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  1. san diego jeff

    Cruising to Sitka, Ketchikan and Juneau in late September. Interested in shore fishing. Suggestion

    I think you’ll do great by the hatchery in July. You’ll be deep into the king salmon season.
  2. san diego jeff

    Newell Reels Today

    Selling a 229-f. $120.00 cash and San Diego pick up only.
  3. san diego jeff

    Cruising to Sitka, Ketchikan and Juneau in late September. Interested in shore fishing. Suggestion

    Fished Sitka and it was almost a silver salmon per cast. Used a black and gold mepps spinner with a salmon egg on the swivel. 5 fish in 30 minutes. Also caught several dolly Varden. Fish were jumping all along the coast in Juneau. Shore fishing was hot as I didn’t see a beach were someone...
  4. san diego jeff

    Need 1-2 people for a Friday 9/13 Tuna Trip

    Ketchikan for 3 days and Sitka for 2. Will also be in Juneau as our jumping off point but don’t expect to fish, though I hear the Dolly Varden are fun to catch just outside of town. Flight leaves today 2:45 pm for Seattle then to Juneau.
  5. san diego jeff

    Need 1-2 people for a Friday 9/13 Tuna Trip

    Would have loved to go as I only try to fish midweek. Leaving that day for a week of Alaska Salmon, Halibut and trout fishing. Let me know if you need someone end of the month or an early October trip. Freezer is still full but I don’t mind catching for someone else.
  6. san diego jeff

    For Sale Newell 229-f reel for sale

    Selling a Newell 229-f reel. Works as it should. Ready to use or put into your collection. $120.00. Sorry but cash and local pick up only.
  7. san diego jeff

    Cruising to Sitka, Ketchikan and Juneau in late September. Interested in shore fishing. Suggestion

    Thanks everyone. I appreciate the information. Not overly concerned what is biting , just want to get some fishing in. Saw Dolly Varden might be an option as well. Can travel around Juneau as needed to get some fish. Thanks for the line suggestion. Was planning on bringing a breakdown...
  8. san diego jeff

    Going out 9/2/19 from SD any intel would help!

    20lb. Fluorocarbon to mono to braid. Change your fluoro after each fish. Fluoro doesn’t return to original shape after being stretched. Kinked line won’t get bit. Size 4 hooks. Change your bait if it doesn’t swim hard. I wouldn’t leave it for more than 5 minutes. Less on a sport boat.
  9. san diego jeff

    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    Conception, a premier dive boat. People unaccounted 30+. Confirmed fatalities. 4 crew members being flown to coast guard station in Channel Islands. Captain is still on scene. Boat burned to waterline. BTW there is NO O2 on a dive boat. O2 is pure oxygen. Divers have tanks filled with...
  10. san diego jeff

    Cruising to Sitka, Ketchikan and Juneau in late September. Interested in shore fishing. Suggestion

    I will be taking a cruise in late September. Visiting Juno Sitka and Ketchikan. I will have a whole day in each city. Looking to do some catch and release from shore. Suggestions on rivers or bays and gear plus line weight most appreciated.
  11. san diego jeff

    Fished 8/28/19 on the Fortune

    Fished on Wednesday aboard the Fortune. Fishing was consistent as long as you used 20 pound test and a size 4 hook. We fished among what looked like the entire fleet. Found a kelp patty at first light and we’re on Yellowfin quickly. For some reason when we drifted away from the patty and...
  12. san diego jeff

    Fishing Wednesday-Tomorrow-21st Aug

    Missed today. If you passed on today and can go tomorrow, I would love to go. Have gear, pay my way and will help clean afterwards.
  13. san diego jeff

    Personal Watercraft (Jetski) Recommendations?

    What do you think of the older 2 stroke Yamaha 1200 suv? It’s a 4 man watercraft and purportedly the largest watercraft ever made. I believe it’s almost 5 ft wide and 14ft long. I’ve seen them used offshore elsewhere.
  14. san diego jeff

    Occasional spots open

    I am available to fish weekdays. I can drive, take watch, rig, clean and everything in between. Have my own gear and pay my share.
  15. san diego jeff

    Looking for new people to fish with

    Able to fish weekdays. I help clean up, can drive, take watch, rig and everything in between. Have my own gear and pay my way. Drama free , don’t smoke and don’t drink til boat is cleaned and work is done.
  16. san diego jeff

    Looking for crew members

    I have some weekdays free. Have own gear, can help clean up after, pay my way, no drinking til cleanup is done and a non smoker. Can cook, rig, drive and anything else needed.
  17. san diego jeff

    For Sale Selling a large lot of irons. (Plus some plugs and trolling rigs thrown in.)

    Selling a large lot of irons. Some old, some new, some missing hooks, some perfect. Also adding some plugs, and trolling lures to the package. $185.00 for everything. There are approximately 90 irons. Will also consider a trade. Take me out blue fin fishing and the irons are yours. I’ll...
  18. san diego jeff

    La Jolla On Easter Sunday- Seeking Buddy Boater (Or Skier)

    Good info. Have looked also at the sea doo 4 seater. It’s older but can store everything. I’ll have to find out if it has neutral and hadn’t even thought about 4 stroke vs 2 stroke with oil injection.
  19. san diego jeff

    La Jolla On Easter Sunday- Seeking Buddy Boater (Or Skier)

    Looking to get into wave runner fishing. Still have the kayak but sold the boat. Recommendations?
  20. san diego jeff

    Experienced ho seeking weekday spot

    Experienced ho with his own 2 speed gear and tackle is seeking a weekday trip. (Monday or Tuesday is best). I can spot, drive, chum, rig, pull lines and simply help out. I don't smoke and never drink til the boat is cleaned and put away. I always chip in for fuel, bait, food etc... I'm in...
  21. san diego jeff

    Experienced ho seeking weekday spot

    Experienced ho with his own 2 speed gear and tackle is seeking a weekday trip. (Monday or Tuesday is best). I can spot, drive, chum, rig, pull lines and simply help out. I don't smoke and never drink til the boat is cleaned and put away. I always chip in for fuel, bit, food etc... I'm in...
  22. san diego jeff

    Experienced fisherman looking for midweek or ?. hunt

    experienced fisherman with his own 2 speed gear and tackle is looking to fish for some tuna. I am happy to spot , drive, chum bait, etc... don't smoke, never drinks til the boat is cleaned and put to bed. I chip in for any fuel, food, bait needed for the trip and am happiest when everyone has...
  23. san diego jeff

    Give me a call. looking to get into some fish. Theres 2 of us. Have our gear, permits and the...

    Give me a call. looking to get into some fish. Theres 2 of us. Have our gear, permits and the money. Non-smokers and don't drink while fishing. jeff 858-254-4910
  24. san diego jeff

    YFT 20 miles from the point! Open Party 6 pack?

    give me a call, I've got 2 looking to leave tonight or in the grey of the am. jeff
  25. san diego jeff

    Tribute out of Seaforth?

    Considering the Tuesday trip myself with my son. Toss up between the pacific queen and tribute.
  26. san diego jeff

    experienced with some free time this week if you need 1 more

    Free from now thru Saturday night. My work schedule cleared so I have time to get some fishing in. I have US and Mexican permits, all my own gear. I pay my share, can clean, drive, pull lines and even cook. I don't smoke and drink only when the work is done. I have experience in both...
  27. san diego jeff

    59' Ford F-100 4X4 FS

    Is it still for sale? jeff 858-254-4910
  28. san diego jeff

    Interested in the boat. Hours on motor? What is the biggest TLC needed. Is it water ready or...

    Interested in the boat. Hours on motor? What is the biggest TLC needed. Is it water ready or what needs to be done? Trailer condition? All paperwork in place??? Thanks jeff
  29. san diego jeff

    Boat Ho List

    Name: Jeff Age: 51 Boat: Currently Ho-ing. Days: Weekend short notice, weekdays with notice References: JB and the Pacific Voyager crew, Irv Grisbeck. Experience: Former tournament Marlin fisherman, Rolex Cup and ESPN Marlin Series. Drink / Smoke: No smoking, no drinking while fishing or...
  30. san diego jeff

    Private Grady 22 Looking for Fishermen

    Experienced fisherman with my own gear. I can drive, cook, work the deck and generally help out. I don't smoke and don't drink while fishing. I pay my way and don't leave until the boat is cleaned and put to bed. Fished the Rolex Cup and most major tourneys. Looking for some people who want...
  31. san diego jeff

    Looking for a 2nd to split costs on my boat

    Can't this weekend but in the coming weeks, I'm a go. Pay my share, can drive, bait, even cook. I don't smoke, have my own own gear, passport and permits.
  32. san diego jeff

    30' Rupp outriggers

    Sorry for the slow response. Still for sale.
  33. san diego jeff

    Barbados, any tips appreciated.

    Heading to Barbados in a couple of weeks. Anyone have suggestions. Boats, beach/gear for surf fishing. Taking some gear and surfboards.
  34. san diego jeff

    looking for a pickup for my son.

    Nothing to specific. Reliable, not too big. He's 18 and puts a surfboard or a bike in the back. He's in college in Northern Cal, so maybe 4wd would be good. But simple reliable transportation covers the need. call me at 858-254-4910 if you consider selling.
  35. san diego jeff

    looking for a pickup for my son.

    In need of a pickup for my kid. Price has to be low as he will be paying for it. Clean, reliable transportation is the hope. Any help appreciated as this will be his first car purchase.
  36. san diego jeff

    30' Rupp outriggers

    Selling or for Trade (looking for 15ft to 18ft) Rupp Outriggers. 30ft. Sell new for $5000.00 Selling this set for $900.00 These are used but in good condition. Sorry no pics, sending someone to the boat this weekend to take photos.
  37. san diego jeff

    Hip Resurfacing Surgery

    sent pm. Actually the life of a proper resurfacing is as long as a total hip. It all depends on your activity level.
  38. san diego jeff

    boat ho looking to leave thurs pm fish friday

    Experienced boat ho. Have gear, permits, and $$$. Non smoker, don't drink til the boat is cleaned and don't leave til everything is put away ship shape. I can drive, bait, rig, and even cook. I'm looking for a private or charter leaving thursday night to fish friday. Anyone??????
  39. san diego jeff

    WANTED: Small Outboard Motor

    located in rancho bernardo. I have 3 small outboards. 4, 9 , 9 hp. Will trade, or sell or ??
  40. san diego jeff

    Post Op pictures and update..

    Have your doc get you an EXOGEN fracture healing unit. It will reduce your fracture heal time by at least a third.
  41. san diego jeff

    simply amazing 3/4 on the pacific voyager 6/20/2010

    Sorry for the late report. Took my 3 kids on a fathers day 3/4 day trip out on the Pacific Voyager to the Coronados. I expected a trip of calico bass, white fish, barracuda and a possible yellowtail. What I got was the best yellowtail wide open bite I've had in years. We left Seaforth a 5:30...
  42. san diego jeff

    18' 1985 wellcraft center console

    is there a center console for it?
  43. san diego jeff

    What about BIG GAME 90?

    Fished with Irv and Mike for years. Always do at least one trip with them a year. Boat tends to be more full than less, but always lots of fish come over the rails. Looking for ultra limited load at a walmart price, forget it.
  44. san diego jeff

    slot machines for sale (2)

    Selling 2 slot machines. These are real slot machines, not skill stop machines. 1 is a quarter machine, the other a nickel machine. The quarter machine is a Ballys. All parts are there, including a service manual. Top lights but the rest does not light up. The nickel machine is a...
  45. san diego jeff

    2010 Boat Ho List

    SAN DIEGO and points South. Experienced ho who knows his way around a boat. Experienced from skiff to sportfisher. Several years of tournament marlin fishing from Australia to West Coast. Looking for a ride. I can rig, drive, spot and even cook. I show up on time and don't leave before the...
  46. san diego jeff

    Sea Adventure 80

    Sadly sometimes the boats have to reminded that their livelyhood is not simply fish but customer service. I appreciate your honesty to speak up and will take your information into consideration as I am looking for charters for the 2010 season.
  47. san diego jeff

    Resumes and cover sheets

    Need help writing the cover letter, you can email me and I'll help.
  48. san diego jeff

    I also need a concrete patio poured

    Looking for a BD'er who does concrete. approx. 900 sq ft. Must be reliable, bonded, with lic, looking to have the job done in the next 2 weeks. 858-486-2345 jeff
  49. san diego jeff

    TLD 20's...Cheeep

    are these single or 2 spds?
  50. san diego jeff

    Looking for an experienced San Diego Fisherman with no boat

    20+ years local waters, 7+ years on international billfish teams, 30+ years certified diver, own gear, pay my fair share, always eager to teach , learn and have fun fishing.
  51. san diego jeff

    Boat Ho list for 2009

    Experienced boat ho with many years of long range and local experience. Fished on professional teams, in the US , South Africa, Australia. I know my way around a boat, can rig, drive, even cook if needed. I show up on time as promised and don't leave til the boat is clean and all work done...
  52. san diego jeff

    F'n New Guy rod and reel advice

    This is just my .02 but I find when it comes to rods, I want the rod to be long enough that the tip can reach the end of my kayak. If I need to lead the line around the front of the kayak, it helps that the rod is long enough to make that reach. As for reels, stick with the simple things...
  53. san diego jeff

    looking for first speargun

    guys, I think the point is being lost on the type of fishing this guy plans to be doing. Almost any gun will work for halibut, calicos and sheephead. This guy needs to spend a year or 2 learning how to aim a gun, properly swim with a gun, load a gun at depth, how to make a kill shot and a ton...
  54. san diego jeff

    Question about Hawaii...

    Heading to Maui for a couple of weeks for some sun , surf and hopefully fish. I would like to keep some tuna, the boat can keep everything else. Any ideas?
  55. san diego jeff

    Anyone else SUCKING this season?

    been diving and the season has been pretty good. I will say that I have been diving from spots that I have passed up on for the past several years. Avoided all of La Jolla, and the larger bugs seem not to be in their usual spots. Check the deeper spots on the reefs and away from large high...
  56. san diego jeff

    heading to Maui for thanksgiving, anyone with an open spot for fishing?

    Experienced fisherman spending some vacation time on Maui, and interested in a day of fishing. Any bloodydeckers on Maui planning to fish the week of thanksgiving? I can offer some $$ or trade some gear (10/0 senator or other gear) Not looking for marlin but ahi, mahi mahi or ono would be...
  57. san diego jeff

    Hobie test peddle em

    not sold on the snickers bars, but you include a zagnut then I'm interested.
  58. san diego jeff

    bugging n county sd

    Dove opening night in n county san diego. 3 bugs all in shallow water (less than 15ft deep) I was surprised at how few bugs I saw over the course of the dive and thought I may have just been to shallow. The bugs were legal but not huge. Tasted great as we had lobster tacos, and fajitas to...
  59. san diego jeff

    anyone need an experienced ho for sat or sun

    Experienced ho with permits, $$ to share expenses and good attitude looking for a ride fishing Saturday or Sunday. Have all the gear, rigged and ready. I can drive, spot, rig bait and whatever else is needed. I show up when promised and don't leave til the boat is clean. San Diego Jeff...
  60. san diego jeff

    Which is better?

    Here is the difference. For the new diver looking to learn, there is no difference at all. The difference between a bad dive class and a great class comes down to the instructor. Do your homework and meet the instructor before you take their class. Find out how long they have been certified...
  61. san diego jeff

    Sandbass and Elvis tomorrow Sat 7-19-08

    Interested in going as well. Whats the $$$? send a pm where to meet and how much thanks tight lines
  62. san diego jeff

    scub gear

    Most gear you buy will be fine. The gear made today is more comfortable and easier to use than gear even 5 years ago. That said, the type of gear you use will depend on the type of diving you intend to do. 1. As for fins, the pair you use in training will likely not be the pair you will...
  63. san diego jeff

    anyone heading out Sat to fish sunday - ho looking for a boat

    Anyone heading out Saturday to fish Sunday? Experienced fisherman, know the way around a boat, can rig, drive, spot, even cook. Have all permits, show up when promised and doesn't leave til the boat is clean. Know the routine and pay my way. jeff
  64. san diego jeff

    fished the prowler overnight mon/tues

    Fished on the only overnight boat that seemed to go out Monday. 18 on board, 12 made it on deck at grey light. Never did see the other people til we docked. Ran about 70 mi before we started fishing, ran downhill towards the multiday guys trolling all the way. Fishing was sparse though...
  65. san diego jeff

    Boat Ho List 2008

    Ohh, I can also filet pretty fast.
  66. san diego jeff

    Boat Ho List 2008

    Name: Jeff Kalman Age: 45 Boat: Between boats Days Available: Weekends mostly but a few weekdays are possible References: Jimm H, Irv owner of the Big Game 90, Capt. Gary, Big Tony, Levinator and some of the kayak crowd as well Experience: Fished the Rolex Cup series for a couple...
  67. san diego jeff

    Bad Open Party Boat!

    had a similar situation on a San Diego boat boat when I took a neighbor kid with downs syndrome fishing. The kid would hook into a fish, and the crew and or dead head buddies would actually cut his line. One even cut his line and hand lined the fish to the rail and claimed the fish as his...
  68. san diego jeff

    2008 Mexi BOAT permits- NO LONGER REQUIRED!!

    As an above poster said, Don't fish in Mexico. Don't vacation there, don't hunt there. If the money stops going to Mexico, then just maybe they will start to see that you can't keep killing off the golden geese and still expect eggs.
  69. san diego jeff

    Kids fishing WHEN?

    I went to South Africa to fish in a Marlin tournament and had the chance to take my son, then 11. He wasn't going to fish, just ride along. The 1st day of fishing, we kill 2 fish, 2 people touch a rod and we miss a tag. Essentially we are out of the tournament. So, we figure, if we hook into...
  70. san diego jeff

    2 spearguns for sale

    1. 60" long, stainless steel tube, accutrack, narrow muzzle for improved accuracy. 3 band gun. Model is La Paz from Bandito. excellent condtion. Will throw in an extra spear tip if I can find it. $180.0 SOLD 2. 45" long, aluminum shaft, 2 band gun. Model is JBL 38 special. Have fun in the...
  71. san diego jeff

    Dive instruction classes?

    While I am a certified instructor, I am not currently available. I will make the suggestion that you call your local university and see if they have any dive classes. The classes through college dive programs are the most encompassing and offer the best instruction as the teachers are...
  72. san diego jeff

    Ear probs and free diving pattys..

    The best part of your question is the that you recognize the need to see your doctor. If you have ear issues, you may have a low grade, lingering infection. A couple of weeks of medication will take care of that. Additionally, if you have difficulty clearing your ears, remember these rules...
  73. san diego jeff

    Update on my son Michael and me

    Remember, if you are getting bills for co-pays from medical device and equipment suppliers, you can contact them direct and ask them to waive the co-pay. I am a medical trauma device rep and do this all the time for patients.
  74. san diego jeff

    any use out there for 9/0 Senators?

    Going back to the islands (Oahu and Maui) over thanksgiving again and wondering if there is a market out in Hawaii for these big Senators. I have 8 of them and no use out in San Diego. Would love to trade for some fishing time out there. Thanks and tight lines.
  75. san diego jeff

    Any h20 spray paint exist for wetsuits?

    you can use fabric paint. Purchased at Michaels, all over San Diego. However, you had better try it out on a test suit first. We did several suits for a movie a couple of years ago and some paint wouldn't stick to some of the suits. No reason for the failure to adhere. BTW we ended up...
  76. san diego jeff

    What's your occupation?

    Orthopedic trauma rep. I work in trauma surgeries and post surgery or accidents, fit patient with devices to speed up fracture healing. Sadly lots of work at Balboa Naval.
  77. san diego jeff

    Fishing for a Kayak fish Finder

    I have multiple kayaks and decided on the portable route. I have the humminbird piranha max 215. Dual beams, works well. GPS would be nice in the same unit but I have a small GPS already for waypoints. $129.00 for fishfinder and just take it from yak to yak.
  78. san diego jeff


    points to think about will you be mostly beach or boat diving? Technical diving in your plans? Nitrox diving? Who will maintain your gear? Is there a nearby dive shop that can work on your reg? Comfort Cost antimagnetic (for those mercinaries, no job too small, no country too large -I...
  79. san diego jeff

    Wetsuit advice for my boy

    here is a pic of the TLS drysuit.
  80. san diego jeff

    Wetsuit advice for my boy

    A hooded vest for the checkout dives will do alot to keep him warm. Add a surfskin shirt and that will buy him even more warmth. Just as important, make sure he has a warm coat to wear immmediatly post dive. A long down coat will keep him from dropping his core body temp. I have a few...
  81. san diego jeff


    Used to test dive drysuits and wetsuits for defense and justice departments. While DUI makes great suits, they do not fit everybody. Try all the drysuits out there and be sure you actually dive them in the configuration you plan to use. I currently own DUI, Viking, and Henderson drysuits...
  82. san diego jeff

    2 penn 9/0 senators for sale

    selling 2 penn 9/0 senators. Need some cleaning, some minor slight pitting on bars, but these reels have minimal use. Spent the last 25 yrs in a garage. These are older 9/0's with bakalite handle grips. Sorry no pics but am working on it. $230 for the pair of reels. They are in San Diego...
  83. san diego jeff

    getting zodiac ready to sell. 25hp motor, great deal for bd'r.

    been busy with work and sadly, preparing for 2 more shoulder surgeries. I have finally put the handles on the boat, but have yet to change to lower unit oil. I purchased the new impellar and gasket. Sorry no picks yet as I cannot find the camera to computer cable.
  84. san diego jeff

    going under the knife

    Take it easy with the fishing. Let your PT's know about your range of motion needs for fishing. They can tailor the exercises for that motion. Good luck. BTW, There are several studies following shoulder patients going on in So Cal right now. Did they have you wear a device following surgery?
  85. san diego jeff

    WTB Prowler or similar kayak...

    selling a tarpon 140 in mint condition with highback seat, dolly, 4 rod holders, rudder system, 2 piece carbon paddle, life jacket and more. PM if interested.
  86. san diego jeff

    going to Maui, any info on fishing would help. surf, offshore, kayak.

    heading to Maui for some R&R and thought I may want to include some fishing. I've got a condo so I would like to keep just enough fish for dinner. I'm open to ideas, surf fishing, kayak fishing, or offshore. Not looking for marlin but, ahi, mahi mahi etc.. would be nice. If someone has a...
  87. san diego jeff

    getting zodiac ready to sell. 25hp motor, great deal for bd'r.

    I am adding new handles and changing the lower unit oil this weekend. I will post pics after this is done. Again, this boat is very clean and a great deal for a bd'er. I'll wait about a week and then post on other sites but then it will be more. Make sure to mention bloody decks if you're...
  88. san diego jeff

    getting zodiac ready to sell. 25hp motor, great deal for bd'r.

    Getting a 14ft zodiac ready for selling. comes with an older but extremely clean 25 hp suzuki that runs perfect. wood floorboards. Boat has no leaks, and looks great. $1,400.00 for bd'r. pm if interested. Boat and floorboards come with zodiac bags. all fits in the back of a ford explorer...
  89. san diego jeff

    Porta Bote Question

    recalls are the red haired step children of companies. They offer the limited return between a specified time and then cut all ties with the product. This includes replacement parts. The dealer who sold the 1980 product as "new" 16 years later, knew of the recall but likely missed the cutoff...
  90. san diego jeff

    experience ho looking to fish Monday or Tuesday. Anyone going??

    had to bump this up. Running out of time as my wife just got called to work out of town Wed and Thursday this week. Anyone needing an extra person fishing Tuesday this week, please let me know. Thanks.
  91. san diego jeff

    going under the knife

    I've had the surgery. Torn labrum, torn rotator & I also had a complete pectoral muscle tear. I also happen to be an orthopedic trauma rep so I familiar with many of the orthopedists in San Diego.
  92. san diego jeff

    experience ho looking to fish Monday or Tuesday. Anyone going??

    Experienced ho with gear, permits and $$ looking for someone going out to fish Monday or Tuesday. Knows the routine, can drive, watch, cook, spot and clean up afterwords. I show up on time and enjoy newbies as well as the seasoned fishermen. IF you are heading out at the beginning of the week...
  93. san diego jeff

    25 Mercury OB just died

    I hate to throw this one in, but check fuses. Thats the problem I am hunting down.
  94. san diego jeff

    50hp evinrude, keep blowing fuse when I turn the battery on HELP

    already tried bigger fuse. Still blew. I am not sure the component that is protects but will get out the manual and figure that out in the AM
  95. san diego jeff

    50hp evinrude, keep blowing fuse when I turn the battery on HELP

    As I have stated in the past, I am not the best motor man. Once again I am stumped and am looking for some help. I have an older 50hp evinrude normally runs well. Well now she don't. Every time I hook up the battery, a fuse on the engine blows. I can't see where it could be shorting out...
  96. san diego jeff

    I need a captain!

    IF, you have the fuel capacity. IF you have a backup motor. IF you have v-assist. IF you have the electronics to support a trip to the Cortez. IF you find another boat to buddy boat with. IF we spend 2 days fishing as dry runs. IF you have documentation to support your GPH rate. Do all...
  97. san diego jeff

    Trying to get 3 generations out fishing.

    Thanks everyone for your responses. We were able to arrange a ride with the help of a great BD'er and are putting on fresh line, checking drags, and planning on a great day on the water. Again, thanks to everyone who responded. Bloodydecks has once again proven itself to be home to great...
  98. san diego jeff

    Trying to get 3 generations out fishing.

    Trying to leave Saturday or early Sunday, return Sunday evening. Looking to get a friend, his son and his dad out fishing. Grandpa is supposed to know how to fish. My friend just returned from an Alaska trip , his son is a true newbie. I know my way around a boat, can drive, clean, cook...
  99. san diego jeff

    Still have a bunch of dive gear for sale. 2 womens & 1 mans drysuits + more

    Clearing out the garage of excess dive gear. Mans ML/L henderson drysuit, shoulder zip / neoprene. nice condition $150.00 Womans DUI TLS front entry, fabric suit size L $250.00 Womans henderson drysuit, shoulder entry / unused $150.00 I also have a dozen or so masks, snorkels...
  100. san diego jeff

    selling loads of dive gear. from masks to drysuits

    Time to clear out some of the extra dive gear from my garage. 2 womens drysuits. Mediums ( 1 dui self donning , 1 harveys ) both in excellent condition. 4 mens medium wetsuits 1 mens harveys large drysuit. 6 regulator setups 4 buyancy compensators, from small to large...
  101. san diego jeff

    need help with a 50 hp evinrude (carb cleaning, tuneup, new water pump

    Looking to delve into some do-it-yourself work on my old evinrude. Its a 50 hp 1974 motor. Runs great but I want to be proactive with it. THE PROBLEM:when it comes to motors, I am the village idiot. I'm looking for someone to help me with the job. I have the new waterpump, and carb kits...
  102. san diego jeff

    Is it illegal to feed the crocs in China?

    trying to send you the photos.
  103. san diego jeff

    I need a new prop

    I just spoke to him Friday Noon. He was closing early to head to the desert. Stick to calling Tues-Thurs. 9-4. I priced around and he has the best prices, both new and used. Its worth the extra calling.
  104. san diego jeff

    Outboard problems

    Just FYI, I replaced my 50hp prop today. $99.00 for the prop and $49.00 for the hub kit. I also spent $70.00 to have my original prop refurbished. Now I'll have a 17 and 19 pitch prop. Not an arm and a leg problem.
  105. san diego jeff

    outboard control box electronic issues - the saga continues

    Here's the results. Bought a multimeter and off on the quest for the short I went. First through the control box, nada - everything checked out ok. To the battery box and switch, again everything AOK. To the motor, the bane of my existance. Pulled the cowling and what the F--K, I instantly...
  106. san diego jeff

    outboard control box electronic issues - the saga continues

    Thanks for the info. Battery and battery connection can't be the problem. Both are brand new. The ignition switch is a possibility. I am going to read up on jumping the motor. I want to make sure it is not the powerpack. I have been told that I can jump the motor from the battery...
  107. san diego jeff

    outboard control box electronic issues - the saga continues

    Solved 1 problem another appears. So continues the saga of my small runabout. This weeks problem - Turn the key, nothing happens! As you may remember from last weeks episode, the motor was running, low on fuel your humble reporter stopped to switch tanks - shutting down the motor. New fuel...
  108. san diego jeff

    I learned something new from Eye Problem

    Anyone have an electric impact wrench I can borrow. Frozen lug nuts on my trailer. Who would have guessed?
  109. san diego jeff

    Overnight advice needed

    A couple of points to make the trip epic for the kid. Get him on a fish early, talk to the deck hands, maybe toss a few dollars their way to give a little extra help. Without shouting it out, let some of the other fishermen onboard know its the kid's first trip. Everyone will help to make the...
  110. san diego jeff

    Looking for some billfishermen

    Experienced bill fisherman. Can rig, spot and drive. If you are planning on fishing the light tackle tournament, I can help.
  111. san diego jeff

    All Girls Trip on the Holiday

    An all girls trip??? Ohhh great, now you'll never get the smell off those fish.
  112. san diego jeff

    Big Game 90'

    I'm biased having fished the Big Game for several years. She's a blue collar boat with a blue collar crew. Food is good not great. Now the important stuff. I have never had a bad trip on the boat. I have had tough days fishing but that was true for the entire fleet , not just this boat...
  113. san diego jeff

    Total Rookie

    my advice is to first get comfortable with the boat. Din't head offshore until you are ready for every possible event. Make sure you have extra parts and know how to install them. Extra hoses, duct tape, tools, etc... I would do several runs inshore, practice with the boat, and then head...
  114. san diego jeff

    Rod Renter Asking For Help

    Best tips, 1. Have fun 2. Keep the rod tip pointed up and in the direction of the fish. 3. Follow your fish 4. Have fun. If confused, just remember tips 1 & 4
  115. san diego jeff

    Looking to build a crew for future trips

    I have experience on vessels up to 95'. I wouldn't mind driving a trip or two. I have recently filled my freezer so I can pass on fishing for a while. A nice day out on the water is enough for me. I also can cook if you have a galley.
  116. san diego jeff


    Mmmmmmm good eatin fish. Ya-know another good eatin fish - Garibaldi.
  117. san diego jeff

    2 needed to fish Saturday

    If you're heading out from San Diego , count me in. 858-254-4910 call me. If not, anyone else leaving from San Diego, I'm looking to ho a ride. Got my permits, gear, money and even my own deck brush to help clean up after.
  118. san diego jeff

    skipjack hull damage!!

    You have to worry about transfer stress fractures. I used to work at Kettenburgs doing small boat fiberglass repair. I've repaired several boats with worse damage but you need to have the boat professionally surveyed if you want to be safe. Unless you are getting it for almost nothing, I...
  119. san diego jeff

    ho looking for someone needing experienced crew

    Got a last minute reprieve from work and hoping to find a trip offshore. I've got my mex permit, gear, experience and $$. Can drive, rig, and clean up after the trip. Able to leave ASAP Jeff 858-486-2345 home.
  120. san diego jeff

    forward and reverse mixed up. any help appreciated

    I need the old OMC control box with the padded top. pre 1979 I am getting the part number this afternoon. I know that I can buy a new old stock box for $200.00
  121. san diego jeff

    forward and reverse mixed up. any help appreciated

    came to the conclusion that I have the wrong year control box. The control box pushes the R-N-F control forward when shifted forward and I need on tha pushes the cable backwards when shifted forward. Anyone with an older control box they are interested in selling? I'll prowl ebay in the...
  122. san diego jeff

    non-skid deck.

    marine tex is good, you may also want to look at dolphinite. In a pinch I have also used solarez. They also make a solarez impregnated with fiberglass fibers. Cures in about 15minutes.
  123. san diego jeff

    forward and reverse mixed up. any help appreciated

    A recent purchase, motor and control box. Motor starts , runs and shifts great, but just not correctly.
  124. san diego jeff

    forward and reverse mixed up. any help appreciated

    Thanks for all the input and the dyslexia comment as well. Heres the situation. Not a counter rotating prop. Push the shifter forward, it pushes the motor gearset backwards to reverse. Can't simply turn the shifter around as you can with some models. Really has me stumped as I cannot see...
  125. san diego jeff

    forward and reverse mixed up. any help appreciated

    OMC shifter, 50hp evinrude outboard. Mounted both on a small bay boat. However, when I push the throttle forward, the motor goes into reverse. And, when I put the motor in reverse, it goes forward. The throttle cables are on correctly, and the motor does not have reverse pitch prop. As...
  126. san diego jeff

    experienced ho looking to fish sunday.

    Anyone with an opening leaving Saturday fishing Sunday??
  127. san diego jeff

    experienced ho looking to fish sunday.

    Got my lic (mex and us), gear, $$ and most important - experience. Can drive, spot, rig, clean up post trip, anything needed. Not a drinker, but still enjoy having a good time. Looking to leave Saturday and fish Sunday. Anyone heading out long let me know. Thanks Jeff 858-254-4910 cell
  128. san diego jeff

    Ho looking for ride leave sunday or monday

    Ho with mex permit, experience, and $$. Anyone heading offshore give me a call. Jeff 858-486-2345
  129. san diego jeff

    ho looking for a ride Sat night fish Sunday

    Got my gear, my mex permit and some $$$. Anyone need an experienced ho to help keep the world safe from Albacore and Bluefin? Give me a call Jeff 858-486-2345
  130. san diego jeff

    need help setting up 50hp outboard on small boat.

    Ok, I can work in fiberglass, deal with trailer issues and do underwater hull repairs, BUT when it comes to motors, I am the village idiot. And therein lies the problem. I have a 50hp outboard that I need to put onto my small fiberglass boat. I don't really have the $$$ to pay someone to set...
  131. san diego jeff

    First Kayak, little help?

    Been kayaking La Jolla over 20 years, since the days when there were only 2 choices in kayaks, seda or royak. Go to all the kayak stores in your local area. Look at all the kayaks, listen to all the sales pitches, ask alot of questions. Most shops will rent kayaks, rent, beg, or borrow first...
  132. san diego jeff

    Pt. Loma petting zoo. 6-11-06

    Have been diving with some large BSB at the ledges off pt loma since the early 80's. Used to pull off rock scallops and feed the meat to the fish. (when they suck the meat in , your hand can be sucked in as well, so be careful.) About 2 years ago, I found one fish with a spear shaft in him...
  133. san diego jeff

    Big Game 90??

    Long time Big Game 90 fisherman. Definitely don't go on this boat. That way I will have the rail to myself. Keep this boat a secret and just enjoy it. Have fished most boats in the San Diego fleet and while this boat won't win the fancy prize, it absolutely has a chance to win the most and...
  134. san diego jeff

    Ho with $, mex permit and experience looking for ride

    puttin fresh line on the reels this week. Anyone heading out this weekend. Leaving Fri or Sat night looking for an experienced crew?
  135. san diego jeff

    Ho with $, mex permit and experience looking for ride

    Anyone leaving Sunday evening fishing Monday? Rigged and ready, just don't have a working boat. If you need 1 or 2 people, please let me know. I know the drills, and am more than ready to help clean up after we return. Email or call me at 858-486-2345 Thanks Jeff
  136. san diego jeff

    great dive boat for sale AVON 17ft inflatable

    Perfect dive boat. Big, but will fit in the back of my expedition or back of a pickup. Fills fast off 1 alum 80 tank in less than 2 minutes. 17ft , AVON CRRC 520. 1992. (This is a military combat model inflatable, bullet holes repaired) Takes motor up to 50hp. ( not included) $1800.00
  137. san diego jeff

    Flare gun in Mex?

    I suggest using the handheld flares instead.
  138. san diego jeff


    I'm sorry to say this, but if you are not familiar with how to chum for sharks, the fish rap magazine, or where sharks are commonly caught, THEN, you might not be ready to lead a trip out shark fishing. I'm not trying to be an ass hole but shark fishing has special challenges and hazards. You...
  139. san diego jeff

    pharmaceutical rep needs a new job

    Good news. I start a new job in May. Medical device rep for big device manufacturer. A harder job than pharma, fewer days off, but, much better pay.
  140. san diego jeff

    Which one of u assnuts...

    Actually, it was a collected effort. We all cut you off.
  141. san diego jeff

    WTF Fatslammers?

    anyone here had gastric bypass?
  142. san diego jeff

    Beach Entry. How do you like it?

    You are absolutly correct that the risk of diving in surf of any size is high. Statistically more fatal diving accidents occur in the first 33ft of depth. It's no coincidence, thats also the depth of greatest pressure change. And the greatest of that being the first 15ft. The reality of the...
  143. san diego jeff

    Beach Entry. How do you like it?

    You present alot of variables with your question. I'll try to cover as many bases as possible. As for walking out with your fins off: 1. What happens if you step into a deep hole in the surf zone with your fins off. This is even more true in winter and spring when surf is bigger and holes...
  144. san diego jeff

    anyone heading out Tonight or Sat?

    Looking to Ho a ride this weekend. Anyone heading out with an open spot? Desperate to get something on a hook.
  145. san diego jeff

    pharmaceutical rep needs a new job

    I guess I should explain. They are deleting my job classification. That covers 900 people across the country. No sales or management positions for me to step into in southern California so, they have offered me a position in Arizona. No Thanks. That means, I have to look for a new job.
  146. san diego jeff

    pharmaceutical rep needs a new job

    My pharmaceutical company announced that I will be part of a 900 person layoff at the end of April. So, I hunting for a new job. Looking for a pharmaceutical rep or medical device rep job. As for qualifications, I finished ranked #1 in sales in Southern Cal out of 10, and in the top 5% in the...
  147. san diego jeff

    LOST SOME GEAR! Dana Point

    Matt, You supply the boat and a couple of beers, I'll supply the divers. SD jeff
  148. san diego jeff

    Shark Tourneys

    I'd be interested in crewing a shark tourney this year. lots of experience in tourneys for both billfish and shark. I can drive, rig, bait, and spot. Also can cook.
  149. san diego jeff

    minor gelcoat repair question

    Quick solution, find an inobtrusive location to remove a small gelcoat chip. Take that chip to Sherwin Williams Auto paint store on Morena Blvd. They will color match with a spray expoxy resin. Prep area, and either spray and blend, or spray onto paint pan and brush if area is very small.
  150. san diego jeff

    Penn Price Fixing

    This really isn't price fixing. For manufactureres, its a way to protect liability and profit regarding pricing policy. Mail order houses, some onshore , some offshore tend to display pricing below the approved advertised price. In the fishing market, the approved advertised price may be the...
  151. san diego jeff

    WSB Photos from 2/10 Catalina Trip!

    You know, I heard that a boat could sink due to excess ugly fishermen onboard. You guys may not want to fish the same boat anymore. Just thinking of the other fishermen's safety.
  152. san diego jeff

    Just looking for something

    Does it have to be a 14ft? I may have a line on a couple of 12ft aluminum boats.
  153. san diego jeff

    think I got termites - need inspection

    I think I have termites. ( can see the residue at the front door. ) I need a complete inspection. Any help out there? Thanks Jeff
  154. san diego jeff

    Catalina 2/3-2/4.

    Did you borrow that fish from a kayaker??
  155. san diego jeff

    Today in PV

    Finished off my week in Puerto Vallarta. Kayak fished Punta de Mita, Sayulita and Jalapa. Fished off shore from a friends 40ft Bertram 2 days. The kayak fishing produced lots of bottom fish, as well as Sierra Mackeral. Offshore, we were only able to produce 1 yft 60lbs. Offshore, there were...
  156. san diego jeff

    Today in PV

    Its been a great vacation. Lots of sun and fun, BUT the fishing has been anything but stellar. Fished Punta de Mita on kayak (thanks Catherine for arranging a kayak) Lost 1 dorado and something that never came to color and broke off 40lb test. The offshore wind almost did me in but I did...
  157. san diego jeff

    need a 50hp ( or thereabouts) outboard

    Still looking for a motor. Checked Sunset Marine. Sadly they decided I was the customer they would try to hustle out of every extra penny. Wanted $900.00 more for the same engine as another shop. Also offered to fix my motor for $1,700.00 Another shop said the same repair would only last...
  158. san diego jeff

    PV Jan 21 -Feb 2 great opportunity

    I am so jazzed. Respooling my reels, buying more toys, getting the rod tube out of the rafters. Can't wait for PV. Will talk this Thursday and make final prep. Jeff
  159. san diego jeff

    MLK jr ride?

    John, Sorry for the late reply, could only find a pair of medium slickers. Let me know if you want to borrow the line winder. I leave for Puerto Vallarta on Friday, but will be back on the 2nd. Again, thanks for the opportunity to fish. Had a great time. Jeff
  160. san diego jeff

    PV Jan 21 -Feb 2 great opportunity

    I'll be there between the 21st and 28th. Sent you an email. Jeff
  161. san diego jeff

    need a 50hp ( or thereabouts) outboard

    Have a small bay/kelp/lake boat with a 50hp force POS. The motor is kaput and I need another outboard. Anyone with a 50hp or thereabouts motor for sale? Or, anyone with a 50hp force they are parting out. Yes, I know the force is junk, but I cannot afford a new motor. All help appreciated...
  162. san diego jeff

    anyone looking for a crew anytime between 12-25 and 1-2

    Have some time off work, anyone looking for an experienced crewman? Interested in any trip. Albies, kepbeds, rockfish, even spearfishing. Have experience, gear, $$, and the time to help clean after the trip. Jeff 858-486-2345
  163. san diego jeff

    anyone looking for a crew anytime between now and Jan 2nd.

    I've got some free time, and eager to fish. Free everyday between 12-25 and 1-2. Looking to make a run for 1st albie of the season, give me a call. Looking to run to the kelp beds, I interested in that as well. Have all my gear ready, experienced, have $$, even my own deck brush to help...
  164. san diego jeff

    New Brand Trolling Reel "PRO Challenger"

    so whats the special deal?
  165. san diego jeff


    The best way to put urchin on a hook is to put it inside a small pouch made of womens panty hose. Tie the end shut with a knot and there you are. Put the "ball" on the hook and you are ready. The urchin scent will release from the ball and will stay on the hook. Just my .02 or $1,000.00...
  166. san diego jeff

    Heading to PV last week of January, anyone else?

    Heading down for a week of fun and sun. 2 days of kayak fishing already arranged. (3rd year kayaking for dorado and small yft targeted inshore) Newbie as far as big YFT. Any suggestions or ideas. Even better would be anyone else going down at that time. All help appreciated. Thanks...
  167. san diego jeff

    6 Day Kayak Fishing Charter

    Actually to scuba dive Lupe in the early 80's. Made the trip on the "Bottom Scratcher" dive boat out of San Diego several times. Used to spear huge yt, even a fw YFT. THEN, on one trip a GWS shows up. I haven't been diving there since. San Diego Jeff
  168. san diego jeff

    Bugs 10-1,2,3

    Actually, IF the dfg came to your house and found a bunch of bugs in the freezer, AND you claim to have purchased the bugs, THEN you would have prove that you legally purchased them. If not, then you would have to prove that you have enough licensed fishermen (or women and kids) in the house...
  169. san diego jeff

    just a reminder to those catching bugs. Remember the limits

    Ran into some divers this weekend after my opening night bug dive. They were telling me that they caught limits and were going to go out the next night and get more. Reminded them of the possession limit. The law reads 7 lobster per day/in possession. That means, if you have 7 bugs in the...
  170. san diego jeff

    Bugs 10-1,2,3

    Not to throw water on you fire but 3 divers, 24 bugs puts you 3 bugs over the legal limit. Remember, the rule is 7 per day, and in possession. That means if you got 7 in the freezer, then you legally can't go and get more. The only way around that is to apply for a multiday possession permit...
  171. san diego jeff

    experienced fisherman available to crew leave Saturday fish Sunday

    Gotta get out on the water to fish. The kayak fishing has been good to me with 3 yt this past month, but looking for something more. Coaching pop warner youth football so I can't fish Saturday AMs. (Rancho Bernardo Jr Midget Broncos 3-1 so far) Looking to connect for a Sunday crew spot...
  172. san diego jeff

    DID It again 9/17

    Not to play wise old fishing sage, but the object is not to catch "shit" but fish. Stop fishing around Tijuana slough.
  173. san diego jeff

    La Jolla Sunday Morning yt.

    Thanks for the congrats, been awhile since I've caught something big enough to do a little crowing. Been working during the day and coaching youth football during the evening and Saturdays. So time to fish has been sporadic at best. Didn't have the camera for a proper beach photo, and wife...
  174. san diego jeff

    La Jolla Sunday Morning yt.

    Don't usually post reports as I most often kayak fish La Jolla. But, seeing as the ocean was packed with life and I came away with a better than average yt I had to post. Launched at 5:00 in pre grey darkness, bait jumping the entire way from La Jolla shores to the outside bull kelp off...
  175. san diego jeff

    ho available for Sunday fishing

    1st football game over. Kids won 28-6. Wish I could say it was my doing , but they don't let me put on gear and hit anymore. Now I have a chance to get some fishing in. Anyone need a crew for a Sunday fishing run? Got gear, permits, $$, and my own scrub brush for afterword. Know the...
  176. san diego jeff

    Marlin tournaments, Zane Grey, Classic, Rosie's, Church Mouse

    I have a limited amount of experience fishing marlin tourneys. Fished 1/2 season for Sharkeys Machine, 1 season ( S Africa, Australia, East Coast, Mexico,) with Slo Mo Jo. Capable, have mex permit. Time may be an issue, but if you can send me exact dates, I can tell you I am in or out...
  177. san diego jeff

    BD Official HO list 2007

    Name: Jeff K Age: 43 All my own gear, permits and know my way around a boat. Can help drive, cook, rig, run and clean up afterwords. Always show up when promised and come ready to fish not sleep on the watch. Days I can fish: Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays. Drinks: Anything after...
  178. san diego jeff

    How to get reliable HO's????

    As hard as it is to find a reliable ho, it can be hard to break into the ranks of the "reliable ho". There does not seem to be too many spots listed. Would love to get a chance. Have been a boat owner for several years, worked as a diver and inflatable boat repairman for Kettenburg, worked on...
  179. san diego jeff

    Lookin to Ho Sunday - experienced and ready

    Lookin to crew a trip this Sunday. Driving, rigging, clean up after, familiar with the routine. Have the gear and permits ready. Give me a call, the freezer is empty. San Diego Jeff 858-486-2345
  180. san diego jeff

    Sunday Albi/BFT - Need 2 Hos

    Sent you a pm, excited to pull on some bft. Left you a pm. San Diego Jeff
  181. san diego jeff

    had a tough mechanical night Friday. Looking for a ride Saturday or Sunday

    Left Friday night on Alan's "Paddy Wagon". We had some mechanicals so, safety first, we headed back in. I think Alan felt the worst. But good thing we returned. Anyway, I'm looking for another ride out to the Albies. Anyone need 1 or maybe even 2 people? Have Mex. permits and boating...
  182. san diego jeff

    Line winder

    I have a commercial line winder. Its the Berkley BGMM model. includes foot pedal for hands free operation. Will spool any size reel. Sells new for $1,800.00 I'll sell this one for $800.00
  183. san diego jeff

    alternative to boston whailer

    I'm heistant to suggest a boat to a person that has already had one take on moisture damage. In my book, that means the person has the wrong boat. If they are leaving a boat sitting through seasons, buy an inflatable. You can deflate the boat an easily store it inside during the winter. No...
  184. san diego jeff

    need mechanic for 1980 140 hp johnson

    Short on cash and looking to get the family out to the kelp beds this summer. I have an older 1980 I think 140 hp johnson outboard that I need to have tuned and given the once over. I have a 1973 mercury 85 hp outboard with extra prop and service manual fish?: ( needs electrical work)...
  185. san diego jeff

    Kayak advice por favor.

    Lucky you to be getting into kayak fishing just as the bite is starting to explode. I won't bore you with all the tripe about one kayak better than another. Truth is, I own several from different manufacturers and all work well. Go to San Diego Sailing Center and try out the extreme and the...