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  1. SaltH20Angler

    For Sale New Plano Magnum Satchel Tackle Box $15

    Picked this Tackle box up a year ago and never used it. Double sided, deep, and brand spanking new. Priced to sell. Reduced to $15 Pick up in Corona, CA. PM if interested
  2. SaltH20Angler

    SOLD XL Grunden's Gage Bib $20

  3. SaltH20Angler

    06/20 – Offshore – BFT Skunk – YT Saves the Day

    Short Story: Launched from Mission Bay, Hit the 302, 371, 425, N. Upper Hidden towards the Upper Finger looking for signs of BFT. Nothing promising on the water or the meter so we never broke out the kite gear. Fished several paddies and found 2 paddies with decent grade YT willing to play...
  4. SaltH20Angler

    Best Day Ever...

    Bored at home... Decided to write a novel about my day yesterday. The launch ramps are open locally, DFG is out too, go quarantine yourself on a skiff if you can. This should probably go to the Chit-Chat section but we did catch a fish, so it's a report... I've loved fishing as far back as...
  5. SaltH20Angler

    Parking Davies Launch Ramp LB

    I posted this in the SoCal Inshore/Islands section, but realized I might get feedback quicker in the chit Chat section this time of year. I'm meeting a Skipper of a 30' boat at Davies Launch ramp in LB this saturday morning @5am to fish Catalina. Dont want to inconvenience him by having to pull...
  6. SaltH20Angler

    SOLD Reduced...Accurate Boss Fury 400

    Love this reel but it's been sitting in a dresser drawer for too long. I hope whoever buys this reel puts it to good use. Model: FX-400 (Right Hand) Weight: 18oz Gear Ratio: 6.1 Braid Capacity: 325 (50#) Inches per Crank: 25"/38" Max Drag: 22 lbs. Single Speed Bought it in 2016 and have...
  7. SaltH20Angler

    10/30 -Thunderbird Record Bluefin

    Hey guys and gals, I'm on the Davey's Locker email distribution list and got this email yesterday. Based on the email, this is the biggest BFT caught on the Thunderbird at 314 pounds. I'd say there's still a good chance of landing a super cow this season. This guy certainly got his money's...
  8. SaltH20Angler

    10/5 - SW 425 Area - Yellowfin

    Short version: Fished a few miles south west of the 425, 69 degree water, great conditions (mostly small 2-3' mixed swell with...infrequent 5' sets with really long periods so no issues there - wind was not blowing too much or not at all until maybe noon), flylined dines, pretty steady bite...
  9. SaltH20Angler

    Coastal Cleanup Day - 09/21/19

    Just wanting to share the information I received in an email today relating to Coastal Cleanup Day which is tomorrow, Saturday, September 21, 2019. I am not affiliated just sharing info and a chance to get free whale watching tickets while helping the environment that we love so much. Don't...
  10. SaltH20Angler

    Value Opinions for Old Rods in my Garage

    What's up BD'ers, Over the years I have picked up a bunch of older rods from garage sales mostly. At first these were the rods I used and over time I slowly upgraded to newer old rods (also found at garage sales). I have not been able to justify buying new composite rods because my rods work...
  11. SaltH20Angler

    Two Solid Guys Looking to Join Your Crew

    Me and a good fishing buddy are looking to join a crew. I posted the below in the Boat Ho (Rideshare) list but also wanted to post it here in case you dont read that thread. Benny and i like to fish offshore, but enjoy inshore and island fishing equally so please hit me up if we are what you...
  12. SaltH20Angler

    2 Solid Guys Looking to Join Your Crew

    Me and my good buddy are looking to fish offshore with you and your crew if you have room. I posted the below in the Boat Ho (rideshare) list but also wanted to drop a thread here in case you dont normally read that thread. If you are looking for a couple of friendly, experienced, hard...
  13. SaltH20Angler

    Fishing with Ramone in Ejido Erendira on 04/20/19 and on 05/25/19

    To provide some background, I have never had the opportunity to fish Baja Mexico until my good fishing buddy Benny hit me up about 2 months ago. Benny and I have been fishing pretty hard for the last two years on his 20’ Triton Center Console. We have fished many of the local spots as far...
  14. SaltH20Angler

    SOLD Siiizold

  15. SaltH20Angler

    FHS Long Beach Tickets?

    I haven't seen any discounts on tickets to the LB show floating around this year like in the past. Last year, someone sent me that $3 Progressive coupon and posted it here to share the love. I know it was only $3 but hey...3 bucks is 3 bucks. Last year we saved enough between me and my...
  16. SaltH20Angler

    10/14 – 9 Mile Bank/302 area

    Got the call from @Benny Mora and decided to make a run offshore to fish half-day on Sunday to see if we could enjoy some of the Skipjack action that has been reported lately. Got ahold of Glenn @Hismosa and he was up for the run too. Met up at Benny’s house in Corona at 3am and we were off to...
  17. SaltH20Angler

    08/25 La Jolla

    After fishing mostly offshore over the last few months with @Benny Mora, I was looking forward to an easier day fishing inshore, especially because the offshore bite seemed to be pretty far south with most reports showing Skipjack with smaller grade YFT mixed in were being caught. Also, from...
  18. SaltH20Angler

    08/18 – La Jolla, N9, S. of the 209 – Big Dodo

    Short Story: Got lucky and learned a valuable lesson after forgetting to put in the plug. Once that alarm was handled, we launched out of Mission Bay, bought a half scoop of lively dines, made a bunch of macs, and hit La Jolla for no love. Decided to pick up and head off shore after an hour...
  19. SaltH20Angler

    8/4 – A Couple of Dodos and a Small Yellowfin - 302/371

    Short Version: Found a small paddy @ the 302 loaded with Dorado and couldn’t get them to go on the flylined mack/dine, small hook buried in chunk, colt snipers, small lazer minnows, surface iron, or on the popper. Decided to leave and troll to the next spot. As we troll past the paddy, we get...
  20. SaltH20Angler

    Need 1 person to fish Offshore/Inshore Sat. 8/4 – Mission Bay

    Hello Fellow BD’ers, Editing Post as we found our 3rd guy. Thanks for looking. Let's go get 'em Glenn!!
  21. SaltH20Angler

    07/21/18 @ the NW 43, 181, 182, N9, Point Loma

    Short Story: We went home empty handed. Long, Long Story… (Sorry in advance but what better do you have to do on a Monday morning) After getting out to the 425 a few weeks ago and finding a dozen or so boiling bluefin schools with terns crashing, we couldn’t get them to go. We threw...
  22. SaltH20Angler

    Earthquake at the Channel Islands

    Breaking news just said there was a 5.3 earthquake at the Channel Islands. Not sure how that affects the boaters out there, but hoping everyone is safe.
  23. SaltH20Angler

    Clamp for Lexa 300

    I found a nice custom 7' deckhand style glass rod on craigslist a month or so ago. The grip is the cork material. After checking it out I figured it would be a really good bass rod. There's no indication of what kind of blank it is that I can tell but it doesn't matter because I like the rod...
  24. SaltH20Angler

    Coupon for the 2018 LB Fred Hall Show

    Three dollars is three dollars and every lil bit counts. Make sure to print the coupon and take it with you.
  25. SaltH20Angler

    Tough Day in the LBC, Sat. 02-10-18

    Over the last few weeks, we have been having some downright beautiful weather here in sunny Southern Cali, so naturally, my thoughts went to fishing. Last Saturday, Benny and I started doing the preseason motions of going through the boat (19.5' Triton CC) and trailer looking for things to...
  26. SaltH20Angler

    1 person needed for Sat. 9/30

    Thanks for the interest guys, we found our third guy. Editing the post so I dont inconvenience anyone.
  27. SaltH20Angler

    1 person needed for Sat. 9/30

    Thanks for the interest guys, we found our third guy. Editing the post so I dont inconvenience anyone. Tight lines!!!
  28. SaltH20Angler

    Kelp Paddy Tips

    Hello fellow BD'ers... I have been fishing pretty regularly this summer and have come across plenty of nice paddies offshore. Regrettably, I havent got much off them. At first I thought the paddies werent holding and while that could have been true, I am finding it hard to believe that nobody...
  29. SaltH20Angler

    1 guy needed for Sat. 9/2

    Edit... We found our 3rd guy. Thanks for all of the interest. Please delete this post
  30. SaltH20Angler

    08/19 - Imperial Beach - Firecracker YT

    After posting on the Boat Ho/Ride Swap forum a few months ago, I was invited to fish with Big-T and his son on his 21' Tribute center console on Father's Day. Although we didn't come home with anything special that day (other than a great day on the water), we had fun catching short calicos and...
  31. SaltH20Angler

    La Jolla Father's Day - 06/18

    After posting in the ride Share/Boat Ho List, I got a call from Tom who invited me to join him and his son, TJ for an outing on his 21' Tribute Center Console. The plan was to launch from Dana Landing in Mission Bay and fish La Jolla to see if we could put any YT on the boat. I met the guys at...
  32. SaltH20Angler

    04/21 - Catalina - Black Pearl

    We hadn't been out since the Friday before Easter and with fresh memories of that white sea bass we brought back from that trip to Cat, we couldn't wait to get back to the island. The Kidd, Joser, and I were able to get this past Friday off and we planned on taking the 18' Scout to the backside...
  33. SaltH20Angler

    First WSB ever...4/7 Catalina

    Got a late invite from my good buddy, Carlos (The Kidd) to fish the back side of Cat. Left his house at 4:30 am anddrove from the IE to San Pedro. Got there while it was still dark, only a few trucks in the lot. Heard some animal noises behind us and saw a fox and a raccoon go at it in the...