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  1. Deep_blue

    5/31/2020 Super Cow

    Took my 23’ Parker center console out yesterday with my good friend Ken. We launched at 6am from Shelter Island. No bait needed, we were going to fly the kite. I have had many skunks looking for that one bite I think we all look for offshore. It’s a humbling experience working all day for...
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    SOLD Boat Chairs

  3. Deep_blue

    Los Borrilas / East Cape Sportfishing 7/18 - 7/24/2018

    Took my family down for vacation to East Cape to fish and hang out 7/17-7/24. I’m going to attempt to update as I go, so the dates are in the future for the title. I decided to rent a house on the beach through VRBO. It’s really nice to be on the beach off the patio, plus have all the...
  4. Deep_blue

    Coronado Islands 8/19/17 with my boys

    Took my 8 and 10yo to the islands this morning, departing the slip at 6:15am. The ride down from San Diego bay was good. Fished south island and the skr. Lots of yellows to be had. We kept only 5. That was plenty of meat. Headed out to the 425, trolling the entire way. Didn't see or find a...
  5. Deep_blue

    BOLA August 5-10, 2017 Joel Jr.

    Traveled to BOLA Saturday, August 5 and returned August 10. My wife and two boys, 10 and 8yo were on the trip. We crossed at Tecate, had our FMMs stamped and were on our way. We obtained the FMMs from Discover Baja. They provided excellent customer service. As others have previously posted...
  6. Deep_blue

    BOLA route?

    Question: I'm heading down to BOLA Saturday, August 5, returning to San Diego August 13. Taking my wife and two boys, 8 & 10yo. This is the first trip south for my boys. No boat in tow...too big to take down there. I have not been down for 11 years since we had our first kid. Only taking...
  7. Deep_blue

    Recommended transducer

    I have a Parker 2530 that I purchased recently with old Furuno. Decided to pickup new electronics, so I purchased a Simrad NSS12 evo2 I fish offshore in summer and maybe a couple of times a year I'll drop for cod south of the border in the 300-450ft ranges. I would like to be able to use the...
  8. Deep_blue

    10/18/2015 finally caught my wahoo

    Headed out of San Diego bay this morning solo at 7a.m. Headed north up the line towards La Jolla Canyon. Thought I would try to stay away from the crowds of the 9. It was a long morning. As I continued North, the water cooled in the canyon. At 32.48 x 117.23 had a short bite that pulled...
  9. Deep_blue

    10/10/2015 - oh sh*t

    The Day started out great. Flat seas and my two boys, 6 & 8yo. We picked a half scoop of chovies and were on our way at 7am. High hopes of finally landing a dang wahoo. I'm 0-3 with 2 fish 10 feet from the boat solo, only to watch them shake the hook...bummer. My boys said they were going...
  10. Deep_blue

    Parker 2320SL with Yamaha 250 four stroke

    Sold. Thanks BD.
  11. Deep_blue

    9/11/15 What a day...

    Fished with my buddy Josh today. What a day. Met at my slip at 4:30am. Not expecting much for bait based on yesterday's report, but Everingham did not disappoint. We purchased a healthy scoop and a half of 5-8" sardines at 5am. Man, I have been lucky this year. Not one trip has resulted in...
  12. Deep_blue

    8/10/15 yellowfin delight

    Man, it's rough out when you have too much fish and have to pull away from a full-on epic bite. Today was one of those days. Good friends and incredible bite. Beautiful weather and bait from Everingham. Moyer and I have the same age boys in the same class which has been awesome meeting such a...
  13. Deep_blue

    7/25/15 tuna deuce

    Took my buddy Josh out today. Beautiful conditions and awesome bait from S.D. bay Everingham bros at 4a.m... couldn't ask for better. We headed between the n. 9 and the 182. Found several decent kelps. Most had nobody home. We pounded it out and got two nice fish from a kelp and one dink 8...
  14. Deep_blue

    7/17/2015 San Diego yellowfin and dodo's

    Took my good buddie Mike out for some tuna action this morning. Departed the Harbor Island slip at 5 am and purchased an awesome 1.5 scoops of sardines from Everingham S.D Bay. Heading between the N. 9 and the 182 as it got brighter and founds 6-7 terns pecking at a small trash can lid sized...
  15. Deep_blue

    2/16/15 San Diego coastal slabs

    Still too busy with a remodel to get out the past few weeks. Finally, took a day off and the wife says I should go fishing. I swear she is a mind Arrived at my slip at 8am. Beautiful mixed 1/2 scoop from Everingham. Bait was slimey and ready to run. Began fishing at around 9...
  16. Deep_blue

    1/25/15 San Diego Halibut

    I've been too busy to get out for a couple of weeks. Had to go check on the boat, so decided why waste a trip to the slip? Headed out late morning. Picked a nice half scoop from Everingham Bros. Bait was 5" sardines. Nice and slimey. The conditions were not very good for me today as the...
  17. Deep_blue

    San Diego coastal 1/10/15 - Another Grande Halibut

    Today was another great day on the water. Took two good friends out to try to get them a piece of the halibut action that I have been fortunate to locate in a new area. We met at my slip at 6:30am, headed to Everingham for a very nice scoop of sardines. Fishing was a little off all day as...
  18. Deep_blue

    1/3/15 moonlight halibut, San Diego

    It's been a while since I had the time to go fishing for halibut. Finally went out solo today, late... Got to one of my spots outside at 11am after loading up with a half/half mix chovie and deans from Everingham. Good service and plenty of bait...thank you! The wind was calm at first, and...
  19. Deep_blue

    Lowrance HDS 7 GEN 1

  20. Deep_blue

    Reels - Multiple Brands

  21. Deep_blue

    San Diego coastline 11/7/2014

    Fished solo today looking for some door mats. Departed my slip after a nice marina guy engaged in a 45 minute conversation that I couldn't leave, but was itching to get out of there since the tide change was early. Man...awkward. Anyway, picked up a nice half scoop of quality 5 to 7" sardines...
  22. Deep_blue

    San Diego Coastline 10/29/2014

    I had a few hours in-between other responsibilities today, so headed out to see what I could drag up. Bait was awesome, slimey deans from Everingham. No weighing required. Fish were in 55 feet. Kept the three fish in the pictures and released two short halibut. Boat washed and back home...
  23. Deep_blue

    San Diego coastline - Halibut limit

    Was able to break away for some halibut fishing. Fished solo on the SD coast in 50-65ft. Current was good, fishing was better. All fish caught using slimey sardines from Everingham Bros, 5oz egg sinkers, Carolina style with trap rig (25-30lb floro). Returned two smaller size keepers...
  24. Deep_blue

    10/12/14 San Diego Coast Halibut and Yellowtail

    Departed my boat slip fishing solo at 6:30 am from Harbor Island. Stopped at Everingham for an awesome half-scope of sardines. Decided I would head North and fish the coastline. Water was calm with a slight ripple. Travel was easy. Made it up North and ran into the crowd of boats north of La...
  25. Deep_blue

    9/27/14 Point Loma Halibut

    After going hooping all night by myself and failing miserably (one good keeper), I decided to not waste the remainder of the beautiful 5-7" sardines from Everingham Bros. So at dawn I was on one of my halibut spots. The bite was over by 9 am, but I stayed until 12:30 thinking it might change...
  26. Deep_blue

    Labor day weekend halibut - San Diego Bay

    Took my 7 and 5yo out to San Diego Bay this weekend to look for some halibut. Felt good not to chase fish offshore and just hang out and talk to my little men. We had a nice half scoop of 5-6" sardines from Everingham. Bait was good and lasted all day. The fishing was good. Constant action...
  27. Deep_blue

    San Diego Bay Halibut 6/21/14

    Took my 5 and 7yo out for some halibut today. Went outside, to fish for the bigger models, but one of my little men started to get an upset stomach. Decided to head back into the big bay. On the way in, stopped at Everingham for some chovies. However, they had mainly spanish mackeral. There...
  28. Deep_blue

    San Diego Halibut 6/08/2014

    Went out on the boat again today targeting halibut with my good friend Mike. Made bait in the big bay and also purchased a small scoop of anchovies. Only one bite, but made it count. Set-up: Carolina rig, 4oz egg sinker, 30lb florocarbon, trap rig, large greenback mackeral. Go get some.
  29. Deep_blue

    Halibut 5/31/14 San Diego Kelp

    I haven't fished much so far this year with all the projects and work going on, so needed a solo day on the water to relax. Small anchovies at the receivers, so had to go make bait in the kelp. All greenback mackeral. Fished all day with only a couple of leopard sharks (released). Finally...
  30. Deep_blue

    San Diego Halibut 2/15/14

    Fished outside Point Loma (San Diego) with a buddy today. Seven sculpin, several missed bites and a nice 18.75lb for me. Weather was awesome with fog rolling in sometime around noon. Good times hanging out laughing and good dinner planned. Fish caught on the usual Carolina rig with a sardine...
  31. Deep_blue

    San Diego Bay - Saturday 1/24/14

    Took my friend Josh out on the big bay Saturday. I haven't been out for a couple of months due to other priorities, so I was looking forward to relaxing a little bit. It felt like summer out there. T-shirts by 9 a.m. Everingham had mackeral or anchovies only. We chose the baby macks...
  32. Deep_blue

    Swim Step and ladder

  33. Deep_blue

    Bait tank from Parker

  34. Deep_blue

    9/13/13 295 & 238 and then some

    Short report...dead tired. Departed SD bay with a good friend at 2am to fish south for some tuna. Water was a little rough thru the night and wind was blowing first thing in the morning. By 9:30, swell was building and wind was taking off. It was rough out there for us. Patty's were tough...
  35. Deep_blue

    WTB Delta 22 lb anchor

    Please delete post. Anchor found.
  36. Deep_blue

    San Diego Bay 8/18/13

    My new boat (to me) arrived yesterday. After a pain in the ankle to get it here, decided there was still time to launch and take the family out to the bay to try out the new rig. Bait was horse sardines with a couple of mini macks, trap rig...the usual. First bite and fish caught was by my...
  37. Deep_blue

    Wanted: Pacific Edge Bait tank

    Closed. Decided to just order a new one direct. Thanks.
  38. Deep_blue

    San Diego Halibut 8/3/13 My little man's personal best

    Took my boys out for the afternoon yesterday to try for some halibut. We have had some excellent fishing over the past few months while I have been enjoying watching their fishing skills improve. My boys are 4 and 6 years old and have really shown an interest in being on the boat, so I have...
  39. Deep_blue

    18' Parker Center Console w/115hp Yamaha 4-stroke

    *****Sold**** Moderators, please delete. Thank you.
  40. Deep_blue

    5/27/13 Halibut San Deigo Bay, my little man's first keeper

    Took the family out fishing on Monday. It's been a while since we were all on the boat at the same time. I ventured outside, but the swell was larger than I thought so I turned around and went inside the bay. Having a sick family wasn't what I had planned for the day. Headed into the big...
  41. Deep_blue

    Halibut 5/25/13 San Diego Bay

    Fished this morning with a good friend trying to catch halibut outside. We encountered pretty lousy conditions, including no wind and little movement, even though there was a 6' tide swing...sucked. We sat outside for hours waiting for that one bite that would change the day, but it never came...
  42. Deep_blue

    5/11/13 EPIC Halibut Part 2

    Ok, so yesterday was an incredible day for me as noted in my privious posting for EPIC halibut 5/10/13. Well today...I'm just going to enjoy it. One more for my book that I will never forget. In my world, EPIC. Just shy of 46" and 40.6 pounds at Dana Landing. Thank you Dana Landing...
  43. Deep_blue

    EPIC Halibut 5.10.13

    I like big butts and I cannot lie. Fished solo today. Shot out to the Coronados for some yellowtail. Landed two little guys and then got bent over by screamer that ended up rocking me. Hung around till around 11 with not too much action so decided to head in to Point Loma to my halibut...
  44. Deep_blue

    San Diego Bay Halibut 5/14/2013

    Report is for 5/4/2013. Can't update the subject line. Arrived at San Diego Bay at 6:30am to find howling wind. My friend Mike and I decided immediately that going outside was not an option. We had drift socks, so decided to stay in the bay and look for some halibut inside. During the...
  45. Deep_blue

    Point Loma Halibut 4/26/2013

    I did a solo run to the islands in hopes of some yeller tails...bait pump sucked. Bait almost completely rolled. I moved around a bit and the wind starting blowing hard. With little bait, I decided to head towards home mid morning. I got close to Point Loma, dumped all the dead bait and...
  46. Deep_blue

    Point Loma Rockfish 3/1/13

    Fished solo today and decided to go check out my rockfish spot for the opener. Stayed home until my 6yo went to school and headed down to the ramp. In the water at 8:30 and on my spot by 9 am. It was really nice with a slight breeze. Fished homemade baits in 65-75' with squid strips...
  47. Deep_blue

    Point Loma 2/23/13 They're gettin' bigger...

    Fished Point Loma with a friend again today for haibut. Fishing was pretty darn good. Landed two nice females. One was 37" and the other was 35" (23.5 and 19.5 pounds on the scale) . My friend attempted a gaff shot on both fish and ripped it out, making both halibut go all the way back...
  48. Deep_blue

    Point Loma Halibut 2/16/2013

    Went out yesterday morning solo to Point Loma. The weather was rally nice when I hit the water at a leisurely 8 am. Just a slight breeze off the coastline. However, the drift was somewhat slow. I fished the 55- 65' area for 4-5 hours with just one bait bitten in half. Didn't even see the...
  49. Deep_blue

    Point Loma 2/2/2013...late report

    Fished solo in Point Loma Saturday, 2/2/2013 for halibut. Then had to travel for work and this is the first chance to write a report. Only available bait was anchovies, so bought a half scoop...small baits. Fished in 50-60 ft using a carolina rig, 20lb flouro and large 2/0 hooks since...
  50. Deep_blue

    Point Loma 1/20/13 and 1/5/13

    1/20/13 Fished Point Loma today looking for the flatties. Took a buddy who never caught a keeper before and put him on a 23" fish. I was able to pick a nice 33" keeper. We also caught two leopard sharks. Just a couple of other small bites and that was it. The Halibut bit right at low tide...
  51. Deep_blue

    Point Loma Halibut 11.25.12

    Haven't been out in a while, so decided to hit my halibut spot and give it a try. Not too much going on as I only fished 3 hours in the area. Final count was one short halibut released; one sculpin released and one decent keeper for dinner. All fish on carolina rig with lively sardines...
  52. Deep_blue

    9/27/12 Point Loma Halibut

    Had the day off , so fished Point Loma again. Couldn't find any big one's that wanted to stay hooked, so took a 23" and 24" for dinner. Bait was really good from EB today. Nice and slimey. 60', carolina rig, live sardine, good luck.
  53. Deep_blue

    9/16/12 Point Loma Halibut

    Fished with my good friend Mike today in the same area that has been hot for me. We caught two keepers, with a couple lost. One was prettty nice. In the slip by noon. 60 feet of water, carolina rig, live bait...let em eat.
  54. Deep_blue

    Point Loma and San Diego Bay halibut

    Fished Point Loma today 9/14/12, solo. Nailed a 38" halibut and lost a twin to it 10 feet from the boat when it spit my hook with the head shakes...also caught a 23" hali and several shorts before being blown off the spot. It was WINDY off the point today. I decided to go fish the big bay...
  55. Deep_blue

    9/8/12 Inside 230 and 302

    We fished 9/8/12 inside the 230 and 302. Water was pretty rough and difficult to spot kelp. We trolled while searching and caught one (1) dodo on the pink/white feather. We eventually found two empty kelps, but they were empty and we had to keep searching...hours of searching. Finally...
  56. Deep_blue

    Coronado's 8/17

    Plenty of fish at the Coronado islands today. Slow troll deans... Bird Shit Rock/North side and Pukey bit today. Radio was chirping with the usual B.S. Had to turn it off after a while. Fish reports (or radio fish): have to believe a lot of guys scored offshore today. Sounded pretty...
  57. Deep_blue

    8/3/12 Point Loma: Left hand and right

    Fished solo today, so decided to stay close to home. Point Loma- 70 feet. Swim baits and home-made. Lost a couple nice one's, but ended o.k. Left and right handed models plus limit of son was messing with one, so missing from picture. Good eats for the family. Water a...
  58. Deep_blue

    Garmin 430 GPS unit

    ***********SOLD************ Garmin 430 GPS. Full color screen. This unit does NOT have fish/sounder capabilities. Info here: Accepts G- cards
  59. Deep_blue

    Question: Lure making supplies?

    I'm messing around with a wood hardbait design, but would like the final product to be hard plastic that is similar to the typical crankbaits sold in stores. Once I complete my model and mold, is there a two-part plastic mix that can be used to make hard swimbaits for the hobbiest? If...
  60. Deep_blue

    7/27/08 Point Loma Halibut

    Fished Point Loma this morning on my buddy Mike's boat. We fished the outside drops for the usual suspects in the red jackets using swimbaits tipped with squid. The bite was really good as we were done by 8:45 am with full limits of quality rockcod and a nice halibut that went 20 pounds on the...
  61. Deep_blue

    6/8/2008 San Diego BAy Halibut

    Fished on buddy Mike's boat today. Fished plastics and jigged up a few mackeral. 8 halibut - 2 keepers 1 Leopard shark 1 sand shark Many sandbass and spotties. A very nice day on the water.
  62. Deep_blue

    Point Loma Halibut/Cod again...

    4/18/08 Fished on my buddy Mike's boat again today off Point Loma. He caught a really nice halibut today that beat my fish from last weekend for bragging honors between friends. This fish was caught on a green/clear w/glitter homemade swim bait and 1.5 oz. leadhead. It was a...
  63. Deep_blue

    4/13/08 Point Loma Halibut and rockfish

    Fished Point Loma this morning on my buddy Mike's boat along with good friend Tom. Fished swim baits all morning for lots of small rockfish and sculpin, along with two sand bass. It became a little slow, so decided to move into shallower water and I'm glad we did. Caught this nice halibut on...
  64. Deep_blue

    8/08/07 Dodo Limits

    Report is for 9/8/07.......Fished soutwest of the 371 today with Chad and David. We were trolling along and David spots a nice kelp that we almost passed up. The first bait in the water and David lands a nice hen dodo. It took around a half hour before the other dodo's went nuts and we had...
  65. Deep_blue

    8/25/07 302 and 425

    Hit the 302 in the a.m. Found a couple of nice pattties. While gearing up my friend Tom throws a bait and lands this 17 pound dodo....I jumped in with my friend Mike thinking this was going to be great. Imeediately ran into 6 scholling yellows; shot the biggest at 19 pounds. The school...
  66. Deep_blue

    8/11/07 Albies/Yellows/Dodos

    Left SI to the 390. Two single albies on the troll. Black/white CD 11 ran short past the prop wash. Nothing else there for us. Went back up the line to the 371. Jumped in on a couple of patties for 2 yellows and 2 dodos. Weather was great. Final count: 2 albies 2 yellows 2 dodos...
  67. Deep_blue

    8/5/07 Point Loma Cod

    Same as last week, except the fish were larger on average. Went out again to Point Loma this morning. Limits of cod (taco meat) for two. Back home at 11:15, fish cleaned and gear stored. It was nice on the water. All fish caught on swimbaits in 100+ water with squid strips. Final...
  68. Deep_blue

    7/29 Point Loma

    Decided to stay inshore this weekend. I fished on my buddy Mike's boat. We launched at 5:45 from Shelter Island. Headed outside the PL kelp in 90-120 ft of water. We were done by 10 a.m. Final Count: 20 misc. rockfish 4 short lings (released) 1 cuda (released) Lures: 1.5-2 oz...
  69. Deep_blue

    7/21/07 Albies at 302

    Fished with good friend Mark. He wanted to get his son Dylan and Dylan's friend Derrek their first tuna. They will both be ninth graders this year and have only fished in the kelp beds for the usual suspects. We fished the 371 until 9 a.m. for nothing. Then we received a call from the Kira...
  70. Deep_blue

    Albies/Yellowfin 7/14/07

    Fished the my friend Chad's new boat today...28' Albin...sweet boat! There was Chad, his cousin David, Mike and myself. We went south of the 302 towards the 371 and managed a nice yellowfin at 6:30 a.m. (purple/blk sevenstrand ran long). Later, just southwest of the 371 we got a single...
  71. Deep_blue

    7/9/07 371/302/182 Albies...late report

    Sorry for the late post...finished cleaning the boat late, birthday dinner, then some sleep... Headed out to the 371 at 5 a.m. Monday from SI. First jig strike at 8:30 on a purple/black Zuker's tuna clone...regular 6 inch size. Trolled and trolled after that for nothing. Boats South...
  72. Deep_blue

    7/5/07 371 and 302 Albies

    Fished with Tom and Mark today. Departed SI at 4:30 headed for the 371. At dawn,we were two miles short and decided to drop two trollers in while getting the bait rods rigged...didn't get a chance to finish rigging as one of the trollers went off (blk/purple sevenstrand tuna feather). Tossed...
  73. Deep_blue

    Need one for 7/5 Tuna hunt

    Need 1 for tomorrow 7/5. Split gas/bait/ice/clean-up. Heading out at 3:30 a.m. from Point Loma...390 area and beyond. 26' Seaswirl Cuddy with all the fix'ns Must be experienced with own gear and valid fishing license for U.S. and smoking on the boat, drinking is up to...
  74. Deep_blue

    Point Loma 11/11/2006

    Fished Point Loma again today. The wind was up, which made the drifts fast and difficult to stay on the bottom where the fish are...even with a drift sock. Fished 3 oz. leadheads w/swimbaits and squid trailer. Most of the fish were deeper than usual (117 feet). We kept 12 fish as pictured...
  75. Deep_blue

    Point Loma 11/05/2006

    Fished off Point Loma today...great day on the water....light wind and sunny made for great drifts. Fished homemade swimbaits in 85-120' water w/1.5 oz leadhead and squid trailers Best color was green/clear with silver glitter. Ended w/double limit of assorted rockfish including one keeper...
  76. Deep_blue

    371 Area...late report

    Headed to the 371 and southwest areas this weekend August 19. Fished a little and got a couple of small yellows...decided to jump in and see what was going on under the water. There were dodo's all over on two separate patties...must have been close to 100 swimming in a circle around...
  77. Deep_blue

    P.V Fishing with Josh 12/28 and 01/02

    Like most us, I read Josh’s weekly updates on the fishing in Puerto Vallarta and it drove me crazy. I finally contacted him and planned two fishing days, December 28 and January 2. I had difficulty finding a reasonable place to stay due to the holidays. His wife Catherine was extremely...