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  1. openclass

    Chinese fleet

    Chinese products you say....... After all this crap about covid19 coming form China and thier part in the spread of it look what is coming our way. Every single piece of PPE my department bought, and or using to protect against covid19, came from China - I checked. This stuff wasn't here before...
  2. openclass

    Economical fishing?

    You summed it up buddy. Off shore fishing is not cheap no matter how you cut it. Some people fish a few times a year and get their fill, others go through lot of money. The most economical way is to hook up with someone that has a most economical. Good luck
  3. openclass

    Illegal to interfere with fishing and hunting: what's the recourse

    Better yet attach it to the top of an anchored float, set it in auto mode to go off at 7am Hawaiian time.:cheers:
  4. openclass

    Illegal to interfere with fishing and hunting: what's the recourse have my view guaranteed if you make the video. The embarrassment to her having her mug, as the latest loud ass Karen, would be priceless. You would of course have to mail her the link so she wouldn't miss it.
  5. openclass

    WTB Looking for a gaf can someone help me out

    Sounds like everything mentioned here is American made....nice to see no foreign cheap crap in the mix for once.
  6. openclass

    Sea Alien ID!

    I'm pretty sure it was in MIB sitting on a counter smoking. Someone watch the movie again to confirm. :cheers:
  7. openclass

    WTB Looking for a gaf can someone help me out

    What you trying to gaff brother? I've been happy with my 6'x3" gold Aftco gaff.
  8. openclass

    Bluefin leader size

    My reels are filled with spectra so I will need top shots/leaders.
  9. openclass

    Bluefin leader size

    Without geting into too much detail, what size leader should I be looking at for trolling for bluefin tuna. Im looking at various lures to get up and going quick as a bite in Norcal is somewhat on.
  10. openclass

    FREE STOLEN!!! From Point Loma...Custom wrapped THRASHER fishing rods, Shikari and Rainshadow. Keep an eye out, please!

    Keep an eye out at your local swap meet. Thief's are idiots but they learn after getting caught a few times. Craigslist is an easy place to get caught so they learn. Swap meets don't have wide spread exposure so if any members here frequent such keep an eye out.
  11. openclass

    Need help matching paint!!

    It appears to be zolotone paint. I've been out of it for a long time but I'm sure others, more current than me, will chime in soon. For the time being look it up. The boat manufacturer (Kamath boats) should greatly narrow down exactly what you need also. I actually was a welder there when I...
  12. openclass

    Farallon 25’ deck questions

    Why would you arbitrarily install a new fuel tank? You just might be throwing a few thousand dollars in the trash. Is the tank leaking or is the boat know for the tank going bad? I pulled the tank on my older farallon (during a rebuild) after hearing horror stories about other makes only to find...
  13. openclass

    What company for new electronics

    Garmin......don't know much about the others as I've only ever had garmin. Very intuitive and it's got way more bells and whistles than someone from my generation would ever use. I'm totally satisfied. :git:
  14. openclass

    MLPA - Huge Success

    Here is more sarcasm.... The MLPA in the new generation in action. You know the ones who grew up playing fictional video games, watching TV all day long, living ther lives vicariously through the internet. They think that whatever in on the internet is true and whatever they dream up is true...
  15. openclass

    Swim platform mounted 30 gallon bait tank?

    Stress test the swim platform.....put a fat friend on it and have him or her jump up and down a few times.:cheers:
  16. openclass

    Which one of you kooks is this?

    Got damm the splash well looks like a wake from a strong piss would flood it.
  17. openclass

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    If it comes from a politician or the liberal media it is most likely inflated, twisted and full of shit.
  18. openclass

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    He is a chicken shit to any group that will protest. The more the freeks and weirdos protest the more he sucks up. The guy probability has balls the size of marbles. All the fucker wants to do is squeeze the working class dry. Unfortunately for us we are too busy working, supporting the...
  19. openclass

    Longfins yet?

    Towing from Boise Idaho....gott damm you are a fishing stud :urno1:
  20. openclass

    Need fish id help

    Fish taco delicacy right there, love them with tomatillo salsa and XX:cheers:
  21. openclass

    78 Gallon Custom Fiberglass Bait Tank for Sale

    It's a 11 year old classified partner and the poster was last seen 11 years ago.
  22. openclass

    Stolen Boat in Huntington

    If they are not in it they might be waiting for night to go any further......seen it before.
  23. openclass

    Stolen Boat in Huntington

    Where is the news chopper when you need it for the play by play?
  24. openclass

    Don’t be that guy....

    I'll bet the props are nice and shiny now :lux: :lux: :lux:
  25. openclass

    WTB Radar tower or arch

    There are at least three on LA craigslist......
  26. openclass

    Parker - new electronic package

    A lot will depend on the level of the electronics you install. A radar alone on a sport boat can range from (Garmin my system) $1,600 Dome radar to $6,000 for an open array. You really need build an entire system on paper. $10,000 for an entire system sounds like it's on the low end. I think at...
  27. openclass

    Bait tank water flow

    Just follow the visual for the proper direction of flow......
  28. openclass

    SOLD Scammer

    I just messaged him for a quick no hassle, no questions deal on a chartplotter......looking forward to a reply:cheers:
  29. openclass

    Strange sonar marks offshore near 371

    I can say with 100% certainty that it is an oarfish because the picture matches the sonar return exactly!! :720icon: :cheers:
  30. openclass

    WTB Purchased 250

    With patients you can find an engine with around 1000 hours or less. If you were on the East coast it would be no problem as some people change engines every year or two.
  31. openclass

    Garmin Dealer

    Besides your current unit let us know all units in your Garmin system to properly match them.
  32. openclass

    WTB Purchased 250

    Great deal if there is nothing amiss.....
  33. openclass

    Dream Truck Stolen from Fisherman’s Lansing

    It might help to get a few more pictures brother. Lots of trucks out there with black rims. A shot of the grill, rims, will help greatly. Keeping a lookout has possibilities. I once found a 69 Camaro that was stolen out of a friend's brother's driveway hours after it was stolen.
  34. openclass

    Dream Truck Stolen from Fisherman’s Lansing

    Cameras not in use, I'll bet the thief's were very aware of that.
  35. openclass

    MLPA 2.0 - AB3030 Leads to Large Scale Closures Round 2

    Bullshit......a species does not come back some 70 years? earlier than predicted. We have got people that run aquariums who think they know what is happening in the ocean when they have no time on the ocean other than a once in a lifetime feeble study. Its another save the fuzzy creature feel...
  36. openclass

    For Sale Farallon 25, refit

    I'm not seeing a price....giveaway?
  37. openclass

    MLPA 2.0 - AB3030 Leads to Large Scale Closures Round 2

    And after fish stocks came back 60 years or whatever quicker than the dork ass scientists with their best science available crap too.
  38. openclass

    SOLD Garmin 4210 Chartplotter

    Like the title says...I'm looking for a Garmin 4210 chartplotter in good condition.
  39. openclass

    Boat Service and Re-Power Recommendations

    I would bump everything you just said up to at least $40,000 to $45,000 doing everything yourself. $10,000 for the boat, $20,000 for used twin 200s, $5,000 minimum for offshore electronics, 3-4 thousand minimum for new tires, brakes, actuator, etc. I would bet at that age the wiring is shot. A...
  40. openclass

    Boat Service and Re-Power Recommendations

    Good thing to learn by other people's mistakes (me included) than yours brother. :cheers:
  41. openclass

    What's considered average wind for the SF Bay?

    You might actually want to check the tides before you post stuff like that. That weekend has some of the smallest tide swings of the's like half of what's normal.
  42. openclass

    Boat Service and Re-Power Recommendations

    Show us the boat you are talking about and we will break it down for you.
  43. openclass

    What's considered average wind for the SF Bay?

    In a nut shell the usual pattern, this time of year, is a little wind in the morning building to 15-17 knots in early to mid afternoon. Early mornings are the best time, weather wise, to be on the bay. Your results may vary.......
  44. openclass

    Boat Service and Re-Power Recommendations

    I'm going to second Itran. Unless you really know what the hell you are doing its a losing financial battle. Financially Its much better to buy a second hand boat in great condition at a killer price. A fixer upper will take so much time you will lose interest and it seems to never quite done...
  45. openclass

    Tuna water?

    Question for the So Cal guys. In Northern California our offshore fishing consists pretty much of albacore and a rare dorado or other stray warm water fish. The fishing for albacore consists more or less of fishing the warm water break, usually + - 35 miles out and about 59° temp. No one ever...
  46. openclass

    WTB Dream boat for less than 100K

    I can give relative advice on two boats which (I've actually been on) seemed to me to serve slightly/significantly different purposes. Once on a friend's 30' catamaran - it said family boat all over it as it had a kitchen, bed, storage nice toilet, etc - lots of the amenities. My boat 28...
  47. openclass

    Question for you defiance owners I’m a newbie

    That's the most useless use of a switch I've ever heard of. You simply unplug something to turn it off. It's like a switch for a switch.
  48. openclass

    First Post, new member.

    With a name like beer+fishin you will fit in nicely. My only advice would be to have thick skin as most around here work hard and play harder.
  49. openclass

    Trailer Repair Replace u-bolts or use straps and bolts ?

    It all depends on the condition of the trailer in the first place and your ability to utilize it till the end of its life. Some are temporary salvageable some are not. A picture is worth a thousand words. Two pictures two thousand etc......
  50. openclass

    For Sale Yamaha 250 four stroke cowling

    Unfortunately I'm in the SF bay first glance it looks like a match but I need to know for sure.
  51. openclass

    For Sale Yamaha 250 four stroke cowling

    I'm having trouble finding out if this thing is compatible with my 2006 F250. Anybody have knowledge about this?
  52. openclass

    Rioters are cheaper than protesters? WTF!!

    Well at least I know where the 30,000 inmates that governor Brown released are at now.
  53. openclass

    For Sale Yamaha 250 four stroke cowling

    What year is the cowling?
  54. openclass

    My first White Seabass...seriously!

    Still waiting for my of the bucket list for sure
  55. openclass

    Shutdown, again up Norcal.

    Simple solution really......just change their name to "Home Depot Sportfishing" or "Walmart Sportfishing"
  56. openclass

    SOLD 12" 6 lug brakes for sale

    Bump Still have two sets...trying to clear the garage of extra stuff Pictures added.... $400 plus shipping from 94534.
  57. openclass

    SOLD Fiberglass Bait Tank $500

    Some fine grit sandpaper and compound and polish would bring it back nicely.
  58. openclass

    SOLD Sold thank you!! Please remove

    Damm right after I get done installing a smaller tank on my boat.....:hali_parkutuli:
  59. openclass

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    The best part of that picture is the name of the hotel in the background behind the bum.....Beaman - Be a man:food-smil
  60. openclass

    Expected and hidden cost of boat ownership

    If you bump down the size of your boat to 28 foot and have room to store it at your house or? you will save big big dollars (no dock fees, bottom cleaning, less maintenance, etc) but you need an appropriate size truck to tow. I was not a big fan of outboards until I got them. I will take my...
  61. openclass

    Boat names??

    I used one of my daughter's names. She was tickled pink and the memory will last forever for her.
  62. openclass

    Really tough dirt stain on nonskid deck

    If you/someone uses an excessive amount of oxalic acid aka non skid cleaner aka fiberglass cleaner aka wood brightener it will lead to opening up the top of the fiberglass leading to even worse staining. This could quite possibly be what's going on here. This happened on my last boat. The crap...
  63. openclass

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Photo shop brother......
  64. openclass


    There is lots of kelp out's a little soggy but leaves you ocean fresh.:indabutt:
  65. openclass

    For Sale 2006 Parker 2530 Ext Cab

    One post and it's for an ultra rare boat from two years ago. Good luck with that.....
  66. openclass

    !#%!#*!! Tweakers

    Agree...not tweekin but someone with at least semi knowledge of the boat & location. That stuff will never hit offer up. It will be installed directly into a boat.
  67. openclass

    to everyone looking to sell a boat

    Brother that's hitting the nail square on the head.
  68. openclass

    to everyone looking to sell a boat

    Whoever said a boat was a good investment in the first place. Maybe I'll change the name of my boat to "Penny's on The Dollar " if the market tanks......I will still have my boat.
  69. openclass

    Huge white plane over LB thurs

    Did it look like one of these?
  70. openclass

    For Sale 1984 Farallon 25

    Damm that makes them 36 years old.
  71. openclass

    Boat overhang on trailer

    Am I missing something here.....The trailer should be level to start. Put the boat on the trailer and adjust/position the boat for the proper tongue weight while keeping everything level. If the bunks dont extend to support the transom I would put a fresh set of bunks on to support the...
  72. openclass

    Anybody Deep Dropping for Swords lately?

    Looking forward to dropping but no report for a couple of
  73. openclass

    Stolen Boat Recovered

    The boat pales in comparison to losing a parent.....condolences.
  74. openclass

    What size PVC

    It helps if you go to the trouble of carving slots into the pvc to keep everything centered......
  75. openclass


    Double bump for a boat that needs nothing more. Lots of costly accessories in place......
  76. openclass

    Offshore bracket corrosion prep

    I'm going to second this post. As a former aluminum welder, started building aluminum boats then moved on to aircraft fuel tanks and tanker trucks. That thing is roasted. Once aluminum gets pitted it's like a crack whores mouth, there is no going back. You might be able to get a little life out...
  77. openclass


    Damm you dont screw around. Time to boat some fish now.
  78. openclass

    Boston Whaler 25 Frontier Rebuild

    Way to knock it out will come together faster than you know.
  79. openclass

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    It's not about the nail. .....
  80. openclass

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Another thread deteriorates into a political quagmire. I'll be glad when everything gets back to normal and we become fishing buddies again.:cheers:
  81. openclass

    Screw it...I went fishing

    20 screens.....I only counted 16. I think 20 would be overkill. :cheers:
  82. openclass

    Long Plastic bags

    Swami knows.......Uline 3"x1,000' $55.00
  83. openclass

    For Sale Oval 65 gallon Bait Tank Price cut

    Lmao, Costa Azuls first post is a lowball offer. I'll bet this isn't his first account here.
  84. openclass

    FREE Another Scammer

    0 posts and selling is a red flag about the size of Texas. Isn't there a minimum post policy in place here before you can sell? Seriously 0 posts and he can sell? I personally make sure someone has an established presence here before dealing with them. Scammers are really coming out of the...
  85. openclass

    What to do with tons of Bamboo?

    Roll with it and build a 3 storie addition to your house. If the building department comes by claim it grew like that:cheers:
  86. openclass

    What to do with tons of Bamboo?

    List it on craigslist. If you tried to buy bamboo like that you would pay a pretty penny for it....looks like junk, in the raw, but it's great for Asian backyard huts IE nipa hut etc. If I lived in So Cal I would be all over it.
  87. openclass

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    I absolutely buy American whenever I can. It's a shame when you can't find out where something is made ie no tag on the item etc...... try to decipher an Amazon item. When I do occasionally buy from a certain foreign source it always fails prematurely. I will make a better effort in the future.
  88. openclass

    SOLD Sold to a great great guy. 2006 Parker 2530 Extended

    That extended cabin is the cats meow......freaking love the table and seating.
  89. openclass

    Boston Whaler 25 Frontier Rebuild

    I looked at a Frontier years ago and absolutely loved the thing. Totally loved the deck space for a 25. I ended up getting another boat for one reason or another but I always loved the Frontier. Looking forward to seeing the project progress.....
  90. openclass

    What are the capabilities of this boat?

    Ugly as $hit.....definitely a poon tang repeller......Move on bro
  91. openclass

    How I am coping with the Quarantine...

    Yeaaaa........ another Corona Virus thread to boost my post count.
  92. openclass

    Guy tries to run a train into the hospital ship in Port of LA

    I see a Thelma and louise 2 in the cards.
  93. openclass

    Bed Fishing Underwater Video!!!!

    Caught in the act......👍
  94. openclass

    World of Fire Pop Up

    Despite all the grumbling/bitching/complaining, all of us old &ucks appreciate the hard work you guys are putting into the new site.
  95. openclass

    World of Fire Pop Up

    I can't freaking click anything here without that crap taking the bottom 25% of my screen....... I would happily donate to get rid of it.
  96. openclass

    FREE BEWARE OF ALEX V - UPDATED 4.3.20 Disputed PayPal transaction 3 months later

    I'm sure it's a known scam among low lifes. I don't do business with anyone unless they have significant presence here on BD.
  97. openclass

    This has gotten beyond stupid...

    When has a politician ever managed anything up to private sector standards of a "good job"?
  98. openclass

    Sending reels to accurate

    What is the approximate turn around time?
  99. openclass

    Ocean Institute’s tall ship Pilgrim Sank

    Seems like a ship of that size with that serious of problems would post a watch
  100. openclass

    For Sale Pompanette captains seats (reduced)

    I think he was preoccupied while posting :Smoke_Emoticon:
  101. openclass

    Fish finder lines

    I see the bottom appearing at slightly different depths. If on, turn off bottom lock & auto depth. it could be searching but not able for some reason to get dialed in.
  102. openclass

    Fish finder lines

    Try it in demo mode also, should eliminate Xducer etc etc.
  103. openclass

    FREE BEWARE OF ALEX V - UPDATED 4.3.20 Disputed PayPal transaction 3 months later

    He posted it, I just pointed to it but I feel you. Btw the number doesn't belong to a he, Alex is a Aleksandra
  104. openclass

    FREE BEWARE OF ALEX V - UPDATED 4.3.20 Disputed PayPal transaction 3 months later

    Probably lol on that one....he uses at least three. 85295 to Gilbert Az 94523 to Contra Costa county He mentions shipping to Sf in posts.
  105. openclass

    FREE BEWARE OF ALEX V - UPDATED 4.3.20 Disputed PayPal transaction 3 months later

    Freaking guy gave an excuse of an emergency trip to Europe with 90 minutes notice. I'll bet he used my dog ate my homework excuse in school multiple times.....lmfao
  106. openclass

    Stolen Boat 3.22 SF Bay Area

    Probably too late to watch highway 5 going south. It's a very unique looking boat. If it is still in the bay area it will be easy to spot. I'll keep an eye open in the north bay. Was it on a a of the boat and trailer?
  107. openclass

    BREAKING: Gavin Newsom Issues Order For All Of California To Stay Home

    Kinda ironic that the mayor of shit city is on top of the outbreak that caused a toilet paper shortage.
  108. openclass

    In search of Yamaha Gauges

    Brother if you haven't done so already check "The hull truth " site. There is more of that sort of thing there.
  109. openclass

    empty store shelves

    I can see the end of the year news recap "Toilet Paper Riots of 2020"
  110. openclass

    empty store shelves

    Here you go brother..........
  111. openclass

    empty store shelves

    My costco is stacked with toilet paper...must be a regional thing.
  112. openclass

    Where to buy 100 hour service kits / impeller kits?

    Sim Yamaha I've had nothing but good results when ordering from Sim
  113. openclass

    Transducer Trouble

    I'm working with and know my garmin. In the case of my system when the individual selected item is not selectable - radar, fishfinder, etc it's that unit that's the issue. If you have checked all the connections you are probably on the right track.
  114. openclass

    Transducer Trouble

    What kind of display are you working with and what exactly is the issue you are having?
  115. openclass

    Transducer Trouble

    It's a $100 transducer at the most. Rather than screw around testing it for $$ you would be better off just replacing it as a troubleshooting step. Ebay has good ones for less than 1/2 of the new price.
  116. openclass

    For Sale 2016 29 CUSTOM RADON

    I'm sure a buyer at that price point wouldn't give a shit at the fuel dock.
  117. openclass

    Electrical Mayhem

    Brother that could be something as simple as fixing a connection or two or a complete redo. A radio without DSC, NEMA is pretty straightforward by itself, 12v DC, positive wire and a negative wire. Make sure your antenna connection is good. Without seeing it in person it's a crapshoot but I...
  118. openclass

    Deep Drop Swordfish in NorCal

    My totally uneducated guess is that they are too far offshore for sport boats normally and that's where the commercials scored. My uneducated guess is that they are tied to the warmer waters we see during the summer months as indicated a few posts back. I think I would be a player when warmer...
  119. openclass

    Westport WA Home with Boat/Gear Pole Barn for Sale

    If it comes with an old ranch dog and a good country girl I might be a player. Please send pictures of the dog and boat.
  120. openclass

    Outrigger advice for new 2019 2820XLD

    I'm not that experienced trolling with outriggers so I use what I'm comfortable with. I run a total of six lines - two meat lines, two rods off the gunnels, and two lines off the outriggers. In northern California I'm exclusively fishing for albacore and I usually do good with this set up. My...
  121. openclass

    WTT Big Bait tank for Smaller Bait Tank

    What exactly do you have?..... let's see pictures of said tank. Thanks
  122. openclass

    Outrigger advice for new 2019 2820XLD

    Good call to use what works for you
  123. openclass

    Outrigger advice for new 2019 2820XLD

    I have gunnel mounted outriggers on my 2820 which came with the boat and they work just fine. The only minor downside is because they are mounted a few feet back from the cabin, they in essence take away a few feet of deck space when working fish. Personally if I started from scratch I would go...
  124. openclass

    Short wives, girlfriends or kids. Car question.

    Car Max might be your friend for this one, decent variety, newer cars.
  125. openclass

    For Sale Fiberglass bait tsnks

    Phone number left on PM
  126. openclass

    Seal Hunting in Sweden.

    I would definitely have the little fucker mounted for the memories.
  127. openclass

    Seal Hunting in Sweden.

    It might be time for an overseas hunt.....Do I get my weapon of choice:Beat_Them
  128. openclass

    Don't be this guy...

    Hmmmmm I'm feeling inspiration for a sequel to a Toby Keith song "Red Home Depot Bucket "
  129. openclass

    For Sale Fiberglass bait tsnks

    Private message left for you Towerfab......
  130. openclass

    Sea World at it again

    Let me get this straight they released several rehabed seals into an already severely overpopulated environment to feel good......sounds like our prison system. I think its time to invest in wool to put over peoples eyes for another round.
  131. openclass

    For Sale Fiberglass bait tsnks

    Interested in the PE 90 Gal. Looking forward to seeing pictures.
  132. openclass

    Deep Drop Swordfish in NorCal

    I'm getting the bug .....I guess the next step is to pick up a reel. I'm wondering if we can get some kind of Norcal Swordfish group going to bump heads and keep everything on point. Any interest guys?
  133. openclass

    Deep Drop Swordfish in NorCal

    I would be looking to hook up with someone to chase swords. I've got the boat, just need someone with a little gear and knowledge to team up with.....I'm based out of the SF North Bay.
  134. openclass

    Trolling with Handlines

    Here is what I use for albacore in Northern California. I've had no problem with fish up to at least 30lbs. The setup goes for around 30 bucks. Just Google "albacore hand line"
  135. openclass

    For Sale Boat was stolen and found stripped

    Most of what is going on in the criminal justice system is from Jerry Brown's policymaking and is now hitting us working class full force. Wait till Gavin Newsom gets done with his turn at policy making, a few years goes by, and he is gone. Just look at San Francisco.....shit city. Brothers it...
  136. openclass

    Anti sea lion tricks?

    But really, any ideas, good or not so good, I’d really appreciate, just so long as they’re ‘legal’ Crap there goes all of my ideas......:skullbone:Death_To_Above: I feel your pain brother
  137. openclass

    Registration Question

    I'm no expert but if you have the bill of sale with you and your explanation as stated here (temporary registration in hand) I wouldn't think you would have a problem.
  138. openclass

    Yellowtail Does Not Keep Well?

    My deep freezer, at -20° keep fish noticeably better than my refer/freezer combo but I haven't tried yellowtail. I've read that it takes something like 0° or colder to really keep fish well.
  139. openclass

    Well shit....

    I can't see it too good on my cellphone to know if this is an option. Grind/sand everything smooth, fabricate the needed piece and weld on.
  140. openclass

    Careless dog owner and croc

    "Down by the river"
  141. openclass

    Baby Dolphin, It's What's for Lunch

    Crap here we go in California again....a new letter for recognition - lgbtqD, D for dolphin. In a few more years we will have the whole freaking alphabet there.
  142. openclass

    WTB WTB - 28-32' Twin Inboard Diesel Express or Sportfisher

    Make sure you check the overall length of the boat vs the max slip length if the marina cares. My 28 foot parker is closer to 36 feet overall....
  143. openclass

    New format bonus

    "I like that it's still free but should be members only. LOL" That move had a pretty negative effect on the SF bay area Coastside fishing site. In essence by removing the general public the gene pool shrank and it turned into what some refer to as the kookside site.
  144. openclass

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    Not liking the color coded forums in (example) new posts.....way overkill in my opinion.
  145. openclass

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    I guess it could be worse....
  146. openclass

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    I know the look is being worked on but damm the ads are big and in my face now.
  147. openclass

    Nonskid stubborn stains

    Oxalic Acid works wonders on cleaning fiberglass. If you need anything else I would be very surprised.
  148. openclass

    For Sale Advice on upgrade

    I'd say double everything from a 22' boat to a 29' boat. Double the engines, double the fuel bill, it just keeps going.
  149. openclass

    Don’t Buy RTIC Coolers

    At my age I've learned not to order stuff last minute before a trip. I've had stuff literally show up too late to use for the trip and from major/fishing company's. When it happened I was so pissed I swore I never would buy from them again. It is on them but I've learned the only reliable person...
  150. openclass

    Transporting Cummins diesel

    Tow truck with an extendable boom, if it's quick and easy it might be cheap
  151. openclass

    Stoked and thanks

    Poping your cherry is always only gets easier. I'll tackle the vast majority of my own OB/boat work now and I'm almost to the point of enjoying it. $,$$$.$$
  152. openclass

    2320 head and wall liner replacement ?

    I'm interested in the same thing. My headliner/carpet at 12 years old needs replacing. Part of the problem is that it appears parts of the cabin need to be disassembled as the carpet is pinched in during the assembly of the boat. I have a feeling it would turn into a pita if I did it myself...
  153. openclass

    Icy Bay Trips in 2020

    Got damm those are some big bottom dwellers. I might have to check into a few spots for next year.
  154. openclass

    Shooting Sealions? NOT COOL!

    You need a visual bro..... How about showing him a picture of roast seal with a salmon in his mouth. Sorta like an Hawaiian roast pig. pig:pig:pig:pig:
  155. openclass

    Best drummer ever passes..

    What a loss for music....I've been listening to rush since I was in high school and I'm no spring chicken. Best drummer is an understatement, what a true talent and a terrible loss.
  156. openclass

    Shooting Sealions? NOT COOL!

    Go big or go home.......
  157. openclass

    Shooting Sealions? NOT COOL!

    Let me get this straight, we can use rubber bullets on fur bags? Giggity Giggity Giggity:lux:
  158. openclass

    Regulation Rasta

    Get up, stand up, don't give up the fight! Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights!
  159. openclass

    The wife smelled skunk

    Been there done that.....
  160. openclass

    Called it!

    Arabia is the peninsula of SW Asia, between the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf: consists chiefly of a desert plateau, with mountains rising over 3000 m (10 000 ft) in the west and scattered oases; includes the present-day countries of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, and the...
  161. openclass

    Looking for these.

    A picture of the bait tank with the manufacturer might jiggle a memory around here.
  162. openclass

    YouTube playlists of Dana Point & Newport Beach

    Props to wearing bright colors guys. Add a chop and dark colors you guys are hard to see. Nice fishing videos......:profile:
  163. openclass

    Penn Company disappointed me and my Bdoutdoors friends!

    Please God in heaven let this thread die. I promise to change my ways and live a God fearing life if you can just make it go away.
  164. openclass

    Penn Company disappointed me and my Bdoutdoors friends!

    I just added 99 Jigmasters to my cart so the answer is no it's not too late to piss and moan:nopity:
  165. openclass

    Penn Company disappointed me and my Bdoutdoors friends!

    It's gonna work itself out....we are almost there.:hali_parkutuli:
  166. openclass

    Caught a bandit ! What to do ?

    Take him to your local homeless/criminal encampment and release him. He will fit right in snarling with the locals. He will be well fed by the goodies and probably get free health care to boot.:loverz:
  167. openclass

    What do you think snapped my line?

    Your Ex....thought she was taking the last of your worldly possessions :cheers:
  168. openclass

    Electric reel

    Crap we could put the tweakers who live next to some of the boat launches to work. I'll bet you could get them to reel all day and night for a couple days worth of meth. It would be a lot cheaper than a $5,500 LP reel.:Smoke_Emoticon:
  169. openclass

    An apology

    It's not him talking it's JD........he won't remember a thing by the time he sleeps it off. Shhhhhh
  170. openclass

    So what about This one

    Too much Clickbait for me :spank:
  171. openclass

    SF Bay Herring Spawn?

    Nothing sighted yet, could be tomorrow or in three weeks. I'm hearing that the commercials are out this year so it might be epic.
  172. openclass

    Let's see that Christmas joy

    You guys get presents? I always get coal but a lifetime of making the naughty list sure is fun:cheers::lux::hali_olutta::git::2gunsfiring_v1::rofl::Death_To_Above::urno1:
  173. openclass

    Smaller bait better?

    WTF this goes against all internet logic. Bigger is always better....ask a girl, fish, trucks, guy shit. I will always pin a bigger bait.
  174. openclass

    El Cajon Coyotes doing well. coyote ugly jokes?
  175. openclass

    Xtra Tuff vs Grunden boots

    Ford Chevy.....East West, Xtra Tuff vs Grunden boots can't we all just get along?:frehya2:
  176. openclass

    What's a good toe kick height/depth for a cockpit?

    First poster says to kicks to be installed in the do you do that? Second poster says gunnells are way high back of the back of boat? Where exactly are we talking about?
  177. openclass

    Wahoo are dangerous.

    Crocodile hunter flashback. Different sea creature but could of had the same outcome. I really doubt a slash on the money in the neck could have more than one way too far away. Great reminder for everyone to watch out.
  178. openclass

    Trailer Brake Question

    That pitting appears to be pretty deep as in roasted. Saltwater is absolutely brutal on anything steel.Throw them in the trash and save yourself a big headache. Kodiak has a new and improved coating/gimmick every few years with varying degrees of limited success but maybe it's the way to go...
  179. openclass


    When you have a bunch of millennial keyboard jockeys (policy makers) with absolutely no time on the water thinking they are helping the poor little sea creatures due to the big bad sport fishermen this is what you get.....a 71 year fuck up. There is no doubt that the fish are smaller (commercial...
  180. openclass


  181. openclass


    So you guys place all the blame on sport fishermen. I guess you have never seen roller nets on commercials stripping every living creature off of most reefs. Not much survives by the time the catch hits the decks. I really doubt if sport fishermen had anything close to the impact that...
  182. openclass

    Deep Drop Swordfish in NorCal

    Crap here goes another round of buying bigger reels.:devil:
  183. openclass

    Playin on wife’s new toy!

    Keep posting the results, that machine is bad ass. If you guys turn it into a business I just might be down for some boat related work.
  184. openclass

    Deep Drop Swordfish in NorCal

    I'm down but a good understanding of local water conditions and location would be needed. I've never seen swordfish on top of the water up here but given the ocean conditions we deal with we would have to be very close to see them. Some nice weather would be a big help...... I'm subscribing
  185. openclass


    The Pacific Fishery Management Council has declared cowcod stock, once overfished as a species, to be fully replenished and rebuilt ahead of schedule. Officials previously forecast the species would not be rebuilt until 2090 – which means the cowcod stock bounced back 71 years earlier than...
  186. openclass


    After a Google search it looks like Cow Cod stocks have been declared rebuilt. It will be interesting to see what will become of it.
  187. openclass

    Fishing with Captain Garett Hubbard

    Ditto.....none of the pictures came through. Please reload them, I'm very interested.
  188. openclass

    Best braid and why?

    Jerry Brown's been around for at least three fifteen years that I know about......quality product.
  189. openclass

    SOLD Garmin5215 gpsmap

    Seems like the top and bottom trim pieces are missing?
  190. openclass

    How to Crimp Properly

    Really shows the importance of doing this sort of thing before happy hour:cheers:
  191. openclass

    octopus swim bait

    There was a guy at the Sacramento sportsman's show selling some pretty nice looking custom squid lures. He also had a prototype octopus lure he showed was BAD ASS. I forgot about it until I saw this thread. I can't remember his name or his business name but he was next to the...
  192. openclass

    Ketchikan fishing

    Any particular species you are targeting.....what time of year?
  193. openclass

    Does a Storm Affect the Bite

    I haven't fished on my boat, for rockfish, immediately after a storm but I remember deckhands on charterboats talking about it took a few days for the bite to come back......sounds logical.
  194. openclass

    Wiper motors

    Wax your windshield x 2. The water beads off nicely in a lot of conditions negating the wipers.
  195. openclass

    Here's your sign...

    I think I know what is mostly in the history of the signs writer.
  196. openclass

    Any news on the stardrag

    Time to up my post count........This thread is a drag:dogpiss:
  197. openclass

    For Sale Optima blue top NIB D34M

    $100 off is a hell of a deal....wish these were closer.
  198. openclass

    Thousands Of Penis-Like Sea Worms Wash Up On California Beach

    I'll bet there are aquariums full of those in San Francisco. :supergay:
  199. openclass

    Labrador Stud

    My dog doesn't have any papers but he knows a good opportunity when he sees it Loves long walks on the beach, holding hands/paws and included
  200. openclass

    SOLD Calstar 800M

    Wish it was closer......
  201. openclass

    Guadalupe anyone?

    The sad part is all the missed friendships that Great White would of halved with all the Fur Bags in the area....:cheers:
  202. openclass

    For Sale Ex life guard boat 33’ Drake

    If only those decks could talk :D
  203. openclass

    World Cat 266sf

    Congrats on the sale, it's always nice to move up.
  204. openclass

    Daiwa tactical backpack

    It didn't make the short list for me but seems to be a decent bag.
  205. openclass

    Latest Thrasher Albacore Build

    It's never too early to get ready.......
  206. openclass

    F thieves!

    When people of a certain state elect a mayor from a city known as SHIT CITY to be governor what do you expect. What the fuck are people thinking giving all the rights to rapist, drug addicts, career criminals while taking away the security of us hard working law abiding citizens. What happened...
  207. openclass

    Parker 2520 XLD

    Another thing to consider is the peace of mind of having twins. This happened to me of my engines went out 4 miles outside of the Golden Gate. I had to motor back at hull speed but I was self sufficient and made it back. If headed offshore in So Cal and out of radio range you...
  208. openclass

    Ice Machine - for home use

    I've been looking on craigslist and have seen what appears to be a good deal from time to time. The timing was never right for me because of my work schedule.
  209. openclass

    I hate turkey.

    Now that's fucked up....first they kill you, then they shove an apple up your ass. At least the pig gets a respectable apple in his mouth. :cheers:
  210. openclass

    Enature Braided Fishing Line

    With a name like "enature" and being from unknown sources it has to be cheap foreign shit. The stuff will probably guarantee you to hook the fish of a life time with an outcome of using cheap foreign shit. Steer clear bro.
  211. openclass

    PB halibut from the surf

    Best part is he didn't have to shell out $60,000+ for a boat....$350 a month for a slip, insurance etc etc. Nice catch bro:lux:
  212. openclass

    I hate turkey.

    We do deep fried cornish game Hens around here.....I can't stand Turkey.
  213. openclass

    Need a referral for welding aluminum bayrunner hull

    As a former aluminum boat builder/welder - back in the day, you have major problems if there are lots of these holes. If the corrosion is deep enough to go all the way through aluminum and there are lots you might be better off unloading the thing. Aluminum needs to be almost perfectly clean to...
  214. openclass

    Crab Poachers caught in Santa Cruz

    Dude probably has been yelled at and had a finger shaken at him since he was a young boy. He probably doesn't give a RIP about anything spoken about here. Hoping karma will get him one day is lame at best. Someone from his area at least post a pic of the douche.
  215. openclass

    WTB 22 boston whaler guardian

    If interested shoot me a PM. I'm not interested in twenty questions from the usual people, on this board, that have no real interest the boat. Thanks Erik
  216. openclass

    25se parker owners opinions

    Go over to the "Cassic Parker" forum. They can give you the actual scoop and not what they read on their computer screen. I find that on my 28 that the ride isn't nearly as bad as the keyboard jockeys make it out to be.
  217. openclass

    WTB 22 boston whaler guardian

    I have a 25' Farallon Whaleback project boat sitting in my back yard (some work done, lots left to do).....interested? PM
  218. openclass

    Huge Brook trout in small creek

    Brings back memories of fishing when I was 8yo-9yo in a stream no wider than I could jump across. The small brook trout would go absolutely ape shit when hooked. A housing project long ago replaced my private childhood fishing hole.....the good old days in the bay area.
  219. openclass


    Ebay has degenerated from once good deals into many trying to get rich, one over priced item at a time. Twenty five dollar item with fifty dollar shipping WTF.
  220. openclass

    My new “cane” pole

    If that could do dual duty and fire a .40 cal I would place an order.:cheers:
  221. openclass

    The guy that invented auto correct just died

    Autocorrect creator croaked back in 2014 according to Google's autocomplete.
  222. openclass

    Anyone have any RR Spikes they want to sell?

    Lmao at the replies....literally forgot what the thread was originally about. Well done:cheers:
  223. openclass

    Solo buck down.

    Sheer determination buddy, nice job all the way to the end.
  224. openclass

    Fishing gear taken from driveway in SF

    Maybe she was a I'd like to Fish:profile:
  225. openclass

    Condor 1.5 yft limits and hole in my gas tank at the landing

    Do it right and have a new tank installed along with anything else damaged. The consequences of of a repair failure could quite literally be a fireball. As a former builder of aviation fuel tanks and gasoline tanker trucks I've seen the leftovers of peoples short cuts.
  226. openclass

    Muley down

    Here is a close up of it....:2gunsfiring_v1:
  227. openclass

    Fishing gear taken from driveway in SF

    Happy to keep an eye out as I live in the bay area but a few pictures would help to spot the stuff.
  228. openclass

    FREE Stolen gear!

    Sincerely hope you get the stuff back brother but form the description it will be hard to distinguish it from legit stuff - factory rods, non serialized reels. With any luck the dumb asses will list it on offerup/craigslist. They were certainly not in the caliber of marina crooks and that could...
  229. openclass

    Scammer alert - Javiena Means

    Dude wanted my email address to do business so I gave him a fresh known scammers email. Wish I could read the back and forth on that....LMAO:cheers:
  230. openclass

    Scammer alert - Javiena Means

    Dude just joined................... Has no posts Immediately has shit to sell Shit is dirt cheep Has been questioned on other forums because of the above. One example -
  231. openclass

    Watch the Rail at the Lupe

    I'm guessing we won't be seeing Ali and Rush in an episode of local knowledge shot at the Lupe anytime soon.
  232. openclass

    Deck hatches

    I was eye balling these fiberglass hatches a while back. I get kinda tired of stepping on those spongy plastic ones on the boat.
  233. openclass

    For Sale WestCoastBaitTanks cleaning out the shelves.

    Looking for price for a 50G oval tank in Parker tan or white......please pm price and availability.
  234. openclass

    Watch the Rail at the Lupe

    Damm I'm going to have to rethink the answer I gave to one of those online obviously fake pictures. :cheers:
  235. openclass

    Dumb battery wiring question

    This isn't an answer to your question but what I do when removing wires from a battery is to zip tie them together because I will second guess every time.
  236. openclass

    For Sale Parker 2820 Sport Cabin

    I'll take $5,000 for his boat:cheers: On the serious side he has this thing decked out pretty darn good. I wouldn't change much.
  237. openclass

    WTB 2120

    You might already know boat trader has one listed in Vista - asking price $46,500
  238. openclass

    For Sale Slightly used Naval boat

    Here is a view of the other side of the boat.
  239. openclass

    2007 Parker 2820 For Sale

    Nice video showing the boat in detail....... nice setup. I wish more people took the time and effort, like you did to show what they were selling.
  240. openclass

    carp 101

    Carp fishing brings back memories from my younger days. My brothers and I would catch big carp from a river you would never expect them to be in. They were much bigger, for some reason, than the ones that are caught now.
  241. openclass


    Shit City
  242. openclass

    Gail Force Catalina Swordfish!

    That fish was so hot the bill snapped off.....damm! I can see the fish wanting to get some ass for ruining his day but lucky for the crew his ass getter broke. Anyone remember The Crocodile Hunter?
  243. openclass

    For Sale NIB rare penn international 6 gold

    Rare indeed nib......great old school reel.
  244. openclass

    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    It appears that the fire happened in the wee hours of the night. How can the fire get so well established, baring an explosion, that no one below decks could not be warned. Are there not night watches on commercial boats? Not trying to speculate just looking for facts. Prayers to all involved
  245. openclass

    UV fl*shlight

    LMAO at all the people now showing up at long range boats with UV lights because of this thread. :rofl:
  246. openclass

    2006 Yamaha F250 thermostats

    Damm this scares the shit out of me. I'm an avid do it yourselfer but I'd rather pay a pro to avoid a situation like that. What kind of engines do I have 2- 2006 F250s and they need the thermostats changed. Making the appointment today.....
  247. openclass

    Question about finding Tuna

    In English, there are four types of questions: general or yes/no questions, special questions using wh-words, choice questions, and disjunctive or tag/tail questions. Definitely wh-words :frehya2:
  248. openclass

    Deformed BFT

    I'm thinking like a corkscrew bro.
  249. openclass

    Deformed BFT

    Not a Bluefin, it's a Fukushima Daiichifin. Usually only found on the eastern side of the Pacific's a long way from home. Better check it's mercury content and its half life before consuming.
  250. openclass

    All six Kodiak stainless brake rotors grooved after one trip...why?

    I probably have the same setup - full Kodak stainless on a triple axle trailer....I'm 12,000lbs rolling. I did notice that the rotors, on my trailer, appear to be more worn that normal but I don't have the deep groves you seem to be describing. I would personally think it would be a...
  251. openclass

    Does this sound normal to you? (Yamaha lower unit)

    I'm going to 2nd "good chance it's the water pump". The impeller is a thick piece of beefy rubber that sits inside of a stainless cup in a plastic housing. If you don't have water flowing through it properly, and you don't with the garden hose attachment, can you imagine the friction and...
  252. openclass


    Unfortunately under prop 47 receiving stolen property under something like $950 was downgraded to a misdemeanor. One pole was the only thing I saw that was tangible for the cops. I feel the guy that had his stuff stolen was very fortunate to have the police look into it at all. If douchebag...
  253. openclass

    Seal had no chance

    I'm putting that shark in for shark of the year.
  254. openclass

    WTB Sea view mount (radar) mount

    Deleted due to me posting to an old thread.
  255. openclass

    Radar Wedge

    I just put that pedestal on my 2820......looks cool and all, it was the right choice. It looks like it's at the wrong angle sitting in the driveway but when it's setting on the water it makes sense. Go for it........
  256. openclass

    Boston whaler 32 stuffed on jetty marina del Rey

    I'm thinking it might of been a f×<&ed up insurance sinking. Goes out to sink the boat and hits the rocks grounding it six feet up in the air.:cheers::hali_olutta:
  257. openclass

    Transducers again

    I gave that scenario some thought as my boat/system was 12 years old. A full blown new electrics package is ten grand plus and who knows what will come on line in two years. So the next best thing was to just take a step up to a 7212 system from a 3010c. I got a great deal on the 7212 package...
  258. openclass

    WTB Garmin 5212 flush mount kit

    I've seen the flush mount gaskets on Ebay for the 5212s . It might be a start for you........
  259. openclass

    Simrads on Ebay

  260. openclass

    Fish storage

    I'm liking that Ron. Where do you get enough ice and what kind to fill those big boys?
  261. openclass

    Fish storage

    I don't know if there is room under the decks on a 2820 for a cool box. On my 2820 the fuel tank runs down the center of the boat from a few feet forward of the transom to the cabin. I doubt if there is room between the tank and the side of the boat with a 21° deadrise. There is a little room...
  262. openclass

    For Sale Seastar 1.7 helm pump

    What did you replace it with?
  263. openclass

    WTB WTB Garmin 5212/5012 bail mount

    Just like the title says.....I want to overhead mount a Garmin 5212 chartplotter I just picked up. I need the bail mount with the knobs. Maybe someone has a leftover from a flush mount?
  264. openclass

    Which tow rig for 11,000lbs, up to $25,000

    Go rent a 3/4 ton diesel if you are towing 3-5 times a year. You will find it much cheaper by the time you pay for the truck, registration, insurance, consumables, and maintenance. Take the $20,000 dollars you will save and upgrade the boat.
  265. openclass

    Transducers again

    Thanks for the advice semperfi......I'll go with the B164. Mag42
  266. openclass

    Transducers again

    I just did an upgrade on the electronics that came with the boat I bought a few months back. I guess this stuff was pretty decent when it was new in 2006 but it currently is left wanting by today’s standards. I don’t have enough for a full blown chirp system until 2021 so I’m doing an...
  267. openclass

    Help need a part for front window

    I just pulled mine apart, (2820) soaked the stainless parts in 100% muriatic acid, hit the plastic with Meguiar's Ultimate Black, lubed the moving parts. They were a big improvement, I'd say 80% comeback. At $104 each I saved $416 bucks.
  268. openclass

    Need help wiring ACR to Suzuki 250AP

    It might be time to contact technical support. I think you have a valid concern.
  269. openclass

    Need help wiring ACR to Suzuki 250AP

    Instructions from Blue Sea Systems...looks like it is simply the starter wire whatever color it is.
  270. openclass

    Need help wiring ACR to Suzuki 250AP

    Electrical isn't my bag but I do remember reading about ACRs on the Blue Sea Systems web site not too long ago. Here is a link that should get you started.....
  271. openclass

    Starboard parts for your Parker

    Nice stuff.....wish I wasn't tapped out right now. I'm really liking the fish cleaning station, lots of room for the plus sized fish. This thread is saved for later this year.
  272. openclass

    WTB Davis Cortez 22’

    If you are still looking there is a 22' Cortez listed on CL in the SF bay area.......posted 3 days ago.
  273. openclass

    Is it illegal to drug seals?

    I think if a few dozen polar bears were transplanted into fur bag breading islands/areas there would be a signficant reduction in seal population.......just saying.
  274. openclass

    profile content gone???

    I smell burning wires.....
  275. openclass

    BD’er potty training will be writing his name in the snow.
  276. openclass

    No Postings??? Help, please.

    Reminds me of the time I told one of the guys at work that lifted weights at the gym"you loosing weight bud".....modern times and issues:rofl:
  277. openclass

    SOLD 12" 6 lug brakes for sale

    Look like I will be splitting them up, PMs sent.
  278. openclass


    Too small bro? I was always content but I didn't have much experience.
  279. openclass

    Need someone asap that shoots or fishes

    Now you I like...advise taken
  280. openclass

    Need someone asap that shoots or fishes

    I'm aware of that. I was given the flip side of the scam being a hard working American. Some people appreciate that, some don't get it.
  281. openclass

    Need someone asap that shoots or fishes

    Never have taken drugs bro...don't take prescription meds unless absolutely necessary. I'm guilty of an occasional Makers Mark and coke.
  282. openclass

    Need someone asap that shoots or fishes

    If you are talking to me I'm a hard working white american male that has worked every day since the age of eighteen.....I'm 58 now. I never asked for handouts, help, or assistance in any way....served Iin the military. I believe in everyone pulling their own weight....don't believe in...
  283. openclass

    What do you do when Snapper wont bite?

    :profile::profile::profile:*****Live bait *****:profile::profile::profile:
  284. openclass

    Next Tow Rig?

    Looks like the outdrive was pulled off in the spot where its parked....check out the crud on the ground. Hope they are respectful and clean up the mess.
  285. openclass

    Next Tow Rig?

    Left and port both have 4 letters so its the port side....I don't know why it needs to be different from the rest of the world (right and left).
  286. openclass

    Next Tow Rig?

    Don't sweat the small stuff brother......:720icon:
  287. openclass

    For Sale Glock 27

    That's the subcompact wife says my hands are way too big for it..........:urno1:
  288. openclass

    For Sale Parker 2320 Ready to Go!

    Nice boat brother, love the Parkers. Good job on the add, nice set of pictures. Fishing season is upon should sell soon. What are you upgrading to ?
  289. openclass

    Looking for recommendations for boat delivery services

    I used a guy that moved my Parker from SC to SoCal for a tad over three grand a few months ago. I was happy with the service and would use him again. Max (424)301-0797
  290. openclass

    18ft parker for sal

    Boat trader and yacht world has a few.....
  291. openclass

    Trailer brakes help needed

    Only real way to get past the trailer brake problem is to go stainless. Anything else is a ticking time bomb, some a little bit better but not much. It's too bad about the significant price jump but I bit the bullet and I'm glad I did. My boat is close to 6 tons in full battle mode.....I can't...
  292. openclass

    SOLD 12" 6 lug brakes for sale

    Crap and I proof read the thing....thanks bro.
  293. openclass

    SOLD 12" 6 lug brakes for sale

    These brakes were on a new trailer that moved my boat from SC to CA. The use going cross country is minimal as its all highway miles. The brakes have never been dunked in water, salt or fresh. I replaced these brakes with all stainless steel, the reason for selling. They come off of a magic tilt...
  294. openclass


    I'm constantly seeing a feeding frenzy when a waffle ball handle becomes available. I would personally buy 3-4. How about a run to satisfy us with an affliction to the original reels?
  295. openclass

    SOLD Garmin 4210

    Now that's a clean Garmin....wish I was a little closer.
  296. openclass

    SOLD Pelican Elite 250 quart ice chest

    Damm if I wasn't 350 miles away I would snap that thing up. 500 for a new 250 quart ice chest is a killer deal.
  297. openclass

    Eric Clapton weave

    I just can't comprehend art because I just plain suc at it. I always look at art in amazement and I know I will never be that guy. Kudos to you Steve. I would hang your work in my man cave just to look at.
  298. openclass

    Post time stamps

    It's the black hole....
  299. openclass

    My White Bottom

    Thinking about keeping the boat in the water for a day or two maybe up to a week. Is this an issue with a white bottom IE no bottom paint. Is there any reasonable time limit and what are the consequences of being in the water just a little too long.
  300. openclass

    Boat Loan Advice

    Essex ......happy with the experience and would use them again.
  301. openclass

    Monterey Bay salmon opener

    Nice water in the background too.....looking forward to this season.
  302. openclass

    SOLD Thanks post completed

    I have six I just replaced with new stuff a few months ago. However......I'm in the SF bay area on a mostly SoCal forum, where you at?
  303. openclass

    For Sale 2006 DAVIS CORTEZ 1/2 CABIN D4 DIESEL

    That's the way to take care of a boat......:appl:
  304. openclass

    Yaaay more effing Westport tweakers got me twice

    My wife told me that where she is from (third world country) that someone caught stealing from your property could be killed....justifiable homicide - 0% recidivism. In California you would be put in prison for $75,000 per year and get a free year of healthcare when you get out. Such an...
  305. openclass

    Yaaay more effing Westport tweakers got me twice

    It's getting bad out there. My local Safeway recently changed its policy about chasing shoplifters. The employees are instructed not to pursue them at all. The word is now out among low lifes. I'll bet shoplifting has doubled to tripled there. I even saw two people, guy and girl, very decent...
  306. openclass

    WTB How to Read Your Color Sounder

    Next, dibs, in line, after you.........
  307. openclass

    Yaaay more effing Westport tweakers got me twice

    Did the cops even come out or did you have to go to them?
  308. openclass

    Hole burnt in my pocket.

    I've been trying to buy a couple of new grafighters 800Ms for three months now..... they are on back order. I'm getting weary which is hard for me. Does anybody know where/ what shop carries a good supply of them so I can make this a wrap?
  309. openclass

    SOLD Trailer Valet XL like new, used very little.....

    I don't think I would want to move a 4-6 ton boat on a non level surface without brakes. That would be asking for an early retirement.
  310. openclass

    FREE Beware this scammer!

    Unfortunately California has been releasing massive numbers of inmates under the guise of prison reform. They will go to 10x the effort to scam someone out of their hard earned money as a regular job would take.......a drunk that kills someone can do as little as a few years served. How much...
  311. openclass

    Gotta Love California and Prop 65

    I don't get the fricking point. Manufacturers, out of fear, are putting that sticker on most products now. I've seen some pretty ridiculous products that obviously don't need it but it's there to cover ones ass.......
  312. openclass

    Today is a good day... Biologists: Killing hungry sea lions

    I will donate a box of .40 cal hydra-shok's I have lying around, just need an address :2gunsfiring_v1:
  313. openclass

    Top of the food chain

    Just when you think you are the top of the food chain then a bigger bad ass comes along and........
  314. openclass

    Necro threads rising

  315. openclass

    Looking for boat transport

    I used a guy that moved my Parker from SC to SoCal for a tad over three grand a few months ago. I was happy with the service and would use him again. Max (424)301-0797
  316. openclass

    Boat transport.

    I used a guy that moved my Parker from SC to SoCal for a tad over three grand a few months ago. I was happy with the service and would use him again. Max (424)301-0797
  317. openclass

    Looking for boat transportation.

    I used a guy that moved my Parker from SC to SoCal for a tad over three grand a few months ago. I was happy with the service and would use him again. Max (424)301-0797
  318. openclass

    Looking for fishing friends....

    We have a ride share board on the Coastside forum up north. It was very useful to fill spots on my boat and I met some true fishermen. The flake factor was unbelievably low. After a break from fishing I will start to use it again this season. I never noticed that this existed on BD until I saw...
  319. openclass

    Rockfish opener bodega

    And it's more like 50 miles. I wouldn't give up a honey hole least it become a parking lot at sea.
  320. openclass

    Rockfish opener bodega

    Nice job again Todd. That's the nicest rockfish I have seen from the area since Cordell banks. I might have to do some exploring.....and burn some Benjamin's.:jig:
  321. openclass

    Not sure I want to fish around gators.

    Salt water croc down under? That thing is fricking huge. I would like to see Daniel do this again but this time up the difficulty factor by catching it pokepole fishy fishy fishy:cheers:
  322. openclass

    Rockfish opener bodega

    There is probably not a lot of pressure 45 miles north of Bodega bay but the fuel bill $$$$....nice stringer
  323. openclass

    Finished Marine Corp emblem wrap rod

    Hoorah USMC MAG42
  324. openclass

    I'm disappointed.....

    I have learned to only dish it out on April 1. Example a coworker asked me yesterday if it was a holiday today because he heard from another coworker it was, I of course obliged. As of my shift ending he had not shown up for work, the boss was laughing his ass off....straight punked status:urno1:
  325. openclass

    Totoaba fisherman shot during gillnet removal raid beat to the punch by buttchaser.
  326. openclass

    Totoaba fisherman shot during gillnet removal raid

    He was shot three times by accident ......I guess there is no limit to number of times someone is accidentally shot in other countries. :2gunsfiring_v1:
  327. openclass


    Yeah, I agree, with the Tequila>:(o_O:-)
  328. openclass

    Fess Up....I'm sure some can relate?

    I'm sure this guy can relate......with more of a dumb and dumber approach.
  329. openclass

    2018 Balloons Blow / The Mylar Round Up is back bigger and better and it starts now!

    This didn't happen on the ocean but it concerns mylar balloons and it really pissed me off. I work a few miles from Travis Airforce base and I am fortunate enough to see the Thunderbirds practicing for a show this weekend from there. While on my way home I see a mylar balloon released from the...
  330. openclass

    Where are all the single "fishing Chicks"?

    If she is a single fishing chick she would last as long as a $500 Pacific trailer on Craigslist hence the shortage.....keep looking and watch a cock block vid on YouTube:cheers:
  331. openclass

    Fess Up....I'm sure some can relate?

    Hate to have him for a brother as a kid, at the dinner table, on fried chicken night......:drool:
  332. openclass

    Restoring/Repainting outboard bracket

    Dude you will be will scratch the shit out of it, cuss, bleed, and the sealer will still not come off the boat side even after detaching the bracket, been there done that.
  333. openclass

    Environment Marine Anyone ever order from them?

    A call to the credit card company should do the trick. Put them on blast or flake status. I've done this several times to deal with these low budget internet companies. Kinda feels good to shut down the bs so easily.
  334. openclass

    Restoring/Repainting outboard bracket

    You guys need to try this stuff. I've used it to remove several things off my Farallon held on by wonders not miracles. You need to score between the sealer and boat with a razor then spray, let it work. It still takes time but this stuff gives you a competitive edge.
  335. openclass

    Fishing in the Philippines?

    If that was the Pasig river I wouldn't go near it as well as Manila bay, the contamination is off the charts. I once saw a medium size excavator digging immediately next to the bay. The hole was close to 12 feet deep with a mixture of mud and exaggeration it appeared to be mostly...
  336. openclass

    Don’t be afraid to make that call

    Best thread of the year for me as I have had two AFIB incidents and drove myself to the ER both times. I showed this thread to my wife as I know she will be all over my ass if I'm unlucky enough to have a three-peat.
  337. openclass

    Fishing in the Philippines?

    I've spent a fair amount of time in the Philippines as my wife is from there. I've looked extensively for a fishing operation like PVs but all I found was fishing in Siargao island (popular surf spot). I of course can't vouch for it, never been there, just couldn't find enough information about...
  338. openclass

    FREE WTF happened here?

    The seller Hox57 has been on BD for years. I don't know him, just looked at his profile.....strange.
  339. openclass

    Don’t be afraid to make that call

    This happened to a buddy of mine at age 25 or so.....we were pissed because he didn't show up for work one day. We went to look for him mid day to find out he had a heart attack....who would of thought at that age. We felt like schmucks but he pulled through. Glad to hear you recognized what was...
  340. openclass

    WTB Parker 2820

    ltran0614 Please feel free to message me also if you want a more in depth feel of dealing with a coast to coast boat purchase . As a side note did you ever get a engine for your Farallon......I have a D6 sitting in my garage that I might be selling.
  341. openclass

    WTB Parker 2820

    I bought mine from the east coast as asking prices on the west coast carry a $20,000+- premium. My shipping was a tad over $3,000. I walked away feeling like I got a good deal despite the added complication.
  342. openclass

    Renting a boat and running to Cat no prior experience?

    Makes me wonder if the creator of Gilligan's island had the same thing in mind then tweaked it slightly for an audience. :skullbone
  343. openclass

    What are the best methods for catching rockfish,sculpin,lingcod, and other bottom fish?

    Ahahaha I agree. I see it more of a meat trip as rockfish put up very little fight. It's more about building up the firearms on long your spinach.
  344. openclass

    What are the best methods for catching rockfish,sculpin,lingcod, and other bottom fish?

    I'll second "Just go fishing" and watch the pros. It's probably the easiest type of fishing out there when the fish are in the mood. Shrimp flies and a big grub jigs is what I use and I'm happy with it. Don't drag your gear into, through, and down the face of the rocks. An occasional tap to be...
  345. openclass

    Renting a boat and running to Cat no prior experience?

    On a flat calm day it's so easy a cave man can do it....I've see ski boats on the ocean. As the conditions deteriorate it gets progressively more difficult, conditions can change rapidly. The smartest and safest way is to have an experienced boater with you as you learn. It really doesn't take...
  346. openclass

    Just Booked Excel Trip

    Congrats on the trip. Ive never been on a long range trip but always dreamed of it. I took the private boater route to the ocean, I'm envious:jig:
  347. openclass

    Has anyone gone on a Disney Cruise and snuck fishing gear on?

    It's all good bro... you have me beat. Despite diving for years I've never got an ab over 9". My buddy has several over 11" on his mantel. Going to bed now goodnight
  348. openclass

    Tuna are overrated!

    Sry the Ex has me was wound up today....should of had a drink instead of sober posting :slap:
  349. openclass

    Has anyone gone on a Disney Cruise and snuck fishing gear on?

    Bait taken time to run with it - let's go.....Hilltop why does your profile page say "lurking in the shallows" sounds gay and creepy at the same time. Your turn for an insult:supergay::supergay:
  350. openclass

    Tuna are overrated!

    Trump don't take no shit....demos tweak, short circuit, and go full national enquirer when they don't get their way but what does politics have to do with a fucking wahoo.
  351. openclass

    Has anyone gone on a Disney Cruise and snuck fishing gear on?

    Here you go....this should seem normal with today's crowd
  352. openclass

    WTB Looking for a Davis Cortez

    Now that's a boat you don't see come up for sale often. It would be a great boat for the SF bay area.
  353. openclass

    Drowning explained

    The subject of safety needs it's own section here on BD. I've read several topics lately that have impacted me such as this one. As I get older, I'm 58 now, life appears more fragile. When I was younger I looked at life like I was invincible, I now realize I'm not. Lately I've seen friends...
  354. openclass

    For Sale Mistake add

    Mistake reply to shamelessly boost my post count.......:beerbang:
  355. openclass

    Sign of things to Come?

    I'm getting a woody at the prospect of having a banner year and an early one on top of it. This is a good sign ......................
  356. openclass

    Box Canyon 3.18 and warning to private boaters

    Kinda ups the pucker factor while running at less than ideal lighting conditions.
  357. openclass

    TRADE 55 gallon aquarium

    Where you from Matthew?
  358. openclass

    Found oil on floor .What do you think

    It doesn't look pretty but if it went another step further it might be the first born with a few siblings to boot. This post might help a few other BDs in the future.......good info.
  359. openclass

    Leon Todd of CalStar Rods Passed Away?

    Condolences to all his loved ones, sry for the loss.
  360. openclass

    WTB Used Garmin HDX2 open array Radar

    Pulled the trigger a little too fast:2gunsfiring_v1:
  361. openclass

    Banging a Fur bag

    This guy is a dumbass showing his mug while banging a fur bag. It won't be cheap by the time its over with.
  362. openclass

    JB Spectra for Calibut

    Confirmed......Reels on the way to Basil to be properly filled.
  363. openclass

    JB Spectra for Calibut

    Accurate B2-870c , overkill but I like it.
  364. openclass

    JB Spectra for Calibut

    I'm looking for recommendations for what lb test for some JB hollow spectra for California halibut. I'm definitely looking for JB hollow for dual role fishing. I will be using the string for bounce-balling for halibut and for salmon trolling off the downriggers......60lb anyone?
  365. openclass

    Get the tape measure

    Someone needs a teddy bear.........
  366. openclass

    Get the tape measure

    It appears Mr disgruntled boat owner had the boat for almost three months before even he noticed. Kinda tones down the bitching he can do in my book. He is the last, and most important, in a long line of quality control that failed.
  367. openclass

    Get the tape measure

    Parker has tried to make it right as I would expect from them (I have a Parker) This guy sounds like one of those impossible to please people. PARKERS RESPONCE ON YOUTUBE Staying up to date on the comments posted to this forum, we’ve noticed a lack of transparency from Out on the Reef about...
  368. openclass

    Get the tape measure

    Looks like the deck was put in uneven.....I'm guessing it was a one time screwed up. What's more surprising is that no one at the factory caught it - quality control anyone.
  369. openclass

    Local Knowledge S3 E12 "It's Been Real" Full Episode

    Behind the scenes compliment - Dude on the camera has real talent. I wouldn't be surprised to see a lot of experience under the belt.
  370. openclass

    What Else Can They Smash Into

    It really speaks to the unprofessionals at the helm of large ships. You add tide, current, wind, tight quarters and the difficulty factor goes way up. Without a competent captain this is what you get. I would suspect a mechanical failure, of some sort, in the chain of events that led up to the...
  371. openclass

    Anyone know the longest rod I can bring to Kauai?

    I'm feeling a "That's what She said joke" coming on........:git:
  372. openclass

    Is it just me or my eyes?

    If in doubt about your eyesight try this simple eye chart. Amazingly I was able to see the bottom line despite years of being optically challenged.
  373. openclass

    Deck Re-Surface

    Taken from the company's website - "What is the life expectancy?" "Five to seven years. Longer if the boat is stored inside or if the SeaDek is under a cover" I can handle repainting every 5-7 years for $ but to rip out this stuff after 7? years for $$$ then replace it for $$$. I would have a...
  374. openclass

    What is the best way to go to have a boat shipped across the country?

    What kind/size of boat are you looking at? size matters transporting long distance.
  375. openclass

    Gay sex adds?

    Damm its happened again - Deja vu
  376. openclass

    Anyone Else Having Problems With the New BD Format on Your Phone?

    Damm I thought it was the Makers Mark fn with me
  377. openclass

    450lbs yellow fin landing on Marlasportfishig

    A picture on a scale would satisfy a lot of curiosity. We know it's big?
  378. openclass

    WTB Red Accurate bags.

    I've never seen a red one but plenty of black ones with red writing. Do you have a picture of what you are after?
  379. openclass

    How old is this lure?

    I think that's the one powered by dilithium crystals
  380. openclass

    Sumbawa , Indonesia : High Fishing Adventure

    Nice post compliment from me too.....something original.
  381. openclass

    Boat Barn Finally Started

    Damm I wish I had the room for one of those....
  382. openclass

    Would you turn them in?

    Where are all the great white sharks when you need them? Maybe with a little training they could be organized into an evidence clean up crew like in John Wick.....:Death_To_Above:
  383. openclass

    East coast boat shipping question...

    I just had a 28' Parker with a 9'6" beam shipping out from SC which went smoothly. I can notice the extra width towing it but it might not be as noticeable to other vehicles around me. If I'm seeing your specs correctly your beam is 13'3" which puts you almost 5' over the 8'6" California limit...
  384. openclass

    Garmin 3010C - Which card?

    I will have to use the electronics that came with the boat I bought a few months ago. The card that came with the Garmin 3010C is an East coast card which of course doesn't work on the West coast. Ive been trying to look online for a card for fishing in my area Sf - Bodega but getting anything...
  385. openclass

    450lbs yellow fin landing on Marlasportfishig

    I know these fish are big , I've been on Danny and Scott Osuna's boats. I would like to see pictures of the 450lb fish on a scale.
  386. openclass

    How big a boat do you need for Washington Tuna?

    My sciatica is acting up, I should of passed this thread.
  387. openclass

    SOLD Outriggers Rigged and ready

    Can't beat that system, just unplug the poles from the gunwales when not in mounts to get in the way the rest of the year.
  388. openclass

    SOLD *Accurate 50T-30T ATD Reels for Sale

    The reel (ADT 30T) isn't going to work for me so I will back out. Good luck with the sale Jim......
  389. openclass

    Poly Bait Tank Repair

    I typed "stainless expansion plug" into amazon and got this....just one way to skin a cat
  390. openclass

    SOLD *Accurate 50T-30T ATD Reels for Sale

    I'll take the 30 pending pictures....its too late in the evening to text now.....PM sent
  391. openclass

    Repurposed Swapmeet find

    Foot pedal for drum set......I would turn it into a squirrel launcher :appl:
  392. openclass

    Trailer hub rear seal replacement?

    Take one off, there are two different standard trip
  393. openclass

    For Sale 1995 PARKER 2530 (Clean Deep V Rare I/O)

    "1995" Clean clean damm that is a clean Parker bro.
  394. openclass

    Thousands of elk cross highway

    Someone taped into one of last years dreams......thousands is no exaggeration:food-smil
  395. openclass

    Trailer hub rear seal replacement?

    Its an imperfect system with the saltwater complicating the whole shebang. There is an air void between the inner bearing and outer bearing which is almost impossible to fill....air expands=issue. when you pump in grease thru the zerk it cant make it past the outer bearing/race. If you are using...
  396. openclass

    Trolling Hook Choice

    I'm re rigging all my fishing tackle in the winter time in preparation for this years fishing (Private boat). I've always used the Mustad 7982HS-SS, double hook, for Albacore trollers but recently I read an article that someone was using 7691s. The reason given for the 7691 was easier/quicker...
  397. openclass

    For Sale Accurate SR-30 twinspin

    I have a Accurate 665H loaded with spectra in 9.5/10 condition that might be better suited to kayak fishing. You Interested in a trade + cash. I'm just a little north of you.......
  398. openclass

    2019 2820 XLD Launch

    The next logical question is steering on that pilot, linked to the 300s? Ive never seen anything like that down here but in general its a different kind of fishing here. I might be interested in that on my 2820. What speeds would that setup have? slow troll for salmon, is it quick...
  399. openclass

    2019 2820 XLD Launch

    Someone sure got a beautiful boat. I'm sure there is lots more customizing to go on this beauty. Is that a touch screen above the 2nd station? Edit...whats up with a kicker on a twin engine boat, is there something I don't know?
  400. openclass

    2019 2820 XLD Launch

    More pictures!!!!!
  401. openclass

    For Sale 3660 Prokat Sportfisher

    I would be interested in a bait tank if the gallonage would suit my boat....28'
  402. openclass

    SOLD 3 milk crates for $10

    How much with shipping to Zip 23401?
  403. openclass

    WTB Calstar Baby Boomer 9+

    Looking for a couple of Calstar Baby Boomers in factory wrap.......9+ condition.
  404. openclass

    Albacore Trolling Reel

    Accurate reps Can the Dauntless be ordered in all silver ie no black accents on the spool, handle, and drag lever? The traditional Accurate silver is more my thing.
  405. openclass

    SOLD Accurate B2-870C.

    Weekly bump.....still looking,
  406. openclass

    Albacore Trolling Reel

    I agree that the 2 speed is an overkill in most cases. I'm 235 lbs and I could probably catch them on a pole and line but the wife is a petite 99lbs and just doesn't have the strength for the high gear on anything other than small fish. As far as suggestions on other brands I appreciate it but...
  407. openclass

    Albacore Trolling Reel

    After being out of the game for a few years I'm jumping back in running. Picked up a Parker 2820 and I'm in the process of outfitting it for Nor Cal. I need enough rigs to troll for Albacore and I'm looking at the Dauntless DX2 600. Not being familiar with the reel I'm looking for opinions on...
  408. openclass

    SOLD Accurate B2-870C.

    Bump.....still looking
  409. openclass

    SOLD Accurate B2-870C.

    I'm not sure what the "C" is....anybody?
  410. openclass

    For Sale Small Boat my friends wife says $450.00 come get it

    If I was 14 again I would buy that s*#'t bike on water. LMAO
  411. openclass

    SOLD Accurate B2-870C.

    WTB a 2nd reel to match what I already have - Accurate B2-870C, my go to halibut reel. I'm looking for a clean reel 9.5/10 or better.
  412. openclass

    WTB Triple Axle

    I'm looking for a triple axle trailer 12,000lb + ....looking for something ready to go, no thrashers, rust buckets etc and will pay accordingly. Prefer newer Aluminum
  413. openclass

    Trailer tires,bias or radials?

    Goodyear Endurance x 3. I just had 6 put on a triple axle trailer.....out of the gate they look to be better quality than the usual. Made in the USA to boot
  414. openclass

    2820 Bunk Setup Help

    I will be picking up my 06 Parker 2820 in about a month from the East coast (I'm in Northern California). I will be using a trailer I already have (Aluminum 12,000lb EZ loader) with the two big bunks in the rear of the trailer. So the big question is what is the bunk spacing - WIDTH. I know it...
  415. openclass

    Backflip Over 72ft Canyon - Kelly McGarry Red Bull Rampa

    I'm not sure if this has been posted before........FN Bad ASS vid
  416. openclass

    boat "lucky dog" missing off Oceanside

    I went out on my boat onetime by myself, it was kinda actually scared the shit out of me - never again. I pray this guy is found soon.
  417. openclass

    DPX2 reviews

    I'm considering updating my accurate reels (665H, B2-870, ATDs etc,etc...) to DPX2s & topless ATDs. I'm cool on the ATDs but I'm finding virtually no consumer reviews on the DPX2s. I know they are relatively new so I'm not sure if they have been thru a full fishing season/year thus generating...
  418. openclass

    Matching Railrods

    Nice pictures the hell out of those blurry ass cellphone pics. Luv the black wrap on the guides.
  419. openclass


    I'm passing on the rods & giving a bump up for Mrlimpet.
  420. openclass


    Email/PM sent
  421. openclass

    You ever peel factory stickers off after more than a decade?

    I would bet a paycheck the the area under the stickers will not match to some extent in both sheen & color. If you peel the stickers off and its a no go with the finish you could always re sticker the boat. They don't have to be a carbon copy as long as the area is mostly covered you will be...
  422. openclass

    Need a hatch

    I don't know the dealer or the brand but I saw these a few weeks ago.
  423. openclass

    What is the 'technical' name for this?

    Well I know the technical name for the cables on my tailgate are called "tailgate cables" kinda simple. I'm going with hatch cable.:hali_olutta:
  424. openclass

    Chevy 5.3 for towing?

    You can solve the whole problem by finding another friend with 3/4 ton 4WD diesel :)
  425. openclass

    dumb question #1

  426. openclass

    Corrosion Issue

    My guess is that before you changed the hoses you already had some corrosion in the area. Once changed the new hoses didn't seal well accelerating the problem.......sea water cooled engines are a pain. It looks like its a thermostat housing which I would probably change it at this point along...
  427. openclass

    Anybody have a custom boat cover guy in OC that won't charge me a arm and a leg ?

    Damm nice looking cover Tom. I'm curious how much it went for? Please PM if you don't want to put it out on the forum. Rich
  428. openclass

    Accurate Reels?

    In my opinion Accurate are the best reels going. You might be better off posting in this section as it is specifically for reels....good luck
  429. openclass

    Decal removal.....

    To remove the decals use 3M's eraser wheel, it really is the shizzle
  430. openclass

    Building New Fuel Tank....???

    Without seeing the tank its hard to tell if you could do without welds on the top part of the tank. Using 3/16" material is very very stout for a 85 gallon tank so theres a good chance you might be able to get away with it.
  431. openclass

    Building New Fuel Tank....???

    Derby what shape is your tank & how is it mounted/supported ?
  432. openclass

    Building New Fuel Tank....???

    The question i have is the depth of the fill, vent and pickup tubes in the tank? My background is about 12 years of welding experience. In my younger days I built aluminum tanker trucks & custom aviation tanks. Depth of fill is more or less the top of the tank. There is no reason I can think...
  433. openclass

    Remove bottom paint

    I once refinished my glider trailer which was made out of aluminum +- 25' long -similar to the one in the picture. I stripped the entire trailer, top & bottom, with aircraft paint stripper. This was of course not bottom paint but some sort of automotive paint. My results were outstanding with...
  434. openclass

    Furuno CHIRP to Debut at the Miami Boat show.

    I just spotted the DFF1-UHD PDF on the Furuno web site, looks interesting.
  435. openclass

    Furuno CHIRP to Debut at the Miami Boat show.

    Cha-ching..... DFF1-UHD...... I know what I want for Christmas 2013.
  436. openclass

    Next Build: Whaler 25' Guardian twin Yamaha F225s

    That boat screams macho. With 450 freeking horsepower there is not many west coast boats that could keep up with it - on a calm day that is. Bad to bone
  437. openclass

    ACR wiring

    I will be taking advantage of the start isolation feature which has a few more wires than I have drawn. Thanks for pointing it out.
  438. openclass

    ACR wiring

    Does this look more like it? Thanks
  439. openclass

    26' Radon repower & new electronics

    Lance Impressive boat. Particularity impressive is the simple/clean look & the custom touch - bow camera. Also great write up on the electronics & their use. The info on the use of marine electronics is sparse to non existant on the net. Your write up is probably the best/real world write up Ive...
  440. openclass

    ACR wiring

    Not sure if I got this ACR wiring right (see the attachment), electricity is just not my bag. As an alternative should it be wired in between batteries 1 & 3? The idea, of course, is to charge both banks from one source. This will be hooked up to a VP D6-350 with a 115amp alternator and 4...
  441. openclass

    26' Radon repower & new electronics

    For those of us that don't know Furuno give us a rundown on the new electronics.
  442. openclass

    Breaker as on\off switch

    I'm no electrician but I would be concerned about cycling the switch too many times & breaking it besides it needs to be fixed right. A picture is worth a thousand words. Hoorah
  443. openclass

    new trailer options

    Disc brakes - stainless stainless stainless.
  444. openclass

    How many batteries

    Well thanks for the replies guys. After reading the replies Ill be going with 4 batteries to insure adequate capacity & reliability. After studying several schematics (Blue Sea Systems) Ill be wiring the batteries to provide the most flexibility in the event of component failure.
  445. PICT00011


  446. 25' Farllon Whaleback

    25' Farllon Whaleback

  447. openclass

    How many batteries

    I'm about to do a total rewire on my boat due to a re-power & the fact that the old wiring just needs too much repair work. The boat (25' Farallon Whaleback) had four batteries, two house, two engine which seems like overkill. Whats the thinking on the number of batteries run on a similar size...
  448. openclass

    Furuno radome- Cracked Shell- Needs Replacing

    Money makers aren't they are..................
  449. openclass

    Sea Squirt Fan

    If you haven't done so already keep an eye out on Craigslist - lots of boats popping up there all the time. For even more hits try It will do a nation wide search, giving you some comparisons.
  450. openclass

    Cummins 903

    Eric Check out for lots of info on your diesel engine. There is a wealth of information & experience. Its well worth the $25 membership they charge. As a starting point for cleaning your heat exchanger check this stuff out I have personally used this...
  451. openclass

    Cat problem

    Here kitty kitty kitty :chestram2
  452. openclass

    Panga anyone

    Anyone personally know of a good quality super/panga to fish the off shore waters IE Corbetena or El Banco. About all I see online now a days is the cabin cruisers for the larger$$$.
  453. openclass

    Caulking removal

    When caulking the new rub rail is it normally caulked top and bottom as well as the screw holes as my old one was?(I'm not sure that I like it this way) The Taco Marine installation video & instruction only shows the screw holes caulked.
  454. openclass

    Caulking removal

    Ill give it a try ..............thanks
  455. openclass

    Caulking removal

    I'm trying to remove the caulking left overs after removing the rub rail on my boat (whoever put it on put WAY too much on). I cant believe how tenacious this stuff is. I have scraped & cut about as much as i can without scratching the gel coat underneath but there is still some to go. I have...
  456. openclass

    Triple Axle Trailer

    Triple Axle Trailer No Longer Wanted My 1983 tandem axle trailer has reached the end of its life. Its not financially feasible to repair due to issues with bunks, brakes, cracks in cross members etc.....The boat was a tad heavy for the trailer anyhow. Anyone with a lead to a triple axle trailer...
  457. openclass

    26 Skipjack $49,999

    I did not know a SS oil pan existed. Now that's dedication.......Nice Skippy
  458. openclass

    Need a bigger long range box.

    Is that box made by Snap On ?
  459. openclass

    Farallon pictures needed

    Edited for the good of the forum. :)
  460. openclass

    Farallon pictures needed

    To make a long story short my wife hires this dude to haul away some junk at the house. He walks past the junk which is set aside at the front of the house, goes down the side of the house. He then takes the helm cabinets/side panels for my 1983 Farallon which are out while I'm re-powering &...
  461. openclass

    Galvanized 15,000# Triple Axle Boat Trailer

    If I was from So Cal I would take it (I'm from the SF bay area). Meet half way?
  462. openclass

    Salmon are like Seals

    Now that is some good shit:rofl:
  463. openclass

    Porpoise Tatoo

    At least they were not women....if they were I would think he had some kind of kinky fetish jumping off
  464. openclass

    Teleflex Twin S Control - Single Function - Two LeverTwin S Control

    SOLD Twin S Control - Single Function - Two Lever SOLD I bought & installed the control in my boat. It was in the boat for six months & used maybe six times. I took it out because I repowered to a diesel & could not use it. Its in virtually new condition except for the detents (from my old...
  465. openclass

    Why I'm not on the water yet!

    Just got to love that bad ass aluminum boat.
  466. openclass


    Where are you located?
  467. openclass

    Waiting for new boat just f***ing sucks!

    I know the feeling all too well.:hali_olutta:
  468. openclass


    A little prison time with bubba now for the bastard.
  469. openclass

    Need Trailer Help?

    I second electric over hydraulic brakes. Its like night & day towing out of the mountains.
  470. openclass

    Why Sodablast bottom paint?

    Anyone know of anyone doing this in the SF bay area?
  471. openclass

    Honda 9.9 Kicker

    Where are you located?
  472. openclass

    NORCAL Roll Call!!!

    One more on board from the north end of the state.
  473. openclass

    Best boat under 20k...

    There are some great deals out there right now. If I had to do it again I would narrow it down to few boats & lay in wait for that great deal.