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    Let's save the Post Office!

    Pacific scouts Fishing Buddies
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    For Sale 800XH Calstar Grafighter rated 40-80 8ft WAHOO SPECIAL

    It is a stock Calstar off the shelve rod. I added 10inches of Cork past the foregrip and covered with shrink tube. Doing this covered the Calstar decal with model number. You can easily tell it is a stock Calstar rod by the Teal, White, and Black thread wrap colors. I extended the cork to...
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    The Coming Civil War

    The Dems motto "We have nothing to offer but Fear itself".
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    Shelter island launch ramp overnight

    Short answer Hell NO
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    For Sale ULUA CUSTOM SS 9'3" Skinny Butt Jig Stick rated 30-60lb

    No it was Custom made from a 10ft ulua it stiffened the tip action. Catch bigger fish
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    For Sale ULUA CUSTOM SS 9'3" Skinny Butt Jig Stick rated 30-60lb

    $325.00 CASH NO TRADES This is for the "Experienced Jig Fisherman" that knows about Quality Tackle. The rod was a stock 10ft blank cut 6off the tip 3off the butt makes 9ft3inches. I have a nice recently serviced 20A Shimano Trinidad to go with the Rod sold separately extra $290.00 Pick up near...
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    Origin of the palomar knot?

    It came about bye 2 astronomers who were waiting for the next eclipse at the Mt Palomar observatory. When one astronomer devised this knot to hang his fellow astronomer. When he was arrested he stated he wanted all the publicity for seeing and photographing the event the eclipse. The End
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    If you need fish that bad.....just ask.

    Wish you would have gotten their pictures and post them on here. Scum bags
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    I Love my JRI Jigs. Good luck Jerry you will succeed.
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    San Diego Bay How much for a scoop

    That is what I heard. Long range prices get pretty steep. Thank you Sir.
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    San Diego Bay How much for a scoop

    How much for 1 scoop and how do the sport boats get charged for bait? I heard it was a percentage of the tickets sold on the boat. If true what is the percentage?
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    For Sale Classic Browning Silaflex E-glass 7ft rod rated 15-40lb

    A real gem. Perfect for small baits like anchovies. Guides and guide wraps are in great shape. The blank is in very good shape. Decal is peeling away. From Calicos to yellowtail this is one beautiful rod. $150.00 CASH NO TRADES Local San Diego pick up.
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    Sportboat fishing when it’s windy

    I was just going to tell him the same thing.
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    Hi ERRIN she needs a new home how about yours. Perfect to toss jigs with. Richard Jones

    Hi ERRIN she needs a new home how about yours. Perfect to toss jigs with. Richard Jones
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    SOLD Torium 16 Perfect Condition never fished

    I bought it did I need it? NO. So here you go. The Deal of the Day. COMES WITH STOCK CLAMP AND Loaded with 65lb spectra. $180.00 CASH NO TRADES Near Poway Ca
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    #1 11 total Popular Colors 7 Sea strike 2 Salas 1 Raider 1 Candy Bar 11 Pieces Total $110.00 Cash Only No trades pick up near Poway shipping available
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    11 total 7 Sea strike 2 Salas 1 Raider 1 Candy Bar 11 Pieces Total $110.00 Cash shipping available POWAY CA
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    Cal Football Players Make Demands

    If they do not maintain a legitimate grade. Then kick them out they are wasting a seat in the class.
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    Producer vs Tomahawk first overnight trip

    I heard Tomahawk does pretty good check the fish counts for both and then decide.
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    California Rollback

    And Next we have HAPPY NEWS
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    Fathom vs old penn International

    How is the Book coming along Steve?
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    SOLD Talica 16 Blue Printed By Cal Sheets & Supper LOW GEAR installed

    2.4 from 22inches to 11 inches per crank in Low High gear is stock
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    For Sale **DIAWA SALTIGA 20-2LD REEL**

    Down size your pictures so you can get them on your post
  24. richardblufin

    Prize difference

    real answer. get the green label it is a smaller diameter than the blue seagar. Good Luck catch a Grande.
  25. richardblufin

    Prize difference

    Yes they will know. They swim in schools. A Joke my brother
  26. richardblufin

    Prize difference

    Short answer yes. You know they swim in schools.
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    Pacifica 1.5 day (7/11/2020)

    Great Report. watch out for the RED LINE
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    MXJ raptor question

    Consider Line capacity for Bigger Fish. HX min for 100lbers
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    Tips on Long Range

    Tip what you can afford.
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    Watch those rods folks!

    I"ll take a steak . Nice Fat fish.8-)
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    SOLD SURFACE IRON SALE JRi Tady Salas Candy Bar

    22 Jigs Total Sold as a Package Deal. 3 Single Hook Candy Bar, 1 Treble hook Candy bar, 1 PL68Lt Salas, 1 Baby 5x, 4 Tady 45s, 6 Salas 7xs, 3JRI #7s , 3 JRI #4s All have good rings and Hooks No RUST. Total Price is $175.00 CASH NO TRADES I live in Poway come get em. Colors lots of Mint and...
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    SOLD Surface Irons & Heavies with Good Hooks (JRI, Tady, etc.)

    Hi: I have 22 assorted Jigs Jri Tady 45s Salas 7xs. Call me if interested I live in Poway Richard 858-602-5399
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    Approaching a kelp paddy?

    Not The guy might have a gun. Better to ask. Your the guy that cut me off on the freeway. I know where you live.
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    Masks or no masks.

    What do you call a boatload of Lawyers on a cruise ship sinking? Answer A Start.
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    Rod and reel ?

    What is the rating marked on the rod? Add the low and high numbers and divide by 2 that will be the sweet spot for the rod.
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    Excalibur July 3rd 2020

    Pat Paulson I bet
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    SOLD Calico Bass reel Daiwa 300 7-1 gears $145.00 Used 1 Time

    11743 stoney peak dr San Diego ca .Near the hwy 56 exit off the 15freeway. Thanks Richard
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    Ranger 85 Channel Island 2 day report

    Capt Jake is GREAT> Miss him he was on the Excel. I have room in my freezer if you run out of room in your freezer.
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    The Great White Buffalo

    We shall overcome. MAGA 2020
  40. richardblufin

    Boat Sank Near GG Bridge

    They were lucky you noticed they needed HELP. Good JOB!!!!!!!
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    WTB want to buy rod for a lexa 300HD

    I put up pictures of the perfect rod for your Lexa 300 check them out. Look at the Calstar grafighter 700XL. Posted just above your post.
  42. richardblufin

    SOLD calstar grafighter 700XL Great Calico Bass rod

    Used twice to Cedros Island for Calico fishing. No more Cedros for me. Rod can handle big Bass. rated 10-25 I would say 15 or 20Lb mono would be ideal.$150.00 is a fair price for this Calstar rod. CASH No TRADES Firm on price. Pick up the local San Diego area. Thanks for LOOKING
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    WTB want to buy rod for a lexa 300HD

    I have a Calstar 700XL perfect for Calico Bass $150.00 Cash No trades
  44. richardblufin

    WTB 6480H or similar

    what is your budget? I have 2 similar rods to chose from
  45. richardblufin

    SOLD 3 Lt Tackle Calico Rods $100.00 Each All Brand New

    #1 Seeker blue lightning Model BCBW 709 7ft rated 20 (25) 30Lb stick with a trigger stick #2 Daiwa Proteus model 76MHFB 7 1/2 ft Rod trigger handle #3 GraphtechGLS80L rated 12-20Lb 8ft trigger handle reel seat. All in perfect shape bought for Cedros...
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    Bill Poole memories

    From one Welder to another WeLL DONE
  47. richardblufin

    Bill Poole memories

    Great Story Yes he was a great Man. Thanks for sharing.
  48. richardblufin

    Smart ring detection.

    The ring is an Old Chinese Custom. They use it for Prostate exams. Boycott the NBA and the NFL.
  49. richardblufin

    Bill Poole memories

    Dated Bill's daughter Sherie back in the early 80s. Took her out on my skiff. When we got back to the ramp she said I think my Dad's home lets stop by and see. She was telling me my Dad has this and does that. I thought ya ya, So we get to his house in Pt Loma. She runs in and comes back and...
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    Very nice reel. Below are the reel specs 50-100 lb. 60/240 80-topshot 100-topshot 80/670 100/600 130/420 Strike: 40 Full: 50 H: 5.4:1 L: 1.9:1 H: 47 in. L: 17 in. 2-7/8 in. 29 oz. A few scratches on the clicker side of the reel only. Just serviced in March. $325.00 CASH NO TRADES PICK...
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    SOLD LEXA 400 HD 400H-P 6.3 to 1 Gear ratio $170.00

    Loaded with 65lb solid white spectra. Comes with Tiburon Clamp Very powerful reel with Heavy Drag up to 25LBS. $170.00 Clamp alone was like $30.00. Used only on 1 trip to Cedros CASH NO TRADES SAN DIEGO AREA ONLY FACE TO FACE.
  52. richardblufin

    SOLD Calico Bass reel Daiwa 300 7-1 gears $145.00 Used 1 Time

    Cash $145.00 Loaded with 65LB spectra 22LBs Drag. Only been on 1 boat ride. Just like new No Trades San Diego pick up Only Firm on Price
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    WTB Shimano talica 2 speed reel

    Run he is from Corona! LOVE MY TRINIDAD 16
  54. richardblufin

    WTB Shimano talica 2 speed reel

    How much Money you got?
  55. richardblufin

    50 60lb Tuna set up

    Calstar 700H 50lb or the 700XH for the 60lb Proven quality Rods
  56. richardblufin

    Bluefin reels for San Diego 2020 summer season

    I will take one of each, please. Steve how is your book coming along? Waiting in Diego.
  57. richardblufin

    Dream Truck Stolen from Fisherman’s Lansing

    AT $10.00 a day the cameras should be on. Ace parking is in cohorts with the port commission Notice Cash or checks accepted only so they can hide the money from the general fund. Call Frank at the fishermans landing ask him to see if they could turn on the cameras. Fell sorry for you what a NICE...
  58. richardblufin

    Captain Jiimy's Wahoo Bombs

    Salas 6X jr single hook in the Gay Soldier od green with a Pink Head. Good luck and KEEP WINDING!
  59. richardblufin

    SOLD TIBURON CLASSIC 8/50 SST REEL wahoo special

    Tell her there is a meat shortage. Ha ha Only reason I'm selling I need the Cash very hard to find item. Take care
  60. richardblufin

    SOLD TIBURON CLASSIC 8/50 SST REEL wahoo special

    ANY SUGGESTIONS? are you wanting this Wahoo slayer?
  61. richardblufin

    SOLD TALICA 12 Loaded with New 65lb Spectra

    Serviced in Feb 2020. Free spools beautiful. It has a few scratches from being on the boat rod rack. $340.00 CASH no Trades San Diego Area ONLY EYEBALL TO EYEBALL. tHANKS FOR LOOKING
  62. richardblufin

    For Sale Phenix rods, Phenix rods

    Is shipping included in price?
  63. richardblufin

    Bunk rooms

  64. richardblufin

    SOLD Calstar 765 ML rated 30-80 Factory Rod

    Come on Man you know she is looking Good
  65. richardblufin

    SOLD CALSTAR 765ML 30-80lb Perfect Condition

    $275.00 Cash No Trades San Diego Area Only Perfect for Yo-Yo or Heavy Bait
  66. richardblufin

    SOLD Calstar 765 ML rated 30-80 Factory Rod

    Perfect shape $275.oo Cash No Trades San Diego Area Only
  67. richardblufin

    For Sale Phenix rods, Phenix rods

    Is the 760X3H still available
  68. richardblufin

    Cow on 40lb (heartbreaker)

    What a War Story Epic Memory guys Next Time
  69. richardblufin

    Antifa Getting Their Ass Kicked

    Thank You that made my Day
  70. richardblufin

    Broken Rod help

  71. richardblufin

    Tues meeting for opening fishing in San Diego

    You Know I thought about the same thing. Very interesting.They always take advantage of any Crisis that comes their way
  72. richardblufin

    Tues meeting for opening fishing in San Diego

    Yes and 50 other people had their particular cause they where promoting
  73. richardblufin

    Tues meeting for opening fishing in San Diego

    So what happened? It would be nice to hear from a SAC representative to explain what is the next step.
  74. richardblufin

    SOLD CALSTAR 800M 20-40lb

    Carmel mt ranch area
  75. richardblufin

    SD County B.O.S Meeting Link 6/2/20

    That is the DNA of a Politician no skills necessary except a big mouth and small brain,no Balls and a small weiner.
  76. richardblufin

    SOLD CALSTAR 800M 20-40lb

    The shrink wrap with cork under was extended to a Full 34"inches. If you need the rail to pull in a Big one. $200.00 Cash No Trades Local San Diego Only
  77. richardblufin

    TRADE Avet hxj raptor grey in great condition

    Hey is that the reel I Richard el norte pkwy sold you last week? If it is be sure and tell them it is a Raptor. Big difference in the drag max out. Good luck
  78. richardblufin

    Are masks a deal breaker?

    Yes Deal breaker for me too many rules
  79. richardblufin

    Rioters are cheaper than protesters? WTF!!

    George Soros hires them. Antifa stupid ass punks that dont want to work a real job Little terrorist should be shot. I agree with ya
  80. richardblufin

    SOLD Talica 16 Blue Printed By Cal Sheets & Supper LOW GEAR installed

    On the otherside . you live too far to respond to for a sale. Good luck
  81. richardblufin

    Seattle on fire

    Where are all the environmentalists? Funny they have not said anything about the buildings and cars being burned up. But we cannot have a campfire at the beach. More proof control of our lives is their main agenda, not the environment.
  82. richardblufin

    SOLD Talica 16 Blue Printed By Cal Sheets & Supper LOW GEAR installed

    She was serviced in Feb 2020. Has not been used since. Lower LOW gear makes it much easier to gain line when straight up and down. Stock Low is 22" inches per crank with Cals upgrade it is 11" per crank. Much better for the angler. Also blueprinting set at 26lbs drag and it free spools like a...
  83. richardblufin

    Seattle on fire

    For real where is the Fake news on that social distancing of the Rioters not Protestors
  84. richardblufin

    WTB Talica ii combo (16ii, 20ii, 25ii)

    talica 16 Blueprinted and add 2.4 to Low Gear by Cal Sheets with paperwork. Loaded with 430yds of 80lb solid spectra. Paired with a 700XH 40-100 Calstar rod. $750.00 compare new reel over $500 plus Cal sheets $250. Custom rod $350.00
  85. richardblufin

    Seattle on fire

    !00% correct most if not all cities are Democrat run. This is paid for by Sorros for his army of antifia to over throw the President. The Dems know they cannot win at the polls so they go to the streets. It makes me sick seeing this destruction and Hate. We need to pray more and ask for...
  86. richardblufin

    WTB Rod 4 lexa 400

    Here Ya go aded more cork and shrink tube ahead of reel to use the rail if necessary
  87. richardblufin

    WTB Rod 4 lexa 400

    I have a 8ft Shimano Calcutta soft enough tip for casting. It works perfectly for Popper fishing. Deck hand style rod. $185.00 Cash no trades
  88. richardblufin

    Are there any big, fast, 6 pack charters out of San Diego?

    Journeyman Sportfishing near Seaforth Landing call seaforth Landing they would know their telephone number. Really nice boat
  89. richardblufin

    San Diego full day boats $200

    He Lou it is bed time take your medicine now and go to SLEEP.
  90. richardblufin

    San Diego full day boats $200

    Surprise Surprise glad I got to fish when I did. Thanks for the Bad News I'am sure there is more to come. Lesson learned fire all Democrats in office Local, State, Federal. Once they are in the power of something they FUCK it ALL UP. Good day.
  91. richardblufin

    San Diego full day boats $200

    San Diego Full Day Offshore Fri. 5-29-2020 5:30 AM Fri. 5-29-2020 5:00 PM 30 $175 Full Fishing offshore for Tuna and Yellowtail. Mexican fishing permit and bait included. Passport not required. Limited to 30 passengers. Arrival times may be later than posted. There ya go not all are charging...
  92. richardblufin

    San Diego full day boats $200

    Where do these people get their information CNN,MSNBC ? I just looked at their websites price is $175.00
  93. richardblufin

    SOLD Avet HXJ Raptor 2speed WAHOO Yo-YO

    This is the narrow model in the Hx series. Perfect narrow spool for throwing bombs or jigs. $285.00 Cash No Trades San DiegoArea No Shipping
  94. richardblufin

    Pronto Sportfishing

    Capt Allen Faye great fish killer was the original owner. He sold it and owns the El Capitan out of Pt Loma Sportfishing. He is still killing the fish.
  95. richardblufin


    Dad said he sold it Sorry
  96. richardblufin


    Not sure let me check for ya
  97. richardblufin

    Boss extreme vs penn torque 2 vs Shimano Talica?

    Your right Steve. And the torques are made in the USA
  98. richardblufin

    Boss extreme vs penn torque 2 vs Shimano Talica?

    For the money Fathom leverdrag 2speed reels 25 30 0r the 40 model. I have a talica but prefer the fathom by Penn. Size depends on what size spectra you're going to use 50lb spectra go to the 25model 65lb spectra pick the 30size 80lb spectra 40model. Use the money you saved and go on a trip.
  99. richardblufin

    SOLD Custom Calstar GG90

    Clean Very nice Yellowtail Slayer
  100. richardblufin

    Pole for a 15XNLD2.

    Calstar 700H or the 700XH
  101. richardblufin

    SOLD CALSTAR 770XH rated 80-130 7ft length

    Hi got your message. Where do you live in San Diego? When do you want to pick it up? Thanks Richard
  102. richardblufin

    Suggestions for a cheap conventional reel

    Daiwa SL 20 bulletproof last a lifetime.
  103. richardblufin

    For Sale Gear stolen out of car-please keep eyes put

    Happy for ya brother. And thanks for a Great job by the Police. I would buy them a pizza.
  104. richardblufin

    Ok let me know a day ahead of time so I can meet you. Whereabouts in San Diego will you be?

    Ok let me know a day ahead of time so I can meet you. Whereabouts in San Diego will you be?
  105. richardblufin

    Long Range Reopening Plan

    So when you are done cooking you throw away the fish and eat the board.
  106. richardblufin

    SOLD CALSTAR 770XH rated 80-130 7ft length

    Cash $275.00 firm No Trades San Diego Area Only Built by M&M rods in SD.[ATTACH alt="770XH 8
  107. richardblufin

    Expected and hidden cost of boat ownership

    depreciation every day you own it.
  108. richardblufin

    Expected and hidden cost of boat ownership

    Meaning of the word BOAT. Break out another thousand. Find a buddy and go on his.
  109. richardblufin

    All corona news is not Bad

    Hollywood Faces Carnage as Mass Unemployment Hits Entertainment Industry. See I told ya.
  110. richardblufin

    Long Range Reopening Plan

    The Dems motto "The only thing we have to offer is fear itself"
  111. richardblufin

    Long Range Reopening Plan

    " I Feel Your Pain"
  112. richardblufin

    Sportboat Grande confirms albacore rumors

    Right from HM website 85' x 25' Feet Owner/Operator James McDaniel Owner/Operator Steve Peterson Captain Alec Stockfelt I almost had it right
  113. richardblufin

    Sportboat Grande confirms albacore rumors

    Capt of the Grande is Alec and Steve Petterson owns the Grande with Fred Hubber. Come on man No Fake News on BD PLease.
  114. richardblufin

    Long Range Reopening Plan

    Sounds like to me your Dad has a fine Son. Good luck in the future.
  115. richardblufin

    1st choice for yo-yo reel

    So how is that Edsel running these days? Nice car.
  116. richardblufin

    For Sale Custom Seeker SSR7650

    Hey Jon, would you trade for a pitcher of Bloody Marys? What a beautiful Rod. Richard from a few years back on the Angler I think.
  117. richardblufin

    Long Range Reopening Plan

    To be honest I doubt you will be going. Too many uncertain legal issues in the air. You will get a full refund. Good luck sorry to be the Bearer of Bad News.
  118. richardblufin

    Long Range Reopening Plan

    I agree 100% with your observation. Also, the device to test anglers could also be in question by the courts. Lots of lawyers looking for a payday.
  119. richardblufin

    Shelter Island Launch ramp closed SAt 1 pm

    Your State and County Government at work. The blind leading the sheep off a short pier. God please help us.
  120. richardblufin

    Sportboats are to Remain at dock

    Is there a Doctor in the house? With so many different politicians having a say on this subject. I think we will be sitting on hold for a long time with these numbnuts trying to figure out a solution. They are politicians, not private enterprises making these decisions. They have no skin in the...
  121. richardblufin

    Polaris Supreme 7-Day Nov. 30-Dec. 7

    Lou they only fish with 26 not 28 anglers
  122. richardblufin

    Sportboats are to Remain at dock

    You hit the Nail on the Head
  123. richardblufin

    Go checkout

    Hey just kidding ya man. Well I got to head down to the filing station. I'll check ya latter.
  124. richardblufin

    Go checkout

    Hey Smitty are you trying to stir things up? Well it sure looks like you did a fine job.
  125. richardblufin

    SOLD TIBURON CLASSIC 8/50 SST REEL wahoo special

    Perfect for Wahoo Jig Fishing or Yo-YO 44inches per crank. When you get bit it shifts to the lower gear and you can keep winding when everybody is yelling at you Wind. $425.00 Cash No-Trades San Diego area only face to face No Shipping.
  126. richardblufin

    WTB 270 8’ 12-30 Seeker or WC Calstar

    I have a seeker 270H 1st $125.00 I live in Poway 8ft deckhand style no reel seat
  127. richardblufin

    SOLD Gold Trinidad 40N....

    I married a wench once.
  128. richardblufin

    SOLD She Gone!

    But Kimbo you LOve your 1x3 Right. Plus you have a little more back bone on the 1x3 Good fishing Richard
  129. richardblufin

    Captain Alec Robbie on Let’s talk Hookup Sunday 5-3-2020

    Fished with Alec the last 3yrs. Great Captain very personable love fishing with him.
  130. richardblufin

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Thats about when all the PC bullshit started down hill from there.
  131. richardblufin

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Serve it at Presidents Trumps news updates "Free to All the Reporters"
  132. richardblufin

    Governor Targets Orange County

    You sound too much like a Clinton/ Obumer Lover too me. Nice try
  133. richardblufin

    Governor Targets Orange County

    Wait and see what happens this weekend!
  134. richardblufin

    Governor Targets Orange County

    Go back to Sleep Sonny. Uncle Gavin will not hurt you. You are a FOOL.
  135. richardblufin

    Governor Targets Orange County

    The Gov hates Trump. Orange County is a republican city. So to make Trump look bad the Gov wants to SLOW the process of opening things back up. We have an election in Nov and all this crap is evolved around making Trump look bad. I say we need to start PROTESTING HONK YOUR HORNS at a rally in...
  136. richardblufin

    SOLD TALICA 25 custom

    Blueprinted and added 1.6 to 1 LOW GEAR with Anti Reverse DOG KIT. Loaded with 100lb solid Spectra. Stock inches per crank in Low 20" Cal Custom Low is 11inches. When you are straight up and down this makes a huge difference. The reel free spools beautiful thanks to the Blueprinting by Cal. Also...
  137. richardblufin

    For Sale Custom Talica 25 by Cal Sheets With paper work $450

    Hey Luke 2 is beter than one. Fished with you on the Shogun Guadalupe Inside sportfishing video trip. There were a good grade of tuna. Perfect bait for the 25
  138. richardblufin

    For Sale Custom Talica 25 by Cal Sheets With paper work $450

    Blueprinted and added 1.6 to 1 LOW GEAR with Anti Reverse DOG KIT. Loaded with 100lb solid Spectra. Stock inches per crank in Low 20" Cal Custom Low is 11inches. When you are straight up and down this makes a huge difference. The reel free spools beautiful thanks to the Blueprinting by Cal. Also...
  139. richardblufin

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Michelle has a cock and Biden has a Vagina just like Barry.
  140. richardblufin

    Best Wishes For Pappy

    I met him and recognized right away this Man is the real deal. Hardcore fisherman to the max. I knew right away watch what Bob is doing and copy that. Be Like Bob
  141. richardblufin

    For Sale TIBURON 8/50 SST REEL

    Yes for sale in San Diego sorry NO shipping
  142. richardblufin

    Single Speed Reels Only Charter

    Hey Mike no spinning reels sorry
  143. richardblufin


    10/4 I had a similar situation. One bill came I paid it. Then I get another Bill from the Dr. I never seen a Dr. Hey they will ruin your credit and turn over to a collection service. no choice . So I Paid it. Total $2000.00 Fucking Crooks.
  144. richardblufin


    The pain is not over. Wait until you GET the Bill. That will be over $2000.00.
  145. richardblufin

    Getting more trout back in our lakes

    Sue the MFs and any money that comes your way would come from their pension fund. Good Luck
  146. richardblufin

    For Sale TIBURON 8/50 SST REEL

    Perfect for Wahoo Jig Fishing or Yo-YO 44inches per crank. When you get bit it shifts to the lower gear and you can keep winding when everybody is yelling at you Wind $425.00 Cash No-Trades San Diego area only No Shipping.
  147. richardblufin

    "Hidden Pickle"

  148. richardblufin

    What does "recovery" look like for the sporties?

    I like to check with the Crew on that 30 t0 50%. I say BS>
  149. richardblufin

    For Sale how to see my Personal messages

    Are they saved on My profile? I got a message and read it no I cannot find it again. No where no how. Help.
  150. richardblufin

    SOLD 1X3 Super Seeker

    Kimbo your welcome. Glad she is going to a good home. Catch a Big One
  151. richardblufin

    What are the capabilities of this boat?

    I did not mean to insult your boat. I just hate what the Dems are doing to our GREAT President TRUMP and our country. Good luck with the sale of your boat.
  152. richardblufin

    SOLD 1X3 Super Seeker

    She is in perfect shape. Got her in 2014 made in Long beach. San Diego Area only No Shipping $290.00 NO TRADES
  153. richardblufin

    What are the capabilities of this boat?

    Load it up with Democrat Senators and House members and take it on a 3hour tour with the plug removed.
  154. richardblufin

    SOLD Calstar grfr 700h

    Anthony, it was nice meeting you. I hope the 700H brings you good luck. I may have more rods and reels for sale if you are in need. Let me know what you are looking for. Richard Jones
  155. richardblufin

    CDFW wants to CLOSE fishing- Make your voice HEARD

    Ok close fishing great. Next shut down the CDFW. No need for them. Think of all the tax money we will save. No pensions to pay vehicles to buy.
  156. richardblufin

    SOLD Calstar grfr 700h

    Factory wrap good condition come by and take a look
  157. richardblufin

    SOLD Calstar grfr 700h

    I have one I live in Poway. $250.00 Cash no trades
  158. richardblufin

    Seafood Sale Potential? Need feedback.

    Is the fish fresh from China?
  159. richardblufin

    Guadalupe 1st timer

    Benitos and Cedros Closed to US sportboats
  160. richardblufin

    Paint stripping recommendation

    That is why the sport boat Independence did not paint the upper section that is Aluminum.
  161. richardblufin

    First time trip to Guadelupe November!

    Tyler, Paul, Dave, Joe, and Connor The Shogun boys great Folks Love these guys
  162. richardblufin

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    You are confused. That sounds like Obumer with no birth certificate or Sleepy Joe to me. Hey good luck in Nov
  163. richardblufin

    How many of you cancelling LR trips?

    I was thinking the same thing. This may stop Guadalupe trips because we have to dock in Ensenda. Some predict a massive outbreak in Mexico. Time will tell.
  164. richardblufin

    Shelter Island ramp closed. Who can we call? Will it help?

    Call Scott Sherman at Snapp Insurance in San Diego. He is running for Mayor of San Diego. Let him put out a statement on this issue. Let us see his side of this issue.
  165. richardblufin

    Long Range shutdown?

    Oh JFK and Marilyn Monroe he killed her
  166. richardblufin

    Long Range shutdown?

    Fasten your seat belt I see Trump winning 2020 .
  167. richardblufin

    Long Range shutdown?

    I bet you voted for that dumb ass Obama. So I understand you not recognizing greatness when you see it.
  168. richardblufin

    WTB WTS 70H 70XH

    I see Torrence too far. Good luck
  169. richardblufin

    WTB WTS 70H 70XH

    I have both. Where do u live
  170. richardblufin

    Long Range shutdown?

    CHINESE VIRUS Bill. Oh, and you will get a second chance to vote for the Best president ever elected.
  171. richardblufin

    Buying tackle in 1960's

    In San Diego it was Midway Bait and Tackle. Also thrifty drug store mostly freshwater stuff. For fishing ponds in Mission Valley. Good Times.
  172. richardblufin

    Red Rooster March 15 Day

    Nice yellowtail. They are so mean off the bottom like that. Good JOB.
  173. richardblufin

    For Sale New Porta potty

    Hey why don't you send it to the Senate? They are so full of shit up there they need another toilet. We BDers could all pitch in and help pay for the shipping.
  174. richardblufin

    Coronavirus info ANY BOATS WITH BUNKS

    Yes I went on a 3dayer trip. And the bugs ate my left eye. Pretty scary stuff.
  175. richardblufin

    Whale in LA harbor??

    Sounds like a whale of a tale!
  176. richardblufin

    Does Calstar actually make a 6490?

    I have a6490 seeker ALL glass great surface iron stick I like this better than a 90J calstar the seeker has more backbone for pulling. it is for sale. seeker 6490 $175.00
  177. richardblufin

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) effect on the San Diego Long Range Fleet

    Ok wipe down all the surfaces great. But what happens when its time to eat? Will we be 6 feet apart? Another Big thing with me is the common A/C system recycled air from one room to another. A boat is like a Petri dish for bacteria. I will wait until this virus is well under control. I...
  178. richardblufin

    For Sale Moving out of state selling all my rods

  179. richardblufin

    Calstar Grafighter 875XH blank info?

    Had one 875xh for wahoo. Traded it too soft for me. I stepped up to a 800XH oh so much better for pulling.Good day Mate liked your fishing from the rocks very Cool.
  180. richardblufin

    For Sale calstar 770XH Rod 80-130

    Great rod by M&M Custom Rods Dark Gray & Black Marble Finish. $285.00 CASH NO TRADES Pick Up In SAN DIEGO sorry no shipping
  181. richardblufin

    Tribes win again

    Hope people are smart enough to avoid casinos for awhile. Indians were never too smart. Come on living in teepees, really. The White Man made them rich.
  182. richardblufin

    How many of you cancelling LR trips?

    We aLL share the recycled air/germs. I WAS SICK FOR 2MONTHS AFTER MY LAST 7DAYER. If you do go sick tell your fellow anglers right away. Do not keep it a secret. Last trip everybody on the boat caught this guys shit Hacking Cough. Worst I ever Had. I hope the boats wash all the blankets sheets...
  183. richardblufin

    For Sale Classic Super Seeker 1x3

    Looks brand New $325.00 Made in Long Beach with Titanium guides Cash No Trades Pick up in San Diego
  184. richardblufin

    SOLD CALSTAR 770 xxh RATED 80-130

    Is Bidden going to be the next President?
  185. richardblufin


    Thank you Yoshigal I got one Pic downsized New to computers Why dont you buy it? Great rod
  186. richardblufin


  187. richardblufin

    Anyone used the cross border xpress?

    Call Cedros Sportfishing for any questions Ask FOR Rosie she can answer any of your questions. Neat clean very organized airport.
  188. richardblufin

    SOLD CALSTAR 770 xxh RATED 80-130

    San Diego area only NO SHIPPING CASH ONLY NO TRADES Great condition has been on maybe 3trips. $285.00
  189. richardblufin

    Who Won the Rod Builder Competition?

    I bet Eric from charkbait San Diego. He is a perfectionist.
  190. richardblufin

    Don't vote Democrat.

    (the 9th circuit court are a bunch of Liberals who want to reopen the border to all which they did but it is going to the Supreme court. Any reasonable law they try to overturn. Liberal hacks. Vote Trump 2020
  191. richardblufin


    Went to the library and asked for your book. Librarian said they, don't have, it. Steve, please write a book. Make it a bio it would be a great read. Richard from the Penn Shogun Dec trip.
  192. richardblufin

    The Boat Independence new engines?

    #1 Wow if true these guys stay on top of the curve ALL the Time. If more info is available please post. With readable print size please..
  193. richardblufin

    Fish Art

    Robert A Higgins 858-207-8062 This guy is amazing.
  194. richardblufin

    What is the best #50 yo-yo rod?

    Calstar 700XH or the 800XH
  195. richardblufin


    Thank you Jerry. JRI LOve them jigs.
  196. richardblufin

    Do I need this reel.

    Get Busy write that book Steve.
  197. richardblufin

    Careless dog owner and croc

    LOved that Album.The Losing End great song
  198. richardblufin

    Lithium Batteries....Boom, just like that. Crazy.

    No charging on any sport boat at nite. daytime only and must be attended. WOW thanks for sharing
  199. richardblufin

    Advice on repairing loose guides on G.Loomis Hybrid

    Walt gives you the straight scoop. Good guy
  200. richardblufin

    WTB Chainsaw

    Has she been not following the rules?
  201. richardblufin

    On the water Excel 16 day fishing report

    I noticed the food quality has fallen drastically in the last 2years. The chef and the server Nick need training on waiting on tables and being friendly. They never really asked, "how is the food"? In a service business which this is. They need to step it up in the Galley. The deck personnel...
  202. richardblufin

    Non MC Raptors - Status?

    And now you have the rest of the story. Very good
  203. richardblufin

    Reel advice

    Welcome to the wonderful saltwater addiction. It is a wonderful thing. See ya at the Rail.
  204. richardblufin

    June 10 day trip?

    Thats early the water is generally still cool. Maybe some Big yellows. Most 10days are in the fall when the water warmer. Go on a 7-8day in June. Good luck
  205. richardblufin

    Tommy Tuna is a Tuna catching Machine. Merry Christmas Bro from Richatd Jones Room 9 Shogun Penn...

    Tommy Tuna is a Tuna catching Machine. Merry Christmas Bro from Richatd Jones Room 9 Shogun Penn reel trip.
  206. richardblufin

    Talica 25 Custom by CAl Sheets

    I will be keeping it warm for you Lou
  207. richardblufin

    For Sale xx

  208. richardblufin

    Dropper Loop Alternative

    3wayWorks but lots of knots. Surgeon knot quick and easy
  209. richardblufin

    People who fish dark braid

    What a tangle web you weave.
  210. richardblufin

    Thank YOU

    Thank YOU
  211. richardblufin

    fathom 25 to fish 40lb fill with 50 or 65 spectra short top shot.i have 2 40s for 50 and 60

    fathom 25 to fish 40lb fill with 50 or 65 spectra short top shot.i have 2 40s for 50 and 60
  212. richardblufin

    Auburn Fan Today

    Bama lost ha ha funny seeing the Bama Coach so Mad!
  213. richardblufin

    Guadalupe report Shogun Nov 23-29

    What rod and reel did you use on the 40 and which on the 50lb?
  214. richardblufin

    Hey Mike: Did you fish Guadalupe on the 11-23-19 trip? No report found about that trip.Did they...

    Hey Mike: Did you fish Guadalupe on the 11-23-19 trip? No report found about that trip.Did they cancel the trip? Richard from the Penn trip last year. Thanks Richard Jones
  215. richardblufin

    313-pound bluefin on PENN International 16VISX

    What a story. Great Catch. See you on 12-7-19 SHOGUN Richard Jones
  216. richardblufin

    20# 25# Setup Q??

    calstar 270H Rod with a Daiwa Saltist 20 star drag reel. or a Saltist 35 fish straight mono no need for spectra on that size fish. 1/2 spool of spectra is so you don't. have to replace all your Mono. Good luck
  217. richardblufin

    Best and easiest knot for spectra to spectra

    Uni to Uni works Great Like 7 Turns each
  218. richardblufin

    Condor or Mustang for 1.5 day..

    Condor much Bigger Boat
  219. richardblufin

    Cedros confusion

    Call Rosie at Cedros sportfishing 619-772-7570. They are the best for Food, Fishing, customer Service. Rosie is there when you leave and when you come home SHE is there. Rosie is best .
  220. richardblufin

    yes call me at 858-602-5399 Richard

    yes call me at 858-602-5399 Richard
  221. richardblufin

    For Sale PROGEAR Wahoo Special- PRICE DROP - $170!

    How many inches of line per crank of the handle?
  222. richardblufin

    Getting pumped...

    For your father in law. Match his weight with the appropriate anchor and chain length.
  223. richardblufin

    Supreme 8 day...

    Size 10/0 whole skipjack for bait
  224. richardblufin

    Reel advice

    Talica 12 look for the line capacity. Those tuna can take a heck of a lot of line. Fish min 65lb spectra short topshot of 40lb to 60lb. Good Luck
  225. richardblufin

    10 Day 10-16-19 -- 10-26-19 2 Man room on the INDY

    Trip leaves 10-16-19 Wed home on Sat 10-26-19 Boat has permits for Guadalupe. Contact Judy at the Independence office.619-226-6006. Great group Phoenix Rods Sponsor. The Ridge has been getting wahoo, Big Grouper and Nice yellows around San Pablo. Injury forces cancel
  226. richardblufin

    spot on the Indy 10day 10-16-19 2man stateroom

    Trip leaves 10-16-19 Wed home on Sat 10-26-19 Boat has permits for Guadalupe. Contact Judy at the Independence office.619-226-6006. Great group Phoenix Rods Sponsor. The Ridge has been getting wahoo, Big Grouper and Nice yellows around San Pablo.
  227. richardblufin

    Cedros Sportfishing with Rosie Flowers - 9/2-6/2019

    Great report and pictures. I agree 100% Service was outstanding. I was there in June 2019. Good Times
  228. richardblufin

    Polaris Supreme 8 day 8-1 to 8-9

    Hey sounds good I'm on that trip
  229. richardblufin

    For Sale AVET HXJ Raptor

    Ok I will meet you at the Gas station, you know the one I'm talking about.
  230. richardblufin

    For Sale AVET HXJ Raptor

    Excellent Condition. $300.oo No Shipping NO Trades Cash Only Local San Diego area.
  231. richardblufin

    Slow to Zero on Tuna

    Just got back from an 8dayer. Very slow fishing. Went to the Ridge we counted 11 Seiners Working. On the way home, we found green Cold water from Cedros to Colonet. These are 2 good reasons no yellowfin tuna here or down there. Tough year for caching this year.
  232. richardblufin

    Question about tip

    Tip what you can afford. People in hell want snowballs.
  233. richardblufin

    Royal Star Trip Report

    WOW so surprised to hear that. Man vaping sucks both kinds. Sounds like school children. No respect for the boat or other people.. thanks for the heads up.
  234. richardblufin

    Cedros Advice

    May could be Windy. Fish no like the wind. Water may still be a little cool for Calico. I just returned. 6-25-19 from Cedros Sportfishing. A great operation that Gal Rosie sure takes care of all the little details of her resort. Great times
  235. richardblufin

    Calstar GF700XH

    Reel seat get a fuji light one. That rod has a LOT of Backbone. I use it for bluefin and, yellowfin at Guadalupe.
  236. richardblufin

    Excalibur Sportfishing.

    If Joel Ralston is running the boat go. A great fisherman is as funny as hell.
  237. richardblufin

    Which rod for Penn 40nld2?

    Calstar 700H or 700XH
  238. richardblufin

    Xtra tuff boots kinked

    I use an iron when mine get wrinkled.
  239. richardblufin

    Memories of days gone by...what are some of yours

    Prowler with Buz, Mullet, Dougie, Rusty LEE the cook. So many.. great fun trips with them.
  240. richardblufin

    Memories of days gone by...what are some of yours

    Midway bait & Tackle the guy was so cool. Dad needed a screw for his reel. The man goes in the back looks for like 10minutes says here ya go. How much? No charge. They had everything.
  241. richardblufin

    Memories of days gone by...what are some of yours

    A barge off San diego. They would put you in a duck type craft and launch you off the beach thru the surf to a barge. Late 1950s early 60s off Imperial beach I think.
  242. richardblufin

    cant wait

    USA USA Now lower the low gear on your 40ldn and kick Shimanos Ass.
  243. richardblufin

    Micro Bait Jig

    Can you make my horse some new shoes?
  244. richardblufin

    Seaforth Landing....RV Parking

    Lots of homeless in that area.
  245. richardblufin

    Seaforth Landing....RV Parking

    Call the landing they will help you.Just the facts
  246. richardblufin

    For Sale Proteus Daiwa 76MHFB 7'6" 15-30lb Rod

    Great rod used on one trip to Cedros Island fishing Calico Bass. Perfect match to a Lexa 300 reel. Perfect condition $100.00 CASH NO TRADES. San Diego Area only NO SHIPPING
  247. richardblufin

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    If true a big Congrats to Capt Jake. What a great fisherman. I sure will miss him on my Sogiaka charter on the Exel. My loss your gain on the Ranger 85.
  248. richardblufin

    Pacifica on line for 7-5-19

    BYOB you may need it.
  249. richardblufin

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    I want to know what happened from a passenger.
  250. richardblufin

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Something is Fishy! Check phone records and drug TEST. Sorry 2 times your OUT!
  251. richardblufin

    SOLD Super Seeker 2x4 medical emergency forces me to sell asap

    Tim you just keep getting better and better. Richard from Poway I boought 2 rods from you a few years back. I hope the Medical situation works out for you . God Bless Bro
  252. richardblufin

    3/4 Day Charters - best cook

    Daniel on the Liberty out of Fishermans landing
  253. richardblufin

    Boston Whaler Restoration

    Nice JOb Looks like she needs some blood on her decks! She will treat you well.
  254. richardblufin

    Looking for a past post of a Video sportboat tour.

    No the one I want is a guy did several all together. One post on bloody decks about 8months ago.
  255. richardblufin

    Looking for a past post of a Video sportboat tour.

    I had it but somehow it got deleted. Very cool with several San Diego long-range boats in it. It did a walkaround in showed staterooms the galley the wheelhouse. I hope somebody has this.
  256. richardblufin

    It this legal?

    Don't ride the boat again.
  257. richardblufin

    Tuna (live bait) rod recommendation

    What size Tuna are you after 20lbers or60 lbers? Lite side Calstar GG270h 25 to 30 800M 30-40lb. Look up a boat website and check for tackle recommendations.
  258. richardblufin

    Epic day on the San Diego

    Hey is that Cruz with ya in the picture? He used to cook on the boat.
  259. richardblufin

    Cedros Island sportfishing adventures

    What do you guys do to protect your "girls" aka RODS from damage on the flight down and back? I want everything to make it down and back with NO damage. Thanks headed down 6-20-19 getting ready.
  260. richardblufin

    profile content gone???

    Hillary was hired by BD. She shredded all of it.
  261. richardblufin

    471P - which reel cover?

    20 minutes thats all. Do not be a quitter Tom. Keep at it .:D
  262. richardblufin

    Bloody Decks Revamp

    Was just looking the other day. So many outdated posts. Some are 9-10yrs old. Reader be where. One question did Hillary Clinton get hired by Bloody Decks as a computer consultant? SNAFU Clinton.
  263. richardblufin

    $$$ for a 4/0???

    How Many schillings did you bid?
  264. richardblufin

    Braid breakage

    My 2cents knot was not tied correctly. Mono digs into specta and Yes Mono will cut spectra.
  265. richardblufin

    2.5 day trip out of San Diego for bft,yft,yt

    I would recommend ALL 2 Speed Reels for the BFTs
  266. richardblufin

    flat fall rig for Big bfts

    I got 100lb spectra on a talica 25. So do I need a little 80lb mono for shock leader to the swivel with 200lb fluro with flatfall. Seems 1more knot,.. spectra thinner might sink quicker. What do you BDers Say?
  267. richardblufin

    2.5 day trip out of San Diego for bft,yft,yt

    What time of year? Right now no YFT. Small yellows. Main target BFT. I would have a 40-50 outfit and a 50-60outfit for bait and a hvy 80-100 for the flatfall.Not wide open fishing. Well good luck what boat are you thinking of going on?
  268. richardblufin

    Intel on the El capitan

    Great Capt Allen Faye very Fishy Dude. Top notch you will catch.
  269. richardblufin

    "Lets Talk Hook Up" Radio Show Dead?

    I heard our neighbor Cartel/Mexico took over the station. The Cartel/Mexico wanted to provide music for the steady Caravans headed to invade The United States.
  270. richardblufin

    Rpt.-04-19-19 A 1.5 day Relentless Bluefin Tuna Slam!

    Man what a trip. I'm tired just from reading about it. Thanks for pics and a great read.
  271. richardblufin

    Surface Iron Reels- Recommendations?

    Shimano Trinidad 20 star drag outcast them ALL.
  272. richardblufin


    Hey it is a Boat. Fix spend fix
  273. richardblufin

    Shogun Chef Wanted

    Bring back, Stanley. Best chef the Shogun has ever had.
  274. richardblufin

    Seeker G6490 25-50

    LOVE MINE thanks squid co Joey
  275. richardblufin

    San Diego Fish ID

    LOOKs GAY I think its a Jessie Smollett.
  276. richardblufin


    N \
  277. richardblufin

    Talica 12 bproblem

    Handle spins when the line is being pulled off the reel like when a fish is taking drag. The reel worked fine. Just had it serviced. Took out to check it out. And now no Bueno. Help
  278. richardblufin

    1090 radio Fishing show Off the Air?

    I guess Mexico took the show off because they wanted to have a Music Show for the Caravan headed to the USA. All together now"Lacucaracha, Lacucaracha.
  279. richardblufin

    EXCEL new waste management policy

    I hope they have a better cup than the rp. The rp gives you one cup for the whole trip. No good if it is down stairs in your room and you are in the gally. I hope they do it like Mike on the Vagabond. A nice plastic cup they wash for you .
  280. richardblufin

    Sea Anchor overnight?'s

    I would not sleep thinking somebody might run into me. Always have somebody at the wheel.
  281. richardblufin

    In search of a new avet

    get a Penn fathom 40 2 speed better reel less than a raptor. I have caught 100lb yellowfin Price around. $300 check for a used rod on here BD classified. GOOD LUCK
  282. richardblufin


    Excellent condition $175.00 Cash NO TRADES Pick up San Diego Area .
  283. richardblufin

    Border Closure

    Shut it the Border down. Get Congress to sit down and change anchor Baby law and immigration Laws. And boycott Mexico until they stop assisting the illegals into our country.
  284. richardblufin

    East Cape Fishing Trip Reality

    It is fishing it can get slow EVERYWHERE. Conditions change currant bait weather. Go have a good time and write us a great report.
  285. richardblufin

    SOLD 70

  286. richardblufin

    Shimano Speedmaster?

    Great reel it would work fine put 40lb on it for surface jig .
  287. richardblufin


    Gun Metal AVET JX 2SPEED SOLD SOLD \ \\\
  288. richardblufin

    Channel Island cod

    Thanks Rich great report.
  289. richardblufin

    3/21/19 - 3 hours and 60 ft of vacuum seal

    NIce thanks for the report. LOve that place I need to go back soon.
  290. richardblufin

    35.7 Homeguard

    oh yes persistence pays off . Nice JOB
  291. richardblufin

    Don’t be afraid to make that call

    Amen bro. It was not your time. Thank the Lord
  292. richardblufin

    Renting a boat and running to Cat no prior experience?

    The Ocean can be very cruel. Respect her. Go with somebody who knows whaT THE HELL THEY ARE DOING, fOG ROUGH WAVES. wHAT IS YOUR liFE WORTH?
  293. richardblufin

    WTB A Daiwa Lexa 300

    Anybody got one cheap.
  294. richardblufin

    SOLD 2002 Chevy Tahoe $2500.. New price

    You took good care of that baby. She still looks great.
  295. richardblufin

    For Sale SOLD!Shimano Torium 20HG.....

    Nice reel no insult intended.
  296. richardblufin

    For Sale SOLD!Shimano Torium 20HG.....

    Who put the spectra on it looks very loose on the spool.
  297. richardblufin

    Adding a reel seat

    Very COOL Way Better than the Cork puppy
  298. richardblufin

    Deck boots?

    Sims Boots For me thank you very much
  299. richardblufin

    South Shores boat launch parking area for homeless parking

    They never ask the tax payers. All they want is that grant many so they can piss away on more stupid Liberal fixes.
  300. richardblufin

    Jeff Debuys/Independence

    On the Indy Capt Mat was trained by Jeff for many years. He is a very fishy dude. Very personable gentleman. He catches fish like a Pro because he is. Give him a try you will be glad you did. And Capt Jeff good luck to you on the much older Royal Polaris. Oh, and he meaning Jeff will miss Eds...
  301. richardblufin

    Calstar 700H or 700XH for a 6 day trip on RP in September (Guadalupe)

    I would ask to use a boat rod & reel to fish Guadalupe they will set you up with great stuff .
  302. richardblufin

    The boat dominator

    Did Frank and Anthoney sell the boat? I had heard something that the Prowler owners bought it.
  303. richardblufin

    Fathom reels

    My 2cents get th 40ldN 2speed. You will be glad U did.
  304. richardblufin

    Does Santa Barbara ever get albacore

    Vons had some on sale last week.
  305. richardblufin

    How to cut off butt section

    Hack saw OR A wood saw works fine. sLOW CUT
  306. richardblufin


    Yes I agree. I did the same had Cal do my 16 what a difference.
  307. richardblufin

    American Angler 14 Day Accurate trip - Lotta of Skins

    Hey Ex Swift Driver nice report. Do you still have your place in San Lucas Cove?
  308. richardblufin

    San Diego area tackle stores?

    Anglers Choice in San Diego. They sold a reel for me.Nice
  309. richardblufin

    Cedros Sportfishing Trip 6-20-19

    I was looking to buddy up to drive down and split the parking fees. I live Near Poway off the 15 freeway. It is about 45min to the Cross Border Express. I have a Toyota van if I drive or you could park here in a gated community. Thanks for looking. And good fishing to you
  310. richardblufin


    The whole World is watching
  311. richardblufin

    Super Seeker 6470H or Calstar 770H (any recommendations for Fathom 40LD2)?

    I have caught Tuna up tp 120lbs. I love mine so much I have 2 perfect yo-yo reel
  312. richardblufin

    Best time to fish the Lupe?

    Leave a trip plan and wear your Life Vest. Too small of a boat for me and your lack of experience would alarm me.
  313. richardblufin

    Rod protection for the cedros Sportfishing trip On the small Plane

    How do you care for your rods? What brand "are stick Jackets any good/ How to measure for the right length.
  314. richardblufin

    hotels across from the big 3

    Just drove by it today> It is a flat piece of concret. All Torn Down.
  315. richardblufin


    I saw that rock a few months after the Fishing Fool sunk out in that area. You could have surfed the breakers.I was on the Holiday I yelled at at capt Giffin . Lets get the hell out of here.
  316. richardblufin

    Gonzaga Bay: what hard baits are effective for cabrilla?

    Flat fall worked great at the Rocks shallow water 60 or 70ft. Great eating good Luck
  317. richardblufin

    Ensenada this weekend

    Drive slow
  318. richardblufin

    This rod will NEVER be stolen

    That creation deserves a cocktail. How about a Bloody Mary? How are you, Jon? Your bartender Richard at your service.
  319. richardblufin

    If HB is very slow or dead, what will happen on an 18 day trip.

    The crew will hand you a pistol, with only one round in it. Really well it is nature. Play the cards you got dealt. Saw a few rabbits pulled out of a hat on some tough trips. Fish Hard My Friend.
  320. richardblufin

    shogun 12-9-18 Guadalupe 7day Penn reels

    Well it is almost time. So what is the tackle recommendations for this voyage? So looking for YFt and yellowtail. I have my quiver stocked. I just wanted to see what you other fellas are taking.Thanks see ya on the boat.
  321. richardblufin

    Memories of days gone by...what are some of yours

    We had our own boat back in the late 50s in San Diego. We would go offshore Dad would use a transistor radio for a direction finder. All the Albacore you wanted.Fun times. I have been hooked ever since. Love it.Oh yea Midway bait and tackle. We needed a screw for a Penn reel . The owner would...
  322. richardblufin

    If anyone is willing please give me some tips on slinging iron

    Call H& M Landing tackle shop. Danny Wade He is one of the best that I know. Call and ask him.
  323. richardblufin

    Big Bluefin tackle

    Try a larger reel Talica 25. These fish are BIG AND MEAN
  324. richardblufin

    American Angler Nov. 5th 7 Day Trip

    YES TAKE IT. I saw a similar color and size Lure. It worked.
  325. richardblufin

    What happened to Malihini?

    Capt Mike chef Danny, Chef Peggy Sue Yellow tail killers.
  326. richardblufin

    Ocean odyssey 9/30-10/3 Weather issues

    Great Boat Capt Rick gets on the fish. Great Food and deckhands. Check out 1day trips and see what they are catching. This will be a guide to what to expect on your trip. Good Luck
  327. richardblufin

    Trolling Reel Question

    Yes fill it 1/2 to 3/4 full of 80 0r 100lb spectra and add a top shot of 80lb Mono..Nice reel. My 2cents I use the boats, Good Luck
  328. richardblufin

    wind on leader and fluorocarbon questions

    Like Hank Williams says "If it will it will if it don't it won't.
  329. richardblufin

    SOA 4 Day Report - Short Version 8/21 - 8/25

    Wow great report! I was glued to the page. What a fantastic Fish and on a 4day so close to home. I have heard alot about this boal SOA. Good vibes would like to try her maybe next year I can find a spot.
  330. richardblufin


    I would love to have it. But my fireplace is too small to display this beautiful piece of art. Wow what a beauty.
  331. richardblufin

    best casting reel for 100lb straight spectra

    What do you guys like for 80 to 100lb Tuna need line capacity not too small. Thanks
  332. richardblufin

    5 Day JRI Vagabond Nov 5 to Lupe

    Call Mike the Capt he will have the straight skinny
  333. richardblufin

    Captain Kevin

    Kevin "It is all about having FUN". Very cool Capt
  334. richardblufin

    Comparing Trips

    Try the Vagabond for a 3day reasonable prices. Great Capt Mike Lackey. Very Fishy boat. Great crew. They are my go-to 3day boat out of Pt Loma sportfishing. 90% are repeat customers should say something.
  335. richardblufin

    Is there a guadalupe cage dive/fish combo?

    I forgot the name of the boat. But they have a drawing and the lucky angler gets a rope tied to his leg and he /she is lowered into the water usaully after they gaff a tuna so there is more blood in the water. It attracts great whites quickly with the splashing of the lucky angler. No cage...
  336. richardblufin

    Poseidon; when an epic trip turns out "not so epic"

    that tip you gave the boat is GOOD KARMA for you. You will have a GREAT NEXT TRIP. Just keep on fishing.
  337. richardblufin

    Bluefin Fried My Mak

    I would get the real fixed. Then I would send the bill to the owner of the vagabond, Mike ruins tackle lackey. He does this a lot.
  338. richardblufin

    SOLD Calstar GFGR 700H $200--$180

    What brand of Oven Cleaner do you use to clean your rods?
  339. richardblufin

    Pacific Queen 7/13-7/15 Trip

    CaptGavin,johnO on deck and The PQ what a deadly combo.
  340. richardblufin

    Irrespective of Captain and Crew, Which boat is the fishiest?

    Each one has its own personality. Every Dog has its day. Pick one go fishing,and tip well my friend.
  341. richardblufin

    Ideal arsenal for a seven day to the lupe.

    40,50,60,80,100lb is all ya need. Perfect quiver!
  342. richardblufin

    I'm going on Seeker 8day trip on the Indy. Would someone like to ride with me. Seeker trip is 1809 o

    You bring me a 24pack and I will drive. I just got my license reinstated so we are good to go. I have an excellent driving record only 4 accidents in the last 2years none of them were my fault.
  343. richardblufin

    I'm going on Seeker 8day trip on the Indy. Would someone like to ride with me. Seeker trip is 1809 o

    iS THE BOAT 1809FT LONG? I saw take the train 1809 is alot of people.
  344. richardblufin

    U.S. Limits (southern california)

    Calico Bass is 14" NOT 12: LImit is 5 per 2018 Regs
  345. richardblufin

    Are reel clamps necessary with Alps reel seats

    Very nice thanks for sharing.
  346. richardblufin

    Mike Morris Update

    God Bless I just said a prayer for ya Man
  347. richardblufin

    Am I the only one missing inside sportfishing

    How about the Flying fisherman with Gadabout Gaddis Cool Old dude I was like 10yrs old when I watched the show.
  348. richardblufin

    20# Class Reel

    Daiwa SL 20 Perfect cast great smooth drag like Butter Best reel for the Money $129.00
  349. richardblufin

    Skiff trip mid June

    I see the Shogun has a trip coming up. With the kelp coming back, I think this should be a great trip with lots of fishing time. I just love catching those Sports Coats such a beautiful fish. I just signed up. I see they have just 11 spots left. Who else is on this trip?
  350. richardblufin

    Is this normal? Avet JX Raptor

    read the owners manual.I think you are not setting the drag in the right sequence
  351. richardblufin

    shogun 12-9-18 7day

    Steve I need to obtain. a reel to fish 100lb just to use for the trip dropper loop. And a rod like a 2x4 . Thanks Richard Jones
  352. richardblufin

    I just signed up for the 7day in Dec on the Shogun. Do you have a reel I could use for 100lb...

    I just signed up for the 7day in Dec on the Shogun. Do you have a reel I could use for 100lb dropper loop for yellowtail and a 2x4 rod ? What do you have? I have my own tuna gear. I was thinking a new penn 16Visx reel.Try it if I like I will buy one. Thank you Steve. My name Is Richard I fish...
  353. richardblufin

    Penn Fathom 60 LD2 #80 any experience with this?

    think the gear ratio is too high for 80. Check the inches per crank should be around 40"inches any more and you will not have power for a heavy fish
  354. richardblufin

    What reel for yoyo iron setup and what lb line?

    7ft rod or 6 1/2 is more comfortable when yo-yo fishing. A Baja special penn would be a nice reel
  355. richardblufin

    Service Trinadad 20 A BEST PLACE IN SAN DIEGO AREA

  356. richardblufin

    Your Most Embarasing Long Range Experience.

    I was on the Vagabond. I had dropped my rod when it hit the deck the top eye broke. So I went up and asked Mike can I borrow a rod, yea no problem. So I have a fish on and we get in a tangle, I step back to watch the deckhand.Me holding the rod with one hand below the reel.He reaches back I...
  357. richardblufin

    Just got my Talica 25ii

    Calstar 770XXH fish 80--130 That's what I got with my talica 25 filled with 1oolb solid spectra.
  358. richardblufin


    Thank You Carter
  359. richardblufin


    It is still not working
  360. richardblufin

    shimano trinadad 20A wont shift into gear

  361. richardblufin

    Avet/Seaguar/Raider/Graphtec Charter April 4th to 20th Report

    So what was your total score for the trip? How many wahoo and size and quantity of tuna and size?
  362. richardblufin

    Yeti cup tipping over on trip ? what to do.

    Carry a Big towel with ya or a mop would also work.
  363. richardblufin

    Electrical Help Please?

    Call an electrician. Penny wise pound foolish
  364. richardblufin

    New Lo-An bigger grade on day and a half

    Thanks for the great report and pictures. Good JOB
  365. richardblufin

    Boat Loan Advice

    Partners is a problem waiting to happen. Good way to lose a friend.
  366. richardblufin

    Prowler sold

  367. richardblufin

    Albacore this year?

    Very possible with water temp and weather . WE ARE DUE.
  368. richardblufin

    First 3.5 Day on the Apollo fishing Puerto Vallarta (PV)

  369. richardblufin

    Tac25 rod help

    Calstar 770XXH you will be happy
  370. richardblufin

    removing sardine scales from Avet rubber handles

    When I"m catching barracuda. I rube the fish a little and no fish scales after that. Works well on the rod also.
  371. richardblufin

    Jim's Custom Rods

    I'm on this trip. Look forward to meeting you. Maybe a little bluefin action. Might be a little early for wahoo. We shall find out.
  372. richardblufin

    Calstar BTG670

    Nice job man. We are neighbors I live in Carmel Mt. Like to see your shop some time. I think we met do you live in the westside area of RB? Richard Jones
  373. richardblufin

    JRI Jigs -The Breakdown

    Hey great info.I fished with you on the Vagabond 2 1/2 dayer.Take easy see ya at the rail.Richard we talked about Ernie and Chad & Grant from the chub.
  374. richardblufin

    Your favorite 7ft 40lb bait Rig

    Your favorite 7ft 40lb bait Rig
  375. richardblufin

    For Sale Calstar 875 Wahoo Special

    875 Wahoo Special custom rated 30 to 60lb made by M&M rods in San Diego. $275.00 Cash Local sale in or around San Diego.No Shipping. Dr says no more long range trips for me.
  376. richardblufin

    Blowing fuses

    and burn the boat up
  377. richardblufin

    Old Glory ????

    Bad weather I bet they cancel as well
  378. richardblufin

    SUPER SEEKER 670-7' 25 - 40 LB.

    will you ship?Paypal 250.00 you ship
  379. richardblufin

    Abet hxj raptor

    calstar 700XH & 7ft works great
  380. richardblufin

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    Dont change the quantity just the size no child molesters
  381. richardblufin

    8 Day trip in Mid-June

    what boat you on? expect to catch maybe wahoo at the rocks maybe some yellowtail then over to the ridge and work your way back up. Unless we keep getting bluefin then that would be an option. Cooler water in June less yellowfin tuna more yellows. Im on the Intrepid 6-15 8day trip
  382. richardblufin

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    Why don't we do it on our own. We do not need more laws. Let the captains know you would like to have a size limit enforced on the boat.
  383. richardblufin

    WTB: leather plier pouch

    see Oscar on the boat Independence He makes them for the Long range deckhands really nice work. Call Judy in the Independence office.
  384. richardblufin

    Your top 8 long range boat picks

    The one I will be fishing from.
  385. richardblufin

    Thought I would share for a good laugh

    Thank you I needed some humor
  386. richardblufin

    the trump has pissed off MX over WTO labeling.

    It is cloudy today. It must be President Trump's fault. America first Amen.
  387. richardblufin

    Royal Polaris General Info.

    Bring your own drinking cup. They give you 1 funky cup for coffee soda for the whole trip. This is to cut down on trash bad idea if you are a customer. Bring 2 cups 1 upstairs 1 in your room.
  388. richardblufin

    What's up with the San Diego- 250 YFT again

    Yea the overnight boats call him to find out where the fish are.Capt Ryan, Matt,Chef Cruz. Great crew.
  389. richardblufin

    JRI Custom Lures 3 day on the Vagabond 13th-16th

    Thanks again John. Great Pics and report.
  390. richardblufin


  391. richardblufin

    Intrepid's Kevin Osborne

    Kevin sorry to hear the bad news. Do not give up. Get a 2nd or 3rd opinion. You always have a positive attitude. Remember "it is all about having fun". I say this to somebody every time I go fishing. The boat will not be the same without you. Hang in there, Capt Kevin. Richard Jones
  392. richardblufin

    What a day.... 7/20

    Way to go fellas. Nice when a plan comes together.
  393. richardblufin

    3 day on the Shogun

    Nice report Bad Luck Rick. Glad your bad luck streak has slowed to a trickle. ie galley sink. You got on the water and had a good time. Mission accomplished. Maybe go on line and look for a rabbit's foot or maybe a horse shoe to bring on your next trip.PowayRichard
  394. richardblufin

    Making Bait

    when you become quite proficient at making bait, some of your fellow comrades will call you a masterbaiter.
  395. richardblufin

    Shogun 5 Day

    No calico fishing at Guadalupe. Only yellowtail and yellowfin and Wahoo. Nothing else no bottom fish no bass. Good luck.
  396. richardblufin

    Xtra tuff short 6" boots

    Are they comfortable? Is the sizing accurate? Any complaints? Thanks Richard
  397. richardblufin

    Hoo bomb rigging

    Hoo should you ask? Hoo should know?
  398. richardblufin

    Best restaurant fish meal ever

    Mitches or near by Pt Loma seafoods in san diego Ca.
  399. richardblufin

    So tell me again Why do I want to use Braid or Spectra

    Not true> The moving line wins all the time.
  400. richardblufin

    Is this normal? 6 hours tied to the bait dock to make it a 2.5 day trip.

    Rules is rules. Rules for neighbors living near by, keep the noise down and Tsa security regs to help keep us safe.
  401. richardblufin

    Reel for 100# Class Tuna

    I'm in the same boat as OP. I've got 20-50lb set ups covered. After all of the good things I've heard about the FTH40NLD 2 I think I'm gonna go that route as well. I haven't fished true long range, yet. I'm usually 3/4 to 1.5 half day so that Fathom seems super reasobable cost wise for how...
  402. richardblufin


    Hi Jerry oh yes capt knows best. The shogun 8day, excel 7day, royal star 7day Vagabond 5day all leave within a day of our trip. Lots of eyes looking around. having to take our turn at the rocks however.
  403. richardblufin


    What kind of fish will we be targeting? Is Cedros an option for us on this trip? So wahoo maybe at the ridge or alijos rocks? Yellows and wahoo really like the jigs any other species your thinking of wanting the plug?
  404. richardblufin

    HXW Raptor - What Rod?

    Calstar 770XH good to fish 100lb spectra with a short top shot
  405. richardblufin

    I going to keep it. I changed my mind. Thanks

    I going to keep it. I changed my mind. Thanks
  406. richardblufin

    Fortune Fishing

    Great boat and great Capt Bruce Smith. He is very good finding Bluefin. Very fishy Capt.
  407. richardblufin

    Truline out of San Pedro Holed at SCI 3/19

    Only in America. Great job by everybody concerned. Amen
  408. richardblufin

    What's the best crowbar for YT yoyo jig fishing, 700h?

    700XH is the BomB set it on the rail and turn the cranker. Have fun good luck
  409. richardblufin

    3/10/17 Ensenada

    nice quality size fish. Lots of fun.
  410. richardblufin

    M & M Custom Rods

    I was there last week. Check that number you dialed 619-798-3379.
  411. richardblufin

    You live to far away. Sorry

    You live to far away. Sorry
  412. richardblufin

    Rain shadow jig stick

    Anybody have a 106XH model ? They are 8'10"" vs 9ft. rated 40-80. looks like a good 50lb surface iron rod. For med size Tuna and bigger yellows. Is this a quality brand?
  413. richardblufin

    Best way to clamp Torque 25NLD2

    Tiburon makes a great Hvy duty universal clamp. Nice and clean perfect
  414. richardblufin


    MEN SIZE LARGE COLOR BLACK NEVER BEEN WORN I live in poway. No shipping local & CASH ONLY $40.00
  415. richardblufin

    Budget 6 day Yoyo / Guadalupe bait 50-60 setup

    Beefier rod the reel is perfect I have caught several 100lb yellowfin at the island with it. I used a seeker 1x3 rod. Those Tuna can pull HARD
  416. richardblufin

    Flock of birds, boiling fish, What lure do you throw?

    Match the Hatch. Big bait little bait?
  417. richardblufin

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 15 day Intrepid Report

    Tank Ya Nebraska. Love your report plz hurry with part 2
  418. richardblufin

    Seeker white tiger 7X rods

    I just saw one yesterday. Looked nice. Anybody have one? How much drag will this fish? Looking for hvy 40lb like 16lb of drag type of rod. Will it work for stinger surface iron jigs?
  419. richardblufin

    A modified Avet Screwdriver

    I simply use a butterknife from my wives silverware collection perfect fits shimano avet penn. only one tool for all .
  420. richardblufin

    Fathom vs Touque

    Perfect with 80lb spectra cast really good low maintenance less expensive than the competition. I want to get another.
  421. richardblufin

    Tackle Shop Job

  422. richardblufin

    phenix rod or calstar

    700XH for 60lb. I would go to a 6 1/2 ft rod for 60lb. 7ooH good for 40lb
  423. richardblufin

    San Diego lead party??

    careful air pollution rules. probably a heavy fine be careful guys. They are sickos the APCD
  424. richardblufin

    Should I get a Talica for a 3-1/2 day trip?

    A penn 40LDN I like it better than my Talica 12 and only around $250 I got mine on ebay 216 free shipping spool up with 80lb spectra short top shop of 40 or 50 or even 60 if needed. I have caught 100lb yellowfin on mine I love it. Good fishing with a Calstar 700H rod or 700XH
  425. richardblufin


    Hi Jerry I will take $28.00 worth. Richard
  426. richardblufin

    For Sale Big lot of fishing tackle and boxes!!SWAP MEET SELLERS DREAM adjusted price

    Box it all up and stop by the nearest dumpster. Keep the boxes. good luck
  427. richardblufin

    Tony pena knot for 100lb fluro functional but not overkill

    Thank you Bro I have pullers I bought hard to sinch knot down with out.
  428. richardblufin

    Tony pena knot for 100lb fluro functional but not overkill

    What knot in the fluro ? 2overhand knots 2 turn uni knot? or ? Also how many turns on the spectra around the fluro 10? How many.
  429. richardblufin

    Commander Insurance Fraud Guilty Pleas

    That guy is a dumb ass.
  430. richardblufin

    Hook brand for 100lb to 300lb fish flyline sardine

    What brand and model type. thanks richard
  431. richardblufin

    Thank You for your input. Independence March 28th getting closer.

    Thank You for your input. Independence March 28th getting closer.
  432. richardblufin


    Let it go. Let the politicians deal with it. We have ben friends along time. Let's think positive. We do have a security risk problem at the border. We have to screen the people coming into our Country. That is more important than fish. The truth hurts I know. Without a secure border, we are not...
  433. richardblufin

    1st 16 dayer what Terminal tackle is absoulutely nessary

    Just enough to get by. Not the whole tackle shop.Thanks for your input.
  434. richardblufin

    line Rub rubs me the wrong way

    Ok I have a rod that the line rubs between the tip and the next guide down when I put the proper drag pressure on it.. When I bought the rod used. I did not string the rod up. I just pulled on it. All the rest of the guides don't rub. Where should the line B in relation to the round guide? Is...
  435. richardblufin

    LOOP TO LOOP with SOID 100LB Spectra

    Thanks for all the replies. I will go with the RP knot fast and strong.
  436. richardblufin

    LOOP TO LOOP with SOID 100LB Spectra

    Has any body had experience using the 7turn surgeons knot to make the loop in the spectra. To conect to a premaid loop to loop leader? How else can you connect fluro to SOLID Spectra. Going on my 1st 16dayer in March on the Indy. Thanks Richard
  437. richardblufin

    Heavier Rod Version Equivalent to Calstar WC-270H

    800 m calstar 40lb stick
  438. richardblufin

    Report from Shogun Guadalupe trip 12/26/2016

    Good report Taylor. Glad you did well. I knew you would. I'm on the Nov 4th trip for this year. Hope to see ya at the rail. Richard Jones
  439. richardblufin

    Long Range Fishing Questions

    I agree totally with southbay Killer. As your trip approaches keep a eye on the fish counts. With that info you can dial in your tackle. Good Luck
  440. richardblufin

    Calstar 700xh? YoYo Rod?

    700XH she is a puller. Hang on. She is my go to girl.
  441. richardblufin

    1st 16dayer on the Indy. Rod selection

    Thank you to all the fine fisherman who offered their opinion. My final choice is a Calstar 770XXH. She is being made at M&M rods in San Diego.
  442. richardblufin

    1st 16dayer on the Indy. Rod selection

    tHANK YOU Jeff I THINK THE iNVICTUS is my choice
  443. richardblufin

    1st 16dayer on the Indy. Rod selection

    Ok I have a 1 X 3 seeker with a Avet HXW 2nd I have a CalstAR 770xh WITH A Talica 25 with 100lb solid. 3rd rod thats my question. I have a Talica 50 with 130lb JB hollow. need a rod. Looking at a United Viper or should I get the Invictus? I have Wahoo gear. Just need help with the 3rd Tuna rod...
  444. richardblufin

    79# Yellowtail from the Shogun

    What a beautiful fish. Good job
  445. richardblufin

    HI Graywolf It is a conventional rod. Not a spinning rod.

    HI Graywolf It is a conventional rod. Not a spinning rod.
  446. richardblufin

    I sold the 90J

    I sold the 90J
  447. richardblufin


  448. richardblufin

    Hi: Ok it is a 6460H in Poway

    Hi: Ok it is a 6460H in Poway
  449. richardblufin


  450. richardblufin

    Yes factory rod perfect condition. Pick up only no ship.

    Yes factory rod perfect condition. Pick up only no ship.
  451. richardblufin

    Ok so meet in mira mesa close to the freeway by the movie theater on sat

    Ok so meet in mira mesa close to the freeway by the movie theater on sat
  452. richardblufin

    Looking for deckhand job in SoCal

    Royal Polaris
  453. richardblufin

    Talica 5O For Cow Tuna?

    Anybody use one for Cow Tuna? How do they hold up? What Rod to match? Going on the Indy in March trying to get ready 1st Long Trip. Thanks
  454. richardblufin

    Talica 5O REVIEW

    hI: Any feedback on the 50 Talica for Cow Tuna. Do they hold up to the task. I have heard about dogs giving out in mid fight. Was there a problem and have they resolved the problem? thank You Richard
  455. richardblufin

    Royal Polaris Guadalupe Six Day 112516 to 120116

    Hey you Trader. You should have been on the Shogun. Ha Ha Man you got lucky in that deal. F unny no mention of that fact.
  456. richardblufin

    Talica 50 2speed Experience

    Anybody catch a big fish like a cow on one? What size spectra Hollow or solid What color spectra Are they superior to the competition? What Rod to use with this reel? Thanks a lot. Richard
  457. richardblufin

    what reel for a 6480 jig stick?

    Penn 40LDN. Built like a tank
  458. richardblufin

    Coronados Part of New Marine Reserve?

    But what will happen to the sea Lions? They will not survive on their own. No fisherman to feed them.
  459. richardblufin

    Talica 12ii for YOYO?

    Penn 40LDN 2 Speed. Best Bang for your dollar. I like it better for yo-yo than my Talica-12. $100.oo less. Wish I had bought it first. Good Luck
  460. richardblufin

    Penn Fathom 40 Question

    Penn 40NLD2 speed is the perfect reel for Guadalupe Tuna
  461. richardblufin

    Talica 25 100lb power pro line capacity

    Hi I'm confused. Box says 730yds of 80lb but only470yds of 100lb. Is that correct ? I think I could get alot more. Thanks for helping. Love the reel
  462. richardblufin

    JX surface iron castability

    A better reel would be a Trinidad 20a star drag. Star drag cast much better. For 50lb line and under. Good luck
  463. richardblufin

    The New Avet G2 Series

    Cherry Mist
  464. richardblufin

    help me decide on my new 2spd reel??

    penn 40LDn2speed
  465. richardblufin

    Trinidad 16A Rod Choice

    Calstar Gg270H 8ft PERFECT
  466. richardblufin

    Trevala F snapped in half

    Better learn to set your drag on your reels. It really should not happen.
  467. richardblufin

    jig stick

    Get a shorter rod, the long ones will kick your butt.
  468. richardblufin

    Little girl, big bluefin!

    Nice one!
  469. richardblufin

    ultimate 30 pound outfit for 1 - 3 day trips

    CalstarGG270H with a Diawa BG35 reel. Kick some booty
  470. richardblufin

    Trinadad 20A Wahoo reel?

    No Tranx no $500. What about myTrinadad 20A? Would you use it for Wahoo?
  471. richardblufin

    Trinadad 20A Wahoo reel?

    Going to fish for Wahoo. throwing the jig with this reel. Would it be a good choice or is the gear ratio too high to get a turn on the reel with the drag really tight for 50lb line like 17 or 18lbs of drag? Thanks love this reel for 40lb for yellowtail.
  472. richardblufin

    Sammy at the helm

    Congrats To you Capt sammy. Good luck on your trip.
  473. richardblufin

    Big BFT Gear

    Amen to that brother
  474. richardblufin

    Praise for Charkbait San Diego

    Good job charkbait. Another happy customer.Richard in San Diego
  475. richardblufin

    Torium 16 Questions

    I would get a Diawa BG35. IMO it is a better reel for the money and is less exspensive. I have a 16hg like my Diawa better.
  476. richardblufin

    WTT a Calstar 770XH for a 770H

    Mine is a M&M custom rod with tuna cord 10 1/2 inches forward of the reel seal. What do you have? email [email protected]
  477. richardblufin

    Knots- braid to floro

    Tom Collins is a cocktail. John Collins/ RP knot is the corrrect name over.
  478. richardblufin

    Reel suggestions for 40 lb

    The Penn Fathom FTH40NLD2 perfect
  479. richardblufin

    What Reel Would You Use For This Application

    160lb not very often. A penn 2speed 40nld loaded with 80lb spectra full tie on topshot 40 50 60 80lb fluro good to go
  480. richardblufin

    What Reel Would You Use For This Application

    Not very likely. Maybe a blufin. I would say very unlikely. That rig is not . needed save your $. Within 60miles a 60lb rig would not be used much. A 30 40 and a 50lb rig is morer than enough for 60 mile area.
  481. richardblufin

    What makes a good deckhand?

    Having good bartender skills. know some good off color jokes is important.
  482. richardblufin

    Rail rod for fishing 30lb drag what blank to choose?

    Thank you Jim lots of info. Thank you for your informative reply. Good caching to you sir.
  483. richardblufin

    Rail rod for fishing 30lb drag what blank to choose?

    I was using a 1x3SS fishing 80lb it seemed a little soft I think the 2x4 might be the tcket. Thanks confirms my thoughts.
  484. richardblufin

    Rail rod for fishing 30lb drag what blank to choose?

    Thats what I want exactly a Rail rod.
  485. richardblufin

    What rod for yoyo

    Calstar 6465H or 700XH you can do some pullin
  486. richardblufin

    Rail rod for fishing 30lb drag what blank to choose?

    What blank would you guys recommend. #30lb drag setting ?
  487. richardblufin

    Like to rent a Rail Rod 2x4 for a GuadaLUPE TRIP

    Hey thanks for the input Vegasandre. Will be going on the shogun.
  488. richardblufin

    Like to rent a Rail Rod 2x4 for a GuadaLUPE TRIP

    will pay $100.00. Going in Nov on a 5day trip.
  489. richardblufin

    8' surface iron stick

    Calstar 800XH is my 40-50 jig or big bait.
  490. richardblufin

    WTB 80-130 Tuna rail rod

    What do you have? Can spend $300.00 I live in San Diego. email [email protected] Thanks Richard
  491. richardblufin

    SHOGUN 1.5 Day Great Times!

    Great pictures and a fine detailed report. Good Job on catching and reporting.
  492. richardblufin

    Body found at P.V.

    RIP my fellow angler.
  493. richardblufin

    8' surface iron stick

    800XH Calstar
  494. richardblufin

    Ensenada Tuna Pens Assistance

    I heard the pens were off limits to fish.
  495. richardblufin

    Best 50 lb. bait rod?

    For 50 I like a Calstar 700XH a little easier on the angler .Avet jx raptor or talica 12 for a 50lb reel or a penn baja special.
  496. richardblufin

    Need help finding a rod.

    700XH have mine with a talica 12
  497. richardblufin

    (WTB) Calstar 770XH

    Looking for one around $200.00. Or similar rod to fish 100lb line for tuna bait fish rod. Thanks Richard [email protected]
  498. richardblufin


    Calstar 9
  499. richardblufin

    Rod for jx raptor

    Calstar 700XH
  500. richardblufin

    Gear for my Oct. 10 Day

    Looks like you are covered. I have a very similar list. I will be headed out on the RP on a 10day in Oct. Good luck you should do fine.
  501. richardblufin

    I demand a discount from Fishermans' landing (sarcasm)

    Whaaay cry baby. Please pass the cheese with the wine.They do not owe you nothing.
  502. richardblufin


    Beautiful quality rods. Soft tip but shuts down so you can pull. Also they had a wood grain material on the reel seat. It looked like real wood. I had mine for over 35yrs. It is still a beauty IMO. They where great just too much competition. Quality for what they charged put them out of...
  503. richardblufin


    700XH good choice more back bone when needed
  504. richardblufin

    Another Top Shot Question

    Very well put Jeff
  505. richardblufin

    Talica 12 2speed

    Well it turned out it was a bearing. Salt water from the boat washdown I bet. Anyway 1 drop and she was toast. Love my Talica 12 back in business
  506. richardblufin

    Talica 12 2speed

    The reel free spools great. Push lever up and the handle is very hard to turn. Only been on like 6 multiday trips. Repair man thinks it will be a bearing problem. Wow so soon!!!What say you guys?
  507. richardblufin

    Shogun 3 Day 08/13-08/16

    Brian is a very fishey guy. I love when he comes down and gets on the tank.
  508. richardblufin

    BajaSpecial VS New US Senator

    Baja special and senator the same but different?
  509. richardblufin

    penn 40LDHS reel 7 to 1 gear ratio For jig and bombs Wahoo

    Will this work for wahoo? Or do you lose torque on turning the handle when you make contact. A Narrow 40LDHS reel sorry about that
  510. richardblufin

    Good problem to have- fish Blood Stains

    I think scissors works the best. It cuts the blood right out
  511. richardblufin

    feedback on el capitan boat out of point loma landing

    small boat no fan or a/c in bunk room HOT. Boat rolls pretty good in sloppy seas. Great Capt and crew. Food ummm well bring a lunch.
  512. richardblufin

    The Indypendence boat Question

    How many rod spots allowed per angler? Can you fit a 8ft rod straight up in those spots? Thanks Richard
  513. richardblufin

    Independence ?

    Going on a 5day how many rod spots do they give you? Also can you fit a 8ft rod in there straight up?Thanks Richard
  514. richardblufin

    Best surface iron reel

    Daiwa BG 35 loaded straight 40lb or 1/2 spectra 65lb and top off with 40lb mono. U is in business.
  515. richardblufin

    GF770XXXH "El Matador"

    It should be put in a museum.
  516. richardblufin

    sold it sorry.

    sold it sorry.
  517. richardblufin

    I need help choosing a rod for a JX raptor!?!

    JX Raptor 50lb line to a 700XH Calstar rod. Heavy Duty rig.
  518. richardblufin

    A new style wood tackle box

    What a beauty. What kind of wood did you use? Nice handle. Yes a little spot for pliers fluro and few hooks. Do you sell them? Interested email [email protected] Richard
  519. richardblufin

    My first 6 day trip

    take a 6ft rod heavy for yo-yo use not less than 50lb. Good for cedros or kelps off shore. Salas 6x jr and full 6x scramble egg, blue and white, and a blue and chrome for tuna and 25 lb 30lb and 40lb bait sticks and some hooks.Watch whats happening. Have fun.
  520. richardblufin

    Baja special set up advice.

  521. richardblufin

    Sea Adventure 80 Back To H&M?

  522. richardblufin

    Which reel for 40lb live bait

    Penn Baja special 4/o is my go to reel
  523. richardblufin

    SuperSeeker CJB80F

    Good to hear from you. Hope to see you on the water soon. Glad your doing what you like for a living.
  524. richardblufin

    SuperSeeker CJB80F

    WOW BIG Guy that is purty nice right there Vern. Got any trips planned big Dog? Ironman Richard
  525. richardblufin

    1985 Blackman 26' Billfisher ****Video added****

    What a beautiful boat. She is worth every penny. You really took good care of her. Thanks for the video. RJ
  526. richardblufin

    Foam on Fishing Rod Swelling Up

    let me know what caused it. My girl wants to try it on something else.
  527. richardblufin

    Wahoo jig reel

    I have a Trinadad 20A. Anybody use one for jig fishing for wahoo?
  528. richardblufin

    Trinadad 20A

    Would this work for Wahoo bombs? What say you guys or a Avet JX Raptor?
  529. richardblufin

    our new $20 dollar bill

    Its Barracks baby Mama. Nice likeness.
  530. richardblufin

    Penn torque 25nlever drag 2 speed or talica 12II

    A Talica is like a corvette. Low sleek easy to reach shifter. They are Bad Ass.
  531. richardblufin

    Custom Long Range Tackle Box

    What a beautiful piece of work.
  532. richardblufin

    Guadalupe bluefin

    I was there in the early 80s. A charter on the Vagabond with special guest Capt Greg Trompes Senior. The boat got 5 or 6 at or over 200lbs. Capt Trompes had 3 rigs out at one time. One in the stern corner in a rod holder, next he removed a gaff at midship, and finally he held a outfit in the...
  533. richardblufin

    50# Set Up

    I use a Avet JX Raptor with a 6460H seeker rod. Fill the reel with 65lb spectra add a 75yd topshot of 50lb. You will be in business. Easy on the angler .
  534. richardblufin

    opinions please

    Ride a bigger boat. How about the Indy?
  535. richardblufin

    The most common build…

    seek 270H for flyline 8ft
  536. richardblufin

    Probably not the correct forum, but...

    Thoughts and prayers for Dixie. Nobody loves you like your Mom. Hang in there Man.
  537. richardblufin

    My personal best on Intrepid - report and slideshow :)

    Very Cool well done Sir. Thank you nice to see good things about the Intrepid. Great boat
  538. richardblufin

    Ultimate Rail Rider...

    Gives another meaning to going to the John. :D:D:DRichard
  539. richardblufin


    WTB reel must have at least 500yds of 130lb spectra and room for a 100lb top shot. Rod to fish the rail with. Got one let me know. San Diego Area. Thanks Richard
  540. richardblufin

    Only one outfit 14dayer cow rig

    I want to buy a reel with 500yds of 130lb spectra and room for a 100lb top shot. Just fish live bait with. I would think I would use the rail style/ a little longer rod. I have a little knowledge about rail fishing. Seen videos of the seeker guy on the Intrepid. Match up to what rod blank. What...
  541. richardblufin

    5-6 day trip advice

    I would go on the Vagabond Pt Loma Sportfishing. Or the Shogun fishermans landing is a nice boat. Yo-yo surface bait, surface iron. When they are bitting it can be really good. I love it.
  542. richardblufin

    Avet or Daiwa?

    Diawa BG 35 cast great $185 perfect 30lb reel IMO. RJ
  543. richardblufin

    Roll call RR III Dec 26th 5 Day

    Timmy hey I thought you would be home making rods :-). I will be on the shogun. Maybe I will see you at the landing .No big fish yet on my new 760M maybe next year. I wonder if we see any BFT on the way down like last YEAR? gOOD lUCK . I HAD SOME NICE COMPIMENTS ON THE 760m. Richard
  544. richardblufin

    My first cow!!!!!

    Nice Congrats: You have inspired me to rethink a Cow trip. Thanks RJ
  545. richardblufin

    Incredible Fisherman !!!!

    Thanks that is so cool!
  546. richardblufin

    Which boat has the best food?

    Great idea would be good advertising for some boats.
  547. richardblufin

    Which boat has the best food?

    Vagabond needs to read this .
  548. richardblufin

    Rigs I Need for Cedros 6dayer

    I have a graftech 80L 12-20lb rod with a Leza 300 with 65lb Spectra. What else do I need for fishing on the skiff? I have a bait and jig stick for fishing on the big boat. Thanks Richard
  549. richardblufin

    JRI 8 day on the Vagabond is done.

    hey John nice report. I will be on the Nov 1st 9day trip. I hope I get my 1st Wahoo. Thanks for all the info. Richard from the JRI 6day trip back in June.
  550. richardblufin

    Royal Polaris December Five Day Trip...

  551. richardblufin

    star drag or lever for jigs/irons???

  552. richardblufin

    What rigs to bring for a shogun 6 DAY skiff trip to cedros Is

  553. richardblufin

    Spirit of Adventure 5-Day 9/7-9/12

    Nice report Chris glad to see you got out to fish. I sure enjoy your weather reports. I wondered what was up with the last weather report .Good job nice fillets. Richard in san Diego
  554. richardblufin

    Shimano fishing boots the low cut ones

    Are they easy on your feet after being at the rail all day? Does there size match what you normally wear? What are the most comfortable shoes, boots, for saltwater fishing? I wear serves brown boots now. Thanks tired feet in Diego.
  555. richardblufin

    Baja Special

    Are you going to keep making my favorite reel? If not glad I bought 2 this year. Thanks RJ
  556. richardblufin

    Success 3.5 day report 8/13-8/17

    Be happy with your catch. Please pass the cheese!!!
  557. richardblufin

    Caption Contest - Win a Gift Card to the Longfin - Ends Sept 9th, 2014

    Sorry Charlie we didn't know it was you.
  558. richardblufin

    Off shore 7 day or more trip fishing what color and what brand????

    What is the best color line blue, clear, smoke? Need to buy some for up coming trips. Also what brand do you prefer and why. Thanks Richard
  559. richardblufin

    Vagabond 3 day JRI Custom Lure report.

    Johnny call me 858-602-2184. Richard
  560. richardblufin

    Vagabond 3 day JRI Custom Lure report.

    Johnny J: Thanks so much for the great jigs and swag and rod holder. Very nice to fish with you and Jim and Frank. Man you where on fire. Richard
  561. richardblufin

    Two Seekers For Sale

    Hey Tim I bought a 6460H from you . I just got back from cedros on a 5dayer on the Vagabond. I landed 24 nice yellows . The rod not only looks great it worked great. I met you at the shell station with the flag. Thank you Richard
  562. richardblufin

    jx raptor advice

    I have mine on a calstar 700H. Ready Freddie
  563. richardblufin

    Talica 12 2 speed or the 16 2 speed

  564. richardblufin

    Talica 12 2 speed or the 16 2 speed

    Which would fish 40 and 50lb better. How much bigger is the 16 . I like at least 75yds of top shot. THANKS RJ
  565. richardblufin

    The Good The Bad The Ugly Cedros 6/13/14

    Very interesting thank you for the detailed report and nice pictures. That's the Mexican way.
  566. richardblufin

    Splitting costs

    Your buddy right? He should ride free. And bring lunch and don't forget the beer.
  567. richardblufin

    Rescue at sea ! non fish report

    Very nice of you to look out for your fellow angler. God bless you, good to know there are people like you around and the Coast Guard and deck crew and Capt.
  568. richardblufin

    Looking for Suggestions on Single Speed 40 lb reel

    Baja Special perfect 40LB Rig. Cast great Lots of power.
  569. richardblufin

    15-40lb Rod used for?

    I would say a 25lb bait stick for surface fish, yellows, and tuna up to 25lb fish.
  570. richardblufin

    Trinadad 14A User A question for you

    Anybody fish with one. What pound test? I was thinking 1/2 spool of 50lb spectra with 30 or 40lb mono 75yds top shot. Was thinking as a 30 or 40lb blufin reel. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks Richard
  571. richardblufin

    Vagabond 9 day, Nov 1st

    Hi welcome: I will see you on the boat. I will buy you a beer for your birthday. Richard
  572. richardblufin

    looking for Seeker Black Steel 6470

    Or comparable 40lb 7ft rod. Thanks Richard
  573. richardblufin

    Daiwa saltist 2speed Question

    I have a saltist 35 single speed love it. Looking at a 35 saltist 2speed to buy. Any comments about the reel from somebody who has one or used one. Not sure I like the handle. Thanks Richard
  574. richardblufin

    Daiwa saltist 2speed question

    Thinking about buying one. Anybody use 1? What did you like or dislike? Looking at the 35size I have the 35 single speed l love it. Thanks Richardblufin
  575. richardblufin

    Pro gear 3500 needs repair

    The spool woboles it is like the shaft end is messed up. Any place that would have parts? Was a nice reel.Thanks Richardblufin
  576. richardblufin

    Thanks 3rd time to the rocks should be the charm. Thanks for yout imput. Richard

    Thanks 3rd time to the rocks should be the charm. Thanks for yout imput. Richard
  577. richardblufin

    need calstar 6470 or similar

    Need to fish 50 to 60lb line bait fish stick. Less than $200. Thanks Richard in San Diego
  578. richardblufin

    What's your 8ft combo look like???

    270H8 Daiwa BG35
  579. richardblufin

    RP coming in early-filled the boat

    it's a tip to the crew Mission acomplished.Savor the moment
  580. richardblufin

    Nov 1st 9 day Vagabond Trip

    Hey cool sounds like I'm in business. See ya on the boat Talltales.Maybe I will hear one on the boat.
  581. richardblufin

    Nov 1st 9 day Vagabond Trip

    Never caught a wahoo. I have a shamano calcutta 8 1/2 heavy up to 50lb jig stick . Would that work for iron