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  1. mueller77

    WTB OG Newell P332

    Hey fellas.. looking for an OG P332 Let me know what ya got Hit me up here or txt Brian @ 6198292815 Thanks
  2. mueller77

    WTB Old school Shimano TLD 10

    Looking for an old shimano TLD 10. let me know what ya go. Thanks
  3. mueller77

    For Sale Accurate Boss Fury’s for sale

    Up for grabs Black boss fury reels - all single speed. 500N $200 600NN $225 600N $225 PayPal and shipping is cool Have boxes for all three. If interested txt me at 6198292815. Thanks
  4. mueller77

    For Sale P-series Newell’s for sale

    I have up for sale 5 OG P-series Newell’s for sale 2 332’s $200 ea 1 322 $200 1 229 $175 1 220 $175 Prices are obo Will post pics later. Will ship on ur dime. Take all 5 for $850 Txt For quicker response 6198292815 Thanks guys Brian
  5. mueller77

    SOLD 5 Newell Reels

    Hello gang! I have 5 Newell’s for sale $500 for all 5 shipped anywhere in the states. All reels are in great shape and may just need some new drags on a couple of them. Fish ready! Txt to 6198292815 if interested. Thanks for looking. Brian
  6. mueller77

    For Sale 2 speed Okuma Reels for sale

    Hi gang. Selling off the last of my reels. I have a New Makaira Sea 2 speed 15 spooled with 80lb Izor spectra - $450 I have 3 Andros 2 speed (silver models) 16ii - $350 (spooled with 100lb j braid) 12ii - $300 (spooled with 80lb j braid) 12iiN- $275 (spooled with 65lb izor) Take all 4 for...
  7. mueller77

    SOLD Custom Rods and reels for sale

    Trying to sell all of my gear as a set. 10 reels and 9 rods Progears and Daiwas Varmac and Calstar Rods $1200 for everything. Don’t want to separate. Work out of San Diego and live in Temecula. Txt me at 6198292815 if interested. Thanks for looking!
  8. mueller77

    WTB Shimano Trinidad 40TN (narrow special)

    Looking for a Trinidad 40 narrow special.. Brian 6198292815
  9. mueller77

    Calstar 540

    What up everyone.. Looking for a couple old school calstar 540's or sabre.. Blanks or wrapped.. Let me know what you have. Brian
  10. mueller77

    Calstar 540

    What up everyone.. Looking for a couple old school calstar 540's or sabre.. Blanks or wrapped.. Let me know what you have. Brian
  11. mueller77

    WTB rods

    Hello all.. Looking for some old school blanks for mid range bait.. Preferably Trulines.. Also looking for a couple 540's as well. Please let me know what u got. Thanks Brian
  12. mueller77

    Newell P series reels for sale or trade

    I have 4 p series Newell's and a 300 for sale. 220,229,332,338 and a nice 300 with all aluminum bars and base. Looking for 125 ea obo. Willing to trade for saltists or avets. Give me a call at 619-829-2815 for info. Prefer local pick up.
  13. mueller77

    Custom Cui's

    I have a couple of matching CUI's for sale. Cut down to a size 13 tip. Braced guides with cork tape handles. Black wraps with pearl stripe under wraps. Tiger wraps at the base. Very clean. Asking $200 ea or $360 for the pair. Call 6198292815 for inquiries. Looking for pick up or local...
  14. mueller77

    rods and reels

    got a few rods and reels to get rid of. RODS: up for grabs is a couple custom 10 ft 6 in CUI's for 175 each obo. i also have a couple calstar's for sale. one is a 900XL and the other is a 900L. 200 each obo. 900xl is sold i have a set of CUI's that i cut for specific line weights and jigs...
  15. mueller77

    Penn 6/0's

    I have two 6/0's for sale. Both have narrow tiburon frames (black) and are in great condition. Asking $100 a piece. If interested call 6198292816. Thanks.
  16. mueller77

    Baja specials and newells

    I have 2 Penn baja specials and 2 p-series 338 newells for sale. All are in great condition. Bajas are 140 each obo and the newells are 125 a piece. Get all 4 for $450! Pm me or call Brian at 619-829-2815. Thanks for looking!
  17. mueller77

    newell p series

    i am looking for an og newell 322 series.. if anyone has got one for sale let me know. 619-829-2815.. i am currently out to sea so call anytime after wednesday. thanks!
  18. mueller77

    newell bases

    i am looking for a couple of old school p-series 338 bases and clamps.. and a 332 if anyone has got one. i am local in san diego. give me a call at 619-829-2815. thanks
  19. mueller77

    cui blanks

    i am looking for some cui blanks.. preferably the 12 foot models uncut.
  20. mueller77

    gear for sale

    i have a super seeker "baby ulua" cut down to 9 and a 1/4. cork tape grip with black wraps and gold inlay over smoked pacbay guides(the braced kine).. $175obo newell og p-series 235. great condition! $100 daiwa shv 20 spooled with brand new 20lb big game.. $50 located in point loma near the...
  21. mueller77

    gear for sale

    I have a super seeker "baby ulua" cut down to 9 and a 1/4 wrapped all black with gold inlay over smoked pacbay braced guides, corktape grip.. $175 Original P-series 235.. $100 Daiwa SHV 20 spooled up with brand new 20lb big game.. $50 Penn 500 newelled out with aluminum bars, base and...
  22. mueller77

    Avet single speed

    I have a black avet jx single speed 6-1 gear ratio for sale or trade. loaded with 65lb spectra. looking for some jigsticks for trade. i have the box for it as well. i also have a seeker 100j cut down to 9 and 1/4 feet. fishes 40-60 lb. looking to get $240 for the jx and $100 for the rod. will...
  23. mueller77

    Black Avet MXJ

    looking for a black mxj for sale.
  24. mueller77

    Milwaukee Drill Press

    I have a Milwaukee electromagnetic drill press for sale or trade. It is in excellent condition and works perfect. Has two speeds and runs on standard 120v 60 hz outlets. It comes with various chucks and a magnetic safety guard. Looking to get $500 or best offer. values closer to $1500 so my...
  25. mueller77

    Custom rod and reel combo

    I have a custom seeker csj 100L wrapped with stainless pacbay guides. wraps are red with a black and gold inlay. handle is cork tape with a couple of turks heads. reel is a s-series 229-5 newell with a p-series handle filled with brand new 25lb izorline. used only a handle of times. i have...
  26. mueller77

    Power Rod Wrapper

    I am looking to buy a power rod wrapper. doesn't have to be new. just want a good functioning rod wrapper to get started on making my own fishing rods. any info would be appreciated as i am new to rod wrapping but i have always had a desire to learn. thanks.
  27. mueller77

    Custom Jig Stick

    I have a Super Seeker L-M-9 model jigstick for sale. corktape handle and bnlg guides with double maroon wraps. excellent condition. asking $150. give me a call at 619-829-2815 if ya are interested. i am located in Point loma across the street from the landings so pick up is preferred or i can...
  28. mueller77

    custom rods for sale

    I have a couple of custom rods for sale... one is a Super Seeker L-M-9 model with a corktape handle, green turks head, and double wrapped bnlg heavy guides. it's a great 30-40lb jig stick. its in excellent condition and cost $300 brand new. looking to get $150 obo for it. number 2 is a...
  29. mueller77

    Custom super seeker and truline

    i have for sale a super seeker L-M-9 and a truline 20# stick. not sure about the model number on the truline but its 7 ft and i would rate it as a great 12-25 lb rod. colors are maroon double wrap and a corktape handle with a green turks head on the L-M-9 with BNLG heavy's on it and a blue and...
  30. mueller77

    cool toys

    this is one of the cool toys that i get to play with at work everyday.. thought you might enjoy it.