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    For Sale Talica 20 w/ Terez TZCR-72XXXH

    Light scratches on the Talica, tried to get good pics to give you a good idea. Talica has about 500 yards of 100# braid. Rod is pristine. I have the box for the reel as well. Talica 20 retail: $640 Line: ~$80-$100 Rod: $400 Asking $850 Located in SD but can arrange to deliver in OC because I...
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    Tiderunner 195 Custom Pilothouse- Need painter referral

    Maybe could have posted this in the Boating Discussion?
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    Tiderunner 195 Custom Pilothouse- Need Painter Referrals!!

    Whatsup ya'll. My brother and I have a Tiderunner 195 "Tuna Twins" and we are building a pilot house for it. The project is inspired by the Defiance Yellowtail boats. Our boat is literally the same hull but was made by Palmer. Since Palmer's merger with Defiance, Defiance took the hull and added...
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    WTB Rocket launcher rod holder rack

    Building a pilot house so I’m looking for some rod holder racks that look like these- approx. 60”. Let me know if you know where I can find some!
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    SOLD Duralast Marine Starting Battery 27DP-DL

    I bought this from Autozone and used it for one trip. I decided it's too heavy for my 14' aluminum skiff and I don't want to lie to Autozone and say it was never used. Someone else can have it for $60. Andy (714)-833-8997
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    For Sale Like new Bimini Top

    This bimini was just put on my boat a week ago and was custom made by Murphy's Marine Canvas in Shelter Island Drive. My old bimini top either blew off or got stolen, so I had this new one made. We ordered it in January, and its a long story but we just got it put on last week. However, in the...
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    SOLD 2005 Nitro 1900 Center Console

    Posting this for my friend who does not have a BD account. I wanted to help out a good friend and pass along a good boat so someone else in the BD Community can keep killing fish on it. They are selling it because they just bought the 28' Force you may have seen for sale on this forum a couple...
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    2005 Nitro 1900 CC

    mods please delete- posted in wrong section
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    Need Pilot house referrals

    I own a Palmer Tiderunner 195. I’m looking to build a pilot house just like the Defiance Yellowtail Special. My boat is an extremely similar hull so would be looking to build basically the same pilot house. Anyone have any referrals for who can do this? I’ve attached pics of my boat and pics of...
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    Question on my transom bracket..

    So I have a Palmer Tiderunner 195, absolutely love the boat. Although, ever since I bought it I've been meaning to find out what this hole is in the back of the bracket.. Would any of you guys have an idea? Should I plug it? It is definitely man-made and hasn't seemed to cause a problem. The...
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    SOLD Reliable Kill Bag 60” x 24”

    Selling because we are buying a bigger bag. Works great, was just stuffed with big bluefin 4 days ago and they stayed ice cold. $200 Call or text Andy 714-833-8997
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    SOLD Humminbird Helix 5 DI GPS w/ Transducer

    Going through my old boating stuff and listing things for sale. I have this Helix 5 DI GPS and transducer that I had on a boat I used to have. I had to sell the boat but first I stripped everything off of it. The display has light scratches but they aren't noticeable when the screen is on. Here...
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    Thru-hull install referrals?

    I’m looking to install this thru-hull in my Tiderunner 195 and want to pay the pros to do it. Anyone have any recommendations? I am in SD. Thanks in advance!
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    Selling squid in front of Avalon?

    I was wondering if anyone knows if any squid boats are selling in front of Avalon? How can I find this out other than going on the radio? I'll be heading over to fish on Saturday and Sunday Thanks!
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    One stop limits 11/11

    Left SD bay with my girlfriend at about 6:30 am heading towards the 226. About 5 miles short of our numbers we saw a couple boils, so we slowed down the boat and then saw a couple fish jump out of the water. I threw a dipper and they blew up on it all around the boat. We got baits in the water...
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    For Sale Helium tanks (w/ helium)

    I have three 40 cu. ft helium tanks for sale that were filled by Westair. They told me that one tank fills four of the 36 inch balloons people have been using for the flying fish. For example, Tank #1 is what’s left after filling two balloons. The green tank (Tank #1), helium, and valve costed...
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    Where to buy helium in SD?

    Anyone know where to buy good helium in San Diego? The party city stuff doesn't float very good haha.
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    Kelp Paddy yellows in December out of OC?

    Went out of Dana Point this morning looking for the yellows and bluefin that were supposedly around the past few days. Left the harbor and pointed it towards the 181. We stopped on a few kelps that didn't have anybody home, then about 20 miles from the harbor we found a good kelp and put on 7...
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    Paddy Hopping 11/17

    Went out yesterday with my girl to look for some yellows on kelps that still seem to be around. Got a healthy 1/2 scoop of 3-5" sardines from Mission Bay that lived all day so we had plenty to dump on each patty we stopped on. Started stopping on kelps at the 9 and worked our way down to west of...
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    Looking to go cow tipping

    I’ve fished these things a couple times the last two weeks and have gone 1 for 2 so far. Took my boat out yesterday and got sawed off on one right before dark on 80 lb on a popper. Foamers everywhere out there and I’m dying to get redemption. Wind looks a tad bit to high for my small boat, but...
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    Need some bait tank expertise..

    My bait tank is definitely not performing at optimum levels and I can't figure out why. When I am at idle or moving slowly, the bait tank appears to be filling up at normal speed. I did an experiment and turned on the bait tank while cruising at 26 mph with the tank being dry, and the water...
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    WTB Kill bag for sale?

    If anyone has a kill bag for sale let me know what you have. Thanks Andy
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    Coronado’s 8/3

    Started out at Pukey Point at 7 am and slow trolled up one yellowtail and a few other odds and ends, bass, bonito, barracuda, etc. Seals were crazy so made a move to go check out South Island and arrived near the tuna pens to find yellows up boiling around. Got 2 more on the slow troll and...
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    For Sale Boat is going to junkyard- parts for sale

    If anyone wants to take the boat/trailer off my hands you can have it for free to save me the effort of taking it to the dump. The boat is 21 feet so that’s what the trailer is meant for. The trailer is in operable condition but the hull has a cracked transom. I am selling these parts off of it...
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    For Sale Uniden VHF Marine Radio

    I can plug it in to show you it works. Comes with antenna chord and battery leads. 50$ OBO selling from north OC
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    For Sale Leaning post $40

    Sending my boat to the junkyard on Friday July 27th so I’m selling everything I can off of it. Priced to sell quick. The back support needs to be screwed in and upholstery is a little worn but it’ll get the job done. Comes w/ Black mat underneath it. Call/text Andy 714-833-8997 40$
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    WTB 18-23' Center Console or Cuddy Cabin

    I am looking to buy somewhere between a 18-23' center console or cuddy cabin. My budget is around 10k$. Let me know if you or anybody you know has one out there. Thanks in advance!
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    WTB Hull only 18’-24’ Cuddy cabin or CC

    I have an engine and I now just need a hull to get me fishin. If anybody has something in the range stated in the title, or has any referrals to places that might, feel free to shoot me a DM or comment what you have to offer. Thanks in advance! Andy
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    For Sale 21' Double Axle Galvanized Trailer

    21’ Galvanized Trailer in great condition. Got this trailer from a fellow BD'er because I was going to use this trailer for my boat which is why I put so much work into it, but I have sell my boat and it’s existing trailer due to unforeseen circumstances. Within the past month I have put on...
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    For Sale Leaning Post $200

    Used to have a center console that I was going to put this leaning post on and paid $250 for it but I sold that boat and no longer need this any more. Has storage under bench as seen in pics. Dimensions are 33" long x 13" wide x 24" tall Call or text Andy 714-eight33-899seven or shoot a DM
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    For Sale Cousins 75H 7’6

    Selling my Cousins CJB 75H 7’6” rated for 40-60 lb line. The rod is is great condition. 200$ OBO Will also consider trade for a 9’0 or bigger surface iron stick or a two speed. Selling from Cypress CA but I may be going down to SD within the next week or so. Call or text Andy 714-eight33-899seven
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    Just Got a new 17' Trophy-need help w/storage ASAP (SD)

    Sold my smaller boat and got a 17’ Trophy CC, and the parking space I used to keep the other boat in doesn’t quite work out like we hoped it would with my new boat. I am looking for another parking space to rent in the Point Loma/SD area for me to keep the boat until May 4. Let me know if any of...
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    For Sale 14 foot Aluminum Jon Boat (San Diego)

    Selling my 14 ft aluminum Jon boat because I am looking to get a little bigger of a boat. This boat is great for fishing the local bays and lakes and I've been hooping in it a couple times and even take it to surf the point. Comes with a 9.9 Johnson outboard that runs good and has been serviced...
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    Coronados tomorrow or Monday?

    I was wondering if anyone is going to fish the yellows tmrw or Monday 4/2 and needs someone to help pitch for gas/bait? Let me know! The San Diego has been getting a few.. Andy
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    San Diego boat storage recommendations?

    I am looking to store a 14’ aluminum somewhere in San Diego at a decent price since I am a broke college student haha. I am living in Point Loma and going to school here. If you can help me out and know someone who would rent out space on their property or any companies you would recommend that...
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    Visiting Vero Beach in January

    I am from Southern California and a couple good fishing friends and I are coming to Vero Beach New Years eve through January 6th. We are experienced in fishing on the west coast out of San Diego for tuna and other pelagics, and would love to do some saltwater fishing while in FL as well. We...
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    60 mike bank 11/22

    Well I hate to say it but I think the big boys went home for Thanksgiving dinner, or at least they did yesterday and sounds like they were MIA today as well. We left mission bay at 3:00 a.m. and picked up bait that was soooo small around 3-4 inches and that really surprised us with how good the...
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    37 BFT over 150 lbs on a 1.5 day- Aztec 11/17/17

    I though you guys would enjoy a detailed report on a truly epic Southern California day of fishing. Long Story Short: Just got back in this morning from what many would consider the best day and a half trip in the modern history of San Diego Sportfishing (some old timers say it was better in...
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    Secret Spot La Jolla 9/15 and 9/17

    Fished La Jolla on the New Seaforth AM half day on Friday 9/15, and on a private boat today. My goal on the 1/2 day was to help my gf and my friend catch their first yellows, and I knew it would be extra fun if they had a shot knowing the grade of fish was solid. Got out on the New Seaforth and...
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    Have Kite, Will Fly- this week 5/17-5/21

    Sorry title supposed to say 7/17-7/21. Looking to fish offshore this week for anyone who wants to target tuna preferably the big bluefin. Any day Monday- through Friday will work for me. I have experience flying the kite and have all my own gear. Also will help pay necessary fishing trip...
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    7/19 43 report

    Left Mission Bay around 730 am and picked up a half scoop of small 3-5" sardines for paddies, but we had skipping the yummy in mind. Stopped on a few paddies on the way out about 40-50% were holding yellowtail, didn't see any dorado all day. Most had lock jaw but managed to get one on the dine...
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    Catalina Yellowtail and WSB 6/19/17

    We hit Catalina on the way back from San Clemente last week and got a couple yellows so we decided to make a run over there again today and see if we can get some more. My friends and I just graduated high school so this was our first trip of the summer all together with us captaining the boat...
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    Smoked Yellowtail/Yellowfin Recipes?

    I still have a bunch of fish vacuum sealed from last season and I was most likely going to smoke it sometime this week for Easter. Anybody have any good smoking recipes they'd like to share? The most common way I smoke is I rub the meat with Montreal steak seasoning, it's actually pretty good on...
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    Me and my 2 friends are looking to go out tomorrow

    2 friends and I are looking to go out tomorrow for bft or yellows we have all our own gear and experience, we will help pay for gas, bait, etc. and after we will help clean the boat. Text or call Coleman 7148720546
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    Cousins 90J-CT $180

    Selling my Cousins 9'0 90J jig stick because I don't have a reel to pair it with. It as a 30-50 lb line rating. My option is either to buy a new reel and be down some money, or sell the rod and be fine with what I have. It is in great condition, only used twice. Text or call Andy...
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    Penn Fathom 25 n- like new

    My friend is selling his Penn Fathom 25 narrow that has been used once. It is in pristine condition still and runs perfectly smooth. He is selling so he can get a bigger reel. $160 obo text Coleman (714)-872-0546
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    Dodo off HB pier

    My friend just called me from the US Open saying that he was looking off the pier and he saw a dodo swimming just under the surface, chasing some Asian dudes lure as he was bringing it in. He said hes a 100% sure what he saw and is not lying. Everybody get you live bait buckets, fill it with...
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    Wide open YFT on topwaters (video)

    Just got back from an epic trip on the Pacific Voyager where we headed south of the border looking for schools of yellowfin that were more consistent than the fishing up here. We had 2 different stops where it went insanely wide open. It was every cast on the flat fall and topwater for a while...
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    Pacific Star 2 Day July 12-14

    Get on it. New moon is July 15 so you can pretty much guarantee its going to be wide open. haha jk
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    Victory! YT @ the secret spot

    We got skunked last week with the irons and we wanted redemption, so we decided to take the harbor boat out to the 150 again. We made a ghetto bait tank and picked up some 5-7" sardines (no macks mixed in) from Nacho's around 5:30 and headed out. The weather was worse than forecasted but nothing...
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    Two PB's in 24 hrs yellowtail and halibut

    Got out of school yesterday at 10:30 because it was our last day of school and hopped on the Southern Cal 1/2 day pm trip. We headed out to the 150 in surprisingly grease calm conditions. For some reason the capt kept driving the boat around even though it seemed that everyone was hanging fish...
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    Favorite yoyo or surface iron reels?

    Looking to buy a new reel for yoyo'ing or fishing the surface iron. Any recommendations? Most likely going to go with a Cousins rod because those are quality and a local company in HB. Thanks in advance.
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    We did it!..local yellers on the harbor boat 5/23

    I don't know if you guys remember my last post, where I made a goal to catch a yt on the harbor boat. Today was the day. Got out to the 150 spot at 7:30 and started looking around. There were a TON of boats and not much bird life, so we just went straight to rockfishing. Caught a few sculpin...
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    150 on the harbor boat 4/12

    Went out on Sunday looking for some dinner, and maybe even come across some yt. We are fortunate my moms friend lets us take out his 14 ft Boston whaler by ourselves. Paired with a 25 hp Tohatsu, its not exactly a speedster, but somehow it got possesed by some outside force and we were able to...
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    Local rockfish spots?

    Anyone have any spots off of Huntington beach for rockfish, bass, or other bottom fish? I am thinking about going tomorrow and wondering where I should fish. If you can send a pm with coordinates that would be greatly appreciated!
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    Cold Water has come A recent upwelling has dropped water temps along the coast, I wonder if this will completely shut down the yellowtail bite? Hopefully water temps stay on the same track as they did last year. Fingers crossed!
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    Catalina with 73 of my best friends 4/3

    Hopped on the Freelance out of Davey's Locker after an issue with our reservation on the Patriot. Oh well, the crowd is manageable if you know how to fish around them. Overall it was a slow day, for our boat and also the Patriot. When we showed up I knew something was weird because as soon as we...
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    Any open spots for Saturday?

    My friend and I (15 years old) are wondering if anyone has any spots open for Saturday. We really want to go out for some yellows. We have our own gear & will pay gas, food, any other fees, and help clean the boat. Not novices we know what we are doing just don't have a boat yet. Thanks!