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  1. trunk777

    SA 80 Cortez bank

    33# at best
  2. trunk777

    Tips on Long Range

    does she have a really nice ass?
  3. trunk777

    Videographer's ????

    i have a iPhone and i love to fish i am all in
  4. trunk777

    Huge fish caught and released at Coronado Islands

    nothing ever posted is gayer than hardcor"s videos
  5. trunk777

    Sportboat Grande confirms albacore rumors

    its turned into a infomercial
  6. trunk777

    Guadalupe Island White Sharks

    been there about 25 times.dont remember not seeing one or the aftermath of one
  7. trunk777

    Why the launch ramps are closed

    i guess you have never had the #14 combo with fried rice in wuhan.its delicious
  8. trunk777

    First time trip to Guadelupe November!

    been there about 25 times. this island will mind fuck you
  9. trunk777

    Why the launch ramps are closed

    your just fixing you!
  10. trunk777

    Why the launch ramps are closed

    so your a bottom.just trying to laugh in this time
  11. trunk777

    just stay home

    this will be a lot better faster if you do!
  12. trunk777

    Why the launch ramps are closed

    alot of people suck dick every is a car crash correlate with a new deadly virus
  13. trunk777

    Where is HardCore?

    this must be HARDCORE posting this
  14. trunk777

    Initial Long Range Setups

    the tread is(initial long range setups) no long range captain or crew is going to tell you to buy a spinner for your first couple of set ups. there's a reason loaner or rental gear on those trips are not spinner setups dont set him up to be THAT GUY!
  15. trunk777

    Initial Long Range Setups

    you can also get some pink panties at Walmart to go with that spinner combo.
  16. trunk777

    Guadalupe sharks.

    sharks usually gone . better tuna
  17. trunk777


    that was the first day of the tournament guess you weren't in it
  18. trunk777

    Cedros Sportfishing

    mint and white tady 14 a bigger fish came on slow trolled mackerel last week
  19. trunk777


    i fished one and then gave them to andy jigs are gay
  20. trunk777


    tranxs is the shit
  21. trunk777

    PV Tuna Fishing

    fishing sucks there don't go
  22. trunk777

    Seaguar Gold

    good luck finding blackwater.
  23. trunk777

    How sharkey is Guadalupe in September?

    no sharks in december.they all leave for thanksgiving
  24. trunk777

    Best time to fish the Lupe?

    mon, tues,and wednesday were pretty good there this week
  25. trunk777

    Mex a car/FOX rent a car Los Cabos Scam

    rent from BBB. the bullshit never happens with them
  26. trunk777

    Polaris Supreme /Guadalupe - Great Fishing

    good luck luke hope they bite. #20 for me that place can mind fuck you!!!!!!!!!
  27. trunk777

    best cal star 8 foot rod

    for a talica 10 fishing 40# go
  28. trunk777

    Noisy Avet

    best way to get rid of the noise is buy shimano
  29. trunk777

    Apollo question

    4 for you
  30. trunk777

    Best surface iron for Wahoo

    sardine on 56 wire or a captain jimmy bomb . jigs are gay
  31. trunk777

    How Many Lures Are Enough?

    just messing with bill
  32. trunk777

    08/04/18 Guadalupe Island Independence trip video

    at the lupe you need to pull like you want to break it off.
  33. trunk777

    Guadalupe Clarity

    not sure that will ever happen again
  34. trunk777

    Guadalupe Clarity

    go watch the 5 part series five day trip from inside sport fishing after they opened the lupe fucking awesome video of how it can be there.never really starts there till end of september.
  35. trunk777

    Recent Cedros Fish Report

    sweet luke. have a good trip.let us know how you do.
  36. trunk777

    What a find.

    so what is the correct way?
  37. trunk777

    why penn

    i got one yeah me
  38. trunk777

    why penn

    talked to anthony said you bought the last 2. hes going to get back with me monday.thank you for the info. hopefully in can get one.
  39. trunk777

    why penn

    ill pass. got 20 feet of line and a bobber
  40. trunk777

    For the tackle whore in you

    i like long rods
  41. trunk777

    why penn

    will do
  42. trunk777

    why penn

    nope. maybe luke will have something i can borrow.
  43. trunk777

    why penn

  44. trunk777

    why penn

  45. trunk777

    For the tackle whore in you

    got the rod cant find the reel.fustrating
  46. trunk777

    why penn

    going to PV next month .dont think its going to happen
  47. trunk777

    why penn

    you finally make a reel i want to buy.and then you back order them for four months with no end in sight of getting one. 12visx silver.WTF ill buy shimano!!!!!!!
  48. trunk777

    looking to buy a 12visx at the show. know of any good deals there?

    looking to buy a 12visx at the show. know of any good deals there?
  49. trunk777

    What makes a " good Wahoo set up"?

    phenix 909xhj with a tranx 500hg end of story
  50. trunk777

    Skiff trip

    cant fish for calicos at guadalupe
  51. trunk777

    PV in may

    looking for hotel recomendations close to harbor going on the apollo.
  52. trunk777

    reel confused

    ordered the 12visx in silver today. hope i get it before october.
  53. trunk777

    reel confused

    just looking for something lighter than the talica 20
  54. trunk777

    reel confused

    whats the best reel for fishin 80# at the lupe.having a 800xxh built looking for suggestions?
  55. trunk777

    Guadalupe updates

    lupe sucks dont go
  56. trunk777

    Another Tropical Storm/Hurricane?

    20 people on a 737 to los cabos. made it to los barriles no rain no wind. got the master suite at palmas because someone was scared. boom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  57. trunk777

    Another Tropical Storm/Hurricane?

    i am just a dumb carpenter flying down there to fish.thought i would have fun with you is looking better every hour.ill post every a ass clown
  58. trunk777

    Another Tropical Storm/Hurricane?

    im a harvard graduated meterologist going west with a boat waiting
  59. trunk777

    bobs sands 9 day on the shogun.who is going?

    lupe sucks cancel if you can.:indabutt::supergay:
  60. trunk777

    Shogun's at the 'lupe

    18th time there cant wait
  61. trunk777

    Los barilles 5/9 to 5/20

    ill be at palmas the 7-15 . rent a quad from quadman not cheap but well worth it.take it to the waterfall very cool to see.also germans on the melecon is a very good restaurant
  62. trunk777

    Shogun back to back Guadalupe trips

    cant target bass only tuna and yellowtail
  63. trunk777

    tip the crew asshole!!!!!

    if you dont like the post why do u keep replying. just my opionion.
  64. trunk777

    tip the crew asshole!!!!!

    they tried to sink that boat dip shit..
  65. trunk777

    tip the crew asshole!!!!!

    genius.not even comparable
  66. trunk777

    tip the crew asshole!!!!!

    did not say anything to him .guarantee next time he is on the boat will not get the same help
  67. trunk777

    tip the crew asshole!!!!!

    true. but if you had an ace and the dealer said you need help with that 10 bet youd tip him alittle more
  68. trunk777

    tip the crew asshole!!!!!

    at least half the the JP.then aleast 20% the fare just me.
  69. trunk777

    tip the crew asshole!!!!!

    i went on a overnight tuesday fishing wednesday. fishing for this time of year was good boat got 50 or so yellows and a monster 50 to 60 pound whitesea bass. that he would not of caught without crew help. guy is given JP money 180$.hands deck hand 20$.goes to pay tab and tells the guy i took...
  70. trunk777


    50# yoyo/live bait 60# dropper loop/yoyo
  71. trunk777

    Mexico Island Closers

    not true.but keep spreading the rumor
  72. trunk777

    Getting geared up (12day December)

    mac 20 and 30 are need for the 50
  73. trunk777

    Guadalupe was very slow

    never saw one.
  74. trunk777

    Guadalupe was very slow

    I have fish this island 17 times now and I have never seen it this slow. it was not because of lack of fish I don't know what was going on they were basically eating red crabs andTrumpetfish there was acres of them puddle and I've never seen it before it was pretty awesome to see 60 to 120...
  75. trunk777

    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    fat wallet for that boat!!!!!!!
  76. trunk777

    Feedback regarding the Shogun

    great boat,great crew!!!!!!!!
  77. trunk777

    Whahoo jog or bomd

    what wahoo jig or bomb has been working well on these past recent trips I'm going on a nine day on the shogunThursday and I would just like a little bit of insight
  78. trunk777

    nine foot rod suggestion

    90j it is thanks
  79. trunk777

    nine foot rod suggestion

    plan on pairing with trinadad 30a mostly for surface iron
  80. trunk777

    Bluefin Jim

    you guys oviously do noy know BFJ
  81. trunk777

    guadalupe big fish

    ive heard it both ways fishing big fish.what is your take on fish over it best to have some mono or straight tie 25 feet of flurocarbon as a top shot to spectra?
  82. trunk777

    Shogun tackle storage question

    can i give you my stuff the night before luke on the down low and you get me a good spot?
  83. trunk777

    private charter on the fortune 1 spot

    2 1/2 day only 18 peeps meals included leaves oct 1 returns oct 4 680$
  84. trunk777

    Going deep paid off

    thats big balls for that little boat
  85. trunk777

    Going deep paid off

    whered you fish
  86. trunk777

    where da fish at

    leaving mission bay headed towards 182/181/209 does that sound like a good plan if not help us out consider me a homeless guy on the freeway asking for spare change
  87. trunk777

    TIP OF THIS WEEK-dont tell me what to tip on bloody decks

    if your a bussiness owner/charter operater dont come on a public forum and tell the customer how tip you or what is approprriate you will get a tip based on your service not your suggestion! i think 20% is appropriate is this the norm?
  88. trunk777

    TIP OF THE WEEK - Sportboat Etiquette

    30/50 % your high!!!
  89. trunk777

    bad boat,inexperienced crew,unprofessional captain

    on th did not know this was going to happen and was shell shocked when it did
  90. trunk777

    bad boat,inexperienced crew,unprofessional captain

    i think it funny. if i remember your quote was live right to fish the next bite.all im saying is too treat the customer right so he will come back to get that next bite
  91. trunk777

    bad boat,inexperienced crew,unprofessional captain

    joe im fine with fishing an area but he said we were going to look south east than continued to pound an area that was not productive after he said this area was not productive did i mention that when i was brought to the wheelhouse i told him i was next too a guy on a tuna and watch his...
  92. trunk777

    bad boat,inexperienced crew,unprofessional captain

    i understand the cost.and my point exactaly why fish an area like that and keep going back to it i guess just a bad choice of boats on my part next time ill stick to the boats i normally fish but that is the only one that had spots i know why now
  93. trunk777

    bad boat,inexperienced crew,unprofessional captain

    not 30 days back to back this was the boats fourth trip this year
  94. trunk777

    bad boat,inexperienced crew,unprofessional captain

    yes i did ask him to run the driving back and forth to the same 10 padddies and expecting a defferent result is the definition of insanity.yes the commander.bieber thats funny
  95. trunk777

    bad boat,inexperienced crew,unprofessional captain

    yes 60$ i think a tip should be earned not expected.the old the cat special
  96. trunk777

    bad boat,inexperienced crew,unprofessional captain

    i have fished many boats and worked on a few.never had such a bad time on a SD boat than yesterday.the fishing was not good yesterday but driving around basically the 277 area from 7 till 2 is not a good choice in my opinion.4$ beers and 7$ breakfast burritos did not help.i understand that the...
  97. trunk777


  98. trunk777


    Going end of oct is it open now
  99. trunk777


    mi savious de pesca la cocina
  100. trunk777

    Yellowtail counts

    so if it was a 1000 albacore it would be ok .sport caught fish is 1% of all fish taken from the ocean .go suck off a seal
  101. trunk777

    Dana Point

    can u put any more holes in that sink
  102. trunk777

    fred hall show

    why dont they sell there shirts with pockects ill pay the extra dollar
  103. trunk777

    irvine fri 12/8.

    hey steve do you work at santiago rental
  104. trunk777

    irvine fri 12/8.

    i see a lot of signs around here for guys that put light up for you
  105. trunk777

    turkey and seviche

    if your not on the top your a bottom . just the facts
  106. trunk777

    turkey and seviche

    the best part of this fish report????????? is the mexican that cant spell ceviche. and the fat fuck standing next to the dead marlin and then talking about c.p.r is the shit.
  107. trunk777

    turkey and seviche

    bet you guys really sucked each other off after killing that fish
  108. trunk777

    turkey and seviche

    how did that marlin cook up.
  109. trunk777

    turkey and seviche

    4 foot baby killer wtf
  110. trunk777

    Punta Banda

    before you cross the border get some weed and coke for the ride. wear your dads rolex in his mercedes.only pay for tacos with 100s and pick up any one who needs a ride. and drive at night when the bad guys are sleeping:hali_parkutuli::frehya2:
  111. trunk777

    Any word on Coronado Islands?

    hey frank typical christian hypacrite be nice karmas a bitch dont you think?????????????????????????
  112. trunk777

    Any word on Coronado Islands?

    hey frank what would jesus think about you talking like that
  113. trunk777


    any bait boats at catalina??????????
  114. trunk777

    dana point

    is the bait barge open 24/7 on the weekends
  115. trunk777

    Corvina Surprise

    your corvina must have got eaten by a white seabass
  116. trunk777

    holding my ass.....

    got (3) 10-12 off domes
  117. trunk777

    8/11 - Dana on The Looper

    where did you find most of the kelps
  118. trunk777

    fishing dana wednesday

    if any one has numbers for all that yellowfin it would sure help..
  119. trunk777

    HB Butt'

    butt pirate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  120. trunk777

    HB Butt'

  121. trunk777

    6 day on pacific queen in oct.

    never fished this boat anyone have any good or bad things to say about it
  122. trunk777


    going suday to 277 in search of kelps. be on 72 name of boat is polesmoker
  123. trunk777

    277,267 info

    any kelps holding fish on 277,267. going sunday looking for info
  124. trunk777

    7/25 Islander 1.5 report

    fished with you. what a long day.
  125. trunk777

    Tony Reyes in mid Sept.

    very windy that time of year
  126. trunk777

    the apollo

    fished a 6 day in october got a 110#& a wahoo trip of my life cant go wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  127. trunk777

    6 day on the appolo

    leaving friday on the appolo hows the boat . and does anyone have any fresh info?:lux: :cheers:
  128. trunk777

    fluro to mono

    what the best knot to attatch fluro/mono