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  1. Reel_Newbie

    SOLD Kodiak Tank

    Kodiak bait tank. No idea what size it is. Approx 32” tall. $60 Located in North Fontana. Net not included.
  2. Reel_Newbie

    For Sale Boston Whaler Dauntless 18 Yamaha SWSII 150

    Still available as of now. It’s also listed on CL, so naturally there has been a lot of “false interest” with individuals setting date/time to “look at the boat”, but then canceling last minute. Thanks.
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    WTB 20-22’ Bay Boat

    Maybe we can move the Panga talk somewhere else...? Or, kindly PM the individual instead? Regardless, thanks for the bump!
  4. Reel_Newbie

    WTB 20-22’ Bay Boat

    Thanks Aaron! I’ll check it out.
  5. Reel_Newbie

    WTB 20-22’ Bay Boat

    Anybody? Found some deals in Texas (of course), but not looking forward to the drive..
  6. Reel_Newbie

    For Sale Boston Whaler Dauntless 18 Yamaha SWSII 150

    For sale again.! Still looking for a 20-22’ Bay boat to replace my whaler.
  7. Reel_Newbie

    WTB 20-22’ Bay Boat

    I know right! Cool panga tho. Been looking in the Gulf Coast region heavily as well, but keeping my hopes up that something surfaces in SoCal.
  8. Reel_Newbie

    WTB 20-22’ Bay Boat

    Thanks guys... but not exactly what I’m looking for..
  9. Reel_Newbie

    WTB 20-22’ Bay Boat

    Looking for a 20-22’ Bay Boat with a 4 stroke. Trolling motor is a plus but not required. Cushion package and rear seat would be a ++. Please PM me. Getting ready to sell my Whaler and need to find a replacement. Thanks!
  10. Reel_Newbie

    SOLD Minn Kota Terrova Riptide trolling motor

    Trolling motor is still available .
  11. Reel_Newbie

    SOLD Minn Kota Terrova Riptide trolling motor

    Terrova Riptide I-Pilot 80# 24v 60” shaft in great condition. Used 6 times. Includes controller of course. $1200 Please text Cesar 949-254-509 two
  12. Reel_Newbie

    For Sale Boston Whaler Dauntless 18 Yamaha SWSII 150

    I’m in Playa Vista during the week, and home on the weekends. It would have to be very late in the day if it were during the week.
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    For Sale Boston Whaler Dauntless 18 Yamaha SWSII 150

    If you’re interested in purchasing, feel free to have a looksee.
  14. Reel_Newbie

    For Sale Boston Whaler Dauntless 18 Yamaha SWSII 150

    I can verify the trailer tag clearly states 18’ Dauntless and was manufactured by Pacific and recently had work performed by them at the direction of the original owner. I’ve towed from Port San Luis to San Diego with zero issues. I had new tires put on due to the fact that I tow far and often...
  15. Reel_Newbie

    For Sale Boston Whaler Dauntless 18 Yamaha SWSII 150

    More pics from today. Even the splash well is spotless.
  16. Reel_Newbie

    For Sale Boston Whaler Dauntless 18 Yamaha SWSII 150

    It’s removable storage with 3 hatches, the center compartment being plumbed to drain.
  17. Reel_Newbie

    For Sale Boston Whaler Dauntless 18 Yamaha SWSII 150

    Boat is located in North Fontana. I do not know the current motor hours. I can tell you that compression check was performed prior to my purchase. Surveyors/mechanics welcome to review. She is solid from tip to transom.
  18. Reel_Newbie

    For Sale Boston Whaler Dauntless 18 Yamaha SWSII 150

    EDIT: Back on the market 3-12-2019. Thanks for all the interest last year, but was unable to find a boat to replace this so we held onto it until now. Still looking for a bay boat in the 20-22’ range to replace this. 1998 Boston Dauntless 18 1998 Yamaha Salwater Series II 150hp Second owner...
  19. Reel_Newbie

    WTB Seeker ISP 809

    The Fin usually has them. Had one 2 weeks ago.
  20. Reel_Newbie

    For Sale 08 striper 22 bb san diego

    That was fast. Good boat. Best of luck to potential new owner. She’s fishy for sure.
  21. Reel_Newbie

    Phoenix rod warranty

    So if I slammed my tailgate on a Calstar they’ll replace it for free?
  22. Reel_Newbie

    For Sale 08 striper 22 bb san diego

    I wouldn’t mind buying her back. GLWS Will!
  23. Reel_Newbie

    SOLD Found a Rod Thx!

    M or MH would be good. Let me know if ya got one for me. Thanks.
  24. Reel_Newbie

    SOLD Accurate BV400

    Only the BV400 available now.
  25. Reel_Newbie

    SOLD Accurate BV400

    Photos added to OP
  26. Reel_Newbie

    SOLD Accurate BV400

    Items added to post.
  27. Reel_Newbie

    SOLD Accurate BV400

    Phenix PSW 808mh (15-40) trigger seat as new has 1 boat ride never fished. SOLD Accurate BV400 w/ #50 braid. 1 boat ride and 1 WSB. Box and clamp included. Purchased less than a month ago. SOLD Revo Toro S used one time. Box included. No braid included. SOLD Located near Bass Pro but travel...
  28. Reel_Newbie

    WTB Seeker American Series or Classic Series 7ft. 270 or 870

    There’s a 270 7’ in good shape on offer up at a good price. Almost picked it up yesterday. Edit: just realized you’re in NoCal.
  29. Reel_Newbie

    For Sale REVO Toro REVOT2S60 Abu Garcia

    Thanks! I leave for a trip Sunday night, and I’m just trying to cover my bases. (Bass guy with no heavier gear)
  30. Reel_Newbie

    For Sale REVO Toro REVOT2S60 Abu Garcia

    Back up. Waiting on some responses otherwise still for sale and still looking for a jig stick for surface irons.
  31. Reel_Newbie

    For Sale REVO Toro REVOT2S60 Abu Garcia

    Thanks for the offer, but really looking for a nice spinner.
  32. Reel_Newbie

    For Sale REVO Toro REVOT2S60 Abu Garcia

    Used exactly one time. Braid not included. Will consider trades for nice spinning reel in the 5000-6500 size. EDIT trades added: Jig stick 8-9’ Or Shimano MH spinning jigging rod $200 Thanks
  33. Reel_Newbie

    SOLD Old thread 1500

    Is that a thumb bar, or just a thumb rest?
  34. Reel_Newbie

    WTB Seeker ISP 809

    Did you pick up the 808 or 809?
  35. Reel_Newbie

    WTB Seeker Tactic Series

    I think they have the 909 at Long Fin. I Was there today...
  36. Reel_Newbie

    WTB Seeker ISP 809

    Possibly, I’ll give it a few more days. I have a 709 and 807, so maybe the 808 can fill another rod holder. Please text me 949-254-50 nine 2
  37. Reel_Newbie

    WTB Seeker ISP 809

    Lemme know if ya got one for me. I live 5 minutes from Bass Pro and travel thru OC into Playa Vista almost daily. Thanks in advance. PM or Text: 949-254-50 Nine 2
  38. Reel_Newbie

    For Sale ProGear V42; Newells; Daiwa Luna 253

    Conquest have the power handle? PM’ed on the conquest
  39. Reel_Newbie

    Boat Found

    Boat Found
  40. Reel_Newbie

    WTB Found . Thx

    BTW: I’m not convinced there’s such thing as too big of a trolling motor, unless you have specific power needs. Both my 17’ and 22’ ran the same 80#.
  41. Reel_Newbie

    Boat Hunting

    Boat Hunting
  42. Reel_Newbie

    WTB Found . Thx

    Thanks! Talked to this guy last week. He was running it on a pontoon boat. It’s a 24v 80# and he ran it on 12v (1 battery). Not sure what that does to the motor, maybe I’ll ask the doctor.
  43. Reel_Newbie

    WTB Found . Thx

    Let me know if ya got one
  44. Reel_Newbie

    SOLD 2005 Triumph 190 w/ 2005 Yamaha F150

    Won’t make past tomorrow more than likely.
  45. Reel_Newbie

    SOLD 2005 Triumph 190 w/ 2005 Yamaha F150

    Texted you, called and left a message as well. Let’s talk.! Call me back. Let’s make it mine.
  46. Reel_Newbie

    WTB Sold A Boat Thx

    Nice!, but way too much boat for me. You weren’t selling a Scout Duarado DC a while back were you?
  47. Reel_Newbie

    WTB Sold A Boat Thx

    Yeah that’s a bit more than I’d like to handle. Depends on the year I guess.
  48. Reel_Newbie

    WTB Sold A Boat Thx

    Really hoping for fiberglass. Thanks tho
  49. Reel_Newbie

    WTB Sold A Boat Thx

    I can’t find it.
  50. Reel_Newbie

    WTB Sold A Boat Thx

    Looking for a small dual console in the 18-20 range. Maybe a Wellcraft Sportsman or Trophy 1806 or Whaler Ventura (or similar) Please let me know if you have one, or know of one. EDIT: Open to Triumph 190 Bay also. PM please. Thanks Cesar
  51. Reel_Newbie

    2008 Striper Bay 2200 Yamaha 250F

    Pick your days of course. Have been in sloppy shit and just came in at 15mph. No rush, no pain, still wet! LOL The good days to the islands, man, it's a fast smooth quiet ride. It's a low draft skinny fishing machine. Does well on lakes too. Love the look of the bass guys when they see this...
  52. Reel_Newbie

    2008 Striper Bay 2200 Yamaha 250F

    It is. Squad memeber has the F3 Super Skeet. I'm currently in a K80 with PFS stock and 30" tubed barrel set.
  53. Reel_Newbie

    2008 Striper Bay 2200 Yamaha 250F

    Thanks! What's not shown is a full backseat and front cushions too. Didn't use them much. But will be included
  54. Reel_Newbie

    2008 Striper Bay 2200 Yamaha 250F

    Thanks guys for the kind words. !! And yes, she is still as beautiful as she's always been. Head turner on the water. I usually even wax her underside 1 time a year. (Makes her have less friction on the water LOL). lowest offer was 12k+trade junk that I don't need. I'm not a golfer, I don't...
  55. Reel_Newbie

    2008 Striper Bay 2200 Yamaha 250F

    I've had some very interesting low offers. Am I asking too much? I'm not selling a 17' boat with a 90hp motor. I'm more than willing to entertain reasonable offers (reasonable being the key word). This thing is clean and an absolute beast. Boat can be viewed any time this week. Just shoot me...
  56. Reel_Newbie

    2008 Striper Bay 2200 Yamaha 250F

    Few more photos. Text for details
  57. Reel_Newbie

    2008 Striper Bay 2200 Yamaha 250F

    Few photos more to come.
  58. Reel_Newbie

    2008 Striper Bay 2200 Yamaha 250F

    EDIT: 7/15/17 Boat is sold. Thank you Will, please take good care of her. Thank you all for the interest (including the extreme low ballers). Life style change forces sale. I am the second on and took possession in 2013. Original owner purchased and rigged boat new in 2009. Motor has 5XX...
  59. Reel_Newbie

    Nighttime Green Bass....Swimbaits only?

    Senkos in any dark color produce well for us after the sun goes down...(while its up too)
  60. Reel_Newbie

    SCI 6/28

  61. Reel_Newbie

    !Yamaha F250 2007/2008 Bogging Blues... Help!

    Mine too has a drain. I've known of it, but never considered using the drain until now. I've read around a bit and it seems that the VST should be drained prior to storage. Thanks again Stefan!
  62. Reel_Newbie

    !Yamaha F250 2007/2008 Bogging Blues... Help!

    Very successful shake-down run this AM at the local lake. Idles/runs smooth as ever! Noticed a HUGE improvement at WOT. The VST screen may have been clogging for a while now restricting fuel flow at higher RPM's. I won't know exactly what the issue was because I replaced everything, but I...
  63. Reel_Newbie

    !Yamaha F250 2007/2008 Bogging Blues... Help!

    Thanks Stefan! I replaced all strainers and filters. ALL of them. Learned a lot thru the process, and I'm sure I may have saved a lil money doing this myself. Also drew 22 gallons of fuel (drained tank) thru (2) separate 10 micron filters. And found this! (pic below) Fresh 91, and new plugs...
  64. Reel_Newbie

    !Yamaha F250 2007/2008 Bogging Blues... Help!

    Thanks! I've removed the VST, and indeed it was dirty. I replaced the HP pump, filter, and checked the float assembly after a thorough cleaning. Everything was reassembled using new gaskets. I'm confident, at this point, the VST and all of it's contents are good to go.
  65. Reel_Newbie

    !Yamaha F250 2007/2008 Bogging Blues... Help!

    Because the flow and patterns were very consistent, we didn't run the injectors thru cleaning. I was unable to find the actual flow rate of the injectors as new, but I'll take RC's word on this.
  66. Reel_Newbie

    !Yamaha F250 2007/2008 Bogging Blues... Help!

    Where should the fuel level be on the front filter bulb? Should it always be at the top? Mine is not. Replaced all new pumps and filters. Idles perfect, but haven't put it under load yet. Pic below is during idle. I can fill it with the bulb, but it will always drop to around this level.
  67. Reel_Newbie

    !Yamaha F250 2007/2008 Bogging Blues... Help!

    Well, I guess I can rule out injectors. They all patterned and flowed perfectly.
  68. Reel_Newbie

    !Yamaha F250 2007/2008 Bogging Blues... Help!

    Thank you Dave! My feelings exactly. If my truck can run on E85, it should eat whatever is in my boat.
  69. Reel_Newbie

    !Yamaha F250 2007/2008 Bogging Blues... Help!

    Decided on pulling the injectors for cleaning. RC Engineering is somewhat local for me and I'll have them back in a day. At only $25ea, I'll have the piece of mind knowing I won't need to clean them later. That said, all things fuel delivery related will be new (filters, pumps, clean injectors...
  70. Reel_Newbie

    !Yamaha F250 2007/2008 Bogging Blues... Help!

    The shop "checked" all my fittings/connections last week and confirmed all looks good, although they did not do a pressure test.
  71. Reel_Newbie

    !Yamaha F250 2007/2008 Bogging Blues... Help!

    Again, thank you humbly for the response! I like the idea of cleaning injectors vs purchase of new injectors if required. Ordering parts today, and should be running trials in a week or less. I will most surely update as things progress.
  72. Reel_Newbie

    !Yamaha F250 2007/2008 Bogging Blues... Help!

    Which motor did you install the injectors? What was the cost? And where did u find them? From tank to motor I have a Yamaha 90gph/10 micron fuel water separator. It occurred at the separator as it too was trashed. I drew fuel from the tank directly into glass jars with zero visible debris...
  73. Reel_Newbie

    !Yamaha F250 2007/2008 Bogging Blues... Help!

    According to all the diagrams for my year, there are only (2) pumps, Low & High. LP is forward of the VST, and the HP is inside the VST. From there, it feeds the injection rails. I may be missing something? Few photos for reference. Note the filth in the VST and around the filter/HP pump.
  74. Reel_Newbie

    !Yamaha F250 2007/2008 Bogging Blues... Help!

    Correct me if I'm wrong, the HP pump is in the VST tank? The diagram wasn't very clear. Thanks Again. It's appreciated!
  75. Reel_Newbie

    !Yamaha F250 2007/2008 Bogging Blues... Help!

    I cannot express how grateful I am for all the prompt, informative responses. In just over 3hrs, the LP and VST/float tank is out. I managed to log and photograph every step for sake of simplifying the re-install process. Tonight I'll be pulling apart the VST. One question, in the diagrams...
  76. Reel_Newbie

    !Yamaha F250 2007/2008 Bogging Blues... Help!

    Thanks for the reply! I am humbled by all the information and replies everyone is providing. I will surely be getting into the VST and HP pump and replacing. Motor has always ran perfect. I too feel there may have been bad fuel at one point or another. Looking back, I should've done both high...
  77. Reel_Newbie

    !Yamaha F250 2007/2008 Bogging Blues... Help!

    Good to know! I was informed that the motor will not run on a bad HP pump. I'm off for a couple weeks and am planning to start the "ruling out" process this week. Will keep this thread going as I remove/replace/test. Thanks for the reply! Where do you prefer to purchase parts?
  78. Reel_Newbie

    !Yamaha F250 2007/2008 Bogging Blues... Help!

    Hi Jason, thanks for the reply. I was told that if my high pressure pump goes out, boat will not run at all. Is this a true statement ?
  79. Reel_Newbie

    !Yamaha F250 2007/2008 Bogging Blues... Help!

    Never had any issues until recent. September last year installed all new fuel filters and low pressure fuel pump. Ran like a champ until 3 weeks ago. Won't throttle past 3gph or aprrox 2500rpm while under load. No issues if she's just sitting in water, it'll rev up but of course never reaches...
  80. Reel_Newbie

    Yamaha Service in IE

    Talked to him on Friday. I've been there in the past. They're slammed right now due to the boat shows, but I did pencil a drop off date. Nice profile pic!
  81. Reel_Newbie

    Yamaha Service in IE

    Or surrounding areas?
  82. Reel_Newbie

    Yamaha Service in IE

    Looking for a good Yamaha service shop in the IE. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Even more now that breakfast has no curfew. !!
  84. Reel_Newbie

    Braid to fluro connection? From the bass guys?

    Steven, the RP is a great knot, just not for me... Was not trying to get into a knot challenge.
  85. Reel_Newbie


    ^ what he said Golden Brown Bait being my "go to" color.
  86. Reel_Newbie

    Braid to fluro connection? From the bass guys?

    Cool man, no worries. OP asked for opinions and I provided mine.
  87. Reel_Newbie

    Braid to fluro connection? From the bass guys?

    Your results may vary.
  88. Reel_Newbie

    Braid to fluro connection? From the bass guys?

    Uni/Uni. Reason, cuz I'm confident in it. I can tie it with my eyes closed. Almost can't tie it wrong. Has never failed me under pressure (pun intended).
  89. Reel_Newbie


    I almost always have room left on the boat....
  90. Reel_Newbie


    We should get all the Wall fans together and party at the Wall!
  91. Reel_Newbie


    Well Matt, in my case, I would be embarrassed to disclose the amount of tackle I've lost to The Wall!!
  92. Reel_Newbie


    Thru 2013 we fished The Wall religiously 2 to 3 times a month, both day and night, usually on our way out or way in from somewhere else. Go to bait for me is a 5" Viejos in Golden brown bait with a half ounce or three-quarter ounce burnt Warbaits Head. Almost always fished in a sink and...
  93. Reel_Newbie

    Fuel Pumps on 2008 Yamaha F250

    I was pleasantly surprised at how accessible the filters and pump are. Took around 2 1/2 to 3 hours to complete.
  94. Reel_Newbie

    Fuel Pumps on 2008 Yamaha F250

    It was the fuel pump. Replacement installed this morning and clicking on/off as it should. Appears to be running better with all new fuel filters thru-out the system as well. Time to get her out before it's to late!
  95. Reel_Newbie


    Great vid as always. Love his Everglades too!
  96. Reel_Newbie

    Fuel Pumps on 2008 Yamaha F250

    Well, it wasn't any of the fuel filters. It continues to blow the feed pump fuse! Next step is replacing the pump.
  97. Reel_Newbie

    Fuel Pumps on 2008 Yamaha F250

    Okay guys. Went thru the fuses first and noticed the fuel feed pump fuse was blown. Continued chasing thru the filters and noticed no water or contaminants in the system. Got to the F-Shaped filter and noticed it's very difficult to pass air thru. So adding it up, filter clogged, caused undo...
  98. Reel_Newbie

    Fuel Pumps on 2008 Yamaha F250

    Correct. The flushing adapter is not meant as a cooling bypass for running the motor out of water. I was thinking of an inflatable pool (or similar) where I can lower the motor into.. ?
  99. Reel_Newbie

    Fuel Pumps on 2008 Yamaha F250

    So the safest way to run my motor out of water is?
  100. Reel_Newbie

    Fuel Pumps on 2008 Yamaha F250

    I cannot summarize how much I appreciate the feedback! I was quoted an outrageous labor cost hence the reason for this post. Looks like I'll be trouble shooting the issue myself! What is the safest way to run the motor without putting the boat in the water? I've been told bunny ears work, but...
  101. Reel_Newbie

    Fuel Pumps on 2008 Yamaha F250

    Can anyone elaborate on level of difficulty involved in replacing low/high pressure fuel pumps on a 2008 F250? Considering taking this on myself. Was heading out yesterday and it would only stay running while pumping the bulb. My understanding is that the low pressure pump has gone bad, but...
  102. Reel_Newbie


    Cool as always.
  103. Reel_Newbie

    My bass skiff

    Decided to work instead....
  104. Reel_Newbie

    My bass skiff

    I may be hitting it tomorrow night
  105. Reel_Newbie

    My bass skiff

    Inside, outside? Bait selection?
  106. Reel_Newbie

    My bass skiff

    Go at dark. Work the inside at either gate. 5" darks. Paca Chunks if ur looking for volume.
  107. Reel_Newbie

    Finally Did It!!!!

    Bam! Congrats !
  108. Reel_Newbie

    Anyone seen a great bay boat deal lately?

    That's a valid point you make. But when you own a boat, you do not have to deal with the hassle of relying on someone else. You can feed the urge almost any time.
  109. Reel_Newbie

    Anyone seen a great bay boat deal lately?

    Nah, you don't sound crazy, you sound like you have money to spend.
  110. Reel_Newbie

    Anyone fish the Wall at dark lately?

    Went out Saturday night. Wanted to make sure the wife would "out fish me", so I put a Paca chunk on for her and yes, tons of shorts with the occasional 2-3lb mixed in.
  111. Reel_Newbie

    Anyone fish the Wall at dark lately?

    Just curious. Let me know how it was/is.
  112. Reel_Newbie

    Getting serious this year....

    Hell yeah.
  113. Reel_Newbie

    Getting serious this year....

    Nice man! Put it to work.
  114. Reel_Newbie

    Newport report 7/5/15

    Looks like a fun, family day!
  115. Reel_Newbie

    Calico Bass Report

    Just ordered to BB2 Inshore. Looking forward to using the wide spool.
  116. Reel_Newbie

    Calico Bass Report

    Take advantage of the TW July 4th sale! Sorry for the thread jack. Again, nice fish !
  117. Reel_Newbie

    Calico Bass Report

    I know the question wasn't towards me, but I must put in my .02 I have 4 Lews in my line-up with a 5th on the way. I cannot say enough good about the quality of the Lews I own. I've owned/used every brand available, and the Lews have outlasted them all. Simple things like the quality of...
  118. Reel_Newbie

    Calico Bass Report

    Nice fish! Nice Lews!!
  119. Reel_Newbie

    WTB Terez Spinning M MH H

    Or something similar. TTT
  120. Reel_Newbie

    WTB Terez Spinning M MH H

    Have never really put any effort into spinning gear, but want to try this year. Looking for something in the Terez family. Please PM me if you've got one. Send specs. Okay to text as well. 949-254-50 nine 2 I'm near Bass Pro, and travel to LA/Hollywood daily. Thanks
  121. Reel_Newbie

    Help finding local service center

    Find one. Thanks.
  122. Reel_Newbie

    Another Puddingstone Largemouth

    WTF happened....
  123. Reel_Newbie

    Getting serious this year....

    In my book, There is absolutely nothing on the water that puts me on edge more than fog!
  124. Reel_Newbie

    Getting serious this year....

    Don't forget the trim tabs. Nice rig!
  125. Reel_Newbie

    Ranger Bay Boats

    I have a Striper Bay Boat 22 which is the Bahia 220 prior to Ranger acquiring the hull/liner from GenMar (don't quote me on the exact transaction/manufacturer data, it was all I found at time of purchase). So how's it ride..? Like a sheet of plywood w/250hp hanging off the rear! Seriously tho...
  126. Reel_Newbie

    LB two nights of fun

  127. Reel_Newbie

    3/20 New PB

  128. Reel_Newbie

    Pearl Swimbaits

    @TexasPro88 , I averaged 40 hours a month in 2012 and 2013. In 2014 I did 40 hours all year. A new baby and a 60 hour a week work schedule has kept me from doing many things. Obviously, fishing slip to the back of the list. But yes, the goal is to get out a lot more this year.
  129. Reel_Newbie

    Pearl Swimbaits

    Likewise! I'm still stocked from last year, although I can count how often I went out on 2 hands... :(
  130. Reel_Newbie

    Explain the Trolling Motor

    I have a MK with GPS (iPilot) and can't image going without a TM. I do fish a lot of freshwater as well, so u know the benefits there. I love the GPS TM for 3 reasons: 1) it can record tracks 2) I can control it from anywhere on the boat 3) I use the spot lock when the wife and I want a...
  131. Reel_Newbie

    Hydra-Sports 20' BayBolt?

    Badass rig!
  132. Reel_Newbie

    Ripped em a new one

    PM sent
  133. Reel_Newbie

    Ripped em a new one

  134. Reel_Newbie

    Best Bass Boat under 30k and under 60k

    I <3 bay boat porn. @Matt Moyer , are you guys propped per spec?
  135. Reel_Newbie

    First Skiff

    Cool lil rig!
  136. Reel_Newbie

    Props 4 Sale - YAMAHA SALT WATER SERIES 15 1/4 X 19 PITCH LH/RH

    Would he be interested in splitting? I only need the RH.
  137. Reel_Newbie

    New whip

    Sweet! When u taking me out?
  138. Reel_Newbie

    Best Bass Boat under 30k and under 60k

    Those conditions make for a very pleasant ride over!! Motor size? Petro consumption at cruise?
  139. Reel_Newbie

    Best Bass Boat under 30k and under 60k

    Yes..... Yes it does.
  140. Reel_Newbie

    Best Bass Boat under 30k and under 60k

    Google bow dodger or bow tent. I almost put one on mine, I have slept on my boat more times than I would like to admit.
  141. Reel_Newbie

    BP Brewing COC Report

    Awesome Matt!
  142. Reel_Newbie

    Best Bass Boat under 30k and under 60k

    Let me add that at 60k, you have a lot more options than most of us!
  143. Reel_Newbie

    Best Bass Boat under 30k and under 60k

    Mike's reply above is spot on and his advice is sound! I will piggyback on a few of his comments, and provide my experience with the different center console type boats. I currently own a 22' Bay Boat, but started with a typical center console which had increased dead rise and draft vs my...
  144. Reel_Newbie

    Your Bay Boat Fuel Consumption/Cruise Speed...?

    Just curious for comparison, what are u guys getting for fuel consumption vs. speed on your 20'+ bay boat? (average) 22' with a 250 30mph cruise @ ~3800rpm puts me around 7gph or ~4mpg
  145. Reel_Newbie

    Rigging Weedless Swimbaits

    With free shipping AND a sticker!
  146. Reel_Newbie

    Winter Colors

    Orale pues
  147. Reel_Newbie

    Winter Colors

    By having some poured, are you meaning they are special ordered plastics?
  148. Reel_Newbie

    Sunday @ Cat

    Congrats! Good luck to you guys and as always, stay safe during the Challenge!
  149. Reel_Newbie

    Hookup to Landing Ratio w/ Weedless (MC 7")

    I I fish the exact same Rainshadow. Love the tip on that thing!
  150. Reel_Newbie

    Hookup to Landing Ratio w/ Weedless (MC 7")

    Where did u find 30 strikes ?
  151. Reel_Newbie

    Peacocking the Amazon

    Bucket list check off!
  152. Reel_Newbie

    Seeker 808 vs 809

    Thanks for chiming in JB!
  153. Reel_Newbie

    Rigging Weedless Swimbaits

    In theory, one could simply order them online.....
  154. Reel_Newbie

    Seeker 808 vs 809 Start from the beginning. A good read about weedless fishing.
  155. Reel_Newbie

    Rigging Weedless Swimbaits

    The Longfin in orange county off of the 55 freeway and Chapman exit. But lately I've just use Tackle Warehouse since it's free overnight shipping if you spend $50.
  156. Reel_Newbie

    New MC Weedless @ SCI 11/08/14

    Yes definitely. ! You don't have to, but why bother.
  157. Reel_Newbie

    New MC Weedless @ SCI 11/08/14

    On weedless hooks, No glue, the screw will do all the work. On lead heads you can use glue if you'd, but not required. Good weedless heads will have a collar and spike combination which does a great job of keeping your paddle tail pinned.
  158. Reel_Newbie

    MC Weedless - Stocking Stuffers

    Make sure to spend $50 and take advantage of the GSO shipping.
  159. Reel_Newbie

    boat stuff fenders prop lots

    Happen to know if the card works with HDI units ? PM me.
  160. Reel_Newbie

    Gloomy Day 12/1

  161. Reel_Newbie

    Black Friday! Rod discussion 2.0....

    Did he design the UC711?
  162. Reel_Newbie

    New MC Weedless @ SCI 11/08/14

    It can be unsafe to go out in any type of boat.... Pre planning helps lead to smart, safe boating.
  163. Reel_Newbie

    Throwing plastic w/ straight spectra???

    I agree with your comment on hook up ratio regarding leader vs straight, especially in stained water or low light conditions. And yeah, it's much easier to break off 40lb flouro vs 65lb braid when you just can't seem to free the snag.
  164. Reel_Newbie

    Throwing plastic w/ straight spectra???

    The Wall, 30lb minimum if your fishing jagged structure. It's important to inspect the leader every so often due to the abrasive nature of the rocks. After a nasty snag, where you've tugged, pulled, yanked on your lure to free it, cut the end off and retie. Chances are the knot has been exposed...
  165. Reel_Newbie

    LB Wall 11/21

    SD has amazing Bays.
  166. Reel_Newbie


    Nice wall fish!!
  167. Reel_Newbie

    "War On The Wall"

    It'll be a good time! Too bad I can't make it. Enjoy all, and be safe!
  168. Reel_Newbie

    "War On The Wall"

    Shotgun starts for close range fishing are fun!
  169. Reel_Newbie

    "War On The Wall"

    Awesome ...
  170. Reel_Newbie

    Bait pouring stuff dirt cheap.

    How bout 50$..? Just want it out of my garage.
  171. Reel_Newbie

    Renzetti Rod Wrapper

    Thread is almost 4 years old. Would be shocked if it's not sold by now.
  172. Reel_Newbie

    Bait pouring stuff dirt cheap.

    Somebody wants to pour baits.. Come and get this stuff.
  173. Reel_Newbie

    Bait pouring stuff dirt cheap.

    Hahaha.... Jimmy, I fell off the map for a bit.
  174. Reel_Newbie

    Bait pouring stuff dirt cheap.

    Glitters, coloring, Pyrex microwave cups, couple swimbait molds, small microwave, pearl glitters. Dye's and Glitters like new! Everything you need to start pouring your own baits, you'll just need plastic, or you can melt down your old swimbaits. Take it all for 50$...! Text me. Cesar...
  175. Reel_Newbie

    Revo Winch 120$

    Top. Make offers
  176. Reel_Newbie

    Revo Winch 120$

    Anyone? Offers? $90?
  177. Reel_Newbie

    Dobyns 806 HSB Swimbait Rod

    Thanks. Lots of interest, but no one wants to pay $150
  178. Reel_Newbie

    Dobyns 806 HSB Swimbait Rod

    I do believe Dobyns rods are pretty amazing. For it's rating and purpose, it's probably the lightest I've handled, especially considering it's guide train.
  179. Reel_Newbie

    Dobyns 806 HSB Swimbait Rod

    Follow link in first post for more info.
  180. Reel_Newbie

    Revo Winch 120$

    It's a winch, not a toro.
  181. Reel_Newbie

    Dobyns 806 HSB Swimbait Rod

    Maybe you're right. Been getting a ton of extreme lowball offers (more than the norm).
  182. Reel_Newbie

    Dobyns 806 HSB Swimbait Rod

    Very nice sticks. Just thinning the collection to fund other interests.
  183. Reel_Newbie

    Revo Winch 120$

  184. Reel_Newbie

    If you're bored...

  185. Reel_Newbie

    Bass Gear FS/T

    100$ for the PT 300..? Anyone..
  186. Reel_Newbie

    Braid color options...???

    Sufix 832 Neon Lime w/4' or < leader of choice.
  187. Reel_Newbie

    Mohawk Lead Heads and Sea Cobra Swimbaits...

    Amen! Nuff said! Real shit right here! Ceez/War !
  188. Reel_Newbie

    Mohawk Lead Heads and Sea Cobra Swimbaits...

    Trip.... You changed your original post after I asked you what the owner said was "the concept behind these heads".
  189. Reel_Newbie

    WTB: Blanks - Phenix- Seeker- Or?

    Looking for blanks in 7' 6" - 8' Phenix M1/PSW or Seekers in the 10-25lb or 15-30lb range. Or let me know what you have. Oldies and odd balls welcome. Thanks.
  190. Reel_Newbie

    Mohawk Lead Heads and Sea Cobra Swimbaits...

    Just curious, so what did the owner tell you the concept of these heads was?..........?
  191. Reel_Newbie

    Blue Braid ???

  192. Reel_Newbie

    Robalo 206 Cayman

    No clue. But that's a pretty slick lookin' ride tho! Good price too
  193. Reel_Newbie


  194. Reel_Newbie

    SBS Mission Bay Ballast Point

    As always, a great read. You bring a lot to this forum/sport.
  195. Reel_Newbie

    Bass Gear FS/T

    Last call... Shoot offers.
  196. Reel_Newbie

    Bass Gear FS/T

    Up... Anything?
  197. Reel_Newbie

    Sand Bass

    Oh yeah!
  198. Reel_Newbie

    Bass Gear FS/T

    Offer up $$ or trades. :-)
  199. Reel_Newbie

    Bass Gear FS/T

    Only quantum reel and iRod left! Make offers!
  200. Reel_Newbie

    Sewer slugs

  201. Reel_Newbie

    SBS Mission Bay

    Hell yes!
  202. Reel_Newbie

    Wiper lookin' striper

  203. Reel_Newbie

    Bass Gear FS/T

    LAST CALL ON WHATS LEFT. SHOOT ME OFFERS/TRADES. NEED THEM OUT. Quantum IR 300PT 6.4:1 ratio loaded with 65lb Sufix 832. 300 size salt reel in new condtion. 140$ Abu Garcia Revo Winch in good condtion. Sold Shimano Teramar TMC-X711HBRA in great condition. Sold iRod Genesis II Fred's Magic Stick...
  204. Reel_Newbie

    Wall Session 3/15

    Got in a quick wall run with the wifey last tonight. Watched the sun go down (that's the wife part), then pulled decent fish including a near 6lber. Big 5 went 22lbs.
  205. Reel_Newbie

    Leader Knots

    Anybody using this knot? I tend to just go with a uni/uni or Alberto, but this knot is streamline. I just changed the amount of wraps (4 wraps 3 times makes for a tighter knot). Curious if anyone has put it to the test?
  206. Reel_Newbie

    Island Calico Fishing 3/9 and 3/11

    You Lucky "B"..! That's awesome. We're ?
  207. Reel_Newbie

    Wallbang invite (3/14)

    Post up your findings. I'll be out there all night tomorrow.
  208. Reel_Newbie

    Three rods.....

    What BigD said.
  209. Reel_Newbie

    New to pouring...

    Heat both desired colors, pour first color, allow to cool until it will no longer run, pour second color.
  210. Reel_Newbie

    First time at The Wall - Big Success 3/7/14

    Well then, you'll have to join us on a night sess some time. My boats almost always half staffed.
  211. Reel_Newbie

    LB Harbor PB

    Schwing!! Awesome!
  212. Reel_Newbie

    Swimbait Storage

    MIke, yes... My boat is very clean, again....OCD.
  213. Reel_Newbie

    Swimbait Storage

    That confirms my OCD. I have to organize similar to what you all listed above, but I have to store them tails up or I can't sleep at night.
  214. Reel_Newbie

    Swimbait Storage

    So there is no concern of deformed baits?
  215. Reel_Newbie

    Swimbait Storage

    Damn Josh, we should do an island run. Your plastics my boat. :)
  216. Reel_Newbie

    F250/22' Bay Boat Prop

    Bringing this back up. Have been running a 4 blade 14x19 and still seems to hit the rev limiter early although it has great mid range performance. Buying a stainless, and was looking for advise on 3 vs. 4 blade props. I've read all the usual comparisons, but i'd like to hear first hand from...
  217. Reel_Newbie

    Swimbait Storage

    Curious how others store their swimbaits..? You guys ever worry about deformed tails or colors bleeding after prolonged storage?
  218. Reel_Newbie

    New to pouring...

    Same. Microwave, Pyrex, and a heat gun. Larger batches are easier for me to control(ie 3-4oz). For baits that have minimal undercuts, I like the firmer RTV. I also like the firm RTV for weed less style baits with a belly slit. I slit the bottom of the mold and slip in various shapes/sizes of...
  219. Reel_Newbie

    New to pouring...

    Cool. The pours look good. You should try your own shapes, or resin cast a master out of what you already have and reshape it, putting your own twist on it. I haven't poured in monthes. I have tons of dies and glitters just sitting around now...
  220. Reel_Newbie

    New to pouring...

    Who's mold? Did you shape your own?
  221. Reel_Newbie

    FH Show Phenix Blanks (seconds?)

    ^^^ totally helps. Thanks a lot.!
  222. Reel_Newbie

    FH Show Phenix Blanks (seconds?)

    So in passing, I noticed tons of green blanks for sale at the Phenix booth. The not so kind gentleman working the booth told me they were seconds or blems, but no mention of brand or what the blem could be. Can anyone shed some light on this for me? They were priced low, and a few had appealing...
  223. Reel_Newbie

    Pedestal fishing seats.?

    Has a Minn Kota riptide I-pilot. Note the quick detach base at the bow fore of the anchor locker
  224. Reel_Newbie

    Pedestal fishing seats.?

    Ended up with this. I already have a casting/leaning post, this is for sit down fishing. Bass Pro brand, feels good, looks okay, we'll see how well it lasts.
  225. Reel_Newbie

    Any good Center Consoles For sale?

    Whats the Z look like..?
  226. Reel_Newbie

    Boat Question..

    ^Exactly. You can find a lot of boat for 40k in great condition rigged close to what your looking for.
  227. Reel_Newbie

    Boat Question..

    Does it have to be new? And what kind of budget you working with?
  228. Reel_Newbie

    Boat Question..

    Check out the Ranger line of bay boats. Bahia 220 w/150hp is a nice ride...
  229. Reel_Newbie

    Boat Question..

    If money is not an issue... Follow the link below....No T-Top, Add 350HP.. Done.. Oh dreams...
  230. Reel_Newbie

    Boat Question..

    22' BB 2008 Striper when Seaswirl was using the hull. Now the Ranger Bahia 220 uses this platform. It has a cushion package from head to toe. Rides great until swells exceed 4'/10 secs. Then it's a 250hp sheet of plywood.! But it's a blast! Found it on BD used with under 200hrs 80% rigged how...
  231. Reel_Newbie

    Boat Question..

    Was in your position 2 years ago prior to buying my current boat. It came down to use, and we planned on using it for 90% bass fishing and 10% family (non fishing) outings. I found a 22' bay boat. It has a removable full cushion package which makes it a 7 seater with tanning deck :) up front...
  232. Reel_Newbie

    Versatile BaitCasting Reel

    Quantum Iron PT 300
  233. Reel_Newbie

    2/22 - Maiden run to SCI

    Awesome. Curious, what was fuel consumption like?
  234. Reel_Newbie

    2/22 - Maiden run to SCI

    How'd your new rig do?
  235. Reel_Newbie

    Bassin Before Hoopin

    Sweet! And couldn't agree more with cranking for calicos, what a blast.
  236. Reel_Newbie

    LB Harbor Fishing

  237. Reel_Newbie

    Wall 2/22

    I'll be spending the night at the wall. Stop by and say what's up if you're out there.
  238. Reel_Newbie

    9lb calico from the shore, new pb

    Damn dinosaur!
  239. Reel_Newbie

    Pedestal fishing seats.?

    Refitting my boat with new fishing seats. What are you guys using, where did you buy them? Thanks !
  240. Reel_Newbie

    Spotties mission and SD bay 2/1

    Good job! Sounds like you had a family fun time.
  241. Reel_Newbie

    Lews BB1 Inshore

    Best small reels made! Bump fur ya.
  242. Reel_Newbie

    wall bassin.

    We've been boarded three times in two years. But as long as everything checks out, they pretty much send you on your way.
  243. Reel_Newbie

    Which Rod for Revo Inshore?

    I've been very pleased with the ISP 807. Great for more than weedless baits.
  244. Reel_Newbie

    wall bassin.

    Wall was good last night. Fished it till 6am this morning. Pulled lots of the usual smallies, but managed a few 3lbers as well. Followed the typical routine starting at Angels Gate working back. I usually start with small swim baits (6") and work up or down from there. Anything dark but prefer...
  245. Reel_Newbie

    anybody have a used curado 200e5?

    Got a used like new Gen2 Revo Winch. PM me if interested.
  246. Reel_Newbie

    Phenix M1 Inshore 77MH

    Nice Jimmy! Great blank too!
  247. Reel_Newbie

    22" Wall Calico

    Nice wall fish
  248. Reel_Newbie

    (Video) November Largemouth Slaying

    Nice..! wish I had that kind of green bass skill
  249. Reel_Newbie

    New weedless BP Swimbait

    Top shelf !
  250. Reel_Newbie

    Catalina Island Calico Bass Fishing Video

    Short and sweet! nice work
  251. Reel_Newbie

    new to spotties

    D Shad.
  252. Reel_Newbie

    WTB Kayak ?

    Yup. PM me for info.
  253. Reel_Newbie

    WTB Kayak ?

    Thanks. I was kinda hoping for something used, but even then they can be pricey. Just a PITA taking the boats out sometimes. tried CL too with no luck.
  254. Reel_Newbie

    WTB Kayak ?

    Maybe this is the wrong place for this. Looking for an entry level kayak. No frills in the 200$ range. PM me. Thanks
  255. Reel_Newbie

    New To Kayak's...Looking for a cheap starter.

    Looking to try kayak fishing mainly in harbors only (PITA taking the boat every time). So if you have one you'de like to sell, or trade for tackle, or can direct me to a good starter at a decent price.. let me know. Thanks guys.!
  256. Reel_Newbie

    Malibu Kayaks Factory Parking lot sale

    Any Mini-X's left?
  257. Reel_Newbie

    Looking for a freshwater jerkbait rod.

    Got one. Thanks all.
  258. Reel_Newbie

    Tackle Talk - Weedless

  259. Reel_Newbie


    If I only had one, that would be the one! nice bro!
  260. Reel_Newbie

    Anyone hittin the wall tonight 8/23

    Fished big baits for nothing. Switched to 5's and pulled dinks all night. Biggest went 2.5lbs. Fish count was prob 30, but again, nothing big.
  261. Reel_Newbie

    Shimano Crucial Swimbait sell/trade

    Bring trades. Open to anything bass related.
  262. Reel_Newbie

    Shimano Crucial Swimbait sell/trade

    In like new condition. Shimano Crucial Swimbait heavy. I have far to many swimbait sticks. 100$ or trade for a lighter bass stick in the 7' range such as a Powell or Phenix. Let me know what you have. text 949-254-5092
  263. Reel_Newbie

    Anyone hittin the wall tonight 8/23

    Anyone gonna be out there?
  264. Reel_Newbie

    Wall Bassin

    what time and where?
  265. Reel_Newbie

    Wall Bassin

    Might be out there Friday into Saturday this weekend.
  266. Reel_Newbie

    Wall Bassin

    Trip. I was there Saturday into Sunday as well. Only saw one other boat, must have been you guys. Wife and I managed our fair share of bass with a few in the 3's and a good balance of 2's. And yeah, water was cooler and the 10 minute ride back to Huntington at 4am was chilly. Hit me up next...
  267. Reel_Newbie

    7/12 Break Wall

  268. Reel_Newbie

    First wall trip

    Ceez as in short for Cesar. Different guy different boat, mines not for sale. Yeah good time for sure. And conditions look equally as good this weekend!
  269. Reel_Newbie


    Yup, it's been on fire lately. Good job!
  270. Reel_Newbie

    Phenix M1 Inshore

    Try performance tackle or the long fin on orange
  271. Reel_Newbie

    Selling our 2001 Boston Whaler 130 Sport (LOADED)

    Well Matt, here's the crazy.... For a minute I was really considering down sizing, but I just can't let my rig go.
  272. Reel_Newbie

    Phenix M1 Inshore

    I'm selling mine. Both of um
  273. Reel_Newbie

    Phenix M1 Inshore

    It's a 7'7" ML Fast 1-3oz 10-25lb. I fell in love with the light feel, with plenty of bone.
  274. Reel_Newbie

    Phenix M1 Inshore

    It's an inshore version. I abused it as much as possible in one session. Great stick and I'm not all that worried about the single foots.
  275. Reel_Newbie

    Daughters first sand bass!

    How do I join DADD....?
  276. Reel_Newbie

    Wall PB...!

    7" in a kinda dark days pattern
  277. Reel_Newbie

    Daughters first sand bass!

    That's awesome!
  278. Reel_Newbie

    Wall PB...!

    Home brews.
  279. Reel_Newbie

    Wall PB...!

    Haven't had alot of time to get out with a newborn at home, but was able to sneak in a midnight wall session this weekend. Good bite with lots of 1-2's, a few 3's and my wall PB at a hair over 6lbs. Stoked!Pictures aren't the greatest, had to use the gopro as I was solo.
  280. Reel_Newbie

    Phenix M1 Inshore

    I fished the 7'7" and the 7'11" (small bait, big bait) M1's this weekend and they are a joy to use. These ended up being the only two rods I reached for all night. My only issue... The handle on the 7'7" could be a couple inches shorter (I'll be fixing that). Regardless, I pulled a 6lb Calico...
  281. Reel_Newbie

    Fishing the Long Beach Breakwall

    Gonna pull an all nighter there on Saturday.
  282. Reel_Newbie

    Swimbait rod build

    All good suggestions. I've built or fished most of the above, and lately I've been reaching for the teramar 711's for the bigger baits and bama rigs in drinking water. Just picked up an M1 with similar specs, but haven't had a chance to drive it yet.
  283. Reel_Newbie

    Calcutta TE 50 GT sell/trade for Lexa 300

    Sorry all, I'd rather not ship.
  284. Reel_Newbie

    Phenix M1 Inshore

    Picked one up today, feels similar to the new teramar line-up, can't wait to put it to work.
  285. Reel_Newbie

    WTB: Shimano Calcutta 50B

    Got a TE50GT in great shape willing to sell it. PM if interested.
  286. Reel_Newbie

    Calico Bass

    Damiki what?
  287. Reel_Newbie

    Big Game Hunting

    Going soon. Nice work!
  288. Reel_Newbie

    "NEW" Abu Garcia Revo RVO3 Inshore

    Let me have one! I'll give 5 free fishing trips.:hali_olutta:
  289. Reel_Newbie

    Mucho Gear - Outriggers, Prop, Wheel, More

    Interested in the prop. Is there a stamped model number anywhere on it?
  290. Reel_Newbie

    13 fishing rods?

    No shit? Keep me in the loop.
  291. Reel_Newbie

    13 fishing rods?

    Oh boy. Two of my favorites! Your gonna love feeling every lil tick!
  292. Reel_Newbie

    Minn Kota Riptide ST Steering Bearings

    With nothing to lose, I decided to fix it myself. A new steering unit ran $180 and I've already removed the old unit. Keeping my fingers crossed that it goes together as easy as it came apart.
  293. Reel_Newbie

    New to Pouring....Field Tested Results...Thrilled!

    Started molding and pouring my own baits to pass time while we were expecting my third child. (couldn't get the boat out, so I played with plastic). With alot of help from BD, and even more help from BP, things came together thru lots of trial/error. Tried 60/40 Lurecraft and Caney Creek...
  294. Reel_Newbie


    You keep all your rods in the bathroom? Bump for a sweet stick.
  295. Reel_Newbie

    Reebs lures

    Alex, grab me a few while your there.
  296. Reel_Newbie

    Mirage 17P

  297. Reel_Newbie

    anaheim bay friday

    That's awesome. Last time I kinda fished in that general area I got 12 Spotties and a 290$ ticket. Pretty cool to put out an open invitation. Those spotties love big baits. Browns or Atomic Punk.
  298. Reel_Newbie


    Dang, did you eat all those?
  299. Reel_Newbie

    New to lure making

    Hobby Lobby has RTV in one pound kits. Use your smart phone and search for coupons, they always have a 40% off of one item just show them the coupon. it'll be about 20$.
  300. Reel_Newbie

    The New Furuno Combo's GP1870f now out

    So many new units to choose from...
  301. Reel_Newbie

    catalina new pb calico

  302. Reel_Newbie

    F250/22' Bay Boat Prop

    I looked for the typical stamp marking in the typical location and couldn't find it.
  303. Reel_Newbie

    Local Pond Putting Out Pre-Spawners

    Took the kids to the local fishing hole........pre-spawn hunting....found'em...along with tons of 1lbers. The biggin's all came via SPRO baby shad slow rolled low.
  304. Reel_Newbie

    F250/22' Bay Boat Prop

    Thanks Rob!
  305. Reel_Newbie

    F250/22' Bay Boat Prop

  306. Reel_Newbie

    Raymarine DragonFly..$650 CHIRP

    Let us know how it works.
  307. Reel_Newbie

    Good boat for calico bass/large mouth

    Any center console will do the job, but I prefer something with low freeboard and no rails. Bay boats work in the SD and Vegas CL adds. I've seen a few nice bay boats selling in the last few months.
  308. Reel_Newbie

    '66 Whaler 16' - Rebuild on a Budget

    Sammy in the back ground....fab skills....=you used to build crawlers huh? Pirate4x4? Love how you fabbed your own rails and holders. Nice work! I'd drop the holders to the sides, probably won't lose a whole lot of walking space.
  309. Reel_Newbie

    F250/22' Bay Boat Prop

    Had a 14x19 and tached out in seconds. Currently using a loaner High5 of unknown pitch and hits 5800rpm/58mph at WOT. Need to give the loaner back and am looking for advise on size/pitch for a new prop. Would a 3 blade 14x21 fit my needs? Thanks.
  310. Reel_Newbie

    Tiller Control VS I-Pilot

    Faced with having to buy a new trolling motor. Currently have an ST w/I-Pilot. Anyone with experience with tiller controlled TM's, please provide some pros and cons. Thanks guys.
  311. Reel_Newbie

    Raymarine DragonFly..$650 CHIRP

    Anybody use this yet? In the market and this fits.
  312. Reel_Newbie

    Swimbaits don't work

  313. Reel_Newbie

    Minn Kota Riptide ST Steering Bearings

    Not what I wanted to hear, but definitely what I needed to know. Mine is not only loud, but will also completely freeze up if not kept heavily lubricated. Thanks Erik!
  314. Reel_Newbie

    The Ike gone off roading

  315. Reel_Newbie

    Minn Kota Riptide ST Steering Bearings

    The steering bearings are shoot in my Riptide. Called Minn Kota and was informed that they cannot be replaced. Can anyone confirm this? Can they be replaced, or am I looking at buying a new steering unit? Thanks All!
  316. Reel_Newbie

    The Ike gone off roading

    Shallow water anchors.
  317. Reel_Newbie

    March so far(Video)

    Sweet water.
  318. Reel_Newbie


    Dope as usual.
  319. Reel_Newbie

    New Bait in Da Works

    ^^ I did the same thing on 2 molds. Cost be 40$ on wasted rtv. I spoke to BP for 10 mins one day and learned more about making swimbaits than I've read in the previous month.
  320. Reel_Newbie

    LB Wall

    I heart the wall!
  321. Reel_Newbie

    Lowrance Elite 7 or ??

    The dragonfly is impressive.
  322. Reel_Newbie

    Lowrance Elite 7 or ??

    Looking to buy a new unit and the price tag on the Elite 7 has me intrigued. I already have a P66 mounted which was for a Garmin 545s. Few questions: Can/will the P66 plug into the Elite 7 with some sort of adapter? Will the dual imaging work with a P66? Are there other units I should...
  323. Reel_Newbie

    Punching for saltwater bass

    ^^^^good stuff !
  324. Reel_Newbie

    Where to buy plastic molds

    Yup, I get all my goodies from LureCraft.
  325. Reel_Newbie

    Bay Boats

    That Blazer makes me want to down size. ! :confused:
  326. Reel_Newbie

    New Daiwa Lexa 100H & Lews TS1SH Speed Spool

    Smokin' deals. That Lews is top notch !
  327. Reel_Newbie

    Bay Boats

    Nice Pathfinder! Strange how my boat and the Bahia share the same hull, yet have such different power ratings.??? Makes me a bit nervous now.
  328. Reel_Newbie

    New Weedless Head! Pic Heavy!!

    Looks like my high school ceramics teacher! I like it.
  329. Reel_Newbie

    Bay Boats

    This spring will be the first time. I couldn't do 60 the whole way tho, that's at WOT. Planning to invest in a prop this year, something that will provide a happy medium.
  330. Reel_Newbie

    Check my First Youtube Video!

    ^^^^^^ Hater.
  331. Reel_Newbie

    Bay Boats

    Very good info on "Bay Boats". Mine is an 08 Striper BB 22, (Hull is used now on the Ranger Bahia 220 Evan mentioned above.). 60mph in nice weather, 25 in the slop. This one is powered by a Yamaha 250 (bit over-powered......okay, alot over powered). Been caught in tight 4'ers and shit wind...
  332. Reel_Newbie

    Tough post-frontal and cold DVL!!! (Video)

    Sick. Nice sled too!
  333. Reel_Newbie

    New Spinnerbaits

    Orange and black and orange and green are killer! Nice work brah!
  334. Reel_Newbie


    Yep. They get it done, and for the price it's a great deal. I used mine for throwing big Z Plugs and heavy headed swimbaits. Had some issues with the epoxy around the guides, but Okuma is in my backyard and warranty is top notch.
  335. Reel_Newbie

    Smaller Creature bait in the works

    The Gernade! Like it BP.
  336. Reel_Newbie

    New 7.5 inch carving

    Damn sweet !
  337. Reel_Newbie

    Need some work boots.

    Been wearing Redwings since 2002. You cannot go wrong !
  338. Reel_Newbie

    More Octopus type lures

    Freaky lil bastards, I like the big eye look. Post up how they work.
  339. Reel_Newbie

    Squid Grub Proto types in the works

    Talent! Not just carving, but also imagining. Great work!
  340. Reel_Newbie

    Phenix Black Diamond PSW760M

    Superb as usual.
  341. Reel_Newbie

    Tuna wet dreams

    Nice perspective.
  342. Reel_Newbie

    Carving is ready for silicone

    Top notch work Frank!
  343. Reel_Newbie

    Made my own WaxWing

    That's awesome.! It gave you something to do for 8 hours. Sure, you may be able to buy them, but building/making your own shit is a blast and very rewarding. I build my own rods and now I'm pouring my own baits, and no, it doesn't save me any money, but that's not the point. "An idle mind...
  344. Reel_Newbie

    1/25 Rainy Ninja Session in LB

    So Ninja. Looks like fun.
  345. Reel_Newbie

    First Plastic

    Thanks Frank! Notes taken.
  346. Reel_Newbie

    Los Alamitos Bay

  347. Reel_Newbie

    Fishing PV 1/20-1/21 *Video*

    2 thumbs up!
  348. Reel_Newbie

    What are good crank baits for calicos ,sand bass and spotties

    Norman DD crankbaits. DD22 along the wall is killer.
  349. Reel_Newbie

    New Weave Of "Homer Simpson"

    Every bit as good as Sexy Marge!
  350. Reel_Newbie

    Yamaha Service in the Inland Empire

    Looking for a good shop in the IE. Thanks in advance.
  351. Reel_Newbie

    The Calico Syndicate - The Movie part of F3T

    That was a sick lil teaser!
  352. Reel_Newbie

    SBS-Great Day

    So awesome Matt! Congrats to you guys! Feeling must be out of this world!
  353. Reel_Newbie

    First Plastic

    Since it's been cold and my boat needs a service, I decided to pass time by building a few rods and "trying" to make my own swimbaits. This is the first master and I can say it's almost as fun as building rods. Still gotta make a few more variations to pour at least a 3-4 cavity mold. Thanks...
  354. Reel_Newbie

    Weave/Tiger Wrap

    Flawless work.
  355. Reel_Newbie

    Axis Layout

    Jim- Thanks for posting the dragon scale link!
  356. Reel_Newbie

    5.5 inch big hammer swimbaits

    Tackle Warehouse has them, not all the colors in 5.5", but they have the basics covered.
  357. Reel_Newbie

    Long Beach Night

    Nice report. The wall is fun any time of the year.!! Looks like all your bigger fish were sandies? No big cali's? Also, when is the Citrix 300 "black knight" slated for release to the public?
  358. Reel_Newbie

    Swimbait Mold Blanks

    I meant the master of which the molds are created. Sorry, should have been more clear.
  359. Reel_Newbie


    Lurecraft 548?
  360. Reel_Newbie

    Swimbait Mold Blanks

    What are you guys using to create/shape your blanks for casting molds?
  361. Reel_Newbie

    Tarpon goes fishing and catches a man

    Fawking lame!
  362. Reel_Newbie


    For those who pour their own swimbaits, what brand plastic are you using?
  363. Reel_Newbie

    13 fishing rods?

    I have one, 7'3" medium heavy. Well worth the money. They are very light rods, the guides seem to be holding up well after several months of abuse, and the unique reel seat feels nice with no exposed threads. The only issue I have had, is the hook keeper, it began rusting almost immediately...
  364. Reel_Newbie

    Sexy Marge Simpson Weave.

    Wow. I've always had a crush on her! Great work.
  365. Reel_Newbie

    Bad ass right here!

    Ghost Perk.
  366. Reel_Newbie

    Raffle Rod

    This shit is gansta.
  367. Reel_Newbie

    Post up pics of your 4x4 rig

    My other passion! 85 Toy with all the fixins'. Took me a year to build.
  368. Reel_Newbie

    Easy to build rod

    Baddass old timers gettin' it done!
  369. Reel_Newbie

    Rod Warnings. Cancer and lightning

    Capt. G, would that be your GTR? Trade you my boat and limb of your choice for it? OP- It's also stated that hooks are sharp. Just a CYA sticker.
  370. Reel_Newbie

    Big Hammer Cedros Trip

    GPS...or...Cedros.............GPS...or...Cedros.... Damn, I better start saving now.
  371. Reel_Newbie

    What is your favorite braided line?

    Lime Green 832
  372. Reel_Newbie

    Blue camo/tiger/dragon

    Off the hook! Beautiful choice of colors.
  373. Reel_Newbie

    Build #3

    By "Build #3", you mean 3 dozen right?.. Great work Nemo!
  374. Reel_Newbie

    Has anyone seen the new Teramar's?

    Split EVA. Google it. I think these have a better "in your hands feel", but that's just me. I like thin grips and long handles.
  375. Reel_Newbie

    Has anyone seen the new Teramar's?

    Have one. Fished it hard last weekend. Up-locking trigger seat with no exposed threads. Feels like a teramar, I have the 7-11 H and threw down to 3/4 oz with it and up to 3.5 oz. First factory wrapped rod I've purchased in a while. Not a huge fan of the guides, but it's a decent rod.
  376. Reel_Newbie

    Phenix PSW 760ML

  377. Reel_Newbie

    Ballast Point COC Recap

    Great re-caps guys!
  378. Reel_Newbie

    quantum reels

    Bass Pro, cuz it's within walking distance.
  379. Reel_Newbie

    COC Conditions & Roll Over

    So I followed both days of live weigh in for the SWBA COC. Noticed yesterday at the end of weigh ins, not all boats had reported, or may have reported late and day two bags had not been posted. Late last night my wife woke me up to read a FaceBook post from Bass Knuckles stating that there had...
  380. Reel_Newbie

    glow in the dark jig stick

    1 black pyramid.........dark side of the moon.........old album covers......... Sweet stick!
  381. Reel_Newbie

    Baitcasters...Paddle habdle or Power handle?

    Paddle. Cuz 2 knobs are better than one.
  382. Reel_Newbie


  383. Reel_Newbie

    quantum reels

    Held it. It feels like any good reel should. Bit pricey tho.
  384. Reel_Newbie

    A day in the bay (video)

    Alawys fun to watch videos.
  385. Reel_Newbie

    What are your goals for 2013??

    Fish more tournaments.
  386. Reel_Newbie

    Up-locking trigger seat?

    I guess these seats or something similar are not available for purchase.
  387. Reel_Newbie

    quantum reels

    My bro-in-law has fished the old Accurist in salt for ~ 6 monthes with no issues to date. He does rinse after every use. I've fished his set-up and can say that the flippin' switch is always left in the off position, although it may come in handy around docks. In that same (or close) price...
  388. Reel_Newbie

    My Rod .

    Nice cooler combos.
  389. Reel_Newbie

    warbit compilation video

    Nice vid! Eye spy sexy shad.
  390. Reel_Newbie

    Anyone fish the new Teramar line-up yet?

    Bottom of the grip will be etched with it's "technique specific" badge.
  391. Reel_Newbie

    Anyone fish the new Teramar line-up yet?

    I understand that the blanks are still TC4, but I was under the impression that the actions have changed. I've owned the earlier model Teramars, so if these are alike in action, that answers my question.
  392. Reel_Newbie

    Anyone fish the new Teramar line-up yet?

    If you've fished the new WC Teramar series with the split grip and up-locking reel seat, please provide opinions on the action/actions. It's been a while since I've purchased a factory rod, and these are at the top of the list followed closely by the Abu Volatile. Thanks.
  393. Reel_Newbie

    San Diego Bay Slay (Video)

    Spinning gear and cigarettes. Love it. Nice vid gents!
  394. Reel_Newbie

    Up-locking trigger seat?

    The seats in mind are what Shimano is currently using on many of there 2013 line-up (and some of their previous rods). The thread is in the rear grip and the trigger/hood are floating.
  395. Reel_Newbie

    Chatterbait spotties could it be?!?

    Yup.. Gold blade with chart head and white/chart skirt no trailer. Scroungers work awesome too, large bill with white/chart skirt and 4" atomic punk as a trailer.
  396. Reel_Newbie

    Maylasian Shimanos !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow, all four units went bad? Same issues with all four? Was it the spool bearings?
  397. Reel_Newbie

    Garmin 541s Freezes

    Checked it, even by-passed the fuse and still nothing.
  398. Reel_Newbie

    Garmin 541s Freezes

    Upon further review, the unit is a 546s. I loaded the most current software on an sd card and was able to install it, but the unit shut off and now no longer powers up. I'm planning on sending the unit to garmin, and hopefully it's a cheap, simple fix. Also after spending many hours reading, I'm...
  399. Reel_Newbie

    Acid Rod Rocks

    You mean you were not allowed to take a quick look...before it was wrapped....? Awesome gift....and yeah, Acid is great.
  400. Reel_Newbie

    Garmin 541s Freezes

    It's in the works partner, but we must limp along with what I have for the time being (or at least until March after the baby is born)......................."Well babe, we really needed a nice touch screen, cuz you don't want to get lost do you?) Yeah, maybe I'll let you explain it.LOL
  401. Reel_Newbie

    Garmin 541s Freezes

    Well, went out last weekend for a midnight run and realized that the plotter stopped working as soon as we left the harbor. Now it freezes on start-up and won't get past the first screen. Any idea what it could be? Thanks.
  402. Reel_Newbie

    one for the old lady

    Clean work. I gotta ask, what's the Rubatex for?
  403. Reel_Newbie

    Up-locking trigger seat?

    Are there any current manufactures that offer up-locking trigger seats similar to what's found on the Shimano crucial and teramar rods? These style seats are by far more comfortable to me. I tried making my own and failed. Would seem like there may be a market for up-locking triggers?
  404. Reel_Newbie

    a few phenixs out the door

    Clean as always. What guides are on the 10-30lb rod?
  405. Reel_Newbie

    set of black and whites

    Your builds are always ultra clean and very consistant. Well done.
  406. Reel_Newbie

    Curado 300 DSV NIB

    Thanks Alex. Keep me in mind.
  407. Reel_Newbie

    Curado 300 DSV NIB

    Alex, cash offers??? PM Sent.
  408. Reel_Newbie

    acid wrapping help

    Now that is a rainbow bend.
  409. Reel_Newbie

    Another Ultralight

    Sick lil whip for sure! Get him hooked on a spottie, would be a blast on that rod.
  410. Reel_Newbie

    Phenix M1's

    Sweet Jimmy!
  411. Reel_Newbie

    Tackle Industries XH Muskie Rod

    Thanks Jeremy! I got it 4 times, and read it 4 times. Very helpful. I'll be building one soon as the inshore bite has gone a bit deeper and the jigs are getting a bit heavier.
  412. Reel_Newbie

    Tackle Industries XH Muskie Rod

    Thanks Jeremy! PM Sent
  413. Reel_Newbie

    Tackle Industries XH Muskie Rod

    X2 Also searched on the blank, awsome ratings! Have you tried working oversized swimbaits with these blanks?
  414. Reel_Newbie

    REELS for SALE

    What's still available?
  415. Reel_Newbie

    Rainshadow Inshore Rod & Curado 200G7

    It may be a CB80H. Does it have a moderate fast action?
  416. Reel_Newbie

    Capt G- Need your advice

    Nacho, let me know when you plan to go hit the green bass. If it's local, we can tandem boat.
  417. Reel_Newbie

    Wallbanger this saturday

    Frank, 59th minute change of plans. I even spent 15 hours fishing the wall last weekend planning for yesterday. I'm totaly bummed I didn't make it. Hope it was good times for all who made it!
  418. Reel_Newbie

    Ci4 VS. Revo Inshore Spinning

    Quick question, I'm building an Inshore/Calico spinning rod, can the Ci4 handle the rigors of inshore salt fishing? or should I be looking at the Revo Inshore? Thanks in advance.
  419. Reel_Newbie

    Wallbanger this saturday

    Can someone post top bag weight results? Thanks
  420. Reel_Newbie

    Built my first rod

    That's an awesome first build!
  421. Reel_Newbie

    Light bait baitcaster

    Found it on craiglist in Orange county. Gentleman was asking $170, but said if I took the the drive (45mins for me) he would do it for $140, so I did it. Reel is amazing, had the chance to throw weightless Super Flukes and a variety of 1/4" Warbaits with 3" plastics with it yesterday. Great lil...
  422. Reel_Newbie

    Light bait baitcaster

    Ended up buying a mint TE 50GT for $140. Paired it with a Phenix UMBX 700l.
  423. Reel_Newbie

    Light bait baitcaster

    I can't seem to get mine dialed in. Are all your brakes closed?
  424. Reel_Newbie

    11/26 Winter Days

    Nice! I need to take a trip down south and enjoy what SD has to offer.
  425. Reel_Newbie

    Light bait baitcaster

    Hey Frank! how you been? For some reason, I can't seem to get any of my Lews to toss light baits (less than 3/8). I've been real tempted to invest in a $300 dollar Lews Team Pro because of the reduced capacity thinking that it will provide less mass and less start up inertia. I'm probably way...
  426. Reel_Newbie

    Light bait baitcaster

    Looking for advise on a light bait throwing baitcaster. 1/8-1/2 lures is what I'm planning on throwing with this set-up. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks
  427. Reel_Newbie

    No name bass stick

    Lovin' the tiger colors!
  428. Reel_Newbie

    12 Spotties + A ticket in 45mins in HB

    Wall was the norm, although last Saturday at grey light the southern most point was stellar for about an hour of non-stop 2-3lbers with the biggest nearing 4lbs. All caught on brown baits.
  429. Reel_Newbie

    12 Spotties + A ticket in 45mins in HB

    Thanks, I'll take all the luck I can get.
  430. Reel_Newbie

    12 Spotties + A ticket in 45mins in HB

    Thats not me. Funny tho!
  431. Reel_Newbie

    12 Spotties + A ticket in 45mins in HB

    Well, few weeks ago my partner and I were on our way back into Anaheim Bay from a midnight LB Wall session. It was about 9am when we arrived to the area in fornt of the Naval Dock. As we all know, this is a NO stopping zone, but being ritual, we slowed the boat down to an idle speed and began...
  432. Reel_Newbie

    Murder in Downey

    Dammit Jimmy!Lovin' the style! I think you have produced some of the (if not the best) looking murdered rods ever. Clean lines and a touch of character in every rod. "The Wiseguy Murdered Collection"
  433. Reel_Newbie


  434. Reel_Newbie

    Need new bass rigs

    I own an Ardent Inshore Pro, and unfortunately, it does not compare to a Curado or Revo (or Lews for that matter). Spool release is sloppy, spool engage, at times, takes almost a full crank. Palm side cover seals poorly and even after fresh flushing everytime it shows signs of corrosion. The...
  435. Reel_Newbie

    Low Profile Reel?

    If your asking about the 5.4:1 ratio, I have that in TS1S model and absolutely love it! Pulled many fish from deep with it. I also reserve it for beginners on the boat as it casts great and very forgiving. At the price point, it simply cannot be beat both in performance and longevity.
  436. Reel_Newbie

    Pro Staff Needed

    Those at DVL or even The Wood!! Striper frenzy! Okuma decal colors match my hull color.LOL . And I live in the 909...
  437. Reel_Newbie

    L.A. Area beaches near 10fwy I can hit before/after work.?.?

    Perfect! C-Rig grubs or camo worms? Thanks
  438. Reel_Newbie

    L.A. Area beaches near 10fwy I can hit before/after work.?.?

    Advise on productive L.A. beaches near 10 fwy. Looking for a quick get away spot I can hit before/after work. Thanks.
  439. Reel_Newbie

    Need help choosing a rod

    Tuff to choose just one rod to cover all three species, but the 707h will get you where you wanna go.
  440. Reel_Newbie

    Spotty Montage

    Great work!
  441. Reel_Newbie

    Newport Harbor?

    I'm not sure what "Internet scouting" is? EDIT: got it? Being that you have been a member since 09, and have contributed heavily to this site, I'll take your words as gospel.
  442. Reel_Newbie

    Newport Harbor?

    Thanks for your input, although not very constructive, I'll take it with a grain of salt. My question wasn't "I don't want to hunt, lead me to an exact GPS fix on fish". I was simply looking for "productive" areas and help from other anglers with more experience fishing NPH. I don't know...
  443. Reel_Newbie

    Newport Harbor?

    Two questions regarding Newport Harbor. #1.Where to launch that will put us close to question #2? #2. Productive areas for Spottie fishing? Thanks guys. Just don't want to spend alot of time hunting.
  444. Reel_Newbie

    Spotted bay bass san Pedro/La harbor

    In my observations, it DOES slow down during the hot, high sun days. We usually hit the wall in the early evening into night, or night into grey light. Before and after these hours, we'll typicaly hit PV or Fermin. The wall as on our run back to Anaheim Bay. (which by the way, spotties have been...
  445. Reel_Newbie

    Spotted bay bass san Pedro/La harbor

    The Wall: For me, is hit and miss, but I do fish it hard 4-5hrs a week. My routine. Start at Queens Gate, inside, south (towards to bait barge) of the opening about 75 yds. Troll about 50' from the wall and cast at an approx 45* angle ahead of the boat. Bounce the bait off every rock until I...
  446. Reel_Newbie

    Low Profile Reel?

    Lews! I own or have fished all the major brands, and my Lews have never let me down. My Lews tourney Speed Spool has been salt abused since last year and my brother-in-law decided to submerge it in salt water this weekend. Broke it down and had zero issues. They cast great, very smooth...
  447. Reel_Newbie

    Phenix swimbait

  448. Reel_Newbie

    Slow as hell but I finally got a fish on plastics!!!

    Cool bro! There is nothing like getting into a good plastic bite.
  449. Reel_Newbie

    Hi Gear Ratios. . .

    There is a HUGE difference. Try running a crank with a 7:1 ratio. You'll feel it. I do mostly salty bass fishin and always have a wide ratio variety on board, from the 5's to the 7:1's. The 5's help me calm my presentation when slow rolling a big Viejos. I use them for deeper waters, big...
  450. Reel_Newbie

    Shikari SHX PP7000 Custom

    Nice Jimmy! Where do you come up with all these Shikari blanks?
  451. Reel_Newbie

    Boiling schoolies fun(Video)

    Nice boat brah!
  452. Reel_Newbie

    Are the fish really ever just not biting?

    Good read as always.
  453. Reel_Newbie

    Revo Inshore vs Okuma Helios

    Deckers boat is sick!
  454. Reel_Newbie

    Phenix Trailer Stolen

    Damn low lifes. Was it loaded? If so, keep an eye out for market flood of Phenix products here and in other regions. Maybe the shit can be tracked back.
  455. Reel_Newbie

    Get Rid of the Small Rust Stains

    What are you guys using to remove small rust stains from your fiberglass/gelgoat? I've small spots/stains near the cleats and button snaps.
  456. Reel_Newbie

    Just for kicks(VIDEO)

    No rod and reel required! Great vid.
  457. Reel_Newbie

    Revo Inshore vs Okuma Helios

    Held a Lexa yesterday and I must say, it does have a nice feel. Handle has a nice balance and it palms easy. I may pick one up for PV this weekend.
  458. Reel_Newbie

    Revo Inshore vs Okuma Helios

    Lews, because they're simply amazing. Over these two, the Revo Inshore takes the cake. Mine is floating somewhere in long beach, so I replaced it with a Revo Winch. Also an amazing real.
  459. Reel_Newbie

    First Build

    Damn! Looks amazing 1st or 101st.
  460. Reel_Newbie

    It's not gay, it's for a girl

    Are you kidding! Pink is the new black! I'd fish it. Great work Bill. I must go wipe now.
  461. Reel_Newbie

    Summertime Green Bass

    :smoking33: 2 thumbs ^
  462. Reel_Newbie

    1.5 hours in the boat after work in Newport Harbor

    Nothing helps wash down a bad day at work like fishing. (maybe sex is better, but, fishing is a close second) I'll take 1.5 hours of fishing any day!
  463. Reel_Newbie

    #5 ISB822.5 "Bare Bones" the spinning twin

    Just to follow up, I pulled a 4.5lb greenie last night with this blank. I love it for the finesse work.
  464. Reel_Newbie

    Rogue RX9012-2 Spinning Stik

    Looks familiar. I like it.
  465. Reel_Newbie

    I hate surf rods.....

    Sick work for not being all that into it.
  466. Reel_Newbie

    Where can I purchase this handle grip...?

    That's one of my builds. It's X-Flock over graphite arbor shaped to a comfortable diameter.
  467. Reel_Newbie


    Good thing!
  468. Reel_Newbie

    New camo EVA and HVA

    Damn. Guess I'll keep building rods without grips. :picknose:
  469. Reel_Newbie

    New camo EVA and HVA

    I'm goin 2maro. Thanks 4 posting.
  470. Reel_Newbie

    #5 ISB822.5 "Bare Bones" the spinning twin

    My shaved butt rocks when held firmly against ones chest! On spinning tackle, I hold the rod in front of the reels mounting leg. Index finger points toward the tip resting on the blank, pinky against the reel leg. This seat is designed to mount this way, it still seems popular in Europe for...
  471. Reel_Newbie

    Sight fishing for spotties.

    What a blast!
  472. Reel_Newbie

    #5 ISB822.5 "Bare Bones" the spinning twin

    So I enjoyed my first bare bones rod so much, that I built a spinner to match. This time I turned the rubber butt down to almost nothing in order to balance the rod. RX7 ISB822.5 Old school Fuji seat (it's comfortable) Fuji guides Charcoal Gudebrod And The Polished Rubber Butt shaved to minimum
  473. Reel_Newbie

    The Heavy Yelow Gorilla 80 lbs

    Very classy looking rod. BTW: Brasil is beautiful. I have alot of family there. Cheers!:hali_olutta:
  474. Reel_Newbie

    Couple of latest projects

    Awesome work!
  475. Reel_Newbie

    Good low profile reel?

    Lews..Lews..Lews! In my opinion, out perform both the Revo and Curado. I've had them all and the Lews is my go to!
  476. Reel_Newbie

    Shikari IMB705 Murdered

    LOVE IT JIMMY! Black and never look back. Polished Butt looks amazing too!
  477. Reel_Newbie

    3 more United Composites

    Damn you and your perfect work! You really crank them out and still keep it as clean as it gets.
  478. Reel_Newbie

    First Post in Awhile..........

    Amazing. Love the colors!
  479. Reel_Newbie

    Midnight oil and 2nd try

    Polished Rubber Butt was me. Thanks for the props.. And, you did a great job of it. Sweet lines!
  480. Reel_Newbie

    (Video) Back to my roots, Bay Bass, not green ones...

    By far my favorite bass to hunt! Nicely done my friend.
  481. Reel_Newbie


  482. Reel_Newbie

    Alps Reel seat sizing

    The "14" refers to the I.D. of the seat. Best thing to do is purchase your blank and measure blank diameter in the area your seat will mount. If you've got 14mm or less, your good to go. By your description of tackle used, I'm assuming you'll be fine. 14mm = 9/16" or .551", so if your blank...
  483. Reel_Newbie

    Eva grip CAMO Three colors/patterns to choose from.
  484. Reel_Newbie

    Where do you guys buy supplies?

    AcidRod... I like to walk in and touch things before I buy them. Ebay... Because sometimes there's weird stuff to be had. Cabelas...Because my employer gives us gift cards every 3 months.
  485. Reel_Newbie

    Jaws 81020 8' 10-20# Acid Wrapped Apls seat/guides Flock grips

    I'll keep it mind. Thanks Jimmy. Thanks Dan. Bump for a sweet rod. Willing to trade for blanks. Looking for bass blanks in the 6'-6"+ range
  486. Reel_Newbie

    4000 Size Spinning Reel

    Still looking. Thanks to all who have replied.
  487. Reel_Newbie

    Phenix K2

    Awesome! So how are the paddles done?
  488. Reel_Newbie

    Help on an idea.

    After I lost a rod/reel during a cast, I was going to try something like this. Stainless wire (thick lure wire) set in epoxy thru the butt into the blank. I think your D-Ring idea would be sweet!
  489. Reel_Newbie

    Rainshadow XSB842 Spinner

    Pride in work! Looks amazing.
  490. Reel_Newbie


    Lovin' the colors.
  491. Reel_Newbie

    Thank you for your help Nacho!

    Nacho you Da Man! Get well Colleen.
  492. Reel_Newbie


    Damn! Puttin' the Perlas to work!
  493. Reel_Newbie

    4000 Size Spinning Reel

    Looking for a 4000 size spinning reel (Shimano-Daiwa-Cabo) in good shape for use inshore and freshwater. Cash in hand. PM or post what you have. Thanks!
  494. Reel_Newbie

    Spinning Rod Guide Layout

    Just downloaded the 2012 Fuji guide spacing chart with includes New Concept and K series layouts. Besides guide size, they layout the same. I'm thinking of just trying the 27x method and go with it.
  495. Reel_Newbie

    Spinning Rod Guide Layout

    Can you gentlemen expand on this 27x/NGC theory? EDIT: I found the article on 27x placement. Does the guide type matter? I'd like to use the K guides.
  496. Reel_Newbie

    gusa vrs phenix

    Capt G! Is that really your GTR?:Zombie_Ro I was able to test drive a US GTR (after proving I could somehow pay for it). What a pure driving enjoyment. I sold my STI (although it was much more corner nimble) and planned on signing for the GTR............but I bought a boat.
  497. Reel_Newbie

    Spinning Rod Guide Layout

    Good point. I only use braid.
  498. Reel_Newbie

    gusa vrs phenix

    United Composites
  499. Reel_Newbie

    First Build Succeses

    Grant. Being new to this hobby, I'd be lost without all the help the internet has to offer, and not ounce has anyone on BD trashed me for asking questions. I'd like to say THANK YOU AND ALL THE GREAT GENTLEMAN/CRAFTSMAN WILLING TO LEND AND EAR AND ADVICE. EDIT: I just noticed you posted in...
  500. Reel_Newbie

    Fishing Mission

    Well done!
  501. Reel_Newbie

    C&M/AcidRod Closed Wednesday 7/25

    Stopped in today to grap some more stuff and She looks great. Her spirit would never give hint of being sick. BTW: Nice to meet you Nacho!
  502. Reel_Newbie

    Spinning Rod Guide Layout

    This will be my first spinner and I need a little help on guide layout. Blank is UC83H. It's stated to be a moderate fast, but it feels a bit quicker. I have Fuji tangle free's in 30 25 20 16 12 10 8 7. The smaller guides are single foot and I have a few in each size. Reel size will be...
  503. Reel_Newbie

    48hrs and the Epoxy is still tacky???

    So I stopped by Acid and picked up a power mixer. What a joy. Let it do it's thing, dropped the mixing rod in a cup of acetone, done deal.
  504. Reel_Newbie

    Pair of Calstars

    Very clean, straight forward work. The epoxy is flawless.
  505. Reel_Newbie

    48hrs and the Epoxy is still tacky???

    Thanks big Dawg! I've seen/heard of the electric mixers, are they worth it? I just about went into panic mode last night with heat and razors prepared to strip and start over.
  506. Reel_Newbie

    48hrs and the Epoxy is still tacky???

    I may have had a bad mix ratio, but it's been 48hrs and the final coat (3 total) is still tacky. What's the cause? Too much resin or too much hardener? What can I do now? Add another coat and change the ratio to increase final hardness? Thanks again.
  507. Reel_Newbie

    Superseeker 80xh question

    Yes. It assumes even taper. I use this as a ball park when buying checks. It will at least clarify that area of blank is still a tad over 1".
  508. Reel_Newbie

    Superseeker 80xh question

    Bad ass tatts bro! 1.21" butt and .15625" tip delta is 1.05375" divided by 96 = .010977" per inch of travel up or down the rod. If your placing the grip 12" up from butt. 12x.010977=.131724 so 1.21"-.131724=1.078276 Math says at 12" from butt towards tip The blank diameter is 1.08" or...
  509. Reel_Newbie

    Looking for a saltwater blank to us for musky

    2M79XXXHF St. Croix rated to 30oz.
  510. Reel_Newbie

    Report 7.21.12 - PL Kelp and Mission Bay

    Way to gettum' guys! I need to take the 2 hour drive south and enjoy some SD fishing.
  511. Reel_Newbie

    C&M/AcidRod Closed Wednesday 7/25

    Hang tuff Colleen! Hopefully this will be the end to a chapter you'll never read again! Best to both of you. See you soon.
  512. Reel_Newbie

    United Composites Wahoo Jr, Rod assembly

    Fantastic duplication Bill! Props to the owner for knowing what he wants and how to get it.
  513. Reel_Newbie

    Shimano 300E, 300EJ, Crucial Swimabait, St. Croix Tidemaster, G-Loomis BBR 904C

    St. Croix still available. I'd rather not ship it due to costs. Will trade for blanks or rod building materials/parts.
  514. Reel_Newbie

    Looking for a saltwater blank to us for musky

    Just wondering, what's a 24oz bait look like?
  515. Reel_Newbie

    Rod #4.. CB80H Acid Krank StiK. Bare Bones project "too simple"

    Thanks for all the kind remarks gentlemen!
  516. Reel_Newbie

    Drop Shot for Salty Bass?.,?.,?

    Great Info guys!
  517. Reel_Newbie

    A little more marbling...

    Nice. Very Nice. Luvin the grip shapes!
  518. Reel_Newbie

    Drop Shot for Salty Bass?.,?.,?

    I've tried it.... Was broken off every time. 7' ML spinner with 6lb Sniper. ( freshwater drop) Used a Nervous Rex in black/silver color. Has anyone had success with this technique in the salt?
  519. Reel_Newbie

    I have such a terrific wife!!!!

    Monster Baitcaster! Congrats on a great wife and kind gift.
  520. Reel_Newbie

    Rod #4.. CB80H Acid Krank StiK. Bare Bones project "too simple"

    Rod #4. This one's for me and my D22's/Lite Swimbaits. "Murdered Out" as all the teens say. I was going for extreme simple and light weight. Complete rod weight is 4.8oz. Could have been lighter, but had to use the Polished Rubber Butt to create a nice balanced feel. RX7 CB80H 10-25# Fuji...
  521. Reel_Newbie

    Fuji power oval guides?

    Bringing this back up. Was browsing AcidRod and saw these. Any new stories/techniques for these guides? Thinking about usung them on a heavy swimbait rod.
  522. Reel_Newbie

    My first wrap

    Oh boy. Carefull, it gets addicting! Nice first rod. Got any close up pics?
  523. Reel_Newbie

    Bull Snake Cape Cod

  524. Reel_Newbie

    Batson Forecast RX6 Graphite SP721

    I like your style Oscar. Looks sleek! Drop shot rig? What guides?
  525. Reel_Newbie

    First Tiger Wrap

    Nice work!
  526. Reel_Newbie


    Your grip work is off the hook! Do you cut, glue, shape them for the different patterns/inlays?
  527. Reel_Newbie

    Polished Rubber Butt

    Thanks Bro! You betcha. I just have to find you a pink swimbait blank.
  528. Reel_Newbie

    post your shop

    Here's mine. Not very clean, but it triples as a metal fab shop, rod shop, wood shop.
  529. Reel_Newbie

    Rod #3. Jaws Inshore Kaliko Kikker Acid Wrapped

    Well, just finished rod #3 and things are getting easier rod by rod. Lots of you have been very kind in lending knowledge, and it's appreciated..Thank You. I'll be using this for light salty bass and freshwater swimbaits. Handle is long and grips are thin(like my 1st rod). I was kinda going...
  530. Reel_Newbie

    Polished Rubber Butt

    Thanks all for the kind remarks!
  531. Reel_Newbie

    Shimano 300E, 300EJ, Crucial Swimabait, St. Croix Tidemaster, G-Loomis BBR 904C

    Matt. I have the Crucial and the St. Croix still available.
  532. Reel_Newbie

    United Composites US 80 Wahoo

    Luvin' the gofher guts!
  533. Reel_Newbie

    Shimano 300E, 300EJ, Crucial Swimabait, St. Croix Tidemaster, G-Loomis BBR 904C

    Top. These are taking up valuable room on my rack. Lets move them.
  534. Reel_Newbie

    Polished Rubber Butt

    I believe the simple green acts as a lubricating agent so not to mar, burn, or scratch the rubber during the turning. Simple green had a softening affect on rubber. My son uses it to soften the tires on his RC cars just prior to a race. I've used this same method on rifle butt pads when...
  535. Reel_Newbie

    Polished Rubber Butt

    Capt G. It started just like the one above it. Rubber.
  536. Reel_Newbie

    Polished Rubber Butt

    Decided to pass this along. I searched prior to trying to turn my own rubber butt shapes and couldn't find much but I'm sure it's been done. Here it is. I love the feel of EVA butts and the durability of rubber butts. So, I turned and polished a rubber butt to feel like EVA and last like...
  537. Reel_Newbie


    I'll see you Friday for the Zillion! Thanks.
  538. Reel_Newbie

    Abu Garcia Revo Inshore

    Just FYI: I lost my Inshore and replaced it with a Winch. Same reel different ratio, and it's on sale at TW. Just an idea.
  539. Reel_Newbie


    Sent you another PM. I can pick it up today cash ready. Hit me up.
  540. Reel_Newbie

    Simple wrap

    Any time you can get your wife to be's a good thing. Good job.
  541. Reel_Newbie


    PM sent.
  542. Reel_Newbie

    HH Tubin' 7/16

    HH can produce when conditions are rite. Did you stay with light colors all night?
  543. Reel_Newbie


    65lb braid..40lb leader.. Locked drag. What's for sale?
  544. Reel_Newbie


    Got pics of the Zillion & Chronarch?
  545. Reel_Newbie

    Purple Heart

    Rithy- Thank you for doing what many cannot. As for Doc's heart, amazing!
  546. Reel_Newbie

    What rod?

    United Composites. Worth every penny!
  547. Reel_Newbie

    Phenix Ultra Swimbait 711ML

    Nice mix up on the grips. Looks great! Reel looks nice on the seat too.
  548. Reel_Newbie

    First ever 3 of 4 DH Cord spiral wrapped

    Nice. Love the choice of color combos.
  549. Reel_Newbie

    Shimano 300E, 300EJ, Crucial Swimabait, St. Croix Tidemaster, G-Loomis BBR 904C

    Currently 2 others ahead of you. I'll let you know should they not be interested.
  550. Reel_Newbie

    Shimano 300E, 300EJ, Crucial Swimabait, St. Croix Tidemaster, G-Loomis BBR 904C

    For Sale. Shimano 300E (SOLD) Shimano 300EJ (SOLD) Shimano Crucial Swimbait (SOLD) St. Croix Tidemaster used with very light rash. $80 now $70 will trade for blanks or rod building materials/parts (see photo for ratings) G-Loomis BBR 904C. (SOLD) Please PM me. Items are located...
  551. Reel_Newbie

    bass fishing from a bay boat?

    Yes, sea foam green. The seller was amazing. Great gentleman. I have not regreted it one bit. It's been monthes and I'm still getting used to the 250hp (way too fast at times) and I'm known for going fast and getting very airborne (not always on purpose). Congrats on your NS 2200 Sport...
  552. Reel_Newbie

    11th hour reprieve...

  553. Reel_Newbie

    My Experience (Acidrod )

    Mr. Taco, you have every right to voice your opinion, but this thread was not started with the intent of "lets bash some more" considering it's not your first, nor (i'm assuming) your last bash fest. I believe you've even started threads with the intent of expressing your less than positive...
  554. Reel_Newbie

    My Experience (Acidrod )

    Acid is less than 15mins from me. That is both great, and horrible at the same time. I'm new to rod building and both Mark and Colleen have been extremely helpful, even when I walk in with some half-ass list of things I think I need, they help me bring it all together.
  555. Reel_Newbie

    Vertical jogging in SoCal

    JIGGING not this technique usable ib SoCal? Looks like a blast!
  556. Reel_Newbie

    Reason for reversing stripper on an Acid wrap?

    Any good reason for reversing the stripper guide on an acid wrap? (placing the bracing legs towards the tip) It looks abnormal, but interesting.
  557. Reel_Newbie

    stealth rclb 80xl

    Nice. Make sure you post up your inshore build. I enjoy different views on what an "inshore" rod should be.
  558. Reel_Newbie

    Might have created a MONSTER

    Making memories is priceless. Great job Dad. Way to go lil'man!
  559. Reel_Newbie

    In over my head?

    This is coming from a total newb so take it with a grain of salt...But I learned the hard way. And with tips from [email protected] and SaltyDawg and a few others, things are getting cleaner and easier. -Flex Coat light is better for the first coat application as It gave me a longer working time...
  560. Reel_Newbie

    Wonderful Surprise

    That takes class on both sides, both to apologize & accept the apology. Cooler heads prevail.
  561. Reel_Newbie

    Acid Wrap on a 10-20lb rod?

    I can't get enough. I've pretty much sold off my factory wrapped rods and am in the process of replacing them. BTW: I love the reel. Yanked a 3lber out of the Fermin kelp with it.
  562. Reel_Newbie

    Acid Wrap on a 10-20lb rod?

    Thanks Mark. Makes absolute sense. I'll go clockwise and off-set the stripper counter-clockwise of zero so the inside edge of ring becomes zero. Right?
  563. Reel_Newbie

    Acid Wrap on a 10-20lb rod?

    Q#1-I'm interested in trying a spiral wrap on my current build. It's a Jaws 8' 10-20lb. It'll be used for inshore bass and green bass. Is it worth spiral wrapping, or is there no benefit on such a lite rod? Q#2-Does it make a difference which direction the spiral wraps (clockwise/counter...
  564. Reel_Newbie

    Alabama Rig

    Yep, they work. Both my fishing partner and I use or have used them. I purchased a 5 wire Yumbrella. I fish 2 4" baits on the bottom wires, 1 5" on the center wire, and 2 #4 willow blades on the top 2 wires. You'll get tons of chasers and eventually they'll hit it.
  565. Reel_Newbie

    bass fishing from a bay boat?

    When I was looking for my boat, the gulf coast also seemed to have nice used bay boats, just make sure it's post Katrina or at least hire a third party inspection. I found mine in San Diego after monthes of searching. It was purchased new in 09 by the OG owner and has a Yamaha 250 4stroke with...
  566. Reel_Newbie

    stealth rclb 80xl

    Whatcha got on the wrapper?
  567. Reel_Newbie

    CALSTAR GF700M for Joe Galindo "ala 3rd grader style"

    Wow. Craftsmanship at it's finest. Now if I could only get my 4th grader to turn out work like that I'd be in business.
  568. Reel_Newbie

    Camo EVA

    They have all color camos, but I was looking for red and black only and couldn't find it.
  569. Reel_Newbie

    Camo EVA

    Jimmy- Have you tried the local Pac Bay dealers? I searched for a while looking for red/black camo colors and found that "Pac Bay Kamo" is the only thing that comes close. I've seen it at merricktackle but I'm assuming any Pac Bay dealer can order it in.
  570. Reel_Newbie

    Guide Selection

    Alps 316 Medium or Lites depending on your rod rating. Not expensive, can get them in single foot, 3 color options, and they work great with braid.
  571. Reel_Newbie

    Flock over graphite... Perfect end cuts?

    Tried it and the graphite is so thin, it exploded. Blank OD is ~15mm and graphite OD is ~23mm so it's pretty thin. I think now I've got it. Been heating and shaping. Also noticed that the black flock seems to be much thicker than the colored flock, at least the flock I have.
  572. Reel_Newbie

    bass fishing from a bay boat?

    I own a 22' bay boat (Striper 22 Bay Boat,Ranger now builds on this hull) and absolutely love the ability to handle salt and freshwater. It can seat 7 but when it's boys day fishing all the seats can be renoved leaving just the leaning post and fore console seat. I've been in many SoCal lakes...
  573. Reel_Newbie

    Flock over graphite... Perfect end cuts?

    Alright, so I'm trying shrink over shaped graphite and I'm having a difficult time getting perfect end cuts. I do plan to use trim checks to conceal the ends, but there has to be an easier way. Currently, I'm shrinking the flock on the graphite, getting the ends hot and turning them outside...
  574. Reel_Newbie

    Rod #2 Gift to my Father-in-Law (with story)

    Done and ready for tomorrow. We're taking my father-in-law fishing and he'll be using his new rod, just doesn't know it yet.
  575. Reel_Newbie

    In over my head?

    Welcome to your next addiction! I just started wrapping my self and am currently working on my second rod. I bought the starter kit at Acid and have slowly worked up my collection of tools. It's a blast. Do it. You will not regret it! Oh, and keep in mind that there are plrntly of good...
  576. Reel_Newbie

    Custom painted Calcutta TE 400

    :DOh snap! (an axle):D bumpfurya
  577. Reel_Newbie

    Re-condition EVA form grips

    Are you against flocking it? I'm assuming that would be the quick cure.
  578. Reel_Newbie

    Rod #2 Gift to my Father-in-Law (with story)

    Will do. Thanks big Dawg.
  579. Reel_Newbie

    Rod #2 Gift to my Father-in-Law (with story)

    The band on the opposite side of the guide? Just haven't gotten that far. It takes me a couple tries to get the trim lined up without overlap. I'm using the straw/toothpick trick, but I'm struggling.
  580. Reel_Newbie

    Rod #2 Gift to my Father-in-Law (with story)

    Well, since having the day off, I decided it was a good time to try my second rod build. This will be a gift for my Father-in-Law, Steve (Love you Steve-O). I've known the guy for 15+ years and He's always been fair, understanding, and forgiving. My first fishing trip (ever) was with him. At...
  581. Reel_Newbie

    Custom painted Calcutta TE 400

    Hope those are toy axles with a stretched wheel base and evil twins.
  582. Reel_Newbie

    Cajun Greenie

    Another for the beautiful grips!! Awesome work.! Top notch craftsmanship.
  583. Reel_Newbie

    Lathe Ideas for turning grips?

    So i've searched without results. I was hoping some of you could post photos of your home built or partly home built lathes. In addition, maybe a brief description of parts used. I was thinking of flipping my drill press on it's side with a roller on the opposite end. . .? Again, any...
  584. Reel_Newbie

    Like new Chronarch 200E7 for E6 Chronarch or Curado or Other in the low 6's

    Thanks Jimmy for the flawless exchange! Nice to meet honest peeps.
  585. Reel_Newbie

    First Rod. Simple Inshore Rod

    Indeed. I think this was just an "ice breaker". The more time I spend reading, observing and noting different styles/techniques the craving to build increases 10 fold. I even took a "day off" from fishing to finish this rod. Thank you all for the kind remarks.
  586. Reel_Newbie

    Universe Marble

    The more I read, the more I itch for building. You're right Jimmy, it's almost as addicting as fishing. Thanks for sharing.
  587. Reel_Newbie


    Nice. Love how you set it up with a long handle. I believe I've seen you use the Alps seat on other rods. How do you like it?
  588. Reel_Newbie

    curado 300ej HANDLE

    Would you happen to have a 300E handle in exchange?
  589. Reel_Newbie

    Like new Chronarch 200E7 for E6 Chronarch or Curado or Other in the low 6's

    Yes please. I already own the Speed Spool in 5:1 and it's been my "never let me down reel" when my Ardent Inshore Pro took a shit. I will gladly exchange my Chronarch for either reel. PM Me contact info.
  590. Reel_Newbie

    Like new Chronarch 200E7 for E6 Chronarch or Curado or Other in the low 6's

    Gone. Got exactly what I was looking for. Thanks all.
  591. Reel_Newbie

    First Rod. Simple Inshore Rod

    Done and ready for Friday. The most difficult step (to me) was the epoxy. It seemed as if I was trying to hard to gain the perfect shape. I learned alot in the process so the next blank should flow more consistantly. At the end of the day, the rod feels great and with a low pro baitcaster it...
  592. Reel_Newbie

    Casting Fail!!! Cost me 400 bux

    You can keep in exchange for some plastics.
  593. Reel_Newbie

    First Rod. Simple Inshore Rod

    Decided to try building my own rods, have to say it's a blast. As of now, I'm building just to suit my needs. I really like long narrow handles and no foregrip. This is my first attempt in process. United Composites US80MH ALPS 316 guides Fuji ACS reel seat Red X over shaped cork tape...
  594. Reel_Newbie

    Casting Fail!!! Cost me 400 bux

    Thanks for your kind words of wisdom. No cool intended, and you're right....there is no reason for the rig to fly out of my hands. But what the hell, :shithappens: happens and I'll be back at it tonight with less butter on my hands.
  595. Reel_Newbie

    C&M/AcidRod closed Wednesday 6/13

    In our prayers. Thanks for the heads-up, see you Thursday Mark.
  596. Reel_Newbie

    Casting Fail!!! Cost me 400 bux

    Well, it was grey-light and I'd been on the water since midnight. I got lonely and the aluminum reel set was slick.
  597. Reel_Newbie

    Casting Fail!!! Cost me 400 bux

    To bad it's me :rofl:
  598. Reel_Newbie

    Casting Fail!!! Cost me 400 bux

    Lost my Revo Inshore and Cedros rod. Damn newb! Otherwise and good day.
  599. Reel_Newbie

    Phenix PSW760L 7'-6" 8-25#

    Will consider trade for a good baitcaster or power rod wrapper. Lemme know whatcha got.
  600. Reel_Newbie

    Phenix PSW867ML $150 or trade

    SOLD.. Thanks Charlie. Rod is in great shape ready to go. Pick up in North Fontana $150 Willing to trade for a good baitcaster ..200 size let me know what you got. OR.. A power rod wrapper in good working order.
  601. Reel_Newbie

    Looking for a working used power wrapper/dryer

    Figured it would make more sense to post it here. I'm looking for a good used machine, something beginner friendly that won't break the bank. I wrapped my first rod last week and now I'm hooked. Thanks guys.
  602. Reel_Newbie

    Phenix PSW760L 7'-6" 8-25#

    Anybody? Is $150 too much?
  603. Reel_Newbie

    My first gopro hero2 video

    Cool bro. Thanks. Maybe a diver someday will retrieve my set-up. I hope you guys ended up having a stellar day. We should meet up sometime for an early wall session. I'm always down there and always have an extra spot on the boat. We also just picked up another GoPro for multiple POV's.
  604. Reel_Newbie

    medium or medium heavy?

    MH Fast or XFast. I pitch the wall for hours with a Cashion micro guide 7'6" pitchin' stick. It's a Heavy/Fast.
  605. Reel_Newbie

    My first gopro hero2 video

    I really like the part were the short sexy guy is pitching at the wall.:drool:
  606. Reel_Newbie

    Calico swim bait questions

    When and where will you guys be? El Compadre and I will be in my 22' sea foam green bay boat and we'll be around the wall by noon or 1pm. Flag us down.
  607. Reel_Newbie

    Phenix PSW760L 7'-6" 8-25#

    Somebody take this thing. It's a smokin' deal.
  608. Reel_Newbie

    Brand New Phenix PHD836l spiral swrapped

    I will as soon as my Phenix sells.
  609. Reel_Newbie

    Phenix PSW760L 7'-6" 8-25#

    Split grip.. I'll post pics later tonight.
  610. Reel_Newbie

    Phenix PSW760L 7'-6" 8-25#

    It's one of my fav's, but I have my eye on a custom wrap- so this one has to go.
  611. Reel_Newbie

    Phenix PSW760L 7'-6" 8-25#

    SOLD.. Thanks Charlie. Phenix PSW760L in great shape. Sorry for the lack of pics. $150 cash takes it. Located in North Fontana, but can meet-up in OC. PM if interested.
  612. Reel_Newbie

    Catalina Vergin

    So we're planning a Catalina run within the next week or so. Being this will be my first time both taking my boat and fishing Catalina, I was looking for any advise/insight. Where to find the bass, what to expect, different baits or techniques. Thanks in advance, anything helps.
  613. Reel_Newbie

    Okuma Cedros Coastal Rods?

    I have the Cedros Coastal in 7'-6" H. I got it on a warranty exchange thru Okuma because my current rod was not in stock. It has quality parts, light weight, and fit and finish is on par or better than the average import rod. I use it mainly for pitching plastics at the break wall (i.e...
  614. Reel_Newbie

    (video)Back at it....

    What setting are you filming on?
  615. Reel_Newbie

    Bay Bass Fishing?

    I'll second the drop shot method. Being mainly a freshwater guy converted to salt bass, I used a drop shot just this weekend in HH near the PCH bridge. I like to drag the shot next to the rock line, slow with a few twitches in between. I use a hundred dollar ML spinning set-up purchased from...
  616. Reel_Newbie

    K&M Eric Landesfeind "Calicos" Day 1

    How are you rigging the big MC's?