prop to hitch. Angling the boat in the 19' interior width will help but I'd still need 2' shorter...
  662. GregE

    Have you seen this person?

    Now, that's a morning chuckle !! :)
  663. GregE

    The Goat Ranch!

    You folks are entertaining!! That'll fish :)
  664. GregE

    Kona Blues

    Nice chunk!! I can envision the head and tail sticking out of the 5' Arima floor box. Have you ever tried 'Outriggers' to get some spread off the sides? They don't turn like an angled handle pole and might be tough to get out of that back corner with a big fish. These are about 1/2 $ of what...
  665. GregE

    Kona Blues

    Got more pics you can share with some rain soaked, cabin fevered, SOB's??? X2 Where do you put that on the Arima?
  666. GregE

    Wldlfbio, here is the cat you seek!

    Lots of volunteers for that...... :)
  667. GregE

    PSA Ocean Anglers First meeting of 2017

    Looks like our odds have gone up...... :)
  668. GregE

    PSA Ocean Anglers First meeting of 2017

    Congrats on your pending GranParentage Kevin. Sorry you won't be there- always appreciate hearing your tips. Anybody checked the clam tides/ opening that weekend?
  669. GregE

    Help Name the Lumacat...

    Well OK, we'll check back
  670. GregE

    Winter Chinook

    Like the fish and the background. Nice first pic!!! Looks a little choppy
  671. GregE

    Must have Salmon Gear

    Sorry you got ripped off. Nice to see the help offered here :)
  672. GregE

    The new boys learn fast

    That'll fish!! :)
  673. GregE

    Post op check in

    Eric, great news and love the picture!! She'll need support for a while- but remember caregivers need a break sometimes too. Let you mind escape here where lots of folks care.
  674. GregE

    Lead Pour/Fundraiser in south end

    Glad to help- thanks for 'seasoning them' for me..
  675. GregE

    Shakedown cruise

    Nice pics Ken. Hope the 'ducer works
  676. GregE

    frozen fish learnings

    TTT Good info that I hope we get to use this season.....
  677. GregE

    Lead Pour/Fundraiser in south end

    Danny check your messages/ conversations. Inbox at upper right G
  678. GregE

    Electric reels

    Trying to envision a tuna dance over and under fire drill with power cords in the way
  679. GregE

    Diesel heater

    My marine electrician found room under the rear seat for this hot water Webasto.
  680. GregE

    Washington Tuna Classic | THE BEGINNING

    TT, good to see you posting. I sat in on one of your 2012 Tuna How To classes at the SEA Boat show- still have some notes and pictures someplace. Judy and I had gone out of Ilwaco on Pacific Dream in 2011. Left at 0200 and after a looong day near Guide canyon we had 8 Albis for 14 fishers.. In...
  681. GregE

    Boat Porn (Catamaran)

    That is really well done- and it's not even done, yet :)
  682. GregE


    Matt, which ( small ) company do you use and what price? I buy non- ethanol from the Kamilche station E of hwy 101- it's $.40 more than regular ( Used to $.05 six years ago )
  683. GregE

    Mom and Pop stores

    Good find Mike. That'll start the year off right.
  684. GregE

    Sell westport house?? Buy mobile condo, fishing boat??

    Hmm, I'd help you wash that down
  685. GregE

    Winner winner, tuna dinner

    Keeping those special memories active
  686. GregE

    Just because.....

    Good for you, getting out and doing well. Nice pictures too :)
  687. GregE

    Anybody hiring?

    Good for you and them!! Start building up those couch muscles...........
  688. GregE

    2017 Rockfish Limits

    Thanks for the info Randy. I'm watching for what WA comes up with....... G
  689. GregE

    Westport crabbing

    How long did you soak the pots? Need crew??
  690. GregE

    Winner winner, tuna dinner

    Laurence, you sure are a lucky guy............ How many PSA Ocean Chapter raffles have you won????
  691. GregE

    Idaho Whitetails and WA Tags Notched

    Good grief!! How many freezers do you have?
  692. GregE

    1998 Arima 22 ft Sea Legend

    Glad you got a sale- but there will be second thoughts....... I still get flack about selling our Sea Legend. Hope the buyer checks out Good folks sharing info about Arimas.
  693. GregE

    John Deere on Portland CL

    Yep, We've been looking for a tractor and I'm overjoyed at my good fortune- and I get to help an Army Sergeant too. :) G Hello, The 2007 JD 3203 tractor has many extras is in perfect working condition, garage kept, with nothing mechanically wrong - like new! This tractor has only 635 hours...
  694. GregE

    Puget Sound Winter Grand Slam?

    Good job, I like the mirrored launch pic.
  695. GregE

    MA 13 limits.

    Fishy "American Gothic" with Dog
  696. GregE

    Back at it...the TUNA season continues with ease!!!

    Mark posted a temp chart on Facebook showing 55 degree water at Grays Canyon vicinity. He has pulled his four boats.
  697. GregE

    It has been an Honor and a Pleasure

    We've known this time was approaching....... Still saddens me though, but we'll smile when you post up some grandkid pictures fishing and doing other family stuff.
  698. GregE

    SOLD.... Omega is Headed South.

    Yep, that's a big hole to fill, bet your missing Omega already.... What's your plan- got another boat lined up?
  699. GregE

    One Last Trip...The Blues and Tuna Are Biting in Cabo

    OK,, gotta ask... was he a dentist?!?
  700. GregE

    One Last Trip...The Blues and Tuna Are Biting in Cabo

    I can't say it better that Hunter...
  701. GregE

    Monday TUNA Quest

    Chris, I'm too old to be a dude..... ;)
  702. GregE

    NFL commercial

    Falcons had a strong 3rd quarter, 220 ? yards and 3 TDs- good grief!! If Sherm had been called for interference a field goal was in range...... Boat guy is as Two Tap Pat says
  703. GregE

    Monday TUNA Quest

    No ignoring on our part- I do need to get the VHF checked. Mark was about the only one we could receive at times. Sorry we missed you Sparky but you wouldn't want my numbers ... Glad you made it in OK
  704. GregE

    Seahawks vs. Atlanta

    San Diego beat them
  705. GregE

    Monday TUNA Quest

    Yep Safety first!! The Opah was about 15" and gaffed off another boat... No pic. Thought I was going to see a TUNA Sometimes the pictures don't show for me- anybody else have that? Darn Chuck!! Did you see it chomp the tail off?
  706. GregE

    Monday TUNA Quest

    Buddy Mike and grandson Nicolas helped take the boat to Westport Monday. We had to wait until 5 AM to get our 800# of shaved ice so slept in the boat on the trailer. Nice to be further away from the sea lions and no squeaking dock lines to contend with. The table made into a kid size bunk...
  707. GregE

    Razor Clam Opener Rollcall

    wow- that's strong Jason...... ;) Sure hope we get another window to get out, not this week though
  708. GregE

    44 lbs of tuna

    Wowser!!! Sure would like to see those up close. :)
  709. GregE

    Back at it...the TUNA season continues with ease!!!

    We went past the bite numbers chasing a report from yesterday and didn't even see a bird out there, We saw ONE jumper and had NO bites all day. :( Apparently fish where still being caught when we had to head in due to a Ferry schedule deadline for a guest.
  710. GregE

    Back at it...the TUNA season continues with ease!!!

    Always helpful on and off the water. We got some second hand numbers this AM and ended up waaay out at the .27 and didn't even see a bird for 10 miles and couldn't talk to any boats. Finally got within radio range and ended up at the 11 about 1:30
  711. GregE

    Monday TUNA Run in Kodak

    Got a heads up from Kim and called Mike at Westport Seafood about ice. No staffing for the processing plant on weekends now. They will have ice available 5- 8 AM Sat and Sunday and open normally at 5 on Monday.... I was planning to launch Sun afternoon after icing up.... Anybody have another...
  712. GregE

    Thursday tuna run?

    Good to see several others heading out Monday- I started another thread
  713. GregE

    Monday TUNA Run in Kodak

    After watching from land for several weeks due o 'other priorities' we are going to make a Tuna run Monday. As always we try to stay in contact with others for safety and sharing info. Who else is heading out Monday? We'll be watching for reports from those running Sat/ Sun :)
  714. GregE


    That would be a fun trip!! I'm continually impressed with the sharing by the members here.
  715. GregE

    Thursday tuna run?

    Looking at Sunday or Monday for Kodak We'll be watching for other like minded fishers
  716. GregE

    Tony G - Fishing with ARSC Thursday!

    I was hoping the SCA would go away sooner. Keep trying Tony
  717. GregE

    An awesome day!

    Hooo ah!!
  718. GregE

    Tony G - Fishing with ARSC Thursday!

    Enjoy and report. I've wanted to go with Mark for several years- just haven't made it yet.