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  1. Jr.

    $80 spinning reel recommendations

    Looking for a cheap 30-40lb rated spinner in the $80 range that the guests and father in law can use on the boat, that won’t make me cry when it goes overboard. Thanks!
  2. Jr.

    WTB Tiagra 50w or 80w

    Looking for used but not abused 50w or 80w....can do paypal or local pickup in SD or Inland Empire Thanks for your time
  3. Jr.

    For Sale Dock Float with platform

    Float and platform to extend dock storage or keep your dinghy out of the water etc. PM me for more pics or info.....asking $400
  4. Jr.

    WTF to do with your illegal straws now?

  5. Jr.

    WTB Shimano Tiagra 50W-LRS

    Looking for mechanically sound reel.....Some scratches/rash are ok PM me if your looking to off load one Thanks
  6. Jr.

    packing spectra on spinning reel

    Whats everyones technique for packing spectra onto a LARGE spinning reel for tuna? Thanks everyone!
  7. Jr.

    Sabiki Mackeral Removal

    Who has figured out the best tool to de-hook those mackeral?
  8. Jr.

    Carpet install San Diego area?

    Looking for someone to install new carpet in my salon any recommendations? Thanks!
  9. Jr.

    Outside the N-9

    This afternoon the North 9 and just outside 3-4 miles was going off with thousands of porpoise and birds.....highest water temp seen was 71.9 on the dytek temp gauge. Had a really good knock down on a small purple braid blackjack but came unbuttoned after a few minutes.....felt like a decent...
  10. Jr.

    WTB dock box

    Looking for used not abused dock box thanks,
  11. Jr.

    9/19 Wahoo

    Took dad fishing and he caught this thing on the troll 20 miles west of La Jolla with a small purple rapala (Hoo numbers are N32 49.4, W117 35.0) almost chewed through the 80lb mono. Finished up the day fishing La Jolla kelp and putting 7 different species total on the boat Saturday...
  12. Jr.

    Rigging Halco/Rapala

    Quick do you prefer to rig up your rapala's or halco's? Straight tie to main line? Crimp to flouro leader? What knot do you prefer, Rapala knot, SD jam knot? etc? Thx!
  13. Jr.

    9 mile 10/4

    Left dock at 7:00 this morning to go check out the a triple skipjack hook up on the troll 5 miles west of PL 71.5 degree water on a cedar plug and small jetheads. Just inside the 9 had another nock down at a temp break from 71-73.5. The top of the bank was a desert so we headed north...
  14. Jr.

    Upriggers F/S

    Increase your trolling spread on a small boat. Used a handful of times very few new. Just don't need them anymore. paid $300 sell for $200 firm. Point Loma pick up or Inland Empire. Send PM if interested
  15. Jr.

    SI thief caught

    Two days ago several boats were broken into in the dry storage area of Silver Gate Yacht Club across the street from the Shelter Island launch ramp. A security guard from the Island Palms hotel next door to the club noticed the thief breaking into the first boat and called the police. Upon...
  16. Jr.

    Cat conditions

    Went to cat harbour two days ago no fish did see 68 degrees around cat head. Back to the isthmus today highest temp seen was 66.5. Hope this helps someone.