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    Sea Lions our of control!!

    With so many dog lovers and if you are a dog lover read about the old doctor Ross dog food and what was in it and your fur puppy dog living 6 years longer they had seal meat in it then a big shot with some Museum heard about what they put in the dog food and put a stop to it spent years doing it...
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    Suzuki Mechanic Needed in SD area.

    There's a Suzuki shop in Chula Vista JP MotorSports I've gotten Parts there before and also if you need parts online through Browns Point their phone number is 732-264-7176 the Chula Vista phone number is 619-564-4935
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    For Sale Shimano Beastmaster BE1653

    I think some of the shops like Angler's choice in San Diego or Ken's custom reels in Oceanside collect a lot of beastmasters I know at one shop I had Beastmaster toads and Tails they didn't want me to leave with that Rod they said they collected them
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    what's the lamest excuse your buddy has given you not to go fishing

    My friend started telling me he needed 24-hour notice we don't go fishing together anymore
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    Remove/reduce curly Q's

    If you want to remove the curly cues leave the line on your reel I have my line tied to a rope that's on my lemon tree back off how much line you want to be straight give it a couple good tugs and your Curly's will be gone new memory
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    How rare is this

    Might be that dsb syndrome dreaded semen backup
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    Sting operation?

    Should say lobster bait for sale cheap
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    Boston whaler 32 stuffed on jetty marina del Rey

    I think spicoli's Dad is cool and he does have an awesome set of tools love it
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    1985 Evinrude 130 wont idle in gear without key prime?

    I was told to run premium fuel high test would not Idol ran regular fuel ran great every two years had to replace the fuel pump also rev the motor up and put a rag over the carburetor throat it'll suck the s*** out of some of the orifices that might be clogged
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    Wednesday 10th

    You need safety chords and all those rods and rod holders
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    Ocean Odyssey 9/18-9/20...Need Tackle Advice

    Going to be hard finding coltsniper stick baits poppers size and color hd. rings and hooks also 120 g sinking coltsniper good luck you will do great
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    6/28 Tuna Report and Analysis of Pelagic Catches vs. Moon Phase

    Oh my when that bone pokes that black bag your wife is going to kill you when you dragged all that across the house
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    Albacore season

    Don't forget that broomtail zucchini or the cedar plug and the small black and purple daisy chain
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    Price Reduced Seeker 6455XXH

    Everybody's going to start looking for that rod when we start trolling feathers and jigs 4 tuna and albacore
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    May 10 BFT near 101 solo battle for hours 71 yo

    Great story great job on a big fish congratulation you the man
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    Tested for high Mercury

    Mercury might shorten those expensive misery years
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    We found them!

    Beautiful looking fish but I don't think it's real it has a pull starter on its head no wonder it fought so hard
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    What size boat/trailer for Toyota Tacoma v6

    I pulled the 18 and a half foot Larson heavy Larson with my 4-cylinder 1985 Toyota truck re art rear leaf spring and then later one ton clutch pulled it like a champ
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    Lobster Buoys to be banned soon in San Diego

    I remember the tree huggers wanted to save trees no paper bags got to have plastic
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    Albacore Trolling Reel

    A good single speed reel like the pen with a good Clicker or even a used old Daiwa 450h with a good clicker also less maintenance and you can hear the fish when they hit you don't want to go back to your rod with an empty spool because you can't hear the fancy two-speed reels
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    Shelter Island launch ramp is Open!!!!

    They do have bathrooms but the free spool on the TP is really poor doesn't have bearings but someone needs to fix the free spool on the TP can't get a good wind off
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    SCI 10/18

    What brand of rod holders for those that broke
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    Best Ceviche ever!!!!! / Its a must try

    During the summer I always like to add some red and white wine vinegars just a splash to flavor makes it really good recipe came from day at the Docks 1981 or two to get the recipe you had to do a subscription of Western outdoor news
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    Salty water tackle has the propane line cutters
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    What Rods to pair the shimano stella 10k and 6k

    Salty water tackle also has a lot of knot tying and YouTubes also you can buy the propane line cutter you see the Australians and Japanese use check out the handmade stick baits
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    SW of Lower 9

    Did you get your second fish on the popper also
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    Also use cut up slim jim in that trap I think I've got 60 rats out of my orange trees they used to eat the center's out of the oranges but not no more even two at a time
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    Slim Jims work really good for the bait also put some slim jim in there that's the use in Palm Springs
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    Johnson 130 2 stroke wont idle in gear

    I had a idling problem slow trolling Dean's with my 140 Evinrude and the problem was using premium gas when I went back to regular gas idle like a champ
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    Gas mileage question!

    When going for broke with gas mileage make sure you got vessel assist then you go as far as you want
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    May get bumpy this week On Shore winds

    Puke pills would be a good idea and maybe bilge pumps for your boots
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    For Sale 23 Blackman center console project

    Great looking job I think you could sell it faster if you would have had a bracket on the back for a four stroke outboard looks great though like to see the finished job
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    Sorry flip flops or ??

    I would say no to flip flops also at the bait barge getting back into my boat I almost broke my butt and one time in my garage slipped off the fender on my boat and I broke my arm not a good idea
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    Driveway from hell. Pls help!!

    I had the same problem in my driveway and I just got Springs to raise the rear a little bit and then when I dragged in the front I got a ball that would was a little bit higher so the front wouldn't drag problem solved
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    Best Trolling Lures YFT

    There you go small daisy chain homemade probably the best
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    Tuna wrench in the gears!

    Don't forget the replace the hooks and the Rings and fluorocarbon leader I think the landings have them all set up for you anyway you can also rent the rod
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    Reel suggestions for 1x3 and 2x4

    I think the free spools for the flat fall drop
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    Best spinning rod to catch big tuna

    Give salty water tackle a call there in New Jersey and they fish the Stella's on all the big fish and they have all the rods on display and you can call him and talk to him personally and they also use the 14,000 in the 18,000 real also
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    7/18 NW of the 43

    Thank you for a very Terrell report it's nice to get first-hand good information
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    Which Terez for trolling up Albacore...

    Your real is too nice for trolling you're going to ruin it all that water splashing up on it just get a TLD 25 single speed and a used trolling rod so you don't need anything special or find the loudest clicker on a single speed and use 60 lb straight mono they love your homemade Daisy chains...
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    WTB Shimano Trinidad Gold Reel Clamps for Size 16,20 Reels

    How come the big heavy duty spinning reels don't have all these clamps and Hardware seem to be just fine just a question
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    My father-in-law was a fisherman I love his plaque that said early to bed early to rise fish like hell and make up lies
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    Trickle charger

    A lot of people don't know that when a battery is not fully charged the plate starts sulfating and going downhill must be fully charged all the time
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    ???Video tour of a Tackle box??????

    Everything was perfect on that box but I was waiting for you to show where you plug the wheels in so you could roll it on board that's right I have a problem with the lifting part with my junk but I'm sure it's on there somewhere
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    Popping rod for Stella 18kHG

    I really like all the salty water tackle videos seems like they're way ahead of everyone
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    Discontinued Trinidad 10a

    Who has that reel on sale I can't find it info please and how much
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    Hollow to Mono Connections??

    YouTube the pr not but you'll need a need a PR bobbin
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    Offshore IS Binoculars

    Get the 14 x 40s it just like another statement that is true you see a boat stopped in the distance is he on a fish or is he taking a pee you don't know with the 14 x 40 s the boat in the distance is hooked up now his friends hooked up any using a gold Trinidad real what a difference
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    Skipjack 24 open Wiring Issues!!!

    That black plug looks like it came from Mercedes-Benz looks familiar
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    What do you eat for lunch while fishing?

    Popeye Chicken Ruffles original potato chips some sort of soda
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    Heads Up San Diego Theives

    Drop them in Hawaii's volcano should calm that volcano down just needs a good sacrifice I think they could do it
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    120 lb Braid - Hollow or Solid Core with FG Knot?

    Look at PR knot using the PR bobbin 100%
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    Hollow steel trailer preservation?

    Look up Eastwood Company they have cavity wax like they put in European car to keep them from rusting works great just spray it in
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    Shimano Beastmaster 20/30 Drag replacement

    Call reel connection Glenn works on this problem all the time 619 4290997. 619 6288187 he is a Shimano service plus center
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    Did WDFW slip in a 4 Fish Butt Limit?

    Why doesn't theD FG just stop all the people coming into United States then we can have more fish
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    Is my vacuum sealer the reason why my fish tastes "fishy"?

    The milk trick works great taste like day one right out of the water no fishy smell best trick ever make sure it's whole milk enjoy the milk trick works great taste like day one right out of the water know fishy smell best Rick ever make sure it's whole milk enjoy
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    Best lunch site by Fred Hall Long Beach?

    With all the good deals at that show do what I'm going to do go to Jack In The Box 4 five or six bucks and the rest of the show
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    Boat Junkyard/salvage ?

    Put it in the street for $500 and some tweaker will steal it
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    Caution, it causes cancer!!

    Getting out of the army and taking a trade school was my thing I chose auto body repair because it smells like a surf shop I was young and dumb but anyway whenever we got a bad cut lacquer thinner seem to really heal it up fast
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    Cleaning Isinglass On A Boat

    Best cleaner I ever found somebody turned me on to go to your local Airport and they have cleaner it turned my Corvette window that was yellow and brown to a nice clear it worked great I think they use it in the helicopters
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    ID an Old unmarked jig

    Chula Vista High School 1967 Mike Neil had a metal shop where we casted jigs with aluminum
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    Rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated

    Is it the Corvette motor 1970 with a solid lifters in the big carburetor and the extra thousand RPM on the tach
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    Securing Lures While Underway - Tuna

    You can get a bag of rubber bands at Staples but keep an eye on them they rot after while but keeps nice tension on the lure they won't come off
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    How to avoid getting seasick?

    I used to even get seasick in a lake and after years of trying all those crummy medicines I switched over to Sweet cinnamon toast and Lipton sweet tea hot if you do get queasy nothing is spoiled or soured in your stomach and it's helped me and no more sea sickness
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    Sound difference between Yam 115 and 150

    When I was shopping for my 4 stroke back in the day I picked the 140 Suzuki times might have changed but the 140 Suzuki was lighter than a 115 Yamaha and never had a problem with the Suzuki ever nice and quiet good mileage
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    Lazy Sunday trip to South 9

    It's always fun to stop and have lunch waiting for a tide change or something and just have it in the middle of nowhere and watch boats charge up to you looking pissed off just because you're eating lunch
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    Reel for 100# Class Tuna

    You might give the tackle Traders a call and how much your budget is
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    Flat fall set up

    For some of the smaller flat Falls I'm using the chave tubing with the hundred pound cigar fluorocarbon and the owner 7/0 ring offshore J hook actually two owner hooks on a hundred seventy pound split ring
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    Flat fall set up

    My take after all the post was Quick rig 7/0 SS HOOKS or the 7691 DT or S .Chafe tube ends crimped . 80 to 100 chafe tube took my 130 pink fluor with 200 Lb QuicRig swivels .The Owner Hyper Wire split ring size 9 170Lb. Tried the 240Lb split ring to big to work with what do you think
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    Saragosa 10k Rod suggestions

    You might look at the Seeker Hercules
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    San Diego 3/4 (9/6)

    What was the size on the tuna
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    209 Report- Theft at Dana point

    When it cost $47,000 to lock up a criminal I don't see why we don't get a reward for a great big beat down
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    Popper in the Pooper

    Would you like the part number for bilge pumps for your boots
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    Nice Dorado....BFT still out there

    Great catch. Those guys running over the fish I believe they are duck Hunters we should send them to the Salton Sea then they can just have at it
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    Border Patrol seized boat & seal problems at islands

    These seals would be great for dog food I don't know why animal lovers don't get together and make it happen my dog I think is eating chicken lips and Roadkill and always has problems with the hot spots from the food. Seals have omega 3 and everything good in them Humane Society should push the...
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    FS Lawrance Structure Scan

    Price drop $300 call Don at 858 2718957
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    Dan do you still won't the Lowrance structure scan HD FOR THE GEN 2

    Dan do you still won't the Lowrance structure scan HD FOR THE GEN 2
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    FS Lawrance Structure Scan

    Model no. 000-10800-001 You can see at sells for $599 also fits Simrad NSE , NESS, NSO and the Lowrance HDS .In box is Strure Scan Sonar Imagiing module Ethernet cable Power cable, Manual Transom mount transducer all in box new You can call me at 858 2718975
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    FS Lawrance Structure Scan

    It goes with the HDS Gen2 everything in box as new.
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    FS Lawrance Structure Scan

    Price drop $350 Or trade Trin.14a Don at 858 2718957
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    FS Lawrance Structure Scan

    Never used in box You can call I'm in Sandiego 858 2718957 Don $ 400. Price drop $300 Lowrance GEN2. SOLD. SOLD.
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    I don't mean to bitch.. but.........

    Too bad the Humane Society doesn't have a trade in policy trade in idiots and get a free dog maybe they can use the idiots 4 Soylent Green
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    Making your own ice

    I use 6 28 lb. Kirkland laundry detergent buckets or the old 40 lb. Scoop away cat litter bucks. I have a free old upright freezer full of chunk bait and 6 blocks of ice at all times hope this helps. You can get freezers and bucks free everywhere just look.
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    WTB bait tank

    Gary lives in Del Zera and works all over S.D.
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    Tuna in the freezer fishy tase wtf

    Just soaking in whole milk taste like day one I tried the paper towel trick didn't work that good, the whole milk works everytime enjoy
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    New Lo-An 1.5 Day

    Love the YF hunt what was hot on the troll I need to make up some new leaders for my old junk.Great report
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    Suzuki DT140 help

    Changing out props no going to prop repair shop yes they can help you change pitch for your needs
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    Need Help/advice with second jig stick.....

    Look at the SS 6490-9CT Super Seeker not to long or to short
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    Surface Iron Rod Preferences

    Looks like my close out price for a Trinidad 20 DC reel with a good price for a seeker SS6490-9,ct rod is a different kind of set up hope it works wish me luck
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    Day @ the Docks

    Look on your SPORTFISHING CALENDAR. Sunday April 13 Also on face book
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    I need a body shop for my VW Rabbit pickup!

    I would look for an indoor shop, water- based paint and grinder dust along with damp weather = rust and paint problems.I worked at Mercedes Benz San Diego now an indoor shop all new and most of the guys will retire from the shop and not jump around. Look out for small shops your Insurance Co...
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    RIP Hobie Alter 10-31-33 3-29-14 I hate Cancer

    Great info on face book.
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    FMM Permit Info

    As of 3-24-14 Boarders Otay and SanYsidro will not sell Fmm for our fishing.Follow MYNomad post and use all capslock press English also upper right
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    FMM Permit Info

    This is the only way to get FMM now San Ysidro 3-24-14 THE INM BUILDING WILL NOT GIVE YOU BY SEA FMM They said use the above info to get FMM.
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    FMM Permit Info

    Internet is the only way to get Fmm I was just at Otay and San Ysidro they stopped giving them out at the INM office 3-24-14
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    FMM Permit Info

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    FMM Permit Info

    They will not do By Sea they said use internet only to get By Sea3-24-14
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    FMM Permit Info

    No more FMM at border the INM office said internet only now 3-24-14 I just made it .
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    FMM Permit Info

    Internet only now 3-24-14
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    FMM Permit Info

    No more FMM AT THE BORDER 3-24-14 They said internet only now.
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    FMM Permit Info

    3-24-14 Was last day must use the internet now.
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    FMM Permit Info

    Just did it 3-24-14 started out at San Ysidro changed my money and went back to INM Lady said no by Sea here maybe Otay .So we went to Otay walked to there INM and as soon as we said BY SEA he said did you pay.We said yes , then he said no more after this use the internet you are the last ones...
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    Talica 16ii for Trolling

    In the day and also now the Penn 114 had 80 Lb.Mono 400yards that was the boat rods. And they had tangles cut from the last trip broken clickers so I think you will be fine.Also Talica holds 430 yd. 80lb.
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    FMM Permit Info

    I think your error was you need all cap lock
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    Borrowing gear ettiquete

    Next time you see him drunk, tell him you should trade booze money into fishing money
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    Yellows On Da Plug 3/11/14

    What top shot were you using
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    Wow I think that was over 50 years now great guy
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    Thinking about a dog - German Wirehair Pointer

    Get the best of both worlds love of a Golden and the hunt of your Wirehair then when you leave the house they can play together
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    Prayers needed for Capt. Trevor Rodgers

    Prayers said for Trevor and other passengers and families
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    Rod match for a Talica 12 II

    Black Steel SEEKER G6465H 6.5 30 (40) 50
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    Lowrance - Product Good, Customer Service Rebate Processing Sucks

    Try the phone after 2 calls I got mine hope this helps
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    Fishdope Update of the Day 9-18

    Did Brian say saything about the wind ??
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    Make a wish

    Does anyone have the results for make a wish?? I was watching CV and Japan go at it what a game.
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    7/11/13 Tuna

    Great looking fish. What kind of reel had the failing drag? cool problem when the tax man is in town.
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    polarized sunglasses

    Pterygia | Pterygium Surgery | Pterygia Removal | Pterygium Treatment Get Maui Jims save your eyes. I had the sergery did both eyes at the same time was not put under they cut then grind off the pterygium,then glued some placenta on it. Get the best save your eyes. If you need help seeing...
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    100's of baby sea lions rescued

    Its the closures no more fast food. Fisherman are so bad,our teens would be thin with out fast food no more Wallmart BIG MAMAS.
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    Body Shop north orange county area

    You should show some pix.and pix of finder to hood gap on good side also get a estamate someone will jump on it
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    Best electronics for inshore fishing???

    Anyone know what to put in for ducer on installation?? I got the HDS 8GEN2 andTM 260 airmar. My unit does not show that ducer on installation menu any help thank you.
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    Worst Marine

    Todays radio show was talking about large stores charging for a look see
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    DMV fees **sweet** 2001 vehicle

    My 2007 4 Runner $ 77.oo
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    Need some prayers for my dad

    Prayers sent and thaughts please keep us updated on his recovery.
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    Accurate 30T vs. Okuma MAK20IISEA

    Okuma has lifetime warranty in Australia google Okuma fishing Australia
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    Things I just heard at a local gun shop

    An interesting story which is part of the overall story about "how the West was won." If you haven't read it, I suggest you pick up a copy of "Undaunted Courage" by Stephen Ambrose. A fascinating description of the Lewis & Clark expedition...
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    List of Reel Repair Places...

    REEL CONNECTION Glenn Pamaran San Diego Cell (619) 370-8670
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    one more skipjack.

    Needs a stripe under the upper blue what do you think ???
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    The 140 Suzuki is 410 lb 10 pounds over the 115 yamaha
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    You should talk to the Suzuki re-power guys at the ramp I get 4 MPG and only put plugs and oil in it I think in 10 years
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    Got my new engine

  129. P

    maybe i'm paranoid?

    Only 13 boats at the ramp at 3pm now go have fun its time
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    Tin VS. Tupperware

    I think one of the first ones 1980 or so. That thing killed me but 6 gal. all day fishing no radio or loran remember those things ???
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    Tin VS. Tupperware

    My old Bayrunner was great when it rained because the water would run out.also lots of cracks. Glass boats to me was great because I use to repair surfboards and Lotus cars when they crashed them also had a 71 corvette I had in shows for 14 years.To me glass work was fun and easy. I use to weld...
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    181 an No Fish after 50 gal.

    Rich I did apologize and left a phone make it right, then you make fun of me and took it to the next level I wasn't behind the parker there was another boat behind the parker he told me everyone is going around us he left and I moved up thats when it got heated hope you under stand. Now I...
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    181 an No Fish after 50 gal.

    Rich I was 3rd. in line when the Parker drifted to the right and now he is sideways when your line of 4 went around him you were just following the boats ahead of you . At one point He was trying to back around to his spot he wasn't sneaking in . 50 years of fishing in San Diego no problems ...
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    181 an No Fish after 50 gal.

    Chuck 123 its called dyslexic Erick had a great post. And I have same problem. So does billionaire Craig McCaw ,who pioneered the cellular industry,John Reed,who led Citibank, Donald Winkler, who use to head Fords Financial, also Charles Schwab 20% of the population may have some degree of...
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    Tuna pens r giving it up, then west for paddys everywhere

    Great advice x2 And down the road if fish has a off smell soak in milk it will be like day1 fresh enjoy that great catch.
  136. P

    Tuna pens r giving it up, then west for paddys everywhere

    Great advice x2 and if it has a off smell soak the Blue fin in milk before cooking and will be like day 1 fresh.
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    Fishing Right of Way

    Turn off the Radar at gray light
  138. P

    Fishing Right of Way

    Start Patty training today with new Disney designs Huggies new PULL UPS
  139. P

    Local paddy fishing questions

    I have a 18.5 went 78 mi. just pick your days. also Maui Jims help
  140. P

    haters gonna hate

    WOW that's great. Did they break the mold ? You got a keeper.
  141. P


    I'm still using my 350A also love the big numbers
  142. P

    Fuel Smell

    I'm doing the same thing but l have no gas smell
  143. P

    8/17 Monster Dodo

    Now that's a fish wont fit in my toaster
  144. P

    Where are the pens

    There are 3 fish markets in MiraMesa what kind of food or fish are you looking for maybe I can help . Things like Shirakiku rice I go to Kearney Mesa
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    08-13-12 Bday Dorado!!

    Did you sing the birthday song when you found the patty??
  146. P

    1.5 day, Fri. 8/10/12 on the DOLPHIN II

    What was the troll fish going for
  147. P

    Foodsaver WTF???

    I also had that problem, But ok now what I do is wrap each piece in plastic food wrap put on tray put in freezer get the oil and moister to set up the longer the better then pack away.When your machine gets hot let cool and switch to other packer THE PROBLEM IS MOISTER AND OIL AND A HOT PACKER ...
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    Thinking about a 4 Runner

    Thanks for all the info. I got the 4 runner pulls better than my 1997 F150 xlt But now the gas price sucks look what I found at Costco htpt://
  149. P

    still confused fishing mex!!??

    Antney great up to date info thanks, all new info helps
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    Almost caught a thief this morning.

    Mike you need to get another boat the 9 mi. fish GODS would love it maybe albacore in US waters.
  151. P

    Dawg upgrade

    I wish there more fish I would enjoy trying a jack pole
  152. P

    18 ft Westcoaster Bayrunner aluminum center console

    To stop some of the pounding on my old Bayrunner I took a skillet that would fit under front cleat and melted lead and used it for a mold then bolted it under the front panel using long bolts to hold cleat and lead in place.
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    PB WSB, and a first

    You have no steering wheel or helm
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    Tuna run without bait?

    Trolling is great and get some bait in a bucket for chunking I got all the big fish chunking while fishing with friends They were using live bait We were getting yellows and DODO and I got all 4 of the big yellows that day.
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    Thinking about a 4 Runner

    Anyone pulling there boat with a 2007 4 Runner? I have 18.5 CC with 55 gal. fuel tank. will it pull it V6 Auto. will I need mods like coolers or springs??
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    Trinidad 16 clamp

    My reels that don't need clamps are Baitrunners 16 trini the revo small sx and my 270 accurate and never never had a problem
  157. P


    How many did you get ??
  158. P

    cheapest way to get line

    x4 + All your reels and your top shot fluorocarbon is on the wall behind the reel show case
  159. P

    Tuna off cen cal!

    How many miles do run to get the tuna?
  160. P

    Favorite Reel for a Overnighter - Southern Ca

    Trini. 16 An old Accurate 270 Talica20 The last 2 years was 20 Lb. So needed the SX . No one reel for me.
  161. P

    HOW MUCH???? DO YOU!!!!!

    She just needs 2 jobs then she wont think about the money Just more sleep.
  162. P

    Stolen Motor

    They need a free pair of CEMENT SHOES
  163. P


    Okuma has lifetime warranty in Australia and the 50 size is over $800
  164. P

    Say good bye to San Diego bait barge!

    If they do that, they should open up the Bay at Chula Vista Cut through Silver Strand. Maybe save bait and gas
  165. P

    accurate reels no longer supported....

    Shimano dropped Beastmaster but offered a trade in or talk to Glenn Pamaran 619 370-8670 he had bearings and the drags.
  166. P

    accurate reels no longer supported....

    I was told to put it on Ebay. After driving 100 mi. Then sent it in, was told the same thing.
  167. P

    accurate reels no longer supported....

    Maybe Tibubon will make a side plate with a new bearing. Shamino did a trade in on Beastmasters for a newer reel maybe Accurate can do the same would be nice.
  168. P

    accurate reels no longer supported....

    Can anyone take over where Accurate left off?? I Still use mine
  169. P

    Talk me out of it...Accurates

    I love my 270 reels its not only the bearings, I think I got the last glued drags for the one reel with clicker in front with magnum and that reel bearing had no rust. The other 270 clicker in rear had loose drop in drags and bad bearing I drove from San Diego to Accutate and they glued them on...
  170. P

    Talica II 20 vs. New Accurate BX2 30 with dogs

    Ask Accurate for parts on a 10 year old reel. Or who can fix it I was told to put on EBAY.
  171. P

    Talk me out of it...Accurates

    Dont keep the Accurates to long. I was just got the call from Accurate my 270s are out dated no more parts,up grades no longer and we dont know what size anti reverse bearing you have due to up grades in the past.also said dont know who can fix it may be put on ebay. I can still get Shimano...
  172. P

    20lb reel

    This is fun SX with a Beastmaster BE-930 TUNA.TAILS.N TOADS rod .
  173. P

    Shimano Triton Mark III S

    In 1985 Big 5 on Rosecrans St. had a blow out sale $25. for the Triton rods and the Mark111S AND IVS. Sweet reels
  174. P

    Limited out on the hidden

    Pastdue 9/7/11 Bluefin limits
  175. P

    20lb reel

    SX 6/4 With a BeastMaster BE-1654 Way fun with the Tuna
  176. P

    Ammo shortege in OR

    This is a poster was found in a gun shop in Wheatland , OK . The best ever!
  177. P

    Popcorn time!

    Ed they just need tap to toilet. And hows your fleas doing?
  178. P

    reel crazy, tuna attack

    Gary glad numbers worked for you. Friday we had 10 alba. and 8 yft. finished at noon great day on the water.
  179. P

    blood bath

    You the MAN FISH SHUCKER .