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  1. mueller77

    SOLD Cousins F90J Jigstick sold

    That bend looks gnarly!!
  2. mueller77

    WTB OG Newell P332

    Hey fellas.. looking for an OG P332 Let me know what ya got Hit me up here or txt Brian @ 6198292815 Thanks
  3. mueller77

    WTB Old school Shimano TLD 10

    Found one.. thanks BD
  4. mueller77

    WTB Old school Shimano TLD 10

    Can ya send me some pics
  5. mueller77

    WTB Old school Shimano TLD 10

    I fish”right” handed
  6. mueller77

    WTB Old school Shimano TLD 10

    Looking for an old shimano TLD 10. let me know what ya go. Thanks
  7. mueller77

    For Sale Accurate Boss Fury’s for sale

    Fury’s are all sold! Adding a Tern 400x and 500x. $225 each
  8. mueller77

    For Sale Accurate Boss Fury’s for sale

    $550 for all three shipped to your door
  9. mueller77

    For Sale Accurate Boss Fury’s for sale

    Well crap... there bitchen reels brotha
  10. mueller77

    For Sale Accurate Boss Fury’s for sale

    Up for grabs Black boss fury reels - all single speed. 500N $200 600NN $225 600N $225 PayPal and shipping is cool Have boxes for all three. If interested txt me at 6198292815. Thanks
  11. mueller77

    SOLD Harnell .

    Looks like a Lamiglas
  12. mueller77

    For Sale P-series Newell’s for sale

    Pics added.. Take all 5 for $650
  13. mueller77

    For Sale P-series Newell’s for sale

    I have up for sale 5 OG P-series Newell’s for sale 2 332’s $200 ea 1 322 $200 1 229 $175 1 220 $175 Prices are obo Will post pics later. Will ship on ur dime. Take all 5 for $850 Txt For quicker response 6198292815 Thanks guys Brian
  14. mueller77

    SOLD 5 Newell Reels

    thanks Tony. Got almost the whole G series now... just waiting on a 220 from ya! So if you ever come across an extra one let me know brotha.
  15. mueller77

    SOLD 5 Newell Reels

    All reels pending
  16. mueller77

    SOLD 5 Newell Reels

    Hello gang! I have 5 Newell’s for sale $500 for all 5 shipped anywhere in the states. All reels are in great shape and may just need some new drags on a couple of them. Fish ready! Txt to 6198292815 if interested. Thanks for looking. Brian
  17. mueller77

    For Sale 2 speed Okuma Reels for sale

    Hi gang. Selling off the last of my reels. I have a New Makaira Sea 2 speed 15 spooled with 80lb Izor spectra - $450 I have 3 Andros 2 speed (silver models) 16ii - $350 (spooled with 100lb j braid) 12ii - $300 (spooled with 80lb j braid) 12iiN- $275 (spooled with 65lb izor) Take all 4 for...
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    Sent a txt
  19. mueller77

    SOLD Custom Rods and reels for sale

    Sold.. thank you all for the inquiry
  20. mueller77

    SOLD Custom Rods and reels for sale

    Trying to sell all of my gear as a set. 10 reels and 9 rods Progears and Daiwas Varmac and Calstar Rods $1200 for everything. Don’t want to separate. Work out of San Diego and live in Temecula. Txt me at 6198292815 if interested. Thanks for looking!
  21. mueller77

    Reels for sale. Cheap

    Sent ya a PM on the Progear
  22. mueller77

    Reels and Line - Fathom 2sp, Saltist 2sp, Jerry Brown, Power Pro, PLine

    Thanks for the reel brotha! Pleasure doing business with ya
  23. mueller77

    Truline, Newells, Harnell 542

    Offloading some gear I see weezer. Hit me up
  24. mueller77


    Interested.. where you located
  25. mueller77

    Shimano Trinidad TN40

    Sent you a pm
  26. mueller77

    Hey I will take take the Trinidad.. will you take PayPal and ship to Temecula.. let me know...

    Hey I will take take the Trinidad.. will you take PayPal and ship to Temecula.. let me know.. txt me at 6198292815 Brian
  27. mueller77

    WTB Shimano Trinidad 40TN (narrow special)

    Looking for a Trinidad 40 narrow special.. Brian 6198292815
  28. mueller77

    Calstar 540

    What up everyone.. Looking for a couple old school calstar 540's or sabre.. Blanks or wrapped.. Let me know what you have. Brian
  29. mueller77

    Calstar 540

    What up everyone.. Looking for a couple old school calstar 540's or sabre.. Blanks or wrapped.. Let me know what you have. Brian
  30. mueller77

    WTB 100J,F100 Tady, or Ulua

    How about a couple of old school 11 and a half foot conolons...
  31. mueller77


    Can u ship?
  32. mueller77

    CUSTOM RODS - Calico / Spottie / Bass

    That is a really cool touch to the handles..
  33. mueller77

    SOLD- Harnell 552

    Yeah but hats a really nice one.. It matches my deck boots
  34. mueller77

    SOLD- Harnell 552

    Is that anyway to talk to ur daddy now
  35. mueller77

    SOLD- Harnell 552

    Very interested.. Where u located
  36. mueller77

    WTB rods

    Hello all.. Looking for some old school blanks for mid range bait.. Preferably Trulines.. Also looking for a couple 540's as well. Please let me know what u got. Thanks Brian
  37. mueller77

    F/S NEW Custom Seeker 1x3 SOLD!!!

    Damn u do good work Tim.. Really looking forward to getting back and getting some sticks wrapped by ya!
  38. mueller77

    D8 - Carmel Glass Fuji SIC Guides - Price Drop $225

    No worries.. I appreciate it.. And if someone comes along and gives u the righteous amount.. By all means take it broths.. Ok thanks again..
  39. mueller77

    D8 - Carmel Glass Fuji SIC Guides - Price Drop $225

    Still making my transit home.. Got stuck in Qatar for a medevac layover.. Should be home next weekend.. Still interested though.. Good luck with the sale otherwise.. Beautiful rod.. Surprised it lasted this long.
  40. mueller77

    Reel for Throwing 7x's on a 10 Footer

    U can get away with the daiwa's or the toriums.. Probably ur best bet..penny fathom 25n is another good reel
  41. mueller77

    D8 - Carmel Glass Fuji SIC Guides - Price Drop $225

    if you still have it later next week i will take it off your hands.. i am currently deployed to the arabian gulf and shall be returning next week.. i am local in temecula. thanks
  42. mueller77

    Thinning the herd Penn 50S REDUCED

    interested in the 540 and progear..
  43. mueller77

    what up Kev! just dropping you a line from the god for saken Arabian Gulf.. hit me up...

    what up Kev! just dropping you a line from the god for saken Arabian Gulf.. hit me up.. [email protected]
  44. mueller77

    Newells For sale/trade

    if you still have the 338 i will take it off ur hands. 619-829-2815. Thanks.
  45. mueller77

    Newell P series reels for sale or trade

    All sold.. Thanks for all the interest.. I forgot how quick bloodydecks works.
  46. mueller77

    Newell P series reels for sale or trade

    I have 4 p series Newell's and a 300 for sale. 220,229,332,338 and a nice 300 with all aluminum bars and base. Looking for 125 ea obo. Willing to trade for saltists or avets. Give me a call at 619-829-2815 for info. Prefer local pick up.
  47. mueller77

    8' conolon, roddy, truline

    Just got the same exact blank for 40 bucks!
  48. mueller77

    Custom Cui's

    I have a couple of matching CUI's for sale. Cut down to a size 13 tip. Braced guides with cork tape handles. Black wraps with pearl stripe under wraps. Tiger wraps at the base. Very clean. Asking $200 ea or $360 for the pair. Call 6198292815 for inquiries. Looking for pick up or local...
  49. mueller77

    rods and reels

    saltists are gone. 900 xl is gone. still have 900 L with a 229 g series.
  50. mueller77

    rods and reels

    everything you see is for sale. much easier to talk about prices via phone call. i am an active duty sailor so my schedule is suspect at best.. i will work with everyone as best as i can!
  51. mueller77

    rods and reels

    added photos and a few more reels and rods to the lot!
  52. mueller77

    rods and reels

    Will be posting some pics tomorrow when I get home from da ship.. Forgot my damn camera charger.
  53. mueller77

    rods and reels

    got a few rods and reels to get rid of. RODS: up for grabs is a couple custom 10 ft 6 in CUI's for 175 each obo. i also have a couple calstar's for sale. one is a 900XL and the other is a 900L. 200 each obo. 900xl is sold i have a set of CUI's that i cut for specific line weights and jigs...
  54. mueller77

    Penn 6/0's

    I am looking for Newell 600 series. Willing to trade or buy.
  55. mueller77

    Penn 6/0's

    They are the red side plate high speed senators.
  56. mueller77

    Penn 6/0's

    I have two 6/0's for sale. Both have narrow tiburon frames (black) and are in great condition. Asking $100 a piece. If interested call 6198292816. Thanks.
  57. mueller77

    Baja specials and newells

    sorry guys for the lack of an update.. out on deployment.. all reels are sold! check back in next spring!
  58. mueller77

    Baja specials and newells

    All reels still available..
  59. mueller77

    Baja specials and newells

    Bump.. Back from Vegas!
  60. mueller77

    Baja specials and newells

    posted pic today. $400 for all 4 if you can pick up before friday morning. thank you to all who replied but i prefer a pick up rather than shipping.
  61. mueller77

    Baja specials and newells

    Got a bunch of other newelled Penns for anyone interested too!
  62. mueller77

    Baja specials and newells

    The newells are in like new condition. 9.9 out of 10. The bajas are in great condition too. Just the normal blemishes that come with fishing.. Got one Newell on hold for Danny aka bow boy! All others up for sale. $350 for the other 3 if u r willing to pick up by this weekend. Going to Vegas...
  63. mueller77

    Baja specials and newells

    I have 2 Penn baja specials and 2 p-series 338 newells for sale. All are in great condition. Bajas are 140 each obo and the newells are 125 a piece. Get all 4 for $450! Pm me or call Brian at 619-829-2815. Thanks for looking!
  64. mueller77

    Emergency Sale!

    Hey boss i am sorry to hear about your boy.. if you are willing to make a drive i will give you 2 grand for the lot. i am unable to leave the area as i am in the navy and getting ready to deploy soon but i would love to help you out and get some nice gear at the same time. i live in San Dog in...
  65. mueller77

    What is the best yellowtail rod and reel setup?

    my 12 ft cui and my beat up piece of shit newelled out jigmaster.. nothing like getting your ass kicked on a 12 footer.. just button the drag and hold the [email protected]#$ on!
  66. mueller77

    newell p series

    i am looking for an og newell 322 series.. if anyone has got one for sale let me know. 619-829-2815.. i am currently out to sea so call anytime after wednesday. thanks!
  67. mueller77


    hey don, i will take that calstar 610 off your hands if you still got it. should be in port sometime this next week here so i will give you a call. you still got those newells for sale also?
  68. mueller77

    whats left over

    hey danny you know if you are ever in the san dog area again i will take that 530 of your hands in an instant.. don't ever get out to your area much though brotha.. hit me up. 619-829-2815
  69. mueller77

    newell bases

    i am looking for a couple of old school p-series 338 bases and clamps.. and a 332 if anyone has got one. i am local in san diego. give me a call at 619-829-2815. thanks
  70. mueller77

    8' + Jig stick

    have a custom cut down calstar 540.. 8 and half feet.. perfect for the 40 or 50 lb.. great wahoo jigstick.. let me know. i am in san diego. 619-829-2815. looking to 110 obo for it.
  71. mueller77

    Maximus "New boat @ Capt Hook Sportfishing

    i used to work on that rig when it was the rising star with capt kurt reynolds.. looks a hell of alot better now! i can't believe its the same boat! great fish killing platform though.
  72. mueller77

    Custom built Newell YTS's

    thanks for the deal corb.. one bad ass reel for sure.
  73. mueller77

    calstar/ss seeker avet combos. the whioe lot!!!!

    damn danny how come you are sellin all the good stuff? if down in diego give me a call.. bring some shit and i just might be inclined to take it off your hands. laterz
  74. mueller77

    cui blanks

    i am looking for some cui blanks.. preferably the 12 foot models uncut.
  75. mueller77

    rods, jigs, swimbaits, newell, accurate

    sent you a pm for the newell bars, base and the spool.
  76. mueller77

    gear for sale

    i have a super seeker "baby ulua" cut down to 9 and a 1/4. cork tape grip with black wraps and gold inlay over smoked pacbay guides(the braced kine).. $175obo newell og p-series 235. great condition! $100 daiwa shv 20 spooled with brand new 20lb big game.. $50 located in point loma near the...
  77. mueller77

    gear for sale

    I have a super seeker "baby ulua" cut down to 9 and a 1/4 wrapped all black with gold inlay over smoked pacbay braced guides, corktape grip.. $175 Original P-series 235.. $100 Daiwa SHV 20 spooled up with brand new 20lb big game.. $50 Penn 500 newelled out with aluminum bars, base and...
  78. mueller77

    CUI-850M Penn Int 20

    hey i sent you another pm. lets hook up on saturday for that cui.
  79. mueller77

    Harnell 542 & 724 Jigstick

    back off alec i saw em first
  80. mueller77

    Some Rods and Reels

    sent pm for the conolon
  81. mueller77

    penn reels

    sent pm
  82. mueller77

    Custom Calstar 530 Jigstick - $100!!!

    sent you a pm.. give me a call
  83. mueller77

    Avets for Newells

    danny what up.. you want a cui rod for the mxj. give me a call brother.. it fishes 50lb no problems.
  84. mueller77


    trade for a black avet jx? i sent a pm.
  85. mueller77

    Avet single speed

    set up is pending
  86. mueller77

    Calstar 100J

    sent ya a pm
  87. mueller77

    Avet single speed

    I have a black avet jx single speed 6-1 gear ratio for sale or trade. loaded with 65lb spectra. looking for some jigsticks for trade. i have the box for it as well. i also have a seeker 100j cut down to 9 and 1/4 feet. fishes 40-60 lb. looking to get $240 for the jx and $100 for the rod. will...
  88. mueller77

    Black Avet MXJ

    looking for a black mxj for sale.
  89. mueller77

    Harnell and rody jigsticks

    is the roddy a solid one piece or with a ferrule
  90. mueller77

    super seeker

    sent you a pm
  91. mueller77

    3 beginner's reels for sale

    fuck the reels i will take the wooden pigs and doilies brotha
  92. mueller77

    Milwaukee Drill Press

  93. mueller77

    Milwaukee Drill Press

  94. mueller77

    Milwaukee Drill Press

    I have a Milwaukee electromagnetic drill press for sale or trade. It is in excellent condition and works perfect. Has two speeds and runs on standard 120v 60 hz outlets. It comes with various chucks and a magnetic safety guard. Looking to get $500 or best offer. values closer to $1500 so my...
  95. mueller77

    Custom rod and reel combo

    I have a custom seeker csj 100L wrapped with stainless pacbay guides. wraps are red with a black and gold inlay. handle is cork tape with a couple of turks heads. reel is a s-series 229-5 newell with a p-series handle filled with brand new 25lb izorline. used only a handle of times. i have...
  96. mueller77

    How many fish in a school of YFT?

    depends on how fast the guy who hooks it on the troll gets it to the boat..
  97. mueller77

    LINE COLOR whats the best?

    anyone the fish can't see!!
  98. mueller77

    Power Rod Wrapper

    I am looking to buy a power rod wrapper. doesn't have to be new. just want a good functioning rod wrapper to get started on making my own fishing rods. any info would be appreciated as i am new to rod wrapping but i have always had a desire to learn. thanks.
  99. mueller77

    Custom Jig Stick

    i will throw in a couple of abu garcia c4 series bass reels along with the rod. reels are in like new condition. used only once for some santa ana river lakes cat fishing.
  100. mueller77

    Custom Jig Stick

    I have a Super Seeker L-M-9 model jigstick for sale. corktape handle and bnlg guides with double maroon wraps. excellent condition. asking $150. give me a call at 619-829-2815 if ya are interested. i am located in Point loma across the street from the landings so pick up is preferred or i can...
  101. mueller77

    What weight line do you fish with the most?

    nice call skipper... that's what i was taught along time ago.. good bait means good bites!
  102. mueller77

    custom rods for sale

    I have a couple of custom rods for sale... one is a Super Seeker L-M-9 model with a corktape handle, green turks head, and double wrapped bnlg heavy guides. it's a great 30-40lb jig stick. its in excellent condition and cost $300 brand new. looking to get $150 obo for it. number 2 is a...
  103. mueller77

    Rods for Sale

    sent you a pm. give me a call. i can pick up today!
  104. mueller77

    Tady 12' Custom Wrapped Jigstick

    well bud if you still have that rod this weekend i might just have to pick that one up off ya! might be wishful thinking though as nice as it looks.
  105. mueller77

    Tady 12' Custom Wrapped Jigstick

    just out of curiousty why would you want to get rid of such a sweet jigstick my friend... it don't even look like its seen the water... and has it been cut down?
  106. mueller77

    9ft Seeker and Daiwa 20

    sent you a pm.
  107. mueller77

    What is the gayest ride on the road now

    i think that the biggest homo mobile has got to be the miata... nothing screams i'm a fucking cum dumpster butt pirate like a nice ragtop miata.
  108. mueller77

    Custom super seeker and truline

    yeah the SOB came right in my garage one night and broke into my 4runna and snatched it... he's damn lucky i was asleep thats all i gotta say... otherwise there would be one less tweek in this world!
  109. mueller77

    It ain't no fun....unless the dog gets some!

    the poor dog was giving it all he had and grammy didn't even have the common courteousy to give him a reach around!
  110. mueller77

    Custom super seeker and truline

    i have for sale a super seeker L-M-9 and a truline 20# stick. not sure about the model number on the truline but its 7 ft and i would rate it as a great 12-25 lb rod. colors are maroon double wrap and a corktape handle with a green turks head on the L-M-9 with BNLG heavy's on it and a blue and...
  111. mueller77

    Calico Tiger for Mitch

    how do you do that! that is sick!! i am an aspiring rod wrapper... but my skills are limited. i just wanted to compliment the fine work braddah.
  112. mueller77

    Number 7 in the house...

    congrats brotha on the baby and hope all works out for ya... she looks like she will make a good fishing partner when she gets older!
  113. mueller77

    Id like you all to meet.....

    congratulations!!! i just had a baby girl on the 18th of feb. good luck and get some sleep when you can!
  114. mueller77

    Monster Tuna landed at Hooked on Panama Fishing Resort

    nice fish bud! who fucking cares what these guy's think... they didn't catch it and they weren't there. looks like it was a nice battle for ya!
  115. mueller77

    La Jolla 2-4-09

    fuck seals! they are the same as terrorists in my opinion... opportunistic and one minded sons of bitches!
  116. mueller77

    Would this do okay in the salt

    i dunno i am sure the big blue pond would have no problem eating that boat for a light snack.
  117. mueller77

    looking for a guy

    holy fucking butt pirates!
  118. mueller77

    How Would You Handle This??

    buy a new boat on craig's list... probably cheaper these days!
  119. mueller77

    Will gas price go back down?

    it just depends on if Mr. Obama will pull the gloves off and let us do what we need to do and solve this whole oil crisis situation and stop being such a bunch of fucking bleeding heart liberal's tryin' to play by the rules when no one else is!
  120. mueller77

    Butt a strange fish

    looks like a wsb to me!!!
  121. mueller77

    What I love about CA & hate about OR.

    Yeah well with the way that your women look you need it!
  122. mueller77

    Be a dick on a sport boat

    fishing the bottom in the stern during a killer surface bite.. or my personal favorite is when someone on the bow hasn't the foggiest idea where his bait is so he decides to reel in and finds out that the bugga was weaving baskets out of all 19 other guys lined up down the rail.. oh the joy i...
  123. mueller77

    My Son's First Seabass And Halibut...WOW!

    you have got yourself one hell of a fisherman in the making pops!! your boy did you proud!
  124. mueller77

    Advise on joining the military

    I would have to say navy since i am in the navy currently... but it all really depends on your boy.. what he wants to do. Marines are going to send him straight to the gulf more than likely so if thats his bag then by all means the jarheads are the way to go. if he likes to travel around and...
  125. mueller77

    Some of my best captures

    this was without a doubt the coolest thread i have seen... bro you have way to much fun. i have been to austrailia five or six times and have yet to get any fishing in... to much time in the pubs! but after seeing this thread i won't be letting that chance slip away the next time that i am...
  126. mueller77

    Some of you are in luck!

    that shit is too funny!
  127. mueller77

    Which is the best 50# reel?

    pro gear 454! for mono anyway
  128. mueller77

    ??Name that Fish??

    that's sure one big silver shad!
  129. mueller77

    Favorite Music to fish to

    don't have time to listen to music... to busy catching fish!!
  130. mueller77

    Christmas Island

    reminds me a little of Diego Garcia in the Indian ocean.. the water was pristine just like in your post. beautiful photos braddah.
  131. mueller77

    Best 3/4 day to Nados

    gotta throw some love to the malihini skipper and crew.. everytime i go fishing the mikey's give everyone on board a real great trip. mike junior is one of the best young deckhands i've seen and his skills with the knife are second to none. bill is always fun to fish with too.
  132. mueller77

    whats your favorite long range boat?

    shit these days anyone that i can afford to go on...
  133. mueller77

    Favorite color surface iron for yellows

    salas 5x or 7x lights work good for me but still have the go to tady's in the box...
  134. mueller77

    How do you set your drag?

    i used to tie the end of my line to my little brother while he was on his roller blades and tell him to go as fast as he could and then put the reel in gear and watch his feet come right out from under him. the neighbors sure got a kick out of it.
  135. mueller77

    catfish help....

    i always like to chum an area up alittle bit with a nice can of some stinky ass dog food with a bunch of holes punched into it. throw that out right about where you want to cast and within a half hour to an hour the kitties usually come cruzin.
  136. mueller77

    It is white shark time at Catalina

    i bet there weren't any fuckin seals around though!
  137. mueller77

    How do you set your drag?

    actually what i like to do his to hook someone in the arm as they are walking by on the boat and see how much drag it takes to stop them.
  138. mueller77

    How do you set your drag?

    i like the pulling the line out with your hand technique.. seems to work pretty well. most of the reels nowadays offer so much drag that you will never use it.
  139. mueller77

    Help wanted

    hey saltydawg i am always looking for weekend work so if that can fit into your schedule hit me up at 619-829-2815. otherwise goodluck bro!
  140. mueller77

    Baja Special

    i have a seeker 670h up for grabs that is a great match for a baja with 40-50#. you can view it on the classifieds if interested.
  141. mueller77

    1,000lbs.+ Hammerhead

    not to knock you bro but a 1000lbs is a 1000lbs i don't care how hard it fights.. its gonna bust 50lb mono with ease if your not careful. i'm not sayin it can't be done but thats the shit that records are made of.
  142. mueller77

    Yellowtails In LJ Yestrday....

    if you check every landing from here to bodega bay landed yellows and nothing else... soooo! bullshit!
  143. mueller77

    stolen rods off sportfishing boats

    i second the pawn shop's statement. if they are in the drug scene its an easy way to dump off the stolen goods.
  144. mueller77

    Marquez v. pacquiao - who takes it?

    pacman should take em this time around..
  145. mueller77

    Pink avets?

    fuck no!
  146. mueller77

    3/12/08 Losing on the 50# mono..

    hey where are some good spots to fish the rays down here in san diego.. i know the bays but i was wondering if there are and specific spots that seem to hold more fish..
  147. mueller77

    Redneck Man's pick up lines...

    good shit
  148. mueller77

    Bat Rays??????????????

    used to catch huge rays outta newport harbor and especially the back bay of newport... always a good time for some pole benda action while sipping on some cold ones. don't know where to go down here in diego though.. haven't really had a chance for a nice late night outting looking for rays...
  149. mueller77

    What's your occupation?

    i maintain and operate three very cool weapon systems. one can take out targets over 1600 miles away... one is for anti-ship defense and the other... well its just about the most indiscriminate thing out there.. it will kill anything coming in at my ship and it don't care if you are friendly...
  150. mueller77

    Which is the best 50# reel?

    50lb reel for what application? yo-yoing or bait. depends on how hard you can pull too! some reels have extreme drag systems but most guys can't even touch the full settings of these reels so it really depends on what you are comforatable with. me personally i will always stick with newells...
  151. mueller77

    Best bay reel?

    garcia's.. still one of the toughest little reels of all time. they are like cockroaches and will be the only other thing to survive a nuclear holocaust.
  152. mueller77

    Accurate ATD 12 or Avet EXPRO 30N

    avet 30 is a very nice reel but hell if you have the money then why not buy the accurate. its like comparing a toyota camry to a mercedes benz. the toyota is a great car and will last a long time and get the job done but so will the mercedes.
  153. mueller77

    Don't try this at home!

    why don't they just try a kite bait... might be safer in the long run
  154. mueller77

    What should I do with this converted jigmaster?

    i would put in on a 690j because that rod acts like a nice light jig rod and a great mid range bait stick. the rod is 9 feet so it will help with getting that bait out there a little further since you have a converted jigmaster and not the real deal newell itself. just my humble opinion..
  155. mueller77

    does a rod really need a foregrip?

    cork tape or butt cord... no fore grip necessary.
  156. mueller77

    1ST Rod Completed

    very nice wrap.. you say this is your first one.. well shit man i think that you have a natural talent for a very hard trade. good work. i have been fooling around with rod wrapping for about a year now but all i do is basic triple wraps and double wraps on jigsticks. nothing like the work...
  157. mueller77

    20lb reel

    newell 229 is a great 20lb reel. lots of line capacity and easy as hell to work on. cheap too!
  158. mueller77

    What A Cunt...

    just goes to show you that having money doesn't equate to having commen sense or fucking decency. that bitch deserves a good donkey punching from an NBA ball team.
  159. mueller77

    looking for a great spinning reel

    i am pretty sure that i wasn't talking to you
  160. mueller77

    Best 40lb Jig reel.

    Pro gear 454 with 50lb. kinda pricy but a great reel. very durable.
  161. mueller77

    cool toys

    yeah i could track a seal if they would let me cause the camera on the side of it can track differences in temperature so all you have to do is lock in on the seals body temperature and as long as he is warmer then the water he is in he's toast. they kinda frown on me moving that thing around...
  162. mueller77

    looking for a great spinning reel

    oh i am sorry i forgot that i was ridiculing the king of the universe.. my bad.
  163. mueller77

    cool toys

    all the time.. it fires at 4500 rds per minute which is more or less like a 100 rounds per second.. and its 20mm rounds. loud as shit too. scares the hell out of the new guys!
  164. mueller77

    Best Eating Fish in So Cal?

    but my favorite would have to be some fresh ahi poke hawaiian style braddahs!
  165. mueller77

    Best Eating Fish in So Cal?

    pan fried whitefish is pretty damn good..
  166. mueller77

    cool toys

    this is one of the cool toys that i get to play with at work everyday.. thought you might enjoy it.
  167. mueller77

    looking for a great spinning reel

    i still think that spinners are for girls. if you can cast a popper without using a spinner thats not my fault.
  168. mueller77

    Shimano's New Rockfishing System

    thats exactly what i am talking about my man. who needs all that fancy shit when it comes to dropping down 8 oz or more of lead 300 plus feet to catch a flippin rockfish. its not all that exciting of fishing in the first place and i will stick with the gangions rigs to load up and make less...
  169. mueller77

    best 12-15lb outfit for a long soak

    hey no one can beat you up for suggesting one of the finer reels ever made. pro gears are the shit! i just think that a newell is able to get the lighter monos.. well any mono for that matter out there farther than any reel on the market and the freespool after your in the water is incredible...
  170. mueller77

    best 12-15lb outfit for a long soak

    i would recommend a newell 229 because you can throw a chovy a good 50 feet from the boat easy because of the newell's castability and its drags are super smooth which should accomodate nicely when letting the fish make long runs. should hold quite a bit of 15lb mono too! well over 300 yds.
  171. mueller77

    Shimano's New Rockfishing System

    rockfish don't give a shit what you drop down to em'.
  172. mueller77

    looking for a great spinning reel

    spinners are for women and little kids..
  173. mueller77

    Tossing iron for yellows

    a sabre 540 cut down 6 or 8 inches off the bottom with a newell 332. as far as irons it no matta as long as the jigs swim.
  174. mueller77

    Tossing iron for yellows

    sabre 540 cut down off the handle with a newell 332 and any old tady 45 or salas 5x or 7x will do. jig has to have some action to get some attention.
  175. mueller77

    Shimano's New Rockfishing System

    just drop down an anchovy like the rest of us and call it a day
  176. mueller77

    avet reel questions

    the avet "hoo x" narrow. load it up with 80lb spectra topped off with 50 or 60 lb xxx izor.
  177. mueller77

    Spot the Pedophile...A Test.

    guess i don't know shit about pedo's.. D+
  178. mueller77

    WTF's up with Guadalupe?

    mexico has a navy? more like a bunch of fucking pirates that should be taught a real lesson by some true sailors.. not a bunch of fucking puddle jumpers ripping off fisherman.