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  1. Wild Bill

    RIP Chuck Taylor

    On of the founding father’s of modern pistol warfare and an old school guy with his head screwed on straight has passed. The world was a better place with Chuck in it. Here is a interview with him that is very poignant regarding today’s state of affairs in this country.
  2. Wild Bill

    First kill of the season

    Also could be called the “screw you inslee, I went hunting this morning” thread. I would like to go on record to say I was charged by this critter and had no choice but to use lethal force and I do not take this lightly. I was in my office this AM checking my email when I caught movement in my...
  3. Wild Bill

    RIP blackmouth fishing

    Sounds like all areas lost the Winter BM season except maybe some sort of area 5 season. Pretty low quota for area 7 Summer season as well, 1500 fish or so. We will be lucky if it goes 3 weeks. They carved out some A9 Summer fishery but probably will go 2-3 weeks at the most. Expect crowds and...
  4. Wild Bill

    Anybody replace window gaskets on aluminum boat?

    7 of my 9 windows are the frameless gasketed in place type and some have started to leak. I am just going to redo all of them with new gaskets. The gasket material is the channel type for 3/16” frame and 1/4” glass with the insert piece to lock the glass in place. Any tricks or tips and or a...
  5. Wild Bill

    Will rf remote work through aluminum for led gunnel lights

    I bought some of those flexible lunasea led light strips for under my gunnels. They come with a remote that is rf. Question is, if I mount the little rf receiver wire termination thingy under my deck, will the remote be able to shoot through and send the rf signal through the aluminum? My garmin...
  6. Wild Bill

    West Marine foul weather gear

    This foul weather gear came with my boat when I bought it. It is a matched set of Medium size West Marine Branded Bibs and Coat. It is in great shape but not my color or size so it needs a new home. $40 obo
  7. Wild Bill

    Missouri Breaks Mule deer hunt/Gumbo mud bog

    We did our annual trip to the Missouri breaks country in Montana last month. Although fun as usual, the gumbo mud was oppressive. It limited where we could go and therefore the amount of bucks we could view. When we got there it was 55 degrees in the afternoon and the gumbo was present from...
  8. Wild Bill

    2 Kerosene heaters free

  9. Wild Bill

    Areas 8.1 , 8.2 closing for Winter crab

    Wah, wah, waaaaah.
  10. Wild Bill

    Saltwater Pimp gear, not just for fishing anymore.

    Did a little local blacktail hunting and got this 4x3 an hour before shooting light ran out. If you are a blacktail hunter, get out there as the rut is in full swing!
  11. Wild Bill

    Question about a simple Tuna troll spread.

    As most know I have very limited tuna experience but I have been mulling around keeping a simple 4 or 5 rod tuna trolling spread on the boat and looking for some input. On several occasions while chasing salmon I have either seen tuna on the surface or have been out near tuna holding water. I...
  12. Wild Bill

    Crab Quesadilla

    Well now that crab has opened up we have been again feasting on Dungeness crab in many dishes as well as just on it’s own. The wife is a master quesadillia maker but she knocked it out of the park the other day making them with pepperjack cheese and crab. She has also since made them with my...
  13. Wild Bill

    When Pigs Fly

    Those that have rode on my boat can appreciate this. Need to drop to 18.5 pitch props to get full rated rpm but trial run was a complete success. Same economy of the Hondas but cruise speed about 7-8 mph faster. I am a happy camper.
  14. Wild Bill

    Crab open dates wtf

    My family was asking me when crab was opening and I said July but they wanted specific dates. Surfed wdfw website, the 19/20 regs and called the hotline. Wtf, a month away and the opening date is not readily available? It seems somebody here had posted something about it, but bd search yielded...
  15. Wild Bill

    Will these make my Boats ass look Phat?

    Just pulled the trigger on a pair of these for the Ottercraft. It wasn’t really in my immediate plans but things sort of led me down this path. I was doing maintenance on my 2006 Honda 150’s and decided I was going to take off the injectors and have the injector doc do their thing, as the...
  16. Wild Bill

    Anybody have any experience with Garmin brushless a/p “smart” pump.

    My pump for my older garmin a/p shit the bed and the replacement is obsolete and not made anymore. There are a few new old stock ones around but they are spendy and I would still have an obsolete system. For twice as much I can get a new reactor 40 system with garmin’s brushless smartpump. I...
  17. Wild Bill

    Montana draw results out

    Our party drew the big game combo. Hoping you all were successful as well. Happy hunting!
  18. Wild Bill

    Necro threads rising

    Whats up with these threads coming up like they are active and praying on the oblivious daring a witty post?
  19. Wild Bill

    Complete 9mm Ar upper

  20. Wild Bill

    Redding model 25 6 station Turret press for reloading

    I have for sale a model #25 Redding, 6 station Turret press. This is the model that preceded the current T7 press that Redding currently sells. I got this from a buddy that got out of reloading and I just don’t use it often enough to justify the space it occupies on the bench. Press works great...
  21. Wild Bill

    Worst boat names

    Not sure what some people are thinking when they name their boats.
  22. Wild Bill

    Garmin finally gets Navionics

    With Garmins aquisition of navionics I was hoping this would come to be. I love my Garmin gear but the bathy data was lacking a bit of detail compared to Navionics, so this is good for us Garmin guys. Now if they would throw some engineering at the TR1 POS all would be right in the boating...
  23. Wild Bill

    Pipe jig hook location

    I am looking to make some pipe jigs for the first time. Going to use 12” of 3/4 pipe and locating cotter for hook at halfway point on jig. Seems like the ones I have used were this way and they didn’t foul the mainline in this config. Anything I am overlooking.
  24. Wild Bill

    Garmin radar dome wanted

    Even though I installed new Garmin electronics when I bought my boat I never got a compatible radar dome for it. I have been relying on the e series raymarine plotter and radar dome when needed. Well it has become increasingly more flaky to the point I can’t rely on it anymore. So, I thought I...
  25. Wild Bill

    Smoked Sablefish recipe?

    Sunday out fishing, Quicksticks found us some Sablefish while prospecting for Hali. I want to smoke it and have an idea how to do it but thought I would solicit some advice from those that have tried it. Most of the recipes on the web say to hot smoke it which is probably what I will do. Any...
  26. Wild Bill

    Was that you Howard?

    I arrived at my Mother's house at Rocky point on Camano Island where I grew up just in time to see what looked like an Armstrong headed South in Satatoga passage. Looked to be about like your boat Howard and it was doing well in a pretty stout Westerly that is blowing. Didn’t get a pic as it was...
  27. Wild Bill

    Precision 7.62x39 AR upper

  28. Wild Bill

    December is starting off pretty bad or the why some people really suck thread.

    I just got back last Sunday from a most awesome 3+ weeks in Montana hunting, coming back to the normal fires to put out at work and home. However, this Thursday’s events kind of shook my faith in humanity a bit. I came home from work and headed straight out to the shop after work to butcher the...
  29. Wild Bill

    Why you don’t cross a bar in a flats boat

    A friend of mine sent me this link of a flats style boat crossing the Jupiter Florida bar. Boat might have been trimmed wrong but it looks like low shear was the major factor.
  30. Wild Bill

    Anybody from the N end heading to ocean PSA meeting next week?n

    I have an item for Duramax and I am in need of a mule.
  31. Wild Bill

    ***FREE***Fedral Premium 300 WSM

    Yes thats right, this is an opened box of factory Federal premuium vital shok ammo in 300 Winchester short magnum with only 3 cartridges fired, meaning 17 are left. They are the 165 gr partition loading. Free! First one to respond "I"ll take them" wins.
  32. Wild Bill

    Bnib Henry H010 45-70 lever action.

    ...........Sold.......... Price dropped. I originally bought a new Marlin guide gun from my LGS. It had serious issues so I refused it and they allowed me to order this Henry instead. In the meantime I found a beautiful used ss JM Marlin (pre Rem takeover) to purchase so the Henry is on the...
  33. Wild Bill

    7mm-08 Superformance ammo for sale

    I have for sale or trade 5 unopened boxes of Hornady Superformance ammo in 7mm-08. It is the 139 gr. SST loading. Looking to get $26.50 a box or $130 for all five boxes.
  34. Wild Bill

    Frozen anchovies in Westport

    I know some of you have talked about using frozen anchovies for tuna out of WP. I am heading to Bamfield salmon fishing next week and am having trouble finding good anchovies. So where in WP has the frozen chovies and are they starved before being killed so they don't belly burn? Also, are...
  35. Wild Bill

    30x90 Reliable kill bag

    I horse traded Mr Rudnick for this but it is really just too big for my use and would like to replace it with some smaller models. I have not used it and Nick only used it twice so it is in great shape. $250 gets it.
  36. Wild Bill

    NIB Yamaha fuel pump for 2002-2006 9.9 HT

    Bought this mail order last week but f-ed up. I need the one for the 8 hp HT and they are quite different. Anyway just seeing if anybody can use this one rather than going through the pain of sending it back. PN is 6G8-24410-05 and I paid $79 for it. $50 obo.
  37. Wild Bill

    Eclipse Stealth Shrimp pots

    Sold sold sold Three 35# Stealth Shrimp pots for sale. These are some of the best fishing shrimp pots out there and these have a lot of life left in them. $235 for all three. Would like to sell together but may split them up if I get a few guys that want one .
  38. Wild Bill


    I am sure some of you have noticed the plethora of pink Dick sheath looking things stacked up on your lines while bottom fishing off the coast the last Hali opener. They are called Pyrosomes and they have invaded the coastal waters in mass. The Canadians have been barking about what a pita they...
  39. Wild Bill

    Anchoring in shipping lanes

    The weather was great yesterday so I decided to put in an evening fish for Hali, not too far from port. I got out, set anchor and deployed my gear. This spot is adjacent to the shipping lanes but not in them. When I got there I saw 4 boats North of my position, clearly anchored in the shipping...
  40. Wild Bill

    Need 55 gallon plastic drums for fuel

    My brother in law from Valdez is coming down this week with a friend that bought a boat in Everett. Their plan is to check out the boat, provision it and head North by Thursday or Friday. They asked me about obtaining some new or clean used 55 gallon plastic drums for diesel fuel for the...
  41. Wild Bill

    Wa attorney general speaks out both sides of mouth

    Wa attorney general, Bob Ferguson, is claiming victory over Trump after 9th district US circuit appeals court refuses to reinstate the travel ban. Ferguson went on to say if it had not gone this way the US Constitution would be at stake. Wtf? He is one of the main players introducing...
  42. Wild Bill

    Anybody see this tasty tidbit? Ban on all lead bases projectiles on Federal lands

    This guy probably bought stock in Barnes before he did it. If it is not quickly reversed by the new drector, it will have wide sweeping effects on the industry and us hunters. I am not a fan of this decree with little or no science behind it...
  43. Wild Bill

    338 RUM reloading dies, components and ammo

    338 RUM reloading dies, brass, bullets, ammo holders and loaded ammo. Dies are Redding and includes a stoney point modified case. 55 pieces of new RP brass, 33 pieces fired RP brass. 24 rds reloaded ammo [email protected] with 185 triple shocks and [email protected] with 225 accubonds. 1 box of factory ammo Rem premier...
  44. Wild Bill

    Replacing Propeller shaft water seals Honda Bf150

    When I drained the lower gearcase fluids in my Honda 150's I had milky fluid in the port motor. Took prop off this AM and found the culprit about 10' of fishing line wrapped up against seal. From the exploded view it looks like the whole assembly has to come out and pressed apart to put the 2...
  45. Wild Bill

    20" Custom built SS Bull Barrel AR15 Upper in 223 Wylde.

    I built this upper for a coworker and he backed out due to personal issues. All parts are top shelf and it was assembled with proper technique and tools. This is not a garage hack build. The 1/8 twist Bear Creek Arsenal match barrel is properly torqued to 40 ft./lbs on Mega arms hd billet upper...
  46. Wild Bill

    20" Custom built SS Bull Barrel AR15 Upper in 223 Wylde

    I built this upper for a coworker and he backed out due to personal issues. All parts are top shelf and it was assembled with proper technique and tools. This is not a garage hack build. The 1/8 twist Bear Creek Arsenal match barrel is properly torqued to 40 ft./lbs on Mega arms hd billet upper...
  47. Wild Bill

    NFL commercial

    Anybody catch the commercial where the guy cuts his Parker loose from the dock so he doesn't hose his Sunday up for watching football. It was his response when his wife told him they were committed to taking the in laws out on boat the next Sunday. Classic, should have been an Xtaero though as...
  48. Wild Bill

    Endless fish bags

    Does anybody know where I can purchase an endless roll of hd fishbags? The kind that have no serrations to tear off, just an endless roll you cut yourself leaving enough room to tie a knot in each end.
  49. Wild Bill

    Raymarine 4kw radome antenna not rotating

    I went to use my radar last Saturday and I kept getting the message that the antenna was not rotating. The fog was clearing up so I didn't worry about it but I need to get it solved. It is a 2006 vintage radome and worked fine this winter. Anybody have experience solving this problem. If it is a...
  50. Wild Bill

    Tie Down Engineering Vortex Hub assembly

    Anybody out there have any experience good or bad with the Vortex Hub system. I am going through my King trailer and am contemplating a change from the current Superlube hub system to the Vortex. Seems like a better system to me as it is actually designed to keep out water, at least until the...
  51. Wild Bill

    Itroll kicker speed cntroller.

    Anybody have experience with itroll speed controller for their kicker motor? I am going to mount a kicker on my boat finally and was thinking of using one of their speed controllers for the remote throttle as it will not be a remote controlled kicker. What mainly attracts me to the itroll is the...
  52. Wild Bill

    Great perspective from the eldest son of one of the all time great songwriters.

    RIP Townes! This dude just really gets it and I love that fishing and the outdoors helped him get there.
  53. Wild Bill

    Anybody in the market for a real boat?

    Just thought I would pass this on for any of the brothers looking. This 43' Egg Harbor sport fisher is drop dead gorgeous and the pics don't come close to doing it justice. I have personally been on this boat and the owner (a friend) is as particular as they come and the boat shows this pride of...
  54. Wild Bill

    Ling/ tuna swim bait combos.

    I am going to purchase a couple Ling/tuna swimbait rigs and looking for recommendations. I am pretty set on the Trevala Tvs66mh for a rod but have not a clue on a reel. I am thinking maybe a Shimano 6500 bait runner or maybe a penn battle? Bring on the opinions!
  55. Wild Bill

    Lowrance Link 8 VHF software update

    My Link 8 has the same problem as others switching to channel 9 weather on it's own when you are monitoring channel 16. Inconvenient for sure and could be downright dangerous. Has anybody successfully downloaded the latest update and did it fix the problem?
  56. Wild Bill

    NOF process

    I am not too political but this whole goat rope show has me pretty upset. I bought a Charter license a couple years back hoping to work it into semi retirement from my refrigeration job of 30 yrs. This springI got a notice my workplace would be shutting down within the next couple years. No...
  57. Wild Bill

    Merle Haggard

    Just found out Merle Haggard died today on his 79th birthday. Complications with double pneumonia. I got to see him a couple times live and he was the real deal. RIP to a true American icon!
  58. Wild Bill

    Pentax DCF SP 10x43 binoculars

    Sold...................Up for sale are my 10x43 Pentax DCF SP Binoculars. I bought these a few years ago for hunting and they are excellent glass for the money. They have been well cared for and are in great shape. Fully waterproof and nitrogen purged they make a perfect hunting bino. I bought...
  59. Wild Bill

    RCBS customer service experience

    I have to give props to RCBS for their outstanding customer service. I just got done moving my reloading operation out to my shop and noticed the priming arm on my Rock Chucker Supreme press had broken off and the loose parts were no where to be found. An Internet search didn't yield anywhere I...
  60. Wild Bill

    A couple of alloy boats that caught my eye

    Here are a couple of boats that I found looking at Craigslist and I thought I would share for those in the market. That Seawolf is a good buy even with the I/O.
  61. Wild Bill

    AR performance 6.8spc upper

    This is an upper I had built by the master Harrison Beene of AR Performance. It has an 18" 1:11.25 twist 5r rifling barrel with nitro carb treatment for corrosion protection and superior wear properties. Bolt carrier group is a hp titanium coated mil spec unit for a lifetime of use. It has a...
  62. Wild Bill

    AR Performance 6.8 rem spc upper.

    Sold............This is an upper I had built by the master Harrison Beene of AR Performance. It has an 18" 1:11.25 twist 5r rifling barrel with nitro carb treatment for corrosion protection and superior wear properties. Bolt carrier group is a hp titanium coated mil spec unit for a lifetime of...
  63. Wild Bill

    Custom Ruger M77 in .338 Win Mag

    I have way too much money into this one but it just sits in the safe so it is up for grabs. It is a late 70's Ruger tang safety M77 that has been completely customized. All metal surfaces have been treated with Walter Birdsongs Tblack making it impervious to the weather as well as retaining that...
  64. Wild Bill

    Penn 49 reels on Daiwa Beefstick Rods

    I have a pair of Penn 49 reels on Daiwa Beefstick rods that I Inherited but have no use for. They are in excellent condition and would be totally appropriate for Halibut without the big investment. $55 each or $100 for the pair.
  65. Wild Bill

    Everett slip

    I know this is probably a long shot but I am looking to sublet a slip in Everett for a few weeks starting about the middle of this month. I have a few charters lined up and probably will pick up a few more, so thought I would throw it out there as the port has nothing open other than day to day...
  66. Wild Bill

    Kicker mounting

    Between alternating trolling on mains and just flat using my boat a lot I have managed to rack up 400 hrs. plus on my twin 150 Hondas in the last 6 months and now have close to 800 hrs. on them total. I was going to wait until I wore these out and repowered to put a kicker on but it is really...
  67. Wild Bill

    Freezing tuna in retort bags

    So I was talking to a friend today about retort canning and the question came up if it is a viable option to put fresh tuna in retort bags and freeze for canning at a later date. It seems like it would work but I am looking for some feedback from someone who has actually tried it.
  68. Wild Bill

    Two Tap has a serious case of the Crabs

    Had 2 tapPat and my old buddy Lynn out today and Pat developed this serious condition. Please pray for his recovery. Outstanding day for fish and crabs and damn near jackpoled a humpy into the boat.
  69. Wild Bill

    Wa hunt draw results out

    Hope you all drew something good. Just a Muzzleloader Cow tag on Wind R. here.
  70. Wild Bill

    One too many?

    Did one of you tip a few too many and park your boat on the rocks? This photo was sent to me by a charter friend of mine. It is on Bird Rocks in Rosario. Kind of looks like like a Shamrock Mackinaw but it is not quite clear enough for me to tell for sure.
  71. Wild Bill

    Greek ferry unload and load

    Someone posted this on Sport fish BC. Some crazy shit!
  72. Wild Bill

    Slime eel boat?

    So, we are stuck here in PA waiting out the wind trying to Halibut fish in Canada. Walking the docks we spied this Salty Comm vessel with all these perforated drums with entrances in them. They look to be deployed on a long line. What the hell are they for. My guess is Slime eels? Troy help me...
  73. Wild Bill

    To lube or not to lube ..........New Avet

    I have seen opinions both ways concerning how to commission new Avet reels. 1. Use them as they come right out of the box. 2. Partially disassemble and grease and lube some key areas before using. As many Avets as you tuna guys own I am sure you have some thoughts on this.....let em rip!
  74. Wild Bill

    Anybody use Avet HX5/2 for Tuna?

    I am looking at buying some crossover reels for deep water Salmon/Halibut and possibly Tuna. I'm sure this model would be fine on the troll but is it too big for live bait Tuna?
  75. Wild Bill

    Vacuum sealers and retort bags

    So I am finally going to take the Jump and buy a proper vaccum sealer. I was thinking the Vacmaster Vp215 but it is my understanding that is not rated for retort bags. Is there a sealer that can be had for $1500 or less that will do retort bags? I really can't spend 2 to 3 grand so I may just...
  76. Wild Bill

    Free*** 6/0 SS Treble hooks ****Free

    I have about 40 of these and no use for them. If one of you can use them they are yours.
  77. Wild Bill

    26 NR OS for sale on Anchorage CL.

    My search has ended but I would have been hot on checking this one out if I was still looking. Not going to provide a link as the mods frown on it but pretty easy to search it up. Fairly low hrs on twin Yami 150's and well equipped.
  78. Wild Bill

    Chris Collinsworth is a Jackwaggon but

    I absolutely got to agree with him Why did we not hand off to Marshawn?. Good game though Congrats Pats! Commercials were also kind of lame this year.
  79. Wild Bill

    Anybody ever wonder what happened to OS Legacy 26' ?

    Well they are about ready to re-emerge. They built 4 originally and had a couple sold but some stability issues came to light and they supended all sales. Well I got a glimpse of the fix last week. The 4 that were built will get a collar around the hull at waterline that transitions into the...
  80. Wild Bill

    Screen shots of Garmin GSD 26 Chirp with HW ducer

    Sorry about the crappy phone pics, it really doesn't do this justice but you get the idea. I took a gamble on this setup but I could not be happier with the end results. That mark on the bottom in the first pic feeding on the bait pile made it into the boat with me.
  81. Wild Bill

    Sold--2 Scotty 1106 propack Downriggers for sale--Sold

    Boat I recently bought came with these 1106 propack riggers and I already had riggers so these are expendable. Previous owner fished very little so they have had limited use. $700 for the pair
  82. Wild Bill

    New director for WDFW announced

    Hopefully this appointment is as good as it appears. Coming from Idaho I'm hoping he can inject a common sense approach with the wolves.
  83. Wild Bill

    Jackwagon Commie Crabbers

    Warning if you plan on fishing Salmon Bank there are a couple commercial crabbers that have negligently set gear on the Eastern edge of the bank in the troll path/navigable channel. This is a inconvenience around the slacks but flat dangerous when the tide starts moving and the bags go under...
  84. Wild Bill

    Nmea Wars

    Well for the most part my Electronics upgrade to the new to me boat operates great. The upgrades included Garmin 7212 and 6208 Mfd's, Gsd 26 black box sounder and HW chirp transducer. The boat had an existing Ghp 10 ap and once I upgraded the software for it and tied all the Garmin gear together...
  85. Wild Bill

    Teleflex dual S controls and Garmin 6-8 pin transducer converter.

    For sale [email protected] Teleflex S controls off of twin motor two station installation also have [email protected] 16' and [email protected] 19' cables that come with if you can use them. This is a great way to get a second station for cheap $250 obo. I also have a 6-8 pin transducer converter for gsd 24 nib, $40 obo.
  86. Wild Bill

    Garmin Gsd 24 black box sounder and G2 vision card for sale

    Both unopened new in package. $500 for the GSD 24 and $220 for the G2 Vision card (VusO37r Vancouver to San Diego). $700 for both. All right the. Vision chip is gone I'll offer up the GSD24 for $475 for another week or so then I will just ship it back for a refund. You won't find a lower price...
  87. Wild Bill

    Transducer confusion.

    So I am going to do a Electronics upgrade/addition to the Ottercraft and I had planned on using either a Airmar Tm270 or the SS 264w 50/200 pair. After looking around and not finding any available for purchase I get on Airmar website only to discover both these models have been discontinued.WTF...
  88. Wild Bill

    My #1000 post New horse in the stable

    Well It seems that by happy coincidence my #1000 post will bring news of a new horse in the stable and ends my -4 foot itus search. Hopefully she is all she appears to be. She is a 2006 built to Commercial Standard 26' Ottercraft with twin Honda 150's. Can't wait to get her bloody!
  89. Wild Bill

    Hey Pura Vida check your inbox

    I sent you a PM regarding some questions about your Ottercraft a few days ago.
  90. Wild Bill

    Anybody Running a Garmin Ghp10 Ap with twin outboards

    I am interested in talking with anyone running this Ap on a twin OB installation. Thanks all.
  91. Wild Bill

    Boat lengths?

    As some of you know I have sold my big glass boat and I am now looking to simplify and downsize a bit. I am pretty much sold on the North River/Almar Seahawk OS hulls and have been looking for a used one in the 26-28' range. I have also entertained the Duck/WeldCraft line of OS boats and have...
  92. Wild Bill

    Area 7 going to one fish limit

    Well I didn't quite see this coming. :mad:
  93. Wild Bill

    Running 4 riggers on a boat?

    I am helping a friend setup a boat for Salmon trolling and I am curious if anybody out there is successfully running four down riggers . The scenario is for a twin outboard boat. I would think 2 riggers 3' or so forward on each gunnel and 2 in each back corner would work. Run the rear ones...
  94. Wild Bill

    2009 Miision Bay boat capsizing

    I just recently came across this. I know some of you probably have knowledge of this incident as it was in 2009, but I think it is worth bringing up again for the lessons that can be learned from it. I don't think any of us are immune to a set of circumstances like this. Be safe out there...
  95. Wild Bill

    A company that has integrity.

    Today I received notice from Brownells that the order I placed for some .22 ammo almost a year ago was still back ordered and did I still want it. They also said they will honor the original price which was crazy good and ship as soon as it arrives. Of coarse I told them I still wanted it. On...
  96. Wild Bill

    Scotty HP downrigger opinions.

    OK it seems as though I am going to be in the market for some new riggers. Now that the Scotty 2106's have been out awhile now, what is the consensus on them. Are they worth the extra coin? How do the LCD readouts hold up do they fog? How many extra balls do I need to pack for when a horn...
  97. Wild Bill

    1990s vintage Mercury 6 hp ss kicker

    Allright , I have spotted Vance and his Honda enough of a lead on post count so here we go. Somebody come take this baby off my hands. 1 never underwater Mercury ss 6 HP kicker motor. Choke mechanism broken, pull start guide worn through, carb butterfly frozen. Ran before I let it sit a couple...
  98. Wild Bill

    Kesselrings getting out of gun Biz?

    I have it on fairly reliable information that Kesselrings gun shop is going to stop selling guns and maybe not exactly by their own choice. That is really bad news in my book. :shithappens:
  99. Wild Bill

    Anybody from Olympia area coming the lead pour at Dragonballs?

    I am buying a reel from Yelloweye (Steve) and I was wondering if anyone down in the that area is coming to the northend lead pour this Saturday and could bring it with them.. Shoot me a Pm.
  100. Wild Bill

    Not something you see on a Suburu everyday.

    So I was behind this Subaru at a light the other day that had a couple bumper stickers. So normally I would expect something like "Save the Planet" or "Meat is Murder" or the always popular with the Subaru crowd, " Obama 2012". Not on this particular Suby check it out.
  101. Wild Bill

    Too nice to do boat maintenance

    So I have been fishing a fair amount this winter and the boat needs a good scrub and some routine maintenance after being in the drink for a couple months, not to mention I needed to top it off with fuel. So I got up early and headed into LaConner to fill her up with diesel. After filling up I...
  102. Wild Bill

    Venision Pepp Stick (pic heavy)

    So after seeing the weather report for Saturday, I decided to take the opportunity to utilize some venison trim to make some Jalapeno Pepp Stick. I have been making my own sausages for several years now and I thought I would do a write up with some pics to show those who have never tried it, how...
  103. Wild Bill

    Found at enterance of Skyline Marina Lg Piece of black canvas.

    Coming into Skyline Marina tonight I almost ran over a large piece of black canvas barely floating. It has grommets and zippers but no snaps that I see. It is most likely off the fly bridge of a larger boat but I am not sure. It is in great shape other than being very wet.
  104. Wild Bill

    Non ethanol fuel a thing of the past soon

    I have been told by a friend that owns a small groc/gas station on Camano that the non ethanol fuel he sells is going to be no longer available sometime next month. So is the marine stabil formula worth the coin or is there other products that work as well and are cheaper? Napa dinged me 30 some...
  105. Wild Bill

    Jackwagon BS II

    All right moving on . Sorry Smudge, although I hardly would classify the discussion as B.S. I forgot my 1 amendment rights don't apply here. Let's bring it all in for a group hug :gaygroup: and go fishing. Just remember that bulge you feel doesn't necessarily mean I'm glad to see you. :rofl:
  106. Wild Bill

    Talking with friends and family about Second ammendment

    Alot of us are going to gatherings with friends and family this time of year and one of the topics that seems to be coming up at the ones I have been going to has been the recent shootings in Oregon and Conneticut. Inevitably this leads to a discussion of gun rights with many differing opinions...
  107. Wild Bill

    15 lb downrigger ball mold

    Do any of you North end brothers have a 15 lb downrigger ball mold I could borrow for a day or two? I have a 12 lber and lots of lead but I want to experiment with 15lbers. I could pour a couple of 12s or 15s for you with my lead for the trouble. Or I can barter with a fishing trip,barley pop...
  108. Wild Bill

    Need Resurrection Derby Update

    I know we have some smart phone packing brothers fishing the derby that can provide us some in the field updates so let's hear it!
  109. Wild Bill

    Tasteless off Camano

    I am disturbed by a trend I have noticed with the Winter Blackmouth I have been catching off Camano the last 5 years or so. It seems that 90% off the fish I have killed or seen killed are off the pale meated variety. Not only are they not bright Orange/red, they are also quite mushy in texture...
  110. Wild Bill

    Yamaha Outboard flushing question

    So what is the skinny on flushing the newer outboards? I have two Yamahas and the manual says flush with the motor off through the flushing port. Does this flush the entire cooling circuit? I worry part of the system is missed due to the fact the thermostat is closed. Any thoughts?
  111. Wild Bill

    Whale tries to steal Ocean Sport

    Check out this very intense whale Ocean Sport encounter! Make sure and click on utube link at bottom!
  112. Wild Bill

    Admariralty silver fishing

    A couple of weekends ago I went over and fished Admiralty inlet in the Lagoon Pt area for silvers and did well. I was fishing the incoming and slack tide. My question is weather the fishing can be productive on the outgoing and slack ebb and if there are better spots on the ebb for silvers...
  113. Wild Bill

    Tin VS. Tupperware

    Allright here we go! Try to convince me one boat material is better than the other. Aluminum vs Fiberglass. Why did you choose one material over the other? BM has nothing on me when it comes to starting a shitstorm! :shithappens: :rofl:
  114. Wild Bill

    San Juans not dead yet

    Fished the end of the flood tonight in a likely spot to intercept a Samish King. Overall pretty slow but picked up this teener right before dark. Saw one other net out and very few boats. Fish had 4 or 5 firecracker Herring in its gut. Will try again in the morning.
  115. Wild Bill

    AREA 7 Waiting for the Fraser pigs

    Had the Boat out at Lopez getting bottom painted so me and a buddy rode the ferry out and picked it up Friday night. Headed out Saturday first light with visions off finding a Fraser Tyee in the normal haunts. Couldn't connect with a Large White but did release a nice native silver and boat a...
  116. Wild Bill

    Scotty Electric Downrigger Experts.

    Last trip out I broke a belt on one of my Scotty Electrics. Not big deal as I had a spare belt and put it on. That's when the problem started. When pulling the lever back to drop the ball it would not pay out freely. I opened the cover up and adjusted the nut to allow the spool to spin more...
  117. Wild Bill

    300 gal diesel tank with pump and meter

    I have a 300 gallon diesel tank with a 110 volt transfer pump with meter and totalizer showing only 258 gallons dispensed. Tank has a few dents and scratches but is not all rusty and does not leak.Tank is shown sitting on end to take up less space but is plumbed to sit horizontal. It is...
  118. Wild Bill

    Area 9 Today 8/25

    I owed my mechanic Bro in Law a favor so I decided to take him on a day long adventure. Set the crab pots of Camano in the morning and ran to Possesion. Got there about 9:30 am and started fishing with the crowd. Saw the Dept. test fishing boat land and release about a 10 pound nate right from...
  119. Wild Bill

    Missing fisherman out of Winter Harbor

    Let's all pray for the four fisherman who are missing off the West Coast of Vancouver Island. It's looking a bit bleak but it is a very rugged shoreline and it has been very foggy so I'd like to think they are holed up on shore with enough supplies to rough it for a few days until they are...