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  1. Salmon King

    WTB: Kayaks

    Looking to buy a couple used kayaks. Not looking for anything fancy, just some toys for the kids to play with at the beach. Any scratched up old sit in top or Walmart type is fine. Also looking for two stand up paddle boards (not inflatable). I know this is a longer shot, but let me know if you...
  2. Salmon King

    Kiddo Mustang PFDs

    Two kids mustang type II. Free or a 6-pack of IPA. Keep those kiddos floating. Everett near the Boeing widebody plant.
  3. Salmon King

    Free Crab bait

    I’ve got about 50-60 lbs of salmon frames and bellies. Sealed in freezer bags and no burn. It’s from July/August. I’d like to get rid of it Friday if possible. It would be great if someone could take it all. Located in Everett near the Boeing widebody plant.
  4. Salmon King

    Meanwhile in the over sound...

    Should say “Puget Sound”... I haven’t fished the ocean for salmon this year but I understand it has been more of a run to find them. I have made more than a few trips in the Puget Sound and it’s good to see that despite reduced seasons, the fish are there. Kings were good, local silvers were...
  5. Salmon King

    Truck tires for a steal in Everett!

    Got a set a Nitto Terra Grapplers in LT325/65R18. They are used with the tread more than half gone. I got them used from someone who was upgrading wheels and was going to use them as they were one size larger than my current tires. However, a looming move means I need to get rid of them. They...
  6. Salmon King

    WTB: your old washer/dryer

    Looks like I’ll need an electric washer and dryer in the next few weeks. They don’t need to be matched or pretty, just working. I actually have a preference for the old top loader washers as they waste more water and work better. Anybody have an extra set? Want to upgrade your current ones and...
  7. Salmon King

    Yamaha T8

    Selling an unstolen Yamaha T-8, pull start/manual trim, long shaft. Has less than 10 hours on it. Works great, starts great. I’ve owned it for years, but I don’t use it. I replaced the impeller about an hour ago and has fresh oil and lube. Garage kept except one summer on the boat in moorage...
  8. Salmon King

    Boat storage - MUK or north side

    It appears that I will be making a local move but this means losing my huge level driveway and adjacent rv pad. No more parking the boat at my house. Does anybody have intel or pointers on Mukilteo or POE area storage? Any recommendations? What sort of rates should I consider fair? It’s just...
  9. Salmon King

    FWIW 8-2 Crabbing

    Did some crabbing over the past two days in 8-2 near Everett with 1000 of my closest friends. The good news: lighter pressure than usual at the normal spots. The crabs will eat anything (freezer burned frames, whitefish, a 4 year old pink salmon, etc) Lots of crabs and lots of big males...
  10. Salmon King

    Freezer free

    Need to give up one of my chest freezers. It works, but doesn’t get that cold. (Zero at the bottom but teens to 20 at the top) I wouldn’t trust it to keep fish and game optimal for a long time, but it works fine as a bait freezer. It’s clean. It has no cool stickers though. A six pack or two...
  11. Salmon King

    Lake WA perch question

    a question for the experienced... How early is advisable for lake wa perch? I’ve heard that they get better as the water warms in the summer. I don’t know if June would be early as the water is still cold. I haven’t targeted perch since I was a kid in the Midwest and it was a fall deal there.
  12. Salmon King

    BD missed connections

    Does anyone know a BD member who runs a Defiance San Juan (extended cab) and lives in Mukilteo? I think he toes with a white F350. Looking to get in contact with him. I would try Craigslist, but that didn’t work out well last time.
  13. Salmon King

    WTB: Pelt or fur rug

    Doing some home decor to finish off a room and wanted a throw or smaller rug/pelt toss in front of the fireplace mantle. Was looking at ‘yote pelts but might want something a bit larger. Not looking for a head mount or anything, just an alternative to the typical sheepskin everyone else has...
  14. Salmon King

    ...and it’s over.

    The last blocks of tuna made it to the dinner table tonight. The halibut, lingcod, rockfish, and spit prawns are a distant memory. The salmon was savored until a few weeks ago. Who else can’t wait until May?!?
  15. Salmon King

    Road grime removal

    After a recent trip up 542, I washed the truck but found that some of the grime was stuck fast. It is hard and barely chips off with a fingernail, and when it does it smears like tar. Normal turtle wax car wash soap and a sponge doesn’t do a thing. I would think it was tar, but that isn’t...
  16. Salmon King

    Solid Oak Flooring

    I bought this flooring a little while back intending to redo my kitchen and dining area. However, it looks like I might move soon so I am going a cheaper route with vinyl. This is real 3/4” solid oak hardwood, not the cheap “engineered” Home Depot stuff. It is nail down, NOT floating. There are...
  17. Salmon King

    Meanwhile out in A3...

    43 lbs live weight. Naked pipe jig.
  18. Salmon King

    Free stuff and other gear

    . I need to get the truck in the garage for winter, so this stuff must go. Seats from a Striper. Cushions are ok, but have mildew spots. Bases are good. FREE 20x30 heavy duty and 20x30 medium duty tarps. Both are used, but not torn, no holes. FREE
  19. Salmon King

    Save the Salmon

    ...from dying a slow and undignified death in gill nets. Took the family out Sunday afternoon for a bit of salmon trolling. Hit two 18 lb fish (one just over, but not quite 20. Dang.) within a few minutes of each other. One football full of loose roe and a buck starting to grow little...
  20. Salmon King

    Non-diesel trucks

    So I am finally getting a tow rig of my own that will double as my daily driver. My current boat is light, under 5500 but I would like to tow up to 7500-8500 or so (next boat). I don't want to deal with a diesel, so I am looking at gas options. Currently I am looking at half ton trucks. Top of...
  21. Salmon King

    Salmon Forecasts are up! (NOF)

    The NOF forecasts for 2017 salmon are in! Overall, a mixed bag but much better than last year. Kings are low, a bit above 2016 inside, but slightly poorer for most of the coast and CR. Hopefully there will be more ocean biters than last year. PS wild...
  22. Salmon King

    WTB or WTR: 1/2 mesh shrimp pots

    Looking to borrow/rent or buy one or two 1/2" mesh pots (this is the smaller size, not spot shrimp size). If you have something lying around, let me know. I don't need rope/floats/bait containers as I have those. I also have a box of the original silver horde plugs and bunch of PW darts if...
  23. Salmon King

    Lake Washington Sockeye

    There isn't much of a chance to target Lake Washington Sockeye in the near future due to escapement targets and a general decline in the populations (at this point, the fishing would be tough). I was looking at the data and made a quick chart of the return YTD and comparing the totals (through...
  24. Salmon King

    Meanwhile in the Puget Sound...

    While many of you were offshore killing halibut, we hit the shrimp "season" in PS. Shrimp were plentiful, wind was blowing, and the tidal exchange was excellent (<4 ft). We went out of Everett marina and killed em in areas 8/9 with 7 limits from 5 pot pulls and a bucket and a half that went...
  25. Salmon King

    WTB: 2011-2012 Chevy Suburban 1500

    It looks like it is nearing the time to replace my wife's SUV. We have two kids and use this for trips with the parents and inlaws, so we need room for 6+ gear and this (sadly) pushes a crew cab truck out of contention. Right now our target is a Chevy Suburban 1500 (or gmc equivalent). I...
  26. Salmon King

    Frozen tuna

    I am sure that many of you are way ahead of me in tuna prep, but I figured that I would share some of the things that I am learning about caring for and prepping your catch to be consumed. I've been playing with different care methods for the wonderful WA albacore tuna. I am a big fan of sushi...
  27. Salmon King

    Yamaha trouble - code reader?

    While heading back into the Everett marina tonight, my main started running rough. It never died, but was chocking and fluctuating RPM at around 1000-1400 rpm. Ran it for a while at high idle (3600-3800) rpm, smooth. Lower rpm it sputters, especially with a bit of load. I'm going to pull the...
  28. Salmon King

    A9 - the last weekend

    We have one more weekend left of A9 Kings. This is longer than I expected given the low quota. Due to some issues involving fins and seals during the opener, no Kings had ridden home with me this year after two trips. I am flying to the Midwest on Saturday, so I decided that a quick jaunt before...
  29. Salmon King

    Let the crab madness begin - puget sound crab

    Went out with a friend this morning to hit the 8-2 opener before work. One 60-80 minute soak with four pots got us our limits for the day. Shallow (40) was better than deep today. The crab were almost all male and about half were legal size. Coming back in about 7am we were running against mobs...
  30. Salmon King

    WTB: shrimp pot

    Someone ran over my shrimp buoy and shredded my leaded line with their prop last Saturday. I am now in need of another pot, so I thought that I would ask if anyone has any extras they want to be rid of before I go buy a brand new one. I've got the large Kufa Ladner style and I like those as...
  31. Salmon King

    Finching story - MA9

    Was out with the wife and girls last Saturday. We trolled from east possession over toward Browns Bay. Not too much action for a while, but a nice day. We were in the middle away from most of the boats. After a bit, I commented to the kids that we hadn't seen much wildlife yet, and to watch...
  32. Salmon King

    Trailer Brakes - Need a recommendation

    I am in need of an overhaul for my trailer's brakes. It currently has surge brakes, but the system is old and I just discovered that the brake lines are corroded and leaked through. I will probably need a new master cylndar, brake lines, possibly drums, basically a complete overhaul with...
  33. Salmon King

    Want to trade: Traeger Wood Pellet Grill

    I am downsizing my grill collection (have 4, need to get rid of some), and my Traeger drew the short straw. I would be willing to sell it, but I think it would be more fun to trade for something(s) of similar value. We all have a ton of gear around! Things that I would trade for: Decent used...