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  1. jkvshooter

    WTB WTB Fujinon Technical's-stabi 14X40

    WTB Fujinon Technical's-stabi 14X40 Thanks
  2. jkvshooter

    Reel servicing?

    Anybody on Oahu service AVET reels? mahalos, Justin
  3. jkvshooter

    WTB WTB Talica 25

    Looking for a Talica 25, lemme know what you got Thanks
  4. jkvshooter

    WTB WTB poppers and stickbaits

    Looking for some extra jigs for a trip. Let me know. Thanks
  5. jkvshooter

    TRADE WTT Talica 16ii (bribers) for Talica 25

    Just throwing it out here: I have a brand new Talica 16ii and I really wanted the bigger one, Talica 25. Willing to put up cash with trade. Aloha, Justin
  6. jkvshooter

    North Shore Storm Surge

    Pretty unreal conditions up here today. Just wanna offer help to anybody that needs it. Be safe! Aloha, Justin Shoot me a PM