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  1. Deep_blue

    For Sale Phenix rods, Phenix rods

    Mike- thanks for hooking my friend up with the rail rod at a great price. Quality rod!
  2. Deep_blue

    5/31/2020 Super Cow

    Took my 23’ Parker center console out yesterday with my good friend Ken. We launched at 6am from Shelter Island. No bait needed, we were going to fly the kite. I have had many skunks looking for that one bite I think we all look for offshore. It’s a humbling experience working all day for...
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    SOLD Boat Chairs

    Thanks for the message. I don’t Want to ship these. Probably cost more than buying them new all together.
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    52.5x52.5x80/800 Big ones bit today

    Nice Catch! Appreciate the pm response and call. Very cool guy catching these fish and sharing excellent intel. Thank you!
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    SOLD Boat Chairs

  6. Deep_blue

    Boat Ramps closed?

    Shelter Island today
  7. Deep_blue

    WTB Helium Tank Wanted.

    What grade of helium is best for the offshore ballon fishing?
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    Memorial Weekend BFT report, fishing on Sardinera.

    Nice Sergio! Solid fish. You still got it!
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    For Sale Aluminum Weld-on rod holders

    I’ll take 6-8 shipped ...whatever you have remaining. Please PM me PayPal address and Final total. Shipping to Poway in San Diego. Thanks
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    East Cape Super Panga Recommendations Try Los Barriles Sportfishing. Nic and Laurin are the owners and they are super good people. They have a top notch captain named Carlos who has been a top guide there for many years. The panga is only a year old with quality rods and reels. Nic...
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    YFT Trip Video - 11/17 & 11/18

    Nice work Steve. Video was awesome.
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    Mex a car/FOX rent a car Los Cabos Scam

    Man, sounds like they were crooks. I took my family down in June and used BBB. They use the cabbies in the green shirts to transport from the airport to the rental office free of charge (just tip if good service). Older cars, but fit right in. Awesome service and easy transaction. I would...
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    Lobster Diver attacked by shark at Beacons

    Tragic story. Hope the young boy survives and is able to recover. His mom was there....can’t imagine the fear she experienced. Thankfully those guys were there and helped. Sounded like they may have saved his life since the shark came in behind the kayak. The shark probably wasn’t done...
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    Coronado Island Biosphere Bracelet

    Lol. Clueless is your middle name. People like you drive right past the fish. Let’s see some of those amazing Coronado halibut. Definitely nothing better than what’s in our own backyard. I have posted many.
  15. Deep_blue

    Coronado Island Biosphere Bracelet

    Buy an FMM, buy TIP, Buy a Mexican License - now buy a bracelet before you go. ...”F” that. There is nothing that special about the Coronados, including the halibut fishing. You can catch halibut within 3 miles of both bays all year long if you know how to fish them. There’s nothin special...
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    SCI Big Boy Grounds 8/31 9/1 9/2

    Party City disposable tank
  17. Deep_blue

    SOLD ***Sold***.......

    If this was in San Diego, I would buy it. Heading this way anytime soon?
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    Wahoo Tournament Tactics - Prefish or Not

    Zane, Great report and fishing! Glad you had a success and thanks for sharing. ROBERT
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    For Sale Couple reels

    I will take the Revo. Pm me your PayPal name and I will send payment. Thank you
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    Old Glory vs Producer

    The OG fishes hard. I took 3 trips with them last year. Captains fish hard and we scored well every trip, even when it was tougher fishing days. Good food and music all day with air conditioning in the bunk rooms. For a day or two trip it is worth checking them out.
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    Los Borrilas / East Cape Sportfishing 7/18 - 7/24/2018

    Took my family down for vacation to East Cape to fish and hang out 7/17-7/24. I’m going to attempt to update as I go, so the dates are in the future for the title. I decided to rent a house on the beach through VRBO. It’s really nice to be on the beach off the patio, plus have all the...
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    ebay 20% off site wide

    Thanks for the info! Just save $19 on Jerry Brown spectra purchase.
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    CX76 Centaur for Robert Jones

    Jim, Incredible work on the rod. You create works of art. I can't wait to put it to a test this season. Thanks for building this for me!
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    FS Stella 20k, 10k, Gosa 8k

    Payment sent for Talica 25 II. Thanks.
  25. Deep_blue

    FS Stella 20k, 10k, Gosa 8k

    Just logged on. I'm sending PayPal now. Thanks
  26. Deep_blue

    FS Stella 20k, 10k, Gosa 8k

    I'll take the Talica 25II. Sending PM.
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    Yellowtail recipee

    My favorite for yellowtail and can also be used on any tuna: 1/3 cup olive oil 1/3 cup soy sauce 2 tablespoons Sesame oil 1 tablespoon ginger (powder spice) Mix ingredients in ziplock bag. Cut fillets into serving sizes and marinade at least 2 hrs. Cook on the grill...don't over cook the fish...
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    37 BFT over 150 lbs on a 1.5 day- Aztec 11/17/17

    Awesome report and Congrats. Killed it!
  29. Deep_blue

    Successful Solo Sojourn - 11/15

    Nice trip and report. Love the double overhead tail! I have the same Vacmaster for about 5 years now. It is awesome and easy. Enjoy the great food.
  30. Deep_blue

    Grande 1.5 Day (Sat. 9th/ 9pm - Mon. 6th/6am)

    The New Lo Ann. The Crew, Captain and boat are always top notch. Even when the fishing is not as good as we all want you always leave knowing you were fishing with some of the best in the fleet.
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    BOLA August 5-10, 2017 Joel Jr.

    Thanks for the correction. I had never caught or seen one before. I took Joel's word for it.
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    Coronado Islands 8/19/17 with my boys

    Took my 8 and 10yo to the islands this morning, departing the slip at 6:15am. The ride down from San Diego bay was good. Fished south island and the skr. Lots of yellows to be had. We kept only 5. That was plenty of meat. Headed out to the 425, trolling the entire way. Didn't see or find a...
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    Magdalena Bay Wild Fishing

    Sounds fun. Do you have a website? Where do I go to get more info on your trips. Mag Bay is on my list of places I want to fish. Thank you.
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    BOLA August 5-10, 2017 Joel Jr.

    The whale sharks are there and very calm. Make sure to bring some swim fins to help stay with them longer. It's amazing. Enjoy and safe travels! Look forward to reading your report.
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    BOLA August 5-10, 2017 Joel Jr.

    Traveled to BOLA Saturday, August 5 and returned August 10. My wife and two boys, 10 and 8yo were on the trip. We crossed at Tecate, had our FMMs stamped and were on our way. We obtained the FMMs from Discover Baja. They provided excellent customer service. As others have previously posted...
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    BOLA route?

    Appreciate all the replies. Thank you.
  37. Deep_blue

    BOLA route?

    Question: I'm heading down to BOLA Saturday, August 5, returning to San Diego August 13. Taking my wife and two boys, 8 & 10yo. This is the first trip south for my boys. No boat in tow...too big to take down there. I have not been down for 11 years since we had our first kid. Only taking...
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    Offshore Monday 6/5 With the 1801

    Awesome photo quality. Nice work with the spear.
  39. Deep_blue


    He isn't on here everyday. Call the number from his post.
  40. Deep_blue


    That's awesome Rob. Wtg!
  41. Deep_blue

    WTB Kite

    Call Dana Landing if you have not tried already. They had a bunch at the end of last week.
  42. Deep_blue

    Epic Tuna fishing on the big bertram.

    Hey Sergio, you still got it. Awesome to see a report from you. Congrats on an awesome trip. You guys killed it.
  43. Deep_blue

    Bluefin Tuna Spearfishing Bonanza 2016

    Awesome video. You guys slayed them. Wtg!
  44. Deep_blue

    8/12 Big YFT on the chunk God is Good

    Nice one Shelton. Glad you enjoyed your trip out.
  45. Deep_blue

    fish on north 9

    Hey Dan, Wtg on a couple of nice bluefin! Sorry we missed the hail on the radio. Appreciate the fillets you sent over with Jeff. The food was dynamite. Grilled steaks and made some poke today. Appreciate it!
  46. Deep_blue

    Oceanside 7/22. Big Bluefin

    Wow, awesome story. Congrats on that monster. You earned it!
  47. Deep_blue

    Recommended transducer

    Thanks for all the recommendations. I ordered the B175M and the total scan. Looking forward to seeing it in action.
  48. Deep_blue

    A little bft tuna popping video to keep you fired up

    Awesome video. Congrats on a nice one!
  49. Deep_blue

    Recommended transducer

    I have a Parker 2530 that I purchased recently with old Furuno. Decided to pickup new electronics, so I purchased a Simrad NSS12 evo2 I fish offshore in summer and maybe a couple of times a year I'll drop for cod south of the border in the 300-450ft ranges. I would like to be able to use the...
  50. Deep_blue

    Back to Basics - DP BUTT

    Nice flattie. Congrats!
  51. Deep_blue

    OPAH on the WET-O's

    So awesome. Congrats!
  52. Deep_blue

    Nice BFT

    Awesome, awesome, awesome. Nice fish. 170lb is a a beast for local waters. Congratulations!
  53. Deep_blue

    Parker flush mount

    Sent you a PM offer. Thanks.
  54. Deep_blue

    WTB Albin 28 (2004-2006 ish)

    My apology...wrote a quick reply. 1.9 mpg is the average day offshore for the regular weather offshore here in San Diego and south. When seas get large (days we tried not to be out) it does go down to the 1.3-1.5 mpg range as it plows through the waves. I'm talking about the 4-7' swells with...
  55. Deep_blue

    WTB Albin 28 (2004-2006 ish)

    I've fished regularly on one for around 10 years. Albin 28TE. Solid boat. Goes through any weather. Cruise Is 18-19 knots on a Yanmar diesel. Averaged around 1.9 gallons per mile between running and trolling times combined. Nice accommodations down below with plenty of room. The one...
  56. Deep_blue

    Meat Mayhem Fishing Tournament! 1st place dolphin

    Beautiful fish. Wtg!
  57. Deep_blue

    SCI Run

    Nice report and fish Matt. Wtg!
  58. Deep_blue

    2013 Dusky 17'

    That's one of the nicest 17' boats I've ever seen. GLWS.
  59. Deep_blue


    So awesome. Wtg Rob. Memories to last a lifetime with Dom. He looks stoked!
  60. Deep_blue

    Christmas Sea Bass...

    Awesome photo of you and your catch. Dinner looks like it was also delicious. Congrats!
  61. Deep_blue

    All American pressure canning set up.

    I have the same setup and it is awesome. Good price. GLWS.
  62. Deep_blue

    Sunday 11-29-15

    Awesome day with your boy. Wtg pops!
  63. Deep_blue

    11/28 YFT report...

    San Diego = New Cabo Wow, nice grade of yellowfin. Almost December. ...we will be talking about this season forever. Awesome report and way to slay those quality fish. Congrats!
  64. Deep_blue

    Limits on YFT Most Impressive Boil of the Season

    Awesome video and footage of the tuna. Thanks for sharing.
  65. Deep_blue

    11/22/2015 Couldn't be easier fishing out of San Diego!

    Awesome report. Nothing better than enjoying an incredible day with your daughter. Love the pics of her holding her fish. She's a champ. Wtg.
  66. Deep_blue

    11/15 gale warning marlin report

    If you own a boat like that, your not worried about the fuel bill. Awesome report and boat. Pictures show the fun being had by all. Wtg.
  67. Deep_blue

    Dialing in my skiff

    That's a tasty score right there. Good quality too. Wtg!
  68. Deep_blue

    Same thing ... Same place ... New sled

    Sweet boat and solid tails. Sounds like you had a great day!
  69. Deep_blue

    La Jolla On Halloween - A Ghostly Encounter And A Surprising 'Tale'

    That's an awesome day! Great eating too! Congrats and thanks for sharing the report.
  70. Deep_blue

    Took My 4 Year Old Fishing (but not Catching) for Wahoo - 10/25/15

    Wtg pops. That's quality time with your little man. Great report.
  71. Deep_blue

    Anniversary hoo.......#2!

    That was a awesome report. Congrats and Congrats!
  72. Deep_blue

    SWORDFISH! 10/24

    Wow! That is an awesome catch. Congrats!
  73. Deep_blue

    Solo wahoo mission a success! 10/23

    Awesome report. Congrats on a nice wahoo!
  74. Deep_blue

    Long Beach Double Whoooooo!!!!!

    For sure. You already did the work of setting up the gear. That's awesome you helped your bud. Wtg to both of you.
  75. Deep_blue

    Vintage Kunnan Rod Blanks For Sale

    If you decide to split them, pm me the price of the 7' model. Thank you
  76. Deep_blue

    Solo Who?

    Slug. Nice wahoo! Congrats
  77. Deep_blue

    Wahoo Selfie! Solo Thursday.

    From the right to the left coast and slaying fish that most of us have never had a chance to catch. You must be doing something right. The report of 4 for the season tells it all. Congrats and awesome report. Love the boat.
  78. Deep_blue

    Why Wahoo Are Hard to Catch

    Great video. Entertaining and informative. I've passed you several times on the inner banks and always thought you had a nice boat.
  79. Deep_blue

    #2 wahoo in the bag

    Sweet boat and great report. Nice catch on the 9. Congrats.
  80. Deep_blue

    10/18/2015 finally caught my wahoo

    Headed out of San Diego bay this morning solo at 7a.m. Headed north up the line towards La Jolla Canyon. Thought I would try to stay away from the crowds of the 9. It was a long morning. As I continued North, the water cooled in the canyon. At 32.48 x 117.23 had a short bite that pulled...
  81. Deep_blue

    MARINE GRILL Never Been Used

    A little "Barkeepers Friend" from Home Depot will remove all that rust and make it look brand new. GLWS.
  82. Deep_blue

    We went Wahooping instead

    Way to go Matt. The boys enjoyed your report and now they want me to take them out. stud!
  83. Deep_blue

    2 Hoo Day 10/16

    Nice catch. Looks better than it was yesterday, plus some nice fish. Wtg!
  84. Deep_blue

    10/10/2015 - oh sh*t

    Definitely. I went to the doctor. I had a tetanus in 2009. I thought I was out of date. They informed me that it is now every 10 years. I am good. They said it looked good for the amount of trauma when I showed them the picture. Then they asked for fish.. LOL. I feel the same way! I...
  85. Deep_blue

    10/10/2015 - oh sh*t

    The Day started out great. Flat seas and my two boys, 6 & 8yo. We picked a half scoop of chovies and were on our way at 7am. High hopes of finally landing a dang wahoo. I'm 0-3 with 2 fish 10 feet from the boat solo, only to watch them shake the hook...bummer. My boys said they were going...
  86. Deep_blue

    49.7 lbs OF PURE US WATERS STOKE!!!!!

    Hey Mike, I was out there with you. I talked with you on the VHF and wished you congrats. After reading your post, it's obvious today was more than about the wahoo. Although the wahoo was a nice catch, my condolences on your parents. Congrats again. I trolled the entire upper 9 with...
  87. Deep_blue


    Sweet boat. Built to last for a 22'. GLWS.
  88. Deep_blue

    2005 2520 Parker Pilot house SOLD SOLD

    First picture is awesome. Nice rig. GLWS!
  89. Deep_blue

    Parker 2320SL with Yamaha 250 four stroke

    There is a small toilet under the middle cushion and holding tank that can be pumped out. I never used it because it is inconvenient to remove your stuff you take out with you fishing. However, if you have someone who needs privacy it is there. Thanks for the message.
  90. Deep_blue

    Juvi Hoo

    Awesome who! Wtg.
  91. Deep_blue

    WTB Steiger craft Miami DV
  92. Deep_blue

    Parker 2320SL with Yamaha 250 four stroke

    Added interior and pictures from today
  93. Deep_blue

    WTT TN 20

    Pm sent.
  94. Deep_blue

    It's good to be king

    Congrats. That is a Big wahoo.
  95. Deep_blue

    FINBOMB catches 662.2lb Blue Marlin

    Wow, that is an amazing catch. Congrats.
  96. Deep_blue

    'Hoos yer daddy. Solo. upper nine Wed 9-24

    Congratulations! That is just awesome.
  97. Deep_blue

    Bait tank help

    Pacific Edge is a proven and excellent west coast style bait tank. Love mine. I've bought them without regret on my last two boats and couldn't be happier. No affiliation, just a happy customer.
  98. Deep_blue

    Dana Wahoo 9-22-2015

    That is awesome. Pictures look great and tell the story. Congratulations!
  99. Deep_blue

    Parker 2320SL with Yamaha 250 four stroke

    Sold. Thanks BD.
  100. Deep_blue

    Open water Dorado saves skunk 9-14

    Awesome video. Saved my skunk Loved the commentary. Wtg.
  101. Deep_blue

    do do play on a slow day oside 9/13/2015

    Nice dodo's. Great quality. Wtg.
  102. Deep_blue

    Rpt.-Sun.-09-13-15 Tuna and Do Do!

    Wtg Corey. Nice dodo and great report. Congrats!
  103. Deep_blue

    9/12 WAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

    Awesome fish. Congratulations!!!! I dream of landing a local wahoo. Wtg!
  104. Deep_blue

    2yft ,1 Dorado ,5 new tires

    Lol. That is awesome. Great report and nice score!
  105. Deep_blue

    9/11/15 What a day...

    That is funny, because there wasn't a boat within 3 miles of us and definitely no where near 25 boats in the afternoon. More like 3 others boats that we could see nearby off the N end. You sure you know where you were? Lots of dry kelps out there on this side of the border. It only takes one...
  106. Deep_blue

    Teak Rocket launcher

    Beautiful craftsmanship. Good luck with sale.
  107. Deep_blue

    9/11/15 What a day...

    Thanks Ben. The dodos slammed that Orca. Only problem is they are tough to remove when in the boat as those dodos go nuts. lol Thanks for the reply.
  108. Deep_blue

    9/11/15 What a day...

    Good luck with telling what to the DFW? That I had American limits of dodos? Note to self: - Empty entire kill bag next time for pictures so that All fish can be counted for proof - take pictures of ice (lucky I remembered for this post) - prepare speech for DFW of how I fished, then caught a...
  109. Deep_blue

    9/11/15 What a day...

    Fished with my buddy Josh today. What a day. Met at my slip at 4:30am. Not expecting much for bait based on yesterday's report, but Everingham did not disappoint. We purchased a healthy scoop and a half of 5-8" sardines at 5am. Man, I have been lucky this year. Not one trip has resulted in...
  110. Deep_blue

    Condor with the Wife- I am So Blessed!

    Shelton, nice fish. Was wondering why I had not seen a report from you. Congratulations on the new wife.
  111. Deep_blue

    Wrong turn at Cedros

    Giant yellow. Your going to need a bigger boat! Nice catching.
  112. Deep_blue

    9-1-15 WFO Bite Coronado Canyons with Video

    I never read th RR webpage until now. I also checked it out and the Conapesca page. I guess it had been so long I didn't know of the change. Apologies for the limit comment and thanks for the update.
  113. Deep_blue

    9-1-15 WFO Bite Coronado Canyons with Video

    Nice fishing and good video. You should know your limits. 6 dodos is a full limit for 3 anglers in Mexico. Those peanuts should have been released.
  114. Deep_blue

    8/27/15 wahoo @ the 181-182 ridge

    There was one speared and landed yesterday at the San Diego Freedivers annual tourney. Weighed 53 pounds.
  115. Deep_blue

    Awesome week! Daughter's first YT..and second...and third...

    That's' an awesome shot of your little girl on the bait tank holding the tail.. Love the shoes. You should frame that one. Wtg pops. Awesome!
  116. Deep_blue


    That tail is bigger than she is. Wtg pops! Proud moment you will never forget.
  117. Deep_blue

    Sunday 8/23 5 mi inside of the 209

    Looks like a good day to me. Wtg!
  118. Deep_blue

    Making every second count today. LBC

    Your kids show how happy they are to be on the water with their pops. Wtg Tito. Awesome post and rewind.
  119. Deep_blue

    Finally did it, yea.

    Wtg. You worked hard for that one. Congrats.
  120. Deep_blue

    Luhrs 29' tournament w/ twin diesels

    Travis, please check pm and forward pictures. Thank you. Robert
  121. Deep_blue

    One Stop Shop Tuna 8-18

    Slaying it local. Amazing season to slay those quality fish on a short run. A season to remember. Wtg!
  122. Deep_blue

    New Lo Ann 2day charter Aug 14-16th, report

    Nice fish, Rob. Glad you guys had fun and slayed some! Wtg.
  123. Deep_blue

    8/10/15 yellowfin delight

    I saw that at the dock, but didn't think bigeye at the time. It's the one closest to my boy. I know there's a lot of ways to tell the difference like the liver, fins etc. I'm no expert, but ithe fins were definitely different than the rest. I still have the carcass in the trash. Lol. I'm...
  124. Deep_blue

    SOLD 2008 - 24' Ospery with Yamaha 250

    Sweet ride. What are the performance numbers on that rig?
  125. Deep_blue

    8/10/15 yellowfin delight

    Man, it's rough out when you have too much fish and have to pull away from a full-on epic bite. Today was one of those days. Good friends and incredible bite. Beautiful weather and bait from Everingham. Moyer and I have the same age boys in the same class which has been awesome meeting such a...
  126. Deep_blue

    San Diego....a whales v.....!

    Kids smiles tell the story as success. Wtg. Awesome.
  127. Deep_blue

    Gotta Love Squidco

    Squidco is awesome. Joey is all 1st class and he will get anything you want. Awesome local store. It's an epic year for the industry. Lots of stores are missing full stock because of hot fishing. I had to order flat falls from Melton and pay shipping. It's all good when we have a year...
  128. Deep_blue

    Good Fishing YFT 12 miles from Dana Point (same day report)

    You guys look happy. Wtg! Enjoy the great eats.
  129. Deep_blue

    8/4/2015 - Bucket list, Check...

    Beautiful fish. Congratulations!
  130. Deep_blue

    Tuna Shut Down Good Dorado Bite - 8/1

    Awesome report as always. Nailed some good fish. Sorry for the tuna Wtg!
  131. Deep_blue

    Oside a small pair 8-1-15

    Home Depot and other stores. Buy "Barkeepers Friend" in the cleaning supply section...awesome. Will remove stains including blood, rust,...all the above.
  132. Deep_blue


    Studs! Slaying them. Congrats!
  133. Deep_blue

    Vacuum vs Chamber

    Buy the chamber vac master 215... Seals with commercial quality and half the work. Wish I would have bought mine sooner.
  134. Deep_blue

    YFT chewed the paint off the boat and a few nice dorado.

    Great report. The tuna grub looks excellent. Wtg.
  135. Deep_blue

    Looks like a good deal

    There are pictures of the cuddy now. That's a great deal for somebody if the motors are good and the hull is not soft on the deck.
  136. Deep_blue

    Pulpit Question

    To add pictures, go to your last posting above.. there is an edit button on the bottom left side of your message. Hit that button, go to more options, upload a file. The image will load after selecting and allow you to add additional as needed by clicking the browse button again.
  137. Deep_blue

    Pulpit Question

    What....6mpg at 25 cruise? Am I reading that wrong? I've been researching Henriques for a possible upgrade...have not seen that performance. Please share details of your rig. Thanks.
  138. Deep_blue

    Grand Slam on the Cut Loose!!! (Video)

    Awesome report and video. What brand boat is that? Looks like a real beauty.
  139. Deep_blue

    7/25/15 tuna deuce

    Hey Rob, it was the 4" anchovy pattern.
  140. Deep_blue

    How to add pictures in posts

    Thanks Ali!
  141. Deep_blue

    How to add pictures in posts

    What happened to posting pictures? I have resized to the poorest quality available, but system will still not allow. It used to be super easy. Thank you
  142. Deep_blue

    7/25/15 tuna deuce

    Won't allow me to upload photos right now...
  143. Deep_blue

    7/25/15 tuna deuce

    Took my buddy Josh out today. Beautiful conditions and awesome bait from S.D. bay Everingham bros at 4a.m... couldn't ask for better. We headed between the n. 9 and the 182. Found several decent kelps. Most had nobody home. We pounded it out and got two nice fish from a kelp and one dink 8...
  144. Deep_blue

    Put the Bass Rods down and went Offshore

    Saw those up close today. Chovie haven out there. Awesome pictures and nice Jurel!
  145. Deep_blue

    NOAA news: BFT bag limit - 2 fish per day will start on July 30, 2015

    How does limiting non-commercial fisherman who rarely catch more than 2 bluefin anyway protect the fishery? Another poor decision that we should be happy about? You guys that are supporting the new limit on sport fishing can report back in a 5-10 years about how much the bluefin have come...
  146. Deep_blue

    Maiden voyage a success!

    Nice boat. Love shooting the dodos. Look away from them and they will usually swim right back around you for a good shot. Thanks for the report.
  147. Deep_blue

    Great day of Yellow, dodos and tuna bad day for my new Phenix Rod

    Nice catch and awesome pictures. Take the rod down to Joey at Squidco. Fast and easy and very reasonable price to fix the rod. May as well make the best of a bad situation. Thanks for the report.
  148. Deep_blue

    San Diego inshore 7/22/15

    Hey Rob, solid score on the yellows. They look like larger models. Wtg!
  149. Deep_blue

    Finally Did It!!!!

    Well deserved and awesome catch. Congrats on landing a fish you will never forget! You da man!
  150. Deep_blue

    Reel Adventure II Does it again.....Gets Lucky.....

    Lake Havasu?....dang, that is awesome weather. Congrats!
  151. Deep_blue

    YFT West of Mission Bay 7/17/15

    Hey Rob, nice tuna! Wish we would have known you were out there. Congrats!
  152. Deep_blue

    7/17/2015 San Diego yellowfin and dodo's

    Hey Randy - that was during the flurry. The fish were being bled and were dropped in the kill bag that had 40lbs of ice. Still had more than a bag left when I got home. Fish quality was excellent. Thanks for the message. I don't know what the primary recipe is, but I sea salt, a little...
  153. Deep_blue

    7/17/2015 San Diego yellowfin and dodo's

    Took my good buddie Mike out for some tuna action this morning. Departed the Harbor Island slip at 5 am and purchased an awesome 1.5 scoops of sardines from Everingham S.D Bay. Heading between the N. 9 and the 182 as it got brighter and founds 6-7 terns pecking at a small trash can lid sized...
  154. Deep_blue

    7/14 big BFT!

    Special day right there. Congratulations! That's the beast everyone has been wanting to land this year.
  155. Deep_blue

    LJ 7/5 & today 7/8

    Hey Rob, nice fish. Looks like Matz was enjoying his day too! Wtg!
  156. Deep_blue

    SWBA Catalina Kicker Fish

    Great video. Rockin out watching the clip. Congrats on a solid finish in the tourney.
  157. Deep_blue

    Sat 6/27 9 mile bank

    Hard to tell from photo, but a nice butt no matter what. They can very a lot at that length due to thickness. Definitely looks 25 or better. Congrats!
  158. Deep_blue

    6-18 PV and the Shoe-- Brought a Knife to a Gunfight

    Solid tail. Wtg. Sounded like you guys enjoyed the day and caught some good fish.
  159. Deep_blue

    Videos and pictures of BFT the last 5 days & 168# fish dead

    Incredible video. Wtg on the spearo. Everyone who ventures in the blue water dreams of a school like that. Just awesome. Congrats!
  160. Deep_blue

    Two PB's in 24 hrs yellowtail and halibut

    Wtg on a solid tail and a nice halibut. Although I would think you would love the halibut if cooked right. It's a tasty fish...nice job out there.
  161. Deep_blue


    Should be a little edit button on the bottom of your posting frame...go advanced to add or delete photos
  162. Deep_blue

    3 days off mission beach 5/23 to 5/25

    Awesome flatties and nice tail. Wtg! I always think it's worth it when waitng all day for that one big bite and it happens. Enjoy the stellar fillets!
  163. Deep_blue

    5-10 BIG BUT

    Wtg. That is a monster Hali. Congratulations.
  164. Deep_blue

    Last Drop is a Winner

    Wtg. That was a pig on the halibut rod. Awesome video.
  165. Deep_blue

    24 ft fishing boat with pilothouse

    I wish I could buy back the 9 minutes of my life for $3,500 after reading this f'd up drama post, but when I went to make the payment they said it would be $5k. There's another site available for auctions. You could save our time and just post your crap over there next time.
  166. Deep_blue

    NFIO 4/11/15....But South....?

    Nice load and good quality. Wtg.
  167. Deep_blue

    Scored a nice Halibut 4-4-15

    Nice job out there. Wtg on a solid score with a real nice fattie.
  168. Deep_blue

    Coronado Islands 4/2/15

    That's awesome. Great report and nice tails. Wtg.
  169. Deep_blue

    heavy metal

    Wow.. awesome picture and giant local forkie. Congrats!
  170. Deep_blue


    Slamming avatar picture right about more details of your catch? Congrats on a nice slab!
  171. Deep_blue

    San Diego Bay- 3/15

    John, Sounds like a decent day. Wtg.
  172. Deep_blue

    Carlsbad Canon Cod

    Fresh cod on ice is always delicious. Nice cooler of fish. Wtg!
  173. Deep_blue

    WTB bait tank

    I have the 60g version of that tank and I don't think I remember ever losing a is awesome. GLWS.
  174. Deep_blue

    Rob, if you want some halibut, it's commercial vacuum packed in my freezer...I have tons. If...

    Rob, if you want some halibut, it's commercial vacuum packed in my freezer...I have tons. If you would like some for dinner, just let me know. Taking care of my bro's only...
  175. Deep_blue


    Nice job Nic and Matt.
  176. Deep_blue

    Rpt.-02-19-15 A 2 day Yellowtail Frenzy!

    Wtg Corey. You guys slayed them good. Nice tails!
  177. Deep_blue

    2/16/15 San Diego coastal slabs

    Everyone has their own rigging methods for fishing halibut. My rigs consist primarily of roughly 25-30" flourocarbon (20-30lbs. depending on how they are biting), 1/0 or 2/0 VMC live bait hook, snell tied to a size 6 VMC (4x strong treble ). Also known as a trap rig. This is tied to a swivel...
  178. Deep_blue

    2/16/15 San Diego coastal slabs

    Still too busy with a remodel to get out the past few weeks. Finally, took a day off and the wife says I should go fishing. I swear she is a mind Arrived at my slip at 8am. Beautiful mixed 1/2 scoop from Everingham. Bait was slimey and ready to run. Began fishing at around 9...
  179. Deep_blue

    Fun MB Report 1/26/15

    Good luck Nic and Matt.
  180. Deep_blue

    Lowrance HDS 7 GEN 1

    Sold. Thank you for the messages.
  181. Deep_blue

    Rainy day

    Nice tail. Wtg!
  182. Deep_blue

    1/25/15 San Diego Halibut

    I've been too busy to get out for a couple of weeks. Had to go check on the boat, so decided why waste a trip to the slip? Headed out late morning. Picked a nice half scoop from Everingham Bros. Bait was 5" sardines. Nice and slimey. The conditions were not very good for me today as the...
  183. Deep_blue

    270 Slug

    Slamming yellows and good food. Wtg!
  184. Deep_blue

    23JAN15 Southern California

    Some serious rakes on that bait. Hard to tell what might have been. The halibut chewed on the early tide this morning, not sure about the later bite. I didn't fish, but my buddy had a 33" and 28" on the early swing. Better than working. Sounded like you enjoyed your day. Wtg.
  185. Deep_blue

    January WSB

    That's an awesome surprise. Great picture and congrats!
  186. Deep_blue

    San Diego coastal 1/10/15 - Another Grande Halibut

    Jaact, Mark is 6' -2". The fish was 47". Fillets were thick..approx 3" on top. Belly was stuffed with what looked like Lizard fish. They were digested pretty well, so hard to tell; had the body shape. Looked too thick around the head to be smelt. You can see the belly bulge in the...
  187. Deep_blue

    San Diego coastal 1/10/15 - Another Grande Halibut

    Nic, You know you and Moyer have an open invite...spring is around the corner and that's the best bite of the year. Nice job in the tourney last week.
  188. Deep_blue

    BP Brewing COC Report

    Nice bag Matt and Nic. Wtg.
  189. Deep_blue

    San Diego coastal 1/10/15 - Another Grande Halibut

    Hey Randy, found these fish in the 45-50 ft range. Thanks for the message.
  190. Deep_blue

    San Diego coastal 1/10/15 - Another Grande Halibut

    Today was another great day on the water. Took two good friends out to try to get them a piece of the halibut action that I have been fortunate to locate in a new area. We met at my slip at 6:30am, headed to Everingham for a very nice scoop of sardines. Fishing was a little off all day as...
  191. Deep_blue

    Lowrance HDS 7 GEN 1

    Re Replied. Thanks.
  192. Deep_blue

    1/3/15 moonlight halibut, San Diego

    I use the Promar 501b rubber coated net. Here is a link for it at Charkbait: Thanks for the message.
  193. Deep_blue


    Nice flatties. Surprised it didn't weigh more at 47". That's a nice one. Wtg!
  194. Deep_blue

    1/3/15 moonlight halibut, San Diego

    It's been a while since I had the time to go fishing for halibut. Finally went out solo today, late... Got to one of my spots outside at 11am after loading up with a half/half mix chovie and deans from Everingham. Good service and plenty of bait...thank you! The wind was calm at first, and...
  195. Deep_blue

    Reels - Multiple Brands

    Got it. Will ship Monday. Thank you.
  196. Deep_blue

    Reels - Multiple Brands

    LD20's sold pending payment. Thanks Frank.
  197. Deep_blue

    Lowrance HDS 7 GEN 1

  198. Deep_blue

    Reels - Multiple Brands

  199. Deep_blue

    Post thanksgiving Hamachi

    That second picture is a beautiful shot of the yellowtail colors. Congrats!
  200. Deep_blue

    11/15 Point Loma Kelp

    Great report. Largest mackerel I have caught a butt on was about 10". Looked huge compared to sardines, but it was slurped up.
  201. Deep_blue

    Is it November?

    Looks beautiful out there. Nice tails and report. Wtg!
  202. Deep_blue

    San Diego coastline 11/7/2014

    53 to 57 ft. Anything deeper than that was baron for me. Thanks for the message.
  203. Deep_blue

    San Diego coastline 11/7/2014

    Fished solo today looking for some door mats. Departed my slip after a nice marina guy engaged in a 45 minute conversation that I couldn't leave, but was itching to get out of there since the tide change was early. Man...awkward. Anyway, picked up a nice half scoop of quality 5 to 7" sardines...
  204. Deep_blue

    Rpt.-Wed.-10-29-14 SCI Limits of Reds and Critters!

    Corey, solid score on that trip. Looks like you guys were enjoying your time on the water. Wtg!
  205. Deep_blue

    Free Shipping!

    Thanks for the info. Will be placing an order now for a few things. Appreciate it.
  206. Deep_blue

    San Diego Coastline 10/29/2014

    Newcastle, I went out of Shelter Island. San Diego Bay had beautiful 6" slimey sardines. Thanks for the reply.
  207. Deep_blue

    San Diego Coastline 10/29/2014

    Hi Gabe, all fish caught in the same 55'. Thanks for the reply.
  208. Deep_blue

    San Diego Coastline 10/29/2014

    I did not go to the Coranados in 4 hours. I was in U S water. The weather was nice. Water was flat with a little roll. Wind blew at about 10a.m...definitely fishable. Thanks for the reply.
  209. Deep_blue

    San Diego Coastline 10/29/2014

    I had a few hours in-between other responsibilities today, so headed out to see what I could drag up. Bait was awesome, slimey deans from Everingham. No weighing required. Fish were in 55 feet. Kept the three fish in the pictures and released two short halibut. Boat washed and back home...
  210. Deep_blue

    What happened at the bait barge

    I purchased bait late this morning from San Diego bay receivers. They were the usual cool guys as always. No weighing or otherwise. A little small talk, a thank you, and tip for good service and I was on my way with a nice half scoop of slimey deans. Everingham has always been a good service...
  211. Deep_blue

    New Captain Takes A Risk

    Awesome report. Wtg on helping your buddy. You guys scored.
  212. Deep_blue

    San Diego coastline - Halibut limit

    That's what Mike keeps telling
  213. Deep_blue

    San Diego coastline - Halibut limit

    Good luck. That halibut in your avatar looks like a nice one!
  214. Deep_blue

    San Diego coastline - Halibut limit

    Fish are spread all over right now. Can't provide exact locations. Thanks for the reply.
  215. Deep_blue

    San Diego coastline - Halibut limit

    Fish were spread over a 1/2mile. Thanks for the reply.
  216. Deep_blue

    San Diego coastline - Halibut limit

    Was able to break away for some halibut fishing. Fished solo on the SD coast in 50-65ft. Current was good, fishing was better. All fish caught using slimey sardines from Everingham Bros, 5oz egg sinkers, Carolina style with trap rig (25-30lb floro). Returned two smaller size keepers...
  217. Deep_blue

    10/12/14 San Diego Coast Halibut and Yellowtail

    Caseydmaze, I have found that I catch approximately 80% of the larger halibut between 1 hour before and after a tide swing (either way hi/low). There are the outliers, but during this period has always been the best in my experience. Tight lines!
  218. Deep_blue

    Video RE: WSB? WTF?

    Video is awesome. Wtg.
  219. Deep_blue

    Rocktober weekend in the SMB

    Greg, Another solid day and video. Just awesome. Looks like you were fishing in a lake with the water that calm. Wtg
  220. Deep_blue

    10/12/14 San Diego Coast Halibut and Yellowtail

    Departed my boat slip fishing solo at 6:30 am from Harbor Island. Stopped at Everingham for an awesome half-scope of sardines. Decided I would head North and fish the coastline. Water was calm with a slight ripple. Travel was easy. Made it up North and ran into the crowd of boats north of La...
  221. Deep_blue

    ONO you Didn't!

    Stud ! Wtg. That was an awesome report. Congratulations!
  222. Deep_blue

    10/10 Wahoo at the 302

    Awesome!!!! Congrats.
  223. Deep_blue

    An Oldie but a Goodie

    Ha, that was a sweet video. Nice job slaying solo.
  224. Deep_blue

    New Lo-An 10/1

    Great report. NLA is a great boat with an awesome captain/crew. If you had 14 people on board you could put 2 ft between every angler down the rail...awesome! Thanks for sharing your trip.
  225. Deep_blue

    Santa Monica Baycatch (Video)

    Wow, that tail was tough! Wtg Greg. Awesome video as always.
  226. Deep_blue

    9/27/14 Point Loma Halibut

    Thanks guys. Appreciate the pointers on hoopin. I'm going to get some of your recommended bait instead of the deans. I figure it's like most things..put in your time and listen to the guys who are scoring. The halibut was great tonight. Parmesan encrusted with some rice pilaf and...
  227. Deep_blue

    9/27/14 Point Loma Halibut

    After going hooping all night by myself and failing miserably (one good keeper), I decided to not waste the remainder of the beautiful 5-7" sardines from Everingham Bros. So at dawn I was on one of my halibut spots. The bite was over by 9 am, but I stayed until 12:30 thinking it might change...
  228. Deep_blue

    PT Loma YT 9/26

    That's an awesome surprise. Congrats!
  229. Deep_blue

    Pt. Loma 9-20-14

    Nice halibut! Sucks about the dogs stealing your tails.
  230. Deep_blue

    Best day ever.....

    Awesome day. Odd fact.. My 2 boys are Blake and Bryce, 7 & 5yo Hopefully We'll be sharing the offshore banks like you and your boys. Wtg!
  231. Deep_blue


    Wtg, Greg. You always find the big fish. Congrats on taking the win.
  232. Deep_blue

    Labor day weekend halibut - San Diego Bay

    Thanks guys. We have a great time out there. Appreciate the positive feedback.
  233. Deep_blue

    Labor day weekend halibut - San Diego Bay

    Took my 7 and 5yo out to San Diego Bay this weekend to look for some halibut. Felt good not to chase fish offshore and just hang out and talk to my little men. We had a nice half scoop of 5-6" sardines from Everingham. Bait was good and lasted all day. The fishing was good. Constant action...
  234. Deep_blue

    Unfreakingbelievable for the Scorpio. In a bad way

    Why bother fishing with an Avatar like that home?
  235. Deep_blue

    WTB: 2006+ parker 2320sl

    I have a 2007 2320SL right now with the 250hp Yama 4-stroke and bracket. Have to disagree with most everything you stated. I took my boat out yesterday, San Diego Bay to the 302, then south east of the 302, then to the 226 and west, trolled, came back to the 302, then South 9 and back to San...
  236. Deep_blue


    Nice fatty, Matt. Wtg.
  237. Deep_blue

    8/10/14 Paddy Hopping DP

    That's awesome. A little Lady Luck on the boat and a nice score. Wtg.
  238. Deep_blue

    Check out my butt

    Nice flattie! Congrats on the PB!
  239. Deep_blue

    Raymarine ev-100 a/p

    I have the EV100 on my 23 Parker with a yamaha 250hp 4stroke. It's not supposed to need a rudder reference, but after 3-4 months of dealing with the engineers and countless recommendations and trials they put rudder reference on my system in order for it to work. I had a very reputable San...
  240. Deep_blue

    7/21 late report

    Good video Matt. You guys were having a good time out there slaying the tails.
  241. Deep_blue

    Your Turn. Bring Your Kids 7/25

    Great color on that tuna. Way to slay them.
  242. Deep_blue

    New Backyard PB

    Nice fattie Matt! Congrats on the PB.
  243. Deep_blue

    7/17 Solo Tuna and YT in US waters

    Cheap trip considering the distance and excellent score. WTG. Looks like a really nice load.
  244. Deep_blue

    Six Nice Kunnan Rods

    Pm sent on the three roller guide rods. Thanks.
  245. Deep_blue

    Tuesday, 7/15/14

    Solid day on the water with some great eats. WTG!
  246. Deep_blue

    425 YFT and a surprize

    Nice. Solid score and great eats. WTG!
  247. Deep_blue


    Rob, I'm in. Keep me in the details. Thanks. Robert
  248. Deep_blue

    We brought knives to a gun fight BUT

    Some real nice fish in that load. You guys slayed them. Congrats.
  249. Deep_blue

    CONDOR July4th 350+ Yellowfin,Yellowtail Trainwreck2

    Looks like you all had a great time and slayed some fish. WTG!
  250. Deep_blue

    Big Butt Bite to Boat (ok, Kayak) video

    Epic video, awesome background music, big time battle on the light gear and a halibut slayer. WTG Greg, that's a monster! Congrats!
  251. Deep_blue

    Sauerfish Barn Kelp PB Halibut

    Incredible. WTG! That's a fattie.
  252. Deep_blue

    June 19, 2014--Big 'But on the Mirage

    Wow! Congratulations! That is awesome butt.
  253. Deep_blue

    Awsome Taco Morning 06-22-14

    Nice load of RF there. WTG! Enjoy the quality meat you guys slayed.
  254. Deep_blue

    Halibut at YT kelp

    Nice halibut! Your little man looks like he enjoyed it all. WTG dad.
  255. Deep_blue

    San Diego Bay Halibut 6/21/14

    Took my 5 and 7yo out for some halibut today. Went outside, to fish for the bigger models, but one of my little men started to get an upset stomach. Decided to head back into the big bay. On the way in, stopped at Everingham for some chovies. However, they had mainly spanish mackeral. There...
  256. Deep_blue

    Ghosts on video

    Andrew, nice ghost and cool video, I enjoy watching them all. Congrats!
  257. Deep_blue


    Good thing you only caught one. That little boat may have sunk. WTG!
  258. Deep_blue

    San Diego Halibut 6/08/2014

    Thanks everyone. Appreciate the replies. The bite was at 8:45am yesterday.
  259. Deep_blue

    San Diego Halibut 6/08/2014

    Slater, sounds like a great day with Dom. He will get a bigger one next time. Persistence pays off and he has a great dad to show him the way.
  260. Deep_blue

    San Diego Halibut 6/08/2014

    Went out on the boat again today targeting halibut with my good friend Mike. Made bait in the big bay and also purchased a small scoop of anchovies. Only one bite, but made it count. Set-up: Carolina rig, 4oz egg sinker, 30lb florocarbon, trap rig, large greenback mackeral. Go get some.
  261. Deep_blue

    Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming

    Stud! Great read and Congratulations on a fish of a lifetime!
  262. Deep_blue

    Mission: Seabass-YT Tuna Jihad 5-31-14

    Wow, nice biscuit! Quality eats all around. WTG!
  263. Deep_blue

    Halibut 5/31/14 San Diego Kelp

    I haven't fished much so far this year with all the projects and work going on, so needed a solo day on the water to relax. Small anchovies at the receivers, so had to go make bait in the kelp. All greenback mackeral. Fished all day with only a couple of leopard sharks (released). Finally...
  264. Deep_blue

    48" 52.7lb Halibut

    Awesome! Congrats.
  265. Deep_blue

    Kelly Back on the water

    That"s an awesome picture of her with the cabbie flared up.
  266. Deep_blue

    Dana Pt. Halibut

    Nice one! Looks solid.
  267. Deep_blue

    Small Male Butts and a Little Head

    WTG Grumpy. A couple of eaters and signs that the females are not far away from your spot. Great read and have a good season up there.
  268. Deep_blue

    Talica 12II, Talica 16II, Accurate Boss Extreme 600

    John, Talica 16 received today. Everything looks good. Thanks for a smooth deal. Robert
  269. Deep_blue

    FMM Permit Info

    Their boat is really fast! Let's just say I know someone who thought they could make it to U.S. waters. The boat this "someone" owns does 38MPH (statute)...a mile North of the islands in flat seas when the Navy boat was seen coming up from the inside about a 1/4 mile behind. That "someone"...
  270. Deep_blue

    Halibut are biting..

    You slayed them. WTG!
  271. Deep_blue

    San Diego Flatty……..

    Nice one. Quality size. WTG.
  272. Deep_blue

    Dave and I went fishing yesterday, dave caught a fish.....

    Nice halibut! 160' is the deepest I have ever heard being caught locally. WTG!
  273. Deep_blue

    Long Beach PB Halibut

    Congrats on the personal best. That's a nice one!
  274. Deep_blue

    Fishing on the San Diego

    Dang, nice tails! congrats!
  275. Deep_blue

    Chuck puts the first Butt of the year on Little Lizard

    That's a good eater. WTG! Water looks awesome. Like fishing on a lake.
  276. Deep_blue

    San Diego Halibut 2/15/14

    Fished outside Point Loma (San Diego) with a buddy today. Seven sculpin, several missed bites and a nice 18.75lb for me. Weather was awesome with fog rolling in sometime around noon. Good times hanging out laughing and good dinner planned. Fish caught on the usual Carolina rig with a sardine...
  277. Deep_blue

    Shimano Teremar and Citica 200D

    Hey Brandon, I will take the Teremar rod. Pm you my number. I will be in PL Saturday as I may take the boat out for a drift. Maybe we could meet then? Thanks. Robert
  278. Deep_blue

    UW video from Dec. and Jan

    Worked great. Watching the halibut come in to the bait is awesome. Thanks for sharing.
  279. Deep_blue

    9 Mile Bank 1-28-14

    Nice load of taco meat. WTG.
  280. Deep_blue

    San Diego Bay - Saturday 1/24/14

    Leopards are definitely in the bay right now. We got one that was around 4' with another couple of runs that were definitley shark type. They pull some good drag on the lighter gear and always fun to catch. Thanks for the feedback.
  281. Deep_blue

    San Diego Bay - Saturday 1/24/14

    Took my friend Josh out on the big bay Saturday. I haven't been out for a couple of months due to other priorities, so I was looking forward to relaxing a little bit. It felt like summer out there. T-shirts by 9 a.m. Everingham had mackeral or anchovies only. We chose the baby macks...
  282. Deep_blue

    Eclipse 1.5 Lingasourous - Jan 11, 2014 fishing

    Hey Mike, solid trip and report. WTG!
  283. Deep_blue

    Anyone fish the Coronado islands? Mex. Navy there?

    That Mexican Navy boat is really fast and they hold a lot of personnel when on patrol.
  284. Deep_blue

    Ballast Point Victory at Sea at the SWBA COC

    Wtg Matt. Congrats on the PB. Those are some slugs in the picture. Sounds like you guys had a great time. That's what it is all about.
  285. Deep_blue

    took the youngin out to catch lobster bait

    Oh man, those are awesome pictures of your little man. Wtg dad!
  286. Deep_blue

    yellowtail at the Nado's

    I would have thought the same thing before being stopped last month passing through the Coronado's on my way back from fishing the finger bank. I had my passport and Mexican fishing licenses for me and each of my friend's (total of 4 people). The Navy told me that if I come back again without...
  287. Deep_blue

    Jihad-style double rainbow delight, lings, sheep & red things, and a lid. 11-29-2013

    Awesome report and fish. I know this next question is on another thread, but thought i would ask if you guys had the FMM visa? I went down there three weeks ago. As I passed the islands headed north to Point Loma, I saw a boat coming from a half mile away. I was going 38mph, but they caught...
  288. Deep_blue

    SD Buggin 11/17

    Nice bugs Matt! What time is dinner? Lobster bisque sounds good.
  289. Deep_blue

    Local Cod on Sunken Pirate Ship

    Nice load of local lings and reds. WTG!
  290. Deep_blue

    DP 10/27 Bouncing Afternoon

    That's a good one! Like fishing a lake in that picture. Wtg.
  291. Deep_blue

    DP Lobster Report: 35 shorts, 2 keepers, 1 life saved

    Wtg helping and saving that guy. I use to do a lot of river fishing in the north east. Every year someone would die due to falling in fast moving current and the waders filling up with water. That's really dangerous to have those on in the ocean, but I never kayak so i don't know why that...
  292. Deep_blue

    Swim Step and ladder

  293. Deep_blue

    Bait tank from Parker

  294. Deep_blue

    First Blood............. Pumpkins and A Butt

    That's a great halibut. WTG on the personal best. Congratulations!
  295. Deep_blue

    Flagstaff Kids Killing Tuna again! 9/21-9/22 Pac. Queen 2 Day

    There were actually 8 fisherman in their party, including a young girl and boy who have a passion for fishing. Although they could have easliy killed more fish because it was unlimited as I was on the trip, many people, including this fishing family released fish. The father even handed off...
  296. Deep_blue

    9/14 Superfecta Yellowfin, Bluefin, Yellowtail, Dorado, and Skipjack!

    WTG Lucky B. You guys killed it. Water looked a lot better than it was in that area Friday for me. Great video.
  297. Deep_blue

    9/13/13 295 & 238 and then some

    Short report...dead tired. Departed SD bay with a good friend at 2am to fish south for some tuna. Water was a little rough thru the night and wind was blowing first thing in the morning. By 9:30, swell was building and wind was taking off. It was rough out there for us. Patty's were tough...
  298. Deep_blue

    Only Got ONE HALIBUT this entire Summer Season ...

    Nice halibut. Where did you shoot it? Congratulations.
  299. Deep_blue

    WTB Delta 22 lb anchor

    Please delete post. Anchor found.
  300. Deep_blue

    09/06/13 They said go big, but did we listen? Hell no...

    Beautiful platform to fish from in that picture. At least you nailed one of them. Wtg.
  301. Deep_blue

    WTF.... me. Good luck with finding one and thanks for the laugh. - - - Updated - - - me. Good luck with finding one and thanks for the laugh.
  302. Deep_blue

    More Kayak Halibut

    Good video and congrats on slaying some nice halibut.
  303. Deep_blue

    Weekending in San Diego

    Awesome watching that halibut come up and attack the squid. WTG Andrew.
  304. Deep_blue

    WTB Parker 2320

    I just bought one from MIssissippi and had it shipped. 2007 2320 SL with 36 original hrs on a Yamaha 250 4-stroke Boat looks and functions as new. Even had brand new Garmin radar/ff/thru hull transducer less than two months ago. Paid $2,600 to ship and $42,500 for the entire package...also...
  305. Deep_blue

    New Lo An 2Day Report Aug 16-18th, Drew Ford Charter

    Rob, wtg on a nice bluefin. That was a great report and glad you and Shannon had some quality fish to enjoy. Seems like you always have a good time on your annual trip. Thanks for sharing.
  306. Deep_blue

    URGENT - Lobster Season in Jeopardy!!!

    Pirate, good points. Thanks for the constructive feedback. I think this is falling into the side with the money to drive the changes to their favor will win again and the recreational fisherman will be left behind as an afterthought in the decision making process.
  307. Deep_blue

    URGENT - Lobster Season in Jeopardy!!!

    Agree on the bay issue. However, I really don't know why a commercial lobster fisherman should have more rights than recreational anglers when it comes to limits? I really could care less if lobsters are avaiable at local food establishments and the same for fish. If I want to consume one or...
  308. Deep_blue

    San Diego Bay 8/18/13

    My new boat (to me) arrived yesterday. After a pain in the ankle to get it here, decided there was still time to launch and take the family out to the bay to try out the new rig. Bait was horse sardines with a couple of mini macks, trap rig...the usual. First bite and fish caught was by my...
  309. Deep_blue

    8/17 Hali and GoPro film depth

    WTG Andrew. That's professional fishing technique right there. That hali put up a pretty good fight. Thanks for sharing the video. Always enjoy them.
  310. Deep_blue

    Wanted: Pacific Edge Bait tank

    Closed. Decided to just order a new one direct. Thanks.
  311. Deep_blue

    Trigger happy!!!

    Excellent for civiche too...WTG
  312. Deep_blue

    Son's first ocean trip

    WTG Dad. That's awesome and something to be proud of. Your little man looks like he loved it!
  313. Deep_blue

    FS Deck Chairs (Kingfish & Opah!!)

    I'll take them if you are in San Diego? PM me with contact info. I've never seen an Opah chair before and I want it. LOL!
  314. Deep_blue


    We also baited one Saturday on the south side of the 425. He came over chasing the live mackeral, then sank out.
  315. Deep_blue

    Pen-tastic day! 8/5

    Awesome. You guys slayed them good. Wtg!
  316. Deep_blue

    San Diego Halibut 8/3/13 My little man's personal best

    Thanks for all the positive feedback by everyone. Appreciate it.
  317. Deep_blue

    San Diego Halibut 8/3/13 My little man's personal best

    Took my boys out for the afternoon yesterday to try for some halibut. We have had some excellent fishing over the past few months while I have been enjoying watching their fishing skills improve. My boys are 4 and 6 years old and have really shown an interest in being on the boat, so I have...
  318. Deep_blue

    Halibut IP 8-3

    Congrats on a very nice halibut. That is worth waiting for.
  319. Deep_blue

    1 Dorado near 302-226, Lucky Marlin on the 9, GPS #'s - August 1, 2013

    One of the most complete and informational reports of the year. Thanks for the info. Wtg on a fun day out there.
  320. Deep_blue

    2007 Parker 2320 w/ 2007 Yamaha 250 4 Stroke

    Nice boat. What are your performance numbers and speed at cruise? Thanks.
  321. Deep_blue

    18' Parker Center Console w/115hp Yamaha 4-stroke

    *****Sold**** Moderators, please delete. Thank you.
  322. Deep_blue

    38 Inch Report

    Oh yea, that's a nice one. Wtg!
  323. Deep_blue

    7/21 Fish Report

    Wtg Jeff. Great report. Glad you were able to get out finally. Talk with you soon.
  324. Deep_blue

    Piggy-Mission Bay 7/17

    Nice spottie Matt.
  325. Deep_blue

    Osprey 24 Fisherman Yanmar Diesel

    Nice boat. What is the cruise speed and rpm at 3+mpg? Thanks.
  326. Deep_blue

    BFT 36 NM from PL

    That's awesome. WTG on a the bluefin.
  327. Deep_blue

    First bluefin and first yellowtail.

    Awesome looking lunch in that picture. WTG on your first bluefin.
  328. Deep_blue

    Epic fishing on the Apollo on 7-8-13 - 7-9-13

    Awesome report and nice opah! WTG!
  329. Deep_blue

    FS:: GARMIN GPSMAP 540 MODEL $ 350.00

    This is a great backup unit...don't dorget the tide charts that are on the unit by exact location. This is an awesome feature for the inshore fishing.
  330. Deep_blue

    Early bird ..........You know .

    Dang, way to slay some nice fish. WTG!
  331. Deep_blue

    Win a pair of Minox Binoculars - A $699 Value - Caption Contest Ending July 10, 2013

    Minox bino's will help you find the big fish, not help you land them.
  332. Deep_blue

    Kayak WSB and Pesky Bycatch

    Wtg on that slab hali. That's a great on the water photo!
  333. Deep_blue

    Fat Stacks

    Nice size on those sandies. Lot's of fun on lighter gear. WTG.
  334. Deep_blue


    Nice fish Joe! WTG.
  335. Deep_blue

    Quick LB Halibut Report

    Little man looks like a pro. WTG!
  336. Deep_blue

    Bait tank issues...

    I agree with conseamate...maybe a quarter scoop max on a tank this size, especially with the larger dines that have been around lately. Good luck!
  337. Deep_blue


    That's a lot different than "San Diego area" that is in his post.
  338. Deep_blue

    Rpt-Wed-06-12-13 My Catalina Curse is over-a Trifecta+1

    Wow, awesome day on the water Corey! Congratulations and thanks for sharing the adventure.
  339. Deep_blue

    A Weeks Worth of Great Fishing! (Alot of Pics and Fish)

    Awesome report and fish. Wtg on a great vacation.
  340. Deep_blue

    Tails from the Other Side

    Wow, that's a a pig dorado. Wtg and excellent report!
  341. Deep_blue

    T-Top for boat

    What are the measurements between the legs, front to back and side to side?
  342. Deep_blue

    From the Coronado Islands to Point Loma 2013

    WTG IBTOMMY You guys are killing it and those are some nice fish. I also share most of my catch with friends who can't get out so that nothing is ever wasted. You clearly stated you released a bunch of fish. That should have been enough for the conservationist. Keep the great reports...
  343. Deep_blue

    5/27/13 Halibut San Deigo Bay, my little man's first keeper

    Took the family out fishing on Monday. It's been a while since we were all on the boat at the same time. I ventured outside, but the swell was larger than I thought so I turned around and went inside the bay. Having a sick family wasn't what I had planned for the day. Headed into the big...
  344. Deep_blue

    Shimano teramar TMCC711MHBRA

    Wish you were in San Diego. I have the exact rod and want another for halibut fishing. It's an awesome rod with an Avet SXJ, even though it was intended for crankbait fishing. GLWS.
  345. Deep_blue

    Halibut 5/25/13 San Diego Bay

    Fished this morning with a good friend trying to catch halibut outside. We encountered pretty lousy conditions, including no wind and little movement, even though there was a 6' tide swing...sucked. We sat outside for hours waiting for that one bite that would change the day, but it never came...
  346. Deep_blue

    Pt. Loma 5-24-13 WSB And Halibut

    Incredible day. That was an awesome report and nice ghost. Congratulations on your big fish!
  347. Deep_blue


    You know what's great about your reports? Most pictures show that you are right up on the sidewalk where everyone walks by and you are slaying the local fish. WTG! Your reports rock and keep them coming!
  348. Deep_blue

    Bimini top

    What is the width between the arms that mount to the rails? Thanks.
  349. Deep_blue

    The Other Woman Strikes Again!!

    Sideways picture or not, that is a nice one. WTG!
  350. Deep_blue

    Paddy Yellow in the O.C. 5.20.13

    That's awesome! WTG, Joe! - - - Updated - - - That's awesome! WTG, Joe!
  351. Deep_blue

    May 2013 Avet Reels Photo Contest!

    Recently purchased three Avet SXJ's for halibut fishing. These reels are my favorite for drifting and fighting these toothy critters. On May 10&11, 2013, I was lucky enough to be using these nice reels when I ran into a nice honeyhole of Halibut off the San Diego coastline. One of the...
  352. Deep_blue

    Local Everything

    That was a great day on the water! Sounds like you guys had a good time. Wtg.
  353. Deep_blue

    Marina Del Rey Critterfest 5/11 w-pics

    That's a nice batch of critters! Wtg.
  354. Deep_blue

    Pipe Jigs

    Thanks for sharing this. Pretty cool concept.
  355. Deep_blue

    Pipe Jigs

    Never seen anything like this. How do these work and what do you do with them?
  356. Deep_blue


    Nice ghost! That was an awesome report. WTG.
  357. Deep_blue

    New Seaforth HalfDay Halibut

    That's a big one. Definitely over 30lbs. WTG!
  358. Deep_blue

    Can't Ask for Much More!!! Mothers Day Session!!!

    You are the man. Great report and some nice fish! Keep the reports coming. Nice job.
  359. Deep_blue

    EPIC Halibut 5.10.13

    Still thinking about today while at work. A weekend I will never forget. Thanks again for all the positive feedback and replies.
  360. Deep_blue

    5/11/13 EPIC Halibut Part 2

    Thanks Joe! Hopefully we will find a few more this year. Good luck out there and thanks for the reply.
  361. Deep_blue

    5/11/13 EPIC Halibut Part 2

    Thanks everyone for the positive feedback. This was an incredible weekend and I appreciate it! Tight lines.
  362. Deep_blue

    5/11/13 EPIC Halibut Part 2

    I tried to throw in a 10 pound downrigger ball, but the guy at Dana shot me a dirty look...LOL. I remember being at the Coronados last year when you hooked a nice yellow and a seal came after it. You dropped down to your shorts and dove in after him and saved your fish. I was thinking to...
  363. Deep_blue

    5/11/13 EPIC Halibut Part 2

    Thanks Matt. Looking forward to a day on the water with you and our kids soon. Nothing better than that.
  364. Deep_blue

    5/11/13 EPIC Halibut Part 2

    Carolina rig, 4 oz egg sinker, 30" of 20lb floro, 2/0 mustad live bait hook snell tied down to a size 4 stinger treble hook (trap rig). Thanks for the message.
  365. Deep_blue

    EPIC Halibut 5.10.13

    Thanks everyone for the cool replies and feedback. Just finished Part 2 and going to make dinner for the family...having halibut and seared yellowtail. Tight lines and good fishing to all.
  366. Deep_blue

    Legitimate Los Coronados Mossback

    Dang, that yellow looks blown up and big! Nice fish! WTG!
  367. Deep_blue

    5/11/13 EPIC Halibut Part 2

    Ok, so yesterday was an incredible day for me as noted in my privious posting for EPIC halibut 5/10/13. Well today...I'm just going to enjoy it. One more for my book that I will never forget. In my world, EPIC. Just shy of 46" and 40.6 pounds at Dana Landing. Thank you Dana Landing...
  368. Deep_blue

    EPIC Halibut 5.10.13

    I like big butts and I cannot lie. Fished solo today. Shot out to the Coronados for some yellowtail. Landed two little guys and then got bent over by screamer that ended up rocking me. Hung around till around 11 with not too much action so decided to head in to Point Loma to my halibut...
  369. Deep_blue

    San Diego Bay Halibut 5/14/2013

    Fish were in the main channel...52-55 feet. Didn't catch anything in the shallower spots. Thanks for the reply.
  370. Deep_blue

    San Diego Bay Halibut 5/14/2013

    Thanks Rob! Yea, that lean post is awesome...Craiglist for $300. Couldn't pass it up. Talk with you soon!
  371. Deep_blue

    Back in the water 5/4/13

    That's a nice halibut. Wtg!
  372. Deep_blue

    San Diego Bay Halibut 5/14/2013

    Hey Matt, you're welcome. Lets hit the water soon. You da man. Thanks for the reply.
  373. Deep_blue

    San Diego Bay Halibut 5/14/2013

    We were pulling the fish out of the ice and it was laid on the ground for a second. Those are small pebbles from the parking lot. Good thing the meat inside was good. Thanks for the reply.
  374. Deep_blue

    San Diego Bay Halibut 5/14/2013

    Just a sardine, carolina rig with 5oz egg sinker and 30lb florocarbon. Thanks for the reply.
  375. Deep_blue

    San Diego Bay Halibut 5/14/2013

    Thanks. The report is for 5/4/13.
  376. Deep_blue

    San Diego Bay Halibut 5/14/2013

    Report is for 5/4/2013. Can't update the subject line. Arrived at San Diego Bay at 6:30am to find howling wind. My friend Mike and I decided immediately that going outside was not an option. We had drift socks, so decided to stay in the bay and look for some halibut inside. During the...
  377. Deep_blue

    Nice Pt. Loma Flatty

    Nice Hali. Going out tomorrow for the same. WTG on a nice fish and personal best.
  378. Deep_blue

    4/27 Island Halibut

    That one has some awesome color! Wtg!
  379. Deep_blue

    NFIO Halibut

    AWESOME FISH! Congratulations!
  380. Deep_blue

    Point Loma Halibut 4/26/2013

    Thanks for all the positive feedback. Just finished install on the new bait pump tonight. I may have to go see how it works in the morning. Hope to have another report tomorrow. Tight lines.
  381. Deep_blue

    Point Loma Halibut 4/26/2013

    I did a solo run to the islands in hopes of some yeller tails...bait pump sucked. Bait almost completely rolled. I moved around a bit and the wind starting blowing hard. With little bait, I decided to head towards home mid morning. I got close to Point Loma, dumped all the dead bait and...
  382. Deep_blue

    Even when you do everything right...

    Dang...I think you and I left at the same time this morning and I saw you heading towards the middle grounds mid morning. At the time you must have been good. I was in the 18 foot Parker center console fishing solo. I occasionally need someone on the boat. If you want to fish, PM me...
  383. Deep_blue

    Rpt-Sun-04-21-13 Local Bass on the chew!

    Corey, nice round of bass there. WTG.
  384. Deep_blue


    Great report and nice calico! Keep the reports going. WTG
  385. Deep_blue

    Yellows at nados

    Great picture. Wtg!
  386. Deep_blue

    Dusting off the winter dust

    Awesome video and big fish. Congrats!
  387. Deep_blue

    solo run to point loma

    Sounds like a nice day on the water. Wish I could have been out there instead of staining a damn fence. Wtg!
  388. Deep_blue

    LJ 3/25

    Matt, nice pig Calico. WTG!
  389. Deep_blue

    Pt. Loma 3-24-13

    That's a nice cooler of fish. WTG.
  390. Deep_blue

    Marzo Jurel - Los Coranados

    Nice fish and report. WTG.
  391. Deep_blue

    PL-Whistler 3-15

    Sounded like an awesome day on the water with your kids. Wtg!
  392. Deep_blue

    Pt Loma Rockfish 3/10

    Nice haul of fish there. That recipe sounds good! WTG.
  393. Deep_blue

    BSB video

    Both videos= awesome. Thanks for sharing.
  394. Deep_blue

    La Jolla 3-3-13

    Nice box of fish. Wtg.
  395. Deep_blue

    Off Pt Loma 3/2

    Some big fish there and nice to be close to home. Wtg.
  396. Deep_blue

    Kodiak Pro-Flow PF52

    Dang, wish my boat was big enough. That's a great price on that tank. Glws.
  397. Deep_blue

    Seeing Red

    Oh yea, that"s a nice load right there. WTG.
  398. Deep_blue

    Point Loma Rockfish 3/1/13

    I don't know them all,but I do know the fish I keep. As you already know these brown rockfish are very common inshore here in San Diego and do not have a size limit. The red vermillions are the same and the sculpin have to be 10" minimum. These are primarily the type of inshore rockfish I...
  399. Deep_blue

    Point Loma Rockfish 3/1/13

    Fished solo today and decided to go check out my rockfish spot for the opener. Stayed home until my 6yo went to school and headed down to the ramp. In the water at 8:30 and on my spot by 9 am. It was really nice with a slight breeze. Fished homemade baits in 65-75' with squid strips...
  400. Deep_blue

    Point Loma 2/23/13 They're gettin' bigger...

    You know I thought about giving him those gaff sliced fillets, but i was guilted because there was so much meat that he took home some good fillets. I told him next time he's eating them. Lol. Thanks for the reply.
  401. Deep_blue

    Watch out for the Customs Agents

    I saw the customs boat parked in the launch ramp area where they had another three guys sitting in their boat while loaded on their trailer at around 1:30 pm. They held those guys for a while as I took at least a half hour to retrieve boat and pack before leaving and they were still on the...
  402. Deep_blue

    Point Loma 2/23/13 They're gettin' bigger...

    Thanks Rob. You need to let me know your schedule and hit it with me one day.
  403. Deep_blue

    Point Loma 2/23/13 They're gettin' bigger...

    Thanks for the feedback. My friend never fished for halibut before except one trip and learned a bit today. I told him he was going to get his balls busted when I posted the report. Lol...fortunately, no fish were lost.
  404. Deep_blue

    Rpt-02-23-13 Local Bass and Critters!

    WTG Cory. Bummer on the big fish with the head shakes getting away. It's always nice to at least see what they were. Looks like you guys had a good day. Excellent report as always.
  405. Deep_blue

    Point Loma 2/23/13 They're gettin' bigger...

    Fished Point Loma with a friend again today for haibut. Fishing was pretty darn good. Landed two nice females. One was 37" and the other was 35" (23.5 and 19.5 pounds on the scale) . My friend attempted a gaff shot on both fish and ripped it out, making both halibut go all the way back...
  406. Deep_blue

    Point Loma Halibut 2/16/2013

    Went out yesterday morning solo to Point Loma. The weather was rally nice when I hit the water at a leisurely 8 am. Just a slight breeze off the coastline. However, the drift was somewhat slow. I fished the 55- 65' area for 4-5 hours with just one bait bitten in half. Didn't even see the...
  407. Deep_blue

    February 2013 Avet Reels Photo Contest!

    Fished solo in Point Loma Saturday, 2/2/2013 for halibut. Then had to travel for work and this is the first chance to write a report. Only available bait was anchovies, so bought a half scoop...small baits. Fished in 50-60 ft using a carolina rig, 20lb flouro and large 2/0 hooks since that...
  408. Deep_blue

    Point Loma 2/2/2013...late report

    Fished solo in Point Loma Saturday, 2/2/2013 for halibut. Then had to travel for work and this is the first chance to write a report. Only available bait was anchovies, so bought a half scoop...small baits. Fished in 50-60 ft using a carolina rig, 20lb flouro and large 2/0 hooks since...
  409. Deep_blue

    Rpt-Thur.-01-31-13 Winter Yellowtail go on the chew!

    Nice fish Corey. That's a great score and report. WTG.
  410. Deep_blue

    The newest Avet...SXJ!

    Just ordered two from Outkast in Seal Beach. They had a delivery yesterday and shipped mine out today. $149 each and great customer service. No affiliation, just thought to pass on the info.
  411. Deep_blue

    19 Jan 2013

    That's a good eater right there. WTG.
  412. Deep_blue

    Point Loma 1/20/13 and 1/5/13

    Thanks for the feedback guys. I don't always keep them hanging over the side. Just so happens I did on these two trips. Appreciate the advice. Starting off really nice this year and looking forward to a good season. Tight lines.
  413. Deep_blue

    Point Loma 1/20/13 and 1/5/13

    1/20/13 Fished Point Loma today looking for the flatties. Took a buddy who never caught a keeper before and put him on a 23" fish. I was able to pick a nice 33" keeper. We also caught two leopard sharks. Just a couple of other small bites and that was it. The Halibut bit right at low tide...
  414. Deep_blue

    Cork wrapping

    You should post this in the rod building forum...there are a ton of excellent rod builders on there every day.
  415. Deep_blue

    2012 Video year in review

    Awesome video. You killed it this year with some real nice fish landed and released. Keep them coming next year.
  416. Deep_blue

    I think I'm done!!!

    The halibut bite was really good this year. Warm water did nothing to the bite. The fish were thick in San Diego Bay and off Point Loma for months. Just keep putting in your time and locate an area that has biters. If you find one, there are usually more to be had in the same vicintiy...
  417. Deep_blue

    boat cover for 2301 seaswirl striper

    It has a price in his post @ $450.
  418. Deep_blue

    Rpt-Sun-12-09-12 Calico, Sand Bass and Rockfish on the chew!

    WTG Cory. Nice report and some really good fish!
  419. Deep_blue

    Point Loma Halibut 11.25.12

    Haven't been out in a while, so decided to hit my halibut spot and give it a try. Not too much going on as I only fished 3 hours in the area. Final count was one short halibut released; one sculpin released and one decent keeper for dinner. All fish on carolina rig with lively sardines...
  420. Deep_blue

    9/27/12 Point Loma Halibut

    I've been fishing a carolina rig 4oz. egg sinker to control the bait roughly 24-30" leader from the swivel with 25 pound flouro
  421. Deep_blue

    9/27/12 Point Loma Halibut

    Generally 2/0 for the bait we have had this summer.
  422. Deep_blue

    You got a purdy butt-hole 10.6.12

    That's a pretty good day. Conditions look great! WTG. Those will eat perfect.
  423. Deep_blue

    22' Whaler Outrage new 225 Honda $17k

    I like your boat and saw it a few days ago. What happened with the fuel tank issue posted on your craigslist post : "1986 22' Boston Whaler Outrage - $17000 (santa cruz)...
  424. Deep_blue

    9/27/12 Point Loma Halibut

    Had the day off , so fished Point Loma again. Couldn't find any big one's that wanted to stay hooked, so took a 23" and 24" for dinner. Bait was really good from EB today. Nice and slimey. 60', carolina rig, live sardine, good luck.
  425. Deep_blue

    Davis Bahia 25 Diesel

    From his original post: 2.8mpg with the diesel
  426. Deep_blue


    Nice boat. What kind of performance numbers are you getting?
  427. Deep_blue

    EaT Mor Doh Doh....Dana 9.22.12

    WTG Joe. That's a monster! Congrats!
  428. Deep_blue

    9/16/12 Point Loma Halibut that what you call Point Loma?
  429. Deep_blue

    9/15 Escaped the heat, scored on "butts"

    WTG. That's a nice string of halibut.
  430. Deep_blue

    My First

    Yea buddy. Those are some nice fish and great report. WTG!
  431. Deep_blue

    Beat the Heat, Long Beach harbor fishing cruise report.

    oh yea, that looks like a great day on the water. WTG.
  432. Deep_blue

    9/16/12 Point Loma Halibut

    Thanks know it only lasts so long and then back to the grind to find some new stuff. Appreciate the feedback.
  433. Deep_blue

    9/16/12 Point Loma Halibut

    Definitely not the jetty. I don't fish Zuniga unless I'm bassin. No where around there is 60 ft. The last (furthest south) buoy is roughly 20 feet at the highest tide. I know there are a lot of quality halibut caught around there during the year, but I have never had much luck so I fish...
  434. Deep_blue

    9/16/12 Point Loma Halibut

    Fished with my good friend Mike today in the same area that has been hot for me. We caught two keepers, with a couple lost. One was prettty nice. In the slip by noon. 60 feet of water, carolina rig, live bait...let em eat.
  435. Deep_blue

    Point Loma and San Diego Bay halibut

    Been using the live sardines on a carolina rig...4oz sliding egg sinker to keep it close to the boat. Thanks for the feedback.
  436. Deep_blue

    Point Loma and San Diego Bay halibut

    Fished Point Loma today 9/14/12, solo. Nailed a 38" halibut and lost a twin to it 10 feet from the boat when it spit my hook with the head shakes...also caught a 23" hali and several shorts before being blown off the spot. It was WINDY off the point today. I decided to go fish the big bay...
  437. Deep_blue

    Rpt-Wed-09-12-12 Finger Bank and Salsapuedes.

    Cory, another great trip. It's always fun shallow water fishing those cod. I enjoyed your story. WTG!
  438. Deep_blue

    9/8/12 Inside 230 and 302

    We fished 9/8/12 inside the 230 and 302. Water was pretty rough and difficult to spot kelp. We trolled while searching and caught one (1) dodo on the pink/white feather. We eventually found two empty kelps, but they were empty and we had to keep searching...hours of searching. Finally...
  439. Deep_blue

    Looking for a Good fishing guide in BOLA

    Igor...he's a fish magnet and has a nice boat too.
  440. Deep_blue

    8/29/2012 - Pens and Offshore

    Wow, nice grade of fish right there!
  441. Deep_blue

    Easy Shot

    nice stone shot...thanks for sharing.
  442. Deep_blue

    Guadalupe Island PB Report 8/16/12 to 8/21/12

    Nice Shad. You guys whacked'em good. Thanks for sharing the report and pictures.
  443. Deep_blue

    CONDOR 260+fish trainwreck 9/21 way down

    Same thing he said...can't think after looking at the picture in his post.
  444. Deep_blue

    Drew Ford 2Day Charter Report / New Lo-An 8/17-19th

    Rob, nice job on another great trip. You guys did pretty good. There are some nice one's in those pictures!. WTG.
  445. Deep_blue

    Rpt-Sun-08-19-12 Bluefin Tuna and Do Dos!

    WTG Cory. You slayed them good. Some quality bluefin you guys caught. Congrats on another great trip.
  446. Deep_blue

    Coronado's 8/17

    Plenty of fish at the Coronado islands today. Slow troll deans... Bird Shit Rock/North side and Pukey bit today. Radio was chirping with the usual B.S. Had to turn it off after a while. Fish reports (or radio fish): have to believe a lot of guys scored offshore today. Sounded pretty...
  447. Deep_blue

    La Jolla 8-16-12 AM

    That will work. Nice dinner right there.
  448. Deep_blue

    106 swords in 9 trips and pending Junior Texas State Record on the Booby Trap 7/17/12

    How big was the swordie in your avatar...looks the size of a 4x4 truck. Unreal!
  449. Deep_blue

    8/3/12 Point Loma: Left hand and right

    Thanks Rob..we need to hit the water soon.
  450. Deep_blue

    8/3/12 Point Loma: Left hand and right

    Fished solo today, so decided to stay close to home. Point Loma- 70 feet. Swim baits and home-made. Lost a couple nice one's, but ended o.k. Left and right handed models plus limit of son was messing with one, so missing from picture. Good eats for the family. Water a...
  451. Deep_blue

    4 for 5....1 legal 7.30.12

    Nice one. That will work for a good dinner.
  452. Deep_blue

    Bluefin close to home!!!!7-27

    Nice bluefin and close!. Congratulations. I fished the Coronado islands today. There was no hassle by any Mexican authorities to any private boat that I could see. I left the islands at noon. The fish bit at the middle grounds early just west of birdshit rock. Anchor up and wait it out...
  453. Deep_blue

    Grand Slam plus one on the Klamath Aluminum Skiff

    Awesome. That's one fishing trip that will be remembered for a looooong time. Congratulations!
  454. Deep_blue

    More yellows on an iron

    Wtg Little Man. Those are some nice fish!
  455. Deep_blue

    Seven YT on 7/7: Los Coronados

    Nice fish and report. That ling on the flyline must have been a surprise.
  456. Deep_blue

    BOLA rookie; PB Yellow...55lbs]I got the opportunity to head down to Bahia De L.A. T.

    Igor is one of the best down there and is always on the fish. That yellow is a monster fish. Congrats!
  457. Deep_blue

    nice day

    Some nice fish there. WTG.
  458. Deep_blue

    Boston Whaler Outrage 18 FOR SALE

    I have the cash and an appointment with Dan when he returns. I will be buying it as long as nothing is severely damaged on his trip he is taking with it now.
  459. Deep_blue

    2002 yamaha 115 4 stroke $5500

    Hey, does that motor come with free lobster?
  460. Deep_blue

    Boston Whaler Outrage 18 FOR SALE

    He's going out of town till next Thursday or it would be gone now...
  461. Deep_blue

    Boston Whaler Outrage 18 FOR SALE

    Dan, See you next Thursday after your trip. Thanks. Robert 619.788.762Two
  462. Deep_blue

    Slug Coronado Yellowtail

    Nice picture of Pops on the rail and big yeller's. WTG.
  463. Deep_blue

    Macy's Fish Report

    Macy, great fish report and pictures. Your smile says it all. Awesome!
  464. Deep_blue

    Nados YT Report 6/1

    Awesome picture of your girls! Nice catch.
  465. Deep_blue

    5/17/12 Rockpile/islands rockfishing

    Really nice fish and a PIG Halibut. Huge! Sorry to hear of your tow situation. Good luck with trying to get some of your money back.
  466. Deep_blue

    My first WSB

    Big yeller! Nice trip report and congrats on your first biscuit.
  467. Deep_blue

    Rpt Wed.-05-09-12 A Yellowtail Teasing south of the Border!

    Cory, you made a good day out of it with quality table fare. It won't be long before we read your great tail and tuna reports. Looking forward to it. Robert
  468. Deep_blue

    2 days, 2 fish

    Nice fish. Your spot is paying off big time. Keep it coming...enjoying your reports.
  469. Deep_blue

    Lucky B - La Jolla Yellows 4.19

    Great report and big fish. Thanks for sharing your success.
  470. Deep_blue

    Late Slaughter Report Weds 08Feb2012

    Nice score. Looks like some bigguns' in there. What time is dinner?
  471. Deep_blue

    Oside Flattie's 2/3 Shitbird whacks a pig!

    Wow. Nice flattie! Congrats on the personal best!
  472. Deep_blue

    Halibut and Monster Sandie

    Great day on the water. Nice fish!
  473. Deep_blue

    Garmin 430 GPS unit

    ***********SOLD************ Garmin 430 GPS. Full color screen. This unit does NOT have fish/sounder capabilities. Info here: Accepts G- cards
  474. Deep_blue

    A Yeoman's Effort

    You got some nice one's! Sounded like a lot of work, but worth it. WTG.
  475. Deep_blue

    Cape Cod Bay Tuna

    Looks like a lake out there. Great picture of that bluefin blowing up the surface. That's a beautifil fish!. Congrats.
  476. Deep_blue

    Rpt-2-day-09-11-11 Offshore Grand Slam.

    Cory, WTG out there! Great report. You were spoiled fishing on that yacht...beautiful. Thanks for sharing the adventure. Robert
  477. Deep_blue

    New little shad Bait

    Wow, nice looking baits you got there. How many ounces inside?
  478. Deep_blue


    Rob, wish I could go...have a good trip.
  479. Deep_blue

    Bondo Mold for some iron fishjigs

    Wombat, thanks for the info on the powder coating. I will be going to harbor freight for the base colors and trying out the technique you provided. Thank you!
  480. Deep_blue

    Bondo Mold for some iron fishjigs

    Wombat, Nice jigs. Where are you getting your powder paint and how do you process to get the best finish? I like what you did here and I'm currently working on a couple of different style jigs myself. Thanks for posting this!
  481. Deep_blue

    55 lb Halibut! July 18th

    That is a monster hali and great picture. Congrats to you!
  482. Deep_blue

    Deck Lights Pair (New)

    If still available, I 'll take them...can pick up tomorrow. Shoot me a pm with contact info. Thanks. Robert 619.788.7622
  483. Deep_blue

    We Scored 4 more

    Awesome report and pictures of the kids! What type of rig were you using for the bait?
  484. Deep_blue

    Question: Lure making supplies?

    Thanks Bubba. I will. Aopreciate your help!
  485. Deep_blue

    Question: Lure making supplies?

    Big Pancho, Thank you for the help. I have looked all over for a product without success. I will be checking out these products over the weekend. Thanks again. Robert
  486. Deep_blue

    Need Shark I.D.

    Thanks for the post. My friend and I were fishing Point Loma two weeks ago and he caught about a 45 pounder on a swim bait. We released it, but had no idea what kind of shark it was. Cool looking shark.
  487. Deep_blue

    Question: Lure making supplies?

    I'm messing around with a wood hardbait design, but would like the final product to be hard plastic that is similar to the typical crankbaits sold in stores. Once I complete my model and mold, is there a two-part plastic mix that can be used to make hard swimbaits for the hobbiest? If...
  488. Deep_blue

    T-5 fixtures.

    If you are ever down near San Diego, let me know...I wouldn't mind having two or three.
  489. Deep_blue

    23' Clippercraft Pilothouse

    Beautiful boat. I read most of your build thread...incredible to have done most of the build by yourself. This shouldn't take long to sell when you get 4+ milles per gallon.
  490. Deep_blue

    Yft, Bft, Alabcore Frenzy

    Great report. Looks like you had a fun time on the water...beautiful boat too! Thanks for sharing.
  491. Deep_blue

    2004 Seaswirl 2901 with Twin Yamaha F225

    Incredible deal. That's the best priced Striper at 29' on the market right now. Good luck with the sale.
  492. Deep_blue

    7/31 Condor Albie searching, with an Opah bonus!

    Nate, Congratulations. Awesome fish!
  493. Deep_blue

    177 pound OPAH

    He didn't say another angler touched is fishing rod...why is this a question?
  494. Deep_blue

    177 pound OPAH

    Congratulations...Awesome fish of a lifetime!
  495. Deep_blue

    Cat 2 Dayer 6.29 6.30

    Great report...couldn't stop reading. Congrats on a successful trip. Sounds like you guys had a blast!
  496. Deep_blue

    Renzetti Rod Lathe (complete)

    I'll post pictures tonight. If you want them forwarded direct, please PM your email address. Thanks. Robert
  497. Deep_blue

    21' parker 150 yamaha 4 stroke 100 hours

    Nice boat. Plenty of fishing room on there.
  498. Deep_blue

    8-26 9M YFT after work w/pics

    Great report! Congrats. That's fine fishing for a quick run.
  499. Deep_blue

    Crazy mixed seas, howling wind and good times on SD Bay 8/22

    WTG...halibut is a fine substitute for tuna on a day like today. Nice catch!
  500. Deep_blue

    50.6 pound halibut

    Congratulations!!!! That is a BIG HALI.
  501. Deep_blue

    O'side Harbor Halibut

    34 inch Calico... Why not say it was 50 inches and make the story really good?
  502. Deep_blue

    7/27/08 Point Loma Halibut

    Fished Point Loma this morning on my buddy Mike's boat. We fished the outside drops for the usual suspects in the red jackets using swimbaits tipped with squid. The bite was really good as we were done by 8:45 am with full limits of quality rockcod and a nice halibut that went 20 pounds on the...
  503. Deep_blue

    6/8/2008 San Diego BAy Halibut

    Fished on buddy Mike's boat today. Fished plastics and jigged up a few mackeral. 8 halibut - 2 keepers 1 Leopard shark 1 sand shark Many sandbass and spotties. A very nice day on the water.
  504. Deep_blue

    Point Loma Halibut/Cod again...

    "What's a "chocolate"? Never heard that term before." It's a brown cod type fish that we usually catch in 50-80 feet water. Thanks Robert
  505. Deep_blue

    Point Loma Halibut/Cod again...

    4/18/08 Fished on my buddy Mike's boat again today off Point Loma. He caught a really nice halibut today that beat my fish from last weekend for bragging honors between friends. This fish was caught on a green/clear w/glitter homemade swim bait and 1.5 oz. leadhead. It was a...
  506. Deep_blue

    LJ kelp 4/12

    That looks like a monster. Congratulations!!!
  507. Deep_blue

    4/13/08 Point Loma Halibut and rockfish

    Thanks for the replies. It was a great day on the water with good friends. The halibut was a bonus. Robert
  508. Deep_blue

    4/13/08 Point Loma Halibut and rockfish

    Fished Point Loma this morning on my buddy Mike's boat along with good friend Tom. Fished swim baits all morning for lots of small rockfish and sculpin, along with two sand bass. It became a little slow, so decided to move into shallower water and I'm glad we did. Caught this nice halibut on...
  509. Deep_blue

    Got a few bugs last night 10/5/07

    No we can't hoop in Mexico. I think it was North Island in San Diego Bay...the military base...
  510. Deep_blue

    9/8 371 washing machine and the [email protected]#$CKIN DFG

    Reason to fill out declaration form #1: Let's say that rockfishing is closed in U.S. waters. You decide to go fish the Coronados and the fishing is slow, so you decide to keep a couple of rockfish for dinner. You don't have one or don't fill out the form before entering U.S. waters and get...
  511. Deep_blue

    9/8 371 washing machine and the [email protected]#$CKIN DFG

    Reason to fill out declaration form #1: Let's say that rockfishing is closed in U.S. waters. You decide to go fish the Coronados and the fishing is slow, so you decide to keep a couple of rockfish for dinner. You don't have one or don't fill out the form before entering U.S. waters and get...
  512. Deep_blue

    S.D. Bay 9/9

    Tim, WTG...that's pretty solid action you had there. Robert
  513. Deep_blue

    8/08/07 Dodo Limits

    Thanks everyone for the replies. The bull weighed 24 pounds on the scale, but looks a little larger in the picture; he put up a great fight. By the way, not sure if it matters to some, but we were all using 30lb. flouro leaders. A couple of other boats moved in on our kelp and were not...
  514. Deep_blue

    8/08/07 Dodo Limits

    Report is for 9/8/07.......Fished soutwest of the 371 today with Chad and David. We were trolling along and David spots a nice kelp that we almost passed up. The first bait in the water and David lands a nice hen dodo. It took around a half hour before the other dodo's went nuts and we had...
  515. Deep_blue

    SCI dive trip

    I always enjoy your reports. Nice job on the fatty guys certainly made the best of it with the engine problem...hope it's a quick fix! WTG Robert
  516. Deep_blue

    8/25/07 302 and 425

    Brokenbackrebel, I got the Riffe this year after selling my Derryl Wong. I prefer the Riffe, but I know there are lots of fans out there on the Wong. The Riffe is a little heavy (Bluewater edition), but it is extremely accurate. I find that I'm hitting a much better sweet spot on the fish...
  517. Deep_blue

    8/25/07 302 and 425

    Forgot picture....tired...
  518. Deep_blue

    8/25/07 302 and 425

    Hit the 302 in the a.m. Found a couple of nice pattties. While gearing up my friend Tom throws a bait and lands this 17 pound dodo....I jumped in with my friend Mike thinking this was going to be great. Imeediately ran into 6 scholling yellows; shot the biggest at 19 pounds. The school...
  519. Deep_blue

    8/11/07 Albies/Yellows/Dodos

    Left SI to the 390. Two single albies on the troll. Black/white CD 11 ran short past the prop wash. Nothing else there for us. Went back up the line to the 371. Jumped in on a couple of patties for 2 yellows and 2 dodos. Weather was great. Final count: 2 albies 2 yellows 2 dodos...
  520. Deep_blue

    8/5/07 Point Loma Cod

    Birdman, Exit San Diego Bay, go past the farthest kelp, turn right. Look for 100-125 ft of water with uneven structure. You really won't see too many marks on the screen, but the fish are there. When dropping in the plastics, set the hook as soon as the lead hits the bottom. Often times...
  521. Deep_blue

    8/5 LJ Scuba

    Nice Hali's...sounds like you had a great day on the water. Congrats!
  522. Deep_blue

    8/5/07 Point Loma Cod

    Same as last week, except the fish were larger on average. Went out again to Point Loma this morning. Limits of cod (taco meat) for two. Back home at 11:15, fish cleaned and gear stored. It was nice on the water. All fish caught on swimbaits in 100+ water with squid strips. Final...
  523. Deep_blue

    8/1 YT's, Dodo's & BFT!

    Great day on the water....those are some nice fish. Congrats and thanks for the report!
  524. Deep_blue

    7/29 Point Loma

    Decided to stay inshore this weekend. I fished on my buddy Mike's boat. We launched at 5:45 from Shelter Island. Headed outside the PL kelp in 90-120 ft of water. We were done by 10 a.m. Final Count: 20 misc. rockfish 4 short lings (released) 1 cuda (released) Lures: 1.5-2 oz...
  525. Deep_blue

    Full speed YT action

    Wow, those are some nice yellows! Way to go! Robert
  526. Deep_blue

    7/22 Albies at the 302

    Great job on the afternoon run. When we fished the same area yesterday, we had our trolling feathers attacked by the Humbolts and ended up having to reel-in two of them...they are thick out there. Congrats on the albies!
  527. Deep_blue

    Good day for the Chula Rodhog

    That's a great picture of that guys had a good day out there...congrats!
  528. Deep_blue

    Some fun on the 181

    What an incredible day for you on the new boat with your son...congrats on all the great fish!
  529. Deep_blue

    7/21/07 Albies at 302

    Thanks for the reply's. Here's a pic of the kids with their first tuna each....they scored well today! The kid on the right is holding the pig albie. He's already six feet and 190 pounds at age 14...they are both on the football team, so they have been going to 6 a.m. practices for the...
  530. Deep_blue

    7/21/07 Albies at 302

    Fished with good friend Mark. He wanted to get his son Dylan and Dylan's friend Derrek their first tuna. They will both be ninth graders this year and have only fished in the kelp beds for the usual suspects. We fished the 371 until 9 a.m. for nothing. Then we received a call from the Kira...
  531. Deep_blue

    Rpt Weds 7-18-07 Chickens in the slop!

    Corey, Thanks for the great report. It did look sloppy out there....tough day with some great fish. Congrats! Robert
  532. Deep_blue

    Albies/Yellowfin 7/14/07

    Surg, I caught it with Josh (Primetime) down in Puerto Vallarta...he put me on two incredible days of fishing down there. I will give you a call this weekend to catch need to come down soon and do the San Diego thing again. Talk to you soon Robert
  533. Deep_blue

    371/230/302...slow but got one.

    That's a nice chicken and it looks like you guys had a great day on the water even if it was slow for you...Congrats!
  534. Deep_blue

    Dorado, Yellowtail, and Albie 7/14

    Wow, great day on the water. I was hoping to see the dodo's show up soon to go jump made my day. Congrats!!! Those are some nice fishies and nice boat!
  535. Deep_blue

    Albies/Yellowfin 7/14/07

    Bank Robber, We didn't scale, but guess was was a nice fish. Thank you. Robert
  536. Deep_blue

    Albies/Yellowfin 7/14/07

    Alright, alright, I'm nailed for not knowing my fish yesterday. I deserve it! I edited the post to correct my error. :imdumb: I didn't pay that much attention since no other yellowfin had been caught this year. As noted by Double Z (killing me brother LOL) I didn't give the respect to the...
  537. Deep_blue

    Albies/Yellowfin 7/14/07

    Fished the my friend Chad's new boat today...28' Albin...sweet boat! There was Chad, his cousin David, Mike and myself. We went south of the 302 towards the 371 and managed a nice yellowfin at 6:30 a.m. (purple/blk sevenstrand ran long). Later, just southwest of the 371 we got a single...
  538. Deep_blue

    North County Mossback - 40-45lbs

    Wow, nice fish...congrats!
  539. Deep_blue

    7/9/07 371/302/182 Albies...late report

    Sorry for the late post...finished cleaning the boat late, birthday dinner, then some sleep... Headed out to the 371 at 5 a.m. Monday from SI. First jig strike at 8:30 on a purple/black Zuker's tuna clone...regular 6 inch size. Trolled and trolled after that for nothing. Boats South...
  540. Deep_blue

    SCI 6/30 - 7/4

    Wow, that's an awesome trip and great report. Those are some quality fish you slayed there. Congrats! Robert
  541. Deep_blue

    7/5/07 371 and 302 Albies

    Thanks everyone for the replies. Bravo 6, there were a lot of boats hooked-up at the 302 when I arrived. That bite lasted for a few hours in the early afternoon. As you said, it will be a parking lot this weekend being so close to home. kenfishing, I didn't hear much about the butterfly...
  542. Deep_blue

    7/5/07 371 and 302 Albies

    Fished with Tom and Mark today. Departed SI at 4:30 headed for the 371. At dawn,we were two miles short and decided to drop two trollers in while getting the bait rods rigged...didn't get a chance to finish rigging as one of the trollers went off (blk/purple sevenstrand tuna feather). Tossed...
  543. Deep_blue

    Wide Opened Albi 7-4-2007 @371!!!

    Thanks for the report...that was a great day on the water. Congrats!
  544. Deep_blue

    Need one for 7/5 Tuna hunt

    Thanks everyone. Spot filled for tomorrow. Will post when we return for those fishing Friday. Robert
  545. Deep_blue

    Need one for 7/5 Tuna hunt

    Duramax, I don't think the offer to fish implied that being a drunk and playing with sharp knives and hooks was o.k. on my boat. Without defining the exact amount of alchohol one should consume before driving home from the ramp, I thought my posting simply suggested that if someone happens to...
  546. Deep_blue

    Need one for 7/5 Tuna hunt

    Need 1 for tomorrow 7/5. Split gas/bait/ice/clean-up. Heading out at 3:30 a.m. from Point Loma...390 area and beyond. 26' Seaswirl Cuddy with all the fix'ns Must be experienced with own gear and valid fishing license for U.S. and smoking on the boat, drinking is up to...
  547. Deep_blue

    heading to mulege 7-07

    Alex is his name...he's a very good fisherman and speaks great english...he knows where to go and makes great drinks as mentioned before...July has always been great for me down there. Good luck! Picture of Alex attached!
  548. Deep_blue

    Mexican Rockcod on the South 9 1/3/07

    John...I'm heading down to Fisherman's this weekend to check them out. Thank you everyone for the info. Robert
  549. Deep_blue

    Mexican Rockcod on the South 9 1/3/07

    John, Great report. I've been looking for something a little different on the rockfish jigs and I'm not familiar with "200 gm Shimano Long Butterfly jig, the other was caught on a 200 gm River2Sea Rock Jig"...where do you get these? I don't recall seeing them in the local shops..maybe I'm...
  550. Deep_blue

    Does Rockfish season close Dec. 1 or Dec 31

    Closes December's the number to call for all changes. They don't always update the main web page regulations (831) 649-2801. Good luck!
  551. Deep_blue

    Point Loma 11/11/2006

    Fished Point Loma again today. The wind was up, which made the drifts fast and difficult to stay on the bottom where the fish are...even with a drift sock. Fished 3 oz. leadheads w/swimbaits and squid trailer. Most of the fish were deeper than usual (117 feet). We kept 12 fish as pictured...
  552. Deep_blue

    another big yt

    Nice Fish!!!! That's a monster. Congrats!
  553. Deep_blue

    11/7 rockpile

    Remember to keep one of those bonita to throw to the seal if you can't avoid it when he comes close to your yellow. Great job on the fish.
  554. Deep_blue

    Another Bug Report 11/05

    The pictures tell it all. Great job on the bugs...!!
  555. Deep_blue

    Point Loma 11/05/2006

    mcalab, The fish fry recipe is easy. I use the Japanese bread crumb called "Panko". You can buy at Vons, etc. I add cayenne pepper to the bread crumbs with a little Lawry's season salt. I use vegetable oil to fry the fish, but I put a little fresh garlic in it for extra flavor. Coat...
  556. Deep_blue

    BIG yellow on the Mission Belle

    Great score!!! That is one fish you'll never forget! Congrats!!!
  557. Deep_blue

    Point Loma 11/05/2006

    tsurikichi, I used standard bullet leadhead that's painted with stick-on's a picture of the one on my rod from today. Thanks.
  558. Deep_blue

    Point Loma 11/05/2006

    Thanks guys...just finished dinner...good stuff! These fish make the best taco's...
  559. Deep_blue

    Point Loma 11/05/2006

    Fished off Point Loma today...great day on the water....light wind and sunny made for great drifts. Fished homemade swimbaits in 85-120' water w/1.5 oz leadhead and squid trailers Best color was green/clear with silver glitter. Ended w/double limit of assorted rockfish including one keeper...
  560. Deep_blue

    BIG Bug Last Night

    Incredible bug....that's one of the largest male bugs I have ever seen...he must be old!!! Congrats!!!! Sounds like it was a great day.
  561. Deep_blue

    Last trip of the summer

    Excellent report...those are some great pictures!!! Congrats!
  562. Deep_blue

    9/2 - La Jolla Success

    That is a toad yellow!!! Congrats on a great day...good picture!
  563. Deep_blue

    302 paddy time

    Nice shot!!! It's been hit or miss with the fishing rods this year, but the steele get's them every time. It looks a little windy out there...Congrats!
  564. Deep_blue

    Best Weekend Ever @ Castro's - WSB=60lb

    Nice Fish!!!! That is one you will remember for life. Congratulations!
  565. Deep_blue

    YT's SanO 8/24

    WTG!!! That's a nice load of fish!
  566. Deep_blue

    Clemente 8/3-8/12

    Excellent report. The third picture with your brother looking up was hillarious! Congrats on the dodo's...those were some nice quality fish!
  567. Deep_blue

    371 Area...late report

    aclozer, good luck out there!!! I haven't heard too much over the last few days. I'm wondering if the cooler water will push those dodo's the very least the yellows will still be there. Looking forward to hearing your report! Thanks for the reply. Robert
  568. Deep_blue

    Where to get a blue water set-up?

    Fishing Addict, Maybe you should stay in school until you're capable of understanding what you's something you might understand FUCK-OFF DICKHEAD.
  569. Deep_blue

    Where to get a blue water set-up?

    Most of you don't have a storefront where you're selling gear. Read the message... and get over yourself..your really not that important
  570. Deep_blue

    371 Area...late report

    C-Goat, It'll be a while before the name changes..I already get a lot of wierd comments at the launch ramps. Like a friend of mine always says "it's got to be long enough to get a bend in it"...ha, ha!! Thanks for the reply. Robert
  571. Deep_blue

    371 Area...late report

    Headed to the 371 and southwest areas this weekend August 19. Fished a little and got a couple of small yellows...decided to jump in and see what was going on under the water. There were dodo's all over on two separate patties...must have been close to 100 swimming in a circle around...
  572. Deep_blue

    Where to get a blue water set-up?

    I will third James and Joseph. I have dove with Mark and he is a fish killing machine...better to receive advice from people who are actually doing the sport. He has all the Riffe gear plus others at the store so you can get a flavor for what suits you best before making a buy choice. The...
  573. Deep_blue

    238 late report 7/29

    That is a toad female!!! WTG. At least you were able to get dinner for the trip before heading back to port.
  574. Deep_blue

    Gurg gets his first Dodo today

    That's a nice load of fish!! Fire up the BBQ! Congrats!
  575. Deep_blue

    Dodos for dummies

    Great pictures...that water looks as flat as the bay. Congrats!
  576. Deep_blue

    P.V Fishing with Josh 12/28 and 01/02

    Like most us, I read Josh’s weekly updates on the fishing in Puerto Vallarta and it drove me crazy. I finally contacted him and planned two fishing days, December 28 and January 2. I had difficulty finding a reasonable place to stay due to the holidays. His wife Catherine was extremely...