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  1. Skeeter Nate

    Open spots on pac voyager?

    looking for a spot on the pacific Voyager for this summer if anyone has a open spot.
  2. Skeeter Nate

    Any open spots on the Pac Voyager this year?

    Does anybody have a charter they need to fill a spot let me know. I've been on sportboats my whole life so I know the routine. I fished the boat last year and im really interested on getting back out on this ride.last May on the Pacific voyager at collonet
  3. Skeeter Nate

    Official Bronco thread

    :deadhorseBroncos suck :deadhorse GO CHARGERS
  4. Skeeter Nate

    San Vicente resivor

    So who got tickets for opening weekend? I got Thursday and Saturday but had to give up Saturday because your only allowed one ticket per household for opening weekend.between my 3 day sixpack charter in two weeks and san v opener im not getting much sleep
  5. Skeeter Nate

    F/S Avet mxj 6/4 Raptor

    Dont won't to sell it but im in a pinch.bought it last year used it twice no scratches.65lb spectra 30lb mono $300 pick up only I live in Temecula 760 712 9015
  6. Skeeter Nate

    Noaa survey

    So for some reason I gave the lady that was walking around the landing my information but now im starting to wonder what there using it for. They sent me a packet to fill out but I haven't done anything with it. Have any of you guys filled out this paper work?
  7. Skeeter Nate

    Equipment operator

    Anyone looking for a equipment operator? I have 15 years experience in pipeline and grading. I just got layed off so im looking for a side job big or small until I get back to work. Or if you know someone that is hiring that works too. Thanks
  8. Skeeter Nate

    Islander 2.5 day 8/28 -8/29

    This was my first time on the islander and definitely not my last. Great old boat with a awesome crew and captain, staterooms were clean and the ac was blowing cold. I was stoked my dad and I got a room to ourselves witch was nice for storage Friday 8/28 we started out with half the fleet in...