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    Three for Three

    Great job

    Soft Head 9-8-13

    Great job Pat.

    Fishing solo, good, bad and Ahi

    Nice solo work.

    Fishing solo, good, bad and Ahi

    Nice solo work

    Double Marlin

    Nice job guys.

    Big Island Ika Shibi

    Jita, What a night. Makos make for some great eating, a little payback for all the taxes you had to pay. Way to hang tough and stay safe.

    Waianae 8-3-2013

    Nice job with that beauty.

    7-22-13 Attitude is everything!!!

    Pat and the Captain, Sorry to hear about the missed fish. You two are a great fishing team and will make up for the lost fish in short order. v/r Joe

    Westside Action

    Well done, you'll get another shot at the pig.

    Tuna 1-1/8

    Great job

    First Ahi on my new sled, 30' Knife

    Way to christen your new sled. Great looking fish.

    Great Day!

    Jeff and Lance, Great job epic day for sure. v/r Joe

    Tuna Report Haleiwa FINALLY 6-30-13

    Last few weeks have been hard on the soul. All the great Ahi being caught while the boat was down for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, busy flight schedule, and a nasty staff infection in the arm. Boat is ready and running like a dream and the flight surgeon gives me the thumbs things are...

    First Ahi Ever!

    Great job to you and the crew.

    Waianae 22 June

    Awesome job Chuck and Jeron.

    35' Carolina Classic 2007

    Paul, Great looking sled. Good luck with the sale.

    Shipping from mainland

    Used Pasha with no issues. Sorry no info on the fuel barge option.

    Double trouble


    6-7-13 In to the backing.

    Great job Pat and crew. Good Karma for sure.

    Mahi report late 5/22

    Nice job Dave

    Hawaiianmarine 26 ahi killa

    Looks fantastic. Bloood red will go well with the color scheme. v/r Joe

    scary moment

    Jimmy, glad you're ok brother.

    Great Day off Haleiwa

    Thanks brother, even the blind squirrel finds the floater once in awhile. v/r Joe

    Great Day off Haleiwa

    Thanks Russ, hoping this will be a good summer. Need to make up for the Ahi seasons spent in lovely Afghanistan.

    New beginning's

    Nice Ahi Brian, great way to breakin the new sled.

    Great Day off Haleiwa

    Thanks Mike, when are you headed back this way?

    Great Day off Haleiwa

    Thanks K Thanks Darren it was bloody day. Thanks Kekoa Thanks Mike, that we did. Thanks James Justin, Can't beat it when it happens. Makes for some crazy action in the cockpit.

    Great Day off Haleiwa

    Thanks Sab, the boss will be getting some fresh fish for sure. Thanks Jeff Thanks Pat. Glad it paid off staying close to home, still need to work on the Opelu catching before the Ahi show up in numbers. Have the right plastic but nothing beats having a dozen of those in the livewell...

    Great Day off Haleiwa

    Don, Steve is a great guy lucky to have him as a friend. I believe he may be hooked on fishing now and Myra will want to kill me. v/r Joe

    Great Day off Haleiwa

    With Saturday being a little league double header and Sunday being Mother's Day didnt think fishing was going to happen this weekend:shithappens: Struck gold when the boss let me and a couple of my pilots take the day off:). Calvin, Matt and Steve met me at 0500 and we head out to catch some...

    Kaneohe - May 5

    Awesome job v/r Joe

    4-28 shake down.

    Pat, Boat looks great, looking forward to seeing you and the admiral on the water. v/r Joe

    ate Reports Slow but Steady

    Pat, I run at least 1 cedar plug or a chain of them on every trip. They catch fish. On a trip last month 2 of the 3 shibi and 1 of the 3 mahi took a plug. Looking forward to heading to your side and Lookng for the porpoise piles and hopefully an ahi or 2:))

    ate Reports Slow but Steady

    Busy month with all the Changes of Command and Farewells. The brigade is entering the summer change of personnel season and I was lucky enough to take a few of the guys out before they left the islands. The Mahi was caught at the II on a 7" mirror head in light blue and pearl skirts was able to...

    First trip to the banks!!

    Nice job

    Mr. Mele

    Sad to hear. Rest in peace Mr. Mele, you will be missed by many.

    Certainly not catchin'. 3/15&17

    Pat, I have no reservations saying you'll be in the fish sooner rather than later. Good luck on your next trip. The 00 is getting her bottom painted this week, need to paint some opelu and porpoise on the bottom:))

    WTB: Pair 30's

    Have a pair of Okuma 30W 2 speeds loaded with new Momoi high viz yellow 50lb line, on 6' saltstriker 30-60 class straight butt rods.

    late report 3/10/13

    Great day, nice job on the fish. vr Joe

    Late Report 8MAR13

    Friday was the day on the calendar I had been waiting on for the last 3 weeks. Weather good, honey-do's complete, boat running great and no little League coaching duties, called a few friends and set it up. Left Haleiwa at 6 headed to the cages to catch some bait, no luck (my #'s were off and by...

    Spring Cleaning Sale CB/LINE/COMBOs/RODS

    Selling some of my gear that I haven't or don't use anymore (keeping a promise I made to my better half:appl:). Wanted my Hawaii BD Ohana to have a crack at it first. Searched online and I have the items priced right, local pickup and cash preferred. Will post on Craigslist later tommorow. Feel...

    Back in Paradise

    Thanks Thanks brother I'll try my best, thanks Appreciate it No Hero but appreciate your thanks. Time to update the arsenal, I've follwed the success of your gear from Afghanistan and have some deployment money set aside:))) No worries appreciate the thought. Kurt you got it, lil Joe...

    Back in Paradise

    Just got back from my all expense paid vacation in Afghanistan, great to be home with family and friends. Water was a little rough up on the NS this morning so we attacked the years worth of red dirt on the boat before the football game. The pressue washer made the job a whole lot easier. Have a...

    New Years Sash!

    Epic day, well done

    Monkey off The Back

    Great job guys.

    Happy Thanksgiving from the Stan

    Happy Thanksgiving from Afghanistan. Leave a few fish, me and the boys are counting the days (47) until we are back in paradise and on the water. Tight lines and stay safe. v/r Joe

    101612 from bad to good...

    Pat, You and Nerlie are the Ahi standard setters. Great job, see you guys in January. v/r Joe

    Haleiwa 30 September

    Chuck, Congrats on the retirement and the fish. Great day on the water from start to finish for sure. Heard the weather has been pretty decent up on the NS and the shibi look like they are still around. Looking forward to getting back home and enjoying the family and the boat again. v/r Joe

    Lucky Fakas....


    Fishing was good.....Finally

    Nice catch

    Wife's Fishing Day

    Nice job.

    Little green boat racking um up!

    Brian and Crew, Simply awesome, well done. I'll be home in a few days I hope they are still lurking out there. v/r Joe

    CONTENDER 36 FISH AROUND enough boat?

    Scott, I would look into shipping with Pasha. Had mine hauled from Florida to CA and Pasha hauled it over here. Customer service was great and I saved 35% over Matson. I run a 28 Pursuit Offshore out of Haleiwa and it handles well. You will get wet unless you have the canvas but its not bad...

    Kimi-Some otaru

    Great trip, good job. v/r Joe

    081112 Lucky-Lucky!

    Pat, Great job on those fish. Your Kung Fu is strong. v/r Joe

    Lucky Day! Aug. 2, 2012

    Steve and crew, Great job on a nice fish. v/r Joe

    Waianae 8/5/12

    Nice job guys.

    Headed Home for R&R

    Joe I'm in KAF working as the Senior Instructor Pilot with the 25th CAB. 0793157091 give me a ring before you head out. Small world brother:)) v/r Joe

    Headed Home for R&R

    Pat, As always the gentleman thanks for the offer. Kathy and the rest of the clan have plenty planned but she left a couple of days open for me to get my fix. v/r Joe

    Headed Home for R&R

    Well it's official there are NO gamefish to be found in southern Afghanistan. Been enjoying all the posts during the deloyment our Hawaii Fishing forum is one of the best out there. Headed back for a couple of weeks at the end of August. Feel free to leave a few fish out there for me and the...

    Summer Fun in Waianae

    Congrats on an epic summer of fishing. v/r Joe


    Awesome guys.

    Waianae 6/30/12

    Awesome fish and a great tale to boot. v/r Joe

    Late Report...First Ahi on the Malia

    Great job on your first AHI. V/r Joe

    Waianae boat ride...but not much else

    Tough day, good hunting on your next trip. Put your time in and lines, it'll pay off. v/r Joe

    Short Trip 6/25/12

    Awesome v/r Joe

    New to forum, AHI FERVER team178

    Marcus, Awesome action and video. Way to get your Ahi Fever on. v/r Joe

    Bloody Deck Ahi Fever

    Kawika, Concrats on the nice fish. vr Joe

    Wheels/Tires , Batteries, Strap

    Scott, Congrats on the baby. Still in the Stan, but if have anything else you need to sell drop me a PM. v/r Joe

    Blackman Fish Machine 20' Center Console

    What weight is the boat and does the trailer come with it? v/r Joe

    Waianae - 6/13/22012 Mercy bite!

    Nice catch. v/r Joe


    Pat, Great job on the fish. Another Ahi in the boat, amazing. Keep it up, enjoying all the posts from the Hawaii BD'ers. Tight Lines Brother, see you guys next JSeptember and then for good in January. v/r Joe

    Recent Catch Updates

    Great looking catch v/r Joe

    Happy Easter

    Not much to report from Afghanistan, haven't found the fish yet. Just wanted to wish all you guys a Happy Easter. V/R Joe

    Kaneohe 4/1

    Awesome catch.

    Kaneohe Report... 3/31...

    Scott, Glad you got back safe brother. What are you doing to the sled? How has the spring fishing been? I'll be back next January from the Stan, looking forward to getting the boat off the hard. v/r Joe

    5ft GAFF

    Glenn, The gaffs look great. I'll be looking to grab one when I get back from Afghanistan in January. v/r Joe


    Great catch. This is what they mean when they say "Better late than never". CPT Don your ability to put fish in the Kimi Ann is legendary, I'm going to have to bring the sled around the corner once in awhile when I get back from Afghanistan.

    First Blue Marlin

    Great job on your first Marlin. The story was a great read. v/r Joe


    CPT Don, Once again great job. Your short trips fall into my epic day on the water. I'm checking the site at least once a week while Im over in Afghan, keeps me motivated to get back next Jan and do some catching myself. v/r Joe

    Kona Grander - Linda Sue III

    Awesome catch, what a beast.

    Aloha from Afghanistan

    Eric, Concrats on the boat and getting yourself back home. 4 strokes would be the way to go but you would have to run the boat a loooong time to come close to recouping the investment. Nice thing about fishing the islands is you dont need to run hard like the Kingfish Tourney guys. Get the...

    Found net, lost all my ice

    Awesome catch brothers. v/r Joe


    Pat, Great solo catch once again. Makes for some good reading over here in the Stan. Keep it up. v/r Joe


    Chris, Good luck with selling your stuff and move to K-Bay. Joe

    Thanks for Everything and have a Great 2012

    I wanted to thank the Hawaii BD'ers for all the posts and more importantly all the advise given over the years:urno1: (my buds on the east coast say that our forum is one of the best). Just finished putting the boat up on the hard in preperation for the my year trip to Afghanistan starting this...

    When the stars align...

    Pat and Robert, Awesome catch. Gonna head out tommorow and tuesday then the boat gets prepped for my extended Afghan vacation. You and the admiral have a great 2012 and leave a few cows for my return next January. Joe

    AHI 12-30-11

    Great job Jimmy and crew. Have a great 2012. joe

    another 2011 buoy battle

    Justin and Crew, Way to close out the year, awesome catch. v/r Joe

    Anyone ever see one like this

    Great looking lure.

    KANEOHE 12/06

    Cpt Don and crew, You guys are all that and more. Great job. Let me know if you need someone for a round 3. Joe

    Great day fishing

    Very nice.

    Following the Kaneohe Rainbow 12/7

    Freakin awesome.

    Jetski run off North Shore 12/04/11

    Nice job on the Mahis. They'll be plenty of oppurtunity for payback on your marlin. Thats gotta be fun/challenge to get the fish to gaff. Less than 7 gallons would be a trip to the Waiamea Bouy (NICE). v/r Joe

    North Shore Mahi

    Nelz, I apologize for the cutoff (my fault for sure). I have a couple of guys from work that ski fish, they put the flags up to make it easier to keep track of each other while they are fishing seems like a good idea (not mandatory missed the point). Tight lines and stay safe brother. v/r Joe

    North Shore Mahi

    Thanks Mike. When are headed back this way? I'm headed out next month for my bi annual paid vacation to the beautiful red desert area.:2gunsfiring_v1: v/r Joe

    North Shore Mahi

    Bill, No complaining just an observation :). I was suprised we didn't pickup a Shibi out there also, looks like they were over on the East side. Hope to see you guys out there again. Tight lines and stay safe. v/r Joe

    North Shore Mahi

    Thanks brian. Thanks CPT Don, we are still looking for a day like you all had before I head out for Afghan. Might have to bring the sled around the corner this month. v/r Joe Pat, Figured we would get them confused with choices and take advantage of thier glutoneous personalities (they...

    Triple otaru on Gaji's

    Nice catch.
  100. JROLAND

    North Shore Mahi

    Finally got a day off and the weather to align and decided to take advantage. Left the harbor at 0600 grabbed some opelu at the bouy and be lined it for the II. Got there and 3 boats and a jetski were already working it:hali_parkutuli:, was bummed but lined up the spread and did the drive by...
  101. JROLAND


    Robert and Pat, Great job on the blue. v/r Joe
  102. JROLAND

    Is it just me?

    X2 on chartering a quality boat. I learned more from the local charter captains when I first arrived on island then any other source (catching bait, lure position, types lures, water and bird types to look for). Well worth every dollar spent and it has made me a better fisherman running my own...
  103. JROLAND

    Is it just me?

    Brian, Here are a couple of sites that talk about lure position and the why behind it. Hope it helps.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> v/r Joe
  104. JROLAND

    Opelu Net (bag or hoop net)

    Do you guys just scoop net them at the surface, have you tried a cast net? Been getting mine with the Sabiki but when I was living in Florida we would use the 8-10' cast net for the bait. v/r Joe
  105. JROLAND

    late marlin report!

    Brian and Crew, Great job with a pissed off and stubborn fish, gotta love it when they go crazy up close. I second loving the Shimano (drags are awesome). The Tsutomu 9" blue bullet has been the fish slayer this year, I need to grab one before my next trip. v/r Joe
  106. JROLAND

    Late Report North Shore 10-30-11

    Thanks, it's nice getting home in time to cook what you caught and catch some of the games. v/r Joe Pat, the cedars have worked good this year, I've got the harness all ready to go just need a gorilla like yours to test it out. Had an old fish head lure from Florida and it seemed to do the...
  107. JROLAND

    Is it just me?

    David, Speed will depend on the type of lures you are dragging and the water conditions you put them in. Most of mine are designed to mimic a fleeing bait and are supposed to track and smoke underwater. come up grab some air and head back down. For the chuggers slants heads, pushers etc they...
  108. JROLAND

    Late Report North Shore 10-30-11

    Sorry for the late report, I had to head out to Colorado Monday and check in on my Apache Pilots. Should have stayed here; (17 degrees and lots of snow in Colorado Springs). Left Haliewa harbor at 0500 grabbed some Opelu and made a beeline for the II (looked like it was going to get snotty...
  109. JROLAND

    103011 Halalu and beyong...

    Pat and Nerlie, Great job on the AHI, I should have headed your way Sunday. We did good with 5 Mahi and 1 Shibi (would have traded them all for one of your gorillas). Back from the snow and 17 degree weather and hope to be out this weekend. Caught one of the Mahi on a 9" blue fishhead lure...
  110. JROLAND


    Pat and Admiral Nerlie, Great job with the AHI, you gotta love it when they hit it like that. Hope to be over on your side this week. Seeimg a trend with the fish head lures this year. v/r Joe
  111. JROLAND


    Nice sized cow caught on a sweet looking homemade lure, pretty sweet day. Great job. v/r Joe
  112. JROLAND

    Two Blue Day

    Epic morning for sure.
  113. JROLAND


    Awesome looking rig. v/r joe
  114. JROLAND


    Sweet looking rig.
  115. JROLAND


    Great video, way to go on the release. v/r joe
  116. JROLAND

    Mahi Molokai 10-10

    Great fish. v/r Joe
  117. JROLAND

    waianae still get fish!

    That smile is worth it all. Great job.
  118. JROLAND

    trip over to Molokai

    Great videos. Way to go on the mixed bag.
  119. JROLAND

    NS Mahi

    Pat, Thanks. We're headed out right after the New Year. Heard about your side but didn't want to put my friend through the uphill ride back although he took a beating none the less at the X. I'm going to try and head out again this weekend, I have a seasoned crew going, so if it looks good...
  120. JROLAND

    NS Mahi

    Friday headout at 0500 grab bait then off to the II nothing happening so head up hill to the X find the mahi grab 2 and its getting rough so we head back in. Left a bunch out there and the foxy lady picked up 15 on Saturday. Friend felt bad that we had to call it early, he has a nice bruise from...
  121. JROLAND

    Kona Tombo Ahi RUSH!!

    Insane, handlinging a 170# Ahi. Awesome job with those fish. Need to move my aviation unit to Kona Airport. Flight Route Horizontal View/r Joe
  122. JROLAND

    Kaneohe Marlin

    Scott, Nice fish and great video. Might have to ask Santa for a Go-Pro this year. v/r Joe
  123. JROLAND

    Welcome to HI:

    CJ great job. Its something they will never forget and always appreciate. True Aloha spirit. v/r Joe
  124. JROLAND

    Ahi Triples!

    Very nice indeed. We've been catching their very little brothers and sisters on the northside. v/r Joe
  125. JROLAND

    local help

    You can't go wrong with the foxy lady crew out of Haleiwa. Jessie has good crews and boats. If you can't get a reservation drop me a pm I fish up there when work doesn't get in the way. V/r joe
  126. JROLAND

    Solo NS Fishing Trip

    Thanks Mike. Putting in the time and listening to the locals is increasing my odds. Boat is running great and I just recieved an early XMAS gift from my friend Calvin (The Big Aussie Box) fits perfectly on the transom. Get back here and we'll take her out. What are you up to? v/r Joe
  127. JROLAND

    Big money!!!

    Great catch brother.
  128. JROLAND

    9/19 report

    Darren, Nice looking mahi, I'd be pissed too if I had a 10/0 hook embedded in my eye and knew I was headed for the dinner table. Your ono was hooked solid too bad about the tax man. v/r Joe
  129. JROLAND

    Waianae 9/18

    Good going Glen
  130. JROLAND

    my first marlin

    Nice job. Hopefully many more in your future. v/r joe
  131. JROLAND

    Blue Marlin On Maggie Joe

    Nice video. Might have to ask Santa for one this Christmas.
  132. JROLAND

    NS Bull and Cow

    Last day of leave. Decided to get one more trip in before heading back to work. Left Haleiwa at 0500 picked up some bait then straight out to the II bouy. Picked these two up and then headed into the ledge. Had a nice knock down headed in (green/blk Wide Range) but it didn't stick. Trolled the...
  133. JROLAND

    Large aku' around

    Now thats alot of Aku.
  134. JROLAND

    late report 9/12 ahi

    Way to go Darren. Nice fish.
  135. JROLAND

    Last minute solo trip

    Great job Russ.
  136. JROLAND

    September 14, 2011 Lahaina Harbor, Maui, Hawaii

    Some nice bulls and ono's. Good going.
  137. JROLAND

    More Westside Marlin

    Great looking Marlin. That is BS on the cutoff, glad I haven't run into that up here. Even when we are all working the shark bouy for bait everyone falls into line. v/r Joe
  138. JROLAND

    Solo NS Fishing Trip

    Thanks Brandon, its hit or miss for sure with any of the 3 bouys. Last week it was the X for the charters and for us it was the J.
  139. JROLAND

    Solo NS Fishing Trip

    Thanks Chuck.
  140. JROLAND

    Solo NS Fishing Trip

    First I have to thank Pat for getting me into the porpoise pile yesterday. We tried everything and did see a few guys pickup some fish but it didn't pan out, maybe the westside Ahi no like the NS opelu LOL. Today another story. Departed at 0500 hit the shark bouy and pickup some bait and head...
  141. JROLAND


    One for the history books. Great job.
  142. JROLAND

    NS Mahi

    Finally back from Colorado training our young pilots on mountain flying before our upcoming trip to Afghanistan. Have missed the hot bites while away and was looking forward to getting the boat wet and putting some blood on the deck. Headed out at 0530, started at the X and worked our way down...
  143. JROLAND

    What Coulda Been

    Aha is the correct local name, also known as Houndfish, Needlefish and Crocodile Needlefish. I'm just glad he wasn't headed into the back of the boat. Fun to catch on light tackle though.
  144. JROLAND

    What Coulda Been

    Kids wanted to fish before they went back to camp and 2 a day football practices, mom wanted a little no kid time and I'm on leave for another week; so off we went. Oldest son bets me a weeks worth of doing his homework we wouldn't catch a tuna :smash:(so negative). Grabbed my buddy Calvin and...
  145. JROLAND

    Ahi with video! 6/29/11!!

    Freakin awesome brother.
  146. JROLAND

    Adventures on a tiny green boat

    Kick A$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ brothers. v/r Joe
  147. JROLAND

    Waianae 6-23-11

    Great job with the AHI and pics. Thats one Bloody Deck. v/r joe
  148. JROLAND

    Waianae 25 June

    Good job Chuck. v/r Joe
  149. JROLAND

    1150+ Blue Out of Heeia

    Simply AWESOME
  150. JROLAND

    240 lb. Bigeye

    Very nice CPT Lee.
  151. JROLAND

    Ahi fever 2011

    Pat, Saw Kai Nana pop up a few times on the website. 3rd biggest Marlin 1st day and a few AHI on Sunday nice job brother. v/r Joe
  152. JROLAND

    Da Reel Man hooked me up

    Mike, Did your AVETs have a problem or the others in your arsenal? I'm going o call him for this years annual service. v/r Joe
  153. JROLAND

    outriggers for sale

    I'll take one rigger if your'e willing.
  154. JROLAND

    Just moved to Oahu with 34 ft boat....looking for advice/suggestions?

    Welcome Christian, what unit are you with? I'm serving as the 25th CAB SP. 34 Parker is one nice boat, are you trailering it or wanting to leave in a slip? Ko olina would work out for you or the ramps at Waianae are first rate. Living in Waialua I put my sled in at Haliewa Harbor. v/r Joe
  155. JROLAND

    Mine dat is!

    Scott, Great job on the Mahi. Garretts lures are worth a spin in any spread. v/r Joe
  156. JROLAND

    Waianae - 06/08/2011

    Great report. Your son will not soon forget that day. That's what it's all about, quality time with the kids doing something you both enjoy. v/r Joe
  157. JROLAND

    Waianae 5/3/11

    Awesome pig. v/r Joe
  158. JROLAND

    Got a new ride

    Great looking sled. v/r Joe
  159. JROLAND

    Shakin' it up on the shake down

    Pat, Kick A$$ my man, a 50+Ono on the way into the yard and a 100+Ahi on the way out. Your Mojo and Karma are strong. I'll be over in Afghan thru the 6th of June doing a predeployment site survey leave a few fish for us mere mortals on the North Shore. v/r Joe
  160. JROLAND

    5-2-11 - Tax Collection Day

    Mike, Great pictures brother. v/r Joe
  161. JROLAND

    Haleiwa 5-14

    Brad, Great job on the fish, it looked real nice out there on Saturday. V/r joe
  162. JROLAND

    Lahaina Harbor Marlin Report

    Johnny, A lifetime fish and a story for your charter, way to go. She's a beaut. v/r Joe
  163. JROLAND

    Kaena ledge ono

    Great job on the fish and better job getting home safe. v/r Joe
  164. JROLAND

    Portable Fighting Chair (Kapolei)

    Dave, Does the chair swivel or is it fixed? Interested. v/r Joe 808 542-9567
  165. JROLAND

    2-May-11 North Shore

    Chuck, Thanks again for all the tips. I'll be looking for you when I'm on the westside. v/r Joe
  166. JROLAND

    Got my little sled back

  167. JROLAND

    2-May-11 North Shore

    Chuck, Thanks for the tips. Looking forward to trying out a vertical spread. Are you using a z-wing and if so what size 250 or 500? Fishing 50-100'? v/r Joe
  168. JROLAND

    Frigid-Rigid Ice Chest (430 Qt)

    Mike, Any idea how much they weigh. v/r Joe
  169. JROLAND

    WTB Center Rigger

    Looking to pickup a 8-12' center rigger for the boat. v/r Joe
  170. JROLAND

    2-May-11 North Shore

    Thanks Pat
  171. JROLAND

    Waianae May 1

    Sean Nice job on the Marlin.
  172. JROLAND

    2-May-11 North Shore

    Jonny, Thanks starting to get her dialed in. I just need to dial in my ability to make bait. v/r Joe
  173. JROLAND

    2-May-11 North Shore

    Pat, Monday was 4-5' not bad at all. Headed up hill early as it was around 3' started getting sloppy around 2. This weekend looks like a big sea and alot of wind which works out as the kids have games all weekend. I'll be keeping an eye out for the big Blackfin. Have you ever tried a downrigger...
  174. JROLAND

    2-May-11 North Shore

    Headed out at 0600 Monday with Calvin and Freddy, stopped by the bait bouy no love:imdumb:once again. Set up the Ono spread headed up the ledge no luck turned out to the J say some nice bird piles and picked up 2 AKU on a 4" pink tube lure Freddy brought along. Moved off to the X along the 1000...
  175. JROLAND

    Dos de Mayo...

    Nice job Pat and Nerlie, looks like you two and the boat are ready.
  176. JROLAND

    waianae 4/26

    Spencer and the Crew, Great catch and that's one nice ONO.
  177. JROLAND

    What fish are eating/ Stomach contents

    Last trip (2weeks ago) the Mahi all had 2-3" squid in thier stomachs. v/r joe
  178. JROLAND

    Kaneohe side... 4/22

    Scott, Great write-up and even better day on the water. Good going on the 7 banger with a novice crew. Have a great Easter. Joe
  179. JROLAND

    Hi Kai - 4/20/11

    Russ, 2 fish better than no fish. Good job on the catch and you were only at it for a half day (not bad). Happy Easter. Joe
  180. JROLAND

    Wicked Late Report 4-15-11

    Sorry for the delay, just back from a Nashville meeting with my fellow Army Pilots. By the way grits are actually pretty freakin good. Left early Friday with the NS looking like a summer day on the westside:2gunsfiring_v1:, hit the II no love headed deep offshore found some aku piles but kept...
  181. JROLAND

    Haleiwa 4-17-11

    Brad, Nice catch with plenty of action. The boys and I could see you working the ledge while we were out Taco hunting. It was good meeting you and the family at the ramp on friday. Hope to be back from Nashville on Thursday and do a little fishing this weekend.
  182. JROLAND

    da aku killa eastside 4/17/11

    Great catch and even better recipe. Thanks for the post. v/r Joe
  183. JROLAND


    CPT Don, Quite the host on a short trip. You guys are insane, for us mortals we call it fishing; you and Stoney can start just saying you're going Catching. Great job. v/r joe
  184. JROLAND

    4-4-11 Nerlie and me...

    Pat and Nerlie, Great job on the fish. Kathy asked if you talking about 2:30pm?
  185. JROLAND

    North Shore 3-28-11

    Mike, Nice to hear from you, hows it going back in CONUS?
  186. JROLAND

    North Shore 3-28-11

    We left Haleiwa at 0600 and headed to the cages to catch some bait. No luck with the opelu (still a rookie when it comes to catching these buggars), we could see them deep on the finder but no takers. The weather was sporty offshore but the boys wanted to put in some time on the water so we...
  187. JROLAND

    Refit Final Week

    Pat, I was finally able to get in and get everything up to speed. Started with the Crusaders (new water, fuel pumps, carbs, hoses, zincs, boiled out the heat exchangers etc). All boat hoses and clamps replaced. Installed BEP 3 battery system all new wiring and batteries. Moved to the cockpit...
  188. JROLAND

    Refit Final Week

    Mike no problem my brother.
  189. JROLAND

    Refit Final Week

    The final week of the 007 (sson to be called W00 WHO) is here. Of course the Army has other plans for that day (2 weeks of training my young pilots how to fly and fight in Afghanistan) on the Big Island.The refit took longer than expected (rookie mistake) but she's in a place where I can keep...
  190. JROLAND

    Late post 2/20 Eastside donkey!

    Great story with an awesome catch.
  191. JROLAND


    Pat, Nice job on the billfish once again. Will be back from flying in Colorado next month, leave a few for us mere mortals. v/r Joe
  192. JROLAND

    feb 4 2011

    Great job. Gotta love when the kids are there for the good catch days. Its a win-win, wife gets a dayoff from the 3 amigos and the 4 of us get to fish everybodys happy.
  193. JROLAND


    The grinds look awesome.
  194. JROLAND

    02-05-11 Banker's Hours Part II

    Pat, You are a Marlin Professor. Just got back and hope to get the boat in later this week. Your Banker hours have not gone unoticed by Kathy and the kids. I guess I'll have to go get the bait on my own then grab them at a more reasonable hour. Keep up the grat pics and stories. v/r Joe
  195. JROLAND

    WTB Quad Base Swivel Fighting Chair

    Scott do you just have the pedestals or the the complete chair? I'm just looking for the chair right now. Hows the fishing been? Should be home next week and to get the boat in the water.
  196. JROLAND

    WTB Quad Base Swivel Fighting Chair

    Guys I'm looking to purchase a quad base swivel fighting chair to put on the boat when I have my kids onboard. Having them seated makes it safer and more enjoyable for them. PM or call 808 542-9567. v/r Joe
  197. JROLAND

    Headed Home

    Pat you got it; all Shimano/ Finor 50 standups, although my dad just donated 2 of his old Penn 80Ws to my addiction. I do let little Sean sit in the swivel chair (more for my peace of mind than his). Been happy with the AFTCO harness although I've yet to test it on a big tuna it works well on...
  198. JROLAND

    Headed Home

    I'll be finished here in Alabama getting my Army Senior Staff Officer edduumaaacation:hali_olutta: next month. Looking forward to getting the boat back in the water and doing some fishing, been following BD while at the course and it seems the fishing has slowed a bit. I really enjoyed the CPT...
  199. JROLAND


    Scott I appreciate the update. Just got back from a TDY trip. The boat is great and has some good Mojo at least with the Mahi.
  200. JROLAND


    1. Brand new 2010 C-MAP+ WIDE card for CA/ Hawaii (Not compatible with my older Raymarine plotter). 170.00 and I'll ship. 2. 2003 SE Florida C-MAP+ card ( came with boat) 50.00 3. 8X6' Black PROLINE Bimini Top with cover (excellent shape) 150.00 4. 2 Okuma 30 silver reels with matching...
  201. JROLAND

    New Sled Halfway Home (Update)

    Yea the gunnels make it nice when the kids are out fishing with me, no worries about the little man going swimming unannounced. I'll be keeping it up in Waialua on the trailer but for long weekends might just pay Paul for the transient slip up here in Haleiwa.
  202. JROLAND

    New Sled Halfway Home (Update)

    W06, Kathy says to name it the "WOO WHO", although PUKA Pocket may be more appropriate. Not a bad deal a 28' tender for the ski, only a small fee required for securing and icing down your catch.
  203. JROLAND

    New Sled Halfway Home (Update)

    I hope to have the problem of getting big fish over the gunnel (ha ha), I was thinking of using the transom for any heavy fish after they've been dispatched. The boat has the full eisenglass enclosure and should be dry when up, the waters off the NS will be a good test of that theory. I looked...
  204. JROLAND

    New Sled Halfway Home (Update)

    Russ, Kathy likes the 808 idea says your of a creative mind. My callsign at work is WINGS 00 and when I send messages back to the Operation Center I use W00, the guys working the floor used to ask "who is woo" the kids think I should name her "WOO WHO".
  205. JROLAND

    New Sled Halfway Home (Update)

    Boat made it to the Pasha yard yesterday and should be loaded onto the M/V Jean Anne in the next couple of days for the sail over on the 23rd. The experience of purchasing the boat from the mainland and having it shipped was a challange but was lucky enough to deal with some solid, ethical and...
  206. JROLAND

    Oahu Charter Recommendations

    2nd the "Magic", if you want to fish the North Shore "Foxy Lady" with CPT Dave.
  207. JROLAND

    130 lb. ulua from beach!!

  208. JROLAND

    9/11 & 9/4

    Pat, Great job on the Fish.
  209. JROLAND

    First Solo and First Donkey!!!!!!!

    Brian, You called it, "Great and Epic Story". Days like that "minus the possible rib damage" are what we are all looking for. You tested your mettle and came out on top against a highly skilled and competent competitor. Good going my man. v/r Joe
  210. JROLAND

    50w tiagra

    PM sent
  211. JROLAND

    Happy New Year

    Wishing all you BDers a Happy New Year All is well in the land of the confused camel. Mike B. is shaming as usual but on occasion they let him out of the cage. Flying alot but its still like ground hog day everyday as Mike and Noel can attest to. Look to be back in early April for 2 weeks...
  212. JROLAND


    I use Trilene Hi-Test 50# Hi-Viz on my AHAB 50W's and love it. It smaller diameter for weight class allows me to spool more and it actually tests out at 60+#'s. Abrasion resistance is great, knot tying ease is ok. I agree with Pat for the money it's hard to beat.
  213. JROLAND

    Epic fishing day, Big fish, small boat

    What a great day it's one you'll never forget. The bite is really slow over here in Iraq but posts like yours keep me motivated to get back and drop a line.
  214. JROLAND

    boat slip ??? schofield commute

    I would recommend keeping a boat your size on the trailer and launching where the weather and fishing are best. I had my 23 footer on Wheeler Army Airfield and was able to drive North, East or West depending on the conditions. Having it in the water is convienient but if the weather or fishing...
  215. JROLAND

    8/22/09 went to the ledge...

    Pat great catch and great report. Fishing standup is the way to go. Keep catching-um but leave a few for when I get back from the desert.
  216. JROLAND

    Ono jigs?

    Work great, use both the black/cooper and blue/silver flash 8.5' the latter is my best producer.
  217. JROLAND

    Ethanol Free Gasoline

    Mike Dave said your vechicle is now officially considered lawn art with the beautiful array of plant life growing in and around it. Should be running into you around the 7th of Sept. stay safe
  218. JROLAND

    Ethanol Free Gasoline

    Have used Sta-bil but starting using Star brite Star -tron it worked just as well and was a little cheaper. Would clean the engine every 100+ hours with Sea-foam and 2-3 gallons of gas straight thru whatever junk was in the engine was quickly blown out the prop exhaust after letting it sit and...
  219. JROLAND

    kaneohe 8/15

    Nice load of Mahi. Took my daughter out today caught 6 mahi and 1 otaro she was looking for something big enough to shut her brothers up. She had a great time catching mahi using the tld 25 all by herself.
  220. JROLAND

    Waianae 8/15 (lots of pix)

    Brock nice AHI and you have some camera skills too. Water looked real nice. My daughter and I are headed out of Haleiwa tommorrow and hopefully we'll see some of that kind of action. She wants to shut her 2 brothers up. Joe
  221. JROLAND

    It's not the size of your boat.....or is it?

    I'm going bigger 26-28 when I get back from the sandbox. Sold the 23 footer last month and believe prep time and trailering North or West will work out the same, but my ability to enjoy more fishable days with sketchy weather will increase. My kids are always my backup crew and a bigger boat...
  222. JROLAND

    Anyone in small craft fishing tomorrow

    Mike the dreaded corporate job, at least your on your way home soon. Stay safe, I've seen the damage the CPOF can inflict on our rookie battle captains. Running all that gadgetry makes me happy I stuck with an easy job, although being an actual pilot in an actual aircraft seems to be something...
  223. JROLAND


    Scott great job out there. The tide bottle trick sounds interesting especially for those without towers.
  224. JROLAND


    Capt Don nice fish. Just saw your PM I'll call tommorrow. Joe
  225. JROLAND

    Ahi party.

    Great job and what an awesome day on the water. Kudos to CAPTDON for hooking a brother up.
  226. JROLAND

    Howzit sorta new/Kaneohe report

    Nice trip, good job
  227. JROLAND

    Greetings ALL I'm new here

    Tom welcome to BD's. The guys posting on the Hawaii Fishing are top notch and take the time to answer questions, they are great group of guys. Joe
  228. JROLAND


    Nice catch, the kids look stoked. Another generation of fisherman and fisherwomen and a lifetime of memories. Good job.
  229. JROLAND

    Molokai fishing tales 5/25/09

  230. JROLAND


    Well I'll start by saying I was blessed this weekend with some lifetime fishing with my 2 boys. Today my youngest Sean (8) got his turn in the chair with a little help from his dad and alot of help, patenience, and skill from the Foxy Lady crew( Capt Dave and Jerrod). We headed out looking...
  231. JROLAND

    North Shore

    Thanks philip, now his little brother and sister want the same action, they don't seem to understand that catching the bill collector is a little harder than the opelu and aku at the shark bouy. Having 4 out of five diehard offshore fisherman in the family will make future upgrades easier to...
  232. JROLAND

    North Shore

    Was asked by the new owner of my old boat to take him out for a quick fishing lesson, this was last minute but i decided it would be the right thing to do and my oldest son was up for a half day of fishing and was even more excited when it was decided to launch at 0700 not 0500. We put in on...
  233. JROLAND

    The "Kai'io" got wet.

    Pat kick A$$$$$$$$, we caught 1 ono and a 50lb Ula on saturday off the northshore with my dad. we still on for wednesday?
  234. JROLAND

    If you were calling charter boats...Would you this?

    Jesse we're looking forward to fishing with you guys on the 26th, if you could've gotten that guys address we would have gladly sent him some Wahoo or other species of fish]s balls with one of our aviation calling cards. Joe
  235. JROLAND


    Fred where do you get these Fat Boy Daisey bars?
  236. JROLAND

    Kaneohe 7-10

    Nice fish good job brother
  237. JROLAND

    Haleiwa 7/3-7/5 ahi

    Awesome catch.
  238. JROLAND

    J buoy Gone?

    Gone. Reported it missing 3 weeks ago.
  239. JROLAND

    Joe Yee??

    I would recommend pulling the rig up or reskirt with the original 12 inches. That's why it's best not to cut until you see it rigged. Nice looking lure.
  240. JROLAND

    I'm now a Ho

    Mike I appreciate the offer, by the way your bait numbers were solid. I stopped by the shark bouy with 12 other boats but moved off to your #'s when it got to crowded we got enough opelu in 3 drops thanks again.
  241. JROLAND

    I'm now a Ho

    Without a doubt. Looking to pickup a badass rig while playing in th sandbox they,re all over the place. my bud just picked up a sweet 36 Hat for a steal in VA and drove in down to savannah this weekend. Hindsight I could have put my boat up for sale 30 minutes before I boarded the plane and I...
  242. JROLAND

    I'm now a Ho

    Went out friday to pull crab traps off the NS with Capt Jamie, I should have just bet him a case of beer instead of a free day of labor. When we got in some of the local guys came over to buy the white crab and taked about the nice Ahi they were catching between the II and J bouy. The fish were...
  243. JROLAND

    Weather looks good for the NS

    Warren, Mike thanks for the update. Warren thanks again for the live bait headsup. Hopefully ill have something to report.
  244. JROLAND

    The Blocks

    Pat appreciate the reply. Do they mind guys coming by to check it out? I remember going to the Florida and Boston fish auctions and they were pretty chaotic. When I get back I'll inquire about guys with comm licenses.
  245. JROLAND

    Question about shibis and aku

    Technique #1 They are probably fishing with a Pink Dust Buster with small double tuna hook. Its pretty light so I normally add a cone shaped worm weight to the front with 25-30lb flourocarbon. This setup works great for aku both jigging or left in the holder while trolling through a school. Hope...
  246. JROLAND

    The Blocks

  247. JROLAND

    Weather looks good for the NS

    I'm going to head out Thursday and hopefully put my 1st real Ahi in the boat. It looks to be nice off the NS up til the weekend. Lokking to fish the 1000 fathom and X bouy. It might be the last trip on the SEANICjr. If anyone else is heading out give me a call on the VHF no CB on the boat. Isthe...
  248. JROLAND

    West Side

    With the new Cap and Tax coming that carbon footprint is going to get expensive. I may have to hang sheets from the T-top and sail out to the FADs.
  249. JROLAND

    June 28th Ahi

    Nice job
  250. JROLAND

    report eastside oahu- 6/27

    Good job. Seems you had some better luck than we did on the west side.
  251. JROLAND

    West Side

    Departed the ramp at six with my oldest son and a friend from work ran straight out to the pinnacle dropped lures starting 2 miles short and worked the birds. No hits we were pulling 6 lures 7-10" in every color combo I could think of Worked the area for an hour then ran the ledge to V bouy then...
  252. JROLAND


    I've had solid days with Maggie Joe (32 Mahi over 20lbs 2003), Wild Bunch (Ono/Mahi 2008) and the Foxy Lady (North Shore).
  253. JROLAND

    Icey Blue???

    I've had great luck with that outer skirt with the hot pink on the inside.
  254. JROLAND

    Fishing in Kona

    The Melton trip is definatley worth it. My oldest son caught his first spearfish on a lure we made together it was something we will never forget.
  255. JROLAND

    New Member

    Guys thanks for the welcome. Mike, the boss is always motivated, he and I will be fishing as much as possible before we headout. I'll be out Friday and Sat hopefully I'll have some gouge to post.
  256. JROLAND

    New Member

    Just wanted to post a little about myself. I've been stationed here in Oahu for the last 7 years with 3 all expense paid trips to the desert thrown in. I've been running my boat for the last year and a half, everything from marlin fishing to tubing with the kids at k-bay. Some of the guys at...