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  1. Shaka760

    Been a while....

    Saw Matt Moyer at DATD, said I haven't put a vid on here in a while. I really haven't ben on BD for a loooong time, so here is a video from Feb. Watch it, or not.
  2. Shaka760

    (Video) November Largemouth Slaying

    It's been fun fishing the last few days of November!!! Go get on it!!!
  3. Shaka760

    September Bass(VIDEO)

    Been a while since I made one. Fall bass fishing is here!!!
  4. Shaka760

    LOL Monkfish!!!

    Ouch!!! Mean bastards!!! - Hand stuck in nasty fish
  5. Shaka760

    Angler's Marine, or......

    Need some electrical work done on my bass boat. New charger/trolling batteries.... Graphs/nav. lights and livewell not working. Checked all fuses for not. I'm sure it is a relatively simple fix, but don't have the time to tear her apart.
  6. Shaka760

    Quick Bluefin battle(Video) New Lo-An

    My broken ribs gave no real fucks at the time:finger: Please view in 720HD, for some reason it auto plays in low-res.:_diarrhea_: Look at the weather(or lack of it!!!). More wind and a fast drift might have really got 'em going. Only 6 on the trip, but limits on yellows no problem!!! BTW...
  7. Shaka760

    New Lo-An 1.5 day 7/21-23

    I'll make it short. Ran long. Found a pen boat coming up the line. The Bluefin were there, just not as playful for us. 32 Anglers, 6 Bluefin and limits of Yellowtail and 1 or 2 Dorado. Great boat and crew. Food was killer(get the pastrami burger)!!! Super-fun group of guys on the boat...
  8. Shaka760

    Let's get some BD'ers on the New Lo-An 7/21- 23 1.5 day DEFINITE GO!!!

    Just talked to my buddy on the Lo-An, Bluefin are biting. Plunk bite off pens, with some 15-60# fish...... I'm Signed up!!!! Who else????!!!:finger:
  9. Shaka760

    With the tuna pens arrival:

    And me being out of commission for a bit(fractured ribs). Maybe we can get a good storm of two to free up some of those Bluefin for some wide open beach bluefin grabbin' in I.B.:rofl: Bluefin Tuna Wrestling on Cape Cod - YouTube
  10. Shaka760

    Fractured ribs=no fishing for a while

    Busted a couple of my lower ribs. Doc says 6 weeks. No way!!!! I need to fish sooner than that. Any tips on expediting recovery time?:_diarrhea_:
  11. Shaka760

    Don't even ask how I found this website.

    Saluki might already know about this:rofl: MISS LANDMINE
  12. Shaka760

    Let's get her out!!!! New Lo-An 1.5 day 6/25/-6/27

    Need about 15 to go. $300 includes permits. This could be a really fun trip with a very light load!!! C'mon!!!
  13. Shaka760

    Steam Cleaner. Ladybug Tekno 2350 never used, KILLER BD DEAL!!!!

    I have this listed on SD Craigslist for $1,800. Special BD hookup deal for $1,500!!! Never used. No box. Comes with trolley cart, and many attachments! Was a wedding gift, but we live in a small apartment, and really have no need for it. Would be great for cleaning a larger boat, or home...
  14. Shaka760

    Trollpro housing for GoPro's... Pretty cool!!!

    No affiliation, just passing it along. TrollPro ® - Troll Pro Underwater Trolling Housing for the Go Pro? HD Video Camera Dredge Camera
  15. Shaka760

    Osprey tries to steal my swimbait(VIDEO)

    :rofl: Osprey Attack - YouTube
  16. Shaka760

    HAlibut attacking GoPro

    This is INSANE!!!!
  17. Shaka760

    AK-47's Spawning FULL SPEED!!!!

  18. Shaka760

    March so far(Video)

  19. Shaka760

    First spawner of 2013 for me(video)

    Boat was getting some love at the shop, so I went OG style and found the first bed fish I've seen so far this year:hali_olutta:
  20. Shaka760

    Huge meteorite in Russia!!!

    More videos than just this one. Freakin' unreal!!!
  21. Shaka760

    Tough post-frontal and cold DVL!!! (Video)

    Morning temps in the low 30's and bluebird skies led to some really tough fishing at DV. Still was great to get back to the Jewel after 4 months!!! Many of our fish were caught from 50-70' deep. Bring your fizzers!!!
  22. Shaka760

    Lake Murray for a few hours 9/28 + Video

    Had a couple hours to kill yesterday before my real duties, so I decided to bring my boat along. Hit Murray at first light and found a few breaking fish, but extremely sporadic. Fished large 9" worms in the 20-25' zone for a few fish, but the bite was very tough and many fish were missed...
  23. Shaka760

    Boiling schoolies fun(Video)

    Fishing 2-4# test for busting bass is really fun. The 1-2 pound bass were going bananas on a mix of 1/2"-1" Silversides and Shad. Go small or go home:2gunsfiring_v1:
  24. Shaka760

    Bugs kicked us off our spot!! (Video)

    Crazy swarm!!
  25. Shaka760

    Just for kicks(VIDEO)

    Just cleaning out my computer and decided to make it fun:
  26. Shaka760

    How not to win a bass tourney.....

    Fished the FMC Turkey Shoot yesterday. Lots of fish, but all rats..... We ditched our pattern due to the small size we were getting. Hindsight is now kicking me as nobody caught a limit, and the winning sack only went a hair over 13#...... I think if we would have kept doing what we were, we...
  27. Shaka760

    (Video) Lake Dixon A.M. Sesh!!!!

    Super-fun fishing this morning at Lake Dixon. Saw a ton of busters all morning, but they wanted nothing to do with us, LOL..... they were on micro-sized Silversides(two eyes and a wiggle). We tried to get them to go on tiny flukes to no avail. The breaking fish were very sporatic and...
  28. Shaka760

    Looking to join a bass club....

    Hey guys, I am wanting to join a bass club and was wondering if any of you guys could point me in a good direction? Thanks!
  29. Shaka760

    Anybody feel that???

    Looks like that Brawley fault line is kickin' out some rumblers today. I didn't feel it, but I'm sure we might feel something today!
  30. Shaka760

    DVL report

    Decent sign of early topwater bite on spooks..... Found some breaking fish on micro baits!!! Once the wind came up we had some good action on Super Flukes thrown into the sticks on windy points. Decent worm bite in the coves in about 20' of water. got on a really good jerkbait bite on the...
  31. Shaka760

    My new to me 2007 Nitro 482

    It's about freakin' time!!!! She's a beauty with only 14hrs on the Optimax 115.
  32. Shaka760

    Hey Saluki, this might help with the knee recovery....
  33. Shaka760

    (Video) 1 bean, and one nut..... is tourist season over yet?

    Lots of Corbina, very spooky.... Got one to go..... Highlight was the crazy lady that asked me to move because "The fisherman" were in the way of her 2 goofy kids that were boogie boarding.... I was there first, I only fish about 10 yds. out, I was fishing a specific area were nobody was (you...
  34. Shaka760

    It's BEAN a while.....

    Since I have been surf fishing. The Corbina were thick today in Carlsbad!!! Even with todays enormous beach crowds, I managed to pick off 4 beans(all sight fish) and a few large BSP.... 1/8oz. c-rig, #8 mosquito hook, 4# fluoro was the trick.....
  35. Shaka760

    (Video) Back to my roots, Bay Bass, not green ones...

    Cheap, easy, fun. Take some time out of your day to make a few casts in your local lagoons and have fun!!! I decided to do something I haven't in quite a while, and almost forgot how fun it was!!!
  36. Shaka760

    Job opening still available!!!!

    I have been doing a lot of work at the new, unopened Palomar Pomerado Hospital. Tonight is the grand opening, big-wig, yada yada yada deal. Everything has to be perfect, hence the reason why I have not had a day off in 3 weeks. Yesterday this happened.......... Apparently it was somebody coming...
  37. Shaka760

    Volcom Pro Fiji live ON

    About to start. From what I see, Cloudbreak is macking!!!!! Looks like they are a go!!!
  38. Shaka760

    (Video)Hillbilly handfishin' for green bass Salinas, CA

    So I'm stuck in Salinas, CA working. Not much to do and our hotel has a small pond next to it:madfire:. No fishing rod, but a good fisherman always has a few tricks up their sleeves. My cameraman had a few blue mountains and the challenge was set..... Found a spool of 6#, a hook, and a Super...
  39. Shaka760

    (video)Back at it....

    2nd run with the GoPro. I love this thing!!! Caught a few too!!! :hali_olutta:
  40. Shaka760

    (Video)Went surfing for the first time in over a year!!!

    Just had to get out and test the new GoPro 2. Very flat and mushy, but a gorgeous day in Carlsbad!!! I can't wait for some better surf!!!!:hali_olutta:
  41. Shaka760

    (video) First GoPro test....

    Got a GoPro Hero 2 yesterday and took it out for a quick shakedown sesh at the spot with my wife this afternoon. I think this camera was a good investment so far!!:hali_olutta:
  42. Shaka760

    (Video) Semi-new to me spot recon

    Been a while since I brought the camera along, as work has been insane lately:Dynamite:. Been mainly fishing at night and getting some decent fishing in, but had a day and a half off and decided to check a spot I have only fished a couple times prior. Unfortunately, carp are spawning and this...
  43. Shaka760

    Looking for bass fishing in L.A.

    I am gonna be working in L.A. for the next couple of months. I am not familiar with the area at all and was wondering if anybody could throw some spots at me. We may have a few short days and I don't wan't to spend those days at the airport hotel. Any tips on some good spots would be well...
  44. Shaka760

    (Video) A Sloppy 6

    Great weather, one bite, made it count:hali_olutta:
  45. Shaka760

    (Video) Best way to beat a cold? Beat a bass!

    Been sick the past few days, so I decided to go make myself happy:finger:.
  46. Shaka760

    (Video) Dickin' off at Dixon

    Short recap of the day: Cold, windy, Bass were picky and small. Muffed way more fish than we actually caught this a.m. Brush Hogs in dark colors were the most productive(at getting bit and spit). Tough day all around:_diarrhea_:
  47. Shaka760

    Prayers needed....

    Just when you think things couldn't get better in your life..... I just found out my dear family friend, and mentor, Robert Kueber has suffered a massive stroke. This man is a Vietnam vet, and was my baseball coach for many years. My family and I have known Robert since I was first picked up by...
  48. Shaka760

    Epic pre-frontal fishing (Video)

    Hit the weather window before the front passed through and were thoroughly rewarded with some great pre-spawn, pre-frontal bass kicking. Enjoy!!!:2gunsfiring_v1:
  49. Shaka760

    (Video) If at first you don't succeed, try again!!

    Another poor quality video for the bass nuts. Cast, swing, miss, cast, swing, stick... Sometimes, they will come back after a blown hookset:waglleybooty:
  50. Shaka760

    Slow your roll(short video)

    Sometimes a buzzbait early in the pre-spawn can be an extremely effective bait to find your active fish, but what about the larger, less active fish? One way I have had a ton of success is by slow-rolling a larger profile, twin blade buzz bait. Not only does the larger bait create more...
  51. Shaka760

    Pre-spawn bass at my local hole(VIDEO)

    Not a real toad by any means, but a decent fish for the spot this time of year. Had a 7+ spit the hook at my feet about 3 casts prior. Pre-spawn is happening boys!!!!:hali_olutta:
  52. Shaka760

    Surefire M900a Foregrip light. Good Condition.

    Lightly used Surefire M900a Tactical light. Retails new for $650- Specifications Output / Runtime MN10 Lamp 125 .0 lumens / 60 minutes MN11 Lamp 225 .0 lumens / 20 minutes Bezel Diameter 1 .62 inches Weight w/Batteries 1 .25 pounds Batteries 3 123A Description M900A The M900A...
  53. Shaka760

    Saltist 30 2 speed/Seeker Black Steel G6480 8'

    Reel: Mech 10/10 Mild boat rash $175- Rod: Mech 10/10 Mild boat rash $150- $300- if you take both.
  54. Shaka760

    Tan-uary Dixon bass

    Slow start, but whacked 'em good today. No size at all, but still really fun DEEP water wormin'!!!! 50' and even deeper, find rocks, get bent. Worms, Brush Hogs and even the 6# d-shot worked. G pumpkin with purple fleck or Blackberry produced well on the craw baits. PB&J on the worms...
  55. Shaka760

    My Albatross tattoo in progress

    I've wanted this tattoo FOREVER, but the stars just never quite aligned for it to get underway... until now. Still a ton of work left, but stoked to see it coming into reality!!!
  56. Shaka760

    Poway Pre-Thanksgiving YARD SALE!!! (Video Report)

    Fished the Poway crowd today for a couple Bass. LOTS of people!!!!!! Fishing was less than fantastic, but many signs of good things to come!!! Happy Thanksgiving guys!!!!:hali_olutta:
  57. Shaka760

    Wohlford shore sesh, 11/19/11

    Shore fished Wohlford this p.m. for a few bass. No love on the craw plastics, so switched to the 9" worm and found a few biters. Lots of boats, didn't see any other fish caught. Talked to a few other shore tanglers and they reported NADA fish. Water level is WAAAY low. Fish 30-40' main lake...
  58. Shaka760

    Lake Dixon rain and decent fishing

    Got on the water at about 6:15. Partly cloudy conditions rapidly deteriorating. Water level on the drop, but actually helped as the Fluke bite was pretty steady on the 1-2 pounders. Fished the deeper spots for the better quality 2-5 pounders. Expect the worm bite to fire after these systems...
  59. Shaka760

    I'm married!!!!

    Uh-oh.................... Just kidding. I married my beautiful, loving GF of over 5 years, and am really exited for the future!!!!! Don't really remember much from the reception though....:hali_olutta:
  60. Shaka760

    Quick little AR-15 clip.

    Good times, besides being at an indoor range.
  61. Shaka760

    Maybe a repost, but new to me. BSB Killed and kept in broad daylight among hundreds

    Absolutely sickening display of ignorance on all parts. Hope this guy getting his cornhole stuffed in prison.
  62. Shaka760

    Late DVL Report & Video(4/20/11)

    Sorry for the late report, but this should help the guys heading out this weekend. Fished DVL 4/20/11. Fished outside the coves and a few roadbeds first thing in the morning for a slow pick. Moved inside and burned the banks with flukes inside the newly submerged brush for a steady pick on 1-2...
  63. Shaka760

    Gee, I wonder why the poster of this video disabled comments on it.

    This video was found on accident and I thought it was kinda funny(for pervs):rofl:
  64. Shaka760

    This will put some lead in your pencil!!!
  65. Shaka760

    VIDEO: 3 Days of HURT!

  66. Shaka760

    Slug Bass

  67. Shaka760

    Let's see your AR's!!!!!!

    I'll start with my Del-Ton ar-15 M4 carbine.
  68. Shaka760

    Let's see your AR's!!!!!!

  69. Shaka760

    Some serious bass thumpin!!!!

    Some fun at Dixon and Poway last week!!!
  70. Shaka760

    Thunder bass!!!
  71. Shaka760

    Dixon Lake Bass in January + Bald Eagle(video)

    What's up guys, just a quick video I threw together of some bassin' at lake dixon last week. Enjoy. :finger:
  72. Shaka760

    Daiwa Saltist LD 30 2 Speed/ Seeker Black Steel G6480 8' $450-

    Reel Loaded with 65# Power Pro spectra. Very light use (4 Times). Cosmetic-9.5/10. Mechanically 10/10. Pick-up in N. County. $450.00-
  73. Shaka760

    Hey Saluki, Imagine the possibilities!!

    Girl Robot to Model in JapanVideo I want one too!!!
  74. Shaka760

    How many BD'ers have a license, and what tonnage?

    I'll start. Master NMT 100 GT...... also, any of you going to upgrade in the near future?
  75. Shaka760

    BD sighting, Jefferson st. C-Bad

    I was in my brothers PT Loser:gayfight:, so no sticker, but I held out my BD jacket and got the salute. Grey full size Chevy with red tuna sticker. Who was it???
  76. Shaka760

    Rules of the road????... Nice job Captain!!!!

    What the fuck?????!!!! Massive Yacht Collision and DestructionVideo
  77. Shaka760

    Lawsuit anyone??(Heavy weather dining)

    Watch what happens at 5 minutes!!!! Dangerous?
  78. Shaka760

    Sciatic nerve is flaring up, anybody get this problem?

    Yesterday, my Sciatic started flaring up and the pain is pretty intense all the way down my left leg to my foot. Anybody else get this problem, and if so, know any home remedies and or stretches to alleviate the pain. I'm hoping drinking a lot of beer today will dull the pain:hali_olutta:, but...
  79. Shaka760

    BD Sighting yesterday on 78 west

    Green Ford Ranger, with red BD Yellowfin sticker and AVET sticker. Pulled alongside you gave the salute and it was promptly returned:finger:!!!! Who was it??? Nice to meet you:finger:!!
  80. Shaka760

    Chris Chambers...Chargers!!!

    Could be fake, but then again, he's got skillz!! NFL Fantasy Files: Chris Chambers video
  81. Shaka760

    My buddy's pond

    Left the salt to do a little bassin' at my buddy Troy's pond. During the firestorms last year, the helicopters took quite a good amount of water out, but this winter was good to it and she filled up quite nicely. We slayed plenty of healthy bass in the 2-5 pound range with a few larger models...
  82. Shaka760

    4.9# Corbina in Carlsbad this morning

    Short and sweet. Low-tide. Same spot as yesterday. SC bait. 4# fluoro. Nice hole and bam!! Ran me all over the beach!! Unfortunately the hook found his gills and he was bleeding pretty bad. Quick call to my Corbina eatin' buddy Danny and he said he would gladly take it for some ceviche. Awesome...
  83. Shaka760

    Bean surf fishin' lately???

    Hit low tide this a.m. Found a nice hole, drifted the sc into it. Bump. Swing, zzzzzzzzzzz!!!! Bean on the sand. Release. Go home. Fishing was a little slow, and the waves looked super fun in N. C-Bad, so I'm going surfing!!
  84. Shaka760

    Apparently Transvestites are not scary under lights!!

    Good one, ha ha!! I Guess This Makes Me Want To Buy Light Bulbs?
  85. Shaka760

    Who says IT guys aren't funny?

    Starts a little slow, but the last half gets pretty hilarious!!! IT Guy Vs Dumb Employees Video
  86. Shaka760

    Just got my BD Captains jacket

    and let me tell you, this thing is really nice!! The embroidery is top-notch and it is too damn warm to wear right now!!!! Gonna be nice for those offshore tuna runs!! I can't wait!!!
  87. Shaka760

    Funniest thing I've seen in a looooong time!!!

    This is so cheesy it's amazing. Killer effects, and the way RPG's sprout up from the ground is AWESOME!! Turkish Rambo, you are my new hero!!!
  88. Shaka760

    BD Sighting in Carlsbad today

    On Jefferson St. pulling into the bank, grey F-250 diesel with grey Bloodydecks Yellowfin sticker on it. I pull up behind(black Frontier) honked, gave the salute:finger: and you looked a little puzzled at first, then I said Bloodydecks and got a laugh and the salute right back!!!
  89. Shaka760

    You gotta see this!!!

    /">free videos Grand Theft Auto 7 Year Old Video
  90. Shaka760

    anybody else see that??

    The Temp break from the E. Fly to the Lee of Avalon?? I know,I know, If only it were a 64-67 degree break, but come on, i'm fiending!!!!! anybody with extra fuel to burn???(Yeah right!!!) :hali_ruahahaha: things are gonna start shaping up soon enough!!!
  91. Shaka760

    Better Than Google Maps!!!

    I'm sure some of you guys may have seen this already, but this is new to me, so I thought I'd share it with my fellow BD'ers!!! Go to Live Search and click on maps(just like google). Find the area you want to look at in detail and switch to the hybrid map. now zoom in as far as it will let you...
  92. Shaka760

    Ghetto Whopper Freak Out!!!

    Holy crap!!!!! This is funny as hell!!! YouTube - Whopper Freakout GHETTO VRS. (UNCUT)
  93. Shaka760

    Charlie Joiner=new BOLTS WR Coach

    I'm stoked.... Read the whole story on
  94. Shaka760

    Chargers v.s. Houston

    Been looking @ all day to see where the game will be played, and although losing home team advantage would be a bummer, I think it would be way more of a bummer to displace all the already displaced San Diegans that have been evacuated from their homes. I say play in Texas, I know...