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  1. aznboy619

    SOLD Okuma Tesoro 12S $250

    Used for 1 season. Has 2 small scratches on either side of the plate. Comes with 400-450 yards of 65 powerpro maxquatro. $250 Come with the box and if need shipped add $10.
  2. aznboy619

    SOLD UC Mega, Tilefish, Okuma Komodo's and Andros

    Getting rid of some reels and rods I don't use anymore. I upgrade gear every year and enjoying testing them. Here are some for sale. I do have the box for most of reels if not all. I can ship the reels for $10 any extra is on me. Rods I am getting rid of as i have updated the arsenal with the...
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    Braid/Fishing Line Diameter

    I had nothing better to do on some days and made this list. I hope it can help some of you who are wondering about the MM and Inches of the lines listed. For the Braid Diameter I do not recall who shares it with me but here you go for your view . Feel free to give me other information and I will...
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    New boat that just came in.

    Pulled the trigger on a new boat for commercial fishing. Just a 2100 Stabicraft Supercab. Debating if we should go bigger and get a 2750 centrecab
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    For Sale Pacific Dawn Trip 2 days

    I got a friend who can not make it on a charter trip due to a funeral this Sunday. The trips leaves on 9/21 at 9 pm and fishing 22nd and 23rd. The boat is fishing with 17 people. Cost of the trip is $650. He is willing to let it go for $450. Hit me up and I will pass him the information. Cant...
  6. aznboy619

    SOLD BNIB UC Predator 7'6"

    BNIB 7'6 Predator factory wrap selling for $290. You save $51 dollar and no tax. I dont think pictures is require when it in new in a bag. Rating 50-80lbs
  7. aznboy619

    For Sale Price Drop- Red Avet HXW Raptor and Shimano Ocea 5000p

    Like new - 3 trips. Red Avet HX-W Raptor ! Full 500 yards of 100lb izorline braid with 80lb mono. $450 and comes with spectra, clamp and original box. I will ship on your dime. Shimano Ocea Jigger 5000p 4.1 gear Gray color- $350. I change it back to the round knob that come with it...
  8. aznboy619

    SOLD BNIB Blue Okuma Mak 15

    Selling an extra BNIB Blue Mak 15 that i bought 2 years ago during it's limited run. I will sell it at the price i got it for $520 with free shipping.
  9. aznboy619

    Any interest in Frozen Flying Fish

    So I have a contact down south which can get my flying fish that are 8 inches and up. I wonder how highly interested are the fisherman here for them when the BFT starts up. I know some tackle places were carrying them and they were flying out like hotcakes. I was not sure how much they were...
  10. aznboy619

    SOLD Reduced Price: Okuma Makaira Sea 16 Silver and PHD-760X2

    Selling some extra stuff I got. Trying to minimize a lot of gear I got here and Alaska. Check out below. Show special $400 for the reel and $325 for the rod at the FHS LB. Meet on Saturday Custom made PHD-760X2H 7'6" 40-100 with marvel carnage as the graphics on it. Rod was built last year...
  11. aznboy619

    Anyone in need of rings from Roscoe

    Yo guys and gals, Anyone want to go half on the rings for brazing from Roscoe. I am ordering quantities of 5000 of below. Not sure what the price for shipping them is yet. 1300 ROSCO BUTT RING Product #: 1300 Quantity: 5000 Size: 6L,Wire Size: 0.072,ID: 0.547,OD: 0.707,Excise Tax: N 1300...
  12. aznboy619

    SOLD Gunmetal Makaira 20II-Sea

    Selling a Mak 20 with half of a spool of 100 hollow Berkeley Prospec that is still on it. I think about 300-350 yards. There are some side plate and top rim scratches due to flatfall hitting it and other you know flatfall on other rods hitting it while on the rack in the ocean. Letting it go for...
  13. aznboy619

    SOLD Gunmetal Okuma Makaira 16 SEA

    For sale is Makaira 16 with 550yrds of Izorline 100lb white solid with about 50 feet new Jinkai 80lb top shot. Got 2 of this reel and replaces with one with a Penn 16 visx. SOLD!
  14. aznboy619

    Japan does not get there way on the tuna quota

    Here is something positive for most of you folks
  15. aznboy619

    SOLD Like-New Okuma Makaira 15II SEA

    Like New Gunmetal Makaira 15. I got this from one of our BD member this year. I did not really have a use for it. I change out the line and it has 425 yards of JB white 80 lb solid and room for maybe a 15-20 yard topshot. Selling it for the the price I got it for $old
  16. aznboy619

    SOLD Shimano Ocea Jigger 2001NRPG

    For sale 2011 Shimano Ocea Jjgger 2001 NRPG 5.1 for $310 shipped-> $295 shipped BNIB Penn VISX 30 gold color :SOLD Shimano Medium Bhaltair Reel Bag-SOLD
  17. aznboy619

    Does fish feel pain? Have we ever wonder

    So i am in Alaska and coming back today and I was just going thru my email and out of nowhere one of my Japanese client sent me this about fish feeling pain or not. He is a believer in killing all fishes right away and stopping there suffering. So he sent me this article link. You guys have a...
  18. aznboy619

    SOLD Custom Phenix HAX-720X4H

    Selling a custom wrapped Phenix Axis 720x4. Recently to 3 UC Invictus rods. So I got no use for this set up. The Axis rod was used 1 time on a trip Phenix Axis 720x4 for $350. OBO
  19. aznboy619

    SOLD Avet HXW Raptor, Avet HXW 5/2, and JDM Shimano Ocea Jiggers (Price Lowered)

    Avet HXW Raptor 2 tone color blue and silver with about 400 yards of 80lb braid and 400 yards of 100lb braid underneath. Comes with box Cosmetics: 9.5 Asking : Sold BNIB Shimano Ocea Jigga 1501hg open just for picture as some people on here cries about pictures Asking for $340 ship on...
  20. aznboy619

    UC Tilefish and UC Mega

    My friend Roland deckie for the El Dorado built this for me. Just a little present for my self. Alps reel set and XLN guides. I told him just go wild with it and here is what he came up with. The copper and silver is the Mega and the red and white is the Tilefish. Yea i suck at taking pictures...
  21. aznboy619

    How to breakdown a tuna

    Here is something for most of us to learn on how to break down a tuna instead of using a processor. You never imagine how much of the meat we waste or throw away.
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    BNIB Avet JX's, Accurate Fury , and Okuma Komodo

    I got a bunch of reels i have sitting around at home. Too much gear that was not needed in Alaska so I am letting them go at a good price. All are brand new in the box. Shipping is $12. This prices are firms guys. Please don't PM asking me for a lower price as the price are already below retail...
  24. aznboy619

    JDM Reels, Avet SXJ,

    Selling some gear and I think i got too much reels sitting around. Free Shipping. Shimano Ocea Jigger 2000NRPG 5.1 and it come with 6.2 gear that was purchase new and installed- SOLD Shimano Ocea Jigger 5000p 4.1 gear Gray color- $400 Comes with modify knob instead of the regular round...
  25. aznboy619

    Toys from Japan.

    Just got back from Japan and with a friends helps i was able to pick up a bunch of nice goodies out there. I was planning to buy one of those shimano beastmaster 9000 but what am i suppose to use a deep drop reel for when i dont really need one in the west coast. 5000p X3 4000p X1 3000pg...
  26. aznboy619

    Job Offering at Tawa Cooperation in San Diego- Specialize in Plumbing and Electrician duties

    Yo guys, My girlfriend who works for 99 ranch cooperate is looking for a handy man who specialize in electrician and plumber duties. She will need the following cert if you are interested in the position. Contact me and i will pm you her email W9, Certificate of Insurance, and he signature on...
  27. aznboy619

    Pictures dont serve this rod justice

    Hey guys, Will I don't wrap rods and maybe in the future get into it but this 3 rod that my friend Roland from the El Dorado in Long Beach did an amazing job on. As I just picked it up but here is it. Phenix Hybrid 760xxh, Phenix Axis 4xh, and UC Centaur76. They are themed with Carnage, Venom...
  28. aznboy619

    WTS- Japanese Fishing Spike with Wire- $20

    I am testing out the water here in the US and helping a business partner in Japan. Here are some Japanese spike on sell. I only have 35 set of this to be sold. As I have said I am trying to see if this Japanese method of most of us fisherman who wants top fresh fish would try it here. I have...
  29. aznboy619

    Seaforth San Diego on a 86 and 103lb BFT

    Well I guess the season will be heating up soon.
  30. aznboy619

    Fishing spikes from Japan

    Hey guys, I haven't been on the website for awhile since I been traveling to work. I brought you guys a little treat of what the spikes look like in Japan. Well here is one type of tuna spike they have in Japan as we know our standard type of spike we have here in the US which is either...
  31. aznboy619

    FS Avet LX- MXL

    Hello Guys, I got a silver Avet LX with 65 Izorline Braid and 40 top shot for sale. Has a few scratches on it from the fishing I been doing in Alaska the past 2 years. Asking for $200 or OBO. Prefer local pickup. I will be going down to San Diego on the 24th. Silver MXL with 40 Izorline Braid...
  32. aznboy619

    Calstar and Avet

    I got some Calstar Rods for sale. If interested text or pm me. Text at 619 781 2221 or send me a msg on here. Local pick up or I can deliever. 800m custom calstar grafighter - 200 800xl custom calstar grafighter non-trigger grip - 150
  33. aznboy619

    Super Pissed

    Got home at 430 am from work and what I find was my house got broken into and all my fishing stuff was gone. All avets and custom made rods from bushman. Yo if you guys see any of this items hit me back up cuz Im ready to shoot them!!!! :Death_To_Above: 765ml black and white marble w/ name...
  34. aznboy619

    Dominator 5/29-5/30

    Left on the dominator on Friday around 7pm with a group of 22 people. Pretty smooth ride down 90 miles south. Started the day trolling at 0600hrs. About 715 trollers went off with some nice 10-15lbs bonita. From there its was a scratchy day. Every paddy we hit we had about 1 rat yellow out of 3...
  35. aznboy619

    Terminator Salvation

    Go watch it. It was hella good. Not gonna give any details. Just watch it.
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    Orion 4/24-4/25

    Went on the Orion out of SeaForth for a 1 1/2 trip towards Mexico somewhere.. Got beat up out there on the weather but still caught a few. Didn't take much pictures cause i rather fish. Here it goes.
  37. aznboy619

    anyone lobstering on 09/30

    just wondering if you are. Got room for 1 more? Bait, gas, got my own traps, anything ill pay. Just msg me.
  38. aznboy619

    anyone going out 8/19

    Just wondering if anyone is going and need an extra. Msg me
  39. aznboy619

    Clamming 2/18/08

    Went out about 2 hrs ago to my spot for some clams.. Limited withen 45 mins. Got about 4 of them that were over 6 inches. Made a bowl of clam cocktail.. So Good!