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  1. vipertom1970

    8/03/2020 Team Tuna Sniper, trip #10, 4 BF + 3YF, Tuna # 30 and skunk yet YTD

    Team Tuna Sniper 8/03/2020, the weather was was almost flat calm and we managed to land 4 BF and 3YF. Recent score: 4 BF, 3 YF Temperature: 68.4 Gear: Penn 50VISX, 150# test, Seeker 3x, Tac 20, Phenix rod YTD: 38 tuna, 35 BF, 3YF and no skunk yet Biggest YTD: 285# Goal: 300#+
  2. vipertom1970

    7/28/2020 Team Tuna Sniper, Trip #9, BF #31YTD, no skunk yet

    Team Tuna Sniper 7/28/2020, the weather was very rough for a 23 footer but we managed to land 4 BF. Zone: 43 to Clemente Ridge Recent score: 4 BF, 1 about 85#+, 1-30# , 2-60 pound but the tax man stole 1/2 of the fish. Temperature: 67 Gear: Penn 50VISX, 150# test, Seeker 3x, Bait: dead...
  3. vipertom1970

    7/9/2020 Trip #8, Butterfly and West of 42, 4 BF, BF #27

    Team Tuna Sniper 7-2-2020 Zone: 43-30 miles West, W Butterfly Recent score: 4 BF, 2 over 120#+, 2 under 100# , BF #27 YTD, no Skunk YTD Temperature: 68.5* Gear: Penn 50VISX, 150# test, Seeker 3x, Bait: dead flyers Biggest YTD: 285# Goal: 300#+ They are out there so go kill them boys !!!!!
  4. vipertom1970

    is there a reason to pick VIS over VISX ?

    I just bought a VISX 50 and was able to load up 1,100 yards of solid 150# Power Pro and saw a good deal for sale for a 70 VIS. I need at least 1,000+ yards and 30# drag so I am wondering what the difference between VIS vs VISX beside the topless on VISX.
  5. vipertom1970

    7-2-2020, Zone 43 to 30 miles West, trip #7, BF #23

    Team Tuna Sniper 7-2-2020 Zone: 43-30 miles West Recent score: 4 BF, 3 over 120#+, 1 weighted on a scale at 202#, BF #23 YTD, no Skunk YTD Temperature: 66.7* Gear: Penn 50VISX, 150# test, Seeker 3x, Bait: Macs, dead flyer Biggest YTD: 285# Goal: 300#+
  6. vipertom1970

    Seeker OSP 3x or 3x for Penn VISX50 with 130# braid ?

    Sorry, the title should be 3x or 4x. What Seeker rod do you guys pair up with VISX 50 fishing 130# braid ? I am thinking of 3x
  7. vipertom1970

    it's legal to trade whole BF for fishing gear ?

    I have been killing these BF left and right but always needed gear so I am wondering if it's legal to trade whole BF for some high end BF gear. Yes, I take very good care of my catches. Bleed, gut and gill, ice and turn the fish over every 1 hr and never skip on the ice.
  8. vipertom1970

    6-27-2020, zone 390-302, trip #6, BF #19

    Team Tuna Sniper Recent score: BF 3-130#+, 1 Yf, dead flyers and live bait, 66.8 * water YTD: 6 trips, 19 BF, largest 285#, no skunk yet. Goal: 300#+
  9. vipertom1970

    What boat manufacture is this ?

    I saw this cat with a enclosed pilot house which is very rare and wondering what is the manufacture is this ?
  10. vipertom1970

    Thursday 6/18/2020 5th trip for Team Tuna Sniper

    let's work together, I need to keep my winning streak going and already landed 15 BF total the last 4 trips.
  11. vipertom1970 question

    for this Saturday what is the different between swell, swell 1 and swell 2 and which one to pay attention to ? I got a 23 footer and my rule is the frequency has to be at least 2x the waves. for Sat 5-13-202 Swell 5' @ 7 sec. no go for me Swell 1 2 @ 19 sec. Swell 3 1...
  12. vipertom1970

    SOLD Brand new Super Seeker deck hand SS6480H-8'CT 30-80#

    $390 Beautiful deckhand Super Seeker SS6480H-8' 30-50#. Bought this last month for $465+tax=$506. NO shipping, located in Corona 91/15 FW.
  13. vipertom1970

    SOLD Never used batteries, porta porty, propeller

    Never used batteries(12”L x 6.5” W x 8”h)and porta porty 260 came from my brand new 2018 Parker 2320. Steering wheel, propeller, and fire extinguisher came from my old 2007 Parker 2320. Everything for $200 (Parker seat has been sold)
  14. vipertom1970

    should I get a VISX 20 or 30 for trolling ?

    is the 20 little small for trolling ? I will be trolling with large spreader bar creating a lot of drag and very far out in the clean water(guessing 100 yards or more)
  15. vipertom1970

    WTB Looking for Captain Jimmy’s Wahoo bombs

    Let me know how many you got !! Tom 909-208-5704
  16. vipertom1970

    For Sale Shimano Calcutta, Corvalus and rods

    These combo sat in my storage for the last 10 years and now up for sale. no shipping, located in Corona. Selling as rod & real combo only. Shimano 250+Compre rod- $225 Shimano 200B+Compre rod-$225 Shimano Corvalus CLV 200 + Clarus rod-$225 Tom 909-208-5704
  17. vipertom1970

    SOLD Talica 10+ Phenix PSW 760 for Penn VISX 30

    Looking to trade a Talica 10 with 50# PP plus a brand new Phenix PSW760H for a Penn Visx 30.
  18. vipertom1970

    SOLD Talica 10 and brand new Phenix PWS 760H

    This Talica sat for the last 2.5 years, the rod was purchased last month and never seen water Talica 10 with new 50# PP-$350 Phenix PSW 760H(brand new)- $250 or trade for Penn VISX 30 for combo only $550
  19. vipertom1970

    is bimini twist a 100% knot ?

    Just wondering if Bimini twist is a 100% knot strength because this will determine if I go with hollow or solid on my big reel. Don't really want to deal with hollow since biminitwist is pretty easy to tie.
  20. vipertom1970

    will LR boat let me troll my own lure ?

    I got a 10 days coming up in November and wonder if the boat will let me troll my own spreader bar or even when my turn to troll ?. I will run it way out in the no wake area ? Thanks
  21. vipertom1970

    is135# braid the right size for VISX 30 ?

    this will be my set up for double trouble and dead flyer targeting 100#+ tuna.
  22. vipertom1970

    SOLD Fraser Optics Mariner binos with power cord and eye shield

    Just bought this in August 2019 from GyroPros(approved dealer) for $3,288 and only took it out for one fishing trip. $2,400 inc. power cord, eye shield and carrying case. reason for selling: got too many binos.
  23. vipertom1970

    For Sale Fraser Optics Mariner with power cord and eye shield

    Just bought this in August 2019 from GyroPros(approved dealer) and only took it out for one fishing trip. I paid $3,288. your price: $3,000
  24. vipertom1970

    Any review on this new Fraser S250 ?

    I am in the process of buying another Fraser Binos, this is there newest model which is much lighter then the old Mariner. I Still have the Mariner and love it but this one is much lights and don't know much about the function or performance. FYI, I had the Fujinon Stabi but the Fraser Mariner...
  25. vipertom1970

    Any one wanting to fish SCI this Friday launching form Dana Point ?

    Just want to see if I can Put a team of 3 more guys to fish on my new Parker 2320 this Friday fishing launching out of Dana Point fishing SCI. No need to clean my boat, no pot on my boat and everything split 4 ways(gas, 80# ice, helium, balloons, dead flyers).
  26. vipertom1970

    For Sale Fujinon Stabi 14x40 plus polarized lenses

    Got a used Fujinon Stabi 14x40 for sale plus polarized lenses in excellent condition, bought new and looks almost new( approx. 60 hrs) $800 Tom 909-208-5704
  27. vipertom1970

    what pound test to use for dead flyer rigs

    just wondering what pound test you guys use to rig hook set up for a dead flyer ?
  28. vipertom1970

    where to buy Fraser Mariner binos ?

    three weeks after I ordered Fraser Mariner binos from Opticplanet and got an email that they are no longer sell the product so I need one asap. Melton does not have any in so are there any forum vendors selling Fraser Binos ? Tom
  29. vipertom1970

    Fishing weekdays only ?

    Any one here fishing weekdays only ? Your boat or my boat is ok. I am from Corona and usually launch out at Mission Bay, Dana Point or Alamitos.
  30. vipertom1970

    Winthrop bend butt with rail rod design

    This might be the first adjustable bend butt RAIL rod design. Designed to fight a fish using the rail or in a rod holder and easy storage, perfect for private boats. Seeker rod w/ Winthrop adjustable bend butt.
  31. vipertom1970

    For Sale Phenix 909XHJ-no tag, never seen water or been on boat ride

    I bought a brand new Phenix 909XHJ deckhand missing tag and like to change it to 809XHJ. We can trade for new 809XHJ or sale it for $230. I am located in Corona Tom 909-208-5704
  32. vipertom1970

    why do people put 150# braid on a cow reel if #30 drag is all a person able to handle

    why some people put 150# braid on a 50 reel if a 30# drag is all you could handle.
  33. vipertom1970

    newbie needs gear recomendation for 10 day trip on The RP

    I have done many 2.5 and 3.5 day trips but will be doing my first 10 day trip this year on the RP. Here is the list of gear I already got and like to know which one should I take with me or leave at home. I will do more future LR trips so I don't mind adding more gear if needed. 1. Penn VISX...
  34. vipertom1970

    SOLD Parker 2320 bench seat with storage

    this seat is very clean and has been sitting in my garage the last couple years. It has build in tackle box and storage area. $150
  35. vipertom1970

    which Seeker rod is better for Penn VISX30 ?

    I got a Penn VISX30 with 100# baid and 100 Yards of 130# braid top shot. I like to use it primary on private boat for trolling, yoyo, and live bait double trouble rig on kite and some long range sport boat and wondering which seeker rod would you recommend. I am looking at OSP 3x, OSP 2x4 or...
  36. vipertom1970

    how do add an adjustible Winthrop butt to Skeer 3x5

    I got a Seeker 3x5 and like to add an adjustable Winthrop butt but don't really know where to start. Thanks Tom
  37. vipertom1970

    For Sale New batteries, porta porty, propeller, Parker seat

    these new batteries(12”L x 6.5” W x 8”h)and porta porty 260 came from my brand new 2018 Parker 2320. Steering wheel, propeller, fire extinguisher and seat came from my old 2007 Parker 2320 Everything for $250
  38. vipertom1970

    SOLD New popping Black Hole 8' Cape Cod Special for sale or trade

    I got a brand new BH 8' popping rod still has tag. $400 or trade for VISX 30+$$ the retail for this rod is $570
  39. vipertom1970

    anyone heading out this Friday ?

    just wondering if anyone will be heading out to SCI this Friday ?
  40. vipertom1970

    Another new 2320 aka ”TUNA SNIPER”

    Thank you to Kevin at WC ! She finally arrived yesterday and patiently waiting for a new aluminum trailer. Tower is 95% done, bait tank should be ready in two weeks and a very expensive electronic package will be installed soon.
  41. vipertom1970

    any squid boat at Cat June 2nd and June 3rd ?

    Any squid for sale at Cat today or tomorrow ? Thanks
  42. vipertom1970

    any one got these deck lights on their Parker 2320 SL

    I am planning to get couple of these lights, wondering if anyone has these on their boat and how you like them . They have 200 & 400 lumens.
  43. vipertom1970

    any review for Rigid Industries A-Series ???

    I am planning to get couple of these lights, wondering if anyone has these on their boat and how you like them . They 200 & 400 lumens.
  44. vipertom1970

    Is 16 gauge wire good enough for two Lumitec under water lights

    Just installed two Lumitec Spectrum under water lights on my Parker 2320sl and wondering if 16 gauge wire is too small. 22 foot run and each light draws 5 amps.
  45. vipertom1970

    Did I score on this Bluewater 21.5 CC ?

    $23,000 repowered with F250 with fly by wire engine control 470 hrs.... the hull is super clean, the boat is 2006.
  46. vipertom1970

    need a good Yamaha dealer near Newport Beach

    I am buying a boat this week and need a Yamaha dealer to check out the engine, West Coast Marine is my go to dealer but they are way too busy.
  47. vipertom1970

    WTB Robalo R220 or R222 CC with F250

    Looking for Robalo R220 or R222 with F250, low hrs and painted bottom is ok. Tom
  48. vipertom1970

    Do you need a surveyor when purchasing a 22' CC ?

    I will have a dealer look at the engine before purchase but do I need a surveyor or can I inspect the hull my self ?
  49. vipertom1970

    $100, Fish finder & misc items

    these came off my Parker 2320, all for $100. Location is in Corona
  50. vipertom1970

    Spectrum Color Gel Coat repair for Parker 2005-09

    Any one wants to split 2 oz of Spectrum Color gel coat repair paste, for Parker year 2005-2009, I think they only have a self life of 6 months ? I have worked with this phase before to patch little dings and gouges and it extremely easy to do for DIY gel coat patch job. Bring your boat to City...
  51. vipertom1970

    2007 Parker 2320 SL with F250

    I am in the market for another Parker so I am selling my Parker 2320SL with the best electronics package money can buy. This boat is ready to go and needs nothing, I already spend over $85,000 for everything just to enjoy 3 trips last summer but will sell it for $72,000. No Trailer(already...
  52. vipertom1970

    Seeker 3x5 rod for Penn 50 ?

    is this a right set up for yummee flyer ? New Penn 50 with 150# braid and Seeker SS3x5 .
  53. vipertom1970

    2007 Parker 2320 trailer $3,000

    I bought a 2007 Parker 2330 last year with only 230 hrs on the engine and the original Pacific trailer came with the boat. To be safe I had all new brakes, rotors, all new wheels, tires and one spare installed last July 2017 costing around $3,000. I am getting a brand new Pacific Trailer in...
  54. vipertom1970

    FYI: Simrad Evo3 new update 9/2017
  55. vipertom1970

    is 1 scoop of bait for two fisherman chasing YT enough ?

    I got a 68 gallon bait tank and wondering if 1 scoop of bait is enough for two guys fishing for one day ?
  56. vipertom1970

    what knot to use for 100-150 # mono to hooks or lures

    I am starting to get into heavier gear now got my own boat, I can do SD jam for mono lines up to 80# but do you use the same knot for 100 to 200 # ? At what point do you use crimping method and for heavy gear and is hollow core and wind on leader is the way to go for heavy set up ? Thanks Tom
  57. vipertom1970

    What gear am I lacking my Parker 2320 ?

    1. Talica 10, 50#PP, Phenix PSW 809 xhj. 2. Trinidad 16, 50#pp, phenix PSW 809xhj 3. Trinidad 20, 65# pp, phenix psw 809xhj. 4. Trinidad 20, 65# pp, phenix Hax 909 HJ. 5. Talica 12II, 65# pp, phenix PHD 700xh 6. Talica 16II, 80# pp, phenix PHD 700xh 7. 2 each Talica 20II Phenix 700x2h 8...
  58. vipertom1970

    Please school me on braided line #

    I question my self weather to put 65 # or 80# or 100# on certain size reel. If my max drag is xx then do I just pick the smallest # test that is certain % higher then max drag. Thanks
  59. vipertom1970

    What # line for Talica 50 ?

    This will be for kite fishing and it's not for flying the kite ?
  60. vipertom1970

    what adhesive to use for Pacific Edge bait tank installation ?

    I got a new Pacific Edge fiberglass bait tank and wondering what adhesive to use for the mounding angles and the finish caulking between the tank and the deck. Is 3M 4000 uv good enough or do I have to use 5200 ?
  61. vipertom1970

    What Penn reel is comparable to Talica 50

    I will be using this set for BFT with a kite set up.
  62. vipertom1970

    braided line for Stellas ?

    is this good ? Stellas 14K- 65# Stellas-18K-80 #
  63. vipertom1970

    Pound test for Stella 14000 & 18000 question

    is 60# braid correct for Stella 14000 and 80# for Stella 18000 ? thanks Tom
  64. vipertom1970

    what is a good 8' rod for Stellas 14k & 18k for throwing poppers

    what rods would you guys recommend for Stella 14k and Stella 18K ? Phenix or ????
  65. vipertom1970

    What transducer do you have on your Parker 2320

    Those with Parker 2320, just wondering what transducer you have on your boat. Thanks
  66. vipertom1970

    I Simrad Halo 4 radar too big for Parker 2320 ?

    Any one here has Halo 4 on there 2320 SL and wish they had the 3' antenna instead of 4' ?
  67. vipertom1970

    Where to get a custom steering console for Parker 2320 SL

    Anyone knows where I can get a custom helm station for my parker 2320 SL. I want two Simrad evo 9" screens and gages but having a hard time fitting it onto existing station. Thanks Tom
  68. vipertom1970

    Questions for fuel & water separator for 2007 Parker 2320

    2007 Parker 2320 Yamaha F250TXR, The first owner had not changed out the filter for the last 9 years so everything rusted. I need to replace the whole kit with a new bowl with sensors, filter and base. What do you guys recommend ?
  69. vipertom1970

    need anchor recomendation for Parker 2320

    Those with 2320, what size or weight of anchor do you have and how many feet of chain do you have to anchor the Parker 2320 around Catalina or San Clemente Island ? Thanks Tom
  70. vipertom1970

    Gearing up for my new boat and have questions for trolling reels.

    I just bough a new boat and need 4 trolling reel rod setups. What do you guys recommend ?
  71. vipertom1970


    What sealant to seal the vinyl door trim to fiber glass and must be UV resistant. I want something that can be removed and not permanent bonding. Thanks
  72. vipertom1970

    Need a good electronic installer for 2320

    I need a good shop around Inland Empire or OC to install complete electronic package for a 2320. Thanks
  73. vipertom1970

    Parker 2320....warning!!!! Could be a scam

    Same boat, three different states, prices, hours and year...
  74. vipertom1970

    Need a boat surveyor near Anaheim

    Could some one please recommend me a good boat surveyor near Anaheim ? Thanks Tom
  75. vipertom1970

    2007 Parker- is this considered a deep V

    Interested in a Parker and wondering if this is a deep V
  76. vipertom1970

    $450-NIB Talica 10II + 50# PP

    located in Inland Empire. Thanks Tom
  77. vipertom1970

    Newbie to Lures-what should load it up with for SD fishing ?

    I have fished for couple years in San Diego but never got into using lures until last year using Coltsnipers and Flatfalls and got hooked. I dedicated two new 8' rod and reel setups just for lures this year and wondering what other lures should I get. I already got 8-160g Flatfalls and 9...
  78. vipertom1970

    WTT NIB Talica 10ii+50# PP for Trinidad 20A

    Trade only, thanks. Tom
  79. vipertom1970

    Phenix PSW 700xh vs PHD 700xh

    They both rated 30-80 but I am wondering what is the difference between the two besides the price.
  80. vipertom1970

    2-5 day trip set up ???

    with the guidance from couple members on here(specially Ricky) I was able to trade all my 4 Talica 10II for new rods and only kept 1 Talica 16II and here is my new set up for 2-5 day trip. I am opened to other reels for big fish and wondering if I am missing anything else. 2 each Trinidad...
  81. vipertom1970


  82. vipertom1970

    deckhand rod with reel seat

    is deckhand rod with reel seat not popular ? I don't see too many around.
  83. vipertom1970

    WTT NIB Talica 16II or Talica 10II+50PP for NIB Trinidad 16A or Trinidad 20A

    My Talica 16II and 10II are brand new and meet face to face in Corona or arrange in OC. Only interested in Trinidad.
  84. vipertom1970

    would you go all Talica II or have some Trinidad in the mix.

    I got a nice early bonus so I went out and bought total of 8 Talica II.....4-10II, 1- 12II and 3-16II. I will be fishing 3 to 5 days max in San Diego next summer and wondering if I should trade back or resale some and get couple Trinidads for longer casting. Thanks in advance.
  85. vipertom1970

    Phenix Rod to Talica

    is this good combo for tuna fishing for typical 3 day trip in San Diego ? Talica 10II- 50#PP+30# mono PSW 809H Talica 10II- 50#PP+40# mono PSW 809 XHJ Talica 12II- 65# PP+short top shot of 40 or 50 mono PSW 700xh Talica 16II- 80#PP PHD 700XH...
  86. vipertom1970

    WTT NIB Talica 16 two speed for Talica 12 or 10 two speed

    I got couple NIB Talicas 16 two speed and like to trade for 12 or 10. So Cal only. Thanks Tom
  87. vipertom1970

    is 7.5' or 8' rod better for Talica 10 II ?

    I ordered 4 PSW 760H this morning to go with 4 Talica 10 for casting live bait but the guy at the shop recommended to go with 8 footer instead of 7'-6". All my old set up were 7' Calstar Westcoast with the old gold Trinida 30 and 40. Should I change it to 8' or is 8 too long. Thanks