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  1. Tunaslayer

    SOLD Original Kencor Magnaglas XL-2 7

    SOLD SOLD SOLD an original Kencor Magnaglas XL 2-7. Rod is 7ft. 2 piece rated 2-6lb. These are no longer made and harder to find. Purple and yellow wraps are original factory. All guides are perfect. Minor cracking in cork (see pictures). Perfect for minijigs, bait, or trolling. One of the...
  2. Tunaslayer

    SOLD Shimano Saragosa 3000F

    9.5 Cosmetic 10 Functional Lightly used Shimano Saragosa 3000F Comes loaded with 40lb. Jerry Brown Green Solid Spectra Upgraded Carbontex Drags Good for Fresh or Inshore Salt $110.00 shipped CONUS Paypal Gift Goods and Services +3%
  3. Tunaslayer

    SOLD Original OTI Tuna Sniper 3102-865S 8’6” 40-60lb.

    Sold Selling an original OTI Tuna Sniper Popping Rod. 9/10 Cosmetic. Some dents in the hypalon (see pictures) and scratches on the bottom of gimbal from being in the rod holder 10/10 Functional. All wraps and guides are perfect. OTI3102-865S 8’6” 40-60lb. $200 OBO shipped Continental U.S...
  4. Tunaslayer

    SOLD Accurate Twinspin SR-12 sold

    Sold Price Drop Selling an Accurate Twinspin SR-12. 9.5 Cosmetic (a few small scratches on the body). Spool lip is clean. 10.0 Mechanically. Reel is loaded with JB 50lb. Solid. One splice using Hollow half way down. Upgraded knob to the Accurate Rubber Handle. Much more comfortable than stock...
  5. Tunaslayer

    Erwin Knot Diagram

    Anyone have an Erwin knot diagram? All the old links and pics are broken.
  6. Tunaslayer

    Modified Balloon Rig

    Been noticing that whenever a helium balloon is used, the balloon is tied directly to the line (using rubber band or string) so that it doesn't move. Was thinking that it might be better to allow it to slide along the line to more easily control the depth of the bait. The kite rig uses this...
  7. Tunaslayer

    PV Tuna with the Osuna's

    Just got back from the third trip to PV for my fiance and I. Each time we have fished with Scott Osuna and have never been disappointed. On 12/3 we landed and checked into the La Cruz Inn. Carol and John had our room ready. There was another group of guys from LA next door and they were going...