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    Bait tank recommendations?

    I have a Defiance 50 gallon. Great tank for anchovies and probably other baits. But I have only had anchovies in it. Lots of guys chasing Albacore using Defiance bait tanks in the northwest. Installs are fairly easy. But you’ll need a good game plan. I would suggest getting on the northwest...
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    Pacific Edge bait tank install.

    Pretty easy to do on your own. I attached my pump to the seacock and installed another valve down stream of the pump. Basically I can secure both valves and replace my pump if needed out at sea. My 2016 came prewired with deutsch connectors. You will need a crimping tool for that. the deck is...
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    WTB Tanacom 750

    Thanks guys but was looking to buy from a more non-corporate site. I know some companies will run promos at certain times a year (like tackle direct). Walmart or Amazon might be my choice. Either way appreciate the responses.
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    WTB Tanacom 750

    Hi all. Im looking to purchase 2 tanacom 750’s online. Anyone know of any online sales or promo codes? Live in Washington but currently out of state, hence the reason I’m looking but online. Thanks!
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    2020 Ocean Salmon Season

    Thanks Dave!
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    Removal of Passenger Seat?

    I recently removed mine. I think it was 5 screws total. Pretty easy.
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    Fuel Tank Repair & Rotten Transom

    I put a little fan in my bilge and pull the deck caps so the air can circulate through my bilges. Keeps everything down there nice and dry. the rear deck hatch (rectangle one) is a POS. It leaks from the factory.
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    Fish storage

    I do not miss infloor fish boxes. It’s much easier cleaning my transome box on my 2320.
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    Fish storage

    1charter is using a giant ice tote on the deck for storage on a 28. In my 2320 I keep a 30x60 kill bag jammed up front and another one on the deck.
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    Joining the Family

    Congratulations on the upgrade. You’ll enjoy it!
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    Parker Sea Dek

    I’m interested in getting just the bolsters pads done if anyone has a price on that.
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    2320 Bruce anchor issue

    My boat is without a pulpit. Would you mind posting a picture of how your anchor is set up (the roller part). Thanks!
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    2019 2820 XLD Launch

    That’s a Burnewiin product. I have 4 of their rod holders on my boat. They’re great, and make good stuff!
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    Permatrim and 18" trim tabs

    Oops I meant to reply to lougio.
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    Permatrim and 18" trim tabs

    Been out of commission with a muscle spasm in my back. I took these today. No plans for sea trail yet until my back gets better.
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    Permatrim and 18" trim tabs

    I have had the 12x18 installed on my 2320. I’m still using the actuators from the factory installed trim tabs (12x12). The 12x18 were installed over the winter and I plan on testing them out this week. The new 12x18 are drop fin Bennett’s. My boat is a 2016 FYI. I’ll report back after I...
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    Parker acquired

    But you’re not trying to spread any truth. You come here because you have something personal against Parker. Oh did hear the Titanic sank! Why don’t you go run with that.
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    Parker acquired

    Perma trim and bigger trim tabs help correct this. But you come over to the Parker page to vent your dislike of their/Our boats. Why don’t you just move on in life, we get it youre not a fan of Parker’s.
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    WTB Cousins 9’6” Salmon trolling rod

    Chris...I used to buy the 100 dollar classic (lami) glass but they started breaking on me prematurely. So then tried okuma, they both broke on the first trip.
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    WTB Cousins 9’6” Salmon trolling rod

    I just saw this post and will send you a PM.
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    Testing the waters

    How much rope with those crab pots? I’ll be in Anacortes in a few weeks.
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    WTB Cousins 9’6” Salmon trolling rod

    Duramax...Awesome... thank you. I’m out of town but will have my buddy swing in and check.
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    WTB Cousins 9’6” Salmon trolling rod

    I have heard Cousins is out of business. I bought 1 in 2018 and liked it, looking to buy 3 more. If you know of any places that have some for sale, please let me know. Thanks.
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    LaPush Friday

    Nice haul.
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    Warranty procedure

    No clue but on my boat we cracked 2 brand new okumas salmon trolling in 2016.
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    The difference between fishing communities

    So did anyone take him fishing?
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    Rod inserts

    I installed these on my boat. Once the stock rod holder was removed I just took a rotary file bit and drill motor to remove the little bit of material and they dropped right in. They are solid, only disclaimer is no clue how they would hold up on a jumbo blue fin, but have caught larger halibut...
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    Tanacom 750

    PM sent.
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    Need advice on new boat

    You said easy to learn. I have only owned Garmin. And find they are very user friendly. My current set up is a 1040XS (a little bit on the older side), 18XHD radar, airmar thruhull, and marine compass. Everything seems to play well together, fairly easy to install and connect. I'm not very...
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    They almost don't exist???

    That add says the tank is 100 gallons. I thought the 25's had bigger fuel tanks? Maybe they changed it in later years or it's a misprint?
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    Show us your Steiger Crafts

    Straight from the owners mouth Skip to about 5:30 in this video He said not one dollar in warranty on a hull failure and he’s never had a hull failure. I didn’t hear him say they never had a warranty claim. But whatever still a cool video and cool boats. Never been on one but they look...
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    Parker 2540

    Inside Passage yacht sales is located in Anacortes and they are a Parker dealer. They should be able to answer your questions. No clue if they have sold one up here.
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    What 2320 Parker?

    Can someone tell me where this valve is at?
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    SOLD 2015 2520 XLD PARKER ***SOLD***

    Man if I wasn't neck deep in a busy project at work, and in process of buying a house I'd be all over this.
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    2004 Parker 2320

    I would hold out for a 250 or 300 combo. I think you'll be happier in the long run. Unless its a screaming deal and you can repower in the future.
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    2320 Yamaha 300 add permatrim?

    I have the same combo. The permatrim will soften the ride. I typically see 1.6-1.8 mpg with a heavy load, 30-60 mile offshore runs. You will need a right angle drill for the back holes on the permatrim.
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    New North River Seahawk OS2700S Build

    What port will this fine vessel be fishing out of?
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    Parker video?

    Brian stated "post" and you are counting "messages". :D
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    Dead lings today

    Big smiles and looks like a fun time. Just curious, does your boat have a sun roof? Kind of looks like it in the first pic.
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    New North River Seahawk OS2700S Build

    Pretty cool to watch your boat get constructed right at the factory. When/If I ever buy another new boat. The 27’ NR will be high on the list along with some other glass and tin boats.
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    The day has arrived!

    Congrats and thank you for the service.
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    Area 10 Dungeness

    I won’t be crabbing this year, but have noticed the decline as well. I heard 2 years ago tribe fished MA10 hard. Bummer because “my” spot is totally extinct now, bastards even took the females. Good luck.
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    Parkers are so much cheaper on the East Coast?

    Even though mine is white, I love the classic Parker color. It's like showing up at a NFL game with your classic jersey.
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    New 2018 Parker 2320 Build

    Congrats! You're going to love that boat. And as already said lots of great info on how to set them up.
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    2320 vs 2520

    The way I understand it is Parker added the flat spot for stern lift. I think other manufactures have this design as well. It is still a 21 degree boat. I think the mod-v's are 14 or 16 degrees. My opinion after putting 400 hours on a new 2016 2320, is the pounding happens in the forward...
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    2320 vs 2520

    2320 is 21 degrees of dead rise.
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    New 2018 Parker 2320

    [email protected] Email address above for Andy @ SIM. Last year on another board one guy said they’re back ordered. Might want to check on availability. I really don’t want to sway you either direction. It’s your choice. But I got over it after I ran the boat the first time. I...
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    New 2018 Parker 2320

    Very easy install. You will need a right angle drill for the forward 2 fasteners. My bow stays down in the slop/chop. It will also crest over the swells more gracefully. Some guys have reported a little better fuel economy, but I haven’t really paid that attention to that. The hardest part...
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    Permatrim or Not?

    Love mine! Listen to Eli he pretty much nailed. Not sure about the entry difference. Also to address your question, I have experienced no difference in running in a following seas.
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    Fuel - How full do you leave your tanks ?

    Handy website when searching for efree fuel.
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    Fuel - How full do you leave your tanks ?

    Easy to find in Washington. Never a drop in my new Parker. CA needs to get you guys E free at the docks.
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    Fuel - How full do you leave your tanks ?

    During peak season, I would run the tank dry or as close as possible every so often to keep from stacking gas. I tried to stabilize a tank of Ethonal fuel 4-5 years ago in my old Trophy boat. It spoiled. Then had to have the carb cleaned up, but this was in Washington where it's dank and wet...
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    Which epirb do you use

    When I was doing my research I selected the manual. I believe the automatic or submerged will only deploy at the predetermined factory depth. I also chose the manual because most boats have enough positive floatation they may not activate the automatic.
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    All it needs is a tower......

    The Volkswagen beetle of boats!
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    Suzuki (Japanese seabass) using 10' Black Hole Suzuki rod in Korea

    I have been to Japan 4 times. Next time I go, I will catch a Suzuki!
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    Which epirb do you use

    I have the ACR 2844. I think the battery is good for 6 years before it gets sent in for a refresh. Youre need to test them every month, per the directions.
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    B175M Showing blobs not Arches

    I just plugged it in. Seems to be working good so far. I’m sure all you’ll have to do is find the right setting on your unit.
  58. A-K

    Defiance Delivery Day

    Congrats! My buddy has the same boat. What did you get for power?
  59. A-K

    B175M Showing blobs not Arches

    HEX, For the purpose of reporting back to this thread. Ran the 2320 for the first time this year. I got my new B175M installed last weekend. Unit is a Garmin 1040XS. Here some pics I took, quality is a little low. But I’m satisfied with everything so far.
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    Most stable 25 foot and under boat To the OP.
  61. A-K

    2015 Parker 2320 for sale

    Excellent price for a boat ready to go catch.
  62. A-K

    Neah Bay Memorial Day weekend lodging needed

    I'd be interested in that slip if it's up for grabs.
  63. A-K

    Most stable 25 foot and under boat

    Post this up in the Washington State fishing section. Probably get feedback from people who fish the areas you want to. I have a Parker 2320 with a Yamaha 300. Great under 25 foot fishing boat for the North West.
  64. A-K

    kill bag dimensions

    Shitty Seriously this is good advice. Puts the weight up forward.
  65. A-K

    B175M Showing blobs not Arches

    So that transducer is medium frequency. I’m kind of new to this transducer game. But from what I read, shallow water isn’t it’s strong suit. Have you tried any mid to deeper water readings yet, like 150- 400 feet. Just curious that’s all.
  66. A-K

    B175M Showing blobs not Arches

    HEX, Please report back. I’m drilling holes next weekend and going to install the B175M. I’m very curious how this works out for you. Also IMO the shots don’t look bad by any means, probably just bait and smaller rock fish.
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    kill bag dimensions

    FYI if you have a warranty. Watch the weight on the offshore brackets. Armstrong will only make good on the warranty if the bracket is used "as designed". This will not include slurry buckets, kill bags, etc.
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    Ragin Cajun on steroids. Coming soon!!!!!!

    Congrats on the new 270. Looks sweet for sure!
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    Radar install question

    They're very simple to make. Whodat towers made mine.
  70. A-K

    Radar install question

    Mine is on a 6" pedestal. No wedges or tilt, it's perpendicular with the top of the cabin. Works great for navigation. Only disclaimer is I don't or haven't used it much for tracking birds. I had a local fab shop make it for 80$.
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    MA4 Bottom Fishing Numbers

    Part of the fun is finding your own little spots. Just like said above, turn left and head south. Or when you get to NB ask the guys at the tackle shop.
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    2120 baittank install

    Not that hard to do. But do all the reading you can find online and on this site. I did one last spring. The hardest part for me was finding all the fittings.
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    2015 Parker 2320 for sale

    Perfectly maintained 2320 with max horse power. It will make someone very happy!
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    27' Northriver OS Twin 200's or 250's?

    Might want to post this in the Washington State sections. A few northrivers in that section. Sounds like a nice boat for sure!
  75. A-K

    Creating deck storage hatches?

    I like the upgrade. But is there a reason you chose aluminum hatch over a plastic one.
  76. A-K

    Anybody running a 2540 yet?

    Interesting design on the offshore bracket. The pics on parker's website shows the offshore bracket has a notch for the outboards to mount to.
  77. A-K

    It's now illegal to boil lobster....

    Damn it! Let the rabbits wear glasses!
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    Picked up the new boat last night!

    I recently installed one (my first). Looking back, they're pretty easy. Lots of good info on here to research. The biggest pain was getting all of the fittings and misc. parts.
  79. A-K

    Picked up the new boat last night!

    Looking good! Saw one of those a few years back on the Hood Canal. Solid looking boats.
  80. A-K

    My Parker 2320 Build

    Congrats on the new 2320! You'll enjoy it for sure! I'm looking forward to your build thread. Lots of good info out there about the 2320. When you install your bait tank, make sure you put it in the forward part of the cockpit. These boats like the weight up forward.
  81. A-K

    welding table cast iron

    I sent a lot of time welding on these. Excellent for heavier steel fab work. A good fitter can dog everything down nice and tight to minimize the distortion from welding.
  82. A-K

    Los Suenos, Costa Rica Report 12/10

    That is a bad ass report! Looks like one hell of a good time. I’m looking at trying something like this in 2019.
  83. A-K

    Puget Sound Chinook Resource Management Plan

    Dave, been wanting to Join. When is the next meeting in Kitsap? I have a narrow window I'm flying soon out of town, but will be back May.
  84. A-K

    What rides better then a parker 2520?

    The transom fish box is 50 gallons in size. I have had 3 limits of halibut (1 60 pounder), ling cod and sea bass. The little bit of albacore fishing I've done with it, use a kill bag. You are right though, it's on the smaller side, but still functional for the most part.
  85. A-K

    Some Words About Depression

    2 people close to me have done this. EJ is right. If you need help please ask for it. Talk to your friends and/or see a doctor. It sucks for the people left behind. The low points in life are temporary, there is a light at the end of the tunnel no mater how dim it may seem at the moment.
  86. A-K

    Please Support JT & Chad's fight vs Cali Lawmskers

    Bill and Ted's excellent adventure!
  87. A-K

    Parker 2320 or North River 2500 OS?

    Just out of curiosity. What does a base model North River 25' go for? I know the resell is typically better than glass. But it's always been my understanding they are way more (if memory serves correct). Thats one reason I went with a 2320. The 25' boats I liked at the time were getting out...
  88. A-K

    Parker 2320 or North River 2500 OS?

    Try posting this in the Washington State section. More of the audiance your trying to get feedback from will see this. I think the North Rivers are more money. I run a 2320 in Washington State. It is capable of doing all the activities you want to do, but not sure about the Vancouver Island...
  89. A-K

    What rides better then a parker 2520?

    To the OP. I got my Parker because they have a solid build reputation. Easy to maintain...Kill fish, hose it off, flush the engine and repeat. Fish deck is HUGE...I love it! Mine does ride on the stiff side but I added a permatrim and that made a positive difference. Next I'm upgrading to...
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    Coinbase or Bittrex.
  91. A-K

    2320 fuel range

    For the OP. I think if you can make the 300 happen that would be the way to go. I won't pretend to know everything about it. But talking to other Parker owners online the 250 seems to work pretty darn good. But the 300 matches the 2320 perfect. Also, about the range. I can't tell you how...
  92. A-K

    2320 fuel range

    Correct! My 2016 2320 has a 137 gallon tank. I hear they went from 150 to 137 gallons because of some environmental requirement that went into effect.
  93. A-K

    Tuna jigs

    Thats awesome information guys! Appreciate it! Like all the great pictures. Mitchell, I have some 2 speed accurate's that should do the high speed thing pretty good I think. I saw a video once on youtube that went like this. The tuna school was deep. So they jigged up the school using the...
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    What rides better then a parker 2520?

    Well school me then. The as tested weight of a Parker 2320 per their website is 6200 pounds. Curious how that compares to other brands in the 23' class. I don't think I'm being sensitive. Was just saying.
  95. A-K

    Bait Tank Bait Capacity

    I gave him 100 bucks plus a 20 for a tip and my 50 gallon tank was full. No complaints because someone told me once it's 50 bucks per scoop and always tip the guy. Is 20 good for tip? Seems like it is, just trying to figure this stuff out.
  96. A-K

    What rides better then a parker 2520?

    If you want to knock Parkers that is one thing. But they are anything but light. The weight measurements given from the factory are hull weights, before adding the engine/rigging and other stuff. I've heard Steiger weights are with engine and small amount of fuel for testing.
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    Tuna jigs

    Just thought the name was funny. Thank you for the info I'll be checking them out!
  98. A-K

    Tuna jigs

    LOL deadly dick!
  99. A-K

    New seat and seat post (Propedastal) for parker 2320

    Do they make these a little shorter than the stock height? I'm 6'1" and would like a seat just a bit lower.
  100. A-K

    Tuna jigs

    I've got some tuna trips under my belt. All were trolling and converting to live bait (live bait is bad ass BTW). Next year I want to try my hand at jigging, for no other reason than to try something new. Anyone have any suggestions on what type, size, and color to use? Looks like the 2 main...
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    WTB Parker 2320

    There have been a couple on the Seattle Craigslist. No affiliation to the owners though.
  102. A-K

    Veterans - Sound Off....

    Thanks for all of your service! I have worked for the military so I get the long hours and all the sacrifices you guys/gals do for us and our great country. Awesome!
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    Parker Boats & West Coast Marine

    You might want to start a new thread because it’s old and was started Jan 2016. But you should have no problems filling your bait tank and fishing 3-5 guys, stuffing your fish boxes and running 30-60 miles 1 way. Horsepower and prop play a factor in this as well, you never said what your power...
  104. A-K

    WTS: 6 - Avet SX/SXJ 5.3 Blue/Silver Reels

    I am interested in 2 right hands.
  105. A-K

    Defiance Admiral 250 Questions

    Yes that the one.
  106. A-K

    Defiance Admiral 250 Questions

    Try posting this in the Pacific Northwest section. Lots of Defiance guys there. There is also a very clean 220 Defiance in the PNW classifieds and a Parker 2320 for sale on FB/CL. If that helps. I almost bought one but decided on a different brand. Good luck on your search!
  107. A-K

    Western Washington/Portland area shop recommendations

    You might want to try Who-Dat Towers, they are in Centralia now. They did my rocket launchers and did a fantastic job. They have good shop rates for electrical stuff, and have talked to them about bait tanks but ended up doing it myself. I would recommend.
  108. A-K

    Beautiful Boat

    I had a chance to check this beauty out this summer and chat with the owner. Where the old power plant was is now a massive fish hold. Owner is really cool guy.
  109. A-K

    New 2018 Parker 2320

    It will detune, not sure about a full 50 HP. I have ran 89 octane and there is a small but noticeable difference in HP. My boat with 87 octane 2 guys and 3/4 tank of fuel, have seen 48 MPH on flat water. I have only used E-free fuel in my boat. If I didn't have E-free in my area I would...
  110. A-K

    New 2018 Parker 2320

    89 octane is recommended for the 300. everyone I've talked to runs 87 without any issues.
  111. A-K

    New 2018 Parker 2320

    Bmoore your boat has turned out fantastic. Good job on everything! Lots of great detail. What's on it for power? Did you end up with the 300?
  112. A-K

    Be safe out there.

    Wow good job! Crazy! Did the boat completely sink or just turtle?
  113. A-K

    Offshore Advice - 21' Thunder Jet OS Feedback

    Nice boat buddy! My friend has the 23' version and he is very happy with it.
  114. A-K

    Fishing the Yamashomaru in Chiba, Japan

    Awesome trip! I have been to Japan about 4 times myself but have yet to do any fishing there.
  115. A-K

    Westport Washington tuna questions from a newbie

    Got it…Thanks guys!
  116. A-K

    Westport Washington tuna questions from a newbie

    Where is the PSOA meeting on the 22nd? I'm trying to learn and think that would be a good one.
  117. A-K

    My Parker 2320 build - Bangarang

    Great job on the build. I recently installed the permatrim on my 2320 and would recommend it.
  118. A-K


    I have 30' of slip at Mason's until the end of May. I will be running out of NB. Please PM me if you or anyone else needs it. I will get your info and call Mason's and tell them you are using it.
  119. A-K


    For those interested I have a slip in Sekiu that I'm not using this weekend.
  120. A-K

    Sober Fishing

    I kicked it about 1 and half year ago. Had some health concerns, and all the other BS that goes with heavy drinking creep up in my life again. No regrets so far!
  121. A-K

    Parker 2320

    Transmission cooler. It helps keep your transmission temperature lower during towing or high performance applications.
  122. A-K

    Parker 2320

    Nice boat and you will love her! Did you get any factory upgrades?
  123. A-K

    Parker 2120 Trim Tab Upgrade

    I've read a bit about the tab upgrade on classic parker. It's on my to do list for my 2320. Let us know how you like it. Interesting how the fins will give you 50% more.
  124. A-K

    Fishing spikes from Japan

    If you don't mind me asking. What part of Japan did you find these in?
  125. A-K

    What options should I get for 2017 Parker 2320?

    I like my second helm station. Wish I had seaspension.
  126. A-K

    Input/Opinions on Purchasing 18' Aluminium

    Cool boat. I like that it has a bracket!
  127. A-K

    New woman is on her way

    Nice boat looking good!
  128. A-K

    New woman is on her way

    Congrats on the new Parker. You will enjoy her for sure!
  129. A-K

    Karavan Trailer workmanship issue

    Probably is both. To be honest, I didn't mean to post and thought I deleted it. Also, if it was cracked on the shelf, they probably used the wrong filler metal. I wasn't trying to negate your 30 years experience. I'm a pipe welder anyway and you know us pipe guys don't know structural (Joke).
  130. A-K

    Karavan Trailer workmanship issue

    I should have been more clear when I first replied. I just think the cross brace is way too low. Looks like that is where all the stress is coming from. It's acting like a lever arm. The reason I don't think its the welds fault is because the welds look complete and sized correctly for the...
  131. A-K

    Karavan Trailer workmanship issue

    I did not x-ray the welds. Because you cant successfully x-ray partial penetration tee joints. But you already know that because you work in "real fab shops".
  132. A-K

    Karavan Trailer workmanship issue

    As stated ... It's the engineering not the welds.
  133. A-K

    Pulled the trigger...

    Cool boat!
  134. A-K

    New Parker 2320 Delivered

    Walls heater. Nice feature for PNW fishing.
  135. A-K

    The perfect PNW boat..........

    Your exactly in the same position I was in about a year ago. I had an 1993 20' Trophy with a old 2 stroke on it. I wanted more of a fishing machine and be able fish in more productive locations. I almost went Defiance but got the Parker 2320 and never looked back. Getting into a more...
  136. A-K


    YEP my favorite
  137. A-K

    Westport Tuna 9-3

    Looks like a nice day of fishing. Ocean looks good too.
  138. A-K

    Is it time for squid?

    I want to try this. Do you guys do it at night?
  139. A-K

    Brewster sockeye (and a king)

    Sounds like an awesome day. Way to slay em! I might try that trip sometime.
  140. A-K

    Garmin 12" with GMR 24xHD Radome

    I have the same combo as mentioned above. With about 100 hours on the 1040XS and 50 hours on the 18XHD. My radar is mounted 6" above the hard top. Today on flat water I noticed the radar was picking up crab pot bouys about 100 plus yards off my STBD side. Yes it will pick up birds and track...
  141. A-K

    Neah Bay

    Thanks for the report. I'll be up that direction in the near future.
  142. A-K

    Local boat decal makers

    I got ahold of BenjaminN. Thanks all
  143. A-K

    Local boat decal makers

    Looking local Puget Sound/WA state first before I shop around. I have some ideas I'd like to explore. I need someone to be able to design and print them for me. Shipping OK. PM me for details. Thanks-AK
  144. A-K

    The new ride

    Killer ! I'm a new Parker owner myself.
  145. A-K

    Sekui fun!

    Nice Mike. It was good to meet you and your crew. Thanks for the tips we did much better on Sunday 8-). Funny picture of Randy with the crown. That's how he see's himself at work :frehya2:
  146. A-K

    Welcome aboard

    Your boat looks like a tank!
  147. A-K

    Welcome aboard

    Here's some pics of mine with the new launcher system. Also the first fish that hit the deck. 2016 Parker 2320 SL Yamaha 300 Yamaha T9.9 Garmin 1040XS Garmin 18XHD
  148. A-K

    Lapush opener

    Good times and nice fish. I was there too. My first time fishing out of La Push but second time at the Closure....
  149. A-K

    CQ First Trip

    Nice write up! Looks you all had a great time!
  150. A-K

    Rocket Launchers for Parker 2320

    I have a quote from a Parker dealer for the factory 6 launcher system. I was told Parker will only do 6 from the factory. I got a guy up here in Washington that gave me a quote for a 13-15 launcher system with a LED flood light. PM me if you want any other info. The pics from west coast look...
  151. A-K

    What is going to happen to Sekiu?

    I've been toying with that very same idea. I've made that run several times in the past. Not sure what will be open in September. I guess you could run over to NB and bottom fish. I think under the current rule situation all Salmon fishing will be closed in September.
  152. A-K

    What is going to happen to Sekiu?

    I like to hit sekiu in September and have the same question. Van Riper's changed ownership as well. I'll be in town at Olson's for Halibut. If the no Puget Sound season applies to the straits which I believe it does at this point. It's going to be tough for them. I hope they make it.
  153. A-K

    2016 23 Steiger craft Chesapeake

    Mighty fine Steiger! :D
  154. A-K

    Cancun Fishing?

    I fished there in 2011 I think it was May or June. I just found a local charter company that was advertised in the lobby. Forgot the name. I know I'm a huge help so far right? The fishing was fantastic though. Lots of fish to be caught and of a variety species. It was just 2 of us on a...
  155. A-K

    I pulled the trigger…

    Did a google image search. I know what he's talking about now.
  156. A-K

    I pulled the trigger…

    Hi Carl. So yes your correct in your statement. The second station will come in handy for those reasons. I also didn't want the driver to be isolated from what's going on in the fish deck. I felt if I was going to move to a pilot style fishing boat having a second station was a priority...
  157. A-K

    I pulled the trigger…

    So yes my swim step or transom bracket has the cables routed though there for the main engine. I'm actually about 10 days out from getting the kicker. And still not sure where I'll pass the kicker cables through at but more then likely it will be the transom bracket. I'll take some pictures...
  158. A-K

    I pulled the trigger…

    I live in Kitsap, in recent years have fished MA-10 and 9 and up through the straits to Sekiu and Neah Bay (Neah Bay a little bit). My plans with the new Parker are to fish Westport, Swiftsure, Lapush, basically those type of places. We will usually tow to a location and fish there for 3-5 days.
  159. A-K

    Any NOF updates

    Ya and the 4 days of shrimp they give us in the hood canal is only for 4 hours a day. So at the end of it you get enough for a shrimp cocktail if your lucky.
  160. A-K

    2015 Parker 2320 winter projects

    Brian was great to work with. Easily one of the best sales people I've had the pleasure working with. I'm working on getting mine set up for the fishing season. I'll be following your thread. :drool:
  161. A-K

    Boldt Petition

    Signed and going to share this on other forums.
  162. A-K

    Beast Mode

    Da Beast!
  163. A-K

    Stimulate the economy

    The only accessory I see on the web site that looks expensive is the "Marine Heading Sensor". After reading the description, sounds like it compensates for the boats pitch and roll. Do I need this?
  164. A-K

    Stimulate the economy

    Was the XHD 24 good to go right out of the box? Did you have to purchase any additional sensors or anything of significant cost to get it working properly? Thanks!
  165. A-K

    Stimulate the economy

    I didn't know that about the Yamaha kickers. Thanks for clearing that up. Elmer Fudd is working for the WDFW now...
  166. A-K

    Stimulate the economy

    Ok so the next 2 things I want to buy for my boat. 1) 9.9 kicker. This is my dilemma, my main engine is a Yamaha. I want to keep my kicker Yamaha, but I was told that Yamaha don't make a 9.9 with both pull and electric start. Please say it's not true? I want the pull start in case of a...
  167. A-K

    Westport set its hooks in me

    Sweet fish!
  168. A-K

    Wdfw elected official

    Name: Elmer Fudd
  169. A-K

    San Diego Charter

    Appreciate the censored support. Probably wont happen this weekend. Maybe next...
  170. A-K

    San Diego Charter

    Looking to do a charter in SD either this week (March 13th) or the next weekend (March 20th) . Anybody know of a good charter company to look at? A 6 pack boat would be ideal, for a day trip. Not even sure what's in season, just testing the waters. I was on a cattle charter boat out of Point...
  171. A-K

    I pulled the trigger…

    Bass Masters minus the B and a reamer….HMMM
  172. A-K

    I pulled the trigger…

    Eli I'll be getting back to you in a while. If you remember my text message from last week (I think). And yes, I fully intended on paying you a visit and checking out your 2320. Probably be a little over a month tell I can make it over there.
  173. A-K

    Sno-King PSA: Jambo & Ron Garner on Halibut

    I did a charter on Jambo's boat last year. He's a real class act, super good guy kind of dude. I really wish I could make this but timing isn't right
  174. A-K

    I pulled the trigger…

    Ya it wouldn't look right. Was just saying my old Pro Kicker was the SH-It That was my boat. Had it there for a week while I was doing the break in on the 300. If you see it again in the future come say hi.
  175. A-K

    I pulled the trigger…

    I think Tohatsu manufactures kicker engines for Yamaha, Mecury, and Evinrude. The specific brand company completes the engine with the gear box, trim buttons, and things....
  176. A-K

    I pulled the trigger…

    Brian was great to work with. Only actually rigging left should be a kicker (if by rigging you mean engines). As far a kicker goes, still looking into that. Need to find the kicker I want. My old boat had a Mercury pro kicker and that thing ran like a top. But don't want to mis match the...
  177. A-K

    I pulled the trigger…

    And you should do just that. Get the boat that works for you. It's so easy to get wrapped around the axel when shopping for a boat. I know I got the best boat for me, and really thats all that maters.
  178. A-K

    I pulled the trigger…

    Un-Bit you called? I'll have to google that.
  179. A-K

    I pulled the trigger…

    Thanks! As of now it's got Garmin 1040 XS and a Garmin 200 VHF. Plans are to get radar, and some rocket launchers. I kept all 3 of my scotty down riggers. And have 1 scotty mount and plug set in the garage, for some reason I forgot I had them.
  180. A-K

    I pulled the trigger…

    If you look at my first thread people were asking if I ran off. My head felt like it was going to explode. I think buying a boat is the most stressful thing I've ever done. And for the record I've bought my far share of shit! But I didn't run off because of anyone on this board. I just...
  181. A-K

    Help with Garmin 1040XS

  182. A-K

    Help with Garmin 1040XS

    I'm kind of technology illiterate so I need some help that may be pretty basic to most of you. Recently picked up a new boat. It came with a Garmin 1040 XS. The dealer installed it. I don't have a Marine Navigation style chart. The Garmin shows that I'm in the water, but does NOT show...
  183. A-K

    Thinking about pulling the trigger on a Defiance 250

    Ya I've considered that option as well and may go that route. Probably just take my mind off it for a couple days until I contact a lender and see what becomes of that.
  184. A-K

    Thinking about pulling the trigger on a Defiance 250

    Oh trust me I understand what your saying and you've made some excellent points. I've asked myself the same questions over the years. So the answers to your questions are Yes, Yes, and Maybe. It seems with boats and everything else in life there is a trade off. When you gain something you...
  185. A-K

    Thinking about pulling the trigger on a Defiance 250

    Ya the 250 is bad to the bone. I'm going to take one out next week and see how she rides.
  186. A-K

    Thinking about pulling the trigger on a Defiance 250

    Well…This is my first post on this forum. Long story short I've been wanting to "upgrade" to a larger or more capable boat for about 2 years. I've had my eye on the Defiance line for quite sometime. Right now I'm fishing from a 20' Trophy and she has served me well. But, I want to fish the...