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  1. bosshoss

    bass pro kayak

  2. bosshoss

    Native Propel 13

    X2 Hobie !!
  3. bosshoss

    WTB hobie outback

    Check Big Waters they have one for sale right now...
  4. bosshoss

    Curado 300 EJ

  5. bosshoss


    Very well done
  6. bosshoss

    Tackle Talk - Weedless

    Hey John thanks for your insight..Wondering what type and size reels you are using on a 708 and 809 ... Thanks again..
  7. bosshoss

    Crazy homeless fishing

    Have also seen this fellow at the Bahia in mission bay........
  8. bosshoss

    Osprey tries to steal my swimbait(VIDEO)

    Was that Lake Murray ?
  9. bosshoss

    Point Loma 3.30.13

    Still waiting for my promo ABU Sweatshirt. Sent for it in Dec. of 2012. Called 2 weeks ago and was told they needed more time for shipment. :eyepoppin Really ?? Sorry, wasnt trying to highjack your thread...Way to go on you're session . Look forward to the video !!
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    wtb float tube

    New to tubing. any ideas on an entry level tube for a big guy new to the sport..... A really big guy..Like Mostly fishing the bays and marinas'' Thanks for any info..
  11. bosshoss

    fishing ghost shrimp

    nicely done..........
  12. bosshoss

    Banging in the Big Bay

    I was using a little surf set up of all things A Cabelas graphite house rod.( cheapy ).... Rated for 4 -10 lb test , 7'6" fast action. 8 lb. Mono, and was throwing a 3" ribbed curlytail grub in a ghost shrimp pattern.. :2gunsfiring_v1:
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    January Bassin' Recap *Lots of Pictures*

    Nice job in the Big Bay....Save some for the old
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    Banging in the Big Bay

    Fished the bay friday with my fishing bud throwing jerk baits and curly tailed grubs from the rocks. Typical afternoon scratching spotties. 10 in all. And then the perverbial "Bam". New right away this was no spotty. Line peeling off the reel, big head shakes...Could this be? Buttoned down the...
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    3rd Grip surf rod holders

    X2 on the WFO Trek Pack. Great pack with 2 rod holders .
  16. bosshoss

    Got Bianca Hooked!

    Take her to mission beach.. Almost a perch on every cast today..
  17. bosshoss

    San Clemente Island Calicos **Video**

    You guys kick ass !!!! :2gunsfiring_v1:
  18. bosshoss

    Mission Bay Spotties + Video! 12/8/12

    Nice job Young Guns..........:2gunsfiring_v1:
  19. bosshoss

    San Diego Bay, Mission Bay HELP!

    3" chartruese curly tail grubs slay them in the big bay !!!!!
  20. bosshoss

    Scored Again!The Halibut fishing after the Halibut Classic

    Someday oh know the
  21. bosshoss

    SD Bay First Butt.

  22. bosshoss

    Bay Bass Fishing

    Check out Trex.....Giving on Thanksgiving eve. Thanks for giving !!
  23. bosshoss

    Paddleboard Spotties

    Nice sesh............
  24. bosshoss

    Steelers uniforms tonight?

    :2gunsfiring_v1:Beejamas !!!!
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    Yup, Jeff Gordon was the winner... :2gunsfiring_v1: Hey Tom, nice Cat...
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    Pee uuu
  27. bosshoss

    Old Reel

    Thanks Tunanorth for the info......Much appreciated !!
  28. bosshoss

    Finally, after 46 years!

    I quit smoking 18 months ago and have to tell you , that the only time I feel like I want a smoke is when Im fishing....Go figure....But its all good . Stop smoking = more days to fish.. Great trade off !!! For all those who have quit or are in the process of doing so , Congratulations !!!!!!!
  29. bosshoss

    Old Reel

    Hey folks, I have an old mitchell garcia 387 spinning reel . Did some research, and it looks like it was manufactured about 1969. Its brand new. Never used. I couldnt find any info on its value in any of the normal places. Ebay, Craigslist, etc..Any info on this reel would be great..Seems like...
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    Phenix UMBX for my grandfather

    Man, thats bad ass!!! :2gunsfiring_v1:
  31. bosshoss

    San Diego shore fishing in December?

    3 " gulp grubs in chartruese.......slay's them in the big bay.....:2gunsfiring_v1:
  32. bosshoss

    Wouldn't this be cool!!!

    Pretty slick.....:waglleybooty:
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    carp skin surf rod

    :2gunsfiring_v1:Fish Killer :2gunsfiring_v1:
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    Live Bait in the Bays

    Flash minnows in the surf for butts.............:2gunsfiring_v1:
  35. bosshoss

    San Diego Surf Report 11.10.2012

  36. bosshoss

    what set up for sur fishing?

    C-RIG gulp sandworms or sand crabs and you'll do fine..Easy , fun fishing !!
  37. bosshoss

    Live Bait in the Bays

    Just go behind the Bahia hotel off W. Mission Bay Drive at low tide..Caught them on friday and fished them on sat. They were still nice and lively.. Good spot...No dog
  38. bosshoss

    ID This Fish???

    All I know is, I sent her out with a pink salmon and she came home with a red snapper.... :rofl:
  39. bosshoss

    Storming The Beach

    :D Frickin bitchin !!!
  40. bosshoss

    Live Bait in the Bays

    Fished Ghost shrimp in the big bay last weekend for all the croakers a person could want..
  41. bosshoss

    Thresher from the beach?

    Sweet...Love beach fishing...
  42. bosshoss


    Check out you tube..There are some videos regarding" wind on leaders " . Hope this helps.....
  43. bosshoss

    Huntington harbor fishing

    3 " curly tail grubs in chartruese in san diegos big bay , slay em !!!
  44. bosshoss

    IT'S F'ING HOT !!!

    Im with ya saluki.....
  45. bosshoss

    IT'S F'ING HOT !!!

    and he says that with a swimming pool in his yard ?......
  46. bosshoss

    SUP fishing

    Sweet sesh........
  47. bosshoss

    Newport Beach Perch

  48. bosshoss

    Search for the ERIK, Remains discovered.

    May the Lord Bless all of you for what you do !!
  49. bosshoss

    surf fishing

    X2 on the 2nd zip lock...
  50. bosshoss

    411 on SQUID BAIT BOAT

    Man, Im gettin some popcorn..this is getting frickin good !!!!!!
  51. bosshoss

    sandiego bay help

    Try 2-3" chartruese grubs over the eel grass beds.....good luck
  52. bosshoss

    How it started

  53. bosshoss

    Funny stuff

  54. bosshoss

    I love Mosquitos

    Hope to do that well this weekend....Good job!!
  55. bosshoss

    Point Loma 10/13

    Nice Flatties.................
  56. bosshoss

    Fishing for butts in the surf

    Wow, that dude is hooked on LC'
  57. bosshoss

    Lost LC's

    Awesome !!
  58. bosshoss

    Lost LC's

    Thats a great story.. Got to thank the fishing Gods
  59. bosshoss

    Lost LC's

    Have to tell you guys a cool story, I fished Mission Beach yesterday. While walking to my spot I watch this guy casting a LC into the surf when all of a sudden " Snap" , yes the dredded snap caused from forgetting to open bail before casting. There went his LC. Trying to comfort him, I told him...
  60. bosshoss

    in the harbor

    Right on Johnny... Fish on !!!!
  61. bosshoss

    in the harbor

    alex.....thanks for your spin on this little entanglement i seem to have gotten myself into. i appreciate the insight and light heartedness...i never intended to have my word questioned...pisses me off, which you seem to have picked up on .lol. ok , figured out how to post a few images ( porn...
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    in the harbor

    pics from last saturday......san diego bay....
  63. bosshoss

    in the harbor

    johnny, see thats the difference betwen me and you. you imply my word is no good without even knowing me. very shallow...its ok though, because using your words " it's just who you are"..........maybe instead of accusing people you could share how to post pics......
  64. bosshoss

    in the harbor

    hey johnny, you call b.s. ? who the hell are you ? in the shallow end must suck !!!!
  65. bosshoss

    in the harbor

    Hello everyone, long time reader, 1st time poster. Fished San Diego bay last sat. from the Midway clear down to back bay. Usuall drifts throwing plastics. Spottties were on the chew...23 spots and 1 lizard fish.. Good friends and tight lines...Epic!!
  66. bosshoss

    In the harbor

    lj....local 127...21 years now. 3 to go to retirement. its all good......was a truck driver myself for awhile. dump i just load
  67. bosshoss

    In the harbor

    we were on the water about 7 am and off at about 2pm.. and thanks to everyone for the welcomes........
  68. bosshoss

    In the harbor

    Hello everyone, long time reader, 1st time poster. Fished San Diego bay yesterday from the Midway clear down to back bay. Usuall drifts throwing plastics. Spottties were on the chew...23 spots and 1 lizard fish.. Good friends and tight lines...Epic!!
  69. bosshoss

    how big is my fuel tank.....

    Thankx again , full timer...............
  70. bosshoss

    how big is my fuel tank.....

    Thankx full timer.......................
  71. bosshoss

    how big is my fuel tank.....

    Well , Im sure we have access thru the deck as there are no entry ports or such on the bottom of hull. Guess the indoor outdoor carpet that is glued to the deck is going for a little ride! Great idea! Good place to start. Thankx alot.......... bosshoss
  72. bosshoss

    how big is my fuel tank.....

    Im looking for some help finding a owners manual for a 1974 searay cuddy cruiser, 22ft. with a 351 v8 engine and a merc outdrive. Ive contacted searay 4 times now , and have yet to speak to anyone let alone get a lead on a manual. All Im trying to find out is how big the fuel tank is. Any help...