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  1. SD Fish Guy

    O side Carlsbad. Green water dead bite

    Oceanside harbor mouth gets sketchy. Have seen more than one boat get pushed up into the jetty, including a sailboat completely out of the water pushed up onto the rocks somehow. I also knew a guy named Tom, a rod wrapper who hoop nets a lot,(maybe some of you know him) whose boat got pushed up...
  2. SD Fish Guy

    1 for 2 on the Bluefin

    If your 130lb braid was under tension from 250+lb fish and 30+lbs of drag, and another very large bluefin happens to hit your line??? As in, just swim into it...I'm not an engineer and don't have any data about spectra under tension, but I think it might go "ping". What if your line is being...
  3. SD Fish Guy

    Which one of you kooks is this?

    Wow man that is amazing. Is there dye you can keep on your boat? I like that idea, even though my rig is "unsinkable"
  4. SD Fish Guy

    Lost and found SCI

    That's amazing that you found it and dragged it back up. My old roommate dropped a borrowed setup in a lake while float tubing, and our neighbor went back next day with a snorkel and fins and retrieved it for him. Haha
  5. SD Fish Guy

    BFT 6/26

    Hey if it ain't my buddy Justin with you! Right on guys. I still have a camper shell I bought from him years ago with "mucho take it easy" bumper sticker on it
  6. SD Fish Guy

    Went hunting for BF and ending up PADDY HOPPING for LIMITS

    I'd take that over bluefin right now. I'd rather have YT in my freezer, too.
  7. SD Fish Guy

    That's one for the books.

    Looked like a sea hare to me. I add tropical ones in people's aquariums when they have a hair algae problem, they mow down soft, stringy or hairy algae. The ones here get huge! If you look at them from the side they look like a rabbit hence the name "sea hare".
  8. SD Fish Guy

    Pacific Queen March 13th-15th

    I use owner mutu, down to #4 and mustad j hooks for smaller stuff. I've never straightened a hook fishing live bait and I love how affordable mustad's old school hooks that we've all been using our entire lives are. And about when to switch to low gear, that totally depends on the situation...
  9. SD Fish Guy

    FREE Portabote (folding boat)

    I have a little thing called a "portabote" sitting in my side yard that a buddy gave me a few years ago. I had intentions of setting it up to fish bays and harbors but just never got around to it, as both of my other "real" boats are constant projects in and of themselves. It's just sitting here...
  10. SD Fish Guy

    Broadbills Exist

    Huh? Is that your motivation for keeping a mount on display? Weird.
  11. SD Fish Guy

    11-16-19 “Liberty”

    I use the sd jam these days but I'm not gonna lie, I have NEVER had a palomar knot fail and I used it my entire life from trout to largemouth to 100lb tuna. I've been using sd jam for 5 years or so and it has also never failed me.
  12. SD Fish Guy

    Great YFT fishing 11/15

    There were shearwaters being a pain in the ass too, but it was mostly seagulls.
  13. SD Fish Guy

    Great YFT fishing 11/15

    Fished yesterday with my friends Taylor and JT on JT's 22' cabo. Plan was to find the bluefin and fly the kite/yummy or helium/flying fish. We brought all of our big gear and planned to stay the night at drift while fishing flatfalls, etc., too. Launched from shelter island at 4am and picked...
  14. SD Fish Guy

    11-12-19 full day

    I was on this trip with you, had a great time. Not wfo but fish hanging consistently throughout the day. Small/weak deans made it more challenging but also more rewarding. Awesome boat, crew and food, my first time fishing the liberty and it was all around a really good experience.
  15. SD Fish Guy

    Penn fathom 40 II speed

    I've caught up to 130lb bluefin on mine. No problem at all. Have caught plenty from 60-115 on the 25n and 30 as well. Not enough line on the 25 to feel comfortable but it handled it not problem.
  16. SD Fish Guy

    Anyone fish the rigs lately? Sand Dab show up yet?

    They are delicious, even if you never catch your own, you should order them at a restaurant some time.
  17. SD Fish Guy

    Cabo Boat Owners

    My buddy has a 226, have never heard of a 222?
  18. SD Fish Guy

    Big yellow fin off Catalina

    2017 an oceanside local got the igfa California state record yellowfin at 239lbs. Trolling for marlin. Don't know how that news didn't get noticed on bloody decks. Just mentioning this for those asking if this is the first cow yellowfin locally. Congratulations to the op, what an amazing catch...
  19. SD Fish Guy


    That thing is filled with cocaine for sure
  20. SD Fish Guy

    Oct 16/17 on the Constitution

    I've worked with live fish ( I work in the marine aquarium industry) for 15 years. It has played a big part in my fishing career in a lot of ways, and fishing is most of the reason I got into the work I do. There is a way to pick a perfect bait and hook it, and get it in the water without...
  21. SD Fish Guy

    Fall Topwater Yellowfin From San Pedro

    Fall is my favorite part of the season. Most of the googans dissapear by this point, too.
  22. SD Fish Guy

    9/29 NEW LO-AN 1.5 day

    Flyer was in a car wreck, full body cast now.
  23. SD Fish Guy

    9/21/19 Limits of YFT for 2

    I hope your son read your post and knows how proud you are. Lost my old man to a motorcycle accident and fishing was our hobby we did together. Really wish I could have one more day like this post.
  24. SD Fish Guy

    Big Girls 9/13

    Nice job fellas.
  25. SD Fish Guy

    lost your boat?

    One of my main fishing buddies, who has a beautiful and awesome fishing machine that could have been a down payment on a house, refuses to use transom straps. He just cinches down the bow hitch. So crazy. He thinks it's heavy enough to not worry about it. I'm just waiting for him to have to slam...
  26. SD Fish Guy

    53.46 Lb. Yellowtail off Crystal Pier

    On that little bass rod! That's the most impressive part to me.
  27. SD Fish Guy

    Newbies on a Half-Day

    Sculpin are my favorite local fish to eat.
  28. SD Fish Guy

    What's going on with the Relentless?

    They mostly do private charters so those trips obviously don't show up on the schedule, but as far as something wrong with the boat? I think I would have heard but maybe not. I've been making their gaffs every season. I know they were running trips recently.
  29. SD Fish Guy

    taking a poll

    I fish on a handful of the same party boats every year even though I own a boat and have a solid group of fishing buddies who have their own boats, too. The only time the crew fishes and don't hand off is if it is wide open, or maybe if it's a private charter where we've all been fishing...
  30. SD Fish Guy

    Nice cow bluefin on my 25 foot Sea Ray

    What the fuck kind of question is that? Two buddies fishing together is gay?
  31. SD Fish Guy

    Popper yellowfin on the Relleno

    Hey Dave its Patrick, JT's friend. How's NZ? I love fly fishing for trout as well, but I want to hear about some kingfish!
  32. SD Fish Guy

    Insoles for Xtra Tuff Fishing Boots

    I have used orange superfeet in my xtra tufs for the past 5 or 6 years. I use blue ones in my hiking shoes. Oh by the way, the same orange superfeet for all those years. I've had the blue ones for forever, too. It makes a huge difference for me.
  33. SD Fish Guy

    Flesh eating bacteria on the rise

    Oh by the way, it started as a pimple size dot, within 3 days was a hole the size of a 1 dollar coin, all the skin peeled off my entire hand down to my wrist, every finger and my hand was 3 times as big as normal.
  34. SD Fish Guy

    Flesh eating bacteria on the rise

    I got MRSA on a 2.5 day last season. It started as what looked like a bug bite but by the last day of the trip I was beginning to be concerned, as I have been bitten by a black widow in the past and that was the closest thing I could compare it to. When I went to the hospital, they said it might...
  35. SD Fish Guy

    Fathom 15LD2 and 25NLD2

    Have caught 100+ lb BFT on the 25n 2 speed but have come very close to the end of spool. I'd rather fish a star drag for jig stick.
  36. SD Fish Guy

    Reel of choice for head boat tuna fishing

    Penn visx, although my biggest was on a makaira at 220lbs. Have caught plenty over 100 on Penn fathoms, too. But if you have the money I'd go with penn torque over fathom. For really big fish, visx.
  37. SD Fish Guy

    7/7 Nice one on the popper

    I've foul hooked a few bigger bluefin and it is so much harder and takes so much longer to get them to the boat when you have no ability to turn their head. Nice job that thing is a pig!
  38. SD Fish Guy

    Inshore mako

    This guy doesn't want to hear anyone's concerns or advice. His "flying gaff" is a zip tied on 12/0. As someone who has spear fished, I know that float would not stop tuna in 100lb class, let alone a 300lb mako! Maybe if you were able to get it in the gills, good luck with that.
  39. SD Fish Guy

    Reds, Bass and Ospreys

    Do wood handle forschners (victorinox) float? They're great knives, especially at their price...I have a bunch in my kitchen.
  40. SD Fish Guy

    Rpt.-05-30-19 New member Brotherhood of the Zipper!

    Hey Cory we fished the relentless together 2 seasons ago on a great BFT trip, glad everything worked out for you with the surgery! Love it that you left a review of the terrible hospital food!
  41. SD Fish Guy

    Awd vs 4x4 vs rwd..

    I have a 99 Tacoma 4x4 with the 3.4 liter. I tow a 19ft seapro cuddy cabin and I have to put it in 4 wheel drive to pull my boat out. I used to have a 4 cylinder 2wd Toyota pickup and a 17ft center console and it pulled it out just fine. I also used to launch the center console with a 1982 isuzu...
  42. SD Fish Guy

    New Lo An

    I agree, go eat a white sea bass sandwhich at mitch's, bring lots of different fluoro and hooks, learn your knots (rp knot for braid to mono, surgeon knot for mono to fluoro, san diego jam for hook connection). Listen to crew and learn how to pick a healthy bait- this part is very important. Ask...
  43. SD Fish Guy

    5/17/19 - Tribute BFT Report

    I've had uni to uni failures, too. 3 turn surgeon's knot is the way to go.
  44. SD Fish Guy

    For Sale Penn fathom 40NLD 2 speed/ calstar 800xxh

    I have someone who says they want it but if they fall through I will get to everyone in the order that I got messaged. Thanks guys
  45. SD Fish Guy

    What happened to the Prowler?

    Rollo died on the royal Polaris not the holiday, and it had nothing to do with hitting an island, they were blowing up home made explosives and one blew up in his hands.
  46. SD Fish Guy

    2 miles off Torrey pines (late report)

    You made the right call to head elsewhere!
  47. SD Fish Guy

    BEWARE Launch Ramp Closed 9/16 Oceanside Harbor BEWARE

    It's also harbor days this weekend so the ramp actually will be closed for 2 windows of time today. I can't find the information but I know it is open from 10:30-1:30 and again later on.
  48. SD Fish Guy

    9/8 267 Spearfish and marlin!

    I don't get why it's popcorn time...Because he gaffed it on deck? If they're going to eat it (they know what it is) then I have no problem with that. Just trying to control a fish slashing and thrashing their boat. Congratulations, I'll admit that I'm jealous and would love to catch a short...
  49. SD Fish Guy

    1 lonely bluefin

    Cool pipefish in stomach contents.
  50. SD Fish Guy

    Catalina Offshore - Limits of Dorado and some Yellowfin

    Your "crappy cell phone pics" are all worthy of being printed and framed. Nice shakedown.
  51. SD Fish Guy

    U.S Limits of QUALITY DORADO! 8/23
  52. SD Fish Guy

    U.S Limits of QUALITY DORADO! 8/23
  53. SD Fish Guy

    U.S Limits of QUALITY DORADO! 8/23

    Are you worried about the size of these fish? I would have taken limits, too. Do you know how fast dorado grow and how short their lifespan is?
  54. SD Fish Guy

    Livewell Advice
  55. SD Fish Guy

    Livewell Advice

    There are bait pumps that are made for running your bait tank and to feed your washdown pump. They discharge to the bait tank first and the top of the pump runs to the washdown but is not under pressure, then connects to washdown pump. I have a 56 gallon bait tank and run it 2/3 full almost...
  56. SD Fish Guy

    Offshore skunk 8/24

    Yeah he must mean passes. I have a 50 gallon bait tank on a 19' boat and it is huge for how big the boat is.
  57. SD Fish Guy

    there must be fish here?

    Seriously, it isn't like the entire fishing community doesn't already know about the small and plentiful yellowfin bite going on.
  58. SD Fish Guy

    Pacific Queen - 1.5 Day - YFT, Skipjack + 1 Bigeye

    I was on the relentless last week, and as I went to remove the hook from one of my yellowfin, I said to the deckhand "look at how big and farther forward the eyes are on this fish than the others" When they pulled all the fish from the holds we found 3 that looked different and had obviously...
  59. SD Fish Guy

    9' Jig Stick Advice

    Phenix line rating is my problem. I also like supporting a small california made family owned company like calstar. (Aren't phenix made in China?) I've only fished a big UC rod, the Invictus. It kills 200lb bluefin no problem. But i don't own any because of the price mostly. I don't usually have...
  60. SD Fish Guy

    9' Jig Stick Advice

    I fish a 90j and love it but have been wanting a GG90j. They're supposed to throw like a fiberglass 90j but have more backbone like a grafighter. Seems like not many people know about calstars GG series. I did have a graphite calstar prototype 9' jig stick and didn't like casting it as much as...
  61. SD Fish Guy

    Poseidon; when an epic trip turns out "not so epic"

    I removed my post, I don't want to be involved in this.
  62. SD Fish Guy


    Relentless is a solid boat/crew, they do mostly private charters. Always limited load of 20 or 21 on overnight and longer
  63. SD Fish Guy

    Poseidon; when an epic trip turns out "not so epic"

    To all of you guys wishing there was a way to keep gear here in san diego who don't live here, check out Rosie's. Climate controlled tackle storage, cleaning and servicing, etc. I have no need for this nor am I affiliated, just thought it was a cool idea.
  64. SD Fish Guy

    O'side - taking it up the tailpipe. 7.25.18

    Wow they really give a lot of info in that article. I walk my dog in oside harbor every morning. I saw the striper capsized at the slip and was wondering what happened?
  65. SD Fish Guy

    Tuna and Tails

    You're a beast cody!
  66. SD Fish Guy is BonitA or BonitO

    I think those of us who grew up in san diego county mistakenly say bonita because it is the name of a city.
  67. SD Fish Guy

    Bubba Blade on Amazon PRIME DAY

    Get a much better knife than a "bubba blade" for less money any day-
  68. SD Fish Guy

    Yellowtail, turtle, and navy ordinance on fire!! On the N 226

    I've seen two turtles already this season and lots of whales, on top of all the tuna we've seen, too. Great to see all that life out there and I always feel like it's good luck when you find turtles
  69. SD Fish Guy

    7/11 tribute overnight Elvis has left....

    Yeah I thought we were going to hear something about elvis as well.
  70. SD Fish Guy

    Oceanside harbor And lack of fish

    Don't listen to this no fish in Oside bullshit. I live right behind oceanside harbor. I haven't fished from the rocks in a long time but there are calico and sand bass and more halibut than you'd expect. I've seen big, quality halibut be taken from oceanside harbor.
  71. SD Fish Guy

    Replacing Trebles With VMC Singles On Rapalas

    I've replaced the treble with vmc in line on a bunch of halcos and they don't swim as well as before, they track out to the sides sometimes. Seems like they lose stability some. They store more compact and are easier to deal with though.
  72. SD Fish Guy

    Flying fish in close to shore

    In the book "the old man and the sea" (Great book in general but even more so for fisherman), the old man loathes eating dorado but really looks forward to eating flying fish, and even eats two out of a dodo's stomach before eating the dorado itself. I would try a flying fish sandwich.
  73. SD Fish Guy

    For Sale Penn fathom 40NLD 2 speed/ calstar 800xxh

    Correct, I have the same tiburon handle on the 25n, the 30 and the 40n. I have a 60, too... I really like the fathom.
  74. SD Fish Guy

    For Sale Penn fathom 40NLD 2 speed/ calstar 800xxh

    Badass 50-100 lb. setup for tossing plugs/poppers to big bluefin/yellowfin. Rod is in new condition. Reel is used but in great condition and filled with 80 lb. white izorline spectra worth a 50lb topshot. Reel has tiburon handle. Retail after spectra, tiburon handle and taxes would put this...
  75. SD Fish Guy

    SOLD Penn international 30SW two speed/calstar 770xxh

    Two speed Penn international 30SW on a new calstar 770xxh. Reel is loaded with 80-130lb spectra. Comes with brand new 200lb wind on crimped to barrel snap swivel. Badass rail rod for big bluefin or yellowfin. Perfect for fishing the yummy flyer. Rod retails around $420, I've taken it on my boat...
  76. SD Fish Guy

    60 mile Bank and Beyond - 11/29/17

    Excellent report. Amazing that these fish are still here!
  77. SD Fish Guy

    Relentless bluefin bite!!

    Hey Cody I was on this trip with you, was a pleasure fishing with you. Now I realize I recognize your boat from posts here. You definitely were the stud of the trip, handing off fish the whole day! Awesome late november fishing!
  78. SD Fish Guy

    O95 11/16

    Mauricio and chowder still Deckhand's? Doug the cook, captain Rick I thought they had a great crew last season but haven't ridden her since.
  79. SD Fish Guy

    Phenix rods vs Calstar GFGR

    Yeah I think it was an andros 16ll.
  80. SD Fish Guy

    Phenix rods vs Calstar GFGR

    By the way, one of my favorite setups is a super seeker 270H-8 with a pro gear 545.
  81. SD Fish Guy

    Phenix rods vs Calstar GFGR

    You guys are correct, I'm not sure where I heard that but thought that was what happened when they were sold a few years ago, that they started having blanks made overseas and then were wrapping them here. I can't find any info to back that up. Looks like their blanks are made in Washington now...
  82. SD Fish Guy

    Phenix rods vs Calstar GFGR

    I have slowly switched to 90% calstar with a couple of old seeker and sabres. Last season I caught a 100lbs class bluefin on a 7' Phenix rod rated for 40-100lb with an okuma andros 2 speed and it kicked my ass like I've never experienced before or since. 2 hours + battle. This was one of the...
  83. SD Fish Guy

    Hooping on an open party boat

    It's more fun than you would think. I agree with all of the above comments about captain ping on the Alicia.
  84. SD Fish Guy

    Tanner on the Tribute 11-19

    Yeah, this is from last season.
  85. SD Fish Guy

    Tuna on a dinghy

    At 23 years old, Kenichi Horie made the first solo, non stop crossing of the pacific in a 19' plywood sailboat, having only a high school sailing club's worth of boating knowledge or experience and brought nothing but a sextant, some rice, water and 60 bottles of asahi beer. And fishing gear...
  86. SD Fish Guy

    10/24 Big some big BFT on the Aztec...

    I'd like to know, too. Are they running the yummy directly off the green stick or are they using the green stick to fly the kite?
  87. SD Fish Guy

    marijuana on a private boat

    I got boarded and they found an 1/8, made me dump it out in the water. This was 3 or 4 years ago so not legal recreationally yet and I did not have a card. They also made me go back in and buy new life vests because a few had some threads coming out.
  88. SD Fish Guy

    Tribute 10/2

    Seriously, I'm having a hard time this season finding someone who can afford to go, can go on a weekday, will help look for fish/kelp/birds, knows how to fish without being babysat, will help clean boat, and who will show up on time! I'm fishing solo this week because of it.
  89. SD Fish Guy

    Narrowly avoided a skunk - 9/18

    I would have said something if I paid for a full scoop and only got 3 passes of subpar bait!
  90. SD Fish Guy

    Assault Glow Jigs for the Blue Fin

    I've never seen a flat fall hook failure, and I've been on boats that caught almost all their fish on them during the night bites last season and just the general late season fishing last year, where there were times when the flat falls out fished live bait. I do rig mine with either 100lb or...
  91. SD Fish Guy

    Dodos and Yellows on the 43 8/16

    Excellent report and I caught that moby dick reference, no wonder your writing is top notch.
  92. SD Fish Guy

    Assault Glow Jigs for the Blue Fin

    If you can't find glow in the dark in something you need....
  93. SD Fish Guy

    Yummy Bites 7/22

    Congratulations fellas!!! I'm a little jealous because JT has been my fishing partner this season and we've put a lot of time and miles in so far for skunks. So stoked for you guys though. Sweet boat too, I really like those Cabo 216s.
  94. SD Fish Guy

    Great BFT bite yesterday 7-14

    Congrats! bummer losing the larger model. Was your bait tank made by pompanette?
  95. SD Fish Guy

    14 Mile Bank 7/14/17

    I have more skunk trips than I care to admit this season. Repeat of last year, when i should have waited until October to start fishing.
  96. SD Fish Guy

    For sale...Seat...Anchor...Pole Holders...Pump...ect

    A marine SS rod holders are $15 new on Amazon or eBay you have them priced double over retail
  97. SD Fish Guy

    Misc Items For Sale

    I'll take the cutting board
  98. SD Fish Guy

    Just Keep Popping - YFT Report - 7/8

    Hell yeah way to make a game plan of your own! Paid off. ALso, trying the popper after they wouldn't bite the surface iron... makes me wonder if I tried everything i could have so far as I've found fish a ridiculous number of times and have not been able to get a response. Congrats
  99. SD Fish Guy

    2 Day Relentless South July 2 & 3

    Mikey and the relentless crew are top notch and it's always a limited load with only 20 bunks
  100. SD Fish Guy

    Tribute Sportfishing - 1.5 Trip Report

    Tribute is one of my favorite boats. Mike and Dave both know what's up and I've had some of my best trips on the tribute, including those epic night bites at tanner at the end of last season - boat limits of 100+ lbs bluefin fishing until midnight or 1 am. Unforgettable. Also ballast point beer...
  101. SD Fish Guy

    Cabo Boat Owners

    Anyone have any info on the Cabo's by marlin? Lesser quality? Any differences in layout? Are they as heavy duty? Thanks, any info is greatly appreciated as I'm looking at a 94 Cabo 216 by marlin. I.e. marlin bought the molds and made these boats after Cabo went out of business.
  102. SD Fish Guy

    2x2 YFT 6/17 & 6/18 on the 17' Whaler

    Certified badass. Your pops is proud for sure
  103. SD Fish Guy

    1994 Cabo 216 - SOLD!

    Did you sell this boat? I see the ad expired. Please let me know asap. Thanks. Will pm
  104. SD Fish Guy

    Cow wrangling at 182

    Dude you should throw the little ones back.
  105. SD Fish Guy

    Round Two

    Did you guys get custom sweatshirts made of your own boat?
  106. SD Fish Guy

    Bluefin Redemption

    Yes! Hell yes! Congrats fellas
  107. SD Fish Guy

    Memorial Day Cow Tipping

    Fuckin A That doesn't suck Congrats boys
  108. SD Fish Guy

    Penn Fathom Reels *NIB*

    If the pending sale on the 30 falls through, I'm interested. I have a 25n and 40n. Why don't you want these excellent reels?
  109. SD Fish Guy

    Tanner on the Tribute 11-19

    Good fishing with you, by the way.
  110. SD Fish Guy

    Tanner on the Tribute 11-19

    I was with you on this trip, it was an awesome night bite and some guys slept through the whole thing!
  111. SD Fish Guy

    Aztec 1 1/2 Day -Tanner to the Cortez and back

    I was on this trip and fortunate enough to finally (for me) get one of these jumbo model bluefin we've had around this year. Like Nick said, absolutely beautiful conditions beautiful sunrise and sunset, always cool to see Cortez breaking even from far off. the yellowtail were such a nice bonus...
  112. SD Fish Guy

    Skeletons for Halloween

    What the hell would the cops do? Is it illegal to hang a tuna carcass above your front porch?
  113. SD Fish Guy

    SCI and fish on the 50 line and brutal weather scary

    Dude I'm going to start drinking heavily in 7-11 parking lots with my fishing gear and hope some badass old salty fucker from the Pacific Northwest picks me up and takes me on the adventure of a lifetime. I like this guy's style.
  114. SD Fish Guy

    Tribute 10/28

    You think the tribute is a POS because of bunk size? I've never been on a long range boat so I feel like all the boats have pretty similar bunks. In my opinion it's a great boat for its size and its in nice shape. I don't know when it was overhauled but it gets up and goes too and I feel like...
  115. SD Fish Guy

    Use of Poppers

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the halco poppers are not through- wired...I don't know if I would throw one at big BFT but I'm sure local YFT would be fine. The yo zuris aren't a bad price and you can get them pre-rigged with 130 fluoro and crimps for $4 more.
  116. SD Fish Guy

    Rpt.-09-11-16 Sun. SCI Missed On the targeted species, but!

    Nice report Corey and yeah it was rough out there, I was at the 182 in my 17' cc and it was too much, had to head in almost as soon as we got out there.
  117. SD Fish Guy


    Seriously? Don't fish with your decades old charter master anymore...does he even know about this thread? Did you bitch to him directly at all?
  118. SD Fish Guy


    Stoked for you but so sad because I was supposed to be on that trip and I fuckin blew it. Congrats! Shit!
  119. SD Fish Guy

    6th trip for BFT and no love

    I don't even want to admit how many times I've gone after them for nada.
  120. SD Fish Guy

    My first Cow Tuna Locally and a royal ass kicking.

    What a great write up man, and congrats on the fish of a lifetime...I'm 0 for 6 or 7 trips right now. Still trying.
  121. SD Fish Guy

    Rpt.-Sat.- 1.5 day trip on the Relentless.

    Hey Cory, I'm the other angler who has gone on all those trips and been skunked all season. I jumped on another boat the morning we got back from this trip (Who needs sleep?) for nothing, again! I have two more trips lined up on the relentless this season. Great boat and crew. Captain Mikey...
  122. SD Fish Guy

    SoCal Offshore Kayak 2015- BLUEFIN

    Congrats dude that is awesome that you go out that far in a kayak
  123. SD Fish Guy

    fs pro gear reels

    Interested in the 540 if you still have it, please let me know
  124. SD Fish Guy

    Do you still have the progear 545 for sale?

    Do you still have the progear 545 for sale?
  125. SD Fish Guy

    RE: great white at La Jolla

    Sharks inhabit the ocean, even ours! It is small! I've seen sharks, I had a GW swim underneath me in la jolla when I was 18 or 19 that must have been 12' long (I know, not big for a white but still very close to me). I got out of the water as soon as it passed and called it in with the...