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  1. SD2600

    Buddy boat sat 8-8

    Plan to work 226-302 area sat. Anyone going out want to share info while on the h20?
  2. SD2600

    Go9 b175h help

    So I installed a go9 with a b175h. Offshore I go today. 182 corner 43 and down the line. I’m not getting any clear pics. Perhaps my settings are off? Here is a pic. Any thoughts?
  3. SD2600

    Sunday 14 & tues 16th 2020

    Sunday....well as much as I wanted to head down to hidden I don’t think my boat has the range... so Sunday I covered about 112 miles... 226,302,37,425, and some laps on the 9.... all paddys were dry. Played with some dolphin and birds... no luck. Seas were snotty but we did our best... tues...
  4. SD2600

    Tuna grounds sun 6/14

    Headed south this sun prolly 0500 out of mb. Anyone looking to share info on the water
  5. SD2600

    Buy or borrow hole saw?

    So with the current situation my 3-3/4 hole saw I ordered for my new ducer install will be delayed... does anyone in sd have one? Rent? Beer? Buy? I’m sure I can wait buttttt who wouldn’t want to install their new ducer sooner than later? Let me know guys
  6. SD2600

    Boat cover failure

    So I purchased a cover form eevelle,Trident series back in 2017. A little over a year later it failed at the seam where the velcro opens for my antenna. Their warranty’s are good for 5 years from date of purchase.. for the cost of shipping about $20, it was replaced... the replacement cover has...
  7. SD2600

    Fred hall star drag

    So has anyone got their mitts on one? Initial thoughts?
  8. SD2600

    SOLD 1991 F-250 4x4 XLT Lariat

    My uncle passed away and I have to sell his very clean 1991 F250 4x4 XLT Lariat to pay for services. This truck is registered in Washington until Sept of this year. It has 109K on the odometer. I just put brand new tires on her and she runs and drives as expected. Power doors and windows all...
  9. SD2600

    SOLD 1923 Model T C-Cab

    My Uncle passed away and I have to sell his 1923 Model T C-Cab. I put a new battery, spark plugs, and rebuilt the Carb. Other than that I don't know much about it. No Title $9000.00 obo Dustin 805-798-1151 SOLD
  10. SD2600

    Poly fuel tank parts

    I’m looking to replace all the gaskets and ports on my 134 gal skyline industries tank. Any idea where I can source these parts? I imagine I can get the sending unit gasket at Napa but the others I’m stumped
  11. SD2600

    WTB Used racor water separator

    Looking for a used racor if anyone has one laying around. Looking to polish my gas tank and want to build a separate filtration system.. let me know what you have.. thanks
  12. SD2600

    Clamps for mounting led lights

    im looking to add 2, 7” spot/flood lights to Brighten up my deck... what’s everyone using for clamps? Pics would be great.
  13. SD2600

    Monday 11-18

    Anyone heading out Monday the 18th.. a buddy and I will be out.. always looking to buddy boat to share intell and hopefully find the ones that wanna chew
  14. SD2600

    5.7 gsi pwtr possible overheat gremlin

    So last year i repowered. 5.7 psi pwtr. I was unable to make any trips as i have been chasing an overheat per my gauge. Things I've done. I have replaced every hose. New Thermostat. sea water pump. New threw transom fitting. new outdrive hoses. VP sx-M. New seals in the lower. I installed...
  15. SD2600

    2000 5.7 gsi pewter help

    Hey guys i need some help with my 2000 5.7 gsi pwtr. I just had a repower done. new long block and my motor has yet to run right. currently it is throwing a code 22 tps low voltage. the tps is brand new. i checked for continuity from the tps sensor to the J-2 terminals. with the key on the...
  16. SD2600

    Sd are general contractor recommendations

    hey guys I’m looking for some recommendations for generals for a remodel on my house in San Diego. Looking to add covered parking for the boat, kitchen remodel, and possibility addition above garage... please share good and bad experiences. Thanx Title should read sd area, not sure how to edit
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    Blue seas acr q

    hey guys, your thoughts on using 4guage to connect my 2 group 27’s to an acr? I believe my alt is 65 amp...
  18. SD2600

    WTB. Calstar or seeker

    looking for a stick to pair with my avet sx... fishing 20lb floro... what do u guys have for sale? PM please
  19. SD2600

    Icom M604 VHF

    Hey guys, I have an ICOM M604 for sale. I bought this unit off another member who used it for less then one season, to up grade my system but It will not work for my application. Great radio hopefully someone can put it to use. Comes with radio, gamble mount, mic, power cord, about 4' NMEA 183...
  20. SD2600

    12-19.... close but no cigar

    The search for Bluefin Tuna at the 60 mile Bank, Staring McGuyver and a lil old Boy Scout. So my mom and stepdad made a some what surprise trip out to visit this week. Stepdad wanted to fish so of course I start checking the weather and the reports. Looks like the tuna have been going bonkers...
  21. SD2600

    New to SCI look for info

    hey fellas, so i have never taken my rig to SCI, but I'm looking to close my season with a bang... possibly trying to head to sci wed or thursday. does any one have any #'s that they can share that might put me in a good area? an info would be greatly appreciated.. thanx
  22. SD2600

    Diawa sl30sh problem

    hey guys I have 2 sl30sh reels and both of them r haveing trouble going from free spool to in gear... anyone know what the culprit of this problem is? Springs? Thanks for any input
  23. SD2600

    Anyone headed south tomorrow

    with all the positive reports of the southbound traffic lately I'm going point the compass downward tomorrow. Just wondering if anyone else was planning on doing the same if so hit me up on 72 and hopefully we can partake in some of the fun
  24. SD2600

    "THE CORNER" bait market

    went out today 7-18. Ran through the 182 with life starting to show.. a few birds, paddys, and the occasional mark.. no one was home.. made my way to the corner and appearently all the breezers in the pacific where there. If bill gates threw a nickle at each bait ball, his arm would fall off...
  25. SD2600

    I need a bait tank...

    alright, I have been looking for a bait tank for some time I hope to find one before the season gets in full swing. Does anyone in the so cal area have something? I'm looking in the 30-40 gal range.. as with anyone hopefully the price doesn't break the bank.. let me know .. thanks